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  1. Tito califishing

    Local Offshore bluefin

    Was out today and landed a nice one. Fly line dean on 30#floro south west of the islands. San Diego fleet is the spot.
  2. Tito califishing

    Offshore The San Diego at San Clemente WTF

    Fished the San Diego this weekend and These guys are dope. 50 miles from the dock fishing Clemente. They not only took us to the fish but told us how to catch them. Hats off to the crew, they were awesome. I was lucky and hooked 3 and landed 2. All caught chucking jigs 2 on the 120g colt and 1...
  3. Tito califishing

    Islands Coronado islands 3/27

    Launched Shelter Island 5:30 and traffic was light. Got to Pukey 7:30 and by 9 it was a parking lot. Tried yo-yo for yellows all morning. Lots of meters but no love. Water 60 degrees. Salvaged the trip rockfishing. All on squid.
  4. Tito califishing

    Tmc86xh wanted

    If you have one in SD county let me know. Im on the hunt for one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Tito califishing

    Offshore 8/2 on the 182

    Launched MB at 8:30 a.m. Picked up 1/12 scoops of deans and headed straight west. Cruised upper 9 for no luck. Kept going west and finally got a few just shy of the 182. We found a cattle boat with tons of birds so I slid in, we instantly hooked 4 and landed 3. Our bait was all done so we headed...
  6. Tito califishing

    Offshore 7/19 fishing on the Old Glory

    Jumped on The Old Glory for some yt. I brought my boys along and my eldest caught the last fish about 4 pm and won the jackpot. We pretty much stayed west of the nados all day for a couple of paddies with juvenile yt and a couple of yellowfin on the troll.
  7. Tito califishing

    Coronado island on fisherman 3

    Just came back from a 3/4 day charter today. Beautiful day and yellows to be found. We only brought home 12 but that's very good for all rental rods except for mine. I brought in 2 out of 4. I snapped one off and the other was stolen by a sealion. This boat has a great crew that was fun to be...
  8. Tito califishing

    7/4 la jolla report

    Got to La Jolla about noon. Nice blue clean 70 degree water. Managed to catch 1 short barracuda . I didn't see any signs of yellows so we went rock fishing. I ended up with about 2 lbs of fillets.
  9. Tito califishing

    la jolla fathers day yellow

    Beautiful day out today. Sun was out and ocean was nice 68 water temp. Didn't buy bait today. I wanted to catch maks on sabiki and drift for yellows. I need practice on the sabiki I only caught 2. Got tired of fishing for bait so I started fishing. Tied on a white yoyo jig and pinned on a squid...
  10. Tito califishing

    96 oceanpro 150 quick start

    Quick start doesnt seem to be working on cold start. I have to advance throttle to fire this engine up. Also I pushed spark cam roller forward to advance the detent plate and it made a couple of clicks forward. I dont know the exact position it was in before so I just clicked it back a few...
  11. Tito califishing

    Is it True?????

    Im not going to let the cat out of the bag. Took family to mariners point today to bbq and swim. Was listening to vhf and heard some radio chadder that one could call BS. The New Seaforth only came back with 13 fish in the P.M.. Does fishing suck or are they looking for a good score close to...
  12. Tito califishing

    Offshore 8/4 302

    launched 7:30 from dana after troubleshooting my engine. Did not want to stay on. 67 degree water and blue. Light wind chop today. found a couple of patties with nothing on them. Trolled rapalas for 4 hrs with no luck. About 2:30 I decided to head straight for la jolla where I ended up with a...
  13. Tito califishing


    Do you need a visa to go to mex on your own boat? I jumped on a 3/4 day and visas were not required fishing the islands.
  14. Tito califishing

    Big bait big fish 5-12-12

    I had the late launch 10:00 from dana in mb. Got bait that was perfect for yellows but a little big for the butts. My game plan was head straight for lj and sit their and hope the yellows popped up. On the way out I decided to try a couple of drifts for the hali's. Boy were we reworded with a...
  15. Tito califishing

    shimano tyrnos 2 speed 149.99 -199.99

    just got one at big 5. My first two speed. Any reviews out their on this reel.
  16. Tito califishing

    lowrance 337 cdf transom probes temp problem

    My temp gauge doesnt work and im trying to figure it out. On my transom I have 3 things, the transducer, speed wheel, and a black plastic stick shaped like thing. Im thinking this stick is a temp probe, it has a tiny metel tip and looks hollow hooked up to a hollow tube that goes into my hull...
  17. Tito califishing

    los barriles 11/11-11/14

    Went on a company trip to Palmas de Cortez. Weather was excellent, food was great, and the fishing off the hook!!! 12 Guys 5 billfish, 20-30 dorado 20-40lbs, and about 10-15 yellowfin tuna 30-60lbs for us. I'll upload a couple more pics when I get them from the other guys. Tuna straight east of...
  18. Tito califishing

    Summer at home winter at Point Loma

    Went out today into cold, choppy, windy conditions. Only good thing was the 1/2 scoop of bait we made with the umbrella net. Most fish we ever caught in our boat. Came home to 100 degrees. Weird.
  19. Tito califishing

    Safe snorkling spot in Mission Bay for Kids.

    The title said it all. Kids want to go swimming, I want to go boating.
  20. Tito califishing

    7/31 halibut for dinner

    Launched Dana 6:00 and headed south. Hit the wide open cuda bite off IB then headed south for some sand bass. Found the parking lot and fished it from 10:00-12:00 for only one sandy so I headed for the island. No life here so we decided to fish Point Loma kelp. Started drifting dines and I was...
  21. Tito califishing

    Kids kill yllows on the San Diego

    Went out today on the San Diego. Kids fish free day and they put us on the fish. Kids got a chance to bring in the yellows. My kid is on the left jackpot winner. Anyway the yellows are close to home for all the inshore fisherman under the bird schools and it looked like their headed towards LJ.
  22. Tito califishing

    anchor help ?

    Last season I lost three anchors in La Jolla. Is their any tricks out their on getting your anchor out of the kelp. It seams like every time I anchor in La Jolla I'm buying a new anchor.
  23. Tito califishing

    coronado island on the prowler 5/29

    First time on the Prowler. Buzz fished hard and isn't scared to burn fuel. It was great fishing on a boat with only 20 people. Mostly a barracuda bite with only one yellow on the yo-yo.
  24. Tito califishing

    YT on the San Diego

    Went out on Sunday on the San Diego . I got lucky and came back with two Yt. One for me and one for my son.
  25. Tito califishing

    LJ kelp first time out

    Just bought my first boat, a 21' striper. Took it to La Jolla on Saturday for the first time and hooked up with the bonito, barracuda, and yellow. Great day, good fishing, couldn't ask for more the first time out. Found our 2 yellows at the bottom.