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  1. graya

    Rod spacing question 90j.

    I usually do 11 on parabolic 9’s faster banks might take less it all depends on how you might fish the blank if you will be pushing the rated limits or over fishing them an extra guide or 2 will work great
  2. graya

    Wrapping tiny single foot guides

    I don’t use any glue or tape just start wrapping the thread slide guide feet under the thread and carefully start sliding the guide forward as you continue wrapping
  3. graya

    Fishing Rod Rack/Holder

    How much ?
  4. graya

    U-40 vs D2 vs Flex Coat

    Clasic coat but I have tried them all
  5. graya

    Acid line path and load testing?

    0-60-120 rest 180 thats is what I use i wrap all my rods acid wrap I basically use the same guides as if I was wrapping a conventional because I don’t like sharp angles I like acid wrapped no rod twist under load you can fished them open palm try that with a conventional
  6. graya

    Lost a great rod builder this morning Steve Tomiyama

    RIP Steve had the pleasure to shared a rail and talked rod building with him his willingness to share his knowledge will be missed
  7. graya

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    I pulled on this blanks and it looks like they will be nice to fish really nice bends on the blanks easy to cast a little bit heavy if you are used to the composites but not bad butt diameter is ok not as fat and bulky like the Uluas more like a 100J from calstar but more backbone than the uluas...
  8. graya

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    You might want to take a look at the Essex seats Phenix sells they are much thinner than the other brands I didn’t want to use the centra lock because it felt to big
  9. graya

    How many guides on Rail rod?

    Acid wrapped it
  10. graya

    noob q - white decorative thread

    I really like the white Fuji but I usually paint the blank first it makes it pop better
  11. graya

    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    Está Perrona la caña buen trabajo
  12. graya

    Green cousins blanks

    Almost like a BT8020 shikari but not quite supposably they were made on shikari mandrels
  13. graya

    Brand new Phenix fishing custom blank 8’3” -9’3” 30-80lb.

    Those blanks can still be bought at Phenix shop at a way better price
  14. graya

    20% OFF All Nomad Lures: Madmac, DTX Minnow, Madscad and Riptide.

    I don’t see the riptide or mascads on you site
  15. graya

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    Sorry couldn’t figure the video attachment procedure
  16. graya

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    Here a little video
  17. graya

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    Here a little video
  18. graya

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    I grew tire of rods falling of the plastic chucks from my pac bay four chuck dryer so I said fuck that I will build my own this is what I made I only needed I four dryer but I wanted one with adjustable speed so this is what I made
  19. graya

    Fuji gold sic turbo guides size 14, 16, 18

    14 and 18 seem odd never seen those sizes I might be wrong 25-20-16-12-10-8 are more common
  20. graya

    Renzetti Rod Support Wheels

    You looking for the complete wheel look up Jeremy reed on Facebook bought some from him
  21. graya

    Shikari calico rod new

    BT8025 are 8’
  22. graya

    ACID Wraping Rail Rod Advice

    Casting it’s all about the anglers experience casting I don’t see a difference I can outcast most of my fishing buddies with conventional set ups and once hooked into big fish that’s when you can appreciate a acid wrapped rod you just fight the fish and not the rod
  23. graya

    Help with length of wrap on a tuna rail rod.

    I do 9 mm past guide feet for all the guides
  24. graya

    Shikari 1009 H Jig Stick Price drop $550 obo

    I better hold on to my shikaris did some body scored a cow blue fin on it ? GLWS
  25. graya

    Alps K guides

    I have them on a couple of jig sticks and honestly I don’t see that much of a difference in casting they supposed to be tangle free but I have never have had trouble with line tangling I would not use them on jigging rods since casting is not involved
  26. graya

    Salvaging a reel seat

    I have done a few I put it on a lathe and use a boring bar to remove piece of blank
  27. graya

    Casting to Spiral guides setup

    good eye I added an extension at the butt to put extra preasure on the fish
  28. graya

    Casting to Spiral guides setup

    I like to acid wrap all my rods from inshore to offshore I do a 0-60-120 for the transición I use the same amount of guides as a conventional rod because I don’t like to have flat spots on the line trancision this rods are 7’
  29. graya

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    Phenix carries this
  30. graya

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    Call Phenix they usually Carrie them
  31. graya

    Tiburon 6 excellent condition $350

    Pm sent i will take it if available
  32. graya

    Blue LB Seeker Rods

    Do this blanks make people a better fisherman? Hope you get buyers it will be a great score
  33. graya

    Scammer? Snowflake for sure.

    I was brought up the old fashioned way if I give my word on something I keep it
  34. graya

    Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    8’ 20-40 shikari my favorite rods
  35. graya

    Custom Fishing Rod Builder !!!Wanted!!!

    Yes I did that is the reason I started building my own rods lots of places didn’t want to build them because it’s tine consuming and they charge by the inch
  36. graya

    Custom Fishing Rod Builder !!!Wanted!!!

    It’s not a weave it’s crosswraps
  37. graya


    I will trade you some semillas de calabaza y garbanzos cosidos for the esquite
  38. graya

    White blank phenix

    Nice build I bought a few and gave built a few for friends they fished mostly 40 pound line on them I have tried them my self and liked the action my friends have killed lots of yellows on our sea of Cortez trips
  39. graya

    Bnib Talica 10

    Bump nice reel outstanding seller
  40. graya

    Tip guide question?

    X2 i usually remove the excess glue with my thumb nail if it’s not much I leave it on my personal rods I don’t even remove the excess as it helps from water getting in the tip and start corrosion
  41. graya

    Spiral Wrapped Rods

    I wrapped all my rods acid wrapped From inshore to offshore never had problems on boats I started fishing conventionals was introduced to acid wrapped rods and saw the advantage of them On bigger fish landed them so effortlessly
  42. graya

    Ocea Jigger 2000-3000

    Still looking
  43. graya

    Ocea Jigger 2000-3000

    Looking to buy a 2000HG or 3000HG the newer models let me know if you have one to sell or trade ?
  44. graya

    my 6th rod I believe ulua

    Very nice work Victor
  45. graya

    Mono wrapped tigers

    You might consider clear shrink tube over the mono and then apply your finish over I used to buy the clear shrink tube on acid rod colors stayed sharp with that method
  46. graya

    Failing drive belt on wrapping machine

    Try McMaster Carr bought rubber o rings over 2 years with the same one
  47. graya

    Long rod for jumbo bft

    I have the 10 foot version that Phenix made for me and friends that is one thing on my bucket list to land a tuna over 100 pounds on a 10 footer on popper or jig
  48. graya

    Long rod for jumbo bft

    If you can get your hands on a Phenix PHD929 XH 40-100 that’s a mans blank I had Phenix made me a special 10’ feet version of the 929 it’s a bad ass blank pulled on sea of Cortez yellows fish had no chance this blanks have a fast tip to work the poppers really good
  49. graya

    Rainshadow RCJB 84 XXH

    Very nice and clean wraps love that color combo
  50. graya

    Jimi Hendrix #2 weave completed

    Wow you are very talented great work I am currently doing your flaming skull I can a see all the time that goes into a weave and really apréciate all the effort you put into your weaves
  51. graya

    Penn torque 7 Phenix titan 760

    Price reduction 400
  52. graya

    Acid wrap rods

    I had a Calstar 100J and I am currently wrapping a Phenix PHD 1009 XH to replace the Calstar
  53. graya

    Acid wrap rods

    Z I don’t see a difference in casting distance I usually can outcast other Fishermans with conventional rods
  54. graya

    Acid wrap rods

    Pros you need to spline the blank properly to have a more stable rod and take advantage of the spline and have less stress on the blank I make all my personal rods acid style you have to try out for yourself and see if you like it and don’t mind other peoples opinion there are a lot a...
  55. graya

    Best Custom Acid Wrap Rod Builder

    Why battle the rod twist on big fish when you can acid wrapped it and have open palm just holding it and save your wrist for more pleasurable things lol
  56. graya

    Penn torque 7 Phenix titan 760

    I have a Penn Torque 7 for sale took to pv didn’t catch a fish casted a popper a few times asking 450 I also have a custom Phenix titán popping rod if interested in the combo for 700 rods is made with alps reel seat fugi mnsg sic guides pm or text 951 202-2971 if interested if you want to get...
  57. graya

    What guides for UC TILEFISH??

    I would go with mnsg’s 20-16-12-2-10’s 4-8’s
  58. graya

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    Always an inspiration to see your work Jim
  59. graya

    Guides for a 9’ rod

    That is right
  60. graya

    Guides for a 9’ rod

    Fuji MNSG’s 20-16-12-2 10’s 5 or 6 8’s
  61. graya

    WTT Trinidad16A

    Trade was made thanks BD
  62. graya

    New rail rod foregrip ideas

    I been using this stuff it works pretty good it doesn’t slip on the rail I added 3M non skid tape on my Phenix 700X5H i been using this stuff on Puerto Vallarta i also used it for some friends rods it holds up pretty good
  63. graya

    WTT Trinidad16A

    Any body want to trade ?
  64. graya

    WTT Trinidad16A

    Thanks for the offers only looking to trade for the saltiga 35HA or 400 cash firm free shipping
  65. graya

    WTT Trinidad16A

    WTT NIB Trinidad 16A for Saltiga 35HA or sell for 400
  66. graya

    American Flag rod????

    This from a rod I built
  67. graya

    Possible to add 4-6" to butt end of existing rod?

    this what i did less work and you can add different lengths if needed
  68. graya

    Heavy Metal Rail Rod

    Nice gorgeous thread work love those saw olive branches
  69. graya

    Uncle Sam Eagle Weave Pattern & Left List

    Thank you Steve I will load this on pic to weave for a future build thanks for sharing
  70. graya

    WTB-Tiburon/Okuma SST 7530 Special edition Reel Talk to my buddie he had some a while back
  71. graya

    Happy Ending Cantina GG100J Mag

    Nice work as usual Jim nice sarape colors you blended them nicely for "' Joto"Ray Souza
  72. graya

    FS bnib penn torque 25 2 speed

    That's the 25 narrow if I didn't have one already this is a sweet deal on a nice reel
  73. graya

    Public Service Announcement

    Hopefully you'll will recover from this Jim as long as we are alive we still have a shot at doing what we love to do so don't loose hope
  74. graya

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I didn't like the little knob so I replaced it with a makaira knob feels way better I grindded the riveted screw of and made a 1/4 square pocket to fit the makaira knob had to put a shim on the inside to compensate for the handle thickness it helps that I am a tool maker by trade and have the...
  75. graya

    TESORO a TRINIDAD "Killer" just like Galaxy to Iphone?

    I like my Trinidad 16A but lately I been fishing my Penn Torque 25N the most I will probably pick a Tesoro 10 it seems to fall in the Trinidad 16 and torque 25N size
  76. graya

    Phenix Warranty vs. Out-of-Pocket Repair

    It you were planning on re wrapping a factory rod its cheaper to pay the replacement fee like 50 dollars and get new rods
  77. graya

    "Hook em' Horns" Rainshadow

    Another master piece Jim do you have a clean room use surgical gloves when working with white thread it looks so clean all the time
  78. graya

    SS 1x3

    Looks really good nice work
  79. graya

    WTT-Tranx PG for HG

    Thanks I might do that if nobody wants to trade
  80. graya

    SST Tiburón 7540 Daiwa saltiga 40 and a will fish30

    Saltiga sold tld spoken for Tiburon still available
  81. graya

    SST Tiburón 7540 Daiwa saltiga 40 and a will fish30

    Saltiga and Tiburon pending till tomorrow
  82. graya

    SST Tiburón 7540 Daiwa saltiga 40 and a will fish30

    up for sale are a few reels that I don't fish anymore so let's find them a new home first a Tiburon SST7540 2 speed in very good condition minor rash priced to sell so prices are firm asking 350 for the Tiburon daiwa gold saltiga 40 some rash asking 200 has not been used since last serviced also...
  83. graya

    WTT-Tranx PG for HG

    I would like to trade my PG Tranx for a HG one cosmetics 8-10 internals 10 have not used it since last serviced at shimano I would like to trade for a reel in same conditions as mine live in Fontana work in Irvine if interested pm me or text me 951 202-2971 it has 60 pound spectra backing
  84. graya

    Phenix 929X2H

    Glad you liked it Allen just got back yesterday best fishing trip ever wide open cabrilla fishing on the jig
  85. graya

    United composites UC Delmar 1000

    Wrapped the guides and marbled for Victor on this Del Mar blank
  86. graya

    Phenix 929X2H

    just delivered this beast to my friend he's ready to battle some baja yellows with this rod
  87. graya

    Shikari SW909

    i had made this rod for my friend Nacho a while back unfortunately he can no longer fish the party boats he is going to be selling most of his rods they are all top rods built on good blanks and components most of them have some thread work as I built them for him if your interested in see in...
  88. graya

    Trade torque 30LD2 and curado 300EJ

    BNIB 30 trade for 40NLD2 could add little cash also a mint 300EJ for Okuma Komodo KDS-471 text me 951 202-2971 or pm me live in Fontana work in Irvine so I could meet in between sell curado for 180 torque 450
  89. graya

    David Bowie weave

    Very very nice work Steve thanks for sharing
  90. graya

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    All on bait balloons? Or were they hitting the iron ?
  91. graya

    Set up question for Rod Gurus

    Those dimensions seem more appropriate for a rail rod
  92. graya

    PV Info

    Please post how you did we are on the apollo on the 25th hopefully things will turn around quick thinking of taking some squid to go pargo fishing if things are slow on the tuna grounds
  93. graya

    Shimano USA Stella 5000 vs Japan or Australia version

    I am considering a 5000 SWB XG from Australia are parts compatible? With the US version
  94. graya

    Shimano USA Stella 5000 vs Japan or Australia version

    Are the parts of the USA version of the new stelas different than the Japan or Australian version Australian version it's a lot cheaper in price ?
  95. graya


    Phenix makes special orders to some tackle shops or rod builders cosmos orders this blanks with a more stiff faster actions this blanks are really good to throw popper
  96. graya

    Rod for Tranx

    Phenix 809xh
  97. graya

    Does anyone have any info on bringing bait into mexico?

    i had driven to PV with a case of squid no problems i have also taken squid and mackerel to san felipe for my tony reyes trip with out any problems
  98. graya

    WTB: Spinning Rod 60-100LBS

    I got some on Phenix titan popping in PV no problems great blanks for a 2 piece rod
  99. graya

    Butt Extension

    this what i did less work and you can add different lengths if needed
  100. graya

    ATD Accurate and seeker ssr7650 nee price $200.00 each rod

    Really nice set up for those going. to guadalupe or the bigger blue fin a good reel for those going long also
  101. graya

    Phenix Black Diamond 909xh

    K no puedes con los cañas grandes
  102. graya


    you forgot to ask for a fishing report lol
  103. graya

    Tying down guides for wrapping?

    No tape no glue for me I start wrapping slide guide under thread continue wrapping slide guide out until foot is covered finish up wrapping just some quick picks so you can see what I am trying to explain
  104. graya

    Wtb clamp for tranx

    Saw them at the long fin for 47
  105. graya

    Tying down guides for wrapping?

    i just start my wrap slide the guide foot under the wrapped threads then when enough threads have been wrapped i slide guide out easy no glue no tape needed
  106. graya

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Saw them at the long fin sale today it didn't feel smooth when I turned the handle in high gear 2nd felt better I tried the reel outside on the Okuma booth and the one inside the store and it felt the same
  107. graya

    Flex Coat Drips on Guide Frames

    on some guides the paint will strip when trying to remove the glue from the frames
  108. graya

    Little Help?

    i like the phenix psw 808MH 15-40 to fish 15-25 line and i have fished that blank way over it's line rating i have fished it with 40 and 50 pound line i like to push rods some times. i build my own so i build them to over fish its line rating on factory rods line will touch the blank if over...
  109. graya

    Questions re United Comp. Blanks, CP vs CX

    so many choices you should pull on all the blanks you are considering buying and choose the one that best suits your style of fishing me personally if i want to fish the rail i will choose a blank with the fastest taper funny how many people here on the west coast say the rod or blank bottoms...
  110. graya

    10' Seeker CEX Composite Extreme Ulua

    I sold mine i should have kept it the lighter ulua out there
  111. graya

    Trade: Brand New 10ft Ulua for a Phenix

    Super heavy better on calstar 100j or Phenix 929X2H
  112. graya

    WTB NIB TRINI 16A & Torium 20hg

    what price you want to pay ?
  113. graya

    Okuma Makaira 20II Sea 2speed reel

    Nice reel any grupers on it glws
  114. graya

    FS: STELLA 8000 SWHG

    Somebody buy this reel before temptation takes over me I don't need onother reel
  115. graya

    WTT/ Trinidad 16A for Penn Torque 25 BLACK

    Maybe the 25 bit not the 25N
  116. graya

    That feeling you get......

    i know the feeling and satisfaction on catching fish on your own build rods congratulations on first rod and fish
  117. graya

    Maze wrap SS Baby Ulua

    Mary is doing an outstanding job on it i have to get back into crosswrapping
  118. graya

    Best Penn Reel for Poppers

    I like The spinning outfit better I use a Phenix popping blank tpx 800H with a penn torque 7 and for convencional I use the same blank on a acid wrapped rod with a Tranxs PG
  119. graya

    Phenix PHD 929 X2H

    Any one interested in throwing poppers to the blue fin tuna this is the blank to get if you got the huevos to pull on it it has a stiffer tip to work the popper and the backbone to get the job done quick I have One and love it so much o got another blank
  120. graya

    Talking surface iron blanks for larger grade fish

    no Phenix makes a Hybrid PHD 929x2h 40-100 that has more lifting power than all of the above blanks you named it's not a blank they list on their site i have one my self it's a man rod it will be a while before they are available i took the last one i have wrapped 3 of them for friends and...
  121. graya

    Visual wrap help?

    i had trouble running in the newer windows versions works best on windows xp or later versions there was some help files on the visual wrap foroums for the newer versions of windows
  122. graya

    Handle weave, and turks head finish?

    i use a few coats of high gloss lacquer to seal it
  123. graya

    WTT/penn blk25trq for narrow

    bump for a good seller
  124. graya

    How long deckhand wrap

    most factory rods are around 30 i do mine around 26 to leave more room for buttwraps but that's why is custom make to what is comfortable for your stile of fishing
  125. graya

    Lil' Puffer

    pasa el toque nice work bill i really like this one i just finished one rasta rod but really like the graphics on yours
  126. graya

    Accurate 600 dauntless narrow (for trade)

    Nice jigging reel bump for a great seller
  127. graya

    stupid question, but I haven't tried it except ..

    I know Dave and miss his graphs on guide loads the best results I had on butt wraps was using clear heat shrink tape and coat over it
  128. graya

    stupid question, but I haven't tried it except ..

    I and many other did tiger wraps and warped with mono and got wild tigers but as soon as finish was applied they lost their effect make a sample and see what you got
  129. graya

    Are these even Phenix Blanks?

    They don't sell their name brand blanks or rods at the shows but they have this after market blanks that they sell along with rod components
  130. graya

    Are these even Phenix Blanks?

    x2 if you are buying this blanks thinking they phenix blanks they ARE NOT phenix blanks that is why they dont have a phenix blank model on them there are some good blanks in those bins you just need to inspect the blank and pull on it real hard to make sure you getting a good one i have built...
  131. graya


    x2 Sheldon is a great seller i have bought a few items always great communication
  132. graya

    Acid wrapped for popping rod???

    I fish mostly acid wrapped rods I have a Phenix 2 piece Titan popping rod that I use with a tranx and I usually outcast my friends I usually get looks or coments like can you cast or can you catch fish with rods like that before the trip but once we start fishing and I outcast or get more fish...
  133. graya

    F-100 White Tiger

    Phenix sells them also
  134. graya

    Putting on the labels?

    Sometimes I use color preserver let it dry and apply finish
  135. graya

    Phenix Axis 720 4X Blowing Up?

    I seen some builders that buy the cheaper Phenix blanks that Phenix sells with out warranty and then try to sell them as Phenix rods or blanks I seen some of those break A friend of mine bought some of this blanks and wanted me to wrap them and put Phenix on it I told him I will wrap them for...
  136. graya

    Phenix 809/909 - Abyss vs Black Diamond

    either one will throw the surface iron good but if you want to throw popper then i would look into the hybrids or the titan is a popping blank
  137. graya

    Phenix Axis 720 4X Blowing Up?

    i have fished mine a few trips and i have no issues with mine as a builder first thing i do is inspect the blank make sure i dont see any dents and before i buy i pulled on the blank in the store or place i buy the blanks and pull real hard if there is a issue with the blank i would rather see...
  138. graya

    Seeker ulua help

    i would only use the smaller diameter tuna cord since seeker have a huge but if you add cork tape underneath you wont be able to clamp your reel it would be to thick on a 10 jig stick i usually wrap 30 inches of cord but it's custom so you decide whats appropriate for you
  139. graya

    Shimano Shimano at Fred Hall

    i been attending the fred hall for the last 15 years and they have always had the reel maintance i will take a couple of reel this year
  140. graya

    Shimano Shimano at Fred Hall

    i been attending the fred hall for the last 15 years and they have always had the reel maintance i will take a couple of reel this year
  141. graya


    I am looking for the makairas thanks for the offer
  142. graya

    For the orphans

    No se porque pero me encantan Los colores I would proudly fish that rod muy buen trabajo y ejecucion
  143. graya


    Bump still looking
  144. graya

    A New Toy or Tool....

    Nice rod Jim does great rods that tool should do the work all my rods are acid wrapped more stable rods for big fish fishing
  145. graya

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    once again congratulations on your pb nice fishing with you and remember on acid wrapped rod you fight the fish not the reel
  146. graya

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    Just Got back in from PV today I took my rods and reels four rods and four reels allowed I had 6 and 6 and and got delayed in customs and my friend went first got a red light and had to pay 20 dollars on two rods and reels I had to pay fees on the 2 rods and 2 reels they charge 16% on the value...
  147. graya


    Denver 27 Carolina 21 Going back to PV next week got your lucky jigs hopefully I will get a cow on it this year
  148. graya

    Phenix 809XH

    Jim I used some thread I got at the Pasadena rod building show I got 2 one hundred yards spools but never seen it again similar to holland Astro thread
  149. graya

    Phenix 809XH

    Made this for a friend up north nothing fancy I used some of JT techniques on it dragon scales and olive branches and wrapped conventional
  150. graya

    There is fishing and there's catching.this is catching!

    Congratulations on the fish wish I could get to age and still be able to fish at that level
  151. graya

    Penn fathom 40NLD 2 Speed NIB with custom GUSA PREDATOR

    Up for sale nib fathom 40NLD 2 and Original GUSA PREDATOR 7' with HNSG SIC GUIDES custom wrapped by cosmos used a couple of times up for sale since I don't fish rods I don't wrap myself anymore asking 450 for the combo pm or text me if interested 951 202-2971 perfect combo for wahoo yo yo and...
  152. graya

    3.5 Days on the "Success", AMAZING!

    great report thanks i will be on the Apollo next month wish i can improve on my personal best i got my bigger fish last year on the iron hopefully i can get a cow on the jig
  153. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    Spot filled by Ken thanks
  154. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    You aré on the softsteel trip I was talking to tony on Saturday at the long fin should be a fun trip
  155. graya


    i would like to trade my new TRQ30LD2 for a makaira 20 or 16 SEA or talica 25 let me know if interested text me or pm me 951 202-2971
  156. graya

    Trinidad 30A and Phenix Abyss PSX-1009 (25-60lbs)

    i thought you were able to handle the long rod luan are you going to pv next month?
  157. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    i sure hope they hurt catching a few nice fish last year i got some on the JRI jigs what a rush catching those big fish on the jig in the dark
  158. graya

    Is locating the spine on a blank a strength tissue?

    just acid wrap it and have the best of both worlds
  159. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    My friend has 1 spot open on the Apollo on our 4 1/2 day next month fishing 10-15 price is 1500 if interested pm or text me 951 202-2971 the chatter is for 12 people max fish an extra day for the price of 3 1/2 day trip fish cleaning and bacum pack included food is also included here are some...
  160. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    This are pictures of a recent trip looks like they doing good if you want the chance at a cow this is the trip with an extra day
  161. graya

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    My friend has 1 spot open on the Apollo on our 4 1/2 day next month fishing 10-15 price is 1500 if interested pm or text me 951 202-2971 the chatter is for 12 people max fish an extra day for the price of 3 1/2 day trip
  162. graya

    Need source for Classic coat and inexpensive rod drying motors

    i dont know if still current but this is on my half gallon i bougth i couple of years 562 944-6117 fax 562 946-8572
  163. graya

    Talica 20 or makaira 20 which casts sardines best?

    it all depends on your application i like catching fish on the iron and the higher gear ratios on the tallica works best for me i own a couple of the makairas but they might have the torque but not the smoothness and faster gear ratios needed for the iron
  164. graya

    How many guides should i use for a spiral wrapped rod 7ft 20-40lb?

    it all depends on the action of the rod i usually will wrap a 7' with 8 guides plus the tip i dont like flat spots on the line flow if you want you could use less all my rods are acid wrapped
  165. graya

    Tiburon 7530 Signature Series Smart-Shift Gunmetal

    I own a few Tiburon reels and Tiburon still serviced them they are not building but still have parts to fix and service reels
  166. graya

    WTB: PENN Torque 25N star drag black

    Rare reels I had to seatle for the gold but one just sold recently here for around 400
  167. graya


    I got a maxel hybrid at jigging world 20 off also Black Friday code
  168. graya

    Trinidad 16a perfect condition 380 and it's yours!

    One of my go to reels Josh gear is great shape good luck Josh bump
  169. graya

    Calcutta 300d

    Nice reel josh
  170. graya

    Offshore Caught Wahoo W/30lb Fluorocarbon!

    Looks like you had a great time Lucas hopefully I can join you on one of this trips doc puts some really great chatters
  171. graya

    Another question On Black Hole build

    i use and have build a few jigging rods i have never had any problems with the aluminum real seats but if you want this is the standard graphite seat for jigging rods Fuji PSSLD20 also this type of rods bend a lot you should consider a thinner forgrip or otherwise you will have to go to a higher...
  172. graya

    Trinidad 40 narrow

    Does it include free shipping ?
  173. graya

    F/S Accurate 500N and the Mak 16 Sea is Sold, both 2 speeds, 10/10, loaded with spectra

    Nachos reels are good as new this two reels have never been fished they been on a boat ride with reel cover on
  174. graya

    WTB: Shimano Talica 25

    biggest fish i landed on this reel was 165 on the JRI jig i think fish over 200 could be no problem i had the reel set with 35 pounds of drag at strike and the fish were up in the water colum so line capacity was not an issue on the fish i landed
  175. graya

    WTB: Shimano Talica 25

    I love mine I use it in PV I could move the jig faster with the higher gear ratio than most 2 speeds out there
  176. graya

    Phenix Black Diamond 700XH question

    Most westcoast fisherman are used to fast action rods that when fishing a more parabolic rod they think rod is bottoming out when in reality it's making lifting the rod easier on your back most westcoast fishermen won't fish jigging rod because they bend all the way to the real seat I fish...
  177. graya

    WTT NIB TRinidad 16 gold

    How much on top will you put for one of the reels you want?
  178. graya

    SOLD shimano trinidad 12a 330.00

    There are some picky buyers here that want a cheap price and would ask a million questions and endless texts before they buy even when the reels are new in box they will go do you have pictures is it mint does it have the box thats why I cancel my last sale of a used once reel
  179. graya

    "Dorado'd" out GF800L for Wes

    finally i see some real thread work outstanding Jim you nailed the buttwrap and the whole theme is really really nice
  180. graya

    A question for you Tony Reyes guys

    We usually fish the island the last day for grouper in four trip I have not got a yellow around to gonsaga but I seen White Sea bass cabrilla bonitas and lots of trigger fish and sierra
  181. graya

    Cousins V.S. Phenix

    I used to fish the old GUSA because they were light and thin when Phenix came along they were thinner and lighter and I think they are still the lighter blanks I pulled on some of the newer UC blanks and I think they are not as light as the old GUSA I still kept my 85 mega mag and predator I...
  182. graya

    Wanted - Penn Torque 25 NB

    Good luck I tried for months ended up getting the gold one
  183. graya

    WTB Penn torque 7

    9 out 10 no rash no scratches 80 pound spectra fished one time got box and cover for it 550 it what my selling price if the price sounds good I could send you pictures
  184. graya

    WTB Penn torque 7

    Got one in gold what's your right price?
  185. graya

    WTB Metaloid 5-2SPD

    I got a NIB 5Nii I will sell for 200 it already spooled with spectra ready to go if you or anybody wants it
  186. graya

    Talica 8ii with 50#pp For Sale -390$ or Trade for Shimano Trinidad 16na

    i got a 16NA i can trade you text me 951 202-2971
  187. graya

    Shimano Flat fall Jigs for Sale - SOLD

    I bit with the Chinese knock offs
  188. graya

    Saltiga 20 star drag reel with Carbontex in excellent shape

    I sold my 20 for 350 2 weeks ago I don't like the Japanese autoengage if some body wants it they will pay your price
  189. graya

    Wtb metaloid 5n11

    I bough a reel no free spectra so I paid full retail and they spooled it with spectra so I saved on the spectra and taxes sent you a text
  190. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Somebody steal this set up 450 last price reduction if no takers I keep it for my grouper set up
  191. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Open on trades looking for trinidads talica andros makaira
  192. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Price reduction 500 for the set up rod and reel
  193. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Bump somebody should need this to troll or fish for the big blue fin and rail rodding for big fish
  194. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Ttt cow set up let's find this set up a good home 550 for the rod and reel
  195. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    Rod is triple wrapped open for trades looking for tallica reels or makairas
  196. graya

    Combo seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with Penn 50S 2 speed

    I have this combo for sale seeker black steel 6463XXXXH with an extension on the rear grip to make the rod total length 7'2" 17' 1/2 hypalon rear grip 17' 1/2 RAIL ROD READY GRIP in the forgrip pacbay channel lock real seat and double stripper with all American rollers rod is been freshly...
  197. graya

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Man those would match my bob Marley rod
  198. graya

    Shimano japanese models

    thinking of getting a twin power japanese version of the 8000 HG is there somewhere in the usa that maintains these reels are the usa models the same parts wise?
  199. graya

    FS Shimano Talica 12ii

    I got a16NA pm sent
  200. graya

    Penn pathom 15 LD2 and TLD50 LRS

    your are right its a 15LD2
  201. graya

    Penn pathom 15 LD2 and TLD50 LRS

    Added a reel if intrested pm or text me 951 202-2971
  202. graya

    WTB Shikari Rod

    Cousins is making some of the blanks BT 8030 8040 8020 seen them at acid rod web page I love the ones I have I still have 2 BT 8030 blanks but I won't sell mine
  203. graya

    Penn pathom 15 LD2 and TLD50 LRS

    Brand new reel sell for 190.00 that is what I paid for or trade for a okuma andros 5ii A plus cash or a metalloid in the same class TLD50 LRS sell for 175 with out the spectra reel is good shape
  204. graya

    Wanting to buy trolling reel and rod for the big one! (BFT) Anyone recomend a setup that's great?

    I have a seeker 6463XXXX with double stripper all rollers recently rewrapped to add a rail grip in the forgrip I also added an extension on the rear grip so I can use it as a rail rod or harness and also have a penn 50S that is been blue printed to fish 130 by cal sheets and I also have a...
  205. graya

    F/S Saltiga 20, Accurate 270 2 sp, Tricked out Penn 500, and more!

    Nachos gear is in top shape and some of the reels he is selling he has not fished in a long time
  206. graya

    Trinidad 12a jx 2speed saltist bg40

    For a 100 less off retail I could live with a few scratches if I needed the reel you forgot to mention the finger prints on the side plates
  207. graya

    Trinidad 14a

    bump for a good seller
  208. graya


    Nice set up GLWS
  209. graya

    900 H calstar Rasta rod

    Great job on the rod great idea on using all 3 colors on the handle gave me an idea for a future build
  210. graya

    Tony Reyes, Hurricanes and fish stories

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed report I took my second Tony Reyes trip in late May my first trip was in October and I really liked the weather in late May Marcos put us in some nice fish I hate trolling but I found the bigger cabrillas come on the troll and Marcos has that...
  211. graya


    Love the whole JRI line of jigs on my last trip on the on the sea of Cortez on the Tony Reyes I killed the yellows on the yo yo and surface iron if you ever been on that boat you know there is no bait just jigs I had a chance to use the bigger surface iron and man those jigs swim better than any...
  212. graya

    F/S Accurate BX-2 in 10/10 condition

    Good luck on sale my friend Nacho
  213. graya

    15# Calstar Blank

    Phenix psw806L or psw866L
  214. graya

    F/S Accurate BX-2 in 10/10 condition

    If in the market for this Reel this Reel is as new Nacho only took it on one trip and never fished it
  215. graya

    Calstars, Shimano Talica 16II, Trinidad 40N, Torsa 30, Daiwa Saltiga 20Z, 30Z,30T,

    Luan has some nice set ups and is great fisherman it's been a pleasure to share the rail with him lets go get some cows at PV Luan
  216. graya

    Skull & Flames weave pattern

    Thank You Steve i Hope i can make the weave justice i will post a picture when I put it on my next rod
  217. graya

    Need Help with Blank Choice...

    phenix PHD809XH in 8' or 700XH in 7'
  218. graya

    What line do you prefer?

    i like thinner and softer lines i use softsteel ultra
  219. graya

    say goodbye to acid wrapped rods..

    Jigging master is been having these reels maybe like 4 years already
  220. graya

    Doc Ski Weave/Tool Holder

    Very nice your weaving skills are amazing
  221. graya


    that is 3 years old post
  222. graya

    Question about a rod build

    It's up to you if that's what you want a builder should build it to your specificatuions that's part of getting it custom I have a Phenix 869H with cork and love it been having for years and cork it looks good jaws blanks are thin and have similar actions as Phenix black diamods
  223. graya

    Shimano Tn o40n

    How many tribidads 40N you have Luan ? Shit I must be real sick I have one and still drooling on this one I also have avet HXJ raptor and penn torque 40NLD I need teraphy
  224. graya

    Shimano Tn o40n

    nice reel i paid 400 for mine and it didn't have the upgrades and 500 is a fair price if you look at the closest options avet HXJ Raptor or Penn torque 40 NLD
  225. graya

    Phenix Axis Rods FS : SOLD

    good pick up on the axis miguelito you will like that rod
  226. graya

    WTB 28 mm reel seat

    i got 2 aftco 4m which are around 30MM if interested let me know
  227. graya

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    If seeker won't fix it mud hole sells the guide it's pricy mud hole sell it for 56 or you could replace it with a pacbay guide for 36 acid rod sells the pacbay guides personally I can't stand those guide inserts pop out frames bend
  228. graya

    Rod spine question

    On this case I will acid wrap it since his Dad had done the work on the grips
  229. graya

    Rod spine question

    If you acid wrap it you will get a more stable rod anyways
  230. graya

    Custom Fishing Leather Work by Needle Crook (Jed)

    Got mine yesterday owsome craftsmanship very well made I got the sheaths and belt I couldn't be happier thanks Jed
  231. graya

    A Gift from Peter Funnel

    Those weaves are unreal great job Peter
  232. graya

    Guadalupe Permits

    pasa la mota paisa i wonder where you caught the wahoo in your avatar it must have been in a lake in boise id
  233. graya

    Batson Rod Kit RCJB84H or trade 4 troller

    Sent you a pm with pictures of a trolling rod
  234. graya

    Best rod to pair with Makaira 16 sea?

    Phenix PHD760 X2H kickass setup with the malaria 16
  235. graya

    Pro Wrap Thread

    I tríed prowrap metallics and if feels more stiff with a lot more memory
  236. graya

    One of ours need some support

    i will be there and hope god gives him the strength to fight hard and beat this disease it can be done with gods will my wife 12 years cancer free
  237. graya


    how much thread do you need ?
  238. graya

    WTB GUDEBROD THREAD BLACK 001 SIZE D this is bullard thread its very good just a little bit smaller than gudebrod how much did you need?
  239. graya

    WTB GUDEBROD THREAD BLACK 001 SIZE D this is bullard thread its very good just a little bit smaller than gudebrod how much did you need?
  240. graya

    Indy 16day from down under

    good luck on your trip i will follow your report my friend wants me to go with him next year on this trip but man 5 day to get there how many days out of the 16 you guys fish on this 16 day trips
  241. graya

    PSX-909-B and PHD-809XH guide question

    Phenix blanks are parabolic and if you will be fishing over the blank ratings more guides are needed I have wrapped the 809 with 10 guides plus tip and the 909 with 11 plus tip I usually ask my friends what kind of drag they will be fishing the rods and add guides as needed to keep line of the...
  242. graya

    <<<<Phenix Black Diamond 808MH>>> SOLD

    Nice wraps with custom rods every builders has his own versions of what a rasta rod should look like I have wrapped 2 themed rasta rods and both times I have done totally different wraps here are some pictures of my 2 rasta theme rods of all the Phenix rods I own the 808MH is my favorite I can...
  243. graya

    Pac Bay rod wrapper

    Check your belt tension and belt alignment
  244. graya

    Guide help for a CX76 Viper?

    John my forgrip is 18" and rear grip 14" but with the added extension on the rear grip I can move the whole rod forward and fish more confortable and apply more pressure on the fish
  245. graya

    Guide help for a CX76 Viper?

    That's funny Jonh but for my personal style of fishing I like 18" for grips and on my last build I did a 14" inch rear grip with an additional 7" extension for a total 21" rear grip with that length I was able to fish more confortable and I was able to put more pressure on the fish and you know...
  246. graya

    excel marco to make weave pattern

    I am interested please email it to me [email protected] thanks
  247. graya


    I am a hobby Rod builder been building my own rod for like 10 years now last time I paid to get a rod built like over 10 years ago I was paying between 300 to 450 depending on the type of rod the tackle shop I was getting my rods built had a chart with prices for each pace of the build like...
  248. graya

    Phenix PHD700X4H

    Nice marveling that blank is really nice on the big fish it recoils very fast
  249. graya


    Nice work Bill nice to see your getting more customers that know their fishing rods
  250. graya

    Super Seeker

    Always amazed at your work
  251. graya

    fresh daytime swordfish rod

    Your work is always so clean
  252. graya

    Doc Ski Tribute weave

    Very nice and deserving Doc is being an inspiration to many of us hobby and professional builders I have had the pleasure of fishing on a few of his chatters and admire his enthusiasm for his age he is a hardcore fisherman it's hard to keep up with him
  253. graya

    Re-Wrapping A Rod

    sometimes a professional rod wrapper that wraps for a living is going to charge you more if he is going to do the whole job or you can clean and prep the blank for him you will need to remove the old guides if they are in good condition they can be reused if you have cheaper guides this will be...
  254. graya

    Popping rod grip

    I saw Randy's name and thought that's strange and looked at the post date
  255. graya

    FS TRINI 16 and Custom Calstar Grafighter 700 XL

    First time ever I see turbo guides on a 15-20 pound rod bump for a heavy duty rod
  256. graya

    Tiagra 30 W (2 speed)

    Bump for a good seller
  257. graya

    Fuji MNSG Limit

    If you are building your own rods and you are not to conservative I will consider single feet guides for your ligther set ups I use micro guides on my inshore rods and never had a problem with them and they are so ligth see if you can see the little guides on my inshore Phenix 866 with micro...
  258. graya

    Fuji MNSG Limit

    You will do fine with mnsg's I have use them on my jigging rods and wahoo sticks applying well over 25 pounds of drag never had any problems with those guides as you can see on the video those spinning reels can put out 55 pounds of drag
  259. graya

    i need some advice on a phenix

    i would get the PHD700x2h or the PHD760x2h which are the hybrid version the psw make great bait rods and have a slower action i fish mostly phenix rods and i also have the same raptor reel and i fish 40-60 top shots on it and fish it on my PHD 760 or my Jig stick PHD929X2H this blanks are rated...
  260. graya

    SOLD...United Composites Blanks

    I still fish my my mega mag and predator old GUSA heard the new blanks are great again bump
  261. graya

    Phenix 660H and 660Xh

    The PHD700XH Which is the hybrid is more suited for what you want to do the psw are more of a live bait
  262. graya

    Phenix 660H and 660Xh

    The only rollers I would had consider for those blanks would have been aftco ligth weight roller but custom it's all about prefence and aplication
  263. graya

    Phenix 660H and 660Xh

    Those rods are to ligth for rollers i would only consider rollers for 100 and up rods even now day most anglers even for cow tuna have gone to rings
  264. graya

    Saltiga 30 Phenix phd700xh 30-80

    Glad you liked it get some jureles with it o unos toros
  265. graya

    Phenix Rod for Cows

    I Think there lots of preferences as to what people like some people like fast actions with fast recoils they can get the PHDX4H hybrid if your preference is slower recoil get the axis I have all 3 Phenix rods the hybrid and the 2 new axis custom acid wrapped with an extensions on the rear grips...
  266. graya

    Super Sardine Jig

    Cool looking jig where did you get that Jim?
  267. graya

    Saltiga 30 Phenix phd700xh 30-80

    Sale pendíng to Manuel
  268. graya

    Saltiga 30 Phenix phd700xh 30-80

    I Rather sell as a combo
  269. graya

    Saltiga 30 Phenix phd700xh 30-80

    Combo for sale nib saltiga 30 and a used cosmos wrapped Phenix 700xh hybrid asking 500 firm will ship at buyer expense around 25 will take pay pal gift pm or text me if interested 951 202-2971
  270. graya

    El Regalo

    Very nice build Bill did you print the decal or did you order it ?
  271. graya

    Phenix PHDX4H with training wheels (acid wrapped)

    Forgot to mention the tiger wrap being getting better results thanks to jimmy's and doc's technique I use part of each of their technjques
  272. graya

    Phenix PHDX4H with training wheels (acid wrapped)

    Some pictures of a Phenix PHDX4H rail rod I wrapped for my Puerto Vallarta trip on January I did an 18" forgrip I used 3M nonskid tape to cover what I used on the forgrip I also did an 12" inch rear grip with an extension to make it 18" inches total that extra length felt great I was able to...
  273. graya

    btg 90j guide questions

    If I was building that blank I would at least use BHNNG guides
  274. graya

    jaws rod jaws rod jaws rod

    Wish I could find buyers at that price i could build a dozen
  275. graya


    Looks really nice john
  276. graya

    Marbled Rainshadow...

    Outstanding like always
  277. graya

    graphite vs aluminum body

    You had your chance
  278. graya

    4 Sale: Custom Abyss 808 15-40

    Abyss rods have real nice action to toss the anchovies
  279. graya

    Surface and yoyo iron. One blank two purposes.

    Phenix black diamond 809H
  280. graya

    Need help with disaster! Epoxy won't dry!

    sent you a text Luan
  281. graya

    Penn TRQS 9

    those would be nice reels Allen
  282. graya

    Which guides for 20-30lb rod???

    If you build your own rods and you want low profile guides and you are going to use a low profile reel I would consider single feet guides I like #4 or 5 single feet micro guides on my Phenix 808MH 15-40 which I fish with 20-25 pound line and a curado 300EJ I started with an mnsg 16-12-10 double...
  283. graya

    Alps guide question

    pm Bill saltydawg on this board he can get them for you he is able to get those guides from batson if he doesnt have in stock
  284. graya

    WTB local tuna popping rod.

    Phenix also make great popping rods in the Titan and megadolon series check them out and thanks for the line
  285. graya

    Penn TRQS 9

    Pa arriba
  286. graya

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    Thanks for descriptions of the reels I think I will give penn a try
  287. graya

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    I currently looking at replacement for my talica and seriosly considering the penn 25NLD2 it feels ligth and very well made I just would like to know if they are smooth with the load of the fish as are the trinidads or talicas if any of you guys own both which one is smoother under load?
  288. graya

    Metaloid v. Fathom 25n 2speed

    As long as you buy in a usa store your still supporting American retail workers i work in manufacturing and the products we make here are sometimes made with foreign products or materials I like to fish with the most confortable reels and I will spend my money on the ones I like I own reels from...
  289. graya

    Avet sds ex 50

    Whats up Josh your selling all your big guns bump for some nice condition reel
  290. graya

    For sale or trade for nice 8 ft rod Avet sxj silver

    I also don't care what a buyer does with his purchase what bothers me is like when I sell something I always sell it for a fair price below its value and you still get people that want to low ball you on a a good price and then turn around and sell it people who buy and sell on this board...
  291. graya

    909xhj build recommendations

    If you like the the super heavy ulua your going to love the 929x2h more lifting power and half the weight I fish this rod with a trinidad 40N or with a avet hxj raptor another option that I like is the Titan popping blanks for wahoo and yellows it looks like you like to fish the way I do I like...
  292. graya

    Phenix 929X2H 40/100

    Thanks for the comments guys photos don't came out that good on my phone left my camara on the boat
  293. graya

    909xhj build recommendations

    If you could get your hands on a Phenix phd 929x2h rated 40-100 that would a better choice for wahoo it has a stiffer tip I just posted pictures of one I took to PV I own a psw and phd 9 footers and this model it's real fast perfect for wahoo and bigger tuna as for guides I used some Phenix...
  294. graya

    Phenix 929X2H 40/100

    Hi Bill yes it is 9'2" and I like the challenge of landing big fish on the long rods biggest fish on a jig stick so far is been a 60 pound bluefin and I fish mostly 8' rods so I am used to the longer rods and on your second ? Yes it's decals I was going to try a weave but didn't have the time
  295. graya

    Phenix 929X2H 40/100

    some pictures of my 2nd Bob Marley Rasta rod its a Phenix 929X2H beast of a jig stick did a troop tiger I don't do much tigers because I don't like how they usually come out but like these one all A thread paracord grip i took this rod to PV because I want to catch a tuna over 100 pounds on a...
  296. graya

    Penn TRQS 9

    Allen post it in 360tuna
  297. graya

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Muy buen video gracias por subirlo yo tengo un viaje de Tony reyes a finales de mayo me llevare unos poppers por si acaso los kieren atacar estaba mirando las cañas k estaban usando se mirar como shimanos y jigging Rods ese tipo de cañas son muy parabolicas y los jureles tienen más...
  298. graya

    Forecast "Easy Tight" Reel Seat & Heavy Old School Boat Guides

    ask saltydawg he carries the batson guides your looking for he might have the seats also
  299. graya

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    i like to catch my fish with jigs as much as possible it's more fun on my last trip to PV which it was very slow our best chances were early in the mornings before sunrise i got my fish on the JRI8 white glow in the dark my set up w consist of a talica 25 phenix x4h i like this combo with 35...
  300. graya

    Super Fishing Tacakle swap Meet sat. Feb. 21

    i guess i will see you next week at the swapmeet Nacho i will be there after work always good deals on jigs need to look for more dx's
  301. graya

    American madre tiburón sst30r

    I have for sale a Tiburon sst30 smart shift for sale asking 450 it has 100 solid spectra with room for short top shot only trades I would consider is Talica reels
  302. graya

    Penn TRQS 9

    I was with Allen on this trip he never even casted the reel once
  303. graya

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I have trinidad 40N avet hjx and Tiburon 8 I like the tiburon 8 best for wahoo fishing
  304. graya

    Apollo in PV

    Were all the nigth fish on jigs or did you get some with baits I am on the apollo on the 29 and want to be prepared with an assortment of jigs
  305. graya

    New build

    nice build check out the phenix popping rods for wahoo and yellows i really like the stiffer tip for wahoo
  306. graya

    is this to much to ask but can someone

    I will pm you the spacings I got in my 869H this evening its acid wrapped with 10 guides I got 10 guides on most of my 81/2 rods
  307. graya

    need someone to acid wrap for me

    If you don't find a builder I might be able to help you in a couple of weeks I am going fishing I usually just build for friends or trades for reels but since this is an acid wrapped I could do it i fish mostly acid wrapped rods
  308. graya

    Al Swearengen - 'Deadwood' Weave

    Simply amazing and the colors of the trim bands set the weave nicely
  309. graya


    look at the phenix titan popping blanks 2 piece that will make a sweet rod for uluas and half the weigth
  310. graya

    Phenix Rod for Cows

    if you need a 100 pound rod i would take a look at the axis series their HAX 720 X3H in my opinion is a perfect 100 pound stick for guys that think that phenix does not make stout enough blanks if they make their PHD 700 X5H into production you will be suprised i got a blank that i am currently...
  311. graya

    Phoenix Abyss PSX909 Guides

    Essex are Phenix rods guides you have to buy from them
  312. graya

    Madeira Garage Sale

    Thanks for posting I will stop by and check it out
  313. graya

    trade saltiga 15

    trade pending
  314. graya

    tuna cord handle

    check this one by gutstix
  315. graya

    Nice and simple cousins 909t

    It looks great and your bench is too clean I could see a lot of the wood
  316. graya

    tuna cord handle

    Look up gutstix he has posted some chevron cord handles
  317. graya

    trade saltiga 15

    I would rather trade for the above mentioned reels
  318. graya

    trade saltiga 15

    Pictures added
  319. graya

    wtb shimano flat fall jigs

    eBay search fishingcomfort
  320. graya

    wtb shimano flat fall jigs

    I got some from fishing comfort 4 for 30
  321. graya

    trade saltiga 15

    The saltiga 15 is real hard to find I see less and less of them on the boards
  322. graya

    trade saltiga 15

    i would like to trade my saltiga 15 7-10 cosmetics just serviced by reel speed the only trades i am looking for are trinidad 40N or avet HXJ raptor or maybe a tallica 12ii nothing else if you got one and want to trade let me know i will post pictures tomorrow
  323. graya

    Calstar factory colors

    i seen some spools at the long fin you should give them a call and see if they still have some i will stop by on saturday and if they have some i could get one for you
  324. graya

    Opening in the apollo

    It does not include airfare trip is for limited to 12 persons
  325. graya

    Opening in the apollo

    Photo of recent trip
  326. graya

    Opening in the apollo

    I have an upcoming trip on the Apollo fishing for a 3 1/2 days trip leaves Puerto Vallarta on 1 -29-2015 the chatter master told me he had a guy drop out so there is a opening if intrested text me for more info 951 202-2971 the trip is been charted by Jeff of Phenix rods The price is 1375
  327. graya

    1 opening on the Apollo

    I have an upcoming trip on the Apollo fishing for a 3 1/2 days trip leaves Puerto Vallarta on 1 -29-2015 the chatter master told me he had a guy drop out so there is a opening if intrested text me for more info 951 202-2971 the trip is been charted by Jeff of Phenix rods the price is 1375
  328. graya

    12' 2 pc marble 4-10oz shark surf rod

    amazing your work is so clean
  329. graya

    YOYO rod

    For most people that like the shorter rods the 700xh hybrid will work fine I prefer the longer rods I find myself using my 809xh hybrid even for yo yoing but that it's just me I fish mostly Phenix rods I will either fish the 8's or the Titan jigging blanks for vertical jigging and yo yoing
  330. graya

    Yellowtail and Wahoo jig stick

    you might want to take a look at the PSW-909XHJ-B9'30-80 a little more back bone
  331. graya

    Guide question

    there are lots of variables that could causes the cracking to hard of a finish only one over wrap not enough tension or to much tension i always triple wrap my rods and dont see any cracking what i do on my first overwrap i put a light coat of finish and when it dries i put a bend on the rod...
  332. graya

    Some of my latest weaves and spiral wrap method

    nice work never seen that weaving jig home made?
  333. graya

    Phenix Ultra MBX-S 706M

    Very nice work Jimmy that tiger has some great movement
  334. graya

    Rail Buddy

    I am currently working on a rod that I will try and add an extension on the butt of the rod I will screw in a T so I can sit on it I will try it on my upcoming trip to PV will post pictures once I am done have a few ideas I have a bad knee so I been thinking how to make my self a seat
  335. graya

    F/S Talica 8, 10ii, 12ii

    This is bloody decks there is lots of low ballers but then there some That want to be king of low ballers you know who you are? May be it will help a little if seller post the low ballers offers
  336. graya

    United Composites Vipers and Raptors

    50 for charkbait plus you other customers your a beat wrapping rods Bill it takes me weeks to wrap one
  337. graya

    Cross wrap identification

    it looks like outs and outs pattern it's on billys book time consuming hope who ever wants it is willing to pay for your time
  338. graya

    lReel Seat Question

    nice video John on the acid wrap and jigging rod
  339. graya

    paracord handle experiment

    looks very nice i was thinking about the same type of grip for a hybrid build i have on the same blank what are the dates on your customers trip i am on the 29 for a 3 1/2 day hopefully we are on the same trip and can see how the rod handles on the rail
  340. graya

    lReel Seat Question

    to me most of the time is preference i like the good stuff and aluminum always look more cool i love the alps seats but if you are targeting big fish where you will be applying lots of drag go with the aluminum if you are targeting smaller fish you can go with graphite and if you want to make a...
  341. graya

    Phenix Axis Heavy Blanks

    blank diameters are bigger and weight more than the hybrids but not as much as a seeker or calstar and the action seems faster on the axis blanks i am in the process of building my self a rail rod on the hax-720x4h-7'2" 80-200 i have the hybrid version the 3xh and 4xh and this new blanks feel...
  342. graya

    Blackhole Challenger 731H

    I like the butt wrap you always make really nice use of the colors
  343. graya

    Shimano First 40lb Set Up

    I have both tallicas and trinidads A's and it all depends on what you like is nice to have the 2 speed option on fish over 100 pounds and it all depends on your stile of fishing I dont have the patience to grind on low gear I am a pump and wind fisherman and the high speed makes me get more line...
  344. graya

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    Thanks for your great reports they are very informative and some of your techniques make a lot of sense and i will keep then in mind for future trips I like the fact that you are not afraid to try new stuff and fishing techniques
  345. graya


    Very colorful like it
  346. graya

    Reels for sale

    Black Friday bump
  347. graya

    Reels for sale

    bump 150 for the accurate 665 it has some spectra also 65 pound spectra almost 3/4 of the spool
  348. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    i will post one tomorrow
  349. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    bump and no i wont take 50 for it
  350. graya

    Reels for sale

    Sent You a text few short bites at this price reel still available
  351. graya

    Calstar GF765M 40-100 double stripper

    take a look at the first picture first guide is a big foot roller guide stripper and second guide is the regular stripper this was done to keep the line higher of the blank soon at cosmos started this then seeker copied and did it on their production rods
  352. graya

    Reels for sale

    Luna's and Trinidad sold accurate still available who wants it for 150
  353. graya

    best acid wrap for jigstick?

    I like to go 0-60-120 and the rest 180 I use the same guides as if was a conventional
  354. graya

    Calstar GF765M 40-100 double stripper

    175 any body needs 80 pound dropper loop bait or trolling
  355. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    it's 3M non skid tape rod was wrapped at save on tackle
  356. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    it's rated 10-25 capable of getting big fish on it
  357. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    price reduce 100 takes it
  358. graya

    Reels for sale

    lunas sold trinidad and accurate still available
  359. graya

    Reels for sale

    all reels are pending funds i will update if buyers back out
  360. graya

    Re : Bullard international

    I had the pleasure of meeting Silvia at the Pasadena show and at the Fred hall show really great people and the service and products they have are second to none hopefully somedody can bring their products back
  361. graya

    Super seeker and pac bay

    Super seeker clbf 708 custom acid wrapped sell for 125 Pacbay glass rod 7" nice 20 stick for girlfriend daughter or wife wrapped with rose buttwrap and purple guide wraps sell for 100
  362. graya

    Custom calstar 800xl with rollers

    Custom calstar 800xl rated 10-25 with reel seat and aftco light rollers sell for 100
  363. graya

    Calstar GF765M 40-100 double stripper

    used on one trip calstar 765m it has double stripper with all American rollers sell for 200 ship on your dime pay pal gift or can meet between Fontana and Irvine for pick up price drop 175
  364. graya

    Reels for sale

    accurate 665H poder model with magnum upgrades sell for 150 hardly used has 3/4 of spool with spectra Shimano Trinidad 30 sell 200 sold Daiwa Luna 253 sell 125 sold Daiwa Luna 203 sell 125 sold I can take paypal gift and ship for 8.00 more
  365. graya

    Shimano Tranx PG Combo

    Very good price on the combo
  366. graya

    FS Talica 12 ii, Saltist 40 LD 2 speed & Saltist 20 Levelwind

    very tempting on the price of the tallica
  367. graya

    Alps upgrade chuck problem

    cut pieces of cork tape and glue it to the jaws of the chuck
  368. graya

    TEREZ Customs (or how a rod builder can fish factory rods)

    Bill llo pescaría con esas cañas cualqier día de la semana los colores son mis favoritos y la secuencia se mira de mucha categoría me diste ideas para mi siguiente caña estupendo trabajo
  369. graya

    Has anyone fished the Success in PV?

    I will be fishing the apollo on January and hopefully they can process the fish i have fished with Jodie a few times
  370. graya

    Question about custom rods

    Why not order from a rod builder made to your specsifications grip lengths and choice of guides reel seat colors that is what a custom rod should be
  371. graya

    Splitting hairs

    I use the hot melt on lighter rods because of the thin diameter 5 minute epoxy requires a little more heat and those thin diameters can be compromised because of the heat required to removed them
  372. graya

    Splitting hairs

    5 minute epoxy for most salt water rods 30 lbs and over inshore and fresh water rods sometimes i use the hot melt glue
  373. graya

    Accurate shimano reels for sale

    Trinidad 30 and accurate 665 still available
  374. graya

    WTB rod. 9ft

    Yes it's a curado s
  375. graya

    WTB rod. 9ft

    Take a look at Phenix psw 907 the blank or rod if You want it lighter have it custom made with single feet guides I built mine with micro guides this is what I can catch with it
  376. graya

    Need Phenix guide help

    Muy be i am wrong but I was told by their designer they were switching back to Fuji because of the problem with rings poping out I see on their site only black diamond and the fresh water bass rods use still some alps everything else is Fuji guides
  377. graya

    Need Phenix guide help

    Phenix doesn't use alps on their rods they use Fuji because of the problem with the rings poping out on the alps guides I build my own rods and fish mostly Phenix rods and have a few rods with alps guides I have had a couple of failures with alps tips what I have noticed is that they are more...
  378. graya

    Need Phenix guide help

    Essex guides Phenix carries them and most of the time they use ring size 8 on most saltwater rods if you know your guides your are ok make sure your rods have alps when they started they used alps later they went back to Fuji
  379. graya

    Discolorerd Threads

    also if you thread tension is not tight and you leave little gap on the under wraps more cp can accumulate there what i do is do underwraps 2 lite coats cp wait at least 24 apply one lite coat of finish wrap guide apply cp wait 24 apply finish but i am just a hobby builder so i am not under...
  380. graya

    Discolorerd Threads

    I would leave at least on day with the color preserver before applying the finish also make sure you have proper tension on your thread
  381. graya

    Accurate shimano reels for sale

    Sorry no trades I could ship it your place for 190
  382. graya

    Phenix Hybrid 700xh - Greenie - $285, prefer trade for listed rods

    Never seen a green hybrid my self only black diamond blanks
  383. graya

    Accurate shimano reels for sale

    calcutta and accurate 270 sold
  384. graya

    Accurate shimano reels for sale

    270 sold calcutta 400 sale pending 870 on hold pending all 3 accurates were serviced by accurate last year and have not been used the Calcutta 400 TE was serviced by shimano last month the Trinidad I got in a trade I was told it has the cal sheets drag plate spins good and the drag feel...
  385. graya

    Line, Leaders, and Spooler

    How old is the jinkai line? I am only interested in the jinkai line if you separate let me know
  386. graya

    NEW Custom Built Phenix PSX-907 RARE GOLD Version SOLD!!!

    very nice color to complement the blank nice blank and rare color i was lucky to grab one of those gold blanks and 8'6 version that did't make the production i was going to comment on my iphone but it acted crazy
  387. graya

    Jigging blanks for rod building newbie

    for inexpensive and value i would go with batson jigging blanks but their 7'' are a little more heavier than what you looking for and the phenix or any true jigging blanks are more often 6'' and under i would try and rebuild the ones you have as practice and once your happy with the results buy...
  388. graya

    B&W Tiger

    Holy shit that's the most detailed weave I have ever seen
  389. graya

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    Nice work jimmy
  390. graya

    Anyone got an extra alcohol lamp cap?

    I use a but cap on mine if you don't cover it the alcohol evaporates
  391. graya

    WTB Phenix Inshore Hybrid

    Good luck shipping will be expensive on the long rods
  392. graya

    Need help: blank recommendation for vertical jigging

    I would take a look at Phenix psw 909xhj 30-80 the black diamonds they are more parabolic or if you would like a faster action more stiff tip take a look at the phd 929h
  393. graya

    Sticky flex coat

    also when you measure i usually do at least 2cc of each even if i only need 1 when you mix more there is more room for forgiveness and you wont get the tackiness on the finish only time i had that problem was when i didn't measure right or i tried to mix to little i have used finish that is like...
  394. graya

    Sticky flex coat

    Make sure You have your measurements even I use seringes to measure just mix one more batch of epoxy and apply over the tacky one
  395. graya

    Shimano Trinidad 14a or 16Na

    i like the 16NA more narrow it cast great and it does double duty as my jigging reel love it same line capacity as the 14 in a narrow version
  396. graya

    where to buy alchohol torch in OC?

    try the longfin seen some rod building supplies there or call them
  397. graya

    Freebie weave Pattern

    Thanks Steve was hoping it was the skull and flames I wouldn't mind paying for it that is a sick weave
  398. graya

    Wtb calstar 700xl

    How much do you want to pay for it?
  399. graya

    Getting Reels Filled in SD

    Some times you don't get the service you expect from tackle shops on my last trip from San diego I had a brand new tranx I took to Fishermans landing to load some of my own spectra this is how I got my reel back the guy spooling the line had his mind somewhere else and he told me my reel was...
  400. graya

    Rewrap question...

    Not if you can salvage some of the components and do all of the stripping yourself for a rod builder working for money it's easier to make a rod from scratch but if you're willing to pay it can be done other wise sell the rod and use the funds for the new rod
  401. graya

    Rewrap question...

    Not if you can salvage some of the components and do all of the stripping yourself for a rod builder working for money it's easier to make a rod from scratch but if you're willing to pay it can be done other wise sell the rod and use the funds for the new rod
  402. graya

    Wtb 7ft 10-25

    I don't get buyers at bloody decks usually a custom rod will have better components than a factory wrapped rod most customs will have a better guide spacings and way better components and are usually triple wrapped vs a double factory wrap just saying
  403. graya

    Seeker 15-24Kg Bent Butt Stroker

    very very clean job
  404. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    Owen are you trying to be a comedian :D
  405. graya

    Bart Simpson/Skateboard # 2 Weave

    I am always amazed at your work very clean
  406. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    here are some of the inshore phenix psw866L even Doc has fished the acid wrapped he borrowed this rod on a fishing trip to catch some calicos i still have not wrap his acid rod to compare to his conventional phenix same model i will get on it Doc
  407. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    the only rolling i even have issue with is on lighter rods while trying to power crank on a wide reel but as for rod twist in my hand while pulling on a fish. i truely believe if you have the spline lined up right and your guides placed right ( im NOT a fan of little short guides at all) you...
  408. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    I don't think you could ever produce a 100% stable conventional rod as long as you use a round blank it doesn't matter which company you use unless you build on a square or rectangular blank like you said you could try and I agree that using lower frame guides will make the rod more stable but...
  409. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    i see the point of where an acid rod could be dangerous when passing over the head of another angler but like Bill said if people do not have the strength to pass it over other peoples head with out hitting them they shouldn't be fishing for cows. as far as the deckhands not liking acid wrapped...
  410. graya

    Rookie Mistake

    I acid wrap most of my personal rods from inshore to tuna rods and I like to fish sometimes inshore rods on heavier fish it's more fun and challenging and when I do this the acid wrapped rods are more stable as a rod builder you get to experiment more for example I fished my Phenix psw866L with...
  411. graya

    wtb Trinidad 14a

    Just post how much you want to pay if a seller wants to sell at your price they will contact you
  412. graya

    Shimano Shimano 300ej what can this reel do

    This what I use it got 2 tuna on a Phenix bass rod this Sunday at Clemente
  413. graya

    WTB Shikari 909

    i have one with light weight rollers if you are interested
  414. graya

    Phenix TJX602LB

    Very nice colors Jon and you got the marveling downr
  415. graya

    Batson Knife Jigging Build

    Nice video the action on the blank seems similar to the jigging master here a pic of my 350 gram jigging master this blanks are real thin for sure but are strong but pricy for the money the rainshadows look good I will have to try one on this picture I am lifting 20 pounds
  416. graya

    Batson Knife Jigging Build

    Nice build how is the action on the rainshadow compared to the jigging master blanks are they also parabolic I like to use my 350 gram jigging master for jigging and yoyo so far I been lucky had my share of yellows on it I also go 16 to 17 on the rear grips it's comfortable to put the rod under...
  417. graya

    necesito informacion

    La pesca de jurel es muy buena especialmente con cúricanes pesados me gustan los salas 6jr la pesca con carnada es buena y hay muchos calicós yo pesco con carretes de alta velocidad como el Trinidad con una vara de 7' con línea de 40 o 50
  418. graya

    Calstars and Jiggin Master Rods for SALE- No Trades.

    He lives on Rowland heights california
  419. graya

    Well...wish me luck guys :)

    best of luck Jon wish you the best
  420. graya

    Notice to PicToWeave users

    Owen you have always been cordial to me with all my computer crashes recently I think 2 weeks ago I had a hard drive crash and I downloaded the newest version and I did have a a pop up screen with a invalid class type cast I am running windows 7 and I also have it on my lap top with windows xp...
  421. graya

    Breaking News, Another Rod Building Distributor Lost

    Good luck on your new ventures Jon
  422. graya

    WTB: Jigging rod acid/spiral wrapped 350-400 gm

    I usually don't use the clamp with with rods with reel seats but the way I fish this rods it doesn't interfere unless you have huge fingers I usually just use one finger on the trigger and it never reaches the bottom of the reel clamp
  423. graya

    WTB: Jigging rod acid/spiral wrapped 350-400 gm

    Here a picture to show what this thin blanks are capable of this a pic with a 20 pound pick up not just fishing drag
  424. graya

    WTB: Jigging rod acid/spiral wrapped 350-400 gm

    I have a custom I wrapped my self with top components on a jigging master blank if your interested here are some pictures
  425. graya


    Hi Josh nice White Sea bass what was the weight on it?
  426. graya

    Wtb phenix

    Were they made under the new owners or the old ones the old owners used shikari and Calstar blanks and other companies blanks and added their Phenix logo on them also before the black diamonds were released their first run of prototypes had some wierd numbering I will look I still have a few...
  427. graya

    Wtb phenix

    I fish mostly Phenix blanks I build my own rods and sometimes I field test Phenix blanks but never seen those model #s they have 5 10"" models 3 in the Abbys series and 2 in the black diamond series and they start with 1007- 1009
  428. graya

    Wtb phenix

    Must be new never heard of those rods or blanks
  429. graya

    Phenix 868H by COSMOS

    I usually fish mine with a saltiga 15
  430. graya

    Need help please with guides

    And HBSG's on their heavier rods
  431. graya

    Two Phenix just off the dryer

    really nice work i like the the red black and gold cross wrap
  432. graya

    Rebuilding Old Glory

    I think he used holland thread it's hard to find I got some from Glen's tackle but i think he closed his shop Doc may have some
  433. graya

    Phenix 868H by COSMOS

    when it comes to custom rods people on this board are cheap for some reason people must think custom rods are inferior to factory rods and usually custom rods have better components than factory rods i would be ashamed to offer such a low ball offer on a rod like this cosmos does great work he...
  434. graya

    Trinidad 40N

    I was using the 16 and 20
  435. graya

    Blanks help..

    i used to fish gusa and your probably need a 80mag and if you like thin and light you could look at a phenix psw 808mh this phenix rod is one of the most versatiles blanks
  436. graya

    Spooling spectra

    Yes the guy that spooled the line looked scared I told him how could you do this on a level wind reel I usually spool my own reels on a home made fixture I made but that day I didn't have time so I just grabbed my spool of spectra and said they could do it at the landing what a big mistake
  437. graya

    Trinidad 40N

    I love my Trinidad's for just about every thing except wahoo fishing I fished the Trinidad's on wahoo and it was harder to get the hooks home once bitten on the other hand with my tiburons it was so easy the reel went into low gear and drove the hooks into the wahoos mouth much faster and my...
  438. graya

    Two rods of four honoring a fallen fisherman

    Very nice builds john even I will feel proud to fish those colors
  439. graya

    Spooling spectra

    The guy that spooled the spectra tried to tell me that the reel was already like that and all they said there is no charge for spooling the spectra and tried to give me a free top shot of my choosing which I refused just a heads up take a quick phone picture of your reels just in case they...
  440. graya

    Spooling spectra

    I saw the thread with free line spooled at turners just a warning when you take your reels to get spooled I took a brand new tranx to Fishermans landing this wensday to get spooled with my own spectra when I picked up it was all scratched up man I was pissed by the lack of attention this guy put...
  441. graya

    Talica 10 vs Avet Jx

    i don't own avets but have fished the older avet models and when hooked to a good fish the handle got hard to crank on the other hand shimanos feel so smooth i own a few tallicas and trinidads and i like the smoothness of the shimano
  442. graya

    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    i was on my first tony reyes last year in october and i am hooked on cabrilla fishing and yo yo fishing for yelllow down there is fun they got some shoulders i went on a phenix 12 day trip this year we are going on a 9 day in november i got a date with those groupers
  443. graya

    Trinidad 40N

    To me personally I like the Tiburon 8 for wahoo faster gear ratio on the high and when you get bit the low gear kicks in automatically and drive the hooks home into the wahoo's jaw I like the Trinidad's for yo yo fishing for yellows or surface iron
  444. graya

    Trinidad 40N

    Want to trade for a saltiga 15?
  445. graya


    Ouch I would take the guides of and put a good bend on the blanks before I consider rewrapping
  446. graya

    WTB: phenix PHD blank 760x2H

    What happened no more factory wrapped? I tell you there is nothing like a custom wrapped rod made to your fishing style I made me a rod on that blank and love it solid 80 lbs blank
  447. graya

    Red Devil Weave

    Nice weave it looks evil
  448. graya

    10ft red,black, and pearl marbled unlimited shark rod

    Nice build imagine a cow tuna on a jig stick
  449. graya

    Tony Reyes Charter's

    I was lucky I am on a 9 day in November but I would love to fish in May June I just had my first tony Reyes trip last year and love it cabrilla fishing is my new favorite type of fishing and fish pull harder in the sea of cortez
  450. graya

    Just about finished....

    very nice closed cross wrap i gotta get off my butt and start building again seen work like this gives me some inspiration
  451. graya

    building a 900M how long of tuna cord

    I do mine 28- 30 8' usually 28 9' and 10' footers usually 30
  452. graya

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    I usually take around 8 set ups and most of the time end up using only 2 or 3 but I feel prepared for having them handy just in case I need them
  453. graya

    Absolutley Nothing to do with rod building - Please Read.

    Hope you get better soon Doc because many rod blanks and fish are waiting for you
  454. graya

    WTB Megamag Rod

    I have a 85 megamag acid wrapped
  455. graya

    Seeker 196-7 question

    John i once did a 8' shikari conventional and i had to use 11 guides and it's one of my favorite rods it loads real nice with fish on it.
  456. graya

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    phenix 806L or 807ML inshore assassins for the 253 and 809H for the accurate
  457. graya

    30-40lb Phenix Rod

    Hybrids are heavier than the black diamonds but way lighter than cal star and super seekers you should spot by a Phenix booth and pull on a hybrid and don't be afraid to pull I get a laugh on when people are trying to break one at the shows Phenix rods are thinner and lighter than most rods out...
  458. graya

    Phenix 809H-XF or United Composites US 76HP Blanks for Custom Build

    is the 760H and 809H the PSW black diamond or the PHD hybrid versions if you like faster action i would go with the Hybrids and i would look into the XH versions rated 30-80 i fish mostly phenix blanks and i like the black diamonds actions better they are more parabolic but they wont bottom out...
  459. graya

    My paisa rod

    This a Phenix popping rod I made for poppers it worked great for cabrilla fishing in San Felipe last year it's made with Bullard metallics and k guides on a Phenix blank TPX 800H rated 40-130
  460. graya

    phenix question

    Psw's make great surface iron rods but I thik they have a softer tip Phenix hybrids make really nice wahoo stick because of their faster action
  461. graya

    New Custom Wrapped Calstar 765XL For Sale

    Really nice work and cross wrap but this is bloody decks and and some people here think that custom work is cheaper than factory they rather have a factory double wrapped rod than a triple wrapped rod good luck on the sale I used to fish the same rod and it was one of the best Caltar blanks
  462. graya

    toray carbon technology/ fishing rod blanks

    some of phenix blanks are made with torray like the black dimonds series and abbys they are light and thins and very strong jet sensitive
  463. graya

    Blanks in OC/LA

    save on tackle in santa fe springs they carry phenix calstar and seeker and a few others
  464. graya

    Passing the torch to Bill Havens

    Best of luck to the both of you I know Bill will honor your uncles memory cause he is a great builder and human being
  465. graya

    Bone head mistake. Is it a big deal?

    I do all my rods with the down locking reel seats I don't like the feel of the the threaded reel seat on my hand and doing them this way they become less loose this way
  466. graya

    For sale Shimano 40N & GUSA Predator

    Killer set up great yo yo set up for yellows also
  467. graya

    GutStix RailRod Prototype #2

    Very nice cord work and the butt wrap is flawless I like the transision from the end of the cord to the beginning of the but wrap but a rail rod on a 30 pound rod why?
  468. graya

    Is there any reason to use size C/D thread?

    I use mostly A for guide wraps and every thing else I like how A looks and you get a thinner wrap I sometimes use C on heavy roller guides as it goes up the feet better I then ad a thin coat of finish and then finish the top wrap with A for buttwraps I use mostly maidiera and a thread
  469. graya

    WTB: trinidad 16a NiB

    just post how much you want to pay and see if sellers got what you want at a discounted price
  470. graya

    WTB Talica 12 or 16

    I wander why people post I want to buy or looking for a rod or reel and when people offers them good deals they go still looking for a better deal why waste peoples time they should post I am looking for this type of reel or rod and I am only willing to pay this much most people that sell on...
  471. graya

    WTB Tiburon SST's

    love my 7540 and my 8 for wahoo and 30 for tuna
  472. graya

    Cork tape replacement

    it looks like there is no glue or epoxy on the turkshead so maybe you could loosen it a little and then replace the cork and bring back the turkhead into position and tighten up again
  473. graya

    Moving back east... need to sell my CUSTOM Phenix PSW 966L

    that's a sweet rod i wrapped that rod for my friend Nacho. Nacho you want to bring the herd back
  474. graya

    Guide wrap advice

    it all depends up to you how you like your base wraps short or long i also take into account if is a bass rod i keep them short on regular salt water rods i go around 9mm on each end of the guide your make the decision less weight shorter base wraps
  475. graya

    Big Cat Weave

    Amazing just to think of all the detail in this weave i would pull my hair out very very nice and tight Peter
  476. graya

    Making a popping rod for air travel

    You said popping rod most popping rods have a stiff tip real fast action you also mention you want to be able to cast chovies with it those are to different action rods if i was to cast chovies i would be looking at a bait stick with a soft tip if you can't find and american made blank phenix...
  477. graya

    The Tempest

    Very nice Jimmy looks very classy
  478. graya

    New Phenix Model Rod Axis??

    They are not the same they have a different blends of materials which make them lighter seeker calstars they also make different lines using different materials i see your point that they are not american made but they are also supporting the tackle shops and the workers that work on those shops...
  479. graya

    CalStar 875H...Urushi

    That white and blue pops nice work
  480. graya

    Seeker Hercules 80XH

    Nice work jonh i got to get back into cross wraps
  481. graya

    Looking to buy Trinidad 20a......

    I been waiting for months they don't show up often
  482. graya

    New Phenix Model Rod Axis??

    i been fishing for a while and i seen a few rods break from the top major rod companies and most of the time it has been operator error and mishandling of the rod you said on your POS thread that you had caught big fish on the rod that it snapped it's hard to believe your 809xh broke the way you...
  483. graya

    Double footed guides for swimbait/rockfish blank...???

    some of my favorite rod have a combination of double and single footed guides i like the action with the single footed guides and i even use micro guides for my calico inshore rod so far i have not had any problems with them if you were building commercially for other people then you will think...
  484. graya

    Marks on Phoenix PHD 700XH Matrix Blank

    it looks like that blank was not completely sanded but there is noting wrong as far as the structure of the blankan they make the hybrids in 2 versions sanded and unsanded the unsanded ones look cool when you apply finish they look like scales and they are stronger
  485. graya

    Wtb: 8 foot chovy rod

    To bad you just like factory rods i got a shikari BT 8020 shikari BB804 shikari BB805 shikari 866 phenix psw806 l
  486. graya

    Help. What kind of phenix is this?

    you could try and give phenix a call they would be able to tell you but they are not black diamond or hybrid blanks
  487. graya

    New Phenix Model Rod Axis??

    Yes i forgot to ask Jeff at the phenix booth if they they have blanks in stock all i saw were factory rods this rods look and bend more like the traditional west coast style tuna rods
  488. graya

    New Phenix Model Rod Axis??

    They had them at the fred hall and i saw the again at the pcs show those blue blanks look nice they have a nice bend not as fast as the hybrids more like a calstar seeker bend but not as heavy in weigth
  489. graya

    Sneak Peek at my next Gaff

    mas vale k la des el 16 de septiembre VIVA MEXICO hope you give it away on the 16 of septmber why did i see this now i got to put it on my next paisa rod i build for myself
  490. graya

    Phenix 809XHJ

    very nice work Luan i got a rod i am going to do a basket weave hope to see it on the tony reyes trip
  491. graya

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    Thats my point why you pay a mechanic or doctor or lawyer the price they charge or why get paid the money we do at work if in the eyes of our employers we are not worth it i just respect others people work
  492. graya

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    I am just a hobby builder and a slow one at it and one of the reasons i dont like to build for others is i dont like to do the work for less than what i make at my real job and i respect other rod builders work if they believe their work it worth that much is up to the custumer if they want to...
  493. graya

    Blackest Black

    here you go Bill made this video i have to build me one of these
  494. graya

    POS Phoenix Hybrid series

    Was the rod broken at the guide feet? Did the rod had a under wraps were the guides preped rigth were the guides placed properly with the load properly placed these are questions you and your rod wraper should look on your next build also you should pull hard on a blank before you buy it i pull...
  495. graya

    POS Phoenix Hybrid series

    First time i heard one brake in half specially on a 5 pound tuna i have caught tuna up to 30 pounds on my phenix inshore rods it would make sense if it broke a few inches from the tip i seen that happened when a rod is high sticked post a picture i would like too see that i fish mostly phenix...
  496. graya

    More thinning the herd, Madera thread set For Sale SOLD

    Pm your paypal address i will send you the funds
  497. graya

    Need expert help 1 more time!!!:)

    Take a look at under cork grips maybe your talking burl cork or rubberized cork
  498. graya

    More thinning the herd, Madera thread set For Sale SOLD

    Are you including the chest also? I am intrested in the chest
  499. graya

    Builder help please?

    jigging and bombs different applications i like jigging rods to be more parabolic i would look into the phenix titan popping blanks for throwing bombs and poppers you could use it for bombs for wahoo and poppers for tuna this blanks have a more stiff tip for the bombs and you could use it for...
  500. graya

    Builder help please?

    it's going to close depending where you want the seat you may have to drill the ID a little i have done it in the past on a build i did
  501. graya

    La aventura de la pesca de Big Jim con los pasajeros y la tripulación del barco de la Independencia

    Muy buena suerre y k agarres muchas vacas grandes es algo Raro venir del sur para regresarte al sur
  502. graya

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Phenix has a great line of jigging rods in their titan series between 5'6 and 6'' feet those blanks are so thin and ligth they are perfect for jigging i love them so much i have wrapped myself 5 rods acid wrapped 150 to 500 grams to cover different weigth jigs i would never go back to the old...
  503. graya

    looking for thread

    i was at the long fin two weeks ago and they still have a few spools of electra colors
  504. graya

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    I like fishing the jigging rods better than the conventional 7er's i like the parabolic action and the way they load when you hook a fish i fish mine with a trinidad 16a or accurate 870N
  505. graya

    Couple of grip and guide selection questions...

    You can shape the hypalon down with a file and sand paper a far as guides go I will stick with Fuji I had a few rings on alps guides pop out
  506. graya

    How to's

    i usually order 2 extra guides i usually overfish the line ratings on the phenix rods i build and adding 1 or 2 extra guides gives me a better line path and i can overfish the line rating with out flat spots or the line touching the blank it's always better to order extra guides if you dont use...
  507. graya

    I need some reel seat recommendations for my jigging rod builds

    when the rod bends you could feel the rod bend but as you can see the angle at the reel seat is almost 0 so the there is no bending there and you still got the arbors and epoxy in this case the rod it's a jigging master i still had to put almost 1/4 inch worth of arbors and with the expoxy or...
  508. graya

    I need some reel seat recommendations for my jigging rod builds

    On those test Billy is doing he does not have a reel seat on the rod here is picture of a jigging master I built with a alps aluminum seat
  509. graya

    I need some reel seat recommendations for my jigging rod builds

    Most jigging rods are real thin and require arbors plus plenty epoxy or rod bond so I think aluminum reel seats are ok as long as they don't sit real close to the blank or on the blank it self I have some jigging rods that are very parabolic and bend all the way Down to the real seat and so far...
  510. graya

    Single Or Double Guide Wraps ?

    I triple wrap all my rods even inshore rods with micro-guides as a hobby rod builder I like to have peace of mind of having the guides triple wrapped so I can pull as hard as I can knowing the guides will hold as a hobby builder we have the time to do it right we are not doing it for the money...
  511. graya

    Thread Carriage

    i made my own helps to be a die maker i also made some modifications to my clemens
  512. graya

    Hey thread junkies

    i think i am going to see it next month at the fred hall show in long beach
  513. graya

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    i am just a hobby rod builder that builds for myself and closed friends or sometimes for trades but what i see a lot of people think that a custom rod is cheaper than a factory rod to get you and idea look at factory priced rods and expect to pay a little more for a custom
  514. graya

    Low Down Custom Rods...???

    i like to build my rods with the best quality and if it's american build it would be better and if is made in another country i am still buying in it in an american retailer store in today economy usa companies cant compete with other countries. think about this why do we fish other countries...
  515. graya

    Pink 700XL

    very nice work as usual Jim thanks for posting you game some ideas for my daughter's next rod. s
  516. graya

    Recent builds...

    very nice work i really like your cross wraps and your color selection
  517. graya

    For sale custom Gf 100 j calstar

    very good price good luck on the sale can't even buy the components to make a rod like this for 250 plus all the custom work.
  518. graya

    Blank Suggestion For Huge Swimbaits?

    take a look at the phenix popping line up the titan or the megadelon they are ligth and thin with monster back bone
  519. graya

    Calstar 100J makeover

    real nice work i bet you enjoy working with silver and black:D
  520. graya

    Kurt Cobain Weave

    really nice i made pattern myself of kurt in pic to weave i just hope the day i wrap it it comes half as good as yours your work is always a pleasure to see
  521. graya

    Rainshadow RCLB70XL

    those colors in the tiger really roar
  522. graya

    SUper Seeker

    i really like your style your choice of colors is always outstanding
  523. graya


    count me in i would like to get my hands on some
  524. graya

    turks head jig confusiion.

    with the aluminum jig you start on top let say #1 top and then go over to #2 bottom go on the outside of #2 pin and then to the corresponding # on top and then bottom again and so on and remember the O stands out for over and the U for under like for example when you go from the bottom to the...
  525. graya

    Wtb: excellent condition talica 10 2 speed

    i got one i will be willing to trade for a trinidad 20A
  526. graya


    se miran muy bien hiciste un exellente trabajo Bill
  527. graya

    Question for Rebuild rods

    if this was your first wrap i would leave it as is if you keep building and get better it always brings memories of the first build when you see it and you can see how much progress you have made over the years. if you want to rewrap in the same place where the guides are now you dont need to...
  528. graya

    Phenix 809h & jigs??

    that's a real nice set up i fish long rods most of the time and phenix makes some real nice jig sticks if you planing on getting another rod take a look at the hybrid version the 809xh 30-80 i use this rod to throw iron and really like how it loads with bigger yellows and tuna i like the...
  529. graya


    Really nice guides i used my last set on a phenix XH2
  530. graya

    beginner question on guide size

    if your wraping an inshore rod and using a low profile bait caster i would start with a 16 12 10 and the rest 5's or 6' single foot guides it makes the rod more sensitive and a lot less weigth
  531. graya

    Tiburon SST16

    there's few low ballers on this site that want to buy cheap and want mint or near mint condition and when they want to sell they want top dollar for their items funny.
  532. graya


    same here would like to know if you have them in the 300 gram or if you have F on 200 gram let me know thanks
  533. graya

    Seeker SS-CJBF70H with Alijos Rocks photo wrap

    very nice work Brent i like the cord wrap i am thinking of dipoing one on my next project
  534. graya

    More advice needed

    i used a thread for everything you get a thinner wrap a little more difficult to wrap but you end up with better results
  535. graya

    Looking 4 a fast jigging rod

    most jigging rods are parabolic i got a few i live in fontana also if you would like to see and pull on some let me know
  536. graya

    PSW-700XH 7' 30-80 1 Fast Essex Alps Tri Reel Seat / Hypalon

    up for sale is a brand new phenix rod that I won on a phenix chatter thing is I only fish my own custom build rods that I build myself I am looking for 225.00 or trade for a Trinidad 20A or 16A Talica 8 or 12 or Tranx HG with money on my end depending on reel condition pm me if intrested...
  537. graya

    A couple of fly rods done.

    you always do amazing work and i always enjoy seen your grip work fantastic
  538. graya

    3D Yellowfin weave

    very nice work and great detail Peter
  539. graya

    One for Pops

    nice build jimmy man those moments with your loved ones sharing the rail are priceless
  540. graya

    Graphite USA Blanks

    nice blanks if i only know they were the older ones before they moved to arizona
  541. graya

    WTB: Accuplates for Penn 113H 4/0

    I got this full conversion new never used I want 150
  542. graya

    Freebie Weave pattern

    Thanks Steve i will Save it and use it for a futura use wish it was the skull with flames
  543. graya

    Bass rod and kudos

    micros are easy to install you dont even need tape to hold them
  544. graya

    For trade only

    same line capacity same gear ratio why didn't you buy the talica?
  545. graya

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    good thing he back out on a trade with me he is always traying to trade a cheaper reels for higher end reels
  546. graya

    Want to Buy: I need 1 more New SHIMANO TRANX HG

    it all depends on your preference i like to pump and wind so a high speed works better for me most of the time i dont use the lower gear on my 2speeds
  547. graya

    BC Distributing

    look him up on ebay under cardking70
  548. graya

    Phenix Titan M, it's going to live in Cozumel.

    i don't know there is something about those colors that make the rod look cool great work. esos colores estan perrones "viva mexico cabrones"
  549. graya

    wts: silver accurate 600nn single speed

    that is not good i just took 3 reels to 2 with broken handles. handles broke while i was cranking on fish
  550. graya

    WTB salas DX

    quit posting from your phone and go back to work Abel.:picknose:
  551. graya

    eva grip

    use rubber cement look for the Jim trelikes tutorial or capt g metod
  552. graya

    Rainshadow RX8 - XMB844 Candy Apple Red, with a little bling

    nice work jimmy now you gave me an idea how to use those pieces of rings I got some from phenix my self thinking of using in future builds
  553. graya

    off center reel seat

    acid wrap it
  554. graya

    Tony Reyes report June 9-14 2013

    great read thanks for posting i will be making my first tony reyes trip on october a 12 day trip hope to have as much fun as you guys had
  555. graya

    Looking for supplier(s) for EVA grip material in many colors

    North East Rod Builders here is the link to the nerbs
  556. graya

    Blue Shikari SW 866 hooked up by Moon

    Moon does some nice wraps and that shikari blank is sweet if you happen to have a BB806 blank I would trade you one of my BT8030 blanks
  557. graya

    Lots of Shimano Fishing Gear

    Thanks for the 16A
  558. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    You welcome enjoy the reel
  559. graya

    Guide train for Abyss 806

    i build mine different for such a light inshore blank i got one of the first prototypes and i built mine with a 20,16,12. double feet and the rest 8 single feet guides it make the blank more sensitive because less weigth at the upper part of the blank but that is just me
  560. graya

    Looking to buy light 40lb rod....

    I have a 6'6" gusa sw65xh 30-50 sic guides alluminum reel seat and gimbal thin and light 125
  561. graya

    trinidad 14a

    wish it was a 16A
  562. graya

    Reel Bag & SKB Reel Locker

    i also sent you a pm earlier.
  563. graya

    Full Conversion Accuplates Penn "99"

    Funny me and my friend were on blueFin bite he hooks a nice fish on his accurate 2 speed reel and the reel freezes and a guy with a regular 4/0 wins the jackpot he was pissed that his 500 dollar reel could not land his fish and a 150 reel got the job done
  564. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    you got a deal since i think you are overpaying i am going to include overnigth shiping and i am going to throw in a custom phenix rod of your choice. is this april still?
  565. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    you got a deal since i think you are overpaying i am going to include overnigth shiping and i am going to throw in a custom phenix rod of your choice. is this april still?
  566. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    Talica 8 traded thanks Oliver
  567. graya

    Rail rods

    most factory rods are around 10 inches to me it's real unconfortable when i put the rod on the rail and under my armpit i want to get a good amount of the rear grip under my arm pit if to short it's painful and i dont like have the reel stuck to my chest with the short rear grips and also the...
  568. graya

    Rail rods

    It all about how confortable you want the rod to your needs i make mine with 14 0r 15 rear grips that way you have more leverage
  569. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    i like them both but talicas have more balls and the 2 speed option is nice to have if you are into big fish or get tired but to be honest i hardly put it into 2 speed i am more of a pump and reel guy so i keep it in high and gain more line that way and talicas i think are the best lever drag...
  570. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    sent you a pm with my # call me ot text me
  571. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    no thanks you could get your self a regular penn for 150 at tackle direct and save yourself 10 dollars
  572. graya

    CUSTOM TLD's, Big fish ready!

    bump for a couple of tanks
  573. graya

    for trade talica 8 and other reels

    i would like to trade a brand new tallica 8 no box just reel with 300 yards of power pro 50 for a tallica 16ii and some cash on my end also have a trinidad 16N will trade for a 16A and cash on my part or sell for 250 reels has 50 pound spectra backing and have the box also for sale is a new...
  574. graya


    try bullards BMT-113 Iridescent White Diamond II Bullard International | Bullard Thread
  575. graya


    orale compa suerte haber quien muerde el anzuelo:rofl:
  576. graya

    Shimano Trinidad TN 30

    tackle stores have what you looking for
  577. graya

    rings for Tady 45s

    What size i have some but will have to check the od id diameters
  578. graya

    whats a good 2 speed reel for a phenix abyss psx 809

    i fish mine with a saltiga 20 i personaly don't 2 speeds with such parabolic action rods last year got a bunch of yellows paired with a trinidad 16n
  579. graya

    Daddy Waxwings

    do you still have them for sale?
  580. graya

    Rainshadow, Calstar, Sabra, Seeker, Lamiglas, Phenix

    good luck with the sale my friend Nacho really takes care of his rods they are always looking like new and i now same of the rods he got for sale now have not seen the ocean jet
  581. graya

    Phenix 808MH - How heavy?

    the 808MH is one of the most versatile rods i use it for plastics live bait and ligth iron this is one rod i dont leave behind
  582. graya


    Let me know what is left i see i am3rd in líne what is your asking price on the lure big?
  583. graya

    United Composites Viper

    amazing work Jim love the colors you used on this 1
  584. graya

    Phenix Black Diamond vs. Black Diamond Hybrid

    black diamond have a softer action they are more parabolic hybrid are more of a fast taper
  585. graya

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Part three)

    one of my most favorite westerns you nailed the weaves outstanding work.
  586. graya

    Freebie Scream Weave Pattern

    here is the pattern in picto weave format thanks Steve wish you shared your skull with flames that is a killer weave
  587. graya

    Wrapped Gaff #2 R&D

    very very nice lots of work involved involved in the gaff i like the chevron wrapped pattern. 7.50 an hour that's why i hardley wrap for money most people dont have an idea of all the time it goes into making something like these piece of art
  588. graya

    Freebie - Hendrix weave

    thanks owen i go grab it from your site thanks
  589. graya

    Freebie - Hendrix weave

    thanks Owen i will give it a shot do you have the pic to weave file can you please post it for those of us that have pic to weave thanks.
  590. graya

    How and where do I start?

    Since your in san diego why dont you go to some of the rod building classes in san diego they are hosted by some great talented rod builders here on this site
  591. graya


    Cool blood splattred thanks Jim gave me an idea for my SLAYER reing in blood theme rod
  592. graya

    Formula D

    Jimmy i got some last friday i put it on a rod and by far is the best color preserver i have ever used it goes in cristal clear and it retains color better than any color preserver and it drys real quick you will love this product Thanks Vic
  593. graya

    2- Saltiga 15

    They stopped making the 15 so they are hard to come by i know i would not sell mine
  594. graya

    2nd Wicked Tuna Seeker for Capt Marciano Italian colors

    Very nice love the mermaid she looks hot and love those colors i have seen those colors before
  595. graya

    Phenix Hybrid

    cut 5' from the bottom and install a real seat from the back phenix are small diameter blanks.
  596. graya

    Olive Branch Question/Help

    Try doulbling your brach thread A is thin. or you could use D
  597. graya

    PacBay RW3-XL Rod wrapper and thread/components

    my buddy want's it pm your # so he can call you about payment
  598. graya

    Pink/purple tiger, acidwrap for calicos

    wow that tiger is one of the best i seen i dont really do many tigers because i dont get as much movement as you did on this one
  599. graya

    F?S Spinning Rods

    great inshore rods especialy those shikaris
  600. graya

    Weave/Tiger Wrap

    Very nice you do incredible work
  601. graya

    Weave Samples.

    Very nice work that skull with flames is sick would like to try that pattern
  602. graya

    Pac Bay Wrapper Question...

    Cut some peices of cork tape and glue them to the jaws
  603. graya

    Accurate BX2-500 Clamp/Alps Reel Seat Incompatibility

    Make the screws chicago just grind the screws
  604. graya

    445 lb Yellowfin Tuna

    Fish of a life time
  605. graya

    Phenix Rod choices for Lexa 300hs-p

    I like the 808 MH a lot i have used it for every thing from bass to yellows the the 809 it's nice for yellow to tuna but a little overkill for the bass i like 866MH even better
  606. graya

    Clemens wrapper News ?

    That's good news i had to make some rollers my self because the one's renzetti has on their new machines are different than the clemens i also made a new rolling carriage to wrap both ways because i couldn't get used to wrap from the back
  607. graya

    Excel gets a Rail Dawg

    very nice work as usual Bill
  608. graya

    Phenix Recon C715

    Nice work Jimmy saw this rod in person yesterday
  609. graya

    DIAWA LEXA 300

    pm sent
  610. graya

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T Avet Rod

    Sending you a text
  611. graya


    interested in the 30T i have a 250 gram acid wrapped. wrapped by me on a jigging master blank i could send you some pictures if interested
  612. graya

    Phenix Jigger

    very nice what's the name of the pattern? is this on Billy's book i think i will try it. your choice of colors are always enjoyable
  613. graya

    East Coast Style

    welcome back nice weave your attention to detail is outstanding
  614. graya

    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    Good luck and a fast recovery i will keep you on my prayers Colleen
  615. graya

    Shikari SW909 for my friend Nacho

    well this rod was for my friend i usually sneak some red white and blue for him Doc hopefully me and Nacho can go on next year i just started a new job couple of month ago and can't get any vacation for the first 6 months but we will be on your trips next year it was nice meeting you and...
  616. graya

    red and black vertical jigg

    real nice finish and those red grips standout
  617. graya

    Rod #4.. CB80H Acid Krank StiK. Bare Bones project "too simple"

    good job on the build Cesar i have done mine with size 12 striper and the rest micro guides single foot also acid wrapped single feet guides save you a little more weight
  618. graya

    First Tiger Wrap

    way better than the ones i tried try metallic red and ncp white with metallic green on top for a monster look