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  1. Wasitrytofish

    Wishful thinking?

    does it seem the water in the channel and down the line, is unseasonably marking a degree or 2 warmer than usual for this time of year? with squid making a showing at the local islands, im anxious to get out there! seems like 60-62 surface temps pushing against the east end of cat are only...
  2. Wasitrytofish

    Purchasing a Boat in the PNW 24’+

    farallon and blow your wad on a 1 ton, 3500 diesel tow rig. too many people (including myself) spend too much time worrying about getting to and from the fishing grounds safely when the true hazards are driving to and from the dock, from your home base. you hit a log at night, one thing. You...
  3. Wasitrytofish

    12/29/19 - SBI rockfish report

    Son convinced me to make a run to Santa Barbra island today. we’ve done freezer fillers the last 3 years in a row, but always on the Toronado. this time we were headed to SBI, not San Nic, and on our own boat. Launched cabrillo at 630am. quick 1/2 scoop of dines to go with our 6lbs of frozen...
  4. Wasitrytofish

    Found hoopnet

    i lost one near Descanso a couple friday’s ago. 99% a seal drug it out to deeper water.
  5. Wasitrytofish

    Yamaha 300hp service needed- looking for recommendations

    i pretty much like every part of her. well, the hat backwards? but that’s about my only complaint.
  6. Wasitrytofish

    Yamaha 300hp service needed- looking for recommendations

    nice soft boat porn. but im thinking spark plugs and fuel filters too. thanks for this.
  7. Wasitrytofish

    Repower to F300 or F250 - estmiated cost

    I am freaking loving my 300 digital. but it’s my first Yamaha and first thing over 225:) not sure if the overall cost difference for 87 or 89 when you are working with 50hp more. my boat isn’t that heavy but getting 2.6 plus all day and we run heavy and about 1/2 tank most the time. but it gets...
  8. Wasitrytofish

    Yamaha 300hp service needed- looking for recommendations

    new boat to me. up for its 100hr service. yamaha 300 i’m looking for some options closer to me if possible. i’m in Monrovia but travel to sun Valley during the week for work. so, ideally around here or there, Monrovia or Sun Valley. any suggestions as i’m rebuilding my network and i haven’t...
  9. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    i was trying to say it’s a bad ass fuckkng floating condo for a bit over 100k, plus about 12-15k a year. obviously all experiences within would be additional but that should go without saying. nice boat for sure
  10. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2007 38’ Mediterranean

    deal for sure. 12k a year for slip, maintenance and bottom cleaning. but truly more useable than a house in Big Bear of the Palm Desert. damn nice setup. GLWS
  11. Wasitrytofish

    SCI east end tuna

    good thing you didn’t need bait
  12. Wasitrytofish

    Old Glory Hole

    you are only as strong as your backup. That’s rough running a business like that. puts the captain and crew in a tough position. but it doesn’t matter, it’s the fishing industry! it will get pushed under the rug and the will be slammed again soon. i like that boat though. have only a couple...
  13. Wasitrytofish

    Garmin 7610 Card

    looking for a card to install with the local banks. i’ve aleays been lucky and bought used loaded systems. need to install something with the local and offshore highspots i see another gent asking for some insight on the Simrad systems. same? Navionics? Looks like Blue Chart are on the menu.
  14. Wasitrytofish

    248 Sea Fox Commander

    248 Sea Fox Commander
  15. Wasitrytofish

    11/17/19- Long Beach Shakedown trip

    Very likely headed out many days over the next 15 days. son home from College, high school baseball boys get a few days down, usually hunting the time but looks like fishing is on the menu. super pumped
  16. Wasitrytofish

    11/17/19- Long Beach Shakedown trip

    Launched Davies 10am West Marine for a couple necessities to keep the mind at ease, in terms of safety. Headed out of the harbor shortly thereafter. First time on the new skiff so we were mostly testing it out. Ocean was a lake, coupe onots of wind. ran inside and exited Long Beach opening and...
  17. Wasitrytofish

    American tuna

    Ralph’s is stocked
  18. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    there are about 8 litttle mister fittings we are all familiar with, mounted into the hard top. pulls from the fresh water holding
  19. Wasitrytofish

    11.12 Catalina Bluefin

    hopefully dmv paperwork clears for me tomorrow. gonna try their Friday! mice work.
  20. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    appreciate all this. thank you, glen
  21. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    thank you. makes sense. 10-12’ off the top of the top seems like it would be a little obnoxious! 8’ seems just right.
  22. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    Yes sir. also has a built in mister deal. there are a few days where this will play well! yeah, i’m stoked on this top. it’s my first center counsel. super pumped to learn it.
  23. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    Loving every bit of this. thank you.
  24. Wasitrytofish

    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    Just took delivery on a 2019 Seafox 248 commander. Single 300 on the back, can’t wait to get it out! Anyhow, came with dual Garmin 7610sxv units. just no radio! So, any suggestions would be awesome. Radio and Antenna obviously and im guessing a 10-12’ antenna? im going to want a Radar dome as...
  25. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    Drew Macdonald- Freaking beast and total bad ass. Highly recommend him. I didn’t get to take the boat delivery as I was stuck in the office but my wife too had nothing but the nicest things to say about him. Highly recommend him. i have his info if anyone needs it.
  26. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 28' Carolina Classic 2002

    she’s an absolute beauty. someone gobble this up. good luck with the move. I imagine better Taxes, BLM land, better hunting, better skies at night. i’m just guessing.
  27. Wasitrytofish

    So cal deer opener D14

    had a few mature died in range on Wednesday. windy as all hell. but it was good times. Bucks are still laying low during daylight hours. i have a mature buck crossing s bluff but it just henry night only. maybe in another week or two. need some real foul weather
  28. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    I’m expecting GPS on Drew and my new skiff. leaving the Carolinas this morning! Drew has been fantastic to work with this far.
  29. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Sky Dex Sea Shocks helm pad

    i may be interested. newer center counsel coming in next week. I will be accessorizing! (is that a word?) thank you, glen
  30. Wasitrytofish


    i will let you know soon. Image gets delivered on a Tuesday!! i hadn’t no choice, it wasn’t already installed.
  31. Wasitrytofish

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    bitchin. supposedly the best meat hands down. congrats
  32. Wasitrytofish

    So cal deer opener D14

    i’m spending 90% of my time up behind Mt Wilson a bit. son dropped a doe last year with his junior rifle draw and we haven’t left the area since. GMR is blown out and burnt out. Azusa Canyon, same. too many bathing, i’m sorry, wading families downing their time up there nowadays. i can’t...
  33. Wasitrytofish

    So cal deer opener D14

    i’m hitting D11 with both bow and rifle. 1 buck and about 20 does this far. no shots fired. made a bad shot on a monster bull in colorado this year for over the counter archery. i’ve passed on a couple 40 yard opportunities with my a31 tag because of this. going to bring something home next...
  34. Wasitrytofish

    Respectable Bluefin - 10-26-19

    looks like 277 and or west of that ridge. congrats. ditto the dad part. that’s why i take my boys! the new boat a coming, next season!!!
  35. Wasitrytofish

    If you need trailer repair in LA/OC

    can’t have enough of these resources. thanks for spreading the love
  36. Wasitrytofish

    WTB Handheld Marine Radio

    i need one for the boat. handheld radio. new or slightly used ideal. but i’m open for ideas. you can text me or email me here. thanks in advance, glen 310-633-1342
  37. Wasitrytofish

    YAY Pegasus!! RESCUE

    Who gives a fuxk. these guys are lucky as hell. it was a Monday. and the guy in th me Binos picked them up. this is a great story that proves anything can happen at any time. and you can never be too prepared. i will bet that the pegasus breakfast burritos and cheeseburgers were absolutely...
  38. Wasitrytofish

    Are fish counts accurate? My experience...

    go fishing because you love to fish or just simply, it gets you away from the pressures of life. 1 hour, 6 hours or a 3 day trip. book it and go. make it a part of your lifestyle. i read the DFG harvest reports on big game in my zones of choice. they are HORRIBLE. i still buy all the tags I...
  39. Wasitrytofish

    Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    make sure every child gets a chance to fish top water bass early on. I grew up on a pond with 6-12lb large mouths. my sons got to fish it as little ones. it’s their favorite fishing wether Salt or Fresh water. there’s nothing like top water explosion regardless of what species of fish...
  40. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 31’ Jersey twin diesel

    more pics more info does it run?
  41. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2008 Mako 1801 Showroom Condition

    good to see it’s now being stored outdoors! good grab for someone here
  42. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    no offense but i haven’t seen a lot of boats list, then see all the fans of the make/year and model, chime in as if they are selling the boat - to see the price increase happen and paid for. when it’s time to sell, sell. as it is is always going to get you a better return, especially on a 20...
  43. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    same i’m about to spend 80k on my purchase I’ve been saving up for the last 2 years. this has me thinking hard to change my plans.
  44. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Camping Trailer

    legit. tempting to buy it just to use 4-5 weekends a year. perfect little crash pad for a small fam. when camping, 80% time spent outside, at the table, the entertainment source or the fire pit. then this gives you all the cooking/refrigeration and storage ability to feed 12! couple beds to...
  45. Wasitrytofish

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    the question is, what kind of mileage do YOU get. usually, lots of HP is only good for hole shots!!! yeah, i’m just jealous
  46. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2016 Thresher 21' CC

    pretty sure the motor is worth 8500$ so the balance of the boat, trailer and gear- $10k? shouldn’t last long. how have you liked your thresher? I was considering one for a while. i’ve gone another direction since but never took a ride. good luck with sale
  47. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Magna BBQ (used)

    right on man! enjoy!
  48. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2017 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge! A must have!

    “every upgrade available” i would hope so for 4 mil plus.
  49. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1981 Wellcraft Sportsman 248

    unless you are not disclosing something, this is a great deal for someone interested in local fishing and maybe some freshwater fishing. you could burn 10k in fuel and maintenance/upgrades and still only be into this boat for the cost of a 115 outboard. someone snatch this up.
  50. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    Update: i’ve connected with Drew. seems like a gent and reasonable for sure. haven’t really priced him out but not sure if I will. i just need to get a trailer if I go with him. i was going to wait on the trailer till i got the boat out here. got some decisions to make asap! thanks again for the...
  51. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2000 13’6” Boston Whaler Alert $7,750

    back in the 80s and early 90s my family fished them sturgeon heavy on the feather river. they would have to release a majority of the catch because they were over the slot limit!!! seems like a good deal on this boat
  52. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    I’ve got September Yuma dove opener. I’ve got Colorado Archery 2 weeks in september. 4 deer tags (between my boys and I) for california Archery and rifle, Quail opener in October. not too mentioned Crawley is going to be off the hook late September. no time for this trip. believe me, I...
  53. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    appreciate this glen
  54. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    appreciate this. glen
  55. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Shipping- Cross Country - Vendor request

    I will very likely be needing a transport service from South Carolina to California. Boat is a 24’ center counsel, single outboard. it may or may not have a trailer included with my purchase. i will need to ship it out here mid October. appreciate any referrals or suggestions. thank you, glen...
  56. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale New Sinks and Like New Tub

    1. Like New Tub. just used for show, slight abrasion from travel (idiot me) $100 (2) New Sinks, never used. in boxes. $50 each i want it gone. glen 320-633-1342
  57. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Vortex binocular adapter

    sent paypal payment this afternoon for one of these. appreciate it.
  58. Wasitrytofish

    H and M Fisherman iii - 08-10 report

    but did he charge the passenger a cleaning fee?!!!
  59. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Vortex binocular adapter

    i want one. 310-633-1342 glen text me details of how to get it. I’m in Monrovia. can you mail it to me? i can go make a deposit in your account or mail you cash/check.
  60. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale ATL 100 Gal Fuel Bladder - Make Offer

    i found this discription on the internet: details 100 Gallon (400 liter) ATL FueLocker Marine Range Extension Fuel Bladder Rugged Mil-Spec Rubberized Fuel Bladder with 2" Fill/Stand Pipe with pressure-relief valve and anti-backflow flap, and 1" Ball Valve Outlet with safety lock. Fill...
  61. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Don Blackman 23’ Fish Machine

    where’s the boat located currently?
  62. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Hunting Pack-Exo Mountain 3500

    change listing to sold please. i’m looking for a pack or 2.
  63. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD (2) kids life vest - Free

    They are gone! thanks Leon and great meeting you last night!
  64. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD (2) kids life vest - Free

    (2) like new West Marine Yourh life vest. 25-29” 50-90lbs type 111 free if picked up. $20 delivered within a 1 mile radius from Monrovia! in all seriousness, happy to provide a couple free vest if someone what’s them. we can meet or whatever. let me know. thanks, glen 310-633-1342
  65. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Promar Hoop Net Kits (3)

    brand new complete. 3 total. $30 takes them all. Monrovia houses. sunvalley and back on the daily. thanks for checking glen 310-633-1342
  66. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Cutting Boards

    all functional and all mounting hardware included. #1- 18” _SOLD #2- 31” $50 for #2 Monrovia based. Between Sun Valley and Monrovia daily. thanks for checking, glen 310-633-1342
  67. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Magna BBQ (used)

    used. normal wear. works perfect. all mounting hardware, bricks and plumbing included. and bag. add gas and go. $40 Monrovia Based. Monrovia to Sun Valley on the daily commute. thanks for checking. glen 310-633-1342
  68. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1972 Safari 28 - Excellent Condition - Rare Family Cruiser

    to the top all. trailerable dependable comfortable affordable to obtain, affordable to slip and run. someone jump on this. god i miss the HH cruises with the kids and their friend. barbecuing and swimming. that twin spins around like a top.
  69. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    find a way to buy the house and keep the boat. trust me, it’s not ever as easy to get it back as you think it will be. nice sled
  70. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1972 Safari 28 - Excellent Condition - Rare Family Cruiser

    100%. i towed it with my Silverado 1500, no problem. but yes, 9k fully loaded with fuel, water, ice and a weekend of supplies. it has the brake package so if you tow at 55mph, golden.
  71. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1972 Safari 28 - Excellent Condition - Rare Family Cruiser

    best boat i ever owned. now it’s truky been given the uplifts it needed, something I just knew I would never get to. guys, if you have any interest, sea trial it. and bring your cash with you. I bought it without a sea trial, after it was sitting for years. best decision I ever made! My kids...
  72. Wasitrytofish

    Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    “Pure Sugar” is what my sons and friends have to say about the Thunderbird. congrats to your great day of catching with your son. i hope his 21st birthday in Vegas is equally rewarding as his first trip on the T Bird
  73. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 77 Skipjack Aluminum Pilothouse

    damn White Boy Rick here the way you move product.
  74. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1994 Grady White Escape 20 - Yamaha 175 - $15K

    just had my sons truck radiator repaired in your town, on his way home from school. never thought this boat would be there!
  75. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Chevy Tahoe 2004 $4250 OBO

    shit, my bad. standby
  76. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2005 Key West 23ft Center Console Yamaha 225

    you should PM him for specials. but he’s listed at 30K
  77. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Chevy Tahoe 2004 $4250 OBO

    Dropped to $4250 OBO as of 5/1/19 2004 chevy tahoe 3rd row seat 160,000 miles in-laws bought it brand new. sold to us with around 70k. 18” rim (from my 2014 silverado)and tires (tires have 5,000 miles on them) at 40,000 miles- new transmission 2018 summer- new water pump and radiator interior...
  78. Wasitrytofish


    thank you
  79. Wasitrytofish

    X9C on Saturday

    Doesn’t sound like it!
  80. Wasitrytofish

    A great hunter passed away......

    born and raised in Northenr California, Grass Valley, likely none of you ever met my father. Turkey hunting fool. mentor to many and participated in the youth hunt programs when I moved out and such. he passed 3 years ago this May. my boys and I hunted turkeys with him the April prior. sick...
  81. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Parker: 2120

    oh yeah, that’s what I meant. so brainwashed by the Yamahas the balance blend. that’s why I asked. i’ve never has the priveledge to own either, let alone run one and then replace it!
  82. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Parker: 2120

    curious on the choice of Suzuki as the new motor? i’m not partial either way. just curious. price? how do they compare? agree, good loooking deal right there.
  83. Wasitrytofish


    i’m in the market for 3-4 packs. doing an over the counter archery Colorado hunt this year. my 2(maybe 3 pending college) boys and I are going. thanks for all the info guys.
  84. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2012 Parker 2120 4 stroke yahama 150, trailer, and extras included

    before you know it you will be renting a 14’ aluminum with a 9.9 on the back, trolling for trout with the kids. and the kids will be stoked as hell. but you will be saying, i wish I could have just kept the parker... never mind, sell it and introduce them to Turkey hunting. my son shot his...
  85. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Volvo Penta KAD43P-A nut & bolt rebuilt engine.

    how much does this engine(or today’s similar) run someone brand new?
  86. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 1988 B W Montauk 17 2007 Honda 75hp 4stroke $9500 firm

    good quality setup, priced right, sells quickly .pretty much every time. nice work. someone got a great little dependable package it seems
  87. Wasitrytofish


    Is this Mike Reapers old boat? aka: Rusty Hook RIP you salty, bad as mofo. introduced me to some bitchin people in this sport fishing world. ok, i feel better! i do wonder though... seems like a pretty aeeet deal though. someone should jump on this. solid ass boat even if 40 years young.
  88. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 23’ cuddy with flybridge 20,000

    i would guess 6000 lbs loaded with ice and fuel. just a guess, but i’m sure it’s close
  89. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Lobster Gear and Kill Bag

    i didn’t save your number. i emailed you threee times, through the night, the night prior to our tentative rendezvous. i made plans to meet you between 5-6am and be back at my house to take my son to his 8am carpool/high school baseball game. when i didn’t hear back, after my 2nd distress...
  90. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale SOLD! 1989 Gregor Seahawk

    what’s the length? 17’?
  91. Wasitrytofish

    WTB Your Hoop nets

    I’ve got some check out my adhere
  92. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 29 Crystaliner - Diesel

    25% of what I never saw a price I hate these kind of posts
  93. Wasitrytofish

    Youth Rifle Combo?

    Savage at big5. 350-450$ for 223 or 308. scoped and ready to go out of the box. seems like a great deal to me.
  94. Wasitrytofish

    New rookie hunter questions

    there are some local over the counter tags available. find out what zones are good for you and check their general season details. don’t expect a lot of deer. but expect good hikes and some peace with mother nature.
  95. Wasitrytofish

    D11 - opener report- no buck sightings

    bitchin! good for him. i saw two just that size back in July. been scarce since.
  96. Wasitrytofish

    D11 - opener report- no buck sightings

    guys, let’s keep it to reporting. assisting. you got it. my son and i have 3 rags left to fill. i can do 20 miles a day in D11. if someone tells me they are there, i would do 30:) but, i’m good just hunting. getting a couple late season tags in Co. my sons going to school there, the network...
  97. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Lobster Gear and Kill Bag

    More hunting than salt water boating these days. making some room for a new safe:) 3- Promar new school nets. used 1 time. fully rigged with bait box, buoy, and rope. $60/each 3- old school nets, used 300 times. rigged but NO BAIT box. $25/each 4- brand new in bag still Promar Pro rigging kits-...
  98. Wasitrytofish

    A life time challenging the wild boar hog

    nice read. very fortunate you are. you ever hunt the pastures and foothills of the north san juaqujn, coastal valley? god damn, what it would be like to have a feeder and a blind. we just had to hope they were there in the am, amongst the cattle. if not, dad would send cousin and I up into the...
  99. Wasitrytofish

    D11 - opener report- no buck sightings

    one of the first in the area. in my spot by 445am, after 45 minutes hike in. lots of wind and showers for the last hour before grey light. some decent movement in the dark turned out to be a good sized black bear appearance just after shooting hour. other than that, no other movement. packed out...
  100. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2004 Almar Sounder, 32' twin Yanmar diesel, twin jets

    you should post your own shit for sale. not the old school auction sites that will drive the costs up for auction type people who may make a living in that world. this board wasn’t meant for auction purchasing. there’s wholesale and there’s retail. then there is grey market sales. this is sort...
  101. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2017 Optimax Twins 33hrs and 3 axle EZ Loader trailer for sale

    seems like a decent deal. maybe some more info on the motors? not sure why size. any pics?
  102. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale *$115,000* 1998 38' Phoenix Convertible - Full Tower, New Generator, Bait Slammer, etc

    yeah, i’ve been shopping (dreaming) for almost 18 months now. this is truly what i want for my family. it’s for comfort combine with major fishing amenities. someone buy this thing!
  103. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Large Rod travel tube case

    i have a Plano 6058 with wheels. 2 trips use in 5 years. would like to get 100$ for it but am flexible. located in Monrovia. work in Sun Valley most days. let me know if interested. 310-633-1342 thanks for considering, glen
  104. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 21ft Glasply Cuddy, 250 Yamaha 4stk 305hrs

    8 gallons per hour not 8 miles per gallon
  105. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 1985 Crystaliner 29, 52K

    congrats please edit as “sold” in the title
  106. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    my buddy rigged a same model boat but a 2002 or 2004. pretty sure 2+ mpg was the norm for the local trip to Cat. that’s the perfect setup. agee about great price. someone pony up and bring her west!
  107. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Parker 2820 Loaded

    Doug, you are becoming the boat ho of San Diego boat sales!:) i’m waiting for Sueno to our his boat up for sale!
  108. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 1985 Blackman Fish Machine Flybridge

    i sold my first “ocean boat” in order to buy my doors and windows on my remodle/addition. you are making the right decision. you will be rewarded with a healthy family and another boat will work it’s way back into your life. in the meantime, just shoot dove, quail, turkey, pugs, deer, rifle and...
  109. Wasitrytofish

    2004 Farallon 2300 Sportsman Volvo D4/210 DPH Loaded! 915hrs

    this is not a speed boat. you can get a 4 stroke or a twin motor grady and fly the waters. this is the 18-20knott, solid, cut throough anything , get there straight type of boat. and when you get home, you are not beat to all hell. my old friend Mikey (rip big buddy) had the 24 enclosed and...
  110. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 25 Boston Whaler Outrage 300hp Yamaha

    it’s been for sale for days on Craigslist next pic will show a bunch of halibut in the deck. sweet skiff edit: 22k
  111. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    looks like around 9-11k for a decent thruster. maybe a bit more.
  112. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    how much is a bow thruster and installation? i’m sorry but i feel this is too good to be true. maybe 20k in upgrades and electronics and other than the very big so cal slip fee, you got a hotel on the water at minimum! somebody do it.
  113. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2000 Pro-Line 30’ Express / Walkaround Fishing Machine

    can you talk a bit more about fuel consumption? maybe last weeks 150 mile trip? looks like a bitchin setup and very fair market deal right here. and still trailerable if that’s your thing. nice post. very similar (in my mind) to a 2002 GW Marlin 30’. except about 20k less with that engine...
  114. Wasitrytofish

    14 mile / 267 8/11

    this is normal. we will score 2-4 weeks of footballs on the ridge and then the wind will blow them off. normal was alboacore and bluefin on the w butterfly. i’m lokely older than you, quite a bit
  115. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 300 Mag ammo

    i have 2 boxes brand new. $25/box. my loss, your gain. bought the wrong shot for my dad’s hand me down fun when he passed. get exact specs tomorrow for anyone interested.
  116. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale Please remove this thread

    more money in that rack of rods in the rod holders. good luck with sale
  117. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 2004 TROPHY cc

    that thing must boogie on flat calm days.
  118. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Malibu Stealth - 12

    steveo77, Always good meeting a new bloody decker. thank you for making the transaction simple as promised enjoy the new Yak
  119. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Malibu Stealth - 12

    pending sale as of 7/30
  120. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Malibu Stealth - 12

    it’s stock. it wild need pump and batteries installed. easy to do. just not in our interest at this time. spent time fishing plastics in the bay. and drifting dead squid.
  121. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD Malibu Stealth - 12

    $300 gets you everything pictured. light use, very light use. not much customization as of now so the boats pretty stock and ready for some upgrades. $300 Pickup Monrovia thanks for looking, glen 310-633-1342
  122. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 21 ft Key Largo w/ 200 hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    what’s the deal with the transom? it that playwood not glassed in?
  123. Wasitrytofish

    Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    On July 12 returning from the West End of Catalina at 3 PM we saw two sea turtles and three mullah mullah 73° water in the channel The weather looked nothing like the background of your grandsons sons pic picture Nice work
  124. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 21 Glass Pro Pilothouse with Twin Honda 4 Strokes! Killer Deal!!!!

    i’m still waiting on videos of the boat running. everyone, i went and check it out last Saturday 6/30/18. good to meet you guys. made the two hour drive. it was all worth my time. it’s a great small boat with some great potential for anyone looking to fish 2 guys and fish hard. lots of space...
  125. Wasitrytofish

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    or how about the cutie holding the tuna? that’s fishing porn gone wild for me gents sorry dad if you are reading this :)
  126. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1986 24’ skipjack 10,500

    i miss all “the boat hanna” reports and stories good luck with the sale
  127. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 18’ outrage $16k

    change post to “SOLD” congrats on the sale
  128. Wasitrytofish

    East Caper Safari 28

    Want to sell it back to me? joke, sort of :) Sending one kid off to college this fall then I’ll be back on the water
  129. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 24' Skipjack open (not mine)

    My bad just realized you posted a craigslist post I’m 99% sure I saw this boat at Crawley unless there’s a similar paints game scheme somewhere out there
  130. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 24' Skipjack open (not mine)

    saw you up at Crawely for the opener. good luck with the sale
  131. Wasitrytofish

    Eastern Sierra Trout Opener 4/28

    fished the opener. slow on the troll fish. our best was a 28” 4lb cut throat. the indicator fishing was hit for about 3 hours late morning on Saturday. we weren’t rigged as we just were mainly trolling on the opener but the guys were doing really well and the bugs were out! sunday, wind came up...
  132. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 1981 Tiara Pursuit 2000 20 foot Cuddy cabin sportfisher

    someone should grab this. fuel it and run it. plug it in at home and then do it all over again. good luck with the sale.
  133. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale 25ft Center console

    so much for the health issues? good luck with the sale
  134. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale wellcraft center console

    year of both the boat and engine please
  135. Wasitrytofish

    Trailer bunk side guides

    passing this to my buddy. he's in the market
  136. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2008 Robalo R240 with Yamaha F350

    i'm jealous somebody got a great deal congrats on the sale
  137. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2004 31' Tiara Open

    thanks for inviting us into your 2nd home:) that thing is a bute! does it come with all your gps numbers?;) good luck with sale
  138. Wasitrytofish

    New Arrival - 2018 Regulator 23

    left you a message at the office. your number isn't complete in the listing above.
  139. Wasitrytofish

    Now that’s a walk around

    for $279k, i would hope so! but i do agree :)
  140. Wasitrytofish

    2008 Glacier Bay 3080 Alaska Edition. In superior condition

    there we go. damn, beautiful boat. seems like s deal is there to be had for the right buyer. good luck with the sale. i'm going on 6 months of being boatless....
  141. Wasitrytofish

    2008 Glacier Bay 3080 Alaska Edition. In superior condition

    pretty sure this was posted by someone a couple weeks back? what were you asking then?
  142. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 2008 Mako 241 Inshore - $21,900

    is that the stock seating for captain and passenger?
  143. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 23’ Mako CC w/ 2007 Yamaha 225

    what size tank is in it and where's the location? what's the model of the hull? i'm interested.
  144. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD 18' Bayrunner 2008 Suzuki 4 Stroke

    The pictures don't seem to be up anymore, i may be interested
  145. Wasitrytofish

    East Caper Safari 28

    right on to that! i made a good decision selling when i did as the gent was the right buyer too. i'm hopeful he's enjoying it now. i put 350 hours on that bad boy in less than 2 years. i had a blast and it had enough comfort items to take the whole family or a good group of kids.
  146. Wasitrytofish

    East Caper Safari 28

    sold mine last summer. buyer took it and did all the much needed upgrades it was due for. i was stoked for him, but most importantly, the boat. your boat gets me fired up about it and reminds me of how bad ass the boat was. nice looking beast. i'm sure it's worthy of every dollar. how about some...
  147. Wasitrytofish

    Pelican Predator 103 with Zieman Trailer-Price Drop

    lower owens slayer. both fish and birds. pretty cool
  148. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance Accessories

    tm- 150 still avail Sonar Hub- still avail Structure scan- Sold text me for more info please. sorry i've been quiet here for a bit. thank you, glen 310-633-1342
  149. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance Accessories

    all items still available
  150. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance Accessories

    Found a Lowrance box in the garage :) Tm150 - like new, full power cord- $100 HD side scan transducer- full get up, good as new- $100 Sonar Hub, Like New complete with power supply $200 always best to call or text. I'm in Monrovia but work in Burbank Sun Valley area for rendezvous options...
  151. Wasitrytofish

    remington ultra mag ammo for sale

    make me an offer. i have 3 boxes of R.e.m. ultra mag. brand new. my gun takes short action ultra mag, no bueno. if you are interested, call me. i will give you exact make and grain. all lead free. i'm on the hunt for short action ultra mag lead free if you can help me there too. thank you glen...
  152. Wasitrytofish


    small poppers and kastmasters work pretty good off the shore. head over to "all about fish maui" they will have everything you need.
  153. Wasitrytofish

    Sold - 1987 32' Blackfin Flybridge Diesel Powered

    his yachtworld listing reports 375hp each. total of 750
  154. Wasitrytofish

    Boston Whaler Outrage 22ft for sale

    bump for KIDS BENT AT THE RAIL and a rad looking boat!
  155. Wasitrytofish

    1972 Marauder 24 Flybridge by Autocoast.

    Just got rid of my 45 year old boat. good luck with the sale. looks seeet
  156. Wasitrytofish

    2017 Ranger Reata 21 FT with Mercury 250 Super Charged

    you should never include pics of the better half when posting for sale. get ready buddy:) good deal though on a bitchin rig for sure.
  157. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Loan

    thank you
  158. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Loan

    all of your responses have been very helpful. working on a boat broker option as of today. key is patience i am learning. and there seems to be more boats than god to choose from. the kids are the ones that are driving me nuts as they keep reading reports. thanks again everyone i will keep...
  159. Wasitrytofish

    248 Sea Fox Commander

    248 Sea Fox Commander
  160. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Loan

    likely purchasing a used boat. i'm looking for a boat loan for about 15-25k. looking to be able to purchase something in the 30-45k range and i have 20k down, 15k down would be the more conservative route. if i borrowed 25k, i would want the 15 year option. half of this, i could do 5-7 years...
  161. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    SOLD! time for another one:) thank you and nice meeting you tofay Will.
  162. Wasitrytofish

    July-Week 2 BoatUS Favorite Fish Report Winner Announced!

    hands down he's one of the best fisherman in southern cal, or just one of the luckiest!!!;) and the fact he makes the time to always report. well deserving we are not worthy
  163. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    first possible buyer coming today at 9am. i cleaned her all up last night and my wife says" don't sell her" here we go again... yeah, it's an awesome boat. thanks for chiming in. best memories made these last couple years when considering the fun my wife kids and all our friends had on it.
  164. Wasitrytofish

    Shamrock CC

    4 cylinder? i blew a couple 4 cyxlinders making the long runs outside. scare the shit out of me now. your boat is legit. good luck
  165. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    $12,500 No Fish finder and no Bait Tank. Tons of extra items on this boat. yeah, I want to sell asap. thank you, glen 310-633-1342
  166. Wasitrytofish

    FS Lexa 400hs, komodo 364 and 471P

    Hi is the Lexa still available?
  167. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina Yellowtail 5.20

    always good to post especially when you have good captains putting you on the fish! good press for them:) i don't post because i just simply, hardly fish anymore:) enjoy the ride with your youngsters. mine now fish without me more than with me:) thanks for the post!
  168. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    hungry but starving to sell. someone could grab a a great boat at a great price. i'm ready to sell. thank you for considering, glen
  169. Wasitrytofish

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    My boys and I really enjoy this boat and crew. Nice work, glad you got a few.
  170. Wasitrytofish

    Skipjack 28 Pilothouse 4 sale

    2mpg at 25 mph? am i reading this correctly?
  171. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    bump for new price $14,500 i'd like to keep my fishfinder. thanks for considering glen 310-633-1342
  172. Wasitrytofish

    Malibu X-factor $650

    12'? seems legit assuming all is functional. what finder you have on there?
  173. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    boat still for sale. i'm ready to move it. all the obvious reasons tbat i don't want want to sell it. the obvious reasons i want to sell it being i just don't have have the time to use it enough. looking to buy the boys a center counsel they can take to the beach any day of the week, on the fly.
  174. Wasitrytofish

    Evan's1st Lobster Trip

    my now 16,14 and 12 year old all wore that same color and style life vest i'm pretty sure. brought back some outstanding first fish memories for me with my boys. thank you for posting and congrats on the catches!
  175. Wasitrytofish

    For sale: transducer for raymarine and charcoal BBQ

    that's a great deal on the barbecue if it's all there. alredy have one, use it almost every trip, our i'd grab thy up.
  176. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Bump its gonna go soon or i'm gonna keep it. think i'll move the bait tank inside, mid deck, and put in an eisenglass.
  177. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    bump for hopefully the first winter storm this Sunday. come on powder. i want to hunt baldy in the snow this year again :)
  178. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    what a great freaking picture you have there. there's for the post. these boats are truly huge small boats. yeah, I am 50/50 on the sell or keep thing. it's worth every penny sitting in my driveway, dry. using it a couple times a month and sometimes a couple times a week in the prime. she's...
  179. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    bump fisherman, over nighters, day cruisers, harbor cruisers: I've done 12 plus people around the harbor for swim days with the kids. I've done weekends at Catalina with wife and three boys. I've done overnights and day trips to cat, Clemente basin and 277, all out of long beach. I don't truly...
  180. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    bump. quail opener is off the hook. ps. one of the largest trailer able boats I could find. main reason I bought it.
  181. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD! 1972 28' Safari Cabin Cruiser

    $12.500-- 28' 1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser twin Chevy 350 270 outdrives fly bridge, cabin cruiser 150 gal fuel tank 50 gallon fresh water holding shower, hot water heater propane stove top hydraulic steering all cusions and Upholstry in phenomenal shape. boat was restored very, very well by...
  182. Wasitrytofish

    Twin 225 outboards $7K must go. Cheap!

    penn valley? grass valley myself. Nevada union class of 94 if you fish and or hunt you know my family or friends up there. Morgan Young? Gary Mitchell (my dad) Derek Holbrook? I grew up hunting double diamond ranch for turkey, deer and pigs. sorry, should have private messaged you. hope these...
  183. Wasitrytofish

    Caught Some Tuna 10/7 DP

    what boat and power package for you go with? how wa your fuel burn yesterday? did you leave full and full at the End of the trip? curious as I'm looking to this line of boats in the near future, if all moons align for me of course;) thanks for your feedback. feel free to message me directly.
  184. Wasitrytofish

    Caught Some Tuna 10/7 DP

    that was the spot last August. same type of fishing. better late than never and congrats on the new boat, jealous of you!
  185. Wasitrytofish

    I can still ride a bike.

    still tagging halibut? nice catch!
  186. Wasitrytofish

    Bought a boat Monday, caught a Marlin Saturday, 10/1

    popped your cherry for reelzzzzz!! congrats
  187. Wasitrytofish

    Boston Whaler Project

    hull length? 14?16?
  188. Wasitrytofish

    Cedros was exceptional!

    turning 40 this November. wifey asking me what I want to do. take my 3 boys and her (chances are she oops put) and invite some fishing buddies. what do you think about mid to late November fishing down there?!got to be good right? any info would be great. totally jealous of this report. ps...
  189. Wasitrytofish

    2015 Arima 21 Sea Ranger Hard Top Fishing Boat, Mercury 115 ELPT

    you guys gonna trial this as the upcoming boat show in the LA harbor? what's the dry weight on this machine as marketed?
  190. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina holding...

    that spot there was holding good fish 4 weeks ago. glad you got some!
  191. Wasitrytofish

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    I would be stoked to just see bait swimming in a bait tank right now. hell, I would be stoked to visit nacho. that's how bad off I am. good luck, keep the late season tuna plans alive for us hoping to get out this Sunday!
  192. Wasitrytofish

    CONDOR 2016 LABOR DAY BF trip

    you should remove the tracking part from your subject. sorry. just saying. great awesome report otherwise.
  193. Wasitrytofish

    Yuma 9-2-16

    headed out tomorrow. 1st of 4 trips planned out here. always a blast. kids hitting the gym, on their iPads relaxing on the sheets. me sipping a coors light. almost our 2nd home. love this place. - Report: knocked them dead on the 2nd on both am and pm hunt. then again on the 3rd, an hunt only...
  194. Wasitrytofish

    Parker doves

    just got to Yuma . gonna go on day two of the opener. easy limits for the locals living here today. thankfully, they have our spot saved for 10 of us tokorrow:)
  195. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    I'm sorry but when I fish I'm not looking for fish, I'm looking for you. because I know the fish fine you! gosh darn, you kill it dude. thanks for posting what seems like always. your success must be backed by year's of experience. nice work.
  196. Wasitrytofish

    Honda 15hp 4 stroke

    I haven't started it. will check the serial number for year. it will run if you know how to handle it. worst case scenario, basic tune up is all it will need.
  197. Wasitrytofish

    Honda 15hp 4 stroke

    came off a sailboat about 5 years ago. was working at the time, owner just repowered. it's a longer shaft for the sailboat application. cleaning out my in laws garage and found it :) $350 OBO? I can get more details if needed. Monrovia pickup. thank you, Glen 310-633-1343
  198. Wasitrytofish

    PV-Way inshore 8-22

    how much gas did you burn?:)
  199. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina 8/25

    bigger ones are down east I would have been stoked for anything other than the San Valley warehouse and pavement. thanks for the report and glad you caught fish
  200. Wasitrytofish

    2002 Sea Pro 190 WA

    that's a great boat. he's very true with all his figures and the type of boat it is. someone will be happy
  201. Wasitrytofish

    Offshore 8/20 - slow!

    I'm ready for my 2 local tags to open mid September. I want to hunt before the whole freaking forest burns down. but first, the dove opener in Az :) thanks for your report
  202. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina 8/20

    every fishing trip to Catalina will always be this successful ;) nice work. gorgeous place to fish and spend a day with family or friends, even better when you catch big game fish! thanks for the report.
  203. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina 8-20-16

    short story- fished the Farnsworth bank with my 16 year old son Gavin and good friend Cito. for 0-2 on big yellows. San Pedro has OK dines zero macs at Nachos or San Pedro water: 71.5 across the channel and clean 72 as we rounded the west end 71 plus all day on the backside and east end. I was...
  204. Wasitrytofish

    Reliable kill bag

    I just bought that model 2 weeks ago. used 3 times. works better than any of my igloos ever have. I think it retails for 240/260 plus tax? good deal for someone. grab it
  205. Wasitrytofish

    Daiwa Lexa 300HS

    sport chalet? i would jump on this for basso but I picked up a couple of these along with a 400 when they were closing shop. I'm actually looking for s 9' jig stick for the 400 of anyone has any offerings. good luck with sale.
  206. Wasitrytofish

    Turn key boat

    what size Honda you going with? and with only 300 hours, why the replacement?
  207. Wasitrytofish

    Sailfish 19.8 Center Console/Yamaha 115 4 stroke-197 HRS/Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer $15000. OBO

    well pitched. sounds like a good all around boat for sure. just returning from the high sierras a week and a half ago, I could appreciate the crawley statement. good luck
  208. Wasitrytofish

    8-13-2016 horse shoe Hun flats- no fish report

    yeah, I thought it would be too far to get up there before the wind would set in, in in hind sight, I should have rolled the dice. thanks for the feedback.
  209. Wasitrytofish

    8-13-2016 horse shoe Hun flats- no fish report

    took my son and a few his buddies (couple of mine too) for a local run today. launched Davies 915 Nachos Sardnies are the bomb right now. highlight of fishing trip :) fished west end of Horshoe for s few short bites on long soaked fly line sardines. trolled near the red buoy for nada. no bait...
  210. Wasitrytofish

    8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    same thing happened to me regarding bait and 40 miles to the 181 a few years back. disappointed that we had a huge lady of yellow tail loaded under and we thought, well, throw in a chunk, it's all we have. the yellow went ballistic and we left the paddy with about a dozen. my wife and 3 boys...
  211. Wasitrytofish

    20' Shamrock Center Console - Keel Drive. $13,750

    what engine does it have? sorry if I missed it somewhere, I checked two times before asking :) looks like a great little skiff
  212. Wasitrytofish

    1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad

    just a couple grand to rebuild no? don't get frustrated. it's part of being s boat owner. if it makes you feel any better, I blew a rod twice in the same year on my old boat :)
  213. Wasitrytofish

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    we couldn't find anything bigger than 7lbs last weekend. kids loved it though!
  214. Wasitrytofish

    2007 Parker 2320 sport cabin

    but this no survey needed
  215. Wasitrytofish

    29' surratt for sale

    boat looks legit. hope it sold for you
  216. Wasitrytofish

    lil halibuts for lil fisherman

    try a 3 way swivel 3' above a heavy enough sinker to keep on the bottom. a 3-5' leader off that three way swivel to a single circle hook, sized to match your bait. even better yet, use a sliding red plastic horn to tie your hook line to. this way the bait can slide up the line of needed. no need...
  217. Wasitrytofish

    Coronado Yellowtail & 30 miles/hour

    that visa application process is so not easy to understanding. and you have to plan how long ahead of time? you SD locals likely have it down but looks like a PITA for this Monrovian :) thanks for the link, very helpful though if I ever did want to make the trip
  218. Wasitrytofish

    8/4-8/5 a Catalina late report

    sorry for the late report. family trip with wife and 3 boys. LB harbor cruise began at 2pm Friday. met some friends at doc and took their family and mine to dinner at Lighthouse.killed it. dropped them off at 1130pm. we tied up and crashes for the night. Oldest and I hit nachos at 445am...
  219. Wasitrytofish

    Rockfishing > Yellowtail

    yummy much larger than the Reds we caught in 180' off the quarry at cat Saturday :)
  220. Wasitrytofish

    2-Day in honor of my Father....

    lost my pops in May of this year. taught me how to fish and hunt like no other. RIP pops! thanks for the report. headed out tomorrow for the weekend with the wife and kids. all above the boarder out of LBeach to Catalina and the local banks.
  221. Wasitrytofish

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    I had the same problem with 800 and 1100. went through 3 in 16 months. switched to tournament series 1600 and have been golden. only problem now is water flow is too high for my 45/50 gallon tank...
  222. Wasitrytofish

    Rubber Ducky goes Long !! 18th Monday

    the "no fish in Oceanside" has been a regular expression on these boards for years. it started I think when them dudes use to catch all them halibut down there.
  223. Wasitrytofish

    WTB paris Volvo alternators (2)

    thanks to the both of you for your input.
  224. Wasitrytofish

    Fri 7/15 BFT off MB

    20lb Blue fin is no baby killing. that is fsntastic any year. unless it was a Bonita ;) nice job
  225. Wasitrytofish

    WTB paris Volvo alternators (2)

    Need a couple of these, or similar, ASAP. here's a pic. there's also an inline ballast that I may want to grab if possible. here's a pic. appreciate any assistance. Glen 310-633-1342
  226. Wasitrytofish

    2015 Arima 21 Sea Ranger Hard Top Fishing Boat, Mercury 115 ELPT

    a brand new machine and trailer for less than 60? how could you go wrong. looks like a great deal to me. hope someone has some balls to surprise their wife with this. I don't
  227. Wasitrytofish

    ****SOLD****: Triumph 150CC Center Console

    love me some Lawson's landing. been going out of there since 1982. love the tractor drop in the bay. good luck with the sale. I grew up in Grass Valley. love to see the NorCal blood on the board. good luck with the sale
  228. Wasitrytofish

    15 Foot Sylvan Fishing/Family Boat

    I miss my old VRO 225. that think killed it and never ever missed a beat looks like a good simple starter boat for someone here.
  229. Wasitrytofish


    Dream boat. My wife thought she wanted one, till she saw the sticker price Next life hopefully
  230. Wasitrytofish

    Monday 6/27 boned out 209, 279

    They are just settling in. 1-2 weeks and shit will be amazing. Thanks for the great report
  231. Wasitrytofish

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    Guys, a gas powered skippy will run you 20k. This is a great boat and engine just broken in. Someone grab her up and head to the 277 next week for a plunker YFT bite. It's a comin!
  232. Wasitrytofish

    Scotty rod holders and bases

    Still avail? Should work for my sons Kayak project yeah? Can you ship if I prepay? Glen
  233. Wasitrytofish

    inboard direct drive mechanic

    I have twin 350 chevys. I'm just tired and don't have time to finish services. inreplaced the water pumps on both engines and thought I would replace the belts while I was at it. Bought the Volvo brand Now having belt skip troubles. May need to service the alternators.. Anyways, Have a long...
  234. Wasitrytofish

    Dan Hernandez Fishing Boat For Sale

    My boat is a 28 foot safari cabin cruiser a few feet shorter and less beam but similar I too have twin 350 Chevy's but I have Volvo 270 outdrives I get at best 1.2 Miles per gallon. I can do 22 knots and get around 1 gallon per mile on this boat. with this much space and this many comfort...
  235. Wasitrytofish

    Chevy Silverado 18" 265 70 tires and rims

    Bump for updated price
  236. Wasitrytofish

    Chevy Silverado 18" 265 70 tires and rims

    Update: Size is 265/65/18 400$?? Came off my 2014 Silverado 35,000 miles. Make me an offer. I'm not sure what either the rim or tire is worth. Monrovia or Burbank pickup. Thanks, Glen 310-633-1342 Adjusted the price to 400$
  237. Wasitrytofish

    272 Sailfish

    Can you send me a link to yours? I have a bud in nor cal looking for something in the 30-40k range. Not assuming yours is this but send it anyways please if you are selling .
  238. Wasitrytofish

    2003 2601 Striper for sale!

    He just told me it is SOLD
  239. Wasitrytofish

    2003 2601 Striper for sale!

    No trailer I assume? I have forwarded this thread to a friend who may be interested. Did it have a single outboard? Dual? Just curious. Looks like a Bitchin opportunity for someone. Sorry saw the trailer comments
  240. Wasitrytofish

    1999 Parker 2520 XLD Deep V With D-Tronic Diesel 561 Hours

    I wasnt trying to be rude. Or disrespectful. Normally I don't chime in. For some reason I felt the need. Glad to hear you are working on advertising and also envious of your business plan, as it relates to sekling fishing boats to fisherman. Good luck to you and I hope you respect my sort of...
  241. Wasitrytofish

    1999 Parker 2520 XLD Deep V With D-Tronic Diesel 561 Hours

    I think there are rules against being a commercial dealer and posting on this site.forgive me if I'm wrong I just thought I saw this boat for sale by a dealer somewhere recently. Otherwise, I've never heard of a d tronic diesel
  242. Wasitrytofish

    13 ft gregor aluminum v haul for sale

    Can you text me some pics please? I'm interested. Thank you. Glen 310-633-1342 Also, where you located? Thanks in advance
  243. Wasitrytofish

    Just got it and illness forces sale...

    I have found with my twin gasser, it's always about 1 Mile per gallon at the end of the trip. But what I've found more valuable/pleasurable about my twin gasser is that you can get up and go or just do 12 knots and always have a drink in your hand. The slower you go, the more you drink. The...
  244. Wasitrytofish

    Mako 293 with twin hondas (look at pics added at bottom)

    Pics working well for me on iPhone Nice rig. I'm half tempted. Let me put my new water pumps in today and get my boat running before thinking about anything! Good luck with the sale
  245. Wasitrytofish

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Just looking bat at this post. Stoked you all responded. I had a great season. Did 140 hours in 8 months. Lots of local bank runs, a few overnights/ weekend at Catalina. Learned a lot. Still learning how to run this thing :) Yeah. About 1mpg the way I drive :)
  246. Wasitrytofish

    Jabsco water pumps needed

    Thank you El Jefe. Due to my inability to nail down the exact engine model as I cant find a number on it anywhere, I am not for sure what model to buy yet but I think I have it figured out. Thanks again. glen
  247. Wasitrytofish

    WTT for 24ft offshore boat

    are you willing to sell the trailer and not trade? More pics of trailer? The craigslist ad does not seem to work for me
  248. Wasitrytofish

    Jabsco water pumps needed

    Thanks for your input Will. I took it into a little shop in Burbank today near my office. He took it apart to only find the bearings all shot and shit all inside. Its shot. He says new pumps all together. Headed to Mavericks? in Van Nuys tomorrow to get a couple new pumps on order, hopefully...
  249. Wasitrytofish

    Jabsco water pumps needed

    Just took this off the motor yesterday. I am thinking I would like to replace them both. Water has been leaking the past few months and spreading some salt water on the motors. No Bueno, I know. Rebuild them? But new? Any direction would be great and much appreciated. No part number but thy...
  250. Wasitrytofish

    Jabsco water pumps needed

    Just took this off the motor yesterday. I am thinking I would like to replace them both. Water has been leaking the past few months and spreading some salt water on the motors. No Bueno, I know. Rebuild them? But new? Any direction would be great and much appreciated. No part number but thy...
  251. Wasitrytofish

    Chirp vs downvu

    I have only installed the chirp for my hds9. Now I am fired up to install the side scan and more. Bitchin pics and insight. Thank you.
  252. Wasitrytofish

    Electric Tech Needed (mobile preferred but not totally necessary)

    My boats at my house in Monrovia, Ca. I want to just get my electronics dialed in. Most of which is wired and I just need trouble shooting as to why its not working. then I have a minimal wish list of things as upgrades. Wired and Needs Troubleshooting: Windlass On Board Charger...
  253. Wasitrytofish


    What is the max hp?
  254. Wasitrytofish

    Finally drew G6

    Fuxk yeah. You are a gamer! Congrats!!
  255. Wasitrytofish

    Lings and Lobster 11-14-15

    30 knots at night? Great catches. Thanks for the report.
  256. Wasitrytofish

    Long Beach/ Pt Feemin 11-15-15

    took the Window of weather opportunity and hit the water Sunday at 7am.great dines(and a couple good smiles) from Nacho. Headed up the line to the pt fermin Buoy. I think that's it's name but the kelp in front of the light house. Anyho, drifted and chumbed some baits on top and the bottom for...
  257. Wasitrytofish

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    I decided to blow right past the horshoe, buoy area after a down day Friday. Darn! Nice work. We fished a couple likes north of pt fermin. Found a stone in about 180ft and stuck 6 big grumps and a few nice rockfish in a couple hours fishing.
  258. Wasitrytofish

    11-13-15 long Beach

    11am-3pm. Fished green bouoy down to the double rig. Most of the life I saw was inside the green bouoy. Otherwise, pretty scarce. Fished the nice large dines from Nacho. Strip squid on the bottom. Chummed all that jazz. Only one bonito on the silver and chrome jig. Just a bonito , a duck and a...
  259. Wasitrytofish

    2003 Wellcraft 250 coastal walkaround

    6-7 miles per gallon? Extremely efficient
  260. Wasitrytofish

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Mine is dual 270 out drives. I just take it easy on her. Turns and maneuvers so well. Mines in my driveway as well. That's the boys' work space when they need their fishing fix, without fishing :)
  261. Wasitrytofish

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    I have a 28' Safari Cruiser. NOT A PHEONIX 27' like this guy is offering. Mine has a couple Chevy small blocks with just 250 hours on them (i bought it with 130 last January.) Still learning my boat but I find it similar to this boat. Being its a gasser, I have learned the motors inside and...
  262. Wasitrytofish

    Anyone have a report for the 14 and Avalon bank maybe Catalina ??

    Around the west end of catalin, about 20 miles. About 50-60 is my guess, from San Pedro light. Maybe a few less.
  263. Wasitrytofish

    Wed on the Taxfree

    So little local pressure must have the areas you mentioned loaded with fishes. You guys seem to always score. Thanks for the report
  264. Wasitrytofish

    No Who 2 DA from N 9 to way South.

    Nice effort I was working, not even a sun burn for me.. Thanks for the report
  265. Wasitrytofish

    Full moon.

    The majority of the bigger fish are out further where the temp break is. That's where the bait is. When the colder water moves closer inside, so will the bait, the balance of the bigger fish will return, hopefully for a week or two. Then the fat lady will sing. Then just local and island slug...
  266. Wasitrytofish

    Blood Moon Charter on the "Triton"

    It's important that fisherman, especially newbies, have a "good time". That's the only way to keep people coming out, supporting the landings and someday maybe buying their own boat! Nice work. My boys love the triton and crew. They are them feel like rock stars.
  267. Wasitrytofish

    Salon Equipment

    My wife shut down after 14 years of having her own private salon. 3 years ago, she upgraded and moved to a larger space (next door, same building). Room for growth, she bought a couple shampoo stations and 3 sets of chairs and mirrors and mats. Only rented one of the other stations for a total...
  268. Wasitrytofish

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    update. Seems that Im just having problems with priming now for some reason. Yesterday's tests prove that when just sticking the base in a bucket, the the bottom of the unit needs to be submerged before self priming. When its in the bucket, just the 3/4" pickup, when my son sucks on the exit...
  269. Wasitrytofish

    Honda 2000i generator. Perfect to run your squid lights. SOLD

    I don't know what's reasonable. 550$ delivered to Burbank. Or I could maybe have someone meet you half way. Call me is best, if interested. Glen 310-633-1342
  270. Wasitrytofish

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    I will take the outriggers please. Hold onto them. I have soccer and baseball games this weekend but should be able to run down to you. I'm in Monrovia. Call me if any questions. 310-633-1342 Thanks man, I'm stoked
  271. Wasitrytofish

    BLUE of the Isthmus

    Yellowtail tuna.... But I didn't catch anything and they did! Great job. We have trolled about 6 hours in the past couple weeks, mostly around east of the slide, 5 miles off cat, for one short bite on a striper. That was cool enough to keep me interested :)
  272. Wasitrytofish

    Christmas Bluefin?

    The local and island bass fisherman are the ones laughing all the way to the bank. With the size limit going up and no pressure for alsr all year, epic for years to come. Lal and his buddy are stoked with the rubber ducky!!
  273. Wasitrytofish

    Labor Day weekend fishing report

    Fished Friday afternoon with wifey on the 105 out of long beach. Just trolled rapalas as I have been having troubles with bait tank Still!! Finished the afternoon with a harbor cruise and dinner with my in laws and boys. Got home around midnight after a blowout I the 605. Good times. Took...
  274. Wasitrytofish

    Yuma opener 2015

    I'm in Yuma. Major birds once you hit the south salton sea area, 10 miles north of westmoreland. I was headed down from Monrovia off the 86 I think it is. Major birds. My local bud say that Yuma is stuffed with birds, more than last year and year prior. And them years both were epic. Anyone...
  275. Wasitrytofish


    I'm in Yuma. Major birds once you hit the south salton sea area, 10 miles north of westmoreland. Major birds. My local bud say that Yuma is stuffed with birds, more than last year and year prior. And ten years both were epic. Anyone around Yuma, give me a ring tomorrow for free dope, if you need...
  276. Wasitrytofish

    8-29 Oceanside Report

    Some of the best days are getting blown out and deciding to head into the harbor for some bridge jumping and some swimming. Drifting and listening to some country...
  277. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale. Travel Trailer. 23ft.

    i might want this. Calling a family member now.
  278. Wasitrytofish

    LATE Report- Triton 8/21

    triton is looking for a new deckhand so that will help with deck work
  279. Wasitrytofish

    people destroying kelps?

    out last weekend and saw lots of little pieces in a very small area. this could've been a possibility
  280. Wasitrytofish

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    Damn, we cruised out to the 277 early Sunday am, arriving about 830am, after stopping on a few stringers and a mako. Nothing was happening there, at all, so we started trolling up the slide, a little on he inside toward the ABank. Tried hailing you a few times but no response. We cut into Avalon...
  281. Wasitrytofish

    8-15 Horse Shoe,150 NO FISH caught report

    Late start on purpose. Soccer first this morning at 8am. Launched about 11am davies. Nachos for decent deans. Went up the line inside to make some time to try the shoe to the 150. Metered fish around the green buoy. Couldn't get them to come up or take iron or bait. By now, 1230 or so, wind and...
  282. Wasitrytofish

    RPT...8/13 277/Mackerel Bank

    Buffalo soldier, dreadlocks rasta! Great report. Flat calm out there ;) Thanks for reporting.
  283. Wasitrytofish

    Slayed em Again (NW 9 MI)

    Here they come. Another batch for us northern fishermen (long beach ):) Thanks for posting.
  284. Wasitrytofish

    8-14 First catch on my new boat

    That place was off the hook today. Congrats on the trip. I've never bought a brand new boat.
  285. Wasitrytofish

    Crazy start to a good day catching with my buds.

    I'm not sure how I'm going launch solo, and I know someday soon I will. School is about to start :)
  286. Wasitrytofish

    My boys first 50+Lb yellowfin tuna

    I know the feeling. First Yellowfin tuna for my boy and my boat last Sunday. 42lbs bled and back at the house. Nothing better! Congrats!
  287. Wasitrytofish

    Any action at the 14-mile bank today?

    The channel between the 14 and 277 had been decent all week. Just not as good as Sunday :)
  288. Wasitrytofish

    Northwest of Oceanside 8/12/15 looking for tuna

    They are still around. They have to be. To many fish coming up from below along with major warm water.
  289. Wasitrytofish

    Maiden Voyage (video)

    Are you hiring? My god. You continue to prove to me that there is major room for improvement.
  290. Wasitrytofish

    8/10, Between 277 and Mackerel Bank, 5 BFT, 6 YFT, 1 YT

    Excellent haul! Hot chicks, beers and videos of it all. If you could work on this, we would appreciate it :)
  291. Wasitrytofish

    8-9 YFT San Pedro Channel

    but they are there! nice work
  292. Wasitrytofish

    Saturday and Sunday offshore from Long Beach

    I was just inside the rigs, heading home, when I heard the guys chatting about the Marlin on the 150. Said it put on a minimal show. Pretty sweet. Cant believe all the other shit I heard on the radio as I passed the 150. Glad both the boys were down for a nap. Sweet fish. way to keep the...
  293. Wasitrytofish

    Dana point

    love the guys that really make the road trip for some fishy. maybe we should road trip up for some Albies some year! nice work
  294. Wasitrytofish

    August 9, 2015 - Trifecta for the boys - 277 area

    Sorry for the late post. Did my best to inform as many people on the water as we were fishing yesterday. Stopped at 630am about 4 miles before the 277 out of Alamitos. My son says, "Dad, thats a stringer and thats all it takes. he throws a bait, no go. Then we start to troll off of it and...
  295. Wasitrytofish

    Silver Bullet straddles the border

    Please dress her down for her next photo op, not talking bout the fish :) Welcome to bloody decks. Nice job
  296. Wasitrytofish

    267 to the 209....decent day! 8-2-15

    Coming home from vaca on the red eye Friday. Plans are to get home around 6am Saturday, hook up and go to the same area. 5 days of moon dropping are my hopes for the switch to flick. You guys kill it always, thanks for the great reports.
  297. Wasitrytofish

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Good times sometimes make people forget their bad times. Fuck bait, I'm trolling Taft Cs! Thanks for the report
  298. Wasitrytofish

    Yellowfin...yellows and Dorado off DP!!! 7-19-15

    Hells yeah. Nice work. Hoping I get luck this year too...
  299. Wasitrytofish

    Skipjack Frenzy at the 14 Mile Bank

    Tuna. We saw them on the western edge of the 150 last Sunday. Full on flames under the birds.
  300. Wasitrytofish

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    Guys thank you all for your responses i've been totally wrapped up in All-Stars is my son's team made it to sectionals. We beat Sherman Oaks on Tuesday and tonight we play Quartz hills. All right back to Bait tanks. I'm going to keep an eye out for a cyclone .
  301. Wasitrytofish

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    I lost prime on my bait tank as I got to Nachos the other day. Current and boat drifting back a bit, made sense. I pulled away to get a loop in and get it pumping again, no avail i popped the quick release head on the Rule 800 Tourn series I have, water was pushing up like crazy, as well as...
  302. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina 7/12 Yellows

    Nice work. The morning bite was a ripper. Got a little choppy on backside quick this morning. At least you scored a couple. I can relate !:)
  303. Wasitrytofish

    East end cat yellows 7-12-15 Sunday

    Launched 2pm from los alamitos on Saturday, 7-11-15. Plan was to troll our way to the 14 area and inside, then hit cat for sleep and fish Sunday for them yellows, around the east end where we found them last Saturday.(sorry in didn't post:)) Saw 70+ water starting about 6 miles out and all the...
  304. Wasitrytofish

    7-14-15 Catalina - 5 yellows and some calicos

    had a quick window of opportunity after a baseball game friday night so rallied as my son was already prepping the boat with hopes of the trip:) Left my house at 1045pm. launched Davies at Midnight Nacho as sleeping but we caught the bait boat for some obviously hot sardines. They didn't go...
  305. Wasitrytofish

    outriggers fs

    I will take them if something falls through, bummed I missed these.
  306. Wasitrytofish

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    This is a recent of my two olders a couple weeks back. They both started as little pups on the both. They used to sleep a lot, not they fish more than I :) They have yet to get tuna. This year is the year, maybe even tomkrrow :) Thanks for the report, bad ass
  307. Wasitrytofish

    62 lb yellowfin

    I'm guessing 425/371 area. Total guess. Hope I can just get out this weekend!! Great catch, congratulations
  308. Wasitrytofish

    Sunday snap off....

    and some safety cords attached to your boat/real setups so if the rod holder fails, you catch my drift :)
  309. Wasitrytofish

    150 Washing Machine on Saturday - 6/27/15

    Nice. All stars has me jonesing for boat time but I'm banking on the long weekend ahead. Hope the weather turns for the better this week. Thanks for the report
  310. Wasitrytofish

    Broke in the new Outrage in style

    Pictures definitely came through. Nice job and congrats!
  311. Wasitrytofish

    Lees Outrigger Skiff Poles

    I'll take these pending a measurement tomorow. Cool? Call me tomorrow if you would like. I'm in Burbank, maybe I can swing to you. I need to double check they will work on my mounts. Glen 310-633-1342 Edit: these won't work for me. I have side mounts m but would still need the angle receivers...
  312. Wasitrytofish

    2 sets of Misc Props, $50???

    I have 2 sets of the following. Let me know if anyones interested. (2) model number OJ 15x17 - Looks to be for a straight stern driver type shaft (2) Volvo Penta 270 props 15x17 - Long Hub Style Both sets included 1 right and one left. the OJ Models look to be in good shape, no obvious damage...
  313. Wasitrytofish

    Stainless rod holders - clamp on

    I'll take them 310-633-1342 Or tell me where to buy more please/ I need like 6 or so
  314. Wasitrytofish

    Drifting on the 105

    I had a client and my two biys with me about 10 days ago out there. Thursday and it was a zoo. But yes, I had to take my time. Couldn't just motor through chum lines and current to get to another spot. A couple times my son said, dad, let's run on that school! Everyone's headed there" I just...
  315. Wasitrytofish

    New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    I suggest finding a few spots and just drifting along the beach for halibut and whatever may bite. Sometimes the fish just find you :) Keep at it. They call it fishjng not catching for this reason.
  316. Wasitrytofish

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    just leave me a couple 20lb fish for my boys to tug on this summer. Thats all :) im sure a couple will squeeze up the line for me
  317. Wasitrytofish

    Boat Loans?

    Your bank But if you search his site for "boat loan" you will likely find many topics on this subject.
  318. Wasitrytofish

    Get Hooked 1 Seal 0

    Almost a perfect cleaning job by the seal! Nice work
  319. Wasitrytofish

    150 report 5/13

    it looks like the west end of Cat in the background with a cargo ship between he and the. Nice fishy.
  320. Wasitrytofish

    (Sale Pending)1997 1850 Striper WA w/115 Johnson 4 stroke

    my wife would make sushi out of my balls if I brought the kill bag into the kitchen. Congrats on getting the right wife and super props for always having the kids on board. My kids are now starting to out fish me. good stuff man! sweet ride as well
  321. Wasitrytofish

    How Many Boats Were @ the 150 6/11/15?

    Definitely crowded out there but a few fish are worth it.
  322. Wasitrytofish

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    Nice work. Took my two olders and a ckient yesterday. The youngsters had the luck. They went 1-1 on bait and 1-4 on irons. 2 total. Great day close t home. Here's my 12 year old: So bitchin watching him fish the iron and then suddenly he says "I'm on" and I look over and he's just riding the...
  323. Wasitrytofish

    Anyone using squid at the 150? 6-11-15

    All fin bait in our caught fish And all the party boats were dropping dropper loop with fin bait and getting smashed. Serious commando style fishing out there yesterday. Best bite was deeper out west along the shopping lane, in250ft after 12noon
  324. Wasitrytofish

    150 Wednesday 06/10

    You guys make it sound easy Launching at 5am from Davies. I just want one for the boat, all extra are gravy!!
  325. Wasitrytofish

    150 today

    Thanks for he report.
  326. Wasitrytofish

    Where to put the boat?

    Santa Rosa island. Big flat ties and major seabass, so I've heard
  327. Wasitrytofish

    6/10/15 native sun

    5 bait sticks and 1 iron stick on my boat tomorrow. 4 fisherman. Thanks for the confirmation on bait needs and I hope we get just one of them brutes...
  328. Wasitrytofish

    Using the Current Map to find Fish

    Wind and current in your face= ability to chum and fish whatever bait off the back of your boat, down your chum line. Regardless of the structure or school of fish you are fishing, this is the most ideal situation. Wether the water temp is correct or the fish are even in the area, just another...
  329. Wasitrytofish

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Tito, anytime you need bait, call me on 72 and I will run wherever you may be to give you everything I have in the tank, everything :) nice report, slayed them
  330. Wasitrytofish

    Tried hard and came up short...

    Pulled up some HUGE Boccaccio years ago there. One drift, almost 10lbs, 2 fish only
  331. Wasitrytofish

    oPah 150

    We hooked and lost a bruiser yellow near him, the same time he hooked that opah. When he arrived at the launch ramp around 3pm, nothing but a shirt on top of the fish to keep it cool. That was 4 hours later...
  332. Wasitrytofish

    Tribute Tuna

    It doesn't go into effect until next posting or something like this. Whenever dfg rolls out their updates, it's on. I would be stoked on just 1 bluefin, not too mention how the boys would react and tell stories for a lifetime....
  333. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Package - SOLD

    Thanks so much for the great package. Just reading up on the whole installation process today. Hope to get to test it out as soon as Sunday this weekend. just stoked, thanks again. glen
  334. Wasitrytofish

    Little Man- Big Fish

    i remember them days like they were yesterday. refreshing, appreciate it. nice work and Im sure your kid is going to be getting huge scores for years to come.
  335. Wasitrytofish

    Fri. & Sat on the Ducky

    Thanks for the report. Way to keep the kids fishing.
  336. Wasitrytofish

    Close but no cigar.

    Nobody's going to fish the local banks this weekend.....;)
  337. Wasitrytofish

    5/24/15 150 LB to long beach

    EVERYONE, I was truly out of place with my response to Daltons post. candidly speaking, a good monday afternoon filled with fresh fish tacos and many beers with the compadres that joined us for our fishing days this weekend, got the best of me. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for me to use the language...
  338. Wasitrytofish

    Hey Phat Boat

  339. Wasitrytofish

    Dana Point - Local Offshore

    Them boys look happy! Nice score. Thanks for the report
  340. Wasitrytofish

    5/24/15 150 LB to long beach

    EDIT: MY TITLE SHOULD READ LB TO CATALINA Launched Davies 6am. Nachos and then to the 150. Sloppy sloppy. Son says screw it and sets up a bottom rig. 6lb grumpy. Bad ass. Had a couple buddies, one of their sons and my two boys aboard. Decided to run to the east end for better conditions and...
  341. Wasitrytofish

    Dana Point Kelp Patties

    Got any bait for sale?:) Excellent job. Yeah, we had free swimmers on the 14 last Thursday. Big guns
  342. Wasitrytofish

    Go West Young Man

    We saw slug yellows on kelp around the 14 on the way out to Avalon Thursday mid day.. The weather was angry this morning or we may have done the southern loop down the ridge 15-20 miles. When this weather stabilizes, game on Great report, awesome catch
  343. Wasitrytofish

    Thursday-Monday, Memorial Weekend

    Hey Gary . Back in Monrovia for Friday night. Saturday am baseball. I think I'm headed back over tomorrow sometime, maybe Sunday early. I will find you :) The yellows are all over the island, all over
  344. Wasitrytofish

    1/2 Day Yellows in OC

    We came come from cat tofay around 1130 and it looked nasty out there, at least much worse than when we fished through there yesterday and found this :) Nice catch,
  345. Wasitrytofish

    1/2 Day Yellows in OC

    We came come from cat tofay around 1130 and it looked nasty out there, at least much worse than when we fished through there yesterday and found this :) Nice catch,
  346. Wasitrytofish

    5/21/15 OTW report

    We picked up a slug on the iron off of the rock quarry. Weather was phenomenal. 30 minutes , 1 20lber on the iron. Handed it off to my 12 year old. Kicked his ass but soon he was blead and iced with his mama.
  347. Wasitrytofish

    5/21/15 OTW report

    Sitting on a mooring in Avalon. Hit the 150 at 830am this morning after a slightly tardy start. Slid on on some birds. First bait, 20lb class yellow we've all been hearing about. Fished it till about 10am, no other luck. Wife and youngest a little anxious to get to Catalina. About 4 miles off...
  348. Wasitrytofish

    Thursday-Monday, Memorial Weekend

    I have planned for this for a while. 5 trips on the new used boat this past 2 months in preparation for a great season. Pretty much have green light to fish Thursday-Monday with maybe Friday night and Saturday morning down. Anyone else headed out? I'm thinking Catalina and long beach local...
  349. Wasitrytofish

    Standard Horizon GX1700 Explorer

    SOLD PENDING PICKUP FRIDAY EVENING 5/15/15.Thanks Rich, look forward to meeting you
  350. Wasitrytofish

    Standard Horizon GX1700 Explorer

    "Guys this is a great radio at a great price! It has GPS built in and DSC. One button push to call other boaters with DSC and a MMSI#. One button push to send a mayday call to your GPS position. NMEA output. I use mine to output position to my Garmin GMI-10 display for fuel range/economy...
  351. Wasitrytofish

    Standard Horizon GX1700 Explorer

    Standard Horizon 25 Watt VHF FM Marine Transceiver. Model: GX1700 White in color $200 Brand new in the box. I opened the box and stuck it in the garage...
  352. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Package - SOLD

    I'm only interested in the unit and the transducer :) Send me a message is best. Thank you
  353. Wasitrytofish

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Package - SOLD

    who the fuck is this Polo Smith newbie? buy something already....
  354. Wasitrytofish

    Furuno GPS 32 with external antenna- $200

    thanks for sending me the pics and details yesterday. Im still searching for the best options for my money right now. but just wanted to thank you for the followup
  355. Wasitrytofish

    wtb 23-26' center console boat

    Buy the 262 skippy on here for sale.
  356. Wasitrytofish

    Tough Ride to SCI

    we appreciate you and your sons service. Tough time right now for Pops and I and this type of thread sheds some light. thank you and NICE FUCKING FISH!
  357. Wasitrytofish

    Chloro and tempbreak guidance

    I feel fairly competent on the tempbreak game. I would like to know more about the chloro blooms and such. 1. Is it used for good clear blue water breaks primarily? 2. Mostly assists for pelagic migratory "open water" fish like tunas, yellows and marlin? 3. Nearshore fishing for seabass...
  358. Wasitrytofish

    Wtb Volvo 270 props 15x17

    Looking for a left and a right. Volvo-814612(left) 814616(right) 15-L-17 15-r-17 Short hub May even just have the company do my drive boots and service at same time. Any referrals much appreciated. Thank you --- located in Monrovia, work in Burbank.
  359. Wasitrytofish

    Volvo 270 rev at 2k. Hubs seals gone. ??

    Thank you . That's what my investigations today are showing
  360. Wasitrytofish

    Wtb 270 hubs

    Looking like I need a set if hubs for both my props. I'm just investigating now so I can budget accordingly for the repair. Volvo 270 outdrives . Thank you in advance, glen Better to just but new props???
  361. Wasitrytofish

    Volvo 270 rev at 2k. Hubs seals gone. ??

    Port spin on the way to bait yesterday. Anything over 2k, revs and spins. Made it through most the day putting around on both engines at low rpm just trying to salvage a local trip with friend and 4 kids. 2nd one spun once back in the harbor. Not sure exact problem but I'm guessing the hub? The...
  362. Wasitrytofish

    7.5L marine engine tune-up (carbureted)

    My chevy small blocks are the same way, first start of the day. After that, turn and pow!! My father n law suggests some sort of a quick access for the carb starter fluid idea. I have yet to try that.
  363. Wasitrytofish

    Bait pumps and tank

    In the market for pumps and a tank. Planning on a swim step application for now so 500 GPH and 30 to 45 gallons preferred. Looking to buy ASAP Thank you, glen 310-633-1342
  364. Wasitrytofish

    San Onofre Dodo

    anybody notice the water color differences in each picture?
  365. Wasitrytofish

    Coronado trip 3/28/15

    Is this ride sharing board or report board? I almost got my boat off the trailer yesterday. Kids want to do Sierra Madre derbe tomomorrow. Ok...
  366. Wasitrytofish

    boston whaler 9 ft hull sold

    I think I want it Please call me 310-633-1342
  367. Wasitrytofish

    iPhone 5s - brand new $275

  368. Wasitrytofish


    What a deal. I have three older hit I know how much we spent for used, back in 2000. Bump
  369. Wasitrytofish

    28' skipjack pilot house

    I'm born and raised in grass valley.
  370. Wasitrytofish

    Pool table - 25$

    It can't be free or I would have to post it on another message board :) Pool table. Great shape. Older. Good for the kids. Let me know if you want pics. Monrovia pickup only Thanks, glen
  371. Wasitrytofish

    iPhone 5s - brand new $275

    I think I used it for about 10 minutes of calls. I got my phone fixed 2 hours after I upgraded. I put it right back in it's box and bag and eAs going to return it for refund. That was 6 weeks ago:) I just need my money back so I can get some items for the boat. Pickup:Burbank days, Monrovia...
  372. Wasitrytofish

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    I wish I could someday get a fold down arch to accommodate many things . Otherwise, going to hopefully finish the carb tuneup this weekend and get her out soon on a maiden voyage . Every bit of stock electronic and plumbing system is turn key . I'm pumped so far . The motors have 130/132 hours...
  373. Wasitrytofish

    Garmin 178c sounder

    What type of rod and reel you want? I'm interested in your sounder
  374. Wasitrytofish

    Stuff forsale!!! Seats out riggers kicker ect

    I will take the outriggers and bait tank. Where you located? 310-633-1343 Glen
  375. Wasitrytofish

    High End Humminbird Sonar Gps units

    I'm interested, please call me at 310-633-1342 Thank you
  376. Wasitrytofish

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Kind of too late :( Great advice I agree. Just hope my wife doesn't see your response :)
  377. Wasitrytofish

    1972 Safari Cabin Cruiser

    Still need to pay and pick her up and bring her home. Hopefully this coming weekend. 28' ft Twin chevy 350 with Volvo 270 out drives. More to come. But I'm stoked! Nothing to worried about with buying this classic right?:) Need it serviced for sure before I take it out. Anyone have a mobile...
  378. Wasitrytofish

    For Sale, 2005 2601 Seaswril walk around cuddy cabin

    Sent you a message. Guys, I need some financing to possibly make this boat offer/purchase a reality. Any assistance with suggestions of finance companies would be greatly appreciated . Looking for around 20k.
  379. Wasitrytofish

    SOLD - 1984 18' BW Outrage For Sale

    I want to be like you someday:)
  380. Wasitrytofish

    1995 Aquasport Osprey 24.5 W twin outboards Some photos added

    Thank you fir or your pics. I'm ongoing a different direction but wanted to thank you for the email.
  381. Wasitrytofish

    1986 24ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Hey Marco. Boat still available?
  382. Wasitrytofish

    1996 bayliner twin Mercury 150

    Sent you a message, check your email. Thank you, glen 310-633-1342
  383. Wasitrytofish

    14' Achilles Inflatabe

    boat still available?
  384. Wasitrytofish

    14' Aluminum Skiff

    hi boat still available?
  385. Wasitrytofish

    Pool table -200$

    Located in Monrovia. I need more space in the garage. Good condition $200 I think it's a single piece top. Legs come off pretty simply. Nothing fancy. 310-633-1343
  386. Wasitrytofish

    WTB. Looking for a 19" and greater CC boat under 5k

    Send me pics. I may need a lobster boat for the fall. [email protected] Thank you
  387. Wasitrytofish

    1984 Skipjack 24' Open - Volvo Penta 5.0GL

    Thanks for this. Gonna access if I take possession. Thank you again.
  388. Wasitrytofish

    1984 Skipjack 24' Open - Volvo Penta 5.0GL

    The motor is brand new, only 4 test hours on it. It's part of the boat and motor package I put an offer on. Being only 200hp I'm a little skeptical but, it is what it is. I am hopeful for a 15-20 knot cruise and not a total gas guzzler. I will get more specs on the out drive and such, if I get...
  389. Wasitrytofish

    1984 Skipjack 24' Open - Volvo Penta 5.0GL

    anyone familiar with this motor? looking at this package right now
  390. Wasitrytofish

    1970 El Camino $18,000

    Bump He's wanting to sell this so he can buy a travel trailer. Bring offers if you are interested in a 1970 el camino.
  391. Wasitrytofish

    1999 19' Sea Pro WA

    Less than 150-200 on a rebuilt.all hours by myself since last august 55 gallons 3-5 mpg
  392. Wasitrytofish

    1999 19' Sea Pro WA

    Appreciate you doing this for me. Thank you,
  393. Wasitrytofish

    1999 19' Sea Pro WA

    8k or best offer. 19', walk around cuddy cabin. rides bigger than most, in my opinion. Mer cruiser 3.0 Great great fuel economy. Selling because I need something a bit bigger. Married with 3 boys :) Call me anytime with questions Boat located in Monrovia Fished 182 today 8-16-14 Fishing...
  394. Wasitrytofish

    Saturday 8-16-14 NO FISH report

    Thought today just might be the special day for my two oldest boys, now 11 and 14, who have still yet to pull on a tuna from our local coastline. Left Monrovia at 145am Launched MB south shores at 330First time doing this on a private boat. Exited harbor at 430 or so. Got out west with plans of...
  395. Wasitrytofish

    CATALINA YT 8-15

    What kind of lures were trolled?
  396. Wasitrytofish

    today from 277-209

    I usually launch long beach. Wanted to fish your same area tomorrow. With weather up, I'm driving to SD tonigh, for the first time. Only because I don't want my kidneys to hurt for a week. Got to get my 3 boys on some tuna tomorrow. School starts wedensday for them. Fish stories are my...
  397. Wasitrytofish

    302 and surrounding area - 13 August

    302 and 209? sounds like you were west and south west of SD all day yeah? sorry, maybe im wrong. thanks for the report. it all helps.
  398. Wasitrytofish

    8/13 Yellowfin Limits

    Weather looks great! Looking to take a couple of my boys out all weekend. Hope we get at least 1 fish :)
  399. Wasitrytofish

    8/1 today's what keeps us going

    F yeah! Can't wait to get out next week.
  400. Wasitrytofish

    Fishing report Sunday 7-27-14 with Tailwalker

    Picked up a spot Saturday on a last minute open party Sunday, from the ride planning offshore forum. Another bloody decker Arthur and 2 of his buds were planned as well. Great to meet you Arthur! Plan was to launch Mission Bay in Captain Rich's Parker 25xld at 7am and head out for some of the...
  401. Wasitrytofish

    Tailwalker Sportfishing Open Party Running this Sunday 7/27/14

    Rich, Great trip. Glad I got a chance to fish with you and the other bloody deckers. Gonna lost on offshore momentarily.
  402. Wasitrytofish

    Your Turn. Bring Your Kids 7/25

    Anyone need an extra fisherman?? Seriously, in dying here!! 310-633-1342 14' aluminum or Better, I'm in, I buy bait, I bring all the gear, and fuel. Seriously... Wife and kids outbid town and my boat is down!!! I am jonesing but never too proud too admit. Have. After time, assuming you go...
  403. Wasitrytofish

    209 parking lot

    1/4 ounce slider to get them down. That's worked well for my buddy all week. Basically same spot
  404. Wasitrytofish

    What Are They Going TO Do

    Sorry your worries don't seem legit. At least you are fishing!:)
  405. Wasitrytofish


    So did anyone have room for him after all?:) Sorry i had too...
  406. Wasitrytofish

    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    Anyone need an extra fisherman? Seriously, I'm jonesing to get out . Boat' down till Wednesday. We can follow whoever hit I'm confident we can find our own, if we get out early. :)
  407. Wasitrytofish

    Looking to got fishing on Friday 7/25

    I'm looking to go Saturday and Sunday!! Good luck guys
  408. Wasitrytofish

    Saturday and or Sunday - looking for a ride!

    Wife and kids are out of town. I want to fish. Boat is down. I have all gear needed. Boat owner. I know what it takes to put fish on the deck and how to get the boat cleaned up and fish home safely :) Let me know if you need one more. Obviously could pay my way to assist however needed. If it...
  409. Wasitrytofish

    headed out on fri, outside 9 or 209..........?

    Just leave Dana point by 6am. Find fish inside the 209 (15 miles or so) throw bait. Game on. My buddy had 17 by 945am this morning for his 11 year old son and his brother. Left them blighting. On the trailer by 11am Edit: YFT
  410. Wasitrytofish

    Some kind of slam on 7/22!! Afternoon run yields surprise from the deep!!

    Fuck yeah!!! That is epic. Dying to get out there. Thanks for the porn
  411. Wasitrytofish

    1978 46 hatteras near mint

    That's a f'ing deal! Who's got the $100k? I will fish fish it 1 day/wk:) Sorry, this one makes me light headed....
  412. Wasitrytofish

    Catalina Tuna and Yellows - 7/20

    This reports almost matches one of your Mid winter reports :) Nice job, Congradulations and thanks for the pics. That YFT is gorgeous fresh out of water! Was this Saturday 19th or today the 20th??
  413. Wasitrytofish

    WTB 18-21 CC or Walk Around

    Have I talked to you Mike? Sorry of I have. I'm contemplating selling my skiff. Here's a pic is you are interested. 3.0 inboard outboard is the only catch.
  414. Wasitrytofish

    Triton Sportfishing Going offshore

    My two sons and father n law went Wednesday. I had to work. Boat caught around 15 or so yellows. Long boat ride but the boys wanted to go again ASAP!:) They said the captain and crew were great and being a dad who never fishes without my sons, I was nervous as shit letting them go without me on...
  415. Wasitrytofish

    1979 skipjack 24' FB

    Deal. Someone grab that up!!!
  416. Wasitrytofish

    Bluefin Tuna Cruising in Marina Pacifica Canal

    I have never been envited to a Barbeque on the deck of the canal:) That's cool.
  417. Wasitrytofish

    Yellow Day

    The yellows love the chunk bait, fish or squid. Just saying . Nice job!
  418. Wasitrytofish

    Yellows on paddy sour of Catalina

    Launched late. Getting back late. Quick report. Went 1-3 on 35-30lb yellows. Off one paddy. 8-9 good size kelps between 152 and somewhere down from east end cat about 30 miles. Went 24 on the digital scale: Full fish report later. I would do it again tomorrow if I could :)
  419. Wasitrytofish

    West End Catalina

    I'll be south of Avalon about 10 miles hopefully by daybreak Thursday morning. Why not. Wait, I better get out of here soon! Sitting on the couch right jow! Seapro on 72 if anyone out there. Hope nacho has something or I may go to Avalon to make bait.
  420. Wasitrytofish

    182/43 Report

    Was thinking of running out of Dana point across the high spots to the 181 tomorrow. May still depending upon how I feel after allstar practice this evening. Thanks for the timely report. The weather looks good the next couple days in the afternoon .
  421. Wasitrytofish

    Maiden Voyage to Cat; no idea what we were doing

    Just keep fishing. They don't call it catching. I miss my pops. He and gramps taught me to fish . That's good time there. Nice work.
  422. Wasitrytofish

    1970 El Camino $18,000

    1970 El Camino 396 Big Block Turbo Hydo Transmission. $18,000 I'm sure price is negotiable Always stored in his garage. Runs like a beast! Posting this for my father n law. SS clone. I will try now to post some pics. If you would like additional ofo, hit me up and I will provide or set you up...
  423. Wasitrytofish

    2004 Thor Chateau 32' Travel Trailer FS

    Pics please. My inlaws are looking. May be a fee feet too big but I will present it as it's in their price range. Thank youyou
  424. Wasitrytofish

    CC or walk around wanted

    I have a 20' sea pro for $9,000. Gets 4-5 miles to the gallon :) Beautiful turn key, little cuddy cabin walk around . 310-633-1342 Located in Monrovia
  425. Wasitrytofish

    Halibut at YT kelp

    Congrats! I only fish with my boys. We don't catch as much as most bit we have fun every time and every day, we are dying to go again.
  426. Wasitrytofish

    June 19-20. Thursday-Friday -no fish report

    Late but I owe it to you guys. Always posting, I can't seem to make it a habit :) Time is never on my side, it seems. 10am last Thursday, I decided to go fishing. Took my boys 2 minutes to agree and we were out the door. Launched cabrillo with hopes for a 3 hour cuda fear. Didn't happen. Just...
  427. Wasitrytofish

    1 1/2 day on the Cortez 6-14

    Chrome or chrome/blue jig?
  428. Wasitrytofish

    Mako fishing with my Son on Fathers day

    Hell yeah! Congrats! my boys would rather have been on the water than playing baseball and an evening barbecue.
  429. Wasitrytofish

    2002 Ford Excursion 7.3L Diesel

    Please email more information. I'm interested. Thank you Edit : I see your number . I will call you after graduation week is complete
  430. Wasitrytofish

    SMB 6/1 - Lings with the Bro

    loving the idea of more kids fishing! I remember taking my oldest out out for the first time. Hes now 13 going on 14. Hes taking the boat off at the ramp while I park the truck. Hes driving us around whenever he can. its good times. my other 2 are spoiled by big brother. Congrats and great...
  431. Wasitrytofish

    Sunday June 1, 2014 - Catalina

    No "real" fish but always a great time. Quick trip in between baseball games, literally. Game over in Monrovia at 3pm Saturday Evening. Home to grab rods, KFC for shit tons of easy food. Gas and a few 5/0, 6/0 hooks at savons, Davies Launch LB at 5pm. Nachos - No Squid, just Chovies. He said...
  432. Wasitrytofish

    First Moose

    My father would always grab a road kill (fresh dead) deer and throw it in the truck. I can remember 3 times being in the truck with him :) backstrap for steaks and the remainder all jerky! Totally jealous of you and your wife cutting meat. My wife won't eat it let alone touch anything I kill!
  433. Wasitrytofish

    Stryker 9-rod holder and electronics box

    Can you send me some deme sound and specs? I'm looking to do something a bit custom on my skiff. I don't know of this will work but maybe! Thank you Glen[email protected]
  434. Wasitrytofish

    34# Monster

    That fish is thick! Nice work
  435. Wasitrytofish

    Calico at the buzzard!

    sweet release and getting paid! nice work
  436. Wasitrytofish

    Underwater Squid Light?

    Thanks for this link. I bought some cheap ass deal and get it in today. I will look at this light next. appreciate the feedback.
  437. Wasitrytofish

    Underwater Squid Light?

    Looking for a simple submersible light. Idealy 12Volt or Battery Operated but not totally necessary. I have had luck with a 1K double headed work light hooked to a 2K put put but my current boat isn't as big as the last. And back in the day, we didn't have LEDs that were as good as they are...
  438. Wasitrytofish

    Kaanapali and Waikiki in May - Inexpensive fishing recommendations?

    start me up sport fishing in lahaina
  439. Wasitrytofish

    lA Harbor Bait?

    any updates?
  440. Wasitrytofish

    High tide V. low tide for bugs?

    i prefer the swing from low to high
  441. Wasitrytofish

    bait 4 sell in LB?

  442. Wasitrytofish

    SMB 11-4-13 Lobster Report

    Wow, I must first give props to ShadBurke. I normally wouldn't but decided to reach out for a bit a direction on lobstering yesterday on the 3rd. He graciously have me a general area and it worked out. Thank you very much I owe you one. report: launched MDR around 12 noon. Brand new pistons and...
  443. Wasitrytofish

    First ever lobster report - or not

    Get a bigger boat, go further out thanks for the great report
  444. Wasitrytofish

    Where the Mac's at??

    I don't know but I have a bunch if TY carcass in the freezer :)
  445. Wasitrytofish


    Don't change a thing if it ain't broken.
  446. Wasitrytofish

    quick report 277 209 181 182 and a bit south 9-20-13

    We hammered them at the 182 on 25-40lb floro too shot on spectra. fikets and half baits were the ticket. mu three boys bloodied themselves and the boat all to hell!
  447. Wasitrytofish

    Local out of Dana 9-20-13 - Yellows

    First trip on my new boat, new to me. all three boys (9,11 and 13) and mama wanted to charge ! First time all of us.great, so we depart from Dana Point about 7am. Bait tank was tripping so left with a half scoop of soon to die dines. I was really dissapointed in myself as my boys were so...
  448. Wasitrytofish

    Friday ditching work for the 302 ?

    Tomorrow morning, I wil be launching Dana point to the local high spots. Hoping to be bairing up by 6. i will report, on the water, if necessary, for what it's worth. first real trip on my new boat. Have been boatless for 7 years. Fucking stoked.
  449. Wasitrytofish

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    More yellow thank I've caught this year, barely;)
  450. Wasitrytofish

    Dove opener Yuma

    Fantastic is all I can say. Arrived Saturday with my three boys Saturday midday. Was envited by a friend and their family's. it's was my first trip here and my first "dove opener" experience. mu friends had some other friends who came Friday evening and scouted for us. they set us all up on...
  451. Wasitrytofish

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    It's not me in the picture!!!
  452. Wasitrytofish

    anyone notice any of those tuna glowing?

    Crap. This is serious stuff
  453. Wasitrytofish


    They are a great hunt. Road hunt where possible if you don't have a dog. Listen for them then stalk and flush on foot. Expect just a couple shots each flush, at best. Expect lots of walking. i hint them regularly in Los Angeles county with my 3 sons. When it cools down, rabbits are a great by...
  454. Wasitrytofish

    1999 SEA PRO 19FT WA..3.0 Mercruiser

    Nice chatting with you Craig, see you tomorrow :)
  455. Wasitrytofish

    Osprey 24 Fisherman Yanmar Diesel

    I just got my "pre-requisite wife approval" too! if I just had 39k!:) sweet ride. Almost my perfect ideal boat for my 3 boys and I (oh yeah, wife too!;)
  456. Wasitrytofish


    Sent you a PM. I don't check it often so phone is best.
  457. Wasitrytofish

    FS Shimano Curado 300EJ

    I'll take it if still available. Call me tkmorrow 310-633-1342 thanks, glen
  458. Wasitrytofish


    Commercials were all lit up on the flats Tuesday night.
  459. Wasitrytofish

    Maui Fishing Charter Recommendation?

    Ditto this recommendation. they did us right last August and I'm planning on 2 days this year, next month. good for fishing and also good with kids, if necessary. They ran us early and hard outside 40 miles to a bouy where they were at. Can't wait to do it again
  460. Wasitrytofish

    Resurrection of a 1993 Champion 201 DC Bass Boat

    That is seriously your son on the bow??? Holy crap
  461. Wasitrytofish

    Duck Tornados 12/9

    The snow geese used to do this up in Sutter ca at Aunts property near the bypass. We would just use white grain bags as decoys laid out in the field and then hide in the ditch. It was good to be 10 years old :)
  462. Wasitrytofish

    2006 Parker 1801 For Sale

    That boat looks fishy :)
  463. Wasitrytofish

    DORADOS and YELLOWS 8-17-2012 on DREAMER

    I caught my first YFT on the 14 on the Dreamer. Back in 2003. So... I believe the report :)
  464. Wasitrytofish

    Maui -Start Me Up!- mahi and ahi

    Fished with start me up out of lahaina today. 9 hour trip with wife and 3 sons. Money trip, worth it. All the boys and wifey chummed super hard as the captain, Yuka and 1st, Jonny, had us at a couple NASA buoys by grey light, oppo of lanai, slow trolling macs in some "good" conditions per...
  465. Wasitrytofish

    Fishing Maui - ono, mahi

    2 things: 1. At LAX waiting to Board to Mauii for 10 plus days with wife and 3 sons. Stoked. 2. I've had a few private messages and phone conversations with the boys at start me up. Was gonna book ahead but they seemed so later back I figured I would handle upOn arrival. 3. You helped me...
  466. Wasitrytofish

    RIP- Roy Peters

    RIP. I may have taken my boys out there with him.
  467. Wasitrytofish

    RIP- Roy Peters

    RIP. I may have taken my boys out there with him.
  468. Wasitrytofish

    Hurricane Fabio

    Feel sorry for you down there surfdoc ;)
  469. Wasitrytofish

    Top Gun 80 & First String

    You are going no matter what. Your chance of catching a tuna will be better than mine as I will be at convict slaying the trout :) You should come home tired, I will be rested :)
  470. Wasitrytofish

    3 vehicles 71,000 mile EXPLORER, older RV, 67 CAMERO

    Send me pics of the Moho please, thank You,
  471. Wasitrytofish

    Maui in July

    Maui In august for my wife and my 3 boys and I. I have emailed a couple operations tonight as well as reading here. I would love at least a day. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks, Glen