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  1. spize909

    Survey! Sorry not a fish report

    Good day Oregonians, We are looking at putting an offer on a vessel that is close to Bend Oregon. Can anybody recommend somebody up in that area that may be able to conduct a survey of the vessel for us? Thanks
  2. spize909

    Slips in Alamitos, Sunset Aquatic or possibly Newport

    I said years ago that I would never own another boat unless I could keep it in a slip (and afford to do so). We're at that point and I am actually going to partner with an old friend that is a previous slipped boat owner. We are on the list at Dana Point for a 28' slip (talking 8 months or so) I...
  3. spize909

    Info on Mirage

    Hello, I booked an o'nite charter on the Mirage (fishing August 9th if anybody in interested). Anyway, I've never fished the boat and am curious on the bunk situation. What are the bow bunks like? How about the center bunks? Do you feel like you are sleeping with the guy next to you? How much...
  4. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Trip 2 - 1.5 Day on the Oceanside 95 Depart July 12 @ 8:00 pm Return July 14 @ appx. 6:00 am Limited to 25 passengers (reserve the right to overbook by one). $350 includes meals. Does not include drinks, Mex permits (if needed), fish cleaning or TIPS TRIP IS SOLD OUT
  5. spize909

    BFT Fishing

    I've heard that the best way to catch this current batch of tuna is with straight braid to short flouro leader (as light as you can get away with). Most of my reels, and especially the 40lb capable and up stuff are loaded with enough braid to allow for at least a 100' topshot. it...
  6. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    2 open spots as of 5/24 I do not know what we will be fishing for at this time. If we went now it'd be tuna. It will depend on fishing and weather the weekend of the trip. Limited load and we have a nice group of guys. Trip 1 - 1.5 Day on the Oceanside 95 Depart June 14 @ 8:00 pm Return June 16...
  7. spize909

    Fathom Rail Rod reel

    I was very fortunate to have just won a new, quality rail rod. Rod is rated 60-130. Is the Fathom 60ld2 up to the task of landing a cow? How about the 40? Enough line capacity? For the amount of time I plan on fishing for that grade of tuna, I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on a...
  8. spize909

    Winner of the Contest?

    Did I miss the story on that guy that won the BD contest to go fish for these giant bluefin?
  9. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    Couple light scratches from being bundled with other rods, other then that its perfect. Fished a few times. SOLD
  10. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    as of 1:00 pm Friday I just had a father and son have to pull out due to a family emergency so I have 2 open spots that will go at a discount. PM me if interested. Trip leaves tonight at 8:00 pm ONE SPOT FILLED, ONE AVAILABLE
  11. spize909

    Daiwa 400H for Sealine SLSH20

    I have a Sealine 400H in nice condition inside and out with a few hundered yards of fresh 80lb braid on it (mono topshot in pic was stripped off) that I would like to trade for a Daiwa Sealine slsh20. Outside condition of slsh not important. Or I will sell this reel for $50 or if you have a...
  12. spize909

    Turnaround time for Service

    If I drop a reel off for service at Okuma in Ontario what kind of turnaround time should I expect?
  13. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    Full Departs Friday night 8:00 pm and returns Sunday morning 6:00 am. $310. Load-30 Mex permits (if needed), food, drinks, filet, tip, etc, all extra.
  14. spize909

    El Pescador Jig

    Seems to be plastic/resin. It was my Grandpas. I think it says AR & Co on it above where it says El Pescador
  15. spize909

    San Diego Marinas

    We are kicking around the idea of purchasing a boat. Years ago I stated to my wife and friends that I would never buy another boat unless I could afford to keep it in the water. I think I'm at that point and with my son at SDSU for a few years we'd have it down south for the time being...
  16. spize909

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    Looking for a good deal on an old slosh that needs a new home. Needs to be original style. Not A or X PM me Thanks
  17. spize909

    Saturday Ho 7/15

    Open to fish Saturday if anybody needs a ho. I do not have a Mexican license this year and don't plan on it so that's out. For that matter I'd prefer to stay North of San Diego. Dana Pt to Pedro... Local, offshore, whatever. I have owned boats and ho'd boats. Can back a trailer, etc. Jeff
  18. spize909

    Available to Ho Saturday 7/15

    Open to fish Saturday if anybody needs a ho. I do not have a Mexican license this year and don't plan on it so that's out. For that matter I'd prefer to stay North of San Diego. Dana Pt to Pedro... Local, offshore, whatever. I have owned boats and ho'd boats. Can back a trailer, etc. Jeff
  19. spize909

    Fury O'nite June 9th.

    I have 2 spots open for an over night on the Fury our of Dana Wharf. Departs Thursday June 8th. Load 21 Price $175 Likely be fishing SCI but who knows. PM if interested
  20. spize909

    Last Minute Cancellation. O'nite Fury Tonight!

    I have the Fury chartered for tonight (Thursday 9/22 fishing tomorrow 9/23) and my buddy just cancelled. I'm trying to fill his spot so he doesn't loose all his $$$. We are going to wait out this wind thing and board the boat normal time (10 pm) and hang in the slip till about 2 am and get bait...
  21. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    I fished overnight on the Freedom for tuna yesterday and there was a guy with his fiancé from Texas on the trip. He was here on a business trip and flying out this morning to return home. They didn't give it much thought on getting the fish home but really wanted to get it back to Texas somehow...
  22. spize909

    Looking for a ride Wed or Thurs (29-30) this week.

    Jumping on a Pac Voyager charter, no longer need a ride!
  23. spize909

    Fathom LD2 30 vs LD2 40N

    I know the 40N is taller. How do they compare in width?
  24. spize909

    Really good deal on Fathom LD2's

    My buddy told me about this today. Under $200 for the 30 or the 40 Link to the 40. The 30 is about 10 bucks less. Kills me not to get one but I just dropped a G on a gun safe.
  25. spize909

    Looking to fish Tuesday the 29th or Wednesday the 30th

    I'm planning on taking a day off to fish early this week (thursday is my no way). I do not and will not have a Mex license this year. If anybody is going and needs a ho let me know. Slydog can vouch for me. I don't want to go any further south than Dana. I'll just jump on a big...
  26. spize909

    Available to fish Tuesday or Wednesday (29th-30th)

    I'm planning on taking a day off to fish early this week (thursday is my no way). I do not and will not have a Mex license this year. If anybody is going and needs a ho let me know. Slydog can vouch for me. I don't want to go any further south than Dana. I'll just jump on a big...
  27. spize909

    Fury out of Dana Pt.

    I may have to find a boat for a work charter in October. I have several choices I could/would try in SD but think it may just be easier for everyone if we found something up North, Dana Point being a good central local. Most likely an o'nite, possibly just a 5-5 type trip. I think if it's 5-5...
  28. spize909

    Patriot 7/25

    I was invited to go on a charter through one of our subs at work. 62 guys and about just as many rent rods. All the beer and tequila you can drink. It got ugly........ The plan was to try for tuna a bit on the way to the island. We came across a couple spots of fish and one rent rodder hooked...
  29. spize909

    Curing/Freezing Yellowtail.

    I am wondering about salt/sugar curing yellowtail and freezing. I have a few really nice pieces and was going to cure them all, eat one, vacuum seal and freeze the others for another day. Would it be better to just freeze and then cure or do you think the cured pieces will defrost ready to slice...
  30. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    I've been fishing three times in a row with my old fishing buddy that kind of took some time off. One trip to SCI and two to Cat. He has out-fished me on the yellows every time. He's not a member so I will admit that maybe he is a little bit better of a fisherman than I am but not to the point...
  31. spize909

    Braid Questions

    I'm looking to replace some braid on 2 reels and add some on one or two as well. I came across a brand called "Kastking" and found mixed reviews but most were good. Just about everything on Amazon was 5 stars. Is anybody using this stuff? It is considerably more affordable than the PP stuff I...
  32. spize909

    Pacific Voyager 1/23

    Signed up for their 1.5 day this weekend. Anybody else here on the trip?
  33. spize909

    Available to fish Thursday the 26th.

    I am looking to fish Thursday. Prefer Oceanside or north of there departure. Can do anything you need (almost). Thanks
  34. spize909

    Bluefin back OPEN in MX??

    Just saw this on the 976 site This afternoon the SAC legal office in Mexico City received verbal notice from CONAPESCA that recreational fishing for bluefin tuna can resume in Mexican waters immediately.
  35. spize909

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29

    I decided to give it a shot and jump on the Chief for their first trip leaving Thursday. Looks like they are almost full. Anybody else on this one? Looking forward to splashing blood all over the new paint and giving the new chiller a test!
  36. spize909

    Andros 5NII Reel Clamp Lugs

    I recently picked up a used Andros 5n and the lugs (nuts?) for the clamp bottom out on the studs before they are anywhere near tight to the rod. They appear to be too long. Am I missing something here? I can snap a pic if need be.
  37. spize909

    Looking for Suggestions on Single Speed 40 lb reel

    What's a good single speed lever drag reel to fish 40 (mono) over 65 (braid)? I would really like to find something 5:1 or less. I really don't get why all the new reels have to be geared so high. I'm to the age and physical shape now that I'm starting to get my ass kicked by decent fish. I know...
  38. spize909

    Point Loma Tackle T-Shirts

    I thought I'd throw a shameless plug out for these t-shirts that are now at the landing. My sister designed them. I think they turned out great. by the way.......this new format sucks balls!!!
  39. spize909

    Sportdog Wetland Hunter 400 E-Collar for sale. Basically new $100

    I have a Sportdog Wetland Hunter E-collar for sale. I bought it from my buddy and neither one of us really used it. He had it on his dog a couple times in his front yard and I had on my dog once. Basically brand new. Waterproof, camo, everything there. SOLDJeff (951) 538-4707
  40. spize909

    Offshore El Dorado 1.5 9/18

    Fished the El Dorado for a day and a half. Mixed bag with yellowfin probably the most. We proably had about 125 mixed tuna. I caught 5 species. YFT, BFT, Skipjack, Dorado and YT. The dorado were very small and you all know about the yellowtail. The tuna were all 15, maybe 20 lb class or so. We...
  41. spize909

    El Dorado

    Has anybody rode her since being back online and in SD? Looks like they are doing ok. I was thinking of jumping on tomorrow night. No way to get on any of my "go to" boats with the small window I have.
  42. spize909

    Offshore Pride O'nite 9-6

    Me and a couple buddies went on Dave b's charter on the Pride that fished yesterday. We were a little apprehensive that Greg was not going to be running the boat. A guy name Dave took the wheel and steered us to some paddies that gave up all you wanted on the yellowtail (small but at least they...
  43. spize909

    Gill Deck Boots

    Anybody try these? My old Viking/Servus boots are finally starting to deteriorate and my feet don't do well with Xtra-Tuffs so I may try these Gills or the Shimanos.
  44. spize909

    Looking for a spot Aug. 20th-23rd. Charter or Private.

    Taking a few days off and I'm going to fish one way or another. Day and a half or o'nite charter or PB trip to the tuna. PM me with details if anybody has anything going. Jeff
  45. spize909

    Some rod questions...

    I'm trying to decide which direction to go on a new rod. I have a 700M that I have tried to accept for years and came to the conclusion on my last trip that on a decent fish (30-40) lbs. this rod kills me. Lower back burn immediately. Handed a tuna off to the kid (HS water polo player in...
  46. spize909

    Line Winding Helper

    My usual "helper" is gone for the day so I decided to just make something that would do a good job solo. I got a bout 4 bucks and 10 minutes of fab into it and it worked great. I just spooled 8 reels in preperation of our upcoming 2-day. It needs a spring instead of the piece of rubber hose...
  47. spize909

    Is this legal? try to embed.. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  48. spize909

    Latex Paint for your deck?

    I thought this was interesting.....and a little surpising.
  49. spize909

    How and when to catch tuna

    Here's the best tip I can give. Watch my postings closely. When you see me posting more it means I'm probably getting ready to go fishing. Watch closely for the day I go. Book a trip 2 days later. It's held pretty solid for going on 3 years now. I blamed the up and down fishing the last...
  50. spize909

    1/2 Day Oceanside-Sea Trek

    Took the day off and spent a couple days down at the in-laws in Oceanside. I got out on the 1/2 day this morning with my father in law and youngest son. They caught 3 bass yesterday..........:shithappens: There were 20+ on the boat with mostly rent rods and big dines for bait(actually decent...
  51. spize909

    In case any of you need a "boat sitter"

    or maybe it would be boat's his ad:rofl:
  52. spize909

    Oceanside 1/2 day July 3

    I'm down visiting the in-laws in Oceanside and didn't really figure on fishing while down here but the Electra had a decent day yesterday on bass and also pulled a couploe YT out of the kelp. I dedcided to jump on this morning with my son and father in law. We hobbled together his gear to come...
  53. spize909

    Bait Tank on CL

    I know nothing about it but it looks like a great little tank for a small skiff. Pump and everything....
  54. spize909

    Weather Sunday...

    Thinking of going on the PQ 1.5 day leaving Sat night.....looks like the weather may be kicking up a notch but not sure about 100+ miles down south. What do the experts say?
  55. spize909

    top shot length

    Well I'm finally going to bite the bullet. I'm going seabass fishing next week and I plan on spooling up one of my SL20's with some braid. I figure 50lb with a 30lb fc topshot. I've caught a few good ones on monobut my last one was a 60 lb'r and it got into the kelp and I was very lucky to get...
  56. spize909

    Looking for a new skiff/small boat, need opinions

    So after at least ten years of happily not owning a boat I obtained permission from the boss to go out and spend a couple thou or so on something. My younger (13) son loves fishing and taking him tuna fishing with me everytime is too damn expensive plus I think he needs to earn his chops on the...
  57. spize909


    Guy goes to a whore house to get laid. The pimp says sorry but the only lady we have left is a japenese women who speaks no English. He says that's fine i just really gotta get laid. So he goes in the room and they start doing their business. She starts saying Kawasaki Kawasaki. He thinks wow...
  58. spize909

    Captiva Island

    Looks like I'm going to be stuck spending Xmas at Captiva Island in Florida this year.....:) Mother-in-law wants to take everyone so I'm not arguing. What can I expect fishing wise? Looks like some of the offshore stuff like amberjack and grouper might be the thing around that time and that's...
  59. spize909

    Carbon Canyon Park Lake

    Anybody got any info on this lake? I'm working right up the street and will be for a couple more years, thought it may be a good place to wet a line at lunch every now and then.
  60. spize909

    Bait Tank Console Combo

    Thought this looked pretty cool for someone building/rebuilding a center console. I just saw it on Craiglist and have nothing to do with it in any way. For all I know it may already be posted here...
  61. spize909

    Arima-Looks like a great deal.

    I hate to even share this as it looks like a great deal and I'm kind of in the market for another skiff........just not quite there on the money side. Somebody should jump on this thing!
  62. spize909

    Coastal Seabass hunt on the Gambler 7/8

    I got the chance to fish on the Gambler (very nice 65' Elliot with top notch skipper)through work. When we got to the boat last night Billy told us we had options. Fish Catalina......seabass not so good, yellowtail possible, calicos, etc. Fish Coastal......has good #s for seabass, can get...
  63. spize909

    WTB-Slipped boat in Oceanside Harbor

    My father-in-law is looking for a boat and they live in Oceanside so he wants one down there that already has a slip (says there is a 6 year waiting list). 23'-32' is what he told me. I don't think a boat with a flybridge would be good for him but I'm sure he'd look at it. Post it up if you...
  64. spize909

    Offshore Condor 9/18

    Fished a day and a half on the Condor. No bait fish, no troll fish, no fish......period. Woke up with the fleet and some fish around for no biters. We stipped on a couple meter marks for nothing and then went hunting out to the southwest I believe. They looked hard all day and just couldn't...
  65. spize909

    O'nite yellowtail counts....?

    OK, so I've seen some big YT counts lately.....Ocean Odyssey, Relentless, First String on overnight trips. By the variety it would look like SCI but I know they've been shutting things down early out there. What's the scoop? Here's an example: First String: Overnight 27 270 Rockfish, 93...
  66. spize909

    Offshore 1-1/2 Day on Ocean Odyssey 8/7

    Fished 100 plus miles out west. 2 troll fish after 4:30 pm. Seemed to see a decent number of fish in the area.......just not biting. First time on the boat. I would ride it again if a couple other choices were unavailable. Not much more to say.
  67. spize909

    kinda scary landing count.......

    Lots of Makos in Helgren's counts. I sure they are well within the regs and I agree with that........just never seen anything like this in a landing count. Got to wonder about the size of these pups. Oceanside 95 Overnight 53 2 California Scorpionfish, 10 Barred Sand Bass, 30 Rockfish, 12...
  68. spize909

    Kids the patch and seasickness

    I'll be taking my 12 year old son on his first o'nite (1-1/2)trip soon and it's apretty fair bet that he will get seasick. He has been on a few twilights, a couple pb trips and fished the East Cape on cruisers. Everytime out he gets at least a little sick so two night on the boat has him (and...
  69. spize909

    Camping at Silver Strand

    We will be camping at Silver Starnd State Beach over the 4th and I was wondering about the fishing on either side of the spit. Any info would be good. Typically I like to throw out a chunk of squid and hope for rays or sharks for the kids. Seems like it would be pretty good there. Also was...
  70. spize909

    Anger Management......kinda long but good!

    Anger Management When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know, but you know deserves it. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to...
  71. spize909

    Sea Adventure 2

    Just curious, what boat was it before?
  72. spize909

    Need a mechanic in SD

    My buddy is looking for a mechanic to fix his boat that is slipped in Marina Village (Mission Bay). One of his Merc Optimax's needs some attention. If you have a number of a good reliable mechanic PM me the info please.'s not a good time to be broken down!
  73. spize909

    Looking for a boat mechanic SD on the water

    My buddy's boat is having issues and his mechanic was supposed to take care of it. The guy has always done him right, gone to his boat and fixed whatever he needed. Now he is flaking. My buddy lives in Yucaipa and the boat is in Mission Bay slipped at Marina Village. He is having issues with one...
  74. spize909

    Eclipse 1-1/2 day trip this Thursday

    This will be my first "open party" trip in about 4 years............I've heard some good things about this boat and I know they are new owners and trying hard so I though I'd give it a go. Anybody else on this trip? Going solo as my normal fishing buddy is a pussy :ashamed:and has to work.
  75. spize909


    Just saw this......... Pacific Voyager Overnight 8 anglers: 2 Yellowtail, 1 Albacore, 9 Bigeye Tuna
  76. spize909

    Offshore Relentless 7-19 1-1/2 Day

    Fished a charter on the Relentless. Left the dock at about 9:30 Sat night, didn't slow down to fish till almost noon. Fished till dark and got limits (big limits....) of albies with 2 wide open sonar stops. Fish were about 18-25# and eating the sardines and iron. Good weather both ways. Got back...
  77. spize909


    After having spent the last 2 years fishing ST 2-day charters on the Pacific Voyager I decided to try something different and go on a charter with a guy I met in the sierras. He has the Relentless chartered for a few trip this year and we are doing a day and a half this weekend. I have fished...
  78. spize909

    2-day Pacific Voyager 9-22/23

    My son can't go and I already paid, so I need to fill his spot. Senor Tuna charter thie weekend. $425.00 I think George has an open spot on the list as well so there is 2 total. Jeff (951) 538-4707
  79. spize909

    Offshore Late report 7/25 182

    Got an invite from one of our subs to go fish on the Gambler out of Dana Point..............VERY nice boat! Anyway we headed out tuesday night in nice seas and ended up about 9 miles south of the 182 with plenty of company. First meter mark we stopped on the guy that brought us had a dine...
  80. spize909

    East Cape 6/14-6/19

    Stayed at Buena Vista Hotel. It was nice but I think we like Palmas a little better. We fished 2 days on 2 different cruisers, Nueva Era and Tres Hermanos. Fishing was slow. I went out the first day with my oldest son, my buddy and his son. They (Nueva Era) mada a half hearted run out for...
  81. spize909

    Alaska air baggage restrictions?

    We leave tomorrow for the East Cape and I checked out Alaska Airs baggage info. Here's what I found regarding fishing equipment. The following items may be checked free as a third bag as long as they do not exceed 50 lbs. or 62 linear inches: Two rods, two reels, and one tackle box encased...
  82. spize909

    Hotel Buena Vista boat recommendation

    We are going to Hotel Buena Vista June 15th-20. We are booked to have 28' cruisers (2 groups). Might be able to fanagle a 29' Does anyone have any recommendation on a boat to request? We stayed at Palmas last year and had 2 great days on the Tio Pepe but were unable to get the dates we...
  83. spize909

    East Cape in June

    Planning to head down June 14th for a few days with the family and some friends. What can I expect to catch in June? Seems that the later summer months are better but we almost got slammed by that hurricane last year so I'm going early this year. Anyone know if they rebuilt the giant Palapa...
  84. spize909

    East Cape 8/20-24

    OK so I just typed out a long detailed report........and managed to lose it, so here is the short version. Family fishing vacation. Very fun. Palmas de Cortez. Day 1 snorkeling and quad riding and beer and pool! Day 2 Whole family (wife and 2 sons, 8 and 16) goes tuna fishing, we all...
  85. spize909

    Few more East Cape questions..

    Leaving 6:20 tomorrow morning (supposed to get to the airport 3 hrs early.....3.20 a.m.:( ) How early do we really need to be at the airport? If we get there at 5:00 are they gonna tell us we can't go? Seems it'll be pretty slow that time of the morning. Anyway I know from fishing pangas in...
  86. spize909

    Offshore little late 8/9 182 area

    Fished with my friend on his Wellcraft with my 8 year old son and his buddy with his son. First paddy (bout 7 miles shy of the 182) we pulled one nice dodo from. Hooked it and handed it to my son and he did a good job pulling the first fish on the boat. Tried on a couple more paddies that...
  87. spize909

    East Cape info.........

    Going to Palmas de Cortez with the family (wife and 2 sons) Au 20-24. We are booked on the super cruiser Tio Pepe the first day and Champane the 2nd day. Does anyone have any recent experience with either of these 2 vessels? Captain.........tackle..........boat condition? We booked trough...
  88. spize909

    Pacific Queen 5/26-5/29

    Anyone going on the PQ this weekend? Going with a coupl buddies. Could be a good trip...........looks like it may be a little bumpy though.:_shopping
  89. spize909

    Trying to book a family trip to East Cape

    I'm lookin' to book a family trip to the East Cape in August. Any suggestions on who to book through. Should I go direct through the resorts? I'm leaning towards Palmas de Cortez or Hotel Buena Vista. I spoke to the booking agent at Buena Vista Friday and she said she would get back...
  90. spize909

    WSB timing & moon

    Looking to go WSB fishing on the next moon phase in April. Due to work it will have to be on a Saturday. Opinions please on best time.........always heard before the full but.... 5 days before the full moon............? or 2 days after...........? When would you go?
  91. spize909

    Offshore 43 to the 182 9-3

    Left M.B. on my buddies boat at 4:00 this morning. Ran to the 43 and found all of 2 small paddies with nothing on them. Trolled our way towards the 182 found a few paddies.........with nothing on them. We didn't even get to see the ones that had bait on them. Saw a marlin from the...
  92. spize909

    Lowrance LCX 19 question?

    The unit works fine up to a couple hundred feet or so. When we get offshore it starts giving depth readings of 2' 10' 2' 3' and does not show fish........just blank screen. Speed does not matter so it's not "dirty" water at the 'ducer. I have tried adjusting the sensitivity, depth, autodepth...
  93. spize909

    Offshore Relentless charter 8/13

    Went on an o'nite charter on the Relentless. Obviously expectations were not too high due to the recent counts. Joel said we were going long to a different area as he wasn't going back to the same area again. We ended up at 104 miles with signs of life around and schools of bluefin (meter marks...
  94. spize909

    Offshore Late report for 7-24

    Sorry for the later report. Was way too tired last night and slept till the last minute this morning. Went fishing with my buddy Jeff on his 27' Wellcraft, Sealutions and left MB about midnight sat. I saw and met Terrell (sp?) on the Reel Em In at the fuel dock and he said Wildcat got limits...
  95. spize909

    Tuna run 7/24

    Going out sunday. Vessel name is Sealutions. Going where the fish are hopefully..............might try and reach a BDer or 2 from the dock Sat. evening for a report. Good luck to all! Will Be on 72, Jeff
  96. spize909

    need 1 for 7/3 tuna run

    Looking for 1 guy, preferrably with good boat operating skills. The boat is my buddies 27' Wellcraft slipped in MB. We will leave EARLY sun morning. Split costs...........$125.00 or so. Buddy can't go due to LL allstars but gave the blessing to use the boat. Me and the other guy that goes with...
  97. spize909


    Leaving Mission Bay at 0500 to fish the Islands. If the weather is better then forecasted we might go offshore and look around........... Anyone got any good info on a yt bite at the islands? Vessel name is Sealutions and we will either be on 69 or 72
  98. spize909

    Show on OLN

    I just watched a show on OLN called "The best and worst of Tred Barta". These guys were fishing albies 70 miles off the coast of New York. They were trolling with 6 rods and handlined spreader bar teasers. When they'd get bit the guy would keep going and get all 6 rods on fish. 3 guys...
  99. spize909

    Simrad AP12H or 14H?

    Well my buddy wants to get autopilot on the boat (27' Wellcraft) I looked into it pretty extensively several months ago as far as prices and installation goes. He spoke to a shop down in S.D. somewhere today and the guy tells him he'll put a Raytheon unit in and it will run about $4200.00...
  100. spize909

    10-31 baja coastal and islands

    Fished with my buddies Jeff and Roy on Jeff's 27' Wellcraft aka Sealutions. We left the slip at Marina Village about 3:30 and got great bait. Plan was to head for Descanso Bay on a tip Jeff got that one of the 3/4 day boats got yellows there yesterday. Totally new area for us so we were a...
  101. spize909

    Lowrance LCX 19 question?

    My buddy has a Lowrance LCX19 C unit on his boat. The thing goes kinda haywire in deep water. Shows that we're in 2 feet of water when it's like 200 fathoms! We think maybe the sesitivity could need adjustment. It seems to be ok at normal depths (according to him) Last time out it was pretty...
  102. spize909

    Trying again Sunday 10-31

    We're going early Sunday morning, probably an island trip but might go for tuna if it sounds good and that swell and wind don't come up too much. Would appreciate any reports to help make a decision. Skipper Jeff should be on his boat by 4 or 5 and I should be down by 6 or so. Going out...
  103. spize909

    Where can I get a spotting tower like this? San Diego, boat is in the water with no trailer. Has a hard top already. Raydome and antennas possibly relocated to top? We would like to get it done over the winter.
  104. spize909

    Sunday out of S.D., anyone else?

    Gonna go out Sunday to destinations still undecided. We would like to take a shot at the tuna and it looks like things might settle down by then. The other options are the Coronados....yellowtail should start biting again I think and or some rockfishing :nopity:, possibly SCI. Any...
  105. spize909

    Anybody ever tried these? Braid Blade Runner........ They look like they could be very good for YFT.
  106. spize909

    Offshore Sorry late report 1010, 213, 390, 371 9-25

    Fished on a 68' beatutiful sportfisher. Left Friday bout 10:00 AM and headed south towards the 1010. Picked up a troll fish and a couple baitfish around the 390 and continued down. Could not find a paddy beyond the 390! Ended up about mid trench at sundown and the owner was ready for dinner...
  107. spize909

    Not much of a joke to me.........

    AMERICANS WITH NO ABILITIES ACT PASSES CONGRESS May 23, 2005 WASHINGTON, DC (AP) - Congress approved sweeping legislation, which provides new benefits for many Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA), signed into law by President John Kerry shortly after its...
  108. spize909

    Offshore 371, 390, and almost Hanna's paddy 9/12

    Me, my buddy Roy and skipper Jeff boarded his 27' Wellcraft, "Sealutions" and left M.B. at about 3:45 with a scoop of the worst bait I've ever seen. Plan was to head to the 390 by way of the 371 then work in to the 425 and end the day and the Rockpile. Few dry paddies and 1 skippie by 9:00...