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  1. gerk

    WTB Affordable 12ga for trap/birds

    Check your phone for msg.
  2. gerk

    WTB Affordable 12ga for trap/birds

    I have an American Arms O/U engraved -use to trap shoot occasionally, (a few times a year) message me ur Cell,and I'll send you some pic's - it's in great condition and locks up nice and tight - no rust... I'd take $700 for it. Steve
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    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    The 6.5 is a great round - I have a friend who shot 2 elk last year with it with his shots at about 200yds - 250 dropped em dead 1 shot each.... Just sayin, Steve - aka the GERK~!
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    looks like it has filled back up.... How far down from full is the lake?
  5. gerk

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    Done. She would be an excellent addition to this commission. Good Luck Wendy
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    How old is this lure?

    Fuck these want-to - be's - just fish it....!!! Make sure you use 400lb wire on it..... The GERK - aka steve
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    Transducer removal

    AS noted above - it's time to upgrade and get with the new technology!
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    WTB Browing A5 or Maxus Magnum

    Keep the SBEII it doesn't get much better unless you go for the Super Vinci--- The GERK!
  9. gerk

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Nice work Jason - We got 1 hen cinnamon, and almost limits of Green Wings... up @ our Club by the Kern.... The teal were thick....! Steve (aka the GERK)
  10. gerk

    High Country and Klamath Adventure

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::devil:Great job Greg! As long as there are birds kicking the thick cover is the way to go.....
  11. gerk

    Quality Birds in the High Country

    :devil:Nice work Greg - Is that your dog? Steve
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    Hi: Anyone fish Piru lately? Used to be pretty good this time of year for trout.... Thanks for any info.... The GERK
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    Help needed at the WSB Growout in Redondo...

    JImmy - Any news on when the new batch will be scheduled? Talked to John W., recently and the details are still pending - Keep me in the loop Please. Steve
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    Looking for Lab Puppies

    :Death_To_Above::rockin:Raney Ranch Retrievers !!! San Diego near Lake Henshaw... Great people - awesome dogs.... The dog in my avatar is from them...
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    Tackle shop bitch...

    :jig:Get over it - !!!! It's not gonna change.... The GERK!
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    New Accurate BX-2 400N -->Blue <-- Custom Color

    Bump --- How's $450.00 for this ----
  17. gerk

    Bakerfield - Awesome opener

    Went back again yesterday afternoon - shot limits again - This time it was a bit tougher, but the ROBO really pulls them in. If you have your doubts - Believe me they're worth the investment! The GERK!!!! :jig: BD salute to ya'all --- :finger:
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    Bakerfield - Awesome opener

    Naw - We only fly fish up north occasionally - He's too busy most of the time!
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    Absolutely - WE NEVER repeat NEVER leave a spot with anything more than Foot prints, Tire Tracks, and maybe a few bird feathers... The GERK! :jig:
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    Bakerfield - Awesome opener

    Went to our regular spot for the opener - Pretty much Wide Open for the first hour, then shut off! We brought our own crowd - and a first timer - none other than this local comedian and sometimes Captain David Hansen!!!:goldfish: Yep we got him off the boat for a day. He had a great time and...
  21. gerk

    Yummee trolling speed

    Melton's rigging sucks - they make the treble too long off the back of the Yummie - sometimes it gets wrapped on the main hook! If you stiffen the treble w/tape or ??? it up, it will solve the issue. :jig: The GERK
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    Insane BFT Tuna Fishing Today

    I think Evan needs another kill bag with these Big pigs swimming aound...Once again Congrats on the EPIC day...
  23. gerk

    Insane BFT Tuna Fishing Today

    Evan is definitely an up and coming 'Fresh ' skipper He works hard at the profession.... Now - how many people were on the boat? Limit style Bluefin fishing is awesome.... Remember the limit is '2" per person.... Congrats on a EPIC day on the water.... The GERK -:jig:
  24. gerk

    Pacific Queen Trip Report - Pair of 200 lb. Bluefin from 6/2 Overnighter - Joe Sarmiento Article

    Little Ed was a fishing machine - spent many a day with him on the Queen... he was always barefoot knee deep in albacore blood hookin and handing off to the less fortunate customers. He was always full speed ahead -- His tragic end was unfortunate and broke Big Ed's heart....
  25. gerk

    Jinkai #130 Mono Leader Connection to Braid and Lure - Tie or Crimp

    I would use either the John Collins/RP knot or a reverse/modified Albright about 6-8 turns should do it....:jig: NOw wait for it - Here comes the arm chair experts.........:ashamed:
  26. gerk

    Moon custom rods

    Definitely call him direct - He has a pretty good selection of rods onhand already built and blanks ready to wrap.....
  27. gerk

    Follow-up on WSB Release

    Thanks for the info Jim. It sure seemed like more:profile: than 2k, but each was counted. Here's a few pic's of the day...:beerbang:
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    WSB Sampling

    Thanks for the update. John W. said they were large this cycle.
  29. gerk

    WSB Sampling

    Thanks for the update. John W. said they were large this cycle.
  30. gerk

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Phenix makes a pretty good rod, but overpriced! Look at the United Composites. Competitively priced and made locally (Orange Co.). They are putting out a large variety of rods from trout to Cow Tuna:jig:....
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    I got a new pup from Raney Ranch Retrievers in North San Diego Co. Check them out - Don't know when their next liter will be avail, but Steve and his wife run a "TOp Notch operation"...
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    WSB Heads

    Thanks Jim - I'll post it up !!!
  33. gerk

    Fred Hall Show--entry discount coupons?

    Discount tickets don't exist for this show...
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    WSB Heads

    Thanks Jimmy - The information that hubs has gotten from the heads which had tags in them, has really helped them develop growth patterns and some info on movements. They really need much more data to develop comprehensive patterns and the heads do help. Do you know who, how or where drop-off...
  35. gerk

    WTB Female Lab

    Thanks - went out to their facility last week and put a deposit down on a fresh liter they just whelped. Steve and his wife are very much involved in their program and produce some great dogs. Thanks for the tip... Steve - aka the GERK!
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    Chinese spectra.......... NO BUENO

    --- Smells like Toro Tamer with a different label ---- Just sayin --- Buyer Beware !!! :doh: The GERK :hali_ruahahaha:
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    Chinese spectra.......... NO BUENO

    :zelfmoordSmells like Toro Tamer with a different label..... hummm just sayin.... Buyer beware!!! The GERK! :hali_ruahahaha:
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    WTB Female Lab

    Bump ---- Still looking!
  39. gerk

    Osborne 7/31/15

    Hey Jeff - is that you? From Boaters World?
  40. gerk

    Osborne 7/31/15

    It's unfortunate, but we have known the guy for years. He doesn't run his own boats and the guys he has aren't very good! Crap -- they SUCK! It is the worst bait operation In So. Cal.
  41. gerk

    Osborne 7/31/15

    Ok - we had a plan, was told by "Larry" of Inseine bait that there would be bait @ 5:30am. We were there, there was NO Fruciking bait. so we went outside and made bait. While were jigging maks, etc. The Indian (Larry's Boat) comes out and starts having their customers jig for bait for a 3/4...
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    WTB Female Lab

    Hey guys; My mourning period is over and I'm looking for a new companion for the field/ponds. Looking for a FEMALE chocolate or honey lab. Don't need a show dog, just one which has some hunting parents who have passed on the good genes, and desire to get out there.... Please message me with...
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    Bluefin Tuna limit is now 2.

    The Sky is falling ---> The sky is falling -- DFW is reviewing "proposed" change. There hasn't been "ANY" public discussion yet, or requests for input. Stand by...
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    Is Salas out of business?

    Baja Fish Gear has a pretty good supply- got stocked up last week... :jig:
  45. gerk

    Soild Braid preferences?

    Have done it that way and have discussed this with ole Jerry Himself..... and this is not the 100% answer. Most of our "Long Range' Customers who research the crap of of this demand electrical tape on the Arbor. Suit yourself I work in the "Real Fishing Industry" and spool reels every day...
  46. gerk

    Soild Braid preferences?

    ctran post above is bullshit - don't believe him. spectra is too slick to grab the arbor of the spool properly. We use electrical tape, as it doesn't absorb water and provides a gripping surface for the spectra. if you don't put something on the arbor - sooner or later while fighting a fish...
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    Sold 1999 20' Maycraft Center Console Sold

    what size is the bait tank? 30gal? is there decent storage under the console?
  48. gerk

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15

    Is that Evan with a Penn 4/0 Baja???? :appl: What ??? Old School style? Tell me it isn't true..... The GERK:D :jig:
  49. gerk

    MLPA question

    I posed this question to the f/W commission and they said that NOTHING should be taken out or put in to these areas. The reserve is suppose to be a "Refuge" from man's interfearance. They were suppose to "send them an Email" and advise them to release them over @ Palms or some public beach...
  50. gerk

    MLPA question

    So the various areas closed to fishing, etc. the question is: Can the "marine Mammal rescue" services release sea lions into the protected areas?
  51. gerk

    Looking to buy a Phenix black diamond blank for 30# jig stick

    Hey; Before you go and spend all that money for a Blank made in China - Check out United Composites Blanks (Randy Penny of Seeker Fame). Made here in Orange Co. and have various actions available. He'll hook u up... steve aka the GERK! :jig: :beerbang:
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    Some of my friends have been injecting mack chunks with the "Bug Juice" from Fishall . Reallly puts out a great scent trail... The GERK!
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    Fish Killer

    Fish Killer
  54. gerk

    Quail and new friends

    Is that their hunting dog?? Does it have a 'soft mouth' for retrieves? Never seen a birdy Pit.... LOL! Hope you enjoyed working the quail - :beerbang: great fun and they're fast little buggers too... The GERK!
  55. gerk

    For Sale: Hi Peformance Lake Boat $500.00

    Should have scrubbed it down before displaying it - would have been easier to unload.... LOL :frehya2:LOL Da GERK!
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    The tree looks pretty Fishy. Merry Christmas Jim!:jig: :hali_olutta:
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    GREAT SALE 12/26/2014 - BAJA FISH GEAR

    Hey Guys/Gals; Baja Fish gear is having a great 1 day instore sale. see add below: :jig:catch one!
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    Check this out: Come and get it----- :jig:
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    Front loading tackle bag

    Baja Fish gear has both the Okuma and the SKB's in stock - and some of the best pricing available. The GERK!
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    Still available???? send me a PM
  62. gerk

    where to get replacement skirts/bait o matic

    Baja Fish Gear has the largest selection of skirts on the West Coast. Call them, or check them out online. All sizes and colors available. The GERK!
  63. gerk

    Lobster Report Card Return... Try It On-Line

    Thanks Jim - Easy instructions only took about 2or 3 min to complete.... any New Info on changes this coming season???:deadhorse Steve
  64. gerk

    Ahi Diamond Jigs

  65. gerk

    Bloody Decks or Advertising Decks?

    Thank you for the prompt reply.... I'll try the advice from the other user and shrink some of it... Steve --- aka the GERK!
  66. gerk

    Bloody Decks or Advertising Decks?

    Comon Jason / Ali - I understand the economics, but 60+% advertising screen? Jeeez... the GERK!
  67. gerk

    Big Bear Lake 11/10 & 11/11 wide open trout bite

    Yep - Any style..... The GERK!
  68. gerk

    Trout fishing Mammoth area

    Mammoth Creek - along the golf course. just up from the 'Stove' - easy limit and close to the best breakfast spot in mammoth. Can it get any better? The GERk!
  69. gerk

    Has anybody found a safe life jacket that a 8 yr. old will wear all day w/o bitching

    One thing to consider also is when he's trying them on - have him sit down. If the jacket is too long it won't be comfortable and he won't want to wear it. Some parents try and buy one too large thinking it'll last for a couple of years.... ---- NOT! They grow out of them too fast. The water...
  70. gerk

    best buy online tackle?

    Baja Fish Gear Great shop - Talented Employees and an 'Online Store' Check out Steve - aka the GERK!
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    Actually this time of year the fish are holed up in the east end... Anywhere near the east public launch or Stanfield cutoff. But.... it may be iced up by the weekend, storms coming... Steve - aka the GERK!
  72. gerk

    DFG called my cell

    Guys - remember when you bought your license? One of the questions the license agent asks is for your phone number....duh!!! Next time give em some bogus #... or the number to the local surf report for instance.... That'll slow emdown some. The GERK!
  73. gerk

    Top Gun 80 last trip of the season

    Welcome back Chris - :hali_olutta: Good to hear you got to go out and get bloody afew times.. You missed a pretty damn good offshore season. Take care and keep us posted on where you end up.... Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
  74. gerk

    Eastern Sierra's 9 / 15~21 Trip Report

    I agree with Spike - this report is a must for newbies wanting to try out the eastern Sierra. Great Report, awesome details. You even gave away some of our honey holes... As for the slow trolling, we put 10' of lead core line at the end of the sinking line to help get it down deep enough to...
  75. gerk

    Ricky's first yellowtail, dorado, tuna... First offshore trip

    our' very lucky to be able to find a hole in David's schedule. That being said he's pretty fishy! and loves to help kids get fish... Thanks for the post- glad you guys had a great time. Steve- aka the GERK!
  76. gerk


    It's Happenening tonight - still a few spots available. Call the shop and we'll put you on the list. Ph: 310-517-9897
  77. gerk

    bait tank light...

    Glow sticks are the cheapest most effective way - been doing it for years, no problem with the baits and just gives off enough light to let them stay in formation... Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
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  79. gerk

    Tuna Fishing Serminar

    Hey guys/ gals: BAJA FISH GEAR and WON WILL BE HOSTING A Giant Tuna / Long Range serminar this Thursday Oct. 4, 2012 @ 7:00pm. This serminar is a primer for Fishing the WON Tuna Jackpot and the Long Range Season coming up soon... Techniques on baits, kites, fishing the porpoise, downriggers...
  80. gerk


    Hey guys/ gals: BAJA FISH GEAR and WON WILL BE HOSTING A Giant Tuna / Long Range serminar this Thursday Oct. 4, 2012 @ 7:00pm. This serminar is a primer for Fishing the WON Tuna Jackpot and the Long Range Season coming up soon... Techniques on baits, kites, fishing the porpoise, downriggers...
  81. gerk

    Found the right paddie to make the day "Fortune" 9.18.12

    Harry - you forgot to mention that Chris puts out some great meals too!!! Bruce has a put together a 1st class operation and anyone thinking about going on his boat should jump at the chance.... Steve aka the GERK!
  82. gerk

    How many Squid does it take to make a bed?

    It's hard enough to get your kids to make a bed, is this a question like 'how many engineers does it take to change a lite bulb?' lol -- nice video. Steve - aka the GERK!
  83. gerk


    Done and forwarded....!
  84. gerk


    Done - hope everyone takes a minute to send the message.... They're trying an 'End Run' on our rights.... ACT NOW!!!!!! The GERK
  85. gerk

    best place to buy gear for albacore?

    Call Baja Fish Gear - 1-877-517-9897 or check out their online store. Plenty of offshore or inshore tackle... Steve Long time support of BD and UA.
  86. gerk

    Dodo fest on "End of the Line"

    Nice report - Good run for End of the Line before the serious fishing begins... thanks for the update. Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
  87. gerk

    boat motor, what size

    re-build is Much cheaper than replacement! That said, if you're using it in the ocean mostly, the 2 stroke will need less maint. over the years. Either way - 200hp is the way to go, as noted above once you add up all the additional crap, the boat can easily go over 5k in weight. Too bad...
  88. gerk

    San Diego Launch Ramp Question

    Just make sure you 'SECURE' the trailer. lock the hitch, and run a chain thru a rim and around the frame and use a quality lock.... Don't want anyone to borrow it! -lol Steve = aka the GERK!
  89. gerk


    So Where's the "BLOODY DECKS" just a couple of splatters - damn at least the BD Salute from you guys. OH yea Good work close to home...! See ya...! Steve aka the GERK! :finger: Dove Season is coming soon...... :Death_To_Above:
  90. gerk

    Fortune 2.5day

    I had the opportunity to be Co-Charter master with Heather Miles on Bruce Smith's new boat the 'FORTUNE'... :goldfish: Got back Friday from a 2.5 day Let me say that he and his crew put in 110% effort on this trip. They all worked very hard, and anyone that has fished with Bruce in the past...
  91. gerk

    70 lb seabass on the "End of the line"

    Yaaaaa - That's what were talking about.....! Great job guys. I bet Peter was bummed he wasn't on the boat... Steve - aka the GERK!
  92. gerk

    Rigged Marlin Lures for Sale

    These look great - have to come to the shop and have a look... Steve - aka the GERK
  93. gerk

    Opinions, Mammoth Twin Lakes.

    Hey when not fishing - go to the main forest service building - near the entrance to town, and get a guide. The Indian caves below town are kinda cool for kids. You can also make a quick run over to the obsidian dome and check it out. the tram back to Reds meadows, post piles, and rainbow...
  94. gerk

    SBE 1 Choke tubes?

    I used Pattern masters for all waterfowl in my SBE I - and use a Pattern Master improved / mod. for quail/chucker... They seem to work just fine..... steve=- aka the Gerk!
  95. gerk

    Tip of the week

    duh --- looks like big dine to me Davey- I guess you're on again with Kelly...? Hard to stay mad at her... steve- aka the GERK! ps- Missed a fun trip to Bridgeport. The crew had a great time...
  96. gerk

    Shimano waxwing leader or no leader?

    I want to know why a $5.00 lure costs $20???? Pretty steep markup...
  97. gerk


    Another method is to put the swivel on the double hook, then there's only 1 knot to fail and it moves the hooks closer to the end of the feather where they do the most good! Works great. Another way to move the hooks farther back is to use a couple of 1/2 oz sliding egg sinkers. they help get...
  98. gerk

    How to splice hollow core

    Baja Fish gear has a complete selection of needles. Go online and check em out! Steve - aka the GERK!
  99. gerk

    Stand up Harness for a Big Dude

    Don't forget to look at the ' Smitty' system- Smitty is a big guy too, and has harnesses which will accomodate just about everyone. He makes a great harness and never flexes, as the Braid one sometimes does.... JMHO, Steve - aka the GERK
  100. gerk

    2012 Eastern Sierra Opener: Roll Call

    The GERK and crew will be lurking in the Bridgeport area for a week! - lower twin, upper twin, and the res. - trolling the big baits for that double-digit BROWN! Should be a great opener this year, as most lower elevation lakes have been ice free for a couple months.... Might even throw a fly...
  101. gerk

    This is gonna suck.

    LEAVES OF THREE - LET IT BE! :waglleybooty: BARRIES OF WHITE- RUN WITH FRIGHT! iF YOU REMEMBER THIS YOU'LL BE ALRIGHT! ;) REI - also has Technu and a couple of other remedies available. Keep it dry and cool, and DON"T Scratch it!!!! Steve- aka the GERK!
  102. gerk

    Tom meets the Grim Reaper

    Give this man a Ciiiiigar! Great shot! The gerk!
  103. gerk

    What are the best casting lures for Dolphin

    Croc's are lots of fun when they are on the chew... actually anything shinny - chrome tady's, megabaits, etc. Have fun with them, shit does happen :shithappens: , but can happen with anything hooked in the wild....! just be careful and go for it....! The GERK! :jig:
  104. gerk

    White Sea Bag

    Gives the another meaning of "INSHORE Fishing". Too bad he didn't add fishing in the gutter to hook it... Hope he released it.:rofl::rofl: the GERK!
  105. gerk

    Found- Anyone seen or heard from Dave Hansen? 3/16/2012

    Arm chair Alarmists..... Guys Dave is a VERY Seasoned Professional. He would NEVER jepordize customers or a boat in stormy weather. As it turns out, he made the best of it and hooped one of his "special" spots. I'm sure we'll see pic's of more monster bugs as usual... When he's busy, he...
  106. gerk

    Can Anyone Recommend A DVL Guide Service?

    Greg Silks is definitely in tune with DVL -:git: He won the Stripper King Classic last year there! He's been targeting strippers and LMB for many years and is a cool guy to fish with. Never fished with him, but have seen him on the water all over. Give him a call - you'll be glad you...
  107. gerk

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Awesome experience for the kids.... Best shot is the BD salute at the end! LOL She'll treasure these forever. The GERK!
  108. gerk

    Local Hunt - Birds are gone

    Sounds like it's time to get a Benelli SBE! or the new Vinci. Can't beat em join em!!!! Ya can drag em in the mud all day long and bada bing bada boom every time.... unfortunately for me the last couple of days quail hunting, I've seem to have a bent barrel...? missing more than hitting...
  109. gerk

    Here We Go

    Hey Celery Stick - looks like you've talked to nobody who knows anything about sportfishing out of Newport... - David has been and still is an outstanding captain. He has run most of the boats in Dana (his dad owns the landing), and has run boats for Donny Brockman on occassion. His...
  110. gerk

    Who is this guy - Looks familar

    Steve - if you have to ask, you better get a life....! LOL
  111. gerk

    Who is this guy - Looks familar

    Little Walker lake is a couple basins over from Grant lake of the June lake loop. It's a hike in lake - a couple mile uphill jaunt if you use the road, or 1 mile if you park in the day use area. The day use area this particular trip was snowed in and while we could have slid down, it would've...
  112. gerk

    Pick an ultra light spinning reel

    Hey don't forget to look at the Okuma line - best bang for the buck. I've used them for 10 years with no problems... Also Quantum PT series are very very smooth working reels. and 'way less' money than the Shimano's. Steve - aka the GERK!
  113. gerk

    Who is this guy - Looks familar

    Ok just kidding - Found a couple of pic's of a High Sierra trip a couple years ago, and thought some of you guys (/gals) would enjoy seeing a BD regular out of the salt and working at freshwater pleasures.... Oh yea for you freshwater guys this is non other than Capt. David Hansen Yep - he's an...
  114. gerk

    AS Good As it gets

    For all you Arm chair experts - Take Dave's advice- If you know him or have fished with him - he's the REAL DEAL! :beerbang: I've seen too many guys on boats try trick rigs w/squid and sometimes they may or may not work. I've been using the slider/hook (at least 4/0 size- no circles) for...
  115. gerk

    Aluminum Pliers

    I swear by Channel Locks---:Zombie_Ro Had a pair for about 6 years constant useage and as long as you rinse em off and oil them occasionaly - they work fine. Of course Earl (THe Pearl) custom wrapped em w/ turks head ends so they look as great as they work.... Try em You'll like em...
  116. gerk


    Captin Dave Hansen - Knows where to go and gets you there and back. You never have to touch the wheel..... lol Actually there are several - depends on your price range.... The GERK
  117. gerk

    Lake Irvine 12-3-11

    Hey - thanks for hanging in there. We worked it hard all dayfor 4 fish. Biggest went 1.9. out of the money, but.... had my nephew and his wife and another buddy on the boat for the day. They had never trolled before, but with all the wind and running 4 rigs all day, we only tangled 3 times...
  118. gerk

    Irvine 11/26/11

    With the weather looking good and spend the last couple weekends chasing quail, we decided to give the lake another try and see if we can make some money.... Went up there and arrived at a gentlemenly 7:15am - we were hoping to miss the launch ramp follies . Lake mgmt is trying hard to keep em...
  119. gerk

    DFG admits ocean changes are responsible for fishery declines

    G - You've been in rice land too long... Russ was a GREAT conservationist, he called it like he saw it. Was in DFG's face long before most guys had a clue. The first reef Russ spearheaded and got put in and named after him "Izor's" is actually located outside of Long Beach Harbor not up in...
  120. gerk

    Opinion: ABU Revo TORO 50 vs Shimano CU300EJ

    take em apart and look inside..... the REVO has what it takes over the Shimano product, but depends on how you use and maintain em too. Shimano service is great (I've sent several curados in for customers), but in the 3 tackle businesses I've managed, I've only had 1 Abu ever had a problem...
  121. gerk

    Irvine report for 11-16. Limit + a 11.2 kicker

    Sorry for the late reply - was out quail hunting all weekend.... Hey nice collection of trout. When did you switch to Charkbait? :banned: See ya on the water. Steve = aka the GERK :goldfish:
  122. gerk

    Cartoon of interview w/Keith Poe

    Thanks for the link - this is classic - Pretty much slam dunks the shark tagger as he deserves. I love it.... Steve
  123. gerk

    Nov 8,9: Two Sturgeon Keepers on Suisun Bay!

    What does sturgeon taste like? always been meaning to get one and find out. nice catch I guess they pull pretty hard.... Steve - aka the GERK
  124. gerk

    Cartoon of interview w/Keith Poe

    Hey guys I can't seem to find the carton of the interview of Keith and his swordfishing exploits. somebody help me out want to shot it to a friend. thanks, Steve
  125. gerk

    Animal rights group has infiltrated California DFG

    Let's all hope this is true and factual. There's been enough of the Packard foundation and other "so called envirnomental protectionists" buying off officials in this state already.... Steve ps- Thanks Randy for your followup...
  126. gerk

    SRL Tailwalker

    definitely a typo - 2-3lbs max - and with that little tail, it ain't doing no walkin....! :nopity: The GERK!
  127. gerk

    Wet Opening day @ the Vine

    That about summed it up... Rain, wind, and fish.... Yep - the guys working around the launch ramp pulled out several in the 5-10lb range. We trolled mostly outfront of trout island over to the red cliffs. The morning was steady on the firetiger rap, and the small Taz in fire tiger colors...
  128. gerk

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    SBE I owner for many years - only had 1 problem - didn't have one in the chamber when a big fat green head locked up on our spread. My huntin partner and my dog both gave me shit the rest of the day....! Love the gun - from quail to geese and I shoot trap with it once and awhile. The trap...
  129. gerk

    bait receiver near Marina Del Rey?

    Inseine :goldfish: bait by the fuel dock = usually has the best cured dines, chovies, or squid (when avail) around. Larry is also a great supporter of the fight against the MLPA....:profile: Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
  130. gerk

    Pyramid Lake....Nevada......Opener!

    Nice trip... sounds like you zigged when the wind zagged.... Were most of the fish taken deep on the down-riggers? What was the hot lure(s)? Always want to take a shot at that lake. Any lunkers (10+) caught this time of the year? Thanks, Steve
  131. gerk

    Cool sighting.....

    Nate- the one's in Calif were giving you the BD salute.... :finger: If they only knew how good eating ELK are.... Ummmmmmm...... Steve - aka the GERK :beerbang:
  132. gerk

    Fishing near UCSB

    Brandon is right on the money - dude go trolling around the dorms- there's always something going on :drunk... If you can't hook up there -:shake: - - geez why else did you want to go to school there....? :boobies: By the way - you might want to stay away from the Marine Bio classes there...
  133. gerk

    Legal Hoop Nets???

    Thanks again Jim for keeping us all "IN the Hoop" so to speak - see ya out there... Steve
  134. gerk

    Line for Tuna

    You might look at Izor XXX line - much smaller diameter than Quattro, so you'll get more on the reel - The MXL is kinda small for fishing heavy mono - you probably should have looked at getting the HX series (the larger diameter spool has more pickup per revolution. The mxl I have is filled...
  135. gerk

    Catalina Classic Wrap Up and Slideshow

    Hey - Stop the presses - was that Capt Dave (I hate Marlin) Hansen partying with all the carp fisherman? Whoa--- dude has he come across to the other side? Tell me it isn't so? Steve- aka the GERK!
  136. gerk

    rod and reel for fishing Berkeley atomic tubes

    8'-9' 'whippy' rod. PHenix, Kencor (if you can find one) or Fenwick all have rods which will fit the bill. Leadmaster makes the bobbers w/shot in them. any full service tackle shop will help you out.... good luck - and keep practicing.... it takes time to learn the technique. If you have a...
  137. gerk

    First Bird Dog

    I've owned setters, GSP's, Brittanys, and most recently a choc Lab. They were all great dogs, smart birdy, and great family dogs. But I've got to say that after owning a lab, I'm sold on them. my lab Mocha was a retrieving machine all day every day. She loved working in the fields and finding...
  138. gerk

    Captain Dave has a question

    Tell dave that Capt Ron is the master of thumb pressure.....LOL He'll get a good laugh from that.... Steve
  139. gerk


    I rate the Aussies as our best ally of all countries in the world. That country like ours was built with sweat and grit... If only you guys could only have broken off from the mother land and learned to drive on the right side of the road - lol - seriously I've never met an Aussie I would...
  140. gerk

    Which Colors Would You pick

  141. gerk

    Fewer and fewer tackle shops

    Yo's went under due to a number of issues a couple were a divorce and Martin had some medical problems. Next on the list after Purefields will probably be Fishermans Hardware in Long Beach. Bob's been trying to unload it for several years now and he wants to retire....
  142. gerk

    Mr. Poe

    He's either out there trying to create a new story of how to fish swordfish on the west coast :shake:. or he's out wandering around trying to use all the contraptions on his boat....: farmer : The gerk...
  143. gerk

    Another truck bites the dust at Davies Launch Ramp

    Holiday Weekend Launch ramp follies. The entertainment never ends - If you've got nothing else to do grab a chair, icechest with beers and go down and watch ... :idiot: Always great entertainment, humm.... could become the next spectator sport? Steve - aka the GERK
  144. gerk

    Diamond Valley Lake help

    Fished the tourney last weekend. FISH DEEP! Most fish were caught on chunked sardine or anchovie in 160-180' of water over towards the west dam about 100-200 yds east of the pump station. Make sure to take a bucket to dowse yourself off, as it was smokin hot out there. Also, take some kind of...
  145. gerk

    DVL - Stripper Derby?

    The 'Strippers' was spelled that way to elicite and response from you characters.... all told the derby was fun? Not very many stripers were caught and a couple in the low 20's - most in the 3-8lb class - Local guide Greg (Z-plug fame) Silks :appl:won the event by chunking anchovies/sardines...
  146. gerk

    Boat Burglary - MDR Undefeatead

    I'm seeing an alarm system in this boats future........ Steve
  147. gerk

    DVL - Stripper Derby?

    Got a call Strippers were up all over the lake yesterday morning bustin shad schools.... Could be a real barn burner this weekend for the tourney.... still some spots left to get in.... Steve
  148. gerk

    2nd Marlin released & Swordie hooked 8/13/11

    Steve - you're killing me lol- I'm sure Keith :Kick_emoticon:would give his boat, house and kids to be Barry last night. But Alas, he is stuck in neutral and all that money invested is just money spent on ........ fantasy. I'm prettysure that when the story comes out, it was a surface...
  149. gerk

    Seabass slaying continues on DREAMER Sat 8/13/2011

    Hey Harry - quality of phots's 70's but there weren't many sea bass around then to slay back in the 70's.... getting rid of the 'inshore gillnets' and an active breeding/stocking program have really helped the stocks replenish.... PROPS go out to the clubs and Hubs who administer the program...
  150. gerk

    DVL - Stripper Derby?

    Just got some info on the Stripper King Derby later this month. Any BDer's planning on going out there to fish it? Sounds like a good benefit for the inland empire youth programs... What's your take? Steve - aka the GERK
  151. gerk

    Ali and Pete Groesbeck at the KHMC

    For those of you that showed up (Stan Jr. couldn't get off the couch even for free food), Ali and Pete put on a Very informative evening. First Ali went over the Billfish series that BD is the proud sponser of now! Then Pete took the local area fishing techniques apart and explained how, why...
  152. gerk

    Live, let Live, and Just in Case

    All the years I hiked in the back country with my dad and then with friends - my dads advice was "NEVER" go in the back country without a firearm! In the many years (30+) of HIking the John Muir trail and fishing the golden trout wilderness we had only 2 insidences where I discharged the pistol...
  153. gerk

    Reel Viking: The Long Run Home

    damn Dave - those kids are growing - Last time I saw them we took em to Laguna Nigel to pull on trout one morning - even inshore youhad the secret spot and we watched these kids C/R as many as they wanted all morning long. Good to see they still like fishing with old dad! LOL. Steve...
  154. gerk

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    David - you poor bastard having to go out and fish in all that heat! :cool: And Marlin eh - I know you hate em.... Take care bro - enjoy the tough life! Steve - aka the GERK! :rockin:
  155. gerk


    Put some hinges on that door and hang it....! Nice......! Very Very Nice..... Congratulations... Steve - AKA the GERK. :urno1::beerbang::rockin: it's a geniune : :oinker:
  156. gerk

    Trolling Eastern Sierra

    Next time there, check out some of 'Johnnie Morris' suspending/jerkbait lures in gold/black/orange, or silver/black. Many of these are re-packaged lures from major manufacturers and work as well, but much cheaper. Although a spinning reel will work for surface applications, you might think...
  157. gerk

    67.1-pound California halibut taken on the Mirage looks to be the biggest ever

    Truly a Callifornia "BARN DOOR" - Awesome catch on 20lb test. :urno1::appl::appl::appl: Congratulations are in order! Steve- aka the GERK!
  158. gerk

    Phsyco Clown Death.

    unfortunately it was our beloved Psycho Clown - Rock as most people knew him as.... He was a great generous guy who always had a positive attitude towards life. see original post earlier today for other tributes to our brother! RIP - Rock we'll miss ya.... Steve - aka the GERK!
  159. gerk

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    Stephen - Thank you for the tribute - He was a close friend and customer of mine for many years. And aside from his antics on the boats he was a very accomplished angler - he enjoyed crappie fishing, catfishing, and most species in the ocean... He always brought smiles to everyone he met and...
  160. gerk


    Good Work - I'll bet he pulled abit eh?
  161. gerk

    Another Court Victory for Anglers

    AS the onion gets peeled back- it's becoming more obvious to the rest of the world now, that the so called "envirnomental groups" are really just a bunch of 'eco' - extremists bent on changing everyones opinions with lies and 'untruths' - Bob F. and all involved should have our unending support...
  162. gerk

    best socal fishing book

    Capt. Dave's private numbers book..... not in print but everyone has their price.... This one's VERY expensive.... The GERK!
  163. gerk


    Awesome fish - Great colors and nice big head. But not a Brown Bagger... per se - got to be over 10lbs to get in that elilte club. Been trying for 20years and still trying....! Hope you get a great mount to commerate this catch.... congrats.... Steve - aka the GERk.... ps- what lb. test...
  164. gerk

    Fishing Tackle BLOWOUT

    There's some awesome deals to be had ----- can't wait!!!! :_shopping:_shopping Steve :git:
  165. gerk

    U.S. watercraft fired-on by Mexican Navy?!?...Is this true?

    Gil - Awesome... did they have frijoles before the performance??? Stan- Money talks poor medics walk - Playmates respond to $$'s ask Charlie!:rofl: Steve
  166. gerk

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Congrats - Now it's time to loose that 220 and get a reel with some drag... It would definitely increase you chances.... Enjoy the filets.... The GERK :jig:
  167. gerk

    Tred Barta's latest nonsense

    Some of you guys need to read his book -:profile: then think about bashing this icon of the sport.... He's pretty much been there done that in the hunting and fishing arena's. His disability notwithstanding gives testimony to his neverending quest to try something crazy.... He appologizes to...
  168. gerk

    best live bait spinner?

    Okuma quality is vastly improved in the last couple of years - save the money and get one...
  169. gerk

    Why oh why??

    I just hope the tip reflected his professionalism..... er $.0...
  170. gerk

    Fishing TV Host Wanted For So. Cal. Fishing Show! Imagine Getting Paid to Fish.

    AS these dreamers did say - 'would have to "work for free" to see if it catches on'. I don't see David teaching these guys the ropes and spots for free.... He has way too much experience to give it away to these ummm 'Marketeers'... Maybe they should try and make a pilot with themselves...
  171. gerk

    What to bring to lake castaic -plz help bass lures

    #1 lure for Huge LMB = small green crawdads.... 2 = imitation trout 7-12" :profile: works if there's been a plant for LMB or strippers...( Which one?:banned: They all can work sooner or later...) These lures are not for the faint of heart or impatient change lure nuts some of these boards...
  172. gerk

    WON - Opener @ the Vine-what happened?

    Thanks for the info.... I'm assuming that the "winning' fish were caught on dough balls as usual.....
  173. gerk

    How do I?

    Damn - don't you know - You pay $500.00 to Jason and Ali, and they'll make you a captain - No problem at all... (Captain of what is another thing, but thats for another time)..... --LOL:rofl:
  174. gerk

    Seals are dying!

    Another part of the situation is the Vets which care for these dogs, pump them up with anti biaotics, and plenty of other vaccinations, which they inturn pass on to their offspring, making them even more resistant to natures selection process. :cussing: AAAArrrrrrgGG! :dogpiss:
  175. gerk

    WON - Opener @ the Vine-what happened?

    Haven't seen word one about it.... any large fish / tagged fish or did BD pass on this tourney?
  176. gerk

    June Lake Loop and vicinity

    update: one of my buds who I fish with spoke to a guy we know up there. Here's the scoop - the road was open, but closed again after the last storm. Falling rocks in canyon (between Silver and Grant. Grant is 95% ice free. Other lakes have ice on them still, but June is looking pretty good...
  177. gerk

    June Lake Loop and vicinity

    Hey Chris (aka- Alabacore) got any more updated information? Is the road around the loop open. I've heard 2 completely different stories - one says open, one says still covered in snow. Also heard that June is only 20% open water so far.... Please try and get some reliable info. thanks...
  178. gerk

    Irvine / Berkley Cup

    Fished the cup contest yesterday. Water was still stained from recent rain. Looks like they drew down the lake, as it was about 6' below the spillway, but still pretty damn full. As for the fishing - it was pretty tough trolling, we managed a few 3-4 pounders one of which was a steelhead and...
  179. gerk


    Hey guys - they also have a buy 2 get one free on IRON -Salas Tady, 544's, etc. get em while they have some.... :jig::jig: Steve - aka the GERK!
  180. gerk

    Very Cool Sliding Weights!

    where did you find em? Steve
  181. gerk

    Some hunting photos

    I don't get it about the ground squirrels in Bakersfield. Every shot has an animal in it except this one. This shot only shows some legs with clothes on em? Aaaaah how many did you guys get that day? How bout some exploded carcasses....! (ps- great job :appl: helping to control them pesky...
  182. gerk


    Can't Wait!!!! The store has more tackle than ever before... ! :jig: What are the ---- :_hot_: deals? :profile: Steve - aka the GERK!
  183. gerk

    Cast/Throw Nets????

    Essentially - Several years ago, the bait haulers lobbied and got a bill through Sac. to outlaw the throw nets in So. Cal (below Pt.Conception), they were afraid to lose their market if everyone caught their own bait. As for selling them, they can be sold, and used outside of the state or in...
  184. gerk

    Last Season FINALLY Explained

    Keith - sorry for the delay -been making some $'s... (eeek - work) Backin up a bit the Furuno - were you directing it to me or Lass? In a nutshell - I have seen it on a couple of boats but haven't got to play with em for this type of application. The PCS article by Lass pretty much sums it up...
  185. gerk

    Last Season FINALLY Explained

    I get it that you're trying touse some of the techniques picked up from theFla guys, but their envirnoment is completely different from ours. If you've got the time and money to go on this endeavor more power to you. As you stated, I too keep a swordrig on the boat just in case the opportunity...
  186. gerk

    just 4 the lurkers ( LNL 2-8-2011 )

    Hugh- Ok Einstein then what is the 2nd 'L' in LNL stand for? :_smack_:
  187. gerk

    Last Season FINALLY Explained

    Keith - - he was trying to tell you to quit all those off the wall methods to try and catch Elvis locally- All of em caught on line were on or near the surface. What's really amazing is that he kept the audience fascinated by his knowledge of swordfishing....! :rofl: NOw back to reality---...
  188. gerk

    just 4 the lurkers ( LNL 2-8-2011 )

    Hey Hugh - quit calling this a lake.... It's a pond stuffed with stockers! The Gerk! Yep - for those who need to - it's easy to put 30-50 fish onthe line in a day. The fish are shoulder to shoulder just like the anglers...
  189. gerk

    Frozen Tuna

    I've left em on the lawn in the shade with a sprinkler watering it down. But that is in the summer - usually after about 2-3 hrs I can open it up, gut it and spray the inside a bit. Eventually, the small end (tail) starts to get soft and you can begin... Have fun. Steve
  190. gerk

    Looking for a video showing a guy getting spooled

    if anyone ever sees the one of Pete Grey getting spooled and going to a backup, and the backup gets yanked into the drink before the deckhands are quite ready - it's priceless! both deckhands dove over the side and chased the backup down and got it back on the boat for Pete. Great footage - I...
  191. gerk

    Another coyote hunt

    How did the burrito take to #4's -probably passed right thru....- eh! nice work for a quickie in the morning.... Steve - aka the GERK!
  192. gerk

    How are the warranties and customer services from Weatherby?

    Kyle- the Howa's a great value I've got one in .223, with a wood stock. But, the Howa is using the Weatherby Vanguard action..... either way once you work the trigger pull/creep out, either one is a good shooter.... Steve - aka the GERK
  193. gerk

    What is the best kids starter fishing combo?

    stick, kite string, hooks, spark plug (for weight), coffee can full of big ol garden hackle... oh yea make sure you got a camera for pic's....:rofl::rofl: OR---> seriously any of the Barbie/ sponge bob, dora combo kits will work and the kids think their cool. just change the line out... But...
  194. gerk

    Bino's ?

    Another very good but often overlooked is the Alpen line. I have some 10x42 that got dropped and broke the eyepiece. I sent them back they replaqced both of them with better than I had on them before for No charge. Check em out great bang for the buck. Steve
  195. gerk

    What is the best quality .45 or 9mm you can buy?

    Had a Glock17 - sold it - moved up to a sig p-220 and never looked back. The Springfield XD's are also great quality weapons. But once you start looking at the 1911's, there are way to many to choose from. :2gunsfiring_v1: the Sig has a couple of safety features I like over the Glocks also...
  196. gerk

    Stay away from the Structure

    I guess you'll get a warranty replacement being a pro staff member - might be a good prop for the seminar - sure shows how tough those hoops are.... any chance you tried to make it round again? Happy new year - see ya ! Steve
  197. gerk

    Briley or Trulock tubes

    Dont forget the Pattern Masters line too... I use them in my Benelli and love em! better patterns than the stock one's. Steve - aka theGERK!
  198. gerk

    wister pics saturday

    Good job - was there much wind? Steve aka the GERK
  199. gerk

    New AZ bighorn muzzleloader record

    Congrats getting close to those old guys is tough.... They don't get that big by hanging out close to roads.... Steve
  200. gerk

    SanJac 12.18.10

    good job --- steve
  201. gerk


    oh yea Tim's pic's give me goose bbbbbbuuuuummmmppppppssssss! Steve
  202. gerk

    Duck hunting at home!!!!!!!

    looks like good kayaking water for the moment...... steve
  203. gerk

    Northern California Goose Hunt - 12/18 - 12/19

    Thanks for the report haven't been up that way in years.... Nice pic's... Wonder why they wouldn't come in better on sat??? Hummmm......! Let us know how the cackler tastes... I'm wondering if they are the same as the biguns...? Steve - aka the GERK!
  204. gerk

    Great Video from Spotter over boat Harpooning

    Great footage... :appl::appl: Where did you dig it up? Steve- aka the GERK!
  205. gerk

    How long...

    I was like that when I was young too... but the dirt bike with a scabbard is great for quail hunting.... allows you to cover alot of ground. He needs to find a girl that likes to hunt - that'll slow em down some...! take care - see ya out there on the river some time.....
  206. gerk

    How long...

    Hey Tim - tell the son to put some ventilation holes in hiw waders....:waglleybooty: That'll keep him occupied for awhile.....:rofl: It gets real frustrating when nothing is moving. The Dam imperial valley just has too nice of weather. Steve - aka the GERK!
  207. gerk

    Name your favorite tackle shop

    BFG - (Baja FishGear) - Fully stocked and as Steve said above - they'll meet or beat prices... They have great clothing too..... Steve - aka the GERK
  208. gerk

    Tackle Bags??

    Go over and check out the selection @ Baja Fish Gear in Lomita. They have a large selection of WFO, Alabakore, SKB, etc in stock and priced to move.... Steve - aka the GERK!
  209. gerk

    Huge Sale this Saturday

    Hey guys / gals: :profile: Baja Fish Gear is having a HUGE sale this saturdayNovember 20 from 8:00am till 7:00pm. Rain or shine!!! Big discounts on everything. The store is located in Lomita on the corner or Narbonne ave and Lomita Blvd... See ya there. Pete and Rick will be hosting...
  210. gerk

    OMG LMFAO U Gotta See This

    Hey Keith- If you sustitute swordfish for marlin and throw in a skipjack, this could be you.....:rofl: Just kidding... keep em coming....! :rolleyes: Hilarous Steve - aka the GERK :cool:
  211. gerk

    Toyta Highlander as a tow vehicle

    It can't and won't! Not enough torque. the GERK!
  212. gerk


    Nice! - Now get up there and cut some calls, kill some ducks and give Madison some work... Steve
  213. gerk

    Drew #1!,, Can't Make It

    Your Priorities are all screwed up.... ! Reconsider and move the obgligations and go kill some ducks...!
  214. gerk


    Hey Mig - Did you name the new boat ? How bout Glass Nicker?? Can't cut like the Big Blue, but will get the job done.... :Death_To_Above: You missed a great steak dinner at the club last night... :hali_olutta: Steve - aka the GERK
  215. gerk

    bored on a Cold drizzly day....!

    Hey- Anyone notice how quiet the Padre fans have gotten???? :spank: Jesse (mr. GoodforTuna) did you loose the horn you've been tootin??? :hali_parkutuli: Damn - after all the shit you gays put on the Dodgers - Whew - and to think you got slammed yourselves....:rofl::rofl: Oh well - let...
  216. gerk

    Pyramid Lake Nevada Opener

    Great Info - That lake is very tricky... That said, I've never been to the opener and am going to try it this winter sometime. Thanks for the update. Steve - aka the GERK
  217. gerk

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    You might want to put a lein on some of his assets (boats). That way you might be able to either purchase one and get you upfront $ as a discount, or at least ensure he doesn't get away with the loot....! steve
  218. gerk

    Albacore question

    Like Dave said above - chrome - chrome- Crocodile, mega bait in anchovy (if you can find em) or the new P-Line version of the megabait. Keep the baits similar in size to what they are eating.... steve aka the GERK :jig:
  219. gerk

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Just remember the Pesky old Pesky's clan are in town Ya never know what will happen next.....!
  220. gerk

    Shimano Warranty - Help!

    Kevan (aka fishn fool) - While I agree with the warranties printed information and liability legal mumbo jumbo - and the fact that he bounced a 'Calico' (how big could it have been?) - the people behind the product will always give a person a replacement when the rod is freakin brand new...
  221. gerk

    Shimano Warranty - Help!

    Take it back to the retail shop where you purchased it. They must honor the warranty for Shimano, or send it in for you...
  222. gerk

    Go Magellon !!!!

    Hey Evan - why isn't Vertigo down there mixin it up? That's one awesome machine... Steve
  223. gerk

    Where are the Carp?

    Thankss guys - I was given some numbers in that area, but for local waters it looks pretty grim for the tournment season this year... Steve
  224. gerk

    Where are the Carp?

    Hey Melton guys - where are you hiding the the good carp fishing info? :profile: Give it up - they certainly didn't make a showing @ Catalina this year... The GERK! :goldfish:
  225. gerk

    getting new spectra

    Sorry for the late reply - been tearing my house apart to put in new floors. Bass fishing where you are making hundreds of casts per day will not affect the quality of the line. If it seems to flatten out/shows signs of wear, try reversing it on the spool, instead of just changing it. It will...
  226. gerk

    getting new spectra

    The main difference between Power Pro and Izor is this: Power pro is dipped with dye after the spin process, then waxed to preserve and keep seperation on the spools. Izor is dyed by individual strands before the spin process, this keeps it a bit softer out of the box than PP, but PP softens...
  227. gerk

    Protect Your Right to Fish!

    Takes less than 2 min. Thanks for the info... Steve - aka the GERK!
  228. gerk

    corn for carp?

    As kids we use to buy one of those cheap poppin bisquit things, mash it on a hook and smear with Velvetta cheese. Would take home a bucket full every time. Then to eat em, we'd take corn meal and mix it with egg and milk, dip the filet in it, throw the filet away and make bisquits out of the...
  229. gerk

    No more SaltX?

    Just as good or better.... But kinda pricey, but I think it has better lubricating qualities than SaltX had... I've used it on customers reels, and it takes the salt off and cleans them up great... Steve -aka the GERK!
  230. gerk

    what tires do you run on your hunting rigs....

    I've been using the BFG' All Terrain's since they came out in the 70's - my brother use to work @ 4whl parts and they threw a set on my old Jeep - (plus 2 spares), I ran the shit out of them in Baja - Blew 2 tires during the 17day trip. When I returned, BFG took all the tires back and gave me...
  231. gerk

    Gyro's and a good eye.

    1.9mi - even in flat glass really depends on how far up off the water the spotter is... In a small boat being 8-12' above the water limits you distance, whereas being on a 50ft boat with a tower, we're about 25' above the water. Either way that's still a great pickup... Steve
  232. gerk

    Anyone have a GOOD Sandab Recipe?

    Hey guys - went out the other night for sand bass - there weren't any, so we went out deeper to load up on some sculpin and sandabs. Got a bunch of both... Anyhow looking for a couple different methods to cook up the sandabs.... Ok guys Let em Rip.... OH yea - Thanks in advance. Steve...
  233. gerk

    We went the distance for the Albacore

    David - Once again you put the customers on the fish - Great Job... Talk to you soon... Steve - aka the GERK!
  234. gerk

    Offshore fishing seminar

    Bump - Still a few seats left - It's a 'FREE' seminar....
  235. gerk

    Offshore fishing seminar

    That's why we try and get reservations. I usually seat up to 50 people comfortably, so far there are 20 spots reserved... Anymore than 50 and people lose touch with the speaker and it get's kinda noisy. Hope you can make it, Brandon has lots of good information and everyone can learn...
  236. gerk

    Offshore fishing seminar

    Bump - This coming up next Tuesday.....
  237. gerk

    Baby on the way

    dude - it's just Yellowtail fishing @ the islands :imdumb: - it's not like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fish some special place... don't be a dickhead and think that a fishing trip is anywhere near as important as a new member of your family... Man up and stay close to the...
  238. gerk

    65 lb. Wahoo Mount For Sale

    sounds to me like the guy's lady was wearing the pants and didn't any damn fish on the wall... It sure looks like a beautiful mount, the quality is sure there...! the GERK!
  239. gerk

    Offshore fishing seminar

    ------> TONIGHTS THE NIGHT - STILL A FEW SEATS LEFT <----- Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach will be hosting Brandon Hayward of Western Outdoor News on Tuesday July 20th @ 6:00pm. Brandon is the Saltwater Editor of the weekly paper. He has worked on and captained several boats in southern...
  240. gerk

    Late report for Friday-13 Albies @ Dumper

    Jimmy - Take it easy buddy - That rib thing is muey painful.! Good report though and at least you got to pull on a few b4 you went down.... Steve
  241. gerk

    Lost at Sea (San Diego) - Skunked 3X - Need help for beginners

    Buck up and subscribe to "/Fish Dope" you will get the most updated info available and will get you on the spot every time.... The GERK
  242. gerk

    6/30-7/4 Top Gun No Fun

    The TG80 is still one of the top boats in the fleet... That said every skipper has a trip once in awhile that doesn't slay em... :( it's Not like going to a trout pond and fishing for stocked fish). What I can't understand from your post is the price you paid for this trip. $1900 for 2...
  243. gerk

    To shock or not to shock ?

    I borrowed one for teaching my dog the boundry of the curb. To this day (8yrs later) as much as she is obcessed with tennis balls, you can throw one into the street, she'll go to the curb and sit! Then watch you retrieve it, I also used it for snake avoidance training on her. If she smells...
  244. gerk

    fishing Browns in the Sierras???

    Hey Viligant - 20.3 is just another fish story blowin in the wind without pictures....:goldfish: Seriously let's hear about it... They are very few and far between in the 20lb range. The GERK!
  245. gerk

    Good trip turned bad... lesson learned.

    You might also go back to whoever surveyed the boat when you bought it, and get a refund. The guy definitely missed the visual inspection. Bronze and steel look nothing alike! The GERK
  246. gerk

    Hot fishing and dead batteries...what a day

    Bent over is right - Perko Switch. 1 starting battery - only used for starting!, 1 or 2 deep cycle batteries for other things (bait pump, bildge, GPS, etc.) If you run them down, at least the starting battery can get you back to the dock. The Perko switch also has the ability to set to both...
  247. gerk

    Captain Dave to give a Free Seminar...

    The seminar is still on for Tomorrow June 17th @ 6:00pm. Seats still available....
  248. gerk

    9:28 6/14/10 EARTHQUAKE!

    I felt it as a roller here in So. Bay.... STeve
  249. gerk


    The real funny thing about this whole rant - Even the 6pak boats followed the info leaked out on the internet...! (or Someone called them in) Yep - Tino, Jeff, Alan and company followed the leads and made it to the spot.... So the question is: what kind of hunt did they do? Yep - looked at...
  250. gerk

    Captain Dave to give a Free Seminar...

    As noted in above post - still seats available - check out original post and call to reserve a spot... Great fresh info will be shared...
  251. gerk

    Another day at Catalina

    Great Job Dave.... Finding your own spot and getting the fish...:chestram2 Hey - Next week Anyone who wants to get good information on catching the grey ghosts (not the dove type), should show up at Fisherman's Hardware In Long Beach next thursday June 17th @ 6:00pm for your seminar - it's...
  252. gerk

    Captain Dave to give a Free Seminar...

    BUMP - :goldfish::p: moving up - There are still seats available... Call and reserve one.
  253. gerk


    Thanks for the heads up! done Steve aka -the GERK
  254. gerk

    Still don't know.....

    How about some crying towels for when Boston goes down in flames....!!!!! :rofl: The GERK
  255. gerk

    Captain Dave to give a Free Seminar...

    Alan - ya gonna make it? Would like to meet you sometime. Steve ps- Don't forget the roasted peanuts - roasted daily on prem.....!
  256. gerk

    Captain Dave to give a Free Seminar...

    Hey Guys /Gals: Yep - Captain Dave Hansen will be at Fisherman's Hardware - Long Beach on June 17, @ 6:00pm to give a FREE seminar on local and Island fishing. Ever wonder how some guys always seem to be hooked up? :profile: Dave will answer your questions to help you. There's more to it than...
  257. gerk

    Two Days @ Catalina

    Good work David - As usual you get the job done! :appl: I want to know when are you going to get one on a fly rod????:profile: Steve - aka the GERK!
  258. gerk

    A Scream in the Night - Team Basstic finds... Seabass?

    Hey Evan - Nice Fish... :appl::appl::appl: Watch out for the junk food..... :Poop_and_Run::shithappens: For those of you who don't know him - This kid Lives, breathes, sport fishing. He has been very passionate about this sport since he was very young. He moved past 'Pin-head' status...
  259. gerk

    Correct Spectra/Braid Color ?

    Hey - if you're not sure - buy White, then you can take a sharpee and color it anyway you want. The ink from the sharpee won't affect the performance. Besides, after about 10yds, the better you the angler can see it the better, especially in lowlight conditions. Yellow / pink / bright blue...
  260. gerk

    Memorial Day

    A heart felt thank you Keith.... A small jesture helps tremendously to those who have lost a loved one. Steve - aka the GERK (Proud Army Veteran)
  261. gerk

    Fished the Vine - Perfect Weather....!

    Yea - we keep the fish in my livewell until time to cut em up... the're usually still floppin when we dump them in the cleaning table... I'm not sure what won, we took our fish up to weigh in and Jimmy advised me not to bother, as mine was too small, so we went back out and cruised the lake...
  262. gerk

    Fished the Vine - Perfect Weather....!

    Took a few laps around the Vine yesterday. Awesome weather, bite was so-so. The fish are deeper - most caught on downrigger and leadcore @ 25-30'. Entered the tourney, but couln't manage a fish over 2.5lbs - out of the money... No pic's this time - pretty normal fish.... My buddy hooked a...
  263. gerk

    Decoy sale... Funny

    Sounds like some Good Ole boy is trying to hood wink some city slicker.... : farmer : You know what WC Fields use to say - " Never give a sucker an even break" imho - GERK
  264. gerk

    World record tuna in 2 minutes?

    David - you forgot to add that while the boat was backing down, the angler usually is sitting in a chair (dare I say East Coast Style!!). I heard the same story, that Curt did in fact know he was bit and the fish Kamikazed back to the boat The fish was huge :oinker::cow: Steve - aka the...
  265. gerk

    WIde Open Barracuda

    Is this Secret Dave running the Freelance....? Or has Donnie made an appearance? Steve - aka the GERK :jig::jig:
  266. gerk

    Bald Eagles feast on Island Foxes

    A couple of friends were over @ Santa Rosa last week, and the guides explained that now that there isn't much game left on the island (small stuff), the Bald Eagles there have taken a liking to the Island Foxes....! Yep - the Tree Huggers are raising and releasing them to populate the island...
  267. gerk

    Fished Clemente On The Spectra

    I don't feel sorry for Rock - missed a great day on the water, buttttt....... He's got one of the coolest jobs anyone could ever hope to have.....! Can't reveal it, ya just have to know him....! Steve - aka the GERK!
  268. gerk

    New Glock sights

    :rofl:Do they make it for a lefty????? :rofl:
  269. gerk

    Got a question for some of the expert private boaters

    Need to put a sign on meter like: "leave the buttons alone - until You've read the manual" Just watch the pictures go by....! It's a bummer having someone tweak the meters when they don't really know what the hell their doing - Bedad above had the answers your needed this time.... Steve
  270. gerk

    Candy Mack lure

    Fisherman's Hardware - Long Beach and Savon Tackle - Santa Fe springs both stock all three flavors ($29.95 ea) The Green Maks and Sardine color are going to be great this year for paddy fishing....! Steve - aka the GERK
  271. gerk

    West Marine opening for their new expanded fishing display

    Ok I give up ... where are the dogs and tacos??? West Marine? Ok - which one?
  272. gerk

    Shimano Talica Review

    One thing that seems to have been left out of this evaluations thusfar - The Talica's also have an option to change the drag curves! - yep if you're fishing IGFA light tackle and want to flatten out the curve, you can order different cams depending on the line class. This goes for the entire...
  273. gerk

    Free Seminar - Featuring Ronnie Kovach

    Hey Jesse (er - captain????- of what?) :puff: Your 2 cents are about worth just that - Not everyone can be as experienced as you seem to think you are... and at 30 years old - must have started at about 2 to get that experience - and to trade for big Dan - :rofl: you got to be kidding -...
  274. gerk

    Free Seminar - Featuring Ronnie Kovach

    Hi: Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach will be hosting a FREE seminar this coming Tuesday May 11th @ 6:00pm. Ronnie Kovach will be the guest lecturer. Ronnie has written several books about fishing in So. Cal., has a TV program on the Fox Channels, and is the founder and instructor of the...
  275. gerk

    Pre-Sierra Opener Seminar w/ Marlon Meade

    It's coming up this tuesday evening @ 6:00pm..... Good info for all.... steve
  276. gerk

    Seeker Customer Service

    I stopped by there recently to purchase some guides to replace on a black steel. They offered to replace/install them for free just had to drop the rod off for a day. Can't beat that kind of customer service....! Steve
  277. gerk

    Pre-Sierra Opener Seminar w/ Marlon Meade

    Hey Guys/Gals: Marlon Meade from Berkley's Pro-Staff is making a Return to Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach to give a "Pre-Sierra Opener" Seminar... :profile: He'll be discussing lake and stream fishing with different types of jigs, baits, and rigging techniques to help improve your...
  278. gerk

    What do I name my new boat?

    Horseshoe Special Pt. Fermin Steve
  279. gerk

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    duh - El Capo - it's not the hooks.... (although I do change out hooks when needed) it might be the forceps on the shank of the hook and a quick wrist move....... :profile:
  280. gerk

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    Technically - you're not. some of them sort of fall off the hook next to the boat -
  281. gerk

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    We got plenty of fish - just not any over 2.75lbs... all trolled - kept 8 released the others... as the birdman said= shad pattern type rapalas got most. Got one on a rainbow Tazmainian Devil, and a couple of the standard red mirashad- oh and a couple fell for the frog needle fish #2 size...
  282. gerk

    Berkley Cup Saturday @ Irvine Lake

    Ok - Role Call - who's gonna go out and try for a bigun and glory?:profile: I'll be out in my Green Submarine w/ sea-saw :hali_olutta: Steve - aka the GERK
  283. gerk

    Fred Hall online ticket sales: a ripoff

    Hey Gil - The tooth fairy must have stole it - I'm sure it was under you pillow....... :rofl:
  284. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    HB - usually a couple of hours. Depends on how the questions move the topics he wants to present. See ya there.... Steve
  285. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    Bump to get some eyeballs and interest - Still 10 seats left - If you've ever thought about doing it - no better way to cut the learning process down and get to the fun faster....
  286. gerk

    Puppy Care

    Leaving a pup alone for that many hours - it not a very good thing for the pup... They develop bad habits like chewing, whinning, etc. LAbs are especially people dogs. They want and need to be around someone especially while young... Do yourself a favor and either figure out how to have...
  287. gerk

    Free - Surfishing Seminar

    Quick Reminder to keep the post up - next thursday Feb. 25.....
  288. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    You're right Tommy.... He has a broad knowledge of fishing and brings it all to the table... He doesn't hold back "secrets" but will give honest answers to anyone's questions... And... it's FREE!... Guys - don't miss it. Steve :jig:
  289. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    Bump in the night.... Starting to fill in the seats...
  290. gerk

    Free - Surfishing Seminar

    Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach will be hosting a 'Free' Surfishing seminar - The guest speaker is Berkley's own Bob Hoose... Learn some tips on rigging, reading the water, tides, etc. Also, baits, Berkley Gulp use, and lures will be discussed. :eek: Where: Fisherman's Hardware -...
  291. gerk

    Eating squid

    killem, clean em, soak em, pound em, egg em, bread em, fry em, eat em..... HUNGAWA!!! Mongo like squid!
  292. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    Yep - Bob is always out there on the beach when he's not chasing something else bigger.... He has a fresh perspective on working the beaches.... Steve
  293. gerk

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Nothing better than a sleigh ride in the winter....! congrats - Awesome!!!!! Steve- aka the GERK
  294. gerk

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    Hey Guys / Gals: This Thursday------! Thursday Feburary 25, 2010 @ 6:00pm Bob Hoose From Berkley/ Pure Fishing will be conducting a Free Surf Fishing Seminar. He will explain tackle, baits, rigs, plastics, lures, and other methods to help improve you catch. Also, how about some info on how to...
  295. gerk

    Recommed any white sea bas trips to Catalina?

    Liquid Coast Hwy in Huntington harbor with Capt. Dave Hansen is another great choice... They put together some open party 6 pak specials.... Steve - :jig:
  296. gerk

    my best so far!!!

    Nice - with shotgun it would have been iffy at best at that distance.... Ask the Taxi if you can have the breasts.... good table faire... Steve - aka the GERK
  297. gerk

    Quail hunting with a goose bonus....

    Shawn - actually I was wearing my gortex bibs in the morning and a marsh camo jacket, as was my friend. We shed them as it warmed up. Yep---- they were a bit on the muddy side....
  298. gerk

    Quail hunting with a goose bonus....

    Nope - My pops taught me and my brother all about the outdoors.... took us fishing and hunting starting around 7years old. Back then it was mostly to have us filling in lanes driving pheasants - me and my bro shared an old Stevens single shot 16ga, and had to take turns. Sometimes it was...
  299. gerk

    Quail hunting with a goose bonus....

    Went out in the Antelope Valley early Saturday to try and get a few more quail for the year.... we were milling around near some cut Alfalfa, and low and behold I spied a flock of honker hanging out in a flooded corner... we glassed them for awhile then set up a plan to try and get close...
  300. gerk

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    Ok Bottom line ---- How much did it cost?? These guys lost mucho revenue losing 2 tow trucks, etc. for the night. And the tractor guy was he doing it for free? He must of have been pissed if that was his roadway... At least you guys have a story for the ages....! Next time use a...
  301. gerk

    Berkley Pro-Staff Marlon Meade Seminar

    Capt. G - GERK is a nickname evolved over the years by some close friends - Long Story - but in a nut shell has to do with Ghurkas - (some tough and couragous military guys of yesteryear) and some abilities I developed in my younger days :skullbone while in the military (sorry Marines I was...
  302. gerk

    Berkley Pro-Staff Marlon Meade Seminar

    Hey Guys: :Exploding_Smiley: Tomorrow Thursday is the day: Marlon Meade and Dave Young of Berkley's Pro Staff Team will be conducting a seminar on Trout Fishing, using Mini Jigs, lures, and bait. :profile: The Date is: Thursday January 28th @ 6:00pm At: Fishermans Hardware - Long Beach...
  303. gerk

    Hit the Vine...

    Birdman - we were turned on to them (:madfire: ) a couple of years ago by a guy who uses The larger ones for Browns....! Yep... the elusive ones. We've had pretty good success with them up in the Sierra. they also work good on the rainbows... I stock them in my shop, and Jimmy just got a...
  304. gerk

    Hit the Vine...

    Launced about 7:30am - (give all those in a rush plenty of time...) Set up troll towards West shore - did a couple of laps with Mira shad, firetiger rap, frog needle and Taz... - got first fish while making turnaround near dam - needle fish 1.5 colors moved out towards middle of lake and got...
  305. gerk

    1/14/10 - the 2010 international sportsmen's expo, san mateo, california

    Hey - Where's all the Models????
  306. gerk

    8.5 out of 10 trip

    :repost::hali_blablalba: Hey you knuckle heads!!!!! - this post is 2 years old.....:idiot: :imdumb: Help Jason / Ali - close it please -
  307. gerk

    Trout elude me

    Here's a hint - Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach is having a Seminar on Jan.28. Marlon Meade and Dave young from Berkley will be there to teach and answer questions about how, when, where. Check it out... Steve= aka the GERK. :jig:
  308. gerk

    Candyman swimbait - worth the $$$???

    Did anyone else hookup where you were - sometimes it helps to throw it where the fish are....:profile: The bait has a pretty good action, successfully used it on kelp paddies this last summer. Keep trying and if others are hooking up and you aren't change bait - sometimes fish will only bite...
  309. gerk

    I'm recovering nicely

    Tim= I thought you were a better shot than that....:elephant: At least you didn't ruin any meat.... - hey that two legged beast taste like sea lion or what? pig: too bad you ruined the head mount - That buck had alread shed his puny horns!:nopity: Oh well a good day huntin is better...
  310. gerk

    What knot for 150lb mono?

    Learn how to crimp properly - there isn't a good knot for 150lb test - you can't get the mono to tighten up - may cause cracks and failures.... Even the above info about perfection loops - which I use up to 80lb is a great knot, but not for 150.... IF you're having failures - is it the crimp...
  311. gerk

    What are boat rails stained and polished with?

    If you use the 3M product they have some stuff called 'Jet Speed' - it is used to put layers on the wood before you put the final couple of coats of Varnish. Don't forget, the varnish takes 24=36hrs between coats if the tempeture is 70dgrs. if colder could take a few days - also, make sure...
  312. gerk

    out of norm sighting's

    Long Beach Deck Hand Free gaffs a 60+ YFT at the dock in the harbor.... in March, I saw the fish.... What the hell was it doing in there????
  313. gerk

    What are boat rails stained and polished with?

    There is no stain - just many many manymany----- layers of 'GOOD Marine' Varnish... :nopity: Everyone has their own opinion :argue: of what is Good, but it's not found in Home Depot...:dogpiss: Use your computer or spend time in the boat yards and see what's being applied... Steve - aka...
  314. gerk

    Fellow BD'er makes the Cover of Marlin World online magazine

    Nice Pic -Serg - Wish we would have spoken more the other night at the party. Happy Holidays, Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
  315. gerk

    It's...beautiful.....sniffle sniffle

    Another proud owner of a sleek Italian Hot Rod.....! Too bad theydon't make em in Ferrari Red....!
  316. gerk

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    What I want to know is when is 'Dave' gonna pull some nets.....! I kinow he has to save his strength to keep Kelly happy :Romantic_, but dammmm and he always hoops in deep water....! Good Job Dave - keep the pics coming....! Steve - aka the GERK! :jig::profile::profile:
  317. gerk

    honk honk

    Besides the honking - when they fly over you the amount of wind noise their wings make is incredible too.... hey Tim - any of those pics from this year? Steve - aka the GERK!
  318. gerk


    Sounds like the old west all over - Maybe these characters need to be visited by a few crafty ole military trained snipers.... from this side of the border. Hummm, maybe they can create a new type of guided hunt. :2gunsfiring_v1::Rambo_Throwing_Kniv JMHO - Gerk :skullbone Ooops - what...
  319. gerk

    Capt. Dave giving a seminar...

    Jason; You're very welcome. Dave pretty much will answer any of the questions that many "Sportfish Operators" sort of hold as holy grail info. I plan to have him back in the store in a couple of months to speak again. His insight on the MLPA envirnomental histeria was right on the mark...
  320. gerk

    Pt Loma w/Dave Hanson 12/3

    Hey - Once again Dave showed his experience to others, who will benefit from it for a lifetime - I'm sure the kids will use the knowledge forever. Real quckly - Tomorrow Dec. 10, @ 6:00pm Dave will be at Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach to go over basic and advanced information to help you...
  321. gerk

    Capt. Dave giving a seminar...

    Bump One more time - shamless plug.....:jig::profile:
  322. gerk

    Capt. Dave Hansen - Serminar Dec. 10th

    Hi: :git: Capt. Dave Hansen will be giving a seminar on inshore techniques covering local and island ideas. This will be a forum where you will be able to ask questions on How, when, why, and where to look to continued winter action. He'll also cover some winter Hoop netting for lobster...
  323. gerk

    Help with information why they're trying to close recreational fishing

    Chuck - Thanks for the input.... I hope Brandon uses some of it and shoves it down the teachers throat...! - Unfortunately here in Calif. most of the educators are very leftist and usually won't let opposing views go very far.... Steve
  324. gerk


    any type of 2 stroke motor is ok @ Corona. As 1 leg said - get there early, they open [email protected] 6:00am - sometimes the line starts around 3am - pretty small lake or large pond, but if you're close to it go for it. I prefer Irvine, as it's much bigger. I normally arrive around 7:00 getting there...
  325. gerk

    Capt. Dave giving a seminar...

    Bump - See Calender section of WON for more info... :_hot_:
  326. gerk

    Capt. Dave giving a seminar...

    Still a few seats left - What else ya gonna do on a rainy night....?
  327. gerk

    Capt. Dave giving a seminar...

    Hey Guys; :jig: Capt. Dave Hansen will be at Fishermans Hardware in Long Beach next Thursday Dec. 10, @ 6:00pm to talk about inshore and island techniques for winter fishing. He'll also give some Hoop Netting suggestions to keep gettin em all winter... Drop by and check it out! There will...
  328. gerk

    Rollcall for Oct. 21st Meeting--Let's go get 'em BDers!

    The GERK will be in the house..... :Beat_Them:Beat_Them:Beat_Them Steve :2gunsfiring_v1::Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:Beat_Them
  329. gerk

    Support MLPA Map 2 Petition-Please sign, it takes 10 seconds

    #190 and counting ----- Come on guys - It only takes 1 min.... quit lurking and help! Steve
  330. gerk

    bad luck or plain suck part 3

    Ok already......----- Let's read the conclusion - What happened??? steve :deadhorse
  331. gerk

    Visiting USA (California) - Tackle Shops to visit?

    Another vote for Baja Fish Gear in Lomita. Corner of Narbonne and Lomita Blvds. Great Inventory of Salt Water Gear from Black/ Blue Marlin, Strippeys, Tuna and most other inshore species. They have plenty of clothing too. Also, Very competitive pricing! Check em out - Steve - aka...
  332. gerk

    Troutfest 09

    How about that awesome BBQ they raved about Hummmm..... Let's see: half frozen costco paddy, dried out bun, lettuce/tomato -$.75 Bag of chips - .25 soft drink - .75...
  333. gerk

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    The saltist also has a better shift lever. I have seen several Toriums/Trinnies with broken shift levers - poor design... Also the saltist has a smoother drag system. I've fished them both and lean towards the saltist. Also - the saltist is easier to service, if you ever have to...
  334. gerk

    Local Offshore Fishing

    Davey ------ Good going - now do the voo doo :daman: and keep these fish around til Christmas......! :Zombie_Ro Steve - aka the GERK! :jig:
  335. gerk

    2009 Penn Zane Grey Invitational Marlin Tournament - Day 2 updates

    Go get em Bob and Marilyn ------ :appl::appl::appl: Steve - aka the GERK - KHMC
  336. gerk

    2009 Penn Zane Grey Invitational Marlin Tournament - Day 2 updates

    Nice Updates - Looks like some damn good fishing today in local waters.... ought to ge interesting at the weigh in @ Rosies' - Scrambler and Exta Sea have fish onboard. Looks like a shoot out.... Steve- aka the GERK - KHMC
  337. gerk

    Anyone else fishing TroutFest at Big Bear?

    I'll be there in my Green Submarine! Sea Saw Donnie working it with me.... Steve aka - the GERK! :beerbang::cheers:
  338. gerk

    Surfrider Foundation Highly Supports the MLPA

    I haven't read the fine print of the new areas, but a couple of years ago, F&G approached us out @ SBI. We were anchored about 50yds outside of the closed zone. They looked @ our GPS and theirs and confirmed we were legal. They went on to explain that the closed zone cannot be anchored in...
  339. gerk

    Surfrider Foundation Highly Supports the MLPA

    I was an original member of this organization - I withdrew about 10 years ago, when the mgmt of it became a bunch of "NON-Surfing" tree huggers. I have spoken to a few of them and they don't seem to realize that as an example - up at the Ranch - the closed zone encompases some of the best...
  340. gerk

    PB right of way_Death by freighter

    Remember - The basic rule of the sea: "Tonnage ALWAYS - has Right A Way."! They can't turn, stop, avoid small craft - but when you get run over, you help scrap off barnicals and other growth on their bottom...! Be Safe and give them a wide berth.... Steve - aka the GERK....
  341. gerk

    2 strokes in the Eastern Sierras?

    Absolutely no problem - had my 60horse Johnson up there this spring. Only lakes restricted listed above Tahoe, Diamond Valley, & Skinner. Grant Lake still rents some 2strokes, although most of the fleet there is 4 stroke. go Get Em! steve - aka the GERK :jig:
  342. gerk

    7/25 and 7/26 182,302,upper 9, lower 9

    Damn son - break out some of that ordinance - set one off and they'll float to the surface! Then ya just have to net em.....! :Dynamite: Seriously, try "Very" slow trolling a sardine 100 yds back behind the boat and keep te boat away from the paddy - small green/blue rapala's or Yo zuri's...
  343. gerk

    If you guys were to pick a fishing career?...

    Hey - Did you ever see Rodney Dangerfield in 'Back To School" - watch it - just for the end - as he addressed the graduating class - 'Stay in School' - it's a jungle out there... But, If your heart says fish - you need to begin at the beginning - get yourself a job on a local 1/2 day or 3/4...
  344. gerk

    Kid friendly fishing spots in Mammoth?

    Hey - want some 'Non-stop' action for the kids. Take them to Lake Crowley, rent a boat and go fish the Sacremento perch near the weed beds. They are just starting to come on and it's not uncommon to catch 20-30 per hour. Also, they are the best eating fish you can find up there (IMHO - better...
  345. gerk

    wide open albies to 35 lbs..............

    Hello - This is up in Oregon - not So. Cal.....! It's a little early for them to show up there, could mean a whole lot of ?????? - Hey Tommy - what does the crystal ball say? Steve
  346. gerk

    1 day boat ride

    The Prowler is a solid boat - Buzz has the creditials from waaaayyyy toooo mannnny years out on these waters! He went west for some reason - he probably got intel from his sources. He's generally on the spot --- if not will go the extra mile and burn the fuel to put fish on the boat. See...
  347. gerk

    2 day on Sea Adventure 80 - scratchy!

    Got back last nite from the 976 2 day on the Sea Adventure 80. 1st day started off looking like we were gonna get em. Couple of early jig strikes and a bait fish looked promising. The day went long and hard and just 1 or 2 fish per stop. 2 Yellows on a stop at a paddy. we were in an area...
  348. gerk

    how does the pacific queen rate

    Been fishing this rig for over 30 years. Never been skunked on it Very fishy. The latest skipper (Bill C.) has many years of Long Range and Local sportfishing experience. He works hard to put you on fish and will go the extra mile. I have to say he had big shoes to fill with Brian and...
  349. gerk

    NRA Memberships

    been a member for 45years (except 2years out for the ARMY) Steve aka- the GERK! Ex-member 1st Bat. 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard)
  350. gerk

    Morena carp

    Hey - putting scent on a piece of sponge is not a "FLY" - BUT ... how do ya say pretty cool catching carp on a long stick with "artifical bait" Just hope you didn't release it - put them on the bank for the racoons and vultures to prey upon... Have fun enjoy the outings.... Steve - aka...
  351. gerk

    Update On Scanned WSB Heads

    Thanks for sharing Tim - The program works and everyone who participates is helping to promote positive conservation efforts for the industry and the general fishing fraternity.:appl::appl: Thanks, Steve - aka the GERK!:notworthy
  352. gerk

    tow services

    ---------> SEA TOW <------- Better Boats - Better Customer to Boat Ratio - Means faster response...! Plenty of boats in all of the major harbors!
  353. gerk

    Day at the Docks Apology

    Hey Tommy - was the poopies caused by eating the 'smoked Sea Lion'? It looked a little stale - tasted just like venison... the GERK! :shithappens::Poop_and_Run: :deadhorse
  354. gerk

    Twin Lakes in Mammoth

    Great input - I'm gettin all hyped up - not so much for opening day / crowds, but we fish the whole first week and after the weekend warriors are gone, the lakes are wide open... Just remember to put quarters in the machine which keeps the wind away...! :beerbang::puff: Steve - AKA the...
  355. gerk

    Eastern Sierra Fishing Opener

    What's the word over @ the June lake loop???? Are Gull and silver Ice Free yet? Is the road open all the way around past Grant? Thanks steve - aka the GERK
  356. gerk


    Hope all the best for Norris - While he's recovering I wonder what the chances that Ole Donny B - will take the boat for a spin for old times sake????? Nah ---- Just a passing thought!!!! Steve
  357. gerk

    surface iron brands

    OK - Here's the deal... When they build the Candy bars back inthe day... They would stamp :smash: the name on the lure after it came out of the mold. Depending upon how hard the guy hit the stamp :fighting0061: with the hammer would create a slight bend in the lure (usually the...
  358. gerk

    score 1 for the fisherman...

    The Hali was dead! - They trimmed the chewed part off... The filets still had the skin on when I saw them and - yes it was delicious....!!!! Did it up Cajun Style - Blackened with some red beans and rice- tossed green salad - and a nice white wine....! Ooops - ate the evidence...
  359. gerk

    score 1 for the fisherman...

    So my buddies were out drifting around for halibut sunday - Things weren't happening in a couple of spots. A couple of moves - still no takers... Then - they spotted some birds diving out beyond them, so they think that maybe some bones were pushing some bait or something... They went out to...
  360. gerk

    MLPA Proposal.....Your worst nightmare

    Thanks Joe - I couldn't attend the meetings and thought that these were some new areas. The portion @ SBI didn't look right, but was probably due to the scale of the map. It would be sensible to make much more of these areas Marine Life Parks which would give access to for the general public...
  361. gerk

    MLPA Proposal.....Your worst nightmare

    Did anyone notice that the guys driving this (UCSB professors) kindly left most of Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa untouched to keep the local commercial interests happy, yet slammed large portions of Catalina, SBI, San Nic (Navy helped here)? You guys need to go to these Regional Stake Holders...
  362. gerk

    Steelhead in Irvine -fact or fiction...?

    Ok - They published about stocking the lake with the steelies.... - In the past they were some good hard fighting jumpin scrappy fish. What happened??? If they were put in - has anyone caught any??? I haven't fished it since the MLK weekend, and the fish were put in after that... Anyone fish...
  363. gerk

    Niagara River Steelhead in the Slush!

    Awesome - and to think you net em and their on instantly on ice.... looks just a bit cold for us So. CAL guys... The GERK
  364. gerk

    Remington 870

    I bought an 870 in 1970 and have shot everything with it over the years. From Dove to Geese - I wore the extractor out and had to have it replaced - other than that, the gun has never once failed to perform (Hummm if I could only straighten out the 'Bent' barrel - I might be able to hit...
  365. gerk

    nebraska tailwalkers

    Duh - let's see - Nebraska - Known for growin a bit of CORN!!!! Try the corn flavored offerings.... - try throwin some lures which give off some vibration - much more fun that watching your pole sit in its holder.... : farmer : THe GERK
  366. gerk

    Dezzert Lake Preserve

    must be good flor-all carbon line - it's invisible great photo shoot - good action!
  367. gerk

    Howa Rifles

    My 1500 in .223 - with just a little trigger work is a tack driver.... Out ofthe box the trigger had some creep to it and was a little strong (4lbs+) took a little time to balance out but now @ 2lbs with no creep shoot sub 1/2" moa with most factory ammo... - although shooting skills need to...
  368. gerk

    Junior Waterfowl Hunt Success...

    Your son will cherish this weekend the rest of his life. Great Job - and keep him active inthe sport. Hope his shoulder is ok! Steve - aka the GERK
  369. gerk

    Nice Duck/Goose/Fish paintings

    Damn Kennie - you can draw and spell.... Very impressive! When do you get to the 1st grade?barf The GERK :frehya2:
  370. gerk

    Well? Did ducks get shot?

    The Blue Bird weather didn't help, but got 3 Mallards on Sat. Also lost one -pulled a Houdini on us. ON Sun. got 1 mallard had another pull a Houdini on my buddy. Don't know if they dived down and hung on to something, or flew out without being seen, but my dog couldn't scent them or find em...
  371. gerk

    Gun Registration bill has been introduced

    That's sort of what happened in Austraila - First you register, then they confiscate - Total Communistic bullshit -:confused: The crime rate has sky rocketed down under ever since. Sluester - Besides the NRA - the Calif. Rifle / Pistol association is where I send my extra pennies to - They keep...
  372. gerk

    over under hinge pin lube?

    That's fine - Breakfree works well also..... I spray some on a rag and wipe the threads on the chokes - Also do it to the ones not in the gun - prevents rust/corroison. Just don't over tighten them suckers - they only need to be slightly tighter than hand tight - :beerbang: Go shoot...
  373. gerk

    Fishin for Big Bulls!

    They must have got it on the troll.... - Definitely not a catch and release - Gaff that sucker and fillet it out....! OH yea and leave at least a 1" square patch on the meat....! Steve
  374. gerk

    Looking for furriers

    The problem with desert Yotes is the quality of the furr - they don't grow the most desirable pelts - as their northern counterparts. Might not be worth going through the processes.... as for the meat - great coyote bait...! Or bob cat! or ... Condor!
  375. gerk

    excursion diesel

    Great Vehicle - only weak point is the tranny's - Put a bigger external oilcooler and Temp gauge as mentioned above - the Ford Trannys' are notorius for running hot and ruining the fluid which leads to breakdowns... Won't happen unless you're towing up and down grades - good luck and keep her...
  376. gerk

    What is your favorite duck?

    One that gets close enough for my Benelli thunderstick to bark at.... :Death_To_Above: Actually - Teal, Mallard, Pintails, Wigeon, cook up good. And a good Grain Fed Canada properly prepared is fantastic..... Spoonies - I've tried several ways, brining, marinating, etc. - They are about as...
  377. gerk

    Trailer tire recommendation

    You might want to check the alignment of your axle on the trailer. While the engineers out there will have you make a bunch of measurements, following behind your trailer on a straight road and see if it is wandering or 'crabbing' to one side or the other. Besides getting the tires to last...
  378. gerk

    .308 Question

    Take a good look at the HOWA's too. They are made in the same factory as the Weatherby Vanguards, by the same employees. Same action and materials. Only difference is the price and stock material. The HOWA will cost a couple hundred $ less... I have one in .223 and after some very minor...
  379. gerk

    First Bite Of 2009 A Good One...

    HOw do you keep the rubber hooks from bending????? That's a toad - takes a bit of skill to land em on 4lb.... Good Job! Steve - aka- the GERK :appl::appl::lux:
  380. gerk

    Got Poison Oak? Get Tecnu Extreme!

    REI - Sells the stuff at their stores or online - I've used it over the last 15 years whenever necessary - It's GREAT!!!!! Steve -the GERK! OH yea - We need to spread this on the Chargers and Padres - Maybe they'll go away too! Born and Raised Dodger FAn forever!
  381. gerk

    Launching at Irvine Lake

    Devin - Cove hopper Al is full of it.... There are only a couple of lakes which "DON'T" allow 2 stokes - Around here it's Diamond Valley and Skinner - The Vine welcomes 2 strokes - always has.... Only Problem @ the Vine is the 5MPH speed limit... Also you need to be able to troll @ less...
  382. gerk

    My new 1895 Marlin CB45-70....Malfunction!!

    I agree with Okie Man - My dad gave me a Model 94 30/30 for my 30th birthday (27years ago.) I've put numerous rounds through it (pigs, deer, rabbits, coyotes) and it has never malfunctioned. My pops has the whole collection in the original calibers, and while he doesn't fire them - they are...
  383. gerk

    Limits at the Vine. Thanks Big Steve

    Hey Southbend Shawn - at least he wasn't taking advice from a 'Little Green Midget' - You domer lovers - go back ! The GERK! :frehya2: :rofl:
  384. gerk

    LMV Trout Cronicles Episodes 3 & 4: Timing is Everything

    You're right on.... my post was to the characters who just want to go out and load up on fish - don't care about or can't figure out how - just want limits....! The hatchery fish usually take a couple of days to aclimitize to a new envirnoment - When they are fresh - a bright vibrating...
  385. gerk

    LMV Trout Cronicles Episodes 3 & 4: Timing is Everything

    Come on guys - We're talking about stocked pond fish - Go figure it out for yourself....:frehya2: It's not rocket science! Make your own best guess and go for it! :rofl::idiot::Singin_In:idiot: The GERK! :hali_blablalba:
  386. gerk

    Really Nice German Short Hair Pointer, Female 3months old at Animal Shelter

    looks like a great dog.... Someone has to be missing it. It's had it dew claws removed and has some great coloring..... Whew I only wish I had a bigger yard....!
  387. gerk

    My pup got a workout this morning...

    Nice Job! That's a good day in anyone's book.... How old is the pup? :appl::appl::Death_To_Above: Were you guys on a club or ??? Kinda nice to be able to get quality shoots in when it's not cold....! Steve - aka the 'GERK'
  388. gerk

    From pounding Euro's to getting ground by a beef.

    Hey did you think about shooting a round off up in air to spook the dumb beast? Or at least make him dance a little :cow: :puff: :shithappens: Otherwise next time take a cattle prod and shock his ass....! They respond real good to them.... Glad you friend wasn't seriously injured -...
  389. gerk

    Regs on how close you can shoot near railroad tracks

    That tree huggin Bitch... She needs to read the reg's. Good job not intimating her, I had a similar problem several years ago up near gorman. We were Quail hunting in National forest and a woman forester shows up and tells us that we can't have weapons in the national forest, as it is a...
  390. gerk

    eastern sierra

    This all happened in 1 day?????? Sorry, but at this juncture IMO have to say Bull [email protected]$T! That's a lot of driving and fishing time to get in at this time of year....! The GERK! :profile:LOL
  391. gerk

    rifle guys, rut report?

    Nate: You hit the nail on the head.... A large majority of hunters don't spend the time scouting and setting up... They don't have the time or skill set as other hunters in other states. It's not as much of a "religous annual event" It's often just a spur of the moment go out and shoot...
  392. gerk

    Eastern Sierra Waterfowl- help

    :Death_To_Above:Try the back side of Grant lake... Have scored Geese there in the past - could be tough this year, as the water is really low. In the past they seem to hole up back in Rattlesnake cove - Ya got to be "Really good" to sneak close enough for a shot....! Steve - aka THe GERK...
  393. gerk

    25.06 vs .270

    How about protecting the investment - Buy him a fire proof safe, if he is rebuilding at the same location???? Other wise the 25.06 would be a good little shooter and loaded with the right bullet can be lethal.... Steve
  394. gerk


    Thanks Birdman - Won't make the opener - Going out to chase Quail around the desert, but will be working the water soon.... Steve
  395. gerk


    How's the lake level??? Is the water up near the regular ramp? Can shore guys drive to the West shore? Water Clarity? steve - aka the GERK :profile: :Singin_In
  396. gerk

    Death by internet, make it a double.

    Hey fuck head - how many flies, ants cock roaches and other gods creatures have you killed just be rid them....? OH because they're small little pests they don't count? since your in the crab position - hope somebody steps on ya.... just for kicks! so now you can ply all of that wonderful...
  397. gerk

    The duckcutter is ready!

    :Death_To_Above:Hey Mig: I was going to ask about the special spot for Madison... You forgot to give her a peep hole to watch from .... STeve - aka the GERK! ps- this will be awesome @ Mendota....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  398. gerk

    100' away from getting my solo marlin 9-25-08

    Good Job trying.... I don't think a camera would have helped. Unless you have a 3rd arm holding it... driving da boat, pulling on carp - You captured the images in you brain and that's where it really counts. It all has to be Perfect to solo one in those conditions....! Good Luck next time...
  399. gerk

    181 / 209 YFT searched long&hard

    At the Chevron in the morning.... Tankin up.... The bait was the best I've seen in months...! Perfect - had only a couple die all day. Steve
  400. gerk

    181 / 209 YFT searched long&hard

    Long day on the water - Went out w/Cujo and a couple of Bros. launched @ 5am in Dana Pt. Awesome bait! Perfect 4-6" dines. Left harbor and was happy to have good Radar. The fog lifted at about 7mi and it was flat clam set out for a spot just inside and so of the 181. Got there and...
  401. gerk


    Uh - what color Zeke's is your favorite @ Santee? How do you put it on a circle hook??? All Kidding aside - your info has been well received on this board, we appreciate your input. So If you were limited to 60mi one way tomorrow which way would you point and go? Looks like were gonna have...
  402. gerk

    Report: 2-Day from Relentless

    Joel always seems to know where to go.... Hope you guys caught enough fish for the chummers.... Steve - aka the GERK
  403. gerk

    My tuna caught tuna!

    forget all the gimmicks - (ringed hooks) - standard circle or good ole J hooks work just fine. Keep in mind the hook makers are always looking to sell more hooks - they market new stuff just to keep you buying....! Just like razor blades - how many blades does a razor need - some of them have...
  404. gerk

    Mixed opener

    Went to our usual spot for the opener - somebody must have let the cat out of the bag - Never saw so many people there in over 20 years of hunting this spot - Central valley - southern portion. Damnn..... Anyhow, a cold front pushed in and the birds didn't want to fly. Had to move to backup...
  405. gerk


    Gotta be a fish "Story" without the pic's - he probably dreamed it up....! while rocking in his slip....:frehya2::hali_ruahahaha::nopity::profile: The GERK
  406. gerk

    Marlin Fishing 8/2-8/3 - 267

    Good Work Warren - and hopefully the ice didn't melt before the Nice release......:beerbang: Now as to this video - Looks like it's going to be a really good season this year. The temp breaks and currents are setting up real good....! Steve - KHMC The GERK! :appl::appl:
  407. gerk

    Local Sandies--lures--what type?

    Don't forget the old standard - lime green w/ flakes Scampi..... They still work and will catch as many fish as a Wham (Not to slam the Whams they're great too), but... Also the Kalin Magombo in Root Beer w/flake get em too....! Any of the plastics work, if presented properly...
  408. gerk

    Marlin, YFT, Albacore, Dorado, Limits of good weather 3/31

    :devil:Nice work - 2 carp in 1 day --- Great job releasing too!! Which B/P lure was it???? Steve- Aka- The GERK :beerbang::beerbang::appl::appl::appl::lux:
  409. gerk

    Relentless Overnite Trip Monday 07/21/08

    Nice report. Joel is imho the best skipper out there . He works hard toget the fish, keep the humor light out on deck, and will hook more fish than there are people on the boat. Yea I've seen him in action many times over the years... Just don't farm one in front of him - he'll tease you...
  410. gerk

    Mt. Whitney Hatchery Disaster....!

    :appl::appl::appl:Scott: You might try calling the Lone Pine charmber of Commerce. I can't remember the name of the tackle shop in Lone Pine, but they would probably know too. Thanks for steppin up.... Steve aka- the GERK :appl::appl::lux:
  411. gerk

    Mt. Whitney Hatchery Disaster....!

    Correct. Just below Mt. Whitney...
  412. gerk

    Mt. Whitney Hatchery Disaster....!

    Hey Guys I was just sent an Email about the Mud Slide Saturday which engulfed and destroyed a large portion of the Mt Whitney Hatchery. The hatchery in existance since 1918 is the second oldest in the state. All of the broodstock was lost and 20% of the hatchery ponds are under mud and...
  413. gerk

    No more YT skunk!! 182 and 181 on 7-6

    Hey Ethan - you ought to try timing your tanks fill time - Sh/be about 5-8min. Or..... try putting less bait in it (too fast - causes the little devils to swim too hard to keep up; too slow =not enought fresh water), packed too tight they try to be like the canned varieties... Or, does the...
  414. gerk

    What is the date today?

    Geez - You're frigging retired.....! -- Chill OUT! :Exploding_Smiley: Go during the week! :food-smil It's early in the season and the knuckle heads don't have the knowhow to be courteous or approach schools or paddy's . It happens every year. Steve - aka- the GERK :zelfmoord
  415. gerk

    Avalon Charters?

    Afishinados is the way to go.... John Lives most of the year in Avalon and keeps up with where the fish are especially the marlin.... Nice guy too... You'll learn a lot if you go out with him.... Steve - aka the GERK
  416. gerk


    Ok TUTTLE - from SF ..... The fishery has been managed closely for years, previously the collections we not generally done during spawning season. Also, the head recovery effort by the landings and tackle shops help greatly and have provided valuable information within the community. United...
  417. gerk


    Do they have to kill fish during the breeding season???? I think not! Also, Besides CSUN, and UCSB, and USC; How many other nstitutions under the guise of "Research" have to kill fish to teach students what we already know????? Leave the fishery alone!!!! The GERK!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  418. gerk

    Low memory fishing line for kids spinning reel?

    Sometimes the lure or bait spins while being retrieved, creating twists in the line too. When the retrieve is almost back, try having him leave 10-12' hanging. Hold the rod tip up high and let the lure/bait untwist. This will help. Also, when putting new line on the spool, a machine used...
  419. gerk

    My bad

    :beerbang:Guys- How bout some Seal Jerky ???? Gerk
  420. gerk

    Setting up a new collection of worms

    So what Color ranges? I've got the Tequilla Sunrise, Aaron Martin's Castaic color, Black, and some red/org w/ flake senko's - Any particular Color that works well around our part of the state? Thanks,
  421. gerk

    Setting up a new collection of worms

    Hey Guys I'm reorganizing the collection of plastic worms used for Bass fishing. I have a pretty broad collection, but only ever seem to use about 3 or 4. If you had 4 selections to have in your box for So. Cal Lakes what would you select? Robo's, Senko's, Yamamoto's, ? 4" 5", 6", or 7" -...
  422. gerk

    Need feedback on shopping for guns

    Check out the Springfield Arms XD series... palm safety prevents AD's - as is the case with the Glocks when being returned to their holster - There have been several instances where the trigger somehow (murphy is always lurking and trying...) hangs up on the flap/strap and whamma jamma - - -...
  423. gerk

    humbolt cackler season opens the 23rd

    Hey Mig - That's a great pic of you and Dave - Call me - I know a couple of guys up there who can put you on one - If you can get that Benelli to shoot straight....! - just kidding.! STeve - aka The GERK :frehya2::Death_To_Above::2gunsfiring_v1:
  424. gerk

    Cibola Waterfowl Slam

    That truck sure looks Ducky....! Great Job.... :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::appl::appl::appl::appl::lux: Steve - AKA- The GERK
  425. gerk

    Need some help for my kids...

    Pheasant season closed in Dec..... Unless you go to one of the clubs which plant them. Good Luck, Steve (aka- the GERK)
  426. gerk

    Fished the Vine Sat. 12/15

    Hey Saluki - WE worked the west shore pretty good - only saw a couple of fish caught here and there all day - We anchored in a few different places and pitch in towards the beach, also I drifted crawler/ white/chart combo as we pitched mini's and other lures, which is where I hooked the one...
  427. gerk

    Fished the Vine Sat. 12/15

    Hey Lost pliers - graduated from the Lagoon years ago. Keep trying and maybe you'll get to try the big lake sometime..... ' ps- Mini jigs didn't work on the big lake either - 1 tuber I know there tried all day for 1 fish and he works it pretty hard.
  428. gerk

    Fished the Vine Sat. 12/15

    Went over and thought my self and bud would slay a few fish and make some money in the tourney..... ! - What a bust....:banned: In line B4 5am - on the water by 6:10 - trolled most of the day changing lures, speed, depth, every 10-15min. Pulled the blades/crawler combo, leadcore with needles...
  429. gerk

    Ducks from up north

    Damn - New pup and a banded bird in 1 day.... ! Great....:Death_To_Above::appl::appl::appl::appl: As for the rust.... WD40 is ok - but use a plastic type scrubber like for a teflon pan. Much less abrasive than steel wool. The scrubber will knock the surface specks off without messing...
  430. gerk

    Got this 4X4 buck just down the street

    Let us know how it tastes.... Can't waste such a fine speciman.... :hali_ruahahaha::appl::appl::_hot_:
  431. gerk

    Deer hunting on Catalina Island

    Call the Catalina Island Conservancy - They have been booking depredation hunts for the last 3 months- 2 days guided $100.00 - does only! - If your meat hunting the deer are small for the most part, but the meat is delicious... You can take 2 deer if you have the tags. I'm not sure if there...
  432. gerk

    Cibola Goose Limits

    Great Job- Nice way to break in the SBEII... Were you shooting heavy shot (2's maybe) in 3.5" or 3"? I have an SBE and wonder if the recoil is very different... I love mine and have shot thousands of rounds through it with little if any problems. They take a lickin and keep on tickin...
  433. gerk

    Hunting in South Texas

    Yea - heard that before - the Coot stew is a killer -:_diarrhea_: anyone who eats it will surely die... if they can swallow it! AAAAhhhhhh!:hali_blablalba: Steve - aka The GERK
  434. gerk

    Can a righty get some help?

    As crabby mentioned above, the size depends on the depth. Usually 7.75oz or 9oz pretty much covers most. Williams makes some which have 'Glow' material on them, which the Ling cods on the left coast really seem to like. The other thing about Williams jigs is the cost. They come rigged for...
  435. gerk


    Yea Mig..... Fill that freezer....! :appl::appl::appl::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::urno1::cheers:Yea Steve - aka the Gerk
  436. gerk

    Chasing Quail -Antelope Valley

    Went with 2 buds and our dogs Sat. for a day of chasing quail. Went to our regular spots and didn't even get into the first covey til 11:00. Busted 3 coveys for the day. All covey's were small - 10 birds or less. We ended up with 4 birds for the day - pretty slim pickens ! Lot's of...
  437. gerk

    Bishop Tule Elk Hunt

    Congrats - Pretty lucky getting the that tag.... How many points did you have before being drawn...? :worship::cheers: Steve - aka the GERK
  438. gerk

    Favorite choke for waterfowl

    I have a Benelli SBE and use the Pattern Master Extended. I normally shoot 1st and 2nd shot 3" fast steel #2's followed by a 3.5" heavy shot #4. I got this choke on the advice of a buddy who has ben through all of the chokes avail, and settled on this. (saved me mucho $'s). On the geese it's...
  439. gerk

    Make-A-Wish 54.9 Blue Fin

    Where's the Sashimi???? Awesome score - That fish is double the size of last years winner. Congrats.... STeve :urno1:
  440. gerk

    kern refuge loaded with ducks

    Hey Mig - The GERK says QUACK>>> Who's your daddy??? :rofl::2gunsfiring_v1: :worthless: ps- Go get em Bro!!!!!!
  441. gerk

    returned from a 2 day hunt @ Catalina

    Saw a couple of bucks off long range (excess of 200yds) - nothing outstanding. Got within 15ft of a buff, but buffs are protected on the island. If you kill one you have to replace it, plus the fine.... ! A couple of the guys in our party are bow hunters, but the guides and the converancy...
  442. gerk

    returned from a 2 day hunt @ Catalina

    No - most of my parties deer were taken over near Ben Weston a couple of miles up the canyon.... Steve
  443. gerk

    returned from a 2 day hunt @ Catalina

    One of my customers is a guide at the island. The hunt only cost $100.00 Yep 1Cnote.... Unfortunately it's completely filled and the waiting list is about 30 deep. Yes I took the Long beach express over, I had my rifles packed in an airline approved luggage. We had to board last, the deck...
  444. gerk

    returned from a 2 day hunt @ Catalina

    Due to the drought and the fire earlier this year, The converancy put together a special 'Depredation' hunt to cule the population. Pretty much a full guided hunt package, except that only does were available to harvest. They are pretty smallish and very undernourished. I filled my 2 tags...
  445. gerk


    So Tommy - order us up some good paddy fishing after the weekend.... It's long over due.....! :picknose: What does the crystal ball say....? It's been sporatic all season... Steve
  446. gerk

    8/24...Cortez Bank loaded with Toads...

    All I have to say is " Where's the Bloody Deck" Hope you got some pic's of Jim pulling on fish. He has been pretty excited to finally get time on the water on this boat. It is really a sweet ride. Steve (aka- the GERK) :urno1:
  447. gerk

    181,182,43 top of fly -no love

    Short Version: Left Oceanside with mediocore scoops of lazy deens at Odark thirty. ran out towards the 181 just before the hi-spot found a nice break with paddys and mammals working. Dropped the jigs and worked the restof the day for SQUAT....! zig-zagged almost to the top of the fly Awesome...
  448. gerk

    Late report 7/25 182

    Nice Boat.....! - I think you kinda Understated that... If it's the Gambler of Marlin tourney fame - it's more like AWESOME......!!!!!!! stated at the end of the post... The guys who own/run it are first class.:urno1: Glad you got a chance to fish it. STeve (aka - the GERK)
  449. gerk

    Just when you thought that thing couldn't get any worst.

    By the way - Brockman still owns the Freelance and most of the landing, along with the Squid-a-lot and other boats around the area.... The guy needs to spend some time on the water and check on his businesses more. :finger: :finger: :finger:
  450. gerk

    Just got back From June Loop

    Yea - it was a pleasure meeting you. and yes I used that teaser up in Lee Vining Creek. I had forgotten all about it and was using another teaser, but lost it. I was going through my vest and then remembered that I put the one from you in my change pocket of my levi's. Had to pull the waders...
  451. gerk

    trout opener

    Hey ole 1fish - How's it going? I saw the guys at the Berkley tent 'Big Steve' and Marlin M and Kristi around Noon time - Would have like to see you again - it's been a few years since that chance encounter @ the Crowley ramp. We'll be back up sooner or later.... :cool: Steve - AkA The Gerk
  452. gerk

    Just got back From June Loop

    Opener was pretty good. Fished Grant, myself and partner C&R'd about 30 fish. I kept a 4.5lb Rainbow and a 3lb 10oz caught trolling. The 4.5 held most of the day for the JP, until late in the day a guy brought in a 5+ to take the JP. The guy who caught the 7lb 6oz Brown on a...
  453. gerk

    sierra opener

    Our gang will once again hold court @ Grant lake. Don't know which lake we'll fish on opening morning, as Grant doesn't have any "Tagged" fish in, as Doug the guy that holds the concession is TOO Cheap to participate. So we'll probably fish either Gull, Silver, or if we get up early enough run...
  454. gerk

    Lab pup wanted

    TRy 4 Paws Kennels in Paseo Robles. Chuck Breslin has been raising Field Trail and duck dogs for over 30 years. He's had some national champs out of his kennel. I got a great Choclate about 5 yrs ago, and she is smarter than shit. (sometimes too smart for my own good). His number is...
  455. gerk

    What Boots do you wear?

    I've got a set of the Danner's for the desert. When it gets cold, or serious mountain work, I have a pair of Irish Setters. Both pairs have the extra toe guard protectors and are comfortable after miles of walking....!
  456. gerk

    Hog Hunting in Central California

    Nice Hogs..... It's unfortunate the various guide services have put the price of pig hunting out of the common mans means. The property owners have complained about the destruction, but want a minimum of $300 to give you the opportunity to help them. I am aware of their liability, their...
  457. gerk

    Antelope Valley still has tons of Quail

    I appreciate the concern, but did change out the lead for the heavy shot. I also pick up my hulls, so if approached by DFG, I can show the expended "legal" fowl loads. But it's good you post that, as not all guys/gals are tuned in to the fine points.... Go get em....! Steve
  458. gerk

    Antelope Valley still has tons of Quail

    Went out with my buddy and drove around various areas off 138 in the Antelope Valley. Still coveys around, but they are getting smarter. We got a few in the morning, but it was tough and cold. At one point while working an area near the aquaduct, this Peach orchard pond had ducks in the...
  459. gerk

    Salton Sea 11/15/06

    Good Shoot - Death_To_ How did you get all drakes on the teal? They come in so fast it's hard to pick em out not much less drop em....:appl: :appl: gunz Now it they would only make teal the size of mallards.....! This next week with the wife out of town, I 've got a hall pass - but may go...
  460. gerk

    San Pedro Bait Note

    According to reports in the paper and local tackle shops. The Disney Co. put the squeeze on them. They wanted them moved so they could film sequences in the basin. The owners of the receivers wanted enough money to cover lost revenue. Instead, Disney got the harbor dept. involved, who found...
  461. gerk

    Wister Dec. 9th and 10th

    Made the run down there with some of my bros. NO reservations. got 23rd pick in the wait line. Hunted W11c1 for the morning. Saw lots of birds, but they all seemed to be heading somewhere else. Me and my partner got a couple of teal and spoonies each. The guys in the next pond over W11c5...
  462. gerk

    SMB still has bugs

    Kinda funny not getting any in the Eclispe nets. Hummmm. One of my customers had 2 in his spread of 10 the other night and got most of his in the eclispe's. go figure! The only problem I've found with mine was that 1 night on 2 different pulls there were larger sized bugs on the outside of...
  463. gerk

    Fall 2006 Hoodad Shogun trip

    David: Great collections of pic's - :appl: :appl: The large variety on fall trips make them very appealing. Thanks again for the Seminar at my store.:lux: Steve - aka 'The GERK'
  464. gerk

    Is this Bullshit or what?

    Definitely have them fight it....! no exceptions! As many of the above posts state - they weren't being transported, they were prepared for consumption. Often times a DFG agent will site if he thinks he can get away with it, meaning that the address on the license is far from the area he's in...
  465. gerk

    Long Range Trip Planning Seminar

    :High_Five This Informative Seminar is happening Tomorrow Evening (Thursday Nov. 9th 2006) Read ON; :lux: Have signed up for a trip and get the list from the boat which shows about 25grand worth of equipment you don't have? Have you thought about it, and wonder what you shoould take to go...
  466. gerk

    D19 got me a nice forkie

    :appl: :appl: :appl: Death_To_ Congrats - What did you shoot him with? How far? Before you decide on a bow - you might want to go shoot a few. There's a shop in Fountain Valley not far from the 405 fwy. I was there once several years ago and they are knowledgeable and have an indoor...
  467. gerk

    Wyoming antelope trip

    :Rambo_Thr Any kill over 500 yds is very very Special - Great Shot! You must have spent some serious time with that weapon to understand its' performance out that far....! Steve (aka- the Gerk) :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  468. gerk

    Avalon Billfish Classic

    True Gentlemen / sportsman to give up the prize to Pbod's family. Good Karma to all on the crew! It's not about the money It's the thought. :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: Steve (aka- the Gerk)
  469. gerk

    proud to be a member of the fleet 619

    Another Believer that Joel is skipper to be with..... He not only can find em - you should see the guy throw iron....! He's my choice whenever I venture out on a party boat....! Great job on the pic's.... Steve (aka- The GERK) gunz :spammer: :deadhorse
  470. gerk

    Marlin 8/19

    :notworthy GREat JOb - Nice that you released him to give someone else a thrill someday. :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: Steve (aka-the GERK_
  471. gerk

    YO YO YO and yellow's too out of Dana

    Hooked up with my fishin partner CUJO on the CUJO special brought a buddy and his dad for a foursome to go out and slay some.... Left Dana about 5;00am with a few scoops of med / avg dines. went out and made some macks to round out the tanks. Noticed everyone heading either towards the 277 or...
  472. gerk

    Long Boat Ride - -

    Got back last night. Left CAbrillo Friday afternoon. had half scoop of mixed Sardines/macks. Went to Catalina. Milled around in the evening on the back side looking for some action - no love. mixed swell/wind/current wouldn't settle in - went over to east side for some comfort sleep. Got...
  473. gerk

    Srange Waters...By Relentless007

    Joel is always in the know- He's IMO the best and absolutely the funnest skipper in the whole San Diego Fleet....:notworthy And the guy can fish too. If you ever get a chance to fish with him or on his boat DO IT...!:finger: Steve - aka- THe Gerk
  474. gerk

    huntington flats 7/8

    The Nets are banned inside of 3mi of the coast. There was an amendment to that pushing them out to 8miles several years ago, but there has been an ongoing court battle brought on by the commercial interests which has frozen the amendment. Last I heard they (commercial interests) had won the...
  475. gerk

    6/30/06 302 371 No Pics

    Thanks for releasing the Mako.....! :notworthy Let them grow to be big enough to eat the Sea Dogs.... Steve (aka - the Gerk)
  476. gerk

    16.9lb. Brown on Sunday....

    I second the motion - which lake? A/C usually hits the Bridgeport area. I've seen him upthere on numerous occasions. Steve - was this lure a production one or one of Allans' special custom ones? Was this a multiple of 10+lber's for you? Did you make the Brown Baggers? Inquiring minds need...
  477. gerk

    Life Jackets for us Big guys. Any out there?

    Boater's Worlds carry life jackets up to 4X in various colors and makes. That's where I got my 3X. Steve- aka 'The Gerk'
  478. gerk

    June Lake Loop Opener and thensome

    Just got back - fished the opener with a couple of buddies on June lake -attempted to make some money catching tagged fish. Was not to be.. Lots of 1-3lb rainbows for the taking. Anything with gold, red, or orange got bit. I drug a 7" AC Plug for nothing on the leadcore. Spent the rest of...
  479. gerk

    From the bridge of the Sapphire Princess

    Hey Congrats Bro - Didn't quite understand today when you stopped by for a minute - sorry I was tied up at the time....! So - the big question - - - Does she fish? Have a good one - stop by anytime.... Steve - aka -'The Gerk'
  480. gerk

    Need help identifying a duck

    They only thing they're good for is they make a great mount..... They probably taste worse than shit - but I wouldn't know.... Steve
  481. gerk

    2006 hunts and a tip for the guys

    I would like to join the party if possible - I have never been on this part of the board before, but love to hunt and fish. I haven't shot a pig in quite a few years and my weatherby is chompin at the bit to punch a hole in one. As always Safety is first and foremost! Steve (aka-the Gerk)
  482. gerk

    Pyramid Lake 12/7/05

    Got a tip that the trout plant was set for Wednesday so I called a buddy to go out and throw the big baits for strippers. Got there about 7:15am there were only about 5 boats on the lake for the day. We cruised the lake looking for birds/boils most of the morning. The stocking truck showed up...
  483. gerk

    11-17-05 SARL a Bang! Bang! 28lb. Lloyd day/pics

    Isn't it funny that these mutated fish always seem to be caught on Bill Andrews' "special bait" - Bill also has a major interest in the Mt Lassen Fish hatchery along with Santa Ana River Lakes and Corona Lakes..... Hummmm! :cow: something smells fishy here....! When they plant record fish they...
  484. gerk

    Heading to Cat 11-3

    Donz Rig and Squid alot are set up just east of Avalon - Look for the Green lights on top of the boats - squeeze em to get a real scoop.... ours was weak today ! Hope you get em! Steve - aka The 'Gerk'
  485. gerk

    CAT Is. 11/02/05

    Short version: Launched Cabrillo ran to east end Donz Rig had the candy. Weak scoop for $60bucks.... Ran back to Salsa Verde where the fleet was slow trolled through - No love anywhere - People are pulling anchor and scattering - It's not even 7:00am yet.... hummmm...! Got the inside scoop...
  486. gerk

    Oceanside this Friday 8/19/05

    Hey- read my post from yesterday in the offshore section.....! 1. Bad red tide in the harbor and out about 5miles. 2. Bait is being stored outside of the harbor. 3. No love offshore....! 4. the party boats were working south yesterday. 5. go to Mission bay and launch @ Dana Landing. better...
  487. gerk

    Long Boat Ride -Dana pt.

    Yea X Ol Gal is looking pretty good these days mechanically speaking.... New heat exchangers, charging system, hoses, etc. Next project is to rework the bunk system on the trailer. This floating thing is getting old. I've got the putting it on and off wired, but... He put electric brakes...
  488. gerk

    Long Boat Ride -Dana pt.

    Launched at Dana with Cujo. Got a couple generous scoops from the receiver. Headed out to the 209. On the way out see a spotter plane working cruise the area and see a couple plank boats working the area, but no activity. Moved on and found a Supertanker planted on the 209, offloading to a...
  489. gerk

    Relentless charter 8/13

    Sorry about the poor showing. If I've learned anything about fishing the boats in San Diego for over 30 years... The skippers work hard to fill their boat. Joel is my favorite skipper in the whole fleet... and I've fished with them all! He works that boat hard and will go the extra...
  490. gerk

    Sandies in SM Bay

    No - He was going about 25-30knots and by the time anyone thought of a picture he was out of range.... Turns out that the next day someone got an 800+ and won the tourney. Tommy got the Sat. JP monies, etc. but someone else got all the glory this time.
  491. gerk

    Sandies in SM Bay

    Went out on a club trip last night on the R&R (Old Sea Spray)- fished the twin roads area in about 100ft of water. The bite was sporatic as the fish seemed to be on the move. They were up shallow then down deep. I think the dogs kept them from a full on bite. We still managed a couple...
  492. gerk

    Cal 2 speed conversions on Int'l 50?

    convert it and also have him change the bearings and blue print it - the reel will spin great and will be able to fish heavy drag without any problems - the TLD's can't fish enough drag without losing freespool and have too much plastic in and around them to be considered a "Big Game Reel". Go...
  493. gerk

    Albie #'s

    It seems to me that since he got the information from someone else for free, he doesn't really "own" the information, and therefore can't "Copyright it". If he wants to have a "Pay for info" site more power to him, and people who want to save gas and go straight to the bite can pay him for his...
  494. gerk

    Grant Lake Trip

    Got Back Saturday (sorry for the late post- had to work). Lake was low, but rising about 3-4" per day. Weather was pretty cold only 2 days of short sleeved shirts. Got rained on, sleeted on, snowed on - burrrr some of the low temps were in the teens at night. As to the fishing: The rainbows...
  495. gerk

    Grant Lake pictures 4/24/05

    Ok - Got these forwarded from a friend who took them last Sunday. Lots of snow, still ice. They shoveled out around the store, but the docks and launch area are high and covered still with snow. Still a fair amount of Ice also. Dress warm..... Steve ( aka- the gerk)
  496. gerk

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    geez what have I started? AS for Chicago ites - my fishing partner is from there - the first year I took him up there he only brought a long sleeved shirt - Froze his ass off! And he says the cold doesn't affect him... Good thing I brought up spare cold weather stuff... We fish no matter what...
  497. gerk

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    If you've been to upper Twin (Bridgeport), have you ever hiked up and looked at the broodstock pond above the campgrounds? There are some monster Browns in there, it's fenced, private and no fishing allowed, but We've thrown some nightcrawlers there and got a feeding frenzy going in there a...
  498. gerk

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    Just a quickie for those few souls who read this forum. As of this afternoon my favorite lake 'Grant' will not be operating on opening weekend. They received over a foot of snow in the last couple of days and still have over 6' in the campground. Also the road around the loop is still buried...
  499. gerk

    Irvine Lake on 12/1/04

    Sorry for the late reply, but.... work...! Anyhow, took a friend that swears there's no fish in that lake...! he's been skunked everytime out... I told him no problem, I'll put you on some fish. We started the day around 7:00am, launched my boat and began to troll the west shore, I had 2...
  500. gerk


    The 'uni to uni' knot is fine for light connections between spectra and mono (use twice as many turns on the spectra side as the mono). Over 40 lbs, make a bimini twist with the spectra, then use it to make an albright knot over the mono. As for using the uni to connect to a hook - forget it...
  501. gerk


    Was there any talk of the Browns in spawn mode? This is a magical time of year up there. sometimes the weather can be much colder.... Thanks for the pics. Now you really got me worked up to make a quick trip for a last shot at a Big Brown..... Steve - aka-the gerk
  502. gerk

    Need sugggestions for a 6-pack or charter

    Don't forget to check out Bongo's - Joe runs a top notch fleet. You didn't say where you want to depart from ? Joe is in Newport- He regularily runs to San Clemente to fish the YT's. Steve on the Sherrita is a great boat also, but only takes 4, and is in San Diego. I have fished with both...
  503. gerk

    Catalina area

    Watch out for the Raio fish - More than one inexperienced PB'r has chased em for hours for nada... Try to establish contact with someone before you go. Here is a good place to see who's going and when. Check the other sections of this board. Also watch the tempeture breaks out there. The...