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    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    Does the Carefree boat club have any limits on how far south you can go? For example, 425, 371, Upper Hidden? To the other guys, yes, I have had my own boat for 10+ years, but the club has been great up until this year. Step on, step off, no boat cleaning or maintenance.
  2. surfkast

    Freedom Boat Club reviews?

    I've been a member for the last 5 years, and it has been great the first few years. I highly recommended it to friends. This year (like everything else this year) is a different story. There has been really rapid growth, and it's been really hard to get boats. Also, there have been many more...
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    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    Yeah but did you get any dorado or rockfish? LOL Congrats. I really like the half pilot house too. What kind of boat?
  4. surfkast

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    use fishing finger tape. I've been getting a lot of cuts with these wide open dorado bites trying to release the little guys. Broke out the finger tape.
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    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Yes, not holding fish.
  6. surfkast

    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Heard it was reported to the CG this morning near the 425. We saw it above the 371 so take care guys heading out at night. Oh yea limits of dorado out there. A few pounds bigger than last week.
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    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Very nice and great pics. What is fishing the life jacket?
  8. surfkast

    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    All on sardines, we only trolled a little. Once we found the dorado they would bite every cast on the bass rod and mini rapala. They would have probably bit a bass worm.
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    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    OK, I added a link to an mp4, you can try that one.
  10. surfkast

    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    Bring the bass rods. Small to medium sized dorado and mixed yellowtail at the upper hidden bank. All on kelps. Video attached of hand feeding the dorado:!At6kvMi3rw7XiTWBRhpxZeSCApUU?e=hMpbjL
  11. surfkast

    Offshore Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    Nice video. A suggestion, I would use an 80 pound bite leader and switch out that treble hook for an Owner assist hook. Less pulled hooks that way and you won't get bit off.
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    Offshore Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Great job. Looks like the storm didn't push them away.
  13. surfkast

    Offshore Old Glory Hole

    I've been on that boat. Once.
  14. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Hey guys I just wanted to provide an update on this to perhaps act as a warning. I've been using the Scopolamine pills from Denton's for the last year or two. Right away I noticed they didn't seem as effective as my other bottle from Stevens, but mostly worked if I took them every 4 hours...
  15. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    The Key Wests and the Defiance boats have trim tabs which I agree do help smooth out the ride. Cutting boards and deck brushes on every boat? You guys are spoiled up there. That would be great down here.
  16. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Bob, yes one yellowtail speared and viz about 20 feet. That bluefin foamer stayed up a long time and would have been very divable. If we weren’t hooked up right away on 20 pound we could have had a good shot at them diving.
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    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    For sure, let's get you and TC out there.
  18. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Thanks Tony, yeah the washdown wasn't working so we had to do the bucket trick to clean the decks. After owning a boat for 10 years, it's hard for me not to run around cleaning the boat.
  19. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    The Cobia hull rides nice. I don't have any complaints. I still prefer the club's Key West 24's due to the bigger bait tank and it's just a bigger boat.
  20. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    We were doing a fishing and diving combination trip.
  21. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Haha, yea we washed down the deck.
  22. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    We departed the slip on one of the club’s Cobia 22 center consoles at Dana Landing about 6:45 AM this morning. Got a full scoop of bait (some went into a bucket) and off we went towards and 302. We picked up 3 yellowtail on a paddy halfway to our destination and then settled in near the 302...
  23. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    I always wondered about that too. I have usually cut the gills and put it head first into a bucket of water for 5-10 minutes for good results. I know long range boats all spike and bleed right away and I have heard of inserting a wire along the spine but I’ve never done that.
  24. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    I dropped it off Friday night and picked it up Sunday. Update: We ate some as sushi last night and it was good. I think we just had one fish that wasn’t bled out fully. Feeling better about it now.
  25. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    I just picked up my fish from the processor. This was the first time using five star. I have used Fishermans for many years, but I liked that 5 star had a night time drop off. I’m a little disappointed with the quality of the end product. There were some whitish pieces and some bloody pieces...
  26. surfkast

    Offshore Epic 2 Day on the Outer Limits. WFO BFT 9/4-9/6

    Wow, that last pic of the deck! Awesome.
  27. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    5 star has drop off after 7 pm
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  30. M fish pics

    M fish pics

  31. surfkast

    Offshore At Least We Caught Some - 9-6

    home made fish processing stickers?
  32. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    7CCBDC90-A558-4040-9DBE-67C6A20DC686 by surfkast posted Sep 7, 2019 at 8:36 AM935561A0-A0D7-4617-8A43-128B092B8836 by surfkast posted Sep 7, 2019 at 8:35 AMI took a break from private boat fishing this summer and jumped on the Liberty yesterday for a full day offfshore trip. Departed at 5:30...
  33. surfkast

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    Yeah I wouldn’t eat that. That long stringy one in the middle. Yuck.
  34. surfkast

    Offshore Pride incident

    We were at the 226 yesterday. Private boaters need to give some space too. We saw a Parker stop upwind and pull right on top of the Endeavor’s lines and in their chum line about 100 feet away. The captain got on the loudspeaker and yelled at them to go fish off the bow. Also, while we were...
  35. surfkast

    Lost hoop nets 3/5/19

    GO ID for missing nets is 1026442593. One found, thanks Mark and BD!
  36. surfkast

    Lost hoop nets 3/5/19

    Posting for a friend who lost a couple of hoop nets in SD Bay last night due to a bad batch of lights. All lights went out. He said they are the rigid raised nets and have a depth marking on the top of the buoy and the PVC canister style bait cages clipped on. Any help would be appreciated.
  37. surfkast

    Sheephead recipes

    Steamed ginger fish
  38. surfkast

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    Someone just got bit wearing this one. Check out the shark shield which has much better tests.
  39. surfkast

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons

    I was diving in the group to the left of the kayak group. On one dive I saw something gray coming at me but it turned out to be a small seal. That should have been my first warning. Then we heard the screaming. The screaming was so loud we thought it was a joke at first. I asked him what...
  40. surfkast

    Offshore Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    The picture might not tell the whole story. We waved a sporty in once on a monster loaded Kelp and as soon as they came over they all hooked up and made their day. Later they called us over and passed us burgers and beers in bags on a gaff. Awesome day.
  41. surfkast

    Shark attack in Encinitas

    Looks like he is exposed extend to make a full recovery!
  42. surfkast

    Offshore sw of 101

    We were down there too. I couldn’t believe how close people were getting to the sporties, easily within a jig stick and right in their chumline. We stayed far away, chummed up our own school and had doubles going all day.
  43. surfkast

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    Good thing you guys weren’t offshore!
  44. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    It was actually less than this and no insurance.
  45. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    An update on this: I wound up getting the pills from Denton Prescription Shop in Texas. I mailed them a paper Rx and they sent the pills via fed ex. Very easy and happy with the results. Thanks Geo-Fish.
  46. surfkast

    Offshore Freedom overnight 9-6 BFT

    On the Penn Senator! Love it.
  47. surfkast

    Islands on the chew 8/31

    Thanks, yes we did bleed them and ice them down. I'm actually a member of the BD ice police, and we just took them out for a photo.LOL
  48. surfkast

    Islands on the chew 8/31

    Yeah I was in a 22 CC and it was doable but not great.
  49. surfkast

    Islands on the chew 8/31

    We fished on Friday, with a leisurely 7:00 AM departure and headed to North Island after getting some small, but pretty good bait from the SD bait barge. Bait lasted all day. Crossing was a bit bumpy and mixed up due to the 7 second swell. We fished North Island first for a bonito on the...
  50. surfkast

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    How many people just zoomed in on the picture?
  51. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Good to know. That’s right where I go. Update: Negative on North Coast in Encinitas. I just called them. Yes on Denton’s in Texas. They just need an electronic or physical paper prescription and will fed ex
  52. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    @GEO fish Stevens RX just emailed me and referred me to Denton’s as well. Did Denton’s mail the pills out to you? What was the turnaround and approximate cost per pill can I ask? Sounds like a good source.
  53. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Thanks for replies. I will check them out. I also saw one called Fusion Compoundimg in LA. Yea I was bummed because I had a whole bottle at like $2 per pill vs $20 a patch. Plus it’s easier to control the dosage with the pills. That adds up if you fish a lot. Those little pills are like gold and...
  54. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Hi All, I used to get Scopolamine in pill format (the old Scopace that is no longer manufactured) from Stevens Pharmacy in Costa Mesa. I see they are closed now. Does anyone have another compounding pharmacy that will make these in pill format with a prescription? It's really the only sea...
  55. surfkast

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    Looks like a premature untie. I’ve seen it a few times before there. KInd of a shame with such a nice boat.
  56. surfkast

    Coronados Fish report and restricted area

    Fish report: lots of fish everywhere, go fishing. Restricted area off South Island. Let’s not mess up the great fishing down there by getting too close to the tuna pens. There have been reports of people tying off to the pens etc..
  57. surfkast

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    El Jefe had a splash well hatch open as well and running the boat back at speed cleared the water.
  58. surfkast

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    So there was nobody at the helm for a 2 hour drift due to the wide open bite? The visual part I can somewhat understand, the not hearing it on the radio is harder to understand since it sounded like the broadcasted it for a long time. Glad everyone is safe and good on the other boat for...
  59. surfkast

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    They can't find anything wrong with El Jefe. It's sitting in the slip.
  60. surfkast

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    I spoke with the club. The boat in question is a Cobia 22 center console with 150 HP, Mr. Padre. My understanding is the splash well hatch was open or came open and took on water for some time and then flooded which shorted the bilge pump. I'm sure the guy that was on the boat can give more...
  61. surfkast

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    I'd like to hear the details as well. I've been in the Freedom Boat Club for 3 years without a single issue.
  62. surfkast

    Offshore Long day 9 - 1 but no skunk

    Good job. We were out there listening to you guys on the radio. We picked up a small YFT on the troll a few miles west of the 9 trolling the dolphins, and called it out. Couldn't find the BFT but sounds like we were close as we looped the 182.
  63. surfkast


    Great boat! I was on there the day before. Agree with your review. Captain Taro puts you on the fish, the food and service was top notch. Bunks make it an easy day. Fish are bled and put into Rsw. True long range style for a 3/4. Highly recommended that boat.
  64. surfkast

    Offshore Thursday run for tuna 6 29 2017

    Likely bonito. We caught 3 bonito at the north 9 yesterday and there were up puddling/boiling like tuna. I saw one completely clear the water, very strange.
  65. surfkast

    Offshore Rpt.-Thur.-06-14-17 The 302,226 and 371.

    I was out that day. It was brutally slow. No yt on paddies and barely saw any breezers. Just putting hours into the kite. Some day.
  66. surfkast

    Offshore Why do we keep going fishing?

    Nice work sharing the school.
  67. surfkast

    Offshore Royal Polaris 3-day.

    Congrats sounds like you guys got the best of both worlds, big bft and some yft in one trip. In fact you did better than most guy's whole season in one trip.
  68. surfkast

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    We were out there yesterday around 2:00 it was pretty wet and windy but nothing i would consider dangerous. I wonder what happened. Stay safe.
  69. surfkast

    Offshore You have to kill em' guys...... Big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    That's what a lever drag reel is designed for. Bump it up at deep color.
  70. surfkast

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Awesome Dave! Very cool pic too. Thanks for helping me understand the kite techniques when we talked a couple of weeks ago.
  71. surfkast

    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Congrats. We heard you out there. We flew the yummy all day for nada. Sounds like you guys were the lucky/skilled ones that day as it seemed pretty slow overall.
  72. surfkast

    Offshore Giant Bluefin Video..

    The stuff of dreams. Thanks for the videos
  73. surfkast

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    Nuts! At least you got some shoulder cut.
  74. surfkast

    Offshore bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Congrats. Lost of experience needed to land that fish.
  75. surfkast

    Offshore 9/25 425 area WFO w/ Wahoo

    Heard you guys on the radio. Nice work!
  76. surfkast

    Offshore Fri 8-27 181

    Correction. Fished Thursday 8-27. We looked for kelps around the 181. Didn't even bother to troll. Water was grease calm and easy to see kelps. I brought bags of extra frozen from the last trip for chunks. Every paddy or open water school we would set up a nice chunk line and long soak. We saw...
  77. surfkast

    Wednesday lazy report

    Hey Kelvin, i sold the whaler and am going to do the boat club thing for a while. Sounds like the new skiff is treating you well.
  78. surfkast

    Wednesday lazy report

    Lots of fish. 20 off La Jolla. Sardines.
  79. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    This would actually work. Haha.
  80. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    I was fishing the Coronados once when my rectifier went out earlier in the trip. I had not been watching my voltmeter. All electricity was gone. The boat shutdown as we were slow trolling and it would not restart. We were dead in the water. 4 stroke EFI needs juice for electronic fuel...
  81. surfkast

    Offshore WOW! Done by 8 AM

    egg rolls and paddle boarder, too funny. Awesome, congrats.
  82. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    Thanks. All good points! Plus no slip fees or storage costs in the garage.
  83. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday 8/2/15

    Fat one. Congrats
  84. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    Price reduction to $19,750
  85. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    Thanks Willdoggy. A little sad to see her go.
  86. surfkast


    absolutely insane! congrats
  87. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    There are 4 rail clamps, 2 on the front console rails, and 2 on the seat rails.
  88. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    Thanks. I am sad to see her go. But she will make someone very happy.
  89. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    SOLD SOLD SOLD bought this boat brand new from Schock Boats in Newport Beach. I am the original and only owner and have kept it in my garage since I bought it. This boat has been serviced annually first from the Boston Whaler dealer, and later from a local certified Mercury mechanic. I will...
  90. surfkast

    NOAA news: BFT bag limit - 2 fish per day will start on July 30, 2015

    ugh. how do you fit a big tuna in one bag? I wonder how the sporties are going to do it. e) Restrictions on Filleting of Tuna South of Point Conception. South of a line running due west true from Point Conception, Santa Barbara County (34°27′ N. latitude) to the U.S.-Mexico border, any tuna...
  91. surfkast

    Offshore Inshore yellowtail Friday

    Fished Friday 17th. Left mission bay with large sardines at 5:30 am. Plan was to fish Oceanside for tuna. Half way up we stopped on a small paddie and toss a sardine. I'm bit and I see a dodo jump so I figure I have a small dodo. The the fish starts peeling line and sounding and I'm thinking...
  92. surfkast

    Offshore 7/14 big BFT!

    Wow! Biggest on rod and reel that I've seen in the reports, amazing! The torium is a single speed right, how long did you fight that? Can I ask you how you landed it, 2 gaffs or tail rope and did it go nuts in the boat?
  93. surfkast

    Offshore 7-14-2015 La Jolla YF Tuna

    Been doing more San Diego knots myself. Also short 25 foot mono topshots on bait rods make it easy to change out every trip or 2 using the RP knot. Thanks for the report we all have those days.
  94. surfkast

    Offshore 7/14 Wide open in La Jolla! Tuna and dorado

    wow, great work! how long did it take to cut those up?
  95. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Sunday 12th. Don't know how to change the title from my phone.
  96. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Thanks Kelvin. I still have the picture when we got all those dorado and yellowtail back on your boat.
  97. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Water temp was 67 to 68 all around the 9.
  98. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Agree dorado is great eating, especially after eating yellowfin for days! Red and white halco about 4-5 inches long. Cedar plug was plain cedar and shorter one and waaaay back.
  99. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Fished Sunday at the 9 mile bank. Left MB and headed off of La Jolla on the inside of the north nine and then north of the north 9. Picked up a nice yellowfin on a halco trolling inside and north of of the N9. Did a loop back down the 9 and back to MB. Around the middle of the 9 the plain cedar...
  100. surfkast

    Offshore 182 yellow fin

    Great catch! You must have had a lot of 25 pound test on that reel. The fish seem to be getting bigger every week in the reports!
  101. surfkast

    Offshore 9 Mile Blank 7/5

    Wahoo. I wouldn't be surprised this year.
  102. surfkast

    Offshore Big BFT, YFT and a Rat

    Wow, that's a big one, and close! This season is going to be good for the tackle and reel manufacturers as I need to upgrade.
  103. surfkast

    Offshore 62 lb yellowfin

    Nice one! I felt your pain on the 30# last weekend.
  104. surfkast

    Offshore We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    Thanks guys. Silver rapalas and short cedar plugs got bit on the porpoise. One lure got destroyed. Good grade of fish out there. Notice the rear hook wire bent out.
  105. surfkast

    Offshore We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    Fished today Sunday with my friends Andrew and JD. Weather forecast was not great so the plan was to stay close and west for an easy ride home. It was a tough ride out and we couldn't go fast in the 17 footer so we just trolled out to the 9 mile bank. Jd has great eyes and he saw some porpoise...
  106. surfkast

    Offshore Very local fish report

    thanks for the report!
  107. surfkast

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    I think the kayak would be better than a boat for sneaking into those boiling fish without spooking them.
  108. surfkast

    Offshore 6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    +1 for having a Riffe speargun as backup. I've had too many seasons looking at lockjaw fish in bluewater... doesn't bother me anymore.
  109. surfkast

    Offshore Bluefin 6-13

    Throw the 60! Cool video.
  110. surfkast

    Offshore Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Fish of a lifetime! Congrats and thanks for the awesome footage. Stuff of dreams right there.
  111. surfkast

    Offshore Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Very nice! We're the chovies worth buying? Used for chum?
  112. surfkast

    Offshore Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    Red tuna! Nice thanks for the report. Good idea on the chovie
  113. surfkast

    Offshore Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    that video is not good for my tackle and gear buying addiction
  114. surfkast

    Offshore Adrianna finds the bigeye

    Congrats on a big tuna fish!
  115. surfkast

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Now that's a good life right there. I met your cousin the other day heading out on the water. Congrats on the iron fish. It doesn't get much more fun than throwing iron into boiling fish!
  116. surfkast

    Offshore YFT and YT 6/12

    Nice! Can't wait for the YFT to come in swarms.
  117. surfkast

    Offshore North 9 Thursday: mostly show but some go

    Yes. Tady 45 scrambled egg on the 100J. Got inhaled on the drop. The key was idling in slowly to get close enough to cast just past them. 5 feet short and you got nothing.
  118. surfkast

    Offshore North 9 Thursday: mostly show but some go

    Fished the North 9 mile bank today. Went 2 for 4 today on tuna and yellowtail. The birds were holding both tuna and slug yellows. What worked was finding the bird schools and either throwing irons on their heads, or super long soaks with fluoro and lively deans. Also chunked once in the area and...
  119. surfkast

    New Montauk Top

    @broke The hull is pretty good for a 17, and I hear an improvement from previous models. I do a lot of offshore, and running up hill you still pound. Following seas is where the hull is probably one of the best, very stable and just glides.
  120. surfkast

    New Montauk Top

    I just wanted to provide an update on this TTop. The jury is out right now. The top is currently off of my boat. I used it a couple of times and the top was pretty wobbly. I had the rear legs attached to my seat cushion legs, which were a bit wobbly so that's probably not the top's fault. I...
  121. surfkast

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Hi Will, Here's some pics of my boat and a removable 27 gallon bait tank (I see the new 170's have them built in). The jury is still out on the T top, as it's not on my boat right now. There are some issues with the rail clamp binding while folded down and i wasn't able to use it last week at...
  122. surfkast

    24' Boston Whaler Outrage

    sweet! sleep in then do 50 knots to the tuna grounds!
  123. surfkast

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Nice read. Congrats on the Montauk! My 2006 has been a great inshore boat. Not sure if you kept that quick disconnect on your fuel line, but when I bought mine from Schock, they put one on in between the fuel line and the main 26 gallon tank which was great. If I feel like going offshore, I...
  124. surfkast

    2001 Sea Pro 235 CC ** Sold**

    Hi Kelvin, You're selling? Getting a new one? I had some good times on that boat! Miles
  125. surfkast

    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    Wow nice grade!
  126. surfkast

    Easily removeable bait tank

    yes that normal nonskid above...can get it anywhere. bait pump is a Rule 700 gph attached to a blue bracket that is screwed into hull with 5200. Don't be afraid to screw it in, just pre drill holes and fill with 5200. Check Continuous Wave for lots of discussion on drilling in whalers. Mine...
  127. surfkast

    Easily removeable bait tank

    I have the Kodiak PF-27 oblong tank on my Montauk 170. I do not screw it in. I used to have the taller 14 gallon tank and installed the screw brackets. But, when I went to the bigger tank, it sits much lower...
  128. surfkast

    New Montauk Top

    I put this top on my 2006 Whaler Montauk. The sun has just been brutal and I was in need of some shade. I went with a lightweight one and it had to fit inside my garage. Got this from RNR Marine, it's called the Montauk Shadow. Used it twice and I have to say it's been very nice to have the...
  129. surfkast

    Lobster MB

  130. surfkast

    Offshore Still fishing 10/4

    Ha. No I mean the season is still going strong.
  131. surfkast

    Offshore Still fishing 10/4

    Went out of Mission Bay today towards the 226/302. Stopped on a paddy for a football yellowfin on a sardine. Nice bait today from MB. They gave us a good scoop. Came across a huge 50 foot paddy and saw dorado but it had lock jaw on sardines. I had some frozen squid and threw one out...
  132. surfkast

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Looks short in the picture, and if not then it's very close.
  133. surfkast

    Offshore Is this you?

    It's the new sea anchor. Let me guess, the 209 on a weekend.
  134. surfkast

    Offshore 209 Paddy Tuna - 9-22-14

    5 tuna is a good day, congrats. FYI we got great bait from Oside on Sunday morning, perfect sized dines, at about 6:30 am.
  135. surfkast

    Offshore Dana Point OPAH!!!

    too much fun on the Curado!
  136. surfkast


    The long range boats such as the Royal Star and the American Angler bleed the fish, gill and gut and and put them into RSW. They do leave them on the deck usually until the bite stops and they can get the fish down in the hold. There is big difference between 20 minutes on the deck and 2-3 hours...
  137. surfkast


    No ice? Why keep them.
  138. surfkast

    Offshore Limits Yellowfin,Dorado,Yellowtail and Skipjack Solo ( Video )

    Love the doubles action. Is that your shallow water alarm going off?
  139. surfkast

    Offshore Dont do as I did, do as I say- Old Glory 1 day report Sat 8/23

    I was on that boat this summer. I got one fish and jackpot. 33 out of 36 others did not get a single fish. 3 YFT total for the boat. Next day, report said 'No Report.' Just stating facts.
  140. surfkast

    Offshore same bat time, same bat channel!

    gotta love it when you don't have to worry about farmed fish!
  141. surfkast

    Offshore same bat time, same bat channel!

    nice work and thanks for the report. why so many farmed? tangled? hook pulled?
  142. surfkast

    The skunk has left the building.

    5 in Mex 10 in US. 209 is US
  143. surfkast

    Offshore Sat 8/16 Persistence and Afternoon bite paid off!

    Nice pics. That area is the place to be right now. We did the same thing Friday.
  144. surfkast

    Offshore Went catching today..

    Congrats on the fish and thanks for the report.
  145. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 limits at the 182 by 0900

    here's a vid of one of those hammerheads we saw a couple weeks ago on a paddy
  146. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 My Turn 371

    The 17 whaler gets great gas mileage. But I would've traded a few gallons of gas for a ride home on your 32 today
  147. surfkast

    Offshore today from 277-209

    Congrats on the yellows!
  148. surfkast

    Offshore EASY MONEY 8/15

    Excellent. Congrats on an awesome day on the water.
  149. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 My Turn 371

    Been reading these reports of tuna and finally got ours today, Friday. Headed towards the 371 and stopped 5 miles short on breaking fish and birds. First stop and first cast and it was game on. Double hookups for 2 for a while. Chum 1's and 2's while fighting fish. We had 9 fish on the boat...
  150. surfkast

    Offshore Today was damn fun!

    ah shucks, too many tuna, I hate when that happens!
  151. surfkast

    Offshore yft came aboard, a good day @23 miles, 8/14

    thanks for the report. sounds like a good day overall.
  152. surfkast

    Offshore Tern, Tern, Tern 8-12

    Excellent. Thanks for the report.
  153. surfkast

    Offshore Skunked and tired of the smell

    Have to agree it's not really a trolling thing right now.
  154. surfkast

    Offshore #PLUGGEDIT - 8/9/14

    nice report. now that's a paddy!
  155. surfkast

    Thanks for Sharing

    Good to see that after all the other bone heads out there.
  156. surfkast

    Offshore 8/6 at the 302

    mid week is the way to go. need more ice?
  157. surfkast

    Rock fish and a surprise (pics and vid)

    I decided to take the boat out for a shakedown run to the 270 outside of Mission Bay for some local rockfish. Took a couple of packs of squid and headed out at a reasonable hour. Only a few boats out, the water was calm and the plan was to get my friend and his 6 year old on some rock fish...
  158. surfkast

    Offshore 8/10/13 Tuna Pens

    nice grade of fish
  159. surfkast

    What tackle needed for this Wednesday bluefin trip...2 day

    25, 30, 40, 50 lb, no weights, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 hooks.
  160. surfkast

    What to do with squid.

    Just ate some squid. Was a little skeptical but it tasted fine. I did slice off membranes off each side so the meat was one color. Sliced into thin strips and panko crusted and deep fried. Tasted like regular calamari to me. No ammonia taste. Not sure why others say that , maybe they leave...
  161. surfkast


    I used a 60 lb trolling rod with a 2 speed reel. Worked great today. They aren't that big. I kept 6 and had them filleted. Some people had 15 and were taking them home whole. I pity them right now.
  162. surfkast

    Squid fest 1/8/13

    Just got off the New Seaforth. Super fun trip, we were done in what seemed 45 minutes or so. Captain said over 500 squid on board. Departed at 4:00 pm sharp. Motored what seemed only a few miles out. Once we dropped the lines, the school started to float up and it was squirts everywhere...
  163. surfkast

    Taking my dad and daughter out for the first time!!!

    I would take them to the northwest corner of La Jolla. Also, bring a few sabiki rigs and catch some spanish mackeral for bait. The bait catching process is always fun for the kids. Pull up next to the kelp line and jig about 20 feet down.
  164. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday blackout 182 area

    I think we passed you on the way to the 182. Didn't want to crowd your paddy. You did better than us.
  165. surfkast

    Offshore 9/22 Waxwinging and my 17 footer at 1010

    Congrats on the fish. 16 knots in pitch black, do you have radar on your 17'?
  166. surfkast


    nice fish.. man, it looks rough behind you.
  167. surfkast

    Offshore Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    That's the way to use the right tools for the job, instead of fighting one for 3 hours on 30 lb.
  168. surfkast


    Funny story. I actually did get a hamburger once. I was fishing a paddy for wide open dorado and yellowtail a few years ago near the 209. A sportboat sat and watched patiently about half a mile off for about 20-30 minutes as we caught fish after fish. Finally, he hails us and asks if he can...
  169. surfkast

    Offshore 4 ASIAN AND 4 OF KINDS

    That's a nice looking platter of eats
  170. surfkast

    Encinitas Dorado 8/26

    Yes, launched out of Oceanside with my neighbor and his 10 year old kid. Worked a lot of great looking paddies about 12 miles off the coast and going south. Water looks very nice still, 72 and clear blue.
  171. surfkast

    Encinitas Dorado 8/26

    Been wanting to check out the warm water closer in between Oceanside and Del Mar. Lots of paddies this morning, some huge, others small. Water clean and blue and 72. Finally found the right paddie for a nice dorado about 12 miles off of Encinitas. My opinion, don't go too far looking.
  172. surfkast

    Local DoDo - trolling question

    I have a 17 whaler and troll outside rods about 75 feet and inside rod(s) tighter in, maybe 40 feet. But, I've only caught tuna trolling, no dorado. I'd troll a pink zuker or zuchini zucher. All my dorado have been off bait on a paddy. Best bet is to look for paddies as your'e trolling. Good...
  173. surfkast

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I was at the office of Conapesca picking up a few licenses today 8/22/12 downtown at 5th and Laurel, and asked them about the FMM. Here's what he said: "As of today, our understanding is that within 24 kilometers or 12 miles, you need to have an FMM visa. If not, the navy may ask you for it...
  174. surfkast


    very nice! How fast do you cruise on that boat?
  175. surfkast

    Offshore New Filet Table

    nice pics! US or Mexican waters?
  176. surfkast

    Coranodos 8/4

    dude, your freezer has got to be full! any tips, slow troll versus anchor and wait?
  177. surfkast

    Offshore Offshore Weather Update 8/1

    Thanks for these reports! Very helpful.
  178. surfkast

    Offshore 7/31 local banks

    thanks for the report. good to see them closer.
  179. surfkast

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Did they say which visa or where to buy them? Landings don't sell them any more last I heard. This is pretty much ridiculous.
  180. surfkast

    Coronados 7/21

    Nice of the seal to leave the fillet meat intact for you. Thanks for the report.
  181. surfkast

    YT Limits Lucky Fri. 13th

    That's a lot of ceviche! Thanks for the report.
  182. surfkast

    Offshore 8-30-11 BFT at the Hidden

    Excellent! I knew my boat would come in handy this year.
  183. surfkast

    Offshore albies 9-5-10

    Good job. We were down there in the 17' Whaler. No luck for us, and I'm still rocking and rolling from the swells.
  184. surfkast

    Offshore Adolph's Bad Day...

    Haha. Just got off a 1.5 day boat this morning. 3 fish for 30 guys.
  185. surfkast

    US/Mex sandbass 7/24

    Bankers' hours start at 8.30 am. Didn't buy bait, headed to the top secret fishdope numbers for the sandbass bite, throwing plastics was the plan. Didn't quite make it. Stopped on diving terns about 1 mile north of the other 100+ boats. From then on, it was game on, every lure in the box got...
  186. surfkast

    Offshore my first paddy yellowtail

    Nice job. You know it's a big ass boat when you can't piss over the side.
  187. surfkast

    Cuda with the girlfriend ( Week Late)

    cool pics. did you make that extra tall windshield on the console? Looks like it would do the trick.
  188. surfkast

    Rumble at South Island

    What Mattanza said.
  189. surfkast

    Chris Craft TSF - Ray Hunt design (Bert 31) - Trades welcome

    What is the year of the boat and engines? Thanks.
  190. surfkast

    1st Report. Maiden Voyage. Rockpile 4/24/10

    Congrats on the maiden voyage and post! Just goes to show you don't need the latest Avets to put fish in the box.
  191. surfkast

    Hooping 12/18 *pics n video*

    nice bugs... what's wrong with Salmon Grouper, can't keep them?
  192. surfkast

    Offshore 60 mile to the Mushroom

    David, great work on the fish! Man, you have some serious range on the Tally Ho.
  193. surfkast

    Offshore First Finns

    Never fails. Have someone take a nap to get the rods to go off!
  194. surfkast

    Offshore Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    Great fish on the whaler! will set you up with a nice bait tank that fits on a whaler.
  195. surfkast

    Offshore 40 miles SW Mission Bay YFT YT

    Thanks for the info. I'm always torn between leaving a paddy after a few drifts or sticking it out and chummimg a long time
  196. surfkast

    Offshore 40 miles SW Mission Bay YFT YT

    Looks like you guys did good. How long did you soak that paddy before the yft hit?
  197. surfkast

    Offshore 10/2 302 Tuna

    not much action at the 302 today, I'd probably try elsewhere tomorrow. A lot of boats headed to the 230, not sure how they did.
  198. surfkast

    Offshore 10/2 302 Tuna

    water temp 69 - 70 all around the 302.
  199. surfkast

    Offshore 10/2 302 Tuna

    Did my first solo run today offshore, just a quick morning run. Hit the 302 for a single YFT on the troll. As I'm bringin in the other line I get short bit. Would have been fun to have 2 going. 1 YFT on the zuchhini (of course) 2 molas and 1 huge whale seen on the way in water was flat...
  200. surfkast

    Offshore shakedown cruise + yellowfin

    How do you like the 24' Skipjack so far? Which engine did you put in. Those look like great boats.
  201. surfkast

    Offshore reelcrazy bloodbath

    Nice job. I guess I'll ask the question, how many guys were fishing?
  202. surfkast


    cut the dorsal fins off, then use a hacksaw to cut into 3 loins, delicious baked or grilled.
  203. surfkast

    Offshore West 182 Tuna 9/24

    All the paddies around there were bone dry, but we found a massive pod of porpoise. I think that's the key around that area, find those porpoise. We also did see some terns diving on breaking fish, but they sunk out too fast. There's definitely still fish around in US waters.
  204. surfkast

    Offshore West 182 Tuna 9/24

    2 YFT on troll on porpoise 1 broomtail zucchini 1 green yellow 1 cedar plug, unbuttoned about 2-3 miles west of the 182 5 dry kelps seas fair to good fog very bad at times Fun trip, worth it going out
  205. surfkast

    Offshore 75 miles 9/22

    Rough day sounds like for most. Thanks for the report.
  206. surfkast

    Offshore My Girlfriend's First Tuna on the Islander

    Good work! Now you can buy her a 26 foot boat next birthday.
  207. surfkast


    What safety equipment are you taking? I have a fixed mount VHF and fixed GPS, backup battery handheld VHF and battery handheld GPS. Lifejackets, flares, battery jumper, and ditch bag. As you can tell, I like to be prepared. To answer your question, I'd go to the kelp beds, and maybe, with all...
  208. surfkast

    Offshore Shannon Rose Maiden Voyage

    Wow, you should write a book. We were out that day, and what a day it was! Congrats.
  209. surfkast

    17' Boston Whaler or an 18' Trophy

    The montauk 170 comes with I think 2 6 gallon tanks. I replaced mine with a 27 gallon tank and have an extra 13 gallon with a quick disconnect. I've been averaging about 3.8-4 nmpg. So, I figure about a 150 mile range. On wednesday, I put about 100 nautical miles on the boat and it was the...
  210. surfkast

    Offshore 9/5 Near 182 | First YFT

    great story! tuna and tails on 8 gallons...
  211. surfkast

    17' Boston Whaler or an 18' Trophy

    Whaler... haha, what do you want me to say? That being said, go try them all out and see what you like, check out a boat show, go jump on a few. I personally would look for something bigger if you are going to do a lot of offshore fishing.
  212. surfkast

    Offshore 9/5 425, Upper Hidden Bank slower for us

    1 YFT on troll, pink/white zuker, near 425 started at upper hidden, swell was up. saw dodos on a paddy but wouldn't bite. afternoon whitecaps and crossed up 8 second swell make coming home a real pain, especially in my 17 ft. boat. My back hurts. I think we angered the fish gods by...
  213. surfkast

    Offshore Late report 9/4 and a ?

    maybe a cross section of roundworm? Fish Parasites Tell me you didn't eat that...
  214. surfkast

    Offshore 9-3 Limits YFT/ Good size too

    Nice work! I'm enjoying fresh dodo tonight, ahi tomorrow. What a week!
  215. surfkast

    Offshore Who Likes Tuna? 9/3/09

    nice presentation and what a paddy! looks like it's a foot high.
  216. surfkast

    Offshore 9/2 Upper Hidden Bank

    also, bait from Mission Bay was GOOD. big difference from last weekend.
  217. surfkast

    Offshore 9/2 Upper Hidden Bank

    green mackeral megabait, deep, not on surface
  218. surfkast

    Offshore 9/2 Upper Hidden Bank

    Short Version: Just Go! Limits: yellowtail Limits dorado 3 yellowfin tuna, 2 on cedar plug, 1 on megabait on paddy between the 425 and hidden bank water 70 deg conditions excellent, 22 knots out, slight windchop coming home. some dense fog at the 425 for an hour or 2, but it burned off. 1...
  219. surfkast

    Offshore Slayed em between 425 & Hidden 9/1

    thanks for the report! I was planning to head that way tomorrow.
  220. surfkast

    Offshore 120 mixed yft and yt for 4 guys insane!!

    now i have to take a banana tomorrow...
  221. surfkast

    Offshore Saturday - Nice Day for A Novice - First YFT

    great post! now you have the fever!
  222. surfkast

    Offshore 425 Sunday YFT

    Sunday report 425 2 YFT, 1 Skipjack 73-75 degree water all 3 troll fish on the same jig - blue mackeral cedar plug we were about 2 miles straight south of the high spot. bait was in bad shape paddies dry, lots of micro bait. one paddy had YT and dodo that woudn't bite. bring extra ice, it's...
  223. surfkast

    Offshore YFT @ The 425

    thanks for the report. heading out tomorrow.
  224. surfkast

    Offshore Pegasus LIMITS!!

    Holy Cr$p that first picture is nuts!
  225. surfkast

    Offshore outer limits 8-12

    nice sized fish! I was on that boat last week for a 2 day. Great boat and crew!
  226. surfkast

    Offshore 9M, 226 8/2 Slow Day

    Slow Day for us, we trolled around the 9M bank and then out to the 226 looking for tuna. Saw whales, porpoise, and birds on the 9M bank and trolled with them for a while. We must have stopped on 6-8 paddies with the same story, nobody home, but the fish finder is lighting up between 10-20 feet...
  227. surfkast

    Offshore 10 miles out of dp harbor

    Nice, wearing the dodo tie!
  228. surfkast

    Offshore Got one 371, 7/19

    Left Mission Bay at 5:00 AM, no bait line which was surprising. Water was a little bumpy for my small boat, but manageable. Saw a paddy on the way out holding 4-5 dodos, but they just turned their nose up to our sardines. About 30 min. after we start trolling, we noticed some dolphins right...
  229. surfkast

    Local PB WSB 52 LB. 7/13

    sweet fish and good report.
  230. surfkast

    One way to catch a marlin

    Not really a report, but this is one way to catch a marlin. YouTube - Man jumps out of Helicopter to catch a fish! What the hell! Is this for real?
  231. surfkast

    LJ report Saturday

    Fished LJ today Saturday, weather was good. fishing was fun, but nothing great. We fished in front of the condo at about 100-120 feet. Didn't buy any live bait, just a pack of dead squid. We were getting hit on the squid on every drop, sand bass, sand dabs, whitefish, lots of rock fish that...
  232. surfkast

    Offshore 10-18 on the The Long Run South of 390

    Looks like a great trip! Miguel, I'll stop over for the bbq, just let me know when...
  233. surfkast

    what kind of bait??

    Fish heads work great as they don't fall apart that much. I just freeze them from fish caught over the summer... bonito, yellowtail, albacore, whole mackeral, fish carcasses too. Sardines work good too stuffed in a bait cage, but they break apart easier.
  234. surfkast

    North San Diego bugs

    Ha! you got me. I was at the Mission Bay jetty witht the crowds. There's no NLINC or NFINC either!
  235. surfkast

    North San Diego bugs

    We went out opening night in north county (location 29 on the lobster card). I wanted to try a stealth approach using hoops off a paddleboard to get at areas it's tough to get a boat in. Worked pretty good. Baited up with YT heads, left over sardines (packed in a bait cage), and bonito and...
  236. surfkast

    Offshore 9-17-08 YFT on porpoises 209, 181, 209, 277 with lots of pics

    Looks like a great day of fishing. Gotta love the bent rod pics.
  237. surfkast

    Watch out for kayaks!!!!!!!

    I fished a Cobra Fish and Dive before I got my boat. You need vertical visibility so boats can see you down a swell. An 8 foot jig stick or sabiki in the rod holder works good. A flag is not a bad idea with all the yahoos out there.
  238. surfkast

    Offshore Great YFT Fishin off the OC Coast 9/14

    Great job! Nice shiny fish pics.
  239. surfkast

    Offshore 9MB....porps, patties & a bull

    As big as you want it to be!
  240. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday 9/07 Report 230, 302

    Not as bumpy as I was expecting. Started at the 230 for a small albacore. Got it on the troll on the outside line on a zuchini broomtail. Looked at our bait and the water was 1/4 full. :oinker: Firedrill. Close the valve, bucket water, get the spare pump. After a quick McGyver pump switch we...
  241. surfkast

    Offshore 302 YFT, Albacore, Yellowtail, Dodo 9/5 with pictures

    5 species, nicely done. Time for a smorgasbord dinner.
  242. surfkast

    Offshore stupid report

    damn. that's a nice video.
  243. surfkast

    August Avet Reel Contest

    Brand new Avet SX Single Speed Kills Fish. Just got a new Avet SX yesterday. One day old, and it's killing fish. Got this yellowtail slow trolling a greenback mackeral. Avet MXL in background. Name: Miles Location of fish caught: Coronados Islands Gear used: Avet SX single speed Date: 8/29/08
  244. surfkast

    La jolla kelp fri 8-29

    Nice mix of fish. That ling and the reds are great eating. I don't care much for whitefish, but that red has "taco" written all over it!
  245. surfkast

    8/29, Nados

    Bummer on the bait pump. I carry a spare bait pump with wires pre-rigged to plug in. If I catch it in time, i should be able to swap it out in a few minutes.
  246. surfkast

    Offshore 8/29 302 to 182

    Nice fish! Hold it like you love it!
  247. surfkast

    Offshore 8/29 302, Coronados, new avet sx

    Yeah, I really like the Avet. My only question is the "bait" setting. It doesn't really seem to do much. I wish it was a little bit stronger so I could slow troll a mackeral with the clicker on and not have it pull line out all the time. I had to put the lever just a hair past the bait...
  248. surfkast

    Offshore 8/29 302, Coronados, new avet sx

    Got a new Avet SX yesterday at Squidco (before the prices go up), so I had to go break it in. Went to the 302 first, a lot of albies being caught, but no luck for us. Weather was nice. Stopped on some dolphins outside of the islands, but no biters. Didn't see any porpoise, but the islands were...
  249. surfkast

    Offshore 8/24 weather not like yesterday

    Hey Fish Lounge, I was in the whaler out there today talking to you. Good job on the fish. We stopped on 5 paddies with no one home. Weather was definitely different than yesterday. Yesterday I was doing 25 knots in shorts and tshirt, today was 15 knots in foul weather gear with whitecaps...
  250. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 Small ones taste better

    At least that's what I tell myself. Slower day for us. Started at the 226 to the 182 and back to Mission Bay. One small YT and dodo on paddies. No troll fish or tuna for us. Seems like the hot radio fish were west of the 43 or down at the 371. Had some fresh "skiff" sushi and a cold beer for...
  251. surfkast

    Offshore Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    Great job on the fish! As someone with a small boat too, I know you gotta pick your days and have backup safety equipment. Looks like you did both. Congrats!
  252. surfkast

    Offshore 182 Sunday August 10th

    US Waters, it's all good.
  253. surfkast

    Offshore Dodo 8/10 at the 182

    Got some dodos at the 182. Bait was pretty bad, but good enough. Nice and warm out there. Water 72-73, lots of life.
  254. surfkast

    Offshore 9 Mile Fish report 8/08 Friday

    Launched at 6:30 a.m with the crew. Waited in line for 45 minutes to get bait. Big cluster as everyone had to move to the other side to let the bait barge through. Fished the 9 mile bank all day, starting near the border and worker north. Got 3 dorado on the first paddy while our bait was...
  255. surfkast

    7-28-08 LJ Report

    I was out there Sunday in the middle of the bait balls. My nephew was having a blast on the sabiki. We didn't need to buy bait, it was all you could make Spanish macks inside the kelp. My nephew was very observant and saw why the bait was going crazy. There were thousands of tiny see-through...
  256. surfkast

    LJ 8/22 cooler but nice surprise

    First post on this board....Launched early in the dark, got to LJ at gray light and started to slow troll some dines. water has cooled, ranging from 63-68. We had 2 flylined high and one with a 3 oz egg sinker. The low line goes off after 5 minutes of dropping in the water and my buddy is onto...