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    Come on gang holoholo....

    Thanks for sharing the story. Happy to hear someone can hit a good day to go out. The good weather windows have been small and rarely on the weekends.
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    1-5-14 David got some more.

    You are the MAN!!! You always know where the fish are at. Thanks for showing the colors.
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    Happy New Year and may you have a safe and productive new year!!
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    Hi Pat, Thanks for always sharing your catches!! It is always nice to see what is coming up. Was it hard getting out of Waianae harbor? Thanks again, Steve
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    Kaneohe 10-27

    Thanks for the info gang. I think I'll take my blue water gun next time.
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    Kaneohe 10-27

    Left the dock at 530a and headed for MM. Found a 4X12 about 8ft long about 1 mile past were MM should be. Take a Mahi strike but comes off. Make a couple of passes but no luck. We see a lot of Mahi and Ono underneath so we start throwing bait. Fish take the bait but not with the hook. They...
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    Kaneohe 10/19

    Hi Cap, I appreciated the info. It is always nice to talk to the other fisherman and see how they did and get some info. I am going out on Sunday and try your route I hope I run across something. Good Luck!!
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    Kaneohe 10/19

    Left Kaneohe about 6a and came across a big pile of birds outside of Mokumoa which turned out to be small aku so we headed out to U. Nothing there so we headed out toward LL. Nothing there either so we headed straight out. We didn't find anything so we headed back. About 12 miles outside of...