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  1. wildcat

    Some scary shit

    The whole concept that tax breaks for the ultra rich will then create jobs has not only never worked but is an absolute joke..Its like the NFL, they pocket the money...Not to mention the power of the lobbiest in Washington..They are freakin roaches after one thing and one thing only...$$$$$$ for...
  2. wildcat

    Offshore Freezer is full

    Words just just describe him...Besides the work he does for our community especially unles who are challeneged is beyond reproach...Bottom line is just a great guy with a slightly sick sense of humor and the best fish in town..
  3. wildcat

    Lake Wohlford Bass

    The days when bass fisherman would kil kill kill and be so damn proud of it...I remember seeing the stringers of those poor stiff fish...Now a days it has so gone the other way it sickens me the mentaility and idiocy of some people..Taking a couple is HEALTHY for a fishery and actually all catch...
  4. wildcat

    Soylent Green

    Billy, that is just plain sick....
  5. wildcat

    Pats get Hainesworth

    Fuck me...They could finally motivate that lazy rich idiot...
  6. wildcat

    Offshore solo mission 7/13

    what a joke again...This guy makes a solo run and does put up a pic and still the typical blah blah blah...instead of basically calling him a liar why not just go with it...NIce fish dude as some of my best BFT trips were solo runs..Mostly small runts for me but that one is a beauty...Just...
  7. wildcat

    Offshore 07/22/11 3B's @ SKR, Bass, Barracuda, & Bluefin

    you and your kids always have good trips...Plus a bonus tuna on the bass rod..musta been fun.... Jim
  8. wildcat

    Graphtech Rods

    Great rods for the price...Landed a 40 pound BFT on one of them there schticks...
  9. wildcat

    Are you ready for some football?

    Alot of these players are saying they aren't going to sign TODAY but with some minor changes it should be finalized by next week....Finally some football...Goshdangit baseball is just so.........yawn!!! But hey being world champs ain't so bad either...:waglleybooty:
  10. wildcat

    A Western Tailwater

    There is nothing like fishing a salmonfly hatch...Almost as good as a cicada hatch...Hat Creek has a good one as does rock creek in MT....Pretty sure I know where you were and totally agree on not revealing the location...
  11. wildcat

    Bruce Bochy is smoking something as NL All Star Manager

    Is in shambles because of one guy and one guy only..Bud Selig...The derby, the game, who cares...Talk to me in sept when baseball means something...
  12. wildcat

    Lefty's choking.............

    I can only imagine your golf game...Now I totally understand your point but Phils charge there on the front nine with an eventual 30 was great golf..Besides he still made almost 700K...But just couldn't keep it goin through the back...But the imagination he and all the other guys showed...
  13. wildcat

    Saltwater Tuna Nuking at Westport!!!

    I forgot what albacore looked like being here in SD, the former tuna capital of the world...They look very tasty...
  14. wildcat

    Brute Force with K&M San Quintin.....Mas!

    Never trust those scoundrels....Very shady at best...Thanks for the report..Those jacks have some girth to em...
  15. wildcat

    Which One - 976 Tuna, Fishdope, others?

    Well then it applies today as well.. Hey dude go with FD, the quality of info is key and theres is the best...They will tell when its HOT and also have the guts to tell you when its not...Not many will do that..I always want to know where NOT to go as well as where to go...Godo Luck...
  16. wildcat

    ICAST Best In Show!

    It is truly amazing what they continue to come up with..That hard crank bait is amazing..And that "thing" Ali is holding should be on any boat where a crewman won't grab a troll rod and goes right for the "first bait in the water" routine...
  17. wildcat

    Who wants a pig?

    Hey man that is way cool to do that...BDers always pull through with cool shit..
  18. wildcat

    Offshore Back from 3 days

    Being on a trip in 03 on the Grande and we were killin bft and albies out at the worm with one bft to #143 and the main part of the charter akmost voted us to go to sci to fish rockfish...
  19. wildcat

    Ryan Leaf hosting xx1090

    What a great sports town this is???!!! The guy just went through near death and you guys talk shit...I bet if it was malignant you would be saying it was cause he fucked this town over...Good lord get a life, the guy is not a bad dude...
  20. wildcat

    Vet for my dog in north county san diego

    Guys, Thanks a ton...Gonna start smilin and dialin...
  21. wildcat

    Vet for my dog in north county san diego

    Anybody know a good vet??? Dog has come up lame on his left leg and need to get him in quickly... Thanks
  22. wildcat

    Snakes are out

    Indiana Jones!!!!
  23. wildcat

    April 15, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Good for you guys...Keep up the reports and the happy customers...
  24. wildcat

    Reels for a rediculous price

    Still have the 270 and the Daiwa 40...Pick up/cash only... Sorry I didn't get back to everybody...Way overload on PM's... Jim
  25. wildcat

    Reels for a rediculous price

    Accurate 270 - Good condition 8/10 $200 2 TLD30 2 Speeds just serviced - 8/10 $200 for both Trini 14 - Brand spankin new - 9/10 $175 Trini 20 - Couple of rashes 7/10 $150 2 Daiwa Sealine XHV 50s - 7/10 $50 each Daiwa XHV 40 - Bit of rash but totally solid 6/10 $40 Send Pm's...
  26. wildcat

    The Ironmen of Tuna Fishing

    Great vid Marcus...Love that chit..
  27. wildcat

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    too funny...its only a fish...A nice one but c'mon now...a little too serious...
  28. wildcat

    Bye bye Adrian

    Sucks to be a dodger fan these days....Great to be a world champion!!!
  29. wildcat

    49'rs vs Packers.......

    r u on mushies????
  30. wildcat


    U r jokiing me??? A guy with that dough is getting some tang for sure...Thats never been the question, but now his game is coming back together...
  31. wildcat

    Bye bye Adrian

  32. wildcat


    2011 should be fun..He is in the groove..Got that look at Sherwood..
  33. wildcat

    Bye bye Adrian

    How the fuck does this org let this guy go??? What a joke of a team... Fuck the prospect shit...this guy is local, sellls tix...Same old shit from this group of owners...
  34. wildcat

    Sittin in a tree in TX

    Now that is a cool report...Hope you get a big one dude...
  35. wildcat

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Ditto all of that...On the AMC website they have some great behind the scenes stuff too that explains some of their thinking in the creation fo the show...
  36. wildcat

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Friend turned me on to this show...Anybody else diggin this zombie shit???? Great show...
  37. wildcat


    The rankings are a joke anyway...As long as they win this weekend we will get a great game with Ducks vs Tigers...Both teams are great with the ducks high speed offense against the extremely wealthy Cam Newton...
  38. wildcat

    MNF 11/29 - 49'rs vs. Cards

    You trolling again??? Actually these teams have played some good games the last few years but....they still both suck...
  39. wildcat

    Sports these days

    There is only one Saluki in this world..... Thank god.....
  40. wildcat

    Sports these days

    And what, go to Descanso Bay for Reds??? No dude, all good here... Just some observations...
  41. wildcat

    Sports these days

    Just sayin' What the hell is up with Al Michaels hair and he is so overrated The story of the SF Giants is great for sports I hate to say it but the Raiders are pretty damn good and good for Tom Cable cause the owner is wacked Love to see the Golden State Warriors at 4-2..Although it...
  42. wildcat

    Giants vs. Rangers up 3-1

    The beard
  43. wildcat

    Giants vs. Rangers up 3-1

    Get off BD!!!!!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  44. wildcat

    Chargers are a mess with their injuries

    to win a trophy you have to get of those pieces is injuries....sorry hotrod but this ain't your year...too many injuries....maybe next year...but the window is closing....
  45. wildcat

    Randy Moss.......... Best post game interview ever!!!

    He is a prick but I love my Salucki!!!!
  46. wildcat

    World Series

    You hold and get two at home, but TX will be rockin...They'll bounce back as they are too good... Game #3 is huge...
  47. wildcat

    World Series

  48. wildcat

    World Series

    Ever walk a guy in...Throw strikes you idiot!!!!
  49. wildcat

    World Series

    Quit trolling....I ain't hittin your cedar!!!!:rofl:
  50. wildcat

    World Series

    Gotta love these Igantes!!! I kow it hurts to be a Padres fan right now but these guys are a good bunch of misfits!!! Really like the Rangers too eventhough I am primarily a Pads.Giants fan...Where are you Giants fan???
  51. wildcat

    SQ Offshore Report 10/17

    Nice jack...
  52. wildcat


    They better take game #2....Gotta love the west coasters leavin with a split and lets play some ball on Tuesday afternoon...Matt Cain is due to throw a good one!!!
  53. wildcat

    LT scored the JETS game winning TD today.

    Put your trollers away!!!
  54. wildcat

    little boy, big fish

    Aaaahhhnniii...Congrats on a nice mahi...Great story...Baamaapee...
  55. wildcat

    Which team is this article about???

    You are definately ready for "hoops" season....Go Salukis!!! And Wildcats!!!:rofl:
  56. wildcat

    Crowley Sunday

    Nice report...Love the forefinger through the gill...Oldschool rulez!!!
  57. wildcat

    Sometimes thats the way the ball bounces....

    Hate to tell ya but this is not a very good team..Now the injuries start to mount up, and NE and TN come to town...Figure a split on those games, so how does 3-5 taste...Not so good...At least you all aren't 49'er fans...
  58. wildcat

    I went to Kansas with Cooter, and he told me....

    Some of us are sicker than others...
  59. wildcat

    The Jimmy V Speech........ A must listen.

    Same here Brandon...It always comes up at the start of BB season and this speech never gets old and actually is more appropriate the older I get...I will never forget that game when they won the title..I heard that when he gave that speech he had cancer sores all over his body and could barely...
  60. wildcat

    God dam coyotes!

    I was walkin my dogs (pretty big ones with no leashes) and around 7:30am very near mission gorge road a lone yote comes toodlin down the street lookin scared as shit...My dogs look at me like wtf is he thinkin..My one dog is a killer and would have buried this skrawny fuck but he just looked and...
  61. wildcat

    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    They ended up with a 1.87 ERA in Sept (approx)...No one is goona beat you when you pitch like that over a whole month...Hell think about how many games the Pads would have won with that kind of era...It was a helluva season for the Pads just need some offense one of these days...
  62. wildcat

    Offshore Another Alabcore question/keep the fish around the boat

    You're hilarious Curtis..i agree w Phat Boat..And how does anyone enjoy trolling???
  63. wildcat

    ???'s for a 40# or 50# setup

    I got an accurate 270 loaded with speactra 65 and a top chot of 50 blue p line...You will not be boned on that reel my friend... lemme know and good luck..
  64. wildcat

    Guide's day off - Albie fishing

    Can I get those numbers from ya??? Just in case... Congrats...
  65. wildcat

    Offshore 130 lb bft aboard the freedom!

    Havent seen a local one that big since someone caught a 150 BFT back in 2003 on the Grande...
  66. wildcat

    BAJA TRIPPIN - San Q / Sac Reef / Geronimo / San Martin - REPORT

    Just flat out sickest of the sick report...No doubt that thing is DD that Kelly is holdin...Need one of those trips here soon...
  67. wildcat

    Yellowtail counts

    wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh....C'mon people...I miss the days of this board having only 200 of us...Quit overthinking this issue...Mother nature takes care of her own every time...
  68. wildcat

    Spell Check

    heard the same but cm'on now...Spellchekc is pertty basics...
  69. wildcat

    Spell Check

    Does that 976 tu*a site ever use spell check...I thought I was a bad typer but good lord...And people pay for that??? Sorry but had to say something after years of that..
  70. wildcat

    Happy Bday Wildcat!

    Sorry i missed this guys...Way late but what can I say...Nope not been fishing once this year...But thanks for the well wishes...Maybe soon there will be something close to fish for and we can all do a lil catchin...
  71. wildcat

    Case of Yamalube 2 stroke oil (4 gallns)

    80 bucks takes it..I am in Sd abd can meet but not ship.... send PM
  72. wildcat

    Offshore Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    Straight up serious stones...Nice!!!
  73. wildcat

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    You will need to contact him for the rates cause they vary from day to day depending on a variety of things... Hey Saluki, you would love this place bubba.... Hey Sluester, got wacked a while back so no more hippie smack from saltyDawg..
  74. wildcat

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    I believe they do for a fee though...His name is Martin and his number is 619 871 9354...
  75. wildcat

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    Here are some gay photos of my fly fishing..
  76. wildcat

    big bear cabin rental?

    Check out my thread I just put up...Sick spot!!!
  77. wildcat

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    Just spent the weekend with my girl up at this place and what a smokin deal...Finally got my bros to cover for a couple of days as my primary job right now is taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimers...So she found this on craigslist and I contacted him and it went smooth as silk...Mountains...
  78. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    This boat has sold...My apologies to all who i didn't reply to...
  79. wildcat

    drew brees

    what a class guy..on sc, talked about his son and the ring he now has and the pressure of owning a title...wonder if sd fans will ever know about all that??? never should have let him go, as we know, never chase radio #2 on the this guy
  80. wildcat

    Carlos Boozer to the Bulls........ LeBron is next!

    but...notice that the guy with the rings is kinda quiet...go lakers...good luck the rest of the league...hey ep, that take on ppv was top 10...I am surprised he didn't do that to make up for the lost revenue after signing with the heat..god bless college hoops...
  81. wildcat

    DVL...been waiting for this day forever...

    Words can't really say what is shown in those pics...Nothing like a proud grandpa... 3 generations fishing together is so cool...
  82. wildcat

    This stuff is biting

    That is what it is all about...
  83. wildcat

    Offshore Fleet reports are in wrong place

    Speaking of which , where is my porn bitch!!! I am lonely...I miss 2003...And I miss you Saluki!!!
  84. wildcat

    Offshore More Albie Dope

    Great dope Chris and soon enough you will have your hands full and be way way too busy...Appreciate you giving us the straight skinny on the tunnies...
  85. wildcat

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    Go Lakers...Just want to see some good BBall...
  86. wildcat

    Wide open barracuda 5-29-10

    Saw a show with DH the other day and he was talking up cooter as well but something tells me he likes all fish but he sure doesn't like tuna...Congrats on the catch and grub...
  87. wildcat

    1ST fish on new boat

    Looks like the new sled is gonna suit you well this season...
  88. wildcat


    Yo T, hope you have a great day!!! May swing by to grab some shrimp later on...
  89. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Deal fell through so boat is back on the market..Sent some PMs to those who contacted me while it was in a pending status...Better get on this cause it is gonna go fast...This is a perfect boat for the run and gun YT fishing goinig on right now in the TJ flats and the rockpile... Jim PM me...
  90. wildcat

    Slob Snook

    Thats a snook of a lifetime...Congrats..
  91. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Looks like this is going down but you never know till cash is in hand but he did give me a cash down payment...Sea trial is set for saturday or so... If something changes (which i doubt), I will let you guys know...
  92. wildcat

    Todays' "Saluki Special"

    That is disgusting...
  93. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Best way to get ahold of me is to PM and set up a viewing or sea trial...Trying to get to all the PM's as quickly as possible...
  94. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Really appreciate all the comments and I will miss this ride..Lots and lots of great emeories on this boat with many many good friends.. Thanks for the photo Frankie, that is a great shot...
  95. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    not this season but at some point...With the work I am doing now there is no way to get the time on the water like I used to...
  96. wildcat

    Looks Like Tuna Season Is Here

    it must be true if Phillip says it...:rofl:
  97. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Fully loaded Deep V Parker that is ideal for offshore runs for tuna, inshore run and gun for Yellowtail and drift the kelps for calicos.. Here is a list of what it has; PYT T top with 11 rocket launchers 55 Gallon Offshore bait tank with cover Hydraulic steering with Raymearine autopilot...
  98. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Saltydog!

    Happy belated birthday you ol fuck..
  99. wildcat

    Jeff Beck

    That bassist is so young but she just tears it up and Vinnie is a sick ass drummer (saw him with Sting)...The keys guy is in the current band...
  100. wildcat

    Jeff Beck

    You mean David Kemper??? If it is , he is one of the best...And from what i heard a great guy...And those two ladies that were Jerrys back up singers for all those years were way cool too...always loved their souls...
  101. wildcat

    Drew Brees or Phil Mickelson

    Well said..Both were simply amazing..
  102. wildcat

    Drew Brees or Phil Mickelson

    Which is a better story and why??? Drew with his son winning his first ring or Phil winning his third green jacket and getting donuts at crispy creme with his daughter... Personally, Drews shot with his son gets the nod...Although both are great stories and show how sports can sometimes be a...
  103. wildcat

    The Masters

    Did any of you see the pic of mickelson the day after in the drive through line at crispy cream donuts with his daughter...Yep you know it he was wearing the green jacket...I would too if I won that thing...
  104. wildcat

    Jeff Beck

    hell yeah that sounds like fun...I noticed that emmbers of the jerry garcia band and dave mathews are there so I just may have to hit that...Way cool...
  105. wildcat

    Tearing up Northern Cali Bass & Trout 4/7 to 4/14 with pics

    Super sick report dude...Very well done as I was hangin on every word through that whole thing...Went to Almanor as a kid and caught my first smallie on a zebco rod and still have the pic...Speaking of pics, those shots were great of the bronebacks, brownies and that largemouth with the snow in...
  106. wildcat

    YT going off again

    when you combine the two it came to over 100 which is still pretty sick...Yep they b bitin again...
  107. wildcat

    Jeff Beck

    If you know this name then you know it is about sick guitar playing that can only be described on the level of hendrix, with some blues at the level of clapton, and rock at the level of page...Got your attention??? it ain't often but he is starting a mini california tour tomorrow in SF and works...
  108. wildcat

    Breaking news....

    Are the Steelers really gonna trade Ben??? I can't believe they would but you never know these days...That would be a stupid move cause he is a proven winner..
  109. wildcat

    Fly rod is donskie

    I do know what I am missing but got some issues that are a bit more important like my dying mother...You guys will kill em so just save me a nug or two...
  110. wildcat

    The Masters

    two week strtch in hoopos into the masters...does it get any better...Billy payne should have written Tigers script on the speech in feb...The Masters is all history and tradition and they don't give a fuck...A couple sammies and 4 beers for $9...R U kidding me...
  111. wildcat

    Saw My Spirit Guide Again Tonight

    Never look them in the eye..Trust me, bad juju..But nothing wrong with a bow or something similar..Just no eye contact...
  112. wildcat

    Fly rod is donskie

  113. wildcat


    Not as close as you might think Mr dos locos...You'll probably pulll it out but Butler is for real and maybe just is the tourney...
  114. wildcat

    Official Bloody Decks NCAA March Madness Tourney

    I would agree but this is the tournament and anything is possible...I said the same thing awhile back when some guy names Rolli Massimino had these kids from Nova facing this amazing team with Patrick Ewing from Georgtown and we all know what happened there...Whatever goes down hopefully it is a...
  115. wildcat

    Welcome Home!! 3/28/2010 ULUA!!!

    Killing fish in Hawaii is just so wrong....errr....oh nevermind...Great report dude and good to get in and stick a few before bailing town....Safe travels...And nice fishies..
  116. wildcat

    March 24, 2010-Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    the other 500 billion guys that come on to BD, say their blah blah blah and never come back...So don't let the door hit you and remember everything you say we have heard a billion times before..You can't help it dude, it is a DNA thing.
  117. wildcat

    3 ALBACORE Caught @ 115nm south of S.D.!!!!!

    He is probably right...Wouldn't surprise me if they were there along with some blue marlin...
  118. wildcat

    Raining in Panama " Tuna That Is "

    Great pile of fish dude...Don't let the back row bug ya, they just being jealoous...
  119. wildcat

    Something everyone should watch.....

    ever forget!!!! All we have is this one day and make the most of it cause you never know when the man will come knockin at your door... Thanks B...Great speeech...At the time he was covered in sores...
  120. wildcat

    Official Bloody Decks NCAA March Madness Tourney

    Nice fish and even better tourney this year...I just can't see how sports fans don't get addicted to this sport..Sorry Cooter but that UK game with Norther Iowa was some of the best shit of all time..My brackets were a total mess but who cares cause these games have been some of the best of all...
  121. wildcat


    Great call as i am sure the Magic won't have any issues with Mr james this year...
  122. wildcat

    Is right?

    Best way to go is to get the Fishdope membership..Blows them all away..
  123. wildcat

    Lowell (Jack Hammer) does killer work!

    Ya never caught shit on that POS anyway..
  124. wildcat

    Trout fishing near Redbluff

    The Sac runs right through town and should have some good fishing...Call some local shops and see what is up..Or call the fly shop in redding and ask them they will tell you all the dope...It can be a great fishery but not sure this time of year...
  125. wildcat

    The New Aleta

    That is a beauty C, very well done...That last pic with the 3 lights is very cool...There are some fish down south that are counting their days right about now..I am sure the people over at PETA were told about this development...Congrats..
  126. wildcat

    Happy Birthday MO BETTA

    Have an awesome day dude..
  127. wildcat

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    That is pretty mild compared to what I was thinkin but I am sick and tired of my tax dollars going into a system that keeps these guys alive..With the technology we have today we can be pretty sure we have the right guy who committed the crime so i say eye for an eye... Blessings to the...
  128. wildcat

    interested in fishing ensinada or SQ on weds and thurs of this week

    Find Kelly and you will have the time of your life...No one better in SQ than him..
  129. wildcat

    Hey Wildcat.... Where's the fishing report?

    Always good to see you Dennis and anytime you want some company on the tank you know where to find me..And I am willing to work the troll rods too...
  130. wildcat

    Hey Wildcat.... Where's the fishing report?

    Fished with Ralph...Got a couple of nice jacks, one on the iron and the other on dropper looop sardino...Both over 20 pounds..Great weather, boat ran great and super dandy company... I know you are upset that i didn't take any pics of your buddy ralph but you will get your chance in another...
  131. wildcat

    Go to rod

    on the 800ML or M and a saltiga 30...
  132. wildcat

    The R word?????

    Just fuckin witcha...
  133. wildcat

    The R word?????

    I wonder how well the steelers will play this year with their QB in jail for rape...
  134. wildcat

    115 yellows on Mission Belle 3-3

    Only 11 huh??? Yep dude you suck...
  135. wildcat

    Coronado Yellowtail

    It is gonna be a sick spring...Good news too for the fleet as they could really use some quality spring fishing... Thanks for the dope J...
  136. wildcat

    F*^K! Bad news!!! Help???

    Another bad Yamaha 200 HPDI...Sorry about that brudda...
  137. wildcat

    Olympic Hockey

    Freakin commie..:frehya2:
  138. wildcat

    Olympic Hockey

    trust a fucken drummer...C'mon now, everybody knows that you freakin commie..
  139. wildcat

    Hey Laker fan

    Yep agree wit cha on that..I like that they let them play today but then the ticky tack shit out of nowhere...I think it was poorly called because it was inconsistant..Kobe was a little off today but damn he can dish that rock when he needs to..Would like Pau to be a bit tougher I guess is the...
  140. wildcat

    Hey Laker fan

    You got me J on that one but...All I will say is if it is the lakers and nuggs in the western finals it is gonna be bloody...Good win for the Lakers today with Artest coming up big today...And no, I always root USA!!!!
  141. wildcat

    Golden State Warriors

    I know there are some of you on here that are fans and this is such a great team to watch but have had the injury bug like no other this year...Lost Azabuhke for the year, Brandon Wright, etc etc etc...A total of 331 games lost to injury which is far more than any other team..But this kid...
  142. wildcat

    College hoop

    So Kansas and Kentucky both get beat and Purdue loses a big play guy for the rest of the season..Syracuse looked pretty unbeatable last night against Nova who have stunk it up in the last 7 games...I still think that Kansas is gonna take it all cause they are so deep, have a great coach with a...
  143. wildcat

    Hey Laker fan

    Hate to tell ya cause I am a big fan of theirs but the Nuggets have their number and it wouldn't surprise me if the Nuggets came out of the West as champions this year going against the Cavs in the NBA Finals.. I know I know, it is still the regular season and all that but something tells me...
  144. wildcat

    Tsunami Warning for California

    Read about a 130 footer created by this quake...Surfs up..
  145. wildcat

    New Inside Sportfishing Intrepid show

    If you miss the sunday slot, they re air alot on tuesdays around 1:30 or 2:00...somewhere in that range..
  146. wildcat

    Check out Manny's new website -

    Amazing work again by those guys...
  147. wildcat

    1 HAWG 2/25 5:55pm

    Fat lil bitch ain't she...Saweet...
  148. wildcat

    ***THE WASH***

    I'll give it to ya that you do have some fresh takes there dude..Can't ever go wrong fishing the brushhog this time of year...A fish killer that hog is, fo sho...
  149. wildcat

    Freshwater Line

    I would always go floro for a couple of reasons...More bites and more abrasion resistant...If you fish the white river with those big browns you will want some tougher line for those big boys...
  150. wildcat

    How come no giant BFT on left coast?

    Guadalupe used to have a pretty sick fishery but conditions changed there and it seemed that every spring there would be some long range guys that would find fish from 100 - 300 but alot of times those fish gone pretty quickly due to seiner pressure..Its a big ocean out there and there very well...
  151. wildcat

    LT Released

    I actually agree with you MIke for once..He has never had suregery which is a huge deal, and no one rushes for much on this team..I think Tolbert had 5.3 avg last year but everyone else was less than 4..That tells me this line is built for pass blocking not opening holes..
  152. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Brant

    Happy Birthday dude...Now get back to work dammit..
  153. wildcat

    Affordable Marine?

    That has to be one of the funniest quetions of all time, especially on this site...You just have no idea how loaded that question is if you are asking it...Moving on...
  154. wildcat

    Plan ahead when considering a fishing trip to Costa Rica or Panama

    Thanks for the info...Can you talk a little bit about the chance to do some fly fishing down your way??? Are boats equipped/experienced to handle the fly guys??? Any other activities to talk about if you get a bad day such as rain or someting like that...Any off roading down there, perhaps golf...
  155. wildcat

    Bass'en at El Capitan Lake 2/18

    Today would have been stupid out there with the overcast and prefrontal conditions...Also a guy told us that he saw a guy wackin em pretty good on crawdads yesterday..You know what that means but he got nothing over 2 pounds or so...But when they start keyin in on those protein sources you know...
  156. wildcat

    Cavs vs Nuggets

    One of the best games so far this year...Went to OT and Melo hit the game winner with 1.9 left right in the face of the chosen one..These Nuggets are really good and with Mr Big shot leading them they very well could take the whole thing...I love the Lakers for the most part but the Nuggs have...
  157. wildcat

    Tiger's return

    are you kidding me??? That is not a press conference...It is a reading of a prepared statement in a completely controlled environment with no questons asked...Sounds like the basis for a healthy marriage if you ask me...But your not so there...
  158. wildcat

    Bass'en at El Capitan Lake 2/18

    As always had a blast with the #1 Jayhawk fan on the planet (next to his mom of course)...First couple of hours were good and we definately should have had more in the boat but you know how it goes...Lake looks good and the crappie should start their dance any time now and that is always a good...
  159. wildcat

    NBA All-Star Game drew a record crowd of 108,713 fans

    Well Mike you are done now..Or hooked I should say...Damn good game and just an amzaing load of talent on those benches..The NBA sure does know hoe to do an all star game, now only if the NFL could figure it out???
  160. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Cooter!

    Had no idea dude and to think I tt ya like twice yesterday...Happy belated to a great friend who loves a dry boat!!!???
  161. wildcat

    Here's something I've been wanting to try

    nice for an old guy who care barely see anymore...May need ya to wrap me a 700H in 49er colors...
  162. wildcat

    Looks like the boys are getting them this morning...

    Just talked to Coot and they have 5 in the box...Said it is beautiful, kinda crowded but they are putting some wood to them...
  163. wildcat

    Hey Wildcat..... how do you spell Kentucky?

    I don'r know which is funnier, the fact that he wore it and didn't notice or the guy who made the shirts/jerseys and let it get through the QC process...Either way it is funny as shit... Thanks for sharing you sexy man
  164. wildcat


    Kobe is all beat up (no not by Saluki) so Phil made him sit and they are much better with him on the bench..Better passing, focus and all that..Seems to me that when he is in the lineup they would prefer to sit back and watch him do his thing (duh) which happens alot when you have a super star...
  165. wildcat

    Some of the Best Crappie Jigs I've ever used

    Cats away and them mice will play...
  166. wildcat

    February Albacore out of San Diego

    Ready to get my fish kill on....Thanks Markus for the info...You already chompin at the bit????
  167. wildcat

    Offshore 2-5-10 Albacore on Pearl

    Lets go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. wildcat

    National Geographic / Great White

    Saw this over at their site and it seemed pretty cool...Heard they were using 29/0 mustad hooks for this trip..Now that is a serious hook...I saw it on TV as did some of you I am sure but I don't believe all of this was on the tube...Check it out Expedition Week | Expedition Great White |...
  169. wildcat

    is hogges any good for fly fishing

    You should go up there and talk to Conway Bowman as he is the lake manager and is also pretty well known for his guide buisness and his time on ESPN...Really good guy and a helluva good fisherman too...He will share alot of good info with ya if you go up there and ask him some questions... Jim
  170. wildcat

    Illinois beats #13 Wisconsin last night

    I am not sure about the big 10 this year as a whole...Ohio State has 5 good starters but no depth on the bench, Wisconsin is good on D but lacks any offense, Mich State is banged up pretty good and should be ok by the time March rolls around and there sits the Illini...Could be a spoiler, maybe...
  171. wildcat

    The WHO.....

    Half of ya can't even get a hard on today without some chemical help much less do anything when you turn 65 so STFU...
  172. wildcat

    Jay Hawks vs Long Horns... on ESPN.

    They looked good for the first five minutes and then Kansas defense put the clamps on em and they couldn't do a thing...Kansas looks really good and well prepped for a run for a back to back..Only one problem with that...
  173. wildcat

    How do you like your CC?

    Love my CC for about 50 miles offshore or less, the farther trips are better on the Grady that my buddy has...Perfect set up...
  174. wildcat

    The Saluki dog show

    So I am watching this dog show last night with my mom (she loves those things) and this dog comes on and its name is Saluki...I start bustin a gut and who would know it but the beauty comes in 2nd place...They show the dog and it was following another male dog around sniffin its ass...Guess the...
  175. wildcat

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    My bet is saluki trys to grab five different asses at his place today, nothing less... Oh and the game... Who dat 31 Bitches 28 Yep there I said it..You happy now..
  176. wildcat


    And its only Febuary....Good god I ain't gonna make it to June...
  177. wildcat

    Marine Upholstery needed

    Javier Lopez 619 933 3562 Has done my Parker and he is the bomb and very reasonable...
  178. wildcat

    College B-ball gearing up............

    Well Coot your boys just got by Colorado last night in O/T..Next MOnday is a huge game against Texas so you better have your guys at full strength or you might have 2 losses...
  179. wildcat

    S.D. resident Mike Martz to be O coordinator for Da Bears.

    Long time to wait bubba but I am sure you won't forget about it...Lets chat in December...
  180. wildcat

    College B-ball gearing up............

    I would rather have my boys pissed and a chip on their shoulder...Good games tonight especially Michigan State / Wisconsin... Plus the Cats will crush Mississippi..
  181. wildcat

    College B-ball gearing up............

    YouTube - Jim Boeheim standup comedy during press conference He is a freakin riot plus one of the best coaches in the world...
  182. wildcat

    S.D. resident Mike Martz to be O coordinator for Da Bears.

    Yep he did a helluva job at SF...Guys a loser and you guys are doomed but you already knew that with Cuntler at the helm...Warner made him look like a genius and we all know now that Warner is a stud no matter who is the O coordinator...Just sayin'...
  183. wildcat

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : SCI 1.30.10

    as always your vids are the schnizzy...
  184. wildcat


    nothing funner than a blade bite in or near the sticks...I always start my spring bass after the super bowl and it looks like this year is no different...
  185. wildcat

    Gov proposes 69.9 Million Budget for Cal Boating

    we have the highest amount of welfare cases too..Way more than any other state...
  186. wildcat

    $4000 20' Grady on Craigslist. Sounds like a deal!

    No doubt gradys are awesome hulls and no issue with it being a 1989 as sometimes older is better...Even if you get one seasion out of those motors you are still in good shape if you put a 4 stroke on there later...Somebody needs to grab that thing...
  187. wildcat

    College B-ball gearing up............

    what a great game last night..Bet you were sweatin it pretty good there coot but once again you guys pulled it off in a very hostile enviro..Don't even know where to start...Big east is a beast again this year with Syracuse and Nova looking great along with Uconn and GTown..Duke is solid as...
  188. wildcat

    The Vine Today...

    Gettin one on the first cast is always a no no for me too..
  189. wildcat

    Good pick-me up for your morning........

    I can't really comment on your "un it" but I know your committee is active..
  190. wildcat


    Destined to get beat but that kid from South Carolina was freakin amazing...He was so fast and quick no one could catch him...
  191. wildcat

    LT and VJ..Charger interviews

    Both guys were interviewed by Darren Smith who does the 12-3 slot over at 1090...Really interesting stuff was said so check out VJ especially as he makes up a new word "comedical" about his getting busted before the game..These guys are just too much sometimes...How tough it is to be 20...
  192. wildcat

    The King vs Flash

    Right now on NBA channel (331) these two are going at it and are playin the old "can you top this" game...Each guy scored the last 12 for his team and they are lovin it!!!! I know alot of you guys think hoops is for pussies but believe me this is top shelf hoop madness at its finest...Its at...
  193. wildcat


    said that the help we are giving them will help us create an ally that we desperately need in that region...Sounds like BS to me...
  194. wildcat


    Are you referring to me william???
  195. wildcat

    Bear Den Cam

    Den Cam - ESPN pretty cool shit
  196. wildcat

    Tornado hits Sunset Beach today @ 1:15pm

    The weather sites said that the peak wind yesterday at Newport was 93 mph...
  197. wildcat

    K-state is kicking Texas's ass.........

    Now that they will get the #1 they 're dooomed to get beat by someone like Morehead state or someone like that...You and I both know C that the bottom line is getting prepped for March and now that the Chargers fumbled away their chances at the big dance more attention is paid towards college...
  198. wildcat

    K-state is kicking Texas's ass.........

    I wonder who is going to be #1 now....Can't quite seem to get that name out of my head....Who is it again there saluki??? Oh thats right the...
  199. wildcat

    Take it easy.......

    Don't waste your time Harry...
  200. wildcat

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    One of the best ever...
  201. wildcat


    Too bad that AJ will cut this guy after the lack of productivity cause it is a shame..No doubt he should stay with this team till retirement but his ego will tell him he still has plenty in the tank but the economics don't make sense...You can say c ya to Merriman as well cause he just isn't the...
  202. wildcat


    check on saluki...I heard he was dancin on the tables at Zubis!!!
  203. wildcat


    self destruction...Kicking the challenge flag...2 unsportsmanlike penalties, 3 missed Fgs, blocking the back by floyd on a play that would have been at the 12 and it didn't even make a difference...Total breakdown of a great regular season team...Too bad cause I really like this team...
  204. wildcat

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin Baja. Jan 15 2010

    make the run you pussy....
  205. wildcat

    Warner gets rocked!

    I can't even believe this is a topic...Anybody that knows football knows that was clean and exactly how the sport should be played...
  206. wildcat

    Weekend Winner Predictions & Why.....

    Teams coming out of the bye are 7-9 over the past couple of years so the break and rest are no guarantees of success, of course what is???? Go Bears...Oh wait...sorry...
  207. wildcat

    Charger vs Redskins Blacked out... are you kidding me?

    Now that is really going out on a limb..
  208. wildcat

    D E C A D E N C E

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...Great photos of those 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 pounders...Seriously, love your game dude...Your shit is tight..
  209. wildcat

    This won't be popular, or oak, or elm, or walnut or ....

    Brotherhood is all well and good as long as it benefits me...Just sayin...Hey rick I need me one of those set ups you got for Greg awhile back..Got some honey holes to clear out... Jim
  210. wildcat

    Caught up in politics...

    Jeds fish up at Dixon awhile back was a world record but because it was hooked outside the mouth it was voided and IF I remember corectly he didn't want to deal with all the nimrods in the bass world..We all know that when you are fishing big swim baits there are times where they get hooked...
  211. wildcat

    SEASONS 'Seasons Greetings'

    Dude we sure had some fun days this year especially that day with Stan on my boat when we called ya in on that super sick jumbo YT bite that went ultra full speed...And big props to you on the call ins you did for me too... And the pics from that day were great thanks to duanediego!!!! Got em...
  212. wildcat


    They definately were off last night with 3 offside penalties on that first drive...But no way it was a gift..The niners have swept them 2 out of the last 3 years...We simply match up well with them...Many of those turnovers were a result of the D not necessairily sloppy play by the cardinals...
  213. wildcat

    MVP in the NFL for 2009/2010

    comeback player of the year...I know I know , very cliche...How about bong loader of the year then!!!
  214. wildcat


    Alot of people have written us off for this year and that is fine but as for a team that is coming together for the next few years this is the team...Smith is getting great experience finally in a stable system..Poor kid has had 5 different offensive schemes in 5 straight comparison...
  215. wildcat

    it's bryan's fault

    This is gonna be fun...
  216. wildcat

    More Tiger dope

    So on Romes show they were talking about the alleged discussions between Tigers attrnys and that chick in New York and that they are going to pay her something like $5m..The theory is that if she indeed was setting up these rendevous with all these hotties and getting paid for it then...
  217. wildcat

    MVP in the NFL for 2009/2010

    Cmon dude, you are kidding right??? Sarcasm is what it is called... And no doubt Woodson is a beast on D..I was gonna add that but well...Y'all beat me to it...
  218. wildcat

    MVP in the NFL for 2009/2010

    The guys on sportcenter said that at the very least that Rivers should be in the discussion..I would also think that Favre would be in that discussion as well..Who else deserves to be there other than Cutler??? Brees has to be in the top 3 as well...Gimme your take!!!!
  219. wildcat


    Boise State already proved they can win in those games with that win against Ok a couple of years ago...I love the matchup with Boise St against TCU, damn fine game...Cinn vs Fl will be a good one too...I heard on the radio the other day how these teans are picked and it is like the lottery..So...
  220. wildcat

    Here's a subject nobody wants to talk about: Handoffs!

    Not a long range guy but this applies in other sports too...Good athletes know that once you see that ball go in the cup just once it can be game on after that...Soemtimes you just need to change the ju ju / mojo a little bit and it goes full speed after that...Happens to basketball players too...
  221. wildcat

    Christmas biscuts

    There are but no one is talkin...You know how it is with biscuits...
  222. wildcat

    Here comes the wind!

    Just drove down the 5 from carlsbad to Clantee and my Landcruiser was blowin all over the road...Hate to be in an 18 wheeler right now...
  223. wildcat

    KFMB Ch 8 San Diego

    I guess their gameplan was to join the game half way through the first half or I got through to some idiot over there..They do this shit every year..Must be some kick back/contract with the cartoon production company...whatever...I gave the news desk an earful and now i feel better for...
  224. wildcat

    KFMB Ch 8 San Diego

    These guys are a freakin joke!!! You have UK vs NC as one the best games of the year and instaed they show cartoons!!!! R U fucken kidding me????? Cartoons...There is a great demographic...Not the first time either for these idiots...Called over there and of course the response is "no one here...
  225. wildcat

    Chargers vs Browns thread

    This is tough but I say the bolts just get by on this one...Say something like 59 - 3...LT throws a TD in this game...
  226. wildcat

    Tiger comes clean

    I should have said he makes a statement... As for the world these days did you hear about the MJ thing..His dad oiled him up before he whipped him with an electrical cord...This world is freakin crazy these days...
  227. wildcat

    Tiger comes clean

    I should have said he makes a statement...
  228. wildcat

    Tiger comes clean

    I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family...
  229. wildcat

    Cuyamaca stocking schedule

    No way dude..Time to hit the Murr with that over stocking of small bass baits..
  230. wildcat


    Mom says i loved them as a kid but now those things are as nasty as a dirty cuchie..
  231. wildcat

    Cuyamaca stocking schedule

    We all know who you are talking about and that ain;t cool at all...It has always been a great lake no matter who was running it...The biggest issues up there are the water board guys who are more interested in $$ for their water than a good fishing lake...
  232. wildcat

    Owens River gives it up, with big suprise!

    I know that spot very well...It can be very very good in low water...
  233. wildcat

    Penn Internationals 70VS and 80T

    Dude waddup...Happy T day and all that..Sorry for the jack [p nuts...Late
  234. wildcat

    Shimano TALICA 8 II TAC-8II 2 Speed Fishing Reel

    Yeah that is what i was thinkin....
  235. wildcat

    Daiwa Sealine X 40HV

    Is that the 4.9 or the 6.1 beeaatttch???
  236. wildcat

    Attention trout fisherman!

    Me thinks my swim bait rod is gonna get some work in...
  237. wildcat


    Get out there and catch one bitch!!!
  238. wildcat

    Offshore How did this season stack up?

    What about that kelp I called the Seasons boat in on very early in the season for those brute YT...You know the one where you took those pics...That was insane... Plus that buite with Bryan (I hate seals) was one of the best YFT bites ever, the dorado kelp with Hustler was as good as it...
  239. wildcat

    Offshore Current Fish Report??

    Next week looks good too...Call me beeeaaatttch...
  240. wildcat

    Offshore Current Fish Report??

    I will be heading out in the next few days depending on the weather..I will report on what we find out there...
  241. wildcat

    La Jolla with JAWS

    I was gonna say that thing is no way a 20 lber...Yep, Ed's jigs are the rope a dope...
  242. wildcat

    49ers V. Colts ....... Donks v. Ravens

    Some guys need a bitmore time to develop in this league plus he had 4 off coordinators in 5 years up there and had his best when Norv was the O coord..In comparison Peyton has had the same O coord his whole career...When you look at successful QBs they usually have some time with that O...
  243. wildcat

    49ers V. Colts ....... Donks v. Ravens

    Dude they are on the right track with Mike on board..Two first rounders next year which they use on o and d lineman to beef up a bit..Injuries happen to everyone but we have been hit hard this year..It happens and you always have to get lucky in that department to make a run for the...
  244. wildcat

    Offshore Prepare for a boat ride. Albies Heading for Japan

    Lack of coverage right now really hurts the bite cause they are there but it is a big big ocean when you are the only ones out there or among the very few..Thanks for takin a look but it does sound like there is still some tuna to be had if you are at the right place...Some YFT still at the 390...
  245. wildcat

    Offshore November BFT on 11/1/09

    Fish were definately caught there again today...perhaps we should call that spot "bush ridge"???
  246. wildcat

    "Go to" 40# Bait set-up

    Saltiga 30-40-50 and a Calstar 800M or 800H...If that is too long for ya, then a 700H...
  247. wildcat

    The water has turned over

    You guys put way too much emphasis on the temps for this time of year...Of course as it is every year on this board some people love to be the first ones to declare the season officially over...So do your thing and the rest of us will be catching tuna, YT and dodo's...
  248. wildcat

    U2 & Black Eyed P's Concert

    Watched the whole show from my computer last night via U2UBE (youtube)...Great show but the exact same setlist as the whole tour..I never get how they can play the same songs in the same order night after night..At least i got to see them and didn't pay the $$ or deal with 96k of my closest...
  249. wildcat

    New Padres GM

    At least they are going to a winning organization to steal a good baseball/management guy...Kinda funny that Towers has a job waiting for him in Boston if he so chooses...Kinda shows how well he is thought of in the baseball community...
  250. wildcat

    Rogue Rod SWE 706C

    Don't do it dude...Cork is the only way to go...
  251. wildcat

    New Charter Boat in PV - El Matador - Capt. Manny Ocaranza

    I was thinkin the very same thing...Nice sled..
  252. wildcat

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Broncos prediction thread...

    The D ain't that good at all with no pass rush as it was put on another thread that Orton did his taxes back there in that pocket..Rivers is good but not when he is layin on his back for half the game...These games are won in the trenches and the Chargers don't have the horses...O line is beat...
  253. wildcat


    hey dude how are your dodgers doin???? I heard it was tied 2-2....Uhhh, sorry I guess I was wrong..Its 3-1 thank to jroll burning your bitch tonight...He should only pitch at home...You guys are done!!!!!
  254. wildcat

    Dodgers v Phillies

    What a fucken great game tonight...The Phillies are all heart and the big blue are down 3-1...Ahhhh, cry me a fucken river...Hate the dodgers and love the phills...Not to mention the Angels pulling it out too...Great baseball this year...
  255. wildcat

    So.....anyone watchin the game?

    Awesome D with MIke Nolan calling the shots..You will win lots of games in this league with a D like that and an offense that doesn't turn it over...
  256. wildcat

    Brees vs Rivers

  257. wildcat

    Brees vs Rivers

    Running game always helps the passing game...Or I should say Having a running game sure helps the passing game...Too bad the Chargers abandon the run so early each week..Tonight should be interesting cause they are talking it up like the running is back...We'll see...
  258. wildcat

    Brees vs Rivers

    Hate to tell ya but Drew has him woooooped right now...I always liked the guy but many thought he was done after that shoulder thing...AJ was wrong again...I can see Drew getting a ring way before Rivers does...Just sayin...Plus New Orleans has a D and the Chargers...not so much...
  259. wildcat

    While I was out fishing.........

    Nice hookup William...Nothing better than a good collie...
  260. wildcat

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 1 1/2 day Albacore

    Way to go Bill...Sounds like fun..Amazing that most guys are done when some of the best fishing is happening right now...Mark is the shnizzy...
  261. wildcat


    You guys are lucky the Angels are playing shitty defense..I will say that the lineup for the bombers is pretty sick but the payroll is how many should be for that price...
  262. wildcat


    I can't believe this is still being discussed on this site..Ben has 2, Phillip has zero...This is all that matters to these guys..I will say stats do not measure heart and Phillip has pklenty of that but so does Ben...So.....the score is 2-0...Nuf said...
  263. wildcat

    Offshore Fog, lots of Fog and some fish

    Nice goin Bryan on the day...Kinda wish we stayed out there but that fog was pretty gnarly w/o radar...Definately on my 2010 list of things to do... You can tell by the pic of the YFT that it was pretty thick down there..The SSTs showed that it cleared up about 3 miles west of where we were..Oh...
  264. wildcat

    Another Petition for Map #2

    Done..thanks Ali!!!
  265. wildcat

    Offshore Dolphin II 2 -day report

    Caught a 145 bft on a 3 day in Nov a few years ago...Sometime the fall "rebite" can be the best of the year...
  266. wildcat

    Holding Calls

    I can't even believe this is a discussion point...Ben has two rings, Rivers has zero...That is all that matters and everything else is irrelavant...Stats are BS, rings say it all...Just ask any athlete in any sport..
  267. wildcat

    Offshore 10/12/09 YFT O'side

    Damn Gary that is a long run for just some "junkfish" as Dennis would put it...I am not so sure it is done but we are getting close...Those Alb/BFT could make things pretty interesting.. Congrats skip on a great solo run...Nothing better than a late launch solo run..
  268. wildcat

    Offshore Cedros/Guadalupe, 6-Day on the Constitution

    Those fillets look pretty sick!!!! Congrats on a great trip...
  269. wildcat

    Offshore Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    Too bad we can't usemore info like that for the MLPA...
  270. wildcat

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    Been using them pretty exclusively for a number of years and never had an issue like that although i have seen the posts on the guys who did have issues...Keep us updated on the outcome just incase it happens to me... Thanks Jim
  271. wildcat

    Offshore 10/9 Take Advantage cuz its there for the taking

    Take your shit elsewhere Sirbitchwinerwasteoftimeasshole....
  272. wildcat

    Broncos vs. Patriots Thread

    As we all are dude...but you gotta love Mcdaniels and the way he rebounded from what was perceived as a bad move with Cutler to a great start with this team that was supposed to be rebuilding..Loved the move of the coach at the end of the game when he ran down the field and fist pumped the...
  273. wildcat

    Angels vs Red Sox Thread

    new avatar there buddy...
  274. wildcat

    Angels vs Red Sox Thread

    Not often Papelbon blows a lead in the playoffs but redemption sure is sweet for all you Angel fans...Yankees are next more than likely and should be a good series...
  275. wildcat

    Starburst Ultra Light Spinner

    That is cool bill..Nice work bubba...
  276. wildcat

    the thrill of victory...and the agony of swollen balls

    No doubt a great game and quite memorable but it just doesn't matter now anyway because the Cards got their asses swept...Very impressive and I definately did not see that coming especially with Carpenter and Wainright pitching and they are studs... Now there is no way this error will...
  277. wildcat

    Offshore 10/9 Take Advantage cuz its there for the taking

    Nice goin dude...Totally agree on your assessment of the water temps...Forage is way more important to hold them in a zone...They have ways to keep themselves warm and they just can't help themselves with all the bait out there right now..Congrats on a great day..
  278. wildcat

    Cooter is back with an itch............

    I hear there is a hunter ready to do some killin'...Talk to ya on sunday dude... Sometimes we need some time away to appreciate where we are..
  279. wildcat

    Some dreams come true..........

    Dude just saw this thread and had no idea when I saw you last night but you sure seemed in good spirits and even better when you took off...You are a great dude and enjoy the ride...Anyway that had "The Ballad of Curtis Lowe" as his ringer is good by me...I wil never forget that day at your...
  280. wildcat

    Angels vs Red Sox Thread

    I could hear that smack from Hunter bat all the way down here in SD!!! That one hit very well may have exorcised some serious demons...We'll see what happens tonight..
  281. wildcat

    If you could have a new head Coach

    He runs this team almost like the raiders Al davis does..Get a softie in there that he can control lke a doll...I don't see any of those guys comin here with the AJ issues even an Urban Meyer which is a great call but why the fuck would he leave one of the best gigs in all of sports..Can you...
  282. wildcat

    the thrill of victory...and the agony of swollen balls

    To compare it to Gibsons hit is a miscue in my humble opinion..Great way to take advantage of a siituation but I would be kickin down some duckets to Matt for his error to let you back in..Never ever let another guys misfortune be your best moment cause payback is a bitch..Sure would like to see...
  283. wildcat

    Record Muskie Michigan

    Same area that that big brown was caught a few weeks ago...I think the brown went over 40...Beautiful fish..
  284. wildcat

    Offshore 10/7 WFO best bite of the year

    You want to bring up the Mako episode do ya???? Well the story goes like this....Oh I can't do it to Kelly but that was some funny shit...Congrats on that sick ass bite...
  285. wildcat

    Offshore Flat seas/flat bite

    Thanks for the report
  286. wildcat

    Offshore 10/7 WFO best bite of the year

    That pic is for you fuck face...Have a nice day!!!
  287. wildcat

    Offshore 10/7 WFO best bite of the year

    Got called in on two sick kelps SW of SD about 35-45 miles and it was easily the best bite of the year...One of those trips that all other trips are compared to...Thanks to Bryan and Kelly for the call ins..Weather was epic, bait was amazing and like I said one of the best bites of all...
  288. wildcat

    Bounty Hunter Bluefins Today

    That other one is just a rediculous beast of a fish so it is kinda tough to compare anything to that fish even my fucken car...Nothing better than fresh BFT...
  289. wildcat

    Offshore quality YF still here...........

    thanks for the info...Anyone that thinks its over is a dimwawd...This season is far from over...Again thanks for the dope
  290. wildcat


    So they are 3-1 and could be 4-0 if it wasn't for Favres lucky throw...Now 2 wins are against Seattle and St Louis so not a big deal yet and I am not about to predict a playoff run but they are moving in the right direction...Alot to be said for strong coaching...
  291. wildcat

    MNF - Packers and Vikings

    Who is Brent???
  292. wildcat

    From the resident Steeler fan....

    Bottom line is he is isn't pretty but he gets "W" 's and that is all that counts...It surprises me that he has been sacked that much when it seems like he is super slippery in the pocket...he makes some really subtle moves to avoid getting dropped...Imagine if he had a top notch O line...
  293. wildcat

    Rashard Mendenhall

    You are really laying it on thick boy!!!
  294. wildcat

    Coach Kentera.....

    Good guy and nobody knows high school sports like him...
  295. wildcat

    Official Chargers Steelers Sunday night Game Thread!!!

    That kid is a stud or was it the Chargers D that made him look so good...Either way the Chargers are in trouble...2 games back of Denver with a long bye week ahead of us...I wonder how intense they will come out in that next game..If it is anything like last night me thinks there could be major...
  296. wildcat

    Official Chargers Steelers Sunday night Game Thread!!!

    Rivers loves cock meat??? You need to see a psychiatrist dude...
  297. wildcat

    River sucker

    Hell of an accomplishment..Congrats and way bitchen photo...
  298. wildcat

    Official Chargers Steelers Sunday night Game Thread!!!

    28-0...Hate to tell ya guys but your team ain't what you think they are...They have some talent but....well.....look at the score and to have this kind of performance on SNF means you are gonna get bashed by that "east coast " media come tomorrow morning...The Chargers look totally unprepared...
  299. wildcat

    Offshore 289 YFT 10/03/09

    Looks bigger than 22 lb to me but what do I know..
  300. wildcat

    Kevin Towers was let go by by Pads GM Moorad

    Horrible decision by the new group..Hope this isn't the first of many bad decisions to come by these guys...Towers has grown into one of the best GM's in the biz...He will end up just fine but as for the Padres well...not so sure right now..
  301. wildcat

    Pac 10 football

    Just saw stanford beat up on UCLA to go 3-0 in the conference...Got this kid #7 running back that is a stud..Jim Harbaugh has done a helluva a job in a short amount of time to make them at least fun to watch and have a chance at a bowl game...Not saying they are going to beat USC or anything...
  302. wildcat

    Offshore 11 YFT 10-2-09 BTW 302 and 230

    quit typing and go fishing dammit...
  303. wildcat

    casting the surface iron

    That this is under general fishing crap...
  304. wildcat

    El Gato Dos Open Party Thursday October 8th.

    sounds like a blast but what about the reacharounds??? Seriously, first class operation, kick ass skipper who goes the extra mile and damn good fishing still to be had...This should fill up pretty darn fast..
  305. wildcat

    LT haters

    Totally are won and lost in the trenches...The O line is in shambles and with the loss of the pro bowler williams the D line isn't far behind...Tough times but remember the media will do anything to create a story and ultimately say it is LT that has lost a step...
  306. wildcat

    Offshore 170# Bluefin Constitution 1.5 day!!!

    Man yguys don't realize that this is the time of year the big ones are around...I got my #150 BFT on a 3 day o nthe Grande in November a few years back..Of course all those guys who put their boats away have no idea what they are missing...This should be good for awhile yet... Congrats to the...
  307. wildcat

    How to make a Parker fly

    Me thinks you could make a ton of $$$ with all the bozos these days...
  308. wildcat

    LT out for Sunday

    Totally disagree...Kinda hard to run the ball when it is mostly in Rivers hands and 40% of your O line is out..The other thing about LT...He used to pound the ball all game long and they would eventually wear out the defense and he would get huge gains in the second half...Now we have a total...
  309. wildcat

    Sick Video of feeding giant BFT

    That is the sickest video of all time right there with the size and the fact that those are BFT which we all know can be so freakin finicky...Definately number #1 on my list..
  310. wildcat

    Im going to buy a new boat.

    That thing looks like it is worth about $2k..He doesn't know if it runs...Sounds like the guy wants to fish not start a project...Anyway, like the guy said look at Parkers..That 17 is good but I went up to a 21' and got a deep V hull and it is sweet..Good luck to ya..
  311. wildcat

    Offshore 2 day on the Pacific Voyager all albies 30# or more!!!

    Nothing funner than fatsos on light line...Just when you think they are done they take one more burner!!! 55 pounds on the JP??? That is crazy..
  312. wildcat

    Merriman NOT dedicate to Football.....

    Puke this thread is so nice and happy..Where's my Saluki??? I liked the old one mean and bitter and nasty...Kinda like my coffee...
  313. wildcat

    Offshore September 22, 2009 3/4 day Albacore on the EL Gato Dos

    great score dude and hopefully they things put on a little show here in the next couple of months...And yes your boat does do some serious catchin...
  314. wildcat

    Cromartie and his twitter bs

    Found this article and I can't believe a player would actually take a picture of his notes from watching film and then post it to his twitter account...Are you fucking kidding me...WTF are these guiys thinking these days...I can't imagine this went over well with his teammates... Oops...
  315. wildcat

    Chargers vs Miami Thread

    Wow finally he talks realistically about last week..The only reason I bring up Peyton is that he faced the team we will be facing this week and he didn't get a whole lot of chances due to Miami ability to control the ball and the clock..Now since the Chargers had trouble last week getting TD's...
  316. wildcat

    Offshore Got a few at the 230 9-21

    Got any numbers of where you got bit out there...I saw you weere at the 230 but just looking for something a little more precise... Nice going on the fish...10 fish for yesterday sounded pretty damn good..
  317. wildcat

    Chargers vs Miami Thread

    wake up dude...oh that's right you don't inhale...try it sometime it'll help shake those bobwebs from your brain...remember dan fouts in an announcer now...
  318. wildcat

    Chargers vs Miami Thread

    I am a charger fan but just a realistic one..Losing two pro bowl lineman (hardwick and williams) is near impossible to replace hence the loss on sunday to the ravens...Williams would have done a much better job on stopping the run as he commands a double team and hardwick would have done a...
  319. wildcat

    Chargers vs Miami Thread

    After seeing how good Miami was at controlling the clock the Chargers could be in for some trouble this weekend...Not to mention that Joey Porter is near the same level as Ray lewis...Hopefully we have the lead with two minutes to go cause that 2 minute offense by Miami last night was a joke and...
  320. wildcat


    MInnesota is damn good and I don't see anyone slowing down thier backs...Good game though to judge exactly how good this niner team is cause their first two wins were against an AZ team that looked like they didn't give a shit and Seattle is welll.....seattle...
  321. wildcat

    Southern California Swordfish! Possible?

    Hooked two over the last couple of seasons but was way way undergunned...But helluva good time for those brief couple of minutes...The powr of those things is amazing..Would lvoe to see what it is like on the right kind of gear...Good luck Jihad, you will need some serious sticks for those big...
  322. wildcat


    2-0 is definately moving in the right direction...A QB that doesn't make mistakes and has a record of 9-3...Not bad..Helps to have Gore back there...This team is moving in the right direction..
  323. wildcat

    Philip Rivers

    He lets the ball go too early cause the O line is decimnated and his ability to out run the defense is well...non existent...That will keep him from being a great QB eventhough he may get a ring or two..
  324. wildcat

    New Member Bass Pics! Lake Mission Viejo

    Not only nice size but very healthy for a summer fish...So often those bass get kind of skinny in the summer but obviously that lake is very healthy as are the bass...Welcome to the asylum...
  325. wildcat

    Offshore 371-425-Hidden

    Thanks for the report and yes the best is still out there for the next month or so...Who knows maybe longer...Remember Marlin on Jan 1??? Time on the water is what its all about...
  326. wildcat

    Offshore Wifes 1st Tuna

    And go to where all the fish are...
  327. wildcat

    Offshore Yup, they are still there...YFT 9/19

    Its over allright... Nice slayin'!!!
  328. wildcat

    Offshore 289 to 181 (same ole chit) 9-19-09

    Thats a drag for the northern zone especially after how good it was last year..Hopefully that stuff will turn on before loong...You never know but it is bound to happen here soon...Thanks for the report...
  329. wildcat

    Offshore Patience Paid Off

    Yeah it wasn't malicious but if he was gonna have his crew pratice throwing heavy iron on spinning reels then he could have done that at the whistler buoy...BTW, we did get into it with him when he set up above me on the kelp and threw the iron down swell towards our baits that were trying to...
  330. wildcat

    Thanks again SDTony

    Nice stick so when are we going mf'er??? Tony is the best...No one else works on my shit ever again!!
  331. wildcat

    Crocodile C & R

    A new "fish" to add to my list...Great report Clarke...
  332. wildcat

    Offshore Patience Paid Off

    You bet he was cause it was me...You guys know me and know that I wouldn't do that kinda shit and yes we all make mistakes at times..But that guy was a fucken asshole and totally bitter to the end and he should have left it alone but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..He has to go there so you want to...
  333. wildcat

    Truckee River

    The most recent issue of Flyfisherman has a good article on the river that is worth reading..It will tell you everything you need to know..Don't be afraid to throw some big streamers at first/last light...Some major hogs in that river...
  334. wildcat

    SD Chargers Jamal Williams out for season...

    You guys didn't even talk about that little punk ass bitch Crabtree who feels he is worth more but hasn't played a down in the real league...Bummer on those guys cause they are both solid (never arrested) and play hard every down..
  335. wildcat

    What a bunch of bullshit..........

    Forgot about the Sporting Wood...remember when that was Jasons boat??? First time I met our great founder of this site was in LJ and he was involved in a full blown sardine war with another boat..Nuf said??? Me thinkin so as that about covers it... Chris - We will kill animals next week when...
  336. wildcat

    Offshore holy shizzzeit! 1.5day trip!

    Rancho Cucamongrol...Nuf said...
  337. wildcat


    I can't believe he hasn't been picked up by somebody..Still has the fire and a damn good locker room guy (not Saluki style) who won't bitch and complain like the Crabtrees and TO's of the world..Maybe the Chargers could pick him up and use him on the O line..
  338. wildcat

    41.45lb trout

    And caught in a river in Manistee Michigan...I know exactly where that is as I have fished that place before and they do get big back there...But that thing is huge..
  339. wildcat

    Parking tickets at Shelter Island.

    Cash-strapped cities pile on the parking fines - The Red Tape Chronicles -
  340. wildcat

    Chargers vs Raiders............

    just got "Cutlered"...
  341. wildcat


    The guy just gets it done, totally has the respect of his team and the sky is the limit...Good defense (Willis is a stud for those that don't know this guy), ball control offense and a team that now will not make the same mistakes they made the last 5 years..They do have a shot if they can stay...
  342. wildcat


    You asked for it bubba...You never wish injuries on anybody, ever...Totally bad karma but hey you know that...Or you do now..
  343. wildcat


    Bad news is he is done for the year...Good news...They have a franchise QB that will take them to the big dance come January...Ummmm...well one out of two ain't bad...
  344. wildcat

    Hey Saluki

    Great recving corps there at Chicago...Hands of stone for all those guys...And that new QB they got??? More int's than receptions...Time for a contract extension...Plus Urlacher is now hurt...Bye bye Bears..
  345. wildcat

    Offshore Tailwalker Report 9-12 (Excellent YFT fishing)

    Does it get any better than that??? Nice goin Rich, I may be out on Wed and if I am I will holla atcha..Congrats on a great trip...
  346. wildcat

    OMG!!!! The final of the Denver game was Outfuckingstanding!!!

    Thats just great...Now he has to do some of his sex talk...
  347. wildcat

    Muck Fichigan!

    Actually Saluki I am looking forward to seeing Michigan come back to the world of respectability..They are one of the historic powerhouses and for college football to be healthy then Michigan needs to be good just like Ohio State needs to win a game sometime on the next 20 years against a top 5...
  348. wildcat

    Fished the borderline

    He talks on the radio??? Never realized that...
  349. wildcat

    It sux the best

    bubba...Go back to bed..
  350. wildcat

    Saluki's new squeeze?

    I knew there was something funny about that Saluki guy...
  351. wildcat

    Offshore SEASONS * MARLIN * YFT * DODO * YT REPORT 09/09/09

    Nice report guys and super sick mixed bag action...great talking with ya out there...Lets do it again soon , maybe next Tuesday???
  352. wildcat

    Rpt: Crowley/Kirman BIG FISH-Lots of Pics

    Dude you would love this way of fishing..Nothing funner than stripping wollies and feeling that bite...Great report and pics dude..Those brookies are pfat...
  353. wildcat

    Offshore 9/7 Ambusher=425-Hidden YFT

    Maybe need to wax something else to get a ride??? Dennis you are welcome on my sled anytime and no wax is necessary..That is if you are willing to catch trash fish and a center console...
  354. wildcat

    Shawne Merriman Arrested for beating up a hottie!!!! 9/6/09

    He is also in a contract year...Needs to really perform so he can really cash in on that guaranteed money...
  355. wildcat

    Offshore 8/31 All it takes is one...

    Found a bush at 31 51 117 41...Full speed as we limit out pretty quickly on YFT and YT..Nothing exotic and certainly not an extravaganza just a simple early in the week blood bath...Fog not much of an issue, came home at 25 knts..Here is a tip...Try taking a bait guy from EB fishing some...
  356. wildcat

    Offshore Radio Fish 8-31

    26/29 was a full speed dorado kelp...Freakin rookie..
  357. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    So Colorado made it interesting for a bit but now they seem to have cooled off...Giants are on a roll but still a healthy 6 games back..They may not have what it takes to catch the boyz in blue but the WC race should be interesting..
  358. wildcat

    Offshore Birthday Fish!!

    Now that is funny...Great report dude and Happy Birthday!!!
  359. wildcat

    Offshore 8/28 Our Turn to Rake it In

    Nice going Joel..Persistence pays off for you and the kids...Good goin...
  360. wildcat

    SS clamp on rod holder - cheap!

    that is not a great price for them especially considering the quality of these things...Did all the preventative stuff and still didn't last too long...I have seen them for 19.99 which is about what they are worth...Maybe..
  361. wildcat

    Rivers gets how may million???

    It is all about the rings and anyone that says that stats are important doesn't have a ring...
  362. wildcat

    Rivers gets how may million???

    92m for this guy...Is he worth it??? Only if he gets a ring.. Amazing to see a SD team spend some $$...That don't happen much in these parts..
  363. wildcat

    Offshore Rpt. Sat 8-22-09 Now that wasn't any fun!

    It sure sounds like it has gotten in your head now so that can't be good..I was just thinking what a great season it has been with big BFT, slug albies and some sick kelp bites on big ol jacks..Sometimes the more you talk about it the bigger it becomes and then it gets in your head and affects...
  364. wildcat

    Launch ramp

    The day i dragged my boat up to OC to get it to the mechanic I got flipped off like 5 times.. No Steve it wasn't you I would have given you major shit for that move and thrown you way under the bus...
  365. wildcat

    Launch ramp

    So i am in the parking lot at SI putting everything away before the ride home to Santee and a guy drives by with his boat on the trailer and his buddy standing in the boat..I notice that the prop is turning faster than normal and it turns out that he still had his 4 stroke running..Not sure how...
  366. wildcat

    WOW! Lightning & thunder!

    That was insane today as the lightning and thunder were so damn close together...Freaked the dogs out but I loved it...Finally some real weather..
  367. wildcat

    West Coast Marine Services

    Hadn't had any work done on the sled since I had the rebuild done a while back so it was time to have Gonzalo do some work on the HPDI..As always the service was top shelf, as he had me in within a day or so and the work was completed a little early along with very reasonable prices...For you Sd...
  368. wildcat

    Offshore YFT and YT 8/21 Fish Seeker Style

    Always cool to save the day at the MG...Can't tell you how many times I have struck out on tuna only to be saved by a couple of jacks...Two trips in a week??? Somebody has the itch..Good goin for you and Ricky..
  369. wildcat

    Offshore YFT @ 226

    Nothing worse than fishing next to a guy that is spankin you on a jig you do not have in the box...Thanks for the offer of lending me some bars cause I know you were a little short only having 30 of those things on board..And I thought I was a tackle whore.. Good catching dude, you were...
  370. wildcat

    Offshore YFT/BFT @ the 226

    I would hate to see it any other way...You need to fish sometime, I hear it helps with the blistering..
  371. wildcat

    Offshore 8/20 on the Q Chk it LilCeez

    I think you mean your numbers to start with 31 not 32 right???? Just checkin cause if you were at 32 24 117 28, then you were in the alley...:ashamed:
  372. wildcat

    Offshore YFT/BFT @ the 226

    Ran out to the zone with Bobby and Corne and worked the terns and porps for a decent pick on the tunnies..Cedar was pretty good but bait was better..Hook and hang kept em under the boat for a bitchen bloody stop..Fish are pretty small compared to last year but beats workin..You all know the...
  373. wildcat

    Offshore Yellowfin /Dorado 238 8/19

    You have to know Ron cause anything less than limits is a scratchy day for him..Was gonna run that way tomorrow but seems like close to home has some options now as welll...Like Mikey said, lets see the boat...And congrats on some good eats...
  374. wildcat

    Offshore New-Lo-An, scratchy overnight, but time well spent.

    Some of the best trips are when you get to see kids get their first fish and eat the heart of course...Definately not always about the fish count but about the quality of the boat and crew...Marcus is top notch..The pointy end of the boat is always my favorite spot..
  375. wildcat

    She is home

    Being the owner of a 2000 that is identical to yours I can say you will love it..Deep V???
  376. wildcat

    Offshore awesome bft bite

    for the timely report..
  377. wildcat

    Good day at the nados

    You need to see another pic of a 10 pound yellow???
  378. wildcat

    Cardiff 400, Sealine 30, and calico special rod for sale.

    I will give ya $41 for the Calico rod...
  379. wildcat

    Another beast!!!

    Looks like Tuna Alley gives up another nice one...
  380. wildcat

    Offshore 371-302 Fishing Report/Weather **Aug. 6**

    Fish dope has all the skinny on the YT at the islands plus the new dope on the YT at LJ... Congrats on a great trip in shit weathe...Too bad the fish are small but I am sure there are some bigger models around..
  381. wildcat

    Just got out of surgery...

    Saluki had the same thing from wackin his pecker 24/7...Are you sure it wasn't due to extra activities??? Just messin with ya Frank..Hope it all works out and you are pain free and totally mobile soon...
  382. wildcat

    Just been diagnosed with.....

    I keep my camera in that same type of bag and will never look at it the same again...
  383. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    That is such a veteran team that I really doubt that it will be an issue...The good news is that the Giants are now 6 back of the dodgers and they meet up next week in SF... Baseball is a joke...I can't believe that they handle this "list" this way..Shoulds have just released the names and it...
  384. wildcat

    NL Worst?

    Good points and now the lead by the boys in blue is down to 6...Dodgers vs Giants next week should be a good one...
  385. wildcat

    K&M & SEASONS Crew...WSB

    Ditto that..
  386. wildcat

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Prowler 8/4/09

    Great report and pics...Nothing funner than fishing kelps for yft...
  387. wildcat

    K&M San Quintin, Wide Open DoDo! PartII

    So ya gotta give us an update with the guys in town...You guys finding them ghosts??? C'mon man give us the dope...
  388. wildcat


    Noticied that as well a couple of days ago..Thank god cause that one is crucial to get a sense of conditions out there...
  389. wildcat

    Buona? Did Asshat finally get BANNED?

    Have you met him yet?? or should I say has he grabbed your testicles as of yet cause that is the true initiation into the BD club...Yes I have and no I didn't like it at all...Good for you eventhough you are a dodger lover on your work wit the guys..
  390. wildcat

    Offshore Patience paid off

    Nothing better than a nice mixed bag of fillets for the grill...
  391. wildcat

    Offshore 302 and Inside-7/31

    Nice score and the quality is sure nice right now...I actually like that off color water for yellows and done well at times in those conditions..I think the only thing that would stop Elvis would be a nice stainless steel spear right through the knoggin...Thanks for the dope..
  392. wildcat

    Odom and the Lake show

    Thank god he resigned cause I would be pissed if we lost Ariza and Odom...4 yeard deal with a shit load of duckets...This should be an easy repeat...Actually I am already calling 3 in a row...
  393. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    Down to 7 games again..Dodgers have lost 4 in a row...Trouble in blue heaven...
  394. wildcat

    I don't care how tuff you are

    Recently and it isn't easy at all...They are nothing but love, unconditional and pure...hang in there dude..
  395. wildcat

    Offshore BFT East Fly 7/29

    Did ya hook and hang those bad boys???
  396. wildcat

    Offshore 7-28 albies, tails, bluefin, dodo, marlin

    Nice goin dude...Love the mixed bag of fish these days...
  397. wildcat

    K&M San Quintin, Tuna,Dodo,Yellows

    That would be sick to jump down there for a few days and slay some fish..Hhhhmmmm maybe a birthday treat for myself and just get th e fuck outta town..
  398. wildcat

    Offshore Damn it got good long range

    Ditto what Curtis said plus it looks like somebody took second pklace on the Kens 5 dayer..Congrats Ron on a nice BFT!!! Brian taught me a whole lot on the PQ a few years back and he always took the time to help customers out and make them better fisherman..
  399. wildcat

    Understanding Numbered Spots "302" "181"

    Many people go right to the highspot of the "302" when typically the better fishing can be found on the edges that lead up to the bank and ultimately the hi point of the bank..A good ff/gps will show the edges of the banks and is an invaluable tool in hunting down the pelagics..Not to mention...
  400. wildcat

    More Cape Cod Madness

    We are getting 30-40 pounders out here..Feel like a fucken pussy after seeing what yiou guys are doing out there...That is straight up hard core right there...
  401. wildcat

    Offshore Do you remember when...

    Match the hatch...Works every time...
  402. wildcat

    Offshore 7/26 Albies, Tail, Dodo with Eyeproblem and his son Brian

    You guys were on fire today..Bitchen day out there, working together, working solo and everybody getting fish in thebox..Thank god that Ambusher got us into a better area so me and Kev could really vent on those fish in our last 5 fish bait stop.. Bryan is really growing up fast..Much smaller...
  403. wildcat

    Offshore YFT outside west of 226

    Best eating fish out there...Good going dude..
  404. wildcat

    Offshore 7-24 Hidden Bank & inside

    too bad the water conditions look kinda rough...JK, looks bitchen out there...
  405. wildcat

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    Enough to make me want to go again soon... Duane - Was callin ya but no response..
  406. wildcat

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

  407. wildcat

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    The best colors have been pink and chrome and blue and chrome...I went bigger yesterday so I could stay further away from the schools and not push them down..The one last night was 3.5 in ches long and maybe 2oz...They carry a huge selection down at Dana Landing Market in MB..Or at Performance...
  408. wildcat

    Cape cod 7/19 - The DAY

    Piggy for sure...Great pics as they always look so much better right out of the water..Love the bend in that coffee grinder stick...
  409. wildcat


    So its Manny bobblehead night at chavez and he comes up in the 6th and wacks a pinch hit gran slam to break the lead wide open...First pitch and the place goes nuts..Scully said it was the loudest he has heard dodger stadium in 20 years..And to top it all off if you can believe this guy...No...
  410. wildcat

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    My buddy got food poisoning last night so the morning session was cancelled but decided to make an afternoon run to see if this afternoon bite thing is for real...Its for fucken real...Got out to the zone about 4:00PM and the fish were up under the birds and feeding like mad dogs..The Sea Rok...
  411. wildcat

    big albies

    Have you checked any of the websites that show the forecast for the upcoming week??? You may get better more objective info from them rather than a bunch of huys sitting at their computer...
  412. wildcat

    Do you always pre-rig ??

    Oh snap...
  413. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    Since the break the Giants have sucked donkey dick and are now in 3rd place in the west...Guess Jessee won't be eating his shit and Giants fan is bummin heavy...Here's to the Red Sox beating the Dodgers in the world series...
  414. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    No backing down at all but the thing did bull dog me pretty good in the current..The rod that I broke was simply sitting in the rod holder with a 20 lb class YT swimming around down at about 80 feet..Done it a million times and never had that happen..As for Stans broken rods I will let him...
  415. wildcat

    Do you always pre-rig ??

    Pre rig cause you never know when you will get an early jig strike or spot that kelp in the gray..Just ask Eye problem and Swazi about this as we lost out on a sick bite due to this very issue...
  416. wildcat

    Great Reel repair/Maint.

    I have been using him for about 2 years now and Stan said it all...Good price, excellent service and a cool guy to boot...Definately use this guy as you will not be dissapointed..
  417. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    Just like last year they will start to bite when the time is right..
  418. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    Why yes he did but he is still getting used to the hook and hang method..
  419. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    for a couple of losers...Hair is getting cut this week as a job interview is close...
  420. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    I couldn't look over at Jaimes boat with my Kaenons..The glare was just too much!!!
  421. wildcat

    Offshore 302-230-371 7-20 run

    Megabaits are good but we have had better success on the River2Sea SeaRok jigs...Heavier than megas and a nice finish...Pink is a good color as is blue and chrome... Congrats on a great day...Those foamers are really something to see..
  422. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    You can all go fuck off..I would say that it was an animated kind of day with 2 guys that are "passionate" about fishing..Nuff for the hooks, I was all tied up ready to go with my standard Mustad 42150 2/0, no disco hooks here...And never circle hooks ever, gotta swing like Big...
  423. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    Stan was there on time but not me... Don't know what to tell ya about the bait...Ours was sick... Another thing i forgot was the kelp was so full speed that I cut off the jig on one of the troll rods and got em that way on the 60 pound.. Maybe Stan will hit this thread and talk about...
  424. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    Planned on meeting Stan at the dock around 4:00am but alarm issues and when I opened my eyes the clock said "5:26 am"...FUCK!!! Needless to say I had a few missed calls on my cell but hi tailed as quickly as possible and we were launching around 7:00 with plenty of time to fish..Got sick ass...
  425. wildcat

    Offshore Albies 230

    Good score..It sure does appear that these fish are really on the move..By the end of the season they will probably be in that same zone they were in 2 seasons ago...Thanks for the timely report...
  426. wildcat

    Offshore Today...Albies

    The way these things are moving you will need to get on em pretty quick or else plan on running to the west fly...
  427. wildcat

    Calstar GFGR-700M factory wrapped

    a 700ML...Factory wrapped...
  428. wildcat

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Indian

    Must be tough when you are taking pictures of yellows that small..At least you got out and got a few...Great operation on the Indian..Chris really does it up right and works his ass off too to make sure everyone has a great time whether you are catchin or not..You'll get em better next time..
  429. wildcat

    Offshore CHUNKY CHICKENS 7-16-09

    Good catch and nice to see these things getting bigger..
  430. wildcat

    Offshore O'side Hamachi 7-17-2009

    Thats ckassic right there...Nice jello..
  431. wildcat

    Offshore Still Hope for a WFO Albie bite closer

    All season you have been dyin to get in on a "close" albie like we had two years ago when the 30-40 pounders were going off at the 302 / 182..I am considering taking you out just so you can get in on these things cause they are biting good below the 371 / 425 today and I doubt they will get much...
  432. wildcat

    Offshore Hidden Bluefin 7-15

    You said you used one ounce weights...Egg or torpedo???? Congrats on the toro...
  433. wildcat


    Try the river 2 sea jigs...Their sea rock models have been killin it...
  434. wildcat

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    You are holding the fish the wrong way...It offends me...Ok I am over it now...Have a nice day...
  435. wildcat

    Trout Fishing

    dude nice haul...Can you PM some details on where you go on the Carson...
  436. wildcat


    Happens all the time..Not sure why but makes em look kinda creepy...
  437. wildcat

    Offshore 1.5 Day 160 miles out = the best trip of my life! 7/9-7/11 WFO!! Islander ROCKS!!!

    The skippers were talking this morning on the fishing show that that area was some of the best fishing they had seen in 5 years...You know those guys love to do that even more than we do..Bigger grade stuff too with a pinch of bluefin to make it interesting and keep you on your toes...Good for...
  438. wildcat

    Offshore Sat 7-11-09 Offshore Report (Hidden Bank, 1010, 213, 378, 425)

    Did Full Tilt do his thing???? That's some old BD shit right there from 2003...Sooooooooooooooooooooo...Give it up.. Bummer on the weather MIke tough to scout when its shitty like that but what a sweet ride that boat is huh??? I hate that lockjaw shit especially when you can look right at...
  439. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    Keep it rollin dude you are on fire throwin that serious "shit" talk going Jesses way..There are other Giants fans out there that just haven't seen the thread yet so I am sure they'll chime in eventually.. Only six back... Be careful Jesse, you guys haven't won anything since 1988 so don't...
  440. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    It'll be interesting to see how confident these teams are as we close in on the deadline..Can the Dodgers hold on with the current line up or time to throw down on some extra help on the mound..Giants will definately get somebody as they always make a move...Both teams will need to hold up...
  441. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    Well this thread really went downhill fast..I love throwing shit to dodger fan and have been since those drunken nights at the Stick in sub zero weather..loved that place..I guess we'll see Jessee as it will get interesting if they can get a few games here in the next couple of weeks than...
  442. wildcat

    Where oh where is

    The Minneapolis airport is probably one of the more hip places in them there neckothewoods..Now what would Saluki do in the bathroom with a 3.5 hour layover...Hhhhhmmmmmmmm...I wonder..
  443. wildcat

    Where oh where is

    that sex crazed freak Saluki??? Shouldn't he be home about now from his trip up north...Gawd I miss that guy!!! Uh No!!!
  444. wildcat

    where are the Giant fans ?

    Saying that the giants only have one pitcher is clearly showing you don't know about the team...Just stick with your Dodgers dude cause they are gonna need your help as the Giants get closer and closer...You gotta admit a pretty successful rebuild after the dreaded BB era up there..Good for...
  445. wildcat

    Slow but BDr's are getting them!

    Definately the time of year where you can go out and get all the cool species in the same day..Someone is gonna get a YFT here pretty soon...
  446. wildcat

    ULTRA WIDE OPEN SEABASS FOR 30mn.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now he's just showin off...Bitch...
  447. wildcat

    Anybody feel the quake???

    I thought I was trippin...Definately felt it here in Clantee...
  448. wildcat

    Why did the Padres just trade Scott Hairston to the A's?

    A Giant killer...Have you seen the standings in the NL west lately???
  449. wildcat

    Offshore 2 days of White Seabassin.

    I am surprised more sport boats don't take advantage of that area...
  450. wildcat

    Offshore Work together

    bonie......eerrr...skipjack ya got there slick...That was about as detailed a report as I have ever seen..Thanks so much for all the "details"...If what you are really looking for is a weather site then I suggest buoyweather...Good stuff there...Or just go and check out the "dope"...
  451. wildcat

    Offshore Doesn't anyone want to fish this year?

    They are in american waters now...FD tells all..
  452. wildcat

    Offshore 6-28-09 390 and hidden bank

    You hit the nail on the head...Windy conditions equals scattered bait balls and scattered fish...
  453. wildcat

    Offshore 6/27 Hidden Bank

    Had the same thing happen to us the other day..Some guys just can't help themselves when it comes to killing a bite...Pretty bitchen seeing those BFT rolling all over those bait balls though...almost like a Natl Geo moment..
  454. wildcat

    Offshore 2 day on Sea Adventure 80 - scratchy!

    I have been out a few times already and these fish just don't bite well when the weather is up...I even noticed that the skippers were talking about that as well..It used to be that when the weather was up that was good "albacore" weather but not any more..Don't get me wrong you can still catch...
  455. wildcat

    Offshore 425 & 371 Came Up Empty 6/25

    There was crashing bluefin all over the 425 yesterday in the off color 65.5 degree water..You never know with tuna as they sometimes love the off color water if its loaded with bait and it is right now...
  456. wildcat

    diawa saltist leverdrag

    Can't go wrong with a saltist...Obviously you like them since you are picking one up..
  457. wildcat


    32 01 117 24
  458. wildcat

    Offshore ALBIES & BLUEFIN 54 MILES

    Time to come south and launch down this way...
  459. wildcat

    Offshore ALBIES & BLUEFIN 54 MILES

    Chris has been way cool here on the site and he deserves a shot at your biz...You won't be dissapointed...
  460. wildcat

    Indian or Big Game 90? Please advise.

    Indian...Best in the biz and he works his ass off to put you on the fish..
  461. wildcat

    at Cat...w/Capt. Dave Hansen

    What a great catch and good times by all..Dave is really a great guy, knows how to fill the coolers and once again the 12 lb test is the ticket...Changed all my stuff out to 12 lb and have been killen the inshore stuff...
  462. wildcat

    More lures for Corb by Happy Ending Lures

    Damn those look sweet...Any in cocoa puff color for the alberts???
  463. wildcat

    Offshore 238

    Any size to your fish??? Congrats on the score..
  464. wildcat

    Offshore Pac Voyager with 30+ Bluefin at 60 Miles

    I know you have been around awhile but you know they are looking for major tonnage and they really don't want the small bluefin and these are small models but the best news is that it is gonna help out the fleet by getting some guys down to the dock and get more coverage out there...There is...
  465. wildcat

    Offshore Josie Lynn 6/17 at 70m

    Tell me about it as i am going fucken nutso...
  466. wildcat


    They were up in the secret forum as soon as he got in range on the super secret radio channel... MOTS....You wanna go fishin???
  467. wildcat


    If you don't relax yourself over this siener thing you are gonna have a heartattack before you even catch a fish...Don't worry dude, plenty of fish to go around...
  468. wildcat

    Do you want to buy this boat!

    One of your funniest yet!!!
  469. wildcat

    Condor 6/19 will go with 10

    What trips are you running and what cost??? More info might help you guys get booked...Scott always finds the fish , great boat...
  470. wildcat

    Offshore 2nd hand report on tuna today

    How can you tell if you don't have the "117" numbers??? Of course he could have meant the 36 number to be the longitude... Please get a confirmation on those fish...
  471. wildcat

    fb and the tuna dance begins

    That fish is a pig!!!! Wish I still lived in San Mateo...
  472. wildcat

    U.S. Open

    Anybody else jacked up for this weeks tourney at Bethpage Black??? Course looks like a monster and last I heard somebody named Tiger got his shit together with the driver...Whatever the case I love this tournaments in New York cause the fans will really let ya know what they are thinking..
  473. wildcat

    Great movie

    Kinda reminded me of Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid where you knew there was no way he was gonna get outta there alive with all those guys with guns at the house..The only way to really "get" those guys was to play it the smart way and let their emotions get the best of them..Age does teach...
  474. wildcat

    GRAFTECH GIS80M 15-25

    That kinda rude to grind the guy for $10...Its a smokin deal and I have one of those rods and they are a steal for $100...
  475. wildcat

    Effen NBA overload....

    Classic..Now we can get into baseball which is only here till we get to the real sport...Futbol...
  476. wildcat

    WFO at Catalina

    One year from sign up...Get on it cause the fish are biting and it is only gonna get better..
  477. wildcat


    Too funny...
  478. wildcat

    Last Chance to Win! Lakers Vs Magic Game5

    He is really bugging me with the "big time" comments every single fucking play...He also sounds like he went to broadcasters therapy school with the same tone and pacing in all that he says...I'll be glad when I don't have to hear him for a while... This thing is over...Magic look pretty...
  479. wildcat

    Offshore ALBACORE!!!!! On Team Hanna 6/13

    Lick my nutz....:gayfight:
  480. wildcat

    Offshore BFT

    But i wish it was...Just a report from the shogun...Hopefully they make it up this way soon...
  481. wildcat

    Offshore BFT

    Final report; 45 bluefin, 22 yellowtail. Bluefin ranged from 20 to 35 pounds and the yellows were good size most are 16 to 22 pounds. We couldn't ask for better weather, eight to ten knots from the NW with the occasional rain squall rolling through. There are other boats in the area, as the...
  482. wildcat

    My reason for not posting a fish report

    Dude that is so cool..Proud moments that will last forever..Now its time to get that lil fuck out on the pond to rip some lips...
  483. wildcat

    WSB in Catalina??

    Yes they are biting but not like it was on thursday where it was wfo..Kinda picky but that is due to boat traffic..Like the guy said get there early (like 3L00am) and be ready and be sure to have live squid...
  484. wildcat

    Stanley Cup whos going to win

    They have their trophy case and no doubt they are the dominant hockey franchise that all others are trying to emulate..But for the Pens to take 4 out of 5 after going down 2-0 was pure blood and guts, passion, will not be denied, what its all about hockey..Amazing game last night and the whole...
  485. wildcat

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    I don't think it was Fishstalker who said it ...I totally agree that people bitch that it isn't like it was in the 80's and when they start to play old school then they bitch about that too...I see the trend..Bitch bitch bitch.. I disagree with you Jessee on one thing..DHo has been called on...
  486. wildcat

    Lake Guri, Venezuela

    in the 3rd pic??? Great pics dude...
  487. wildcat

    Effen NBA overload....

    At the bottom of the page it shows other threads you started with one of them in 2006...Effen car alarms, effen gravel trucks, effen NBA millionaire bitches..Keep venting brutha, better here than on the 405... Effen freeways!!!!!!!!!!!!
  488. wildcat

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    Elbows are a part of the game, always have been, always will..There were plenty of elbows going around last night and for the whole series..
  489. wildcat

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    Hakeem owned Shaq on ever level..Don't you remember??? Its called a sweep in 1995 I believe...orlandos first chance at a title and break out the broom...
  490. wildcat

    Lakers Vs. Magic Game numero quatro

    "Fuck everything they stand for???"...You mean winning 15 titles, a model franchise for years that helps support the community in so many ways you can't even name them..I would agree that parts of LA are pretty dismal but you have that in every city..So, thanks for the valiant effort in putting...
  491. wildcat

    WSB Aloha Spirit

    They're biting everywhere right now...Eatin good for a few nights..
  492. wildcat

    WFO at Catalina

    It is going again today but not as WFO and more YT than WSB...But it is still damn good fishin...Will it hold into the weekend with all that pressure???
  493. wildcat

    Which rod for my Calcutta 400 TE....

    I have that exact set up (15-30 pound rod) and it kills fishies DEAD!!! Or you can throw it on an 8' bounce back rod from GLoomis rated from 17-40...
  494. wildcat

    WFO at Catalina

    It went ballistic today on WSB and junkfish and we have the straight skinny as to where the fish were caught..Now is the time and the time is now (Zeppelin)..Check out FD for the latest dope..
  495. wildcat

    Seahorse Report on 6/11 YT's, WSB, & Flatties

    You sure it was SCI and not Cat..
  496. wildcat

    Ryan leaf is at it again

    I don't know how to keep a secret......
  497. wildcat

    Stanley Cup whos going to win

    Ditto that....
  498. wildcat

    Ryan leaf is at it again

    Leaf fails to surrender, is wanted man in Texas - NFL-
  499. wildcat

    Effen NBA overload....

    Best sport on the planet with real men playing a game that has serious tradition..Hope the Penquins get the win..
  500. wildcat

    Effen NBA overload....

    Since ABC/Disney is televisning the games and they also own ESPN it is an all out assault to try and promote the NBA Finals..Since ratings are down they are really pushing every angle possible to try and get you to watch..Clearly it isn't working for ya...
  501. wildcat

    Muertos/Cerralvo 6/13-6/18 - Anyone?

    You heading down with your boyfriend???
  502. wildcat

    Game 3 Ladies Lakers Vs. Magic

    He seems to do really well in the first quarter in dishing the rock to his teammates (didn't take a shot till 5 minutes left in the first) but when it comes down to the 4th he seems to forget the decoy strategy..Especially since he went cold in the second half..There has been a few times where...
  503. wildcat

    Happy Birthday "Happyhunter"

    Look forward to killin fish with ya this year...Have a great birthday!!!
  504. wildcat

    AA Report

    A 78 and a 75 pounder on the same day...Plus some other rat 30-45 thrown in for good measure...Just another day at the Rox!!!
  505. wildcat

    La Jolla was slow

    Its an afternoon bite...
  506. wildcat

    Triumph, Wellcraft, Seaswirl, all BK

    A striper at any price is still a...well....still a striper...
  507. wildcat

    Offshore White sea bass cruized by

    I was gonna say that...
  508. wildcat

    Offshore Hidden; 425 Fri May 22

    Its always easier to tell someone else to make the 70 mile run for small yellows...As Tommy would say,.....WAIT a couple of weeks..
  509. wildcat

    Lebron Fucking James is The Man!!!!!

    Disagree eventhough that was a great great shot..The magnitude of LJ shot is clear...One second left to avoid going down 0-2 against a team that has beaten you 3 out of the last 4..You could pretty much have kissed that series goodbye if he didn't make that shot but he did and it may go down as...
  510. wildcat

    La Paz, Cerralvo and Espiritu Santo

    Nice sled to have down that way all summer long...Runnin and gunnin in that thing would be a blast...
  511. wildcat

    Labron Vs. Kobe?

    Maybe take them in 5??? Seriously, after last nights game and then tonight it is going to be a ball bustin couple of series...I hope they both go 7..
  512. wildcat

    Labron Vs. Kobe?

    Actually this has been a helluva game..Now I can see why the Magic took 2 out of three from the Cavs in the regular season...The Cavs may pull this out in the end but this very well may be a better series than we thought.. I think everybody that follows this game hopes for a Kobe vs Lebron...
  513. wildcat

    Labron Vs. Kobe?

    So is this a Kobe vs Lebron thread or a Cavs vs Magic thread??? Magic ain't out of this game yet...
  514. wildcat


    Yes that was...Short but good...
  515. wildcat

    Tuna casting lures

    Last year me and Eye Problem made committments to throwing the iron for the BFT we get every year...We had very good success last year throwing the River to Sea jigs in the Sea Rock model...Pink and chrome and Pink and blue were the ticket...You need to change out to bigger more oversized hooks...
  516. wildcat

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Excellent point on the T's...
  517. wildcat

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Me thinks something be poppin'...
  518. wildcat

    Offshore Offshore Saturday

    They may be more out there than you saw today...Keep your eyes and ears out..
  519. wildcat

    Tuna Dates?

    That's cheatin dude...
  520. wildcat

    Offshore Hidden Bank - 390 May 17th

    Yeah kinda rough out there with it blowing 5 knots at 46086 and 1.9 out at 46047..Guess it needs to be super greasy flat for you to run to the cap huh???:eyepoppin
  521. wildcat

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    You are right about that but I personally believe that there are albies out there close to home year round but that kinda takes the fun out of it..Whatever the case I was simply busting Buenofortunas balls a little bit...
  522. wildcat

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Actually dude the first albies were caught by the RP awhile back so sorry not this year for the Vagabond....
  523. wildcat

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Did they say anything about size of these fish???
  524. wildcat

    lake barrett

    Damn don't give away all the dope...Don't forget the crappie bite is pretty sick up there too...
  525. wildcat

    Offshore 425 5-16-09

    C U on the water...You going to the flemish cap this time???
  526. wildcat

    Lakers Vs Rockets

    On the troll again I see...I guess it is that time of year...If the Ladies had played defense like they did at the start of the second half then we would be talking about game 1 at Staples on sunday but instead we get another game 7..I swear these guys get a % of the tickets sold cause they sure...
  527. wildcat

    Turk the wonder dog

    I am fostering a similar dog right now and he does that same thing while sleeping..Typical male dog..Great pics dude and never easy bringing a new one into the fray but you got a good one..
  528. wildcat

    giants climbing up the ladder

    I used to love going to the stick back in the day when the Dodgers came to town...That place was a classic!!! Good to see some Giants fans here talking up the team...
  529. wildcat

    Where's all the Hater's at tonight?!

    he just couldn't take the fact that McGwire and Sosa were getting all of the attention..Plus he wanted to see what his head looked like after it grew 10 sizes in a year..
  530. wildcat 17 day aboard the Royal Polaris 2009

    Awesome as always with some killa photos..Do you have the numbers for the Hurricane Bank???
  531. wildcat

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna today

    Amazing what a little intel will do for filling up the boat..
  532. wildcat


    Both are killer boats but if you are only doing two days go on the Success...I think he is a BD'er or close to it, and he always gets you on the fish...But you are good with either one..
  533. wildcat

    TN16N vs SA15

    are good reels but the Saltiga does not have a clicker...You sure you don't want to do polls on all these questions you are throwing out there...I think that is three different threads so far on your questions..
  534. wildcat

    Engine Alarm

    Clearly this man knows what he is talking about...I hate it when the pee hole gets clogged with sand...What were you f*&%^$# this weekend to make it all clogged up??? Just sayin..
  535. wildcat

    Reel for large surface irons

  536. wildcat

    G.Loomis PSR 96-16C SU Rod

    Thought that rod looked familiar...
  537. wildcat


    Another amazing game last night...All tied 2-2 going back to DC for game 5...Will Ovechkin step up and get it done tonight or will Sidney and Malkin get it done in enemy territory??? Should be a good one...
  538. wildcat

    You make the call

    To say that LeBron dioesn't play D is just wrong..He is the reason that team is playing such good defense cause he has bought in to what the coach is sellin...If he wasn't playin D then the whole team wouldn't cause he is the leader on that team...The argument that Kobe is better than lebron...
  539. wildcat

    Where's all the Hater's at tonight?!

    Don't get too high on your horses there bud cause if they get to the finals the Cavs are looking like a champion right now..The difference is they play D all of the time, not like the Lakers who did it when they need to...Artest was a joke last night throwing up all those POS threes and if I was...
  540. wildcat

    Trailer nightmare!

    Me thinks I will be calling there today as well...I like the way you think...
  541. wildcat


    That OT game tonight was off the freakin hook....You all had to be watchin that game!!! C'mon now
  542. wildcat

    San Diego Fuel Polishing-Crap in tank supposedly

    I used the guy when I first got my parker and it was the best spent money ever...I have other friends that have used him and no regrets at all...It is worth it if and only if you have really old fuel in there...Remember old or fucked up fuel is one of the leading reasons for engine failure...
  543. wildcat

    somebody shoot me please

    I would say that is one of the smarter moves your teams has made in a while, certainly since that draft you put together...Solid player, good locker room guy and dates a playmate of the year...You should be thankful for that kind of hook up..
  544. wildcat


    Did you go or just reporting the counts for us?? Are you gonna do this all season long cause I think I may need to do a poll if that is going to be the case...Pls advise...
  545. wildcat

    Chargers over Philly in Superbowl Feb, 2010

    Put the trollers away they just ain't bitin..Maybe a TOD thing..
  546. wildcat

    Lake Cachuma Rpt. 4/24-4/26 w-pics

    Those pics of the smallies are sweet..Any size to those??? That pic of the weather looks brutal...
  547. wildcat

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    I think you'll find that alot of guys would let that fish go...That is if you are a real bass fisherman...
  548. wildcat

    What is the best suited line for So Cal offshore?

    I am shocked you get shit for using that reel...those Accurate spinning reels kick some ass...Fuck em if they are closed minded...People who go on my boat this year are gonna be shocked when they see the fly rod come out...Fuck em , they can swim home..
  549. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    They ain't so bad right now...But we all know that Chicago is a bears town then those pathetic Cubs a close second...I am surprised as to how well Noah has been playing...He had lots of troubles when he first got into the league and now a stater with solid defense and offense...Ben Gordon is a...
  550. wildcat

    Another Plumbing Question

    What would we do without you Frank with all your wisdom and such??? Good luck Mike, hope it all works out for ya...
  551. wildcat

    R A D I O S I L E N C E.V6

    Sick video to start the day...Great shots of the little girl getting the spottie on the colorful pink rod...Keep em comin, its a long season..
  552. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    Some of those games were unreal..Double OT for Chi / Boston..I know you guys said you didn't like it anymore but this past week has been some of the best games I have seen in a while...Might want to give it another chance...Nothing better than playoff ball...Except payoff hockey...Or playoff...
  553. wildcat

    Canals, Hillbilly bassing

    Is salydog...Spell check you freakin hillbilly!!!! Great vid dude...This thing could be a classic on CNBC or ESPN outdoors or something like that.. Time to sling some iron this week for snots..You buy the smokes..
  554. wildcat

    Since when did the...

    I think 37 dorado in one day for two guys is reasonably outstanding..
  555. wildcat

    Liquid Coast Highway Catalina 4/25/06

    Dave, Looks like you guys had a stellar day on the croaks...Hope to see more of these reports as the season gets rollin...
  556. wildcat

    Offshore Bunch o' Boners 425

    No worries dude...That weather was anything but "dandy"...
  557. wildcat

    Vikings First round draft choice a "Pothead"

    Completely agree...He is the biggest risk / reward in the draft..Could end up being a huge pick up kind of like their running back who no one wanted to take a chance on..He will certainly take some db's with him on his clearing routes only to leave more room and lanes for Peterson...
  558. wildcat


    games so far...Ducks / Sharls has been some great games and the Penquins look really good..The Caps/Rangers series is great too...Love hockey but this time of year is over the top..Playoff hockey is the best...Damn these guys can skate like a muthafucka...
  559. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    You mean Houston right???
  560. wildcat

    2009 NFL Draft

    it is about the system and ownership than it is about the player...Except when it comes to Ryan Leaf of course...Just look at the Raiders...Classic case of bad upper mgmt...
  561. wildcat

    Official 2009 Chargers Draft Thread... No Poll here

    They passed on Crabtree to take that dude from maryland...Are you kidding me??? The Raiders are the biggest joke in all of sports, not just football...Al really needs to go.. As for that unknown in the first round for the Chargers...I heard that they like this guy and it will put a fire under...
  562. wildcat

    Another worthless white seabass post

    it is party time...Bring the 80 pound,...
  563. wildcat

    Seasons Sportfishing WSB Report 4/23/08

    riding with Seasons is now an option instead of taking my own sled over there...Sometimes its better to let someone else do all the driving and crap like that and just relax, fish, cerveza, etc...I am definately gonna be riding this boat this year alot more... Nice fish guys and that water...
  564. wildcat

    Now this is a jigstick!!!!

    You could use it as a push pole like they do in flats fishing down in Florida...I bet they use it on beds!!!
  565. wildcat

    Kelp paddy hopping Weds. 4-22-09

    Not worth it quite yet...I'd give it a couple more weeks Cory..
  566. wildcat

    "Baby Zuchinni" by Happy Ending Lures

    Love the Zuchini but do you have that in Cocoa Puff???
  567. wildcat

    Offshore Bunch o' Boners 425

    I wouldn't necessairily call it new anymore...Of course it is all perspective...
  568. wildcat

    Offshore Bunch o' Boners 425

    Hit the pile with Eye Problem at first light for nothing and headed to the ridge outside to nail some reds...Got a couple of 'em and headed to the 425...One went over 5lb..Saw some fish jump about 4 miles short of the bank and put in the trollers...Less than 30 seconds and...
  569. wildcat

    Irvine Conditions Report

    How big are the slabs at the dock??? Thanks for the report...
  570. wildcat

    C'mon guys do Ed's jigs really work?

    we'll be putting them to use tomorrow in the same zone...Congrats on some sick reds...
  571. wildcat

    Improving the Swim of Surface Iron, with out wiring

    Totally agree dude..By far the most important is kick not color..My best jigs are the ones where 3/4 of the paint is gone...
  572. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    Derrick Rose is making you guys look like you don't play D...Yep you are in trouble but at the Steelers won it all for ya... As for you Limpit, no one can say now that you aren't a HOME team kinda guy..
  573. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    The gangstas are still out there like AI, Barnes, etc but there are also a bunch of new guys around especially the ones from the gold medal winning team from the good ol US of A (Chris Paul, Howard, Lebron, etc)..I really believe those gangsta days are pretty much gone but there will always be...
  574. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    I know you guys are thinkng about who is gonna make a run this year so we need some strong takes...Out West, the Lakers look good especially with Bynum coming back off that MCL tear...If they play consistant defense they are going back to the show...Out East, the Cavs look really solid..They are...
  575. wildcat

    Saltist 30Th Ok for wahoo??????

    That set up will kill anything..You could probably put an 80 pound top shot ion that set up and really lay some wood...
  576. wildcat

    Saltist 30Th Ok for wahoo??????

    It all depends on your $$$..If you want to go get a new reel then go with one that the guys reccommended above..They'll work just fine...If you are lookin to save some dough, stay with the Saltist...Eye Problem caught a bunch down at La Paz a few years back on his and didn't have any issues...
  577. wildcat

    Offshore yellows

    32 15 117 22
  578. wildcat


    One rod only??? 800ML...Does it all from bait to jig..Hell you can even troll a small rapala on that for albies...
  579. wildcat

    Need marine grade wire,,,any connections on here

    I have a spare piece of 20 ft marine grade but its 14 not 16...If you still want it, it cost me about $25...BTW, the colors are red and yellow..Lemme know
  580. wildcat


  581. wildcat

    Vicodin is my friend

    There goes lunch...
  582. wildcat

    A D D I C T I O N

    Thanks for the needle...Gotta go puke now...
  583. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    high end tequilla, chilled of course...
  584. wildcat

    Puerto Vallarta Big Game Fishing April 3-5

    I totally agree with that..
  585. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    What the fuck have you been smokin??? I seem to recall several years that...oh nevermind...
  586. wildcat

    Sad day at the Saltydawg house

    Life sucks sometimes when we have to deal with stuff like this...They are the best friends we got and it sure looks like he had a good life with ya Bill...Wonder how he got that name???
  587. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    How about both??? I remember about 4 years ago me and Stan (Surfdik) found a huge kelp in early April with 61.5 degree water at the 425...HUGE kelp with puddlin yellows all over it...It's time..
  588. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    It's alive!!!!
  589. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    With all the trips you take on that boat i would think you would have an equity interest at this point...
  590. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    Monday for me...
  591. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    For the report...
  592. wildcat

    6-pack charter out of LBH or San Pedro

    Jaime has an open party trip this Saturday..Aesome skipper and boat, huge bait tank so you can load up on squid...You won't be dissappointed...
  593. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    Heard a rumor that there are some yellows on kelps at the 302..Temps look good and chlorophyll shows a little off color water but them jacks don't give a hoot about that all that much..Anybody else hear of biting jacks off of the bush???
  594. wildcat

    In memory of Alvin Beckett, Captain of the Holy Moly

    Fished with him a few times out there on the pond and he was always the coolest guy on the water...May you rest in peace Al..
  595. wildcat

    Day at the Islands

    That is an old BD joke about junkfish..Not my opinion though Max...Just trolling for early BD'ers like Aluminator
  596. wildcat

    WSB Trip Yields Striped Bass??

    Great catch and that is an weird as an opah being caught at LJ a few years back by some idiot.. I heard of a big one caught off the surf about 10 years ago in Encinitas but that pic is sick...
  597. wildcat

    Day at the Islands

    Yellowtail are junk fish anyway...Nice catchin gurl..
  598. wildcat

    Yellow's on the Chew

    Great boat and crew, great report and good for you to hook up those guys with some fillets...Yep, it was shitty out there as i almost flipped my sliff...Fucken A!!!
  599. wildcat

    Were are the yellows?!

    one to know one...LOL Seriously though, they are at the Pile and in the deep water to the west of the highspot...
  600. wildcat

    Were are the yellows?!

    will tell you once you learn how to spell..
  601. wildcat

    The Bass

    Colors on all those fish...What a bitchen trip..
  602. wildcat

    the SILENCE is deafening...........

    They got em pretty good but nothing super huge but plenty of blood, sweat and...I am sure the video will be classic Misuse...
  603. wildcat

    If the Chargers draft a linebacker in the first 2 rounds, who will it be?

    I noticed on your post that you said "Here you go guys"....I guess i missed the request that we were all waiting for yet another poll on the Chargers liklihood of picking who the fuck cares at linebacker in 2009...
  604. wildcat


    I was gonna say that dude...Loomis Bounce Back rods...Perfect for throwing the small iron for quality tuna from the tower on Matador!!!
  605. wildcat

    Will the Chargers Draft a Defensive Tackle or End in the 1st Round?

    We should do a poll on every position??? That'll get er done..Let's start with special teams..
  606. wildcat

    If the Chargers draft a linebacker in the first 2 rounds, who will it be?

    We should do another poll to see how many polls are allowed per day...
  607. wildcat

    Spring Time Boat Preparations, JOY!!!!!!!!

    Like AZ I am unemployed too so kept it all very cheap... New trailer wiring New trailer lights All new upholstry done by Javier Remount autopilot pump off of deck Misc gel coat work to clean up a few spots Run new wires for wash down pump Recaulk bait tank and center console area...
  608. wildcat

    Not so local pond fishing 3 20 09...

    Fucken a dude??? Call me when you can..Hope you are feeling better...
  609. wildcat

    Not so local pond fishing 3 20 09...

    it is something to pull on till the others show up..
  610. wildcat

    Not so local pond fishing 3 20 09...

    Dude i have called you a number of times with no call back...Figured you wouldn't want to be seen with a hippie..My brackets are on fire...Still got 13 out of 16 goin..Fucken Florida state and Wake Forest killed me... Awesome fishing...Can't wait to get back and kill alot of crappie..
  611. wildcat

    "End of the Line" is almost ready

    That 90 Gallon model is perfect on that deck...Sweet ride...
  612. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Lee!!!! (HeatherLynn)

    Sorry i missed this thread but big birthday wishes to you my friend...Can't wait to get back out on the most comfy boat in the fleet...Where my breakfast burrito with that killer jalapeno sauce???
  613. wildcat

    Key West Wahoo & Sharks

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jose at last years ICAST show with the guys and he was totally cool..Just chillin in the booth, tellin stories, etc...I didn't mention to him that I had been a fan of his for years as he has without a doubt the best show on TV in terms of quality photography...
  614. wildcat

    Will the Chargers Draft a Defensive Tackle or End in the 1st Round?

    Good lord dude...Another poll??? At 2:53 am??? You are worrying me bro...
  615. wildcat

    Need help

    Call me later dude...What kind of beer do you prefer??? John, Think we got it covered but thanks...
  616. wildcat

    Need help

    Old garage door opener took a dump so went and got the kit but can't seem to get it to work...Anybody want to make some extra cash to finish this up...
  617. wildcat

    Aztec MWC Tourney

    Very impressive win...Very few T/O's, and knocking the three like the pros...Solid solid win..
  618. wildcat

    Dont like march Madness,are you kidding me?

    Sssshhhhh...Don't put that out there Corb...Sweet sixteen last year and now they are looking good this year...Watch out for these guys...Huggins is a stud coach
  619. wildcat

    bait tank Best place to buy one!??

    Go big and you won't regret it...Nothing worse than going on a boat that has too small a bait tank or having to conserve bait..Definately look at those Pacific edge tanks...They do a helluva job up there at Pacific Edge..
  620. wildcat


    Still have that spot available???
  621. wildcat

    fred hall show

    Nice one M...
  622. wildcat

    Hood Bassin

    Why would you do all that work for a small fish??? I guess we all need to get our egos storked every know and then...I would love to see a nice bass caught and photo'd sometime on the exact spot where it was caught...Congrats on the dink...
  623. wildcat

    Any Thresher Reports?

    they are around in some different kinda spots...Join fishdope...They'll tell ya where they are at..
  624. wildcat

    Bait Barge Tips - New Perspective

    Give it another couple of years in this economy and it should be alot uglier...Historically, human beings have a knack for really being very cruel and brutal to one another..Hopefully we have learned from that and can avoid our savage past..Now, lets drop all this and go fishing...
  625. wildcat

    Bait Barge Tips - New Perspective

    We have become so shitty to one another in this world that I am surprised we haven't all killed one another...But we are really tryin..Bloodydhooker, to say that kind of stuff to a stranger much less a brother in the fishing world is just plain shitty..I am sure you probably feel bad about now...
  626. wildcat

    Bud Selig

    said I...Never again
  627. wildcat

    Best reel for the money, keeping reelliability in mind

    You can't go wrong with Daiwa as their Saltist line is sick and the Saltiga is even better...Bullet proof and low maint...
  628. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Brant!

    Happy birthday and hope to share another rail soon...
  629. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Harry

    Almost missed that...Have a good one dude..
  630. wildcat

    Bud Selig

    makes 18 mill a year per ESPN...Are you fucken kidding me...This guy is the biggest joke in all of sports and he makes those kinda duckets...Baseball amazes me right now...Love how all this good stuff comes up at just the wrong time for them...Goodell takes a pay cut as he is laying off staff at...
  631. wildcat

    Electrician near Carlsbad?

    Just talked to Mark the other day and he has nothing else to do right now so definately give him a call...He is the best and can land a fish every now and then too..
  632. wildcat

    Seasons Sportfishing Bait Report 2/20/09

    Maybe we need to head to LJ sometime soon if you know what i mean jaime boy...
  633. wildcat

    Sat 2-21-09 Rockpile, Middle Grounds, Lwr 9 Fish Report

    Guess you didn't swing up to LJ for that action??? Congrats on a killer day...
  634. wildcat

    Seasons Sportfishing Bait Report 2/20/09

    Its time dude...I saw an episode of Inside Sportfishing and the music was done by Seasons Recording....Very cool dude...
  635. wildcat

    River2sea jigs

    Firing this jig to the tuna is a blast but you definately need a nice 8 foot graphite jig stick along with a Calcutta 400 type reel to maximize distance..With the new ring/hook set up these will not last long on anybodys shelf..Pink and white kicks ass as does blue and chrome..Give them a shot...
  636. wildcat

    Nice hoo for Branman

    Damn nice hoo....They are getting some at the bank..You know the spot, where SeaDawg fishes..
  637. wildcat

    Cooter joining the AARP?

    Guess I missed this thread..Happy B-day Coot...
  638. wildcat

    Cows! on the chew...

    I 've been fishing em for 4 months now so there...
  639. wildcat

    Galapagos 1/4 day Wahoo and tuna

    2 Miles from the harbor with bird schools mixed with YFT / Hoo...Sounds sick as can be..I can only imagine what you could do on a serious boat with some real gear...
  640. wildcat


    I am interested in this product for sure especially with the stimulus package going through the House right now..I'll call you today to run through the various options for me...
  641. wildcat


    I know others have said it but not me...Ben is an elite QB while not so sure about Rivers...Gotta have the jewelry to back it up and Ben has it...
  642. wildcat

    Favre is retiring................ again.

    I bet he tries to come back once we get closer to training camp..He is such a bitch...
  643. wildcat


    He played in that game with broken ribs...Fucken stud...He is without a doubt in the elite category...And how about that great game that Cutler played yesterday...Now that is some pretty ugly QB'ing... Trolling for Hot Rod, trolling for Hot Rod......
  644. wildcat

    A-ROD is on the Juice....

    This just shows the ineptitude of Baseball from the top down..everybody knew back then and didn't give a fuck cause they wanted the fans back...Now it becomes an issue..Who fucken cares about 2003...He is handling it right by admitting and moving on..Can you imagine the media going after him all...
  645. wildcat

    San Quintin - We Are Back

    Love the pic with all the mud on the front of the boat..Looks like some great fishing for rockfish and even some jacks too...Bitchen time and pics guys..
  646. wildcat

    Charter in Lahaina 1st week of March

    Book it bitch, you won't be disappointed...
  647. wildcat

    Rivalry Week

    So here we go...Duke vs the tar heels at Cameron...Duke should win at home but you never know..Anyone want to bet against Duke??
  648. wildcat


    Very impressive trip for the Lakers going 6-0 and beating the two best in the east minus supermans team..If Lamar played like that more often they would be unbeatable but he is such a head case..I can't understand why he isn't that way all the time cause he is a freak when he is agressive and...
  649. wildcat

    ALI Done good

    To turn down that offer...Cool shit Billy..
  650. wildcat

    Old school Charger logo weave

    Damn Bill I think it looks pretty sick...
  651. wildcat

    K&M San Quintin, Less talk more bendo!

    Killer report Kelly...NIce nice fish...Good to see Mikey got in on some...I bet there are some hungover guys tomorrow morning...
  652. wildcat

    I like what the Chiefs are doing.

    You are doing too much browsing on the sports websites...Hope this guy does well...I wonder if he will bring Bolden with him..
  653. wildcat

    Jayhawks have a pretty good day.....

    You guys are gonna be fine...Undefeated in conference play...Not bad...Saw that Texas had some issues with Nebraska...I didn't even know they had a basketball program..
  654. wildcat

    WTB 2000 or newer Parker 1801 deep v with a 4 stroke

    A 150 is sure sweet on that ride...It has to haul ass..
  655. wildcat

    David gets another cow!

    I know about you two...
  656. wildcat

    This could be very fun

    Where the fuck do you find this shit dude??? You must have had baby sitting duty last night...
  657. wildcat

    Shimoni Sea Mountain, Kenya - Trip 1

    Great read and it sounded like you did well...In terms of the BET, how big were they that you got on your previous trip??? Congrats to you on a bitchen adventure...
  658. wildcat

    pump and storage container for flushing out motor

    I gave that a whirl a couple of seasons ago but could never find the right container...Dennis is right though that it can get pretty heavy if it fills all the way...Good luck and let us know if you find one that works well...
  659. wildcat

    fishnfool has another BDAY

    Happy Birthday dude...Hope you caught a bunch o fish..
  660. wildcat

    PETA'S Banned Superbowl Ad.

    Sorry to ruin your build up...
  661. wildcat

    PETA'S Banned Superbowl Ad.

    Would you two just get it done and over with...
  662. wildcat

    Superbowl Food Thread

    Care to elaborate??? Or just send me a PM..
  663. wildcat

    So here is my truck story.......

    Oh no you didn't...