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  1. f1sleepy

    GP900 reaper Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    I really like the way the short, multicolored fades pop in the sunlight!
  2. f1sleepy

    Double San Diego Jam Knot for Line to Line Connection?

    For whatever reason, I've had zero failures with the double uni, but a few with the RP knot. I really like how the double uni puts all the load on the wraps, and not so much on a bight.
  3. f1sleepy

    Some extra stuff for starting rod builders or?? GONE!

    Where in San Diego are you located?
  4. f1sleepy

    New Custom Kencor 9' jigstick

    Free bump because I love these blanks. My 8' version is rated 15-40 lb. if that helps.
  5. f1sleepy

    UC bent rods

    Anything specific you want to see?
  6. f1sleepy

    UC bent rods

    GP 76 Predator 20 lbs:
  7. f1sleepy

    The Honest Opinion on 50lb Jigsticks

    I use a BTG 6480 as a dedicated 40 lb. rod for chucking iron and love it. I'd feel pretty comfortable fishing 50 lb. if I really felt the need, but I never have. I've caught several 30 + lb. YT down at Cedros that I had to drag up with an extra 50 lbs. of kelp and the rod handled it no problem.
  8. f1sleepy

    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    Use anti seize on the stainless studs and find out the torque spec from Okuma and torque to spec when reinstalling. The anti seize will prevent the corrosion issues that will always happen when two dissimilar metals are joined together and proper torque will prevent the studs from coming loose...
  9. f1sleepy

    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    Thread locker is great when used appropriately. From the pics it looks like they use way too much. All it takes is a single drop for anything on a fishing reel.
  10. f1sleepy

    DFP Clamp

    Where are you located?
  11. f1sleepy

    Free Titanium Guides!

    Fingers crossed, haha.
  12. f1sleepy

    Komodo handle choices

    I actually like the power handle on both of my 471s. The ball is super lightweight foam and after several hundred casts throwing surface iron with it, I've never had an accidental engagement. It seems pretty unlikely to be honest.
  13. f1sleepy

    How They Made Kencor Rod Blanks Question

    Custom wrapped rod? Possibly an 800 cut down to 7'? Pretty drastic cut if so, but it could explain the large tip.
  14. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo coating

    Yes, the reels are otherwise awesome. I like them so much I bought 3.
  15. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo coating

    The coating is awful on the komodos. Unfortunately, it is a known gripe, but it's not enough of a concern for Okuma to address it.
  16. f1sleepy

    Uc gusa cousins blanks

    Headed to San Diego area anytime soon?
  17. f1sleepy

    UC new lineup, worth it?

    I'm finishing up a GP76 predator right now and can't wait to fish it. It's amazing how light weight it is for a 50-100 lb. rated rod. I think it will be a perfect 60 lb. rod and would be a great match with a mak 15T. I'm pairing it with a fathom 40nld2.
  18. f1sleepy

    2016 Parker 2120

    Free bump. 99% sure we live in the same neighborhood and I drool over that boat every time I drive by it.
  19. f1sleepy

    Fish eye problems in finish

    JimTrelikes on here recommended G4 epoxy a while back. I finally had a chance to try it recently and it was much nicer than the flex coat epoxies I've used before. I don't have much experience to draw from, but if you're looking to try something new, give it a shot. It was very easy to work with.
  20. f1sleepy

    Penn Fathom 60LD2 Reel cover

    The extra small fits the 40nld2, so it should fit the 60 as well.
  21. f1sleepy

    Cedros Corona Status

    They're closed.
  22. f1sleepy

    Offshore SA 80 Cortez bank

    53 lb. on a certified scale. Not mine but I was standing right next to him as he hooked it 😄
  23. f1sleepy

    Offshore Frustration on the Fury.

    The Fury is a great boat! Marcus and crew treat everyone with respect and they always work hard to put you on fish.
  24. f1sleepy

    Accurate Fishing reels 35% off!!!

    It's just whatever they have in stock. Mostly the standard colors.
  25. f1sleepy

    Accurate Fishing reels 35% off!!!

    Turner's in San Marcos is participating as well. Just know it's limited to stock on hand.
  26. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    I have the same issue. It's incredibly minor, but it is a little off. The universal design means everything is a compromise. I wish manufacturers would just design the reels to utilize a clamp now that they see how the reels are actually being fished.
  27. f1sleepy

    DFP super clamp

    Thanks guys, but I'm not going to be able to drive that far today or tomorrow. Looks like hose clamps and shrink tube will have to do for the time being 😄
  28. f1sleepy

    DFP super clamp

    Looking for a Durans Fishing Products super clamp in North County. Preferably in large, but can use a small. I know it's a long shot, but trying to get it in the next 2 days. Thanks!
  29. f1sleepy

    Lexa 400 CC, Lexa HD 400HS-P

    If the fathom falls through, please let me know. I'll take it.
  30. f1sleepy

    Reaper Reaper

    Thanks for the reply! I ordered some as well and I'll give it a try on a GP 76 predator I'll be wrapping soon.
  31. f1sleepy

    Reaper Reaper

    What is it that you like about the epoxy, and who makes it?
  32. f1sleepy

    First time wrapping...

    Thanks for all the kind words guys! It was a lot of frustration and fun at the same time, and now I'm hooked.
  33. f1sleepy

    First time wrapping...

    Yes, it's "Electra metallic black" (looks pretty grey in person) that transitions to regular black just before the guide. If I were to do it over I would have used a standard metallic black though.
  34. f1sleepy

    First time wrapping...

    Decided to take a stab at wrapping a rod. Guide wraps are super simple to match a couple other rods I already have, but went for a fade on the butt wrap. All comments welcome, I'm here to learn! Uncut, Seeker CJBF65H I picked up on the classifieds here. Alps components and Batson foam grips...
  35. f1sleepy

    Where to buy Elmer's rubber cement 1 qt.?

    One small bottle should be enough for several rods. It really doesn't take THAT much.
  36. f1sleepy

    Calico and Yellowtail rods for Cedros

    For the 400, you might like a BTG 6480. That's what I used my last trip down there paired with a 400 series bait caster and loved it.
  37. f1sleepy

    Calico and Yellowtail Rods

    For fishing YT down there I like to fish 40 lb. setups, while some prefer 50 lb. Fishing the Calico with light gear is fun, but I probably won't be taking a dedicated bass rod anymore as an 8' bait/surface iron stick setup with 40 works fine for bass fishing too. Plus, you never know what you...
  38. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo

    The 400 series komodo might be a bait caster, but it's not your typical bass reel. These large bait casters are very strong and were intended to target much more than bass and will handle 25-30 lb. fish of various species all day long.
  39. f1sleepy

    ? Attaching Hypalon grips.

    Not sure what's up with the embed feature, sorry.
  40. f1sleepy

    ? Attaching Hypalon grips.

    Tried this method recently and it worked flawlessly: <iframe width="370" height="208" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  41. f1sleepy

    Seeker blanks Lb &oc trades.....

    Thanks Danny, super easy transaction with a great seller!
  42. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo

    If you're panga fishing the sandy bottom shallows at Cedros, then you can get away with the 300, but otherwise I would be weary of doing so. You would be much better off with the larger 400 for the sake of line capacity and it would be easier on you physically as well. Fishing the deeper waters...
  43. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo

    I've never heard of anyone having that issue with any of the komodos. There has to be some freak defect or other issue that caused this!?
  44. f1sleepy

    Okuma Komodo

    I love my 471P! It has way more cranking power than I expected for the size and gear ratio, enough to easily pull on 30 lb. class YT all day long. I plan on picking up a 300 series for fishing the kelp like another poster already mentioned. My dad has been fishing his since right after they came...
  45. f1sleepy

    Komoto SS rod clamp

    The old style Duran clamp is better than the new super clamp least specifically when mounting a komodo. The super clamp design makes it more difficult to mount to a komodo and it's bulkier, which makes it less comfortable in the hand.
  46. f1sleepy

    Real world Cedros gear info?

    I take a 40 lb. bait stick, a 40 lb. jig stick and a 15 or 20 lb stick for making bait and throwing plastics for calico. I also take a backup reel and plenty of 40 lb. mono to replace the top shot on the bait stick as needed. This year I fished a kelp cutter rig with a 3 ft. or shorter leader...
  47. f1sleepy

    Level wind reels?

    It's on a Calstar BTG 6480 I had wrapped specifically for fishing down there. I love it!
  48. f1sleepy

    Level wind reels?

    I took a brand new okuma komodo ss 471 down there a couple weeks ago and loved it. I set it up with 65 lb. power pro and ran a short leader of 40 fluoro. I had it on my jig stick and fished the surface iron almost exclusively because it was too much fun. My dad has been using a 300 series komodo...
  49. f1sleepy

    Cedros Advice

    My fish lasts a full year without issue. I generally finish the last pack within a week or two of heading back down there. Like others have said, Rosie knows processing and she has Cedros Sportfishing setup with a commercial processing station and vacuum sealer and the crew is well trained!
  50. f1sleepy

    Komodo SS

    Larger diameter braid doesn't cut through like the smaller diameter 50.
  51. f1sleepy

    Komodo SS

    I actually prefer the way it casts with 65lb much better than with 50. The extra abrasion resistance was nice for when the fish tried to rock me too. 65 doesn't cut the kelp the way 50 does, but it doesn't cut through my finger tape either!
  52. f1sleepy

    Komodo SS

    Just throwing it out there, but I just spent 4 days using the 471 on my jig stick throwing surface iron for Yellowtail in Cedros, and it performed flawlessly. I ran 65 lb. power pro with a 40 lb. fluoro leader and had no issues, even when 90% of the fish ended up in the kelp. I managed to land...
  53. f1sleepy

    Cedros Advice

    With Cedros Sportfishing, we tip the captain $35-40 per day per person when there are three of us on the panga. If there are only two of us, $50-$60 per day. At the end of the trip we tip the lodge staff about $200-$300...basically, plan on tipping about $500 total for a six day trip.
  54. f1sleepy

    Cedros Advice

    Correct. They used to be called Cedros Adventures but changed their name...probably for this exact reason!
  55. f1sleepy

    Cedros Advice

    Cedros Sportfishing (formerly Cedros Adventures) is arguably the best outfit on the island. I'll be headed down there in a couple weeks for my fifth time and can't wait! Traditionally August is the best time to catch a lot of yellowtail between 25 and 40 lbs. with 50+ sprinkled in. September and...