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  1. tylerderdan

    Graftech - 8' inshore rod

    Killer in shore bass stick. Cork handle, one of the ceramic eyes was broken and fixed. Rated at 15-25lb. Has scratches, but kills fish. $50 obo Please just call or text if interested, I am always away from the computer. If interested call Scott Located in Glendora 626-251-0174
  2. tylerderdan

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    Just curious to find out who is going again this year? I really enjoyed the seminars and am looking forward to that again this year. What I really liked was the fun atmosphere there. Bob Hoose was fun hosting the Q & A and I even took some time to chat with me between seminars, very cool of...
  3. tylerderdan

    Marlin mount 102" long

    For sale is my real skin striped marlin mount. 102" long For pick only. Asking $180 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Pictures do not do it any justice, from cell phone.
  4. tylerderdan

    Pelagic Jacket, blue XL

    For sale is my Pelagic Jacket Size XL in Blue. $60 Call Scott 626-251-0174 Text for pics
  5. tylerderdan

    California 30-80lb rod

    For sale is Californian 30-80 round. This round was on the boat twice and never used. It is in near perfect condition. Color is blue and black. I can email picks Call Scott 626-251-0174 $50
  6. tylerderdan

    Raffle to benefit Recondoc242

    As most of you well know Recondoc242 "Carlos" and his family lost their home to a tornado not long ago. Here is the link for a raffle that all proceeds go directly to helping them put their lives back together. There are some great things...
  7. tylerderdan

    Kaenon Glasses

    For the past few years I have fished these glasses and own multiple pairs. One of pairs was having some trouble with the lenses and was getting really bad. After a quick call to Kaenon I got warranty number and sent them in. Yesterday I got them back with the new lenses free of charge. Great...
  8. tylerderdan

    Scotty electric downrigger w/ swivel base

    For sale is a used in good condition Scotty 1101 electric dowrigger with swivel base. $200 Call Scott 626-251-0174
  9. tylerderdan

    Second Happiest day of a boat owners life

    Well boys and girls today my boat sold and went rolling out the driveway for last time. Knowing this was coming I took the family out of Dana Point on Saturday for one last trip. On Saturday the kids all got to catch some bonita and had a fun day on the water. Difficult times force some...
  10. tylerderdan

    Reliable Kill bag & Chum grinder

    Reliable kill bag 60 x 24, only used on a three trips, great condition $180 Weston gear chum grinder, mounted on board with rod holder mount, used twice. $80 These need to go, call Scott 626-251-0174 Kill bag Sold!!
  11. tylerderdan

    Rods for sale

    Californian 6 ft. 30-80lb used once. $50 Californian 7 ft. 25-50 used one season $40 Call Scott 626-251-0174
  12. tylerderdan

    Huge props to Jorge at Melton International

    Yesterday late afternoon, I called Jorge (Notorious SUA) about a getting a couple more Trinidad's to add to the collection. After having been on vacation for a week, I have been lagging in getting some of my marlin gear set up this year, and I needed these reels quick. Just as if I had known him...
  13. tylerderdan

    Dana point Bait dock, calling Joe

    If anyone has Joe from the Dana point bait barge cell number shoot me a PM. Or we can do it vice versa. I know Joe is a member also, I just can't remember his name on the board. He asked me for some help with something, and I don't have the number. If it's the wrong forum :finger:
  14. tylerderdan

    New 215cc Triumph

    Well Last week on Monday I decided to drive down to AA marine in Vista and work out a deal with Bill for my new Triumph. This is something that had to be the right deal, with all right electronics and accessories worked in. Oh and did I mention I needed the boat on Thursday afternoon so I could...
  15. tylerderdan

    Diamond Jim & Betty 5/11/07

    I have kept in touch with Jim after meeting him through the BD talking about shark fishing. I first actually met him two years ago at the pre-fred hall dock party in Long Beach. Jim always told when whenever I was down in Dana point and had time to stop by and say hello. Well fishing the...
  16. tylerderdan

    PCS seminar - Clemente/Catalina

    For those of you who missed the seminar, it was very good. Joe Bairian from Bongos spoke as well as Jimmy Decker and Dave Hansen and all did a great job and provided some great insight to fishing the islands. Barry Brightenburg, owner of fishtrap lures really did a good job bringing things full...
  17. tylerderdan

    Diamond Jim update 4/21/07

    I was getting ready to head down and see DJ in the hospital, and called ahead to find his room number. Well Jim went home yesterday and is doing great and is in much less pain. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, and he sounds great, aside from the phone not working so good...
  18. tylerderdan

    BD sighting-Cuda

    Saw Ron yesterday while he wass having lunch.
  19. tylerderdan

    Hey Corb

    Can you explain why you were caught leaving SUA's place dressed like this in the wee hours of the morning?
  20. tylerderdan

    Dana Point thresher tourney

    Here ya go guys. I am not affiliated, but am going to fish the tourney. Should be fun. Dana Point Thresher One Tournament The winner-take-all, catch-and-release tournament is scheduled for May 12th at ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com6:00...
  21. tylerderdan

    Kidney stone surgery tomorrow

    In case any you are not sure, Kidney stones fucking suck! After going to the doctor and dealing with the pain for a week and a half, they are going to take out one for sure tomorrow and hopefully get the other one as well. I am ready to just be done with it all. I go into the Kidney stone center...
  22. tylerderdan

    Kidney Stones, need some suggestions

    Was planning on fishing today until early yesterday afternoon I started to have some pain. I can handle pain, I have broken 17 bones and dislocated my shoulders and even my hip, but I wasn't prepared for this. The pain started down by my right nut and went up through my stomach. Withn 30 min. it...
  23. tylerderdan

    Sharkin 7/9

    Met hannapah (Bill) down at Dana Point and launched around 9:00 a.m. I also had my brother in law with me. Headed out and set up for a kick back day. Shortly into the drift I'm on with a Mako, after a short battle the meat part of the day done with a 100 lb fish and everything else is catch and...
  24. tylerderdan

    It's a Girl, I'm a proud papa once again!

    This is coming a week late since the PC at the house is down right now and today is my first day back in the office. My Daughter Paige was borne on 6/5/06 at 10:12 p.m. She weighed 7lbs and 1 oz. Mama and baby are both doing great! I forgot the pics at home, but will eventually get some into my...
  25. tylerderdan

    Thank God for Good BD members!

    I met Royalwithcheese ( jay) down at long beach on Thursday at about 10:00 p.m. to head over to Catalina for some WSB action. After getting all loaded up and under way we were cruising towards the mouth of the harbor. I was organizing some things in the cuddy and Jay was driving, when out of no...
  26. tylerderdan

    4/2 Launched DP late

    Hit the water around 8:30 a.m., the bed was way too comfy. Grabbed some finn bait and frozen squid and headed out. Ran up to Laguna for a few 2-4 lb. calico's and turd roller's. Next stop Salt creek, much of the same. We made our down to the domes and found a new spot with some real good...
  27. tylerderdan

    Great customer service

    I stopped by Miller's landing today to pick a CD player some speakers, new compass and a couple misc. things for boat. I was sporting the BD hat talking with Mike (getagaff) when he informed me of the BD discount. Mike answered all my questions and gave me some great advise for the boat and my...
  28. tylerderdan

    Valentine's Day Surprize

    Last night I went home with 2 dozen roses to surprize my wife who is expecting our third child. She really wasn't all that excited, so I am thinking like WTF, but pretty much think she's just weird because of the whole pregnancy thing. So this morning I get up, and no mention of Valentine's...
  29. tylerderdan

    BD sighting irvine lake 1/7/06

    The original plan was to fish Sunday, but that changed. I was taking my four year old to one of about 30 runs to the porta-crapper, when I spotted a chevy extra cab leaving with a red and a white BD sticker on the back window. If this was you, you were spotted looking shaddy at Irvine lake, LOL...
  30. tylerderdan

    Corona Lake 1/1/2006

    Well we got to lake about 6:30 rented a pontoon and tried a couple of spots with not much luck. Finally about 10:00 I was fed up with that crap and guided us to a spot that started producing some nice trout. Mind you, I am not a trout fisherman by any means, but given the chance to fish or sit...