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    Okuma Inshore Fishing Rod and Reel

    Link: Rod: - Lightweight, sensitive graphite rod blanks, ALPS Stainless steel double footed guide frames, ALPS Zirconium oxide inserts for braided line, EVA fore grip for reduced weight and feel...

    Seeker Inshore Fishing Rod BCSW 808-8T

    Link to pictures: From website: The Blue Lightning Inshore Series rods by Seeker are composite design combined with high density S-Glass matrix and military spec longitudinal graphite fiber...

    SKIPJACK bow pulpit questions

    The time has come to add a bow pulpit to my 25' SKIPJACK. I have put off all projects because I have been fishing every opportunity that I have. I intend to use the pulpit for casting live bait to marlin and jigs to breaking fish. I also intend to use it to keep my anchor secured and at the...

    Offshore 60 mile Bank and Beyond - 11/29/17

    Put the boat in a slip at Seaforth Marina on Tuesday night. Launched Wednesday morning at 0400, picked up 2 very healthy scoops of sardine and pointed SEA LEVEL at a 245 degree heading. Our first stop was at 0700 on a kelp about 8 miles south of the 182 high spot which produced 1 Yellowtail...

    2010 Toyota Tundra parts

    2" wheel spacers, 1 pair. $20 or 12 pack or beer Bilstein shocks, rear. $20 or 12 pack of beer Thanks, Dave

    Steering cable, battery box, spotlight

    Too much stuff in the garage. 6-7' steering cable with outboard connection. $20 or 12 pack of beer West marine "sea volt" battery box. $5 or ? Garrity spotlight. Has carrying case and charger. Needs new battery. Never been used, brand new. $10 or 6 pack of beer Thanks, Dave

    Trolling spread for striped marlin and dorado

    fishing out of Oceanside this weekend targeting marlin and dorado on the troll / bait n switch. Just seeing what spread has worked for those who have hooked one and other reasons to mess around with the gear. Spread patterns? Wake placement? Deadly combinations? Thanks guys

    Offshore 178/182/NW of N 9 - 6/16/17

    Launched from Dana Landing at 0400, picked up a very healthy scoop of 6-8" sardines, and headed southwest near the 178 where the water temp and chloro had a good break. We got near our numbers and there was life everywhere. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins, 2 of which really liked the boat...

    FOR SALE: Shimano Curado 6.2 300DSV

    Shimano Curado 6.2 300DSV Bait casting reel Fresh 50lb Izorline spectra 10/10 mechanical 8.5/10 cosmetic $140 obo Thanks, Dave


    Avet SXJ 5.3 Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Fresh 50lb Izorline spectra 10/10 mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetic $150 obo Thanks, Dave

    Coronado Islands - 5/25/17

    Launched from Shelter Island at 0400, picked up a very healthy scoop of mixed sardines and mackerel, and cleared the point and headed southwest to the Coronado Islands. We made a quick stop at the Whistler Buoy, but couldn't see any life through the binos so we continued on towards the islands...


    Avet SXJ 5.3 Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reel Fresh 50lb Izorline spectra 10/10 mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetic $150 obo Shimano Curado 6.2 300DSV Bait casting reel Fresh 50lb Izorline spectra 10/10 mechanical 8.5/10 cosmetic $140 obo Shimano Calcutta 200 Bait casting reel Fresh 50lb...

    WTB Shimano Tranx 300HG and Shimano Tranx 400HG

    WTB Shimano Tranx 300HG and Shimano Tranx 400HG New or used in good condition. Looking for local pickup in San Diego. Thanks, Dave

    Introducing the Pelagic Red Crab Flat Fall

    This was an old black anchovy 130 g Shimano flat fall that was chipped and beat up from a day of fishing Bonita. I sanded the lure down and applied four coats of interchanging fire-orange and black paints, followed by high gloss clear coat. Let me know what you think.

    Rapalas PRICE DROP

    11 in the lot. 4 - CD 18 4 - CD 14 1 - XRAP 2 - jointed $80 local pickup PRICE DROP $70 Thanks, Dave 760-201-7309

    Need recommendations for bow pulpit/paint

    Bow pulpit: Looking to add a bow pulpit to our 25' Skipjack. Please see attached picture for what I am considering. Is 45" long enough for my boat? In conjunction with the pulpit, I will be modifying the existing bow rail and could use some recommendations for that as well. Paint: I have the...

    WTB Pulpit

    Looking for a pulpit with or without railing for my 25' Skipjack. Thanks, Dave

    Kona fishing boat-ho for July 1st - July 2nd

    Good morning BD, I'm traveling back to Hawaii and will be on the big island for a few days. I was hoping to fish on a PB rather than a charter, but would also share a charter with anyone who will be there on July 1st or 2nd. Please let me know if your available! Thanks, Dave

    Anyone willing to share where they've been finding the mackeral

    Looking to put some macs in the tank in the dark before we head out tomorrow. Anyone care to share a spot that's been producing consistently? Thanks in advance

    Looking for advice on the purchase of a 23' Blackman Albacore Special

    I have gone to inspect this vessel and it is beautiful. I saw that the original owners sold it via Bloodydecks. It was purchased from original owners and refurbished during 2015-16. I am trying to justify negotiation pricing. I would love to have your input. Any red flags? Please see below...

    WTB: UPDATE, WA under 24' with 4 stroke outboard power

    Thanks guys, Dave. No projects. Budget of $25,000.

    SOLD!!! Boston Whaler (custom refit) BEACH DAY is a one-of-a-kind refit 11'4” Boston Whaler. This boat was purchased in Florida with its original mahogany side console tender layout and refit in 2015 when the boat was brought to San Diego. From fishing, to diving, to...

    Looking for Skipjack expert to finish final steps in rebuild

    This post is on behalf of my cousin (mattschmid1), who has done a beautiful job rebuilding a Skipjack Flybridge 24. His rebuild has taken the course of a 6 year project and now he's ready for a Skipjack expert to finish the final steps in rebuild and get the boat in the water ASAP. He's ready to...

    Is the San Diego fishing the islands or offshore tomorrow

    Is the San Diego fishing the islands or offshore tomorrow (sat)? Thanks in advance

    WTB seeker inshore rods

    Looking for seeker coastal, blue lightning, inshore, super seeker etc. matching with avet sx/sxj. Let me know what you have thanks!

    Offshore Wahoo heartbreak 15 November

    Left with only troll gear from MB to hit the weather window before the gale warning. I got out to the hundred hundred fathom curve and zigzagged my way south. At about 930 I hooked up on the mean Joe Greene down the center. I circled around and hooked up again on the same jig. The wahoo shook...

    Wahoo focus tomorr

    keeping an eye on the weather, my window for an offshore trip is tomorrow. I've studied all the temp and chloro charts and have an idea where I want to drag lures but haven't heard of any recent activity as far as those still targeting these fish. The weather might show up early and would...

    WTB Super Seeker 80 or 100lb class rods

    Looking for 2 Super Seekers for my 2 AVET 30w reels. What do you have? Also willing to consider others in the same line class. Thanks

    For sale: * * * Okuma Andros A-S-602MH rod $75* * *

    Okuma Andros A-S-602MH rod with Okuma rod sock All ALPS hardware $75 local pick up Only a dozen boat trips, mostly in the rack. Make an offer! I need to make room! Thanks, Dave

    Zukers and trolling jigs

    SOLD!!! 16 jigs, rigged and ready. Zukers, daisy chains, tuna clones, a few from Hawaii. P-line with mustad hooks. $80 for all. Thanks

    Offshore 0-5 Wahoo Report - Oct 24, 2015

    When will it be my turn? I've been to Oceanside's outer banks and inside ledges, Catalina's slide, Mission Bay to La Jolla Canyon, Coronado Canyon, Point Loma's border line up to the 9 mile bank and its inside/outside ledges, and the ENTIRE length of 100 fathom curve. I've trolled 5,000...

    Newport, Oregon vacation. Looking to boat ho or charter recommendations.

    Good morning. I will be in Corvallis for a family vacation and the wife gave me the green light for a day of fishing. I was hoping for some information on fishing Newport. I am planning on fishing Wednesday October 28th. I would love to fishing with fellow BDers, but if that's not possible...

    Offshore First local Marlin 9/28/2015

    Fish of a lifetime! Me and my buddy (smalltackle on BD) departed shelter Island on DALE'S WHALE at 430am on Monday under a bloodmoon with hopes of one of those big marlin or wahoo. EBBCO provided us with great bait, 5-10" sardines, and we were off to Zuniga Jetty to catch mackeral. The...

    Offshore (Pic heavy, post 1 of 2) Boston Whaler rebuild and an epic shakedown trip 9/20/2015

    After three months of eight hour days working on the boat and a test run at Oceanside Harbor with the wife on Friday, BEACH DAY was ready for a fishing trip. I had been really wanting to fish an area southeast of Catalina's slide, so I departed from Oceanside and left on a south west heading...

    WTB bait tank 10 gallons or less

    Looking for new or used! Thanks!

    Best combo unit for under $400

    I fish coastal waters exclusively and usually use Lowance products. I don't know enough about the other brands at this price point to compare, can anyone recommend anything? I'm also open to used units in good condition. Thanks in advance!

    Offshore 9 mile bank 6/25/2015

    Launched solo at daybreak from Shelter Island, cleared the point and headed to the North West 9 mile bank. About 3 miles west of the point I came across breaking tuna but they looked in the football size range. I pushed West and found porpoise but had no luck. I stuck to the plan to check out...

    Rod holders that accomodate jigstick butts

    Do they exist? Thanks

    Need advise on surf fishing NW Nicaragua

    I have been searching the internet for information in that region, but have had little/no success. I am assuming the fishing will be much like baja in terms of what to expect. I am bringing a 11' Lamiglass Extreme Surf rod matched with a Okuma Cedros CJ-65S loaded to the brim with 65lb braid...

    Coronado Islands 4/2/15

    Departed SI @ 0600. Good mixed bait. Bump and swell water 66-68 Islands @ 0730 North island birds and boils Cast on boils big fish x 2 Headed south towards rockpile Turned around when we hit green water Rest of the day chasing birds for bonito and barracuda Seas cooperated on the ride home...

    Newell reels (4) and 2 SaltyDawg custom Kencors

    Good morning guys and gals. Just wanted to share a link I have on Craigslist. Nice Newell reels for sale! Just serviced and ready to go! The rods: 9' Jig stick $200, 7' Live bait stick $175...

    Coronado Islands Report 09/26/14

    Left Shelter Island around 0530 on DALE'S WHALE. Loaded with good sardines, we left the point headed south for the islands. Started on the weather side of north island for no-go. Mexican Navy boat in a bar-pat on the lee-side of south island. Slow trolled the middle grounds headed south for...

    Headed to Old Bahama Bay, West End, Bahamas

    Hey guys, I'll be heading out to the Bahamas in a week for my anniversary. We are staying at the Old Bahama Bay Resort and have unlimited use of their paddleboards, kayaks, and Hobie catamarans. Whether on foot or on one of the aforementioned paddle-craft, I am looking for any tips on gear. I...

    Looking for fiberglass work on a 24' Skipjack in San Diego...

    Any contacts or recommendations on a fiberglass guy in San Diego? Thanks in advance!

    Hollywood, FL shark fishing

    I've spent a few nights sharking in the last week. It's a great way to break out the big gear and hear that much loved singing of a loud clicker. Brought 2 to the beach for a catch photo release and lost many. Baits used were jack cravelle, Bonita, and bluefish. The photo taken at night was...

    Need help on braided line i.d.

    Hey guys, just picked up a Newell 641-3 off of ebay and it came with almost a full spool of braid that looks to be in good shape. I'd hate to waste it, but am afraid of trusting it. The previous owner can't be contacted so I need help with the identification of the braid. Description...

    Bearing removal

    Hey guys, just picked up a NEWELL 641-3 and took it apart for a much needed servicing. Inside I found the the bearing on the outer side plate is stuck to the spool sleeve. With out doing any damage to the reel I wanted to ask the experts first! So far I've tried the obvious with no luck. Any...

    Another "that guy" story...

    Went for a walk on Hollywood Beach with my wife after work and the conditions were perfect. Had my light spinning outfit with a pompano jig tied on just in case I saw anything on our walk. Hooked a fish and handed the rod to my wife and she did a great job! Landed our first flounder. Solid...

    Looking for rod builders in South Florida

    I have a set of rods that Saltydawg started for me and I am now relocated in the Fort Lauderdale area. I was looking for some local knowledge on where and who to go to. Thank you in advance!:hali_olutta:


    The conditions look prime for tomorrow (Nov 6) to do an offshore paddle with my SUP and 2 other kayaks. I have been trolling the inshore reefs, up to 1 mile offshore, using small and large rapalas and small suraface trolling jigs. I have only been able to catch Jack Crevalles up to 5lbs for my...

    Anyone out there looking for another fishing partner?

    I just moved to Hollywood from San Diego. I'd like to partner up with some fishing buddies. Anyone out there who would like to fish with someone rather than alone? Hit me up via message! Dave

    New to Hollywood Beach Florida

    New to the area and am trying to find some biting fish. I have a SUP to fish from and have tried the local reef in front of Georgia St. I was throwing a krocodile with no luck. Any tips on a local sopt I could fish this afternoon? Salt or fresh? Thanks in advance!:hali_olutta:

    Fishing on Sunday? New to area and dying to fish!

    Hello everyone in the PacNW! My name is David Froning and I just got stationed in Seattle about 4 months ago aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Midgett. I have been very busy and extremely eager to explore the Sound! I finally have some free time! I would love to share expenses on a trip if...

    Just received my orders and headed to Seattle...

    (move to correct forum as needed) I am about to make my way up North to Seattle for work. I am just about to finish my training in the Coast Guard and am reporting to USCGC Midgett the 31st of January. I know Seattle has a lot to offer for fishing and am looking forward to learning about the...

    Shimano Teramar Inshore Series TCM-90H

    Shimano Teramar Inshore Series TCM-90H 9' 25-40lb Heavy action:fast 9.5/10 Saltydawg is building a set of rods for me and I no longer need this $125obo Thanks for looking ~ David call or pm (760) 672 - 0453:hali_olutta:

    Added a T Top

    Just added a Fishmaster T-Top to our boat. We have 12 rod holders to add. The rod holders are weld-on. They obviously wont all fit on the back of the top, so, any recommendations on how many to put in front? Any recommendations on the angles of the holders in front vs. in back? Thank you in...

    Three Arch, Laguna Beach Questions

    Headed up to visit a friend in Laguna tomorrow and I have a few questions about the current surf fishing conditions near Three Arch. Is there a lot of broken up kelp in the surf making it difficult to fish? Are there sand crabs in numbers? Is the surf as small up there as it is down here in...

    Deadliest Catch Tonight has been a rough one...

    Those guys are part of something really special up there. My heart goes out to the families who are involved in such a dangerous way of making a living...Capt Phil Harris was exactly what they said "A father, a captain, and a friend"

    Islands, flats, and Whistler Buoy No Fish Report

    Made it to the islands in the mixed swell by 6. Started on the hook in middle grounds with fish showing themselves but no love. We did not see anyone else bendo either. Made a move to the west side of north island and couldn't get anything to go. Threw flylined dines, surface iron, and yoyo...

    Seeker, Shimano, Penn, Fin-Nor, Calstar

    Penn Senator 113HLW 4/0 - 10/10 mechanically, 9.5/10 cosmetically, spooled with new ande 50lb, $90 Hook um by Seeker spinning rod HE 196-7' S 10-25lb - paired with a Fin-Nor spinning reel, $100 Calstar 860 15-40lb 8' - custom wrap, needs grips replaced, $50 Shimano...

    Are Mex Fishing Licenses still available online?

    I saw a previous post that provided a link to buy a Mex License online, but the link did not work. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

    Green Islands...Blue Water...Yellow Tails...

    Since my boat partner couldn't make it down to fish on Wednesday, and I had the itch to get on the water, I decided to take a 3/4 day boat to the islands. It has been a long while since I have stepped foot on a party boat, part due to the fact that I have been in Hawaii the past few years and...

    Any Bders going on the San Diego tomorrow?

    Trying to see if anyone plans on going on the San Diego tomorrow. I will be there with a fellow Bder lookin to get my first yellow of the season! Hope to see you on the boat! -Dave:hali_olutta:

    Kaena Point Shorecasting Q's...

    Aloha~ Headed out to the point to camp tonight and brining my 6/0 and 13' shorecaster. Should I use tako or whip for live bait? Also, has anyone ever used the baby tako they sell at foodland? Thanks~ Dave

    A BD facebook style?

    How nice would it be if BD was set up in a similar format to facebook. Direct communication with fellow fishing buddies across the globe! Faster replies to questions yada yada yada...but then none of us would get any work done! On a serious note, what do you guys think about the idea of...

    Mitch's Shootout Report

    Aloha BDers~ I got the opportunity to fish on a beautiful boat :drool:this past weekend thanks to Mike (jagerhunchback) :Death_To_Above: and Eric (grander007). Thanks once again guys. Day 1- Heading towards P buoy, hanapa'a early with a small mahi that we kinda let go. Nice weather and nice...

    Ala Wai to Koolina 10/23

    Had to help a friend out with the delivery and haul-out of a 55ft Riva. We had a nice spread of lures, hung on the 40 fathom curve, and got nothing. Water was a little churned up, birds were spread apart, but it was nice to be out there on such a beautiful day. The boat made it on the blocks...

    Anybody need 1 more pair of good hands for the Hooters tourney?

    I would love to get on a boat. Please, somebody needs 1 more pair of helping hands. I am good luck.hahaha David Froning 760 672 0453

    Would love to join a team for Hooters Tournament...

    I have the money to share costs just no boat! The captain"s meeting and payment deadline is tomorrow if anyone wants to put together a team aloha~David Froning

    Weekend Cali trip wrap-up...(8/5-8/9)

    With summer school in full swing and duties as a groomsman...a weekend was all I had for my California trip. Having not been home for over a year, I was looking forward to this trip. I knew it was going to be quite a weekend as I had wedding obligations and a fishing trip planned. I flew in...

    Magic Island Saturday

    Since I live 3 blocks from the park, I decided to go kill some time throwin some small lures along the shoreline of Magic Island. The park had the standard crowds of bbqers. At the end of the island someone was seriously ready to catch something with about 10 ulua rods in their spread. With the...

    Shangri La afternoon...

    Got some great company to visit me on the mom! With my 30+ attempts at catching the infamous Ulua, I figured I needed to target a different species to see if I could get bit. Well, I tossed out a fresh dead opelu on the long stick and two rods with chunk shrimp. I got bit...and my...

    Anybody going fishing Sunday and need 1 more to split costs?

    I live in town and am going crazy reading all of the Bloodydeck's reports on the Ahi getting slayed. I can help on gas, cleaning, or whatevs the captain needs. I just have the fever to get some fish. Aloha!-Dave

    Business Statistics

    I know...math homework right?:zelfmoord Help put a kid (me) through college. I am stumped on these problem sets and I know my fellow decker's have the brains.:urno1: Attached is my homework set that I can't seem to figure out.:confused: This is coming from a Bus 311 class at the University of...

    sailing to molokai - any heads up on the fishing?

    any info on the current fishing conditions over on molokai? i will be setting sail friday night and will be on the island until monday. we we be trolling of the sailboat, fishing from kayaks, and throwing plugs from shore. Any ideas on catching live bait with a sabiki, is it possible? Aloha...

    This and that... has been awhile since a post has found its way out. I have been busy to say the least. I have been on the island for a year now, and fish, well, I've tried. The following pictures are an account of my last month or so. I am blessed to have the opportunity to sail on my good...

    any ideas on putting a forward mini console w/hardtop, launchers on a 14ft aluminum?

    there are 3 rows of benches on a klammath...attach the wooden console to the first row, seating / gas cans second row, remove third row and just add extra side support, and high railing around stern. Has anyone seen a set up of this kind on a small boat? Too much on a small boat? It would be...

    Cocktails and sharks...

    After a long day of school I was happy to join my buddy aboard his family's 65ft sailboat for drinks. The fisherman that I am, I can't be on a boat without a line in the water. I just can't completely enjoy myself knowing that there might be that fish of a lifetime underneath me and I don't have...

    Could I use Hawaiian shorecasting techniques in Costa Rica?

    Going to Costa Rica March 12th - 28th on a surf trip and wanted to take my Ulua fishing gear with me since my 12' rod is a 2 piece and will fit in the board bag...could I use the same slide bait, circle hook rigs there for any success with the jacks? Or...maybe even huck some of these :jig:with...

    Ulua Setup for the rocks...

    This is Dave out in Hawaii here, Ala Moana Oahu to be exact. I have been out of fishin for awhile because a car ran me off the road on my bike and I ate it on a metal plate on the street and busted my knee up...well just got the stitches out and am abouth ready to use my leg again and get back...

    Maggie Joe Sportfishing Report

    I just recently started working with Maggie Joe Sportfishing out of Kewalo Basin Harbor on Oahu. My first trip was a half day Friday on our boat "Mazel Tov", a 43ft Hatteras. Captain Kai and 1st mate Matt and I had 2 clients for the trip. The gentlemen were very nice and happened to provide...

    Offshore New home...old pics

    I feel like a "fish out of water." I just moved to oahu and haven't wetted a line in a week. I keep reading all the posts from home (san diego) and neeed to get some out here. I am in contact with a gent out here so hopefully I will get out soon. By the way...I am located in ala moana if anyone...

    Just moved to Moana Pacific

    I have just made the move to Oahu, 2 blocks away from Kewalo Harbor to be exact. I would love to make a contact with anyone out here who needs a deckhand. I would also love a contact on a good rod builder because I brought some blanks out here that I would like to have finished. I love to...

    Buddy boater proposition...

    a friend and i are doing our annual trip to the 9 in his 14ft klammath. it is pretty sick shore launching and landing with tuna and dorado...not saying that we are going to do that this trip but we sure will try. it would be cool if someone else wants to bring their little aluminum and be...

    solo lj yak sesh

    So got a late start, but i had the whole day off of to the launch and met "the Screamer", it was very nice meeting you and hope you had good luck today on the water. As for me, I swung way wide north on my way out and figured i'd troll through my thresher numbers from last...


    My next door neighbor is going down there and has 2 days off of a job and asked me for any suggestions...I've never been, but I'm sure some of you have...any suggestions for captains / boats would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave

    pricing on a wrap job?

    I just picked up 7 blacks at the show and was wondering the price range for simple setups...thanks, dave

    2 BDer's sighted on the way to work

    My drive to work is only 3mi and I saw two cars with the BD sticker. One was a green Tundra with the license plate "9MIBANK", which is the sickest custom plate I have ever seen. The other was a grey suburban. I live in La Costa I saw both cars near alga road. Just a shout out...

    Charter for small group in cat?

    Hey guys, I am heading out to Catalina on Jan the 25th thru 27th for my birthday with a few buddies. I know bloodydeckers know all the right people, so, I was looking to see if any of you charter boats out there, know of charters out there that actually fish hard, or any kayak fishing...

    Does anyone have a spot open for tomorrow?

    Looking to fish with anyone going out. Boat is taken apart and I really dont want to get on a cattle boat. Ill be up so please respond. Thanks a lot! Dave

    charter for a BDer on Oahu?

    Going to Oahu Sept 2 - 18. Looking for a boat ride to the fish while I am out there...I have all the equipment if needed. Perfer a small boat (center console) as opposed to a sportfisher. Thank you in advance, dave

    o'side kayak sunday / 9 mile monday

    so...i got the fatty wsb last sunday and figured what the hell lets try it again next sunday. on the water by 4 off by love. saved the skunk with a 3 pound sheepshead on the sabiki and a smoothhound shark...haha yippie not. So it was a nice day and a long paddle for nuthin oh well. my...

    There are no fish in Oceanside...right?

    My last couple of posts have been about my broke down boat...which gave me reason to take my kayak out for a ride on the pond. My cousin has been bugging me to go out with him for a while and he lives in Escondido so we decided to stay local, and since he has never been anywhere but a lagoon on...

    lj manana

    is anyone planning to paddle lj tomorrow? i have been doing the offshore thing for awhile and thought i could use the exercise. suggestions on going off of blacks or to the kelp?

    1978 sea craft cc / 115 johnson oceanrunner

    Hey guys...i am in a dilemma and always seem to find solutions to my problems with you guys. My boat is like my girlfriend...i love it and i hate it. I had to turn around 22 miles out the other day due to a problem with my motor. I have done trial and error 5 times on five trips now and the...

    Offshore ran into albacore...

    jumping on the outer edge of the nine on our way in from the 182. tried to sneak up on them but it turns out they were headed straight in my direction and i pulled up too hot. saw a couple jump completely out of the water 10 feet off my bow. crazy to see them so close to home. we got our...

    I need tc w30 oil for my boat trip in the am

    does anybody know where I can get some...launching at shelter by 530. (gas stations nearby that might have it?)

    LJ Friday Solo...Mr T

    Well, I picked up a new ride to keep me busy while my boat is out of business and had it rigged by Brian at OEX. Decided Friday was the day to tke it for a test run. I arrive at LJ shores at around 545 and the surf was a lil sloppy, so I sat back and watched a couple of guys get wet before I...