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  1. TK_82

    Saltist 40 (silver model)

    Hey gang, I’m looking for a Saltist 40 silver super torque model. Let me know if you got one. Located in SD. Thank.
  2. TK_82

    Pro Gear Violator V52

    Bought this reel used, a while back from another member but never got the chance to use it. Asking 120. Located in SD.
  3. TK_82

    Daiwa J Braid 20lb 1500m

    Looking for a 1500m spool of Daiwa J Braid X8 in 20lb test . Hit me up if you got one you’d like to let go. Thanks
  4. TK_82

    Saltist 30T (silver model)

    Got a used Saltist 30T up for grabs. Always rinsed, wiped down, and put a reel cover over it after a trip. No clamps. Refer to pics for condition. Asking 120 Meetup in SD
  5. TK_82

    FS: Owner hooks and Carbontex Washers

    3 pks of Aki Twist 6/0 and the 4th pk with only 2 hooks 1 set of carbontex washer for saltiga 30T for the older star drag model Asking $27 local sale SD
  6. TK_82

    FS: Rockfish jigs

    Braid Thumper 3) 150g 1) 60g Seafox 3) 80g 1) 60g Asking 55 OBO for the lot pickup or meet up in SD
  7. TK_82

    TUNA JIGS!!!

    26 jigs total. A few are used, but most are new. 2 Shimano butterfly 224g squid glow 1 " " 280g sardine 1 " " 224g glow 1 " " 280g purple 2 River2Sea sea rock 300g (glow belly) 2 Generic Gold/orange about 300g 4 Seven...
  8. TK_82

    FS: Plastic squid bodies

    18 in brown 18 in beige 14 in green Mack 50 squids total and are about 6" long, there is a pic of one next to a Tady 45 for size comparison(jig not included). They have a plastic tube that runs from the head to the base of the tentacles for tying line and hook. Asking 55
  9. TK_82

    FS: Torium 20HGA

    Used a handful of times. Caught Some yellows under 10lbs on it. Comes with clamp and Spooled up with 65lb Daiwa J Braid. Let me know if you have any questions. Located in SD. Asking 170
  10. TK_82

    FS: Squid jigs and swimbait

    1 Big squid jig 2 market squid rigs 1 storm 6" sardine 1 AA Swimbait in brown bait Asking $22
  11. TK_82

    FS: Hogy Baits

    Got some Hogy lures and hooks up for grabs. Located in SD Asking $35 2 Double wide 4 skinny 5 chartreuse 1pk 3oz classic jighead Grip hooks ( 3hooks per pk) 2pk 7/0 2pk 8/0 2pk 9/0
  12. TK_82

    WTS Jig Lot

    Got some jigs up for grabs. Asking $75 Pickup or Meetup SDSU College area Sumo jigs are 6oz Magic metals are 3oz Braid jigs are 2oz (pink) and green/yellow 3oz Lead Masters jigheads are 1.5 oz unpainted
  13. TK_82

    FS: Phenix Axis Rod HAX-820H

    Looking to sell my Phenix Axis rod. It's 8'2" Heavy model rated 25-60lb. Only Caught a few calicos and Lings on it. Always rinsed and wiped down after each trip. Has a few scratches here and there on blank and no rust on guides. Grip is in very good shape Asking 165. Located in SD
  14. TK_82


    Looking to sell my Andros 12II. Been on a few boat rides but haven't caught anything on it. Sits on the boat with a reel cover on it most of the time. Always rinsed down after each trip. Loaded with 65lb blue Tuff Line XP. Comes with clamps and box, but don't know what I did with the paper work...
  15. TK_82

    WTB: Ringed Live Bait Hooks

    Hey gang, Looking for some ringed live bait hooks in size 1/0, 2/0, & 4/0 for an upcoming trip. Owner Gorillas, Gami's, Mustad's VMC tuna tamers etc... let me know what you got. PM me. Thanks!
  16. TK_82

    Gaff Sharpening

    Hey gang, how's the fishing for everyone? I was wondering where one might go to a gaff tip resharpened? The tip on my Promar telescoping gaff got bent, and it's Butt season and I don't dare go Butt hunting without a gaff. Help a brother out please. Or if anyone has the same gaff and like to...
  17. TK_82

    WTS: Torium 20HG

    Got a Torium 20HG that I'd like to sell for a friend. Loaded with 65lb Daiwa j braid. Only been out on a few trips. Asking $165
  18. TK_82

    WTB: Abyss 909

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an abyss 909. Let me know if you got one for me. Located in San Diego. Thanks
  19. TK_82

    WTS: Phenix Black Diamond Inshore 807ML

    Got an inshore 807ML black diamond with trigger grip up for grabs. It's in great condition. Asking 165 Pick up or meet up in SD. Let me know if you have any questions.
  20. TK_82

    FS: Calstar 800L GFDH

    The rod is used but in good condition. The cork is in good shape aside from a slight indentation from the reel clamp. The guides on the legs have a little rust on it but doesn't affect performance. See pics. Located in SD. 140 pickup. Let me know you if you have any questions.
  21. TK_82

    WTS: Saltist BG35h

    Looking to sell a Saltist BG 35H. Been used on a few trips and has a few minor scratches but is in very good condition. Comes with clamp and has 65lb power pro backing on it I think. Asking $135. Prefer face to face transaction. Located in San Diego.
  22. TK_82

    WTB: Phenix Abyss 809

    Hey gang, I'm in search of an abyss 809. Let me know if ya got one for me, located in SD. Thanks
  23. TK_82

    WTB: Rod & Reel setup

    Hey gang, my cousin is looking to buy his first setup or two. He borrowed my gear and went on the Mahilini with some friends and caught his first few yellows. Now he's hooked! Looking for good cond used gear. Located in North County SD. Let me know what you got. Thanks Rod- phenix abyss 809...
  24. TK_82

    WTB: Frabill Aerators

    Looking for some of these aerators for the weekend. Can't seem to find them at the stores in SD area anymore. I know I can buy some online but need some for tomorrow and sunday. Anybody know of any tackle shops that carry them? Or have a few to spare? Thanks
  25. TK_82

    WTB: Shimano Evair Deckboots size 10

    Hey gang, looking good deal on a new pair of shimano Evair deckboots in size 10 to replace my beat up boots. Let me know if you got one thanks. Located in San Diego.
  26. TK_82

    WTB: Torpedo Sinkers 6,8, and 10oz

    Title says it all. Let me know if you got some for me. North county SD Thanks
  27. TK_82

    WTB: Coltsniper 100g

    Looking for a few coltsniper in 100g size in brown, blue, and blue/pink.
  28. TK_82

    WTB: Teramar TMC-X80MH

    Looking for a lightly used Teramar West Coast version with the cork handle trigger grip. I let my cousin borrow my rod a couple weeks and now he doesn't know where it is . Let me know if you got one for me, Located in North County SD Thanks
  29. TK_82

    WTB: Trolling Setup

    Looking for a trolling setup for a friend. He just got a boat and needs a trolling setup. Let me know whatcha got. Thanks
  30. TK_82

    WTB: Daiwa Saltist 30T 4.9 Gear Ratio

    Hey gang, looking for a saltist 30T older silver model with 4.9 gear ratio for my bro in law who is just getting started in saltwater fishing. PM me if you have one for him, located in San Diego thanks.
  31. TK_82

    WTS: Teramar

    1. Teramar TMC-X80M excellent condition no damage to cork just a little discoloration. Only flaw is the fourth guide, it seems the top guide foot came loose from the threading(refer to last pic) Cheap fix or trade it in at shimano for a new one, just spoke to customer service earlier this week...
  32. TK_82

    WTS: Saltist 30T

    used Saltist 30T 4.9 gear ratio. Has a little rash here and there but in excellent mechanical shape. I think it has tuff line xp backing on it but not sure what poundage. Reel clamp included. 125 pickup firm no trades. local deal, North County SD.
  33. TK_82

    WTS: Daiwa Saltiga 30

    Good condition Saltiga 30. Straight tuff line xp 65lb freshly spooled at turners, 320yds or so. Original reel clamp included. Local North County SD deal, no shipping at the moment. PM me if interested. Asking 275 firm
  34. TK_82

    Daiwa J-braid

    Hey guys, anyone tried this new braid by Daiwa yet? It is an 8 carrier and is in the same price point as power pro and may be thinner as well. Also, will any of the local SD tackle shops be carrying it? Thanks
  35. TK_82

    WTS: New Temple Reef STK H Popping Rod

    Looking to sell a brand spankin new Temple Reef STK H popping rod. Have caught yellowtail and tuna up to 35lbs on my other STK rod no problem. And it's super light weight for casting all day. I use it for throwing irons, stickbaits, flat fall jigs and smaller poppers. Specs 7'6" 2pc butt joint...
  36. TK_82

    WTB: Ghost Shrimp pump

    anyone on here make there own pumps? Looking to take some kids out fishing during summer break. Thanks
  37. TK_82

    WTB: Spro BBZ-1 6"

    Looking for a good deal on some BBZ-1 in 6" blue herring in slow sinking, fast sinking and floater. PM me if ya got some for me. Thanks
  38. TK_82

    WTT: Maxel Transformer F50C for Talica 16II

    I would like to trade my Transformer 50c for Talica 16II. The reel comes with box and all its contents. It is in great condition. Geat ratio 5.0:1/ 50lb-400m/ 22KG Max Drag/ weight 460g. Please PM me if you'd like to trade. Thank you
  39. TK_82

    WTB: Shimano Jacket from Fred Hall show

    hey gang, did anyone buy a couple extra shimano jackets from Turners at the Fred Hall show? I was busy buying other stuff that I had totally forgot about the jacket. Let me know if you got an extra one in a size Medium that you wouldn't mind letting go. Thanks
  40. TK_82

    WTB: Shimano Jacket

    hey gang, did anyone buy a couple extra shimano jackets from Turners at the Fred Hall show? I was busy buying other stuff that I had totally forgot about the jacket. Let me know if you got an extra one that you wouldn't mind letting go. Thanks.
  41. TK_82

    WTB: Braid Tantrum Hammer Jigs

    Looking for some braid jigs in size 5.5-7oz colors pink glow, dorado, sardine, and blue abalone. Hit me up if you got any for me. They look like this
  42. TK_82

    WTB Egg Sinkers

    Hey BD'ers, Anyone from SD area pour their own weights? Need about 200-300 egg sinkers in 1oz size.
  43. TK_82

    WTS: Used saltist LD30H 95 bucks!

    The reel has been used and caught quite a few fish on it. Strong drag, spool spins just fine and fully functional. It just seems a little noisy when reeling. Comes with clamps, box and paperwork. Meet Up or pick up in North county SD.
  44. TK_82

    Braid Seafox Jigs

    Got a few things for sale local pick up or meet up only please. Located in North countySD Braid Sea Fox jigs 18 bucks->>>> $15
  45. TK_82

    FS: Zenith jigging rod

    Got two rods up for sale. Pickup or meet up in North County SD. Zenith Zero Shiki 55S-12 JDM model spin jigging 1 piece rod. Asking 235 Now 225 Trade for Phenix abyss 809 Calstar 800m or 800mh Saragosa 10000F or 6000SW Pro Gear Albie Special 282, 540 5'5" Lure weight: 160-340gm Drag max 5-7KG
  46. TK_82

    WTS: Talica 16 II

    have a used Talica 16II for sale. Has minor scratches here and there but it's in excellent mechanical condition. Loaded with fresh 300yds of 80lb izor spectra. Comes with box and paperwork but missing clamp and bolts. Looking for 375 pickup or meetup in North County SD.
  47. TK_82


    Looking to sell my Terez spinning rod 7'2" 15-40lb Med Light Extra Fast. I used it to cast stickbaits and megabits for YT and YFT which was a blast. But it hasn't been used since I picked up a Temple Reef so it's gotta go. It's in very good condition. 160 takes it. Pickup or meetup only...
  48. TK_82

    WTB: Rosco butt rings

    Looking for Rosco butt rings to make ringed hooks from a small size 2 to 4/0 hooks.
  49. TK_82

    FS: Pro Gear Albacore Special 540

    Bought this from another member on here and never got a chance to use it. Local pickup in North County SD only at the moment. Asking 165 firm.
  50. TK_82

    FS: Saltist 40II & Torium 20

    Both reels are used, no box or paper work. They have blemishes here and there but nothing major. Always rinsed after a trip. Pickup in North County San Diego. Prefer not to ship at the moment. The saltist comes with reel clamp and 55lb Daiwa boat braid backing. Asking 210 The torium has no...
  51. TK_82

    WTB: Saltist 30T

    Title says it all. Holla if ya got one for me.
  52. TK_82

    How much 80lb spectra on Albie Special 540?

    Anyone know how many yards of 80lb Izor Spectra will fit onto an Albie Special 540? was hoping to get a full 300 yd spool on there.
  53. TK_82

    FS: Daiwa Samurai Braid 40lb 300yd

    Brand new spool of 40lb samurai braid 300yd in green. 32 bucks. Pickup or meetup preferred in San Marcos.
  54. TK_82

    Where the greenbacks at?

    Hey guys, looking for some advice on where to fish for mackerel. I tried the OB pier yesterday using sabikies with no luck. Which was odd, I would always catch a few there whenever I need some green. Planning to try shelter island pier next.
  55. TK_82

    WTB Sabiki Rigs

    Hey guys, I'm getting low on sabiki rigs and am looking for a good deal on some. I go through a couple a week catching smelt for bait. Looking to buy around 30-50pk. I use to buy them for $1 each when I drove up to Bass Pro but I don't plan on going there anytime soon. Hit me up if got any for...
  56. TK_82

    WTS: Shimano Saragosa 6KSW

    Got an excellent condition Gosa 6KSW for sale. Only used twice and caught a couple small bass on it. Looks like new only tiny paint rub on corner of top reel foot in the last pic. Loaded with 300yds of 40lb samurai metered braid. Looking for 230 local pick up in San Marcos.
  57. TK_82

    WTB: Daiwa Saltiga SA40 Star Drag

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good deal on a used Daiwa saltiga 40 star drag. Let me know if you got one. Also have some gear for trade if you'd like to go that route. Thanks.
  58. TK_82

    WTT: IPhone 5 Charger

    Anyone have an original apple or certified iPhone5 charger they don't need? I can trade you some tackle of equal value for it. Just let me know what you're looking for I just might have it. Thanks TK
  59. TK_82

    WTB Samsung LED TV

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good deal on a samsung led TV 32"-40" for my nephew. He's been doing very well in school so I'd like to do replace his 21" with a bigger one for him. Can also do trade and/or plus cash for fishing gear. Let me know if you got one for me. Thank you.
  60. TK_82

    WTS: 3 Calstar Grafighters

    Hey guys, looking to sell a few rods for a friend. Excellent condition only a couple light scratches on them. Used on two 3/4 day trips. He's asking for 220 each. Pickup in San Marcos only please. PM me if interested thank you. GFGR800XLH GFGR800L GFGR700ML ( with the bigger reel seat)
  61. TK_82

    WTB: Calcutta 300TE

    Hey guys, looking for a deal on a used but good condition Cutta 300TE for my bro in law. Let me know watcha got. Thanks.
  62. TK_82

    WTS: Tackle Bag and Plug Bag

    PM me if you are interested pickup only in San Marcos thank you FJ Neil plug bag asking 35 Perfect for smaller irons like the Tady 9 hanging from its hooks or LC flash minnows for the surf fishermen. Shimano Baltica asking 40 Included is 5 3700 size utility boxes. The bag is new but I used...
  63. TK_82

    WTS: Temple Reef Black Devil 100

    Looking to sell my used Temple Reef Black Devil 100 popping/stickbait. Renown as one of the best popping/stickbait rod for fish under 100lbs. Aside from a few light scratches on the blank and foam grip. It's in excellent condition. Comes with padded rod sock. Asking 375 Will post pics later when...
  64. TK_82

    WTS: Teramar & Fenwick Inshore

    1st up is a used Shimano Teramar TMC-86XH in good condition. 2nd is Fenwick Inshore Spin 8'6" 20-40lb mono and 30-40 braid. Excellent Condition. Has Fuji SIC guides and easily cost as much if not more than my asking price. Asking 85 each. Pickup in San Marcos only.
  65. TK_82

    WTS: Tackle Bag and Plug Bag

    PM me if you are interested pickup only in San Marcos thank you FJ Neil plug bag asking 35 Perfect for smaller irons like the Tady 9 hanging from its hooks. Shimano Baltica asking 40 Included is 5 3700 size utility boxes. The bag is new but I used the utility boxes for my WFO bag on a few...
  66. TK_82

    WTS: Grafighter800L & Saltist 35BG Combo

    Used Grafighter 800L used but in great condition. Asking 150 Pickup or meetup in San Marcos or Costa Mesa
  67. TK_82

    WTS: Swimbaits

    4 Luckycraft 190 2 Sexy Shad and 2 rainbow trout 1 Sebile Magic Swimmer 165 slow sinking 1 Sebile Magic Swimmwer 125 1 Castaic Rock Hard 6" Fast Sinking 1 ABT Banshee 6" Asking 90 for the lot. Local only. San Marcos
  68. TK_82

    WTS: More Shimano and Daiwa Reels

    MEET UP OR PICKUP ONLY PLEASE... * Daiwa Luna 300 Like New. Used a couple of times. Has a couple of small nicks on the left side plate other than that it's super clean. Replace the factory handle with a t-bar handle. Asking 165 * Shimano Sustain 4000FE Used. Ripped a lot of bass and...
  69. TK_82

    WTS: Shimano Saragosa 18000F

    I got a Saragosa 18k up for grabs. Just serviced by Shimano a few months ago and hasn't been fished since. It's in very good condition. Only has a few paint rubs on it. It's loaded with either 80lb or 100lb braid. Asking for 200. Only Pickup or meetup in North County SD or Costa Mesa for the moment.
  70. TK_82

    WTS: Shimano & Daiwa Reels

    Prices are pickup or meetup only for the time being. Can meet around San Marcos or Costa Mesa. Let me know if you have any questions. 110 for the Bradia * Daiwa Bradia 4000 This is a JDM model. Aside from a few scratches and some paint rubbing off this is a solid reel. Very clean and smooth...
  71. TK_82


    Got 2 like new jigging spinning rods up for grabs. Spinal 150grm series 1 PE2-PE3 looks about 5'6" in length. Fuji SIC guides Xzoga Custom Built 200gm about 5'5" in length. Has Fuji titanium SIC guides. asking 160 each or 300 for both rods. Pick up or meetup. Will ship at buyers expense. PM...
  72. TK_82

    WTS: Stradic 8000FJ

    Used but in great condition. Looking to get 140 pickup or meetup San Marcos or Costa Mesa. Will ship on your dime if need be. Will post up pics when I get home on Monday night.
  73. TK_82


    Hey guys I got a Tenryu Spike GT popping rod up for grabs. It's 8'4 rated PE 4-8 and lure max 150gm. Cast 3-4oz lures very well. Pulled a couple small fish on it. That was it. Few light scratches. Looking for 375 pickup in San Marcos or Costa Mesa. PM me if interested. thank you.
  74. TK_82


    Got a 1st Gen OTI Tuna Sniper 8'6" 40-60 spinning rod up for grabs. 2pc butt joint. its used but in good condition. Looking for 190 picked up in San Marcos.
  75. TK_82

    WTB Shimano Stradic 1000FI

    Hey guys, im looking for a stardic 1000FI or similar shimano reel. give me a holler if ya got something for me. thanks
  76. TK_82

    WTB MacBook MagSafe 60W Charger

    Hey guys, my MacBook charger just died on me. Just wanted to see if anyone on here has a spare or one that they don't need anymore. It's for an older model I believe the model number is A1181. The charger should look like this holla if ya got one for me. I would prefer to trade some tackle for...
  77. TK_82

    Carbontex Drag

    Kind of a stab in the dark but would anyone happen to have a spare set of Carbontex drag for a shimano stella 5000FA, sustain 5000 and 6000fe? Need it for a trip this Sunday. Didnt cross my mind until now and I don't think smooth drag can get it to me on time. Thanks
  78. TK_82

    WTS: NEW G-Loomis Bucara

    I have a brand new G-Loomis Bucara 7'9" MH 12-20lb up for grabs. I've had it for quite a few years now and never got around to use it as I'm a coffee grinder guy. Asking 185. Local pickup or meetup only in San Diego.
  79. TK_82

    WTB: Slug Go/ Hogy/ MC Slugs

    Hey guys, looking to see if anyone on here has some Slug gos, Hogy, or MC slugs in 8-10" size. Hit me up if ya got some for me. Thanks
  80. TK_82

    WTB 2 Candy Macks

    anyone got a couple candy macks in the blue mack and sardine color in the larger size. i think its the 6in model. i have some yozuri sashimi sliders, sebile magic swimmers, or some jigs im willing to trade for if you want to go that route.
  81. TK_82

    WTS Power Pro Super Slick 8 40LB and 65LB

    I have two spools of super slick 8 up for grabs. $28 each or both for $50. Located in San Marcos. Pickup or meet up. prefer not to ship at the moment. Thanks. 1) 40lb 300yd in marine blue 1) 65lb 300yd in aqua green
  82. TK_82

    WTB Saltist BG35

    Title says it all. Anybody got one they'd like to sell me?
  83. TK_82

    Boat Pooling?

    Hey guys, i wasnt sure where to post this so here it goes. If its the wrong section please let me know and i will repost in the right one. Myself and two other buddies wanted to see if anyone will be fishing on the the kelps in la jolla this sunday 6/2 and if you had room for the three of us? Of...
  84. TK_82

    Teramar Southest Spin Rod TMS80MH

    Title says it all. Anybody got one for me?
  85. TK_82

    Lucycraft Flash Minnow 190SR

    Hey guys, got a few big flash minnow up for grabs. Intended to to use for stripers but never got the chance to use em. They are 7 1/2" long and 2 1/4oz. $72 pick up or meet up. (3) Rainbow Trout (1) Sexy Chartreuse Shad
  86. TK_82

    Shimano Twinpower 8000 PG

    Any jiggers in here have a twin power 8000 PG that they dont use much anymore please let me know. I would be interested in something similar as well. thanks.
  87. TK_82

    3/10/13 PB TROUT

    Woke up late today and comtemplated whether i should just chilland have a relaxing day or fish. [email protected]# it. decided to take my chances and hit up the Lake. Within the first fifteen minutes i get bit on my soaked crawler and hookup! Two seconds later line goes slack. Dammit! That fish had some...
  88. TK_82

    used Malibu X-factor

    Hey guys, looking to own my very first yak so i wanted to see if anyone on here has a used malibu x-factor they'd like to sell me. Current model or previous model is fine with me. If you'd like to do a trade plus cash thats even better. i have a new float tube and a couple rods n reels i'm...
  89. TK_82

    Spheros 18000FB & Tyrnos 10

    Hi guys, looking to sell a couple of reels for a friend. First up is the Spheros 18000FB. Has a few scuffs here and there but its in good condition. Filled with 80lb braid. 105 pickup or meetup. Second, Tyrnos 10 few scuffs here and there as well and also in good condition filled...
  90. TK_82

    Malibu X-Factor or Stealth Kayak

    Hey guys, anyone have a used but good condition X-Factor or Stealth Kayak that they can hook me up with? Or we can do a Trade plus cash. I have a few rods and reels, and a new float tube that I'd be willing to trade. PM me if you got something for me.
  91. TK_82

    Trout/Perch rod

    Hey guys looking for a couple 7' or 7'6" 1pc spinning light/medium light rod that I can use for trout fishing and perchin in the surf. My budget is about $50 for each rod. Let me know if you got something for me. Thanks TK
  92. TK_82


    Anyone have a few they'd like to sell me in the 6" model? Want to them out this weekend. Or Do you guys know if any of the local tackle shops carry them? thanks.
  93. TK_82

    Yo-zuri Sashimi Slider & Torpedo Sinkers

    hey guys looking for some sashimi sliders in the sinking models. Let me know if you got some. Also looking for some torpedo sinker 6, 8, 10oz size. Let me know if ya got some for me. Thanks.
  94. TK_82

    Carbontex drag for sustain 5000FE and 6000FE

    Do you guys know if any of the local tackle stores sell carbontex drag? Got a trip coming up on wednesday night was too busy getting everything else ready that i totally forgot about upgrading the drags. i was thinking about odering some from smoooth drag but don't think it will make it here on...
  95. TK_82


    Would like to trade my 8' avid inshore spin rod for an 8' jig stick (20-40lb) that i can use on my 2day trip next wednesday. The rod is in very good conditon and is rated 14-30lb. 1/2-2oz med heavy power. A grafighter or black steel are on top of my list but will consider anything in between...
  96. TK_82

    WTB or WTT for Spro Swivel & Split Rings

    Looking for some spro power swivels in size 2 and power split ring in size 8 for my trip on the 3rd. I need a 50pk of each. Just want to see if anyones got some they like to sell or trade, if not i'll just buy some from ebay or something. I got some surface/heavy irons, a stradic 4000fi spool...
  97. TK_82

    Sustain 8000FE spool

    Anyone have an extra sustain 8000FE spool that they would like to sell? I need one for a trip coming up next month.
  98. TK_82

    Iphone 3GS

    My phone got wet while trying to gaff a fish on the jetty and now the screen is all dim. Looking for another one if anyone has one let me know thanks. It has to be one from AT&T plze. TK
  99. TK_82

    Tackle Bag

    Looking for a Tackle Bag that will hold 4-6 3700 sized utility boxes with compartments for leaders, pliers and what not. let me know watch got.thanks guys.
  100. TK_82

    Good Cond. Shimano Thunnus 16000F or 12000CI4

    Looking for a used but good condition Thunnus 16000F or 12000CI4. Let me know if ya got one for me. thanks.
  101. TK_82

    Shimano Baitrunner 4000D

    Title say it all. If you got one for me let me know. Thanks. TK
  102. TK_82

    Shimano Teramar Rod

    Looking for new or used Teramar Inshore spinning model TMS80MH. Anyone got one that they'd like to give up? Let me know. Thanks. TK
  103. TK_82

    WTB Shimano Sustain 8000FE spool

    Anyone got a sustain 8000fe spool?
  104. TK_82

    Candy Mack

    Anyone got some candy macks in green or blue and maybe even the trout color. either size is fine. Let me know guys.
  105. TK_82

    Tackle Bag

    Looking for a tackle bag to use on 3/4 day trip to 2 day trips.Something like WFO, Albackore, or Open Water. Let me know. Thanks. TK
  106. TK_82

    Shimano Sustain 5000FE

    Sup guys, I'm looking for a used/new sustain 5000fe. Also looking for the 8000fe spool. Cuzz a brother aint got no skills with a conventional setup haha. Let me know what cha got. thanks. TK
  107. TK_82

    Shimano Sustain 5000FE spool

    Anyone got a spare sustain 5000FE spool? let me know.
  108. TK_82

    Surface Iron

    Looking for some surface irons Tadys, Salas, Sumo, candybars, kickers.
  109. TK_82

    Fenwick Inshore

    Looking for Fenwick inshore spinning rods 7 ft & up. Let me know wat u hae guys. Thanx....Pan
  110. TK_82

    Rods for sale

    For sale are three rods. Fenwick Saltstik 7'6 1pc 15-30# 3/4-4oz lure heavy spinning tip replaced w/fuji tip All Star Pro Classic 7' 1pc 12-25# 3/8-1oz lure MH casting Quantum Blue Runner Inshore 7'6 1pc 15-25# 1/4-2oz heavy casting. Seeker Inshore Discon. model 9ft 1pc 15 (20) 25# missing...