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  1. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-22 Went west

    Decided to head west on Sunday to see if we could find anything good. We were hoping to get lucky and find some dodos in American waters since the temps looked high enough for the exoctics and maybe some tuna. Our hopes were boosted when we were at the gas station and talked to somebody at the...
  2. fleyeline

    43 on Sunday 7-22

    I'm gonna go take a look out there again. Hopefully we will find something on the end of the break. Anyone else going west?
  3. fleyeline

    Promar hoop nets fully rigged w/extras

    Price drop $15 each I have 5 fully rigged 36" promar hoop nets w/bait cages, cord keepers, large buoys w/reflective tape. . They were only used a few times. Always stored indoors out of the sun.
  4. fleyeline

    Offshore 8-21 182-9-LJ

    Had to get out and take a look. Left MB around 8am and headed out to the 182 to look around. Rough on the way out but laid down after a few hours. Trolled around area with a handful of yachtfishers. Average temp was 68 around the 182 and water was still GREEN. Skies were sunny. Saw a...
  5. fleyeline

    Offshore ...

    coming to a bank near you.:finger:
  6. fleyeline

    First Build

    Looks like I have a new addiction. This is a CJBF70 that I built for fishing 30# offshore. What do you guys think? I used size A on the underwaraps and size D for the guide wraps. Any pointers for the next one?
  7. fleyeline

    Which 9' blank for socal surface irons?

    I just started builing rods as was wondering if any of you guys could point me in the right direction for a good blank for throwing the surface iron around here. Thanks.
  8. fleyeline

    Polishing resin heads?

    Ok, so I have been doing sone experimenting with casting my own resin heads for marlin jigs. Can anyone help me with a good technique for sanding and polishing? Any resources I can go to would be greatly appreciated.
  9. fleyeline

    Jigstrike 2 day leaving 9/4

    Any of you guys on this one?
  10. fleyeline

    Offshore 9-1 YFT, Dodos

    Fished today with Mike (cmlandscaping), and Squiddy. Went west and got a dodo first thing on a paddy. This hen came right to the gaff with little effort.6am Found another paddy close by for one more dodo. This one didn't want to come to the boat, but I made it. Worked our way west...
  11. fleyeline

    Offshore 8-26 9M YFT after work w/pics

    Left MB at about 1 PM this afternoon and headed towards the 9. Water was bumpy but doable for my little boat. Got soaked on the way out. The plan was to paddy hop but the wind made it a little difficult to go fast so I settled with 11kts and threw a marlin jig in. Found some big paddys with bait...
  12. fleyeline

    Local banks WED 8-26

    I will be heading out after work on Wed to see if I can find an afternoon bite offshore. If anyone is out there you can call me on the radio and put me on some fish.:D "Wakedraggin" on 72
  13. fleyeline

    Offshore 8-15 N9-182-43-SSK-302-224-S9-N9

    Launched MB at 5 am. :rofl: Trolled our asses of for nothing! Lots of kelps on the N9 to the 43 but no one home. Saw some dolphins on the N9 that were not holding. Paddy's further west had a lot of bait on them. Saw a sunfish outside of the kidney.:ashamed: Found dolphins and birds on...
  14. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-25 31/45 kidney

    Left MB at 6 this morning and got a mixed half from EB. Bait was hurting. Headed towards the 182 on calm seas. When we got there I didn't like the look of things so started heading south. Worked down the break until getting picked up on the b/p feather at 31/45 west of the kidney. Threw...
  15. fleyeline

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    Did a small job on MB today and saw how calm the water was so decided to take my brother Damian offshore to look for some bushes. Went home hooked up the boat, lauched, got bait, then cleared the MB jetty at 11a.m. Plan was to head towards the 182 checking out the 9 en route. Got to the 9 in...
  16. fleyeline

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks for the delivery Team Archer. I'm stoked!!! These things will be in the water in a few days ending my skunk.:)
  17. fleyeline

    Offshore 7-19 371-101-425

    Left MB at 5 a.m. and headed for the 371. Threw the trollers in just north of the 371 and worked the area for nada. Decided to head east and worked the and trolled to the 425 zigging and zagging checking all the small paddy's for nothing. The water around 425 was really green and warm...
  18. fleyeline

    Offshore International Star 7-11

    Left friday night on the IS for a 1.5. Dustin started around 75, I think for no luck. We found one nice paddy holding some yellers which produced 6 for the boat. I lost mine. Later we found some breaking fish that we didn't have a chance to really work thanks the the highly intelligent PBers...
  19. fleyeline

    Just ordered some meatballs.

    Can't wait to get them and start draggin them around.
  20. fleyeline

    Offshore 6/27 Hidden Bank

    Got to the Hidden bank at greylight and started the troll. A lot of whales in the area and a lot of meter marks. Found one kelp paddy but couldn't get anything to go. Worked north a little bit and started get good meter marks so boxed that area in for a long time. We decided to stay with the...
  21. fleyeline

    Sports Authority buy2 get 1 free

    I was at sports authority today in grossmont and they had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on fishing lures if anyone is interested. Sale is good through the 6th, so that is Saturday.
  22. fleyeline

    4-19 LJ Lings, Reds, Trees, etc.

    Got to Dana launch ramp at around 8 or 8:30. Was getting the boat ready and some guy came over to bum a smoke. He said he robbed a bank and called to turn himself in and they were coming to pick him up. Thought, okay whatever. Finish getting the boat ready and the police show up, put him in...
  23. fleyeline

    Fred Hall Show/Children's Pool Petition?

    I was just thinking the Fred hall show would be a great place to have a petition concerning the La Jolla Children's Pool and also to encourage the writing of letter's to the city and state councilmen. I read in the UT this morning that "Jerry Horna, president of La Jolla Friends of Seals plans...
  24. fleyeline

    1-10-09 The Flats

    Fished the flats for: 13 legal bass( 5 shorts) 6 legal scupin (3 shorts) 1 octopus 2 starfish Took my dad and uncle out to get some fish. Started fishing around Ballast Point and hooked a couple of bass. Had a few raked baits from the butts without any hook-ups. Sailboat and other traffic...
  25. fleyeline

    Best lights

    What are the best shop lights for painting reproduction fish? Anybody know? I like to make my own mounts, but I'm still pretty new at it. Just testing the waters.
  26. fleyeline

    1-1-09 LJ BSB

    Headed out this morning in the thick ass fog and headed straight for the LJ canyon trying to get on some YT. Near the canyon saw about 5 big boils so threw iron and bait to no avail. worked the area some more for nothing so decided to go to south LJ to look for some sculpin. Metered a nice spot...
  27. fleyeline

    Cheapest place to buy.....

    Rule 800 gph round bilge pump. My bait pump took a shit on Saturday and I need a new one. Forgot how much I paid for the last one but figured someone might help me out.
  28. fleyeline

    Offshore Dead on the water!!!

    Left MB Sat at 1 A.M. Got bait then stopped outside O.B. pier to pick up some macks. Started heading south. Ran into the thick fog and kept pushing through it. At about 3:30 A.M. motor dies. Hear some dolphins coming at us so we drop bait for nada. Start troubleshooting the engine...
  29. fleyeline

    10-25 East Fly-390

    Hey huys I will be working the East Fly and 390 on Saturday the 25th. If anyone is going to be in the area let me know and I can let you know when I find some fish. Wakedraggin on 72.
  30. fleyeline

    10-13 PL Bonito

    Went out this afternoon to get some bug bait. Plenty of bonies on the kelp on the outside of the kelp line. All under 24" so between the 2 of us we got our limits no problem. Mt brother caught most of his on the crocodile and mine were all on storm swimbaits and fish traps. Color didn't matter...
  31. fleyeline

    10-10 MB

    Went buggin from 7:00-midnight in MB. Pulled in 3 keepers, 2 shorts, 3 octopus(released), 1 sea urchin(released). I'm new to hooping so I'm still trying to find some good spots.
  32. fleyeline

    Offshore sun 8/24 182 / the ridge

    left MB at 3:30 sunday morning headed to the 182. found a nice patty south of the 182 got a short strike on the slow trolle dine. stole my bait. meter was lit up so worked the patty for a long time for nothing. put in the trollers worked down the ridge when my fish trap stinger line goes off...
  33. fleyeline

    Offshore 182 albies dorado

    left MB at 3:30 a.m. headed for 182. at grey light dropped the trollers in. trolled around the 182. saw some empty paddies and not much life. started heading south towards the 302. hit 69 deg water on the way and 38/42 zzzzzzzzz. middle troller with grn f.t. way back. threw a bait in and im on...
  34. fleyeline

    Fish Dope is worth the moolah!!!

    I haven't seen any better dope on the net. I have terrafin but might have to switch next season:smoking33::smoking33::smoking33::smoking33:
  35. fleyeline

    182ish sunday

    I will be in that area around greylight. anyone else goin and want to code up let me know. I'll be on 72 on and off:cheers:
  36. fleyeline

    7/13 182-302-371...etc

    i'll be looking in these spots on sunday again. If anyone else is going and wants to hookup on the vhf let me know:deadhorse:imdumb::picknose::zelfmoord