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  1. Fillets4Days

    Rainshadow Tuna Popper 80MH + Spheros 10K SW

    Someone buy this! I really don’t need another popping setup but with the Yellow Fin coming in this would be perfect. Must resist…
  2. Fillets4Days

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    Fair enough ;-) I’m personally stoked on the rods. I have a M and I haven’t wrapped it yet so I will withhold judgment on casting or fighting a fish. The butt is less than 1.00” OD so mounting a reel will not be an issue and it feels comfortable in the hand. Unlike the last 10’ Seeker blank I...
  3. Fillets4Days

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    Remind me what the almighty Ulua was designed for again?
  4. Fillets4Days

    Wrapper turns counter?

    Slick idea.
  5. Fillets4Days

    WTB Power Wrapper Extension

    Thanks for the Utmost recommendation. They are a top notch group to work with!
  6. Fillets4Days

    WTB Power Wrapper Extension

    Awesome! I’ll look it up, thank you
  7. Fillets4Days

    WTB Power Wrapper Extension

    I currently have a PacBay power wrapper but need to get an additional base piece and and preferably a rod stand/roller to go with it. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? I don’t mind taking a drive to go pick up in SoCal. Thanks!
  8. Fillets4Days

    UFO, Iron Man, Sumo History

    We can make it about that lol
  9. Fillets4Days

    UFO, Iron Man, Sumo History

    So back when I was first getting into saltwater fishing my favorite jigs were the UFO & Iron Man 2’s & 3’s and lately I’ve been wondering what the history was on those brands and jig shapes. I know Fish Trap made them for a while and Sumo currently does but if anyone has any insight on the...
  10. Fillets4Days

    Tranx 500 HG

    No worries, good luck with the sale!
  11. Fillets4Days

    Tranx 500 HG

    Do you still have the PG gears?
  12. Fillets4Days

    Withdrawn - Reels

    What size braid is on there?
  13. Fillets4Days

    Need Help Shore/Surf Cabo, Mazatlan & PV

    Thanks you. My research revealed as much, which is why I stated shore/surf. Any insight on where to go, what to avoid, what to be prepared for at any of the locations would be appreciated.
  14. Fillets4Days

    Need Help Shore/Surf Cabo, Mazatlan & PV

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post as this is a question and not a report. I will be going on a cruise in early March and stopping by Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Tried hitting up a surf guide for Cabo but I will be arriving too late in the day and he said that afternoon...
  15. Fillets4Days

    Shimano Calcutta 400D & Tranx 400HG

    thanks for the heads up! I bet you guys get a lot of JDM stuff that people expect you to service.
  16. Fillets4Days

    Shimano Calcutta 400D & Tranx 400HG

    As I mentioned I have had the Calcutta for a few seasons now and it hasn't let me down at all. It is a double paddle handle but it isn't tiny by any means and I have caught plenty of fish on it without an issue. The 400D has a gear ratio of 5.1:1 while the Tranx 400HG has a 7.6:1 gear ratio...
  17. Fillets4Days

    Shimano Calcutta 400D & Tranx 400HG

    I have both reels and their capabilities have surpassed my expectations (I have had the 400D for a handful of seasons now and have only made two trips with the Tranx) but I would like to get Shimano's opinion as to which one is better equipped to handle the strains of pushing its limits in the...
  18. Fillets4Days

    BNIB Gloomis NRX jig and worm rod

    I have one and it is absolutely amazing for texas rigs and Ikas. GLWS
  19. Fillets4Days

    Spinning Rod for SoCal Island Trips

    Thanks! That G670 would be perfect but I am hoping to get something a little longer.
  20. Fillets4Days

    Spinning Rod for SoCal Island Trips

    Looking to pickup a "quality" spinning rod. Something along the lines of a PSW-S808MH or PSW-S760M or similar from a another mfg. Plan on fishing 50lb braid with a 20-40 lb leader depending on the situation. Thanks!
  21. Fillets4Days

    Tuf-Line on sale at dicks sportingoods

    150 yards of 50lb for $7! Thanks for the heads up
  22. Fillets4Days

    Brand new owner hooks and warbaits

    Are the jig heads still available? If so I will take them.
  23. Fillets4Days

    Drop Shotting @ San Vicente Reservoir (video)

    San V has more cover than that in the water right now, plus there are muscles all over it ;-)
  24. Fillets4Days

    Shelter Island launch Ramp remodel

    If you look closely they are seawalls with a walkway on top, not just a pier. Also, they go out a little ways further than the current jetty so there will be more room inside.
  25. Fillets4Days

    Shelter Island launch Ramp remodel

    The fact that they offer anything at all is amazing considering they don't charge :-) From the picture it looks like the North East side of the "harbor" will remain the same aside from the addition of the seawall. Looks like they will be removing the old jetty from the South West side and...
  26. Fillets4Days

    Shimano Tranx opinions

    The whole switching hands is still a moot point in bass fishing. The only time it comes into play is when flipping because the bite can be instant, and in those situations, I just flip with my left hand. But there are always those that need to be different from the masses so keep on fishing...
  27. Fillets4Days

    Shimano What u caught on your Calcutta 400D???

    Thanks! It is actually a Skeeter. Both fine boats I'm sure.
  28. Fillets4Days

    Shimano What u caught on your Calcutta 400D???

    It was a great popper reel for me in 2014 & 2015. Tons of the smaller YFT and some nicer DoradoDorado by Fillets4Days posted Jul 19, 2016 at 12:42 PM
  29. Fillets4Days

    Shimano New Shimano Reels

    Shimano came out with a 300 sized low profile reel YEARS ahead of the followers. Plus, no-one else has ANYTHING that can compare to the Tranx. All the competition did was fill a small 400 sized void. I'm not a Shimano fanboy by any means but I have to give credit where credit is due.
  30. Fillets4Days

    187 FISH is gone forever!

    I watched this fire from the water on Saturday. Very sad. Here is some video.
  31. Fillets4Days

    Shimano Triton Beastmaster 20/30 parts

    That may help but the only real way to keep a crack from spreading in pretty much any material is to drill a hole through the termination point of the crack. This will put a radius where the crack is and its the only way to stop it in its tracks. Though I doubt you want a hole in your reel...
  32. Fillets4Days

    Tuna Poppers?

    I had a lot of luck with the Yo-Zuri Hydro Pop and Bull Pop the last couple of years. When fish are boiling I don't think it matters too much. I also did well with a Braid Crystal Killer which is a sinking popper. I think you are going to have as many answers as there are brands of poppers LOL
  33. Fillets4Days

    Wtb fathom lever drags

    Deal is still there, shipping just takes a while. I ordered a FTH40NLD2 from there on the 20th and it will not be on my dock until June 3rd. But at that price it is worth the wait!