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  1. greeper

    2016 Mercury 9.9 Short shaft

    where are you located
  2. greeper

    14' Gregor Build

    Now this is a super cool build I'm looking for a 16' tin boat wanna do a build like this with my son so he can learn on his own plus give us some quality father son time. I introduced him to NPH and he's hooked and is begging for a boat. I told him unless we sell the wakeboard boat I ain't got...
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    Boston Whaler Montauk 17 For Sale-SOLD

    I'm interested I'm looking for that exact boat so I can get my son out on the pond. That's the exact boat I popped my cherry on but when the kids were born my days on the pond were extremely limited. Now that he's grown up time to get him out there.
  4. greeper

    Boston Whaler Montauk 17 For Sale-SOLD

    Sorry Noob questions do you have a general Idea what it'd cost to have the tilt motor fixed? My local mechanic retired I've always relied on him however, he's long gone now.
  5. greeper

    warriors challenge 2/28/10

    that's awesome stuff wish we had something like that near us, my kid would love that stuff
  6. greeper

    Hobie Outback for sale

    can't believe this is still around for that price I'm soo tempted to pick up another one.. someone has to jump on this steal
  7. greeper


    I haven't fished the vine is over 3 years might finally hit it up this year, as for LNL I missed last years opener but I'll prob. be there this year I'll hit ya up.. Those GVL fish are killer, I'm hoping to get some nice once like that up in Big Bear this fall.
  8. greeper


    dang dude I didn't think they had any that big in that lake.. congrats
  9. greeper

    Some Photoshopping

    that first one looks killer that's something I'd like to have in a print and framed.
  10. greeper

    Funny Shirts...

    DADDS Dads Against Daughters Dating
  11. greeper

    Wake Jumping in a Bass Boat @ 70 mph

    good link to help with the Chine Walk correction vids :: Learn to handle a bassboat that chine walks. Produced by SmallMouthGuy (Jim Maggart) & co. video by bigharry_2006 - Photobucket
  12. greeper

    East Walker Report and Pics

    check this out it was found floating belly up in the East Walker River a few days ago
  13. greeper

    Massachusetts Largemouth Bass

    Saweet fish, I'll be up that way this summer.. My bro in law has a place near Balch lake in NH you know anything about those lakes in that area?
  14. greeper

    East Walker Report and Pics

    AWESOME!!! I'm counting the days till my trip.. Howz the fishing on the Res right near the dam? I've always wanted to drop the tube in that area in hopes of some brownies..
  15. greeper

    Float Tube Ban could happen on Crowley Lake

    are any of the lakes up there infected with these things, isn't the owens. I'm just curious since I usually tube multiple lakes up there in a day.
  16. greeper

    There are good people

    no kiddin, too bad more people don't remember those important lessons.
  17. greeper

    got to be even

    Dumb really fucking dumb
  18. greeper

    Cooler than a polar bears toe nail

    aw nevermind
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    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    Best reply to the post yet! This is great advice even for those of us trained to respond in difficult situations. I know two of my peers who were confronted off duty with difficult situations. One tried to be the hero and almost ended up dead, the other was a good witness. He saved the lives of...
  20. greeper

    George Brett

    Dirty Laundry: George Brett Video I'm good for two a yearLOLLOLLOLLOL
  21. greeper

    By Golly...Steve knows his rights!

    I think I crapped my pants
  22. greeper

    And then I stepped into the "way back" machine...

    that's some cool shit
  23. greeper

    Veteran's Day Pics! Post them

    That's definitely an incredible story, you've gotta be proud of pops!!!!
  24. greeper

    I hope this dude is not serious

    nevermind guess it's been posted already
  25. greeper

    Good Kayak Deal?

    It's a good deal if the Yak is in good shape, I sold my extreme with less gear for around that price over a year ago.
  26. greeper

    Graphic Arts help

    thanks guys will do I knew I'd get help!
  27. greeper

    Graphic Arts help

    Do any of you know someone good with graphic art. I've been sucked into a teachers bowling league and my teammates want shirts with a graphic. It's 3 guys and a hot blonde on our team and I mean hot, but she's married. We had a teacher here to a graphic but it didn't come out the way we had...
  28. greeper

    Fishing Big Bear Lake from shore

    Anyone know if that area down by the pump house near eagle pt any good? We might be purchasing a cabin right near that area and wondering how the fishing from shore for the kids would be...
  29. greeper

    Advice for begginer diver and wet suit size?

    get a custom suit you can get them close to a retail suit
  30. greeper

    Easter Sierras 10/1, 2 and 3

    Headed up for my annual Fall solo trip, this is my favorite time to fish up there, no crowds, fall colors and killer fishing.. Arrived to Mammoth Wed. afternoon to a media frenzy infront of Kittredge's found out as you all know now that Fosset's ID was found. Wed afternoon-fished...
  31. greeper

    Eastern Sierra trip this weekend.

    I'll post some pix later, but I hit up Upper Twin in Mammoth both yesterday and today and it was WFO on mini jigs... Between the two days during the late afternoons I caught and released atleast 40. They were all quality fish also, not small stockers with several browns in the mix..
  32. greeper

    Eastern Sierra trip this weekend.

    not sure but I'll be up there Wed. afternoon, I usually do pretty well this time of year without the crowds... Anybody else gonna be there shoot me a PM..
  33. greeper

    Just a Bitchen Picture.

    that shit is nucking futs
  34. greeper

    Eastern Sierra trip this weekend.

    thanks for the report I'm heading up there next week Wed. to Sat..
  35. greeper

    Parker vs. Whaler: 17-18' CC Mid to Late 90s

    personally I'd take a whaler over a Parker.. You'll probably hear a ton of opinions and you know what they're like. Everyone has one and they'll stink... Both are great boats but IMHO the whaler rides nicer..
  36. greeper

    KAYAKS 30 % OFF !!!!

    absolutely, let us know when you have an end of the summer sale on used stuff. I need to pick up my 7 year old daughter something to paddle...
  37. greeper

    Want to Trade - My Outback for a Revolution

    just curious why? I was actually looking into picking up an outback.
  38. greeper

    Anyone want to share a boat in SQ 9/19-9/20?

    sure wish I could go that weekend, I've been beggin to get back down south, but I've gotta book it for the following weekend.. Good luck lookin forward to your report.. Just in case what time you leaving on Thursday.
  39. greeper

    Need Big Bear Lake feeshin info

    We just got back this past Friday and slayed them most of the week at all hours. I had the kiddies rigged up with a sliding egg sinker and threaded crawlers.. What worked best for us was to head to the west end by the damn where there 5mph buoys are, we would just drift with the wind with the...
  40. greeper

    Difference between guts and balls....

  41. greeper

    Anyone recommend RE agent in Big Bear

    thanks I guess I should've done a search,, we're not really looking to rent it out mostly a place for us and the kids to head up for the weekends and most of the summer. we're looking in the 300-400K range closer to 300 and would like to be within walking distance to the lake if possible..
  42. greeper

    Anyone recommend RE agent in Big Bear

    the wifey and I will be heading up to Big Bear for 10 days and will be possibly looking at Cabins, if anyone has an RE agent they trust any info would be great.. I'm not one to trust anyone so we'd prefer to get a reco from someone that's had a good experience..Thanks Thanks to those that...
  43. greeper

    GET ON THE FREEDOM at 22nd ST. Tonite... small load

    some people are just so sensitive (insert lisp):gay:
  44. greeper

    Fishing For Monday (2 Needed)

    damn sounds awesome I'll be on a 2DAYER good luck out there!!!
  45. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    thanks I'll give that a try I've been putting off the fix since it reminds me of my fuck up..
  46. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    hey man how ya doing Ray will give me major shit.. Hope all is well with ya, I'm going to go put my head through a wall I might feel better..
  47. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    Aw shit didn't think of doing that but I just can't cross that line...
  48. greeper

    Stop dipping tobacco NOW!

    You nailed it, just sitting here reading this shit then looking over at my lil one napping has officially scared the shit outta me... I'm a loose leaf chewer, about a bag a day, I just tossed out 3 fresh bought bags, I'm DONE!!!
  49. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    no kidding, I about kicked my own ass for not reading that.. Talk about a Darwin Award moment...... The smart ass comments are the fun part about this board!!!!!!
  50. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    because my kids broke the squeege and I got lazy... I went out and bought two squeeges just in case.. Also, I did a test on a small area with a buffer on my drill and some metal polish. It looks like with some serious effort I can make it look better then in does.. What about painting it...
  51. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    I don't think I'll ever find my sack after this f'up... I'm not gonna replace it anytime soon, it's only two years old and it wasn't cheap... Since I'm also re-grouting the bottom portion of the shower tiles, the wife's happy so I'll be fishing alot in AUgust... I'm gonna try buffing it out, if...
  52. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    four of us and I'm the smart one.. scary huh... someone suggested finding a metalic paint just curious what ya think. I tried steel wool, it just laughed at me. I tried a few polishes and nada... I'm on a quest now to either fix this or make it look a little better...
  53. greeper

    I'm retarded need help!

    Hope this is the right place to post this.. Please flame away I have thick skin. Trying to be the good husband (and gain more fishing time) I was attempting to do some summer house cleaning.. I was told by a bunch of ladies to use Easy off on the glass in our shower to get off the hard...
  54. greeper

    scub gear

    thanks for all the info and tips guys, I'll have a better idea after Aug. 3rd, we're doing a dive at casino pt... I'll be renting the BC and stuff initially, but looking into the backplate BC
  55. greeper

    scub gear

    Man I wish I would've seen this earlier, just ordered my custom wet suit and already put down the deposit.. The plan is to keep losing like I have been and have the suit readjusted as my body shrinks... Thanks for the tips on the fins, I believe the ones the guy wanted me to try were the...
  56. greeper

    scub gear

    it ain't the donuts it was the breakfast burritos so get it right
  57. greeper

    scub gear

    got it thanks a few dive buddies called and funny they said the exact same thing but with a little more emphasis
  58. greeper

    scub gear

    thanks for the info guys, I was told to stay away from split fins, just curious why? The fins I did try seemed very stiff but they had to order a larger size for my fat foot I forgot the brand I'll post up later the name.
  59. greeper

    Drunk POS"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good advice I had the same thing happen to one of my vehicles, I did my research and had the Ad's to prove it. Initially the Ins Co. made me a very low offer, I responded no F'n way. I demanded they pay what I wanted or we would go to arbitration, I got what I wanted.. Good luck hope it works...
  60. greeper

    Amber Alert

    we were told the dipshit jumped in front of a car and killed himself.. Fortunately, the kid is unharmed. He never witnessed what happend back here and just thought he was on another vacation with dad. He has no idea he dad shot his mother or that his pops is dead.. As for mom looks like she's...
  61. greeper

    scub gear

    I'm gettin Naui Certified, the plan is to continue on with the Advanced and then the rescue cert.. I'll be purchasing equipment soon, any advice on brands type of gear etc.... I'm getting a custom wet suit since I'm on the large side.. Mask, fins, snorkel, BC etc.. thanks
  62. greeper

    Amber Alert

    now this fucker may be in Mexico I hope they get him ASAP,, the mom is still in critical condition.. This entire situation truly sucks, they're such a cool family and it's killin us to see them go through this..
  63. greeper

    Amber Alert

    thanks for the support guys, the family is truly torn right now,,, Her father and brother would live nothing more then to see this guys balls stuffed in his mouth and then shot.. They're feeling extremely frustrated knowing they can't do much about the situation..
  64. greeper

    Amber Alert

    thanks Lok, it really does suck, the poor kid has been an eyewitness to numerous abuses by his father. THe kids gonna be a wreck when this all over
  65. greeper

    Prayers for a Marine needed

    My family will pray for him and keep him in our thoughts, God Bless
  66. greeper

    Amber Alert

    The guy mainly lived in the orange county area but there was some suspicion that he'd head south towards the border.. I just received a phone call and was told the Ex would Kill his son before he'd ever give him back to the mother.... This torture has been going on Way too long, this guy is...
  67. greeper

    Amber Alert

    Update They found the kid in a Mormon Church in Juarez Mexico the dipshyt is still on the lose.. Thank God the kids is ok and hopefully will be with his mother by tomorrow Hey I know most of you probably saw this on the news, last night driving home from LB fishing I saw the Amber Alert...
  68. greeper

    It's Abby's birthday today...

    that's Incredible I'd love to get into that hobby how the heck do you find the time?
  69. greeper

    Red Neck Bass Boat

    it's be funny to really find out who that guy is
  70. greeper


    Buddy borrowed my truck to move some shit, calls me 20 minutes into his trip and say, "some fucker just flipped me off for no reason." I laughed my ass off and explained the salute. He caught up with the guy and gave him the salute and all ways good...
  71. greeper

    Diamond Valley Lake

    FYI there's Camera's all over the place so be careful.
  72. greeper

    Eastern Sierras

    Never got to Convict I hit up Crowley Sat. morning for a couple, I launched the tube out of Leighton Springs. Tried jigging, but no go ended up with the power worm again for the few fish I got.. Hit the owens south of Warm Springs for a few but damn it was hot.. Did some exploring for Creeks and...
  73. greeper

    Eastern Sierras

    Here’s a progress report: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: Thursday: I was gonna fish bass outside independence however, the winds were blowing :thumbdown: so kept heading to mammoth. Got checked in at the HOI Express in mammoth and headed up to Twin lakes, the road to upper is closed so I...
  74. greeper

    I must be thirsty for pain...

    awesome I'd love it if my wife could sing like that
  75. greeper

    Bishop May 7-11 2008 In Memory of Grandpa

    lookin forward to the report I'm heading up there next Wed.. By the way did you happen to play football for Mr. Morrison?
  76. greeper

    Sierra Fishin'

    many I've used 2lb XXX Izorline now for serveral years and never have issues with line twist. I even troll with it, of course I'll get a little line twist trolling, but afterwards I just let out the line by itself and reel it up and good to go for the next day.. I'm counting the days 17 more and...
  77. greeper

    Want to take the kids out...would appreciate some help

    good luck out there, I may take the kids out there on Monday or Wed.. You can troll small cranks also and nail the Sandies and spotties.. My kids are 4 and 7 and they're not the best at casting..
  78. greeper

    Skipper/Guide In Avalon

    I think the other partner was Richard Gozinya
  79. greeper

    Stripers at DVL

    they're all over the lake, regulars are getting them first thing in the morning.. They said the bite near shore is usually lasting around 30 min
  80. greeper

    BigGame 90 trip this wknd-Rescheduled!!!

    this thing fill up yet?
  81. greeper

    Poche Surf Saturday and Sunday

    Sorry it's been ages since I posted a surf report.. Daddy duties, coaching tball, golf etc... Took my kids down to visit grandma and grandpa down in San Clemente so I thought I'd get in a little surf fishing.. First attempt was at low tide on Saturday afternoon, first cast with with my crucial...
  82. greeper

    Want To Play Quarters?

    gotta be photo shop
  83. greeper

    vessel assist?

    I'm an idiot I was reading the statement incorrectly, it was just a statement showing what VA paid the tow company not what I owed... This was the first time I had to use them and hopefully the last for a while.. thanks guys.
  84. greeper

    vessel assist?

    nevermind thanks guys got it figured out..
  85. greeper

    What size boat to get?

    what ever boat you get I'll be a boat Ho, since you're local to me..
  86. greeper

    Rpt 2 day San Quitin Big Reds & Lings

    thanks, we've always stayed at Don Eddies, but wouldn't mind trying something different..
  87. greeper

    Rpt 2 day San Quitin Big Reds & Lings

    are the rooms at Tito's similar to Don Eddies? I know probably a stupid question..
  88. greeper

    The Art & Science of Catching Halibut Seminar

    dang I can't make this one and I live 5 mins from there, how can I sign up with the Glendora Rod and reel club? I'm a Glendoran..thanks
  89. greeper


    Nice fish Alex, I haven't been to the Vine in two years now, but it looks like it's improved.. I hear your Hansens neighbor now.. I may head to the vine next Thursday.
  90. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    thanks guys all your info has definitely been helpful..
  91. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    thanks for the link I'll ck it out.. I'll take any help I can get..
  92. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    The majority of the wedding party is staying at The Sheraton Mission Valley. We were gonna stay there for 4 days. But changed our minds and we were planning on staying about a week to make a vacation out of it for the kids. I have a 7yr old and a 5 yr old along with two teenage nieces visiting...
  93. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    cool thanks, howz the water in the bay? is it ok for the kids to swim there or are we better off going to the ocean side.. Can you tube the bay in that area? I also plan on doing some fishing from the tube or Yak..
  94. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    thanks, just don't won't to book a place we'd regret..
  95. greeper

    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    Hopefully this is the right board,, the family is attending a wedding in June in San Diego and we're trying to find a Condo near the beach to stay at.. The wedding party has rooms booked at The Sheraton Mission Valley, Comfort Suites Mission Valley and a few other near by hotels. We've got a...
  96. greeper

    Testing out my new Present,..

    get a float for it similar to the ones that you use for key's or you can use one of the small floats from the hoop nets or a pool float.. I have one on my digi which is also water proof, that way it won't sink on ya...
  97. greeper

    Why you don't bring a hot Mako over the rail

    exactly why I won't go shark fishing until I'm with someone who knows what they are doin!
  98. greeper

    Testing out my new Present,..

    looks like a quality camera, now you can use that on the new Yak.
  99. greeper

    K&M Sportfishing,San Quintin Baja/Plane Crashes

    glad to hear all are Ok, sure wish there was a cheap way to hitch a ride to Lorenzo and fish with Kelly.
  100. greeper


    Saweet now I can join in the fun
  101. greeper

    Is this funny or am I sick?

    Aw come on the glass is half full
  102. greeper

    Big Bear & Tons of snow!!!

    outstanding pix,, we're in the market for a place up there and those pics make it more exciting..
  103. greeper

    1-20-08 Halibut

    nice to see a report from ya, you've been MIA for along time
  104. greeper

    kayak shyster

    go with iceman, they guy is an outstanding businessman.. although I had to sell my extreme, when I'm back in the market I'd rather buy from him then Craigslist..
  105. greeper

    Adventure To SCI in a 15' Boston Whaler

    Outstanding report, Eric's a cool dude I'm gonna miss fishing the SWBA this year and watchin those guys weigh in some toads..
  106. greeper

    "No Worries" Diesel Flybridge for sale

    I'm just curious why the heck a boat like this hasn't sold at such a killer price? Seems like one of the rare killer deals.
  107. greeper

    BEWARE of the LIARS at Kearny Mesa Infinity!!!!!

    You're actually very very wrong on this one, just thought I'd point that out to ya..
  108. greeper

    Can u say, LOSER!

    Originally Posted by Lend-a-Fish View Post I will give you a hint, Look anywhere above his neck. You think that guy is a winner? No. That is a straight up loser right there. Plain and simple. Only a total shitbag loser would modify his face to that degree. I bet it would hurt if he got popped...
  109. greeper

    Teramar vs. California Calico Speical vs. Graftech

    I agree, guides are crap, I've had two go bad in a very short period of time, won't buy another one.
  110. greeper

    catalina island 121207, bonitos, bug, whites

    sounds like it could've gotten a little Hairy... Gotta love El Monte, good thing my parents got out of there when I was young.
  111. greeper

    When Good Rods Go CRACK..!!!

    thanks Maybe I can sneak out there next December,, howz April? Thanks again for the info...
  112. greeper

    When Good Rods Go CRACK..!!!

    What an incredible read, makes me wish I was there right now.. one of my best friends(old football coach) moved to Auckland I'm hoping to visit him, but it'll be during our summertime. How's the fishing during that part of the year?
  113. greeper

    Birthday Bug Bash W/ Red Drum

    you never stop do ya.. awesome
  114. greeper

    F-D up article

    why would cell phones be a no no, I've always had mine incase of emergencies
  115. greeper

    1985 Gregor Aluminum

    I've got a 21' CC, crestliner with a 200hp Yamaha that kicks ass, I'll sell to ya for 5k. Much more boat than the gregor
  116. greeper

    Bad Day at Channel Islands 11/13/2007

    Just another Fucktard
  117. greeper

    Santa Cruzin Calicos

    you make that run in your crestliner? been thinking about given that area a shot soon. nice report also!
  118. greeper

    LOTS AND LOTS OF BUGS...a few trips this past weekend

    you fookers, saw the report on RA "O" is hooping way too damn much
  119. greeper

    Global warming? real or fake?

  120. greeper

    Global warming? real or fake?

    OMFG the sky is falling the sky is falling
  121. greeper

    Catalina, it's the other island

    as always sweet report Ed..
  122. greeper

    surf perch at capo beach

    thanks for the report I fish just down the way at Poche alot, not always a ton of perch there either.
  123. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 10-13-07

    great report, I can't believe how low that water level is now.. So is you bro workin for Smitty?
  124. greeper

    Big Bear Lake & the Troutfest Tournament

    Awesome report!!! Thanks for the great detail you put into it....
  125. greeper

    Catfish From Kentucky

    that is flat out awesome.. Wish I did some fishin when I was in Kentucky..I went to UK for a of years, never got the chance to fish. Did get to do some sky diving, shittin in a hole in the ground, drink some moonshine, and lose lots of money at Keenland...
  126. greeper

    Eastern Sierras Wed. to Friday

    I'm definitely interested if you do a Fri to Sun let me know. As for the water level, yup way down the water was very shallow then just dropped off, I caught the bigguns in really shallow water.. Didn't see any cruiser thought I would for sure.. See ya around town..
  127. greeper

    Eastern Sierras Wed. to Friday

    Ya definitely need to get up there, the fall colors are coming quick.. I may head up again before the closing, it's just too nice up there.
  128. greeper

    Eastern Sierras Wed. to Friday

    The plan was to stay till late tonight, but I was feeling guilty about missing my daughters game this morning so I came home late last night.. Weather: Awesome the entire trip, little wind till yesterday afternoon. Scenery: Incredible just see the pix Fishing: Not wide open, but fairly...
  129. greeper

    Cat on Sunday

    cool report Ed, good luck at the SWBA next month, I'll have to miss that one.
  130. greeper

    Rpt 9-08 to 9-12-07 Mammoth

    Thanks I'll be up there on the 26th I can't wait!!!
  131. greeper

    Rpt 9-08 to 9-12-07 Mammoth

    Been looking forward to this post sounds like a great trip.. I love those lakes up above Rock Creek, looked like you were fishing the back of Saddlebag, did ya take the shuttle over?
  132. greeper

    Sierra trippo

    Killer can't wait to get back up there in a couple of weeks.
  133. greeper

    Mammoth, Owens & June Loop

    Awesome Report Len, I'll definitely try and contact ya. I'm heading up on the 26th to the 30th. PM me you cell again not sure if I have it? Is the lil one playing Soccer at Sellers, Maybe I can look for ya on Sat..
  134. greeper

    Havasu good fishin and good fun!

    Ed you're killin me, sweet pix
  135. greeper

    Toobin OC boilers

    I'm still amazed at the ballz you guys have, guess jaws truly damaged me for life as a kid.. Keep up the reports, they're a fun read!
  136. greeper

    Lake Piru 8/24-27

    The kids will never forget those days Josh, looks like and awesome trip
  137. greeper

    Convict Lake and Owens River 8/24-25

    gotta love the owens
  138. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    we were south of Benton's crossing way down the road, we were floating barbless flies and jigs. You really had to pay attention to your line or you missed it.. My bro lost a HUGE fish right before we left.
  139. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    sounds good bud, I'll look for the report..
  140. greeper

    Julia's first Brown Trout

    looks beautiful up there, we were up in the 7 lakes region earlier this summer, on Balch lake. My brother in law bought a place on one of the other lakes.
  141. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    I'm heading back up in September probably the weekend of the 28th, you still have my #? Stop by the house sometime when you see my truck...
  142. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    what's up stranger, howz fishing for ya? Nope Browns camp was way up the river, we were below Browns..
  143. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    Yup they were a blast fighting them with 2lb izorline XXX and the current..
  144. greeper

    Easter Sierras

    Just got back from the Sierras, a day earlier than planned Anyways, the weather was incredible, a little wind, but not enough to ruin the fishing. I'll keep it short: Owens River-fished twice CnR'd approx. 40 plus between 3 of us on Wed and Thursday. In parts of it we used Salmon eggs...
  145. greeper

    quick Crowley report

    thanks for the report Steve, can't wait to get back up there in AUgust!
  146. greeper

    San-O / Dana 7-2(Monday)

    THanks for the report, you still doin the Yakin thing?
  147. greeper

    Chino from Ensenada lead me to the tails!!!!

    who the fuck cares, the guy got some yellows
  148. greeper

    Best way to islands?

    Ignore dumbfucks like this:finger: Keep asking questions like this anytime, you'll always get some good people to advise ya..
  149. greeper

    6/9 striper hunting

    Was it Castaic???
  150. greeper

    Caught by a chopper!

    Aw shut the fuck up and go straighten someones back:Chill:
  151. greeper

    Offshore Hanna's still a hunt'en 6/8

    Atleast you're puttin in the time and makin the effort!
  152. greeper

    WTF BD Admin?!

    wish I would've read this post before placing my ad, I got hammered, funny shit...
  153. greeper

    Memorial Weekend camping and Loking,..

    Nice Report Lokey looks like the kids had sum fun
  154. greeper

    K&M reports, SURF & FISH.....southswell!

    so what happened to the guy in the boat
  155. greeper

    SWBA tourney Dana Pt

    I hear ya, I'm dying to get down to Mexico, but I can't get anyone to go.. I felt like I drank the night before I was so fn tired, I'm too old to drink like that now..
  156. greeper

    SWBA tourney Dana Pt

    Welp, we only weighed in two fish:( NOt what I was expecting even though we never did any Pre-fishing. As our number was called I made a last second decision to hit the Big boiler off of the point. Right away it looked like it was a good call, I pulled out a 3.76lber with a 6" Xmas tree Big...
  157. greeper

    IRVINE 2-19-07 EL SPIT W.F.O.

    :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy The trout slayer...
  158. greeper

    Happy Black History Month

    Church's Chicken By the way I teach in a public school and I do teach about African American Heros, especially during WWII... Dorie Miller, Tuskegee Airman, Port Chicago etc......
  159. greeper

    2-10-06 IRVINE WFO!!!!!

    sorry dude I'm been down an out with this fricken cold, did ya end up fishing the tourney? I had to even bail on a CAT trip with a bunch of the RA guys.. I'm hopin to hit up the Vine mid march
  160. greeper

    2-10-06 IRVINE WFO!!!!!

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: nice job Hust... glad to see ya still gettin out there. We miss havin ya around..
  161. greeper

    What are you listening too RIGHT NOW?

    Wham Villi Manilli Cyndi Lauper Fucking Right AC DC Van Halen Motely Crue Tesla
  162. greeper

    HOTSAUCE on your car @ recent SWBA event????

    yup and it's gonna cost him
  163. greeper

    HOTSAUCE on your car @ recent SWBA event????

    atleast someone sucked just a little less than we did, damn I got humbled Saturday... I'm sure you guys will do better at Dana. As for P-boy he nailed us also, should have never brought me in to this game...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pay backs will be a bitch there doooogie boy..
  164. greeper

    Tank Johnson's 1st Day In Jail

    nanner nanner nanner,,,,I'm telling
  165. greeper

    My kids are ghetto

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: I've gotta show my lil ones that
  166. greeper

    El Serranos

    that's some funny shit:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  167. greeper


    sounds like you're a big guy you may want to look at the Malibu Extreme, I'm actually thinking of putting mine up for sale if you're interested. If not call Sunset (malibue) Kayaks in Sunset beach. You can test ride the Extreme. I'm 270lbs and my extreme is still very stable..
  168. greeper

    New Saltwater Gulp! Chum Bucket

    Exactly, Nuff said
  169. greeper

    roland martin is a pussy

    We can have Cialis Fishing rods for those 1.5 to 3 day trips. :rofl: I just spent 30 Fugh King minutes deleting a shit load of wasted space on my Tivo.
  170. greeper


    thanks for the report, I may hit up NPH on Sunday
  171. greeper

    Shimano Stradic

    I used to think anything bigger than the 750 would be a prob, not so in my case. I also have a custom top of the line Loomis rod made for jigging that I pair up with the stradic and it's perfect... You're safe with what ever you go with and have fun.
  172. greeper

    Shimano Stradic

    I've got 2 stradics and I love them, I've had the sedona, the sahara and the stradic is much smoother.. They're great reals for trout fishing!!! I've used a Stella and they're incredible, but the stradic isn't much further behind and they're alot cheaper.
  173. greeper

    Shark report from last night as well as a ass kicking:)

    now this shit is gettin funny:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hey, watch what you say about us Dumb Jocks we get sensitive sometimes:) :)
  174. greeper


    Same for me Izor XXX never had it fray and I've caught tons of bigguns on this line with no problem.. I've tried most of the others mentioned and I still like the XXX the best.
  175. greeper

    I guess this Pepsi ad wasn't P.C. enough to show.

    yup saw it a ton of times, they showed it during a super bowl
  176. greeper

    Tubin NPH

    sweet report, too bad Ruperts not around to harass us anymore
  177. greeper

    Don't give the BD salute to the cops

    That's a pretty old video, from what I was told they made up the whole thing, the security guard was just one of their buddies.
  178. greeper

    San Jose Del Cabo 9-28 to 10-1, COWS

    Duc get's your wife's ta ta's outta ur avatar it's killin me.
  179. greeper

    Domes Rpt. Monday 8-21

    I hear ya on the kiddies, I'm lookin at CC's now, but probably won't pull the tigger till the winter time, gotta get the remodel done first. I also usually fish outta DP, the parents are living in San Clemente now..Maybe we'll see ya down south
  180. greeper


    hey I may be at the Vine this Fri.. night I'll PM of if I go.. I didn't even think Freespool was in operation I thought it shut down or it was the same as RA... It sucks, I know everyone misses havin you around!!!!
  181. greeper

    Domes Rpt. Monday 8-21

    nice report K9 you give up the Yak now?
  182. greeper

    Twilight No More

    That's complete bullshit, a Parent should be able to take their kids out on a sportie without having to worry about this shit. This is exactly why I don't do cattleboats, I end up throwin every Faider fan overboard. It's a sad situation when a dad can't even take their kid out and enjoy their...
  183. greeper


    and going and going and going 94
  184. greeper

    Yakking San Pedro and the channel

    Holy Crap, I would've died.. You're the man...
  185. greeper


    sweet report Hust... you gotta come over to RA we miss having you around!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. greeper

    Eastern Sierras (sorry no pix)

    man I wish I could get back up there now, but summers almost over and hell week starts Monday.. Have fun up there and make sure you say hello to Smitty...
  187. greeper

    Eastern Sierras (sorry no pix)

    I sure wish I could get back up there that soon, I've wondered how Willow Camp was. I'll be back up there 9/20-9/24, I may wait till october though, but I'll wait to see how the fishing is.
  188. greeper

    Recommendation for good spinning rod/reel

    If you're on a budget go with Smudge's reco, if you want higher end go with Hustlur's reco.. Both are good set ups, but I'd go with the 2500 reel not the 1000... I have both reels and they're both great reels, the Sedona is a great real for the price. I pound the shit out of mine in the surf and...
  189. greeper

    Eastern Sierras (sorry no pix)

    no pix, my digi is busted Camped at Deadman's creek Sunday to Thursday. Sunday, fished the Owens below the Benton Crossing, Nada, big skunk. Way too many people fishing this area, I couldn't believe the crowd. Plus several of the morons were using bait, which is out of regulation in this...
  190. greeper

    Offshore Dodo's outta Dana Pt.

    gotta get in as much fishing as possible before the crazy adolesent kiddies storm my room
  191. greeper

    Offshore Dodo's outta Dana Pt.

    Launched the whaler outta Dana Pt. with plans to hit the 209 area. We put the trollers out lookin for some free swimmers, one cedar plug and a feather about 10 miles out. About 15 mins later the Cedar plug goes off, my buddy tosses a bait out and he was bit instantly. We got one female and one...
  192. greeper

    Why do you post?

    hmmmmm, haven't earned my strips yet, I'm ok with it...:)
  193. greeper

    makin mac's at Oside?

    is it fairly easy to make macs outside the Oside harbor. We figured we'd do the usual chum them up, but wanted to make sure there wasn't a specific loc to get them in that area so we don't have to waste too much time lookin for them.? thanks
  194. greeper

    Offshore 7/27 Dana Point - 5 YT 2 MAHI Best day fishing in a long time!

    Exactly, we always stayed around 50 yds off.. The radio chatter was crazy lots of people pickin up fish. It's too bad those guys had to be that way, we would've been happy to share with anyone, we know we don't own the damn place, but we worked hard to find what little paddies we could.
  195. greeper

    Offshore Yep.....Dana again, 7-27

    we saw that Armada on our way in, wondered if it was a paddy everyone was on
  196. greeper

    Offshore 7/27 Dana Point - 5 YT 2 MAHI Best day fishing in a long time!

    nice report, glad you got a couple of them, we were the boat that was hooking up left and right we boated 15 and lost just as many in 30 mins. Those jackass's:finger: in the Whaler killed our bite when they rolled right in on us so tight. Obviously, they don't know how to fish a patty.. They...
  197. greeper

    Dodos outta dana pt

    Thanks guys, it was definitely the best fishing experience I've ever had on a PB. It was unfuckin real how crazy the dodo's were. I had to chase one up on the bow, when I looked down I couldn't believe how many we had screamin the boat, it was amazing.. It looked like the S.C. football team...
  198. greeper

    Dodos outta dana pt

    We headed straight outta DP about 14-18 miles, first two patties were blank, 3rd was a charm. It was small, but we knew it would be good luck, it had a Happy Birthday Baloon next to it. First bait in the water was instant hook up. It was WFO for about 30-45 mins until some Jackass in a CC whaler...
  199. greeper

    6/12 san clemente halibut w/ pics

    nice catch!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be at Poche this afternoon and tomorrow morn..
  200. greeper

    golf ball mako's...

    Exactly:appl: :appl: :appl: Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and the all stink:finger: Nice catch on the skiff:appl: :appl: :appl:
  201. greeper

    In God we trust

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  202. greeper

    missouri micro bass

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just showed my buddy who's from there, he couldn't agree more with ya, sounds like a nice trip!!!
  203. greeper

    traffic ticket...need advice

    don't waste your time fighting unless you really know what you're doin.. You can do the online traffic school and be done with it, probably cost a couple of hundred bucks.
  204. greeper

    HB Oil Islands

    flats were pretty dead today, hit up the first Oil rig near the flats, Eva or something like that. It was WFO on the sandies and Cali's didn't matter what color we threw at them.
  205. greeper

    Newport/HB Report:

    Hook up, Duh :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  206. greeper

    Address search web site

    anyone know what that site was that would tell you anywhere you've lived with phone #'s ect...
  207. greeper

    Great 2 days in San Quintin

    gotta love Don Eddies and SQ, sounds like a great time down there.
  208. greeper

    Pool alarm

    get the alarm, also there's a pool cover that's actually a net a buddy has it on his and it's worked great.. I'll try and get the info and post it for ya.
  209. greeper

    Everyone please read

    I'm not bored anymore thanks for the entertainment...
  210. greeper


    Wow Randy, guess we've turned into real pricks for ya, good thing there's guys on here that can point that out for us.. Hopefully, we'll see ya on the water Thursday and us pricks can catch some yellows:finger: :finger: :finger:
  211. greeper

    Landscaper needed in the Glendora area?

    I'm wrapping up a major remodel and I'm looking for a landscaper to help me get my yard looking nice to finish off our killer remodel... If anyones interested give me a buzz 626-705-8149
  212. greeper

    Sergios Sportfishing in Ensenada info

    why I'm just curiuos?
  213. greeper

    night time bass fishing at the shoe'

    nice to see ya out there last night, that Cali was definitely a toad:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy made the ones I caught look like guppies
  214. greeper


    You asshole Randy, look what you started now shut up and go back to FSP you toad.... Damn nice report buddy! You gonna hook up with fishinmofo and myself on Thursday? That ain't no gang sign that's the shocker AKA: 2 in the curtain, 1 for the hurtin' 2 in the front, 1 in the shunt 2 in the...
  215. greeper

    It's a Girl, I'm a proud papa once again!

    Congrats:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: Hey I'll be back in the Glendora home in about a month drop by and say high..
  216. greeper

    MANCARD VIOLATION!!! On the road report...

    Hey that was me I was waving the salute along with my 3 year old son, tried to get the window down in time for you to see him, we honked didn't think you guys saw us.. Sweet boat, my 5 year old wants to know why we don't have one yet.
  217. greeper

    san clemente

    nice report, I'm fishin Poche Sunday
  218. greeper

    Offshore First YT, and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! 6/7/06

    sweet report, I hear ya on the summer vacation, I also teach and I'm counting the days, 5 more and I'm outta here.
  219. greeper

    Congrats Wreckingball, Mr. Fatslam 2006!!!

    congrats I couldn't get a way for the weigh in, but from the sounds of it I wouldn't have had a chance.. Good Job
  220. greeper

    Late Monday O'side report, outstanding bass action

    thanks for the info we'll be throwing nothing but artificials not bait allowed...
  221. greeper

    Late Monday O'side report, outstanding bass action

    were you guys drifting the barn, anchoring or tying up to the kelp? Just curious, I have a tourney there Sat. we may now change our minds and head north instead of south.
  222. greeper

    Fatslam final weigh in

    damn I'm out fishing a tournament in Oceanside on Sat. then going up to Oxnard that night.. I wouldn't of had a chance anyways, but this definitely helped me get going..
  223. greeper

    Puddingstone 5/25

    It can be a tough place to fish at times, but with a little help from some others I can usually get one every couple of trips. Sometimes I can do well some trips it's the big skunk.. There's definitely a ton of nice fish in this lake. It's also nice that it's only about 5-10 min from home.
  224. greeper

    Puddingstone 5/25

    Hit up the east shore at the Pudd for an hour today, got one decent one on the d/s.. Lost of moss so made it a lil difficult to fish had to clean the hook after almost every cast.. Little bit of wind made it tuff to feel the bites. I probably missed about 3-4.. Still fun to get back out there...
  225. greeper

    Swamp Bassin' 5/21/06

    SAWEET report OFS
  226. greeper

    Independence to Bridgeport 5/17-5/19

    maybe it was the carp that were jumping all over. The reason I say that is I saw huge fish, but it sure didn't look like a LMB. I literally dropped the worm infront of it and it just passed by... As for the DS I like to use owner #6 or #4.. I picked up some of those hooks made especially for DS...
  227. greeper

    Independence to Bridgeport 5/17-5/19

    oh believe me I wouldn't keep a LMB, just never thought of pinchin the barbs for bass.. I did it while drop shotting, never lost one and it was extremely easy to release them.. Curious are there carp in this pond..
  228. greeper

    Independence to Bridgeport 5/17-5/19

    you got it, we try and keep it somewhat of a secret not that many are gonna know where to go anyways... I love that place, the only prob with the drop shot is getting hung up all the time with the weeds. A local gave me some inside info on Friday on what works for the bass. He was very cool, but...
  229. greeper

    Bridgeport Reservoir / no love

    thanks for the report I was told that the new hot spot for the bigguns in Bridgeport Res.. I was also told that the new hot lure is now the Mira Shad in Pink. I've always had great luck with the flame color and did ok at Crowley with it, but never tried the pink..
  230. greeper

    Independence to Bridgeport 5/17-5/19

    Decided to head up to the Eastern Sierra's for some fishing and exploring.. Started out doing some bass fishing on the way up in some ponds. On Wed. I fished bass using drop shot and texas rigged creatures, lizards and brush hogs for a ton of dink bass. I could see the big boys breaking the...
  231. greeper

    DanaT yakkin

    you are the rig master:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  232. greeper

    Offshore Rpt. 5-10&11 Toronado YT, WSB, 40&46 Lb. Halibut

    :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  233. greeper

    LOWER TWIN LAKES 4/28-5/3

    Awesome report/post, sure wish I could talk the wifey into buying a place up that way..
  234. greeper

    Dana Point WSB

    Awesome report, thanks for the great read:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  235. greeper

    Oceanside 05/06/06

    how close are you allowed to fish by the domes? We've fished that area several times, but stay pretty far out for fear of getting blown out of the water.. sorry for the thread jack.. Nice report bye the way..
  236. greeper


    I hear ya guys, after I posted I figured it was too late to shut upslap: slap: We have hand held GPS so didn't realize you could do a 12v hook up, I'll have to look in that. We already loaded the boat with spare AA batteries for the future... Definitely looking forward to our tourney down there.
  237. greeper


    We launched the whaler for the first time out of Oceanside, (what a sweet marina). No crowds, easy launch, close parking, bait barge right there, short ride out!!!! Anyways, we explored North from the marina to just north of Camp Pendelton, hitting kelp paddies along the way. We got about 5...
  238. greeper

    Dana Point rock Fishin' Sunday 04/30

    thanks for the post Qman, still haven't had the chance to fish with ya yet.
  239. greeper

    Help!! I dont wanna be like George

    Wally Park, pick up some Carls Jr. for the ride home..
  240. greeper

    San Onofre

    Several us fished from 5pm to 10pm, bait was squid and clams. I got one sargo and one baby leopard, the others caught several good size sargo and a yellowfin croaker. I believe one guy got a dink cabazon. It was a nice night surf wasn't too bad. When the water calmed down you could see the sargo...
  241. greeper

    my first report 4/22 w/ pix

    almost looks like LNL
  242. greeper

    How Do You Treat Bad Boat Ho's?

    I see you're in the LA area Pm me if you're heading out sometime, I can guarantee ya I wouldn't leave ya hanging with the cash. I look at it like this, if I'm fortunate enough to be invited on someones boat I'm gonna work my ass off so I can be invited more often. I've yet to purchase my first...
  243. greeper

    I just took a drive up 395.........

    do they allow 2strokes at all those lakes?
  244. greeper

    Monday at Irvine Lake with pics

    nice report, Gotta love fish from the Yak. I wish my daughter had the patience to stay on my yak. I had her out there last year with me on the my Malibu Extreme, an hour later she wanted off and I had to pack up and head home.. sorry for the thread jack.
  245. greeper

    So I am reading the paper this morning.....

    Agreed, couldn't be further from the truth with that case! Too many critics with no background.
  246. greeper

    Huge Sandy-Lil' Ceez Style!

    ok I'm fucking board here's my toad
  247. greeper


    that is one of the funniest reads I've seen in a long time:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  248. greeper

    san clemente

    thanks for the report, I'll be down there next Sunday giving it a try.
  249. greeper

    Puddingstone 3/25

    fished puddingstone 3pm to 5pm for nada, not even a bump. I fished the west dam/cove areas, and the north shore/point. I tried drop shot aarons magic, purple, green weenie, texas rig-lizards, creatures, senkos for nada. I finished the day throwing a cool looking storm crappie swim bait. Of...
  250. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    OK:Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e
  251. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    I told ya I was just messin with ya, don't take what I say personal I'm just a big smartass.. Now go fish and enjoy!
  252. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    I'm fuckin with ya relax just havin fun so don't take it personal..
  253. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    Yup many fun nights with morgan and running from the coppers in the old days.
  254. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    Sure Junior, I'll spend as many nights as I can fishing for rays.. Give me a fuckin break there youngster:nopity:. I'd rather spend the time I get on the water hunting other species. It's just ray's you're fishin for and there's a ton of them in that harbor. How the fuck can you compare #'s for...
  255. greeper

    NPH thursday and friday night

    Ain't that a load of shit:finger: What you afraid people gonna poach all the rays out of the bay slap: slap: slap: Give me a break, I guess I can see not wanting to give up your spot, it's a big harbor, but the bait what bullshit. Why bother posting this worthless report.
  256. greeper

    What Jig rod for trout?

    8"er might be a little tough to jig with:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  257. greeper

    Russian women

    it's classic she replied again to give me a new email address, man I must be bored...
  258. greeper

    Russian women

    Any of you guys ever get those funny emails from Russian women wanting to move to the U.S... I decided to fuck with one and she replied back, this is gonna be fun. My wife thinks I 'm sick in the head.. Here's the reply I got today: Hello my stranger I am so happy to see that you have decided...
  259. greeper

    Lower owens and p.v.r.3-14/15

    wow that water looks high on the Owens, sweet pics!!!!!
  260. greeper

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    :gayfight: :gayfight: :gayfight: :gayfight: :gayfight: stop trying to start fights Robert
  261. greeper

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    thanks for the info, like I said no flaming from me, I always crack up when the bass boyz starting arguing.. can't wait till I know what the hell I'm doin when bass fishin, for now I'll stick with the salt stuff.
  262. greeper

    Pay Pal Account Now Open

    money sent
  263. greeper

    Honey Hole

    nice pics, :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  264. greeper

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    I was curious about that also, I'm just gettin into the bass thing and I've got a ton to learn. I was wondering, because there's some serious flaming goin on at another board about you taking the bass off the beds..... Not bashing ya, just wondering due to my lack of knowledge about the...
  265. greeper

    Of March Cold Fronts and Big Bass

    nice avatar:appl: :appl: :appl: sorry for the hijack
  266. greeper

    LNL 3-9-06 BD sighting

    Gotta love the bloody decks on the tube, so who paid for the ;) ;) ;)
  267. greeper

    Follow up of shooting in Chino

    Fuckin Sea Tow
  268. greeper

    messed up individual

    could you send me the info on your interior decorator:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  269. greeper

    Fatslam check-in two week mark

    I'll come on strong at the end, damn FH show killed me
  270. greeper

    Day 4 of Fred Hall Show going OFF

    It was nice meetin ya and putting some faces to the names.. You guys have a killer booth.
  271. greeper

    The Surf is my Home...

    Dammit now I've got to read your reports on 3 boards.. Your the surf king:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy By the way welcome to BD and thanks for rubbing it in you fucker:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger...
  272. greeper

    Rpt. Sat. 3-04-06 at Catalina-Squid Fest!

    Glad to see you're still here:appl: Always great reporting from ya, nice pics and glad you atleast got some table food:) Just wish I could fish as much as you do:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  273. greeper

    San Clemente 3/3

    Fished a new stretch of beach for me down in San Clemente with a couple of friends. We fished from about 7:30 to 11:30 and had a blast. It wasn't wide open, but we did ok. There were periods when the perch were hitting on almost every cast, then it would shut off. Between the 3 of us we used GSW...
  274. greeper

    Web cam karma

    mouth wash will fix it..
  275. greeper

    NWS Pt Mugu

    keep it simple, caroline rig with a #6 hook, I like the bait holders. They seem to hold the plastics on better. I use no more than 6lb with a 6lb flouro leader. I just toss it out and experiment with different retrieves. We fished a beach in San Clemente this morning and the BSP were hitting our...
  276. greeper

    What an idiot

    Goes to show ya, the well educated can pretty fuckin stupidslap: slap: slap:,0,3251538.story?coll=la-home-headlines slap: slap: slap:
  277. greeper

    3-01-06 MB

    I was wondering if you could make the photos bigger I couldn't quite see what was in the picture:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin
  278. greeper

    Hey fatboys

    still fat
  279. greeper

    what do you guys wear in the surf

    Dive boot, waders if fishing at night and walking out for deeper water... The boots are awesome, no more rocks killing my feet.
  280. greeper

    WTF????? BD sighting I'm sure of

    Didn't your truck say Suck Cock:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just fuckin with ya Fishgayer, don't get butt hurt.... See ya at the show.
  281. greeper

    Best skippers in San Quintin

    Gotta go with Kelly, if he's booked his son Oscar does a great job also.
  282. greeper

    ATTN: Guys with reels on sand for pictures

    wish the 3rdgrip came with a larger strap for my fatass and thighs.
  283. greeper

    Offshore San Quintin 2-17 thru 2-20

    well since I'm a teacher I'm limited to my choice of times and was gonna try and make a 4 day run down there during our spring break.. I've never been down there at that time of the year, howz the fishing normaly in April? sorry for the thread jack
  284. greeper

    BloodyDecks at the Fred Hall Show!

    will you guys have BD gear available for purchase such as, jackets or sweat shirts etc....? thanks
  285. greeper

    Owens report 2/20,21

    nice detailed report, much appreciated.
  286. greeper

    Offshore San Quintin 2-17 thru 2-20

    Awesome report guys, sure really wish I could've been there. Looking forward to April and a trip down there... Any of you guys go out on the Pangas or was it all PB's?
  287. greeper


    :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  288. greeper

    Tow Vehicle?

    My Old Astro Van pulled my sea doos just fine:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  289. greeper

    Lower Owens Encore 2/19 w/pics

    Once again:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy As I said before you spoiledrottenbastardwhogetstofishingodscountrywheneverhewants:finger: thanks for rubbing it in.......... Ok I'm kiddin, enjoy every moment you get up there!
  290. greeper


    My Dr. said the same thing 175-185 is a good weight for me, too bad I weighed in at 279, holy shit a 100lbs to go
  291. greeper


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I lost 5lbs this morning with a big:shithappe :shithappe :shithappe
  292. greeper

    Alpers-a-plenty @ the Lower Owens 2/18 w/pics..

    you're killin me smitty, I'm living my dream vicariously through :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy now quit fucking rubbing it in:finger: :finger:
  293. greeper

    Poche beach

    Fished yesterday afternoon 3pm to 5:30, big skunk. I used GSW in camo, red and new penny. I tried some of the peeler crabs also for nothing.. Went back out from 8:30 to 11pm for some of the bigger fish, another skunk. Went again this morning 9-11am with the GSW camo nada, switched to the 1"...
  294. greeper

    Calling all FAT Bloodydeckers (yes, that means YOU)

    Come on lets get some more of you tubbies to weigh in tomorrow and get some more cash in the pot...
  295. greeper


    Holy shit, I weighed in at a lardass, youneedtolosesomeseriousweightyoufatfuck 279lbs. My safe weight would be around 190lbs.. KC it was nice meeting you and the others, Good luck to everyone now I'm gonna go get started with a nice healthy mealpig: pig: pig: pig: pig: pig: pig:
  296. greeper

    I could post a lame ass thread....

    Plimsouls, wasted youth, BYO, Dr. Know,NOFX #1 fav Social Distortion the good ole days at the Roxy, the Paladium, The palace and The Whiskey
  297. greeper

    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    Uh oh here come the politics, Michael Moore is a big fat ugly piece of shit.. Hey Trianglist, send me a PM I started at AHS as a teacher in '97, but coached their since '88. We'll let the Cal grad slide just this once..
  298. greeper

    Day at the Vine with my daughter

    Fun day with my daughter at the Vine, she's definitely not squimish with fish or worms! She brought her Barbie gear, but rather play with dead fish:lux: :lux: Yup I'm a proud papa
  299. greeper

    bitchin shit

    we used to fill fire extinguishers with milk let it rot all day then nail people making out in their cars
  300. greeper

    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    I think your kid would be gay before heshe got heregayz:
  301. greeper

    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    it's definitely unfortunate there's parents out there like this guy. He's really teaching his daughter a poor lesson. The sb coach is a really good guy and teaches his kids discipline but in a fair manner.. We're very fortunate at my school that our administration has been extremely supportive...
  302. greeper

    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    I was wondering what your screen name was, I guess Ray fucked up his knee or something, old fucker.. Good thing he doesn't coach anymore, can't hide beer in the fridge by the pool anymore at the school like he did when I was here:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It's tough wanting to coach these days...
  303. greeper

    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    One of my students who lost a leg a couple of years ago when she was run over by another parent picking up there child has had her artifical leg stolen again. I hope they catch the pukes and I hope it's this lil asshole at our school so his parents will finally shut the fuck up...
  304. greeper

    Private Reservoir- w/lots of pics

    bout time you made it over here, now quit rubbing it in:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  305. greeper

    North County SD 2/11/06

    Un-fricken believable :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy how were you hookin the robo, nose hook?
  306. greeper

    Why Middle age woman shouldn't drink

    I've been permanently damaged.
  307. greeper

    In your best words what does it take to be a true bloodydecker?

    All of the above:appl: :appl: :appl:
  308. greeper

    Valentine's Day Surprize

    Now you make me feel bad, I didn't even say by to my wife this morning, I'm such an ass... Congrats on the future daughter.... I've got one of each, to old for any more... The only thing I'll have to warn ya about, like my brother-in-law said, no instead of worrying about one dick, you'll...
  309. greeper

    Offshore Cat 2/12

    I showed my students what their old teacher looked like taking a dump, just f'n hilarious to see their faces....
  310. greeper


    The bicycle method, she lies on her back while you pump away she pretends she's peddling fast....My neighbors wife swears by this method, she thinks she created it..
  311. greeper


    Do you know when the tickets will be released, I've put a call into my broker, but no call back yet... We're definitely in on this one, probably the 22nd. Definitely need to get a BD group together for this one.
  312. greeper

    Sure could use a prayer today.

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: I'm truly happy for ya! Lil ones are a joy, but can put a little stress in your life. Every second of it is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!
  313. greeper

    What's your house worth

    I figured it'd be a repost, I tried to do a search to make sure opps...
  314. greeper

    K&M Offshore fish report, feb 2006

    thanks for the report Kelly, lookin forward to bookin a trip with ya this summer.
  315. greeper

    What's your house worth

    Thought this was cool, it's not precise but might give you an idea
  316. greeper

    Offshore Cat 2/12

    Pix added The ride over was sweet The most excitement we had The shit I had to put up with all day, he kept throwing out chum lines:_portable Well with good advice from you guys we headed to Cat in our 17' Whaler, it was a pond on the ride over and a decent ride on the way back. We hit...
  317. greeper

    Guess whos bizack?...Ninja bassin' 2-10 w/pix, and a toad or two

    You must've learned how to do that in jail:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just fuckin with ya, glad to see ya, have seen a post from ya since LNL.... Sweet pix:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  318. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    looks like we'll be launching out of Davies it's closer to everyone, didn't realize it was better to head over from NP.. Definitely gonna try for some callies, gotta test some new swim baits out.
  319. greeper

    Calling all FAT Bloodydeckers (yes, that means YOU)

    I'm in, got two lil ones I need to be around for so I better start fucking losing now.. How do ya plan on doin a weigh in??????? Maybe a drinking party and wings to get it started of right:rofl:
  320. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    all center consoles 19' to 17' and a 21' cuddy
  321. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    we've got atleast 4 boats goin, all center console types with room for extras. If there's any hint of shitty water we'll turn around, we plan on heading back early and fishing off LB to be safe. I'm just itchin to get over there and getting some Callies and maybe a lucky YT or WSB...
  322. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    now that hurtsslap: slap: He's actually a Trojan fan so I figured once we get half way over I'll toss him over the side for bait. We've got the Armada goin, Team Fob, Team Fubar and whoever else wants to join us.
  323. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    Aw go fuck yourself Guru:finger: :finger: :finger: My buddy was nutting up, I told him to relax we'd be fine. He always talks a big game then pussies out. He's seen the reports so now he's pumped, so I don't have to worry bout him flaking... You can ask him, I'd go over there in my 14' gregor...
  324. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    thanks that's what I pretty much figured, the plan is go monitor the weather and head back before 1pm unless it's lookin bad..
  325. greeper

    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    My buddy and I were gonna head to Cat. from long beach on Sunday in his Whaler 17' footer. We're one of 4 boats going. Is this a wise decision or should we change our plans? He's an experienced boater, I've only made the trip in bigger boats.. thanks
  326. greeper

    Where your seatbelt?!!!

    I had to watch that over and over, fucking sick.. He saved that tax payers some money we ought to thank him.
  327. greeper

    Long Beach Wall Report 2-6-26

    sweet pix, I'll be out there in my piece of shit tin knocker in the next month or so, I'll PM ya when we're heading out.
  328. greeper

    Peck road

    hit up the lil shit hole for an hour and a half, got one on a drop shot curly tail Robo smoke purple. Water was real murky.
  329. greeper

    Dammit we got new terrorists to deal with...

    As you know fishguru, I was in law enforcement for 10 years working South central. My advice would be to really evaluate your decision to pursue law enforcement, it's a great job, but times have changed since I've left. I miss my the comraderie, but I don't miss the bullshit, the rotating days...
  330. greeper

    Spotties and halis on the chew

    looks like NPH to me, but who cares still nice spotties,
  331. greeper

    San Ysidro Border Incident 2/02/06

    You've got to be fucking kidding:Bawling_e :Bawling_e :Bawling_e If you don't like it leave and see how nice it is elsewhere:rantoff:
  332. greeper

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    Was Don Eddies sold out, I emailed them but no reply yet, too lazy to call.
  333. greeper


    Like Smudge says it's already taken
  334. greeper

    Sunset Watching With Friend

    brokeback sunset
  335. greeper

    SWBA - Newport 2/4

    I did, my biggest problem was not changing ways soon enough. I was dead set on using my ringer worms that work 99% of them time. I went to big hammers and started getting hit. Finally, went back to my usual Pumpkin curly tail ringer worm with Hot Sauce and started getting hit every cast. I'm a...
  336. greeper

    SWBA - Newport 2/4

    Definitely a well run event, we had some bad luck along with Rookie mistakes that cost a limit. We're back in the field, but hopefully we'll gain some ground in the next tourney.. I learned a lot already from this first event. I thought I knew alot about fishing that harbor, sure learned a ton I...
  337. greeper

    2-3-06 It's starting........

    Holy Shit! Unfucking believable, nice Lunkers.:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  338. greeper

    Yoho banned from B.D

    Is winter over yet
  339. greeper

    Looks like Banging Bob is Banging Out

    Oh shit look outgunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  340. greeper

    Looks like Banging Bob is Banging Out

    All the true jackoffs have cum home:jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: You ex-Fn members can :Blow_Me2: me Kidding don't get butt hurt... glad to see ya over here it's much more fun, the pussies don't hang around very long..
  341. greeper

    Looks like Banging Bob is Banging Out

    Looks like ChinoTed got someone a little butt hurt.. Is Hustlur boy over here finally?
  342. greeper

    Iraq Bound

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: PM info on how to send essential supplies to you guys and what items you can alway use. I'm assuming baby wipes are a needed item.. I'll have my golf team do a big collection and mail them to you.
  343. greeper

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    sure wish I could go, this is what's it's all about down there. wonder if the sticker is still there
  344. greeper

    Towel Head

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  345. greeper

    Thursday Buick Open?

    have fun, I'll be watching in from Mexico, gotta go to Bajamar for the weekend to play in my own golf tourney.
  346. greeper

    Wind damage

    what street is that, looks like one of my buddies house right there.
  347. greeper

    Offshore red rooster

  348. greeper

    NPH lil ceez style

    Funny fuckin thread:rofl:
  349. greeper

    What would you do if this was your kid?

    Looks like a future BD'er
  350. greeper


    Good one
  351. greeper

    Hot Sauce

    here ya go
  352. greeper

    NPH lil ceez style

    I heard they had internet in the dayrooms now in county for ya Ceez:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Newport has all kinds of secret spots, there's hundreds of them. They're called docks but it sounds like like a few belong to bayfisher:nopity: :nopity: :nopity...
  353. greeper

    Fishing Bolsa Chica!!!

    Thanks for the report and pix, look liked some big surf, I got skunked at Poche Beach yesterday with the same plastics..
  354. greeper

    Got approved for my boat loan

    awesome thread, I to will be in the market for a boat within the next 6 months to a year. There's some great info and advice being posted here!!!!
  355. greeper

    Dana Pt. Heads Up-Law Enforcement

    I'm a useless poster right now but I fucking love BD..
  356. greeper

    nun joke

    The nun teaching Sunday School was speaking to her class one morning and she asked the question, "When you die and go to Heaven... which part of your body goes first?" Suzy raised her hand and said, "I think it's your hands." Why do you think it's your hands, Suzy?" Suzy replied...
  357. greeper

    San Quintin - Got tips?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: See ya in April.
  358. greeper

    Drove by SARL yesterday

    Bush's lateral might have helped in the loss a little, what the fuck was he thinking. He must've known Mitch had some money riding on the game.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  359. greeper

    San Quintin - Got tips?

    Bout time you showed up on this board I told your son about it this summer in August when we went out with him on one of your Pangas. He did a great job and worked hard for the fish.. You were booked up, but we'll definitely book ya next trip around. Hang around this board and you'll get some...
  360. greeper

    BD just got BLOODIER

    Glad to see ya over here, I was wondering how long it was gonna take...
  361. greeper

    Corona Lake 1/1/2006

    Doesn't th guy on the right work at the Turners in West. Cov? Nice toad
  362. greeper

    just a piece of humble pie @ LNL 12-28-05!!

    ouch you guys are mean to each otherslap: slap: slap: slap: slap: slap:
  363. greeper

    lnl 12-23-05

    Nice report there Dougie, you son will never forget these days!!!!!!!!!!
  364. greeper

    Dana Pt wsb 12-22

    Merry F'n Xmas:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy Did you head south out of the harbor or North? Where do ya teach? I too teach, gotta love the time off.
  365. greeper

    DVL 12/17...skunkville!

    I figured it'd be slow for ya, it was reallll slowwwwww last weekend also.. Before ya know it, you'll be working your ass off at South lake... see ya in the summer
  366. greeper

    newport boat parade anyone interested ???

    17th or 18th works for me
  367. greeper

    New Zealand Best fishing in the world

    give me some loc.s to fish there, I'll be there next year, my best friend now lives there somewhere near Auckland.. He's supposed to do some research for me, but he's not much of a fisherman.
  368. greeper

    12-10 Trout Eaters

    still haven't got my first swimbait bass yes, nice report and sweet pix
  369. greeper

    My kids letter to Santa

    never mind it was old
  370. greeper

    LNL 12-02-05

    I'll be back to repeat no prob. If you're talkin about LGmth Mitch I gotta take him on, his Trojans destroyed the Bruins, I had to pay him a couple of bucks.
  371. greeper

    LNL 12-02-05

    Awesome Doug, looks like you guys had a blast, I was wondering how it was goin for you guys on Friday while I was sitting in my classroom bored to death..
  372. greeper

    Baytubers tournney 12/4/05

    oops I saw you were from pasadena, thought you might've gone to Pasadena High or Muir. No biggie, you're close by my loc I was gonna talk some trash if you were from either, just havin fun... I Played Football with a couple of guys from both places.
  373. greeper

    Baytubers tournney 12/4/05

    sweet pix, I've gotta get my extreme out to one of those tourneys.. So you a Mustang or a Bulldog?
  374. greeper

    Twosday in LJ

    CONGRATS!!! I sure wish I lived closer to LJ... Gotta give that place a try sometime.
  375. greeper


    THAT was just not fun to watch, I think UCLA forgot to get on the bus and West LA J.C. showed up instead.... :eek: :eek: thank god the tecate has numb the pain a little.
  376. greeper

    11-25 swimbait fish

    Nope not Fresno, a buddy got hired there, but quit while in the academy about 8-9 years back. We give him shit everyday for that, what a puss. I had a trainee, lateral to Fresno, but I can't remember the shmucks name, he was a puss and wasn't cutting it. If I can remember I'll let ya know. I...
  377. greeper

    Late december fishing

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: If those shops are booked you can find plenty in Temple City:)
  378. greeper

    Irvine Lake 12/3-12/4 Who's in?

    I may bring the kiddies just for the day, Doug I'll call ya if I'm in, I won't know till midweek if I can do it.
  379. greeper

    11-25 swimbait fish

    sweet pix! what dept. you work for? I used to work for LASD, went out on a medical. I've got several buddies that lateraled up north
  380. greeper

    11/23 late Irvine Lake Family Fishing report

    OUTSTANDING REPORT!!! Your kids will remember those days forever. I love taking my kids (4.5yrs and 2yrs) fishing I just wish they'd let the line stay in the water. They love casting and my son loves dragging the line around. We should have a kids day with all BD'ers at the Vine?
  381. greeper

    Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

    ok I was bored
  382. greeper

    Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

    Send this jackass a message, if he were my childs teacher I'd be furious:FU: :FU: [email protected] Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz Nov 25 1:03 PM US/Eastern Email this story BENNINGTON, Vt. A high school teacher is facing questions from administrators after giving a...
  383. greeper

    OC 11/24

    sounds like a good trip, gotta luv fishin the surf
  384. greeper

    Poche Beach, San Clemente

    What an unbelievable morning at the surf. :cheers: The weather was incredible and the water was clear. Fished 7:15am to 8:30am, c/r'd 10 barred perch and 1 Hali. I must've missed as many as I caught. Some of the perch were toads, I couldn't believe the size and the fight they put up. I started...
  385. greeper

    Fucking tupperware brigade!

    Watch out for the big fat guy in the green extreme also.. As for going outside the harbor, not sure why those guys stay inside at Dana, I've never done that well there. I do know one guy who always fishes inside and keeps what he catches YUK YUK YUK:shithappe .. I go outside all the time, it...
  386. greeper

    Fucking tupperware brigade!

    As a Yak fisherman, I'd definitely get out of your way, and all those I fish with would. I know several of the guys that fish dana pt. they would never do what you say. There's always two sides to a story. I'm not saying what happened was the way you said it was and I can completely understand...
  387. greeper


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  388. greeper

    HOW TO:A beginners guide to Trout fishing...

    usually the best part of trout fishing is the scenery, man I love the eastern sierras
  389. greeper


    Family love, makes me feel right at home:_happytos :_happytos :_happytos :_happytos :_happytos :_happytos :_happytos
  390. greeper

    Awesome New BD Fishing Clothes

    wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.. Thanks for the link now when my wife goes on the computer and sees I visited that site, she's gonna say WTF.
  391. greeper

    LNL Reports???

    Here ya go pole smoker:drool: This is some fag that blew his way onto the lake.. He had a rainbow flag flyin from his tube.. Gotta love the hat Next Year I'm goin both days.
  392. greeper

    LNL Reports???

    Oh how I remember those days, now it's the 4 year old and 2 year old fighting:Pillow_Fi :Pillow_Fi :Pillow_Fi .. They were enjoyable days and nights:zelfmoord Yeah right.. Love my kids but damn I need my sleep.
  393. greeper

    11-17-05 SARL a Bang! Bang! 28lb. Lloyd day/pics

    I see nothing wrong with this post, how can you criticize SARL. They stock such beatiful full tailed trout, unlike LNL. Geez lighten up guys and don't be so mean to BB... Yeah fucking right, that place is a shit hole:_portable :_portable :_portable :_portable ...
  394. greeper

    OC gang strikes again

    I'm looking and hoping.. Actually, when my remodel is done, hopefully by March I can start getting a better idea what kind of cash I'll have to spend. But definitely will be in the market within 6 months to a year.
  395. greeper

    OC gang strikes again

    Doug you are classic:rofl: When I get my boat, I promise I will invite ya all the time, just no pickles or rainbow flags allowed on board.:FU:
  396. greeper

    I know I am a shit stirrer but it's a "special" Bday tomorrow

    opps just figured this one out, duh
  397. greeper

    OC gang strikes again

    Yup that poor fish is still crying, I moved pretty quick for fatass didn't I:rofl: :rofl: It was a blast fishin with you guys and Fishinmofo, can't wait till I get out there again.. Hey Doug, it would've been a classic day if you were out there. See ya Wed.
  398. greeper

    11/11 AM PM

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Can your wife cousel my wife and convince her it'd help our marriage if she was that way:)
  399. greeper

    11/12 Pendleton Board fishing

    your avatar is fuckin killin me
  400. greeper

    Another Kayak question/survey

    definitely ck the yakboards, there's a huge difference between brands of Yaks and styles... Speed, stability, mobility, set-up etc... If you're small guy you can get away with a narrower Yak that has better speed. Unlike myself I needed the aircraft carrier Extreme to stay afloat.
  401. greeper

    BD in Marlin Magazine?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  402. greeper

    trading spouses

    I admit I watched it last night, I was trying to get my son to sleep, he saw the fat chick screaming and he started cracking up.. If you've ever seen a 2 year old laughing his ass off it's hilarious.. I kept it on that channel for about 15 minutes, my son was laughing so hard he had me laughing...
  403. greeper

    camping @ the vine

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  404. greeper

    trading spouses

    did anyone catch that show trading spouses last night.. Holy friggin moly was that fat chick a major psycho:pms: :pms: . Could you imagine having to wake up next to that fatass every morning.. :zelfmoord :zelfmoord :zelfmoord Her pussy probably smells like a shit house on a tuna boatbarf
  405. greeper

    Happy Birthday Greeper

    no friggin way, I'm too old for anymore, the ones I have now keep me busy enough. If I was a young punk like you I'd knock a few more out... See ya out there. No shit re: the midlife crisis, I still can't believe I'm in my forties.
  406. greeper

    Funny story from Craigslist

    he's not being fair:Blow_Me2: :Blow_Me2: :Blow_Me2:
  407. greeper

    Happy Birthday Greeper

    Cialis, more freedom
  408. greeper

    Jury duty

    be careful what you say, we had a guy last year for LA Superior court say all kinds of crap; he said he believed in street justice etc... The judge said he felt the guy needed counseling and needed to see what court was like, so instead of serving on the Jury, he made the guy sit in on the trial...
  409. greeper

    Happy Birthday Greeper

    I gotta get her to :Lets_do_i or atleast :jerkoff: before I'll give the green light.. thanks again guys..
  410. greeper

    Happy Birthday Greeper

    I'm an ancient 41 today, man does time fly by... I maybe 41 but I feel 31, atleast I got two little ones at home 2.5yrs and 5 yrs to keep me young.. I better hurry up and get that boat before I croak... Any of ya ever want to take an old guy out on your boat, I'm game. Thanks Guys, today was...
  411. greeper

    Bruins Suck and Trojans Rule!

    so does that mean that when the Bruins beat them in December, the Trojans will suck more? I know I know I'm beggin
  412. greeper

    camping @ the vine

    11-12-13 or 18-19 -20 may work for me, I should know by tomorrow night. 12/3 I'm out, I've gotta watch my Bruins stun the Trojans. Probably won't bring the wifey or kiddies, too cold for my lil ones right now.
  413. greeper

    Daughters first trout fishing trip!!!

    outstanding day, she'll never forget it that's for sure! Gotta love those lil ones, they humble the toughest of us..
  414. greeper

    My girlfriend just got her car stolen

    :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i :Lets_do_i she probably wanted to destroy all the evidence... I'm surprised about what the police said, when I worked Patrol my station was an extremely busy place, but we would've never sent someone...
  415. greeper

    To Pickleboy

    Guess I'll be the loaner on the the pussy board, man the BD'rs are fallin like flies on that board. I can't believe Chronics was banned also, you guys have potty mouths... The way they made it sound over there, you were cussing up a storm and making major threats... There's too many SARL pukes...
  416. greeper

    Oside yakin (pics)

    sweet pix, has Ceez been de-throned
  417. greeper

    East Cape 10/24-10/28 Kayak Marlin!

    sweet report Corey, you got me hooked on this type of fishin, you sold me my first extreme..
  418. greeper

    just curious

    This Gay guy told me about it
  419. greeper

    which tube?

    Fish Cat or Fat Cat, spend the few extra $$$, well worth it in the long run!!!
  420. greeper

    Got KIDS????

    sounds like fun, my wifes cousin was on the team that won the world series two years ago, he signed with the Yankees and did real well this past season.
  421. greeper

    I'm 26% Gay!

    10%, I was a little concerned that the after effects from my charter with Pickle Boy might have changed things.. The rainbow sticker on my tackle box, was a little worrisome.
  422. greeper

    Anglers Lake 10-30...

    can you float tube there
  423. greeper

    Catalina Tommorow Nov 1st

    lookin forward to the report, I need to start ho'ing more
  424. greeper

    irvine lake 10-27/30-05 3 dyas of camping and fishing

    sweet pix doug, sure wish I could've snuck away for a few.. Another two years and my lil ones will be ready for that stuff
  425. greeper

    Kayak Yellowtail - La Jolla

    That's what it's all about, Congrats...
  426. greeper

    Bronco Fan

  427. greeper

    Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I knew the first reply would be from an S.C. fan,,, I sure as hell hope they're both undefeated on 12/3, that'll be one heck of a game. Too bad OSU isn't gonna hold onto their lead over texas...
  428. greeper

    Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    How bout them Bruins:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  429. greeper

    Cassies' battle w/ the big C

    haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but my prayers and thoughts will be with ya and your sis!
  430. greeper

    Seal Hali!!

    sweet report, but fuck it's hard to concentrate, I had to re-read it several times, your avatar was distracting me.
  431. greeper

    As the season winds down........

    actully I'll be in a tube, I did it a few years ago, it was freezing and snowing but we slayed some big browns... I'll probably fish Crowley, a few creeks, Owens, Upper Twin in Bridgeport and possibly North Lake if I don't have to hike in.
  432. greeper

    As the season winds down........

    thanks for the report, I'm debating on heading up there on 11/9.
  433. greeper

    Puddingstone 10/26

    thanks guys, I was just curious if it was a different strain of bass. It's a tough lake to fish but definitely fun, especially since it's so damn close to home.
  434. greeper


    This might answer your question.
  435. greeper

    Puddingstone 10/26

    Fished sail boat cove from my tube 1:15 to 4:45, caught 8 and had several misses. Non of them were very big maybe 10"-13", all caught on the drop shot, either a green weenie or aarons magic. Just curious one of them was a shade of gray, being a rookie basshole why the color difference? Also...
  436. greeper


    Why even askgayz: gayz: gayz: , you've already posted pix of your nuts on this board. Don't sneak up behind me at the LNL opener, then again I'll hear ya from a across the lake.
  437. greeper


    I had to get my daughter to the driving range, she wanted to play golf we me and I promised I'd be there by 11am. I usually keep the tube in my truck ready to go, so launching for a few hours is no biggie.
  438. greeper


    I decided last night I'd give Pudd a try this morning. Arrived at 6:30, was surprised at how dark it was. Got on the water at 7am, and fished till 9:45. Caught two, one about 12" the other a dink, both on drop shot green weenie. I missed a couple of other bites:roll: , did see a little surface...
  439. greeper

    coyote ugly
  440. greeper

    6 Day Kayak Fishing Charter

    nothing wrong with this post to me, sure wish the trip was in June.
  441. greeper

    Smitty no longer in Socal??!!!!

    Hey dude, it'd be cool to get some type of BD discount but remember you're gonna be runnin a business so don't let us cheap bastards run ya out of Biz...
  442. greeper

    Smitty no longer in Socal??!!!!

    Those docs at Saddlebag are definitely an improvement. Smitty you're on the right track, plus getting to know so many people via these message boards, you'll be able to get some real quality insight and feedback. I truly hope everything works out for ya and the business is successful!!! Sure...
  443. greeper

    I NEED DRUGS !!!

    I was thinkin the same thing, I was invited to SARL Friday night but just don't think I can convince myself to dump any money into that shit hole. I think the Football game will be more exciting.
  444. greeper

    Smitty no longer in Socal??!!!!

    Holy SHit that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :chestram2 :lux: :lux: :lux: :lux: :lux: I'm...
  445. greeper

    A river runs through it, rambling thoughts on a trip to Montana............

    Man that is the best damn report I've ever read, just "frickin cool."
  446. greeper

    Pickleboy WINS Costume Contest @ Monster Concert

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  447. greeper


    no shit smitty, that is SWEEEEETTTTT, I hope that works out for ya!!!!!!!!!
  448. greeper

    laguan niguel lake (LNL) floatube only days

    I'm in booked the 16th today
  449. greeper


    dammit, I read this too late, that was some funny shit... Looks like Jeff banned some others for another post also...
  450. greeper

    sierras 9/28-9/30

    awesome info I'll definitely give that place a try, some kid told me about it also but I never followed up on it...
  451. greeper

    sierras 9/28-9/30

    I heard the twin lakes up there and the resv. were goin off. good luck.. I always wondered about the fish springs, do you take Fish Springs rd. to get there, dumb question I know?
  452. greeper

    Offshore Catalina Weekend Report

    I guarantee this is not true, no law enforcement agency can enter your house without a warrant unless someone is in immediate danger, or there is probable cause. Following a guy home and knowing he has been out getting lobsters is not enough PC. Even if they did enter the house, the evidence...
  453. greeper

    sierras 9/28-9/30

    dude you've been too busy killin the salt fish, I'm dying to get back out there on the big pond. I'm hoping to put together something for November.
  454. greeper

    sierras 9/28-9/30

    decided to head up north for a few days of get a way time. Fished for some bass on the way up and did ok. First day I did the hike above Saddlebag, what an awesome place. The lakes were loaded with fish, but I couldn't get many to bite. Finished the afternoon off at Lil Virginia for a bunch of...
  455. greeper

    San Quentin 10/6-10/9

    just take some 20lb, 30 and 40 and you should be fine. The guide will leave it up to you if you want to go outside and try for some YFT. Last month we made the call to stay and slow troll macs around the 240 for YT while everyone else went outside for the big tuna. We made the right call.
  456. greeper

    Sierras 8/31-9/5 Labor Day Goldens & Big Bows Bash w/pics!!!

    Hey Smitty if you're up there again and see Ron tell him my pops says hello, Tom Greep. He'll definitely remember my dad!
  457. greeper

    late 9/5 report Belmont/Seal beach

    just trying to find time to get back out there with golf and the lil kiddies at home it's gettin tough. I would love to get out there with you guys on one of the those Surf Fishin fest.
  458. greeper

    late 9/5 report Belmont/Seal beach

    Hey look who's at BD, nice to see ya here Bos.
  459. greeper

    TUESDAY 9/13: PREMIER - Long Beach/Pierpoint Landing

    Sure wish I could jump in on this one, as soon as my girls golf team season is over at the end of Oct. I'm up for taking many midweek days off.
  460. greeper

    Gotta Love Mexican Music

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  461. greeper

    Labor Day in the Sierra's

    sweet pix, I might give those lakes above saddlebag a try at the end of this month.
  462. greeper

    Sierras 8/31-9/5 Labor Day Goldens & Big Bows Bash w/pics!!!

    Surprised about the Double Eagle, breakfast used to be great there. The guy that owns the place is my dads old Capt. from the Sheriff's dept. Atleast that's what he told me.
  463. greeper

    San Quintin Sept 3rd

    Kelly is definitely the most reliable guy out there, his son Oscar is right behind him. We opted for the 240 our second day while everyone else went out looking for Yft. We lucked out and got some nice yellow tail and lings and other bottom fish. Which panga were you supposed to go on?
  464. greeper

    San Quintin Sept 3rd

    sorry to hear about the slow fishing, what area did you guys fish?
  465. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    nope didn't even think about it, Oscar the guide didn't even give me a rest before he rebaited me and on to my 2nd yellow
  466. greeper

    Best Launch For Catalina

    I thought the bait barges were over at Long Beach I didn't think there were any outside HB harbor?
  467. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    Here ya go Kelly Catian 949-370-6532 You can out on either one of the Pangas with his son Oscar or Chris (both are good, I'd pick Oscar first) or you can go out on the Pilot house boat with Kelly but it'll cost ya 600.00
  468. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    Dude you said it, I already hit a guy up at work about talking his friend into taking his boat outta San Diego next week. It was killin me listening to the VHF on the way home with all the guys hookin up on the Forkies... This is no doubt an addicting drug, I still love the Sierras, but if I...
  469. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    Sure wish I could go back soon
  470. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    What It's all about Decided to chance it and it worked out great. I was a little worried about the weather but we lucked out!!! Winds were not bad, maybe 4-8mph swells were real mild and smooth nobarf . Fishing for 2 of us was pretty good slow for the 3rd guy in our party. We went out with...
  471. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 8/7-8/14

    not sure what happen to my reply from yesterday but in case you never got to read it I'll try again. I'd PM MOT's Sr., he's real familiar with the Twin lakes area, I didn't get the chance to make it up there. I was told from a local that Robinson creek up there was doing well. I was also told...
  472. greeper

    Hurricane Hillary

    I figured there would be some swells just curious of the size and fequency.. I can't find any detailed info and the girl i spoke with at Don Eddies was dumb as rocks.
  473. greeper

    Mammoth tips please!!

    lakes above Rock Creek aren't too bad and not that tough of a hike. Mosquito flats.
  474. greeper

    Hurricane Hillary

    anyone know if this is affecting the San Quintin area, we're supposed to head down there tomorrow morning. I've been looking all over the net but can't find anything re: the wind and swells in the area. All the weather sites say nice and sunny with winds 7-10mph. thanks
  475. greeper

    Cool Bluefin Article from New Zealand

    My old football coach moved to New Zealand and always sends me fishing info, thought this was a nice Article. Didn't know which board to post this.,2106,3386819a10,00.html
  476. greeper

    I'm off on a bowhunt for a week.

    good luck, when I was up at the June 2 weeks ago some guy was scouting the area up above Gull lake. I took a hike up there definitely looked like some prime area.
  477. greeper

    some more Terry Tate... BIAAAATCH!!!

    that's classic
  478. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 8/7-8/14

    thanks guys definitely a blast watching the kids have fun. Sure wish I would win the damn lottery so I could by a place up there. I'll be heading back up for the a me only trip in late Sept. early Oct. Mots I tried to get up to the twin lakes, but once again plans were ruined. How'd your trip...
  479. greeper

    East Cape?

    thanks that's the one place I was told about thanks again.
  480. greeper

    East Cape?

    What's a good place to stay at in the East Cape? Cost? Room, Guide Air? sorry for the dumb questions but I've never been there. thanks
  481. greeper

    heading to San Quintin lookin for info

    Pfish thanks, as of right now the plan was to head down on Wed. morning. We usually don't go through Don Eddies for the panga, we've got the # for the guy who owns the Mellissa II and we should have Antonio as the guide. If they others are up for the East cape I'd prefer that.
  482. greeper

    heading to San Quintin lookin for info

    funny man pickle boy, unfortunately my job starts up in 2 more weeks, gotta get all the fishing in I can. If not SQ maybe I'll jump on a charter. later.
  483. greeper


    How long do ya have to wear the electronic ankle bracelet
  484. greeper

    heading to San Quintin lookin for info

    I will be heading down south to SQ 8/24 to fish a few days. We've decided not to tow the whaler. Last year we had a fairly good experience on the Panga Mellisa II with Antonio (El Gato) for our guide. If anyone has other Panga's or guides they really liked please let me know. Antonio was good...
  485. greeper

    A Sign You May Be Watching Sports Too Much

    that's some funny shit, gotta get my wife to see this one.. ONly 2 more weeks till work time.. damn
  486. greeper

    Coyote tracking guy!!!

    I knew that was gonna happen and it still scared the shit outta me you A hole, nice post .
  487. greeper

    June lake

    sorry may have read this too late, fish deep. Drift night crawlers, power worms etc.. with enought weight to get ya to atleast 30 feet. All the lakes are SLOW right now with the weather and the crowds. some of the creeks are still doing well. Your best bet would be to hike to some of the back...
  488. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 8/7-8/14

    Hit the Sierras with the entire family, 8 kids 2 years to 10 years old. I didn't expect to get much of my own fishing time, good thing I didn't plan on it because it didn't happen. Was supposed to hook up with Timster and Dr. Hook, but I lost my Cell the first day there and couldn't get anyone...
  489. greeper

    Offshore Pegasus 1 day report

    That Deckie holding the Ablie for the female is a solid kid, he played guard for me on my football team. I've been trying to find out what boat he was working on. His name is Cody hope you guys were happy with him.
  490. greeper

    So you find a briefcase on the ground

    don't rub it
  491. greeper

    Four J's Roofing, Remodeling!

    too bad you're down south, we just decided on saving some money and putting on some Certainteed, slate gray instead of tile. We made this choice since not much of the roof is visible from the front of the house and didn't think it was worth the cost. Whatcha think? thanks
  492. greeper

    Los Angeles BD Charter 5/27

    When's the next LA BD charter let's go.
  493. greeper

    Huntington Beach surf, Saturday

    nice report and pix, I was out there last Thursday was gonna fish but way tooo crowded and windy.. I'll give it a try tomorrow
  494. greeper

    Help Buying a New TV Please

    I was told it's not HD in 2006 but all digital so your tv may still work. could be wrong but was told there's a diff between HD and standard digital.
  495. greeper

    Sierra Encore 7/13-7/17 w/ pics!!!

    yet another stellar report from Smitty, dam I can't wait till my August rip. Nice pix also. Nessie great seein ya on this board you tubin fool, you better have some thick skin :cheers:
  496. greeper

    4 Spots Left

    dammit, no I've gotta do some ass kissn, the bro in law arrives in town those days, I'd love to leave town and I'm only minutes away and could personally deliver my ck. I'll ck with the lovely tomorrow, if I get the ok and there's spots I'll drive the ck over if needed.
  497. greeper

    First time surf fishing

    I hate those who crowd, last time out at San Clemente surf fishin I had the same thing two guys come up on each side. Pulled out my heavier rig, put on a 2oz and cast straight across one guys then said opps, and walked across the other guys. Both looked at me completely speechless, I looked at...
  498. greeper

    The bachelor life

    that is just classic
  499. greeper

    newport & the back bay 7-17-05 all in a days work !!

    looks like Nessie finally popped his cherry with the tube, I'll probably be out at NPH on Tuesday with my Yak.
  500. greeper

    LV cop with an itchy trigger finger...... on live news cast

    I once worked with a female trainee who pulled out her nine on a felony stop and the slide went flying off. Then the next night she had an AD with the shotgun and blew the shit out of a tree above all our heads.
  501. greeper

    Camel Toe

    make sure you have the sound turned on this is awesome
  502. greeper

    just sick unless u luv fat women hopefully this isn't a DP
  503. greeper

    July 1 thru 9 on the Red Rooster111

    great site thanks
  504. greeper

    July 1 thru 9 on the Red Rooster111

    I'll give it a try, I usually nose hookem. On of the deckies said to hook it up through the mouth then the nose, but they seemed to die much faster, atleast to me. Then another BD'r said nose hook was much better. I'll look up on the net how to butt hook it. thanks Damn just thinkin about it is...
  505. greeper

    BloodyDecks 1 day Pac voy 8/10

    all the dates keep screwing me up, I'm up for another one after 8/15, I promise I'll stay out of your way
  506. greeper

    July 1 thru 9 on the Red Rooster111

    Hopefully, I'll get in on a few more over nighters or 1.5 dayers before I have to go back to school, gotta love June July and August, 3 reasons I now teach.
  507. greeper

    Question for Boat Ho's

    give me enough time to get there and I'll be there depending on traffic
  508. greeper

    Stone cold killer

    my daughter saw that and asked if she could do that, she's 4 god love her...
  509. greeper

    More Ninja Bassin..7-8...With Pics

    keep up the awesome reports and pix, I have to live vicariously through your adventures since I can't get out as much with the lil kiddies.
  510. greeper

    Getting a charter together

    not sure most of the older guys don't post much and I can't get the new guys to do much. I'm fading from that board more and more each week. Are you also fishguru on that board?
  511. greeper

    Turd Roller Suicide on the flats...with pics as promised

    good luck this weekend, I've gotta get my buddy to bring his whaler back down from Isabella..
  512. greeper

    More Ninja Bassin..7-8...With Pics

    Whoa dude, not all of my boyz are bad people, remember most are just doin their job and it's usually for a good reason. You run the risk gotta pay the price. If I get caught during my ninja excursions and get my boyz don't cut me a break I know it's my own damn fault. I gotta backem up, we just...
  513. greeper

    July 1 thru 9 on the Red Rooster111

    Thanks believe me, I've been reading post on this board and that other one for a few years now, just waiting to go on a long range trip. I've asked a ton of questions, it's amazing how much there is to learn. I learned about the first one on the drift thing on this last trip. A couple of times I...
  514. greeper

    Pickle boy is on 976-tuna

    The Dinos also worked better than the chovies.
  515. greeper

    This is BS

    it's the gov't agencies down there that are fucked up, not the people. Atleast most of the people I deal with I extremely pleasant and willing to help out, of course you have your fucked up Con artist, but we have that here to.
  516. greeper

    July 1 thru 9 on the Red Rooster111

    Maybe someone just needs to teach them, maybe they've never learned. I'm still fairly new at it, but have learned each time out there. Maybe they're not all dipshits as you say, help out a rookie and maybe he'll help you out some time. If you help them out this trip, the next one they won't be a...
  517. greeper

    Getting a charter together

    As long as you don't cut me off with that spectra :) just kiddin I move quick for a big guy. I may be for two, I'll know by friday and post.
  518. greeper

    San Quintin 7/9 - 7/12

    We had Antonio as out guide also, is it the guy that also goes by El Gato? Nice guy but definitely has his own ideas, really had to push him to do what we wanted. We gave him a few nice fish after the first day so the second day he worked harder for us. Thanks for the report, may head there...
  519. greeper

    Offshore The Pickleboy X Carter...the real story

    dammit you're too funny that is classic, great meeting you!!!
  520. greeper

    Offshore More Pix of Pickle boy Charter; Dougs coming out party

    Doug was sure walking funny when we got up to do some fishing, you couldn't take a piss on that boat without some naked blow up chick staring at ya. When I woke up, I find this shit on my tackle box along with a years supply of glow in the dark condoms.
  521. greeper

    Offshore More Pix of Pickle boy Charter; Dougs coming out party

    This will say it all!!! Dougs Gay pride charter gayz: Funny how everyone had one of these on their pillow Dougs coming out Party Mike may have been drinkin too much Pickleboy looks so happy now Ok maybe he's not gay Our mate relaxing in the jacuzzi Doug's Jackpot Albie...
  522. greeper

    Offshore Pickleboy Charter...

    stand by to stand by, I've got pix of doug too tired to post heard something about a Gay pride charter gayz: . Of course I was the semi-rookie on board, but did my best to stay out of the way of the hot sticks.
  523. greeper

    Do NOT argue with cops in Ohio

    dipshits like that pissed me off, I worked with some solid dudes, but there were a few morons also
  524. greeper

    need help

    not a whole lot in the immediate area that's worth much, Puddingstone is ok at times for Bass, bluegil, redear, crappie and cats. You can go up to East and West fork San Gab. river, just hike up a little futher to avoid the crowds. Your best bet is to head to DVL, you can target bass or do some...
  525. greeper

    what branch of the service were you in??

    I've definitely made that a priority, I had all my players put together gift packets and had them sent over along with 10 cases of baby wipes. I've got some ex-football players of mine over in Iraq, always keeping an eye out for them. My pops wasn't military so signing up never really came up.
  526. greeper

    what branch of the service were you in??

    never took the leap, biggest regret I have!!!
  527. greeper

    Offshore Chicken Fight

    I'd love him to try that with my buddy on the boat, he'd wind up in the the drink real quick.
  528. greeper


    Go Broncos Go Bruins, Fuck the Trojans
  529. greeper

    Dougspool charter on the NEW LO-ANN

    doug thanks for putting in the time to organize this, when I (if I) get my boat, you'll be the first to break it in!
  530. greeper

    *** Missing Friend***

    We've been keepin an eye out, although we're in LA county you never know. I'm ex-law enforcement and my lil bro is a DA investigator, we're keepin an eye on activity for that plate#..
  531. greeper

    Bummer at Crowley Lake: Check those Rentals!!!

    yup alot of times your credit card company will do a good job of handling that type of situation. I had a dispute with a jackass window guy, I put a stop on my credit card and he threatened to put a lean on my home. I just laughed at him since I wasn't movin within the next 30 years. My credit...
  532. greeper

    i feel better now

    had some [email protected]$$ throw one of them ground bloom flowers at us on the beach tonite landing about an inch from my 2 year old son. I about killed the fucker, his wife came running over apologizing Big time since she knew I was about to beat the fuck out of her husband.. I told her I accepted her...
  533. greeper

    Bummer at Crowley Lake: Check those Rentals!!!

    what boat # was it? You should have asked for the inspection sheet verifying they cked the prop. Just so you know they can't charge you for that prop, they have to prove to you they ckd it before you took off. They're supposed to ck the boat as soon as you exit the boat. DVL will ck the rentals...
  534. greeper

    Lake George(Mammoth) 7/2 report w/pics

    cool report smitty, lookin forward to more pix!
  535. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 6/26 to 6/30

    FYI I was told by some other guy that Lee Vining Creek was fishing well, we never got the chance to try that place out. Good luck up there.
  536. greeper

    7-2 report

    Can't wait till my son is old enough to head out with me, you're definitely doin a good job pops.
  537. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 6/26 to 6/30

    Doug I'm there in a heartbeat, I love it up there. There's just so many places to fish, sometimes it's tough to pick where to go. We were gonna fish another lake, but I made the call to give Lil Virginia a try since I never fished there before. It was a good call, if I had gotten there in the...
  538. greeper

    Eastern Sierras 6/26 to 6/30

    Headed up for the annual boys trip in the E. Sierras. We always camp at Deadman's creek, it's free and usually not crowded. This year the flow is so heavy the lower camps were flooded so it was closed. The upper was much more crowded than we've ever seen, but we still found a good site and all...
  539. greeper

    All your hogs are belong to us

    I'll be out there on Monday or Tuesday camping at Deadman's creek
  540. greeper

    Fishing boards getting hacked!!! got nailed today. A buddy of mine said two others he visits also got nailed. I emailed him to see what sites.
  541. greeper

    Fishing boards getting hacked!!!

    look out a bunch of message boards are getting hacked by fuckheads :FU: at
  542. greeper

    Newport Harbor 4:30 to 8:40 pm

    Took the Yaks to NPH with Underdog. Caught a few spotties on plastics, clear red flaked worked well. Got a couple on brown ringer worm. Made some bait (smelt), hooked up on almost every bait. Real windy so it was sloppy out there. Fished the CG dock area and some near by docks. Watched some guys...
  543. greeper

    Christina Aguilera finally NAKED!

    Looks like Doug with a pony tail
  544. greeper

    Don't piss off the roommate

    dammit I didn't see that one I hate doin repost sorry.
  545. greeper

    Christina Aguilera finally NAKED!

    <img src="" alt="xtinahot" />
  546. greeper

    Don't piss off the roommate
  547. greeper

    I'm Officially Free!!

    I'm free till September if anyone needs a Man Ho. Schools Our For Summer!
  548. greeper

    Really cool vid of wasting Al Queda with a .50

    one of them sure looked like an arm flying in the air
  549. greeper

    Ninja Bassin' 5-13.....Toads w/ Pics.

    The gig is up Ceez, I got your spot now. I see Bassboy is out there with ya. Yet another killer report.
  550. greeper

    Serious Police Dogs

    yup I've seen both in action and damn they scare the shit outta me. I watched a shep. yank a guy out the front door and down the front steps, the susp was probably 300lbs and that dog made him look like a rag doll.
  551. greeper

    Serious Police Dogs

    I don't know man those Mainois are incredible, I witnessed one save my partners life one night. I've been real impressed with that breed.
  552. greeper

    Triumph Takes On Michael Jackson Supporters

    That was Classic, thanks for that I needed a good laugh. I almost came in my Pj's
  553. greeper

    Do NOT mess with the LA Sheriffs

    Fuck Baca he's a POS, I'm glad I left the dept. most of my partners have left that station, nothing but f'd up supervisors at that place. Ever since Firestone shut down, they place went to shit.
  554. greeper

    Stradic 1000

    awesome reel I have 3 of them, I only use 2lb unless I'm trolling. I like Izorline XXX, not the cheap Izorline you find at Big5. Not everyone carries the XXX, I know Longfins does and SavOn Tackle. You'll love that reel, extremely smooth, only problem I ever had was after I dropped it and bent...
  555. greeper


    did mom even show any concern? That kid will realize in a few years how lucky he was.
  556. greeper

    Crowley 5/27, perch & 'bows w/pics

    sounds good I'll be back up there 6/26 to 6/30 and then again 8/9-8/14I'm losing sleep just thinking about it.
  557. greeper

    Crowley 5/27, perch & 'bows w/pics

    sure wish I was back up there, nice pix smitty
  558. greeper

    Bishop to Bridgeport 5/18 to 5/21

    Convict is open, but the wind was howling there also, met a few guys that left because of the wind. Actually, the water level is going down at Crowley in anticipation for the big run off. Even with the wind there's so many places to hide out at and fish, good luck up there, I'll be back the...
  559. greeper

    Bishop to Bridgeport 5/18 to 5/21

    I'll try and take a photo of the fly they guy makes his own.
  560. greeper

    Bishop to Bridgeport 5/18 to 5/21

    Hey Smitty send me a PM to see if that's the creek you know. I would've like to have done a little more fishing, but I did get a ton of exploring though. I put in a couple of hundred miles just checking places out between Big Pine and Bridgeport. Intake II was definitely a blast, at first I...
  561. greeper

    Bishop to Bridgeport 5/18 to 5/21

    I headed up north to get a break, fished several different spots between Bishop and Bridgeport. Wed. Fished the Owens at Warm Springs for one, water was murky and flowing fairly well. Fished a few creeks and ponds for a few more. Thursday: Crowley in the morning and scratched out limit...
  562. greeper

    headed to San Quintin

    we had a great time with El Gato, he runs the bar "El Gato" right next to the old Mill., I can't remember the name of the Panga, but it was one of the larger ones which turned out to be really nice. I think it was the MellisaII or something like that. I was told by some guys that had chartered...
  563. greeper

    Mission Viejo lake

    sure wish I still lived out there.
  564. greeper

    BD Online Store back online!

    You guys have any visors?
  565. greeper

    Fricken crazy sat night pursuit

    dude make sure you follow through on all the paper work, I almost got fucked back in 93' when I had a similar incident while working patrol. Fortunately for me the laws hadn't changed and I ended up being forced out on a medical, but I got full pay for a year while IOD..
  566. greeper


    Awesome report dude, gotta get my Yak out there soon.
  567. greeper

    Need a BD prayer

    nothing wrong with posting here, you know there's a solid bunch of guys/gals on this board that are here to support you!!! I'll keep your father in my prayers.
  568. greeper

    Legal 420 on the boat

    Smot Poking :git:
  569. greeper

    Legal 420 on the boat

    I'm not advocating the booze either while driving etc.. But my two roommates from college used to swear by the grassy shit. They were 4.0 students, they got high every morning, during finals they were getting high right before the test. I said WTF, they said since they study high they need to...
  570. greeper

    Legal 420 on the boat

    I couldn't agree more, I'll never understand why anyone would be fucking stupid enough to bother with that shit. I love it at concerts when someone lights up and blows that shit at me, I grab the joint and shove back in their fucking face :FU: . They're too stupid to fight back.
  571. greeper

    Sniper Practice

    <img src="" alt="hugdoggies" />
  572. greeper

    more of the fat kid
  573. greeper

    Just back from the Sierra opener

    sweet report I may head up there in 3 weeks. I'll have to give your technique a try.
  574. greeper

    I'm jonesin'

    wasn't there from what I here it was WFO at Crowley and the weather was great.
  575. greeper

    horney kid

    thought this was hilarious
  576. greeper

    DVL 5/01

    Thanks for the info dude, that's pretty much what was working for me at the last DVL tourney. Depending on weather I may be heading to DVL on Thursday
  577. greeper

    night time bassin

    sorry dude completely forgot bout that, definitely take your time, need ya healthy again to entertain us all!
  578. greeper

    night time bassin

    I'm up for it what dates would you be looking at! Doug if you get this set up Beers on my your choice.
  579. greeper

    night time bassin

    Hey die die, I know I kept holding it out and my buddy kept shoving the camera in my face. They were only 1.5 and 2.5 maybe 3lbs. Wait till my next post it'll look huge.. Hey doug you serious I'm in
  580. greeper

    night time bassin

    yea man, I hit 40 and said shit, I aint gettin any younger. So when we gonna get a group together and charter a 6pac or something, I need you pros to educate me more and the salt. I've got my toriums in the garage ready to go.
  581. greeper

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    that's for sure!
  582. greeper

    night time bassin

    more night bassin at a local pond 4 bass for me 3 on hula popper 1 buzz bait, I missed several hits they were hungry tonight. my buddy had several misses on a frog lure and finally hooked up on a lizard. He kept getting to excited with the frog, didn't wait for the tension. Kept all of...
  583. greeper

    Kimo vs. Bob Sapp

    They're not human
  584. greeper

    Heading to Mammoth for openers

    good luck you're gonna freeze your ass off. I'd say if you had a boat troll Crowely. Sure wish I could go this weekend. Take some pix.
  585. greeper

    DVL 4-27 (pics)

    sweet report glad to see ya over here you young punk :D I've been DVL twice and haven't caught one bass, and it's because I suck at bass fishing. I can only catch them in golf course ponds.
  586. greeper

    Meet my other #69B Sportin Wood AKA BPFED

    Great Bio dude, I had many partners just like you when I was LASD so I know you're a solid guy. As for priorities I admire you with your family and the foster children. You're a CLASS ACT!
  587. greeper

    Grant Lake pictures 4/24/05

    thanks for the pix, makes me kinda glad I'm putting off my trip up there for a few weeks.
  588. greeper

    Mots 368 LB T Shark Video

    that's just f'n unreal, I've gotta get me a boat.
  589. greeper

    night time bassin

    hey atleast you've got some DD's to gander at, I've got a pair of small AAA;s. it was cool sneaking around, made me feel like a kid again.
  590. greeper

    night time bassin

    did some more ninja fishing with underdog from 8:30 to 10:00. We each got one, I had some short bites and UDG lost a nice one on a buzz bait. Ummmmm Ummm that bass was good in fried butter and garlic :wink: :wink: :wink: JUST KIDDING!!! Sorry BC didn't call ya, it was a last second deal...
  591. greeper

    WFO Newport Harbor 4/21

    those Chinos are dougs best friends :) Sweet report, I may hit the harbor Wed. night for some spotties in the weather improves.
  592. greeper

    4 Pound Spottie With pics....WFO on the toads! 4-22

    dude you're killin me Awesome report your on :jumpin:
  593. greeper

    Don't Drink Too Much at the Company Party

    how the hell do you people find all this crap, I spend so much time watching your videos I don't have time to find this great stuff.. She's searching as we speak.
  594. greeper

    ninja fishin at a local golf course

    too funny:), the best part was I opened up this board in my classroom and one of my students made the comment, "Hey that dude looks high." I lost it when that happened.
  595. greeper

    Irvine Lake Spaz Clinic 4/19 w/pics

    I've had a few of those days this year I know how you feel. I've only caught a total of 4-5 trout from Irvine out of 3 trips there.
  596. greeper

    ninja fishin at a local golf course

    decided to do some ninja fishin at a g.c., had to wait for Underdog to clean his room, his boss wouldn't let him out of the house till it was done. Underdog got one nice bass and got punked by a few others. He brought along a snagger buddy :lol: :lol: with him who got one dink. I'll keep him...
  597. greeper

    Lindo Lake - monday 04/18

    cool report he'll remember those days forever
  598. greeper

    LNL Friday

    SURF&FISH4life where were ya, were you one of the three guys at the end of the walk way? you should've said something. see ya on the water sometime.
  599. greeper


    glad to see ya on this board
  600. greeper

    who sells matt lures bluegills?

    maybe not sure
  601. greeper

    LNL 4-15-05 w/ chuy dawg & greeper

    Thanks CD now you're tryin to make me feel bad. I woke up late so I didn't get a chance to ck the boards. Looks like it was a good thing I forgot the waders, it turned out to be your Good Samaritan Day!
  602. greeper

    LNL 4-15-05 w/ chuy dawg & greeper

    he doug you promised to do some editing of my photos and shed a few pounds off me :mad: Hey it was nice fishin with ya, lookin forward to hittin up NPH with ya, as long as you promise not to start any trouble :)
  603. greeper

    LNL Friday

    arrived a little late, my dumbass set the alarm for 4:30 pm not a.m... Got on the water and heard Dougspool clear across the lake, farming trout after trout LOL Any ways I'm tired so I'll make it short, turned out to be a great day for me, CnR'd approx. 30 trout almost all on power worms, got...
  604. greeper

    LNL tomorrow, whos goin?

    sounds good I'll look for ya, you should call doug I think he has an extra tube, I have some XL waders and extra fins.
  605. greeper

    LNL tomorrow, whos goin?

    You can probably get a few, I'll probably be hitting up the bass in the late afternoon early evening. I'll be hanging out waiting for the traffic to die down before I head back..
  606. greeper

    LNL tomorrow, whos goin?

    I'll be there b/t 6 and 7am probably fish till 6-7pm
  607. greeper

    Puerto Santo Tomas 4/9 - 4/12

    do you need a 4X to take that road? is there a website for the loc? I'd love to take my Yak down there
  608. greeper

    Anyone know this boat?

    Hey there pickle boy you sick sick bastard :jo: I thought you said your wife was back home so you could relieve the blue balls.. I never kiss n tell.. I was hoping to find her dad, he took me on my first saltwater trip to cat in High school and I caught my first and only yellow tail. Now...
  609. greeper

    Lnl 4/8

    it's a sweet place to fish, not the cheapest becasue they charge ya 10 bucks for the tube, but IMHO it's worth it. THe bass fishing is great right now with the added bonus of great fighting trout. It's definitely a perfect lake for tubing! You always have the chance of hookin up a good size cat...
  610. greeper


    man when I'm bored I love reading this shit, too too funny.. I'll be tubing the lake, my fat ass will be in a Big Fat Cat. I'll probably get there between 7 and 7:30. Nothin like a dancin pickle and talk about someone's lil chubby :)
  611. greeper

    ok lets brag

    thanks it was pissin me off couldn't figure out what the hell I was doin wrong, damn rookies.
  612. greeper

    ok lets brag

    gotta hold it closer to the camera to make it look bigger, my 6lber from the Vine
  613. greeper

    Sierra Trout Opener - Burrrr SNOW!

    damn I was planning on heading up for my first opener, guess I may putting it off. Upper twin is my favorite lake to tube, it's so small, but they have killer spots for some bigguns...
  614. greeper

    Anyone know this boat?

    of course I want to find the old flame :jo: Naw actually I truly was trying to find him, he kept his boat at San Pedro. I was kinda hopin he was still fishing the local waters and I could talk him into taking me out. In high school he took me to Cat, for a poor kid growin up, that trip on a 55...
  615. greeper

    Lake Mission Viejo 4/9/05

    great report and pix, sure wish my wife didn't make me sell my house in MV.
  616. greeper

    Anyone know this boat?

    Has anyone ever heard of this boat the KYMAGNUM? This was the name of my old High School girl friends dad's boat. I remember in high school he was a hardcore Bluewater guy, and did lots of those Marlin tourneys. Now that I'm into fishing alot I was gonna try and get ahold of the guy. I was...
  617. greeper


    Hey Doug kiss my fat white ass :ASS: :asshole: I've got skin as thick as a walrus. I'll be at LNL on Friday, probably fish sun up to sun down so I can avoid the traffic for the drive home.
  618. greeper

    Dvl 4-2-05

    sorry to hear bout the slow day Pontoon, glad to see ya on this board.
  619. greeper

    newport back bay /4-10 fun & excitment

    I wouldn't worry about editing it, they won't do a thing about something like that. Thanks for the call sorry I couldn't get out there with ya. Sounds like I could've done some warming up for softball season. You're definitely entertaining!!!
  620. greeper

    Lnl 4/8

    :beerbang: :lux: As of right now I'm goin back on Friday. I'm definitely lookin forward to the Eastern Sierras. I may go to the opener and experience the ZOO at Crowley, then I'll be back up there in June and in August..I can't wait :jumpin: :lux: :beerbang:
  621. greeper

    Lnl 4/8

    Gave LNL a try yesterday from my tube. Trout fishing was extremely slow to non existent. I only saw a couple caught by the shore people and maybe a handful from the boaters. There wasn't any specific bite, people caught them on everything. I dragged and jigged power worms, the mouse, lip...
  622. greeper

    9.2 lbs bass

    sweet pix, there's a golf course in the IE I'd really like to try, it's pretty loaded with lakes hint hint
  623. greeper

    Nph 4/6

    noooooooooooo way would I keep any spotties, nor would I keep anything I caught in a harbor. I usually fish for the spotties with my Yak, they're definitely a fun fish to hunt with 6lb line. I say :FU: to all who keep spotties gunz . I've heard they don't taste that great anyways barf . May all...
  624. greeper

    Puddingstone on my Yak with Underdog

    Fished with our Yaks today at the Pudd. We were anchored up in a cove when this [email protected]$$ in a nice bass boat goes right in front of me, between my Yak and the shore (there was maybe 30-40 feet between me and the shore). He said he was goin for some bass in the bushes that he caught the other day...
  625. greeper

    Nph 4/6

    A buddy (unfortunately he's an S.C. fan) :FU: :FU: and I decided to do the skiff thing for the day, heard about some great bay reports. This was the slowest day I've had at the Harbor in 2 years. A couple small sandies, a spottie, one short Hali and one pesky Mac. We had a few hard...
  626. greeper


    fishin at the Pudd can be tough, it really gets hammered at times. You can always catch that random monster. I'm so close to the lake, it's nice to fish it if I want to be on the water for a short time.
  627. greeper

    Charter Newbie

    thanks comp. was down didn't get the message till it was too late.
  628. greeper

    Charter Newbie

    I'm not a rookie with the salt, but I'd still consider myself somewhat of a newbie. My buddy's boat is out of service and I'd love to get over to Cat for some WSB or Yellowtail. I've never done the party boat scene, but I have no choice right now. I'm free from my job all week, are there any...
  629. greeper

    Banging Bob Thread

    Dammit I spend all day at some kids birthday party and look what I miss. Doug you had to be shiattin in your pants
  630. greeper

    Laguna Niguel,April 1,05-Epic

    damn Bobby is sweet lookin :drool: , I'll prob hit up LNL on Friday, I haven't been able to hit up LNL all season.
  631. greeper

    Hoel Coral Ensenada Info Please

    thanks for the info guys, I forwarded everything to my buddy, now do I go or do I stay home and play it safe :jo:
  632. greeper


    Needed to get out of the house, called the Underdog to get off his lazy snagging butt and do a few hours of fishing. Fished from 5-7pm once again nothing for me, Underdog hooked up with a decent one on a small crank. I tried plastics, cranks, storm baits for nada. Here's the snagger himself...
  633. greeper

    It's Officail

    you poor demented queer sole. gayz: was that your audition photo for Queer eye for the Straight guy :jo:
  634. greeper

    WELCOME to our new Freshwater members!!

    You touch me I kill ya
  635. greeper

    WELCOME to our new Freshwater members!!

    Hey be nice you might offend me doug, I'll have to report you to the moderator and have you banned fu3, Hey I heard Irvine wanted to hire you as a pro staffer :) .
  636. greeper

    WELCOME to our new Freshwater members!!

    I'll have to move this up to the top of my fav list, looks like I'll be spending more time in front of the screen. I might even be able to talk a lil shit without offending anyone.. Hey Maybe Mike King would like to come join us on this site :)