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    Makaira 10 silver

    Silver makaira 10 sea very good condition just back from Okuma service. $400
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    Found: Mods please delete

    found: thanks for the deal Raj
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    Avet HX 5/2

    Black avet HX 2spd. 3/4 full of 80# spectra. $300
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    searches not in chronolgical order

    Lately when doing searches I have noticed they are not listed in chronological order. Did I change the settings on accident or is this the norm now?
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    Mak 10

    1. Penn 50s traded 2. Penn 50t cal 2spd tib handle. Picked up in trade....sold 3. Mak 10 gold w/Sea upgrades full of 65 izor, has a scratch above clicker. $350 recently seviced by Okuma
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    Custom Black Steel 6463 XXXX

    Black Steel 6463xxxx all roller. Rail rod cold skrink forgrip built just under 6'8'' Pm for pictures $225pending
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    WTT: 22lr for flat fall

    I had some extra 22lr and would of liked to trade for some flatfall jigs. I can let go of none of these bricks for 0 flat falls. Pm me what you have to trade size and color. Sorry no shipping Only one of these bricks....not all 3 NO LONGER AVAILABLE...sorry guys you had your chance
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    TLD 30II Tib. frame

    Tld 30 with tuburon frame and enhanced drag plate. $225 Mike SOLD thanks Lowel
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    parking or driving in Cabo

    I am heading to San Jose del Cabo next week and wanted to rent a car. What is the parking like down there. I am staying in SanJose but do plan on taking a few trips into Cabo and maybe do some exploring. Thanks Mike
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    Silverwood Lake 5/28 report

    Ive been wanting to get up to Silverwood for quite a while now and try my luck at some stripers. We started out at the spillway using cut anchovies and night crawlers. Both worked pretty good with the nod going to the chovies. My main set up for this was 8lb green trilene one or two split shots...
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    1/4 x 35' hose reel

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    Anyone looking for a new TLD 30A II

    There is a Sport Chalet near me that has one that looks to be 50% off. They mark their 50% off stuff ending in .x3 This reel is in the case and marked with a .x3 at the end. PM me for more info. I had a friend recently ask if they could take any more off of one at a different Sport Chalet and...
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    FYI..BD 3/4 day Mission Belle charter 4/7

    Yesterday the Mexican Navy stopped the three San Diego boats that were out there. They made everyone put on life preservers. Who knows if this is going to be a regular thing or just their idea of a late April fools joke. Those things were very uncomfortable to fish with. Luckily it wasnt too...
  16. migelito

    Shimano TLD 30II with tiburon frame/ avet lx

    tld30II tib frame, drag plate-$240 avet LX 6/3 3/4 full of spectra has posts but no clamp-sold both tld's are in exellent condition the lx has some signs of boat rash Mike
  17. migelito

    heavy drag for a deckhand style rod

    What do you guys think the heaviest drag setting could be put on a heckhand style rod? Would 20-25# be too much? Has anyone gone higher? thanks Mike
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    seeker ctsf 63 XXXX

    For sale $160...seeker CSTF 63 XXXXH all roller purple with white wrap. Trades....looking for similar length 100# stick 6.5-7' This rod would be great for someone building up their long range arsenal on a budget price without comprimising quality Mike PM or text me 760-217-4717 SOLD...thanks Jay
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    sabre 670-L

    I picked up a sabre 670-L blank at a garage sale last week. I did a little research and couldnt find the line rating for the L model. Can anyone help with the line rating? Thanks
  20. migelito

    NIB minn kota 315 charger

    SOLD..Thanks ryan
  21. migelito

    arizona strip stone

    Approx 1500lb of Arizona strip stone. The color is rosa they are a lighter rosa almost a buckskin color.Sizes vary from around 7in to over 24n. $275 pick up only Mike
  22. migelito

    TLD 20 2speed

    TLD 20 II taken on a couple of trips but didnt get used much price reduced $180 Mike
  23. migelito

    seeker black steel tuna rods calstar 765L

    3 factory wraped seeker black steel all roller rods all in very good condition plus one calstar G6460XH 40(60)100 $sold G6455XH 60(80)100 $sold G6455XXXH 80(100)130 $sold calstar grafighter 765L SOLD If you want more pics of a certain rod pm me with your email adress thanks Mike
  24. migelito

    great long range seminar wahoodad

    Dave Thanks for the great LR seminar on Sunday at Fishermans access I don't know how you did it but your seminar convinced the wife that I needed a new 2X4 for my upcoming 15 day on the Indy. Let's just hope she doesn't find out about the Makaira 20 that getting 650 yards of jb 100 put on it...
  25. migelito

    accurate boss 665H 4:1 with 6:1 side plate SOLD

    I have an accurate boss 665H 4:1 It comes with and extra side plate with 6:1 gears Its like buying two reels for the price of one. If you have any questions feel free to call or text. SOLD thanks David
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    avet and cals

    Has anyone sent thier sds50 or exw30 to cals for drag bluprinting? was there a notisabl difference aftewards? I picked up one of each and can only send one to cals this year. thanks Mike
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    alum. stair treads

  28. migelito

    Big Bear Lake

    Fished near Stanfield cutoff on Thur. caught limit on trout to just over 1#. power mice and pinched crawlers worked We ate two of them that night very tasty orange/pinkish meat. On Fri. fished the pier at Boulder Bay for limit up to 2.5# power mice and chunky cheese worked Cant for dinner tonight
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    penn 30SW cofe'd

    SOLD thanks Vince
  30. migelito

    HX/W raptors and cows

    Have any of recent cows been cought on HW or HXW raptors? If so how have they been working.
  31. migelito

    Best way to store wire leaders?

    I made up a bunch or wire leaders for my trip in Nov. Now Im wondering what would be the best way to store them for the trip down. Or during this time of the year is it better to make them if needed on the boat? thanks Mike
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    GUSA Beast

  33. migelito

    Penn 6500ss w 870s rod penn 16s w/tib frame

    Penn 6500ss with a penn sabre cs 870s 7' 15-40# line these are both in very good condition= $100 for the combo any questions please call 760 219 4719
  34. migelito

    665boss mag.

    665h boss magnum single speed How can I tell the age of this reel. The serial # is in the 7000s Thanks
  35. migelito

    How to set up a HXW raptor

    What is the heaviest effective line class that this reel can fished and what would be the best way to set it up. Full spectra with a 25ft or shorter flouro leader. Thanks Mike
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    Handle for 50s

    I'm looking for a new or used aftermarket handle for a Penn 50s Thanks Mike
  37. migelito

    penn 50s sleeve

    I am making a sleeve for my 50s. When the sleeve is in the reel there is only about .003 over from bearing to bearing. But when I put the inner drive plate assy. in. I now have about .009 over. Should the sleeve be cut to fit the bearings or gap between drive plate and bearing. thanks Mike