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    If you could only troll 1

    Gun to my head, one marlin lure.... Short- Koya Poi Dog Rigger- Gotta agree with Davy Pelagic Breakfast by Bart or the 6 Jet by Imperium Outfitters Shotgun- All Black Moldcraft Widerange
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    I saw that reservation come in, good stuff amigo. Looking forward to seeing you. I'm supposed to fly up to Boston to fish a tournament out of Nantucket that week. Remember the old Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament on ESPN? Well it's a gamefish and billfish tournament now. Anyhow, I'm...
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    Exactly... If you are American, and want to come to Cabo, be it for something the decision makers deem essential or not you WILL be allowed to re-enter the United States. You can drive, you can use CBX and fly from TJ or you can fly direct into Cabo San Lucas. I am in Cabo now, at our shop and...
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    Kevina, You are saying you have a personal friend who is an American citizen who was denied entry back into the US at the San Ysidro border crossing? I've crossed via the airport in San Diego, and Donny to answer your question, have also crossed via CBX in the past two weeks and had no issue...
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    Not sure amigo.

    Not sure amigo.
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    I've talked to several people, coming down and going back, no one has been asked about whether they are a resident or not. No hassle either way...
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    We just got word that we'll be able to resume sportfishing activities on Monday, June 15th. Striped Marlin bite is really good, Yellowfin bite is good as well. Come see us amigos! -Ryan
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    Baja Sportfishing Still awaits green light

    We are officially open for charter fishing in Baja Sur, Monday, June 15th!
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    El Budster

    We're open as of Monday, June 15th for charter fishing!
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    Is this Bad Luck?

    August and September are honestly the best months for Blues in Cabo. If you play the Lunar charts right and book two days of fishing with a good Marlin fishing crew you should be able to knock the Blue off your list. October and November are really good for Blues too, and like Eric said, you'll...
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    Who is the best around to rebuild a Bosch Injection Pump?

    No these pumps are for MTU diesel engines
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    Who is the best around to rebuild a Bosch Injection Pump?

    I need to get a pair of Bosch Injection Pumps rebuilt, no one down here in Cabo can do it, so I am looking to see if anyone has had good luck with a particular shop in the SoCal area. Thanks, Ryan Team RedRum