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  1. Jalos11

    Fluorocarbon shelf life

    I hear you zzzzz but I tied it to the handles and pulled from there , no time to be stingy when theres 270 lb fish about
  2. Jalos11

    Fluorocarbon shelf life

    I was wonderingthe same thing, I took out my floro from 2 yrs ago 40,60,80,100 lbs, tied strips to 2 pliers and pulled, all my floro snapped by me pulling them apart, note to self "time to get fresh floro" just saying
  3. Jalos11

    Roll Call 3 Day Rice Bowl Charter 5/31/19

    BTW this trip is on the shogun
  4. Jalos11

    Roll Call 3 Day Rice Bowl Charter 5/31/19

    Who else is on this trip, how fast the boats are filling up now since blue fin to 85 lbs. has been reported.. this early in the season
  5. Jalos11

    PENN "2018" 7-day trip aboard Shogun, December 9-16, 2018

    Steve, when is the spinfisher V1 coming out, looking at the 9500
  6. Jalos11

    yes buddy cleaned fish til midnight 9 hours filleting

    yes buddy cleaned fish til midnight 9 hours filleting
  7. Jalos11

    Anyone Fishing in Texas

    Jesse I'm on the waiting list for December 7th on the express
  8. Jalos11

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    how much fishing time on this trip, limits too?
  9. Jalos11

    50 hour Dolphin Express Port Aransas

    I fished long range boats from san Diego, and now I am living in Arkansas, and looking to do a Multiday day trip out of Port Aransas if there are any , where do I start?
  10. Jalos11


    thats correct graya was a speial order for a long ranger that has since passed away and not with us, he did order this , not a cut down blank
  11. Jalos11


    Gang, have a phenix 83xxh I hot to use in case we go to alijos but we ended up at guadalupe, bought it for that trip, didn't use it at all, spent $280 for it will take $250, alps reel seat, great condition rated 40 to 100lb, 8 foot 3 inch long, made for throwing wahoo bombs or jigs.
  12. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    We arrived at the island yesterday 2:30pm, fished til dark, then on Monday we scratched a decent amount of yet from 60 to over a 100 lbs and yellow from 35 to 40 lbs
  13. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    Batter up we are out of here, shogun style to the lure, see u all tomorrow am
  14. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    40 tuna today at guadalupe some hundred pounders mostly 60 to 80 lbs, on the gun
  15. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    55 tuna and 20 tails tuna were 75-125, nice counts, we leave this Saturday gang
  16. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    55 tuna and 20 tails tuna were 75-125, for the gun at the lupe today
  17. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    2 more days , thens its on like donkey kong, see u all at the landing
  18. Jalos11

    Apollo Lupe 2016

    be ther on saturday , tnx dave
  19. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    105 wahoo 25 yellowtail 1 Amber jack and hooked about 7-8 Marlin
  20. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    2 tails last night we ended up with 22 tuna and 3 yellows today. Tough fishing we left for the rocks to try at wahoo. Travel tomorrow. Hoping to find a kelp for dorado and/or wahoo, fresh off the shogun
  21. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    Fished today at Guadalupe 16 tuna 50-95 pounds sharks got 10-12. Only fished from 3:30 to dark. That's the report for today
  22. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    I'll be getting off work at 10:30 Friday night the will have to be at the landing or on the boat, tax let's hope conditions return and we have a great trip
  23. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    Dear Angler, We are very excited to announce that your trip will be heading to Guadalupe Island to fish for larger Yellowfin tuna and Yellowtail. This will require that we check-in to Ensenada both on the way to and from the island before heading back to San Diego where we will need to be...
  24. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    Yeah guys best of luck, we take off right when u guys return so do keep us informed via the shogun Internet how things are shaping up and what's being use or working thank u and slay some fish
  25. Jalos11

    One spot open on SHOGUN 9 day trip

    sheesh id be all over this trip if i wasnt already going just after this trip returns, on the 15th, this spot will be filled i bet
  26. Jalos11

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    Not a raptor, I wish
  27. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    3 more weeks and off we go, lupe or bust
  28. Jalos11

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    Here's my 2 80lb rigs, torque on a SS 1x3 and the HX on a 700xh
  29. Jalos11

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    Here's my torque 40nld2 with 600 yards of 80lb Max Cuattro line
  30. Jalos11


  31. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    ok gang just under a month now till our trip starts, picklepork I have just filled my Penn Torque 40nld2 with 600 of Max cuattro 80lb, was surprised on how thin this line is compared to prior line fill ups of 480-500 of simular line
  32. Jalos11

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    For me it will be solid on my torque 40nld2 sitting atop a wahoo dad 1x3, to use with 60 or 80 lbs short floro, see u gabe on the gun
  33. Jalos11

    80lb hollow or solid on a Mak15sea?

    Damn u gabe your making me re think my setups too, was going to the long fun tomorrow for their sale, and had it all planned out, now I'll be up later just to see the pros and cons of solid or hollow, we should whack them at the lupe, just around the corner now, butterflies building for the...
  34. Jalos11

    Mustad Demon Circles for Lupe. 3x or 4x?

    4x for tuna, also super mutual, or trokar tk619r, see u on the boat
  35. Jalos11

    long fin sale

    do they have spectra on sale that day, I need to load up some 6 reels with spectra for upcoming trip
  36. Jalos11

    Point Loma to Guadelupe

    Take a deck of Uno cards,lol
  37. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    Here is what Aaron Barnhill on the Shogun is saying about the topic. "If you are in any of the upcoming trips make sure you bring the right gear. Two speed reels are a must! No short whippy fiberglass rods. An ideal setup would be a Penn Torque 40 loaded with 80# spectra and a 6.5-7.5 medium...
  38. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    with a 100lbr caught right off avalon , china rock what to expect either stay close to home or the lupe ah man
  39. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    as for hooks to use at guadalupe look at this thread
  40. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    Ok tom and Gabriel see you there, I'll be taking 5 friends
  41. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day Oct 15th (Doc ski) Roll call

    Gang this thread is to keep us up to date and informed on the happenings prior to our trip, as far as tackle, line, gear needed and also to say hi to all our new friends we will make on this trip (Shogun style) Lupe or Bust, Bob sands group inform us on how you are doing since you will be the...
  42. Jalos11


    It's just a ringed mutu, that's all , typed it twice since on the phone, but u knew that
  43. Jalos11


    Yup a triple surgeon knot for mono to floro, on the business end I like a Palomar to a ringed ringed mutual hook
  44. Jalos11

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    I will be on the trip right after you, main focus will be on guadalupe island for the quality yellow find and yt, just remember that the boat is permitted to fish the island for just 4 days of your 9 day trip, so if you don't go outside chasing bluefin schools, good chance of going to Ali...
  45. Jalos11

    2 more months to go

    2 more months to go
  46. Jalos11

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    New update on the Gun, they caught a 80lb yellowtail (wow)
  47. Jalos11

    RP - Quality X2 @ Guadalupe

    What line being used spectra and floro and terminal tackle?
  48. Jalos11

    Reliable, economical 50lb class 2-speed reel?

    Fathom 40 is your best bang for your buck, I have the Fathom 40 and the trq40n 2 speed, love em both and it won't break the bank
  49. Jalos11

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    Oct 15th 8 day on the shogun, doc ski charter is doing the lupe, woohoo
  50. Jalos11

    Reel Colors, Tiburon, Avet Handles

    which is the handle for the 16s?
  51. Jalos11

    hello sir are you doing

    hello sir are you doing
  52. Jalos11

    Reels for sale shimano telicas, trindad 40 avet mxl

    Sorr about your wife, hope all is fine you can always replace your gear
  53. Jalos11

    FS/FT: Rail Rod

    sweet looking rod, mine are also red, tempting
  54. Jalos11

    Terrece, if the oct shogun trip your is the doc ski 8 day trip, I spoke with doc today he says...

    Terrece, if the oct shogun trip your is the doc ski 8 day trip, I spoke with doc today he says it will probably be Guadalupe and to bring heavy gear
  55. Jalos11

    Solid to Hollow spectra

    Guys at which point do you stop using solid spectra and start using hollow spectra, is there a reason to wanna stop on solid and then use hollow and the applications, reels these are used on, just curious.
  56. Jalos11

    Blue fin in Mexican water

    Really rob, you let them cross our border all by yourself, didn't I see you at the Donald Trump rally recently, keep them political comments to yourself, and stay with the fish related comments, amigo
  57. Jalos11

    AVET HX 4.2 Silver NIB W/65 Lb Spectra $279.00

    Thank you bill, hope to use the reel soon, SOLD
  58. Jalos11

    Super Seeker 1X3 Rail rod

    still available?
  59. Jalos11

    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    BD is watching you, man up and take care of that issue u have pending, give the guy his money back or items you sold him, buyers beware
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  90. Shogun 8 day aug 29, 2014

    Shogun 8 day aug 29, 2014

  91. Jalos11

    who is this

    who is this
  92. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    Looks like the hurricane is going west of us, hope all it will do is make swells for us I will taking a laptop to download video from my go pro, if u like u can see the vids I posted last year on the shogun 8 days of fishing in June. Just search u In youtube "Javier Gutierrez shogun" looking to...
  93. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    looks like the BFT are back on the chew
  94. Jalos11

    Trade my NIB Penn Baja Special for Calcutta 400TE

    was about to pull the trigger on a new baja special special but a thread came up with a trinidad 40, and i got it for $250.00, very nice condition and I always wanted one they are scare, nice reel by the way
  95. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    8 more days to go, BFT but have been less in the counts but the yf have increased, the BFT should be on the chew soon I hope
  96. Jalos11

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    good to hear both sides of the story and you make up your mind as to who is in the right
  97. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    man oh man with 122 lbs tuna being taken just 25 miles out of the harbor alijos seems just like a dream since awesome fishing so close to home looks like it will be offshore BFT fishing then possibly cedros, chester rock for a couple of days for yellow tail and WSB then back up the line for more...
  98. Jalos11

    BFT in US waters, they're out there

    grande ..... muchooo congrats
  99. Jalos11

    Shimano Gold Trini 40 & TLD 30 II Speed!!!

    ty steve great trini at a great price, took it to the shop for service and change of drags get it ready for my 8 dayer on the shogun this august 29th
  100. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    BFT ban lifted now here we go
  101. Jalos11

    Blue Fin Ban in Mexico to be lifted....verbal confirmation, written 8/11 due

    too bad for any the folks that cancelled their trips due to the ban, makes me think did someone just get paid for this?
  102. Jalos11


    i like that reel tempting
  103. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    my bet is on the tail end of the trip, since the boats wont wanna enter mexico with bft on board, but my guess is we fish cedros for yellows and yellowfin on the outside, with a shot at alijos if it is producing and on the way back in US waters go after bluefins
  104. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    if the fishing is as good right now i dont think we will make it to alijos
  105. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    25 more days, can't wait
  106. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    glad to hear that guys it is shaping up to be another epic year, see u all on the boat
  107. Jalos11


    i wont cancell my 7 day trip at the end of august, i know that the fleet will adapt and re-think the fishing strategies, i would not mind fishing the us waters for 7 days and making mexico refund me the cost of my fishing license to fish mexican waters, MEXICO come to your senses plz
  108. Jalos11

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    this is the link to send Conapesca an email telling them what you think about their ban is it unfair or down right shenaniganssince we contribute to the Mexican fisheries with all the permits we pay to fish in mexican waters..... my 2 cents...
  109. Jalos11

    ICAST video for PENN Fathom 2-speeds

    steve i have an 8 day at the end of august, any idea if the reels will be available by then, was sold last year on the torque 40nld 2 speed, but now at half the price i think i will be having more penn 2 speeds in the near future
  110. Jalos11

    New Avet JX Blem

    i have the 300 with a power handle i bought at the fred hall show used twice mint condition filled with 40lb power pro raid, will send pm
  111. Jalos11

    Reel bag

    im in line if it falls thru
  112. Jalos11

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    I will be on the prior trip a week before u guys on the shogun, will be looking for current status on bait before making final terminal tackle choices
  113. Jalos11

    Penn torque 40 Lever drag 2 speeds

    if it smells fishy then there is shenanigans going on
  114. Jalos11


    pm sent gilbert
  115. Jalos11

    WTS Calstar GG 270-8H

    NICE ROD, have the same one and love it
  116. Shogun 8 day trip 6-16-13

    Shogun 8 day trip 6-16-13

  117. shogun 8 day june 16, 2013

    shogun 8 day june 16, 2013

  118. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  119. Jalos11

    Brand New Aluminum Pliers

    what about a pick up order
  120. Jalos11

    Penn-sponsored 8-day aboard Shogun June 16-24

    great start to this 2014 season, steve
  121. Jalos11

    Penn 16s - narrow & topless

    keep me posted then
  122. Jalos11

    Penn 16s - narrow & topless

    id take the tiburon handle if for sale
  123. Jalos11

    vamos a bahia de los Angeles June 1-4

    also I have an 8 day trip in august on the shogun
  124. Jalos11

    vamos a bahia de los Angeles June 1-4

    im by francisquito and orange by the Northgate market
  125. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 day, August 29th roll call

    any one else going on this trip, i have 2 spots on this trip, took an 8 day on the Shogun last June and was an Epic trip, hope we get on the fish again this coming August
  126. Jalos11

    vamos a bahia de los Angeles June 1-4

    glad there is another fisherman in west covina, saludos
  127. Jalos11

    avet raptor LX 6/3

  128. Jalos11

    PENN Bluewater Carnage 700H Rod 30-60lb SOLD

    yeah id take it too if you was closer too
  129. Jalos11

    Assorted hooks

    im next to your city if it falls through
  130. Jalos11

    ALL SOLD and thank you all! SJR

    im liking the 700xh, pm me bottom price rob
  131. Jalos11

    WTB topless frame for a Penn 16S

    ty rich for that brand new topless frame at a great price, will use it this coming summer
  132. Jalos11

    WTB topless frame for a Penn 16S

    If anyone has a topless frame for the penn 16s, id like to get it for this coming season
  133. Jalos11

    Mint Accurate Gold 3/0

    Mint accurate 3/0 brand new never used, never had line put on, never been on a pole, always stored in reel bag looking to sell for $250, in West Covina area, text me 626-641-7141
  134. Mint Gold Accurate 3/0

    Mint Gold Accurate 3/0

  135. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"
  136. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    OK i decided to let it go and am looking to get $250, local pick up would be best I think
  137. Jalos11

    Penn torque 40 w/box

    thats a real nice reel
  138. Jalos11


    muy bonito ver ninos pescando, son los pescadores del futuro
  139. Jalos11

    Surf fishing San Felipe

    I fished off the beach next to El Dorado about 9 kilometers north of town, had little luck using cut squid I took down with me, caught a few small boca dulce (sweet mouth), after taking a ride out to the dock where the tony reyes loads up, off the rocks on cut squid it is every cast a quick...
  140. Jalos11

    Cork deckhand upgrade question

    Gang, I have a couple of rods, both are calstars a 270 and an 870, both have cork butts, im looking to have it replaced with reel seats or possibly with rope instead of cork again, my question is do I need to remove the guides to slide in a reel seat, or is there another way to get this job...
  141. Jalos11

    Halloween Scene Weave

    sweet looking build
  142. Jalos11

    Seeker WHITE......

    sick looking rod, good job
  143. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    I would like to know if anyone is interests in this reel, I need to go fishing with that cash
  144. Jalos11

    New Penn Torque TRQ30LD2 and TRQ40NLD2 questions/reviews?

    I used my new 40/ 2 speed on an 8 day on the shogun, was amazed how well I could cast even though I was using 80 lb spectra and 50 or 60 lb floro, we hit tuna up to 40 lbs I had no issues and knew I could pull on even larger models of tuna
  145. Jalos11

    Penn "2014" 8-Day aboard the Shogun, June 16-24, 2014

    looking to make the same trip with you as I did in 2013, I will be bringing more people with me this time
  146. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Steve I have a few friends who are surprised of all the tuna I brought back from this trip and now they are willing to join me on the Penn june charter of 2014
  147. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Yes Steve, thanx a lot was a great trip with all your loaner equipment and all the great prizes, im sure we all had a great time making new friends and having an epic fishing trip on the Shogun, tnxs to aron, bryan, tyler, Jordan, Charlie and the rest of the crew for an exceptional trip.....
  148. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    welcome aboard Jeff, glad you are taking your son, he will be the future of the fishing community, see u in a few days
  149. Jalos11

    SS Newell Gear sets available !!!

  150. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Steve, actually I have a TRQ40LD2 what are your thoughts to get a big BFT on that, just that spectra, braid is kindda new to me that's why all the question, what would be the proper line configuration on the 40, as far as braid and a top shoot or just a flouro leader at the end of the braid
  151. Jalos11

    Shogun 8 days, June 16, who is going?

    Hey gang any BDers going on this trip?
  152. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Ok Steve tnx, but I do have a new TRQnld2 which I will be taking to the trip, will this reel be adequate for the BFT and what line configuration do you suggest, now I have 80 lb braid and would be using 60 lb floro. shame I wanted to use my 16s buy I will take it as a back-up, as for the 30sw...
  153. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Steve,tnx on the 30sw, but I don't ave a 16vsx, but I do have a 16S, how would you spool it with what line configuration as far as braid, topshot and leader, and what size circle hooks to use for the BFT
  154. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Hey Syeve, theres been talk about upgrading the reels because the size of the BFT, any suggestions, shall I take my 30sw and how would you suggest what I fill it with, tnx and see u in 10 days on the Shogun
  155. Jalos11

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    so my 30sw with 130 lb braid and top shot of 80 lb, will be sufficient?
  156. Jalos11

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    Shogun in 2 weeks
  157. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    guys check this out, awaiting us in just 2 weeks, Hi folks, Were off to a good start thats for sure. We took advantage of the grease calm weather and spent the day offshore looking for Tuna, Yellow tail and what ever other species we could find. By seven AM we had the boat stopped nice...
  158. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Great news steve, man I want one of those hundred pounders, salivating here, see u on june 16 for 8 days of fun
  159. Jalos11

    Spring 8 day trips.

    yeah steve make sure of a detailed report, I will be going after you get back on the Shogun 8 dayer
  160. Jalos11

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    spam sandwiches, snicker bars, jerky, skittles
  161. Jalos11


    Miguel the number is incorrect, im interested in hooks pm with yur number
  162. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    I got 75 yards of 40lb , 75 yards of 50lb, 75 yards of 60lb, 50 yards of 30, would I need more steve?
  163. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    just 1 more month to go, time to get my gear ready and see what i might need
  164. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    just under 2 months to go, cant wait for the trip to get underway, cant wait to try out my new Torque 40 2 speed I got at the FHS, also steve will the boat have a trolling set up or should I take mine?
  165. Jalos11

    Question, Steve:

    yeah steve, I was walking around at the FHS, looking for your booth to check out the 2 speed torques, and after 3 trips around the show I looked at the map and found you at space 1218, and when I there, it was a lady behind a table stamping the BD scavenger hunt sheets. So I finally went to...
  166. Jalos11

    Rockfishing the New Del Mar 3-3-13

    here is a pic of the fish I managed to get on my hook this wonderful day
  167. Jalos11

    Avet Lx 6/3 2 Speed

    We coild have done this weeks ago adrian
  168. Jalos11

    Penn 8-Day aboard Shogun for June 16-24, 2013

    Ill be on that trip, trying to get another buddu to join in, naybe carpool
  169. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    Here is a picture of my tuburon 3/0 on the left and a accurate 4/0 on the right, and it does look like a 3/0
  170. Jalos11

    2 RODS $200

    them are some long rods, GLWS
  171. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    here is another pic of it
  172. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    I think its a 500, been in my reel bag 13 yrs
  173. Jalos11

    Accurate Reel "collectable??"

    I have this accurate rell I won as jckpot on the q105 some 13 years ago, I took it to the tackle store to finally fill it with line to use it, but the guy said that it is a collectable reel and since it is mint and never been used or had line spooled on it to hold on to it as a collectable, is...
  174. Jalos11

    Avet Lx 6/3 2 Speed

    called you the other day, but was driving so could not talk much, im available sat AM ill call u
  175. Jalos11


    interested if available
  176. Jalos11

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    500 505hs-caught a 165 stripped marlin on this reel, still use same drags accurate 500 3 4/0 1 3/0 1 6/0 newell 220 newell 338 newell 440 newell 533 Int 16s Int 30sw
  177. Jalos11

    Penn Fathom 40 for 8 day trip

    Guys im looking at a penn fathom 40 for my upcoming 8 day, line capacity is 600 yards of 65lb spectra or 50 yards of 80lb spectra, and love the 25 lbs of drag. any thoughts on this reel?
  178. Jalos11

    Favorite Sushi places in So. Cal ?

    Gin Sushi on foothill by 605 and the 210 fwys
  179. Jalos11

    80lb Spectra capacity on 16s

    Does anyone know just how much spectra id need to fill my International 16s and just put a 50 yard top shot of floro, 80 lb spectra
  180. Jalos11

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    505hs I got a 165 lbs stripped marlin on 30 lb line out of San Diego on the Aztec, 2 day trip
  181. Jalos11

    PENN Fathom 15

    i should be driving to san diego soon to place a deposit on an 8 day trip, i could pass by to look over the reel 626-641-7141
  182. Jalos11

    Any Salt Water Fishing Clubs In Arizona??

    cool and im on the shogun in june 2013 on an 8 day trip to alijos, cant wait
  183. Jalos11


    paul im interested in the reel and work in norwalk near you
  184. Jalos11

    Rods and Reels for sale!!!

    any reels left? im near by
  185. Jalos11

    Avet Sx/Mc Black

    still available?, pm me
  186. Jalos11

    june 8 day fishing trip

    Looking to go out on the Royal polaris or the Shogun in mid june 2013, not sure what would be caught in that time of the year, I have always gone later in the year about August, can anyone lemme know what type of fish are caught at this time of the season? tnx
  187. Jalos11

    Avet Sx/Mc Black

    lemme know if its still available , could pick up
  188. Jalos11

    daiwa saltist ld20 shimano teramar

    interested lemme know
  189. Jalos11

    Gold Avet Jx MC!

    nice reel, if only it was a little less
  190. Jalos11

    Avet MXJ Single

    interested in it
  191. Jalos11

    Avet SX New

    pm sent
  192. Jalos11

    Bait Tank

    Mike I can do 50 bucks , what do u think?
  193. Jalos11

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    Jeff you just dont get it, all the fishermen that read these postings are seeing you vor what you really are, and not really there to continue a good tradition by giving good honest service to the paying customers , KARMA dictates you will recieve what you sow
  194. Jalos11

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    No jeff not by all only money hungry landing like daveys locker, just so you know Jecf from the The Thunderbird, there are many fisherman that read these posts and they will read how you you are arrogant caling me a cheap ass, and thdy know that there are other landings not just yours, so you...
  195. Jalos11

    Beware Squid Trip-Daveys Locker

    I do have many family and neighbors that do want the squids too, I say share and Id kill as many as I can to save our eco system
  196. Jalos11

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    Yeah on saturday we had the same issue on the Freelance, we got out late 7:30 na dwere done fishing the squids by 10 pm then they anchored up and started cleaning for what seems about 4 hrs, so the twilight almost turned into and overnight trip, I got home at 3am. Not too happy with the Money...
  197. Jalos11

    Beware Squid Trip-Daveys Locker

    Newport Landing (Daveys locker) we called them, made resevations they said we did not need to print the coupons for the discount, when we arrive they will not honor that and made us pay and additional $9 to fish the Freelance on saturday. Then as we filled our bags with squid having a swell time...
  198. Jalos11

    Exploratory Humboldt Squid Fishing!!!

    Just take off all the layers of skin then give em a pounding then BBQ over a flame, yum yum
  199. Jalos11

    Small bait tank,Anchor, Bimini frame

    thats a shame, would have loved that tank, lastima
  200. Jalos11

    Bait tank or bust

    Looking for a bait tank, on my 23 foot Crestline Crusader, looking to put on the swin steep, any suggestions as to which one and still not be too expensive , maybe a 30-40 gallon