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  1. Jacobian00

    The End of San Diego County Pig Hunting

    Looks like there's not much pig hunting in San Diego County any more...
  2. Jacobian00

    Kamala Harris backs closing loophole in California assault weapons ban

    Between De Leon, Newsom and Harris, our gun rights are going away faster than I ever thought possible. Voters need to wake up now!!!
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    1. Juvenile corrections officer 2. Large mouth bass fishing 3. 10.5 lb. largemouth 4. Fishing with her dad Did the answer to #4 change? Several copied yes and that does not seem to be the correct answer to how did she get her start.
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    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    I'm signed up.
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    You wanna see two PUNKS?!?!

    Anyone think that the coach may have called this "play"?
  6. Jacobian00

    A Braided Experience....input needed

    I purchased a new reel and had the store load a decent brand of braid. First trip out, when letting out the line, it would get about 20 yards and twist up and screw everyone else up. I fought it a few times and cut all the kinks and knots out of the line and put a hook back on. While moving to...
  7. Jacobian00

    A Black Day for Hunters I've attached one of the many links to the story. It appears that the PH and the landowner did not have a lion permit. From the story, "In this case, both the professional hunter and...
  8. Jacobian00

    Offshore Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    Mr Jeff puts out some great food on the PV. I hope to see a meal board like that when I go in Sept.
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    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    What's the GPM?
  10. Jacobian00

    Diver down

    OC Register counts 5 diver deaths since the lobster season started. "Four of the five deaths occurred while lobster diving, all at night. The lobster hunting season began locally Sept. 27. Inexperience, weather conditions and health issues may have contributed, diving experts say."...
  11. Jacobian00

    Boat financing

    Wells Fargo also has options for boats (and other fun vehicles).
  12. Jacobian00

    Mid August fish Homer or Seward and with whom?

    We are heading back to Action Alaska Anglers. Capt John Ferrell put us on the fish last time and they will process for you. The pricing is reasonable. The lodge is on the shore in Anchor Point and the boat is out of Homer. We fished halibut and sockeyes last time.
  13. Jacobian00

    O'side 7/9/14

    I heard there is a huge anchovy school off the coast.
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    Hammerhead shark keep or release?

    We caught a mako on the Pacific Voyager last year. Also caught some flack from some of the know it alls. You know the type... "Why would you catch that?? Blah, blah, blah... Anyway, we cut up the steaks and not a very many guys would even take them. I threw the steaks in with the rest of my...
  15. Jacobian00

    Back from South Africa....

    Congrats on what looks like a great trip. What is your riffle/scope set up? Is it provided or can you bring your own?
  16. Jacobian00

    First ever trip to sierras

    I grew up in Bishop and hitting Crowley for the opener is a ritual. There are always crowds and the weather rarely cooperates, but we catch fish and have great memories. Now that I live in So Cal, I prefer to wait a week to let the crowds die down as following a bunch of boats up 395 blows...
  17. Jacobian00

    epic turkey bowhunt with my pal

    Congrats with your new turkey hunting buddy! My dog would never have sat still long enough for a turkey to come into range. I hope to make it out again before the end of the season.
  18. Jacobian00

    ass kicker for sure

    You're doing better than me. I've only been out once this year. Went last weekend with my novice hunter bro in law. We heard some gobbling over the hill in front of us at first light. We pushed forward a bit and I told him to grab a tree. Later, I am looking at my GPS and see the polling shows...
  19. Jacobian00

    Eastern Sierra Update

    Thanks for the update. You probably saw Intake Two. Fishmas is right around the corner!!
  20. Jacobian00

    Bye Bye Yee

    I LOVE IT! We now need to undo all the crap that scumbag has forced on us. God does answer prayers!
  21. Jacobian00

    Antis Taking over AZ Too?

    They should have taken out some mountain lions first...
  22. Jacobian00

    Spinning reels for tuna

    I have a shimano baitrunner 12000D. No problems.
  23. Jacobian00

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Here's to swimin' with bow-legged women...
  24. Jacobian00

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    Once you turn him out, I need to stay on 8 seconds??... Then what??? There' are two theories to arguin' with a woman. Neither one works.
  25. Jacobian00

    Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down CA CCW Rules

    Would your sidearm have to also have lead free ammo (in the condor zone now, but statewide later)? Below is the quote from the get the lead out page on the DFG (or DFW) website. It says you can't possess ANY lead projectiles and ammo. "If you hunt in this area, you are be required to use...
  26. Jacobian00

    Owens River January 18th and 19th

    Check for their fishing report and advice on what to use. Bishop is about 40-45mins from Mammoth Lakes and the Owens Gorge is even closer. The Gorge is tougher to get into except at the power plant. Learning to fly fish below Pleasand Valley or Hwy6 could be difficult for a...
  27. Jacobian00

    I thought Mt Lions didn't hunt in groups?

    California's big horn sheep herds would also benefit from lion hunting reopening. I have been considering setting up a trail camera to see what is patroling the open area around my neighborhood. We could see the helicopters when one ate a mountain biker a few years back and a neighborhood...
  28. Jacobian00

    SB374 shot down!

    The non-lead ammunition is going to raise the price of hunting in California. The biggest problem has been finding the stuff when I've hunted pigs within the condor range. Also, allowing Oakland to have different gun laws opens the doors to other places having ambiguous or strick gun laws that...
  29. Jacobian00

    One last push hunting rights going bye bye

    Sent. California voters need to wake up!!!
  30. Jacobian00

    Elk Hunt Help

    Looks like you made some great choices. We leave the 7th for West Yellowstone. Good luck!
  31. Jacobian00

    wtf is this new ban?

    Feel free to copy this and hit up your elected official(s). California hunters need to wake up!!! I am asking you to please oppose all anti-hunting and anti-sporting proposals coming to your desk soon. SB108, SB374, AB711, SB53, SB293, and SB396 are all bad for the hunting and shooting...
  32. Jacobian00

    wtf is this new ban?

    Until/unless California shooters and hunters stand up to this junk, hunting will be dead in California in a couple of months. The Senate committee on public safety has the most impact on these crazy bills. As members, Darrell Steinberg (D - Sacramento), Loni Hancock (D - Oakland), Joel Anderson...
  33. Jacobian00

    Colorado. Fixing their problems, 2 state reps at a time!!!

    Start with Leland Lee and Darrell Steinberg. A recall vote on them would send a clear message. Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein should be next on a national level. Kamila Harris should also be yanked from office...
  34. Jacobian00

    Rods For Sale

    Bill, Nice meeting you and a pleasure doing business (although it was hotter than crap out there). I hope to put the rod to some good use next week. It found a good home. Congrats on the Ducks winning. Good luck with the rest of your sales.
  35. Jacobian00

    Offshore Pacific Voyager - 9/1 - 9/4

    Thanks for the report and congrats! We leave on the PV on Sunday the 15th. Can't wait! Been going annually for 3 years now and Mark and team have always been great! Jeff can cook like a madman, but he should leave the gaffing to the others...:rofl:
  36. Jacobian00

    Poachers Suck!

    That sucks! I hope the shooter breaks out in a serious case of anal leakage.:shithappens: Best of luck with the upcoming season.
  37. Jacobian00

    They passed all the stupid gun bills...

    Look up your rep at and let them know you are pissed. is another web site. Make sure you vote because conservative California voters need to WAKE UP!!! All the conservatives are moving out of state and we are left with welfare recipients and...
  38. Jacobian00

    Eastern Sierras

    I grew up in Bishop and the parents still live there. I am heading up to June on Weds morning. Wish me luck! Your picture inspired me to get off my butt and make the drive up. My family has owned the place for years. You actually didn't have to be a lottery winner back then to get a place when...
  39. Jacobian00

    Countdown to Nevada - Backpack List

    A camera so you can show us pictures. A small folding camp saw which works for wood (campfire or shooting lanes) or cutting through bone. We've been using Garmin 655t with Calif/NV huntmaps. I stopped carrying my canteen in favor of a bladder. A sneeky pete of your favorite booze in case you...
  40. Jacobian00

    Elk Hunt Help

    I hunt West Yellowstone area. I use a 30-06 or a 7MM Rem Mag. Neither have great scopes, but both do the trick. The 7MM is a semi auto and can freeze up in cold weather. I would stick with a bolt. One buddy has a 300wsm and the other uses a 30-06. I just picked up Votex Viper binoculars because...
  41. Jacobian00

    Eastern Sierras

    Love the picture. My family has a cabin there (just to the right side of the end of your picture). It makes me sad that you are there catching fish and drinking beer and I am not... :(
  42. Jacobian00

    Pay Attention! Such bullshit!

    Call, email or go to townhalls. Make sure you vote because California voters need to WAKE UP!!! All the conservatives are moving out of state and we are left with all the welfare recipients and illegals voting themselves benefits without worrying about who will pay the bills. Bullet trains to...
  43. Jacobian00

    Utah spike elk

    I've been hunting we Yellowstone Montana for the last few years. The tags have gotten soooo expensive!!! You have to plan ahead to put in early for the drawing. The general combo license gives you the option of going early enough (usually before Nov 10th) to shoot antlerless (calf or cow) or a...
  44. Jacobian00

    Any Advice - Eastern Sierras camping/fishing between mono lake and bishop

    In the Bishop area, you can head up Bishop Creek to South Lake, Intake 2 or Lake Sabrina. Lots of camping spots. North of Bishop is Crowley Lake. I usually catch nice sized fish compared to some of the planters in the other lakes. Just past Crowley is Convict Lake. Mammoth has Twin Lakes, Lake...