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    Xtra tuffs

    not sure about you guys but I work on a boat and the new xtra tuffs are killing my feet I worked a 3/4 and a 1 1/2 day and ended up with a massive rash on my foot I've had these boots since December and only now are they giving my rashes. Anyone else having the same problem?
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    Wrapper machine help

    Brand new to wrapping rods. Just got done hand wrapping my first rod and I am hooked. The only thing is I don't wasn't to hand wrap it takes to long and is a pain to turn for 20hr plus. I would like to pay under $150 for a quality wrapper. Should I wait for fredhall or get it now?
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    New to kelp fishing

    I still consider my self a beginner kayak angler and would like to get some help from people with more experience. I live on the northern part of Carlsbad and was wondering what's a good spot to go out of to catch barracuda calicos Bonita ext. I live close to Tamarack but haven't had an luck.
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    Wrapper recomendation

    I have a buddy that wraps my rods and maintains my reels. He has a very old wrapper and cant reall afford a new one with all the deals and all the things he has done for me I would like to give him a new wrapper. He has the table but his motor is always broken. He is in college and works his...
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    Quality Rc cars for sale/trade

    i am looking for Lexa 400 avet sxj. Got some name brands Rcs for sale axial, ecx. Pm me for more details
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    Wanted Surface irons and jigs

    Please contact me if you have any of the following; tady 9 tady 45 megabaits waxwings poppers tady a1 mints salas 6x jr Text only; 760-696-5605
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    I am already saving up for fredhall deal mar. I need to get a couple reels this year I'm thinking the avet sxj, the lexa 300 or 400 and the Cardiff 400. I'm pretty sure these are the reels I want but if you have any recomandation for an alternative that's about the same price let me know.
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    WANTED Shimano Cardiff 400A

    Please text me if you have one in mint condition. TEXT Only 7606965605
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    Wanted lexa 300 or 400

    looking for a used lexa. If you have one for sale please contact me at 760-696-5605 text only
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    pin head looking for work

    I am 14 years old looking for something to keep me on the water even if I am not fishing. I have been fishing for about 8 years now. I started of with freshwater a lot of trout fishing and fly fishing. But about 4 years ago my friend took me on his boat that was when the salt water really...