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  1. normandi

    So, I went fishing...

    It was a great pleasure meeting and fishing with you Steve. I’ve done Rocky’s opener trip for several years and the crew never disappoints. Awesome fisherman as well, thanks to Rocky for all the goodies.
  2. normandi

    Catalina 5-9-19

    nice report perfect example of why this forum was created.
  3. normandi

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Thanks Michael for the numbers we had a blast I was the fist boat there we managed to land 8 dodaro and had several casualties due to light line. Thanks for sharing the numbers you salvaged our day I owe you some beers.
  4. normandi

    For Sale 400H

    selling more gear Sam?
  5. normandi

    Not a nibble but a whale of a show

    let me know Mike I'm ready.
  6. normandi

    Not a nibble but a whale of a show

    Next time Mike, you have lots of time now with retirement.
  7. normandi

    WTS Accurate Dauntless 500n

    Hi Greg did you sell this reel.
  8. normandi

    Squid for tuna

    got a 75 LB. Bluefin tuna a few year's back flylining live squid.
  9. normandi

    Fs: 1986 cabo 216

    Nice boat, good luck with sale.
  10. normandi

    Ray marine transducer help

    On the display menu options you have to select the DSM and transducer Model. For the Temp you have to select the temp window to show on display I think you can only have three choices . take a look at my display screen. I can not recall how I selected the Temp window, but I believe its the...
  11. normandi

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    very nice, I got to get out and hunt for Wahoo. thanks for the report.
  12. normandi

    Catalina Yellowtail 9/14/15

    About 100' to 110' we set up On marks. All on Sardines. A couple of sport boats showed up after I was setup the Pursuit was one of them, that should give you the general area. Also the Farmswoth is worth looking at. I was fishing the same area last week and got a few yellowtail pushing 35lb.
  13. normandi

    Catalina Yellowtail 9/14/15

    on the water at 0500 got bait from Long Beach bait mixed Sardine and Mackerel. With Rich and George on board we put the heading to the West End of Catalina kind of bumpy on the way, once we got close to the island it got flat calm fished the west end for 5 Yellowtail and 2 Calicoes. On the way...
  14. normandi

    Can't go wrong at Catalina

    Good job fellas thanks for the report.
  15. normandi

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    very nice congratulations.
  16. normandi

    14 mile, 277, and QUALITY Catalina Island YT

    Mike did I show the deck on my Cabo here is a photo.
  17. normandi

    14 mile, 277, and QUALITY Catalina Island YT

    We had Sardines for bait, in about 100' of water on 30lb. Fluorocarbon line. Anybody know how to edit title.
  18. normandi

    14 mile, 277, and QUALITY Catalina Island YT

    Went out with my buddy Jim and decided to start the day at the 14 mile bank and 277 found lots of empty paddy's after 20 empty paddy's we decited to hit Catalina Island Backside for 10 quality Yellowtail a few pushing 35lb.
  19. normandi

    Rod to match an accurate bx2 600

    I have mine on a Calstar GFGR 700XH.
  20. normandi

    Horseshoe yellows 8/31/15

    just a name that was given to me by my fishing buddy's.
  21. normandi

    Horseshoe yellows 8/31/15

    At The 105 For the Sheepshead while anchorded I decided to drop down on a dropper loop with a strip of sardine.
  22. normandi

    Horseshoe yellows 8/31/15

    Whent out of Long Beach strait to the Horseshoe lots of marks on the meter we hook some bonito made a move to deeper water hooked a couple of yellows ended up at the 105 for two more yellows done at 100pm. 4 Yellowtail 1 sheepshead 4 Bonito. All fish while we were anchored.
  23. normandi

    8/27/15 wahoo @ the 181-182 ridge

    I'm not going to live another 100 years so let's go get them boys.
  24. normandi

    Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    Get some new line I had the same issue, also tie the Tony Pena knot.
  25. normandi

    Wahoo reportedly caught north of Santa Barbara island

    Congrats nice Wahoo.
  26. normandi

    8/27/15 wahoo @ the 181-182 ridge

    Went out yesterday with a couple of buddy's we got a few dorado bait was bad with mostly mackarel, Spotted a wahoo on a kelp and tried to bait it after a few minutes of trying one the guys jumped in the water with a spear gun and shot it after a short fight with the hoo the hoo got away. Just...
  27. normandi

    Here come the Skipjack tuna

    The Malihini reported 230 Yellowfin tuna did they mean 230 mixed tuna including skipjack.
  28. normandi

    WTS Accurate BX2 500 used 1 time 360.00

    is this still for sale?.
  29. normandi


    Nick is the Man, great customer service. He makes the trip more enjoyable. I'm booking my long range trips on the RRIII also.
  30. normandi

    Making every second count today. LBC

    nice report, nice photos and good times fishing with the Family.
  31. normandi

    craigslist, 38 Gal. blue water fiberglass bait tank

    Not mine, but maybe a BD brother can use it.
  32. normandi

    Fuel tank replacement on my 26 cuddy

    I have the same project removed all the foam and still not sure how to secure the new tank. I'm waiting for new tank from berry's sheet metal in Santa Ana. It looks like I'm going to have about an inch of clearance on the sides and bottom after securing the tank to the stringers not sure if I...
  33. normandi

    WTB leaning Post

    got one thanks BD.
  34. normandi

    WTB leaning Post

    WTB leaning post who has one
  35. normandi

    WTB : popper

    contact member LEGENDS.
  36. normandi

    WFO tuna Dana 7/22

    well done Eric you are a fish killing machine.
  37. normandi

    Sushi Rice Advice?

    When I dont feel like making rice I just go to the Korean market and buy the cooked rice it works great and it's quick.
  38. normandi

    Sauerfish Charters Local Success

    nice going Eric some happy anglers on the Sauerfish.
  39. normandi

    Cabo 216

    this boat would have been sold already in southern Cal.
  40. normandi

    Accurate BX 400 2 Speed

    nice reel thinking of getting another one.
  41. normandi

    Fishing with Sea Anchor

    Thanks for all the good information on the sea anchor
  42. normandi

    Offshore BFT

    Nice, thanks for the report.
  43. normandi

    Fishing with Sea Anchor

    anyone ever fished with a sea anchor out, what are advantages and disadvantages Thanks.
  44. normandi

    Cabo 216 Long Shot

    Can't beat the price with all the extras, someone is going to score.
  45. normandi

    Raymarine C80 Components

    What a great deal
  46. normandi

    WTB CABO CUDDYCON 206 or 216

    what's your price range ? are you looking for a project ?.
  47. normandi

    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    I'm sure you are going to have plenty of room and limits of fun but on my trip last I would have agree with Sam the food not so great.
  48. normandi

    Found the correct tool

    Ok Sam, now that you got it down I'm buying my GT Popper Fishing Rod so I can try out your poppers.
  49. normandi

    WTB Accurate BX2-500 DAWG or Dauntless -500

    Got one Thanks rdrblck66 for the bad ass reel.
  50. normandi

    ***ACCURATE BX2-600NN****

    Nice reel, good price if I didn't have one already I would be all over this one.
  51. normandi

    WTB Accurate BX2-500 DAWG or Dauntless -500

    WTB Accurate BX2-500 DAWG or Dauntless -500 Thanks
  52. normandi

    Which Boat Insurance do you use..?

    Boats us, I had a leak on oil pan put in a claim and boat us paid for the removal and installation of engine. I paid for the oil pan. Very satisfied customer I have been with boat us for 6 years now.
  53. normandi


    I went fishing a couple of weeks ago and Nacho from long beach bait said it was in the shipyard getting some work done for the upcoming season.
  54. normandi

    WTS Raymarine smartpilot x5R "sold"

    Yeah, I used it but decided to go hydraulic due to clearance from my seat to the steering wheel with the sportpilot. Also I sent it to Raymarine for belt replacement and it came like a new unit, have not installed since service.
  55. normandi

    WTS Raymarine smartpilot x5R "sold"

    I had hydraulic steering on boat, so I converted the system to hydraulic autopilot. Usually the sportpilot units are for cable steering boats. Hope it makes sense.
  56. normandi

    WTS Raymarine smartpilot x5R "sold"

    Yeah, I understand but I think you shop around and find the rest of the items for lower than 1,200.00 make an offer I'm flexible on the price.
  57. normandi

    WTS Raymarine smartpilot x5R "sold"

    I'm selling a Raymarine smartpilot x5R Sold
  58. normandi

    Rods n reels fs

    Thanks for the HX Raptor Sam
  59. normandi

    $120 Avet SX Silver w/ 50lb izzor

    I'll take it if still avaible I can pick up today I live in La mirada
  60. normandi

    WTB oval offshore 48gal. Bait tank or similar

    Thank you just got one from a bloody decks member live2fish thanks for a good deal Erik
  61. normandi

    WTB oval offshore 48gal. Bait tank or similar

    WTB oval offshore 48gal. Bait tank or similar thanks.
  62. normandi

    PB: C-Bass

    Tony did you make squid at night, nice fish congrats.
  63. normandi

    PUNTA BANDA Baja California Mexico

    Good to see jay fishing as always
  64. normandi

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I'm very happy with my CABO 21.6 I have done lots of upgrades on it and its ready for the season. looking forward for the wedsite.
  65. normandi

    187 Fish assassination!!!

    Looks like a great day on the water on the 187 FISH nice work.
  66. normandi

    For sale open water tackle bag

    No plans for now to San Diego Rob
  67. normandi


    Looking forward on fishing on the Triton on Father's Day weekend with a bunch of good friends make it happen Ryan
  68. normandi

    For sale open water tackle bag

    For sale open water tackle bag 1 year old $45.00 obo
  69. normandi

    FS Garmin GPSMap 180

    Sold, thanks David
  70. normandi

    FS Garmin GPSMap 180

    Sale pending
  71. normandi

    FS fiberglass Antenna extension

    For sale fiberglass Antenna extension $20.00
  72. normandi

    FS or trade Jabsco porta-quick oil changer(SOLD)

    I have a Jabsco porta-quick oil changer for sale $70.00 or trade for an anchor with chain and rope for 22' boat thanks
  73. normandi

    FS or trade Raymarine digital radar cable

    I have a Raymarine digital radar cable for sale $60.00 or trade for an anchor chain and rope for 22' boat:
  74. normandi

    FS standard VHF marine radio

    I have a standard VHF marine radio for sale $20.00
  75. normandi

    FS Garmin GPSMap 180

    I have a Garmin GPSmap with antenna for sale for $120.00
  76. normandi

    not mine, t-top for sale on craigslist for cabo 21.6

    craigslist has a t-top for sale for a 21.6 cabo here is link o
  77. normandi

    WTB Accurate 500 or 870 size reel

    tip up has one for sale
  78. normandi

    Looking for an old Garmin GPS antenna

    No model number on antenna but I replaced my Garmin gpsmap 180 and this is the antenna that goes with unit.
  79. normandi

    1987 Cabo 216 For Sale

    Good deal for a good boat
  80. normandi

    Looking for an old Garmin GPS antenna

    Is this what your looking for
  81. normandi

    WTB a set of outriggers for T-top

    I'm looking for a set of used outriggers for my t-top
  82. normandi

    for sale seeker rod

    I have a brand new still in the wrapper Seeker BSC 6485- 8 1/2' for sale $150.00 714-878-0457 cesar
  83. normandi

    Want to buy: Cabo 216, 226, or Similar

    Found this on craigslist sounds like a good deal
  84. normandi

    Electronics box from Stryker t-tops

    SOLD I have an electronics box from Stryker t-tops on an unopened package brand new it retails for 329.00 on Stryker contact Cesar 714-878-0457 make an offer.
  85. normandi

    1999 18' parker

    Nice sled James
  86. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    Sold Thanks Matt pleasure dealing with you enjoy.
  87. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    I have been in places were only the big boats hang out on this boat, parting out with boat is hard, James let's take this baby offshore if I still have it next week fishing has been good.
  88. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    About 1,700 hours
  89. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    Reduced 25,000 OBO
  90. normandi

    1984 Blackman Billfisher w/ Volvo Turbo Diesel - $29,900 - Price Reduction!

    Nice rig somebody buy my skippy so I can buy this Blackman
  91. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    Yea its bad, insurance don't want to pay for it. is that picture on the skippy.
  92. normandi

    1988 25' skipjack flybridge

    Sold! Reduced! For sale 1988 25' skipjack flybridge for 25,000 OBO. All raymarine electronics raymarine E120W, DSM 300 with B-60 1000w transducer, HD 18" Raydome with bird mode and Raymarine smartpilot. 1000w power inverter. Dingy with 5hp motor. Lenmar windlass. Turn key 260HP Volvo Penta...
  93. normandi

    Benmar 21R autopilot

    Reduced bump
  94. normandi

    Benmar 21R autopilot

    all I know is that it works with cable steering, it hook up on back of steering wheel.
  95. normandi

    Benmar 21R autopilot

    "SOLD" for sale Benmar 21R autopilot in working condition reduced $150.00 obo call Cesar 714-878-0457 came out of 25' 1988 Skipjack Flybridge
  96. normandi

    Where are the bonito?

    limits of bonito Friday on the sea horse at SCI Pyramid head and by the white rock. lots of Yellowtail in area also.
  97. normandi


    PM sent
  98. normandi

    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    wow she looks very happy, thanks for adopting her, glad she is with a great family. Still hoping to find a good home for her sister Angel.
  99. normandi

    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    yes, I still have them, but taking them to a lab rescue program within a week
  100. normandi

    install offshore 45 bait tank on skipjack 25 F/B

    Thanks David, do I bolt the bait tank to the 2x4 after or how do you support the bait tank.
  101. normandi

    install offshore 45 bait tank on skipjack 25 F/B

    getting ready to install a offshore 45 gal. bait tank on my 25 skipjack F/B, what kind of hardware do I need to mount tank on the deck and were should I drill drain hole, anyone with this set up would like to see some pics thanks.
  102. normandi

    AquaWorld 38 Gallon Ultra Bait Tank

    It's a cutting board style cover
  103. normandi

    AquaWorld 38 Gallon Ultra Bait Tank

    "SOLD" I have a Aqua World 38 Gallon Ultra Tank for sale "used" this is one of the best bait tanks, it keeps the bait alive for a long time. Asking $120.00 Dimensions are 27 x 16 x 28 3/4
  104. normandi

    Newport seabass

    nice going Ryan it does not get better than that.
  105. normandi

    Offshore 45 Gallon Bait tank...

    Rob, do you still have this bait tank I'm me 714-878-0457
  106. normandi

    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    Free Female yellow labs about 1 year and 7 months old, I can't take care of them don't have the time to spend with them. need a good home. they have license for LA county animal control. 714-878-0457 cesar
  107. normandi

    found this ad on craigslist outriggers 17"

    check this ad out pretty good deal. 17' outriggers 17' outriggers
  108. normandi

    benmar 21R autopilot

    I was testing my benmar 21R autopilot it worked great, but when I was trying to get a radio check with my MR-75 cobra marine radio the autopilot turned hard to the left has anyone had this problem and if so how did you repair it. thanks for all your help.
  109. normandi

    bait tank

    some dimentions please.
  110. normandi

    repair treads to lower unit for dip stick

    Thank's everyone for your help, took the cover off and went to a local machine shop and put in a helicoiled on it it looks good, hope this works.
  111. normandi

    repair treads to lower unit for dip stick

    I was changing the oil to the lower unit a Volvo Penta DP, but when I was ready to tighten down the dip stick on the top it just kept on spinning with out tightening then I unscrew it and the tread to the lower unit broke off, what are my options any help is appreciated, thanks.
  112. normandi

    Used Furuno high speed Tru-hull transducer 600W

    Free used furuno high speed tru-hull transducer Working condition with speed and temp.
  113. normandi

    E120 Raymarine display

    a buddy of mine is selling a E120 Raymarine in good condition for $1850.00 and a 4kw 18" digital radar dome for $1000.00 if anyone is interested in this unit give him a call (Frank) 714-964-7777 or E-mail him at [email protected] Thanks.
  114. normandi

    Raymarine c80 SunCover

    go to ebay, and seach raymarine Screen Protector Raymarine C70 C80 E80 C-120 E-120 A60 - eBay (item 380218179807 end time Mar-28-10 15:09:06 PDT)
  115. normandi

    installing a B-164 transducer

    Thanks for all your help, it's time to drill 3 3/4 hole on my boat.
  116. normandi

    Want to switch to electronic distributor

    back when I used to have a gas engine, I did the same and I got it at boat us store in huntington beach paid about 75.00 for it. It makes life easier.
  117. normandi

    installing a B-164 transducer

    its on a trailer
  118. normandi

    Looking for a Furuno / Airmar 10 Pin Transducer Plugin

    did you find the cable, I just pulled my furuno higspeed tranducer and it is a 10 pin cable send me a pm if you need it.
  119. normandi

    installing a B-164 transducer

    I have a 25' skipjack I am going to install a airmar B164 transducer, my question is do I need to install the 2 rubber gaskets in betwen the transducer and the fiberglass or are those rubber gaskets for a differnt type of hull. does anyone know the angle of the 25' skipjack 1988.Also is the keel...
  120. normandi

    good day of fishing (and good eating)

    the bass is the best for caldo. nice job
  121. normandi

    Limits of White Seabass today...

    nice, can't wait to get out.
  122. normandi

    used Standard Horizon CPF180I 5 WAAS GPS Chart Plotter Combo(Integrated Fish Finder)

    Used Standard Horizon CPF180I Full Color WAAS GPS Chart Plotter Combo(Integrated Fish Finder) with chip, and antenna $250.00 obo.
  123. normandi

    used raytheron R-20 radar with 24"dome

    "SOLD" for sale used raytheron R-20 radar with 24"dome in fair condition, radar was working when pulled out, a little snow on screen but it worked good. $100.00 obo.
  124. normandi

    Furuno 582 fishfinder and Furuno 525STID-MSD Fishfinder Transducer B744V-10F

    'SOLD" Used Furuno FVC-585 fishfinder 2 year's old with used high speed transducerFuruno 525STID-MSD Fishfinder Transducer B744V-10F . $750.00 obo.
  125. normandi

    offshore 40 gal. baittank

    I would like to take a look at it, can you PM me with pictures thanks.
  126. normandi

    furuno-585/raymarine c140w

    Thank you for the advice mike, I was thinking of doing just that. I would hate to mess with the high speed faring block. I just need to upgrade radar.
  127. normandi

    furuno-585/raymarine c140w

    I have a furuno-585 fishfinder with a high speed faring block and 525 st bronze thru-hull transducer thinking of buying a raymarine C140W is the transducer compatable or do I have to replace everything with a new faring block and tranducer any information is greatly appreciated thanks.
  128. normandi

    offshore 40 gal. baittank

    I want to buy a 40gal. offshore bait tank for my 25' skipjack.
  129. normandi

    limits of cbass for 49

    I was on the same trip, you guys killed them , had a great time, it was Epic C-bass fishing for sure. Kudos to Capt. mike and crew for putting us on the spot.
  130. normandi

    209 quick day

    I 'm a newbe, and I have a question, What launch ramp is shortest distance to the butterfly I live in los angeles area thanks.