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  1. re8elmonk0341

    Looking for some reels

    How much to ship to 74055 and do you accept PayPal?
  2. re8elmonk0341

    Looking for some reels

    Hey guys! I sure do miss fishing the saltwater since I can't do any of it here in Oklahoma. I sold 95% of my saltwater gear prior to moving and bought "terrorist extermination devices" instead lol. Anyways, all I really fish for now out here are large blue and channel catfish, striped bass...
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    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    Mrs. Kay duck gumbo....nuff said
  4. re8elmonk0341

    Reels: shimano, okuma, penn

    Pm'd you 'bout the Torium.
  5. re8elmonk0341

    LB Better Buggin

    WOW :eek: and I'm living in San Antonio missing all the buggin' action :eek2:
  6. re8elmonk0341

    Lookin' for some reels

    Yeah I know, but I wanted to see if they members if BD had any to sell 1st
  7. re8elmonk0341

    Lookin' for some reels

    Hey y'all - since movin' to Texas I had to do the unthinkable.....start doin' more freshwater fishing >:( AND bein' in Texas there are some gear I jus can't get here in this country. For example, I'm looking to buy some Newell reels for the catfish, Reds, & Drum fishin' here comin' and can't...
  8. re8elmonk0341

    FS GoPro Hero2 HD2-14

    GoPro gone....pls delete
  9. re8elmonk0341

    FS GoPro Hero2 HD2-14

    I have a used GoPro HD2 that I really have no use for at the moment - works fine. Comes with the camera, 8GB memory card, mini USB, carrying case and instruction manual. Sorry no box or the waterproof case. I moved and currently living in central Texas so it has to be shipped (on the buyer's...
  10. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Artificial hard & soft baits + x-tras

    Hey y'all, I will be moving to Texas in 3 weeks and won't be needing any of these artificial baits anymore so I'm putting up for sale. Most of these are lightly used or never even hit the saltwater. Hopefully someone will get better use out if them then I did. For sale are: **10 LuckyCraft...
  11. re8elmonk0341

    Do buy from NavyBoi

    There's a lesson to be learned with military guys hahaha. Good on him for going above and beyond. A+ for Navyboi
  12. re8elmonk0341

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    I started this thread to put into light what this guy did to me and from reading some of y'alls post, this isn't ghe first time the " Rod & Reel Bandit" has struck. Im a firm believer that we, as adults and as MEN (if you have fur on your peaches) do things. 1. Keep youre word, if you say or...
  13. re8elmonk0341

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    I know this thread doesn't pertain to the category...but if something OR someone is trying to cheat the system which effects all the honest members of the site then I believe WE all need to know about it in order to put an end to the jackassery caused by that one individual. .
  14. re8elmonk0341

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    Here's what another member PM'ed me and said, "I had the same issue with stripped screws on a reel with him....he did respond with you saw the reel in person and I must have tightened the screws and stripped them...I called him 30 minutes after the deal when I got home and one of the screws fell...
  15. re8elmonk0341

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    If you're selling an item on here wouldn't you inform the buyers (on the thread) of any discrepancies that item may/or may not have?? For example, minor boat rash, no clamp/box, replaced drags, etc etc.... well, in the case of one member or seller...and he's here and other forums selling stuff...
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    PM sent about the Calstar & 200B
  17. re8elmonk0341

    Calstar 8' Deckhand Special - $110.00

    I'm in Texas at the moment. Wil be back in next Thursday...I will take it off your hands and I can pick it up! PM sent
  18. re8elmonk0341


    200B still available?
  19. re8elmonk0341

    WTB spinning reel

    Hey guy, I'm looking for a spinning reel. Since I've learned how to use a casting reel many many many years ago I no longer use a spinning outfit but I will be using this to underhand cast a bonito ball/feather at the pier since overhead casting is not allowed. I already have a Teramar 8'...
  20. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to buy a few items.....

    Nice meetin' you, your dogs, & your cat today. I just want to start wrapping away, make mistakes, and learn. Thank you for passing it along and I will get some good use out of it for sure & thanks fore the turks head also Chad.
  21. re8elmonk0341

    newell p220

    Update on this reel?
  22. re8elmonk0341

    WTT Gunmetal MXL

    For all y'all that PMed and my buddy will be in the fied until Thursday even and I will see him Friday. I will pass along all y'all's message and you and him can go from there......
  23. re8elmonk0341

    WTT Gunmetal MXL

    This is for a buddy....he wants to trade his gunmetal MXL for a Dawia Saltist 40 or 50, Shimano 30, or any reel along those lines. He only had it less then 6 months and would rather have a star drag reel. Text me @ (562) 290-2952 & I can fwd the message to him thanks. -Rithy
  24. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to buy a few items.....

    Man that's way cool of you dude. I totally appreiate it. I work in oceanside for the weekend and will be driving home to Cerritos sunday. I can swing by and maybe meet you on the weekday for the rod? Again thank you
  25. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to buy a few items.....

    You're very welcome...I miss living in Chula V and Taco Del Gordo lol
  26. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to buy a few items.....

    Sweet dude...let me know how much and when I can come and take em off your hands. As far as the turks head I, red, red, black if that makes since hahaha red is my favorite color.....color of blood. Lol and you're very welcome sir, thank you for you're support. P
  27. re8elmonk0341

    Calstar SIC guides 800H Grafighter

    I am....down sizing the things I don't use and acquiring things I need/want for Gulf of Mexico fishing lol
  28. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to buy a few items.....

    Hey y'all. I am looking to buy a few things before I move to Texas next month. 1, rod wrapping machine. I wanted to start building my own rod for fun while I'm out there. Nothing too fancy, just something to start off with. And 2, a couple of pre made turks head for my poles. I've watched the...
  29. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Phenix Recon PHX-C764

    Selling a Phenix I no longer use and trying to lighten the load on some gear before moving to the great country of Texas in mid September. It was used 90% of the times throwing LCFM110's in the surf. And the other 10% throwing Big Hammers for Spotted Bay Bass in Camp Pendleton harbor. Well taken...
  30. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Stainless Steel Ghost Shrimp Pump

    Hey y'all, I'm selling my GS Pump. Used only 1 time on Camp Pendleton for about 30 minutes. It's an Australian made constructed with stainless steel and cooper components. Similar to the Alvey pumps...
  31. re8elmonk0341

    WTB Newell reels

    Hey yy'all. Im looking for a couple Newell reels. Something in the 20#, 25#, & 30# lbs class. I'm going to use it as a pier reel. Something I can use and mess around with. Text 562 290 2952 send pics and info of what y'all got. Thank
  32. re8elmonk0341

    ><>.><> FOR SALE- CALSTAR 690J

    Had me until I read USC....Boomer Sooner! Haha
  33. re8elmonk0341

    WTB a 8' 25# DH style rod for Avet SX

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a rod for my Avet SX. A 25# srick around 8'. A DH style rod preferably because I don't really like having a reel seat. Text me at 562 290-2952 and let me know what y'all got. Trying to keep it below $150 please....I've spend too much on gear already in the past 2 weeks...
  34. re8elmonk0341

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    Is it wrong to to be totally turned on right now!?
  35. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Shimano Clarus & Shimano Citca 200G6

    Shimano Clarus model: CSC C76MBH 10-20 & Citica 200G6 spooled with 50# red Power Pro w/ 12# InvisX Top-Shot. Hate to sell but I don't need 3 surf fishing set-up. It's lightly used because I use my Phenix M1/Curado & Phenix Recon/Abu SX combos more. Price is $180 for the combo and I...
  36. re8elmonk0341

    Newell P220 Upgraded! For Sale

    Lucky! Love those reels!
  37. re8elmonk0341

    FS New Ocean Rods

    Emails sent Mike
  38. re8elmonk0341

    Trade Penn Fathom 25N for ????

    yeah, not a problem at're right, similar reel but I am looking for something in a wider spool.
  39. re8elmonk0341

    Trade Penn Fathom 25N for ????

    What's up guys. Wanna trade my Brand New Penn Fathom 25N loaded with 65# Izor white spectra with 40# Izor XXX. Never used and just kept in reel cover. Brought on 1 trip but kept in the cover. Sorry no box. I'm looking to trade for a 40# reel I can put on my Abyss 1009. I was thinking one of...
  40. re8elmonk0341

    Shikari SW808

    That's some nice work.
  41. re8elmonk0341

    FS/FT Shimano Terama Inshore Series 7'11"

    Lookin' to sell or trade a lightly used Shimano Teramar Inshore TMC-C711MHBRA Med/Mod Fast. 15-30# Lure Wt. 1/2-1oz. Used on 1 3/4 day trip fishing at Camp Del Mar Camp Pendleton. Always sprayed off with cold water/wiped down after each use. It was matched with a Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P. Bought...
  42. re8elmonk0341

    Moving to Texas

    Moving the family out to San Antonio Texas from California late September for school. I've fished So. Cal. waters (saltwater) for over 2/3 of my life. I do plan on purchasing a boat eventually while out there because I understand from buddies I've served with the Gulf is great fishing. Not so...
  43. re8elmonk0341

    WTB a cheap 7' or higher casting pole

    Sup guys. I'm looking for an inexpensive 7' (or taller) casting rod. Nothing fancy. I'm just going to use it to catch bait & mackerel from the piers. I don't want to mess up my better stuff with the scales. I grabbed a $19 6'6" Shimano rod and I couldn't cast worth a crap the other night. Haha...
  44. re8elmonk0341

    Diawa Live Bait Reels

    Are the SL made in japan?
  45. re8elmonk0341

    Rod question???

    OK guys I have a question which to some, might seems like a stupid question but I will ask anyways........ I've never own a rod smaller then 7' and for this year, for the Tuna, Yellows, WSB etc. I was thinking about getting a rod in the 6'-6'6". I've narrowed it down to 2 choices 1.) Shimano...
  46. re8elmonk0341

    WTT torium 30 for 16

    sent you a text dude
  47. re8elmonk0341

    WTB Black Avet MXL

    True that! If they don't take care of the reel from the outside...why would they take care of the inside!! Thanks Jason I found one that's good to go.
  48. re8elmonk0341

    WTB Black Avet MXL

    Title says it...Looking for one. Don't care to much about the looks as long as the inside is in good working order. Shot me a text at (562) 290-2952 and let me know what ya got. Thanks.
  49. re8elmonk0341

    Good quality boat rods

    Nacho is right...that's a sweet deal. Gonna sell some blood or sperm to make some extra $$$ lol
  50. re8elmonk0341

    Good quality boat rods

    What's the price for the set? Didn't see it posted
  51. re8elmonk0341

    FS Shimano bass combos

    That's a freaking sweet deal!
  52. re8elmonk0341

    Rod building question

    I'd like a rod built in the memory of my buddy I served with USMC Cpl. Jason L. Dunham. He's the 1st. Marine to received the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam conflict. He is gone but never forgotten. My boys and I think of him and his sacrifice daily. Looking to see if anyone would be willing to...
  53. re8elmonk0341


    Dang! Wished I'd seen this....I'm a Marine and work at Anglers Tackle
  54. re8elmonk0341

    **Trade Only** Camo SX for Black SX

    Im sorry but what about the blue sx mc?
  55. re8elmonk0341

    **Trade Only** Camo SX for Black SX

    Please read the entire post....I posted this thread on my cell phone therefore I included my number in the event someone would like to see what the reel looks like I can text them a picture. I am sure now a day in the year 2013 everyone have a cell phone with texting capabilities. Thanks for...
  56. re8elmonk0341

    **Trade Only** Camo SX for Black SX

    I have a Camo Avet SX used oned on a 3/4 day trip catching sand bass. Have eveeything that comes with the, CD, oil, clamp etc etc.....looking for the same and a even trade. Text 5622902952 for pics & info.
  57. re8elmonk0341

    WTB Calstar GFDH800XL

    Thanks but I am looking for a Deck Hand rod. Thanks. - - - Updated - - - Thanks but I am looking for a Deck Hand rod. Thanks.
  58. re8elmonk0341

    WTB Calstar GFDH800XL

    Hi, I'm looking for a rod for my Avet SX. A Calstar GFDH800XL 10-25# or something along those lines - thanks.
  59. re8elmonk0341

    Rods for sale (shimano, gusa, fenwick)

    Interested in the 3. Fenwick Elite Tech Etm79mh 15-40# $100
  60. re8elmonk0341

    Shimano Torium 16 for sale

    Is the reel still available?
  61. re8elmonk0341

    WTB: Albackore Backpack

    Jason!!! What's up buddy? I don't have what you're lookin' for so.....ummmmm....when we goin' catching? Lol
  62. re8elmonk0341

    FS/FT Shimano Teramar & Penn Carnage rods

    Shimano Teramar Pending sale/pick-up
  63. re8elmonk0341

    FS/FT Shimano Teramar & Penn Carnage rods

    I have for sale or trade a Shimano Teramar TMC-74MHBRA 12-25# used once or twice in the harbor on Camp Pendleton. I am looking to sell ($125) or trade for a 30# rod 7'6" to 8' that I could throw my Avet SX on. I don't mind adding cash to the deal if the rod is worth it. Or just sell the rod for...
  64. re8elmonk0341

    Diawa Lexa 300HS-$120

    Is that the paddle or power handle?
  65. re8elmonk0341

    Daiwa Sealine 30 and 40

    If for some odd reason Bruan doesn't really want them I will take them
  66. re8elmonk0341

    FS: Torium 16 & 20

    If sales doesn't go thru on both pls let me know thanks.
  67. re8elmonk0341


    Info on the Sealine pls
  68. re8elmonk0341

    ***WANTED*** Bait tank

    Not for buddy just got a small 17' dual console boat and is looking for a small simple bait tank to put on that thing. Nothing fancy or too expensive. Maybe a simple 20 gal tank. PM me and I will let him know. Thanks in advance. -m0nk
  69. re8elmonk0341

    Rods to help out wounded vets

    Semper Fi brother....sorry you were I. Lima but way better then India I guess hahaha
  70. re8elmonk0341

    Rods to help out wounded vets

    I'm always down to wet a line and pull on some fish. If by bass you mean the saltwater kind hahaha I know nothing about freshwater fishing
  71. re8elmonk0341

    Lexa 100P Combo or Abu SX Combo

    Still have the Abu? Any pic?
  72. re8elmonk0341

    Various Rods and Reels for Sale (Photo Heavy)

    Interested in the Daiwa Saltist 20H - 8/10. I will text/call you later's 4:16am haha
  73. re8elmonk0341

    New Boat

  74. re8elmonk0341

    17' center console, 11' Boston Whaler, 15' Zodiac

    Still have the 12’ Sears GameFisher????
  75. re8elmonk0341

    Rods to help out wounded vets

    I was just doing my job and something I signed up for. Unfortunately the bad guys had the upper hand that day lol. What you're doing is above and beyond.....God bless you Zac!
  76. re8elmonk0341

    Vanderberg AFB

    Hi, a buddy and i are planning to go pig hunting for ythe 1st time VAFB, we are noobs at pig hunting and was wondering if any of y'all can give us any pointers. Are hunting only allowed on the weekends. I know i can probably call the base game warden's office but its past midnight and I figured...
  77. re8elmonk0341

    Rods to help out wounded vets

    Wow this is awesome....I'm a wounded vet, now medically retired and I applaud you for doing what you're doing
  78. re8elmonk0341

    Bass Gear

    What rod is the 2nd from the top?
  79. re8elmonk0341

    FS: Lexa 300, Curado 300D

    Wished I'd seen this post before getting a new Lexa300!!!!
  80. re8elmonk0341

    Shimano Calcutta 250 $90

    Is that the B model?
  81. re8elmonk0341

    Where to BZO rifle

    Cool, but I was thinking of something outdoors...maybe a desert.
  82. re8elmonk0341

    Where to BZO rifle

    Sorry but what's and where's P2k
  83. re8elmonk0341

    Where to BZO rifle

    Anyone know of a place I can take my rifle to BZO. Just got it along with the scope and id like to zero the weapon. Thanks.
  84. re8elmonk0341

    1980 16ft Gregor w/25hp Envinrude and trailer

    Dang! If I wasn't moving to Texas I'd consider this boat.
  85. re8elmonk0341

    Is this 9mm worth it?

    Maybe I'll just get her a Coach purse and keep the killing device to myself!
  86. re8elmonk0341

    Is this 9mm worth it?

    I honestly don't even want a 9mm pistol. Carried a Beretta M9 for many years in the Corp and didn't like it plus the caliber of the rounds. I was thinking about getting it for the wife just so she can get use to firing a weapon and get her more use to firearms. I'm looking for something in .40...
  87. re8elmonk0341

    Is this 9mm worth it?

    Turners have a Hi-Point 9mm on sale for $179.99 right now and was wondering if its a good weapon? If anything you can't beat that price for a hand gun.
  88. re8elmonk0341

    2-26 jello

    Nice! WTG man. You probably don't remember but I work at Anglers on the weekend. Good to know there's still tails at the island.
  89. re8elmonk0341

    westernfield 20 ga pump shotgun

    I'm gonna talk to the old lady this week about the shotgun
  90. re8elmonk0341

    Whose ready for turkey season???

    I'm ready and it's going to be my 1st time. Anyone want to show this Marine the ropes???
  91. re8elmonk0341

    Victory at Sea, in the Bay

    We braved the storm and got out late last night also, dropped our 1st net at 12 something and didn't load up till 5 am. limited out for 3 guys but we had to work for it. New spot, lots of shorts but the big ones are in the mix.
  92. re8elmonk0341

    308 or 30-06

    ......or the individual pulling the trigger.
  93. re8elmonk0341

    308 or 30-06

    For sale or you're just telling me what you have?
  94. re8elmonk0341

    308 or 30-06

    Looking for a reasonable gun for deer and pig. Not looking for a "high-end" :rofl: gun just something basic for a first gun. Let me know what y'all have. Thanks in advance. -Rithy
  95. re8elmonk0341

    Lotsa lobster Hoopin it up in the other bay 2/1

    That's for sure...went to all our spots that produced...even went outside the bay around the commercial buoys for more and more crabs.....and they weren't even legal haha. Long Beach seems to still be going strong :finger:
  96. re8elmonk0341

    Lotsa lobster Hoopin it up in the other bay 2/1

    Good that you got some...we went out last night and not even a short. Lost of small crabs tho
  97. re8elmonk0341

    Used or unused decoys

    Thanks Jason for hooking me up bro. You're a good dude.
  98. re8elmonk0341

    Used or unused decoys

    Sweet!!! Thank you so much. I will have them serviceable by next season. Shoot me a PM on when and where....thanks again.
  99. re8elmonk0341

    Used or unused decoys

    Sweet. Let me know where and how much sir, thank you.
  100. re8elmonk0341

    Used or unused decoys

    Getting into this whole duck hunting thing......looking to buy (donations also accepted) some unwanted deeks no one wants or uses. Thanks and God bless.... -Rithy
  101. re8elmonk0341

    San Jacinto....Shock and Awe

    Nice shooting. I have a "yuppy" brother also. Hahahahaha
  102. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton 01/21/13

    Hahahahahaha I do, but I miss you most...any room for a few shooters this coming up weekend Bry?
  103. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton 01/21/13

    NES Duck Hunt :rofl:
  104. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton 01/21/13

    There was a lot of that going on this morning.....not so much about the lies besides the fish stories hahaha
  105. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton 01/21/13

    Hunted with a few guys I served with this morning at SMR 2, Kilo 1, and the Dam for nothing today. Saw a group of about 6-7 teal and spoonys buzz by SMR 1 at grey light, bastards took us by surprise. 0500-1330 and all we shot was the shit, telling old war stories :rofl::rofl: Maybe closing...
  106. re8elmonk0341

    Falling Feathers WW Hunt

    I had a GREAT time Bry, thank you and the guys again. Can't wait for the next one.
  107. re8elmonk0341

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    Love you brother, the hunt this weekend is for you dude. You make sure they're flying and we will ground those SoB's.
  108. re8elmonk0341

    Selling some gear

    2. 7' Custom Rod (don't know the blank) w/ Abu Garcia 60 Kalex w/ box (power handle) paddle handle included - 9.5/10 $110 3. Shimano Clarus (spinning) w/ Okuma Trio 30 - 8.0/10 $80 Still available.
  109. re8elmonk0341

    Hey Ali

  110. re8elmonk0341

    Selling some gear

    4. Shimano Calcutta 200B w/ box SOLD
  111. re8elmonk0341

    Selling some gear

    5. Daiwa LTD Luna 203 SOLD
  112. re8elmonk0341

    Selling some gear

    1. 8' Shimano Teramar w/ Avet MXJ blue SOLD
  113. re8elmonk0341

    Selling some gear

    Trying to save up some $ to buy a shotgun so some of my fishing gear have to go. 1. 8' Shimano Teramar w/ Avet MXJ blue w/ box - 9.5/10 $200 SOLD 2. 7' Custom Rod (don't know the blank) w/ Abu Garcia 60 Kalex w/ box (power handle) paddle handle included - 9.5/10 $110 3. Shimano Clarus...
  114. re8elmonk0341

    Neena's first solo trip

    She looks like my 9 month old Golden/Yellow Lab mix, Kable
  115. re8elmonk0341

    It was Snowing in the Valley

    Very nice Bryant
  116. re8elmonk0341

    waterfown gun

    Sounds like a plan, just tell me when and where :notworthy
  117. re8elmonk0341

    waterfown gun

    I've shot the Nova and have done some reading on the 870 both very great weapons.
  118. re8elmonk0341

    waterfown gun

    Yes sir I do, I was at Grizzly Ranch for the Wounded Warrior hunt this past weekend.
  119. re8elmonk0341

    waterfown gun

    I'm looking for one. Pump or semi and preferably camo but black is ok also. Email me at [email protected] or text 5622902952 thanks.
  120. re8elmonk0341

    Dana Point Lobster Still Crawling

    Quality DP bugs right there
  121. re8elmonk0341

    11/17 Catalina Lobster Report

    Nice, I miss hooping the island. Always good pickings out there.
  122. re8elmonk0341

    Late night lobster, another nice night on Sd Bay 11/17

    WTG, we was out last night and only got 1 legal.
  123. re8elmonk0341

    Drinks, lobster,more drinks, more lobster- Sd Bay 11/15

    You did good, a buddy of mine went out the same night and all he got was 1 crab, 2 shorts, and a lost net.
  124. re8elmonk0341


    Those are some beautiful looking monsters....wtg on the release
  125. re8elmonk0341

    Gail Force 10.6lb Lobster

    Quality bugs comin' out of Long Beach now
  126. re8elmonk0341

    SMB Lobster 11-11-12

    I didn't get that memo either! A buddy and I went out of Oside Harbor last night with 10 nets and A+++ bait, conditions was perfect, no moon and we only caught a handful of red rock crabs in area we would get a few shorts if not a legal. Don't know if the dredging have anything to do with it...
  127. re8elmonk0341

    Pre Halloween full moon bugs

    Wow, I wanted to go out last night also. Dang! I figured with the fog the full moon shouldn't affect the crawl. WTG on 'me scary bugs.
  128. re8elmonk0341


    Way cool, how'd you get them to stand in formation like that?
  129. re8elmonk0341


    I tried 1 last season and it tased too much like live, I HATE liver. I've tried it and am not going down that road again lol. I used the remaining ones I shot and mixed it with salmon heads and mackerel and we limited out for 4 last season on bugs. That's why I'm asking for 'em.
  130. re8elmonk0341


    If anyone don't want 'em, I'd gladly take those disgusting shit birds off your hands. They make great bug bait....or any duck carcass anyone don't want. Thanks
  131. re8elmonk0341

    ob pier

    I witnessed 3 different guys all catch legals. One of them caught 3 to himself, all no brainier legals. I was out there last night and the locals have said they are really crawling. Then again so are the star fish hahaha
  132. re8elmonk0341

    Dinghy Lobsters in Long Beach

    That's super cute and handling a lobster like a pro already.
  133. re8elmonk0341

    They were crawlin again last night

    Vey nice sir...where were they crawling at hahaha
  134. re8elmonk0341

    Hooping with 3 Marine Sergeants and lots of tails

    That's way cool of you to do that for those Marines...I think I work with the Marine in the middle and the far right, I'll ask them when I see them at work if they caught some roaches hahaha Again thanks for what you do and Semper Fi sir.
  135. re8elmonk0341


    Lots of quality roaches comin' up this season.
  136. re8elmonk0341

    Limit for 4 in 2 boats Saturday evening zoo

    I agree with you 100% not losing your life, hurting yourself, or others over roaches. I also noticed people speeding by close to stringers of floats and the boat I was in. People need to be a little more considerate. On another note, way to go bill. You're killing it this season!
  137. re8elmonk0341

    FS or FT Malibu X-13

    Yeah I'll take some.... My comp took a dump I'm posting with my iPad.
  138. re8elmonk0341

    FS or FT Malibu X-13

    Silver X13, everything you'll need to fish except for a FishFinder and ready to go now! e-mail or text for details. Looking to trade for an aluminum boat between 12-14' but sell for $900 # is (562) 290-2952 thank you
  139. re8elmonk0341

    SD Bay - got a couple

    Glad that you got a couple. We was out there also with 10 nets at a new spot hoopin' between 16'-35' of water and caught 9 keepers ranging from 6#-2# for 3 guys and 25+ shorts. 1 or 2 was just a hair. Using salmon, Tuna scraps, and old Mackerel.
  140. re8elmonk0341

    Long Beach Harbor 10/3

    Looks great and 4 is a successful night IMO.
  141. re8elmonk0341

    LOBSTER Newbie...

    I'll be hitting up OSide on opener night just to test out the new boat. Hope to see some of y'all out there. Good luck, be safe, and happy hooping.
  142. re8elmonk0341

    Penn Combo

    Hi I'm looking for a Penn Casting Combo of some sort. Not for me but for a buddy of mine who's EASing out of the Corps in December and going in terminal in October. He was nice enought to give me all of his salt water tackle and I wanted to say "thank you" by getting him this combo, which he...
  143. re8elmonk0341

    still confused fishing mex!!??

    No passport, will a military ID work?
  144. re8elmonk0341

    coke machine

    That's cool! Does it work? It can be used as a beer machine and put in the man cave so when friends come over they'll have to pay to drink!
  145. re8elmonk0341

    MACKS! Oceanside Pier

    Thanks for the 'port
  146. re8elmonk0341

    Breeding a Golden

    I have a 8 year old male Golden Retriever that I'd like to mate with another female Golden or yellow Lab. Since Bunker, my dog is too old to hunt I'd like to have puppies as a bird dog. Anyone interested please shoot me a PM and we can discuss the details. I've never done this before so...
  147. re8elmonk0341

    New Seaforth: Rental rods and Family

    Tail on a 1/2! Did she eat the heart? Heard that helps with sea sickness lol
  148. re8elmonk0341


    Dang, if I had the $ Nice rig
  149. re8elmonk0341

    hook size for so cal surf fishing

    # 4 or 6 mossy hooks in red
  150. re8elmonk0341

    Mdr wide open Cuda!!! 7-23

    Sounds like a fun time out on the pond. WTG on the sliders and dabs
  151. re8elmonk0341

    Sunday Funday Loking,..

    Very nice....I miss fishing that spot
  152. re8elmonk0341

    7.16.2012 Good Fishing! Oceanside Pier

    Have the Mack's showed up in large numbers yet? I need to start making bait for the upcoming lobster season
  153. re8elmonk0341

    Purple Heart

    Hi, I had a question. I'm with Wounded Warriors and was wondering if anyone have ever built a rod with the PH medal theme. Like maybe instead of fish have the medal and ..... I don't know. Whould be kind of cool.
  154. re8elmonk0341

    Got'em good Tails Nados 7/12

    Way to put a hurt on those yellows....I recognize your pops. He comes in to Angker's Tackle some times. Hope he likes the REVO Pete and I hooked him up with.
  155. re8elmonk0341


    That's a MONSTER!
  156. re8elmonk0341

    W&M Trevor Storlie S-Curve Fishing Rod

    Model #: WMESCHS79C1 HOT SHOT Length: 7'9" Lure Wt: 3/8-2 Line Wt: 8-17 Action:Med-Fast Power: Medium **This was one of my many many surf fishing rods that I own. Love the length for castability, the med-fast tip for the sensitivity and quick hook set, and the back bone to muscle in the...
  157. re8elmonk0341

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    What is wrong with some people these days?
  158. re8elmonk0341


    I land 1 about 20+# and farm 2.
  159. re8elmonk0341

    butt fest on pacific dawn

    Only thing I love mpre them BIG nuts are LOTS of BIG buts. WTG and thank you for sharing.
  160. re8elmonk0341


    That's what I thought also but the DD and the Mission Belle was a 3/4 day for the Wounded Warrior fishing event
  161. re8elmonk0341


    I was on that boat today. It was a Wounded Warriors trip. 17 Tail and we lost about double that to seal and farmed. We made four stops - 2,3, and 4 all produced quality yellows in the 25#-30# class. We could have stayed in spot 3 or 4 all day if it wasn't for retarded PBers cruising in fast to...
  162. re8elmonk0341

    Avet MXJ Single Spd. *Blue*

    Practically brand new, used once last season on a 3/4 bluefin trip. Didn't catch a single fish on it so it's still a virgin. It's a 10 mechanically/cosmetically come with box, documents, and clamp. Spooled with Izorline XXX Price: $150 FIRM or trade for Diawa Saltist BG35 Rithy (562)...
  163. re8elmonk0341

    Fishing Long Rocks in Long Beach, CA

    I think I know where you're the looks of it. It's starting to kick out some good buts
  164. re8elmonk0341

    Surf fishing Waist tackle bag

    I've owned a few waist packs in my days, to include the Plano, WFO, and a backpack. When I started out surf-fishing I got the Plano but soon as I got into it more and gotten more things like; LC's, grubs/crack, swim baits, scent, tools etc etc and it was just too small and not enough room for...
  165. re8elmonk0341


    That's a BEAST!!!! Nice fish
  166. re8elmonk0341

    3 Plastic Rod Holder

    I'm looking to buy (2) 3-Rod Holders. Doesn't matter if it's white or black and maker don't matter also. I just 'em asap to make a bait tank for my yak. If anyone have them just laying around and collecting dust please contact me via text at (562) 290-2952. I'm not always on the web but will...
  167. re8elmonk0341

    Shimanos Penns And Okuma

    Interested in Citica reel. Please email me [email protected] com.
  168. re8elmonk0341

    Shimano Calcutta 200B for gold Avet SX

    Lookin' to trade my Shimano Calcutta 200B I got for Father's day last year for a gold Avet SX. Text (562) 280-2952 if anyone is interested and want see pictures of the reel. Thank you -m0nk
  169. re8elmonk0341

    Rod & Reel for shark off pier

    Hello, I'm looking for a decent set-up I can use to fish for shark(s) (Threasher, Leopard, or SNGF) from the pier. I don't have a whole lot of $ and not looking to spend a small fortune either.....not on USMC pay! :1041677399: Something decent and functional would wold work. I really don't...
  170. re8elmonk0341

    Bamboo Gaff

    Looking for a medium bamboo gaff to be used on my kayak. Thanks
  171. re8elmonk0341

    Put it back Daddy!!

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do dad....great catch!
  172. re8elmonk0341

    2 days, 2 fish

    Sweet fish dude. 2 legals in 2 day...can't beat that! I need to pound some sand also. Need to pop my 2012 cherry!!! Thanks for the motivation!!!
  173. re8elmonk0341

    A great night

    What!? It's extended???
  174. re8elmonk0341

    1989 (winner) cuddy/hard top 23'

    Sweet looking boat! Wished I had 12k. Good luck on the sale.
  175. re8elmonk0341

    Father- Daughter Lobster trip

    Nice, can't wait till my little girl is big enough to go out with me. I'm sure it was more then just hooping....good job dad!
  176. re8elmonk0341

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    We love you Oscar and you will be miss buddy. We lost a great man, a great Marine, and a great friend! I'm lost for word but know he's with God. Thanks to the men of the Falling Feathers Duck Club for all that's you've done for Oscar and us in the Wounded Warrior Bn Semper Fi Brother
  177. re8elmonk0341

    1995 Sea Ray CC 18' W/1994 Mercury 2 Stroke OB 135

    I want it!!! hahahaha gotta talk to the wife Bitching lookin' boot man
  178. re8elmonk0341

    F*** SEALS!

    Barb wire!!!!
  179. re8elmonk0341

    Skunks, No Lobsters, and Sea Lions

    They did the same to us a few weekends ago....I'm going to go on base and look for unused cansatina wire and line top of my bait cages with them. I wanna see they try to take a bite of it them..........
  180. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warriors BHCR trip

    What's up Curtis, you know I'm down to go just let me know and I can let the our Hunting Club Capt. know.
  181. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Hahahahaha he's an alright guy lol. Looking good on the front page. That's awesome.
  182. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    This is so cool, front page and WON material lol
  183. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    *Off Topic* Saluki, your avatar is great stuff right there! Ok, back to talking about killing ducks! Those beans was the BOMB!!!!
  184. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Thanks to the men of the Falling Feather Ranch and the club members for an AWESOME time. This trip will be the talk of the company for many weeks to come. Even though I've duck hunted once before y'all instilled the love of duck hunting in me for life. Thanks avian guys and I can't wait for...
  185. re8elmonk0341

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    Just got home and cleaned up the ducks...and other shits hahaha I had a fucking blast!!! Y'all really know how to make us one of your own! "Hollywood" is a good dude but someone PLEASE get that guy a dog! Hahaha. Thanks BD for the swag. Imma rock it till the stitchings come off! Again, great...
  186. re8elmonk0341

    the ocean provides in so many ways

    Always wanted to give it a try, one of these days if I wake up early enough I'll do it.
  187. re8elmonk0341

    It's Christmas eve... Butt

    Healthy looking fish
  188. re8elmonk0341

    14' Trailer

    Don't know the year or make. I got it from a buddy. Don't have paperwork for it but it has perm plates. It's a solid trailer for an aluminum boat. new paint, wires, lights, and tires w a spare. First $150 takes it or trade for a decent/good and working fishfinder TEXT (562) 290-2952 for...
  189. re8elmonk0341

    Early Xmas, My 1st butt, 44" 34.5 lbs.

    WTG, you came by Angler's (I work there) and a few hours later you was back with the fat fatty. Did your boat even get wet? Congrats and nice fish. You mind if we post that picture up at the shop?
  190. re8elmonk0341

    Left Pole at Shelter Island ramp

    Thanks y'all....I'm just doin' a job just like everyone else. Don't thank me, you should thank the men who never made it back home. Thank the wives, kids, mothers, and fathers who will never hug their sons again. I just gave some, but some gave all :hali_olutta:
  191. re8elmonk0341

    Lost hoops SD Bay Fri Oct 21

    Mine got jacked, pampered, or moved also last night. That's 2 nets in two weekends. I have to work my butt if to buy, rig, and customize those sucker y'all A-Holes should try that before y'all mess with other people's stuff. One of these day you just might run into the wrong guy and get a 7.62...
  192. re8elmonk0341

    Left Pole at Shelter Island ramp

    Thank you so much for the kind gesture sir but a member on this forum found the pole and called me about it. There's still good people left in this world! Thanks Dave and God bless you and yours sir and all y'all that posted.
  193. re8elmonk0341

    Left Pole at Shelter Island ramp

    This is probably a long shot but it's worth a shot. This morning around 0600, after cleaning my buddy's boat from a night of hooping/fishing. I left my Skeet Reese rod and a Shimano Calcutta 200B on the rail of the far left dock ( if you're facing the ocean). The pole have red tape on at about...
  194. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Humminbird Fishin Buddies Model 120

    Humminbird Fishin Buddies 120 Perfect for use on small boats, docks and float tubes Mark fish and underwater structure Clamp mount secures easily 240-ft. depth capability Built-in temperature sensor Perfect for use on small boats and float tubes, these portable sonar units will...
  195. re8elmonk0341

    lobster love

    .....or 2 females!! WTG on the legal roaches in Oceanside.
  196. re8elmonk0341

    Hoopin' SD 10/14/11

    Can't agree with you more...I always do the right thing and keep myself inform on all rules and regs. We were on a 17' Arena Craft with a I/O motor and 5 guys with 2 coolers and personal gear so room was tight.
  197. re8elmonk0341

    Hoopin' SD 10/14/11

    I'd even thought about keeping it alive then returning it into O-Side harbor to populate it some but was too tired afterwards. But he is in a safe place now. Lol
  198. re8elmonk0341

    Hoopin' SD 10/14/11

    Hooped SD bay last Friday from 7pm-7am. High tide was at 10:38pm didn't get much from 7-12. After that they started to crawl (at lest for us) finished the session with 15 roaches, 15 rock crabs, and 2 spider crabs between 5 guys and tons of very short and the hmmmmmm, just a cunt hair shy ones...
  199. re8elmonk0341


    I think you caught the only 2 in O-Side
  200. re8elmonk0341

    Finally my 1st bug hunt

    Wow that guy is a monster!
  201. re8elmonk0341

    Great night hooping

    WTG looks good past the butter please
  202. re8elmonk0341

    3rd times a charm and new a AO

    How do I post pics from a iPod or iPad device. I don't have a computer.
  203. re8elmonk0341

    3rd times a charm and new a AO

    Lol the pic in my avatar is pretty smokin'. I do like taking pics during an a "operation" because it's bad luck but I can get some aftermath pics.
  204. re8elmonk0341

    3rd times a charm and new a AO

    3rd attemp this season at hooping paid off. Decided to stay away from Oceanside this time around and headed south to San Diego bay. Launched out of Shelter Island @ 1930 with 7 nets baited and ready to drop. After helping a few guys with red and red chem-lights (because their nav lights wasn't...
  205. re8elmonk0341

    There isn't any in oceanside

    Hooped the opening night and tonight 10/03 out of O-Side harbor. 1st outting got a big fat nothing and tonight we only pulled up a short rattler, ray, a bunch of short rock crabs, some nasty looking juvenile Spider crab, and legal red rock crab. We tried middle of the harbor, huggin' jetty...
  206. re8elmonk0341

    LBC Lobster Opener BUST

    We went out last night in OSide harbor and not even a crab.
  207. re8elmonk0341

    F/S Shimano Clarus & Cardiff 300A

    Selling my Shimano Clarus CSC-79MHA and Simano Cardiff spooled with brand new never used or gotten wet 30# white spectra Izorline and 12# blue Izor mono for $130 (Firm) as a combo. The pole was used once with my TD Luna 253 and still looks spankin' new. The Cardiff was bought from a member from...
  208. re8elmonk0341

    FS : Glow Sticks for Hoopi'

    I'm located in Oceanside. Let me see if I can ship
  209. re8elmonk0341

    FS : Glow Sticks for Hoopi'

    I got a bunch of 12 hr glow sticks for sale. I won't be hoopin' from a boat this year so I don't need all these lights. I have blue, green, red and orange. $5 for 10
  210. re8elmonk0341

    1987 Bayliner Capri

    Might be interested
  211. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warriors Marines on the Reel Fun 05/13/11

    Sweet dude. Nice meeting you today and thanks for the lures. You caught a huge calico today dude.
  212. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warriors Marines on the Reel Fun 05/13/11

    First I'd like to say thank you to the sponsors, second thank you to the professional and friendly people at Dana Wharf Landing for the trip and on behalf of all the Marines today I'd like to give a big thanks to the Captian and crew of the Reel Fun for a great time on the water. I'm still...
  213. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warriors

    Thanks to all of you that have or is helping out. I've talked to a few Marines this morning and they're really excited about the trip.
  214. re8elmonk0341

    Wounded Warriors

    I'm the 'friend' that Hirame1 is talking about. I am a patient at the Wounded Warriors Camp Pendleton and found out today will be put in charge of the fishing club. I'm not sure what the Marine did before me but I'm planning on doing a lot of fishing both salt and freshwater. Also, do some kayak...
  215. re8elmonk0341


    Adam shoot me a PM dude.
  216. re8elmonk0341

    9.6 hp Sea King outboard motor

    I might be interested. I'm picking up a small aluminum boat in Anehiem over the Xmas break and it doesn't have a motor. The price is right and I'm staying in Cerritos. So it might just work out.
  217. re8elmonk0341

    Marines returning from Afghanistan

    Thanks all of y'all
  218. re8elmonk0341

    Marines returning from Afghanistan

    A few of my buddies are due to return today 101006 from Afghanistan and I told them before they deployed was I'd take 'em out hooping on my boat. Well my daughter came before they returned and I had to kiss my little 18' Bayliner WACC goodbye. Now I can't keep my word. As an Infantry Marine...
  219. re8elmonk0341


    Where's that at
  220. re8elmonk0341


    I was wanting to check out Lake Murray! I'll probably check out both since I'm only spitting distance from both. I've been watch s lot of Youtube videos and it reminded me of what I did when I was younger. But this time I'm gonna make traps to get 'em. I'll post up if I get some for sure.
  221. re8elmonk0341


    I live in La Mesa...I would rather go out and catch 'em myself like I did as kid haha
  222. re8elmonk0341


    Anyone know of a good spot where I can catch some - Thanks
  223. re8elmonk0341

    Jarheads need advice

    Wow that's so cool to read the post that all of y'all are writing wanting to help these Devil Dogs out. As a fellow Leatherneck and a hardcore fisherman myself it warms my heart to see there's so many awesome folks out there. My fellow Marines will agree with me when I say, we do what we do...
  224. re8elmonk0341

    Jarheads need advice

    Maybe you can take this Marine out and I can show you...I was stationed in Camp Pendleton for a bit ;)
  225. re8elmonk0341

    Is spider crab good eating?

    Ive kept one one time but this SOB was gi-normous. Took it home and gave it a try. I'd have to admit it was pretty tasty but the bigger the crabs the harder the shell. Goes good with some cold beers. I tried to take another one home but the meat was brown and smelled funny after I cooked and...
  226. re8elmonk0341

    La Jolla today

    At least you got to go out Dave!!!
  227. re8elmonk0341

    For Lobster

    How about you try another pier....maybe Oceanside?
  228. re8elmonk0341

    Hooped OC again last night...

    I don't recall at the moment but its a fish shop right next to Dana Landing...I'm sorry I'm not much help.
  229. re8elmonk0341

    Hooped OC again last night...

    There's fish shop in Dana Point that sells 'em sometimes they have Macks sometimes they have salmon heads but I think its $25 for a 50lbs box. Since you're in Anahiem I would just go to Redondo pier and load up on 'em one day.
  230. re8elmonk0341

    Hoopin Long Beach

    If you know where the spots are in LB it can be very productive
  231. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore QUICKIE 9/9/9

    hahahahahaah thats awesome WTG out there
  232. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 9-6-09 USA Tuna + Mix

    Looks like you did better then I did WTG and thanx for the report and making me feel like a loser hahaahah
  233. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore Sun 182- 43- 181

    I launched out of MCRD to headed towards the 182 also. Trolled almost the whole way there 'cause my bait tank crapped out on me. I saw 4 paddies with with 4 sunfish and and only one holding a few dodo about 2 miles S of the 182 I hooked to and farm 'em both. I head back at about 1300 trolling...
  234. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 9/6/09 425 to hidden bank report

    I should have went south, I fished the 9 mile and the 182 found 4 paddies all day but only one had tenants hooked 2 dodo and farmed 'em both. Great report!!!
  235. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 9/5 Near 182 | First YFT

    Wow 54 mile and only wasted 8 gals!!???
  236. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 9-5-09 Hidden Bank And North

    WTG! great looking fish....LOVE the blood from the dodo
  237. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore Great day on the water 9/4

    Rick is that the Wal-Mart of the 15?
  238. re8elmonk0341


    Fleet great tips! Is the 182 and the 43 in Mex. water? That's where I'll be trying this Sunday.
  239. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 9-3 Limits YFT/ Good size too

    Great report I hope I do well this Sunday out there. Take a co-worker and his little boy fishing for the 1st time.
  240. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore 182 WFO 9/2

    Thanks for the report...I might try up that area on Labor day.
  241. re8elmonk0341

    Fishing La Jolla

    Thanks for taking me out Dave . It sure beats working.
  242. re8elmonk0341

    Halibut: Help Make the call

    No "I" but there is a "ME" so it's yours dude. I'm only saying this cause my old lady don't fish LOL
  243. re8elmonk0341

    5/26 San Diego

    Awesome 'port. Heard some good things 'bout the boat and crew, I have to check it out on of these days. Rat yellows still means yummy in my book!
  244. re8elmonk0341

    5-21 Yellows at the Nados on the San Diego

    NICE!!! I'll be fishing there on the 31st. Hope I do as well as you all.
  245. re8elmonk0341

    Hoop net found by Catalina

    eclipes net with white bouy with 2 holes on top one home on the end with a sinker in it no writing with yellow rope?
  246. re8elmonk0341

    Frozen Macks

    And thats's in Dana Point?
  247. re8elmonk0341

    Frozen Macks

    I heard that there's a place in Dana or near there that sells 50lbs of macks for like $25 bucks. Is that true? If so, can anyone give me the 411. Planning to go out to Catalina tonight for the weekend and need some back up bait. Thanks! -Rick
  248. re8elmonk0341

    Newport Bugs 11/21 and 11/23

    Nat a bad idea...I think that's what I'm going to do on my next hooping adventure LOL. With gas prices dropping and it be a little cheaper on base it wont hurt that bad on the pocket book.
  249. re8elmonk0341

    Newport Bugs 11/21 and 11/23

    Let me know when you get an answer to that question LOL I had a shitty weekend too in DP.
  250. re8elmonk0341

    Dana Point

    Thanx for the reply Mike. Since my bait tank shit the on me, I can't really use live bait to drift but the flatties. I was asking bout rock feesh. Thinking 'bout hitting up the submarine something. Saw it on the map I bought. .....If I get mt tank fix by this Sat then for sure Imma drift for...
  251. re8elmonk0341

    Dana Point

    I'll be fishing DP next Sat. with some buddies and wondering.......Is DP a good spot to fish for those yummy bottom critter in DP? I don't want anyone's secret spots just a general question. If there is the I'll have to look for the spot. Just knowing that there is give me to motivation to...
  252. re8elmonk0341

    I saw this on Craigslist!!!

    That gives me an idea.....LOLLOL
  253. re8elmonk0341

    Spider crabs

    Eric, I feel yah on that one. A buddy and I went to Catalina Is. one night to try our luck and we pulled no shit over 300+ short bugs and to top it off all of 'em were females....we did manage 1 legal. I'm no pro but if you keep trying and keep looking you'll find 'em. and 'bout those Spider...
  254. re8elmonk0341

    Crustacean Carnage

    I was there last night but didn't do as great as you guys did...WTG Jim!!!
  255. re8elmonk0341

    Lobster Nets in Long Beach

    That fucken blows dude. Hope those rat bastards burn. Good to see there's still good dudes out there kudos to you fishhawk.
  256. re8elmonk0341

    Harbor lobster report

    LA Harbor is really kicking out some quality this year isn't it. WTG and good grubbing there.
  257. re8elmonk0341

    Happy Birthday

    Just wanna say Happy Birthday to any past, present, and future Marines out there. 233 years and still looking good and kicking ass. Happy Birthday Marines and Semper Fi!!!!
  258. re8elmonk0341

    First Bug

    Nice Catch
  259. re8elmonk0341

    MCRD Launch

    I live in Chula Vista now and my boat is in Camp Pendleton. Isn't the ramp in Oceanside free and the one next to Seaforth Landing free as well? Every time I'd take out my boat I'll would go to Long bEach and have to pay $10...Like I said I don't mind paying the fee but that $10 could go towards...
  260. re8elmonk0341

    MCRD Launch

    I am active Marine and I remembered seeing a launch ramp there when I was running in MCRD. Are those other ramps that ya'll was talking 'bout free? I don't mind paying the fee but I can easily afford free.
  261. re8elmonk0341

    MCRD Launch

    I know there's a launch ramp in MCRD but can private boat be launch out of there? Planning on trolling La Jolla for some bonies and maybe some rock feesh on the 22nd. Any info would help. TANGO!!!
  262. re8elmonk0341

    Lure colors for Boneheads

    Anything shiny, rapalas, Lucky Craft.....Anything. I was out there last weekend and killed 'em with the mack pattern rapalas
  263. re8elmonk0341

    bonito in camp pendleton?

    I could use some fresh mack for the nets as well, better then paying 2.99 a pound for 'em. Where are they being caught.....if you don't mind sharing.
  264. re8elmonk0341

    bonito in camp pendleton?

    Anyone catching any bones in the camp pendleton/Dana point area? Need some bait for the hoop tonight. thank you for any info in advance.
  265. re8elmonk0341

    One last time!!!

    Good luck on ur surgery Paul...and hella nice sandie bro
  266. re8elmonk0341


    Looking to get a FF/GPS combo but don't know what to get. What do ya'll recommend or what works good for you all. Looking to spend 200-300
  267. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore NEW BOAT PICS

    She's a beauty...CONGRATS:notworthy
  268. re8elmonk0341

    Hoop Nets

    I have the eclipes but where can i purchase some danielsons to complete my 10.
  269. re8elmonk0341

    Offshore Orion overnight 8/17

    I had a great time on the trip. I caught 2 huge YFT and my buddy Mark caught a Huge female DoDo. Both got our cherries popped. Congrats on the JP. Great crew, awesome fishing, and a great bunch of dudes on board.
  270. re8elmonk0341

    Catalina Sat 28th

    Heading to Catalina with a few of my buddies this Sat to hunt for ghost and yellows. I guess the question is....Should I get sardine or squid as bait?
  271. re8elmonk0341

    Multi-day fishing permit

    How do I go about getting one and where?
  272. re8elmonk0341

    O-Side fishing Sunday

    Going out with a few of my Devil Dawgs this Sunday out of O-side. Thinking 'bout fishing the Nuc. Plant and the surrounding areas. I've never fished that area in my boat before. Is there and good spots for some rockfish, i.e lings, sheephead, and reds? Also, have the Bonito and cuda started to...
  273. re8elmonk0341


    Discovery Lake in San Marco?
  274. re8elmonk0341


    wonder if there's any at the otay lakes?????
  275. re8elmonk0341


    Anyone know of some spots or some possible good spots to catch crawfish :lol: been watching the youtube and it looks interesting. Just gotta get a simple minnow trap or make one and there you go. What the DFG Regs. for those guys here in California? And, where are some the best places to find...
  276. re8elmonk0341

    Surf fishing halibut

    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 Met. Sar. Seal Beach or 72nd st. Good luck!!!
  277. re8elmonk0341

    Jackpot WSB Report

    sweet fish garrett...when we gonna go yakking bro?
  278. re8elmonk0341

    We tried!

    NIce fish Paul!!!
  279. re8elmonk0341

    1.20 Pismo Clams ~ Limits for 2 in 1 Hour

    thats interesting gotta give that a try. wonder if the local OC beaches have any clams. what the limit and size to keep 'em?
  280. re8elmonk0341

    Hoopin 1-05

    Guess you found them WTG...Was it raining last night on or around base?
  281. re8elmonk0341

    Xmas Eve Hooping/Fishing

    LOL seem like everything ya'll caught was 5 lbs. WTG
  282. re8elmonk0341

    Finally something to report

    Thats cool that you finally got the chance to get out bro. Drove by and didn't your boat. WTG on the goat and fish guys.
  283. re8elmonk0341


    WTG :eek: thats day i'll get that too. :beerbang:
  284. re8elmonk0341

    Weekend Late Bug Report

    WTG on the haul...were you hoopin local?
  285. re8elmonk0341

    Mission Accopmplised!!!!

    Got the text from my boy Will (Jikser) Last night saying,"fishing tomorrow, wanna go." I was like "hell yes!!" Got up at 0600 got gas and smokes and off to pick him up. Made it to El Segundo 'bout almost 0700 if not a little after. Weather was nice with slight overcast Fished the rocks for a...
  286. re8elmonk0341

    wanna fish tonight?

  287. re8elmonk0341

    First Bug Report(s) on BD

    WTG Duc!!!:beerbang:
  288. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton / Del Mar Hoopin Question

    we should oraganize a Marine outing for some fishing, hooping, drinking beer whatever.
  289. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton / Del Mar Hoopin Question

    I got 5 nets as well, but I live in Lakewood and drive to work (Mainside) everyday:cussing:. I wouldnt mind doing a weekday trip, I'll just ask the CO (wife) to stay over in the barrack a night. :food-smil
  290. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton / Del Mar Hoopin Question

    Yah I know 'bout the Base permit, but Ive never gotten checked. I wanna try that area out one day or maybe even to the oceanside harbor side.
  291. re8elmonk0341

    Camp Pendleton / Del Mar Hoopin Question

    Anyone familliar with that area of Camp Pendleton, The jetty at Del Mar where the AAV's launch from? I was wondering if that area is a ideal spot to go hoopin or even if hoopin is allowed.
  292. re8elmonk0341

    Catalina Hook n' Hoop Trip 10/26-10/28 w-pics

    WOW WTG gotta make my way to the Island soon
  293. re8elmonk0341

    Oceanside Macks

    The other night I was on a twilight out of DP fishing right off the San Clemente Pier and theres was macks everywhere...I mean 1000's of 'em. May I should just make the drive north a bit and fish that pier.
  294. re8elmonk0341

    Oceanside Macks

    Dses anyone know if theyre still or catching macks of the Oceanside Pier? Ineed som catfish bait...Thanks
  295. re8elmonk0341

    Surf Fishing Tackle Box

    this is what i use: I think its like $15 @ Turners
  296. re8elmonk0341

    Looking to go buggin your boat or mind

    im down to go on the weekdays pm sent
  297. re8elmonk0341

    late WARRIOR report

    Im a Marine too, and thats cool to see all ya'll do that for the Devil Dogs. I wasnt there....but I still want to thank all of you for that event. Its good to see people come out and support us. (I reconize that one pic. with the unit logo...Hoorah 3/5)
  298. re8elmonk0341

    Repainting the boat

    Hey everyone....Im new and boating but not new to fishing. I just bought a used '85 17' cc. This weekend Ill be patching up the minor holes myself and I was wondering if theres a place I can take her to get it repainted or detailed. Im stationed in Camp Pen. but live in Lakewood (and the boat...