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  1. NickyBaby

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Sooo..... No problem with the andros 5A's that are out already or is this strictly because metaloids are taking priority to be fixed first??!?!??!
  2. NickyBaby

    For Sale: Phenix psw-809H 20-50

    Used twice in like new condition, won't find a cleaner one. 220.00 picked up in lake elsinore, or can meet in riverside, temecula, murrieta areas Text is the best way to reach me 951 588 4 4 8 8
  3. NickyBaby

    To paraphrase a classic BD line.....

    Bitter seahawk fan ^^^ And we almost lost due to a 40yd folley catch @ 2yd line..... shit happens
  4. NickyBaby

    You lost!

    Richard, how many SuperBowls would you have had if Pete Carroll didn't fuck it up for you?
  5. NickyBaby

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    God damn I musta been drunk as f#*k posting here, my bad
  6. NickyBaby

    LOB Go Away

    U Mad Bro lol #4 soon to be #5 Hell of a game, nails are chewed off
  7. NickyBaby

    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Jerdog hell ya go pats
  8. NickyBaby

    Here We Go

    NE by 17
  9. NickyBaby

    Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Dethrone Time!!!
  10. NickyBaby

    Deflate Gate

    Should be a short one with the SeaCock fans pulling fire alarms at Pats hotel room all week. After all u seen what Brady does to teams when they piss him off. Don't wake the sleeping giant people
  11. NickyBaby

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Conor has em beat mentally before it even begins. Very impressive Cowboy didn't win that fight, but I hate Ben H. so good deal not sure why people support fighters who dont/cant finish anyone (Ben H.)
  12. NickyBaby

    Go Pats

    Then seattle was using an over inflated ball on the onside kick that bounced off greenbay secondaries helmet. Jesus the media is terrible. GO PATS!!!!!! gonna beat the shit outta seattle now!
  13. NickyBaby

    WTS: DEPS 175 Butch Brown Trout

    It'll sell faster on swimbait underground brother
  14. NickyBaby

    What is a "thrust bearing"?

    Get the penn
  15. NickyBaby

    A care package arrived today.

    Got mine today, nice reel. For those that want to know: yes it has a little handle bind similar to the talicas which isn't very much. Not as bad as metaloid or avet. Serial # 8 Preset was locked down pretty good from the factory. Other than that very happy with the purchase Thanks to Chris...
  16. NickyBaby

    A care package arrived today.

    o_OMines coming tomorrow
  17. NickyBaby

    FOR SALE: Trinidad 20A, Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400D

    Talica is SOLD Calcutta 400D 250.00 shipping included
  18. NickyBaby

    FOR SALE: Trinidad 20A, Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400D

    400D 280.00 SHIPPED TALICA 8II 385.00 SHIPPED TRINIDAD 385.00 SHIPPED Take off 15.00 if you pick up. Lake Elsinore, Riverside, Temecula areas
  19. NickyBaby

    FOR SALE: Trinidad 20A, Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400D

    Now prices include shipping, all reels will be cleaned with corrosion x before shipped. 400D dropped to 300.00 shipped
  20. NickyBaby

    FOR SALE: Trinidad 20A, Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400D

    All reels are in mint condition inside and out. All have boxes etc. Original owner purchased new. 1. Trinidad 20A 200yds 65lb braid and long topper of fresh 40 Izor (iron reel) 400.00 (used on 3 trips has 2 yellows on it) 2. Talica 8ii almost full 50lb solid braid 400.00 (used on 5 trips...
  21. NickyBaby


    Last bump 365.00 picked up only. comes with box, tools everything. No thank you on the 340.00 offer.
  22. NickyBaby


    More pics, first pic had mackeral scales all over in case you thought they were marks. 390.00
  23. NickyBaby


    Bought from chark. Original owner box paperwork etc. Used on 2 trips, has 3 yellows on it. Loaded with 50lb hollow white braid. In like new condition, small scratch on reel foot only 415.00 shipped conus or 400.00 picked up Thanks.
  24. NickyBaby

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    Jandh video says in stock, already have one on order at PO or I would have bought one
  25. NickyBaby

    Shimano Tyrnos 10ii

    That's a nice rod
  26. NickyBaby

    Black Friday Sales Event @ Pelagic Outfitters Save up to 60%!!

    Same here just put it in comments, new andros A 5ii for 255.00
  27. NickyBaby

    Most Helpful

    Alan Tani for sure.
  28. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad DC servicing?

    Go to Alan's site and follow the trinidad tutorial you can do it yourself, very easy
  29. NickyBaby

    Shimano's & Penn International

    I'm surprised that TN 16 isn't gone
  30. NickyBaby

    For Sale Tiburon SST 8

    Nice Reel!! GLWS
  31. NickyBaby

    Trinadad 16a sale ASAP

    If its new and your coming near riverside or lake elsinore ill take it need pics bud
  32. NickyBaby

    WTB: GFGR 700H and PHD 700XH

    Phenix aquired. Thank you Vinh
  33. NickyBaby

    Shimano What's new for Shimano 2015 ???

    Seems like it's to early for them to upgrade after all it took how many years to go from gold trini to A series? I would like to see some silver n black Talicas with 4.9 or 5.0 ratios, drags are VERY smooth but doesn't look like CF maybe throw some in too. Other than that pretty solid. The do...
  34. NickyBaby

    WTB: GFGR 700H and PHD 700XH

    Picking up a phenix tonight, still need that GFGR 700H Thank you for the offer Matt I just use factory for SW and custom for freshwater swimbaits
  35. NickyBaby

    WTB: GFGR 700H and PHD 700XH

    Need a graphiter 700H factory wrapped and a phenix black diamond hybrid 700XH. (Factory only) In like new condition, no corrosion/repaired bs and ill pay top dollar. Located in Lake Elsinore, can meet there or Temecula or Riverside area. Thanks
  36. NickyBaby


    Andros for 30lb. Wasting the capabilities of a Makaira to fish 30lb.
  37. NickyBaby

    Dawg Upgrade to BX Series --> ?

    Looks like chark has pics up.
  38. NickyBaby

    Axis, Abyss, Black Diamond. . .?

    800M or 809xhj 25-60 like above. Can pull very hard on both rods with 30 and you can also fish 40 no problem.
  39. NickyBaby

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    Gonna be awhile, most likely longer than this.
  40. NickyBaby


    How come the posts above say someone got the rod and now getting bumped again?? I don't get it, but it's a nice rod. If it was blacked out I woulda bought it
  41. NickyBaby

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    Getting hard not to buy a penn while waiting for the andros!
  42. NickyBaby

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Fathom is better, wait for andros A if u can instead of the metaloid Edit: Changed my mind after handling metaloid, got spoiled with no handle bind on other reels
  43. NickyBaby

    Seeking advice from Jig experts

    Don't throw the smaller jigs
  44. NickyBaby

    information for the serious ghost addicts?

    Dont post where, post your how to's
  45. NickyBaby

    25N acting up a little

    First I've had it happen. Never thought of that tho
  46. NickyBaby

    25N acting up a little

    I was gonna pick one up but I did notice that you do have to cock it back which is fine. Put it in gear and thing starts grinding, feels like the pinion is tapping on the main gear but not meshing for about 7-10 cranks then it engages, maybe the shop have the early models or something. I will...
  47. NickyBaby

    WTB okuma metaloid

    I think it's time you let some avets go and come to the darkside :P Ill keep a lookout for you
  48. NickyBaby

    WTB: Calstar GFGR700MH

    In like new cond. GFGR 700MH Factory only
  49. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 16a or talica10 2speed

    Either one is fine. Just depends if you prefer LD or star. Talicas drag is 10x smoother
  50. NickyBaby

    Offshore Tribute overnight had 2 Wahoo

    They wont gaff your fish anyways you gotta bounce em :P
  51. NickyBaby

    Coranado Yellows

    15-28LBERS+ Bring 30-40lb and a yoyo setup also
  52. NickyBaby

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    I'll buy your reel if you would like to ship for that price hopefully that helps you
  53. NickyBaby

    Went Fishing In LaJolla Sunday, 10/12/2004

    Went Fishing In LaJolla Sunday, 10/12/2004
  54. NickyBaby

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed
  55. NickyBaby

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    That was pretty good:cheers:
  56. NickyBaby

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    5.3 would be nice :P
  57. NickyBaby

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    Trade u my talica 8 2speed + 165.00 (on you) I don't really need a 2 speed but I like tryin new reels
  58. NickyBaby

    2 batteries for sale 120.00

    Bump Buyer no showed
  59. NickyBaby

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    Maybe u should quote my entire paragraph instead of the bottom part!!! Most of the time!!! It goes both ways Edit: Like when you make a B line for a kelp 4 miles a way and act like you found it in your 19 foot boat with a 100 foot tall tuna tower right? Keep it simple so we don't have to go...
  60. NickyBaby

    WTB: Phenix black diamond 760H

    Or a 760H hybrid in like new condition only. Let me know, pick up only. Riverside, lake elsinore, Marietta, temecula area ok
  61. NickyBaby

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Lexas have horrid gearing!!! Calcutta any day of the week Same as avet vs no thrust bearing!
  62. NickyBaby

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    I think these are more rare cases, most of the time the sporties are spotting these kelps from miles away so when the skiffs see them bone out full speed they just get on the same heading and beat em to it and cry about it saying they found it first!! Seen it many many times. Sorry bout...
  63. NickyBaby

    Spooling the New Andros A 2-Speeds

    Cant spool it till you get it!!!! Waiting patiently $$$$ in hand I'm going 65 solid on the 5's
  64. NickyBaby

    An Oldie but a Goodie

    The happy dance in fast forward was funny shit Fish are there, the guard dogs just on patrol
  65. NickyBaby

    Melton Tackle

    Try buying a new Mak 8 and get it with torn to shit clamp nuts cause it was a returned unit someone had on a rod and jacked em up. Out of stock, refunds, etc. had 1 good exp. out of 6 orders. My fault for going back. Lessons learned.
  66. NickyBaby

    Melton Tackle

    Never had a problem with Melton's always great and they have on the website what's in stock unlike some other Co. That claims they do
  67. NickyBaby

    FS: Tioga Fly Reel NIB, small waders

    Pick up only, located in lake Elsinore 951 588 44 88-Nick 75.00 takes it all (240.00 value) i'll be home sunday 10/12 come get it or make offer
  68. NickyBaby

    Offshore Tanner/SCI 10-4-14 Weenend

    What kind of rod is that ?
  69. NickyBaby

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Get the 25N then buy the new andros 5 like I'm gonna do.....
  70. NickyBaby

    FS: Trout fly reel and waders

    New in box Tioga fly reel, small waders. Perfect for youngster learning to fly fish. Waders (small) used twice in a tube, been collecting dust for years (in original box) Let me know I'm home 10/5 all day 80.00 picked up only 9 51 58 8 44 88
  71. NickyBaby

    2 batteries for sale 120.00

    Pick up only in lake elsinore. About a year old used 3 times. Always removed and charged used on a freshwater bass boat, no more use for em. Text me at 9 5 1 588 44 88 -Nick ill be home Sunday 10/5 let me know and ill recharge em for u and find my original recepits
  72. NickyBaby

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    Must be like Chuck Norris on google.
  73. NickyBaby

    A smile says it all..

    Until u see a jig master start smokin and seize then the loud pop from that fish you broke off :P
  74. NickyBaby


    Get a trini 16 gold one (do anti reverse upgrade) or for a little more a used 16A. Load it with straight 40lb for local fish.
  75. NickyBaby

    Okuma Website to include New Andros???

    Does it have the same anti-reverse as makaira? Just no thrust bearing
  76. NickyBaby

    First new Metaloid reel in SD!!

    Can you take it apart already, I wanna see it's guts!
  77. NickyBaby

    makaira rod.

    Take rod back or drive up and see if they'll replace it (most likely) Nice setup I have the gunmetal sea and the silver is wicked
  78. NickyBaby

    Offshore Dana Point OPAH!!!

    Looks much better than the rotten, hammerhead eaten one from a few weeks back. Bet that was yummy barf Nice fish guys!!
  79. NickyBaby

    Proper Way to Clean/Rinse Reels

    Read owners manual
  80. NickyBaby

    FS: Curado EJ power handle and lamiglas big bait special

    Reel in like new condition with box and rod 220.00 picked up comes with extra spool of red label flouro new.
  81. NickyBaby

    Fishing Fighting Technique

    Count to 5, set hook like 7 times bill dance style, keep rod at 12 o'clock, use right handed reel, and fight the fish with the rod under your right arm. Do the opposite of this and you will be fine
  82. NickyBaby


    SX is one of the most fun reels, good gear ratio. Only problem is that handle binding like all avets, it gets very old. I always wind in bait with drag backed off half way so i dont have to feel it. sold all mine, went okuma and shimano edit: they all have some binding but avets are horribly...
  83. NickyBaby

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Never put bait tank water in "that guys" arrowhead bottle :P
  84. NickyBaby

    Check out Helgren's on Yelp

    I work in service at a dealer and 99% of the people on yelp are the few whiners who don't get their way as we have policies like everyone else. A lot are not so good reviews, funny cause we have the highest customer service index in the entire district. Food for thought.
  85. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Since its gonna get closed cause of stupid political comments, lets go there. Most of us middle class people are living paycheck to paycheck supporting our families. Pay 20k in taxes and get 3k back while "they" can pay 1,200.00 and get 9,000.000 back? And, if I gotta take a piss test to get...
  86. NickyBaby

    When on new Andros A's ?

    Ur guys posts are confusing. All I wanna make sure of is will the New andros 5 have DFD? If not ill just get a metaloid
  87. NickyBaby

    Okuma Andros 2-Speed A-Series Lever Drag Reels

    Some sites say 10/1 some mid November. Kinda like new cars you don't know till they come off the truck.
  88. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Everyone twists words so bad, how is that racist? From what I have heard, the guy was giving other passengers on the boat problems, and threatened some. Was then told not to come back by Shawn. Then, the guy throws a headbutt etc etc and gets put to sleep after trying to pull a knife.... I...
  89. NickyBaby

    First new Metaloid reel in SD!!

    Is it the same size as andros 5?, slightly larger than avet sx?
  90. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Didnt bring my gps buddy, baits fine, just not enough like it has been for everyone
  91. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    7 to 4 trip and got back early. 2 hours after most boats leave and 2 hours before they get back and still manage to do better than most of the fleet?? Or are you waiting for those massive schools of albacore to come cause some guy on a 4 day trip caught 1!
  92. NickyBaby

    Is Okuma left hand friendly?

    It would take a long time to profit, plus how many leftys do you see when you're on the water. I've seen like 2 or 3 in several years. I must be on the wrong boat?
  93. NickyBaby

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    Waiting for the andros..... Almost pressed the complete order button at Melton's on a metaloid cause the wait is killin me
  94. NickyBaby

    When on new Andros A's ?

    Can't wait for these. Not sure if ill be keeping the talica now
  95. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Jumped on the 3/4. Googans don't listen, crew did great even with people puking in the head, and all the chaos, epic fishing, came home early. 200+ fish
  96. NickyBaby

    Shimano New Trinidad 20A, problem with location of lever while casting

    Happens to me on the 14. Your hands are to big :)
  97. NickyBaby

    Offshore Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    You need a new hobby, try golf! It's for people.......well like you Edit: you guys need to give it a rest bashing boats. This shit is ridiculous and it seems like all the fucking freaks follow the leader once one dipshit starts drama. Go on yelp cause only googans read it and bitches write it.
  98. NickyBaby

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    So u ask a question on the original post then u talk shit? Freakin ethnics man!!:rofl: And yes I have shimanos, okumas, phenix, calstars etc etc. so I'm not racial on manufacturers, I'm just a whore.
  99. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3\4 day 9\9

    Quit trying to stir the shit, fish were iced. Here's your gunny sack fish bro, looks terrible huh.
  100. NickyBaby

    Pencil poppers vs open face poppers

    Orcas get bit, and anyone that tells you the larger size is to big, doesn't know what they're talkin about.
  101. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    There's not a big enough trash can in the head :/
  102. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Ain't called party boats for no reason!! :cheers:
  103. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    Limited time on a 3/4 to put fish in the boat, and they got LIMITS. Who gives a shit about the rest. If you want to go on a pleasure cruise, get on an 8 day trip where customer service is priority 1! Combat fishing is part of the game and its fun as hell, thats why we do it. We've all been...
  104. NickyBaby

    What is your favorite 50lb mono?

    You're burning your main line when cinching the knot.
  105. NickyBaby

    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    Funny shit, especially this: "So when I got home to clean all my fish, I also remembered something else... On the boat, I called out the deckhands and told them to only gaff my fish from the head up, or down by the tail"
  106. NickyBaby

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    I was being a smartass, just send it to shimano :)
  107. NickyBaby

    shimano toruim 16 drag questions

    There's a recall for that.
  108. NickyBaby

    trends in tackle

    If only they made an upside down spinner that cranks backwards and an upside down spiral wrapped rod then you guys would be in business lol Stick with conventional
  109. NickyBaby

    I need a 2 speed

    I think your best bet is a narrow, I was using the Mak 8 50lb hollow to 15yd topper of 40lb, worked more than great with heavy drag. I would prefer a knob instead of power handle but didn't matter. So andros 5nii or Mak 8 sorry about the budget but u get what u pay for. Trini 16 would be good...
  110. NickyBaby

    How to mount SX onto Deckhand Style Rod

    You can use elec. tape it keeps the cork from sticking to the inside of the clamp when u remove to clean. That's it mount it and fish
  111. NickyBaby

    WTB - Okuma Makaira 15 ii se
  112. NickyBaby

    Late report: 3/4 on the San Diego 10/8/13

    Went out with him a week ago and limited on 20-30lbers iron out fished bait, 2 on surface 2 yoyo one bait. Ready to get out again
  113. NickyBaby

    Accurate Dauntless

    Fkn wrong thread edited
  114. NickyBaby

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    If you can't find the right tool for the job, improvise. Fish Accurate
  115. NickyBaby

    Raul Martinez (Nochinges63) fundraiser

    Very late but I was AWOL for awhile, learned of what happened a week and a half ago. Fished with the guy about 5 times on the chub 2 and he was a truly good man, R.I.P. brother
  116. NickyBaby

    looking to buy a couple new accurates. retailer/online recommendations?

    Call David @ JigStop in Dana Point. He will go above and beyond.
  117. NickyBaby

    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    Big ass opah lol, I was on the chubasco2 a couple years ago when Raul (RIP) got a est 60lber n that thing pulled like a freight train
  118. NickyBaby

    Offshore Late Report Saturday on the Cortez

    Damn nice what setups were u guys using? 200yds maybe I need a Mak 16.... :(
  119. NickyBaby

    Great Day On The Water! First YT

    Good job finally someone says 20lbs and it looks 20lbs!!
  120. NickyBaby

    Offshore Bring the big shit!!!!

    Pride got a 130+ lber per seaforth so ...... Bring the big shit
  121. NickyBaby

    For Sale: New Never Used Calstar Graphither 760L 30-80 lb rating

    190.00 picked up only Located in Lake Elsinore, work in Riverside. Rod has plastic gimble and gimble cover. All conventional graphiter guides. This is a factory model not custom. Text me @ 951 588 4488 if you would like pics Thank you -Nick
  122. NickyBaby

    Mak 8ii sea, need a rod for it

    This will be my 40lb setup, here's my problem. I like deckhand style rods, partial to graphiters. Would this setup be a problem Mak 8ii sea w/ gfdh 800H? wouldn't mind getting my ass kicked a little by these bft Or am I just barking up the wrong freaking tree? Second choice is phenix 7-8footer...
  123. NickyBaby

    Accurate Accurate Boss Fury: Service Tutorial and first look

    Nice write up looks easy. Might be getting one, the only thing I see that could be a problem is that it looks like the reel seat screw female threads are coming out the side of the frame, would it be a problem?
  124. NickyBaby

    2008 Nissan Titan SE KC

    79k 90% freeway miles. Original owner, clean title, all maintenance done @ dealer cause I work there. NISMO cold air intake, still have factory intake and filter, 3 piece billet grille, running boards, OEM tow package (not an add on). 2" leveling spacers (stillen brand) that is the only...
  125. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D

  126. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300TE

    bump he has a curado 300dsv for partial trade
  127. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300TE

    My friend is looking for this reel. please contact him @ 310 800 8596 text only. do not send me pm's please!!!
  128. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D

    Loaded with 65lb braid, used a couple times in freshwater only. 310.00 shipped OBO 295.00 picked up (located in Lake Elsinore) Text me @ 951 588 4488
  129. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 16A

    sold, delete
  130. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 16A

    condition 9.0+/ 10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically 395.00 shipped or 385.00 picked up. located in lake elsinore. box and papers included Text me only please 951 588 4488
  131. NickyBaby

    16GB Ipod Nano (NEW unopened)

    retails for 150.00 asking 106.00 shipped paypal as gift. Or pick up for 100.00 In Lake Elsinore. Text me ONLY @ 951 588 4488 Ipod is brand new never opened. -Nick
  132. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2 speed and graphiter 760L

    Talica is Sold. Thanks Jim. 190.00 picked up on the rod. retail was 325.00 damn
  133. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2 speed and graphiter 760L

    Pending with Jim. Graphighter lowered to 200.00 Need it gone!!!
  134. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2 speed and graphiter 760L

    Reel is new in Box paid 425.00 looking to get close to that picked up or shipped. Rod has never seen salt gfgr 760L 30-80 factory wrapped. pics to come 250.00 pick up only Text only 951 588 4488 Nick Located in Lake Elsinore
  135. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D or trade for 400D

    Used in Freshwater only. No box in like new condition. Reel is a little to thin for me (spool width). Will trade for 400D in like condition or will take 310.00 shipped 300.00 picked up. Text me only @ 951 588 4488
  136. NickyBaby

    Shimano Calcutta 400TE

    200.00 Update: fished the reel last week. bearings whined first 2 casts after that was all good
  137. NickyBaby

    Shimano Calcutta 400TE

    Reel has been used in freshwater only throwin swimbaits. Clean cosmetically and mech. Text me @ 951 588 4488 for pics. Might still have box, i'll look. 240.00 firm (shipped or picked up, tracking, ins. etc) -Nick
  138. NickyBaby

    'Name Our Reel' Contest

    now, how about a real pic of this thing.....
  139. NickyBaby

    shimano trinidad 16A

    Cant beat that price brother, someone will pic it up. if i didn't already have one.....
  140. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Pluton 200H

    Bump will trade for New in Box calcutta 400D
  141. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A

  142. NickyBaby

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad question

    i was in a rush, so i said magnets haha. personally I do every other one up/down, keeps it balanced. Before you remove them, try it on a small baitcaster and see what happens, makes a big difference.
  143. NickyBaby

    pounds of drag for albacore

    broken calculator, it happens... lol and the guy that said strike @ 25% max is 30% is wrong too. thats only 1.5 extra lbs if your calculating 30lb mono. Max drag is much more, my calculator tells me so lol
  144. NickyBaby

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad question

    spool magnets, up is off down is on and your missing one. the magnets are the "blue things"
  145. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A

    330.00 shipped
  146. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Pluton 200H

    Original owner w/ box used in freshwater only a few times. mechanical 10/cosmetically 9.9 260.00 shipped Text me @ 951 588 4488 Located in Lake Elsinore
  147. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A

    With box, excellent condition, braid to the top. 340.00 shipped obo 951 588 4488 Located in Lake Elsinore. Trade is not going good, so its up for sale. Mod can delete other thread
  148. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A for your TN 14A

    Wanted to trade For an excellent condition 14A OR SELL. I have box, just purchased from another BD member, to small for me. I will add cash if needed. cosmetically 9.6 mechanically 10.0 text me 951 588 4488 located in Lake Elsinore. -Nick Or will sell for 345.00 shipped and insured Added...
  149. NickyBaby

    Rod for Trinidad 12A

    Must have reel seat Live bait stick only 15-25lb line Lookin for 8 footer. Phenix or graphiter??? need some opinions
  150. NickyBaby


    God Damn Raul. Guess what I missed the boat, woke up at 5am cause my trusty alarm clock. And called Ernie and told him i'm not holding up the boat cause i'm NOT "THAT GUY" fuckin knew it!!!! See you wednesday, good kill
  151. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 12A $340

    how many yards of braid on there i might take this
  152. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 14A

    found a 12 :Kick_emoticon:
  153. NickyBaby


    I'll take the trinidad if you will ship
  154. NickyBaby

    Curado 300, shimano crucial xh, 400TE

    No problem EDIT: Bump Reduced to 250.00
  155. NickyBaby

    Curado 300, shimano crucial xh, 400TE

    I have a pluton so im good on the smaller reel brother, thank you
  156. NickyBaby

    Curado 300, shimano crucial xh, 400TE

    Crucial and Curado are sold, thanks guys. 400TE still available
  157. NickyBaby

    Curado 300, shimano crucial xh, 400TE

    Calcutta 400TE 250.00 (righty) *reduced* Located in Lake Elsinore, CA Reel has never seen saltwater Text me @ 951 588 4488 -Nick will ship at your cost, paypal +4% or pickup
  158. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2speed

    Bump, need this reel will drop 400.00-425.00 in excellent condition
  159. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2speed

    Looking to spend 380.00-400.00 depending on condition
  160. NickyBaby

    Avet SX blue

    sold thanks Tim
  161. NickyBaby

    Avet SX blue

    pending sale, dishwasher blew up gotta go
  162. NickyBaby

    Avet SX blue

    Will post pictures when I get home. Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 9.999/10 This is the model that clicks, no cast control, single speed w/ clamp I might have the box still gonna look for it, filled with 50lb. white power pro solid. Has a NON glued in drag washer that has been greased with...
  163. NickyBaby

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    I got it, but was locked before i could say anything. Soon as I saw open party and from 14-18 people lmao
  164. NickyBaby


    still lookin:eyepoppin
  165. NickyBaby

    Talica 8II

    Great price for a great reel. I have the 8 and if you think Avet drags are a corvette, these are a ferrari. Good luck with the sale, shouldn't be long
  166. NickyBaby

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    you didn't help him wipe his ass? what a shitty roomate =)
  167. NickyBaby


    Lookin for a 16A in mint condition let me know
  168. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    Calstar 700L sold to Jim Reel has interest but nobody has given me the ok yet. reel is FLAWLESS
  169. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    dc pawl and spring is the added anti-reverse to help with the knuckle buster problem. machete, you need to give me your email dude
  170. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    guess i should specify lots of questions about rod. rod is mint used once. it is factory wrapped
  171. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    Update. Calcutta is sold. Trinidad now 215.00 mint condition with box graphiter 115.00 split shipping
  172. NickyBaby

    Shimano Calcutta 401TE

    bump 250.00 shipped?
  173. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    New Calcutta 401TE (LEFTY) has one scratch on right side frame 265.00 shipped firm Still for Sale: Trinidad 20 w/ carbontex and DC pawl and spring upgrade 235.00 shipped no rash has one small mark, comes with box etc. Calstar Graphiter 700l Mint used on one trip 125.00 shipped This is a...
  174. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 & Graphiter

    Bump Fell through Will combine the Trinidad and 700L for 325.00
  175. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 & Graphiter

    bump 110.00 for 700L 200.00 for 760L couple ppl interested in reel, but nobody responds to PM's anymore
  176. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 & Graphiter

    Reel has been on 2 boat rides, only has one yellow on it. Has Carbontex drag washers and dc pawl and spring upgrade, One small scratch. Baby on the way and need to sell some chit 290.00 shipped or 275.00 picked up. will be insured and tracked. Also have a Calstar Graphiter 760L rated...
  177. NickyBaby

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 30T, and New GFGR 700L

    sorry that took so long to get back on the thread . You were like 8th in pm's Angelo. It has been sold
  178. NickyBaby

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 30T, and New GFGR 700L

    UPDATE Rod is pending. I did forget to mention I have removed the spectra since this post a long time ago. I have a shitload of pms, so please send again if still interested. thanks. prefer pick up on the reel. thanks
  179. NickyBaby

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 30T, and New GFGR 700L

    Updated, Need to pay bills please help Rod for 135.00 Saltiga for 275.00
  180. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidads

    Which jigstick? be careful the new Trinis have a small width seat clamp, you may have to go aftermarket if the handles thick. I've got the TN 20A with 40lb on a graphiter 900M like it.
  181. NickyBaby

    Talica 10 & 12II

    If you're ever in the Riverside area i'll take the 12ii
  182. NickyBaby

    For Sale or Trade: Saltiga 30T

    BUMP 290.00 Shipped comes with box, new drags installed, the 65.00 clamp etc no line
  183. NickyBaby

    For Sale or Trade: Saltiga 30T

    Been on one boat ride, cosmetically and mechanically 10/10 I have installed carbon drags. Looking to to Trade for: 1. Talica 12 2 speed +cash on my part 2. Saltiga 40 in same condition (doesn't have to have carbon washers i can do that) 3. Accurate Xtreme BX 500 + cash on my part...
  184. NickyBaby

    Helping Larry out!

    Looks like the sea hag emblem
  185. NickyBaby

    Saltiga 2 speed or Talica II?

    +1 on the Talica ii smooooth
  186. NickyBaby


    Oh my bad. same sizes. Oh and for those that don't know the New Trinidads have a shorter width to mount on a jigstick, I had trouble getting mine on a 900M be careful before you buy one! very tight fit.
  187. NickyBaby

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    If i didn't just buy a house, fuck me!
  188. NickyBaby


    Pretty much everything, Trinidad is prettier, handle is upgraded, lighter, clicker tension which is gay, minor stuff. If you wanna go cheap, get a Torium and change out the grip or put a dc handle on it, install carbon drags and the Trinidad dc spring and pawl and you're good to go. If...
  189. NickyBaby

    Talica 8, 10, 12, 16

    you need to pm "Ready4TheYellow"
  190. NickyBaby

    What reels are these?

    double post
  191. NickyBaby

    What reels are these?

    Looks like Accurate, shimano stella spinners and Trinidad A, Talica, and DC conventionals In other words thats some fucking expensive loot right there!!!! hes got over 10k in reels
  192. NickyBaby

    Talica II pricing vs Trinidad A

    What lb mono? bait or iron?
  193. NickyBaby

    Offshore 70 Lb. Opah

    They are good eating. Had some of Raul's raw and it was goood. Even got him to eat some and he dont eat raw fish lol
  194. NickyBaby

    Talica II pricing vs Trinidad A

    Both reels are nice. I like the Talica better for bait, but yes they're $$$$$
  195. NickyBaby

    tn a 16 or 20 for 40?

    Your fine with either. i've used both. Really your just fishing for yellows so on the 16 you can do like 200yds 50lb braid and top it off with 40, or just go straight 40lb on the TN 20. You wont get spooled unless a lion gets it so you should be fine. button the drag
  196. NickyBaby

    I wanna buy a reel for my son, which one

    Daiwa sealine 20 or 40. best bang for your buck and they last for years.
  197. NickyBaby

    makaira 10 II - field test results, 8/22/2010

    Oh and i forgot something, i've seen a Makaira in Gunmetal color, wonder if you can purchase them hmm
  198. NickyBaby

    makaira 10 II - field test results, 8/22/2010

    Oh i meant on the makaira, i dont do the spin thing :D
  199. NickyBaby

    1.5 Day tackle recs?

    Alright I'm bringin Talica 8ii w/ 25lb avet sx w/ 20lb. Trinidad 20 w/ 30lb. flouro no. 1 and 1/0 owners what else do i need....
  200. NickyBaby

    More Reels for Sale!!

    If you have a NIB Talica 12 I need one. long shot but damn you got a lot of shit!!!
  201. NickyBaby

    makaira 10 II - field test results, 8/22/2010

    Alan what rod is that?
  202. NickyBaby

    Need a 40lb. bait rod

    The ones I've been lookin at are silver and black, i know the old ones were all black i used to have one. Not sure if the silver ones are ok still?
  203. NickyBaby

    Torsa Reel

    Looks like a 20
  204. NickyBaby

    Need a 40lb. bait rod

    Need input for a rod. 40-50lb will be with a Talica 12ii I was lookin at the Seeker black steel with the silver guides (gold ones are ugly as fuck) would like one with an aluminum reel seat. 7 footer would be ok as well
  205. NickyBaby

    Just placed a nice fat order this weekend

    And someone asked me if i won the lotto cause i bought a Talica and Trinidad A. Hot damn you hit powerball or what? lol congrats on the new stuff
  206. NickyBaby

    Greased vs Dry Drag

    Wipe off if lever drag, leave on for star drag. Easy
  207. NickyBaby

    Trinidad A and Talica II

    i have both and happy with them. not selling tho. I need a Talica 12ii also lol
  208. NickyBaby

    Makaira 10 ii or Talica 12 ii

    I do ok :D I'm more of a tackle whore than anything else. I don't even fish that much :shake:
  209. NickyBaby

    Makaira 10 ii or Talica 12 ii

    So what do you guys think, for 40-50 lb? I have a Talica 8 ii. dont have a Makaira yet. On paper the Okuma is lookin pretty good and has a lower ratio......So many choices
  210. NickyBaby

    makaira 10 II - field test results, 8/22/2010

    I've never been a fan of Okuma, I've seen most of the reels fail, but this thing looks solid. Hmmm maybe my next 40lb/50lb reel
  211. NickyBaby

    Out with the old, In with the new

    The right side plate actually looks like a saltiga kinda and the left sideplate is very small, just a little bigger than the spool itself. Feels good tho, can definately feel the freespool difference. Come on Alan i know you wanna rip it apart :D
  212. NickyBaby

    Out with the old, In with the new

    I throw 40lb.
  213. NickyBaby

    Out with the old, In with the new

    well, not really i'm still keepin the older TN20, but this way you guys can see the size difference of the new Trinidads. They are much smaller than their brothers. Bought it with Jason at Melton, he also has the 16's and 16n's.
  214. NickyBaby

    ~~~ Calstar GFDH 800M 20-40 Rod ~~~

    Thats a great price, dont let em beat you up on it. brand new is like 240-260 is what i paid and tax.....gimme a break. great rod, but i'm not sure about the reel being so high up :idiot:
  215. NickyBaby

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    Alright i'm gonna pull the trigger on one of these. I have a TN 20 already for iron, so i'm thinkin i need a 16. Whatcha think, i want a little bit of braid then a big topshot of 40lb. which one should i get? (this will be another iron reel)
  216. NickyBaby

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    i'm wonderin if the dc handle will fit on it
  217. NickyBaby

    First Shipment of Shimano Trinidad A Reels Arrived!

    Alan do you think the anti reverse will still be an issue?
  218. NickyBaby

    Another Anti reverse thread. saltiga

    I have the Talica 8ii already will be getting a 10 or 12 soon as well. Lookin at the TNA 16 or 20 for iron not sure which one i'll get $$$$
  219. NickyBaby

    Another Anti reverse thread. saltiga

    Anyone have any issues with the saltigas? I installed my carbon fiber drags a long time ago and never really looked at the A/R pawl. I figure they're the same as the saltist which do have the issue at high drag settings. And when the fuck are the new trinis comin out
  220. NickyBaby

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Let us know when the new Trinidads come out, as for the waxwing.....well i like my irons...
  221. NickyBaby

    Anti-reverse on the Avets

    I've never heard of or had any problems. I think that goes for everyone. Mines the older one that clicks. :D Love the sx and they're very affordable
  222. NickyBaby

    Avet SX vs Tyrnos 10

    They probably wouldn't recall it, but all i would like is for them to go to true carbon fiber woven drag and send them out free of charge. but i really wouldnt care if i had to pay or install. I just want it reliable
  223. NickyBaby

    Avet SX vs Tyrnos 10

    Basically we need smoothdrag to make us up some washers so we dont have to worry about this kinda stuff
  224. NickyBaby

    Avet SX vs Tyrnos 10

    Wow just when you think shimano had this shit down pat. So..... now the Talicas and Trinidads have these crappy washers. I don't think to highly of them now, good thing i just bought a damn Talica. And they can't spare $$$ for real carbonfiber. god damn ppl :( I guess we're all used to...
  225. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Saltiga Leverdrag

    Looks like a Talica :fighting0061: lol
  226. NickyBaby

    Premature Postmortem

    You are right and wrong. Right because you can catch a shitload of fish on a jigmaster (for example). Wrong because They are not designed to catch fishermen, well maybe. But it's all about Trust you have in a reel, not Your "Trust Fund" like you mentioned. I watched a guy from bd, lol not...
  227. NickyBaby

    Shimano Chronarch

  228. NickyBaby

    Which reel for 40# (maybe 50 on occasion)

    TALICA 12, not narrow, but very small and light, if you're fishing 50lb its obviously for bigger fish so you'll need the line capacity, but you want narrow and small which is kinda condradicting other than lets say a j/x or accurate narrow. You'll probably have to settle for one or the other...
  229. NickyBaby

    I dont get it.

    Fish (Tempura battery of course) green cabbage corn tortillas homemade tartar (mayo, mustard, relish, green onion, lemon juice) cilantro lemons/limes Tapatio
  230. NickyBaby

    Reel For the long rod

    If you wanna spend the money get the TN DC 20 Or Regular TN 20 upgrade the drags and install the dc pawl and spring, add 40Lb and button the drag. Good fun
  231. NickyBaby

    CHUBASCO II and BLUE FIN 07-21-10

    Fuckin Kellog strikes again!!
  232. NickyBaby

    trinidad problem??

    Just Upgrade the drags and get the DC spring and pawl from shimano, they will send you that for free. the Carbontex drags u gotta buy on your own and install them. Very, Very easy installation. Mine is now a "Trinidad that Clicks"
  233. NickyBaby

    Talica 10 input

    Actually first time out i did get JP and 4 yellows. :gayfight:
  234. NickyBaby

    new Trinidad for Surface iron

  235. NickyBaby

    new Trinidad for Surface iron

    So now that the new trinidads are coming out soon, Whatcha think, the 16 or 20 for iron. Right now i have the TN20 (no problems) but i might want a narrower spool. Edit I only fish 40lb. on the plugs, will also be using spectra to fill the spool a bit for quick respooling. should i go with...
  236. NickyBaby

    Talica 10 input

    Cause we're tackle whores ok?
  237. NickyBaby

    Talica 10 input

    I have the 8 But its a damn good reel. Mines on a Graphiter 800M topshots from 20-40# Enjoy they are well worth the money
  238. NickyBaby


    when's the new Trinidad available?
  239. NickyBaby

    Canning 101

    Fish (Tempura battered) cabbage homemade tartar sauce cilantro corn tortillas Tapatio lemon or lime
  240. NickyBaby

    hot wednesday's on the chubascoII

    I got that feelin to. Make sure u Bring the Backbreaker we'll get a side bet going first iron fish $10.00 :D
  241. NickyBaby

    hot wednesday's on the chubascoII

    Damn i knew it was gonna go off. Missed you 2 weeks ago raul, when we whacked em pretty good. I'll probably be out next Wed. Nice goin
  242. NickyBaby

    Shimano customer service

    i want the 20 for iron already have the tn 20 but the new one is damn good lookin
  243. NickyBaby

    Shimano customer service

    Wow just called Shimano to order my dc pawl and spring for the Trinidad and the guy tells me it will be to your door tomorrow, i asked how much, and he says 89.00 damn i was like what the hell. Then he says just kidding i'll send it right out :idiot:. asked again how much, he says he'll "take...
  244. NickyBaby


    thought so same as the dc
  245. NickyBaby


    Trinidad A still using dartanium drags :C
  246. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 to dc pawl and spring

    Thanks Alan! I'm all set
  247. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 to dc pawl and spring

    I saw that, but i think some guy just did one (i cant find the post) and said nothing about the washer, is there a part number for it?
  248. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 to dc pawl and spring

    quick question, do i have to get a washer over the spring or is it drop in and go?
  249. NickyBaby

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    I ended up goin with the Talica 8 2-speed. and the sx is my backup now. You know how the Avet drags break in and they are so smooth, well the Talica was like that out of the box and them some. I'm lovin it. Broke it in with 3 Yellows first time out. sweet little reel. handle does bind a little...
  250. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Saltiga sale at Cabela's

    Good thing i bought a 30T and a TN20 about 3 months ago. OUCH!!
  251. NickyBaby

    Shimano Need Teardown for Talica 2speed 8

    Lookin to open this baby up, in need of a tutorial w/Pics. Anyone?
  252. NickyBaby

    Avet and Accurate

    Still have some smaller reels for sale Shimano Calcutta 151 left 75.00 shipped (with box, and spectra) never used in salt Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 250.00 shipped obo excellent condition (with box) never used in salt shimano chronarch 101 bsv 160.00 tyd (lefty) EXCELLENT CONDITION (never used...
  253. NickyBaby

    Yellows back up at the Coronados-Wednesday

    Here's a few more pics. I ended up with 4. One on iron 3 on deans. Nice fishin with ya Dean -Nick
  254. NickyBaby

    Shimano Talica 2

    Bought a new one. ouch
  255. NickyBaby

    Shimano Talica 2

    Lookin for the 8 in excellent condition. let me know what you got
  256. NickyBaby

    Avet and Accurate

    accurate is sold
  257. NickyBaby

    Avet and Accurate

    Accurate B270-c went on one trip, Mint condition. best offer takes it (with box) Avet JX 6/3 in blue (one buyer interested will keep everyone posted) used once excellent cond. 290.00 shipped (with box) Shimano Calcutta 151 left 75.00 shipped (with box) Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 250.00 shipped...
  258. NickyBaby

    Avet JX 6/3 Blue

    Used on one trip, Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. 10/10 290.00 shipped obo
  259. NickyBaby

    Brand New Seeker greeny Ulua

    Someone painted the house to match their Ulua? :D
  260. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    Is it only the 30T thats havin these issues....havent seen one other the other size reels do it.
  261. NickyBaby

    finally back on the chubasco2

    You didnt eat that ice cream sandwich again did you?
  262. NickyBaby

    Tsunami warning next few hours

    my trip got cancelled cause of it. hope everyone out there now is ok
  263. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    got em last night, installed by 10:00. took about 30-40 minutes. fast, easy now i dont have to worry. Oh and btw the stock drags in the saltiga are basically the exact same as trinidad except for the washer on top of the anti-reverse washer. Its more like felt or something. didn't break like...
  264. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    Pretty much the same. different color
  265. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    just finished my Trinidad 20, carbontex + cals drag plate. Much much better. dont have to button down the star anymore to get the pressure. Cant wait for the saltiga carbontex now. And yes the dartanium drag washers break like a thin cracker.
  266. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    cause if alan broke 1 outta 20, i'll probably go 1 for 1 :( EDIT: oh and if you think shimano reel clamps are expensive for the tn16 try the Daiwa 3 piece clamp $60!!!
  267. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    I hate looking at that broken spool eek. wonder if a little corrosion x would be ok. no way i'm greasing those screws
  268. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    Is there any particular order the drag washers need to be in. I know the one under the gear and the first one in the gear are special...
  269. NickyBaby

    rods and reels!!!

    I'll take the blue sx if you ship
  270. NickyBaby


    I'm interested in the Trinidad, would like some pics
  271. NickyBaby


    Damn this guy is good!! Cant be any worse than reeling in a butthooked dean as fast as possible, then getting bit :idiot:
  272. NickyBaby

    Rod for a mxj

    800M all the way. Love it good luck
  273. NickyBaby

    Offshore holy shizzzeit! 1.5day trip!

    Just look for the pimply faced, large kid with grease from that quadruple cheeseburger from breakfast running down his mouth. oops, didn't mean to insult him but there may even be katsup on his shirt rofl. I wonder if Dumbo is jealous, cause god damn those ears are big :idiot:
  274. NickyBaby

    Saltiga 30T or 40?

    I had the problem of choice too :( I wanted the saltiga, but they dont have a 6:1 ratio, i decided to go with the trinidad. (upgraded drags soon) the 4.9:1 ratio just wheres me out. love em though. I'd go with the 30T nothin gonna spool you w/spectra. the 40 size has the same capacity as...
  275. NickyBaby

    Carbonfiber washers for TN 20

    do i have to get the plate too, or can i just use the stock one? also, where can i get a hold of the pawl spring
  276. NickyBaby

    Carbonfiber washers for TN 20

    I plan on installing these washer, read all of Alantani's posts, but cant find the washers on lil help por favor And in his pics it shows the carbonfiger washer with grease all over it, should you wipe it off after coating it like on avets or leave it on all greasy lol...
  277. NickyBaby

    drag setting vs. free spool MXL

    Hopefully you're setting the knob while its in freespool?
  278. NickyBaby

    cork puppy

    which size for 900m and trinidad 20
  279. NickyBaby

    saltist lever drags

    Anyone played with this reel. I was foolin with one recently and they feel Very Rough and scratchy. feels very geary and almost crunchy. I've owned saltists, saltigas, sealines. This reel just feels a piece of shit. Anyone else think differently. and its not like comparing...
  280. NickyBaby

    FS: Accurate 270-c and GFGR 700L (non deckhand)

    Accurate is 10/10, GRAPHITER is 10/10 340.00 + 10.00 shipping for accurate 165.00 for graphiter pics coming on sunday. Located in Temecula, will ship the reel, not the rod. comes with box and manuals/tools Single speed reel. used one time as well as the rod.
  281. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 20 and Calstar 700ML

    I fuckin knew this was gonna happen. I Just bought a trini 20 two days ago, waited for 3 weeks for one to come up used. you had to do it huh :( LOL
  282. NickyBaby

    Cork puppy?

    Which size for Trinidad 20?
  283. NickyBaby

    J hook or Circle for yellowtail?

    haha was gonna say that Alex! Super Mutu Treble with 2 dines and a squid
  284. NickyBaby

    J hook or Circle for yellowtail?

    LMAO knew i opened a can, oops!
  285. NickyBaby

    J hook or Circle for yellowtail?

    whats your preference and why. personally i've always used J hooks, tried circles last year and did ok but they wanted to wiggle out. Hook to land ratio, whats got your goat?
  286. NickyBaby

    Need advice on rod for yoyo 40l.b and reel for iron

    Already have a JX 2speed. looking for a shorter rod for yoyo. Have a 100J and i'm stuck between the Saltiga 30T and the SA 40. I do want 65lb spectra....lookin for about 250-275yds of it for the long rod. A lot of people are saying they're getting 300yds of 65lb and 100yd topshot of 40 for...
  287. NickyBaby

    avet spinning reel?

    I think if they did make one, they would be a hit with the east coast surfcasters. And with Avet pricing, they'd easily create more of a demand than Van Staal reels. as for the west coast, i think they would be a bust.
  288. NickyBaby

    casting the small sx5:1

    the key is to have enough line out on the initial cast, so the spool has time to build up its momentum. Try letting you're swimbait hang between the first eye on your rod, and your reel. And, try at diff. lengths until you find the right combo. spend some time in your back yard too, it sounds...
  289. NickyBaby

    Advice on a rod to go with new AVET

    put the LX on the 765xl it's a better match anyways get a custom 800L or 800M
  290. NickyBaby

    Cleaning Avets

    After the first time you open it up, you'll say "Wow, that's it?" piece of cake man, break it open and get it over with.
  291. NickyBaby

    capacity question for Avet MXJ 6.1

    straight spectra w/ 65lb Berkley i'm getting about 400yds. wrap your spool first with a little flex wrap, then tie on the spectra (TIGHT), then do one more complete wrap with the flex tape and it won't slip.
  292. NickyBaby

    Are Avet drags best left dry or greased??

    Mine are all lightly greased and wiped down. Drags are smooth as silk. I tear mine down every trip just cause they're easy and there's no reason not to.
  293. NickyBaby

    Avet LX 2 spd STICKING DRAG

    LX and smaller 2speeds included, with small differences (the lower gear)
  294. NickyBaby

    Ceez in the UFC?

    what a monster
  295. NickyBaby

    avetsx with #25 line?

    stick with 20 or 17 p-line if you don't like spectra. otherwise you could put 200yds of 40 or 50lb spectra and leave room for a good 100+yd topshot...that would be my choice if i fished more mono.
  296. NickyBaby

    guadalupe tested

    It's not for casting, it's for slow trolling with a clicker on. Personally I wish they didn't have a clicker on the smaller reels. Yes, if your drag is set to 2 lbs Got Thumbs? Bingo slap: Now you're getting it. :appl:
  297. NickyBaby

    Parabolic Jig Stick ideas

    your leverage will be almost nothing with it unless you're fishing a 2speed. Just curious, what purpose does that rod serve in your mind? You won't pull hooks on a regular stick and the proper technique when throwing surface irons are almost identical.... I can't think of a good reason to...
  298. NickyBaby


    My drags are at 1/3 breaking strength or higher (P-line only) You'd be surprised how fast you can bring fish to the boat if you maximize your rod and reel capabilities. And yes the drags in your TN16 can handle 40lb line settings no problem, just not straight mono.
  299. NickyBaby

    whats up with Avet clickers?

    who uses clickers anyways? (on the smaller bait reels) :nutkick: aside from you kayak guys. I have one that's a little tight, but if you're not a piehole you can flip it. Had to send back an SX due to the clicker rubbing on the spool, not an enjoyable sound :( just keep sending them back...
  300. NickyBaby

    help with the rigs

    I use a 100J but would swap for a 900H in a heartbeat
  301. NickyBaby

    super seeker series rods.

    He posted in the avet forums, i thought i'd just harrass him a little. I'm not that retarded. :nutkick:
  302. NickyBaby

    OK, I might be an Avet HO.

    <<<<HO p (first training in order)<> Ho in training (first order)
  303. NickyBaby

    Offshore What's Biting at Catalina
  304. NickyBaby

    my 1st 5day on shogun

    sounds like a damn good trip. yeah rockfishing on a 5day is bullshit, hell i'd be pissed if they did it on an overnighter.
  305. NickyBaby

    super seeker series rods.

    Avet makes them.
  306. NickyBaby

    Aristokat for sale

    Never fished his boat but Tim is by far the best capt. at O'side......hopefully he's not retiring just yet
  307. NickyBaby

    Which Sealine-X?

    get the 40 their light and the same price and if you don't like spectra you can fish straight 25 and 30lb. The 30 holds anywhere from 210-250yds of 25lb the 40 can go as much as 310 of 30lb i think. the 40 has a little bit smaller width than the 30, thats what i prefer but its what you want...
  308. NickyBaby

    stick to match reel

    i wouldn't put it on a 900xl that thing is a noodle. 800L at the lightest
  309. NickyBaby

    stick to match reel

    800L or M I don't know about an SX and wahoo, i'd be to chicken shit to try. sx and iron? straight spectra?
  310. NickyBaby

    Love my LX6/3

    Alex his problem is with the clicker, not the lever. Mines stuck like that on a JX but i don't care its for iron
  311. NickyBaby

    8-26:No yellows at San O but.........

    Nice catch, I would have taken a pic with it too. probably wouldn't post though. good job on the successful release.
  312. NickyBaby

    Deep fry Tuna or YT for fish tacos???

    deep fry all the YT you want, just keep the Bluefin grilled. but if you've never had fresh yellowtail sandwiches you're missing out. Simple recipe: fresh YT, good teryiaki sauce (Not that salty shit), mayo and bread.
  313. NickyBaby

    Havasu top water going off

    trust soon as a striper bite is leaked all the yahoos and blowhards will be there. and they don't C&R
  314. NickyBaby

    Offshore YT/Dodo/Carp/Calico on the Magellan

    If that calicos body was proportioned to its head....WOW great pics and report
  315. NickyBaby

    Twilight No More

    I bet 90% of sportboats would still sell beer to drunks, especially at $3-4 per can. I see it every trip. You guys must be one of the few the freaks come out at night, so stay away from the twilights (well at least north of san diego)
  316. NickyBaby

    Twilight No More

    I agree with most but there are some exceptions..... Funny when people take their kids, knowing full well they get sea the poor kids puking all day. Parents should be considerate of kids. seriously though people should expect cussing, spitting, shitting and puking on public...
  317. NickyBaby

    Offshore MDR Dodofest & other Critters 8/18 w-pics

    :rofl: That was probably after the 15th beer huh??
  318. NickyBaby

    Offshore MDR Dodofest & other Critters 8/18 w-pics

    good shit they don't make paddies that size down here :(
  319. NickyBaby

    When to change drags?

    Just order them and bring them with you. Have you opened up your avets yet?
  320. NickyBaby

    Havasu top water going off

    Now the non-locals are going to come and rape your 6-7lbers. good job
  321. NickyBaby

    Newell p series, or torium

    JX.......... don't believe everything you hear about leverdrags and casting.
  322. NickyBaby

    Avet for Ulua

    Don't be afraid to put the JX on your jigstick, these reels are NOT hard to cast, and besides if you're in trouble on the long rod, just push the easy button on your Avet
  323. NickyBaby

    What type of line do you guys use for your Avet Reels?

    MXJ 20-30 JX 40 or 50 Only avets i have sorry lol working on more. I think it depends on the kind of terrain you're fishing should depict your choice. Personally I've had terrible experience fishing Izor near rocky areas. The stuff is so hard that it just snaps when it touches rock. Kind...
  324. NickyBaby

    Dont follow me!!

    you shoulda just jumped in and started spearing peoples fish of their lines
  325. NickyBaby

    Dorado trolling lures...what have you had the best luck with?

    Squid Newtons don't laugh they work
  326. NickyBaby

    UFC 63 presale password

    Hopefully this one is better....62 was a bust
  327. NickyBaby

    Can i get a O'side swell report

    WTF thought i put it in chit chat board?? my bad delete this thread plz
  328. NickyBaby

    Can i get a O'side swell report

    Preferebly first hand from today. thanks
  329. NickyBaby

    Avet MX Would be A Good Chioce?

    i use an 800m for my mxj, it's a damn nice setup.
  330. NickyBaby

    why no users manual?

    sorry if it sounded bad, but geez all you have to do is push a button
  331. NickyBaby

    why no users manual?

    i recently bought a JX 6/3 and an mxj and they both have parts list and manual.... All you need is a parts list and if you don't know how to work a 2 speed then you have no business owning one in the first place.
  332. NickyBaby

    Spots open on the Top Gun 80

    for $100 more you can go on a 3 1/2 day on the RR3 only xtra for fish cleaning and tip.
  333. NickyBaby

    Idea for keeping trucks and trailers safe

    Just let all the air out of one of your tires :D make sure you bring a pump. BUT DON'T PUT IT IN THE TRUCK
  334. NickyBaby

    Offshore 302 Wednesday....

    you'd think the cops would figure it out by now that they need to patrol that shit...... This has been going on for how many years now? good luck catching those fucks, hopefully you're insurance Co. doesn't screw you over using your biz truck for pleasure.
  335. NickyBaby

    We Suck 7/31/06 O'side

    i was on the O95 with about 50 ppl... capt and crew was great (he runs the Aristokat normally..most pleasant trip I've had from o'side in about 6 years. anyways the kelps were 50/50 the only problem was that the yellows were 5lbers wtf... lots of farmers and 2 dodos 11yellows
  336. NickyBaby

    LJ 7/24 am

    sounded like that yellow put a hurt on him lol
  337. NickyBaby

    Rods to match your Avets?

    i have a 100J and honesty a 10ft stick really isn't as awkward as you'd think.... and i'm only 5'8"
  338. NickyBaby

    Stolen REEL BAG>......Bummer

    speaking of anglers center, i bought an accurate a while back and its supposed to come with free the reel, No spectra. Called them a few times with zero help. Fuck them :finger:
  339. NickyBaby

    July '06 Avet Reel Contest

    Right now its between Mike and Kristina
  340. NickyBaby

    Offshore 7/21 43 and inside dorado and yellows

    she's a beauty.... the paddy that is
  341. NickyBaby

    Drag: Set it and forget it?

    depends where you're fishing.... If fishing say... the Coronados i mess with my drags, because when a fucking seadog grabs yes all 5 of your yellows for the day you want to be able to break him off instead of getting spooled twice :104167739 otherwise i trust my gear and my drag settings and...
  342. NickyBaby

    Avet service rocks

    I agree, I just sent in a new reel for exchange and am 100% satisfied. All my future bait reels will be Avets.
  343. NickyBaby

    how wide is the AVET LX

    can anyone give me the width of the spool in inches. be highly appreciated
  344. NickyBaby

    okuma californian tbf 80

    I second that opinion.
  345. NickyBaby

    Offshore 7/4-7/6 Islander...yakker stands up!

    i'd say that's one hell of a trip was that a 1.5er or 2day?
  346. NickyBaby

    okuma californian tbf 80

    it will probably explode just from casting a sardine
  347. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 400 bsv or TE

    It's true but not necessary.
  348. NickyBaby

    pitting caused by spectra

    the spool on my Accurate started to corrode when i got home from a 2-day. Mine will be unspooled as soon as i get home from now on.
  349. NickyBaby

    Booze cruise w/wifey on the"It'll Do"

    I would never let a chick touch my trini are you fucking crazy :)
  350. NickyBaby

    666 la jolla devil dog

    thats fucked up..plain and simple oh well at least you get to buy another TWO setups
  351. NickyBaby

    Poll:Choose the winner of May '06 Contest

    Tommy should have won this no contest, and I'm Blocks friend lol Opah wtf who cares
  352. NickyBaby

    Late Monday O'side report, outstanding bass action

    no 10lb. spectra rule huh..... good luck with that
  353. NickyBaby

    #35 wsb jacked by sealion @ dana landing

    i got that son of a bitch
  354. NickyBaby

    3rd times a charm...

    Maybe Ryans bad luck and i can vouch for that shit lol for example: Fished dvl with him a few times last year and got nothing, went by myself and slayed it Look what happened after he went on Ceez's boat. He caught a wsb and big ceez and lil ceez both snapped off. And now their boat...
  355. NickyBaby

    3rd times a charm...

    Attention whore :D
  356. NickyBaby

    LJ Evening Kayaking

    i love it how you out-do Ryan with the Avet pics :rofl:
  357. NickyBaby

    LJ went T-sharkin in the yak...

    at least he didn't drop his reel in the drink...... cough, FRANK!
  358. NickyBaby

    LJ went T-sharkin in the yak...

    who the hell uses Rapalas anymore? what a loser :nutkick: Nice fish dickhead, if i wasn't afraid of sharks and so far away i wouldn't have pussied out on the kayak fest :rofl:
  359. NickyBaby

    Offshore IT'LL DO STRIKES AGAIN. CAT. 4/29-30

    Taylor suiting up for the pm? LOL
  360. NickyBaby

    Ninja bassin 4-6 with pics

    Don't even start talkin shit on freshwater especially since you're the one that fishes trout :rofl: at least i'm fishing for the top dog in the lakes:nutkick: I can't believe Ryan drives that far just to be your bitch lmao you shoulda went to O'side and fished it probably woulda been...
  361. NickyBaby

    Ninja bassin 4-6 with pics

    sad chris you guys suck ass :D pnat sporting the Calais? that bastard
  362. NickyBaby

    Almost a world record.

    wow get your facts straight. It was fouled in the back, and landed by Mac Weakley. ON VIDEO
  363. NickyBaby

    Almost a world record.

    same fish, 3rd time caught.
  364. NickyBaby

    Almost a world record.

    If only they snagged her in the mouth instead of the back:rofl:
  365. NickyBaby

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    Probably the most mentally challenged evaluation I have ever read. :jo:
  366. NickyBaby

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    all on the hudds?
  367. NickyBaby

    LAGOON toad

    my baits rock, you get 100 free now.
  368. NickyBaby

    Thresher today

    Dan, are you Don Nelson's friend??
  369. NickyBaby

    Midday calicos- part 1 - The Jetty - 1-22-06

    damn ur using Rago baits for calicos to mangle... $$$$ crazy mofo
  370. NickyBaby

    12-7-05 LJ no yellows, lots of reds

    10 bucks says madscientist pulls up another yt when everyone thinks the bites dead
  371. NickyBaby

    looks like musky man is a traitor !!!

    so stop using your muskie gear for them : ) -TAC
  372. NickyBaby

    torrey pines surf report

    you should give san clemente state beach a try. In 1 week I caught 2 legal butts a couple shorts, countless BSP and a buttload of corbina. Everything was on sandcrabs even the halibut. If you cant find any sand crabs try a yozuri or the like(in a sardine pattern), type jerkbaits. something...
  373. NickyBaby

    11-17-05 SARL a Bang! Bang! 28lb. Lloyd day/pics

    how'd it taste? :food-smil
  374. NickyBaby

    funny fishing clips

    got this from another site courtesy of Red Dragon
  375. NickyBaby

    11-15 start the day with some tail

    how much fish can you eat holy shit lol nice yt save some for me
  376. NickyBaby

    11/13 The Agony and the Ecstasy

    I'm gonna start stalking you and steal your skills:Fondle:
  377. NickyBaby

    LJ YT 11/13

    you got it on a fucking grub? :rofl: gotta be some kind of a record
  378. NickyBaby

    11/8 yak full o bugs

    You should be careful, with all your good karma someone might want to rub on you and steal it.:Fondle:
  379. NickyBaby

    Coronado Island report 11/4

    Only a matter of time before they wipe out the small bait and have no choice but to eat the iron:smoking33 you'll get em next time vince.
  380. NickyBaby

    Oside yakin (pics)

    Ya he did. And I'm getting mine next week, Ryan's hands are really soft
  381. NickyBaby

    Oside yakin (pics)

    that wsb soaked you :) O'side wide open, especially if you're catchin em;)
  382. NickyBaby

    Offshore The Catalina No tail thread......

    I just heard the spitfire nailed 80 20-40#'s on a 3/4
  383. NickyBaby

    bahia de los angeles
  384. NickyBaby

    Toe of the year

    so blatant
  385. NickyBaby

    how do you connect the

    braze weld
  386. NickyBaby


    ebaumsworld, comegetsome and the like :( Sons of Bitches lol
  387. NickyBaby


    Some of these websites which we post all the funny crap contains viruses. I Recently got the Trojan.Vundo from one of them; this is an old virus, however they have modified it, making it EXTREMELY hard to delete and remove from your comp. I spent 4 days trying to find something that would...
  388. NickyBaby

    Reporting for Raul on the Dreamer - 17 Yellowtails

    :zelfmoord oh man, Chris went to Cat today i think. SOB
  389. NickyBaby

    Need name for new boat

    Dog Lover :zelfmoord
  390. NickyBaby

    Need name for new boat

    Butt Fu#%er :beerbang:
  391. NickyBaby

    Isla De Santa Catalina Manana 10-9....NEone fishin?

    Good luck you're gonna need it!!!:idiot:
  392. NickyBaby

    Anyone see that bomb scare in L.B. this morning?

    Someone musta got pissed cause you stirred their drink with your wang. glad you didn't blow up peace
  393. NickyBaby

    need a plastic rod...

    I love it when people try and change your mind on equipment.:FU: get the calcutta 300 :rofl: or 400, you never know when that wsb is coming :)
  394. NickyBaby

    need a plastic rod...

    I have the coastal and a calcutta, the coastal boasts it is great in salt however mine sounds like shit after a few outings even when washed, stick with the Calcutta. As for rods, go with the California Calico special or shimano Terramar. Remember Shimano will give you a new rod over the...
  395. NickyBaby

    ??GOT Shark BAIT???

    Tackle shops should carry pre-rigged Frogs(not the amphibians) all we have to do is give the kidneys a little poke and send em out. If that won't work, then the French are 100% useless.:Stab_emot
  396. NickyBaby

    ??GOT Shark BAIT???

    :It__s_Out So bad, not funny at all
  397. NickyBaby

    Ingrown toe nail

    This will 100% take care of it.
  398. NickyBaby

    Dirty preacher

    pretty damn funny, probably posted before.