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  1. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Morning Robert, Actually I live in Florida so the factory was only 4 hour drive, so i picked it up.
  2. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    The build continues, and I'm encouraged that the pace is picking up a little. I had been working on laying out a tower design based on more West Coast Florida boats. We don't see many of these on the East Coast, though more are starting to pop up and I think it will continue. Measuring other...
  3. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Morgan 24 Build continued... Hatch frames were built and then the deck cut to receive them and be glassed into the boat. The middle would be cut out later. The bow area would be covered by the cap and we divided the space up into a generous anchor locker and plenty of storage that will be...
  4. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Thanks very much! I just dropped it off for the next round, so more progress coming soon.
  5. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Sisters- Two brand new Morgans coming together nicely. Mine is the ice blue hull. Rick makes a skin for the inside of the hull sides by using the outside of the hull as a mold. It gets trimmed up and bonded onto the inside of the hull. the boat will get a Porta-Bracket and twin swim platforms...
  6. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    24' Morgan Build - "One Piece at a Time"

    Hey BD’ers! I’m excited to share my boat build story with you as it has slowly progressed from a vision and desire to have my own boat after years of running other owner’s boats for my charter and private boat captain career previous to going to work as the editor of BD Outdoors. I will try to...
  7. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Yellowtails 7/14-15 Longboat Key

    awesome report and trip. hate to have missed it. Congrats!
  8. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Fisherman ll 63 hour Deep Drop Trip

    Thanks, one of these days the honor will be mine to fish with yall.
  9. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Fisherman ll 63 hour Deep Drop Trip

    Awesome fishing trip. Have to do that one too one day! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    10/13 hoop netting in LBC

    Nice job, thanks for sharing. You just made the front page of BD Outdoors!
  11. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Daily updates

    awesome! Thanks for the report
  12. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    17 lobsters to go please
  13. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    San juanito on fire!!

    Nice fish and thanks for the report! You just made the Front Page of BD!
  14. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    What ocean tow service is best????
  15. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Montana trip......I'm baaaack! (Long report / Pic Heavy)

    Congrats, you just made the front page. Thanks for sharing such a great report!
  16. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Vakuta Exploration Trip Papua New Guinea

    Wow, Thanks for sharing your report! You just made the front page of BD.
  17. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    Incredible! Front Page worthy. Congratulations!
  18. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Wsb and lots of them

    Congrats on great fishing! You just made the front page of BD! Thanks for sharing!
  19. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Soft Science Shoes - With Socks

    I can speak for the comfort of the shoes. fixed my hurting feet. I've been wearing them fishing, work in the yard and to church(not the same ones!) They are amazing and nice and wide if you have that need. I do wear ankle socks with them and have not had any issues, though if they get wet...
  20. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    2/19 ponce grouper

    very nice job. scamp is my favorite. Thanks for sharing on BD!
  21. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Top water and Jigging Action in Papua New Guinea

    awesome trip. Thanks fro sharing. Cameron, I've messaged you via BD if you have a chance. Thanks.
  22. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Fisherman Full Moon Snapper Slam

    So envious! Great report as always, thanks for sharing! You just made the front page of BD Outdoors!!
  23. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    HUGE Florida February CATCH

    Man, that is awesome! Great job!!
  24. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Fishing Before the FRONT

    Just awesome. A pile of my favorite fish! Nice job and thanks for sharing!
  25. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Yellowtail on 1/7 - Punto Colonet

    Great Report and catch. Thanks for sharing. You just made the Front Page.
  26. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    First: bluegill Favorite to catch: Dang that's tough! Big mangrove snapper...mutton.....cobia......... Favorite to eat: Scamp grouper Favorite shellfish/crustacean: spidercrab claws
  27. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Pilot 111 Thailand

    Cool report. Thanks for sharing. You just made the front page of BD Outdoors.
  28. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Race to Guatemala 12/17-21

    Awesome report and great to fish with you buddy!
  29. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Rpt-Thur.- 1.5 day 12-01-16 aboard the O-95!

    Congrats. you made the front page! Great Report!
  30. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Tanner run with the SB boys

    Congrats on a great trip and for making the front page of BD Outdoors.
  31. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Never expected this...haha

    Congrats boys on your fish and your first post making the front page of BD!
  32. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Great Report and trip. Thanks for sharing. You just made the front page of BD!
  33. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Hail Mary For The BFT

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing. You just made the Front Page of BD!
  34. Capt. Scott Goodwin


    Really cool trip. Thanks for sharing. We do look forward to the details. You just made the front page of BD!
  35. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    snapper jigging

    Pretty work, thanks for sharing it with us on BD!
  36. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Gags And Wahoo On Parade

    Awesome job as always. Thanks for sharing!
  37. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    blue crabs in jacksonville

    Catching blue crabs can be pretty simple, but of course you need to find access to the intracoastal waters. Parks, fishing piers(inshore) are probably the easiest to find on short notice. Or find a local tackle shop in the area you are staying.(jax is huge) and ask them for some advice. A...
  38. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    New to Bloody Decks

    Welcome to BD!
  39. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    My girl last weekend in Islamorada, FL

    Thanks for sharing. nice job!
  40. Capt. Scott Goodwin


    Nice job Tommy. You made the Front Page of BD! Thanks
  41. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Scallop Time = Pure Fun

    I'm not sure what was the best part of our recent Steinhatchee scallop trip. Certainly a chance to share good times with family is a central focus, but there are so many aspects to this purely simple trip. I guess I consider it so simple because compared to the rigors of offshore fishing that...
  42. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Picture Florida PERFECT

    awesome! One of these days!
  43. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Tales of Swordfish and Tuna - Peacekeeper Charters - Venice LA

    awesome job! Thanks for sharing and you just made the front page!
  44. Capt. Scott Goodwin


    Awesome fish. Thanks for sharing!
  45. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Huge Grouper And Much More

    Nice job as always. Incredible variety and quality fish!!
  46. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/20/16

    Thanks for a great report!
  47. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Andaman Islands April 2016

    Always an amazing report. Thanks for sharing and you just hit the Front Page of BD!
  48. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Shimano Tranx: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    Great Report, Thanks for sharing with BD'ers. You just made the front page.
  49. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Sushi Wagon Trip - Canaveral

    I just got back from a special trip aboard the Sushi Wagon out of Port Canaveral. My long-time great friend Charlie Tudor invited me again, but this time the planets aligned and I was able to say yes. We loaded up his new 37' Freeman and eased out of the slip at 2 am. With confidence from the...
  50. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    San Clemente Yellowtail on Oceanside 95 3/26/2016

    Congrats and thanks for sharing. You just made the Front Page of BD!
  51. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    NewSmyrna DaytonaBeach Area Inshore Feb2016

    roger that, we are still brown in the indian, but at least we have dodged the fish kills so far. Thanks
  52. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Waaa Hooooo!!!!!

    Great Report, Thanks for sharing with BD'ers. Awesome fish. You just made the Front Page of
  53. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    NewSmyrna DaytonaBeach Area Inshore Feb2016

    Thanks for the report Capt. Great fishing! Have you seen the brown algae up that way? Our water is still filthy with it down south in M.I.
  54. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Congrats on an amazing fish. Front page worthy for sure. Thanks for sharing!
  55. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    L'archipel des Chesterfield, Nouvelle Calédonie Jan 2016

    I'm running out of words to describe these trips. Awesome just doesn't seem enough! Great report. Front Page in the morning!
  56. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Inirida Colombia Peacock Bass 2016

    Awesome just isn't strong enough for this. Thanks for sharing and you just made the front page of BD!
  57. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Dec2015 MosquitoLagoon NewSmyrnaBeach Daytona

    nice report, thanks for sharing capt.
  58. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Deep-dropping Florida style

    Hey Jim, Yes y'all have been having an amazing year and hope it keeps going for you. As to your wahoo/king question, the kingfish or king mackerel is much more common and while okay to eat fresh or smoked for long term, the wahoo is way better in my opinion. The king has a grey meat while...
  59. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Keys Gear Recommendations....

    Sounds like a great tradition. Here are a few articles that came to mind that might help down there. Plenty more in our how to section.
  60. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Deep-dropping Florida style

    awesome stuff. Great report. Thanks for sharing!
  61. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    This is our Florida

    Great report and awesome catch. What was that old saying about saying something nice or not at all. How did that go? World could use a lot more of that!! You just made the front page! Thanks for sharing.
  62. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Caught Wahoo W/30lb Fluorocarbon!

    wow, awesome trip and report. Congrats and welcome to the front page!
  63. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    Congrats on your fish and for making the front page!
  64. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Thank you Jerry for sharing your knowledge and to the other BD members who shared your jig picts! Capt Scott
  65. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Congrats on your awesome fish. Check out the Front Page!
  66. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    Congrats guys on your fish and thanks for sharing. Check out the home page.
  67. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Kodak's TUNA Run 9 19

    Congrats on your day of fishing, thanks for sharing and check the home page. You made headlines!
  68. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Marlin 9-12

    Awesome job! Congrats. Watch the front page!
  69. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Bisbee East Cape Offshore Week as seen by Gary Graham

    Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Randy Wickward and congrats to all the winners and participants.
  70. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Targeting Snapper

    Always a great report. I believe that was a type of shame-faced crab. very cool. Great fishing!
  71. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    mosquito lagoon drum

    nice job. thanks for posting
  72. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Otherside Adventure

    we found them at 85 on the way in from 110. birds have been spotty,, that day it was the only pack we found.
  73. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Otherside Adventure

    It had been since September since I had been offshore, so I was more than ready when the call came to try some tuna fishing aboard the Sushi Wagon with my good friend Charlie. He has just taken delivery of a brand new 37' Freeman and I was equally excited to get to take my first ride on one...
  74. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    We Never Give Up

    Wow, always and adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  75. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Hey there, Scott Goodwin here, the editor at BD. Saw a post about your giant bass and wondered...

    Hey there, Scott Goodwin here, the editor at BD. Saw a post about your giant bass and wondered if you wanted to share any of the story and I'll make a front page news item. If you have interest,my email is [email protected] Thanks much
  76. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Moving to Jacksonville

    Welcome Mark, I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know our diverse and awesome fishing when you get here. Happy to answer any questions you might have or point you in the right direction. Take care, Capt. Scott Goodwin
  77. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    G2 ETec

    hearing some good things about them.
  78. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    What an honor to be part of the BD family!

    great tribute to 2014, now go get em for another year! Welcome to the BD family.
  79. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Skyway Snook Frenzy - New Video

    that makes me want to go fishing! nice job
  80. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Recommendations on where to fish?

    I agree that everyone mentioned will do a great job for you offshore. We also have great inshore fishing for fish like redfish, snook, tarpon and more. Capt. Rick Worman is a pro and fun to fish with. There are others too if he is booked.
  81. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    We Clobbered 'Um

    Wow, Mangos are one of my favorites, thanks for the report. need to get back out with y'all one day. Great catch.
  82. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Snook fishery and the CCA

    Hey North West, A few unofficial thoughts on the CCA. Here in Florida, as is everywhere else, recreational fishing is under a constant state of attack from those who would love to shut it down or restrict to the point that it is not worth going. This would include commercial fishing too...
  83. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Early February Islamorada Fishing Report 2015

    awesome report, thanks for sharing.
  84. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Unforgettable Dry Tortugas - December 2014

    great report guys, good job and great times. Thanks for sharing.
  85. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Full Moon Offshore Madness

    Mangos are one of my many favorites. Great fishing and report.
  86. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    The Trip of a Lifetime

    amazing trip, thanks for sharing it!
  87. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Cape Canaveral October mid month AWESOME

    looking good Chris, love the new boat!
  88. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Mahi Bite is Here off of Canaveral!

    pretty work, now I don't want to sit behind this computer.
  89. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Is BD Going to Give Birth to a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest?

    Yes, stay tuned, the contest is about to be announced. Get Ready!
  90. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Fishing with Steve Impallomeni-Florida Keys

    Capt. Steve is first class, glad you had a good time.
  91. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Awesome Videos from Matt Watson, The Ultimate Fishing Show

    Check out the stories and videos to back them up from Matt Watson
  92. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Great White Hounding Diver

    that just might make him mad. lol
  93. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Great White Hounding Diver

    I just watched this again, and holy ..... I can't imagine how your heart would be pounding!! This great white just keeps coming back.
  94. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Great White Hounding Diver

    FLORIDA DIVER ENCOUNTERS GREAT WHITE SHARK Recently, a seemingly normal spearfishing trip on the ledges of Bethel Shoals, off the east coast of Florida, took an exciting turn to the more unusual. Jimmy Roseman of West Melbourne, Florida had a great white shark check him out, over and over to...
  95. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Mako tears it up

  96. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Huge Tiger sharks with Capt. Nick Stanczyk

    SHARK ENCOUNTER - CAPT. NICK STANCZYK These guys use 30 to 40 pound amberjacks for bait. wow! They don't get nibbles. Capt. Nick is famous for his daytime swordfishing prowess, but catching giant tiger sharks and hammerheads is fun too. Capt. Nick shared some stories with us in this BD Shark...
  97. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Who's up for a swim??

    surfs up
  98. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Ten Days of Sharks

    “ Ya'll know me, know how I earn a livin. I'll catch that bird for ya, but it ain't going to be easy!” Welcome to BD's Ten Days of Sharks, our tribute to these powerful, toothy predators. We are going to bring you ten days of all things shark. Feast your eyes on our interviews, amazing...
  99. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Port Canaveral Otherside Trip

    I recently had the opportunity to sneak away from work (thanks Ali) and join a great group of friends who are also great fishermen. The boat was Capt. Charlie's Sushi Wagon, a 36 foot Bluewater. We gathered in the wee hours and put the final load of gear on the boat, casting off about 3:30 in...
  100. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Would you be interested in being a BD Fishin Chick? [email protected] if you are. Thanks

    Would you be interested in being a BD Fishin Chick? [email protected] if you are. Thanks
  101. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Venice Report May 3-5 Pelagic Charters

    Man that is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.
  102. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Fishing the Otherside Tournament

    We ran out 115 miles and covered many miles, but the few fish that were caught in the tournament were ball park 140 miles. Still a great day and congrats to the Adventurous crew who did find a few big ones. Bird packs that we found were trailing small groups of dolphin and the white. We saw the...
  103. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    otherside reports

    Well tuna have been around some, though fishable days have been few, but this past weekend was slim picking for the yellowfin. I fished with Charlie Tudor aboard the Sushi Wagon and we had a great day on dolphin and one white marlin and a couple blackfins, but never saw or felt like we were...
  104. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Southern Oman, GT Fishing April 2014 Part I

    Very awesome, thanks for the report!
  105. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Mangrove Snapper New Smyrna Beach Fl

    We can only hope, nice mango though!
  106. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Middle Grounds good catch in the rain

    great trips and report. That was a Drone spoon and they have been catching fish forever.
  107. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Charter help Capt. Rush is a great guy and knows his stuff.
  108. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Bass Fishing Report 02/25/14

    nice job, thanks for posting!
  109. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Miami Back Country Peacock Bass Report 02/10/14

    Thanks for sharing, that is awesome!
  110. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Tuna, Tuna, and Much More

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing it with BD'ers.
  111. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Florida Inshore Saltwater DaytonaBch NewSmyrna

    Nice fish Capt. Mike. Thanks for sharing
  112. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    First Post - New Boat , first trip. life is good in the keys

    welcome aboard Rush, look forward to more.
  113. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    50 pound Gag

    Check out this story from Nick Metakes about a recent 50 pound "blackberry" out of Ponce Inlet.
  114. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Quick trip pays off

    After a long awaited break in the winds, We got a spur on the moment call to check out some inshore weed mats that had been blown in after weeks of winds. Fishing aboard the "Brassy Hooker" a charter boat out of Port Canaveral, owned and run by Capt. Brad Spalding, Derek and Cory Redwine and...
  115. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    AFTCO Generations & Family Tradition Contest - Win your share of $1000 in AFTCO Gear

    Don't feel bad, we get that question all day everyday. The cleaning table is by an outdoor restaurant, and often the eyeballs fill up with gas and bring the rotting, stinking carcass back to the surface a couple days later. Popping the eyes and guts helps keep them on the bottom where the...
  116. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Coiba Adventure, Panama VIDEO

    awesome compilation. make me want to go fishing right now.
  117. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Coiba Island Panama November 4th - 7th COIBA ADVENTURE SPORTFISING

    Thanks for the report and awesome pictures. Good job.
  118. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    AFTCO Generations & Family Tradition Contest - Win your share of $1000 in AFTCO Gear

    I'm not eligible, but wanted to share some of the best memories of time spent fishing with the family. These are the best of times and while you don't want to cram it down your kids throat so to speak, I did want to expose them to fishing early in small doses. Now they are asking me to take...
  119. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Cape Canaveral going off

    Nice report Chris Glad to hear it's getting back to normal.
  120. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Alligator fishing

    Could you pack in any more fun! Great job.
  121. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Need some help fishing Bal Harbor/North Miami

    Drew Welcome to BD. It is an awesome site with so much to see and offer. I'm up in Canaveral and know there are some big differences between our fishing and yours. I have a how-to fishing site I welcome you to check it out and hopefully find some things that interest...
  122. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    any suggestions on how to catch king fish?

    Hey, Here is a seminar on the basics of live bait fishing which is used to target kings. I'm sure there will be some regional differences, as we are on the east coast. But the basics and rigging will probably carry over. It is a very fun way to catch them. It is all free on Offshore Academy - Home .
  123. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Stunt Gaffing

    Here is a fun clip from the best dolphin bite I've ever seen. This is Stunt Gaffing, not what we normally recommend, but it sure was fun!! Visit for the proper way.
  124. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Awesome Cobia Fishing!

    Yes, There were several large schools of cow nose rays that just happened to pass under us at that moment.
  125. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Sight Casting to Sail Fish 7.20.2008

    Awesome day and photos. Great job.
  126. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Awesome Cobia Fishing!

    We really felt lucky to get to fish five days in a week for cobia. Calm seas and some sunny days made sightfishing incredible. We pitched jigs and live baits to fish after they are spotted. Being prepared and having a good crew, really helped to capitalize on one of my favorite kinds of fishing...
  127. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    PANAMA BY PANGA JUNE 20-28, 2008

    awesome picts and story.
  128. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    panama city trip

    Awesome day. wahoo still has great colors!
  129. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Hammerhead Shark Video clip

    A video clip of a Hammerhead Shark we found chasing triple tail round and round a milk crate off Port Canaveral, Fl.
  130. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Unique Fish Makes the Day

    Hey, thanks for the replies. These are not the surf caught Pompano, but a whole different creature called African Pompano. They are not rare, but we don't catch them very often. They frequent wrecks and are also sometimes caught on the reef while livebaiting. Always a bonus to see one!
  131. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Unique Fish Makes the Day

    Unique Fish Makes the Day Got to fish with Jim and Nick last week. My mate Danny also was there and we stayed shallow all day. The bottom bite was slow, but we had great action on an unusual fish called and African Pompano. They are great eating and a really great fight. You can keep two per...
  132. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    May Photo Journey 5.23.2008 Boca Grande

    Awesome picts. As rewarding as catching them!
  133. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Circle hooks for Grouper and snapper?

    This was news to me over on the East Coast, Circle hooks do work well so it should not inhibit your ability to catch fish. From the link you posted, it mentions that the circle hooks are for natural baits only, so should not effect your plug(yet). Good fishing to you!
  134. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Mosquito Lagoon Report 5/11/08

    Great Picts. Makes me want to hit the river. Good job.
  135. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Bahamas Billfish Tournaments- Dolphin By-Catch

    Had the great opportunity to fish aboard the Wave Paver with long time friends and fishin buddies. It was slow fishing for billfish for us. A few sails and one blue marlin were hard earned and much appreciated. The Dolphin were there, charging in to devour our spread. Because we're in a marlin...
  136. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    The Bull and the Blue

    A bad day turned great, Good job!
  137. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Shark bit Grander photos

    Way to get it done! Awesome stroy. Congrats!
  138. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Big Time Grouper Digging

    good job on your day. Heat the grease!
  139. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Jupiter Offshore 3/23 - Cobia

    Nice fish! Few recipes on Captain's page of We would love to try and post other's recipes too. What did you use for bait? ps. also a how to clean cobia photo series for those who haven't cleaned one. Offshore Academy
  140. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Jigging huge AJ'S and groupers

    Wow, Can't wait to check out those spinners. Great job.
  141. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    118.4 lb Wahoo

    Awesome fish and what a way to get him. Great job!
  142. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Paradise Lodge (Chad

    Awesome post. It does get make you want to buy a plane ticket NOW!
  143. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    LJ slow on squid but paid off....BSB 140+

    That is an awesome fish. First one I've seen in real picts. very interesting for an East coaster! I assume they are protected. By law or by ethics? Great job.
  144. Capt. Scott Goodwin


    We'll start asking! We use Everglades alot now, but it would be nice to try something new. We'll look forward to it.
  145. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Port Canaveral 1/26

    Nice day to SaltyBrad and great fishing with you Gato Gordo!
  146. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Panama to Costa Rica 2008

    Amazing. Great picts of good times.
  147. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Winter Wahoo

    That is great. thanks, I will try it. Scott
  148. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Swording 12/28/07 Jupiter

    Very nice job. What do you prefer for baits down there?
  149. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Winter Wahoo

    Age old story, see the cubera, turn grab the rod, "okay now we're ready", fish is gone. We did trick a few of the mangroves, but none of the bigger(4lbish) ones. We exercised a few sharks and took some neat video. Even had a tiger shark swim through our light later that night dragging a wahoo...
  150. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Winter Wahoo

    Spanish Cay- December Wahoo's <HR style="COLOR: #336699" SIZE=1>The Anyar did a spur of the moment trip to Spanish Cay, Bahamas a couple weeks ago. The weather was amazing. Three days of calm seas and two pretty good crossings for December. The first day we jigged and deep-dropped to...
  151. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Cubera Snapper

    That is a monster! Nice job Scott.
  152. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Looking Back on 2007

    Wow, Hope 2008 is like that! Love the sword picts. Just caught our first out of Canaveral this year. Can't wait to do it again. Great to see people enjoying this sport.
  153. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Chronicles of a Blue Water Hunter

    Awesome shark picts, as well as the catches. Good job!
  154. Capt. Scott Goodwin

    Coral Star Sport Fishing Panama Report - 12/15-12/20/07

    That sounds great. We fished with you a few years back and had an awesome trip. Hope to return someday and do it again.