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    Offshore 8/22 Oceanside kelp

    Launched out of Oceanside 8/22 at about 6AM and grabbed a scoop and a half of some decent 5" sardines. They were pretty fresh but that's par for the course this time of the year so be it. We were pointed to SCI or whatever came first. There were a couple of boats that had gotten out ahead of us...
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    Tack cloth pre finish

    What is the best way to remove light dust etc. that settles before applying finish? There are a lot of different tack clothes and some leave more residue that others. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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    jig stick guide wrap question

    Just was wondering how most people are doing their jig stick guide wraps? Its seems like more and more I see custom builders using no under wrap to reduce weight and help improve/ retain action in the blank. Are these single or double wraps? Thread size? Any drastic difference in long term...
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    Considering trade TAC 16/2+ cash my end for TAC 20/2

    GONE! Thank You
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    Excellent condition Avet Raptor MXJ in silver. Loaded to the top with 65# Izor braid. $350 Reel is located by Murrieta, but I get up to LA/OC pretty often. Still have the box.
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    I have an MXJ RAPTOR in great near new condition. I know the pictures do not look it but they are in great shape. The silver is hard to photograph. I will send additional pics upon request. No problem. Located in the Temecula area but I travel to OC, LA ,SD frequently. Avet MXJ Raptor (2...
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    Torium 20 HGA like new PRICE DROP

    Shimano HGA 20 in like new condition. Box, instructions, clamp and wrench all included. 80# white Izor braid with about 150 yards of fresh 40# Izor XXX smoke top shot. No boat rash, could pass for new. $200 OBO. Located in 92595 Wildomar area but I'm up in LA and OC often.
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    PRICE DROP AVET JX 6.0 Silver $175 OBO

    AVET JX 6.0 Silver color.Reel is in great condition. $175 OBO Reel is located in the Murrieta area. I have the box, wrench etc... I may consider trades. With or without cash my end or yours. Looking for a UC swimbait rod or Tranx 300 right handed.
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    CalStar WCDH 100J

    Calstar 100J honey glass jig rod. Rod is in good shape. No rust. Has signs of use but nothing that is not cosmetic. There is a name on the rod that has been epoxied over. Handle has been redone with cord in place of cork. Other than that it is a factory rod. $150 OBO. Located in the Murrieta area.
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    Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    Selling two Phenix Axis 9’ jig sticks 1 x HAX 909 HJ 9’ 30-80 - heavy jig SOLD 1 x HAX 909 H 9’ 20-60 med jig SOLD Both are factory rods. Good shape. They have been on a few boat rides. No rust. Additional pictures are no problem, please just request. Located in the Murrieta area.
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    Clean Trinidad 20A

    Looking to buy a good condition 20A in the SO cal area locally. OC, SD, IE, LA occasionally. What do you have?
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    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700XH 30-80

    For Sale: Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700XH 30-80 $275 OBO Great condition. It's been on a couple of boat rides but is in near new condition. No chips, no rust. You can see that its been in a rod holder and tell that its had a reel mounted by the minor scratches on the reel from having a reel...
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    Calstar GFDH 800M- or possibly ML Factory wrap

    Looking to buy a Calstar GFDH 800M or possibly ML. Must be in good shape. Anyone? Purchased. Thanks Bloodydecks! PLEASE DELETE.
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    Pearl 5 Pcs. Drum set w/ Zildjian Cymbals

    Just seeing if this would garner any interest. Pictures available if anyone is interested. Approximately 1k invested. Great shape. Trade for Talica or Trinidad etc. Jig stick, rail rod etc. Located in the Temecula area.
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    Fury FX-400/FX-400N rod match

    I currently have a Fury 400 and have it matched to a Cal Star 800L 15-30 rod. I keep it spooled with 50lb braid and run a short floro leader of various test. By the specs this reel is capable of a heavier rod. I am contemplating getting a 400N and moving the 400 to a Cal Star 850H 30-60. I would...
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    Phenix PSW700H as YOYO rod?

    Just looking to see what peoples thoughts are on the PSW 700H or 700XH being the better option for a YOYO rod that will see mostly Catalina, San Clemente Island use etc. I will be matching it with an Avet JX 6:01 reel. Ideally a bit of versatility from the combo would be nice. I believe the...