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  1. hooklinelunker

    WTB tranx 300 and 400

    Looking for these reels in good condition complete with boxes. PG OR HG. Located in SFV. Face to face pickup locally.
  2. hooklinelunker

    High end gear Accurate reel, Super seeker and Graphiter rod

    Hello, getting rid of most of my big game gear. I baby my stuff, so every thing is in exceptional condition. I live in Northridge. Pickup preferred, mail on ur dime. PICS POSTED. No trades, and not desperate to sell so please no lowball offers, just don't know when ill be using this stuff again...
  3. hooklinelunker

    Super Seeker D8

    Rod is in excellent condition. It is an unbelievable 30 pound stick for both live bait and light jigs. The S glass in the rod gives it a different feel. I bought the rod, and its only been on one boat ride with me. $200.
  4. hooklinelunker

    SS ULUA 9'3" with Newell P338

    The rod was wrapped custom for me at Bob Sands. The rod is 10/10, used only twice. PRICE DROP $175.
  5. hooklinelunker

    Cabo In one week

    lll be off to cabo from the 18-25th. Going with the fam but luckily my die hard fishing cousin is with me!! So we usually do a full day offshore trip with the family but i was also considering renting a panga for the day, paying something around 200-300 any suggestions? I considered going to...
  6. hooklinelunker

    SALTIGA 30

    looking for one in excellent condition. Im interested in the old model not the new ones, and only the 30 not 30t. Thanks guys!!
  7. hooklinelunker

    Cal star GG

    Do they make the 270 or 196-8 in the GG series? I'm looking for a 20 pound anchovy slinger and love the feel of these glass rods. Also anybody have any experience with the super seeker SS-36 for the same application? Thanks!!
  8. hooklinelunker

    Accurate BX2-400

    Need to sell this ASAP. $400, if buying today, 06/21/10, will reduce to $360, and not a penny lower, so please no low balling... It is in very good condition no box and has been serviced by Accurate and fished once thereafter. i live in the san fernando valley, we can meet in the valley...
  9. hooklinelunker

    should i be worried??

    National Weather Service Marine Forecast possible 14 foot waves... is this effecting Alijos as well?? am i even looking at the right data?? Im leaving tomorrow and i just saw this. thanks for your input.
  10. hooklinelunker

    SS D-8 or SS 6480

    Hello Gents... Looking for either a Super Seeker D-8 or a 6480, not the H, in good to excellent condition. Let me know what u guys got thanks
  11. hooklinelunker

    Avet MXL 2-speed RED NIB

    Brand new, spooled and never used!!!Charkbait red and 3/4 full with 50 Ilb. izor spectra. Reel comes with box, accessories, and a red clamp. It has an etching on the bottom portion of the rod clamp, but you wont see that cuz itll be on the rod. $260 No trades, like BIG said CASH MONEY!!! SOLD
  12. hooklinelunker

    Accurate BX2-400 and Seeker Black Steel

    Accurate BX2-400 is in great shape, solid 9/10. Just serviced by Accurate and hasnt been fished since. No box with the reel. I am looking for $430. Seeker Black Steel G670 25 (30) 40- Great rod for fishing 30. This is a solid 8/10. Its a 7 footer with alot of pulling power. Great for local...
  13. hooklinelunker

    BX2-400 For BX2-600

    My reel is super clean, 9/10, just serviced by accurate and hasnt been fished since. Just no box.. I will make up the difference with cash.. Pics will be up soon! thanks
  14. hooklinelunker

    Accurate service/staff A++

    I went by to drop off a reel to get serviced and i asked if i can check out how they do it. Not only did they allow me to go to the backroom to see the servicing area and check out how they service the reels, but also got a tour of the whole factory. All i can say is this, from the guys that...
  15. hooklinelunker

    calling all A**holes!

    Q105 AHI June 12-19, just booked it and cant wait!!!! who else is going. I heard this is a fun gang to fish with.
  16. hooklinelunker

    BX2-400 freespool

    I just traded a reel for a BX2-400 and noticed that the reel barely has any freespool.. The reel itself looks to be in great condition but i cant figure out what the reason might be.. Any hypotheses?
  17. hooklinelunker

    Avet EXW 30

    Im looking for a Saltiga 30 (preferred) or Trinidad 16/20... The avet is filled with 100 pound spectra and short flouro top shot. Its a very clean reel and comes with the box. The reels im looking for must be in good condition and come with box as well. thanks, John
  18. hooklinelunker

    Watch and learn...

    Inside Sportfishing - Advanced Casting with Frank Lopreste and Randy Toussaint - Zipidee Preview Stumbled upon this vid yesterday and thought i might share. Well worth the four bucks in my opinion, alot of good stuff in it! Just make yourself an account and its a $4 charge for 10 day rental...
  19. hooklinelunker

    Super Seeker 6463xxxh

    Looking for this rod in good condition. Thanks
  20. hooklinelunker

    Almost new Cardiff 300A

    Box, papers, tools, etc... Bought reel last year used twice.. Very minor scratches. $60 OBO. Live in the 818 and go to school in LA, can arrange a meeting..
  21. hooklinelunker

    Accurate wiffle handle and new extreme handle

    Last year i went on my first long range trip i had the pleasure to fish with two accurate reels, a b2-870 and b2-665. the 870 was used primarily as a 40 bait reel and the 665 used mostly for yo-yo, and bait. After a hard days "work" my hands were left blistered from the wiffle ball handles. I am...
  22. hooklinelunker

    Rollers VS ringed 80-100 pound rod

    So whats the preferred set up for a 80-100 pound rod, rollers or ringed guides??? I really don't have much experience with this line class but I am looking into buying a rod for an upcoming trip. For example the ss 2x4 compared with the ss 63xxh, both seem to be in the same line class but one...
  23. hooklinelunker

    Q 105 spring/summer deals

    anybody know if the Q is doing that tackle discount again this year for their early june trips?? went last year had a f'ing blast!!!
  24. hooklinelunker

    Perfect Jig Stick set up- JX 2 Speed and SS ULUA

    Bought both the reel and the rod brand new last year. The reel is a JX 2-speed, newer model in immaculate condition, does have very small scratch on the back, and an etching on the part that sticks to the rod, and the rod is a 9"3 Super Seeker ULUA custom made at Bob Sands. I have used this set...
  25. hooklinelunker

    Avet Jx MC

    Looking for a JX MC in high speed.. Please PM me with further details... thanks!
  26. hooklinelunker

    BRAND NEW Trinidad 40N

    This reel is brand new! It is too big for the application I need it for, therefore I must sell it... There is a small scratch on the side plate right next to the clicker because I had it in my reel bag. It has 40 pound P-line on it and comes with all the accessories. The price is $320, and firm...
  27. hooklinelunker

    TN 40N on jig stick

    I recently acquired one and mounted it on my rod... A little bigger the 338 i initially had on there but nothing i wont be able to get used to. It seems however i can cast a little bit further on my JX and Newell 338. Anybody else use this reel on their jig stick?? I have a 7 day coming up and...
  28. hooklinelunker

    fish cleaning after trip...

    after doing some research on this site and elsewhere i have concluded that most people take their fish to a couple of processing co. that charge .75 for each pound... is there any where else i can take my fish to be processed for cheaper, without compromising the quality of the outcome? also...
  29. hooklinelunker

    Accurate 270

    anybody use a 270 with 40 pound line with success?? any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
  30. hooklinelunker

    Cabo in July...

    So im headed to cabo in july.. going to be staying with the family at pueblo bonito blanco. Just wondering is their any good spots around there to surf fish, or any spots i can take a taxi/water taxi to??? I think im going to book a trip with gordo banks pangas during my stay for the first time...
  31. hooklinelunker

    MXL or MXJ 2 speed????

    I need some input guys.... Im going to be purchasing my first Avet this week from Charkbait, and im stuck between these two reels... oh yeah, and what type of line should i put before the top shot??? they gave me a couple of choices for the special. thanks for the advice!!!!