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  1. OceanSun

    Solo netting tips and tricks?

    Lots of good tips here. One thing that is even more important when netting solo is dropping that rod tip once the fish is over the net and letting him dive into the bottom of the net. Should always do that but even more important when solo. I always laugh when I see a newb pulling the fish out...
  2. OceanSun

    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Agreed MA9 - that's been my experience over the past 50 yrs fishing the sound as well.
  3. OceanSun

    Deep Cycle Draw Down Data

    I've had a set of brand new [lead acid] batteries (Les Schwab) go bad without being able to resurrect them after unintentionally drawing them down to 0 just a single time. Happened again before I found/fixed the draws/shorts and I resurrected the 2nd new set of batteries but never really trusted...
  4. OceanSun

    Saltwater Neah bay 24th - 26th

    Great trip! Thanks for the report and pics! Now I gotta get me an automated vacuum sealer like that...
  5. OceanSun

    Octane rating at islander resort lopez/marine octane booster?

    The octane rating of the cocktails I was drinking at the Islander last month was quite high - blew the sediment and clogs right outta my system!!
  6. OceanSun

    Anyone's kid need a Summer job

    "I just need someone reliable with attention to detail and common sense" OMG - don't we all!! Good luck!
  7. OceanSun

    Slapshot has the cords

    I'd say the Coords killed those more than the Cords (;>)
  8. OceanSun


    Had a stellar day fishing Canadian Swiftsure solo with one of those. Even hooked a king along with everything else. I like fishing them but sure won't clip one on a newb's line.
  9. OceanSun

    Starlink Internet

    Thanks for posting that speed test - going to have to look at them again!
  10. OceanSun

    Starlink Internet

    I live in Bothell but no one will bring broadband down my 1/4 mile driveway so I'm stuck with ViaSat and it sucks!! I briefly looked at Starlink Beta but it didn't appear the bandwidth was any better than 25Mb/sec - has that improved?
  11. OceanSun

    Bass Pro/Cabella’s Buying Sportman’s Warehouse

    Not sure this is the case in your particular circumstances but... It's much easier to serve online ordering from a single distribution location than keep things in stock in multiple retail outlets when supply chains are jacked like they are right now. Sell it all instantly or, pay more to ship...
  12. OceanSun

    Killing fish one tire at a time

    A couple years ago they knew early runoff was killing coho but they didn't know the specific chemical nor it's specific source. They've just now ID'd that. I'm sure Gov Jay'll be all over it as a new source of tax $$. Which is fine as long as they actually save fish with it but that's pretty...
  13. OceanSun

    Killing fish one tire at a time

    Read that soil filters it out which is why urban streams get the double whammy - more overall tire material and much more direct, hard-surface conduits to streams.
  14. OceanSun

    Transmission porn...

    I sure hope none of my fishing buddies are interested in Tranny Porn!!
  15. OceanSun

    Fuel at Westport

    Well now seems there's a business opportunity for some of you rich retirees... I'll even throw in the branding "Fisherman's Fuel" and you can put a location in every major sport fishing port nationwide. Regular hours from an hour before light till an hour after dark with a surcharge for "by...
  16. OceanSun

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Haven't tried it yet this year because I've been getting bit on standard coho killers and hoochie/herring strip but... There was a season 10-12 years ago when they showed up with lockjaw - lots of fish showing but no bites. I'm not sure who started it but word got out that putting a red...
  17. OceanSun

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Wow G-spot. Always like your blunt truth but you don't have to turn that into being an asshole. You don't know shit about me, my dad, what we've accomplished navigating by compass back in the day, or the seamanship skills I've taught my boys. Worse, you detract from the point I made of redundant...
  18. OceanSun

    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Great discussion about navigation. Glad you're getting your unit addressed finally. My dad was a master with the compass growing up and made all us kids learn to plot a course and use the compass (as well as take the coast guard courses). I can remember many fog days when we'd leave Everett...
  19. OceanSun

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    The closer you look the more f'd up it is. Notice the "rudder" setup on his outdrive so he can still steer from the front. I have to admit I've done some desperate shit when I was younger in order to go fishing but this takes the cake!
  20. OceanSun

    It started off good but.....

    Just a real quick search but here you go: Amazon has a lot of light-duty & junk but some heavier duty products as well:
  21. OceanSun

    It started off good but.....

    When I was running a much heavier boat I went the trucker supply route to find heavier duty straps. Ended up cutting down some big over-the-load winch straps to work as transom tie downs in the 3-4 ton rating. Those over-the-load winches work if you want to throw it all the way over your gunnels...
  22. OceanSun

    It started off good but.....

    Unfortunately many first-time boaters get in cheap with a run-down boat/trailer (old neglected Bayliner) and don't know enough to recognize what's not safe or seaworthy. Inexperience + poor equipment = disaster
  23. OceanSun

    It started off good but.....

    Got tie downs / safety chains? What many inexperienced boaters don't realize is those straps aren't there to keep the boat from sliding back on the ramp they're there for when you have to swerve on the highway to avoid an accident and the boat starts fishtailing or tipping up on one set of...
  24. OceanSun

    Boat window hard water spots

    Glass loos great but you need a few more wraps on the back half of those knots... :cool:
  25. OceanSun

    Saltwater Down Riggers at Buoy 10

    All valid points above to keep in mind and mitigate but... I've been using downriggers quite successfully at Buoy 10 for over 30 years. There's been quite a few times I've been limiting on kings right on the bottom at the line while everyone around me is limiting on silvers. Just not needed for...
  26. OceanSun

    Freshwater Jackson Hole - Snake River and Yellowstone Lake

    Just came through there last week myself. Beautiful country and beautiful fish. Love those Yellowstone cutthroat! After taking care of some business in Lander, we spent our time in Dubois. 18-20" rainbows in the Wind River now has my wife hooked on fly fishing. Fished a few streams over 8,000...
  27. OceanSun

    boaters safety card replacement

    Everett Police asked for a buddy's once at the launch and he didn't have one. Weren't going to let us leave the dock until I produced mine and took over as pilot. Lost mine once - there is a form you can download from the Parks dept website fill out and send in with $5 and they'll mail you a new...
  28. OceanSun

    Canadian border closure extended

    Wasn't the point of my question. Understand closed is closed (unless you've got dual citizenship like me). Was just curious where you liked to stay in Bamfield. Unique place - love it there. Been a few years but I used to stay at Woods End Landing every year when I went. Started going into...
  29. OceanSun

    Canadian border closure extended

    Where do you stay in Bamfield? Cross from Neah or trailer across the island?
  30. OceanSun

    Freshwater High lake report

    Love eating trout cooked like that - suck the meat right off the bones like corn on the cob!
  31. OceanSun

    Dry brine smoked salmon

    Great post and discussion guys - thanks! I've always made most excellent smoked salmon as all my friends will attest but... I picked up a few new tricks today on temp/timing.
  32. OceanSun

    Eddie Vine Shilshole Ramp

    Fished out of there yesterday as well. Attendant was cool and was great having the parking lot not full of cars.
  33. OceanSun

    Tent Camping With Kids

    Some great spots around Winthrop - both state park campgrounds and private campgrounds.
  34. OceanSun

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    All of that seems more expensive and time consuming than just replacing the louvers. You'd think the factory would have thought ahead enough to not cut those holes for the boats that weren't getting an inboard installed. It really doesn't vent anything useful like battery compartment, bilge...
  35. OceanSun

    A need to watch video

    Truth right there...
  36. OceanSun

    Just off the bench

    Beautiful thread work and love the guide spacing - most commercial rods have too few guides.
  37. OceanSun

    2020 Shrimp season

    That sucks!! Had a honey hole in 8.2 for a couple decades that consistently produced quick limits until it was finally targeted by the tribes for the first time starting about 3 yrs ago.
  38. OceanSun

    Getting the boat set up...

    Costco usually has a good deal on the kids-sized neoprene watersport life vests this time of year.
  39. OceanSun

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    To not allow us to fish over salmon and halibut at the same time because of the boat count is just downright lazy on WDFW's part! They can still count boats and check fish (both types) and extrapolate the data over the number of boats. Their lazy-ass fish counting methods should not be a...
  40. OceanSun

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Back in the late 80's & 90's used to fish halibut in August/Sept regularly out of Neah Bay and there was no reason to go any further than Swiftsure US or Canada. I personally would look forward to fishing halibut then on consistently calmer seas than early May.
  41. OceanSun

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    John's in Everett did those conversions as well. Steve Miller was the reel guy for years and also did direct-drive conversions on Shimano BM-50s as well which is one of my all time favorite reels.
  42. OceanSun

    Boat Leather Care

    A UV resistant reconditioning agent would be a good idea after hitting it with bleach, magic eraser, etc.
  43. OceanSun

    Freshwater white river....sumner area

    Nothing - fishing's closed statewide!
  44. OceanSun


    Way too easy on the where - Double Bluff
  45. OceanSun

    Saltwater Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    There'll be crab for Christmas after all!! Sucks for the big, unnecessary ding on the resource though.
  46. OceanSun

    WDFW Fish Checkers @ Neah Bay

    I always tell them to wait until we get the boat secure until they start asking questions.
  47. OceanSun

    F'ing chipmunk

    Our cat brings us dead critters like that - highly recommend! Wife was pissed when she started bringing in cute but dead baby rabbits though.
  48. OceanSun

    Impeller Rubber

    The old cobra outdrives had a power take-off shaft to run the raw-water impeller. A cover and three screws and you could change it all out on the water - don't ask me how I know. Obviously, you're not going to change out a lower unit in the water.
  49. OceanSun

    Its in His blood!

    Great job Dad!! Love seeing the good rain gear and life jackets on the boys - so often kids don't take to our outdoor activities because they're outfitted with shitty gear. When my kids were little the fish bonker was a favorite responsibility!! The time you invest in them now will pay awesome...
  50. OceanSun

    Freshwater Deer lake carnage volume 4

    Cool report and good time for the kids!! Grew up fishing that lake often as my grandpa owned 100 acres across the southern end. Kept a canoe there and caught a lot of nice trout we cooked over the campfire. Good memories - thanks for sharing
  51. OceanSun

    Necro threads rising

    Lead melt sounds like a great time and something I'd be into. Prior commitment hosting clients at the sounders game will save my bacon this time. Have fun and don't play with fire!
  52. OceanSun

    Necro threads rising

    Leave it to the guy with balls in his name to bring up gay porn
  53. OceanSun

    Necro threads rising

    Funny as the same thing is happening on another WA fishing site - It's the deep state's revenge!
  54. OceanSun

    new weapon for wtc participants

    That's the ticket!! Got to know your IoT technology limitations.
  55. OceanSun

    Saltwater A great afternoon on the beach

    Love that beer - current favorite! Nice clams
  56. OceanSun

    Saltwater 12-1 Blackmouth

    You should be able to see those shakers hit and remove them quickly so you're back to fishing rather than drag them around NOT fishing till you do a random bait check. If lots of shakers switching up to a plug will keep you fishing and nail you a keeper instead of weeding through babies.
  57. OceanSun

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    Sweet! Just found the new washers I need for my set of Shimano BM50's. Thanks for the post.
  58. OceanSun

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    Some new suggestions to me I'll be trying here but in the past I've had good success using SoftScrub with bleach.
  59. OceanSun

    Maui charter/surf fishing

    My experience has been that if you mention you want some eating fish while there on vacation at the time of booking they are very accommodating in making an exception. We were given a couple large Mahi Mahi loins and a few Short-Nosed Spearfish steaks. Serious fish taco action! Good luck - have fun!
  60. OceanSun

    Saltwater Mukilteo coho

    That area slowed way down from last week. Went out for a bit yesterday morning and caught a nice one first thing then it totally died. Didn't even see a net fly in 3 hrs of fishing. Back at the launch the 25 boats in front of us only had 5 fish between them.
  61. OceanSun

    Saltwater I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    Trifecta? Was the stupid drunk woman the captain? Agree probably an anchoring mishap. Heck of a balancing act.
  62. OceanSun

    Rock fishing taken seriously

    They look a bit depressed
  63. OceanSun

    Saltwater Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    Good work! Nice boat! Great trip! Thanks for sharing. Headed to Neah tomorrow through Monday and can't wait to get back out on the ocean!
  64. OceanSun

    God Bless America......

    What a disappointment! I thought this thread was going to be full of patriotic bikini babes. Y'all suck!
  65. OceanSun

    How desperate are you for crab ??

    At least it's a Livingston - a better chance of not capsizing. Saw some seriously dangerous small boats last weekend on the crab opener.
  66. OceanSun

    You may be hardcore.....

    And I thought fishing trips for honeymoon for both my wives was hardcore . . .
  67. OceanSun

    WDFW Crabbing dates SCREWED US ALL AGAIN -

    Really screws with some long-standing 4th of July activities for my family! WDFW is really out of touch with it's user base.
  68. OceanSun

    Christmas presents

    Badass Bench!! Thanks for sharing
  69. OceanSun

    GPS recommendation

    Basemap is pretty cool as it has rich data overlays, hunt units, draw dates, etc. You can plan your hunt on your computer and access all the waypoints and notes while in the field on your phone app.
  70. OceanSun

    Saltwater Lings from shore

    Neah Bay Jetty to Waadah Island
  71. OceanSun

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Great take-away points Jakes!
  72. OceanSun

    La Push last Sunday

    A floating, waterproof model would be killer!
  73. OceanSun

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    I was about 70 yrds away fishing between fuca's pillar and the hole when this went down. Heard the call from the rescue boat (great presence of mind whomever was on the radio and patience with a coastie that just wasn't getting it that the boat actually sank). We pulled gear and ran right over...
  74. OceanSun

    Ling n butt

    Old post but found it in search and just made this with halibut for my 80-yr-old mother-in-law from Germany - she had three pieces and the dogs got none! Thanks for sharing, simple and delicious! Started out with a cinco-de-mayo happy hour with lime chips and handmade guac after that ran it's...
  75. OceanSun

    1994 16' Arima Sea Hunter $7500 SOLD

    Congrats - that was pretty quick. How big's the upgrade going to be?
  76. OceanSun

    West side of Vancouver Island

    Used to go over to Bamfield all the time in the 90's from Neah and stay at Trails End Landing. Bamfield was a port of entry at the time and you could fish Canadian Swiftsure with an internet license. The trip's not too bad but had weather kick up nasty on a couple crossings. Wouldn't do it in...
  77. OceanSun

    Coastguard Cocktail

    What is the nasal spray formula to ask the doc for? My wife has all but given up on hitting the big blue but loves the sound and wishes she could get out on the ocean with me.
  78. OceanSun

    Looking for a finder/gps unit with downscan

    Those Dragonfly's are awesome units - especially for the $. Only thing to watch out for is the 5 I had the built-in GPS didn't work consistently inside my pilot house and I don't think they have an external antenna port until you get up to the 7". Switched to the Elite 5 which has the ext...
  79. OceanSun

    Saltwater MA13 3/3/18

    Nice FISH! box
  80. OceanSun

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    Mustad Stainless Steel for me. In 30+ yrs of fishing I've only left one set of hooks in a saltwater salmon so the rust-away factor is not a plus for me. I prefer to put my own shape on the point of my hooks and I can keep them sticky sharp all the time with out them rusting out overnight. I know...
  81. OceanSun

    My kids got new boats for Christmas!

    Very cool! Brings back some great memories of my dad making wooden toys, kitchen sets, train sets etc for the grandkids while he was still alive. He was the type to give a grandkid a hammer and a saw or a rope for his birthday instead of a plastic piece of crap that makes noises and uses...
  82. OceanSun

    Saltwater 12/15 crab run

    "Not many sporties out. Lots of crab to be had still." - Exactly why I love our winter crab season! Nice haul and that'll go over great for the holiday parties!!
  83. OceanSun

    Puget Sound Chinook Resource Management Plan

    Seems like a plug for PSA got highjacked with a plug for CCA so thought I'd point that out to avoid confusion for interested parties and provide links to both: PSA: CCA:
  84. OceanSun

    Saltwater 12/15 crab run

    Getting ready to hit up a couple of my 8-2 honey holes Saturday with my boy home on leave from the Navy. Have a couple Christmas parties to supply. Thanks for the extra inspiration!
  85. OceanSun

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    Consider Bamfield and Barkley Sound. Good mix of inside protected water if it's snotty and offshore banks if it's not. That plus awesome halibut and bottom fish. I would NOT do the crossing from Neah in your boat loaded with camping gear and extra weight.
  86. OceanSun

    Saltwater The return to Neah

    I caught mackerel out on Swiftsure last weekend as well. Our second day we went all flatline as well because of the awesome bait hits. 8 pull seeing the herring spin in the wake and bamm!
  87. OceanSun

    Area 6 closes for shrimping...

    If there ever was a chance to change the game plan at the federal level it is now while Trump's in office. Any of our advocacy groups have plans to push things to the federal level anytime soon?
  88. OceanSun

    Having engine trouble

    If after rebuilding the distributor and putting a new cap and rotor on it you're still having problems with the engine cutting out there may be another explanation not yet mentioned. Does it also cut out on a hard banked turn to one side or the other? You could have exhaust manifold issues that...
  89. OceanSun

    Saltwater Cabezon!

    Hey storm1 get outta my cab hole!! Nice catch and no better eating. Like a cross between crab and lobster and super hard fighting for sure. Caught several at Neah this year on really light spin tackle - super fun!
  90. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Clam Bake 6 pm ish Friday May 5

    Thanks for the invite. Will be camping at The Cape and will plan to stop by with some fish for the fryer and taco or fishwich makings as well as something to wet the whistle.
  91. OceanSun


    Neah and camping at the cape.
  92. OceanSun

    Anchoring a closed bow boat

    Some people can't drink beer and drift at the same time - they need to be on anchor. I get how successful anchoring can be with setting up a scent trail, etc. but I've never had the need to got to that much trouble. I know it's much more popular in the eastern straits and MA 9. Also seems to...
  93. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Roll call

    I'll be tenting it at The Cape as always - we'll be the last campfire burning Stop by for a drink or a fresh fish sandwich or tacos if the fire's going. Camping with my 24-yr-old step-son and his buddy both from NY this year. Step-son's been fishing it with me every year since he was 12 when out...
  94. OceanSun

    How to dock like a boss!

    How would you even know that exists to find it and post it?!
  95. OceanSun

    Saltwater Anyone fishing possession?

    Fished PnP last Sunday. Took my retired neighbor and we each got a 6 lber in about 3 hrs of fishing
  96. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Housing April - Oct?

    Thanks Bud - passed the info on to my son
  97. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Housing April - Oct?

    Thanks guys - He found a cabin in Neah Bay for all but halibut season so he'll just stay with me those days as I'll be up there. He's checking it out and closing the deal this weekend. I couldn't find crap myself but he got in with some people that knew some people.
  98. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Housing April - Oct?

    Any of you know anyone in the area that may be interested in renting a room?
  99. OceanSun

    Fun Stuff - your fishing name

    Skinny Leadhead - might be close on the leadhead part but definitely way off on the skinny!
  100. OceanSun

    Neah Bay Housing April - Oct?

    My 24-yr-old son will be taking 6 months off from his lab job to go work in the field for WDFW in Neah Bay April - Oct. Does anyone know of rooms for rent in the Clallam Bay to Neah Bay area? Any other lodging suggestions in the area? Nice, responsible kid who would make a great roomate.
  101. OceanSun

    New Cell Tower Neah Bay

    I have always enjoyed not being able to be reached while in Neah Bay. Nobody tell my boss or my wife!
  102. OceanSun

    google ad covers log in

    You can also grab the edge of your browser window and skinny it down to mobile-phone size and the add will disappear leaving the sign-up link. Drag your browser back out to full width after you sign in.
  103. OceanSun

    Check it out

    Obviously not a serious piece of fishing equipment but could catch some pretty cool video footage on a bait stop!
  104. OceanSun

    Check it out

    You've heard of outriggers and downriggers -- now how about a dronerigger?!
  105. OceanSun

    The Monroe Sportsman Show

    Great news and close to home! someone needs to organize a BD night at one of the local sports bars and negotiate special pricing on pints!
  106. OceanSun

    Never thought this would happen

    Don't know you but feeling your pain. Hope the kids took it well and second the motion to not let the pain keep you from getting another.
  107. OceanSun

    Black(mouth) Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    Fished Tin Shed Saturday and limited out with three keepers. 12 lb and a couple barely legals. Sure are tasty!! No one was out there until All Star showed up for a couple hours.
  108. OceanSun

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Divvying up #100K of fish is BS! with #7.5M in bycatch they could give us #500K and have an actual season. How do we petition for more allocation? Effect a change like what was done for crab in the sound?
  109. OceanSun

    Do you need passport to fish Canadian waters?

    FYI - They will ask for Passport # or EDL # when you call in so don't think that you can get away with not having one cause they're not physically checking it.
  110. OceanSun

    WP Marina coho

    LOL - I have that same boat - it's actually full of sand for my granddaughter to play in.
  111. OceanSun

    Crab catch card.....

    WTF - why does it go to the general fund instead of Crab directly or at least WDFW general budget?
  112. OceanSun

    Saltwater Crab opener Apple Cove

    Always clean them first but need to boil in full-strength saltwater for good flavor. Cooking whole has a richer flavor but not in a good way for me. Your method shown in the video obviously works but seems a bit too complicated. Just grab the legs on one side and pop the shell off from the back...
  113. OceanSun

    Saltwater Steelhead, salmon, and halibut’s oh my!

    Well done and with your Dad is awesome!
  114. OceanSun

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    If they got too close to Strawberry rock they could have drifted into localized breakers that weren't present in the rest of the bay. A number of years ago I saw a wave pick up a sled and set it right down on top of strawberry rock and the next one pick them up and move them off of it. This was...
  115. OceanSun

    fish processing

    Execute a clean filet not touching blood, water or (especially) slime. layer with paper towel or get rolls of meat packaging absorbent to keep the filets dry until you can get them to where you have your vacuum packer set up. Much higher quality product than sloppy filet job and wet rinsing.
  116. OceanSun

    Hannah's short bill

    Looks like a short-nosed spearfish as in my avatar. Great pics!
  117. OceanSun

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    The reason there was no receipt in the costco case was that the clerk was going to pocket the $350 cash.
  118. OceanSun

    Shrimp Opener.....MAY 14th

    Exactly! With such limited days for each fishery, why do they need to stack them on top of each other?!
  119. OceanSun

    propellor guard help

    Monroe was a brain fart - glad you found the right guy. They've fixed a number of props, skegs and cav plates for me. Customer service has always been excellent and they've even accommodated after-hours drop off and pick-up.
  120. OceanSun

    propellor guard help

    Prop Shop in Monroe did a similar fix for me on a 25 hp cav plate
  121. OceanSun

    Recommend 3 Mooching setups please

    Mooching is also wind-drifting a pond or lake with your fly line trailing out behind with a wet fly. Just to stir that pot a bit more. The Bantam 50s and 1000s are awesome reels and I've got a couple that have been converted with the direct-drive switch before they started making them that way...
  122. OceanSun

    Saltwater Opening day in A7

    Nice fish Chad! May I respectfully suggest you clean those fish right after getting your gear back in the water and bury them in crushed ice. With all the time and $$ to catch them there's no use letting that prime fish flesh loose so much quality needlessly. Bonk, cut a gill to bleed while the...
  123. OceanSun

    Washington Help

    No one wants to go "pink" fishing with a limp-wristed fisherman. ...just sayin'
  124. OceanSun

    Cleaning Rockfish

    Ralph showed me his technique once on a slow mid-week day quite a while back. Definitely beats cutting through ribs. Subtle angle and pressure changes he couldn't really explain but comes from the thousands of fish he's filleted. I practice and practice and never could get as fast as him but 10...
  125. OceanSun

    Braid and Release Clips??

    I like those last two suggestions and will give them a try! If you get stuck in a situation with braid and scotty releases just wrap the braid around one side of the pad 2-3 times and that does the trick. Also, surprising how many guys never really realized there was a tight and loose setting on...
  126. OceanSun

    Best advice you ever got?

    My dad would always say "It's what you do AFTER you feel like quitting that counts" That one always stuck and has helped out on the trail, on the job, in the marriage, etc. Have passed it on to my boys.
  127. OceanSun

    Gonna lean on the brotherhood for some advice..

    With no kids to pass the rings to then yes, cash'm in. As to your original question, It's marriage (commitment, vows) or it's divorce. Separation is bullshit, pretend divorce, permission to screw around, and only applicable when dating. When you married you said to each other that you'd work it...
  128. OceanSun

    Wanted... crew ho. free lunch. 5/16

    I'm game! PM sent. Dan
  129. OceanSun

    Spun prop offshore

    A big part of being prepared for this IMO is to regularly remove your props and grease the shaft and prop nut. Hard enough to get 'er done without fighting a prop that's hopelessly stuck to the shaft. Had to change out a prop once offshore out of Neah Bay.
  130. OceanSun

    Salmon Poisoning in Dogs

    I lost a lab pup to this - he was so small treatment didn't work. Was pretty sad as I had just given to my (at the time) 3-yr-old daughter for her birthday.
  131. OceanSun

    smoking salmon

    One other tip - try adding frozen orange juice concentrate to that recipe and even some red pepper for variety.
  132. OceanSun

    smoking salmon

    vac pack and freeze and you can serve it at Christmas no problem.
  133. OceanSun

    Damn good thing I took the 10 horse honda off the back before trying to sell it. Just Sayin'
  134. OceanSun

    SOLD - First person to look at it showed up with cash and hauled it away. Miss it already!
  135. OceanSun

    ’88 Trophy 2159 Hardtop Offshore Sportfisher This fishing machine will take you to Salmon and crab in the sound or Kings, Lings and Halibut in the straits and offshore. Neah Bay, Westport, Illwaco, San Jauns, British Columbia, and Puget Sound. This boat has done it all capably and reliably...
  136. OceanSun

    Dock chat prior to heading out, for newbies

    I spend a LOT of limited funds on fishing and want it to pay off with fun, and fish in the box. I expect crew to do what they're assigned and I'm patient when they inevitably screw up. But I expect them to learn from the screw up and do it better next time so we can get more fish in the box. I...
  137. OceanSun

    MA7 camping with kids

    Great trip and great post! Making memories and a relationship that will last a lifetime! Next time also check out Odlin county park on Lopez and Doe Island for boat camping.
  138. OceanSun

    Can't eat just one

    Just like all of us it's greed that gets us in trouble sometimes.
  139. OceanSun

    What do you do with your Humpies?

    Seen the price of quality dog food lately? I'll eat chrome salt fish fresh, smoke some but plan to can a bunch for dog food this year. Never thought about salmon jerky dog treats - how do you process?
  140. OceanSun

    Saltwater MA 6- Kings, Silvers, Pinks, Halbut, Shark attacks..... Great day!

    Good job with the paybacks to the old man. Just had one of my boys finance a trip to Neah Bay - a great trend!! Wish my dad were still around to take fishing - brings me next to tears sometimes when I'm on a trip he would have especially liked. Make good use of time with family while you can - I...
  141. OceanSun

    Saltwater Now for something completely different

    Love fishing those mountain creeks - have some land in Wyoming with similar creeks nearby. Grasshopper on a barbless fly hook - no weight - sneak up on the fish behind bushes or boulders - fun times!!
  142. OceanSun

    Stress Free now!!

    Don't know you but really hope it all works out. Enjoyed following your build/retrofit of the Baja. Myself, never worked out the couple of times I sold my boat for wife's demands. Neither one of us was happy with the results. A boat is now just part of who I am - take it our leave it. ;)
  143. OceanSun

    Downrigger rod for kids

    I bought my kids a shimano downrigger combo that had an appropriately short butt section - cheap and still in service 10 yrs later.
  144. OceanSun

    fishing a 14' lund/20hp yammy in fair weather at PA,Sekiu,etc. prod. or stupid?

    Handheld, waterproof VHS, depth finder, GPS, ALWAYS wear life jackets, and expert boat handling skills are all minimum safety requirements. Fished Neah Bay out to Tatoosh in a 14'/25 HP for about 7 years without problem - just don't be too proud to call it on a wind day. Just realize the very...
  145. OceanSun

    canning Pink Salmon

    Especially worth it with the ultra-chrome pinks from Seiku/Neah Bay.
  146. OceanSun

    any BDers heading to neah bay for the opener?

    27th through the 30th camping at The Cape.
  147. OceanSun

    Mono or braid?

    I prefer mono but my NB trips where I'm jigging bottomfish with the same rods I'm using on the DR then it's braid. Unclip the flasher, clip on the jig and we're fishing. Even with the regular scotty releases set on strong I'll throw a couple half-hitches around one side of the release jaws if...
  148. OceanSun

    Need more boats for "Salmon4Soldiers" event

    Sent an email - would love to help!
  149. OceanSun


    Congrats on the new job John! Used to love to pick your brain on NB secrets when you were at Outdoor Emporium and I worked in that neighborhood.
  150. OceanSun

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    OceanSun here. New to BD. Been fishing the Sound, SJ's, Strait, NB, Barkley, Illwaco, Garibaldi for 35+ years. Did well on Hali, Lings, bass on the second NB hali weekend.
  151. OceanSun

    Good eats within walking distance from the docks

    Ways off but Bamfield Pub in Barkley Sound has just awesome beer-batter fish n chips!
  152. OceanSun

    1977 Beachcraft Sport Fish - Sold

    Thanks Aaron. Let me know if the deal falls through. And, good luck finding your next boat! Great seeing the pictures of you getting your kids out there!! My five kids grew up spending a lot of time on my old Beachcraft. Have a great weekend!
  153. OceanSun

    1977 Beachcraft Sport Fish - Sold

    Hi, New to this board - this boat brought me here - but from the looks of the board, I'll be sticking around. Are you still in town this weekend? If so, I'd be very interested in looking at the boat and making a deal. I owned one of these back in the 90's and regret ever selling it. Didn't...