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  1. Salty Bones

    Shimano Trinidad TN12 GOLD!

    Hello Deckers, Here we have a Shimano Trinidad TN12 Gold. I know there's a lot of hype behind this reel! I've seen the following on here and decided to give it a shot. I bought it a few months ago and spooled it up with 20lb Sufix 832 Coastal camo and a short 30lb mono top shot. Finally got a...
  2. Salty Bones


    Hello Deckers, Here we have an excellent condition Mak 20ii SEA. This guy has been out on five trips. I used it as a troller during my deep drop trips. It's still a virgin, not even a run off. Reel will come as shown with box and accessories. I'm asking $410 ($10 helps me cover shipping, usps...
  3. Salty Bones

    Penn Torque 200 (CLEAN!)

    Hello Deckers, And Happy New Year! Here we have a super clean Penn Torque 200. So I bought this reel a few weeks back. Mainly because of all the good reviews I've read and figured I could put it to use. Wrong! I'm guilty, complete impulse buy!!! I took it out of the box and checked it out a...
  4. Salty Bones

    Avet EX 30/2 Camo

    Hello Deckers, Here we have an Avet EX30/2 Camo edition! I've had this reel for some time now and the only owner of it. It's been on a couple of boat rides and used twice on some soaks but never came tight. Lol which is obvious due to its stellar condition! I had it serviced last year just...
  5. Salty Bones

    Mak 15 II Black Out edition

    Hello deckers, For sale is my special edition Mak 15 II sea black out. I bought this reel back in 2016 and used it that year for deep dropping here on the east coast. While you all know this reel has some balls, it's not the perfect gear ratio for my type of fishing. I had it serviced at the...
  6. Salty Bones

    Daiwa Saltiga transformation!

    Hey deckers, So something that has had me disappointed with the Saltiga(I love them, swear by them, and have so many!) Is that certain models in the line up only come in a particular gear ratio. Particularly, the 20ha and 35ha. I spoke with daiwa usa and the answer I get constantly is that...
  7. Salty Bones

    Avet Dorado SX Raptor

    Hello Deckers, Here we have a Avet Dorado SX Raptor. She's gorgeous!! I never needed a two speed reel for what I fish for, but I love mahi and I just couldn't pass up a dorado anno! I used it twice pot hopping for mahi and got into a school of skippies once. The reel is awesome! However, it's...
  8. Salty Bones

    Black Penn Torque 12 (Mint)

    Hello deckers, Here we have a minty black Penn Torque 12. I bought this reel a couple of years ago. I spooled it up several different ways. It went on a few boat rides and was only used twice. Fact of the matter is, it's an absolute beast of a reel and it's extremely overkill for my purposes...
  9. Salty Bones

    United Composites spinning rods?

    Hello deckers! Does anyone have any experience with these rods? I'm speaking specifically about the rce 700 series. I'm interested in the 700m. I'm thinking of pairing it with a saragosa 5000 for mahi. I would like to here what your thoughts on it are. Thank you!
  10. Salty Bones

    Ocea jigger 1500hg, 2000nrhg, or trini 12a

    Hello everyone, Trying to get some feedback, info, personal experience with these reels. I do a lot of tilefishing here out of nj and montauk. Im normally a bait kind of guy when it comes to tiles but I've dabbled in the jigging realm from time to time. But that consisted of a heavy 8ft tile...