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  1. joshc1024

    Offshore Dream day BF trip Saturday 5/29

    On frozen flyers? Yummy flyers? Or immortal flyers
  2. joshc1024

    Boat Burgers

    Hoping to try the wagyu burger on our 7 day on the intrepid
  3. joshc1024

    Looking for Seeker PH 93H stock rod

    They had zero Ulua blanks as of Friday
  4. joshc1024

    Islands 5/12 SCI bass and bluefin

    Took some buddies to fish and dive the front side of SCI on Wednesday 5/12. Water at the island was 63-65 and crystal clear blue with little current. Fishing was pretty slow. We decided to head home around 2PM and ran into schools of bluefin and bonito foaming on anchovies just a few miles off...
  5. joshc1024

    Buddy boat BFT

    Going Wednesday, hit me up
  6. joshc1024

    Where to buy 10-12oz lead heads for rockfish?

    Contact @jer dog
  7. joshc1024

    Buddy boat 4/22

    Going to check out local banks (302/226) this Thursday 4/22. Anybody wanna buddy boat?
  8. joshc1024

    Islands Coronado yellows 4-10-21

    You guys killed it!!! Did you find them south of South Island?
  9. joshc1024

    Islands 4/8 Chasing Yellows on the Legend H&M at Coronados

    Tough luck, but at least you were out on the water. These Coronado yellows definitely have been in a weird mood
  10. joshc1024

    Islands Yellows at Coronado 4/7

    @Lake We metered lots of scattered fish all day hugging the bottom as well. They never reacted to our chum or yo-yo.
  11. joshc1024

    Islands Yellows at Coronado 4/7

    Back to the islands today with 2 good friends on board. We saw bird schools after bird schools all over the middle grounds that were difficult to get close to but still managed to bag a few(15lbs)on the surface iron Boat traffic was moderate, and everyone played nice except for the two...
  12. joshc1024

    The ones that rocked me felt pretty good, had my drag set pretty tight but still couldn’t turn...

    The ones that rocked me felt pretty good, had my drag set pretty tight but still couldn’t turn their head. No issues with dogs for me.
  13. joshc1024

    3/31 surface iron yellow

    Went solo to the islands on 3/31. First boat at the middle grounds around 6:30. Metered a decent school within 15 minutes of getting there, threw some bait and had them boiling around pretty good. Hooked one on surface iron which ended up being my...
  14. joshc1024

    Islands 3/31 surface iron yellow

    Went solo to the islands on 3/31. First boat at the middle grounds around 6:30. Metered a decent school within 15 minutes of getting there, threw some bait and had them boiling around pretty good. Hooked one on surface iron which ended up being my personal best at 30.7lbs Managed to hook two...
  15. joshc1024

    Best place for reasonably priced lead sinkers ?

    I buy all my sinkers from @jer dog.
  16. joshc1024

    FMM issues

    I’ve done the FMM process a couple dozen times now. Only once haven’t they actually emailed back.
  17. joshc1024

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    @tunakillerjoe1 what is the make and model of your camera?
  18. joshc1024

    Alps Power Wrapper

    Looking for power wrapper New or used Text 7608052496
  19. joshc1024

    Flexy jig rod

    Calstar glass 100j will be perfect
  20. joshc1024

    Ocean Oddessy 1.75 Colonet trip January 8-10 2021

    Great report, hats off to the captain taking the time and effort to descend the smaller fish. Most boats won’t do that
  21. joshc1024

    Crawling Shorts 1-7-21

    How was the fog? I went Wednesday and it was thick out there. ended up with 6 legals hooping solo
  22. joshc1024

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    It was required when I signed up with carefree. I also made all my buddies that fish with me get one.
  23. joshc1024

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    Not being able to take club boats past the Coronado islands would be a huge deal breaker. Is it a temporary restriction? I’m a first year member with carefree boat club. They do not limit how far south you can go. I’ve taken boats down to the hidden bank and behind SCI this year. As @stuman...
  24. joshc1024

    Full moon hooping skunk trip

    Got 18 last night for 3 guys in SD
  25. joshc1024

    Fishing tomorrow 10/22

    Heading out there tomorrow as well. Josh on the seafox
  26. joshc1024

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    About 30-40 sea lions patrolling the pens
  27. joshc1024

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    It already had a big chunk missing. Maybe there was a mako around
  28. joshc1024

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    I can’t imagine what that must’ve smell like I almost threw up in my mouth when I got a whiff of the dead sealion
  29. joshc1024

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    Took 3 buddies out on Tuesday and here is what we found: -South 9 a shark (mako?) harassing a big school of bonito. Kept one bone for lobster bait -Got 3 yellows off a paddy 10 miles north of the 425 had marks 100ft but couldn’t get them to come up -YFt jig strike half a mile off the pens at...
  30. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission Belle Coronados- Saturday 9-26

    Thanks for the report, was wondering what the conditions are at the islands
  31. joshc1024

    Bogus fish counts

    You sound like the biggest snowflake on the internet 😂
  32. joshc1024

    Crew fishing on party boats

    You’re welcome. Happy now?
  33. joshc1024

    Crew fishing on party boats

    You mean you typed your own thread word for word into the search bar and only one result came back? Shocker. try searching “crew fishing” and see
  34. joshc1024

    Crew fishing on party boats

    Exactly. there have been numerous threads about this subject, if the OP really want to know what people think then just use the damn search bar 🙄
  35. joshc1024

    Offshore nados report

    70-72 on Wednesday
  36. joshc1024

    Back up for sale! Cousins 270h glass bait stick

    Great rod, but damn, clean the scales off before taking pics 😂
  37. joshc1024

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    First saltwater rod was a Grafttech, first quality rod was a Calstar 100j.
  38. joshc1024

    Boat adding customers once aold

    It got awfully quiet when people found out it’s one of their favorite boat 😂
  39. joshc1024

    Used Tranx 500HG with clamp for Trinidad 30A/Torque 30

    Looking to trade my tranx 500HG with clamp and full of 80lb braid used a few times for a Trinidad 30A or a Penn torque 30 in the same condition. IP north SD or IE
  40. joshc1024

    8-4-2020 San Diego Cod fishing

    Stu did say it smell like shit 😂
  41. joshc1024

    8-4-2020 San Diego Cod fishing

    Taste like salmon grouper?
  42. joshc1024

    Calstar 690j or 90J

    Prefer the GG version, but any will do. Show me what you got
  43. joshc1024

    Calstar 690j or 90J

    Looking for a used one. Cash in hand
  44. joshc1024

    Jig review - JRI Stinger

    I’m really surprised the stinger isn’t as popular as other JRI models. It’s my favorite
  45. joshc1024

    Offshore 302 / Coronado Canyon 7.21.20

    Carefree is a boat club, you pay a monthly membership fee, kinda like freedom boat club, but way better...imo
  46. joshc1024

    Offshore 302 / Coronado Canyon 7.21.20

    We don’t need no stinking belt, the bruises will heal lol
  47. joshc1024

    Oceanside Tackle Shops

    I love Pacific bait and tackle but they are not well stocked at all, lots of empty pegs on the shelf. Angler’s tackle in vista is much more well stocked.
  48. joshc1024

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    Those stock hooks on the shimano coltsniper are terrible, I’ve lost too many fish because of it. Crazy that you spend $10 on a jig And have to add a $2 treble hook The new Daiwa Zakana jigs supposed to come with quality VMC hook, might wanna check those out.
  49. joshc1024

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Bummer if it really is the constitution, I fished on that boat a few weeks ago, had a good time and thought Chase the captain ran a good crew. But I’d be pissed if that would’ve happened to me. Also, what’s the deal with posting something like this and not actually naming the boat? It’s worse...
  50. joshc1024

    Sushi places north county?

    Wrench and Rodent hands down best in north county. Get the omakase
  51. joshc1024

    Knots- braid to floro

    Stick with the FG
  52. joshc1024

    80 lb J Braid capacity on Penn Fathom 40nld2

    I got about 475 yards of daiwa J braidx8 on my fathom 40nld
  53. joshc1024

    Coronado’s 5.3

    Nice one dude. Did you see red tide around the islands?
  54. joshc1024

    The Fate of Long Range Fishing is in there Hands

    Huh? they? There? They’re?
  55. joshc1024

    Used Tranx 500 Clamp

    Looking for a clamp for Tranx 500. north SD or Temecula
  56. joshc1024

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    They sure make a lot of those “small batch, limited run, ultra rare” rods/blanks
  57. joshc1024

    Long rods artificial only charter.

    That works too
  58. joshc1024

    Long rods artificial only charter.

    I’ll be down, if it’s out of one of the SD landings
  59. joshc1024

    Skinny Butt VS Thiccc Butt

    Not a fan of the skinny butt ulua, I like em thiccc
  60. joshc1024

    Daiwa J Fluoro

    I used 20lb and 25lb this season. They have similar diameter as seaguar premiere but less than half the price. That all I will use going forward
  61. joshc1024

    Offshore Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    Both boats have great captain and crew, but the food is night and day difference.
  62. joshc1024

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    That’s not cool. Name the boat
  63. joshc1024

    Offshore Old Glory 10/11-12 overnight

    The size 4 owners looks bigger than size 1 Gama.
  64. joshc1024

    Offshore Old Glory 10/11-12 overnight

    Might want to consider pick up a spool of 40lb fluoro. The fleet is seeing more and more schools of 30-60lb bluefin.
  65. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 star

    Still looking for one
  66. joshc1024

    Offshore Finally found some dodos

    That surfboard was holding tuna today
  67. joshc1024

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    I have the same exact set up as you. Calstar 700H and penn fathom 40n 2speed.
  68. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission belle 9/11

    To be fair, all of our fish were caught on the last stop of the day. The fish were processed as soon as we were done fishing. The crew probably didn’t expect to stay out that late.
  69. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission belle 9/11

    fished the belle on Wednesday 9/11 with a buddy and 38 other anglers and here are some notes: -bait was meh, 4-6 in mix -found first yft school at 11am a few miles south of the fleet. All show no go -found a school of bigger grade BFT around noon. 2 hook ups on light line that ended quickly...
  70. joshc1024

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    Tough trip, specially seeing others did so well.
  71. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Doesn’t happen? Literally every single ziplock/trash bag of fish I get back from sportboats have some amount of blood/saltwater in it.
  72. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Was the rsw working on the boat? A buddy of mine fished on the belle on Monday, and mentioned they had put multiple bags of ice in the hold. $10 to filet a 15lb tuna seems high considering the end product (loins soaking it blood/salt water) Better off taking your fish to 5-star
  73. joshc1024

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Now That’s how you fish someone’s chum.
  74. joshc1024

    Offshore 8/24 226/302/corner

    ;) I love summertime tuna drama:D
  75. joshc1024

    Offshore Sat...tough day..

    That’s crazy. Have you fished on his boat before? What was your experience?
  76. joshc1024

    Offshore Sat...tough day..

    So you don’t believe it was a shit show on the water yesterday?
  77. joshc1024

    What jigs are hot?

    Coltsniper and smaller Flatfalls were getting a few fish on my trip last week but live bait on small hook and light line was by far the best producer. Good luck on your trip
  78. joshc1024

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    So, how do you know it was the captain?
  79. joshc1024

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    I guess I have to stay out of people’s chumline. Relax cupcake, it’s a joke
  80. joshc1024

    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    I hope the captain learned his lesson Maybe use a torpedo sinker next time instead of a $20 jig
  81. joshc1024

    What size hooks for YFT?

    I was out last week. Bait was lazy 4-5 inch sardine. Got 4 using mustad #2 jhook, switched to 1/0, couldn’t get a bite, had to switch back to a #2 to finish off the limit.
  82. joshc1024

    Offshore Blue Horizon 8/18 overnight

    Nice job getting your buddy on the fish. Weird half the bait rolled. Was it just shirt bait or did something go wrong with the bait tank? I heard The Oceanside sea center boats have to buy bait by the scoop, was that the case on your trip?
  83. joshc1024

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    Just use a different processor next time.
  84. joshc1024

    Offshore 2.5 day returned this morning

    Seiners wrapping bluefin?
  85. joshc1024

    Full Day Tuna trip?

    Leaves at 5:30am, get bait, then 4 hour ride to the grounds. Fish until 3:30 or 4pm, then back at the docks around 7:30-8PM.
  86. joshc1024

    Fishing podcasts?

    Cast and crank
  87. joshc1024

    Surface irons

    Price drop bump
  88. joshc1024

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    This might be the most bieber I’ve read. Congrats
  89. joshc1024

    Oceanside Tuna?

    2015 was a magic year for local fishing.
  90. joshc1024

    WTS 7x question

    Just curious, how could you tell the difference between each gen
  91. joshc1024

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    One of my best day fishing on a 3/4day was on the San Diego few years ago. Same situation as yours. Islands slowed, dogs everywhere. Captain Ryan. decided to drive down to Rosarito and found massive schools of yellow and we spent the day catching them on the iron. The captains make decisions...
  92. joshc1024

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Funny you mention that. Whenever I’m on the liberty, i always notice grande getting to the bait receivers late, sometimes they won’t get there until we’re almost done getting bait. now I know why.
  93. joshc1024

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Yup, the Cap burned all that gas just to waste your time.
  94. joshc1024

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    I’ve fished Trinidad 20a, Tesoro 12, saltiest 35, and fathom 25n/30. The fathoms are my favorite.
  95. joshc1024

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    It was $155 all of last year with a max load of 60. The extra $5 is for the biosphere wristband.
  96. joshc1024

    How much line?

    Hard to say without knowing the type of reel you got, but you don’t really need that much line even if you hook a homeguard yellow. Just fish proper amount of drag and don’t be afraid to pull the fish.
  97. joshc1024

    Anyone throw small jigs?

    Salas J-pot is the way to go
  98. joshc1024

    Surface irons

    Have too many jigs, letting these go: Left to right : Tady C fixed hook, Tady C, Salas baby 5x, Starman 112, kicker 25 light, Salas baby 5x, and Tady 14a. $45 pick up in Oceanside or ship on your dime.
  99. joshc1024

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    LTH is like the Disney channel: heavily corporate influenced, everything always sunshine and rainbows, they avoid all controversial subjects and feels like they’re trying to sell me something all the time. But hey, I still listen, it’s a tiny bit of fishing fix I can enjoy while stuck in...
  100. joshc1024

    Coronado 7-14-19

    Way to get your buddy on his first yellow. I am looking to do the same next week.
  101. joshc1024

    UC Del Mar

    Posting for a friend. Looking for a UC Del Mar, 9 or 10ft, factory or custom. Cash in hand, PM with what you got.
  102. joshc1024

    July 11 2019 Need Tips Coronado Islands on San Diego

    Sounds like a typical 3/4 day trip Glad you guys killed them
  103. joshc1024

    Offshore Wednesday 10th

    One of those days.. you’re due to get them next time.
  104. joshc1024

    July 11 2019 Need Tips Coronado Islands on San Diego

    The crew did spot some bluefin splashing around but I doubt they will bite 60lb. I’d leave the abet 3 speed at home, but it might not be a bad idea to bring a 40lb 2speed rig.
  105. joshc1024

    July 11 2019 Need Tips Coronado Islands on San Diego

    I was on the liberty yesterday. Live bait was by far the best way to get a bite. I know they recommend 20-25 but my buddy bagged a limit fishing straight 30 and 40 mono. The heavier line allows you pull harder away from the sea lion. The yellows were reluctant to eat the iron at times but if you...
  106. joshc1024

    Ho Tuesday 6-25

    Anyone fishing tuna on Tuesday 6/25 need a HO? Got gear, licenses, and $$ for bait/gas/ice. Text Josh @7608052496
  107. joshc1024

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    Check out squidco, you will find exactly what you’re looking for, and more.
  108. joshc1024

    LJ 5/3

    We got one 15lber. Came up around 12:30, NW corner.
  109. joshc1024

    SS 6480H or Cousins 80H

    Looking for one in good condition
  110. joshc1024

    A Trinidad 30A

    Looking for an used Trinidad 30a in good condition PM me
  111. joshc1024

    WTB penn fathom 30 star

    Bump. Who’s got one?
  112. joshc1024

    WTB penn fathom 30 star

    Just PMd him. Thanks
  113. joshc1024

    “White” UC Wahoo 1000 factory

    Yeah it’s the glow in the dark one
  114. joshc1024

    “White” UC Wahoo 1000 factory

    Used, in good condition. Fished it for about a year. Factory wrap white blank, tuna cord was added by a local tackle shop. Cork puppy included $290 obo
  115. joshc1024

    8’, 9’ or 10’ for personal skiff local (SD) tactics... go!

    Fish whatever you’re comfortable with. Personally, I like to get as much distance as possible so I Fish 10fters on PB and sportboats
  116. joshc1024

    Tiburon Tranx 500 clamp

    Text 7608052496 if you have one FS
  117. joshc1024

    WTB penn fathom 30 star

    Text Josh @7608052496 Thanks
  118. joshc1024

    Daiwa Proteus Spinning

    Looking for an 8ft H model Text Josh @ 7608052496
  119. joshc1024

    Price drop SS Ulua and Trinidad

    Interested in the Trini
  120. joshc1024

    Guides for ULUA

    I looking for build a full length Ulua. Thinking 11 guides plus the tip. Can anyone recommend the type of guide to use and size? Still new to this.
  121. joshc1024

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    When did you stop fishing and head for home? Never been to San nic before
  122. joshc1024

    White tiger Ulua

    Found one. Thanks
  123. joshc1024

    Catalina rockfishing lures

    Ed’s jigs will catch reds anywhere
  124. joshc1024

    Tackle backpack-

    Nomad, shimano, WFO, SKB. Text Josh @ 7608052496
  125. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 star

    Looking for a fathom 12 star. Text josh 7608052496
  126. joshc1024

    Which surface JRI?

    Stinger in olive oil and white....if you can find one
  127. joshc1024

    Offshore Grande - Full day - 9-30

    I feel you man. Can’t stand the clowns that can’t control a 4lb fish
  128. joshc1024

    Offshore TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Just realized this is from last year
  129. joshc1024

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    That’s wrong in so many ways if true
  130. joshc1024

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    I’ve seen too many phenix rod snap into pieces.
  131. joshc1024

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    UC delmar 1000 and 100j are my go to. Stay away from Phenix
  132. joshc1024

    Purse Seiners Suck

    What’s the quota for the seiner fleet for yellowfin?
  133. joshc1024

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Nice job on getting the kids to pull on dorado. Tiny is a great captain, he has pulled off some incredible “1/2day” trips
  134. joshc1024

    Big BFT rental gear

    Weird, I’ve seen people rent larger talicas from Seaforth. Maybe they are out for the dates of your trip?
  135. joshc1024

    How do you like your Calstar GG 690J for throwing Jigs?

    Great for throwing Tady 45 or 7x size jigs on 40lbs. It doesn’t cast smaller jigs very well.
  136. joshc1024

    Offshore 8/25 - Blue Horizon, Oceanside, long boat ride.

    I stand corrected. Real passionate about this aren’t ya.
  137. joshc1024

    8/23 - The Pursuit

    Sounds like a great trip with your brother and friends. Growing up in San Diego, fishing an assigned number on a sportboat is so foreign to me. How do you follow your line while flylining a bait if you’re stuck in one spot?
  138. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission Belle - 8/22 - Coronado Islands - Caught 1st Yellowtail

    Congrats on your first yellow. The belle doesn’t get the same amount of hype as other full day boats but Steve knows the island like the back of his hand, and the crew is top notch. Just wise there is more rod storage on the boats
  139. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 or Saltist 20

    Can you send some pictures to 7608052496
  140. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 or Saltist 20

    Looking to buy a fathom 12 or saltist 20 in good working condition.
  141. joshc1024

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Seen too many of them snap in half.
  142. joshc1024

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    90j or a UC 900 delmar. I’d stay away from phenix
  143. joshc1024

    Observations 8/18

    That post is dead, let it go. Starting another thread is so bieber
  144. joshc1024

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Still no reply? Maybe have to wait until the next “business day”
  145. joshc1024

    Starter set up

    Calstar 800m and penn fathom 25n
  146. joshc1024

    Oceanside to the Barn Kelp

    Launched out of Oside today. Going out during high tide wasn’t so bad. Coming back in during low tide with waves breaking at and inside of the harbor entrance was sketchy AF. Definitely white knuckle, butt clenching moment.
  147. joshc1024

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I don’t understand how anyone is ok with there being no quota for commercial YFT take.
  148. joshc1024

    New okuma pch railrods

    Not sure, I didn’t ask. Give them a call
  149. joshc1024

    New okuma pch railrods

    FYI, charkbait in SD has a 20% sale on these rods. Just picked up the 3x for $219
  150. joshc1024

    Rod clamps ?

    Use a cork puppy
  151. joshc1024

    Offshore Green Card/Non US Passport to fish Mexico

    You can’t get FMM with a green card, you will definitely need a passport.
  152. joshc1024

    GG690J what reel?

    I had a fathom 25n on it. Pairs up perfectly
  153. joshc1024

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Willing to sell the 20A for $420 OBO
  154. joshc1024

    Okuma Tesoro 12

    No, decided to keep it
  155. joshc1024

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Bump Text Josh @7608052496
  156. joshc1024

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Found a VISX20 so I’m selling this now. $410 obo IP SD/IE/OC
  157. joshc1024


    Try it this way. It’s quick and easy to tie even on a moving boat. Never failed me.
  158. joshc1024

    WTB SHIMANO TRINIDAD 20a Help me out

    There is nothing wrong with a Trini20 and a Ulua. It’s a beast of a combo and you will have much more crontrol of the fish than those itty bitty baitcasters
  159. joshc1024

    Replacing Rod Tip - Phenix Black Diamond

    Rod tips are usually fairly easy to replace, take it to pacific coast bait and tackle in Oceanside, they will take care of you.
  160. joshc1024

    How Many is Too Many?

    I agree with McRae think of others and be courteous. 4-5 set ups will do for this type of trip. You don’t need 7. Nobody likes that guy who takes up entire row of rod holders with gear he never uses.
  161. joshc1024

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    I feel like we are arguing a moot point, but wth. I get how Mexican limits work and here is my point: DFW allowed each angler to take their trip limit . We don’t know What ratio of YT, dodo, or YFT each angler took but the bottom line is that everyone took their limit. 96 YFT, 46 dorado and 57...
  162. joshc1024

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    I respectfully disagree. Each angler was allow to take their trip limit of fish home, and they just simply reported what was left over
  163. joshc1024

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    “Wildlife officers allowed each passenger to leave with possession of their three daily bag limits worth of fish, then seized the rest. The over-limits of fish were separated and counted by species. Wildlife officers seized 96 yellowfin tuna, 46 dorado, and 57 yellowtail -- totaling 199 fish...
  164. joshc1024

    Real or just a drill ?

    Came across this on my social media feed. Anyone got more info on this? Video was posted 4 months ago.
  165. joshc1024

    Reel for Jig Stick

    I would recommend fathom 25n or the Tesoro 12 depending on your budget. I’ve used fathom 25n as my surface iron for the last 2-3 Years. It casts great, has plenty of drag, and is bulletproof. I’ve just picked up a Tesoro 12 and fished it a few times. First impression was it casts just as good if...
  166. joshc1024

    The Nados are BACK!

    That’s fun fishing right there!
  167. joshc1024

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    An used silver saltiest 40 is about $100, or an used penn Fathom 40nld is about $200. Check the classified. Yo-yo is a reaction bite, don’t fish anything less than 40lb.
  168. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    I had a feeling this type of comment was coming. If it makes you feel better, the crew on the belle really advocated “keeping what you need” and we did end up releasing a lot of fish. If they are big enough to eat a full size plug then they are big enough for me. A mature yellowtail is about 6-7...
  169. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    I won’t say where out of respect for the belle, but just look for the tornado of terns, fish were up high and dry, and more approachable in the morning than afternoon.
  170. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    No, the San Diego and the Liberty both fished offshore that day. Only saw one PB all day.
  171. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Same here. The day felt longer since we were on the fish all day.
  172. joshc1024

    Need different jigstick...

    I have a GG690. It’s light and throws a small jig well. My favorite for smaller jigs is a old school 100j
  173. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Quick report Fished the islands on the belle with a buddy today. Steve was driving, Steve and Karen working on deck. Steve kept us on Fish all day. We started fishing a little after 8 am and never had to drive longer than 15 minutes before he found the next school. Fun run and gun fishing. It...
  174. joshc1024

    NIB Okuma Tesoro 12

    Decided to keep it due to lack of real interest. Mods please delete.
  175. joshc1024

    Cobia coming to So-Cal?

    Come on! It’s only March 30th
  176. joshc1024

    Okuma Tesoro 12

    I have a NIB Okuma Tesoro 12 looking to trade for a used Tranx 500HG in good condition. I’ll add $$ of course. Or sale for $280 Can meet in SD, OC, LA, or IE
  177. joshc1024

    Flying fish in close to shore

    We saw a small flyer few weeks ago near the same area. Interesting for sure
  178. joshc1024

    Fred Hall - Long Beach or Del Mar?

    Go to Long Beach for the spectacles and the full experience. Just don’t expect to save money on tackle
  179. joshc1024

    Gone G

    Can’t believe this is still available. I’d be all over this if I didn’t have one already
  180. joshc1024

    Spectra for surface iron

    Those of you that switched from mono to braid. Have you notice any advantages braid has over mono? Does it make the jig swim better? Better casting distance?
  181. joshc1024

    Spectra for surface iron

    Thanks for replying Jamie, Been debating if I should get a tranx to pair up with the new rod I got today to change things up a bit.
  182. joshc1024

    Spectra for surface iron

    I’ve always fished surface iron with 40lb mono, but I can’t help but wonder if thinner diameter, no stretch spectra will help a surface iron swim better. There is an advantage in using spectra instead of mono? Anyone out there with experience with spectra and surface iron can chime in on this...
  183. joshc1024

    Braid to Mono/Fluoro: Winners and Losers

    FG all the way. It’s much stronger than the RP knot in my experience and doesn’t really take that much more time to tie. Just practice practice practice..
  184. joshc1024

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    The 12 seems like a perfect fit for that rod
  185. joshc1024

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    I’m looking for a reel to pair up with UC Del Mar 1000 for surface iron. Looking for input from someone with hands on experience with the Tesoro. How does it compare to the Trinidads? Thanks in advance
  186. joshc1024

    Help finding those Rat Firecracker yellows?

    Still in the same area (whistler) as of yesterday
  187. joshc1024

    Scammer Alert!

    Looks like his FB page is wide open. Maybe his wife, relatives or friends will know how to get a hold of him.
  188. joshc1024

    WTB: Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Bump. Open to other rods in similar class
  189. joshc1024

    WTB: Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Bump! Also looking for a Daiwa Proteus 76XHF rod
  190. joshc1024

    WTB: Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Looking for one In good working condition. Cash in hand. Can pick up in SD, OC, LA or IE Call or text Josh @7608052496
  191. joshc1024

    50lb iron reel. Saltiga 40 vs Trinidad 20a

    Looking for a 50lb surface iron. My current reels(fathom 25n) just don't fish heavy mono well. Looking at the new saltiga 40 and the Trinidad 20a. Looking for some input. TIA
  192. joshc1024

    209lb on the Oceanside 95 WoW

    I didn't mean to thread jack this so if you really want to know PM me.
  193. joshc1024

    209lb on the Oceanside 95 WoW

    I don't think you have all the facts of the situation
  194. joshc1024

    Long Beach Reds

    Nice quality reds!
  195. joshc1024

    Caivo Jigs

    Any San Diego shop have these in stock?
  196. joshc1024

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Says the guy fantasying about another man's itchy sack
  197. joshc1024

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    You're missing Mikey's point. The Mexican government is in the middle of structuring rules and regulations for the Pacific Islands biosphere reserve and a picture of a guy with over limit YT can easily be used against us fishermen without the proper context. Do you think the eco nazis cares...
  198. joshc1024


    Falcons 27 Patriots 20 Thanks Jerry
  199. joshc1024


    Good rods for the price, but the guides sucked.
  200. joshc1024

    Ho available Tuesday 6/21

    Got the day off, looking to fish tuna. Know the drill, have mex license, apporiate gear and cash in hand. Call or text Josh @ 7608052496
  201. joshc1024

    HO available Tuesday 6/14

    I'm looking to get out and take another shot at these bluefin on Tuesday 6/14. I have mex license, passport, cash and the appropriate gear to cast at these big boys. I've been fishing with another BD for a few years now, I know the drill so let me know if you have a spot. Josh 7608052496
  202. joshc1024

    Rod versatile enough for yoyo and bait?

    Calstar 700H
  203. joshc1024

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Eclipse

    Nice report tony. I am on a 2 day trip this weekend on the eclipse so I appreciate the tackle tips. I too thought it was odd that passport isn't required.
  204. joshc1024

    Calstar 100J Help

    I have a fathom 25n on my 100j. Works nicely
  205. joshc1024

    WTB Okuma Shadow Stalker

    I'm looking for a okuma shadow stalker 801m or something comparable. Text Josh at 7608052496 thanks!
  206. joshc1024

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    fascinating read, thank you so much for the write up.
  207. joshc1024

    anyone need a ho on Tues. 9/8

    I'm looking to get out and fish on Tuesday 9/8. I will pay my share of expenses. I can provide references. Looking for anyone launching from DP, Oside or SD PM me or text 7608052496
  208. joshc1024

    Ho ready to go on Thursday 8/20

    I can provide BD referencees. Let's go kill some tuna!
  209. joshc1024

    Ho ready to go on Thursday 8/20

    Hey BD, I'm looking to get out on Thursday 8/20. I will do anything a good HO will do ( shareexpenses, spot fish, cut chunk, gaff fish, cut fish, and scrub the boat.) I can meet you any time at your house or the launch ramp. I can bring food and beer. So if you need an extra person please call...
  210. joshc1024

    Offshore 8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    Nice grade of fish. Good day!
  211. joshc1024

    floro leader ?

    It's a wonder how people caught fish at all before fluoro was invented..
  212. joshc1024

    HO ready to go Thursday8/6

    I am available to HO for someone on Thursday 8/6. I can meet you anytime anywhere from DP, Oceanside to SD( your house or the ramp). I will do anything a good ho will do: share expenses, spot fish/kelp, clean fish, scrub the boat and most importantly I WILL NOT FLAKE. Hit me up at 7608052496.
  213. joshc1024

    Bad batch of Seaguar

    I tested all my fluoro after reading this thread. Sure enough, a spool of 20lb seaguar I got this year from turners at the FredHall show is bad.
  214. joshc1024

    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    I bet you'll get better distance if you put that Cortez 12 on dedicated jig rod like a 690j.
  215. joshc1024

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    If you honestly think the fish was handled properly and there were no violation to the DFW regulations then why did you take the picture down?
  216. joshc1024

    Name the Tuna

    Looks like bluefin to me.
  217. joshc1024

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    Fresh Izorline first string is the way to go.
  218. joshc1024

    What is the best way to setup line on a surface iron rod and reel?

    I'd go with 80lb spectra on the fathom 40n and 100yard of 40/50 lb mono.
  219. joshc1024

    Mexico bluefin limit?

    That depends on how many cans of.Yellow spray paint you have on your boat.
  220. joshc1024

    Ho looking for a ride on Tuesday 6/23

    I'm looking to HO for someoneton Tuesday 6/23. I can chip in for gas, bait, ice and clean the boat afterwards. I can meet anywhere from San Diego-Dana point . Please Call or text 7608052496..
  221. joshc1024

    Looking for fishing buddies

    Sent you a text
  222. joshc1024

    Original Candybar surface irons

    How can one tell the old candy bars apart from the New tady ones?
  223. joshc1024

    The san diego 6/15

    Quick report: Fished the islands today with 20 people for 32 mixed grade yellowrail. Mostly on the surface iron and a few on bait. Bait was anchovies with some sardine mixed in. Saw plenty of fish but sea lions were all over us all day long. Water was clean and blue and ranged from 65.5-66.3...
  224. joshc1024

    Offshore 6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    Vary informative report. Thank you!
  225. joshc1024

    LA cattle boats

    The plan was to stop at Beachwood BBQ and Nobel Ale Works on the way back
  226. joshc1024

    LA cattle boats

    Whoa, didn't mean to offend anyone with my post. I've been fishing on party boats since I moved to California 13 years ago. I understand nature of biting fish equals full boats and I've gotten used to fish on packed boats and I really don't have any problem with it. I'm honestly just looking...
  227. joshc1024

    LA cattle boats

    This yellowtail bite at 150 is too good to pass up, so I am looking jump on a cattle boat on Monday 6/15. Being from San Diego, I don't have any experience with any of the LA boats. I'm looking for some Intel as to which 3/4 day boat I should go with.
  228. joshc1024

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Rub some dirt on it and walk it off.
  229. joshc1024

    Offshore Oceanside Boo Hoo Fin 6/4

    Thanks for the report. That's a lot of useful info.
  230. joshc1024

    last min ho looking for a ride tomorrow

    I know this is a long shot but if anyone need a ho 6/4 text me at 7608052496. I got $$$, my own gear, I can bring beer, and of course will help clean the boat after. Looking to fish tuna, yellowtail, bass whatever. Can meet in San Diego Oceanside or Dana point.
  231. joshc1024

    How to revive Irons?

    If it ain't broke.....
  232. joshc1024

    Offshore sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    I hear Conapesca set a 3000 metric tons quota for their commercial guys.
  233. joshc1024

    Offshore yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    Wait until the load goes back down to 49 and the price up to $165
  234. joshc1024

    Jigstick 2.0

    In my experience it has the best action out of all the rods I mentioned.
  235. joshc1024

    Jigstick 2.0

    I have a fathom 25n with 40lb izor mono. I have fished phenix abyss 1009, SS ulua, calstar 100j mag and calstar glass 100j in the past, and I have to say the glass 100j is my favorite.
  236. joshc1024

    Jigstick 2.0

    I would recommend the calstar glass 100j.
  237. joshc1024

    Evening Drinks?

    I like beer, so an Alpine Nelson IPA for me is perfect.
  238. joshc1024

    newbie need some help

    Calstar 800m + Daiwa saltist bg 35. This combo is as versatile is it gets.
  239. joshc1024

    San Diego 3/4 day 5-2-15

    Nice report! Way to get them!
  240. joshc1024

    Surface fishing yellows

    Main rod -Calstar glass 100j with fathom 25n loaded with 40lb izorline and a JRI 4. Back up/small jig- calstar gg690j with fathom 25n and a tady a1
  241. joshc1024

    WTS- Okuma Makaira 10II SEa-silver

    Sold! Thanks BD!
  242. joshc1024

    chubasco 2 yellow

    deck hand Chad and kalum did a great job getting me out of tangles.
  243. joshc1024

    chubasco 2 yellow

    I birdnest a lot :)
  244. joshc1024

    chubasco 2 yellow

    Jumped on the chubasco 2 with buddy Omar today. Tiny set us up at the south west corner? And that's pretty much where we stayed all day. Fishing was ok with a steady pick of small to medium rock fish. Around 11am while making a move, tiny sees a spot of yellow feeding on anchovies. Tiny guns...
  245. joshc1024

    Coronado Island YT

    Was out there last Friday, yo yo was still the best way to catch them, but we had plenty of chances for surface fish. Each school of fish is different, bring a few different set ups and be ready to adapt.
  246. joshc1024

    WTB 10ft glass jig stick

    Can you have him contact me?
  247. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    We were there on Thursday as well.
  248. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    People always said cash is king at the show, now I know why..haha
  249. joshc1024

    WTB 10ft glass jig stick

    Thanks for the offer, but that's more than what I'm looking to pay. Thanks.
  250. joshc1024

    WTB 10ft glass jig stick

    Anyone got a 100j or a 540?
  251. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    Pm sent
  252. joshc1024

    WTB 10ft glass jig stick

    I'm looking to buy a jig stick, it's has to be 10ft and it has to be glass. I'm looking to spend about $150, but will pay more for the right rod. PM or text 7608052496
  253. joshc1024

    Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    I caught a couple on the 100g at the islands last Oct. Wouldn't be my first choice of jig.
  254. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    My CC isn't RFID
  255. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    I don't think it was a vendor selling CC info simply because my friend stu, and I used our cards at different booths.
  256. joshc1024

    3/4 day on the San Diego 3/20

    Sorry Jerry, it was a lot of run and gun fast pace type of fishing so I didn't get a chance to take pictures during the day. The imprint on the back of the jig is faded, so I'm not sure if it's JRI 5. Here is a size comparison with a Salas 7x This jig is a real swimmer, Jerry you make a great...
  257. joshc1024

    3/4 day on the San Diego 3/20

    Most were smaller grade 10-14 with a dozen or so in the 15-20+ range.
  258. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    pm sent
  259. joshc1024

    Go to rod for local

    Calstar 850L with a Daiwa Seagate 20 for me
  260. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    My friend and I both had our credit card info stolen recently, and we think it might of happened at the Fred hall show (that was the only time we both used our card at the same place.) So I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else.
  261. joshc1024

    3/4 day on the San Diego 3/20

    Quick report, I jumped on the San Diego with my buddies Omar and Travis. Ryan took us straight down to the rock pile area and that's where we stayed all day. Every mothod worked today, yoyo, fly line, surface iron and dropper loop. I was lucky enough to get a limit on the surface iron...
  262. joshc1024

    Yellows at Nados 3/15/15

    It doesn't get better than that!
  263. joshc1024

    Reel for Throwing 7x's on a 10 Footer

    You need a reel with enough torque to wind the fish pass all the seals. Newells just don't match up to the more modern reels..imho.
  264. joshc1024


    24 Seahawks 17 Patriots
  265. joshc1024

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    First yellow on the jig! Awesome!
  266. joshc1024

    wtb seeker 7x

    Weekend bump
  267. joshc1024

    50# Set Up

    Another vote for 700XH, 700H is just too light for 50lb imo
  268. joshc1024

    wtb seeker 7x

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll check out those places if I can't find one used.
  269. joshc1024

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    Amazing! Thanks for the report.
  270. joshc1024

    wtb seeker 7x

    I am looking for a seeker 7x rod. Factory or custom wrap. Call or text Josh 7608052496
  271. joshc1024

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    Your best bet is to drive down to SD and jump on a 3/4 day boat.
  272. joshc1024

    Going out Oct 18th which boat?

    There is a reason why the tribute sold the most spots. Mike will put you on the fish.
  273. joshc1024

    The San Diego 10/9

    Spider's hitch for fishing with sinker , and the double San Diego for the jig
  274. joshc1024

    local yellow

    yes, I have an annual Mexican License
  275. joshc1024

    local yellow

    Anyone fishing local yellow need a ho? I got gas money, license, gear, beer, and I'll clean the shit out of your boat. I'm in Oceanside but can meet you in mb or SI. Text 760 805 2496.
  276. joshc1024

    The San Diego 10/9

    I only used torpedo sinker when fishing the dropper loop rig.
  277. joshc1024

    The San Diego 10/9

    I used 40lb with stupid tight drag but still couldn't stop a couple fish that rocked me. I used bird shut color jigs but I don't think it mattered, but I did notice heavier jig got bit better. I used 6 oz torpedo sinker.
  278. joshc1024

    The San Diego 10/9

    Quick report here My buddy Omar and I fished The San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing on 10/9. We started at north island and scratched out 7 yellows on yo-yo iron. Then we moved to SRK and rockpile but didn't find any life. Booger ran back to north island for one last shot at the yellows...
  279. joshc1024

    Novice with spectra

    a 22lb tuna took 280yards of line? :eek:
  280. joshc1024

    line for San Diego 1 day trip.

    Use a long mono top shot if you're not used to fish on cattle boats.
  281. joshc1024

    Best Weekday To Catch Tuna On Party Boat?

    You're thinking too much, just go fishing.
  282. joshc1024

    Offshore Commander 9-12 through 9-14

    Thanks for the report. I can't wait to jump on this boat myself.
  283. joshc1024

    Hurricane Norbert?

    I got an overnight leaving Sunday night, sounds like that's about the worst day to be out on the water?
  284. joshc1024

    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    From the POV of the two boats that were anchored: "first a donkey trolls back and forth through my chum line, then another donkey parks right on top of it. Let's get the hell out of here."
  285. joshc1024

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    Some boat will try to nickel and dime the shit out of you. $7 to filet a 15lb tuna and extra $2 if you want to keep the collar. Fuck that, I'll cut it myself.
  286. joshc1024

    fishing poppers on conventional reels?

    It's not like it wouldn't work on conventional reel , it's just more difficult imo. I find a rod with a stiff tip works better for a popper( yeah that s what she said)
  287. joshc1024

    Jigstick blank

    Calstar gg690j
  288. joshc1024


    Any shiny "megabait" type of jigs will work. I like the shimano coltsniper in 100g.
  289. joshc1024

    Pinhead in JP

    Nothing wrong with that! Nice fish!!
  290. joshc1024

    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    Some boats are catching bluefin in US water
  291. joshc1024

    Gear advice for #20 surface iron

    I use a calstar 850L and a daiwa Seagate 20 to throw light iron for bass and cuda . the reel is filled with 50lb braid with a short 40lb mono top shot.
  292. joshc1024

    Offshore First Offshore Trip (2.5 day July 4th on the Eclipse)

    Thanks for the awesome report. Maybe a smaller Megabait will entice the bluefin to bite?
  293. joshc1024

    Jig question.

    I got 3 yellow and 2 yellowfin on it.
  294. joshc1024

    Jig question.

    100g shimano colt sniper in blue & silver got bit really well for me last weekend.
  295. joshc1024

    Sea Adventure II thoughts?

    The aztec is running an overnight trip on Wednesday, I'd get on that.
  296. joshc1024

    Anchovies or jigs?

    Learn to fish both, problem solved.
  297. joshc1024

    Offshore Eclipse is on the Yellowfin

    See you guys on the boat!
  298. joshc1024


    A buddy and I are on a 1.5day offshore trip leaving Friday night 6/27. Does anyone know what kind of weather we can expect to encounter?
  299. joshc1024

    June bass contest?

    What are the details?
  300. joshc1024

    WTB Calstar 800l or 900l

    Still looking for one
  301. joshc1024

    WTB Calstar 800l or 900l

    Thanks for the offers guys, but I'm looking for a rod in the 15-30 range
  302. joshc1024

    WTB Calstar 800l or 900l

    I'm looking to buy a Calstar 800L or 900L in good condition. Call or text 760 805 2496
  303. joshc1024

    SD Charter Boat Recommendation

    Pride 760 889 2090
  304. joshc1024

    3/10 San Diego-YT-SLAUGHTER

    2 reports in one thread.. :rofl:
  305. joshc1024

    Whale Watching Forum?

    Check out whaledope.
  306. joshc1024

    Andros 5II Gets it Done Again!

    WOW! That's impressive! Specially with the tiny reel. - - - Updated - - - WOW! That's impressive! - - - Updated - - - WOW! That's impressive!
  307. joshc1024

    Whats working for Tuna?

    A blue and chrome Tady 4/0 worked for me last week.
  308. joshc1024

    WTS Calstar 100J

    I'm selling this Calstar 100J for $130 pickup in Oceanside Call or text 7608052496 Josh.
  309. joshc1024

    Disappointing Trip

    Let me get this straight. The captain tried all day but didn't find the magic wfo paddy and you're upset because he didn't spend enough time on dry paddies?
  310. joshc1024

    Disappointing Trip

    Sorry you had a bad trip, but did you ever wonder why only a few people were catching all the fish?
  311. joshc1024

    Shovelnose Guitarfish

    Im pretty sure there isn't a size limit on those.
  312. joshc1024

    New to fishing

    Daiwa sealinex40
  313. joshc1024

    How would you set these up??

    Calstar 10 foot--jx mc 40lb jig 700m--jx 40lb G970--sx 20lb G670--mxl 25 or 30lb G6470--sealine x50 backup 40lb That's how I would pair them.
  314. joshc1024

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Black hawk, kanaloa
  315. joshc1024

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    Should be good!
  316. joshc1024

    Mission Belles morning update 4/24

    My buddy and I were thinking about going tomorrow, but this thunder storm is giving us some doubt..
  317. joshc1024

    Mission Belles morning update 4/24

    Tough luck. See you tomorrow on the boat.
  318. joshc1024

    Okuma cortez 10

    Bump. Still looking for a cz 10 or a cz 5
  319. joshc1024

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/3

    Thanks for the weather update!!!
  320. joshc1024

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" SIZE="1">Fathom 25n, mint/white tady 45, La Jolla, April 2012.
  321. joshc1024

    Okuma cortez 10

    I am looking to buy a okuma cortez 10. PM me if you have one for sale.
  322. joshc1024

    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers

    Wow! C
  323. joshc1024

    1.5 Day personal stuff

    Extra socks!!!!nothing beats a fresh pair of socks at the end of a hard fishing day. Oh yeah and bring a fleshlight.
  324. joshc1024

    Rod clamp for penn fathom 25n

    Can anyone recommend a aftermarket clamp that can allow me to mount a penn fathom 25n on a calstar 100j with tuna cord? The factory clamp is a bit too small.
  325. joshc1024


    Thanks for the rod Jerome. Btw I solved the rod clamp problem!
  326. joshc1024

    Phenix abyss 909

    That's a great deal, but I looking for a 9ft+. Thanks for the offer
  327. joshc1024

    Phenix abyss 909

    Psx 909 or a psx 1009
  328. joshc1024

    Phenix abyss 909

    I'm looking to buy a phenix abyss 909. Send me a pm if you have one. Thanks!
  329. joshc1024

    calstar, phenix rod and shimano 300CTE

    Sent you a text for the phenix rod.
  330. joshc1024

    HB Dog Beach 2-23-13

    Thanks for the report. Gotta love those BH grubs.
  331. joshc1024

    Calstar Jig Stick GFDH 900-H

    I will take the 90J if it's still available.
  332. joshc1024

    Oceanside 2/14/13

    Motor oil
  333. joshc1024

    Oceanside 2/14/13

    I fished the out going tide in Oceanside(Cassidy Street)today from 2:30pm-4:30pm. I started with C-rigged Gulp sand worm in camo and a1/2 oz sinker. I walked about half a mile down the beach with little luck, so Idecided to switch to Big Hammer perch grub in motor oil and it was game on...
  334. joshc1024

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Wow! Nice work man!
  335. joshc1024

    Carlsbad - 2/6/13

    I fished the same area around 3pm. I used c-rig and big hammer grub in motor oil color, but didn't do as well as you did. I only caught 7 BSP in about 75mins.
  336. joshc1024

    Daiwa Saltist BG30H vs Penn Fathom 25N

    In my experience, the 25n casts a bit better than the bg35 and the drag on the 25n is very smooth.
  337. joshc1024


    Thanks for the info Jason. Looking to get out tonight.
  338. joshc1024


    Where are they out of Oceanside?
  339. joshc1024

    Daiwa Saltist BG30H vs Penn Fathom 25N

    Not sure about the saltist bg30, but I have both saltist bg35, and the fathom 25n. They are both good, but I prefer the penn fathom 25n for tossing iron.
  340. joshc1024

    Stomach contents of fish

    Found a baby spider crab in a sculpin 3 days ago.
  341. joshc1024


    They will not sale out another game as long as they stay in San Diego. Time to move to LA...
  342. joshc1024

    Good jigstick reels

    Penn fathom 25n! Great free spool and so smooth...
  343. joshc1024

    Set ups for overnight trip

    I bring two 30lb (one for bait, one for fishing the slide/ backup) and one 60lb in case we run into big ones. I don't like to carry a lot of stuff..
  344. joshc1024

    How to cast spectra?

    x3 on practice practice and practice. Go practice at a lake, at a dock, or the harbor. The only place you shouldn't be practicing casting sprecta is on an open party fishing trip.
  345. joshc1024


    Another one?
  346. joshc1024

    3/4 day boat options

    Go with Ryan on the San Diego.
  347. joshc1024

    casting tips for newbies...
  348. joshc1024

    Half Day Trip Advice?

    The New Seaforth is great but it does get packed. Also check out chubasco 2.
  349. joshc1024

    Guides on graftech

    I have two Graftech rods, had to replace the tip on both rods. Not bad rods to have if you can find them used.
  350. joshc1024

    Offshore 7/28 on the Legend 1.5 day trip

    Nice fish! What size hook were you using?
  351. joshc1024

    Offshore Legend overtnight turned into 1.5

    Thanks for the report! My brother and I are going on a 1.5 day on The legend on Sunday.
  352. joshc1024

    Trinidad 16, 20 or Penn Fathom 25n

    I am posting this for my brother. He is looking to buy a Fathom 25n or and trinidad 16,20 to pair up with his 690j. He needs it before this sunday night as we are leaving on a 1.5 day trip. I can pick it up in north county, he can pick up in near Menifee, or pick up in SD on Sunday. Pm me with...
  353. joshc1024

    Saltist 40

    Thank you everybody for the replies!
  354. joshc1024

    Saltist 40

    I just got a calstar 700H and was thinking about pairing it with a saltist 40 to fish 40lb or even 50lb. What do you guys think? Is it beefy enough to handle a 40lb bluefin? What about line capacity? (It currently has 300yard of 65lb izorline spectra, and carbontex drag) Thanks in advance.
  355. joshc1024

    Offshore 7-22 Went west

    Nice work! The water looks beautiful.
  356. joshc1024

    You don't fuck with a mans livelihood

    They tangled another boat's fish and gaffed It? Wow! Unbelievable!
  357. joshc1024

    oppertunity knocking

    Hell yeah!! Nice catch!
  358. joshc1024

    Legend overnight Thu. May 10

    My broher and I are booked on this trip, but we need a few more to make it happen. My brother has a baby due next month so I really want to get him out on the water one more time before that. The boat leaves thursday night @ 10pm. Call Seaforth @ 619 224 3383 or visit...
  359. joshc1024

    Couple butts and another sand king 4-24-12

    GS..ghost shrimp?
  360. joshc1024

    Saltist 20h & Seeker Pinhead PH-36 8' CT

    Stick with the solid braid. You don't need to use fluoro for surface iron or yoyo, save it for fly lining live bait.
  361. joshc1024

    Saltist 20h & Seeker Pinhead PH-36 8' CT

    Fill it with 50lb JB or Izorline with room for top shot and you're good to go!
  362. joshc1024

    MONSTER PERCH, and a small butt. 3/23 PIC HEAVY

    Nice!! That last one is a fatty!!
  363. joshc1024

    o side pier 3-21

    I could be wrong, but I thought there isn't a size limit on those rays.
  364. joshc1024

    O-side jetty fatty and a short flattie.

    I got offwork early today. So I went to fish the O-side jetty hoping to catch a surfperch big enough to place in the derby that I signed up at a local tackle shop.I am a total noob at surf fishing, but with the advice I got from another postI was able to spot a hole with in casting distance of...
  365. joshc1024

    Tide and surf fishing.

    Lots of good info here, thank you all for the replies.
  366. joshc1024

    Tide and surf fishing.

    I just got into surf fishing with a little bit of success. Likeeveryone else said, it is a ton of fun! I’ve been fishing in the Carlsbad and Oceansidearea. I’m just wondering would it be better for surf fishing? High tide? Or lowtide?
  367. joshc1024

    Saltiest, torium, or avet

    I want to buy a reel for my brother. Saltist 30, 40(silver) Shimano torium 20 or Left handed Avet jx, mxl Pm me with what you got thanks!
  368. joshc1024

    Braid color???

    X2. I use white because it's easier for ME to see.
  369. joshc1024

    shimano curado 500 & talica 50.

    This maybe?
  370. joshc1024

    HALF DAY fishing trip

    Dana point has 1/2 off Tuesday.
  371. joshc1024

    inshore rod

    Ok ill let you know.
  372. joshc1024

    inshore rod

    Looing to buy an inshore rod in the range of 15-25lb and under $100. Something like Graftech GIS-M 8F, Californian Calico Special CS76H, Shimano Teramar TMCX76H or 80H. Thanks!
  373. joshc1024

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    "Get an Accurate, stop big tuna, and don't look back."
  374. joshc1024

    threashers off oside pier

    I heard one guy landed one and another guy got two.
  375. joshc1024

    threashers off oside pier

    I was there from 4:30 to 8:30 and it was pretty dead with no sign of T. Lots of anglers.
  376. joshc1024

    Offshore 2 day on the Pride, cut short

    Hey Tom, sorry to hear about the trip getting cut short, but at least you got two. Class act by the Capt. to give everyone vouchers. Enjoy the tuna and thank you for your service.
  377. joshc1024

    Pier Fishing

    Check your PM.
  378. joshc1024

    Fishing Garage Sale! TODAY!

    What models are those seeker inshore rods? I am interested.
  379. joshc1024

    YR 8- Paddy Hoppers' INDEPENDENCE / July 23-29 (pic tonnage)

    WOW! I felt like I was here! Great report!
  380. joshc1024

    New 9' graphtech jig stick 30-40lb

    Are you selling 2 or just one?
  381. joshc1024

    Okuma Cortez

    Add $50 for a new Cedros? That's a great deal!
  382. joshc1024

    Buying a trip for Dad!

    Take a little extra time and drive down to San Diego. You can't go wrong with any of the landings. As for 3/4 day I like the "San Diego" out of seaforth..
  383. joshc1024

    Yellowtails off the Oceanside Pier??????

    Miso Harney.....:rofl:
  384. joshc1024

    Yellowtails off the Oceanside Pier??????

    Yeah, I was there last 2 morning. They stucked around all morning and would only hit live choives. The school I saw all seemed small maybe 10 lb tops didn't see any larger ones.
  385. joshc1024

    Barracuda Lure Recommendations

    3oz megabait in sardine, and black and white, Tady c single hook in blue and white worked for me last week.
  386. joshc1024

    WTB Shimano Teramar

    I am looking to buy a Shimano teramar TMCX80mh or a TMCX80h. PM me with what you got. North county perfered. Thanks for reading.
  387. joshc1024

    Sunday Traffic Jam in Oceanside

    ... About 30 seconds into the hookup, he asks "What pound test you got on this thing" as he tightens the drag ... Me: uh ..... (snap!) lol:rofl: Thanks for the report, sorry you didn't get the seabass.
  388. joshc1024

    Offshore BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    2 weeks from now I'll be waiting on the beach to catch some bft!!
  389. joshc1024

    New guy: Fishing license

    Corrected! Public piers=no license Under 16=no license
  390. joshc1024


    I'll take the teramar if you still got it.
  391. joshc1024

    Dana Pride 5/31/11

    They did CPR it(catch picture and released) Btw there is nothing on DFG site about prohibiting taking BSB out of water.( that I could find anyways)
  392. joshc1024

    Okuma Cortez
  393. joshc1024

    Post on this thread if you read it

    Donkey Boner!
  394. joshc1024

    RED'S ON THE SOCAL 4-8-11

    That fish in the last pic already has grill marks on it..
  395. joshc1024

    Offshore Great day for reds and lings

    12LB reds? Sounds like a damn good time on the water!!
  396. joshc1024

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Yeah I was disappointed.. And when I called the Murrieta store the lady told me they're gonna get fishing tackle after the remodel.. Weird
  397. joshc1024

    Dick's Sporting Goods sells tackle?

    Called the Oceanside store a few days ago. They don't have any fishing gear.
  398. joshc1024

    Shimano 400 TE w/ Shimano Teramar TMC X76M

    Not easy selling stuff at retail price but good luck though. Btw did you buy it or did you get it as a gift?
  399. joshc1024

    1.5 day FISHING SAN CLEMENTE Fri 10PM-Sund 6am from Oceanside NEED 5 MORE

    Just called and made a reservation. Hope we can get out tonight.
  400. joshc1024

    1.5 day FISHING SAN CLEMENTE Fri 10PM-Sund 6am from Oceanside NEED 5 MORE

    I think I might be able to go. I gave you a call Dey the landing was closed when I got home.
  401. joshc1024


    "The new movie Brokeback Brocean."
  402. joshc1024

    Caught some Weird Looking Crustaceans

    Nice haul!! Is your dog taking a shit on pic #9?:rofl:
  403. joshc1024

    herpes killing carp in echo park.

    Hahaha good one.
  404. joshc1024

    Inside Sportfishing - Shimano Wax Wing Lures

    I can't agree more.
  405. joshc1024

    Changing hook for megabait

    Thanks for the quick replay Todd. I'm going on a 1.5 day in 2 weeks and looking to put these in good use on bluefin/albies.
  406. joshc1024

    Changing hook for megabait

    I got a few megabait jigs today, and I want to switch out the stock treble hooks for some better ones. What size should I use? does brand matter? circle or J hooks? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  407. joshc1024

    Anyone still use Lucanis jigs?

    Don't mean to hijack this but where can I get these "Ed jigs"
  408. joshc1024


    Sounds like you had a fun trip. Have any pix?
  409. joshc1024

    On the slide?

    Here are a few posts about fishing the slide. and
  410. joshc1024

    177 pound OPAH

    I'm probably wrong but isn't the record for opah 162lb.
  411. joshc1024

    Penn TRQ100 for sale brand new

    no price tag, it must be free.
  412. joshc1024

    Boats in Catalina

    I was in the same situation you're in. My advise is forget about trying to fish and spend time with your girl, save your Money for tuna trips.
  413. joshc1024

    BF on Chubasco 2

    Wow! Grats on the fish and thanks for the info.
  414. joshc1024

    BF on Chubasco 2

    just checked Chubasco2's counts. Looks like they got 2 Bluefins today. Anyone has any details on that trip?
  415. joshc1024


    All pm'ed
  416. joshc1024


    I'm looking for a used Graftech (15-40) to go with a Daiwa Saltist 40. Gonna use it mostly for live bait. Please shoot me a pm if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  417. joshc1024

    First Yellow Tail!

    X2! Karen is the best!!
  418. joshc1024

    Far Away Rocks

    Thanks for the great report.