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  1. Calishark

    Offshore DP 9/3- Great catching! and "That Guy in a New Boat"

    I've been wanting to try the HBR. Can you give us some details and your experience with them...
  2. Calishark

    Offshore Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    That fishing etiquette video had me laughing hard. Always enjoy your videos.
  3. Calishark

    Offshore Dorado avet = dorado

    Nice female, wonder where her husband was...
  4. Calishark

    Wicky Tuna

    Fucking awesome!!! I hope one day I can catch one that large!
  5. Calishark

    Offshore Thanks to the guys that call out numbers

    The person who called in the dorado bite on the SSK was a group of 3 guys on a 20' CC (unnamed). Second boat on the scene was a sport fisher "Vines and Lines." Our boat the Bubba Jean was third on the paddy. It was insane, hook ups right away, all five of us, instant kaos on the boat. These...
  6. Calishark

    Going Wahoo fishing

    You won't be the only one...was supposed to go today but capt had boat trouble.
  7. Calishark

    My Ride- Boston Whaler 25

    That's a lovely boat. I really like the black hull...nice job on the build.
  8. Calishark

    RP Wahoo 9 miles from point loma

    Holy shit. Wahoo, tuna, marlin all over the nine. What is this 1920?
  9. Calishark

    Offshore Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Dude sweet video!!! That was awesome! So cool to see underwater...
  10. Calishark

    Offshore Limits YFT

    Nice dorado...!!!
  11. Calishark

    Offshore Limits YFT

    Your trolling right...because I know you're not serious. We released plenty of yellows, and if a crew member wants one for sashimi who the fuck are we to tell them no.
  12. Calishark

    Offshore Limits YFT

    We're being sneaky because we want people to stay home and think its over, while we selfishly hide the fish to our selfs.
  13. Calishark

    Offshore Limits YFT

    Luck was on our side. I'm pretty sure Qin our noobie who had never been tuna fishing spotted us our sweet golden ticket. Then he proceeded to get a crash course in WFO tuna fishing. With things like "turn the handle!!" "Don't stop!!" "Keep pressure!!!" Being yelled at him. He lost a few but...
  14. Calishark

    The San Diego 10/9

    "Hang around a bit"... These yellows have been there all year long, and arnt going any where. The San Diego was fishing the yellows hard early '14 (jan-July) until the tuna showed up in July where the SD went offshore. Yellows still at the islands, we have just been in tuna frenzy mode for four...
  15. Calishark


    Great report. Truly felt like I was on the trip. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
  16. Calishark

    Offshore Limits YFT

    Quadruple hook ups on the YFT!!! "Are we limited?" "Yep, that's limits..." "'s over already :(" So spoiled this season.
  17. Calishark

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    Wow that is just awesome...seems the fish are scattered every where right now. Pretty cool you got one so close to home!
  18. Calishark

    Offshore Aztec Overnight Trip 10/4/14 - Limits by 8:30am

    That's pretty much how our day was on the 3rd. I love fishing the Aztec. Such an awesome crew and fun boat, I love when it's wide open like that and Justin throws on the tunes, so fun catching tuna and jamming out.
  19. Calishark

    Offshore Wide Open YFT Bite between 302 & 390

    Very informative thread. Good to hear the bites still around.
  20. Calishark

    Where are the sport boats fishing?

    No problem...the tuna game has changed from what we were so spoiled from this year. Now they are FAR, not every paddy is holding, but when you found the right one it's WFO. but there is plenty of fishing left to do, just gotta work for it. And other options. Nice size yellows biting at the...
  21. Calishark

    Where are the sport boats fishing?

    80 miles south is correct. Think they call it the "horseshoe" which is upper hidden, lower hidden, upper 500, double 220, 1010, 378, 450, 390, 421. Correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, they are far!
  22. Calishark

    Offshore let me save you some fuel

    Now the fleet is heading south. Way south, today we were 80 miles south on an overnight. Get out while you still can!
  23. Calishark

    Five minute kelp

    32° 26.40' 117° 35.00'
  24. Calishark

    New plier sheath

    Is that sheath from the excel guy, or did you go with a different person? Love the color of the leather.
  25. Calishark

    Offshore WFO fishing on the Legend 1.5 day

    Sounds like a good trip. I'm on the Aztec fishing Friday. Hopefully we can find um.
  26. Calishark

    Offshore Late lost video report from the north nine

    Take a number, and get to the back of the line...haha
  27. Calishark

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Glenn Location: San Diego - don't mind traveling. Availability: Weekdays Contact Info: PM - text/call 619-948-3693 Smoke/Drink?: Neither - don't mind if you do. References: robert0769, Bondrvr, hawkplayer32+ non BDer's Experience: Offshore (1.5, overnight, 3/4, private boats) Inshore...
  28. Calishark

    Bleeding Out Tuna

    I first bleed my tuna from the gill. I see most people snipping the gill with a pair of shears, like you would on any other fish. I even see people rip the gill out with a pair of pliers. But on tuna it's even more simple to do, it's going to be hard to explain, but I'll try. On the under side...
  29. Calishark

    23' Grady White Gulfstream

    Yeah...I can read. He edited the post with the information after I asked the question.
  30. Calishark

    23' Grady White Gulfstream

    Sick much?
  31. Calishark

    Offshore Pac Dawn Overnight 9/16

    SCI and Cat are going off the past couple weeks!!! Better fishing in North American waters then south in Mexican water. How often does that happen?
  32. Calishark

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Could you imagine, if all those tiny rat yellows were thrown back, how many monster yellowtail we would have in the next few years. Ahhh if only.
  33. Calishark

    Offshore Bull Dodo 9-14-14

    I think to say he's 35-40lbs is a bit over exaggerated, these fish look bigger then they weight. I caught a good size female and bull last week both weight 15lb and were little smaller. I'm going to guess 25-30lb max. Anyway that's a damn good bull for us up here. These big dorado are like...
  34. Calishark

    Offshore Wide Open Dorado and some Tuna Fish

    Nice job on the dodo. I love watching them eat the chunk all the way to the boat. Watch them swarm the boat looking for more. Throwing anything you can to get them to eat it, chunk, live, iron...then comes the aril shows. Not to mention they taste amazing. The dodo we caught yesterday was...
  35. Calishark

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Fish count 9-16-14 San Diego - 3/4 Day - 38 people - 325 Yellowfin Tuna, 50 Yellowtail7:00 PM 38 people, 325 tuna. This is why the San Diego is the best boat in the fleet. They put you on fish, period. You have to understand the costomer service is lacking because these guys are putting in 6-7...
  36. Calishark

    Offshore 226/302/230/371 Tues

    Awesome fish report. Sounded pretty much like our day Monday. Lots of patties all in a line. We kept bouncing back in forth to each one. Getting our pick of YFT, do do, skippy, YT. Fun day.
  37. Calishark

    Offshore Tribute overnight pleasure cruise 9/14 - 9/15

    That area has had a lot of pressure with the sport fleet the past couple weeks. Seems like y'all got beat to the biting schools. But I agree those trips are frustrating and suck!
  38. Calishark

    Looking for 2 for Wednesday 9/17

    If someone bails I'm down!
  39. Calishark

    North 9?

    They're there. It's just harder to find them then say going more south to the 302...just gotta find that paddy that is holding. Or keep a look out for birds. One diving tern could mean tuna limits.
  40. Calishark

    stood up by garage jockey

    Haha. I'm glad he didn't come. Old grumpy guy would have spoiled our day. I don't understand how some people don't give the respect to the boat owner. That shit is expansive. I don't mind paying my share. Plus it's way more fun to hunt for your own fish vs sitting on a cattle boat with 30+ other...
  41. Calishark

    Looking for a ho tomorrow 9-15

    We had our four, capt called said he was running 30-40 min late, no biggie. Then one guy decided to no show, or better yet leave cuz he got upset for waiting and was worried about going out in bad weather with untrustworthy people. Haha his loss cuz we killed it on the do do and the weather was...
  42. Calishark

    Looking for a ho tomorrow 9-15

    Looking for one more to fish with tomorrow 9-15 on my buddies 22' Grady White. Must have us/mex permits. Leaving SI at 5am. Must be able to share all cost. Text or call 1-760-420-5212.
  43. Calishark

    I need a crew

    Sounds like a great time. I'd love the opportunity to be apart of the crew and fish hard! I'm a fast learner, and pretty much have a clean palette, no bad habits. Let me know!
  44. Calishark

    Chargers first round draft pick sentenced to 5 years

    "Will not spend time in jail"...what kinda rich guy attorney bullshit is that. I understand the credit time served, but that was for the crime committed, now for violating his probation all he gets is a more serious parole. Bullshit! Give him jail time, it's Texas were talking about for fucks sake!
  45. Calishark

    1986 26' Shamrock Commercial Pilot House

    Nice boat. Is it a walk around with a pilot house, or house with a caddy cabin in front?
  46. Calishark

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    So sick, can't wait for mine. What number am I on the list haha!!
  47. Calishark

    Offshore New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    How long can you leave a tuna whole in ice for??? Guts and everything...
  48. Calishark

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day, 9-1-14

    Chief is a fun boat! I always seem to catch a lot of fish on the chief...
  49. Calishark

    need more for saturday(tomorrow)

    I'm game for Monday. Just sent you a text. Let's do this! Weather does look shity tho...
  50. Calishark

    need more for saturday(tomorrow)

    It's a shame no one took your offer for today...or are you already back with limits haha?? Like I said before, I'd jump on this opportunity in a heart beat if I didn't have a trip planned and the wife yelling at me.
  51. Calishark

    need more for friday 22' boat

    I would if the wife wasn't pissed I was fishing so much!
  52. Calishark

    New way to catch sharks.... Reeks of P.E.T.A.

    Such an epic trolling video. It's completely satire, so awesome...I hope people took that serious and got mad. Edit: ^^^ awesome link! They took it serious haha!
  53. Calishark

    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    I read every post in this thread thank you. I'm amazed at how help full everyone has been and the people that were willing to donate their time. Was a nice change of pace, rather then the usual BD attitude. It just seemed like you wanted two things, too get back on the water ASAP, and too do...
  54. Calishark

    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    I want to hear a good reason for why you haven't taken your boat out to kindafishy...the dude gave you an amazing opportunity for help and to get your boat working ASAP.
  55. Calishark

    Weekend Parking San Diego Fishing

    That's really good to know thank you very much. Means I don't have to worry I'm never there longer then that.
  56. Calishark

    Weekend Parking San Diego Fishing

    Parking sucks. The lot is full and they say it's for short term only. You could try parking in one of the hotel parking lots but you run the risk of having your car towed. The street is an option but I don't think you can leave your car for more than 24 hours. Last time I parked in the...
  57. Calishark

    2 for tuesday.

    Good luck out there tomorrow. If you have anybody cancel call me. 619-948-3693
  58. Calishark

    Local Paddy Surprise – 8/23

    You need to get an award for having the best reports of the year. Every time I read them I'm excited!
  59. Calishark

    Offshore 8-22 Deja Vu at the 302 YFT limits for 3

    Nice report and nice tuna. Such fun times to be had out there right now!
  60. Calishark

    Offshore CHIEF 1-1/2 Day report

    I've seen the deadheads help out just as much as the deck hands...helping gaff fish, tie knots, undo tangles, hand off fish to newbies. The extra help is needed in the times of a hot bite, plus most of the time they are out of the way anyhow. The Chief is a big boat, plenty of room for 30+...
  61. Calishark

    Offshore CHIEF 1-1/2 Day report

    To be honest the crew didn't fish much only saw a couple of them land one for themself. They were to busy dealing with tangles, gaffing fish, tying knots, throwing bait/loading tank during the stops, and helping people land fish. And if they did fish they handed off the pole to someone who had...
  62. Calishark

    Offshore CHIEF 1-1/2 Day report

    What an awesome trip it was. Truly epic night bite, even got a dodo at around 9pm no where near a paddy on that last stop. Thanks for a good trip... FRESH ONE!!!! HOOK UP!!!!!!
  63. Calishark

    Terminal Tackle Advice for the Yellowfin Bite out of San Diego.

    I went out on Thursday and tuna were boiling all over the place crashing on chum schools right next to the boat. And I couldn't get them to take my bait!! Them seemed to want light line and small bait (nice chovy) but I agree that it changes every day every location every school...
  64. Calishark

    Stolen rod and reel

    Wow that's just fucked up. I really hope there is some misunderstanding and it wasn't stolen. I'm really pissed off, what a bad rep this gives us boat hoes. I was really looking forward to having a chance to fish with y'all. Now this!!! Doesn't look like I'll get the opportunity anymore. I'll...
  65. Calishark

    Pinhead in JP

    Fucking stand up guy right there... I don't understand why people get so but hurt with Jackpots, the cost to enter them is nothing compaired to the rest of the trip, so it's not like your losing out. If you feel like your getting screwed, then just opt out on entering them.
  66. Calishark

    Cedros Adventures, Let's Talk Hookup Trip July 7-11

    Epic fishing gotta get down there before it gets burnt out haha!
  67. Calishark

    what would you advise for offshore megabaits/jigs for overnight to 3 1/2 day trips?

    Dude...I don't say this very often but fucking search. There has been about 6 thread the past couple weeks asking this exact question. People are here giving you advice and you're not listening. Iron - blue/white, blue/chrome, mint/white, scramble egg. Mega - purple/black, silver/black...
  68. Calishark

    Taggin Calicos on the Outer Limits

    Sweet day those trips are always fun!
  69. Calishark

    Phenix PHD809XH

    Love your style and the similarities to glass work.
  70. Calishark

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    Epic... So instead of using them as bait we need to chum with them!
  71. Calishark

    Brand New Aluminum Pliers

    Looks like the one's on amazon are unavailable...
  72. Calishark


    You left the best part on those yellows...
  73. Calishark

    Ride sharing Let me know... I think bloody decks needs to develop some kind of ride sharing program as I see there is a problem for boat owners to find ho's and ho's finding boat owners.
  74. Calishark

    Boat Ho List

    I would love to join both of you on the 12th if I don't jump on the condor to do a 1.5 day on the 11th. Name: Glenn D. Age: 25 Boat: Kayak Days available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Experience: local inshore/offshore, patty/bird spotter. Like fishing calico on the plastic, yellowtail on the...
  75. Calishark


    I saw a post a couple days ago about them getting a couple big white Seabass.
  76. Calishark


    Insane...both are such a huge specimen.
  77. Calishark

    PB WSB!

    WOW!!!!! That thing is a monster!
  78. Calishark

    4/30/14 M/V San Diego Yellows!

    That was an awesome day so glad I went. Got 2, first on a fly line Mac, then on the yoyo. Let's see the video.
  79. Calishark

    YT on the Sauerfish

    We slayed them on Wednesday aboard the San Diego. I also ran into a similar bird down there he landed right on my reel. Hung out for about 3 minutes then flew away...
  80. Calishark

    M/V San Diego 4/16/14 Yellows

    Went on the San Diego on the 15th, the day before, it was the same type of situation the schools were there just didnt wanna bite. We got 4 yellows all day, coming on the surface iron. Lost 2 to the dogs. Glad they bit better for you guys the next day.
  81. Calishark

    WTB: Avet SX and JX / seeker black steel 6470

    Looking for a single speed Avet SX and a two speed JX. Also looking for a seeker black steel 6470 or Hercules 70m I live in San Diego. Thanks.
  82. Calishark

    BNIB Avet JX 6/3 and HX 5/2

    Do you still have the jk?? I'm interested.
  83. Calishark

    Sabiki Rigs

    He also sells on the pier when he's fishing. Or at least there is a regular group of them that make them and will sell to you. I pick up at least 10 of them when I go. Green is my favorite, they sell different sized hooks also. It's a funny story how I discovered these awesome sabiki's. When I...
  84. Calishark

    Flat black avet sx 5:3 ss

    If the sale falls through hit me up I'll take it.
  85. Calishark

    Avet reels in green camo for sale ***SOLD***

    I want the sx if the other deal falls through. Lmk
  86. Calishark

    Avet LX-MC 2 speed

    Interested. I'm in San Diego. How old is the real?
  87. Calishark

    Custom Calstar and Seeker with Avets

    Where you located? I'm interested in the SX setup.
  88. Calishark

    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    Love reading your reports. Nice boat, awesome fish, and sweet looking family...
  89. Calishark

    VIDEO!!!! long range trip on the intrepid

    What an awesome trip...
  90. Calishark

    Coral for fishing gear?

    You have some beautiful coral...!
  91. Calishark

    "Holy Mackerel" 13 Whaler Rebuild

    What an incredible build, amazing work, truly went all out! Thanks for taking the time to document and post a detailed report, i enjoyed reading. Wish I could go out fishing on it, that's one lucky 12 year old. BTW I wouldn't call that a '67 Whaler, more like a 2014 Whaler!
  92. Calishark

    Two sandcars for sale cheap......Now

    Brown car was wheeling down the drags, when the other buggy cut in front to turn off drags, brown car driver only sees blue sky and whamo...goodbye $100,000 buggy. This situation plays out time and time again at Glamis and Gordon's wells, glad no one was hurt.
  93. Calishark

    More Huatulco Grouper

    Huatulco is more known for its surfing correct...? My buddy gets amazing vacation deals down there. Flight, car, and 10 days hotel for around $500. Blew me away when I heard that, still planning a trip, but now I see they have decent fishing I might make that trip sooner.
  94. Calishark

    Dreamweaver fishing report

    Very cool report, love the picture of the whale breaching...
  95. Calishark


    This guy has to be pissed he is upset thinking his gear was stolen, and y'all are saying he's an idiot for losing his gear haha. Shit cracks me up...
  96. Calishark

    I love my avets but...can not cast them!

    Just wanna make sure I'm understanding all you correctly. So all I need to do, to be able to cast, is...Practice?
  97. Calishark

    Nov 9th Maui - Personal Best Mahi

    Is a commercial license easy to obtain? Assuming it just cost money and maybe a food handling class? Just interested in how a private boater sells their catch to restaurants. How much per pound do you get for Maui, tuna, etc?
  98. Calishark

    Nov 9th Maui - Personal Best Mahi

    Do you need a license to sell the fish to the restaurants? As a owner I would be worried about buying fish from someone who didn't handle it correctly. But I guess when you buy it you can tell. Just figured there would be some type of liability if someone got sick.
  99. Calishark

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Fishing Video

    Badass calico fishing right there...looks like a real fun time.
  100. Calishark

    One for Mr Halling

    That's sweet. I'm loving that red diamond pattern. What do you call that?
  101. Calishark

    Dungeness Crab Gravy & Biscuits

    Damn that looks girl loves biscuits and gravy. I showed her this, and she asked me when I was gonna go catch some crab haha.
  102. Calishark

    Perfect fit gun for hunting the Florida wild boar hog

    AR-10...multiple shots of .308 can take down a hog!
  103. Calishark

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    "9 inch bubba blade...Size matters."
  104. Calishark


    Was all this caught from a single trip? Can one try and sell some of their catch to people or restaurants or do you need some sort of seafood selling license?
  105. Calishark


    Thank you for taking the time to put together such a nice report with all the awesome photos. 10 day cruise? Screw that 10 day fishing trip aboard the Intrepid!!!
  106. Calishark


    You do amazing work.
  107. Calishark

    Need 1 leaving this Friday night fishing 10/5

    I'm interested. It's scheduled to be offshore winds so I won't be able to work (skydiving). I'll PM for details.
  108. Calishark

    Need two for 9/13 heading south/west for Pelagics

    Think I'm too late but next time you have a spot let me know.