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  1. Psykh

    Reactor 40 from garmin

    liltrouble, do you have a recommended installer for these? I’m not confident in doing it myself but no one here in the north sound has had much in the way of experience with these yet. Thanks
  2. Psykh

    Neah round 2

    Where did you get information that the quota was almost up?
  3. Psykh

    Skunked at Eagle Bluff

    We were using no bait on those 14 sharks, all on spoons or Ace highs...
  4. Psykh

    Skunked at Eagle Bluff

    We caught 14 sharks between eagle and Thatcher Saturday. Even had one in the crab pot somehow. Zero Chinook take downs. Bummer of a day.
  5. Psykh

    Kicker throttle control

    I have the forward controls on my T9.9, but I'm still going to get an electric throttle. The control of the electric throttle is awesome versus what you can get in the mechanical linkage.
  6. Psykh

    23’ north river

    Can't sell a fishing boat without any fish in the pictures...
  7. Psykh

    Kicker throttle control

    Look into iTroll out of Spokane. They're a little more expensive than the standard remote throttle (ProTroll 3) but the features are nice and they're somewhat local.