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  1. spearbodj

    Farming Yellowtail at Ancapa and chasing Marlin.

    Appreciate the detailed report!
  2. spearbodj

    Fuel tank for a 20 Skipjack?

    Id recommend going with IMCO in San Dimas. My 65 gal tank was 900$ and they did a great job on my tank for my skippy.
  3. spearbodj

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    Thanks for that. Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the reply.
  4. spearbodj

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    I appreciate you’re concern but you should be more than quite sure before making a PSA about fishing in a no-take zone. Please see the attached image for the outline of said MPA.
  5. spearbodj

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    I’ve tried making macs around the west end breakwall near the casino and have only come up whitefish and smelt. Can anyone provide any more insight as to where to look for them?
  6. spearbodj

    Smelt for YT?

    Thanks for the replies I guess I'll take what I can get
  7. spearbodj

    Smelt for YT?

    If I cant find any mackerel are smelt any good for yt? I don't have any experience with them as bait, any thoughts?
  8. spearbodj

    For Sale Penn 555, Diawa Sealine 40

    $60 each shipped.
  9. spearbodj

    For Sale 25 skipjack fisherman pilothouse

    Which bravo outdrive? What kind of range can you get on that tank?
  10. spearbodj


    Does anyone ever decarb their 4 stroke I/Os? I feel like i've heard of people having issues with oil seals and gaskets linking afterwords? Does anyone think it would be beneficial to do this on my AQ225d volvo?
  11. spearbodj

    Boat Stuffs.

    Where are you located?
  12. spearbodj

    Los Coronados 411

    Has anyone had a bad experience with the Navy anchoring overnight?
  13. spearbodj

    Fishing Coranados

    I just got off the phone with the representative and he was very helpful. To fish the Coronados all you need is the FMM, passports, and mexican license. You only need the TIP if you go into port. Here is the number: 619-233-4324
  14. spearbodj

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

    i PM'd him, hooked me up with some good info.
  15. spearbodj

    Pilot house cost estimate

    I bought it nov 2015. I think the guy who owned it before me had it for basically the summer. He was pretty green, didn't know much about it. How long did you own it for?
  16. spearbodj

    Pilot house cost estimate

    Here's a few pictures of my rig. If I decided to build the pilot house I would sell the top to offset some of the funds. I'm fine with vinyl, it's cost effective but not as durable. Doing the sides of the vinyl enclosure seem straight forward but the front is throwing me a bit...would i run it...
  17. spearbodj

    Pilot house cost estimate

    This really makes me think twice. I guess all projects sound easier in your head. My alternative was to purchase a roll of clear vinyl and make an enclosure out of that...
  18. spearbodj

    Pilot house cost estimate

    I have a Skipjack 20 open that I'd like to put a pilot house on and I'm looking for how much others spent doing it themselves. From what I've seen window are pretty pricey, around $200 each and marine grade plywood is $50 a sheet, fiberglass and resin aren't cheap guessing $300? Probably run...
  19. spearbodj

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

    Thats looking good. I've been tossing around the idea of putting a pilot house on my 20 open. Can you share how you adhered the new wood to the hull? I'm having trouble conceptualizing it..
  20. spearbodj

    Cutting out fish hold for fuel tank

    Good thoughts, thanks guys.
  21. spearbodj

    Cutting out fish hold for fuel tank

    I cant remember what kind of room I have in there since I pulled the floor up last year. I'll have to think about that, thanks.
  22. spearbodj

    Cutting out fish hold for fuel tank

    My 1984 skipjack 20 open has a useless in floor fish hold, it doesn't hold ice for an hour so I was thinking about cutting it out, leaving the lid, and putting in a second fuel tank. Has anyone done this? How much room is down there? Any pictures or advice would be helpful.
  23. spearbodj

    Navigating Through Kelp Patties

    Agreed, as a spearo it's our/my responsibility to know the location/environment and aclimate accordingly. Floats are good and I try to use them when diving yt but if I don't, I know the risk I'm running and make sure I post up a dive flag which should (lol) let people know that it's the law to...
  24. spearbodj

    Navigating Through Kelp Patties

    Please be careful driving through kelp beds as there are frequently freedivers spearfishing in there. Nobody should be ripping through the bed as it is not conducive to fishing nor is it safe. Even on the outside of the bed exercise caution and give it a wide berth. It is also up to the divers...
  25. spearbodj

    Shimano Trinidad TN20 with upgrades for sale

    How didn't the handle get damaged?
  26. spearbodj

    Pompanette Angler Specialties Outriggers- 16'

    Sorry, I fixed the images. I'm in Simi Valley.
  27. spearbodj

    Pompanette Angler Specialties Outriggers- 16'

    Have a set I'm looking to unload. They aren't in amazing condition by any means but there are no cracks and are perfectly functional. Only need some clips and you're ready to go. Side plates available if needed. SOLD
  28. spearbodj

    Terez Waxwing for yellowtail

    I'm looking at picking up at TZSW72MH for my wife to use her go to rod for throwing light jigs (waxwing included) but for live bait for yellows as well. Does this rod fir the bill? I was told it might be too light for yellows... How does the waxwing rod differ from the regular terez? From...
  29. spearbodj

    Simms Gore Tex Stockingfoot waders

    Size XL. These were given to me and are not my size. Looks like it's in decent shape, no visible holes. Retails for $200 I'll ship them to you for $100.
  30. spearbodj

    Boat loan

    Second that on Lightstream. Almost thought it was too good to be true.
  31. spearbodj

    Preferred Tackle Storage

    Some good info here guys thanks. I don't have a whole lot of room in my cockpit/deck so I imagine I would throw it on my seat, so a smaller profile would be better so it doesn't fall over when a swell rolls through. I've got some good options in front of me though,that's for sure. The nomad is nice.
  32. spearbodj

    Preferred Tackle Storage

    Well it would mostly go on my boat (skipjack 20) but I want something I can throw on my buddies boat and not take up too much space. I'd have different trays for jigs depending upon species, one for weights, and one for hooks. The later two would probably always stay in the bag. I'd rather carry...
  33. spearbodj

    Preferred Tackle Storage

    Hey guys. I'm looking to update my tackle storage. What do you guys like? I'm thinking about the Shimano Blackmoon. I like the idea of exchanging the trays, which all soft bags offer, but also that is a backpack rather than a strap to throw over your shoulder. I'd like to hear what you guys...
  34. spearbodj

    If you are looking for a Shamrock

    I know a guy who sea trailed this boat before it was sold recently and it was said the boat would not get past 2k rpm and didn't want to inherit issues so he passed...take it for what it's worth.
  35. spearbodj

    Getting the electrical out of the bilge

    Thanks for the replies. It seems like a lot of cable. I plan on rewiring the boat and using marine grade wire and connections, which is something the previous owners never thought about.
  36. spearbodj

    Getting the electrical out of the bilge

    I have a 1984 Skipjack 20 open and the batteries and a lot of the electrical are in the bilge area. I 'd like to relocate them out of there but I don't have any good ideas of where to move them. Any suggestions?
  37. spearbodj

    Santa Cruz 9/3-9/5

    Thats really nice sonar, that quality looks good! Is that due to an upgraded transducer or are those C90s that good?
  38. spearbodj

    Redondo Bones?

    We launched out of MDR and fished local since the swell was up and the wife was on board. No love except for all the macs you want, and perfect bait size too. Good luck.
  39. spearbodj

    Redondo Bones?

    Hey guys I might be takin the wife out this weekend and want to get her on something that fights. We'll be fishing local around mdr to PV and was wondering if anyone had any luck with the bonito out that way. Thanks in advance!
  40. spearbodj

    Why use a vsr?

    Cool thanks for confirming it.
  41. spearbodj

    Why use a vsr?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at my wiring on a newly acquired boat and it needs some loving. In looking into the best way to set up the perko switch and a lot of people like to use a voltage relay sensor to charge both batteries when running on one, so you don't have to switch all the time. My question...
  42. spearbodj

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    I'm thankful there are still people out there that will keep their word and have integrity. I had 2 boats sold out from underneath me and just about had the boat I bought sold out from under me. Its hard to find honest people who don't just care about themselves.
  43. spearbodj

    Chirp vs downvu

    Yea that's impressive. I'll look into it for sure.
  44. spearbodj

    FS: gone

    These are spoken for..thanks guys.
  45. spearbodj

    FS: gone

    Simi Valley 93065
  46. spearbodj

    FS: gone

  47. spearbodj

    Chirp vs downvu

    I figured the side scan would be helpful for that. Unfortunately it's out of the price range this time unit.
  48. spearbodj

    Chirp vs downvu

    Cool that does help. I kinda like the downvu better. I spearfish a lot so structure is sometimes more important than actually locating the individual fish. Thanks a lot.
  49. spearbodj

    Chirp vs downvu

    im looking to outfit my boat with a new combo unit and am debating between the lowrance elite 7 chirp and Garmin echomap 74dv. I like the maps (which are preloaded with their g2 maps) and functionality of the Garmin but am worried that it is outdated in terms of processor updating and what not...
  50. spearbodj

    Where to mount transducer

    Do you mind sharing where you got that deal from?
  51. spearbodj

    SOLD 1985 Holiday 18 Center Console $5000

    What kind of fuel economy do you see at cruise? How far will a tank take you?
  52. spearbodj

    Looking for a skipjack

    Nice boat! I'm taking a hiatus from the search, a few things came up. Hopefully I'll be back in the market around December/January
  53. spearbodj

    Is your Cabo still for sale? Did the motors get swapped?

    Is your Cabo still for sale? Did the motors get swapped?
  54. spearbodj

    Looking for a skipjack

    I am, and that is a beautiful ride but out of my price range unfortunately. Priced well too. Thanks for posting though.
  55. spearbodj

    1997 22' hydrasports ocean cc

    Very interested, I left a VM at the attached number. Eric
  56. spearbodj

    Volvo aqd140

    Okay, thanks so much I definitely appreciate your advice. I was apprehensive about old diesels.
  57. spearbodj

    Volvo aqd140

    I believe it is, I'm probably butchering the model. Thanks guys appreciate the input.
  58. spearbodj

    Volvo aqd140

    Thanks ill check em out
  59. spearbodj

    Volvo aqd140

    edit: it's an aqd40a- any input on this engine? Has just under 1000 hours.
  60. spearbodj

    Looking for a skipjack

    Yes please send pics. I sent you a PM
  61. spearbodj

    Looking for a skipjack

    I'm gonna try and stay away from omc drives, but thanks
  62. spearbodj

    Looking for a skipjack

    looking to pick up a 24 flybridge preferably with duoprop. Let me know what you have. Will entertain walkarounds or other similar boats. 805 231 4017 Eric
  63. spearbodj

    WTB 19-21 CC

    Bump anything from 18-22
  64. spearbodj

    18' Team Baja Terminator Custom

    What kind of fuel economy do you see at cruise?
  65. spearbodj

    WTB 19-21 CC

    Looking for a center console or small walkaround/cuddy. Let me know what you have. Eric
  66. spearbodj

    1989 Shamrock Openfish

    I want this boat save it for me haha. What kind of fuel economy do you get?
  67. spearbodj

    UW video from Dec. and Jan

    Nothing spectacular? That was epic! I love the halibut smashing the pus!
  68. spearbodj

    More Kayak Halibut

    Well done, you killed it!!
  69. spearbodj

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    I'm not sure why everyone is getting bent out of shape here. Carrasco was just bringing attention to the fact that there are more divers around these days. There are more A-hole h and l guys than there are divers; most of the divers are responsible and respectful. There were no fingers being...
  70. spearbodj

    Infants without eyelids

    Lately there have been several infants, males in particular, that have been born without eyelids. In order to preserve and moisturize their eyes the children need some sort of covering. One cutting-edge surgeon had the idea to use the boys' foreskin as a replacement covering and it worked...
  71. spearbodj

    Pathology Joke

    You might be a redneck if your dermoid cyst has more teeth than you...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  72. spearbodj


    Whoa. Im impressed, thats a great collection! GLWS
  73. spearbodj

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Tipping is bogus... If your salary can't pay the bills, get a loan, go to school and GET A DIFFERENT JOB. If you do your job correctly = collect a pay check Don't do your job correctly = lose your job Go above and beyond your job description = tip
  74. spearbodj

    For those that haven't been to New England

    Glad you guys are enjoying my post! Like I said, the race is an epic dive. I mean you're CRUISIN' when that current takes you. There's even whirl pools that form from large rocks catching the current. Thanks for the tips, have to give those spots a try next time I'm in the water. My buddy...
  75. spearbodj

    For those that haven't been to New England

    I know this isn't a CA fishing report but its winter and I'd figure I'd share with you what the other coast has offered me these past few years. In May of 2011 I moved to Connecticut to start my PA (Pathologists' Assistant) graduate program, and little did I know the amazing fishery I was about...
  76. spearbodj

    Lowrance elite-4 FF/chartplotter

    You have the mark-4 bro
  77. spearbodj

    San Miguel fishing and buggin

    Wow thats a great trip! Thats a nice bony too!!!
  78. spearbodj

    Double Trouble, Seabass video!

    Prick! Now thats good fishing!
  79. spearbodj

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Duke, 4 yo 95#: Bear, 8 months, 55#:
  80. spearbodj

    "Dazed N Confuzed" Santa Cruz 2 day trip 7/6/2012

    Nice job guys, that looks like a great weekend!
  81. spearbodj

    Weekend Weather & 4th of July

    Thanks for that forecast, very nicely done.
  82. spearbodj

    Isn't there something special about head...?

    Nice fish. Don't forget the stones!
  83. spearbodj

    New englander looking to fish the TX gulf

    Bump! John is a great guy to fish with, somebody put him on some fish!
  84. spearbodj

    20ft Radon Restoration

    Awesome build! I'm curious why kind of fuel economy you'll get with that rig... Please post when you get a chance to take her you!
  85. spearbodj

    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    That's an awesome idea! Start a thread of a boaters wall o' shame!
  86. spearbodj

    Got 1!

    Nice work on the fish! That's a tanker cuda!
  87. spearbodj

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    40grit, wow thats a sobering experience. God was truly watching over you and your crew.
  88. spearbodj

    Fri in the bay
  89. spearbodj

    Jet n Cat build

    The first dive trip was successful (6.7.12)! We put our time in the water and didn't see any fish but the boat ran flawless! The little bro's got a nice dive platform!
  90. spearbodj

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    Grundens give new meaning to FISH ON! Grundens will give you a FISH ON!
  91. spearbodj

    Jet n Cat build

    T - one month bro. Get crackin'.
  92. spearbodj

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    Nice fish. I don't doubt it's in the 20# class. A 27" goat is big.
  93. spearbodj

    66lb Costal Tanker

    Great fish, congrats!!
  94. spearbodj

    Rockpile Yellows 4-28-12

    Quality fish, that kids stoked!
  95. spearbodj

    Dont Know

    I'm curious, what are your credentials to be able to speak on this topic? Do you have any education on genetics, molecular bio, biochemistry, physiology?
  96. spearbodj

    Never again will I donate my jackpot for free passes.

    Sorry about your frustration. I almost made that mistake one time, especially since they make you feel sorry for them, but I chose the cash over the trip and I'll do it every day of the week.
  97. spearbodj

    pic of 115lb bat

    Ya thats stupid. You know what they say about those that wear white pants right?
  98. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt "The problem with the MLPA is that the literature used to support the closures is OLD! One of the studies I read was published over 15 years ago! Also, other published articles have no absolute scientific backing, rather "educated guesses"...
  99. spearbodj

    Last week, big cabs while fishing bass

    How dare you compare cabs to sheephead!!! Cabs > sheephead by far
  100. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    Who said anyone is surprised? Yes they won this fight and if we continue to do nothing, which you suggested, then they will have the whole coast sooner than later. Thanks for your enthusiasm :shithappens:
  101. spearbodj

    Here it is

    Instead of saying how upset they were I wish they would have addressed the fact that the the literature that most of the MPA's were ruled upon was not only old material, some over a decade ago, but that the material had no hard scientific facts, rather "educated" guesses.
  102. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    who surfrider? All you have to do is select "wall" on the left side of the page, when you initially get there its being viewed under "Causes"
  103. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    Good point. We don't want the comments removed and want others to know that we have our act together and are not just on a drunken rampage. Thanks for that reminder. Now blow up their page!
  104. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    Thats what I'm talkin about. Give em hell!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  105. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt Ryan let them have it, unloaded with both barrels and disproved their own resources. Keep posting!
  106. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    im on my phone, I will when I get to my laptop. Its tricky, above where you could post a comment, you need to select "all" or "everyone" and you can see other peoples comments.
  107. spearbodj

    surfrider and laguna bluebelt

    If anyone has a facebook, look up their page and blow it up with negative comments. We need to keep demonstrating our anger and disgust with their support of the MLPA. Show your disapproval!
  108. spearbodj

    Spearfishing White Sea Bass

    Nice write-up Joe, I always appreciate what you have to say.
  109. spearbodj

    Dana Point Marine Reserve

    Just to throw it out there it's an SMCA rather than a reserve, where Laguna is a reserve. I believe the reason there is an SMCA-no take zone is because they cannot have a reserve where there is drainage so they made a new category up to suit their needs.
  110. spearbodj

    Don't Go To Hooks Sportfishing!!

    Sorry to hear about that, I've had good experiences with the Coroloma, but they were out of ventura when I fished them.. -1 for hooks..
  111. spearbodj

    yakin malibu?

    cool thanks guys. im debatin hittin up dume or deer creek. but if the viz is good i might have to just go after them with my gun if they dont wanna bite!
  112. spearbodj

    yakin malibu?

    Anyone fishing the kelp off malibu? im goin out monday morin n wanted to see what, if anythin, people are landing.. thanks!