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  1. cap_lr

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    At about 5:30am this morning, while unloading the RR3 from our eight day - my full reel bag walked off by itself while I went to get my truck and bring it behind PL Seafoods to load my gear. Andy and I canvassed all passengers and everyone claims to have double and triple checked all their...
  2. cap_lr

    Accurate repairs

    Hey guys - I have a Fury that seized up on my last trip. I finally got around to swinging by SquidCo today, where I usually take for reels to have them services. Squidco told me that Accurate have a new repair policy now that only they work on their own reels. I thanked them, but still a bit...
  3. cap_lr

    reel seat nuts

    I have a love / hate relationship with all of my Avet reels - a dozen from MX to 50 SDS size. By far my biggest complaint is the retarded reel seat nuts. Not sure what genius came up with that design - but definitely not bound for the tackle hall of fame. Somebody once told me they were designed...
  4. cap_lr

    Kenmore 13 cu ft upright freezer

  5. cap_lr

    Will the real slim shady please stand up...

    This is a follow up to Steve's recent poll. I have been a member of BD for the last seven years or so. At first it was a lot of fun - sharing information on private boating and long-range fishing. I met a lot of great anglers and private boaters. Over the years, however, it has just become too...
  6. cap_lr


    Check out the sickles on these guys!!! <iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">ASCENSION DREAMING 2</a> from <a href="">AIFC</a> on <a...
  7. cap_lr

    bomb/jig storage

    Spent a little time over the last few weeks fixing up the bombs for the season, new skirts and paint, refinish, re-eye, replaced blades, etc... Got me thinking about storage. Over the years I've tried to come up with a better onboard solution for keeping the bombs organized and easily...
  8. cap_lr

    Julio on RR3

    Looks like Julio is back on the
  9. cap_lr

    sold it!

    It took me nearly 16 months to sell her - but finally handed over Kaimana's keys to the new owner today. Seattle Bill seems like a great guy, who I know will fish the shit out of this bad ass sled. Fair winds and following seas Bill & Kaimana.
  10. cap_lr

    Okuma drags

    Can they handle this much drag? :rofl: Bad ass!!! Merry Christmas BDers.
  11. cap_lr

    Excel at the Bank

    Seriously, the X just posted this on their Facebook page a few minutes ago...OMG! "Weather is pretty bad here on the Bank!.... This is on the anchor!" So, I'm looking at this pic and wondering how one would deal with a hung cow which wants to circle up under the bow... WICKED!
  12. cap_lr

    Calstar 760H & 7460H

    Calstar 760H and a Calstar 7460H - basically the same stick, but 7460 has a bit of a beefier lower half section. These are factory rods over-wrapped in custom colors - SANO! $450 for the pair.
  13. cap_lr

    happy birthday to me

    How did those kids of mine know that I wanted a 775XXH & a 775XXXH custom wrapped by Ken Bush, in my colors, for my birthday? They must have excellent listening skills :rofl: Hope to be able to do some damage with these later this week.
  14. cap_lr


    Looks like Red Cock 3's got into some big boys in the Socorro buffer zone! This dude taped out at 340 - the fish, not Wayne ;). God bless Mr Cates - can't wait to get out there with the boys in two weeks! &#8203;
  15. cap_lr

    thinning the herd - bit of LR gear for sale
  16. cap_lr

    Calstar 760H, 7460H & reel case.

    1) A pair of semi-custom Calstar rods - 760H and a 7460H. Basically the same rod, but 7460 has a bit of a beefier lower half section I believe. These are factory rods over-wrapped in custom colors - SANO! $450 for the pair. 2) 9" x 18" x 23" pelican hard case & inserts for your reels. Totally...
  17. cap_lr

    Blackwater 130# fluoro

    Anybody else having as much trouble as I am getting this. I'm on my second shop now and they say the factory is having issues getting it out ??? No problem getting a couple of coils of 100 though...
  18. cap_lr

    BITCHEN PELICAN REEL CASE w/ organizers & padded dividers

    Fort Knox for your reels - totally shockproof, waterproof and Clarion boobie crap proof. Holds up to NINE 50s, or 30wides. Top organizer for leader coils, etc... 9"x18"x23" $125 p/u in SD or + shipping.
  19. cap_lr

    Avet MXJ 4.5:1

    Some cosmetic rashes - but perfect working order - well maintained. $50 + ship, or p/u
  20. cap_lr


    Hey folks - I'm more of an AVET guy , but have won a couple of nice Accurate reels over the years on the Accurate charters that I do. My first was a 600N single speed which I use as a sweet wahoo/whatever 50# reel - swapped out that wiffle ball p.o.s handle for a nice rubber one. Last trip I...
  21. cap_lr


    Need to order a small fortune worth of fluoro leader, hooks, etc for upcoming trips. I usually use the coupon code from the cards I get in the RR3 office - but cannot find. Anyone out there have a current coupon code for CB? PM please. Thx
  22. cap_lr


    Looking to p/u a new 30 and a new 50 - preferably spooled with JB spectra. Used to buy from CB, but not willing to use their house brand of spectra. Please PM me if you know any good deals. thx.
  23. cap_lr

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Oh Lord! Occasionally in life - you are reminded that even the smallest things can determine your fate - big or small. Like the guy in a hot car at a stoplight, separated by a piece of glass and five feet of space from someone way down on their luck - they zigged when they should have zagged...
  24. cap_lr

    best hookup for JB 130# & 200#

    Looks like my normal supplier is out of business with Jerry Brown. I have trip coming up in a few weeks and ran out of 130 and 200 while getting my reels rigged up. Anyone know the best hookup for JB now that CB is pushing their own deal. I need 300 yds of 200 and 600 yds of 130. Cheers, LR
  25. cap_lr

    jiggin skippys for bait

    Looking at the RR3 report & starting to think about getting down there in a couple of weeks. Andy mentioned that fresh skipjacks were the ticket during the early AM bites and got me thinking... I've had mixed success with this in the past. If their around - the catching part is EZ - it's the...
  26. cap_lr


    from Facebook this morning "Red Rooster III Oct. 22, 2012 The Red Rooster III is having an amazing trip with unbelievable fishing!!! Captain Andy has spoken with another long-range boat Captain who passed on to us that they have several fish over 200lbs!!! If we hear anything more, we will...
  27. cap_lr

    sellin' it
  28. cap_lr


    Exciting stuff here. Way to go Intrepid! Thur. October 11, 2012: After a slow morning things really got going for us in the afternoon! It was pretty good fishing for big fish that lasted until just after dark. We are not sure if the new low pressure forming and heading this way or the giant...
  29. cap_lr


    Although the "@ 30 miles" is most likely a typo of 230 miles for a departure around noon - still wicked cool. Oct. 6, 2012 Good evening folks. We started an 8 day trip with Richard Hightower sponsoring with Seagar and Yo- Zuri. We left yesterday with a decent load of bait and woke up this...
  30. cap_lr

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    05/26-06/10 Fantastic fishing trip!!! and celestially very interesting. In the fifteen days we were at sea, we were treated to a full moon, a partial lunar eclipse and the very rare treat of seeing Venus travel in front of the sun - apparently only the seventh recorded observation in...
  31. cap_lr

    gear help

    Hey guys. I know next to nothing about our bay and inshore fishing, but I want to learn. On the gear side I have a bitchen offshore and long range arsenal but nothing reasonable for bay fishing other than a Calstar 196-7 which could make a decent 10# inshore stick. The smallest reels I have...
  32. cap_lr

    Red Rooster 3 photo contest

    Hey guys, please check out the RR3 photo contest . I sure would appreciate your votes ! Thanks and Happy Holidays
  33. cap_lr

    Some bloody love.

    Please show me some BD love and e-mail Christina your votes. ;) Thanks
  34. cap_lr

    RR3 Nov 10-23

    Very short report here, many thanks to Jack and Accurate for all the awesome pics. This was my third trip on the RR3 and, again, I couldn't be happier with the caliber and quality of captain, crew and boat. Andy, Julio, Derek, Fernando, Tom, Rick and Chapman pulled off another stellar trip...
  35. cap_lr


    baitin' up , on our way to points south momentarily lower banks or HB/island? guess we'll find out soon enough Wish us luck!
  36. cap_lr

    haywire tool

    On my last trip Bob Cherry let me use his nifty homemade tool to make the initial loop for my haywire twist. After using it, I would just use a hemostat to hold it while I made the twists by hand. So I'm wondering if any anglers here have any homemade haywire tools you can post a picture of...
  37. cap_lr

    Cabo fly back.

    I'm on a 13 day fly back trip that departs in about 2mo. I just today got around to looking at flights back from Cabo today and I'm quite frankly shocked at the cost of a 2 hr flight from SJD to SAN. So I started to think about my options. Cost is not that big of a deal to me - but value is...if...
  38. cap_lr

    my gyotaku

    When I returned from my last trip (RR3 June Heat), I was talked into getting a gyotaku made of my jackpot fish by Peter J. and my wife. I figured wtf, why many supers am I ever going to catch. I'm pretty stoked now that it's haning in my living room - although the frame cost a...
  39. cap_lr

    bomb making

    This was my first ever crack at making wahoo bombs. It was a lot of fun figuring out what works - and what doesn't. About $4 worth of supplies go into each bomb: torpedo sinkers, hooks, swivels & blades from Ebay, skirts from Charkbait and glitter paint from Walmart...I used several coats of rod...
  40. cap_lr

    SD Bay help

    As the offshore scene is pretty dead at the moment, thinking of spending a day or two on the bay this weekend with the kids. Really looking for some help here on where to try fishing with them, bait to use, etc. I'm just looking to have some fun with the kids and put them on some fishees...
  41. cap_lr

    Bomb skirts

    Anyone know any good internet sources to buy pre-cut and taped mylar/tinsel skirt materials ( WTP or other) for wahoo bombs? Pm me please. Thx
  42. cap_lr

    Bubble buster

    I would love to hear any input from a chemical wise anglers on this stuff. On my last trip, in a moment of boredom, I read the label on a bottle of bubble buster, which is used in the spray brine. It looks like this chemical is made to reduce bubbles in paint/finishes - but has a small print...
  43. cap_lr

    ERIK wtf?

    A real tragedy on the weekend. Anybody ever fish this boat in the Cortez? I always think of myself being in excellent hands on the LR fleet out of San Diego but this has to make one think.
  44. cap_lr

    2011 crew "ho" listInge

    Can someone here get a fresh new list going... Thx
  45. cap_lr

    SD fiberglass work

    Any recommendations for high quality fiberglass work in San Diego? I have a few cracks developing along my stakes that need to be scarfed out, filled in and resurfaced. Thanks
  46. cap_lr

    Jerry Brown Line One jacket

    I've never used this jacket. It's very nice, outside is nylon, looks to be water resistant and inside is super warm insulation. size XL $50 obo
  47. cap_lr

    100+ Sato crimps, crimp organizer & crimp tool

    40# x 11 50# x 22 60# x 7 80# x 1 100# x 4 135# x 14 150# x 19 200# x 29 $50+ship or p/u in SD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  48. cap_lr

    June Heat 2011 aka Shark F%*k Fest pt 1

    I had around 100 hours of rolling around on the ride back to write this, so it's longish. Pics at the end. Saturday, May 28 - Sunday, June 12 2011 Departed on time with Andy at the helm, Joe as the second ticket and Tom, Fernando, Nick and Julio as crew - I believe an extra crewman to...
  49. cap_lr

    How bad were the sharks at the Island?

    mother of God I pulled on a lot of sharks - got a good one in the end... report to follow as we know...sharks don't miss and they don't come off - Leo got lucky with one salami ;)
  50. cap_lr

    Shogun freezer +++

    I am blessed and very fortunate to be heading out on two awesome fishing trips in the next couple of weeks. This Friday my son and I are heading out on a 3 day on the Shogun to celebrate his 6th birthday and next Saturday I depart on the RR3 June heat 15 day!!! So I pretty much know the...
  51. cap_lr

    Pelagic "Polaris" board shorts sz 40 khaki

    just bought at FHS and one size to big for me, never worn, size 40, $25
  52. cap_lr

    tongue weight

    I posted and hauled down to SoCal truck stop today. Excellent hookup!!! fast, friendly, easy and was able to top off with 50 gal of red dye diesel too. I did three weights - there charged me $9 for the lot. As it turns...
  53. cap_lr

    public weigh station

    anyone know the status of the San Diego public weigh station downtown? the last time I was there it was a construction zone and din't exist any other thoughts on an EZ place to get truck/trailer weights done in the vacinity? thx
  54. cap_lr

    June Heat

    Really had a great time on the bird on the flyback trip last November and heard a lot of great things about the 15 day June Heat trip. Back at the dock I put myself on a very long standby list for the June Heat trip and never really expected to get on - was even looking at a similar trip on...
  55. cap_lr

    late May 15'er

    Recently got off a simply awesome trip on the Rooster. The fishing was a bit tough at times - but Andy Cates went the distance and put us on great tuna fishing in PV. Anyways - I've been on every boat in the fleet now and can say w/out question that RR3 is HOME going forward. Simply a very well...
  56. cap_lr

    Calstar pros

    anyone know major differences between the 700 and the 770 series? same blank w/ different hardward or different all together? looking for an XH to marry up with an Avet30 loaded w/ 80#
  57. cap_lr

    Admiralty Marine

    any feedback - positive, negative or indifferent on Admiralty Marine's SERVICE (as opposed to just parts) quality, costs, etc I'm about to drop a hefty amount of dough for some outrive work and have never worked with them before feel free to PM anything sensitive thx
  58. cap_lr


    D6-310 + DPH drive Over last couple of trips I've noticed a 5 second +/- delay when I drop her into reverse, was always instantaneous before. Going into forward is instantaneous - no change. Any ideas? About 450 hrs on the package and drive service done regularly. Thx.
  59. cap_lr


    Just locked in my spot for a 12 day for my big 4-0, Nov 12 > on the bird. I've been wanting to try her out for a few years now - so I'm stoked to find the right length trip with space that works for me. I've never stepped foot on this boat before or met the captain/crew. Any sage advice or...
  60. cap_lr

    adding an angler

    forgive my retardedness - how do you add a 4th angler and/or add to side jackpots after already registering? thx
  61. cap_lr

    Dana Point 411

    thinking of trailering up to Dana Point this Friday to fish Cat overnight - any info on DP, ramp, washdown etc would be appreciated
  62. cap_lr

    desperately seeking VP#21450768

    this blows!!! discovered this piece (there is a pair of them on my D6-310-they run raw water into the exhaust riser) was cracked about a month ago - so I removed them and ordered replacements from my normal parts supplier - a month later I've still got nothing and now told that Volvo have...
  63. cap_lr

    rod and reel storage

    just bought a new house and I'm trying to come up with a smarter solution for storing rods & reels for the last few years I've been renting a house and have suspended the rods up by the garage ceiling - now that I'm going to be anchored up for a while thought I would try to come up with a...
  64. cap_lr

    WTF is up with Volvo?

    I needed a couple of exhaust riser connectors to replace mine that are cracked - it's been over 3 weeks now and nada. I ordered them through my primary parts supplier - but they tell me same as the other 3 guys I've called now indluding Admiralty Marine. Just simply no supply of parts...
  65. cap_lr


    partly based on a bunch of excellent responses to my recent post on hauling out at low tide - I think I need to get a more accurate handle on my boats exact weight, tongue weight, etc... so - the official SD weigh station is offline now - anyone know somewhere near downtown/mission bay where...
  66. cap_lr

    low tide BS

    I tow my rig with a 2002 F250 diesel crew - I LOVE my truck and just had the bed rhinolined. It looks good, fits the family, dogs, gear etc... drag is it's a 2wd. I wish it was 4wd - but it ain't. 90% of the time it's a breeze to haul the boat out - 10% of the time I wind up hauling out at low...
  67. cap_lr

    boat lift

    Any experience with boat lifts here? I've decided that Kaimana is just too damn big to trailer all the time.
  68. cap_lr

    Royal Polaris 11/27/09-12/09/09

    This was my first time on the RP &#8211; after the incredible reports from a few weeks ago &#8211; I think it would be fair to guess that most passengers had cows galore on their minds when boarding and heading for points south. The boat is nice and kept in tip-top shape considering her...
  69. cap_lr

    fishing the tides

    I always think about it before I get out on a LR trip, but once onboard seem to always forget about paying special attentions to the tides - when to fish hard and when to fish with laser focus. I'm a big believer that, all things being equal, game fish tend to feed mostly around turning tides...
  70. cap_lr

    super cows

    holy smokes there are some big fish being caught on the lower banks / Cabo area right now...from another report "this is the 5th Yellowfin Tuna over 300 lbs caught in the Cabo waters in the last 2 weeks." starting to get serious wood here for upcoming trip in three weeks - hold-on
  71. cap_lr

    RP dope

    Booking my first ever trip on the RP. 12 day ride/fly leaving day after TG - in 3 wks. The RP obviously has a great rep but I'm looking for any inside dope that may help my vacation be a little more comfy such as staterooms to request or avoid, tackle storage issues good or bad, etc... any...
  72. cap_lr

    SD Volvo mechanic reco needed

    I need to find my "go to" mechanic in San Diego to work on my D6-310/DPH. I've used Nielsen Beaumont on SI before but would rather give the work to a qualified BD'er or reco from one. Has to be VP certified and not just good with marine diesels. Nothing major right now, just routine drive...
  73. cap_lr

    Offshore slayed 08/28 - pics

    What an amazing day! Departed SI at 0230 with 2 scoops of extra primo sardines that stayed strong all day. Set the machine for the 1067 and started on the caffeinated beverages. From the 1067 we made our way up towards the airplane bank, then split the mushroom and 60 mi and finally through...
  74. cap_lr

    Offshore 8-8-09 excellent kelping / snotty sea state

    Great day on the water with LazyB and some new friends from Colarado; Kim and her, first time saltwater angler, boyfriend Nick. Departed SI 0430 with 2 scoops of primo extra slimey sardines. Decided to make the 80 mi run and go looking for the yellowfin down below. Set auto for the temp break...
  75. cap_lr

    Interphase 180se

    Any experience with this device here. Seems like an affordable option for the PBer. It retails for about $3,500 but seems like they have some refurbed models in the low 2s. I feel like I must be missing something here or everyone would be using these things right. Afterall, the end goal is...
  76. cap_lr

    Offshore 7/31 wfly BFT/alb/marlin

    Nice day on the water yesterday with LazyB, Benitosan & Produce Man. After a small delay - departed SI @ 4:45am. Picked up an a couple of scoops of excellent quality large sardines and set Auto for the east butterfly. Fished a few paddies for nada on the way out. Weather way very nice with a...
  77. cap_lr

    Offshore MB bait - WTF?

    Got a very very dissapointing scoop.5 of beat up sardines from the Mission Bay receiver last Friday AM - reminded me of the crap handed out last fall when the YFT were around. Pretty raw deal to have half your bait roll - but there ain't many options. Particularly pissed because the receiver...
  78. cap_lr

    Offshore 7/24/09 mixed bag

    Departed mission bay with Skip(Customboatguy) and Scott(Lazy-B) at 4:30am - picked up a scoop.5 of mediocre bait and set a heading for midway between the 226 and the SSK. The charts showed some nice temp differentials in this area. First dry kelp found a little west of the 266. Second kelp...
  79. cap_lr

    Offshore 7/10/09 295 area

    Flew down to the 295 at 28kts in flat seas with family on board. Took my four year old Hank out on his first offshore trip with me. He had a ball - but thank golly for the tv/dvd in the cabin - Ther Increadibles and Alladin helped a bunch today. We trolled around in blue blue water along with...
  80. cap_lr


    Do we just need to check in during the captains meeting? or sit for the whole time? will there be a test? thanks -LR
  81. cap_lr

    Offshore 6/19/9

    Looked at the 220s, 295 & 238 area...managed a few kelp yellowtail mostly to 12lb but with one nice one going 25# and one lone jig stike albie about 15# - he bit a small black and purp catchy spinner a few mile N of 238. Weather was great all day.
  82. cap_lr

    jump starter size....

    I saw a post here the other day which got me thinking that I should keep an emergency jump-starter on board just incase. I was in the Mart yesterday and picked up a pretty cheap B&D model. As I'm thinking about it more - I'm thinking that it may be the wrong size in terms of cranking amps...
  83. cap_lr

    San Clemente advice

  84. cap_lr

    San Clemente advice

    Never fished the island before. Heading over Saturday night - any advice would be much appreciated... I understand the most procuctive areas are generally from The Slide on the frontside around to China Pt. at the south end. Any special spots to look to make squid at o'dark thirty? thx.
  85. cap_lr

    best thermos

    I've got like a dozen different thermos' by now and they all suck at keeping hot coffee really hot for more than 3-4 hours or so. I'd pay good money for something that could get me a cup of hot joe at noon on a cold day. I've always shied away from glass vacuum bottles but I fear it has to be...
  86. cap_lr

    island fish hook graphic

    I need to find a graphic of a hawaiian/maori/polynesian fish hook to use to have a couple of huge vinyl decals made. I know just what I want but cannot find it anywhere on the www. Thought I'd go to the source. If any of you out in the islands have a pic of one it would be much appreciated if...
  87. cap_lr

    bilge ventilation

    My boat has stainless louvered ventilation covers leading to the engine room. One of them points forward, and one points backwards. The one pointing backwards is rigged up with an inline engine room blower that sucks air out of the bilge - not really needed for a diesel, but it there. In calm...
  88. cap_lr

    offseason improvement projects

    Love to see what other BD'ers have been working on since the fall. Just doing my part to stimulate the economy... 1) got it in my head to go all LED (almost) - found the dome light replacement bulbs at and the spreaders & U/W lights at Had to make a...
  89. cap_lr

    LED anchor light bulb

    I've got just about every bulb switched out to LEDs now except for the nav lights. I won't bother with the port & stbd running lights because they are genarally only on when the motor's on. However, I would like to swap out the anchor light for an LED version. So...anyone ever come across a...
  90. cap_lr


    Feb. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Diesel is falling below gasoline after two almost uninterrupted years of selling at a premium as the global recession saps demand for the world’s most-consumed transport fuel and inventories rise. The New York Harbor market price for diesel dropped 14 percent in 2009 to...
  91. cap_lr

    welding/fab referral

    Need referral to local welder/fabricator who can make and weld on eight small stainless brackets on rails and rod holders. Boat is on trailer near Mission Bay - the closer the better. Thanks!
  92. cap_lr


    I took the fam and a few friends out for a little cruise yesterday out of Mission Bay. Stech the boats legs for a couple of hours. When we returned it was a super low tide. It took me literally ten extra bodies in the bed of the truck to get the traction to haul out. Not only that, but I gave my...
  93. cap_lr

    50 SDS freespool

    Big AVET fan here - been using them for years. I have had a 50 SDS for three seasons now. Caught a BIG tuna on it season one and had it serviced afterwards. Caught another big tuna on it season two and, again, had it serviced. Brought it out on this year's trip to find out that the only way...
  94. cap_lr

    in gunwale rod holder installation

    Got a couple of these bad boys for Christmas from myself... So how do I get the 2" holes drilled at the perfect 30degree angles. Is there some kind of jig you would use to get it done clean? Thx.
  95. cap_lr

    tie downs

    OK folks - for owners of 25'+ heavier trailer boats... Do you use tie downs or not? My sled is 28' and weighs in at about 15k with the trailer. Farallon doesn't include the attachment points on stock boats. Fact is I've never seen bigger boats using them - only smaller boats. Whaddya think...
  96. cap_lr

    VP issues resolution

    For anyone who's interested, any VP owners and for all my great new fishing friends who had to put up with occasional issues with Kaimana's cooling systems this summer. As a quick flashback - I bought her back in May/June. She's a 2004 28' walkaround with a VP D6-310 + DPH drive with less than...
  97. cap_lr

    trailer safety chains

    After a minor mishap at the landing the other day I got to thinking about the safety chains on my trailer. How long are those suckers supposed to be? In other words, in the unlikely event of the hitch decoupling what would the goal of the chains be?
  98. cap_lr

    official number

    Finally received Kaimana's Certificat of Documentation from the Coast Guard the other day. I did not know about the requirements for the official numbers. Any ideas on where to put them. There's zero wood on the boat so a wood plaque would look funny. I was thinking of having them engraved on...
  99. cap_lr

    voltage fluctuations

    On my way back in yesterday I started to notice a small fluctuation in the alternator voltage - fluctuation between about 13.6-13.8. As far as I can remember it was always super steady before. Any ideas? The main is a D6-310. Thanks
  100. cap_lr

    penta DPH drive flush muff problems

    I must be halfway retarded. Half the time I can get the raw water system flushed using the muffs and half the time I can't. The motor is a D6 310 with DPH outdrive. Any tips or trick or better flush muffs out there to get the job done more consistantly. Thanks LR
  101. cap_lr

    Offshore Kaimana 08/15/08

    Stellar day out on the pond fishing with father in law Gary, Mike, Tristan and Dana. Late start, but got out to the knoll/E Fly area around 7:30am. Set to trolling, eventually got a blind stike by a nice dodo. Trolled around for a couple of hours for not much - tried to work the dolphins with...
  102. cap_lr

    trailer tire pressure

    The tires on my triple axle trailer seem a little soft. It's a triple axle - full load of boat and trailer is 12k # +/-. Trailer sticker says 75 psi for max total load of 15k#s(seems way high to me), tires say 65 psi. Any experts out there. many thanks
  103. cap_lr

    captains advice

  104. cap_lr

    Offshore 080208 great day on Kaimana

    Thanks to Simon, Hal, Mike and his son Tristan for a great day on the water. We departed SI @ about 0415 - what a zoo. The bait receiver was like the line at the DMV - about a 30-40 minute wait. On our way out of the bay Kaimana threw me a curve ball in the form of the sea strained dumping...
  105. cap_lr

    fish Kaimana

    heading out Saturday 08/02/08 - need a couple experienced anglers to join us - PM me if interested
  106. cap_lr

    Offshore Kaimana's bloody deck

    First - thanks to a great crew; Scott, Ben and Bruce, for coming out and fishing with me on Sunday. You guys were a pleasure to spend the day with. Since buying Kaimana a few months ago - this was her first serious trip offshore with me and a first serious chance to redden her decks a little...
  107. cap_lr

    fish Kaimana sunday

    Conditions permitting, I'm heading offshore this Sunday - 1010 area? Need some experienced crew to help with fuel and bait. PM me if interested. Departing SI @ 3:30am sharp - back around dusk. Will take three + me. see vessel and captain details near bottom of page...
  108. cap_lr

    Kaimana's ready to roll

    After 6 weeks of prep, Kaimana is ready to roll. I'm looking for cool headed offshore weekend warriors to help split the operating costs and have some fun. See our details on the boat ho list...
  109. cap_lr


    Many thanks to Clay and Ali for an awesome design and killer install. Nice work guys...
  110. cap_lr

    shelter island diesel mech

    Any referalls to a good, honest, marine mechanic in the shelter island area - the boat's on a trailer and is stored in the area. The engine is a Volvo D6-310. Thx.
  111. cap_lr

    filet of ...

    Again, forgive the ignorance of a new private boater and thanks in advance for the insight. So what's the thought on cleaning your Mex caught tuna on board of your boat once back in US waters. I know it's kapu while in Mex. Seems so much less of a hassel when you can recycle your carcases into...
  112. cap_lr


    Sadly - I have more dough than time these days. There was a time in my life when I would happily spend days detailing and tinkering, but time is a real premium now. Any recomendations on an outfit that can do a good job of detailing Kaimana in SD area? She's pretty darn clean, but can use a...
  113. cap_lr

    wash down

    Please forgive my ignorance here... What kind of wash down facilities are avail at or near the Dana landing ramp in mission bay? thx
  114. cap_lr

    fill 'er up

    Hopefully I don't show my retardedness too much asking this question... Anybody trailer their rig down to TJ to fill up. I was thinking about this the other day. I live about 20 min from the border. The boat holds 200 gal of D and my new/used F250 another 40+/- gal of D. At current prices...
  115. cap_lr

    name lettering

    I've seen it on here before but can't find the archives... Who's the best in San Diego at painting names on transoms? Thanks
  116. cap_lr

    boat name help please

    In my younger days I spent some years on Maui fishing and working on the water. Now I have a new boat of my own and want to honor her with a nice Hawaiian name. I'm set on kai+mana or mana+kai - which is the better way to put the two words together? PM me please.... mahalos...
  117. cap_lr


    Any recos for reliable boat insurance. Many Thanks!
  118. cap_lr

    It's a girl!!!

    After months of searching and researching and a ton of great advice and input from BDers...we just closed on our new (and first) boat!!! She's a 2004 28' Farallon W/A with a D6-310 with less than 90 hours on it! It was listed on I managed to negotiate it down to about 90% of...
  119. cap_lr


    Any recommendations, good or bad experiences for the folowing in San Diego: 1) best electrical/electronics installer (need a radar dome, surface temp system, stereo & house battery installed) 2) best tower mfgr/installer 3) best bait tank/installer Thx
  120. cap_lr

    yacht brokers

    what % do yacht brokers typically charge to sell a boat? also, is the owner locked in to the broker if he should find his own buyer? thanks..
  121. cap_lr

    tax & reg

    I'm looking at possibly buying a boat which is registered out of state from an owner for cash. How would this work from a CA state sales tax standpoint? how about registering it in CA? As always, any advice is much appreciated.
  122. cap_lr

    made some decisions, need some experienced advice

    I've been asking a bunch of questions about boat buying, trailering vs wet storage etc and I am grateful for all of your input over the last couple of months. I took my wife and young son to look at a few boats today. Based on our outing I have determined (to keep Mrs. LR happy) that our new...
  123. cap_lr

    trailering vs dry storage vs slip in SD

    Hi Folks, I'm new to PBing (and to San Diego) and am still weighing all my options before I drop a 'boat load' of dough a fishing boat in the next 3-6 months. Although I havn't found the boat I'm looking for yet - I do know that it will be a 25-28' pilot house like a Radon, Davis or Farallon...
  124. cap_lr

    another Shogun 13 day trip report ...vids & pics

    The fishing was tough was the bottom line. For 8 full days of fishing on the lower banks we tagged a total of about 55 YFT ranging mostly from 60-254#s + a couple of skins and a couple of dodos. Probably about 85% of the YFT were in the 100+ class. The Shogun is great (but showing her age a...
  125. cap_lr

    Vagabond June 17-19

    Anybody out there on this trip? If you (or anyone you know) is on this trip and wants off (or need to fill a space) please let me know. Many Thanks. [email protected]