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  1. spize909

    what do you use when you fish the slide?

    @wildbunch Next week we gonna kill some fish!
  2. spize909

    what do you use when you fish the slide?

    I've seen him ^^^^ do it.......... Channel Island Chovie Fish Trap........15 years ago.
  3. spize909

    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    I got spiked through my Xtra Tufs by a rockfish that was already in the bag on my June charter.....would have been much worse in sandals. FWIW, I wear Reefs while private boat fishing most of the time.
  4. spize909

    My new yellowtail lure

    Dan should come out with his own underspin jig anytime now then.........just sayin'
  5. spize909

    I enter for the opportunity to give it to the crew.......when I don't win they are typically...

    I enter for the opportunity to give it to the crew.......when I don't win they are typically tipped very well anyways. Attitude does play into it though. I charter boats with happy crews.
  6. spize909

    Slow Trolling a Mackerel at Catalina?

    That's how we use to do it. Just bump the boat in gear, no throttle. We fished clicker on in freespool. Sea lions will be a problem.
  7. spize909

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

    "Fake woke googans" 🤣 ok
  8. spize909

    Reel for Phenix Abyss 809

    and when I had my Lexa on it I used one of these. All I did was take a few wraps of electrical tape around it and the reel seat. Works fine. I have it on another rod now.
  9. spize909

    Reel for Phenix Abyss 809

    I've fished a 25N and a Lexa 400 on mine.
  10. spize909

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

    fyi, WD40 has fish oil in might save the "ju ju"
  11. spize909

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    220 196 270 270H 800xl sold 800m cuz I thought it sucked (hurt my back)
  12. spize909

    Choosing a good 8' ultralight rod.

    Calstar 220
  13. spize909

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    like all the guys that say they always wear helmets or don't drink and drive in the sand rails at Glamis....complete bullshit.
  14. spize909

    Survey! Sorry not a fish report

    Good day Oregonians, We are looking at putting an offer on a vessel that is close to Bend Oregon. Can anybody recommend somebody up in that area that may be able to conduct a survey of the vessel for us? Thanks
  15. spize909

    Which one of you was the good samaritan

    Was down there while it was going down.....lucky they all lived to tell about it.
  16. spize909

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?

    The Bass Pro Shops brand Offshore Angler flouro is rebranded Seaguar blue label. I use 20 lb Vanish, on my 20lb flyline rig but that's more of a sentimental thing. I do like that I can put 100 yards on for about 8 bucks and never have to tie on a leader...
  17. spize909

    Offshore O95 2.5 Day

    Was a great trip with a great group of fisherman/woman. We always have a great time and the fish are a bonus! Good fishing with you again Koa. Till next season (maybe one more) tight lines!
  18. spize909

    Oceanside 95 2.5 day. 10/22-25 2 open spots

    Thanks David! We do have a good time!
  19. spize909

    Slips in Alamitos, Sunset Aquatic or possibly Newport

    Good to that Davies like by the launch in Alamitos?
  20. spize909

    Slips in Alamitos, Sunset Aquatic or possibly Newport

    Where is Long Beach Marina? We (wife and I)actually went on a Marina recon tour yesterday just to see where we could end up and Shoreline Village looks like a great marina......but WAY too many people for my liking. I know there are some marinas deeper in the harbor...?
  21. spize909

    Slips in Alamitos, Sunset Aquatic or possibly Newport

    I said years ago that I would never own another boat unless I could keep it in a slip (and afford to do so). We're at that point and I am actually going to partner with an old friend that is a previous slipped boat owner. We are on the list at Dana Point for a 28' slip (talking 8 months or so) I...
  22. spize909

    Need Lexa advice

    Don't need speed for surface iron. I'd get the lowest ratio they offer. This is the "Vintage" section......
  23. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    FYI, Penn Squall handles are a great fit for these. That really gets them guessing!
  24. spize909

    Let me know what you want to do. I take it you're going to be in the area? We were up in Oxnard...

    Let me know what you want to do. I take it you're going to be in the area? We were up in Oxnard for a Mirage charter last month! Cool thing about these reels is no one knows what it is. I always try to stump the deckhands. I think in 5 years only one has known. My number is 951-538-4707 Jeff
  25. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Never used. should have new drags and some braid under that mono. I had 4 of them due to kind of a R & D relationship with the guy that made them. I gave one away last weekend on a new rod on one of my charters (Charter Group So Cal). I'll pm you.
  26. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Original style, no clicker no clamp. Located in Upland.
  27. spize909

    Spinfisher 6500LL secondary drag is too firm. Can anything be done.

    I'm gonna bump this back up cuz I have the same issue. We love to throw out the baitrunner type reels with light line for some fun on our charters. My Shimano blew up and my Penn just can't freespool good enough. Has anybody tried either of these tricks? I love the reel and got it for a great...
  28. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    can't help with a frame but I'd sell a put together ready to go 20 for $150 if you really want one.......
  29. spize909

    17'6 Klamath Center Console

    Nice skiff! GLWTS It will be sand season before you know it!8-)
  30. spize909

    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    I whole heatedly agree with both...... We still don't really know what he really wants or needs for that matter.
  31. spize909

    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    He said smaller though so thought he might have been mistaken on the TLD 25. Anyways, seems you are putting him onto a lot of stuff that needs to be modified. Many are un-willing to open a reel up to do that kind of service. A 4/0 is only as capable as the frame allows it to be. A monofil 27...
  32. spize909

    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    What lb test are you looking to fish? You said smaller tuna/yellowtail so I figured 25lb test type gear......poster above is putting you onto some heavier stuff. I have a Penn 4/0 I'd get to you cheap if that helps. More of a 30/40 lb reel though.
  33. spize909

    Yellowtail/Smaller Tuna Reels?

    Where are you located?
  34. spize909

    Rock fishing Channel Islands ?

    You should have signed up for our Mirage charter David! (maybe I should have sent you the charter schedule?)
  35. spize909

    sorry......haven't been back on here. Did you get your roof squared away? I spoke to my buddy...

    sorry......haven't been back on here. Did you get your roof squared away? I spoke to my buddy about giving me an estimate to refelt my roof and he said he was not working for another 2 weeks (that was a week or two ago).
  36. spize909

    ok, where are you located? I actually have a leak or two that showed after one of those storms...

    ok, where are you located? I actually have a leak or two that showed after one of those storms. I have water coming down an outside wall. Tight fascia was never waterproofed right in the '80's. Figure on getting it fixed over summer.
  37. spize909

    nope, superintendent for a home builder.....I have a roofer friend if you are looking for one. I...

    nope, superintendent for a home builder.....I have a roofer friend if you are looking for one. I wouldn't recommend any roofers from my jobsite....
  38. spize909

    Huntington Red tide

    Nasty red tide off Seal Beach out past the Federal break wall. I noticed it the other day from the roof of one of the house on my jobsite. Prominent strip of it but not very wide.
  39. spize909

    2020 crew

    Problem with "that guy" is you don't know who he is until it's too late.....and "that guy" doesn't know who he is either. I'm sure you can weed out a solid crew!
  40. spize909

    Info on Mirage

    Well we assign bunks on our charters and if a person doesn't pick a bunk when they pay their deposit they can pick from what's left. 3 or 4 on the sides.....middle, bottom, top? I know the Fury (we charter that one as well) has one or 2 like that as well.
  41. spize909

    Info on Mirage

    Hello, I booked an o'nite charter on the Mirage (fishing August 9th if anybody in interested). Anyway, I've never fished the boat and am curious on the bunk situation. What are the bow bunks like? How about the center bunks? Do you feel like you are sleeping with the guy next to you? How much...
  42. spize909

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    I've tried at home on Chrome and Explorer and lock up on at work on Chrome it works perfectly.
  43. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    My brother worked on a 6 pack boat in the late 70's that was slipped at Harbor Island. The Conquistador was brand new and had the end tie on the same dock (right next to the fuel dock). I had a little tour on it and it was a very nice fishing boat to say the least. The boat my brother worked on...
  44. spize909

    Santa Ana Winds Coming Tonight - Affect on Offshore Swell?

    Looking forward to fishing this weekend! Thank you Santa Ana!
  45. spize909

    Custom pilot house

    fucken brilliant!
  46. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I don't disagree with this at all. There was clearly fault in that situation. What I disagree with is assigning guilt without proof or knowledge. A boat running into an island or colliding with another vessel is a little more cut and dry (or so it would seem) but that's not the case here.
  47. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Cant edit...dang it. Anyway arrogance does not prove intelligence. I'm sure you are a hero in some world but condemning the crew of the Conception with no real knowledge of the facts is wrong and I would suspect possibly defamation and/or libel. Hopefully you end up being the one that is sued.
  48. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Go back and review some of your "bottom scum owners. Someone needs jail" That was 100% in response to the Conception. Might need to review Maritime law as well.
  49. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I don't believe that at all. I believe that drawing conclusions, making accusations and speculating on something that you know no facts on is irresponsible and suspicious (motive). I do agree with you regarding the Prowler and or any other boat that runs into something it should not while...
  50. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    That statement was not directed at try to keep up.
  51. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I have no idea but judging people, incidents and outcomes without facts is bullshit. I disagree with that no matter what "off chance" there may be. If I was to guess, I'd say you're in the legal business....if I'm wrong, then it proves my point on speculation.
  52. spize909

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Every post you've ever made on Bloody Decks is in relation to some kind of boating accident.......why? And why are you blindly blaming the owner of the Conception, knowing zero facts? You know there was a fire and people died. You and Lamo need to take a step back and let it go. I understand...
  53. spize909

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    My buddy was on an early season bft trip and they vacuum sealed his fish.....they only got a few though so that may be why.
  54. spize909

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    I skipped a bunch but did see your post about 10 pages ago that said, this is my last post and I'm not going to say anymore....yet you keep at it. What's your angle? At any rate, I hope that one of the crew members that you basically called out as cowards is able to locate you and beat the crap...
  55. spize909

    Bed bugs on boats

    I'm guessing the number is much higher then that...
  56. spize909

    Bed bugs on boats

    that's not a bad idea.........
  57. spize909

    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    I was on the GF when that happened. It was embarrassing to be a passenger on the boat.
  58. spize909

    What size hooks for YFT?

    Used mostly #2 sized hooks on 20lb for 5" sardine Saturday with very favorable results. I'm a small hook kinda guy though. Went to 4s when I ran out of 2s.
  59. spize909

    Offshore Wind prediction

    not much of a report ......that said is usually pretty spot on. Times are all UTC so they are 7 hours ahead.
  60. spize909

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    Haven't fished them in a while but if I remember correctly, a box of Snickers bars should help :) That was a joke. As said, anything would likely be appreciated. A carton of smokes would make most sportboat crews pretty happy.
  61. spize909

    Killer deal overnight trip fishing Friday 7/12

    15? Great price. I'd be on this if we weren't already fishing this weekend.
  62. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    I will talk to Rick tomorrow and then again later in the week. I can see bringing a wide variety of tackle though. I remember the days where a couple 25lb outfits were all you needed for tuna (albacore) and the 40lb rig was for when they went wide open. Gonna pick up a rod to raffle off on the...
  63. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    2 in front of you now! That's why you got the text yesterday! You never know though. When the dodos show we'll go get them on your boat!
  64. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    We still have 1 spot left for this one.
  65. spize909

    Fathom gears.

    Great upgrade...….or would it be downgrade?
  66. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    I'm bringing some Margaritas.....someone better bring some food! As for the trip, I think we are full but that is still pending.
  67. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Moderation is key in the parking lot!
  68. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    2 spots left......
  69. spize909

    Open spots on pac voyager?

    Jolene Thompson has a couple open spots on a 2 day departing July 1st returning July 3rd. $550 includes meals Her number is 760-717-3506. She's not on here but she said to call or text if interested.
  70. spize909

    Marine weather report
  71. spize909

    Marine weather report

    I like this one for wind.....very accurate. Sailing Weather - Marine Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers - PassageWeather
  72. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Still have a few open spots for this one.
  73. spize909

    Open spots on pac voyager?

    I sent an IM with a link to this to a person I know that had a few spots for an upcoming 2 day.
  74. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Thanks David! Looking forward to July!
  75. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    It's a real bummer. The good news is, he almost gave up fishing after getting his ass kicked by a yellowfin on the Fury a couple years ago......started working out a little, decided it was game on and put on a clinic last year. Especially our Cortez Bank trip. It was great to see. Hope you're...
  76. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    Trip 2 - 1.5 Day on the Oceanside 95 Depart July 12 @ 8:00 pm Return July 14 @ appx. 6:00 am Limited to 25 passengers (reserve the right to overbook by one). $350 includes meals. Does not include drinks, Mex permits (if needed), fish cleaning or TIPS TRIP IS SOLD OUT
  77. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    Thanks. Kenny isn't going to make it anymore. :( He was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March. Chemo's wiped him out and now he's thinking the chemo may not be worth it. He's 83.....and not in great health to begin with so it really sucks. You gonna make it out it out with us this...
  78. spize909

    Fathom gears.

    Well that's a bummer. Really hard to believe that Alan didn't know about it. There was quite a bit of talk on his site about it when it was first done. Pro Challenger should remove it from his website then.
  79. spize909

    Fathom gears.
  80. spize909

    Fathom gears.

    This is what I did to mine several years ago....are they no longer available? I know he's still in business because I get an occasional email from them.It's a great mod. Still don't understand the "high speed" reel fad. Totally unnecessary. IMO
  81. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    July.....that one could be epic.
  82. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    This the Jason that got our last spot??
  83. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    Sold OUT. We still have several spots for our next 1.5 day trip departing Friday July 12th. PM for details. And for the handful of guys that PM'd me about the June trip and said, I am signing up, what's your paypal and then never replied again, ask your wives FIRST next time!
  84. spize909

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 6/1 to 6/3

    Hola Nanette/Min. Now that you are breaking away from LR, you can come out with us!
  85. spize909

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 6/1 to 6/3

    The tuna melts he use to make back in the albacore days.........oh my! I learned to boil tuna for making tuna salad watching what he did.
  86. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    one spot left.......maybe 2
  87. spize909

    BFT Fishing

    Hate watching people "lenny" their bait! First thing I taught my kids was the importance of bait selection.
  88. spize909

    BFT Fishing

    Always figured the mono was there for some stretch. (I have pulled the hook on a few yellows with braid to short flouro leader) Buddy of mine went out on the AA a few weeks ago and was told to pull his topshot off and just tie on a piece of 30lb flouro. He got a 50 and a 65. Same advice came...
  89. spize909

    BFT Fishing

    I've heard that the best way to catch this current batch of tuna is with straight braid to short flouro leader (as light as you can get away with). Most of my reels, and especially the 40lb capable and up stuff are loaded with enough braid to allow for at least a 100' topshot. it...
  90. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    We have one spot left and a chance to win 2 spots. Open Waters Foundation is having a fundraiser daffle on a couple of my spots. Win 2 spots for a 30 d buy in...
  91. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    Bump, actually back to 3 open co-chartermaster just cheesed out on us. @boswell
  92. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    That's more like it! Looking forward to kicking off the season with ya buddy!
  93. spize909

    Moon phases bft

    We are just a 3 days ahead of the full.........should be just about right.
  94. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    Rustle us up a couple more passengers Bill!! Tell these guys how good our charters are!
  95. spize909

    Moon phases bft

    just like seabass...........but they can and do bite well at anytime.
  96. spize909

    Which Circle Hooks for Bluefin???

    Good post/question. I feel the same way and have a hell of a time with circle hooks and bait.
  97. spize909

    Anger Management......kinda long but good!

    Forgot all about this.
  98. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    3 spots left for June......Also have another one departing July 12th with a few open spots.
  99. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    4 spots left for June trip.
  100. spize909

    Any Insight on PQ’s or Tomahawks Layout?

    Both are good but I honestly have not fished the Tomahawk in years (before it was the Tomahawk). I think they both have the bft dialed in pretty well but the PQ seems to have it down to a science. I like the stern staterooms on the Queen. Nice private (semi) private bath and shower down there...
  101. spize909

    PACIFICA is back....

    Looks great! Good for him. Confused on the boat though. Wasn't the Dominator the Pacifica originally.......sister ship to the Aztec? Might be my memory is off a little.
  102. spize909

    1.5 charter relentless may 17-19

    Perfect load for that boat. Great deal! Good luck on your trip!
  103. spize909

    Sources for lead

    Prove me wrong! C'mon, it was just a joke.
  104. spize909

    Offshore Grande Full Day Bluefin 5/3

    Very nice! It looked like you guys fish WAY north of everybody else?
  105. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    Still have a few spots for this one and charters every month. PM for details.
  106. spize909

    Albacore 2019

    '04 was a good year for close and BIG albies. Me and a buddy got them (limit of 15lb fish with one 30lb mixed in) in early June at the 43 and a week or so later they were wide open at the 302 and were all bigger fish. They are welcome to make a for bluefin, I've seen lots of mixed...
  107. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    9 spots left. Depart Friday, home on Sunday morning! 95' boat limited load at 25.
  108. spize909

    Day and a Half...

    yeah, he got em. Said they were jumping all over. 30lb floro tied straight to braid.
  109. spize909

    Day and a Half...

    Great deal. My buddy is on the AA Friday night.
  110. spize909

    1/2 Day on New Thunderbird

    aka salmon grouper..........
  111. spize909

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    2 open spots as of 5/24 I do not know what we will be fishing for at this time. If we went now it'd be tuna. It will depend on fishing and weather the weekend of the trip. Limited load and we have a nice group of guys. Trip 1 - 1.5 Day on the Oceanside 95 Depart June 14 @ 8:00 pm Return June 16...
  112. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Sorry. Built everything I had.
  113. spize909

    Fathom Rail Rod reel

    good info, thanks guys
  114. spize909

    Fathom Rail Rod reel

    I was very fortunate to have just won a new, quality rail rod. Rod is rated 60-130. Is the Fathom 60ld2 up to the task of landing a cow? How about the 40? Enough line capacity? For the amount of time I plan on fishing for that grade of tuna, I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on a...
  115. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    still available. I'll take the first $100. You pick up.
  116. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    still looking to sell this rod.
  117. spize909

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    Google bait bag.
  118. spize909

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    I'd do a bag. They work fine.
  119. spize909


    No more G...…...W
  120. spize909

    Winner of the Contest?

    Did I miss the story on that guy that won the BD contest to go fish for these giant bluefin?
  121. spize909

    Outrider charter nov 7-9 1.5 day BFT or bust, 2 openings

    math in my head says 8 hours or so.........problem is that this is a dark/dusk bite and they won't see much of that although I don't think the Tanner is out of reach from Oxnard. What kind of speed can the Outrider cruise at?
  122. spize909

    Outrider charter nov 7-9 1.5 day BFT or bust, 2 openings

    Maybe they know something YOU don't. There is no benefit for them to "take advantage" of the customer. That said, the op put it in the wrong forum.
  123. spize909

    Offshore Sunday overnight on the Tribute

    We did the same thing out their on our 095 charter Saturday. Picked through the skippies to get to just under limits of small yft and the next paddy we hit BLEW up with a mostly better grade of yft, very few skips, yt and dorado. Went 4 fish on 6 casts with a small, old megabait and had to C...
  124. spize909


    LOL, good to know it isn't just me thinking how good this deal is!
  125. spize909

    1.5 day Oceanside 95 departs Friday 10/19 Open spot

    30. Good group of guys. I've fished with just about all of them that are on this trip.2 newbies, few novices and a lot of fisherman.
  126. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Absolutely correct. Paulo, if your confidence lies in using your baitcasters you are likely gonna catch more fish with them no matter the conditions. As for Sealines……..I may be partial to the fly-lining ability of a hot-rodded SL20
  127. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Change is fine. I bet I've fished with baitcasters since before you were born...... Sorry you don't understand.
  128. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    and not here to be argumentative but given this quote, why are you arguing when we are saying that you will get better bait presentation resulting in more fish fly lining with a conventional reel if you've "only used baitcasters"? I've been doing this for 40+ years and have used both....and I...
  129. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    You seem to be convinced that a bait that pulls line is all you need............but that same bait will swim just a little better on a conventional reel with really good free spool and that could be the difference in getting bit or not.
  130. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    No way in hell a fly-lined bait will swim better with a baitcaster then a conventional reel. No way. No way you can fish a fly-lined bait on a baitcaster as well as a conventional reel either. No way. You may think you can...or are but at the end of the day it's all in your head. I'll still lob...
  131. spize909

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I have a Lexa 300 and 400...…..I've come to not like them for any kind of picky bait fishing conditions. I just don't think they freespool as good. The disengaged levelwind is good and bad for all the reasons stated above but the bottom line is it translates into a less the ideal fly-lining reel.
  132. spize909

    Fishing Tackle Mods, Tips and Tricks

    Finished up my Grip n Hook mod. I am trying to find the right rod for this Lexa but in the meantime have fished it on the Proteus 80h a couple times and it does ok. So I figured I'd experiment on this one. Hot clued the Grip n Hook on the bottom of the reel seat. I drilled a hole in it to get a...
  133. spize909

    Fishing Tackle Mods, Tips and Tricks

    Working on a way to install a grip n hook without a clamp. I'll post some pics if it works out. It's to use my Lexa on a std reel seat. I have a hard time with the feel of a baitcaster without a trigger.
  134. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    still available
  135. spize909

    20ft bayrunner &4srtoke 2008honda, STEAL @$4,900!(priced to sell FAST)

    You probably ought to stick with Craigslist on this one......
  136. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    deck.......not dick. Not a drop of blood on it! You are pretty close on the first bend in that rod. I think it's pulled on 3 fish, none to brag about. And my kids are both turning into pretty darn good fisherman. My oldest just came back to it. Got his first bluefin and yellowtail on the last...
  137. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    Says the guy with the cleanest deck around....:D
  138. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    Located in Upland/Walnut
  139. spize909

    RIP Sr. Tuna

    This was an instant classic!
  140. spize909

    RIP Sr. Tuna

    I call bullshit.......I just posted in the for sale forum. It may be physically dead but doesn't seem to be "technically" dead. Just Jay spreading fake news again!
  141. spize909

    Daiwa Proteus 80 HF

    Couple light scratches from being bundled with other rods, other then that its perfect. Fished a few times. SOLD
  142. spize909

    RIP Sr. Tuna

    Both my kids were able to enjoy fishing the Pac Voyager on ST charters. Great company, great fishing (usually), great food and great movies!
  143. spize909

    WTB or Trade Phenix Abyss 809

    Bump.......and I will sell the Proteus outright for $150 if someone is interested.
  144. spize909

    Flights to Loreto

    thought there was a flight out of TJ now?
  145. spize909

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    I skipped all but the first page but I don't know what boats you are on that have consistent crew fishing. As far as I've seen it does not happen. I don't see it on SD boats and the two boats I charter (Fury and O'95) never have crew fishing. As for fish cleaning, that is hit or miss on all...
  146. spize909

    Bayrunner 16 Parking San Diego During School Time

    My son's at SDSU...……..if he had a parking space I know he'd help out for some fishing time! :). Good luck in your search. I'm sure somebody will help out. I know a couple people with property in the Alpine area if that's not too far?
  147. spize909

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Pretty sure we use to just use blue and white UFO #1s. I think I still have a few. Killed them.
  148. spize909

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    That's a great price. Like you said, 1.5 day no meal trips are going for $390.
  149. spize909

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day Tuna trip for 9/18

    Maybe post it here Dan...………..
  150. spize909

    New to me 1988 15' Gregor

    I had a 15' Baja Special, great little boats. That thing looks to be a steal at $3000. Maybe a little under-powered with the 20hp though.
  151. spize909

    Fathom 25n Star drag

    I just buttoned mine down as much as I could by hand comfortably and got just over 18 lbs on a straight pull.
  152. spize909

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Use to slow troll macks all the time in that area this time of year. Fun stuff!
  153. spize909

    Fathom 25n Star drag

    Might want to open it up, maybe something isn't right. They do have the "versa drag" option if I remember right. Love mine. Put the (lower) gear kit in it and it's a killer.
  154. spize909

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    That works for those of us who actually pay for our shit........
  155. spize909

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Just like every year seems a little worse for bullshit going on in the Glamis sand dunes. Trash, disrespect and clueless shenanigans abound. Economy is good and people are addicted to financing shit they can not afford = assholes all around. As for paddy poaching, I think this one got way out of...
  156. spize909

    Toronado - weird operation

  157. spize909

    Catalina Wednesday, September 12

    Possible BIG tuna on the backside...….
  158. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    7' Super Seeker and an Andros 5n2 seemed to be the perfect combo for him. I pulled on a couple yellowfin on that rig last year and it's a fishkiller! He handed off a couple yellowfin on one of our Fury charters 2 years ago and I thought he was done coming. He started working out a little...
  159. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Glad you made it on this one Mike!
  160. spize909

    Offshore Apollo - 310 Rodworks overnight BFT report

    Awesome story. Congrats to the lucky anglers!
  161. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    and "chef" Daniel was high stick with a chest full of nice ones.......Corey worked a great deck! Looking forward to October's charter.
  162. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    and this dude slayed them as well............
  163. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    at the risk of avoiding the BD hecklers if I don't report just right, I kinda backed off on doing that........but if you must know here is the captain's report. So needless to say...... we did not head south. Very good, steady fishing for a very good grade yellowtail. Bluefin were school size...
  164. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Sorry......was too late to see this. We were well into our tailgate festivities and I filled the spot about an hour earlier.
  165. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    One spot is filled. One available.
  166. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Just had a father and son pull out due to emergency. 2 open spots as of 1:00 Friday afternoon. Boat leaves tonight at 8:00 pm. PM me if interested. Spots will go at a discount.
  167. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    jump on! Parking lot potluck with rib roast, chicken bowls, shrimp cocktail, fried chicken, snacks, beer, beer, raffle son the boat...……...
  168. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Thanks for the tips Mike. See you next month......unless you want the spot that I need to fill.
  169. spize909

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    this is a 3 year old thread that I jump started so Kman may not reply. I personally use a vertical water smoker and keep it as cool as I can because the canning cooks the fish anyways....I put a little more heat and time (and brining) to it when I just smoke without canning.
  170. spize909

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    I've canned bft too both smoked and not smoked and it's great smoked but sure don't care for it any other way then smoked or raw. I use to take all the trimmings (mushy meat, blood meat, etc) and can them separately and feed it to the cats and dogs. They couldn't get enough.
  171. spize909

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    There may be another thread around but I searched up this one. Looks like my next charter will result in some skipjack bycatch. I have smoked and canned yellowtail, albacore, yellowfin and even barracuda over the years.Always comes out great. I have tried skipjack on a couple occasions with...
  172. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    S Sounds good Bill! See you there and tell Mike I said hello!
  173. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Make sure your Vegas buddies leave early enough!!!!!
  174. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Bring me $45 and I'll add you to the meal plan!
  175. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    If we dont head south I'll see If we head west instead of south, I'll see if Rick will let me play with his radio and give you a shout.
  176. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Should be a great trip! We got a great group. Parking lot potluck at 5:30-6:00, boat sails at 8! Same (pre)gameplan for October. Hoping for some Cortez action on that one.
  177. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    With this group we will be heading south.....unless something changes.
  178. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Bump, still one spot available. That's $320 for a 1.5 day departing Friday night, returning Sunday morning. Meals included.
  179. spize909

    Full Moon - Effects

    best day of albacore fishing I ever experienced was on a full moon. Also one of the best calico bass days I've ever had was on a full moon...….so go figure.
  180. spize909

    Slow trolled macs or Rapalas and why?

    I'd say it depends on what you are fishing for. We've always gone sideways through the nose for yellowtail and dorado.
  181. spize909

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    as of 1:00 pm Friday I just had a father and son have to pull out due to a family emergency so I have 2 open spots that will go at a discount. PM me if interested. Trip leaves tonight at 8:00 pm ONE SPOT FILLED, ONE AVAILABLE
  182. spize909

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    I knew as soon as I saw the title of this post it was gonna go this direction! Nice catch either way.
  183. spize909

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    It'd be nice to go chase those things on a 35' Skippy! :_smack_:Thanks for telling us where NOT to go Matt! :nutkick:
  184. spize909

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    He was all about fishing!
  185. spize909

    Kill bag wanted

    :DGood idea
  186. spize909

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    and from Sunday...….they do grow up! He's now a Jr. at SDSU!
  187. spize909

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    It was a fun time for sure. William handles himself very well on the boat and handled a few of those fish! Here's a pic from when I handed off a dodo to my son (same son on this trip, 2006) when he was about Billy's kids age. He'll never forget either of these trips.
  188. spize909

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    My 20 year old has never seen one......I started getting him offshore about the time they split. My oldest got a few though! Good stuff. Hope they come back some day.
  189. spize909

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    o_O aren't those the fake albacore...……..
  190. spize909

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    I was fishing with a buddy of mine for albacore down in San Quintin many years ago. We were making our way out to a little bit of warmer water (64ish) trolling through 61 degree water. We caught a yellowfin and then a dorado in that 61 degree water. A wayward albie in 73 seems possible. Maybe...
  191. spize909

    Offshore 93 miles and a dodo

    South Kelp Ridge...…...
  192. spize909

    Pacific Quest crashed

    caught that 60 lb WSB in my avater on that boat...……...RIP Pacific Quest.
  193. spize909

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Fished on the Conquest on a few charters with him running it and then on the Relentless a couple times before he dropped out of sight. Great Captain!
  194. spize909

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    Top Gun 80 is also narrow up the rails. I fished it a few times when they first had t done. Such a bitchen boat, I never could figure out why they designed it so narrow. It definitely makes a difference fishing tuna.
  195. spize909

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    Bummer! I like Wind report is usually spot on. You have to adjust 7 hours on the UTC time though.
  196. spize909

    Smelt for YT?

    yes, done it.
  197. spize909

    Daiwa 400H for Sealine SLSH20

    bump...…...great little trolling reel for a private boater.
  198. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    nobody........I have a couple boats on the tip of my tongue but can't remember the names to google them. edit: Found it on their Facebook page. Was a dive boat called Charisma. Well.........never would have guessed that.
  199. spize909

    Kastking brand

    I wouldn't hesitate to use them for that. I bought the smallest one and ended up with 2 due to a shipping issue. Me and the kid had our limits plus some Saturday and we both started fishing them. It was a hoot. I was fishing squid strips or a while then went to a Hookup bait. The baitfeeder does...
  200. spize909

    Rod and Reel paring - suggestions

    LOLQUOTE="matt86m, post: 4651041, member: 125043"]Shut it!!!! Have you pulled on any decent fish with the 700M? I sold mine after several years of fishing it. For some reason that was a rod that gave me instant back pain when I was bent on a decent (25lb plus) tuna or yellow.
  201. spize909

    Kastking brand

    I've been using there braid (mostly 50lb) for about 3 years now and have never had an issue with it. I like the product and I like the price. I use the blue so I can see it. I just bought some of their American made (spectra) stuff and thought it was a little stiff and waxy but I'll give it a...
  202. spize909

    Rod and Reel paring - suggestions

    I was going to say the same thing...…..he's cancelled on my charters at least twice!
  203. spize909

    Offshore Fury 2 Day - July 23 to 25 - San Clemente Island

    We saw a few splashing around but nothing like what we'd usually see. Fuggin sea lions seem to be getting worse every time we fish out there. Started butt hooking the dines when we started coming back with heads.....and then it'd come back with just the tail. They're getting smarter.
  204. spize909

    Offshore Fury 2 Day - July 23 to 25 - San Clemente Island

    They have one of the most easy going crews on any boat I've fished. Always helpful, always courteous, never fish. Boat's lean and maintained. I had my second Fury charter of the year on Saturday. We struck out on the BFT in the morning but had fun fishing on the bass for the rest of the day...
  205. spize909

    sportboat name changes

  206. spize909

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    I've bit my tongue for years over that operation. Did 2 trips 3 years apart, one 2 day Long Beach trip with a charter group I use to fish with, the other open party SD 2.5. Both trips had their issues. The only reason I did a second trip was because it was with guys I'd fished with before that...
  207. spize909

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    made my point
  208. spize909

    Offshore 8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    Try chopping/chunking the sardines and throwing out a couple handfuls along with a fly-lined chunk with a hook buried in it...………...always had very good luck doing this with picky dodos.
  209. spize909

    Trition or Gail Force

    I think it has 2 up front but the scary toilet.
  210. spize909

    Trition or Gail Force

    Gail Force has bunks too...……..
  211. spize909

    Recommendations for a 4 pack charter SD/OC

    Check these guys out!
  212. spize909

    Okuma pch rail rods

    Considered the 8' rod but I think 7'6" is as long as I want to go for what I intend to do with this.
  213. spize909

    Okuma pch rail rods

    Thinking of getting the 760XH for my 25Nld2. Following.
  214. spize909

    Homemade irons from 60's

    Interesting......I recently ran into a batch of irons that look very similar to those. The aluminum ones look like Ensenada specials.
  215. spize909

    Daiwa 400H for Sealine SLSH20

    I have a Sealine 400H in nice condition inside and out with a few hundered yards of fresh 80lb braid on it (mono topshot in pic was stripped off) that I would like to trade for a Daiwa Sealine slsh20. Outside condition of slsh not important. Or I will sell this reel for $50 or if you have a...
  216. spize909

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    :D You caught yellowtail and wsb on anchovies? There are people on here that would never believe that! Nice fish!
  217. spize909

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    I use to do a lot of albacore that know, back when we caught them. I had the privilege of fishing on a beautiful Elliot called the Tunanator many years ago and the owner showed me a recipe for yellowfin that we had caught that day. He pan seared the fish and served with rice. It's...
  218. spize909

    Problems Hookup baits

    just bought a couple off their site yesterday.........dang it. 2 for $10 though. Not 1 for $20.
  219. spize909

    Offshore I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Great story and great info. Just curious, do you have the 4:8 gear set in that 25N?
  220. spize909

    General Braid Question

    I have Kastking Super Power on a few reels and it has performed as well as the J Braid I also have and Power Pro that I had on a couple reels before. Mind you this is up to 65lb. I recently purchased a Penn 25Nld2 and bought some of the 65lb Kastpro, made in the USA spectra and do not like it...
  221. spize909

    8' 15-40lb heavy/fast casting rod with trigger and long foregrip

    Why do you wan heavy? Also I think the discontinued Okumas SCTi have a replacement now. The M1 series would be a good choice...... I'm kind of in the same boat but want something to throw iron/poppers with that doesn't break the bank. I'm really considering getting the clamp and putting the Lexa...
  222. spize909

    Offshore Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Who but a Canadian would have a hockey stick gaff...………..this guy is a spy.
  223. spize909

    Spawning Sand Bass

    the sand bass are with the albacore...……..
  224. spize909

    PENN FATHOM 25NLD2 Ebay Deal @ $173.00 Free Shipping...

    great deal, and yeah, now I have to buy a rod as well. I'm thinking PCH 760h or xh. I try to keep all rod and/or reel purchases under $200.
  225. spize909

    PENN FATHOM 25NLD2 Ebay Deal @ $173.00 Free Shipping...

    Awesome...….it still works. I didn't really need it but hell, why not. Love my 25N star drag.
  226. spize909

    Hey, if you are on Facebook, we have a closed group page for our charters. You can request to...

    Hey, if you are on Facebook, we have a closed group page for our charters. You can request to join and that's where I post the charter stuff. I only put them up on here if I have last minute spots to fill. The page is Charter Group. Here's a link if it works...
  227. spize909

    Fishing aboard the Fury @ Dana Point

    Cool, we do the Fury and the O'95 for charters. Both close to home for you. I'll try to keep you in mind for next year.
  228. spize909

    Fishing aboard the Fury @ Dana Point

    If you make it out on the Fury and like the operation send me a pm early next spring. We're all full this year but we'd be happy to have you out with us.
  229. spize909

    Fishing aboard the Fury @ Dana Point

    They do mostly charters and when open party, seem to fill up. I charter the boat 2 or 3 times a season and fish with 21 and that's plenty. We've done work charters with up to 28 and it was fine but that's mosty people with no clue and believe it or not, that is better then a bunch of people that...
  230. spize909

    Detachable Fishing Rod Extension

  231. spize909

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    I was on the boat Wednesday and for the good sticks, the iron (surface) was working. Most of the 29 (slowed down as the counts have shown) were bait fish. My 2 fish were bait fish on 20lb.............lost both. One to a seal, one I just pulled the hook at deep color. No fish over 15lbs or so...
  232. spize909

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Great report. I am on the boat tonight so it's just the info I was looking for. I was hoping for a better ratio of bigger fish but I'll take it. Good on you for handing fish off! That's something I always try to do during a decent bite. Especially for the kids!
  233. spize909

    Reel seats or deckhand style?

    Chevy of course!
  234. spize909

    Overnight local SoCAL suggestions

    T-Bird, older boat, small galley, heads up front, don't remember bunkroom, catch fish consistently.... El Dorado, nice comfy boat with mixed stateroom open berthing. Big galley, big deck, lmy ast time on was in San Diego for tuna and we killed it but was littered with dead heads...…. Freedom...
  235. spize909

    Overnight local SoCAL suggestions

    I'll be on the Freedom tomorrow you know my vote.
  236. spize909

    Braid Questions

    Depart Sept 7. Same load. $320...….includes meals this time.
  237. spize909

    Braid Questions

    still got a spot for ya on my 1.5 day in September Mike...…….
  238. spize909

    Braid Questions

    just an update to this......been using Kastking braid for 3 seasons now. ZERO issues. 20, 30, 50 and 65lb test on various reels. I have Daiwa J Braid on several reels as well and the Kastking is every bit as good. Little color fade in the blue.
  239. spize909

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Nice fish...……...I'm close by if you end up with too much seabass meat.
  240. spize909

    Pac 619 surface iron?

    I think the area code was a bigger issue then the paint......?:D
  241. spize909

    Which casting reel for 8'H jigstick

    I wouldn't get too caught up on those drag numbers. The Komodo would do fine. Yes, that stick is very versatile. I had mine wrapped from a blank in '96 and have used it in many different ways. I actually haven't used it much the last couple years as I've been trying to go smaller and lighter on...
  242. spize909

    Pacific Voyager 2-Day 6/1 & 6/2

    her's left when this one came in......Sat night.
  243. spize909

    Pac 619 surface iron?

    Panga/local guys down in Ensenada use to all use raw aluminum (no stamp/name) jigs and kill it....haven't fished down there in years but back 20 years ag or so, that's the way it was.
  244. spize909

    Which casting reel for 8'H jigstick

    That's a great rod and I've fished mine for over 20 years....most recently had my Andros 5nll on it for bottom fishing. I wouldn't consider it a jig stick but it will cast a light jig pretty well given it's length and will also fish a 6X if you so choose. I've had my Penn 25n on it to do both...
  245. spize909

    Catalina 5/29 on the Patriot

    I fish blue braid.........agree, it's the braid.
  246. spize909

    Anchovies Dana Point

    just messing with you........but my thinking is along the lines of if somebody is that "anti anchovy" they either have never fished them or can't fish them right...
  247. spize909

    Anchovies Dana Point

    If you can'f fish anchovies, that's cool. Those of us that
  248. spize909

    Anchovies Dana Point

    I can't say I always want anchovies but I was taught to fish with anchovies and caught my first yellowtail, albacore, etc on them. Nice big neon chovies.....can't wait! Want to catch a picky bluefin?
  249. spize909


    that's're the guy I saw in your front yard and spoke to while driving through my in-laws neighborhood. I was wondering why you had such a weird assortment of rods and blanks. You get the charter info I sent?
  250. spize909

    Anchovies Dana Point

    Had our charter on the Fury last weekend and had some nice chovies in the tank. I thought I was gonna wreck the bass on them but they didn't seem to want them. Best anchovies I have seen in years! Good sign.........albacore are a comin'
  251. spize909

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    sure to be a great trip, good luck Chuck!
  252. spize909

    who remembers Joel Raulston?

    and why are we playing a guessing game...? and by the way, you spelled his name wrong.
  253. spize909

    who remembers Joel Raulston?

    unbelievable.......datguyjoe, you should lighten da fuq up and no I will not pm you or fight you behind the 7-11 The guy said let me guess he's running a sportboat......after you said big things were coming or whatever it was. Where was the disrespect in that? I thought the same thing and don't...
  254. spize909

    Turnaround time for Service

    I have called there a few times over the years and have always had a hard time getting an answer? Anyway, I used Tani's tutorial and opened it up last night and did a quickie service on it. I've had this reel for 4 or 5 years, bought used and never opened it up. It hasn't had a helluva lot of...
  255. spize909

    Turnaround time for Service

    thanks.......that doesn't work. I saw some posts that said Mon in Fri out but they were a few years old. I'll do it myself I guess. Just never messed with a lever drag 2 speed. (Andros 511n)
  256. spize909

    Turnaround time for Service

    If I drop a reel off for service at Okuma in Ontario what kind of turnaround time should I expect?
  257. spize909

    I know many will bash but...

    where would you be launching from??
  258. spize909

    Trolling Catalina Island

    Hard to beat slow trolled Mackerel. The issue at the island would be the mammals eating them.
  259. spize909

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D or 4000D?

    Big reel...........thought you wanted something small. My $40 Kastking is gonna run circles around that thing.:D
  260. spize909

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D or 4000D?

    ah.......I skipped ahead and didn't see you already gave up the info
  261. spize909

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D or 4000D?

    LOL......he had an old school 3500 and gave it to me for my son. I bought the needed parts and some new drag washers and it's a great reel! I could give it back to ya Jay......and just buy the kid one of the reels I just bought myself.
  262. spize909

    How to fish the Yummy

    These people need to find something better to do with their time. [email protected] ridiculous on all sides....
  263. spize909

    How to fish the Yummy

    As it is definitely in the wrong forum, why doesn't a mod just move it where it belongs? That may have made this a little less of an issue.
  264. spize909

    Pacific Star sold

  265. spize909

    Help me catch my first yellowtail....questions....

    Many years ago I was on the "first yellowtail" quest. I ended up going to Loreto to get it. Trip was right about this time of year. Nice way to go if you want to have a little vacation and catch a yellowtail.
  266. spize909

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Been on that boat twice and the word "professional" didn't apply on either trip. The second trip was enough that I knew I would never return. Hopefully they get what they deserve.
  267. spize909

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    by the way castone (Chris) I think you are the guy I bought my quad from almost 10 years ago now.........still have it. Just rode the shit out of it a few weeks ago in Glamis.
  268. spize909

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    depends on your knees and your abilities. Their are risks on any vessel.
  269. spize909

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    not surprised. I had more to say but deleted it.
  270. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    Blackjack is Ocean Odyssey.
  271. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    They are still there......but don't tell anybody.
  272. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    I think late 70's. I remember seeing it at the Harbor Island 76 dock and thinking what a cool boat it was.
  273. spize909

    2 day O95 this Friday UC Trip

    helluva a deal....
  274. spize909

    Diawa sl30sh problem

    I've fished the hell out of my sl20 (25 years) and never had any issue with the spool engaging. I'd check what skrilla said. Sounds like a reasonable cause.
  275. spize909

    TLD 30 2Speed Frames - Will Fish Tackle

    awesome, I'm gonna do mine. Like my Daiwa conversions, old school with a twist.
  276. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    Spot Filled....trip is full, again.
  277. spize909

    Albacore Rod Reel Set-up

    jigmaster and ugly stick...:)
  278. spize909

    Anchovy rod

    exactly.....the 220 is a great rod and can pull on some pretty big fish! 800xl tip is not soft enough for chovies but I have one and would use it for them. 196 and 220's are hard to beat. I fish my Socal hunting and fishing converted Daiwa sl20 on mine.
  279. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    Bump. Had one back out. One spot to fill.
  280. spize909

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    Boy this sure took a fun turn......didn't it Justin? Most guys posting (myself included, first tuna '78ish) were probably reeling in tuna long before you were born.
  281. spize909

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    or had to fish with anchovies..........
  282. spize909

    Offshore Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    that's a shame........that use to be a good boat and James was a good captain (15 years ago was probably my last ride with them). Had great trips with him on the Dominator and his Dad on the Grande. FWIW we paid $7 to fillet those baby yft last weekend on another boat that will go un-named. WTF...
  283. spize909

    Catalina Island 9/9

    That's a good thing cuz I stopped riding that boat many years ago due to the crooked, dead head BS that always went on. Glad they addressed it.
  284. spize909

    Catalina Island 9/9

    Mission Belle doesn't either......not sure about the Point Loma. I was only on that one when I chartered it. The first time I went on the Mission Belle (my sister cooked on it) they said "no jackpot". When I asked why they said none of the 3/4 day in SD did them because there was too much...
  285. spize909

    Catalina Island 9/9

    This is why the SD 3/4 day boats did away with JP.
  286. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    one spot opened up. See first post.
  287. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    one spot opening......not waiting on THAT guys money anymore.
  288. spize909

    Checking my set ups

    Bring the Komodo for sure. No telling what you'll be fishing for. Am I the only one that the 700M is/was (sold it) a rod that you feel instant back pain? I don't know what it was but I could not hook a nice fish on that thing without my back burning 30 seconds in. Good luck Matt!
  289. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    Full pending payment on the last few.
  290. spize909

    Sources for lead

    From what I hear there is a decent lead content in candy from Mexico....
  291. spize909

    T-Top to Doghouse(mini pilot house)

    That looks great...........but I'm curious as to why you left a big hole in the front between the top of the console and the front enclosure? What do you do for a living that you have these very impressive skills?
  292. spize909

    Time to try for dorado - location hints

    Good advice......we've seen the jumpers before seeing the paddy more times then I can count and like said, they are all around and way off the paddys. Also fish chunks if they seem picky, Chum a bunch and flyline a chunk on a hook.
  293. spize909

    Canning 101

    me too........soon I think
  294. spize909

    Canning 101

    interested in the peanut oil.....I usually just use olive oil. Does it give a nutty taste?
  295. spize909

    Rod Clamps? Yes or No.

    Cheap reel seat, clamp unless it's 25lb or under. Good reel seat no clamp. I was on a 2 day on a very well known SD charter boat 3 or 4 years ago. A guy had removed his reels and put them in his reel bag. He had several high end reels stolen from the bag. It's a weird feeling when everyone on a...
  296. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    bump.......still got 3 openings.
  297. spize909

    wind forecast

    I like It's pretty spot on. The time is UTC which is 7 hours later then Pacific time.
  298. spize909

    Overnight Charter Recomendation

    Might be hard to get a weekend (assuming) in August on the Pac Voyager...maybe even a weekday. Consider the Mustang? That's what I did when booking a somewhat last minute charter. We are giving Captain Steve a shot at our business in a couple weeks. I'll report back.
  299. spize909

    My name is Jeff Spiszer. My ph # is 951 538 4707

    My name is Jeff Spiszer. My ph # is 951 538 4707
  300. spize909

    Its my charter. You sign up with me. I am responsible for paying them the full amount for the...

    Its my charter. You sign up with me. I am responsible for paying them the full amount for the charter. I have the list and bunk chart on that facebook page.
  301. spize909

    Awesome let me know. I'm gonna really start pushing my maybes to fill this up now. I think the...

    Awesome let me know. I'm gonna really start pushing my maybes to fill this up now. I think the timing of this trip is very good for good fishing. Doesn't hurt that it's a 1.5 that returns Sunday morning. I was surprised they gave me that trip.
  302. spize909

    also, if you do facebook, I have a closed group page with more info, bunk chart, etc. It's just...

    also, if you do facebook, I have a closed group page with more info, bunk chart, etc. It's just called charter group.
  303. spize909

    I do. I have 10 spots still so if you want one or more please sign up. I got a free burger or...

    I do. I have 10 spots still so if you want one or more please sign up. I got a free burger or beer as a signing bonus :) As for the pm thing, this is like a public pm that anybody looking at my profile can see. I think if you click the button under my name in the profile that says "MESSAGE ME"...
  304. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    I have 10 spots open.
  305. spize909

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    That's a time try a 5-5 on the Fury. Beers are $3.50 and Burgers are $5.50. They'll play the bonito game (here try this) too, they all do. The difference is they actually bleed and chill them.
  306. spize909

    why are you putting that shit in my thread.......? Fucking uncalled for. I don't get your...

    why are you putting that shit in my thread.......? Fucking uncalled for. I don't get your motivation.
  307. spize909

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Maybe you should edit the title....?
  308. spize909

    1.5 day on Oceanside 95 Departs 9-22

    Full Departs Friday night 8:00 pm and returns Sunday morning 6:00 am. $310. Load-30 Mex permits (if needed), food, drinks, filet, tip, etc, all extra.
  309. spize909

    2 tickets for FURY limited load overnight 8-19

    Both spots filled.
  310. spize909

    2 tickets for FURY limited load overnight 8-19

    ONE spot filled. ONE spot available. PM me as well if you want the spot. It's my charter. Billy you should put this in the "sport boat planning forum Billy" and it's 21 passengers.
  311. spize909

    Leader kits

    we'll talk about it on the boat then! By the way I have 2 spots to try to fill for a guy due to a family emergency if you know anybody.
  312. spize909

    Leader kits

    Cool. Can you make me up a couple for my flat falls Jim?
  313. spize909

    Top Gun 80!?!

    Fished it quite a few times when they first brought it over. The only real memory I have is that it is tight up the sides. NIce boat, abrasive captains that like to catch fish!
  314. spize909

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    still looking........don't want to pay more then $60 Thanks
  315. spize909

    8/8 Surface Iron Action, No Bait

    Sounds like a ton of fun, congrats on a good trip. So lets hear more about how you buddy "squeals"??
  316. spize909

    8' Rod for Lexa 400? WTB

    Mine is currently on an Proteus 8H. Solid combo for us poor folk.
  317. spize909

    Squid light

    I see $185 or best offer in the 2nd post.......
  318. spize909

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Great guy to deal with...sand and sea!
  319. spize909

    San Diego Marinas

    Good info, thanks. I don't mind the run out of the bay much. I was looking at a boat at Chula Vista Marina and I think that's about as deep as it gets. Still nothing worse then coming from Newport back bay. Cabrillo brings back some memories. My brother worked on a 6 pack boat that was slipped...
  320. spize909

    2 Day private charter on The Fury 8/7-8/9, Dana Point

    I charter the Fury 2-3 times a year and they are a solid operation. Great captain(s) and crew! Good luck on your trip. I'd hop on if I didn't have trips already lined up the weekend before and after.
  321. spize909

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    I've fished the Patriot each of the last two summers on charters related to work (one of our subs). These charters leave the dock with 60+ fisherman (half no habla English) 50 rent rods, and a whole bunch of beer (over 800 last year). I can't say who ran the boat but I know both times it was not...
  322. spize909

    El Pescador Jig

    Thanks, not concerned with value. Just looking for history and info.
  323. spize909

    El Pescador Jig

    Seems to be plastic/resin. It was my Grandpas. I think it says AR & Co on it above where it says El Pescador
  324. spize909

    San Diego Marinas

    nobody knows anything about the different marina options in SD?
  325. spize909

    San Diego Marinas

    We are kicking around the idea of purchasing a boat. Years ago I stated to my wife and friends that I would never buy another boat unless I could afford to keep it in the water. I think I'm at that point and with my son at SDSU for a few years we'd have it down south for the time being...
  326. spize909

    Best place to launch a panga in the ensenada area...

    There is one at (by?) Estero Beach Hotel but it is inside the Estero and you'd have to "brave" the channel. breakers to get out. I don't even know if it can still be done but 20 years ago I know people did it.
  327. spize909

    4x reel

    The reel for your 4X will be in the mail tomorrow.......:devil:
  328. spize909

    Phoenix Abyss 807 & 809

    done deal Matt. Let's make arrangements. You can give me some $$ for my 0'95 charter at the same time:D
  329. spize909

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    Looking for a good deal on an old slosh that needs a new home. Needs to be original style. Not A or X PM me Thanks
  330. spize909

    Labor Day 2 day Charter needs fishermen

    a moderator should be able to just move the whole thing over to the proper forum........ As for the Eclipse, give her the old name back. CAT SPECIAL ftw! That would help remove the stank left by the previous owners.
  331. spize909

    Rod recommendation for Lexa 300

    I fish mine on a Turners Californian Calico Special. 8' Heavy. Caught several yellowfin on it last year. For the price it gets the job done. They go on sale all the time.
  332. spize909

    Saturday Ho 7/15

    found one
  333. spize909

    Saturday Ho 7/15

    Open to fish Saturday if anybody needs a ho. I do not have a Mexican license this year and don't plan on it so that's out. For that matter I'd prefer to stay North of San Diego. Dana Pt to Pedro... Local, offshore, whatever. I have owned boats and ho'd boats. Can back a trailer, etc. Jeff
  334. spize909

    Available to Ho Saturday 7/15

    Open to fish Saturday if anybody needs a ho. I do not have a Mexican license this year and don't plan on it so that's out. For that matter I'd prefer to stay North of San Diego. Dana Pt to Pedro... Local, offshore, whatever. I have owned boats and ho'd boats. Can back a trailer, etc. Jeff
  335. spize909

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    We just got off an Alaskan Cruise......7 days at sea with a few port days. My wife went through 3 patches and once we were off the ship on Sunday, she removed the patch. She is now sick with dizziness and nausea. Day 2. Doc said she should have left the last patch on for a couple days and let...
  336. spize909

    Oceanside trip is Friday 9/22 (appx 9:00 pm) to Sunday morning appx 6:00 am. We fish all day...

    Oceanside trip is Friday 9/22 (appx 9:00 pm) to Sunday morning appx 6:00 am. We fish all day dawn to dark on Saturday. Price is $310 and the load is 30. Nice boat, good captain, free parking, staterooms, etc. Prime time for yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail, etc. Let me know. I have a Facebook group...
  337. spize909

    Fishing boats

    I got a couple charters coming up, if you are interested pm me. Just had a spot open on my Fury o'nite 8/19 and have a bunch of spots on a 1.5 day on the Oceanside 95 (9/22 departure). Low key group and light loads. Gale Force and Triton are not bad suggestions for reasonable loads.
  338. spize909

    Ketchikan Charter Recommendations

    gonna be fishing a 1/2 day charter n Ketchikan on Tuesday. No clue who we booked through but I'll post back on here good or bad. I'm not expecting much.....just a tourist fishing trip. My buddy did one a couple years ago during their cruise and they did pretty well.
  339. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    caught another jackpot yellow on one of mine last week....
  340. spize909

    Fury O'nite June 9th.

    Trip departs tonight. Spot was filled but one of our regulars ended up having eye surgery and can't make it. PM for a reduced rate on his spot if you are interested in getting on with us tonight.
  341. spize909

    Fury O'nite June 9th.

    one spot open
  342. spize909

    Fury O'nite June 9th.

    I have 2 spots open for an over night on the Fury our of Dana Wharf. Departs Thursday June 8th. Load 21 Price $175 Likely be fishing SCI but who knows. PM if interested
  343. spize909

    Mustang back from the dead......

    I'm sure Steve will have the boat in fishing shape and run a tight operation. I look forward to giving it a shot this summer.
  344. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    It's a cool little reel and pretty rare so it keeps people guessing.
  345. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    He sent me an old (regualar SL) frame accidentally for my X. I think I pretty much got it together somehow before I realized. That's why I asked. If you back the knob off all the way does it freespool? There is a copper spacer in the knob...........maybe remove that and try it?
  346. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    which reel? Old style or new style (x)?
  347. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    ^^^yep. Impossible to answer your question without knowing your ability on tearing down a reel. The AR dog gives me fits (re-assembly) on the SL but other then that they are pretty straight forward. I believe you will also find a step by step service write up on Alan Tani's site.
  348. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    as long as it takes to break down a reel all the way to clean/service it.
  349. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Existing frames on the website are at very low prices......Mike says no new design?
  350. spize909

    3/4 ideas for charter

    We've done a work charter on the Fury out of Dana Point for the last couple years. We've had a great time on both trips.
  351. spize909

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I've always paid my bills and given the rest to the crew. If bills (like big fillet bill) are large I chip in. I planned on spending the money anyway. I have family in the business and they make their money on the tips, galley, fish cleaning. My son got JP on the Freedom last year and I told him...
  352. spize909

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I've always paid my bills and given the rest to the crew. If bills (like big fillet bill) are large I chip in. I planned on spending the money anyway. I have family in the business and they make their money on the tips, galley, fish cleaning. My son got JP on the Freedom last year and I told him...
  353. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    This should be interesting.......
  354. spize909

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    I've fished mine on an old Sabre 870 with 30lb mono over 50 lb braid. Nice combo but probably time for a rod upgrade.
  355. spize909

    Fishing Colonet, Questions ????

    6X jr's are a little light with any kind of current. 6X minimum, 50lb minimum.
  356. spize909

    Offshore Freedom to San Nic

    I watched Tino hook and hand 6 or 7 tuna on my last trip out with them a few weeks ago. The only crew fishing I saw was was the second up on the deck early and Charles (the cook) threw out a couple times. Every tuna I hooked was gaffed when needed, constant chum, etc. I also did a San Nic trip...
  357. spize909

    Overnight tonight... Dominator, Producer or Tribute?

    I see that bunk size is number one on your list...........Dominator
  358. spize909

    Looking for another Fisherman for this Saturday

    Good luck Gunny! Thanks for your service.
  359. spize909

    20lb getting bit or roll the dice.

    50 lb braid and 20lb flouro with small hooks. That's the ticket. Or drop down to 15. Saw 2 20lb class yft landed on Curados with paddle handles of the 15 landed on our last trip.
  360. spize909

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    I've never had any issues using the regular Seagaur or the Offshore Angler stuff that Bass Pro sells.....that is made by Seagaur and exactly the same.It's just a few bucks cheaper and you get 25 meters instead of 25 yards. Last three trips I've hooked 10 yellowfin and 9 yellowtail (all decent...
  361. spize909

    Dana point tuna

    The whole fleet was fishing north on Friday. I saw the Vagabond, Aztec, Condor, ete, etc......looking at the counts, the tuna are back down south again. We fished a couple weeks ago, fish were at the 182. Then it was a Mexico bite last Monday when I talked to Rick about our charter and then they...
  362. spize909

    Tuna eats Seagull

    Nobody like a spitter!
  363. spize909

    Dana point tuna

    I had the Fury chartered Friday for tough fishing. We got 15 which was better then a lot of the good SD boats did so I can't complain. I was also out 2 weeks ago to the day on the Freedom and the fishing was better but still very picky. On both trips the key to getting bit was light line, small...
  364. spize909

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5.

    not sure what the "problem" was........never rode the boat open party so I have no idea what they charged. Also must have been before my time there (mid 90's) as I never saw the Shogun at LA Harbor. I did ride the First String about the same time for my first seabass.... Top Gun was the original...
  365. spize909

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5.

    Had some great SCI trips on the old boat.
  366. spize909

    Last Minute Cancellation. O'nite Fury Tonight!

    I have the Fury chartered for tonight (Thursday 9/22 fishing tomorrow 9/23) and my buddy just cancelled. I'm trying to fill his spot so he doesn't loose all his $$$. We are going to wait out this wind thing and board the boat normal time (10 pm) and hang in the slip till about 2 am and get bait...
  367. spize909

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5.

    That's's been quite a few years but I fished with those guys on the old boat and the new boat. They catch fish.
  368. spize909

    HO needed

    I like how you laid it all out there! Good Luck on your fishing!
  369. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    Ended up at 58 lbs. Shipped it yesterday. It was $332. I hope it gets there ok. Should know tonight. The dude just paid it. I don't know if he felt guilty or was really ok with it.
  370. spize909

    69 Glasspar

    Might think about leaving the harbor, heading south to the rigs off Seal and slow trolling some mackerel ....or straight out to the mid-channel rigs for the same. Flats are out and south and Horseshoe is more or less straight out and a little north a few miles. I'd bet you can all the lat/lon...
  371. spize909

    69 Glasspar

    Real nice weather coming for the next couple months for a smaller boat.Not hard to do the basics on the GPS....don't really even need it.
  372. spize909

    69 Glasspar

    Looks great. Go kill some local yellowtail!
  373. spize909

    Bait Question - Socal Tuna

    I fished med/small sardines for the tuna on Tuesday and used a #4 ringed hook.....2/0 will be too big. On that day (and it seems every day) they are real picky. Went 4 for 4 with the little hooks.
  374. spize909

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    You'll like the 40N. Great size and lots of versatility. You have a 25n already albeit star/single. I just installed the lower gear set in my 25n star drag. I fish 40 over 65 on it and with the lower gears (not really low, 4.8:1) feel it matches the line class a little better for fighting a...
  375. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    It does but it looks to be more of a commercial service and I'm pretty sure by all the info they want, I won't be able to utilize it. I told the guy we were looking at $275 and he said OK.....I think Fed-Ex it is unless I come up with something else. Dry ice up to 5.5 lbs is ok but also needs...
  376. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    yeah, I know but I keep trying! I'm thinking good karma for my charter coming up next Friday. You shoulda stuck with that one, we are gonna kill them!
  377. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    OUCH! I'll investigate tomorrow and let the dude know. I didn't really trim the stuff at all. Just dried them off and vac sealed the whole loin in one bag each. I bet if I'd have trimmed it up like I do mine, i would have cut the weight by 1/3. I might end up with a few cases of smoked/canned yft.
  378. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    What up GM?
  379. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    Thanks Billy, got your text and I will give them a call tomorrow but it looks like they just use all the major shippers.....sounds like it'll be expensive.
  380. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    We got in last night and they had a flight at 7 am this morning. So Fed Ex?
  381. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    What can I say...I'm a giver. We discussed precessors but it just wasn't practical.
  382. spize909

    Shipping Fish

    I fished overnight on the Freedom for tuna yesterday and there was a guy with his fiancé from Texas on the trip. He was here on a business trip and flying out this morning to return home. They didn't give it much thought on getting the fish home but really wanted to get it back to Texas somehow...
  383. spize909

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    Fished yesterday and they worked hard to put us on the tuna. Tino found fish away from the fleet and we managed to boat our share. We could have done much better but a lot of the fisherman didn't quite get the bait presentation nuances needed to get them to bite. The offload from Monday's trip...
  384. spize909

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    San Clemente Island (Pyramid) is actually closer to Long Beach then it is to Pt. Loma..if you're talking the West End, even more so. Now if you're talking the 43, you are correct. Either way it's a haul.
  385. spize909

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    Tough crowd........I'm on the boat tonight. Hope all this whining helps make it a light load.
  386. spize909

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    Like Glamis.....way too many financed SxS's with clueless drivers. Thank God those guys didn't not drown.
  387. spize909

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    I'm thinking he was being sarcastic............both are very good captains. As for the boat returning at 7:00 or whatever that guy said, I have never seen them in before 9:00 when I've been waiting on the dock to go out. We fished San Nick a few weeks ago and slaughtered the yellows and came...
  388. spize909

    Offshore Aztec 2-Day PB's All Around

    Glad you guys had a good trip Dave.
  389. spize909

    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    You came on here to talk smack...... BTW, that fish in my avater is a King Salmon that I caught in the stream in my backyard!:worship:
  390. spize909


    My oldest son caught his albie on the Tracer.....then proceeded to puke for the rest of the trip down in the bunkroom (cook gave him a trashbag). Nice 8' albacore seas. The rest of us got limits. Great little boat.
  391. spize909

    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    We'll wrestle with something......even if we have to bring jello.
  392. spize909

    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    Who the fuck attacked you..........get over yourself. Kook
  393. spize909

    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    Please don't think I care about the size of those tuna. I'd keep bluefin of that size all day, every day. So what you guys are saying that regardless of him having his number on 5 fish, boat limits would apply? That makes sense. I guess it's what you walk off the boat with? So if I have 8...
  394. spize909

    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    Good going....... I won't warn you on the obvious.......I'm sure you know.
  395. spize909

    Overnight Tuna fileting question

    I don't know why it has to be a secret.......I'd guess $10-$12 on those 80lb fish...maybe $15 at 100 and up from there? I guess it's not so bad cuz you only get 2....
  396. spize909

    Suggestions for 3/4 day out of San Diego

    Point Loma has been doing "non-passport" 3/4 trips ever since the Mission Belle came back on line. Looks like they are starting to do limited load offshore trips now passport required. I know they aren't running consistently so a charter with 15 or fewer would be the way to go. I...
  397. spize909

    Suggestions for 3/4 day out of San Diego

    charter the Point Loma and go with 12-15 guys.
  398. spize909

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    It sure seemed like those two years of squid were when they disappeared. It was business as usual before that and then they were gone. I taught my kids how to fish on twilights for sand bass. It's a shame.
  399. spize909

    San Quintin, Baja Mexico - Compromise or Fishing Ban?

    but what if big Mexican boats were posting up right off La Jolla.....? That said it's ignore the hypocrisy of Mexico.Just look at how they treat their southern border and the "illegals" from Central America. We encourage what we's not their fault they fucked up our state and our...
  400. spize909

    Albacore charter in Washington

    I chartered the Fury in June and have one coming up again in Sept. I mentioned to Capt. Rick after the June trip that I was "expecting" tuna for the Sept. trip. He said there was albacore talk and that some thought we may see them before the season's over. Water's awfully warm but if you look...
  401. spize909

    58 Yr Old Drama free Catalina, Clemente island, offshore fishing/freediving trips.

    You can log my info in as a possible contact ho. Have solid experience with boats and fishing.
  402. spize909

    Can I bring my Jr. to Mexico with me??

    Yellowfin ARE in US waters. If you are from Central Cal, take him on one of the better boats from Pedro or Long Beach.
  403. spize909

    How many turns on RP knot

    I do like you. 6 or 7. Never had a failure yet..........
  404. spize909

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    The ugly truth.......and it's not a secret, it's been happening for years.
  405. spize909

    WSB beginning to show up in San Quintin...

    My friend Raul Marmol that use to have a place down there always told me they fished the seabass with crocs........wonder why nobody up here does it? Just for shits and grins I'm going to take one of my big crocs on my next trip and throw it at the yellows or tuna or whatever we are fishing. In...
  406. spize909

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    I was gonna say the same thing Billy. He just needs an able passenger (and you need a new boat). I'm off work and available most of next week if you need a hand.
  407. spize909

    Drag or no drag. What's the correct way to slow troll mackerel?

    Never really did if for tuna but lots of slow trolling for yellows. 4/0-6/0 j hook.We always did free spool with clicker on. Some clickers would hold better then others. This was with a rod in the holder. The guy holding his rod (2 guys skiff fishing) could just thumb it. Motor in gear, no...
  408. spize909

    PENETRATOR Sportfishing

    I noticed the other day that it had a new look............:D Hawthorne's are fishy boats.
  409. spize909

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    I agree with this 100%. I use to have to tell my wife to stfu before every trip cuz she'd keep talking about "what if you get seasick"? "Make sure you do this and do that so you don't get sick, blah blah blab" .........stfu already and he wont get sick!
  410. spize909

    Am I Acting Weird?

    ^^^that's the key. Those of us who have owned boats understand.
  411. spize909

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    My kid (well he's 18 now) takes Bonine though I don't think he needs it anymore. He's never been sick and has been fishing with me on overnite+ trips since he was about 11 or 12.He's mentioned queasy a couple times but loves to fish and gets over it. That said, some people just get sick. I'm not...
  412. spize909

    Am I Acting Weird?

    find new fishing friends........
  413. spize909


    I was just commenting the other day that I've caught more and bigger bass this year then at any time that I can remember. Coastal, Islands, don't matter. Maybe the MLPAs, five fish limit and increased size limit are making the difference.
  414. spize909


    hmmmmm, having calico tacos for dinner tonight. So sue me.
  415. spize909

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Starting already...........isn't it. An old friend of mine is down camping in Mission Bay and got out on the morning half day boat a couple days ago. It was him, his dad and his nephew. Three generations, spending their fair share of money to go fishing. I know they kept a few and they all went...
  416. spize909

    Pacific Quest.......

    60lb WSB in my avater.......caught on the Pacific Quest. I've never fished it offshore though.
  417. spize909

    So Let's Hear It.

    Queen or Top Gun
  418. spize909

    3/4 Day Offshore Trip 9/21

    So is it Taro's boat? Who bought it? Awesome that they brought her up to speed! Good luck with your charter.
  419. spize909

    Be Warned.....They're coming for your chance at BFT

    If I'm not mistaken these are the same douche bags that are constantly trying to shut down Glamis....
  420. spize909

    Offshore swell question

    This is a good one for wind too.
  421. spize909

    Best price for online saltwater tackle?

    Nothing wrong with Melton's. Your statement was incorrect, that's all. I don't know what they have now but I thought $100+ savings was a tad better then minimal.
  422. spize909

    Best price for online saltwater tackle?

    I got a Penn Fathom 30LD2 for $185 shipped, no tax. That was not full MSRP.
  423. spize909

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    I've fished a Calstar 270H 8 on just about every trip for 20 years. Great versatile rod. My 25N or a Newell 332 is what's usually on it.
  424. spize909

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    gusset, but glad your repair worked out for you!
  425. spize909

    Offshore Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Great, fishy boat. Fished it many times when it was the (original) Top Gun and a few more as the Relentless when Joel (whatever happened to that dude?)owned it. Keep at it Cory!
  426. spize909

    Offshore swell question

    South swell usually is not an issue as they typically have the long period. West swell, short period will mess things up. Throw in some wind and you've got a party.
  427. spize909

    Need Help...My garage door opner stop working

    What he said^^^^^if they are the typical sensors there will be an amber light in one and a green light in the other if they are seeing each other. If I am not mistaken you should still be able to take the door down by just holding the wall button but Not sure on that. For sure check the beam...
  428. spize909

    Offshore Heads Up, Huge So/Cal Naval Exercises thru 8/4

    I fished with a Navy guy yesterday that was talking about this.....big operation going to be happening.
  429. spize909

    PAC VOY 2-DAY LIMITED LOAD 7/2 & 7/3

    I think there is one more spot on the trip I am on Billy....leaves tomorrow night. We could carpool....:)
  430. spize909

    PAC VOY 2-DAY LIMITED LOAD 7/2 & 7/3

    Good luck Dave, I am on the trip (1.5) coming in Friday morning. I'll give you a call on my drive home to share some intel. Dave runs a good charter and like he says 18 is great on that boat. Can't believe this trip isn't full. i've been on a PV 2 day this same weekend 5 or so times over the...
  431. spize909

    Squid and SCI

    looks like the SCI site is working fine....?
  432. spize909

    Looking for a ride Wed or Thurs (29-30) this week.

    Jumping on a Pac Voyager charter, no longer need a ride!
  433. spize909

    Wasted money.....

    I couldn't figure out in the op which boat he went on till I got through this mess a bit. As for bait we fished SCI yesterday (I chartered the Fury) and had both squid and finbait and the YT bit the finbait (dines and macks) and didn't seem to interested in the squid. That said if all we had was...
  434. spize909

    6/10 bluefin hunt on the DOMINATOR..

    seems like the kind of thing you would take up with the landing......
  435. spize909

    What's up with Toronado at Pierpoint?

    fished it toward the end of the season last year and the boat looked like crap.....glad they did some work on it!
  436. spize909

    Fathom LD2 30 vs LD2 40N

    thanks for the info
  437. spize909

    Fathom LD2 30 vs LD2 40N

    I know the 40N is taller. How do they compare in width?
  438. spize909


    MLPA was/is a sham. The whole thing based on fraudulent or non-existing studies. fwiw I cringe at some of the yellows I see people keep. The good boats drive away from that stuff. I will keep a couple sub 24" fish (for a family dinner) but absolutely nothing under 10"!
  439. spize909


    perhaps you are correct. I guess my point is that they don't seem to have a problem cutting limits if somebody thinks there is an issue with the amount of fish. "They" are not my friend........but "they" aren't going away.
  440. spize909

    LED deck light/spotlight/ bait tank install

    I have a couple of them (the smaller ones)on my sand rail and the ss mounts already have surface rust on them. It's never been to Pismo or anywhere near the salt. They work fine though. Not so great for driving light (use them for camp lights). I'm sure they make great spreader lights!
  441. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Just saw this. PM sent. I think I can help you out. Got my X done now too. Here's a pic of it that also shows the size comparison with the old frame.
  442. spize909

    LED deck light/spotlight/ bait tank install

    I'd suspect salt-water intrusion will take it's toll on those led's within a couple years. Might want to at least put a thin bead of silicone around the outer lenses and anywhere else that looks suspect. For the money, it's hard to go wrong.
  443. spize909

    RAT YELLOWS with all the "rats" taken last year you can see that no yellowtail were left for this year. You can see it in the counts! They will adjust the regs/limits if they see fit. Curious.....what defines a "rat" and when does it become a "firecracker" Can I keep a firecracker?
  444. spize909

    Really good deal on Fathom LD2's

    I decided I should jump on one. I just ordered a 30 and it was free shipping (promo code) and no tax. $185.49 otd.
  445. spize909

    May 15th Fishing Report From San Clemente Island

    surprised the drone wasn't an issue at SCI....
  446. spize909

    Really good deal on Fathom LD2's

    Didn't know that............and they have the 25N up around 3 bills still.
  447. spize909

    Really good deal on Fathom LD2's

    My buddy told me about this today. Under $200 for the 30 or the 40 Link to the 40. The 30 is about 10 bucks less. Kills me not to get one but I just dropped a G on a gun safe.
  448. spize909

    Looking for boat to charter

    Tradition always seems to have a good count......if I remember correctly it is the old Pierpoint. I wouldn't want to fish much more then 20 people on it.
  449. spize909

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    I've caught yellowtail, yellowfin, bluefin, lots of albies and all manner of inshore fish over the years on a 20 I bought in the early 90's. Decided to upgrade and bought a frame kit for it, solid little reel. The 30 with braid would make a fine jig tosser...
  450. spize909

    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    no worries, they are gonna jump on the Eclipse. He ended up with a buddy that wanted to go as well. Have a great trip! Put all of Boz's clickers on when he isn't looking.
  451. spize909

    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    Still have that spot Chuck? My buddy Roy (you may have fished with him years ago on ST charter) may want on.
  452. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Some pics with the new handle and crank. Mike sent two cranks, one long, one short and two knobs one straight and one angled. This is/can be a complete kit now. The only exterior parts that are stock are one screw and the star drag (that I tried to t/u with a sharpie). I will strip the finish...
  453. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    and now he is making cranks/handles as well. I get to "field test" a couple!!
  454. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????
  455. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Free spool/fly line is great. Don't notice any added weight and is actually much more comfortable to fish because of the overall size reduction. Pretty sure he has the kits with clamps available now. That is why he sent me one. Maybe check out the website?
  456. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    forgot to add........this new site format sucks.
  457. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Got a clamp and clicker button in the mail the other day. Pretty darn good service. No charges whatsoever.
  458. spize909

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    I thought that island was closed to fishing......
  459. spize909

    Offshore Overnight on the Cortez 10/22

    Quite a bit actually. I had no idea where we were, just knew we were south. Once we pulled up on the bouy though it was obvious. We probably got down real close to the border as we continued SW a ways from the 43 area. At some point he turned it N but we fished until at least 4. They didn't have...
  460. spize909

    Offshore Overnight on the Cortez 10/22

    Nice, we spent a long day there Wednesday on the Toronado for zero tuna. I figured if we found some they'd be small. Nice to see there are some bigger fish showing up inside again.
  461. spize909

    Offshore Jason caught a Wahoo!

    I can take you where they MAY be but I won't be hunting this year. Not enough birds to give CA my money for a license. I got raped once for the fishing license. We met up with some friends in Dumont Dunes this past weekend that had just spent a couple days camping at Calico. There is (usually) a...
  462. spize909

    Offshore Jason caught a Wahoo!

    so there's still a chunk in your freezer for me?......that doesn't look like a whole fish! Brussel sprouts?? ewww
  463. spize909

    Offshore Jason caught a Wahoo!

    Congrats Billy! Persistence paid off!
  464. spize909

    Offshore Could The Year Get Any Better!!! It just did 400 pound Blue

    Congrats to both of you! I know Dale and he sent me a pic yesterday. I was going to call him today for the story but I guess I'll just call to congratulate him now!
  465. spize909

    Hate to be "that guy" Anyone have #s for Dorado?

    was it in the afternoon? I saw a phoenix in Rainbow Harbor Saturday afternoon. Nice rods. Looked like a family cruise.
  466. spize909

    19.5 94'gulfstream fishing 115hp - $2000

    did it for ya................
  467. spize909

    19.5 94'gulfstream fishing 115hp - $2000

    Might try searching Craigslist with a couple key words (like Gulfstream). Maybe you can find him there.
  468. spize909

    I need a meat stick for Southern Cal party boat fishing

    Calstar 270h-8. Rated 15-40. I fish 20-30 on mine and have had it for years. You can fish bait, throw surface iron and even yoyo with that rod.
  469. spize909

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    I like my old Calstar 270 H with a newel 332. You said 25lb rig, not 25lb fish. If I knew there were solid 25lb fish to be had I'd upscale to the 40lb...........
  470. spize909

    Hate to be "that guy" Anyone have #s for Dorado?

    It's a whole lot more of a contribution to this thread than you just made.........
  471. spize909

    calstar deckhand 8 foot 15-40

    I've fished a 270 8H for 20 years. Love that blank, very versatile. GLWTS
  472. spize909

    Looking to fish Tuesday the 29th or Wednesday the 30th

    I'm planning on taking a day off to fish early this week (thursday is my no way). I do not and will not have a Mex license this year. If anybody is going and needs a ho let me know. Slydog can vouch for me. I don't want to go any further south than Dana. I'll just jump on a big...
  473. spize909

    Available to fish Tuesday or Wednesday (29th-30th)

    I'm planning on taking a day off to fish early this week (thursday is my no way). I do not and will not have a Mex license this year. If anybody is going and needs a ho let me know. Slydog can vouch for me. I don't want to go any further south than Dana. I'll just jump on a big...
  474. spize909

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    I guess Karma ain't a bitch after all!:D $12 at Davies now? I guess it's been quite a few years since I've had a boat.
  475. spize909

    dp wahoo, leaving at 3

    Keep trying Billy. You'll get one. Play hooky from work Tues or Weds, i can break free now.
  476. spize909

    Temecula fishing

    There are lakes inside the campus or whatever it is at Murrieta Hot Springs as well. That pond park is probably a continuation of those same lakes. Sneak into them golf courses.........
  477. spize909

    WTF growing out of a tuna?

    somebody once told me that..................................
  478. spize909

    Parasites in Skipjack

    I've had a cough going on 4 months worms yet. I'm pretty sure I gave it to my wife and co-worker so that means it shouldn't be worms but it sure gets a guy to thinkin'. Wife's and co-workers went away already.
  479. spize909

    Live bait reel?

    I paid $219 for my Fathom 25N.........I could do a Daiwa conversion for $175. I only threw it out there cuz he brought up the sl30. Personally, I probably wouldn't have done it if I didn't already have the old slosh to begin with. It's a sexy little beast now though....
  480. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Still diggin' this reel and have many more yellows and some 25 lb tuna under it's belt now. Kicks ass....!
  481. spize909

    Live bait reel?

    Adds strength to the reel. No stretch, no flex. They already have capable drag and good free spool. This puts it in the class of the other machined aluminum my opinion at least.
  482. spize909

    Freezing smoked fish

    x2 on this. I smoke cold and then can. I add some olive oil to the jar before processing. Albie needs more than yellowfin or yellowtail. I have one jar left from last year...........smoked bluefin belly. Like butta...
  483. spize909

    Live bait reel?

    If a Sealine is being considered, consider this. Find a used 30 for $50 and buy a frame from Socal fishing and hunting (google it) for $109. I did a 20 last year and it's a sweet little reel. I've been fishing 20 mono over 50 braid. As for the others I have a 5IIn and love that reel and a Penn...
  484. spize909

    Boat Club Recommendation

    We spoke to a guy in one of the club boats at the fuel dock in DP and he was very happy with the setup/club.
  485. spize909

    Fury out of Dana Pt.

    Thanks for the replies and info. I did look at the Helena......if we do a day trip, might consider it but load will be a factor. I fished a work charter from one of our subs on the Patriot a few weeks ago with 62 people and all the beer and tequila you can drink. It was a DISASTER but a lot of...
  486. spize909

    Fury out of Dana Pt.

    I may have to find a boat for a work charter in October. I have several choices I could/would try in SD but think it may just be easier for everyone if we found something up North, Dana Point being a good central local. Most likely an o'nite, possibly just a 5-5 type trip. I think if it's 5-5...
  487. spize909

    Offshore El Capitan overnighter

    one of the reasons why the 3/4 day boats down there no longer have a JP. So they never called jackpot and nobody saw them checking or you didn't see it or hear them? That is a fairly serious accusation to make on the internet for something that "seemed like" was happening. I've managed many...
  488. spize909

    Offshore Yo Yo Yellowtail Overnight Freedom 8/31/15

    That was my thought as well. I got about 20 seconds into the vid.......found two guys hooked up and pitched out right between them. Don't want to be a BD hater so good for you and your Dad that you had a good trip!
  489. spize909

    Offshore 8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    The good news is no more boat issues! What was the fix? Skipjack is the fish of choice for poke in Hawaii I believe. I've had mixed results but your's looks awesome. They also chunk up and work very well for dorado and yellowfin.....
  490. spize909

    sportboat name changes

    What boat was the Bluefin that is running out of Fishermans?
  491. spize909

    Offshore Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Holy're right. We were looking at it a little closer and it sure looked like it had real thin tuna cord/spectra type material in the middle with hard rubber on the outside. No sashimi with this fish...... No problem on the boat help, sucks to have mechanical issues and good...
  492. spize909

    Offshore Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    On second thought I looked better and the fish looked bigger! Shoulda left well enough alone! ...forgot to mention that the little yellowfin we got had a tag in it. I didn't even notice till I was cutting it up and thought at first it was some kind of worm. I was going to bring that thing home...
  493. spize909

    Offshore Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    BTW, I'm not on any wanted list (anymore) you didn't have to edit my face out of the pics!
  494. spize909

    Offshore Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    I would bet that if you launched out of LB (seeing that you are in Cerritos) and took a W / SW heading for a few miles and started looking for paddies, that you'll be finding dorado anytime now.......
  495. spize909

    Offshore Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Thanks for a fun day after a rough start Billy!
  496. spize909

    Overnight boat tipping

    I usually give them whatever is left in my pocket as I come out with a set amount of cash. This means the less fish I catch the better the tip as I don't have the big fillet bill..........:) go figure. Either way I tip on the high side. Jackpots always go to boat.
  497. spize909

    6 pack charters

    put Angler Management on that list....
  498. spize909

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day Report 8/20

    My buddy Roy was on this trip and that report sounded just like what he told me. He said they did a great job with the bait challenge. As for riding boats, I have also been mostly priced out. I have done way more 3/4 and 5/5 type trips the last couple years. I actually caught more fish last...
  499. spize909

    Does the Point Loma have RSW? Or any kind of fish cooling?

    neither the Pt Loma or the Mission Belle have anything. They were working to install something on the MB "pre-season" but ran out of time. I would expect them to have it for next season though.
  500. spize909

    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    I fished with him and Tyler a couple years ago on the El Dorado (Pt Loma). They were both riding and fishing, not working. It was alot of fun. I knew I recognized him when I got on the boat. He almost "struck out" on my second fish the other
  501. spize909

    Does the Point Loma have RSW? Or any kind of fish cooling?

    I know they didn't last year. I know the cook on that vessel. I will give her a call and see if anything changed.
  502. spize909

    Offshore Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside

    I saw you drive by with the boat on the trailer as we walking down to get the kids on some paddle boards. I wondered how you did coming off the water so early. Good going!
  503. spize909

    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    So about the Sea Trek. Went out with 36 and it was crowded. They worked hard to get us fish. Chunking constantly. No crew fishing except the cook made some casts. We got 25 of the nice grade yellowfin. I'd say less then half the boat had there baits anywhere near where they needed to be or we...
  504. spize909

    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    I just found out that my father in law (lives in Oceanside) booked us on this boat for Friday.....sold out trip, should be interesting. It looks like they average about 6 fish a trip...
  505. spize909

    WTT: Okuma Andros 5II

    Penn Fathom 25N star? Straight across...
  506. spize909

    FS Seeker American w Daiwa sl20 $100

    Great deal on a 20lb bait stick. glwts!
  507. spize909

    Sushi Rice Advice?

    What I use........
  508. spize909

    Any Others in the Chesapeake Bay Area?

    Heading to VA to visit my bro that just built a beautiful home on the water in Poquoshon (I think that's it). We got a boat chartered for next Friday to hopefully fish for something that pulls hard. Hoping for some Cobia...I guess. I'm pretty sure we will be fishing with these guys...
  509. spize909

    Offshore Stripe Marlin, YFT and YT before noon!! 7/25

    Good thing it wasn't a rat'd be in real trouble! Congrats to the angler on a fish of a lifetime.
  510. spize909

    Braid Questions

    Landed a couple more 20lb + YT's on this rig again Saturday. I'm sold on the frame and the braid. I"m liking the blue more and more, stands out for my old eyes, gets bit just fine. Absolutely no issues so far with the line.
  511. spize909

    Offshore 7/26 9 Mile & South

    Nice! I wonder if that 125 lb yft was really a big eye?!
  512. spize909

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    You clearly don't get it........maybe there were other issues on the boat itself but the catching (or lack of) shouldn't be one of them. Look at the counts. I fished yesterday and we got on top of a couple really good spots of fish on the way to the island. One lucky dude got one, that was it.
  513. spize909

    Patriot 7/25

    Ferry don't run that early..........
  514. spize909

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    Really? Well now you know I guess. Just for comparison....I once fished that boat a long tima ago. It was called the Top Gun. We went 90 miles south and got the stripe. The 1/2 day boat out of h and m had limits of yellowfin that day. Must be the boat and not the captain. Lol. It happens dude...
  515. spize909

    Storing fishing rods in garage

    I built a rack off the ceiling in the garage and they've been stored there for close to 20 years. I'm sure inside would be better but I see no ill effects on my stuff.
  516. spize909

    Patriot 7/25

    forgot to mention that he did a great job on my fillets as well........right down to the rib meat. We had no hope if we would have got into a foamer. It would have been a disaster! :) Another boat that I wish had cold storage of some sort. With these guys doing more and more offshore stuff...
  517. spize909

    Patriot 7/25

    Yeah I looked around a little.........every nook and cranny had a car in it. Makes it even harder in my truck.
  518. spize909

    Patriot 7/25

    I was invited to go on a charter through one of our subs at work. 62 guys and about just as many rent rods. All the beer and tequila you can drink. It got ugly........ The plan was to try for tuna a bit on the way to the island. We came across a couple spots of fish and one rent rodder hooked...
  519. spize909

    Curing/Freezing Yellowtail.

    I am wondering about salt/sugar curing yellowtail and freezing. I have a few really nice pieces and was going to cure them all, eat one, vacuum seal and freeze the others for another day. Would it be better to just freeze and then cure or do you think the cured pieces will defrost ready to slice...
  520. spize909

    Sushi Rice Advice?

    We bought one of them wood rice bowl things from Marukai (Japanese market) 10 years or so ago and I don't think I would have spent more than 30 bucks for it....that and a good rice cooker, good rice and you should be good. Fan, stir, season, fan, stir, fan, stir, season, fan, stir.........this...
  521. spize909

    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    "Deck hand was the first to hook and land a fish" That kind of says it all right would be a little better if it said hook and hand, but not much.
  522. spize909

    Black Pearl sport fishing??

    Here's some. I used the search bar.....if the link don't work go to advanced search, titles, Black Pearl[title_only]=1
  523. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    The flourocarbon kinda goes out the window once it goes wide as well.......
  524. spize909


    Beside a nice sashimi plate when it's fresh I could care less about keeping bluefin. As long as they leave the yellowfin alone, I am good.
  525. spize909

    Renewing Passport ?

    Everybody I know that has done it recently has had a very quick (under a month) turn around. You can expedite it for a little extra $$$ as well. We just did my son's...we sent in the paperwork 2 weeks ago. We'll see how long it takes.
  526. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    not worried about the money......much. ;)
  527. spize909

    What's your go to knot?

    That's generally it for me as well. but........came across this when looking up a 4-turn surgeons knot. 5 turn surgeons for tying fc or mono to braid. Super easy knot............anybody use this?
  528. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    Boy.............another thread off topic and down the toilet. Thanks everybody for your opinions. I picked up a couple packs of ringed hooks on the way home to try this weekend (rent rod charter on the so I'll make the most of it). For what it's worth, I have fished them, light...
  529. spize909

    Offshore OPAH!!!!! Aztec Sportfishing 2-day 7/16-7/18 Epic trip! Pic Heavy

    Great report. Glad to see Capt. Steve getting it done!
  530. spize909

    where is a good Fishing spot

    Lots of tilapia in the sea still..........zombie fish.
  531. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    It's the line more than knot. I'll cut off and re-tie 90% of the time when catching decent sized fish. As said, run your fingers over the line. More often than not you will feel something.
  532. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    Interesting, I would have never thought that the Rapala Knot had any strength to it. I have tied the SD and not cinched it all the way down but with the Rapala knot and a swinging loop like that would it be prone to get caught up in the "crotch" of the hook eye like described by a previous reply?
  533. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    I use to fish the light wire circles and had a couple come back not looking like a hook any more. Over the years I've found the Mustads do a great job on the tuna. I may just get some rings and some solder and go for the best of both worlds. That is my greatest fear........ :D and Jerdog, I am...
  534. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Put it on my old Calstar 220 with 50lb braid and (for now) some 25lb flouro on top. I've fished it a couple times and it is a special little reel now. So far big fish is an 18lb yellow. I hope to better that next weekend. I also swapped out the handle (not in pic). As soon as I get a little...
  535. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    never could get into them but the scary thing is that if I do fish them and I still get spanked........well then I guess I'll have to accept that. :). We fish tuna together and we are neck and neck. I don't need to watch what he is doing as we've fished together for 15 years now. I KNOW what he...
  536. spize909

    where is a good Fishing spot

    another thread getting f'd up by people posting irrelevant garbage..........I see a pattern here. The the OP, you need to provide way more info and get yourself some 12lb test.
  537. spize909

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    Subscribed to this. I just found out this morning we may be going there with the family next summer.
  538. spize909

    Ringed Hooks?

    I've been fishing three times in a row with my old fishing buddy that kind of took some time off. One trip to SCI and two to Cat. He has out-fished me on the yellows every time. He's not a member so I will admit that maybe he is a little bit better of a fisherman than I am but not to the point...
  539. spize909

    What rods and reel set ups are you taking

    It's always a dilemma............this year's fishing makes it even harder. Typically I'd have 20, 30, 30, 40, and 40 or 50 and cover it all but this year is a little different. It seems all the fish are bigger so then it boils down to what they will bite. Braid really helps to broaden the...
  540. spize909

    98' Bayliner Trophy 1903 - SOLD

    My buddy had (still has it I think..moved to WA) one just like this. We took that thing to the 43, Nados and out of San Quintin inshore and offshore. Fishy boats! GLWTS.
  541. spize909

    Braid Questions

    I have a couple trips out with the Kastking and didn't hook anything to test it till Saturday. 18lb yellow was a decent first trial. This was on my So Cal Hunting and Fishing framed sl20 (that's a whole nether story). No issues. To me if fishes just like Power Pro. I loved the blue color, really...
  542. spize909

    Slow trolling Macs

    I never did.
  543. spize909

    3/4 day boats

    no, I doubt it. The only people that are making a big deal about the kid getting hit by a flying anchovie are the ones that were not there. The Dad mentioned it once. For that matter my kid was hit by the same deckhand all day long while he was chumming over our heads. Like I said in that...
  544. spize909

    3/4 day boats

    give it a rest.
  545. spize909

    Newell 229

    I bought him (my kid) 2 used rods andfrom an old guy I used to fish with and had them re-wrapped. A 270 and a 196. The 220 usually goes on the 196 and I got 332 to fish 30 for the 270 but left the 196 at home. He had that and his 40lb setup...just in case. Great rig. 229 affords a little more...
  546. spize909

    Newell 229

    My kid caught an 18lb yellow on one Saturday.....'cept it was a 220 on a Calstar 270. Spooled with about 200yds of 50lb pp and topped with 20 lb mono. It caught some bluefin last year as well.
  547. spize909

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    I would tend to agree with this. I'll admit I'm no pro fisherman like so many here but if you asked me all the regs on BSB I would say, you can't keep them. If the crew on a boat that fishes as much as any boat on the coast pulls it onboard for a pic I'm thinking it must be OK. I think we all...
  548. spize909

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    yeah Jay, this was one of them. What about that one on 9/4? I told you about that, right?
  549. spize909

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I'm going to assume you did not read the post from a member that was on-board the GF when the incident occurred & confirmed the report... Or did I not understand your intent? You didn't understand my intent....sort of. I actually screwed up my post and deleted that response just cuz it didn't...
  550. spize909

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    That is exactly how this should have played out......
  551. spize909

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    THIS ^^^^^^^^
  552. spize909

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    and that was the idea that the captain was trying to stand on He was on anchor (or going to be) so it was his spot and bitesomething "was moving" into his anchorage. We were clearly backing down on the smaller vessel though and regardless it was and arrogant douche bag move made worse by his...
  553. spize909

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    I was on the the Gail Force yesterday (charter) and was wondering if this incident was going to make it's way on to BD. Everything the OP says is true except I did not see them throwing bait at the other vessel but have no reason to think it didn't happen. Capt. Joel just kept making a bad move...
  554. spize909

    Newport report 7/5/15

    It's But why the fuck would you care? First religion and now where I live? Are you more of a fisherman than me cuz you live in Garbage Grove? I mean, what's your point? You look like more of a douche with every post my friend.
  555. spize909

    Newport report 7/5/15

    I think you were getting shit for giving that guy shit and then you got more shit for being a hypocrite.......then of course you said F-off and bite me....
  556. spize909

    Daily Double slug

    hmmmmm, the pictures seems to have been edited out.
  557. spize909

    Newport report 7/5/15

    there were several people on his boat...?
  558. spize909

    Daily Double slug

    60lb on those nose in my avater. I believe you cuz you were there but it sure looks skinny. Might just be the angle.
  559. spize909

    Newport report 7/5/15

    dude really.........all that time on the soap box and here comes a pic with you and a rat yellowtail, but oh yeah, you got an excuse for yours. :ashamed: Probably time to step down.
  560. spize909

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    When I was taught to cast I was told rolling it onto the side slowed the spool down due to it only spinning on one bearing (or in my case at the time, bushing). You also bring up a couple good reasons.
  561. spize909

    Offshore 2 Day on the Legend

    That's YOUR choice. He did nothing illegal. I may not agree with keeping a small fish like that but I'm not gonna beat the guy up on the internet. The dems tell us how to think enough.
  562. spize909

    Tribute Reviews Por Favor

    fished that boat once back in the '90s on a 2.5 day. I had front stateroom port side. Never even saw the bunkroom. I would wonder how that would be waking up and having to piss in the middle of the night if it was rough. Sure looked like they killed it all season last year.
  563. spize909

    Harnell rod ID

    Loosen it up at the knurled fitting there and spray a little pb blaster or something aroung the edges to penetrate.
  564. spize909

    Dropper loop reel

    I use a Penn Fathom 25N with 40lb mono over 65 lb braid. Works pretty well. The lower gear ratio of the Avet wouldn't hurt and at 4.6 can still get a fast enough wind for just about anything you need to do. It'd be the yoyo more than the surface iron you'd want the higher ratio on anyway.
  565. spize909

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    That's a good question. Subscribed. I have a GF 700M that I've been using (trying) for years and it KILLS my back on any decent fish. I even handed a bft to my able bodied son and he was like wtf, that thing hurt. I've got an old glass Sabre 870 that fishes 30 or 40 and is pretty darn forgiving.
  566. spize909

    Braid Questions

    I ordered one of the smaller (547 yds) spools for about $30 shipped to try it out. I'll report back once I see how it looks when I put it on the reel and then how it fishes......if it passes the first test. Bueller, how long ago was it that you bought the crappy spool?
  567. spize909

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    So it's safe to say that you don't have a fishfinder or a gps on your boat?
  568. spize909

    Braid Questions

    I didn't say I wanted to buy crap and the "you get what you pay for" cliche is not always the case. I look at reviews and try to make a determination. That is what I am doing here. If there is a better value out there, I'm looking for it. I have Power Pro now and just had some "ravel" apart...
  569. spize909

    RSW ( Refrigerated Salt Water ) Boats

    and if you guys would reply to my PM on your FB page I would like to charter lol. As for the Mission Belle, I just confimed with my sister that they started working on it but ran out of time and had to get the boat back into service. We did a charter on the little Pt Loma last year and...
  570. spize909

    RSW ( Refrigerated Salt Water ) Boats

    I was thinking the same thing...seems like they did it a couple months ago when the boat was out of the water. My sister cooks on the MB sometimes. I will ask her.
  571. spize909

    RSW ( Refrigerated Salt Water ) Boats

    Triton does if I'm not mistaken. El Dorado as well. As for 3/4 and 1/2 day boats, I don't think so but the Triton is running 3/4-full day trips.
  572. spize909

    Drifting on the 105

    "lost the other cause I had 3 jigs pull my hook" Perhaps you missed that part of the story ducksgo...............I'm guessing that means there were three lines with jigs on his. It's times like this that I miss my boat. I did have one last time the yellows were thick out there in the '90's but...
  573. spize909

    Braid Questions

    I'm looking to replace some braid on 2 reels and add some on one or two as well. I came across a brand called "Kastking" and found mixed reviews but most were good. Just about everything on Amazon was 5 stars. Is anybody using this stuff? It is considerably more affordable than the PP stuff I...
  574. spize909

    Sea turtles and the 150

    did you try slow trolling the macks.......usually a pretty automatic deal that way.
  575. spize909

    The Gailforce @ Catalina 6-12

    The first area we fished (just north of Avalon) had the 12-20 lb fish. Further up the island we got into the 5-10 lb stuff. If they have macks in the tank, fish them. I caught my first yellow and my first bass on a mackerel. We got sardines and macks straight off the bait boat and then they made...
  576. spize909

    The Gailforce @ Catalina 6-12

    It was good fishing............size was more in the range of 5-20 though.
  577. spize909

    My next Charter

    I must have missed something.......when's your next charter Chuck?
  578. spize909

    Offshore Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    no.......the overnite boats that come back when overnite boats come back. The cook shuts down the grill, cleans it up and hits the rack for a couple hours before re-appearing to settle up tabs and what not. Maybe you're ridin' different boats than me but I've been on most of them over the years.
  579. spize909

    Offshore Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    pretty standard on an overnight boat to turn off the grill after lunch.....
  580. spize909

    Putting together a crew who can help with $$$

    Now that's funny............I've noticed that at Glamis the majority of cans littered into the middle of the dunes or at the hills are Bud and Bud Light but I bet there are more Coors drinkers out there. Bud drinkers seem to lack character. :) I wouldn't have an issue throwing money out up front...
  581. spize909

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    I like them because at the time mine were done they were way cheaper to have wrapped......:)
  582. spize909

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?
  583. spize909

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    I must be lucky.......mine have never slip. I either have a few wraps of e-tape or shrink tube and have never had an issue. Got a couple rods I had wrapped 20 years ago and a couple more 10 or so years ago so they've had plenty of chances to fail. I just went over all the old cork with that X...
  584. spize909

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    This is exactly how I feel.
  585. spize909

    40# 2 speed for bait and yo-yo

    Penn Fathom (25N) is a solid reel. I don't have a 2-speed but my single speed is very nice. I fish 40 over 65lb braid. I like my 2-speed Andos too.
  586. spize909

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    I ordered my SL20 kit today. I can use my reel clamp on it AND it has a clicker. It does not have the clamp piece though. From what I understand the stock piece works but needs a bit filed off the gear side. The clamp is what kept me from getting one earlier. I love my 20's but fish them on a a...
  587. spize909

    Harnell rod ID

    Sorry, I can't help with an ID but looks a lot like my old one. I am pretty sure this rod has never been fished and was my Grandpas. It's been years since I had it out and the sheath that it was in is pretty much toast. Anybody know where I can find a rod sock with a separate part to put the...
  588. spize909

    Harnell rod ID

    Does it come apart at the butt/reel seat? I got one like that in the garage. Never used, was my Grandpa's. I'll try to remember to dig it out.
  589. spize909

    Go to rod for local

    This would have been my response as well. 270-8H. Great local rod. Coupled with a Newell 332 with 25 or 30 and you can fish bait, iron, dropper loop.......not ideal for any but functional for all.
  590. spize909

    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    snagged on a submarine..........
  591. spize909

    San clemente . Go Now

    I fished the O 95 on a 5-5 last year and had a great trip. Crew was good and Capt. Rick got it done. A work associate left the next night on a 3.5 day and said it was horrible. I will most likely ride that boat again. We can walk to the landing from my in-laws place. As for SCI...I am leaving...
  592. spize909

    Tip of the month

    wouldn't that be something........maybe they'll follow the wahoo up here.
  593. spize909

    JRI Jigs sponsored 1.5 Day Trip May 1 and 2- Pac Voyager

    I see that now..........looks like a good group. Have to see what happens with the tax man tomorrow. I may get a couple on the stand-by.
  594. spize909

    JRI Jigs sponsored 1.5 Day Trip May 1 and 2- Pac Voyager

    Chuck, do you have any more charters in the works?
  595. spize909

    That guy

    WOW WTF is that all about.
  596. spize909

    Greg from the Aztec here to tell you about our up coming Yellowtail 1.5 day trips.

    I bet these guys are kickin' the shit out of the yellows today!
  597. spize909

    Greg from the Aztec here to tell you about our up coming Yellowtail 1.5 day trips.

    Not even sure why you felt the need to post anything. Do you think the cost of doing business is the same in LA as it is in San Diego? Anyway, forget him. I just wanted to throw this out there to help you guys get off the dock. I went on the PV last Friday and we were to leave at 6:00. I left...
  598. spize909

    NO Bait Mission Bay

    I fished on the Pacific Voyager this weekend and we had to go to PL for our bait. No bait in Mission Bay Friday night and it looked just as closed Sunday morning when we came back in. So I'm guessing FishDope was wrong.
  599. spize909

    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Agreed........but I did manage to straighten a hook in low gear on one. Fishing my Andros with braid and a top shot of 40 with 2/0 Mustad on my old 270H. Maybe just a bad hook................
  600. spize909

    Offshore Commander Clobbers at Colnett 1/24/15

    Me and my son were on the Pac Voyager and that's ^^^^^ a pretty accurate assesment. I fished the YoYo for a couple then saw how well the loop was doing and went to that. As much as I like gettin' slammed on the iron, I don't like cranking all day either. We had our limits by 11:00. Edit. We...
  601. spize909

    Pacific Voyager 1/23

    Signed up for their 1.5 day this weekend. Anybody else here on the trip?
  602. spize909

    Tuefin Blunas are Gay as Fuck in January!!!!! THUNDERBIRD 1.5 report

    Seems like the same people can start shit in multiple threads at the same time......must be a gift they have. Nice fish any time of the year.
  603. spize909

    Horseshoe Kelp

    Get out there, look for birds and slow troll mackerel. Last time I remember good coastal yellowtail fishing was back in the 90s and i had a skiff. We'd chum up macks at the bait reciever and take them out and slow troll them..........usually in the general vicinity of the sport boats.:D They put...
  604. spize909

    Friday Fishing - 10/17/14

    FYI the skipper of the Seatrek made it pretty clear that he didn't want people from this board on his vessel. Just thought you should know.
  605. spize909

    Friday Fishing - 10/17/14

    will the deckhands share their beer with me?
  606. spize909

    Offshore Brutal Overnight 9/26-27

    Condor kills fish. ^^^^^^^Stay in school, maybe you'll learn. I've been on the boat in BIG weather and managed to catch a limit of albacore. Quite a few years ago but same operation. Last time I was on the boat was 3 years ago with my kid and it was a 2 fish day for the whole boat. I took my...
  607. spize909

    Looking for 2 on Thursday 25

    pm replied. Can you get bait in the middle of the night at Redondo?
  608. spize909

    Available to fish Thursday the 26th.

    I am looking to fish Thursday. Prefer Oceanside or north of there departure. Can do anything you need (almost). Thanks
  609. spize909

    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    but the sign on the wall says "nothing in the toilet but toilet paper". Once it has shit on it, it has to go in the can.
  610. spize909

    Offshore New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    I didn't read all the posts past this one but this is exactly how mine were done yesterday on the Pt Loma. Loin with all skin on sliced into four sections held together by the skin.
  611. spize909

    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    The boats fish counts over the last month were enough to deter anybody. This guy's arrogant, know-it-all attitude killed his review/rant. 2 lucky gaffs and he's an expert........eye gaff?
  612. spize909

    Offshore Point Loma (the boat) out of point loma

    Thanks. I'll let Marie know you liked her burger! They are good! I've fished the Mission Belle a few times but not the Point Loma. Tony ran the MB last time we went out. That was an island trip though.
  613. spize909

    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    You spelled retarded wrong...................
  614. spize909

    Offshore Aztec Overnighter Labor Day - What worked!

    Good to know. My last trip was very similar to that. Small hooks and light line.
  615. spize909

    Offshore Point Loma (the boat) out of point loma

    Good to hear. I have it chartered Saturday and my buddy is bringing his wife and a couple others that are virgins to the sea. I know they are tired and hope they catch a second wind for us. Marie (sister) had just taken several days off sick before the weekend. They, like everybody else have...
  616. spize909

    Weekend Parking San Diego Fishing

    The hotel (?) lot down and across the street usually has spots. Besides the street parking there is one very limited pay lot that is closer. Holf is only good for Sat night/Sunday though. Youlll have to figure that one out though. I'm not going to put it on here!
  617. spize909

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    you don't need an fmm unless you're fishing coastal/nados.....just so you know. Bummer for you guys, most have nothing but good to say when they fish the RTA
  618. spize909

    Offshore Freedom 1 day - the long run

    I If you take the time to re-read the op you will see they had 100 fish on the boat BEFORE boating an additional 60-70 fish.
  619. spize909

    Offshore Freedom 1 day - the long run

    That trip had limits and something in the neighborhood of 150+ fish. I wasn't on that one but I can tell you that our trip had 73 tuna and they weren't cutting fish that long. What they were doing was taking their time, cutting......not ripping off the skin, removing bloodlines, chunking the...
  620. spize909

    Offshore Freedom 1 day - the long run

    I was on yesterdays trip. Our fishing was pretty scratchy but there were fish around the boat for hours. Bait was a big issue and unfortunately they didn't want the iron, popper or swim bait. I got one on chunk, one on anchovy and one on a nice slimey dine that came in the chove mix. Managed to...
  621. spize909

    8/20 Mid-week Catalina report-YT

    Looks like the modified alright to me.............which is what I use.
  622. spize909

    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    Good point but there are enough boats that we know are good and that consistantly catch fish that you shouldn't even need to think about the questionable ones.
  623. spize909

    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    I have been on a boat where we spotted at least half the paddies while the crew was watching porn and or smoking pot up top so I don't find that impossible to believe. THAT boat has already had it's bashings on here though. As said though, it sounds like you either need to name the boat or just...
  624. spize909

    Boat Opinons

    Either sbould be fine. The Top Gun has staterooms and is a fast boat. I always felt it was very narrow up the rails though. Fished the OO a few years ago .......never caught a fish but liked the operation.
  625. spize909

    Lytle Creek

    Have you been there since they shut down the "side of the road" shooting and opened the real range? It's not the same as it use to be. Scary shit up there 25 years ago..
  626. spize909

    Bluefin back OPEN in MX??

    Just saw this on the 976 site This afternoon the SAC legal office in Mexico City received verbal notice from CONAPESCA that recreational fishing for bluefin tuna can resume in Mexican waters immediately.
  627. spize909

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    This thread was so predictable....
  628. spize909

    Condor, bunks or staterooms?

    Both times I've been on the boat I had a big bunk right up against the bow. Big and comfy....but kinda cold. Its definitely not one of those hot bunk rooms.
  629. spize909

    Offshore My experience on the Oside 95, 7-30-14

    I got.some I.can post in a couple days. I bave no idea how to get them on here from my phone.