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  1. fishradical

    Blackman Billfisher (reduced)$49,500

    Attached is a photo and a video. She is turn key ready to go. Does not burn or leak any oil.
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    Blackman Billfisher (reduced)$49,500

    One thing I failed to mention is the Simrad unit has a separate WiFi so you can link to your devices . You can use the same screen as the Simrad unit while on deck or anywhere near the boat from your Smart Phone or Tablet. Great for chart plotting or sonar.
  3. fishradical

    Blackman Billfisher (reduced)$49,500

    This is a great boat. If I thought I could use two right now I would keep it. I have always had it professionally serviced by Pacific Marine in Oxnard since I bought it. They have all the receipts. I’ve spent many thousands. I hand wax it twice a year with Collinites Fleet Wax and the gel coat...
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    Show me your blackman boat

    I Love this boat but I have decided to sell her after 12 years.
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    Blackman Billfisher (reduced)$49,500

    SOLD...This Boat is a 1986 26’ Blackman Billfisher “Fish Machine” Flybridge. This is a Solid Boat in excellent condition. Always maintained with 100 hr service. Rebuilt Volvo Penta KAMD42 230 hp engine with 1100 hrs. Recent service 2/15/19 included : Engine...
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    Offshore fishin on the 9 mile bank

    Was out saturday 5 miles west of there for 1 -20 lb yellowfin, 2 dorado & 2 lost. Lots of fish on the patty just wouldnt bite well
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    Heading to the 1010 tonight anyone else?

    we Will be there Top Knotch
  8. fishradical

    Offshore Recovered the hat and what a fish!!!

    Nice fish glad to see Tonys old boat still catches fish!!!
  9. fishradical

    Offshore Albacore, YFT and Dorado - 1010/1067

    Nice score. Thanks for the info
  10. fishradical

    Offshore Bait Tanks....CHEEEEAP!!

    My friend might be interested in the os50 but he cant seem to get through to you by phone?
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    Offshore Hidden Bank Albacore/Bluefin

    Left Wednesday from Shelter Island 3:00 p.m. Picked up 2 scoops of large sardines. Half of them rolled but the rest were great I think maybe too many in the tank? Fished a porpose school for one missed bite porpose were heading north but we were planing to go to 295 area so we left the porpose...
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    Offshore Why I take days off in the middle of the week

    Those fish come to my Blackman too!!!
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    Offshore Hidden Bank Albacore/Bluefin

    Just got in from fishing Thursday Hidden Bank 5 Albacore 30lb class,1 Bluefin, 7 Yellowfin (425 area). We were fishing 2 miles east of the high spot @ the Hidden. Hopefully this helps someone. Pics & more tommorrow!!!
  14. fishradical

    Heading South 295 and beyond...

    We are leaving S.I. around noon heading for 295/238 probably coming back friday. 26' Blackman "Top Knotch"
  15. fishradical

    11 Halibut on the "Top Knotch"

    Fished Friday west of P.C.H. for 11 Halibut to 35 lbs. steady pick from 8:00- 3:00. Great weather. All fish caught on fin bait.
  16. fishradical

    Dead Sea Kittens - PETA poster boys

    Blue Bass hookem by the tail great ling bait.
  17. fishradical

    late report La Salina, tail and butt!!

    Great job using the plastics!
  18. fishradical

    A NO FISH report...

    It's all about gettin some salt!
  19. fishradical

    Rosa R.C.3/01 w/pics

    First trip out since october! A whole lot of work on my boat purchased in july. New name, bottom paint, new transducer,repair side scan sonar, all new hoses belts, inverter, new canvas etc. Left C.I. 5:30 am fresh bait calm seas beautiful ride all the way. Arrived at Rosa about 8:30. wind kicked...
  20. fishradical

    vacuum sealer advice?

    The best way to vacume pack is to freeze the fish first on a cookie sheet. Then either lightly spray or use a brush with a light coat of water. Set back in freezer in a ziplock (I usually do about 10 pieces at a time) for 5 minutes. This will put a frozen shell around the fish. Then vacume pack...
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    Offshore Channel Islands Reports?!?!?!

    My friend caught a nice yellowtail and some doritos near SBI
  22. fishradical

    Offshore Pics from saturday 1010 & my Blackman boat

    Heres some pics from saturday at the 1010. Full fish hold = 24 yellowfin, 12 dorado, 2 yellowtail. The boat I bought in the beginning of July has a VolvoKAMD 42b with a super charger. It took until now to make the boat turnkey and readyfor a trip like this. We missed some great fishing but it...
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    Offshore Wide Open YellowFin 1010 Trench

    Mayden Tuna Trip Voyage on my newly purchased 26' Blackman billfisher. Fished the 302 Friday afternoon for 2 -25lb yellows & 2 dinner doritos. went to the 1010 over night. Set up the sea anchor got some shut eye. Started trolling 6:30 A.M. Found patty 6:45 A.M. 3.5 hours steady non stop bite...