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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 300 WINN loaded with braid brand new

    Lee - please check for text at 619 540 0107
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    For Sale SF Bay Area: Calstar GFGR 765XL, Melton KN 80-100, Japanese jigging rod

    Josh, I will take the GFGR-765-XL for $75 as posted - great price! I will send you PM to discuss logistics. Benjamin
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    Hello - I am interested in the PG280 - will you take $180 for it? I live in Los Angeles but...

    Hello - I am interested in the PG280 - will you take $180 for it? I live in Los Angeles but will be visiting San Diego on June 4th. I can send you deposit first via Paypal and pay for the rest in cash. Benjamin
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    Moro Bay in April

    I was on Endeavor yesterday and had a great time. It was a 12 hours trip and Lauren cooked Burrito for breakfast and made us cheeseburger for lunch. Water, soda, and beer were also cold and available via the honor system. Fishing was fantastic as long as everyone uses heavyweight as in 16 oz...
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    For Sale NEW G Loomis SWBR 955C swim bait rod

    Thank you Tom for the amazing rod !
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    SOLD Mak 20 in perfect condition $OLD

    SOLD to Bruce pending fund. Thanks to all for all the kind comments. Benjamin
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    SOLD Mak 20 in perfect condition $OLD

    I have a Mak 20 in perfect condition for sale. As in zero boat-rash. It has been on one boat ride with no fish. Appearance 9.9/10 and Mechanical 10/10. The braid is not included in this sale. All tools and trolling inserts are included.
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    Mak 20 SEa 100# line amount?

    780 of JB 100# for me from Mahi Mahi tackle in Orange County.
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    Off the Market: Pro Gear Oceanus 30 set of 4

    SN - TEST - These must be really early samples!
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    Bosley - if the reel is still available. I will message you to arrange for logistics. Benjamin 310-251-6883
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    Makaira 50-SEa

    Chris, I will take the reel at $500. Please check PM. Benjamin
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    WTT : Calstar 770XH Blank for 770H / 775H Blank

    I have a Calstar 770XH blank looking to trade down to a 770H blank or a 775H blank with cash. Please let me know if you are located in Great Los Angles, OC or SD area. Benjamin
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    Grande or Tribute on Monday 9/18

    Good Morning, A boat that I booked for a 2 days trip on starting Monday 9/18 at 9 pm canceled. The landing called and offered to move me to Grande for a 1.5 day trip. If I am not mistaken, with a 1.5 day trip - I will get only 1 chance to use glowing flatfall on BFT. Grande returns at 6am on...
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    Mustang or Dominator?

    Philip, Thanks for the info. Benjamin
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    Mustang or Dominator?

    I booked the Dominator for 9/18 Monday night. May I ask for more info on the Dominator? Why is it an accident waiting to happen? Is there anything I can bring to mitigate? Thanks ! Benjamin
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    For the record - the Mak 20 took 750 yards of JB 100# Hollow - 85% filled. the Mak 50 took 700 yards of JB 130# Hollow - 80% filled.
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    Thank you! I will bring a bunch of Pro Gear star drags for these 15-50# Benjamin
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    With Mak 50 - and a roll of JB 130# Hollow at 600 yards, what backing should I use, if any? Benjamin
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    James - thank you -- I purchased a roll of JB 100# 600 yards. I will start with the entire roll. If I do ran out, it will be a fight of a life time. Do you know how much 130# JB Hollow would a mak 50 take?
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    Advice on rigging Makaira 15/20/50 for BFT/YT

    I am looking for advice on how to rig my Makaira 15/20/50 for a 2 days trip from SD next week. Then may be a 3/4 Coronado Island trip for YT. I hope to run into triple digits BFT and I am planning on using JB Hollow Core 130# on the Mak 50, JB HC 100# on the Mak 20. and Izorline 65# on the Mak...
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    BNIB - Pro Gear Violator V42 Blue - Limited Edition $180 obo

    Here is a limited edition Pro Gear Violator V42 Blue Reel up for sale. No boat ride, no scratch it is in 10/10 condition, [ not greased ] This is a BNIB reel that has never been taken out of the box yet. The V42 is my favorite Violator configuration - narrow reel with big drags on a machined...
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    Pro Gear Violator - BNIB V55 - Frame / Spools / Clamp - $120 OBO

    I have a BNIB PG V55 Silver Frame / Spool / Clamp for sale as part. If you have a PG V42 / V52 - you can get this frame & spool and share the side plate for a 2nd high capacity setup. The price is $120 Paypal F&F Shipped via USPS with tracking # to anywhere in US / Hawaii.
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    FS mint Seeker inshore pro 709T, Lethal 100 spinning

    Tony, Thank you very much for the mint US 113N. Great Seller. Quick & flawless transaction Benjamin
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    Want to complete pro gear Albacore setI 542?

    Robert, if I am not mistaken - there is still another PG 461 in the Albacore series - Wahoo Special. Benjamin
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    PM Sent. Thank you
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    Calstar / seeker Rods / Penn reel with tiburon frame

    Brian - I will take the GFGR 700M for $120 - assuming it is in reasonable condition. I will send you PM to discuss logistics.
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    Pro gear AS280 albacore special reel

    Raymond - thank you for the 2 Pro Gear reels. They are in mint condition and I am want to thank you for your integrity on holding on to the reel for me. You amazed me with the number of mint condition ProGear reels in their original boxes. Their conditions are 9.5/10 if not 10/10. I would...
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    Pro gear AS280 albacore special reel

    Yes !! Thank you Raymond !
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    Pro gear AS280 albacore special reel

    I will take it . $200 cash. Just sent you a PM to discuss logistics.
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    Andros 12SNii a

    OK - back to cranking while watching TV. Thanks !
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    Andros 12SNii a

    Thanks WahooDad - I will add some toothtaste and keep cranking while watching TV - or just get out there to fish as soon as weather clearup. Benjamin
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    Andros 12SNii a

    I have a similar experience with my mail ordered 12NSiia - this is my 2nd Andros and I have 2 other Maks. I also tried out another 12NSiia at a local tackle shop. I ask the owner on why the crank was not smooth like other Andros. He brushed me off with the comments that 'they' are all like...
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    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    Gerry, Sent you a PM with my contact info. Benjamin
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    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    Gerry, I will take the 'G Loomis IMX MBR 844 7' H 12-20 near new > $130' if it is still available. Benjamin
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    WTS/WTT Set of 3 Newells! PRICE DROP will split

    Blake - sending PM to you on the P322-F
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    Robert - Thanks for the pictures for the P220 / P332 in pm. I am committing to buying the P220-F with Tib for $160. Will text you for payment details. Releasing the P322-F to the next lucky person
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    Robert - I want to take the P322-F. Just sent to Text Message to negotiate details.
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    Newell/Penn tiburon kit

    Freddy - sending you PM now
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    FS: Seeker Black Steel 9ft 6490 20-40lb

    if rod has not been sold to Sulla - I will take it at $150
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    Pro Gear Wahoo Special and Yellowtail Special

    my contact information sent in PM
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    Pro Gear Wahoo Special and Yellowtail Special

    Blaine, I will take the Pro Gear 454 at $135 including shipping. Thanks ! Benjamin
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    Okuma andros A-5IIa

    Cornbeef, I am interested but I would like to understand more about the 3 years warranty that comes with the reel. Has this reel been registered ? Do you have the original receipt for the reel ?