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    Offshore never again on the dolphin II

    He said they got a quad hookup on the jigs then later said the boat jigs were not getting hit.
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    You write the caption

    "Quit jerkin yer buckskin and stick a claim on this thing!"
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    9/8/12 ratttts!!

    Did you get that "sinking feeling"?
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    Suprise on the 14

    If that was my only fish all day I would be more than happy. Nice job.
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    Dorado 8/23

    Nice. We found one like that a few years ago 4 1/2 miles from MB.
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    Offshore Rpt-1.5 day-Wed-Thur 07-25-12 Tails and Limits of Wind!

    Thanks for the great report Cory. Good job on the yellows.
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    Offshore Tuna

    Nice job. Thanks for the report.
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    Offshore 106 miles of paddy hopping

    Thanks for the report. It should pick up soon.
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    Preserving your catch

    I bought a vacuum sealer from target for $30 five years ago and the thing works great. I've packaged a ton of fish and deer with it and haven't had any problems. One of the best investments you can make if you fish a lot.
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    Offshore 7-22 Went west

    I think I saw you guys out there in the morning. I veered a little bit north of you to cover some untouched water. Nice job on the dodo.
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    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    We saw 3 molas out there on Sunday.
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    Offshore 7-22 Went west

    We've been pulling on the yellows for a month now so was hoping for some variety. Catching yellows never gets old though.
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    Offshore 7-22 Went west

    Decided to head west on Sunday to see if we could find anything good. We were hoping to get lucky and find some dodos in American waters since the temps looked high enough for the exoctics and maybe some tuna. Our hopes were boosted when we were at the gas station and talked to somebody at the...
  14. IMG 20120722 102158

    IMG 20120722 102158

  15. IMG 20120722 162929

    IMG 20120722 162929

  16. IMG 20120722 093718

    IMG 20120722 093718

  17. IMG 20120722 093751

    IMG 20120722 093751

  18. IMG 20120722 085328

    IMG 20120722 085328

  19. IMG 20120722 084931

    IMG 20120722 084931

  20. IMG 20120722 081202

    IMG 20120722 081202

  21. IMG 20120722 080101

    IMG 20120722 080101

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    43 on Sunday 7-22

    No tuna but 7 jellos on a kelp. I'll post a report later tonight with more details and pics.
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    43 on Sunday 7-22

    I'll let you guys know what I find
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    43 on Sunday 7-22

    The chloro is moving in on the high spot so probably between the 182 and the 43 now. I would go south but I'm taking some anglers without Mex licenses. I'm hoping to find something on the edge of the warm water
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    LJ not much happening

    We've had the same luck lately with the bait from both bays. On the upside 4 of our yellows have been caught on dead bait. Who would have known?
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    Rpt-Wed-07-18-12 Tails on the Pride!

    Congrats on the tails. Sounds like a fun trip besides the wind.
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    43 on Sunday 7-22

    I'm gonna go take a look out there again. Hopefully we will find something on the end of the break. Anyone else going west?
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    new seaforth produces...

    Are the yellows at La Jolla still in the 25# class?
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    farmers v.s joey trouters

    Shut up and go fishing!
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    Islands Yellowtail - Sat, Jul 14 2012

    Glad to see you got a nice one. It was a zoo out there today! We were stopped twice. Once coming into American waters by the harbor police with border patrol on board and by customs in the harbor and had to go to the customs dock. They said they are trying to let people know they need to have...
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    182, 43, 181 Loop.....

    I did the 9, 182 to the coronados a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't find a single paddy.
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    LJ 7/10

    Nice. Hopefully I catch a barracuda tomorrow.
  33. IMG 20120628 163654

    IMG 20120628 163654

  34. P3230097


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    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    Not eclipse. 36" I believe I will have to go to my storage and check
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    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    Price drop $15 each I have 5 fully rigged 36" promar hoop nets w/bait cages, cord keepers, large buoys w/reflective tape. . They were only used a few times. Always stored indoors out of the sun.
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    Millions of dead Anchovy and Sardines

    Does this mean the pelagics will be extra hungry this season and come closer to nutrient rich coastal waters to quench their hunger for baitfish?
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    Offshore Water temp and else looks enticing

    This season I will learn to focus more on the chloro shots...
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    What will you change this coming year?

    My shift cable.
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    Offshore Deja Vu all over again.....but sweeter

    Can I borrow your boat?.....haha..
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    Offshore NoZilla tuna hunt Dana Pt.-209-181-43-SCI-DP

    Sweet! Nice to see I'm not the only crazy bastard out there.
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    Offshore Offshore report Sat 8/28 San Diego

    Thanks for the report I was out that way too looking for carp. The water was nice out that way.
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    Offshore 8-21 182-9-LJ

    Had to get out and take a look. Left MB around 8am and headed out to the 182 to look around. Rough on the way out but laid down after a few hours. Trolled around area with a handful of yachtfishers. Average temp was 68 around the 182 and water was still GREEN. Skies were sunny. Saw a...
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    Offshore ...

    coming to a bank near you.:finger:
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    Whats my boat worth?

    Plus you still have room for another 60 gallons under the deck and space for a bunk in the bow.:D
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    Hey Kevin, were you on not to long ago?
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    rock fishing with swim baits

    I just bounce them with good results.
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    Was it a rumble or staged ?

    You guys watch too much T.V.
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    Offshore Offshore waters are warming...

    There are a few albies out there already.;)
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    Are Tuna Attracted to Diesel Engines?

    Tuna are attracted to a meal or what they think might be a meal. What does a bait ball or feeding frenzy sound like, or in that matter, look like? I yhink hungry and/or angry fish bite better.
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    OC Rod building Class 4-7-10

    What do I need to go. Do I bring a blank? Or can I just go? What's the deal?
  52. fleyeline

    yoyo? popping? irons? plastics?

  53. fleyeline

    Reel/Gaff Combo

    Will that work for yellows?
  54. P5170011


  55. P5170012


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    "Nice Fish"

    nice fish...
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    poachers beware

    What about poaching eggs?
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    What do I name my new boat?

    "Aunt Chovie"
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    skinning knife

    X3 Make sure you have a sharp knife and find the right blade angle. You can do a really good job skinning with the filet knife. I think it's all about the angle.
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    My sisters biggest yellow at the Islands

    Nice. I went sunday and got hit once on the yo-yo with nothing to show for it. Lots of fish on the meter though. BSR was lit up!
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    Sx good albacore reel??

    I caught a 40# YFT on my SX since I bought it last summer.
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    March 2010 "El Nino" update

    El Nino or not I will still be out there. I'm going to check if any of those yellows stuck to some of the local paddies.:picknose:
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    First Build

    Looks like I have a new addiction. This is a CJBF70 that I built for fishing 30# offshore. What do you guys think? I used size A on the underwaraps and size D for the guide wraps. Any pointers for the next one?
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  65. P3110344


  66. P3110348


  67. P3110343


  68. rod building

    rod building

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    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    Regulation booklets are free at DFG or even at your local Walmart.
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    New 6" Squimmie in the works

    I want some!
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    How come no giant BFT on left coast?

    We should have some moving in with the next big EL NINO. Are the Atlantics and Pacifics two different species?
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    Does anyone know ???

    :Singin_InHave you tried trolling a bonito feather yet?:Singin_In
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    Which 9' blank for socal surface irons?

    Thanks for the input guys.
  74. fleyeline

    Which 9' blank for socal surface irons?

    I just started builing rods as was wondering if any of you guys could point me in the right direction for a good blank for throwing the surface iron around here. Thanks.
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    Those slimy bastards.
  76. fleyeline

    Has anyone tried these Deck boots?

    so are these previews of some of the ne Fred Hall stickers?
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    Plead no the reduced fine...then only keep the bugs that you are certain are legal from now on. Not worth it IMO.
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    X2 Just bring an empty and clean bleach botlle with you or something similar and some smaller containers for dye...maybe...he might hook you up.
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    best pliers

    About 6-7 years ago I found sone needlenose in a gas station bargain bin for $0.99. They rust a little but at the beginning of the day I hold them in the bait tank, then open and close them really fast. They loosen up in about 10 seconds. After that they will just fall open for the rest of...
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    Polishing resin heads?

    Thanks tsutomu "Hand waxed by local semen."
  81. fleyeline

    Polishing resin heads?

    Thanks for the info so far. Mainly the thing I was unclear of is the type of polish to use and the type of applicator.
  82. fleyeline

    Polishing resin heads?

    Ok, so I have been doing sone experimenting with casting my own resin heads for marlin jigs. Can anyone help me with a good technique for sanding and polishing? Any resources I can go to would be greatly appreciated.
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    mercruiser question/helpp

    Loose rocker arms/valves out of adjustment.
  84. fleyeline

    Garmin chartplotter G2 vision card - are they worth it??

    I think it may be in demo mode.
  85. fleyeline

    Tommy and Roland.

    John Cassidy was telling me about that tuna trip. He said Roland loved using the Avet.
  86. fleyeline

    Any report about fishing this weekend?

    I will be there. I'll let you know how we do Jason.
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    Thanks for the report. Pics?
  88. fleyeline

    Mission bay ?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
  89. fleyeline

    Any report about fishing this weekend?

    I just ignore it and go fishing and go fishing anyway. The thing I have found about Fishdope is that it is all reports. Now if Jason could tell us where to get limits this weekend within 30 miles, well, he would be a very wealthy man.
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    Where do the 3/4 cattle boats go?

    I know where the 3/4 day boats are going.
  91. fleyeline

    Where do the 3/4 cattle boats go?

    The 25yo daughter might be able to come along with me and I can show her some of the spots.
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    Offshore Still here. 302 9-23-09

    It seems like I always hear him on the radio.:D
  93. fleyeline

    Any report about fishing this weekend?

    Magic eightball says.......stay at home.
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    Offshore Mammals = Tuna 9-20-09 and Customs Info

    They stopped us on the way in a week ago and asked afew questions and asked if they could see the fish we caught. I showed them the filets and they said have a good day. We were fishing in Mexican waters. I would say they were bored. Anyway congrats on the catch.
  95. fleyeline

    Fridays Fishdope Report

    :spammer: JK!!! Checked the dope before we headed out Saturday and made our final decision from it. We found that 1 paddy outside of the fleet and got ours for the day. Money well spent...
  96. fleyeline

    Would you....

    As long as the weather is not up. I used to take a 15' boat to the nine and the islands all the time, no problem.
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    Offshore Done at 9:30 limits of albacore yellowfin and yellowtail

    Maybe he meant 32.30 117.34. Thats by the kidney.
  98. fleyeline

    Offshore WFO Fishing. Drop everything and go! 9-2-09

    I have a 2 day this weekend.:devil:
  99. fleyeline

    Research Help!

    So do you just want the stomachs? I plan on doing a u.s. trip on the 12th. I just threw some away yesterday.
  100. fleyeline

    URGENT - Make this phone call now!!

    Just saw this. and made the call. That was easy!
  101. fleyeline

    Jigstrike 2 day leaving 9/4

    Any of you guys on this one?
  102. fleyeline

    Offshore Decent day on the water

    Sounds good to me. By the way I like the Claypool quote in your signature.:hali_olutta:
  103. fleyeline

    Offshore Rpt Wed. 9-02-09 Limits of Yellowfin & Tails

    Good job Cory. It appears that you have appeased the gods of fishing.LOL
  104. fleyeline

    Offshore 182 WFO 9/2

    It is starting to get really good in that area now.
  105. fleyeline

    overnighter this sun...noob ?s

    I have caught a lot of tuna on the 20# setup without any problems. It does help increase your score when the bite slows down.
  106. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    They were hitting the 30# mono no problem.
  107. fleyeline

    Offshore 9/01/09 Fishin' w/the Famous Tony...

    Those lines are from the fishing line. Next time check out the fish you catch. They will have them.
  108. fleyeline

    Offshore Birthday Fish!!

    I will take one of those russian cuties.:D
  109. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    I had one pop off the hook, and another one that never found the hook but took my worm.
  110. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    This must be THAT GUY!
  111. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    Almost forgot, Thanks Mike.
  112. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    Fished today with Mike (cmlandscaping), and Squiddy. Went west and got a dodo first thing on a paddy. This hen came right to the gaff with little effort.6am Found another paddy close by for one more dodo. This one didn't want to come to the boat, but I made it. Worked our way west...
  113. P9010084


  114. P9010081


  115. P9010082


  116. P9010083


  117. fleyeline

    Free ice.....

    I get free ice from my local gas station. Most of the time they have an ice machine and they bag their own ice. Those bags of ice are not delivered to them, they are put together on the spot. With all the money we give them for gas the least they can do is give us some frozen tap water. I...
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    Offshore Birthday Fish!!

    Ochin karasho!!
  119. fleyeline

    Offshore Rpt: 43 left them biting 8/29/09

    I heard you on the radio and wanted to head out that way but by that time I didn't have the fuel to get out there and BACK. Guess I could have went out there the called VA for a ride home.:rofl: Nice job on finding the fish and calling out the bite.
  120. fleyeline

    Offshore Recovered the hat and what a fish!!!

    That must be you're new lucky fishing hat.
  121. fleyeline

    Orcas at La Jolla

    We saw that same thing happen on the 9 yesterday afternoon. That was the first time we saw a pod act like that. They all started hauling ass at the same time. Sounded crazy also.
  122. fleyeline

    Albies- anyone know?

    Also don't forget your 80# rig.
  123. fleyeline

    BD Fish Jargon

    charmin grouper=brown trout
  124. fleyeline

    Offshore 8/28 Hidden - 302

    Good job. Glad you got some on the solo run. Ending a skunk is a great feeling. I'm going to try to get some more tomorrow. It's going to be a zoo.
  125. fleyeline

    Heading out for those YFT around the 390/425

    I don't know about beating the traffic but I will be there. "Wakedraggin" on 72
  126. fleyeline

    Offshore 8/27 Yellowfin Tuna Close in

    I was out there yesterday afternoon but did not get any. It seemed like there were more schools around on Wednesday when I went out, but the weather was a little snotty. Yesterday was better. Great job on getting some close.
  127. fleyeline

    Yellowfin at the 9

  128. fleyeline

    Offshore 8-26 9M YFT after work w/pics

    Left MB at about 1 PM this afternoon and headed towards the 9. Water was bumpy but doable for my little boat. Got soaked on the way out. The plan was to paddy hop but the wind made it a little difficult to go fast so I settled with 11kts and threw a marlin jig in. Found some big paddys with bait...
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  130. P8260074


  131. P8260076


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  133. fleyeline

    Is live bait required?

    I have had some awesome days fishing for all three of those species fishing with lures and dead bait. Even though I have a bait tank I like to have fun and do some all artificial bait trips. Swim baits, i.e. fishtrap and MC work great for all of those species, but I have also caught all three...
  134. fleyeline

    Local banks WED 8-26

    I will be heading out after work on Wed to see if I can find an afternoon bite offshore. If anyone is out there you can call me on the radio and put me on some fish.:D "Wakedraggin" on 72
  135. fleyeline

    Offshore Weekend Weather Forecast ...Be careful guys...

    The weather on the water will be very dangerous, so everybody please stay home.
  136. fleyeline

    Garmin G2 Vision card $200 rebate.........

    Well, my rebate is still "being processed."
  137. fleyeline

    Trailer theft at Dana Landing...

    "Ummm, I have a limited weight capacity. You should go ask someone with a bigger boat."
  138. fleyeline

    Head West Young Man

    Head south young man.
  139. fleyeline

    PB right of way_Death by freighter

    I never assume one of those big ass things is just going to go around me. Scary shit man. I always get out of the way of the big ships.
  140. fleyeline

    Offshore 8-15 N9-182-43-SSK-302-224-S9-N9

    Launched MB at 5 am. :rofl: Trolled our asses of for nothing! Lots of kelps on the N9 to the 43 but no one home. Saw some dolphins on the N9 that were not holding. Paddy's further west had a lot of bait on them. Saw a sunfish outside of the kidney.:ashamed: Found dolphins and birds on...
  141. fleyeline

    Offshore 43 gots um 8=15

    So was that you guys calling out the 300#er on the radio yesterday? I trolled my ass of for nothing.
  142. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/28 yellow

    So are you gonna bring by some swordfish steaks? That paddy sounded like the one I was on last week. SNAP!
  143. fleyeline

    Best Albicore Recepie

    I like to can my albacore with some garlic and jalepenos.:)
  144. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-25 31/45 kidney

    It was on my Dad's rod, so I'm not exactly sure, but the question did come up. That's what I am hoping for. Some people get discouraged but I see it as part of the learning process and part of paying my dues. I learn more and more with each trip I put in. Getting skunked just gives me the...
  145. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-25 31/45 kidney

    Left MB at 6 this morning and got a mixed half from EB. Bait was hurting. Headed towards the 182 on calm seas. When we got there I didn't like the look of things so started heading south. Worked down the break until getting picked up on the b/p feather at 31/45 west of the kidney. Threw...
  146. P7250069


  147. fleyeline

    Whining, Bitching, & Complaining--Mission Bay

    P.S. This is not an offshore report.
  148. fleyeline

    Offshore Off to the 182

    That's what I'm talking about.
  149. fleyeline

    Whining, Bitching, & Complaining--Mission Bay

    Sorry about your experience. Gary is always cool with me. Sometimes when you get the bait right after they unload it's not that great. Just the luck of the draw. It's not their fault. Just be fortunate that we have live bait suppliers. They have been in the buisiness for quite some, so I...
  150. fleyeline

    Pt Loma/ Ocean Beach 7/23

  151. fleyeline

    Offshore Played a little hooky 0n the 209 on 2-23-09 3/4 day

    ALL of the dolphins I have seen down this way were heading south. The Rizzo's I have seen have been heading in diffent directions, but I think more north. Haven't seen any whales in a few weeks, I must not be in the zone.
  152. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/23 425,371,230,302,9

    Thanks for the report. My guess is west. I will find out Saturday.
  153. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    It was awesome out there. I saw one swordie breach as I was cruising, look back and see the stick boat that was going south behind me turn and start hauling ass west towards it. I thought about going after it and throwing a bait at it since the stick boat was probably about a half mile away...
  154. fleyeline

    Pt Loma/ Ocean Beach 7/23

    Thanks for the report. What about when the sportboats come up and drop anchor right next to us PBers? Free chum!:rofl:
  155. fleyeline

    Fishing Offshore Saturday 7/25

    "WAKEDRAGGIN" on 72
  156. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    I paid for the trip so he split the filets with me.:) We were getting broke of on 25#. I threw out the 30# a few times but would not get touched. I have learned not to get my hopes up.LOL Never saw anyone do that, nor have I heard of it being done. Worth a try as long as I don't...
  157. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    Did a small job on MB today and saw how calm the water was so decided to take my brother Damian offshore to look for some bushes. Went home hooked up the boat, lauched, got bait, then cleared the MB jetty at 11a.m. Plan was to head towards the 182 checking out the 9 en route. Got to the 9 in...
  158. P7220066


  159. P7220065


  160. fleyeline

    Ideas for trolling deep instead of down riggers, Anyone

    Thanks for the 411. I will have to look into that.
  161. fleyeline

    Ideas for trolling deep instead of down riggers, Anyone

    How is it pulling the z-wing up?
  162. fleyeline

    Ideas for trolling deep instead of down riggers, Anyone

    I would go with the planer A.K.A. "poor man's downrigger". I have one but have not really put it to serious use yet. I hear they work so I want to start using it more. I also have a ghetto homemade downrigger that I want to put to use but haven't got around to rigging it yet. I have only...
  163. fleyeline

    Offshore July 21 302 area

    That sounds rather tempting...seriously considering it. I will be at MB early in the morning on the beach soooo....if the water looks good, it might be a go.
  164. fleyeline

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks for the delivery Team Archer. I'm stoked!!! These things will be in the water in a few days ending my skunk.:)
  165. fleyeline

    Offshore July 21 302 area

    That sucks. Sounds like all of my many offshore trips this season. Redemption is coming.
  166. fleyeline

    Offshore 302 on 7-21-09

    Nice job on getting some fish on the boat. This season is looking better and better for such a late start. BORK! BORK! BORK!:rofl:
  167. fleyeline

    La Jolla Cove Seals

    Budget crisis? I don't get it.
  168. fleyeline

    how to catch a bluefin

    The best method these days seems to be a long and deep net you can wrap the school up in, then close the bottom so they can't get away.
  169. fleyeline

    Throwing Bait after a Jig Strike?

    So I'm not the only one with bags of bait in my freezer.LOL The only difference is that I have a deeper freezer for "fish only". That is where my bait hibernates. Funky tasting food problem solved.
  170. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/20 solo west of the 230..........

    Thanks for the report. Doing better than me this season.
  171. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-19 371-101-425

    That's what I'm talking about. I have to get this offshore skunk off. Maybe I will get at least one this week.
  172. fleyeline

    Need help with family outing

    Sorry to hear about you're wifes condition. I can chip in a little $$.
  173. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-19 371-101-425

    Thanks for the advice, but, I did try both and that didn't get them either. I also tried throwing different fish traps and lures and they wouldn't even chase them. I forgot to mention in the report that it seemed like they were chasing flying fish around. Any ideas on what might work in that...
  174. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-19 371-101-425

    Left MB at 5 a.m. and headed for the 371. Threw the trollers in just north of the 371 and worked the area for nada. Decided to head east and worked the and trolled to the 425 zigging and zagging checking all the small paddy's for nothing. The water around 425 was really green and warm...
  175. fleyeline

    Make-A-Wish Wish Trip to IB 7.15.09

    You're the man Harry!
  176. fleyeline

    Answer to Tuna questions: Youre doing it wrong.

    10 of a single species. 20 total. Alb and BFT have a special limit of 10 in addition to your daily bag limit....10YFT, 10 dodos, +10 albs or BFT.
  177. fleyeline

    Answer to Tuna questions: Youre doing it wrong.

    I'm still waiting/wondering if my bars are going to show up.
  178. fleyeline


    I like to use a big dropper loop with a 2-4 ounce lead on the bottom. Find the school on the meter, go upswell and drift over the hole. Doing this a few times usual produces limits while they are on the chew. I like using light line for the bass. 4# can be a lot of fun but I have 15# on my...
  179. fleyeline

    Offshore yellows and dodo

    Thanks for the report. I'm gonna have to head back down there again soon...maybe Sunday.
  180. fleyeline

    Looking for a 2 day trip
  181. fleyeline

    Thank you HeatherLynn II

    Glad you're alright. Similar experiance Sunday. Took my boat out of MB after returning from a skunked 1.5. Before I got to the bridge between the launch ramp and bait barge smoke started pouring out of the engine compartment. Had one of my crew grab the extinguisher as I opened the engine...
  182. fleyeline

    Offshore 1.5 day 150 miles 3 fish !!

    I feel ya. I got skunked on a 1.5 over the weekend. 7 yellows for the boat. I lost mine. 0 troll fish.
  183. fleyeline

    Garmin G2 Vision card $200 rebate.........

    check your status at
  184. fleyeline

    Garmin G2 Vision card $200 rebate.........

    Damn, thanks for the reminder. Dropping my form in the mailbox.
  185. fleyeline

    Offshore Son and I.....International Star 1 1/2 7/10-7/12

    Nice report. That was the bite of the day, glad your boy got to pull one in on that stop. I was also one of the suckers that got broke off. Oh well, at least I caught a lot of fish today. Best part of the trip for me was the tri-tip.LOL I am all the way in the back in that first picture.
  186. fleyeline

    Offshore Anyone need fishing buds?

    I don't know, are they green and sticky?
  187. fleyeline

    Offshore International Star 7-11

    Well my report was from yesterday, and it was free of charge. If you want a report from TODAY, then the best bet IMO is to go on the water TODAY. The bite seems to be good down south. A few of the overnighters made it down there so I guess it was in their range, not much time to fish, and...
  188. fleyeline

    Offshore International Star 7-11

    Yeah, we are not all bad, but then you have the guys who just run the fish over, maybe hoping to nail one with the prop.LOL
  189. fleyeline

    Offshore International Star 7-11

    Left friday night on the IS for a 1.5. Dustin started around 75, I think for no luck. We found one nice paddy holding some yellers which produced 6 for the boat. I lost mine. Later we found some breaking fish that we didn't have a chance to really work thanks the the highly intelligent PBers...
  190. fleyeline

    Running warm

    No problem. I'm glad it was something simple.
  191. fleyeline

    Offshore Work together

    Good job Dan. I will be out tomorrow despite the, um, wind.
  192. fleyeline

    So Cal Dorado! - How far out?

    Last year I was loading up on a patty real close to MB. First one was 18#. I laughed as I watched people going from the channel to the LJ kelp beds.:rofl:
  193. fleyeline

    Offshore all show two go

    I knew I saw a dodo out there last weekend. Thought I was tripping.
  194. fleyeline

    Offshore AA got Dorado

    I swear I saw a freeswimmer between the Hidden and the Islands last weekend. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them.
  195. fleyeline


    Hey Rocky, could you PM me the price for a 40# albacore blank please. I would love to give one a shot.
  196. fleyeline

    3 days at San Clemente Island

    Not illegal to remove from the water but they must be returned immediately to the water upon release. I guess it is better to leave them in the water unless they are wrapped or something and the quickest way for a release is to pull them out to untangle and ensure the survival of the fish. We...
  197. fleyeline

    how do you guys like catching your fish.

    On the popper.
  198. fleyeline

    Stupid question #1

    There are no stupid questions. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Roller tips help to reduce line friction and abrasion, so yes they do help in reeling in a fish, IMO.
  199. fleyeline

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin

    Positive report. That's what I like to hear.
  200. fleyeline

    Offshore HAZZARD at the 209!

    Ouch! Thanks for the lookout.
  201. fleyeline

    Kelp Paddy or Kelp Patty

    orange stuff
  202. fleyeline

    WARNING - Do Not Come To Cabo

    Oh, how I wish I was there right now!
  203. fleyeline

    Gulp Squid (survey)

    I read on the package that it "Outfishes live bait", but, I also read on a package of hooks that "Nothing outfishes live bait". I'm confused.LOL
  204. fleyeline

    Offshore 1 day boat ride

    I think he went west looking for the bluefin that were out there. Sounds like something I would do.
  205. fleyeline

    One way to catch a marlin

  206. fleyeline

    Line to Leader knot..

    I like to use the double granny knot.
  207. fleyeline

    More local love

    Nice...the bite is still going.
  208. fleyeline

    Macken Out!

    Welcome to the 21st century of fishing tackle boys.
  209. fleyeline

    Kelp Paddy or Kelp Patty

    The ocean is a bitch. Her pad---dy, holds the blood.
  210. fleyeline

    Drinking and boating

    The only safe bet is to not drink while you're driving, period. Anything else is in your own hands, plus you are running the risk of endangering anyone you come across. Don't be an idiot! Be safe! Obey the laws to the best of your ability! And one last...
  211. fleyeline

    Offshore Fish were "HIDDEN" - 30JUN09

    I hear the blues are in American waters least some of them.
  212. fleyeline

    Kelp Paddy or Kelp Patty

    I call it worth a look.
  213. fleyeline

    Just ordered some meatballs.

    Can't wait to get them and start draggin them around.
  214. fleyeline

    Offshore Hidden bank sunday

    When I was there Saturday the schools that I worked were traveling nortwest.
  215. fleyeline

    Offshore Not even scratch fishin....

    Must have been a boatload of non-smokers.
  216. fleyeline

    What if...

    I think the deckhands get "grabby" because they constanly have to deal with people who are inexperienced or "slow". I'm sure if they dropped it they would replace unless they were a complete dick.
  217. fleyeline

    Offshore 6/27 Hidden Bank

    Sounds good. I will try to leave that day open.
  218. fleyeline

    Offshore 6/27 Hidden Bank

    A little bumpy. Popcorn in the afternoon.
  219. fleyeline

    Trying out the 302 and 371 for Alibacore

    Just got back from the hidden. I would skip the 302/371. The water is green there and there were no good meter marks. Go south.
  220. fleyeline

    Offshore 6/27 Hidden Bank

    Got to the Hidden bank at greylight and started the troll. A lot of whales in the area and a lot of meter marks. Found one kelp paddy but couldn't get anything to go. Worked north a little bit and started get good meter marks so boxed that area in for a long time. We decided to stay with the...
  221. fleyeline

    yo-yoing jigs under offshore paddies

    Yes it works.
  222. fleyeline


    I have the stinray but it sounds like Permatrim is the way to go. Anyway I noticed a definite improvement as soon as I put it on. Buy one, you will like it.
  223. fleyeline

    smoking and bait fishing

  224. fleyeline

    Mex fishing licenses

    conapescasandiego, or there is that other link on the site to buy it online.
  225. fleyeline

    WTF/Fishing report

    If your not too busy Friday afternoon I want to come check some things out on your boat and try to get it a little more dialed in.
  226. fleyeline

    Best knot for surface irons

    Double SD
  227. fleyeline

    22' Sports Craft Pilothouse

    Here is that pic of her on the water Mike. Looks Good!
  228. fleyeline

    Sports Authority buy2 get 1 free

    I was at sports authority today in grossmont and they had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on fishing lures if anyone is interested. Sale is good through the 6th, so that is Saturday.
  229. fleyeline

    What kind of underwear do you use on Hot Sunny days fishing?

    Free ballin in board shorts is the only way to go. Having your testicles dangle helps with keeping balance on a rocking boat.
  230. fleyeline

    Three Generations On One Boat.

    Dude that is awesome. I'm glad you put you're pops back on the water.
  231. fleyeline

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Chickens and bluefin @ 120 miles
  232. fleyeline

    El Nino Prediction

    La niña=lil bitch!
  233. fleyeline

    Huge Local WSB

  234. fleyeline


  235. fleyeline

    5/15/09 New Seaforth 1/2 AM

    :jig::jig::jig:Dang kid! Stop wasting your money on new rods and half days and buy yourself a skiff! Haven't heard the reports on cudas from anyone else but have you been having trouble keeping those bastards off your jig?
  236. fleyeline

    Mako's yet?

    Radio fish yesterday!
  237. fleyeline

    5/10/09 New Seaforth 1/2 AM.. What Did I expect?

    Nice catch. Looks around 20# to me. Still a good fish though!
  238. fleyeline

    Step Right up Step Right up.....and Guess...

    I was at a yard sale this past weekend and got a box of new feathers, some used irons, and other rigs and shit for $10. Talk about stoked!:urno1:
  239. fleyeline


    I think the word is short-strike.
  240. fleyeline

    Need a fish ID

    How did it taste?
  241. fleyeline


    I don't get it.LOL:food-smiley-014:
  242. fleyeline


    They have been dropping up!
  243. fleyeline

    Got Seasickness ? Try this

    Come on guys. I like having free chum aboard my vessel.
  244. fleyeline

    check check

    I want some
  245. fleyeline

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Thats a big trophy bass. My guesstimate is around 15-16 lbs. Nice catch. Get a replica made and mount that on your wall. That's a catch you'll never forget.
  246. fleyeline

    tow services

    Plus if you pay the extra 12 bucks you get trailer assist. Pretty good stuff.
  247. fleyeline

    4-19 LJ Lings, Reds, Trees, etc.

    No, I don't know of any place near there but it would be nice to clean up the boat before I took it home... I forgot to metion all the whitefish we caught also. I am going to copy a bunch of the petitions against the MLPA closures in La Jolla and Point Loma and get them signed and sent in...
  248. fleyeline

    4-19 LJ Lings, Reds, Trees, etc.

    Got to Dana launch ramp at around 8 or 8:30. Was getting the boat ready and some guy came over to bum a smoke. He said he robbed a bank and called to turn himself in and they were coming to pick him up. Thought, okay whatever. Finish getting the boat ready and the police show up, put him in...
  249. P4190452


  250. P4190450


  251. P4190451


  252. fleyeline

    Suggestions wanted on fighting MLPAs?

    Can you PM me some info. Sorry but I will be on the water Sunday. Or you can PM me and I will give you my e-mail, thanks.
  253. fleyeline

    Suggestions wanted on fighting MLPAs?

    can all the charter boat captains have petitions for the passengers to sign? Damn that seems like a lot of signatures. Or can we set up petitions somehow and stand at the dock and have the passengers sign them? Do petitions even work? I will keep bumping until I get an informative response...
  254. fleyeline

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    Please inform me on the petition process. I would like to help with that. I have mentioned it on this board a few times but have not received any responses. Just trying to help where I can. PLEASE HELP. Send me a PM, with info on the process, anybody, and I will get some signatures, I will...
  255. fleyeline

    What is your prefered method for drifting Butts

    I have found my succes to be better if I use I similar technique, but I have my reel in freespool with my thumb on the drag to keep it dragging on the bottom, but as soon as I feel them hit I let the the fish run with it for a few seconds, then rip it's lips off.
  256. fleyeline

    Sea Adventure 80 SOLD>>>>

    So is the exploratory albacore trip still going out on friday night?
  257. fleyeline


    Sheephead taste funny!LOL:food-smiley-014:LOL:food-smiley-014:LOL
  258. fleyeline


    The best method for the bottomfish is supposed to be the weighted milk crate or the heavy weight with the inverted barbless hook. That's what the scientists say. It is like fishing backwards. Just try to remember to do anything you can from damaging the fish or stressing the fish out...
  259. fleyeline


    Just curious. Do any of you guys use crawdads in the salt?
  260. fleyeline


    I know some alright spots, in the "creeks". I like to tie chicken legs or bacon to a string and wait untill I have a few on it, then pull them out. They don't always hang on but it's better than chasing them. PM me for more details.
  261. fleyeline


    I can't afford to fish so much!!! But I still do. Add that to boat maintenance, gear maintenance, and of course, new lures, then you end up with nothing but fishing. It's a vicious cycle! My sponsers are those who go along on my boat and spend their money on gas, bait, beer, and also help out...
  262. fleyeline


    Handle with care.
  263. fleyeline

    Purchasing electronics online

    Hey Jason, I was looking into that same chartplotter. It says it comes with the coastal bluecharts. How far offshore do the preloaded charts go? Thanks!
  264. fleyeline

    Fiberglass and resin locally?

    DMC is a couple of blocks from my house, if it is closed then I will have to go further.
  265. fleyeline

    Build a LR Tackle Box

    Looks like I have yet another new project coming up.
  266. fleyeline

    Fiberglass and resin locally?

    WTF? Now I need to go out of my way for supplies. This is a sad day!
  267. fleyeline

    Homemade swimbait

    That should work killer. post some updates. I want some, I know I can catch fish on those.
  268. fleyeline

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    If you want me to go along and show you my .02 then P.M me. I am more than willing to show you what I know (which aint much:food-smiley-014:)on the water.
  269. fleyeline

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    How about the little remote control submarine video camera they have in the tank at west marine?
  270. fleyeline

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    Experience....lot's of experience. Time on the water is you're best teacher.
  271. fleyeline

    Molds from frozen baits?

    That's pretty much the same method I use to cast fish, except I use the polyester for the actual fish and have a white gelcoat on the outside. I have a dorado mold that looks very similar to that one. I think using the RTV would work good. Like skip said go to DMC in La Mesa. You can talk to...
  272. fleyeline

    Molds from frozen baits?

    Taxidermists use the RTV method to mold fish gamefish, so it would work. If you were worried about the baitfish sticking to you're mold, you could take you're baitfish, clean it with dishwashing liquid(desliming), spray a light coat of laquer paint on the fish and let dry, make a two piece...
  273. fleyeline

    Surface Boil pics

    Thanks for the adrenaline shot guys!!
  274. fleyeline

    THE marine life protection and game code 2850

    So beside getting "informed", how can I take ACTION. I know there are meetings during the week in the morning when I, and also many others on here, have to work to make ends meet (seriously), but is there anything else we can do to help. Writing letters is a good idea. I think one of the more...
  275. fleyeline

    THE marine life protection and game code 2850

    Yes and no. There are scientists trying to work to make the future of fishing better by allowing fish populations to flourish and at the same time you have the tree huggers taking the efforts of the scientists to the extreme. The scientists usually try to take a non-biased approach while...
  276. fleyeline

    surface iron brands

    Step 4: Check the holes drilled for the rings. If they are centered don't buy them. If they are offset they are more likely to have better action.
  277. fleyeline


    Sea Adventure 80 is a nice wide boat. I like fishing that one, wide rails, cool crew, good times. I was thinking about doing a trip with T-dog and the crew this season. It may be a waste of money going out so soon but you never know what you might find out there. Just bring enough beer money...
  278. fleyeline


    Maybe a whale took them.LOL
  279. fleyeline

    trailer bunk guides

    Works everytime! No backing down the ramp to straighten the boat. I back my trailer about halfway into the water then hit it dead on. The rollers and bottom bunks center the boat perfectly everytime.
  280. fleyeline

    Fred Hall Show/Children's Pool Petition?

    I guess it's a bad idea.:deadhorse
  281. fleyeline

    Live squid available of La Jolla

    Sounds good, Thanks.
  282. fleyeline

    Live squid available of La Jolla

    How much? $50/scoop?
  283. fleyeline

    Fred Hall Show/Children's Pool Petition?

    I was just thinking the Fred hall show would be a great place to have a petition concerning the La Jolla Children's Pool and also to encourage the writing of letter's to the city and state councilmen. I read in the UT this morning that "Jerry Horna, president of La Jolla Friends of Seals plans...
  284. fleyeline

    Bait Barge Tips?

    $5 for every 1/2 scoop
  285. fleyeline

    40# 2oz.

    That's a chunker!
  286. fleyeline

    Squid boats LJ

    Might as well get all you can out of the spot before they close it. P.S. If you weren't born in SD shut the hell up or go back to where you came from.
  287. fleyeline

    Squid boats LJ

    I think Doug hit the nail on the head
  288. fleyeline

    Squid boats LJ

    Go Fishing and stop bitching!!!!!!
  289. fleyeline

    Squid boats LJ

    Screw LJ. Has anyone been out on the fly lately?
  290. fleyeline

    down riggers

    My dad just dropped off a downrigger he slapped together at work. Still need to add a pulley at the tip and some line but can't beat free.
  291. P2260404


  292. fleyeline

    La jolla

    What do you mean there was no one out there? What time were you sitting on the shores? Didn't you see me?:picknose:
  293. fleyeline

    down riggers

    I was going to use them offshore this season for the deep fish which I seem to meter a lot.
  294. fleyeline

    Computer Equipment for sale.

    Damn.. how come I couldn't think of that?
  295. fleyeline

    Had to teach DFG officer the other night...

    500# line and 12/0 hooks bro. Just kidding, the real trick is that you have to have at least five really expensive rods and reels on the boat in case the bite goes wide open.
  296. fleyeline

    Shark Fishermen You Need This!!!!

    That's not the right thing to use. You're supposed to use black kittens.
  297. fleyeline

    Radio Question

    Hey kerncat, in case you didn't know, fish only hang out on the spots. Especially the pelagic species!:rofl:
  298. fleyeline

    Had to teach DFG officer the other night...

    If you look at #2 on the back of the reprot card under INSTRUCTIONS FOR PERSONS TAKING SPINY LOBSTER, it states "Make a separate entry for each location fished and each type of gear used." I think a lot of people who get surveyed aren't catching shit, most of the time, so this results in a bad...
  299. fleyeline

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

    Good job on the monster fish!
  300. fleyeline

    Radio Question

    halibut on the 302
  301. fleyeline

    Bummer about the weather forecast

    sounds nasty...everyone should stay home
  302. fleyeline

    Problems with yo yoing...

    I carry a iron file on my boat to file an angle on the leading edge of the iron if the action sucks. This can make a big fucking difference. I've had iron's swim like shit, but after I put the right angle on the tip the fucker would get hit like crazy.
  303. fleyeline

    1-10-09 The Flats

    Everything was caught on live sardines on the dropper loop.
  304. fleyeline

    1-10-09 The Flats

    Fished the flats for: 13 legal bass( 5 shorts) 6 legal scupin (3 shorts) 1 octopus 2 starfish Took my dad and uncle out to get some fish. Started fishing around Ballast Point and hooked a couple of bass. Had a few raked baits from the butts without any hook-ups. Sailboat and other traffic...
  305. P1100351


  306. P1100348


  307. P1100352


  308. P1100346


  309. P1100330


  310. P1100340


  311. fleyeline


    O.K. I have a solution. Let's all stop using motor vehichles and purchasing products from which the manufacture of produces any form of greenhouse gas, right now. Let's start taxing domestic livestock farmers for the emission of methane gasses into the atmosphere. Shit, let's boycott...
  312. fleyeline

    Now this is SICK!

    Whatever happened to good old-fashioned public executions?
  313. fleyeline

    Qwerty vs virtual

    The virtual keyboard sucks at first, but after you have used it a few times you get the touch for it. At first I was always hitting certain letters wrong almost everytime, but after a while I noticed I wasn't doing that anymore, and I am not a text messenger either.
  314. fleyeline

    Favorite Wii Games

    If you are too close to the sensor bar it will fuck up like that. Also try adjusting the sensor bar setting in the setup menu if backing up does not work. ???Question??? Has anybody had this problem with the Wii? When my nephew is playing it he manages to get the damn thing to shut down so...
  315. fleyeline

    Charts with lat. and long. cursor

    These charts are not very detailed.
  316. fleyeline

    Future Pole Dancing Star

    She seems to be good with balls.
  317. fleyeline

    Fishing Goals for 2009

    1) catch a marlin 2) catch a swordfish trolling at night (I've been planning on doing that too in 2009) 3) LOLLOLLOLwin the lottery so I can fish everydayLOLLOLLOL
  318. fleyeline

    You guys know what this is.

    Evil E throwing a Japanese sparkler off the boat.
  319. fleyeline

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    Pink Snapper.
  320. fleyeline

    Best lights

    What are the best shop lights for painting reproduction fish? Anybody know? I like to make my own mounts, but I'm still pretty new at it. Just testing the waters.
  321. fleyeline

    How primative are bugs?

    LOLSorry.. What about Lt. Dan in Forest Gump???LOL
  322. fleyeline

    How primative are bugs?

  323. fleyeline

    If you had to...

    420 HIGH Spot, southwest of the MUSHROOM BANK.:smoking33:
  324. fleyeline

    cute when they're little...

    Release the Prowler!
  325. fleyeline

    Late ass Report from 1/2/09

    I like the last double snag pic!:picknose:
  326. fleyeline

    Squid Time

    Just dusted off the squid jigs............:evilimu:<<<<<-----What is this, a Hillcrest Bunny?
  327. fleyeline

    1-1-09 LJ BSB

    No props on the seabass? Alright give me some shit!
  328. fleyeline

    A Trip for the troops Event 1/3/09 aboard the Holiday

    Thanks for the report and thanks for the service soldiers.
  329. fleyeline

    Jan. 3rd Nice PV Marlin 600+ - Great Pics

    Nice catch!! Congrats!! I'm thinking black...but...I've never caught a marlin. Good Job!!!
  330. fleyeline


    Here's a link, I saw the show also. The Imajica Experience - Tembin Shark Callers I will pass...but you know, while trolling for sharks you could drag a stringer of coconut shells behind you.LOL
  331. fleyeline

    Thanks so much and Happy New Year to all!

    Hey Corey, don't know you but I wish you a speedy recovery, hang in there. Hope to hear some reports from you in the near future. Get well soon fellow fisherman. Happy New Year!
  332. fleyeline

    1-1-09 LJ BSB

    Headed out this morning in the thick ass fog and headed straight for the LJ canyon trying to get on some YT. Near the canyon saw about 5 big boils so threw iron and bait to no avail. worked the area some more for nothing so decided to go to south LJ to look for some sculpin. Metered a nice spot...
  333. P1010326


  334. P1010329


  335. P1010332


  336. fleyeline

    Lucanus Jigs

    Has anyone tried dropshotting them? I might try that tomorrow.
  337. fleyeline

    Whats in season

  338. fleyeline

    The Suicide Swimbaiter Says:

    Just don't throw that shit in your microwave in the kitchen. On the other hand go for it and let the smoke fly.LOL
  339. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    Thanks Big Dan!
  340. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    The rule worked good in the past but on this boat the last{and only} one I bought lasted less than a year. WTF!!! I haven't had any problems before. I was just going to get another rule because I already have the mount for it on the transom. Thanks for all the input so far guys. I need a...
  341. fleyeline

    Happy Ending Lures presents the new and improved"Disco Ball"

    El Capo...can you P.M. some prices on your jigs? Custom/non-custom?
  342. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    I found them cheaper out of state, just seeing if anyone knew of a cheaper place locally, like around 30$. I know I have the $10 coupon but I could use that for a feather or something if I fiound a cheaper pump,.....damn I sound cheap!!!:picknose:
  343. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    Plus I would rather stimulate the local economy if I could find a better deal. I've already spent enough money at West Marine in the last couple of months.
  344. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    I was hoping I could find somewhere cheaper, but then again I do have a $10 coupon for them.
  345. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    Rule 800 gph round bilge pump. My bait pump took a shit on Saturday and I need a new one. Forgot how much I paid for the last one but figured someone might help me out.
  346. fleyeline


    Damn that sucks. Those bastards only give me a little tingle when they sting, like pins and needles.
  347. fleyeline

    Anybody catching 40 lb. YT at La Jolla?

    Try throwing iron on the boils under the working birds around the canyon, that worked yesterday.
  348. fleyeline

    anyone know of a Fish Taxidermist/replica....?

    I like to make my own.:smoking33: Sorry I don't do commercial work.
  349. fleyeline

    A See Sawfish of a Day

    That's a cool catch!!! Good job and thanks Joanna for the xtra info.
  350. fleyeline

    Offshore Season ender for the Ramblin Wreck...

    Scary stuff. Glad to hear everone is safe and you didn't lose the boat. Plenty of good information for others on your post. Most people don't realize this, but the bilge pumps supplied with their boat are usually way too small, especially in an emergency situation. Then when an incident...
  351. fleyeline

    Fish Mount Blow Out!

    Sounds cool but I have been working on the art of making fiberglass reproductions myself. So far so good. Would be nice to get more specimens for mold making. Probably next year. Sounds like a good deal though. Thanks.
  352. fleyeline

    Dolphin Sportfishing found a new home

    Okay I'm sorry, I remember now, I did rope on the New Seaforth once...we caught a lot of humbolts one night. I'll never do that again.LOL I'm willing to give them another try though since everyone says they are good. Seaforth does have a very good operation going, but I have had bad...
  353. fleyeline

    Weekend trip for the ongoing bite need crew

    I was thinking about it but I have deer to shoot.:Death_To_Above:
  354. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    Thanks Marcus but I have everything taken care of already. If anyone wants to call the CG let it be. I will stick with VA/BoatUS unless I am sinking or something. The CG should be reserved for emergencies only, I wouldn't think of calling them for anything else.:picknose:
  355. fleyeline

    Dolphin Sportfishing found a new home

    Everytime I went on the Dolphin I roped fidh all day and every time I went on the New Seaforth I didn't catch shit. Seems like we kept changing spots. Oh well...maybe I went on the wrong days.
  356. fleyeline

    Dolphin Sportfishing found a new home

    At least Seaforth will have a good half day boat now.
  357. fleyeline

    Kayaks banned at LaJolla?

    I don't have a yak but I have an idea. Let's start spreading rumors and reports of seeing great whites out there.LOLLOLLOL
  358. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    I think I will go with the whole thing Carl. Sounds like the best thing to do besides getting a new boat. I know it is not the coil just old points. I also carry an extra coil on the boat just in case. Thanks for th 411
  359. fleyeline

    Any fog storys

    No power on the water Sat 330 AM about 15 miles out. Dead on water and hear the freighter getting closer and closer. Scary shit!! Could not see a damn thing nor could I move. Also before I died a dolphin jumps out next to me and splashes me as it jumps. ( Damn Bayliner!!!) Scared the shit...
  360. fleyeline


    Sounds to me like the solenoid on the starter might have froze up a little. Sometimes takes quite a few turns of the key to get it moving again. Moving parts are meant to move so when they sit for a while it can cause problems. Just keep those parts moving, don't lit it sit without starting it...
  361. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    I don't care if people talk shit about my junker...I still get out there and get some. When something happens it just gives me a chance to get to know her better. I was thinking about upgrading to rlrctronic ignition but was often do those go out if ever? At least know I know...
  362. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    Thanks for the link Steve. That's right. You have to be an idiot to go out without having coverage. Sorry to hear about the boat trouble but at least you got some. How was the water in the afternoon? I know it was perfect all morning where we were.
  363. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    I don't have any plastic fittings below the waterline> I appreciate your concern but I plan my trips according to what the P.O.S. can handle. Just something to hold me off until I get something bigger. Gotta have balls.
  364. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    Where do I pick that up?
  365. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    Left MB Sat at 1 A.M. Got bait then stopped outside O.B. pier to pick up some macks. Started heading south. Ran into the thick fog and kept pushing through it. At about 3:30 A.M. motor dies. Hear some dolphins coming at us so we drop bait for nada. Start troubleshooting the engine...
  366. fleyeline

    Check this out!! ESPECIALLY YOU DIVERS!

    There are a lot of those in the riff-raff and jetti's around here. WATCH OUT!!!
  367. fleyeline

    Offshore Radio dope from Jason

    Thanx bro. I'll be heading out that way in the morning. Hope I find the same stuff.
  368. fleyeline

    Fishing at night?

    I have roped sand bass and croakers with dark colored 8" plastic worms texas rigged, just like in the lakes. Give it a try, it works at night. Also try the freshwater GULP worms the same way. Like a purple and black or black. For some reason the sand bass love the freshwater all...
  369. fleyeline

    Warning about Del-Mart Molds

    Try using 2 Part RTV silicon. Works killer for mold making. It is also heat resistant that you can use it for production lead pours.
  370. fleyeline

    Offshore 1010 - 213

    Thanks for the report. Gonna try the East Butterfly Saturday. Seems like I might find some ther.
  371. fleyeline

    Please send a letter

    sent mine...
  372. fleyeline

    One of craziest days ever!! 33# YT SD Bay

    SWEET!! Talk about bragging rights
  373. fleyeline

    10-25 East Fly-390

    Hey huys I will be working the East Fly and 390 on Saturday the 25th. If anyone is going to be in the area let me know and I can let you know when I find some fish. Wakedraggin on 72.
  374. fleyeline

    Offshore 100% amazing season fin-ally!

    Love to hear these late season reports. I'll be out there some more before it is over.
  375. fleyeline

    NOAA "Nowcast"

    Thanks for the link. It is nice to have a view of the big picture. I will take all the 411 I can get.
  376. fleyeline


    Sucker punches!:Beat_Them:nutkick::Kick_emoticon:
  377. fleyeline

    OB pier (sick of people taking shorts)

    Have you tried the police? Seems like once they are there it would give DFG some time to arrive.
  378. fleyeline

    local hooping 10/12

    Nice catch!
  379. fleyeline

    10-13 PL Bonito

    Went out this afternoon to get some bug bait. Plenty of bonies on the kelp on the outside of the kelp line. All under 24" so between the 2 of us we got our limits no problem. Mt brother caught most of his on the crocodile and mine were all on storm swimbaits and fish traps. Color didn't matter...
  380. bellyhookedbone


  381. bones


  382. fleyeline

    10-10 MB

    All 3 were by the north mission jetty on the inside
  383. fleyeline

    10-10 MB

    Went buggin from 7:00-midnight in MB. Pulled in 3 keepers, 2 shorts, 3 octopus(released), 1 sea urchin(released). I'm new to hooping so I'm still trying to find some good spots.
  384. 10-10-08 two biggest

    10-10-08 two biggest

  385. 10-10-08


  386. 10-10-08 biggest bug of night

    10-10-08 biggest bug of night

  387. lobster


  388. fleyeline

    Sea Surface Temps

    That's the kind of talk I like to hear!!!!
  389. fleyeline

    Does anyone eat SD Bay fish?

    Does anyone eat lobster out of the bay? Go for it but not too far back there. I would only eat things that come from about Shelter Island and out, but that's me.
  390. fleyeline

    Lobsters with no shells?

    Hey I saw some of those shells while surfing at Cardiff this morning. I also saw some commercial boys just outside the surf.hmmmmmm?
  391. fleyeline

    11 days on the yacht

    Great job on the JP's. Nice report. Think I might book one for next year. Thanx
  392. fleyeline

    undersized bug

    Hey jas. I checked that second style Promar gauge in your pics with calipers and my gauge came up a little shy. Filed it down to the correct size.
  393. fleyeline

    hoop regs!!

    DFG only asked for my fishing license when I purchased my report card. They only charged $7.50 also. Saved a whoppin' 40 cents.
  394. fleyeline

    Offshore YFT at the 371

    There are still plenty of tuna close by, you just have to find them.
  395. fleyeline

    undersized bug

    The guys who lie and try to bullshit their way out of things with the judge are the ones who get the high fines, but like I said if you are cool with the judge and don't act like an idiot he should take it easy on the shafting.
  396. fleyeline

    Just got a boat

    Get a VHF, lots of gas cans and take that thing offshore.
  397. fleyeline

    undersized bug

    I have also seen the fine cut down a lot by the judge for a first offense. Take the gauge with you, be cool with the judge, and everything should be fine.
  398. fleyeline

    Is hoopnetting good for long term lobster?

    :rofl::rofl::imdumb::imdumb:Maybe private boater's should stop fishing altogether.:rofl::rofl::imdumb::imdumb:
  399. fleyeline

    Fishing a pod, correctly?

    nevermind...I figured it out.
  400. fleyeline

    Fishing a pod, correctly?

    How do I PM? I'd like to check out Fred's book.
  401. fleyeline

    Drifting over/through the kelp

    Never had a problem...what the hell are you talking about? Get in, get out, or whatever.
  402. fleyeline

    Offshore YFT Tuna, 1 bird, great day and new techniques!!

    Looks like another nice blob of warm water is on the way.
  403. fleyeline

    marine weather resources

    The ocean is unpredictable guys. Just when you think you've figured it out, then..............
  404. fleyeline

    Offshore Crazy Coronado Tuna 9/11 w-pics

    Hell Yeah. Nice reprt. Thankz
  405. fleyeline

    Offshore Patty Marlin 9/11/08 on 30lb @182

    I have to eat the heart out of my first marlin....for good luck. YUM YUM!!!!
  406. fleyeline

    Offshore Yellowfin tuna and more-9/182

    I hope the wind stays down for tomorrow. Good job guys.
  407. fleyeline

    Dolphins Are Amazing

    That's insane
  408. fleyeline

    Offshore My first post: Tuna at the 182 on 9/11

    Sometimes burning it in does the trick. Good job.
  409. fleyeline

    Offshore Offshore or Coronados?

    Personally, I would rather go offshore.
  410. fleyeline

    Offshore Patty Marlin 9/11/08 on 30lb @182

    SWEEEEET! Still waiting for mine.
  411. fleyeline

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    my favorite iron doesn't have any paint on I guess a dark-gray color. I found a file can sometimes do wonders.
  412. fleyeline

    Bad Day Fishing...

    DAMN!! I guess if you see a bear coming at you the best thing to do would be throw the boat into gear and get away from the bastard.
  413. fleyeline

    at the domes, but.....

    That happened to one of the sportboats kind of recentley. I LOVE VESSEL ASSIST!
  414. fleyeline

    Offshore 9/10 Go Here, Do This

    Thanks for the report. I saw somebody haul ass straight into that jetti last year.
  415. fleyeline

    Offshore kook's on the 182 tue's

    I remember being out and everyone was at the 182 high spot not seeing shit, maybe a few paddies with no-one home. I saw the crowd and went elsewhere and found three paddies loaded with fish and tried to get some others on it but they thought I was full of shit. No one else was around. I just...
  416. fleyeline

    Offshore 9/10 ofshore second person report-San Diego

    :picknose:RADIO FISH! Thanx for the second hand report. Sounds good to me.
  417. fleyeline

    Why is it so hard for some people to understand?

    :Exploding_Smiley:WOW!! Looking forward to my next trip....that's where the 12-guage comes in handy.
  418. fleyeline

    Offshore kook's on the 182 tue's

    kooks like to stay on the high spots or look for other people catching fish....that's just the way they are.
  419. fleyeline

    How Many Passes Is a Scoop?

    This is what they say---->Everingham Bros Bait Co
  420. fleyeline

    Reliable weather source?

    try this! I don't think any are 100% but I go by this one U.S. Coastal Waters Forecasts by Zone - West
  421. fleyeline

    Am i CRAZY?

    There's no offshore fishing in the midwest!!!!!
  422. fleyeline

    fishing the 13th

    I will be out in the afternoon. Maybe on the ridge.
  423. fleyeline

    Offshore Albies at 26/40

    Thanx for the report...nice job and I'd have to agree with fishmanbh.
  424. fleyeline

    pic mystery ... is it or is it not?

    THAT'S NESSIE!!!!!
  425. fleyeline

    Offshore sun 8/24 182 / the ridge

    left MB at 3:30 sunday morning headed to the 182. found a nice patty south of the 182 got a short strike on the slow trolle dine. stole my bait. meter was lit up so worked the patty for a long time for nothing. put in the trollers worked down the ridge when my fish trap stinger line goes off...
  426. fleyeline

    Ralph got drunk

  427. fleyeline

    Spot Number meanings

  428. fleyeline

    Fish Dope is worth the moolah!!!

  429. fleyeline

    Spot Number meanings

    also try this linkWelcome to Fish-n-Map Co. - Producers of freshwater and saltwater fishing maps for structure fishing
  430. fleyeline

    Spot Number meanings

    protected marine zones are listed in the dfg ocean sportfishing rules and regulations available free at you're local tackle shop or almost any store with spoting goods department
  431. fleyeline

    San Diego VHF Channel

    i thought the halibut was on the 302
  432. fleyeline

    Spot Number meanings

    "fishnmap" with hot spots and gps coordinates
  433. fleyeline

    Live Sardine depth limit?

    I was thinking of trolling downrigger style for some.
  434. fleyeline

    Dorado recipes?

    smoke it
  435. fleyeline

    Getting towed

    go to court and fight it? most officers don't show up and it gets thrown out
  436. fleyeline

    Offshore 182 albies dorado

    oh yeah!!! report is for sunday 8-17
  437. fleyeline

    Offshore 182 albies dorado

    left MB at 3:30 a.m. headed for 182. at grey light dropped the trollers in. trolled around the 182. saw some empty paddies and not much life. started heading south towards the 302. hit 69 deg water on the way and 38/42 zzzzzzzzz. middle troller with grn f.t. way back. threw a bait in and im on...
  438. bloody


  439. dodo


  440. 25 lb albie

    25 lb albie

  441. bent on 25lb albie

    bent on 25lb albie

  442. 8 lb albie

    8 lb albie

  443. fleyeline

    Fish Dope is worth the moolah!!!

    I haven't seen any better dope on the net. I have terrafin but might have to switch next season:smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  444. fleyeline

    182ish sunday

    I will be in that area around greylight. anyone else goin and want to code up let me know. I'll be on 72 on and off:cheers:
  445. fleyeline

    Offshore Very Very Late 8/7

    holy moly on the YT and holy moly on the portside
  446. fleyeline

    Offshore 8/15 Small ones taste better

    way better than being skunked!!!
  447. fleyeline

    Offshore Ghostboy Heading Out In The Morning!

    good luck boys. I will be out sunday
  448. fleyeline

    Offshore Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    shut up and go fishing already!!!!
  449. fleyeline

    Flourocarbon Leaders

    3-6 with a double uni. I used to use the seguar knot but I now prefer the double uni. not that hard after you try it a few times
  450. fleyeline

    Offshore Bad day on the water

    I was fishing a paddy and had a group of five boats practically run the paddy over. There was no one else around for at least 2 miles on either side of me and this "caravan" of assholes almost ran me over. That's what you can expect right now especially on the weekends. I don't let it stop me...
  451. fleyeline

    Offshore Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    i've taken my 19' forty miles out no prob
  452. fleyeline

    Offshore 8/13 Wiiiiiide open dodo's and some yft 17 miles from PL

    Sounds like a great day on the water. I'm jealous I have to wait untill sunday to get out there again. GOOD JOB!!!!! Just ate some mahi I smoked today. YUM!!!!!!!!!!
  453. fleyeline

    Offshore Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    nice job on those yft....i like people who have enogh balls to go out in whatever boat they have. The girls didn't seem to's all about having fun. Big boats go down too if the ocean wants them.
  454. fleyeline

    Dorado fishing

    did you catch any???
  455. huhhhh??!!??!


  456. albs


  457. rufus


  458. 4 miles off mission beach

    4 miles off mission beach

  459. tastes like chicken

    tastes like chicken

  460. pops and the troll dodo

    pops and the troll dodo

  461. so cal

    so cal

  462. fleyeline

    Bait Surcharge???

    damn the oil companies!!!!!
  463. fleyeline

    Offshore 8/9 bait rolled, how was yours?

    bait rolled on sat but not so bad on wed or thurs
  464. fleyeline

    Offshore Windy Thursday 9mi to 182

    went out wed and thurs after work. caught 9 dodos and 1 yellow wed by the weather buoy off m.b. and had to go about eight miles thurs for 6 dodos before sea lions chased them off. not much time to fish after work but got the job done despite the wind. going out sat morning to get more
  465. fleyeline

    7/13 182-302-371...etc

    i'll be looking in these spots on sunday again. If anyone else is going and wants to hookup on the vhf let me know:deadhorse:imdumb::picknose::zelfmoord