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    Triggerfish limit?

    Who told you they are an invasive species? The daily bag limit for finescale triggerfish is 10 fish, within the general bag limit of 20 fish total (Section 27.60(a)). This bag limit is applicable to all species of fish for which take is allowed, but no other bag limit is specified.
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    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update

    I bought my 2020 online in November and everything went through perfectly...except I never got the page to print out my License. I tried contacting them and of course nothing. I was able to canvel my credit card fortunately. It seems like its 50/50 on that website. I'll just pay the extra few...
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    WTB 4-Stroke Outboard 90-115hp

    I have a 2006 Suzuki 90 hp 4 stroke with between 30 to 50 hours on it. I picked it up on a bass boat. It sat in a garage since 2008. I recently picked it up and replaced the fuel pump, fuel and filters. It runs perfectly. Original oil in it still looks brand new. I was going to throw it on a...
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    Loreto fish report

    We ended up fishing with Alvaro, 80 year old who is born and raised in Loreto. I swear he was in his 40's the way he moved and looked. He was always early to pick us up in front of our airbnb for the 3 days we chartered him. $100 to goof around Isla Coronado all day snorkeling and fishing bass...
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    Loreto fish report

    We are staying at a Airbnb on the beach just north of town. Small jacks and roosters chasing massive schools of sardines all along the shoreline everywhere. Medium sized dorado with the kayaks and lotsa small 5-8lb roosters but lures aren’t working well. We had to resort to live sardines which...
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    Loreto fish report

    i cant find any recent fishing reports for Loreto. Anybody have any recent info? I’m going next week and especially interested in any recent shore fishing reports. I will be chartering a panga one day...but plan to fish the shore all week. Any particular areas to focus on? I’m an experience...
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    Best Electronics Package for Bay and Offshore Pacific

    The Airmar B275 1kw is the transducer you want. 1kw of power, CHIRP capable and a wider beam. Of course, thru-hull is superior but even the transom mount B275 would be an upgrade and maybe just as good if mounted properly. I have the totalscan on my 18 ft skiff now and it works great in the...
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    Best Electronics Package for Bay and Offshore Pacific

    Out of the box value package goes to Simrad IMO. Get the GO7 or GO9. 4D radar is excellent and the totalscan transducer is adequate unless you are tuna fishing or looking for single fish marks in deeper water. You'll definitely want a better transducer if you are. However, the rest of the...
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    toll booth advice to Ensenada ?

    The federal police and military are frequently operating checkpoints at the tollbooths as well. I was told that they have been checking american travelers to see if they have their proper documentation. Passports are need. I also heard that an individual was held for an hour because he did not...
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    WTB Kodiak PF–14 Round Bait Tank

    I have an old one that is missing the top. I'd love to get $40 for it but I'll take any reasonable offer since I have a bunch and I will never use this sized bait tank. Unfortunately, I live in south SD by the border. I think its a kodiak...but not sure. Has tall overflow. Its exactly the same...
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    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    It really sucks for me to tell you this after what you went through. I completely understand where you are coming from. However, you simply cannot pay them. Mexico is in transition with the new federal leadership party. The current cops may or may not have a job in the near future so this is...
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    Just back from BdeLA

    Where is that surf spot? Looks fun. I can’t put together exactly where that is.
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    Pairing MFD with Simrad

    Just upgrade the transducer and make sure its chirp capable and you can wifi/bluetooth it to a large tablet. I have a go9 with an upgraded transducer and it works excellent. Chirp really is a game changer. My last boat had commercial Furuno with 1kw thru hull transducer and my new setup is just...
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    Biosphere Permits?

    I understand the annual biosphere pass to be good for all islands located off the coast of Baja California...both north and south. I have been checked at the Coronados, San Martin and LA Bay and they were adequate along with annual mex fishing lic and 6 month FMM. I understand that you are...
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    WTB Navionics Mini SD card

    I have both for my Simrad go9. I really don't like the C-map compared to the Navionics but it came with the purchase. I'll let you have the C-map for $20 if it works for you. You gave me a smoking deal on that camper shell so I owe you one. Copper (619)850-5665
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    WTB Navionics Mini SD card

    Navionics or c-map?
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    For Sale Pacific Trailer - Sold

    No details...but I have heard a couple of "not so good" reviews about them. Sucks because there are very few trailer manufacturers around here. Maybe they have all the business they need?? A good friend just put a deposit on a new trailer after shopping them and others. He went with "other"...
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    Albacore 2019

    What does that article have to do with albacore?
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    Da Nados is by far the best wind forecast website. It is more detailed and accurrate than
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    4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    If they don't move your rods they get all bleached up and beat up. How are they supposed to clean the boat? They shouldn't just bundle them up and treat them rough...but they have to do their job. The passport thing should be handed back to each individual when they settle their tab. I kind of...
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    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    If I remember correctly you must first download a headshot before you can pay. You can then download and print your pass with your photo on it.
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    1march weird rock fish

    Did you get him on the smelt lying on the deck? I saw you on the freeway last saturday. You must have launched in the southbay?
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    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    I posted the link to get the annual pass on another thread recently and I can’t find it now. I bought one for myself and for 3 other fishing buddies. It does exist but you got to find it. It’s at but you have to navigate to the right page and it’s complicated to find. It’s a no brained if...
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    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    You can get an annual pass for $20 online. Why worry about it. Just get it.
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    My bad...I apologize. I did jump the gun. I was just reading the boat classified ads and there were a bunch of really negative comments being written. I realize I over reacted and I am sorry. Tough situation selling my Dad's suv since he is getting too old to drive. No excuse for my...
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    I am chill. You’re won’t effect me selling it or how much I get for it. The dude has never even seen the car and he is suggesting a major repair. big deal....but simply not helpful to anyone. Especially not me. It’s not helpful to anyone interested in buying it either...
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    It is amazing how people on this boa This is supposed to be a community in which we help one another as fellow fishermen and outdoorsmen. What has gone wrong? I have a pristine suv that my parents cared for meticulously and I’m offering it at a fair price. There are always a small number of...
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    It’s a few drops on my driveway since I parked it there a couple weeks ago...that’s all I know. No sign of leaking oil under the hood and I haven’t looked underneath. It’s a very small amount. I’ll take a look next week when I have time.
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    Yes. It is strong. It does leak a little oil...but not very much. I towed my 18’ skiff (3500 lbs) a couple of times for a very short distance. Pulls no problem with that engine. Tongue weight was a little bit much since it is a little soft in the back. Rides great when not towing.
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    SOLD Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    2001 Chevrolet Blazer 4 door SUV with only 118k miles and runs strong. Clean title and never any major issues. Strong 6 cylinder with tow hitch. Grey leather interior. This belonged to my elderly parents and spent its entire life in the garage. My father is a retired tooling engineer and kept...
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    Biosphere Permits?

    Found it....
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    Biosphere Permits?

    Sorry...that is the website for annual mex fishing lic. There is a site that sells annual biosphere permits too...but I can’t find it. I just recently bought one. You need to have a suitable passport style picture when you apply. It’s $22 for the year. I’ll see if I can find he website and post...
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    Biosphere Permits?

    Get an annual biosphere pass here....
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    Mexico Annual Fishing License - Anywhere to Purchase in Orange County?

    Sorry....wrong website. Try this one
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    Mexico Annual Fishing License - Anywhere to Purchase in Orange County?

    This is the Mex national website. Only the BCS website is down. I just bought a couple annual mex licenses here last week. It works fine.
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    safety for tijuana border

    The media sucks! Everything blown way out of proportion. Sure there is an immigration problem...but not anything for the average tourist to be concerned with when crossing into TJ. The wait times seem to be a bit longer so definitiely check the wait times and maybe even consider crossing at Otay...
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    For Sale Fiberglass Hard T-Top (Reduced Price Now $1,500)

    I would buy it if it fit my boat...but there aren’t any dimensions to even give me an idea if it just might fit. Any dimensions?
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    First time on ‘group’ fishing boat

    Check the reports to see whats biting. I the longest trip possible. 1.5 day and longer will be fishing Mexican coastal like Colonet for yellowtail and quality rockfish/lingcod and maybe a stray white seabass or two. Sometimes the yellowtail will pop up for the 3/4 day boats at the...
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    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    Any waves breaking just inside the point yet? Yesterday I scooped some perfect chum sized chovies that were balled up under the birds getting pushed by larger model bonito a couple miles outside the kelp. Calicos exploded on it by the handfuls.
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    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    I’ve used the totalscan ducer for a couple months now. It works great in the bay and shallow water at low speeds. I fished 200 ft looking for yt a couple times and it sucks. The side scan stuff is worthless. The up and down chirp finally seemed to work a little but I’m clearly not happy with the...
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    If you will be fishing on a boat in Mexico, fishing licenses will be needed for passengers on board. As of January 2008, only fishing permits are required, fishing permits for the boat are no longer required. (However temporary vehicle import permits from Banjercito will be required if the boat...
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    TIP is indeed needed when in Baja. They will let you pass south through the border but it is required anywhere when fishing in Mexican waters. This website works for fishing license.
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    The real problem is Fishermans Landing adding $18 to the cost of a $46 annual mexican fishing license. Almost a 50% markup sucks! You can get them at the Mexican Consulate office downtown SD too. Get your TIP (yes you do still need them) and FMM at the's simple and cheaper than...
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    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Nice report Hank. I’m fishing the big bay tomorrow. I’d like to see that Dusky run someday. I’ll let you know if I get some good sea bass info this spring.
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    WTB looking for a cc skiff with a 4 stroke under 6k

    There is an aluminum cc with trailer for $1k and a sweet almost new 2011 yamaha 90 hp 4 stroke for $5500. You can have a sweet setup if you put them together. The yamaha is a no brainer....and then find a boat with a trashed motor.
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    For Sale Livewell

    PM sent
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    For Sale 2013 ETEC 30 OUTBOARD

    Is that a stern light mounted on the cowling? Where did you buy that?
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    SOLD Simrad 3G radar and GO9 XSE

    Thats the right number. He is my fishing buddy. He owns a garage door company if anybody needs a new garage door or repairs. His name is Edy...the garage door man! Leave him a message. I directed him to buy this for his new Parker.
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    Dry ice in Baja?

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    San Quintin 10/13 - Help Identifying this Fish (?)

    Also known as Sapo in Spanish...frog. Bullseye Puffer is correct.
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    For Sale 2014 Tacoma Prerunner Access Cab - 59k miles

    Isn't that what Drew offered you some time back? Should have taken it then?
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    Good grief. I can't believe someone really put that much thought into how deep your lure is. Great concept but a simple pythagorean theorem isn't going to be accurrate because you are not taking into account the bend in the line?? Spend more time fishing and less time thinking about'll...
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    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Bad idea. Healthy predator populations indicate a healthy ecosystem. Solution = open hunting season on marine mammals! Reduce their prey and control the predator populations. Sea lion populations are way out of control. GW shark populations are just starting to catch up. It will only get worse...
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    Fishing & Surfing Point Loma on Monday??

    Off the grid at Ralph's?? Hahaha! On a well publicized hurricane south swell. Hahaha! That's a good one. Hilarious! I might go to watch the battles. Even Monday will be crowded.
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    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Is it still available?
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    Anyone selling an 18 ft’er soon?

    He happened to be there when a friend was driving by so he got his number. I called him and set up a time to see it. He is a super cool older dude that says he is always home. I would just knock on the door and leave a note if he isn’t home.
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    Anyone selling an 18 ft’er soon?

    There is a guy on Denver St off Clairemont Drive that has a nice 18 Parker with a Yamaha 115hp for sale. Its older and kinda beat up. He will not budge from $14k. I felt it was a little too high but its worth taking a look at and see what you think. You will see it on your right in his driveway...
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    WTB 17’ or 18’ center console <$13k

    Do you more info on this boat?
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    7/16/18 Nados fest

    How do you like your Thresher?
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    No Love at Coronados, lower and upper 9, La Jolla 7-11-18

    We fished next to you in the little Trophy wa with a green Bimini. Good mixed bag barracuda and huge calico fishing. We picked a couple yt but didn’t see any real sign. We caught our own mini Mack’s so that was the difference with the finicky yt. We swung offshore and saw some tuna but not a lot...
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    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    8 seiners with a spotter plane making sets on the 9 all afternoon. It will be gone as soon as it got here.
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    Need one guy fishing Santa Rosaliita

    I took time off those dates and I was planning on heading to Abreojos to fish Estero coyote for snook and grouper. It looks like I might not have anybody going with me at this point. I have been doing a Baja for 30+ years and know it well. I have all the toys and must drive my own...
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    Bahia report for June 2-9.

    Chomping the surface iron in the afternoons along outside of smith island from the 8th to the 11th. Huge volume but under birds better in the afternoon.
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    Effects of Hurricane Bud in Midriff/BOLA San Francisquito area

    I just got back from la bay Monday. We fished as far south as isla Esteban. The red tide covers the entire bay and just out to inside islands but very streaky. Smith island and outside is in the low 70’s but very green. The big island has the clearest water by far but in the low to mid 60’s and...
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    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Huge schools slipped up along the inside and all normal spots around the eastern side of Smith are lloaded with fish. We found them on the 8th after a couple days way outside with the fleet below the big island. Absolutely jugged with huge schools of equal or better quality. Some 8-12 but most...
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    Bahia de los Angeles 06.04-06.12

    We found huge schools of yt on the 8th along the east side of Smith Island and fished them for 3 days all by ourselves. Everyone was fishing the far stuff and some huge schools must have snuck up along the inside. Serious all you want surface iron classic LA Bay style. We fished next to you on...
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    I'd like to check out the boat you have for sale. Any plans to fish San Diego in the near...

    I'd like to check out the boat you have for sale. Any plans to fish San Diego in the near future? I'll show you some bonefish and corvina spots in the southbay and pay for fuel so I can take a test ride. If I like it you won't tow it home??
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    Spotted Bay Bass Fishery in SQ Bay?

    I dont think that dredging is good for any fishery. There are tons of great spotty fisheries in Baja on both sides where there is no dredging...and I mean crazy good. SD Bay used to be spectacular before they dredged the channel 20 years ago and it really has never come back. Sure, it is still...
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    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    A boat is a direct reflection of its captain. Capt Ryan (Booger) is the best of the best! Period!
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    It is very sad to see that my fellow fisherman can be so ignorant? Sure...there are many things that need repair in this world. However, if you think that saving a unique species from extinction is a poor use of funds you are ignorant in my opinion. I'm not aware of any animal that can "adapt"...
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    Dolphin Plane arrives San Filipe

    It is a $9 million operation paid for by Mex Government and other entities like Seaworld and SAIC (the company that trains the marine mammals for the US military). There will be plenty of more funding if they are successful in capturing at minimum a breeding pair. If you are willing to let a...
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    V for Vendetta - 9/28

    My bad...wrong day. I called the Vendetta in on a school in that zone on Wednesday. We had to fillet to make room. That zone is just on this side of the border?? Right?? (You don't need to answer)
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    V for Vendetta - 9/28

    I was the guy that called you all in. The fish stayed with us for 3 of which was without throwing bait while we filleted. When the Vendetta rolled in and brailed a scoop it exploded!! Awesome sight to see. Nice to see such a healthy volume of fish.
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    This isn't about saving the totuaba. It is about saving the vaquita dolphin. Gill nets, illegal totuaba poaching and trawlers have put them on the verge of extinction. There isn't a simple solution and the vaquita will likely be extinct soon no matter what happens at this point. On a separate...
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    Abreojos fishing guide

    Paco is a great guide. Only problem is that there are at least 3 guys named Paco that I know in Abre that guide. Haha! You can't go wrong with any of them since they all know the local high spots and the grouper fishing is always good.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    I don't work Tue, Wed and Thur if you want to take a look or go for a ride. (619)850-5665 Copper
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    I've moved south off Orange Ave now. Are you on J st? Or is that another Skippy?
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    It's a small world. I lived on 2nd and I st and then stored it at KOA. Pretty sure I've seen your Skippy too.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Back on the market...
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Been difficult to show the boat due to work schedule. I'm back on a regular schedule and it is much easier to see.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    I can't believe it is still for sale!
  82. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    The fishermans cuddy cabin layout is a perfect layout for serious fishing with room to sleep on multi day trips. Dusky's are built like a tank..nice when the weather sneaks up on you. I am very surprised there are not more on the west coast.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Trailer is now completely refurbished!
  84. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    You can see the boat anyday after 5pm...anytime on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    It is price to sell at this point for sure.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Trailer issues. It has been completely refurbished now.
  87. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    This layout is perfect for serious fishing with a little bit of comfort for long range trips.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Price reduction!! This is a steal!
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    WTB: Seaswirl Striper 2301 CC, 250hp 2005 or newer

    I have a fishermans cuddy...have you ever seen that layout? 25' Dusky with 2006 250hp Etec with only 800 hrs and near perfect compression.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Thanks for the props. Work out the logistics so you can buy it. Nice meeting you and good luck.
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Price drop...$19,900. Trailer has been overhauled too!
  92. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Just had another potential buyer back out. Still available...
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Many lookers...a few potential buyers...but still for sale.
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    El Capitan?

    If you want comfort go on a Disney cruise. If you want to catch fish...there is nobody that is fishier than Allen and the El Capitan has side scanning sonar with all the tools to find and kill fish...period!
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    I have been working with 2 different buyers and each didn't work out for different reasons. Trailer is completely refurbished and fresh non-skid deck applied.
  96. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Yes. Call/text me to set it up. (619)850-5665
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    You can see the boat anytime after 5pm or anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I am...

    You can see the boat anytime after 5pm or anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I am located in southern San Diego in Chula Vista. Call me with questions or to set up a time to see or test drive the boat. I live minutes from a launch ramp. Copper (619)850-5665
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold! is again available. I will message you.
  99. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Buyer just fell through. Back on the market with fresh deck paint.
  100. scoop

    SOLD delete ad 123

    Check out my Dusky 256.
  101. scoop

    WTB. 21ft-24ft WALKAROUND, CC, DUAL CONSOLE 10k-20k

    Did you check out the dusky 256 FC posted here? Trailer is upgrade with torsion bars instead of leaf springs for tough Baja roads.
  102. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    There is plenty of room for 2 people to sleep. It has plenty of just have to crawl in. If you remove the middle cushion you can sit comfortably as well. You can put an air mattress on top (or custom cushion) and sleep comfortably there too. When we are in Baja we sleep on top.
  103. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    A few more pictures.
  104. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    I agree with you completely. I am actually looking to downsize...I am leaning towards the Dusky 17. I have owned many boats and this is by far the best built boat I have owned. Overbuilt means safer when conditions turn bad.
  105. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Overall length is 34 feet from propeller to ball on tongue of trailer.
  106. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    A few more pictures...
  107. scoop

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Hull weight is listed at 3, you are looking around 5,500lb tow weight. I'm going to have it professionally cleaned and then take better pictures. I will post them when I have them. You can check out the layout at and look at the 256 fishermans cuddy. Layout is sweet for...
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    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    25 ft Dusky 256FC Sold! 250hp Etec that runs like new. Price drop to $19,900 Spacious walk around center console with small cuddy forward and huge casting platform. Custom made layout with many custom features make it a fishing machine. Twin bait tanks, triple fuel tanks, fold down tower...
  109. scoop

    WTB Your boat. Looking to upgrade?

    I'm planning to sell my 25 ft Dusky Fishermans Cuddy in the next couple months. Here is a link Mine is a 2004 with a 2011 Evinrude E-Tec 250hp with only 500 hrs approximately. I'm thinking around $25k. Let me know and I'll...
  110. scoop

    Misson Bay Babys..

    Throw a 1/2 oz crocodile and look for spots of birds...especially in the evenings. Bonito have been pushing bait every eve in mission bay and have been destroying anything shiny in front of them.
  111. scoop

    El capitan vs Grande

    Nobody fishes harder than Allan Fay! Both are good...but the El Cap has Allen...and he is the best in the business. The other captains call him Captain Midnight because he is the last boat to return to the dock...simply because he fishes hard! Did I mention...he is the best at finding fish too...
  112. scoop

    TJ Dentist

    I have had a couple of crowns made along with root canals with this female dentist in TJ. Complete root canal and porceline crown was $360 and has been the best dental work in my mouth...better than the work I had done in the US. She is located about a mile from the block east of...
  113. scoop

    Tecate corrupt traffic cop

    I went to Tecate with my girlfriend last March to grab a taco or two for lunch. While heading to the border coming home we were pulled over by a motorcycle cop. He insisted at first that I ran a red light. I let him know that I was absolutely certain that I did not. He then changed his reason...
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    best street taco or good cheap eats in ensenada

    No way Steve...El Poblano is waaaay better! Great stand in El Sauzal...just north of Ensenada...Carne en su jugo on west side of highway. If you've never had carne en su owe it to yourself to give it a taste!
  115. scoop

    Mexican Cell Phones

    These are cheap...but they have no coverage throughout Mex. The only way to go is Telcel or AT&T and get the international Mex plan which uses Telcel. They have absolutely the best coverage...especially in Baja. I've tried them all...this is my conclusion. The plan I have is $79 for 700 anywhere...
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    New diesel truck ?

    I have an 2004 6.0 Ford and have been buying Mex diesel exclusively since about 2006...mostly from Pemex between TJ and Playas de TJ where all the buses refuel. I have not had an fact seems like great fuel. I regularly bring back 90 gallons at a time to refuel a friend diesel power...
  117. scoop

    furuno fcv 667 fishfinder

    I have one in perfect condition. Sounds like you found a few already.I'll take $100 as well. This is my back up unit that never gets used. It has been sitting in my garage wrapped in clean towels. Transducer is still installed in my boat but I have a 2nd if you wanted it?
  118. scoop

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    My dog Nash fishing corvina in Abreojos Estero Coyote.
  119. scoop

    What's going on with the El Capitan?

    I would put my money on Alan Faye who is definitely a survivor...not to mention one of the best in the business. Go fishing and helps these guys out...the fish are here!!!
  120. scoop

    Furuno and Raymarine Electronics

    Furuno 1622 Radar display. LCD display, mounting bracket, cover and all cables. No radome antenae. $200 Raychart 620 GPS/Chartplotter display. Display, mounting bracket and cover only. No power cord or GPS sensor. Has seatalk interface capability. Large LCD display in very clean condition. $150
  121. scoop

    C-map chip Furuno

    I am looking for a C-map navigation chip for a Furuno Navnet2. I need the San Diego-Southern California to Baja cartridge.
  122. scoop

    2/25 Halibut with Capt Ron!

    Hey JJ. I'm stoked to see you fished with Capt Ron...he is one of the best!! Guys like you give us the opportunity to live and ultimately fish in this beautiful and safe country. Anytime you or any of your heroic military buddies would like to fish...I would be honored to take you!! Send me a...
  123. scoop


    I have had fuel filter clogging problems from filling up at that Pemex station on my diesel f350 on more than one occassion last year. Also, a friend with a Toyota pickup complained of loss of power after filling up there on one of the trips that I had to change my fuel filters. I avoid that...
  124. scoop


  125. scoop

    Anyone heading to Bahia Asuncion ?

    Hey Surfdoc, I'm heading to Abreojos this Saturday for a week. I was thinking about hitting assuncion either on the way down or on the way back??? Maybe we can trade delivery costs for a day of fishing?? How is the road from you south to La Bocana??? Call me Friday if you'd like to talk.
  126. scoop

    Furuno navnet monitor or fishfinder/gps/radar

    I'm looking for a Furuno navnet monitor. I have radome, ducer and all accessories...I just need the actual monitor. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired...besides dealing with the Furuno factory?? I am interested in purchasing any sonar, radar or gps/plotter monitor as well if I can...
  127. scoop

    Corbetena 8-12-11

    Hey JJ. You should have told me you were going down there. I got a place in Sayulita and a 18' skiff there. Sounds like you had a great trip!! Give me a call and lets fish local.
  128. scoop

    Towing a boat south of the border? Worth it?

    Try launching out of La Salinas. It is $20 and has great security. $15 a night if you want a slip. The marina is emprty and you can choose any slip you'd like. There are clean bathrooms and nice showers too! I speak spanish fluently...I know the southern waters well...I trailer down...
  129. scoop

    Baja Gas Prices 7/25/2011

    I just filled up with diesel last night in TJ. Diesel is 9.41 peso / liter. The exchange rate at that pemex station was 11.40 peso / dollar. I paid with credit card and got around 11.70 peso / dollar. I didn't check the gas prices.
  130. scoop

    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    I had full coverage from Padilla on a boat that was stolen down there. They paid...after I took them to small claims!!! It was a hassle providing all the paperwork that they needed!! And they still didn't want to pay. You need a police report and you definitely want to get that when your...
  131. scoop

    PILE 5/25

    Sorry then. You were bombarded with PBer's driving over your fish then too!! LOL There were a couple of guys in a boat just like yours absolutely clueless. I should say "thanks" for doing the right thing...
  132. scoop

    PILE 5/25

    You guys were in our chum line ALL day too. You ran over fish in our chum line 2x's. You would have caught more fish if you would have anchored up instead of running all over the fish?? Just an idea?? We did!
  133. scoop

    Way Inshore-Curisoty Question?

    Technically they are not Coquina Clams. Coquina are Donax Variabilis and are distributed along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf coastline. A very close cousin though.
  134. scoop

    Way Inshore-Curisoty Question?

    Ib1 and guys are good!! Those are Donax Clams or Bean Clams...Donax Denticulatus. Most people say they are juvinile Pismo Clams. Especially in IB where the Pismos are making a strong comeback. Yes...that is about as big as they get.
  135. scoop

    Baja Current Gas Prices? Anyone?

    They just raised the price of diesel from 8.01 to 9.01 pesos/liter and the dollar is at 11.80 pesos/ most pemex stations. (I buy with a credit card and get a slightly better conversion rate from the bank) This puts the price of diesel around $2.88 gallon. This is the price in TJ as of...
  136. scoop

    Sayulita accomodations

    Check with Fidel of Fidel's Sportfishing. He is located at the south end of town. He has a few pangas for sportfishing and a 2 bedroom apartment above his place just a few steps from the water for about $200 a week. His number is 011-52-329-291-3563.
  137. scoop

    Cell phone coverage in Baja

    I've had that plan for a while is great!!! You can call Mex from the US with no extra charges too!! I just got back from Abreojos and the coverage is phenomenal!!! Every town in between has good coverage as well!! A must have if you travel or live in Mex.
  138. scoop

    Deckhand Needed for Guadalupe Trip

    I have a 100 ton USCG license. I worked for the sportfishing fleet for 16+ years including some of the long range guys. That was about 10 years ago. Since, I have my own 6-pack charter that I was running for fun up until last year. I still keep in contact with all the guys and may be privy to...
  139. scoop

    Mon south Do Do's

    YFT under the mammals in the same area...good grade too!
  140. scoop

    American Angler 2.5 day

    I guess it would have been better for you if they said it was time to quit and head for home??? They caught all the fish they needed...why not learn something from the crew??? I guess you know it all already??
  141. scoop

    6-packs out of SD????

    I know a great 4-pack boat. A 28 foot scarab style center console that does 40 knots. Major bait capacity and great electronics. His prices are reasonable and he fishes hard. (619)850-5665.
  142. scoop

    All the Fun 5.40 per gallon can give....

    I just bought 170 gals of diesel in TJ for $352.
  143. scoop

    Surfing in PV

    Go to San town just north of Sayulita...and ask for Allen at the main hotel on the beach. He knows the coast well and shreds right along with you. He'll probably take you to a grinding river mouth beach break at Platanitos. It picks up all swell directions well and nobody surfs...
  144. scoop

    San Quintin Fishing

    I just got back from a week of fishing from a kayak in San Quintin. There are still fish at the mouth but the best fishing and my favorite place to fish is just south...Socorro Beach. Now the seabass are going crazy...crazy. Just find the bird schools and drop a mackeral...good luck from there...
  145. scoop

    Sayulita in December

    ooops! here is the link.. Fishing snorkeling and surfing boat tours with Fidel in Sayulita
  146. scoop

    Sayulita in December

    Check out this guy...if you want to fish local he is the guy. He's only got pangas but he leaves from the beach in Sayulita. He fishes hard!