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    2012 Evinrude Etec 150 Tiller

    Do you know if the jet from a 90 would fit in there?
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    For Sale Daiwa Saltist BG 35H

    Loaded with 65lb braid and comes with reel clamp. $140
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    Trevala TVC 58 XXH and Daiwa Saltist 35H BG

    Daiwa Saltist 35H BG. I believe the braid is 65lb power pro. The reel has very minimal light scratches, no corrosion and comes with reel clamp. Selling just the reel $140
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    Penn 340

    First picture top right is an attachment for an Armstrong motor, standard issue.
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    Penn 340

    Penn 340 loaded with 80lb power pro. no shipping pick up in vancouver, WA $60 John 360 798-4100
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    6 pole charter license for lease. $4K OBO.

    Is shake and bake not chartering next year?
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    SOLD sold>>>>>

    Wow $40 for a penn 340 is a crazy great price even if the clicker is quiet!! GLWS
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    SOLD Revo Toro 60

    Sold to PhillG
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    SOLD Revo Toro 60

    Revo Toro 60 with 50lb braid. Reel is in good condition slight blemishes but nothing major and has been a back up reel for me. $70 Willing to ship on your dime.
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    For Sale All sold

    I will take the lexa and will send you money up front will need to be shipped to Vancouver, WA I will PM my number
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    2003 Yamaha F200TXRC 147hrs

    Wow that looks like a great deal GLWS
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    Osprey Northwind 22

    If one was on a budget you could find a lower hour used Suzuki 250 for $7500-$10,000. I would guess about 8-10k for the retrofit of an OFS. If anyone is serious reach out to me and I will ask the guy I know that does these conversions for a more exact ballpark.
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    Tikka t3x superlite 7mm rem mag

    I was informed by my FFL last week. He was taking a class to re-up as a glock factory certified gunsmith and they told him I-594 was overturned. I have not been able to find documentation to verify it
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    Tikka t3x superlite 7mm rem mag

    Just a heads up the law in WA requiring an FFL for transfer was overturned as it clashed with the state constitution. I know sometimes people just like to use an FFL but at least person to person transfer isn’t illegal anymore!!!
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    For Sale 2006 Parker 2320 with 2014 yamaha 250hp

    Beautiful boat this thing popped up 5 weeks after I had already bought or she would be mine!!!
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    For Sale Shimano Tranx 300 for sale

    Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR)
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    Bait Tank, 1/2 Tote, Rods, Fenders & Fireboy Extinguisher

    What is the outside diameter on the bait tank?
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    For Sale Shimano Tranx 300 for sale

    Priced lowered to $180 firm
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    For Sale Shimano Tranx 300 for sale

    In near new condition- $180 Will ship on your dime payment by Venmo or PayPal friends/family
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    For Sale Daiwa Saltist Hyper-speed 35 Lever Drag

    Any interest in trade for a tranx 300 in near new condition? John
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    WTB Avet reel

    Chris thanks for the heads up I will read up on the okumas
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    WTB Avet reel

    Joseph I appreciate the heads up. I don’t have a social media account so FB is probably out for me. Mike it sounds like a great reel. I can’t really afford to be putting more than $100 per reel towards anything so I will have find find stuff with a few miles on it Ryan if you have any Avet’s...
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    WTB Avet reel

    Thank you for the heads up
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    WTB Avet reel

    I am going to give a try at tuna fishing next year and need to purchase some equipment. I have had a lot of expense trying to get my boat set up and still need to pick up a couple reels on a limited budget. I am hoping someone might have a couple single speed avet reels they are looking to...
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    2004 sounder at gov deals

    I recently purchased it and am now in the process of making it my own
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    2004 sounder at gov deals

    I have a 23’ sounder that was a patrol boat and that conversion was done. I love it and highly recommend it.
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    SOLD Avet MJX5.8/1

    I will take it PM inbound
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    Sent you a PM- I would like to buy it! John
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    Yamaha T8 power tilt outboard

    Lance I am interested in the motor could you give me a call so we can work logistics out John 360 798-4100
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    SOLD Avet SX MC great condition.

    I am a backup if it falls through John 360 798-4100
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    Yamaha T8 power tilt outboard

    I will give it some thought, thank you
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    Yamaha T8 power tilt outboard

    Do you ever travel south?
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    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 & LSS1 Structure Scan

    I might be crazy but that looks like a $25 price increase? I don’t know ‍♂️
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    Mercury Verado 350 & Mercury Racing 400R Outboards

    I skipped out on buying a used boat I really wanted because it was powered with a verado. I have heard nothing but bad associated with these motors and and think the rpm of a supercharger would fair well in the salt.
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    For Sale 2000 Pro Line 25' Walk Around, *PRICE DROP*

    Sure wish you were in the NW!! We’d be talking
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    For Sale Parker Boat For Sale

    Sure wish I had another 15k in my budget this bad girl would be going home with me!! GLWS John
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    For Sale 1978 Mako 21CC, Yamaha F200 four stroke

    Clearly not enough beer storage- nice looking boat
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    SOLD Grady White 228

    The boat is 22’, flood lights help me miss the 10 million crab pot sets out there in low light and the anchor is for the Columbia river- yes a NW thing
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    SOLD Grady White 228

    2015 Honda 225 hp with 123 hours 2006 (I think) Honda 15 hp power start/tilt with 321 hours Hull is 1989 with factory offshore bracket Trailer is Calkins with 4 brand new calipers/brakes and fluid flushed. Garmin 740s FF/GPS with map overlay Radar Lowrance Hook 7 FF/GPS Raymarine VHF with...