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  1. Team Tom

    Anyone with a 26' Olympic?

    I do not have one for you to go out in, but I owned one for 10 years and it was one hell of a boat!
  2. Team Tom

    Saltwater New Captain with a business on float 12

    Nice! Best of luck with your adventure.
  3. Team Tom

    7-10" MFD

    If all fails finding your brands i do have a Lowrance Gen 2 10" for sale. Just saying!
  4. Team Tom

    My TOP 40 Sonar Screenshots of 2020...2kw Raymarine system

    Ok I guess I need some education on what to look for on the screen shots. Where can I do read and do some research?
  5. Team Tom

    The New "Big Kahuna"

  6. Team Tom

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Easy-loader wants $938.00 per axle. Shopping hard now.
  7. Team Tom

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    I've decided to replace these. Thanks for everyones input. Thinking my life is worth the 2 grand for two new axles. My boat sat for close to 12 months during my corrosion fiscal. Thinking as it sat the rust took charge as I rinse my trailer pretty regular.
  8. Team Tom

    Solvkroken 26 oz cod jigs

    sold pending pick up
  9. Team Tom

    Solvkroken 26 oz cod jigs

    $28.00 each
  10. Team Tom

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    I will look this up, but do i need to purchase new axels or can just the torsion part be replaced?
  11. Team Tom

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Yearly trailer maintenance for me includes new bearings and brake pads needed or not. Hub turning if necessary and an in-depth inspection of the calipers. I also tune or replace anything else that may need some love. My boat and trailer are old, born in 2006. My trailer torsion "arms" are cast...
  12. Team Tom

    Boat deck chairs

    I will take them if it includes a tuna trip in 2021. Of course i will pay my share for the day! Tom
  13. Team Tom

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Point taken. That is why I purchased what I did. I did pretty much followed suit! Rinsed with fresh water after use, dried the blade off and placed it in the plastic sheath. After use it was kept in my fish bag in the hotel and in the boat while fishing. Could I have done a better job taking...
  14. Team Tom

    Bloodydecks gear review

    More like thirty bucks and that is not the point!
  15. Team Tom

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP Handled Knives – Feel The Grip Great review on Dexter knives by Bloddy Decks. NOT! This is what my new Dexter knife looked like as i pulled it out of its plastic sheath on day three in Sitka this past week. No reply from my email I sent to them last week. Would like to...
  16. Team Tom

    Building a couple albacore rods

    your so full of shit.....wink wink............oh ya fuck the huskies
  17. Team Tom

    I got some grinding to do

    Some after photos of the same areas of the last two photos in my original post. Looking forward to put her back together.
  18. Team Tom

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Sorry man!
  19. Team Tom

    Saltwater Little underwater action

    very nice job on the nudibranch and hawk fish.
  20. Team Tom

    Winter boat projects...

    oh hell yes
  21. Team Tom

    lamiglas customer service is awesome!

    makes me want to send in my broken ones in.
  22. Team Tom

    Winter boat projects...

    Im making some headway .......
  23. Team Tom

    Brutha needs some support

    hang tough
  24. Team Tom

    Last Winter Project completed

    Nice work!
  25. Team Tom

    What we are about!

    Great video! So, proud of my daughter laboring each day as a field biologist in support of water/salmon restoration.
  26. Team Tom

    I got some grinding to do

    I also have foam on the under the aft deck. Nothing in the middle section as that is were my tank is. There is no easy way to access these foam areas other than cutting up the deck. I WILL NOT DO THAT! I have inspected these areas and they seem to be watertight as there is no evidence and the...
  27. Team Tom

    I got some grinding to do

    Great point. Using sandpaper and scotch bright pads on a grinder.
  28. Team Tom

    I got some grinding to do

    One of my winter boat projects is to refinish my teak cabinets in my North River OS. With the cabinets removed I noticed the carpeted sidewall, behind the cabinets, was super dirty and needed to be cleaned. After cleaning water was present aft of the cabin bulkhead in the self-bailing deck...
  29. Team Tom

    It is done

    very nice
  30. Team Tom

    Water looks cold.

    hell ya!
  31. Team Tom

    Shark Hide

    i do not need any cleaner, but. I could use the diapers as i getting older. Jeff I'm interested, but do not know when I would make it your way. Tom
  32. Team Tom

    Any teak hardwood or white formica laying around?

    Thanks guys! PMed you all........
  33. Team Tom

    Any teak hardwood or white formica laying around?

    One of my winter projects, is to refinish my cabinets in the boat. As with most projects things do not go as planned. With that said, I'm reaching out in hopes someone may have some scrap teak hardwood laying around vs me having to purchase dimensional by the board foot. I only need a small trim...
  34. Team Tom

    Winter boat projects...

    Yes thank you. Already got my paint...……………….Not sure if I need to strip the old off. It is not chipping or flaking just worn down. My boat is already 13yrs old.
  35. Team Tom

    Sounders Fans

    Any season ticket holders out there able to help me get 4 tickets for the Cup?
  36. Team Tom


    Good question for sure. I preferer to smoke my fish at a lower temp like what you have been doing with your chief. Somewhere around 120 degrees! Now you can very well smoke fish at a higher, but I have yet to do so. My buddy uses a higher temp and it tastes perfect! The issue i have with my...
  37. Team Tom


    Good question for sure. I preferer to smoke my fish at a lower temp like what you have been doing with your chief. Somewhere around 120 degrees! Now you can very well smoke fish at a higher, but I have yet to do so. My buddy using his pellet smoker/grill and it taste perfect! The issue i have...
  38. Team Tom

    Ginger wasabi soy smoked tuna bellies

    What the heck is Scott's?
  39. Team Tom

    Winter boat projects...

    Repaint the dance floor Refinish teak interior Get side rod holders fabricated New Raymarine electronics/VHF Install CO2 detector Install high water alarm Fabricate stern tackle bait board
  40. Team Tom

    Smoked salmon processor

    St jeans EH!
  41. Team Tom

    Saltwater Ucluelet Chinook

    What charter were you on?
  42. Team Tom

    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    Pretty cool Bob!
  43. Team Tom

    My boat destroyed on highway :(

    Happy ending...………….. Love it
  44. Team Tom

    Saltwater Crossing into to

    There is both a salmon and halibut slot limit this year.
  45. Team Tom

    Saltwater WOW

    Yo Raymond. You still have your Olympic?
  46. Team Tom

    Saltwater Neah round 2

    Shit you guys are finding all types of gear this year. Scotty rod holder and a jig.
  47. Team Tom

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Nice job brother
  48. Team Tom

    Boccaccio rock fish

    What is the eating fair of these fish? Buddy told me that they were slimy and not worth the effort. Any truth behind his statement?
  49. Team Tom

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Good eats and a fun time for sure...…………….. thanks for everyone efforts!
  50. Team Tom

    Saltwater Customer Appreciation Day at LFS Bellingham

    Having it on Friday really sucks for us living south out B-ham. Just saying!
  51. Team Tom

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    So happy that you have the green light to keep drinking. all kidding aside that is some scary shit. Happy you are ok
  52. Team Tom

    This isn't good...

    Hummmm, mine are welded upside down, but my scuppers are right side up. Mine often do not hold water when they underwater, but do hold water while back trolling. Going to contact North River engineering.
  53. Team Tom

    Liferaft inspections

    I'm also planning on purchasing a life raft at the boat show. I will be looking at Viking 6 person Rescyou in a canister.
  54. Team Tom

    Liferaft inspections

  55. Team Tom

    18# Downrigger Balls For Sale

    i have been doing so well shorting the market this last month that i will put an order in for eight.
  56. Team Tom

    Anyone do pipe work?

    Looking to incorporate my dual fuel back up generator to my home propane system. I have a 500 gallon tank. Located in Marysville
  57. Team Tom

    Load question with lumber

    Great feedback guys! I was hoping to not to have post. I left a message for the dude who drew up my plans and waiting for a call back. Plan B is to build some type of rolling shelving system to roll up to the boat to load and off load gear. When not in use it would simply it would stored alone...
  58. Team Tom

    Load question with lumber

    You guys surly got me thinking. I will contact the engineer who drew up my plans and run this by him. Thanks!
  59. Team Tom

    Load question with lumber

    Any residential structural engineers, contractors, or architect out there? I’m searching for lumber load data for the size beam needed to support a project in my shop. I’m adding motorized ceiling storage system. With a push of a button a storage platform lowers from the ceiling to the side or...
  60. Team Tom

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!

    Photo's are before the storm?
  61. Team Tom

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    Herb I will make you some new spreader bars!
  62. Team Tom

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    Been there done that with State Farm. Their homeowners policy (mine anyways) excludes any marine related items. Nice of them to let me know as my policy changed without me know anything about it. Complete BS
  63. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #3

    Makita Power Planner Model# 1900B $65.00 Flashers (offer) Old ass drill press Needs chuck. (offer) Old Ass table grinder (offer) Sears 5HP vacuum $25.00 Survival suit (offer) Porter Cable Sander Model #505 Type 2 $125.00 Skill Roto hammer and bits $75.00 Bosch trim...
  64. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #2

    36"x12"x82" Metal rack. Adjustable drawer dividers ($500.00) 36"x12"x36" wood frame metal drawer rack. Adjustable drawer dividers ($225.00) presser regulator (offer) LED photo dimmers (offer) Jim Ball bed (offer) Draw-Tite 4284 Ultra Frame 2" Zinc Ball Mount with 2 5/16 trailer...
  65. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #1

    Finally moving into the new shop and some things have got to go...…………………...
  66. Team Tom

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Thank you for the offer, but the size is over the 1/2" mark. 5/8-18 UNF. I think I'm good as I ran it with the correct size die.
  67. Team Tom

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Thank guys! Sent seastar a note asking for the size of the HH5271 helm.
  68. Team Tom

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    This is my rear helm on my boat. Seastar helm.
  69. Team Tom

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Ok I messed up! I'm not the best mechanic! On a positive note I learned how not to remove a steering wheel. Can this be fixed and how?
  70. Team Tom

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    I have just accepted that I need to replace my pads each year. Need or not. I have Kodiak RCM-12-DAC-SS. Some years they wear good and some years they don't. I do have a set of the Kodiak oil baths kits for sale as they did not fit on the 12 Hubs.
  71. Team Tom

    Saltwater Busy busy summer

    very nice post. good job dad.
  72. Team Tom

    Some Canadian Porn

    Kellen I was holding back for next weeks trip. Better be prepare little guy.
  73. Team Tom

    Some Canadian Porn

    Just catching our limits! No more or less.........
  74. Team Tom

    Some Canadian Porn

    This was out of Ucluelet BC. Its a long drive, but I enjoy the people, restaurants, and the Vib. The exchange rate makes for a very affordable trip. On the water you can always tell who is from the USA. US boats fly nets, Canadians do not. Those crazy Canucks bump their fish on the head with a...
  75. Team Tom

    Some Canadian Porn

    So many coho it was tough getting to the chinook. I’m thinking the killer whales need to switch restaurants. just saying. Next trip is in ten days.
  76. Team Tom

    Open seat Auguest 8 ~12th Ucluelet BC

    Seat is filled................
  77. Team Tom

    Open seat Auguest 8 ~12th Ucluelet BC

    Seat has been filled..................... One of my buddies had to back out. PM if interested................. Tom
  78. Team Tom

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    I'm in. If interested, have eight or nine fifteen pounders that I could be use for trading stock.
  79. Team Tom

    New Cutwater 302

    very nice
  80. Team Tom

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    yes it is for next weekend. thanks for the pointers boys, i surly appreciate it. My family from back east are a little odd as they got the short end of the stick with my families gene pool. Inside joke if you know me! One plays in the NHL the other NFL. I think I will leave my puller at home to...
  81. Team Tom

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Thank you for those who are being helpful! You know who you are..............
  82. Team Tom

    Wow thanks for the information. I will plan accordingly

    Wow thanks for the information. I will plan accordingly
  83. Team Tom

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    I do not shrimp much. In the last five years I been out twice. Once in Hood Canal and once off of Iceberg Point. I'm really keen on knowing where to shrimp! I have family coming in from Chicago next week and we will be heading to the cabin in the Janus for some weekend fun. Looking at the regs...
  84. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    It’s been a long ride. Im down to only few small projects to check the build off the list. Next comes the fun part of designing a workbenchs, shelving, and tackle storage. Thanks for everyone’s inputs.
  85. Team Tom

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    I went through the same dilemma when my kids were younger. I went auto to remove any second guessing. I felt as long as it fit their body and weight they would be safe.
  86. Team Tom

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    You have no freaking clue! Just saying....................
  87. Team Tom

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    I walked the Cape Flattery Trail that night. Looking out from the point it was hard to think that someone's life was just taking. RIP to the person whom past. I wish the captain and the remaining crew the best of luck with their healing.
  88. Team Tom

    San Juan island boating ban

    won't stop me as long as i have a choice
  89. Team Tom

    Product testers wanted

    If you like I could give your lures a go in Ucluelet BC this summer. I keep my boat up there for the month of August and drive up and back week. Tom
  90. Team Tom

    Need one of these please

    I'll jump on to the thread. If anyone has any left, I'm in need of some also? Doing the same thing and looking for four brackets. Thanks Benjamin Tom
  91. Team Tom

    Saltwater Roche Derby

  92. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Garage doors should be installed by the time I get home from work today.
  93. Team Tom

    Kodiak bait tank. 43 gal

    Looks good you old goat!
  94. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Thought I would post some updated photos of my barn / shop. Thanks for everyone’s advice and feedback. A week from now the front of the building will be framed in with 3 Garage doors, wainscoting screwed In place, gutters installed and final trim. Next steps are electrical, installation, two...
  95. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Starting to look like a real shop with the roof installed today. Walls start going up tomorrow.
  96. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Its been a slow two weeks finishing up the framing. Side garage doors will remain un framed for concrete truck access, Still waiting for the metal.
  97. Team Tom

    The house/ shop

    freakin cool?
  98. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    I have had a number of requests for my builders information. PENINSULA STRUCTURES INC Kelly Wanzek @ 360 271-3292
  99. Team Tom

    Seastar Power Purge Jr.

    Doug did this fix your issue?
  100. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Thanks for the heads up on the lighting. I have been researching lighting on a web site called The Garage Journal and according to this tool linked below my shop would take up to 42 fixtures to get good lighting.
  101. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Good question. I was a combination of things, but mostly the contactor was busy.
  102. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Wow this contractor is spot on! I did a little measuring over this past weekend and he is only out of square by a 1/4". Trusses were installed today and they laid in very nicely. Metal is ordered and will arrive in two weeks. In the mean time Im busy planning my electrical and lighting layout.
  103. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    Posts are set.
  104. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    After eight months ground has been broken! Building will be 40 x 44 with 14' door for the boat.
  105. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    The anchor lift is still available
  106. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    Sorry no time. Life is busy enough.
  107. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    sorry all the items you were interested in are sold other then the lead holder. Let me know if you still want it. Tom
  108. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    Sorry the antenna is sold. Tom
  109. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    NEW/used: PENN GTI 340 reels. My backups. $75.00 each NEW: Anchor Lift by Ironwood $3.00 NEW: FORESPAR Marelon Intake Strainer, with 3/4" NPT thread size thru hull. $10.00 NEW: Pair (4) Kodiak XL Pro Lube Oil Bath Kit Fits 2.25” spindle 2.44 Size for 6 Lug 5,200lb Hubs. $50.00 I lost one of...
  110. Team Tom

    New bait tank

    Nice shop and bait tank!
  111. Team Tom

    ..........Looking to purchase fresh tuna...........

    Thanks I'm already set up with him
  112. Team Tom

    ..........Looking to purchase fresh tuna...........

    Love it........................ Just do not have the time to mount the boat tank and prepare the gear!
  113. Team Tom

    ..........Looking to purchase fresh tuna...........

    I did not made it out for tuna this season for a number of different reasons. Anyone have contact information of where I would be able to purchase some fresh loins? Tom
  114. Team Tom

    Shop/Boat storage

    Dirt work is complete! Trusses are on order and should be complete around mid November. No reason to start the project without trusses. I'm on hold until then.
  115. Team Tom

    Shop/Boat storage

    Finally county approved! Dirt work this weekend..........
  116. Team Tom

    WTB. HDS12 GEN 2

    I may have two units Gen 2 10" for sale in the next month or so.
  117. Team Tom

    Two open seats for Ucluelet August 9th~12th

    I have two open seats. If you have ever wanted to fish the west side of Vancouver Island here is your chance. Last year our best King day lasted a total of forty five minutes. Six fish all over twenty with two at thirty. Two doubles! I have been taking my boat up for years. Daily catch limit...
  118. Team Tom

    It beginning to look like x mas

    But are you smart enough to use it?
  119. Team Tom

    Shop/Boat storage

    I do not have the peak height yet as I'm waiting for the detail plans. I'm using a builder recommended from a friend who works at Kingston lumber. They just had him do a shop for them. Peninsula structures is the company and his name is Kelly. The copy of the drawing in my post looks a bit...
  120. Team Tom

    Shop/Boat storage

    I just pulled the trigger on this barn! I will be sharing space with the horses, goats, and chickens.
  121. Team Tom

    Saltwater Another good day

    Can't do any better! Very nice.....................
  122. Team Tom


    I will be in Pullman for my daughters graduation. Go Cougs!
  123. Team Tom

    Seastar rebuilders PNW?

    I just replaced mine. I was going to use the seal kit, but I decided to just replace mine on the account that my rod had a very small nick. Make sure you inspect your rod or you will end up with it leaking again.
  124. Team Tom

    The Journey

    This is Dave W's boat. He designed it and built it as a kit. It is way too narrow and has major problems.
  125. Team Tom

    Anyone have a lift? Looking to power wash the bottom of my car.

    I would love to sell it, but my wife loves this car. A year back we needed to replace my wife's car. I told her to do some research and pick one out! Her first choice was a Maserati Ghibli, second an Audi A6, and third a jaguar XJ. I knew this was coming as over the last five years i...
  126. Team Tom

    Anyone have a lift? Looking to power wash the bottom of my car.

    My wife's BMW is leaking oil really bad and I cannot locate the leak area because there is so much dirty oil build-up under the car. We purchased the car used and it looks like it has been leaking oil for a long time. I need to power wash the undercarriage, transmission, and motor. Anyone know...
  127. Team Tom

    '78 Silverline Nantucket 22'

    Gary you should run it!
  128. Team Tom

    Wallas Heater trouble.

    When you turn the unit on can you here the pump? If so just keep turning the unit on until it primes. If you cannot hear the pump you have a pump problem.
  129. Team Tom

    2001 Olympic 24' Coastal - 5.7 EFI w/ Volvo duoprop - 781hrs - Excellent condition

    My long time love is also an Olympic. I fished offshore with her for years. She was slower than a slug, but sure safe in nasty water. I still miss her at times, but my North River surly is more of a boat than she could ever be. Good luck with the sale!
  130. Team Tom

    Endless fish bags

    this is where I get mine... 19707 44th Avenue West Suite 202 Lynnwood, WA U.S.A. 98036 Phone: 425-776-3118 Fax: 425-776-2965 E-Mail: [email protected]
  131. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    Nope never crossed the boarder before! By the way the inter circle called last night to place their order for US goods and said he has started afternoon trips to his schedule. Two trips a day means the fishing is gooooooooood.
  132. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    You do not need a passport. All you need in a drivers license and birth certificate.
  133. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    I trailer the boat up and keep it there for the month.
  134. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    No staying in this water front condo. At the end of the trip all costs are added up and split between the team. $550.00 is a swag for truck gas, boat fuel, ferry, boat storage, launching, moorage and condo.
  135. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    I had a buddy back out, so I have an open seat. If you have ever wanted to fish the west side of Vancouver Island here is your chance. I have been taking my boat up for years. Daily catch limit is two kings, two slivers, and one halibut plus ling cod. With the exchange rate a four day trip is...
  136. Team Tom

    Saltwater Area 9 Showing Some Love

    Go Cougars! Nice fish
  137. Team Tom

    Upgraded rod holders

    Lance you should of had Lance do the install. You messed them up! From the photo it looks like they are hanging left.
  138. Team Tom

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Great point! My North River kicked it on the 28th. In fact I found calmer water and larger fish passed the SW corner. One other thing, what the hell is that noise in the background? I think it is the boat rocking and it sounds like a tin can. Did I really say that? My boat does not make any...
  139. Team Tom

    About deck fish boxes

    BCTony, which species of fish are you trying to keep alive? For how long and what purpose? I have added some nice fish hold features to my boat, but they have limits depending on what you are tying to accomplish.
  140. Team Tom

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    Dam there goes my effort to go without a drink this week. I will pour one in memory of your pop. Last year I lost both my mom and dad within 5 months of each other. Loosing a parent sucks. Hang in there bud. Give me a shout if you need to talk.
  141. Team Tom

    Lowrance Link 8 VHF software update

    just got off the phone with Lowrance. They want me to send my unit in to be replaced.
  142. Team Tom

    Lowrance Link 8 VHF software update

    Same here! I called Lowrance on the subject and they told me that my radio may be on international mode? I guess I will check this out tonight.
  143. Team Tom

    Saltwater 3 Generations!!

    very kool
  144. Team Tom

    Room at the Quileute Oceanside Resort for this weeks halibut fishing

    Posting this for a friend as he cannot make the trip. Room for May 11th thru 15th. $140.00 per night.
  145. Team Tom

    Tuning Ff/DS for halibut

    Chirp Chirp
  146. Team Tom

    How to add pictures in posts

    now I have two photos and cannot input text?
  147. Team Tom

    How to add pictures in posts

    why do my photos keep going away?
  148. Team Tom

    A few items for sale

    Brand new LOWRANCE LINK-8 VHF with AIS, DSC and NMEA 2000. Another do not touch the pay button twice…$199.00 PENN GTI 340 reels. Maybe used once or twice as these were by backup reels. $75.00 each Used Uniden Solara DSC VHF radio. Works perfect. Removed for my upgrade. $20.00 Used...
  149. Team Tom

    Saltwater Somewhere in the Sound...

    good for you getting the girls out
  150. Team Tom

    Beast Mode

  151. Team Tom

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    very cute pups
  152. Team Tom

    Pole barns.......

    Tell me more! Did you have a bad experience?
  153. Team Tom

    Pole barns.......

    Patrick did you ever get something built? I'm about to pull the trigger.
  154. Team Tom

    Selling my position in the 2016 WTC

    I got my weekends messed up. I assumed it was the first weekend in August, but it is on the second weekend this year. I booked other fishing trips with my boat in Ucluelet. It is totally my fault! My boat will not even be in town for the WTC.
  155. Team Tom

    Shop pole holders....

    Paul, I see a problem. There are not any open spots for expansion?
  156. Team Tom

    Selling my position in the 2016 WTC

    I have talked with Jack. He has a waiting list, but there is not a refund as he would just role my position to next years WTC. I would rather try to get my money back at this time.
  157. Team Tom

    Selling my position in the 2016 WTC

    Double Down Jackpot - $300.00 Biggest Fish Jackpot - $100.00 Pelagic Jackpot - $100.00 Extras Subtotal: $500.00 Total: $880.00
  158. Team Tom

    SOLD-Rule livewell-baitwell cartridge pump

    if they are not sold i will take them
  159. Team Tom

    Halibut pictures wanted

    Here you go.
  160. Team Tom

    **************SOLD*********** Diawi Tanacom 750 electric reels

    A couple of my now former buddies backed out on me when it came time to cough up the funds on a bulk order of Diawi Tanacom 750 electric reels I placed. With that said, I have a few available to sell. These reels are the current model. Reels were purchased through a United States dealer and come...
  161. Team Tom

    Tanacom Electric Reel

  162. Team Tom

    Electric reel buyer beware

    Jeff, what did you end up doing after speaking with Diawa? Did you keep the newer 750 or return them and go with the TB model?
  163. Team Tom

    Tanacom Electric Reel

    Anyone have any experience with the new model of the Tamacom? The older version is model number #TB750 which sells for $699. The new reel model number # 750 and it sells for $549.
  164. Team Tom

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    Patrick, i can pick up the melting pot and bring it as I live North. As Vance is asking where do you live?
  165. Team Tom

    Big Salmon Moorage

    Nice photo shop!
  166. Team Tom

    Boat Trailer Tires

    IT IS ALL GOOD GUYS! I was looking for advice and i received just that. I value everyone's option. Thanks
  167. Team Tom

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Oh great, they were my number one choice!
  168. Team Tom

    Boat Trailer Tires

    It is time for me to replace my current trailer tires. I have been doing some research on the internet and it looks like they all suck as 99% are made overseas. I currently have 6 plys and would like to go up to a Load E tire. Size are 225/75 R15. Anyone have any wisdom on the subject?
  169. Team Tom

    Acid wrap

    I built all my bait rods with a spiral wrap. I can say that my bait rods do not twist with a fish on the line as my halibut and salmon rods sometimes do.
  170. Team Tom

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    I forgot to bring up the point that i have my rods facing both directions. Three pointing fwd and three aft.
  171. Team Tom

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    I love how my rods are up out of the way. The only thing is you have to tie them in as they do move around in big water.
  172. Team Tom


    My condolences
  173. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    In the end I was very well taking care of. With confidence I can highly recommend Bickford Ford. If anyone in the brotherhood is looking for a Ford I contact Jeff Wing at Bickford Ford, his cell number 425 345-5193.
  174. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    OK, just got off the phone with Mike Bickford. Real nice guy! He basically give me two options. 1. Keep the truck I purchased, get it fixed, and most likely Ford would be helpful with a month or two of payments. 2. Pick up a new replacement truck. I'm going with #2. I pick up the truck...
  175. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Mike Bickford phoned me on Friday, I missed his call! In his message he stated that he wanted to apologize on the behalf of the Ford Motor Company and Bickford. He said that he is committed to getting me into a new truck and that they did have an replacement for me, but did want to get ford...
  176. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Well it looks like I gave Bickford Ford credit too soon. I did not get a truck yesterday. They pulled the rug from under my feet yesterday. Bickford say’s they have a replacement truck for me, but I will not get it until Ford makes up their mind on what to do with the one that is broken down.
  177. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    BICKFORD FORD pulls through! Although the FORD corporation had yet to make a decision about replacing my truck the owner of Bickford Ford stepped up! I will have a different new truck tomorrow. The owner said "I needed to be treated like he would want to be treated" and he is doing just that!
  178. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    The leaking water from the the roof area into the truck not from the motor. I was not out of water.
  179. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    After making all the needed adjustments to my trailer I still pulled the trigger on a 2016 F350. I just did not feel safe with the F150 towing my eight thousand pound boat. It was not a matter of power, but the lack of truck. I worked hard to get the truck and trailer dialed in and I did find...
  180. Team Tom

    Said goodbye

    Chris, I personally remove mine when I'm not fishing tuna. I like lots of working room and deck space and use every inch especially crabbing and shrimping. By adding a pump to your fish box it doubles as a bleed box or a halibut/lingcod live well. It also works great for salmon. As for working...
  181. Team Tom

    $450.00 REWARD

    I lost a rod and reel this year also, but not on its maiden voyage thou. It was its second trip out. A RAINSHADOW and a Avet.
  182. Team Tom

    Saltwater Kodak's TUNA Run 9 19

    Greg we where out in the same area as you in fact as we passed by you had two rods hooked up. That area was red hot on Saturday!
  183. Team Tom


    Praying for your family...........
  184. Team Tom

    New boat = New fish

    piggy piggy
  185. Team Tom

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Ya, that is me with my boat. I purchased my boat from Montana. My post was deleted, I guess someone did not think it was funny.
  186. Team Tom

    What to do with used Pipe Jigs

    just replace the hardware and forget about the making them pretty unless it is needed for your customers. To make them pretty scotch brite works well.
  187. Team Tom

    What to do with used Pipe Jigs

    just replace the hardware and forget about the making them pretty unless it is needed for your customers. To make them pretty scotch brite works well.
  188. Team Tom

    EPIRB anything in the Ebirb store will work. They are all good!
  189. Team Tom

    Dad update - bad

    Sorry for your loss..............
  190. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Wow thanks for everyone’s input! I will try to answer all the questions. Matt, great suggestion to rolling each axle on the truck scale. Rick, tires may be the answer? The truck has a built in sway control I would like to stay away from adding an external package if possible. Laurence, my...
  191. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Ryan, I moved the boat back almost 12" to get my tongue weight to hit the magic 10%. My tongue weight was 1700lbs before. Now that I have air bags I may move it forward to see if how it effects the towing. I love my electric over hydraulic brakes!
  192. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    good question: Its a long wheel base
  193. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    I could always feel a slight sway with my 1995 power stroke, but with weight of this tank it was never an issue. My new truck is a lot lighter with almost double the power and towing capacity. My truck is a 2014 F150 and I know some of you will say that the F150 is too small, in fact it’s not. I...
  194. Team Tom

    Interior trim installer

    I'm looking for someone to trim out a 3500sq ft home in Edmond's. Material is on order and the house is empty. Tom
  195. Team Tom


    best wishes for you on your new adventure.......................
  196. Team Tom

    Neah bay ice will it be available?

    Mark I will purchase your left overs. I have two 120 qt coolers to fill................
  197. Team Tom

    Pole barns.......

    Im also looking at a barn. I was quoted $39,000 from Permabilt Industries Inc. for a 38' x 40' x 14' pole building. 18" eave overhang 1 3-0 6-8 walk in door 1 dutch door for live stock 2 10'x 12' insulated garage doors 1 12'x12' insulated garage door 3 60/40 windows 4" concrete floor copala vent...
  198. Team Tom

    Legal halibut slider set-ups

    Thanks Kim........................
  199. Team Tom

    Legal halibut slider set-ups

    Sportco eh? Im heading that direction tomorrow morning so I think I will pop on in. Thanks
  200. Team Tom

    Legal halibut slider set-ups

    Anyone have a lead on some larger three way swivels? I have been to several local retail stores and have not found any. Maybe someone knows a way to tie a loop in the the tuna cord. Tom
  201. Team Tom

    Galvanic Isolator install confusion.

    All your efforts and it all goes out the window with your 1KW transducer. Just cut back using your sonar and you will be fine. Just saying!
  202. Team Tom

    New to me boat

    Love it.............
  203. Team Tom

    Lead melt.

  204. Team Tom

    Looking for - Hali Rod holders

    If possible stay away from drilling a hole and installing the flush mounts, for they are not very strong and flex. Side and deck mounts are a lot stronger.
  205. Team Tom

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    ya, I would never be voted in as president!
  206. Team Tom

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    Kurt, don't worry you will get much better at loading your boat. At first I was very uncomfortable powering my boat into and up the trailer too. Kurt, not to be a Debbie downer, but you may want to install some carpet around the PVC posts and lights, for they will mark the side of your rub...
  207. Team Tom

    Left handed 4/0 reel

    SOLD pending payment and pickup.............
  208. Team Tom

    Two Shimano TR 100G

    SOLD pending payment and pickup.............
  209. Team Tom

    Two Shimano TR 100G

    Both reels $50.00
  210. Team Tom

    Message from PSA President Ron Garner

    :appl:Thank you!
  211. Team Tom

    Gas tow vehicle

    Jason, I'm looking into a gas tow rig also. Diesel trucks made since at one time, but today gas trucks offer performance at a better price tag. A buddy of mine purchase a F150 eco boost and just loves it! I love his truck too. It gets great gas mileage, it comfortable plus it pulls his 9,500 lb...
  212. Team Tom

    Anyone have an oil injector tank laying around?

    Perfect!!!!!!!! Thanks
  213. Team Tom

    King Sail Fish mount.

    very nice
  214. Team Tom

    Anyone have an oil injector tank laying around?

    Looking for a small plastic or aluminum tank for a boat heater install. Tom
  215. Team Tom

    Left handed 4/0 reel

    Purchased this Mitchell Riptide 4/0 GL from EBay last year for my left handed son to fish halibut, but he ended up preferring to reel with his right hand. Good quality reel made in Europe. Same company that makes famous Mitchell spinning reels. NEW never used! $40.00
  216. Team Tom

    Boating and fishing items for sale..........

    Thought I would try to sell some odds and ends I have laying around. PM me with questions........... NEW! FORESPAR Marelon Intake Strainer, with 3/4" NPT thread size thru hull. $11.00 NEW! Seachoice Push Pull Switch - Off/On 2 position $7.00 NEW! Anchor Lift by Ironwood $5.00 NEW! Two...
  217. Team Tom

    Light in a bait tank?

    One of my other hobbies is messing around with a saltwater reef tank. Fish do not use light like a humans and do not need light to avoid swimming into a bait tank wall. What is needed to keep bait healthy is water flow, the right water temperature, and most importantly appropriate water...
  218. Team Tom

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    I do not have the bracket and mounted my head unit the same as in the photo, but I ran cables thru the bulkhead and along the upper head liner lip/ear and fished the cables down the cockpit window channel. I wish I would have seen this before I installed mine, for it would have been much easier.
  219. Team Tom

    Magma Stainless Boat BBQ

    is it propane and do you have a photo or model number?
  220. Team Tom

    NFR - Riding Lawnmower Suggestions?

    I agree Pat. I put around 70 hours a year on my JD and it is one great mower. My neighbor across the street owns a newer craftsman and it is a three to one deal. He has purchased three mowers to my one JD and it takes him three times as long to cut and bag his grass. My next door neighbor owns a...
  221. Team Tom

    Opinions on boat value AKA talk me out of buying this boat.

    Blake as a former Olympic owner I would say you are not gaining anything by spending the money. Olympics are one hell of a boat. I upgraded to a 26' north river and some days I still miss my old boat. I really only upgrade because the boat was water logged and sat low in the water. Scuppers...
  222. Team Tom

    John's Sporting Goods 2014 coho derby video

    Nice photo shop video!
  223. Team Tom

    Grady226 won dat shit

    Nice photo shop Gary!
  224. Team Tom

    Any BD'ers in Ucluelet next week

    Too early for me! Middle of August is my Ukee time.....................
  225. Team Tom

    Want to trade: Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

    i can offer a tuna trip or fishing the islands for salmon?
  226. Team Tom

    OC tackle stores?

    Kool thanks guys
  227. Team Tom

    OC tackle stores?

    Im in Orange County on business for the next couple of days and Im looking for advice on tackle shops that would be to visit? I live in Washington State, so this will be an adventure. Tom
  228. Team Tom

    Deck Drains

    Good idea!
  229. Team Tom

    Boat lengths?

    The NR river will not fill with water as it drains out where as the duckworth will not drain out and uou have to flip a switch to drain the fish box. I think that is what my buddy said? He was worried about the baot filling up with water?
  230. Team Tom

    Boat lengths?

    A buddy of mine went through this last year. His decision to purchase a NR was based on the fish box being above the water line. I do not know about the duck, but the Weld Craft fish box is below the water line which in some circumstances could be a hazardous to your health.
  231. Team Tom

    Tuna bait tank Question ?

    Tommy, I did not know that you where prone to seasickness?
  232. Team Tom

    New Diesel Truck

    Ryan, before i give you my input, first reflect on your needs of the truck. New or used? I see you have an 24th NR (shitty boat, for sure). Do you plan on purchasing a larger boat in the future? Do you want/ need X-cab space? Do you want/need a long box? Will you use this truck as a daily driver...
  233. Team Tom

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Up for sale again! The last purchase fell through on the account of finding mounting space.
  234. Team Tom

    Saltwater Mrs. Grady wacks some 'Butts

    Nice photo shop Gary!
  235. Team Tom

    Homemade pot pullers

    No it was never dunked in saltwater, just well used! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<It is sold>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  236. Team Tom

    Homemade pot pullers

    I have all you need for only $100.00.
  237. Team Tom

    davit with gunnel/floor brackets and pulley block $100.00

    These items have been sitting around for five years and are ready to go crabbing and shrimping. The motor has always looked like crap but has pulled up thousands of pounds of shrimp. Im betting with some new gas and a clean out it would start right up.
  238. Team Tom

    Trade nice hunting rifle for a good fish finder

    Dan I have two Garmin 10" color 2210 displays with GDS sonar and GPS antenna. I have it listed. I will bump it so you can see it............... Tom
  239. Team Tom

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

    Nice photo shop guys
  240. Team Tom

    Open Seats LaPush Halibut both weekends

    love it...............
  241. Team Tom

    Open Seats LaPush Halibut both weekends

    WOW, no one has responed to my post nad your fill up within a hour. Looks like I need to sell my boat a purchase a Parker!
  242. Team Tom

    One open seat for Neah Bay "second opener"

    Ted, I will let you win that derby>>>>>>>>>
  243. Team Tom

    Sea Bass *show-in-tell*

    I almost pushed the like button, but I know you don't like those.............
  244. Team Tom

    One open seat for Neah Bay "second opener"

    Split all expenses………………….. Staying at the Hobuck 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
  245. Team Tom

    harbor freight coupon sale

    I like the 18 volt cordless hammer! Believe it or not I while conducting interviews for a very large airplane company an applicant actually described an experience, in detail, on how they used an electric hammer to build a wood structure. Talk about funny…………………
  246. Team Tom

    harbor freight coupon sale

  247. Team Tom

    Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Goetz trol-eze kicker Hydraulic steering system I just removed this from my boat last month. Great system, but I could not get the hang of using a remote to steer my boat. Has a 20' cord which allows you to steer from anywhere in the boat. Both the cylinder and tie-rod are stainless steel. The...
  248. Team Tom

    Sea Bass *show-in-tell*

    We Bloody Decker’s catch #%$^&* sea bass each year and I believe there are just about as many lures used to do so. I thought it might be fun to have a show-n-tell of your top choice for sea bass fishing. My choice is a 4”smoke /sliver flake scampi tail with a 2oz jig head. What makes this...
  249. Team Tom


    prayers to you and your family
  250. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    Dates are Wednesday 5/14, Thursday 5/15, and Friday 5/16.
  251. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    Sorry it is for the opening weeked.
  252. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    Ok, I found moorage! Thanks fishwacker. Anyone need a cabin before I give it back to Hobuck?
  253. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    Thanks Bill, but I think Im running out of time for this year.
  254. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    I failed to get moorage for the 2013 Halibut opener. I would like to put out a query for moorage for a 26’, or larger boat. Maybe you made extra moorage reservations? Did you reserved to large of a spot and have room for my boat next to yours? Maybe your plans have changed or are changing and...
  255. Team Tom


    If your alway wet you may want to think about purchasing a boat that keeps you dry. LOL
  256. Team Tom

    Anyone in the Northend want to rent out thier Flutter jig mold?

    I will be home working on the boat all weekend, but I may drive up to see you strut off the stage with the money. What about your boat? Did you sell her?Did you order your new one?
  257. Team Tom

    I really did not upgrade just to some that will hopfully work each time I go out. Good luck this...

    I really did not upgrade just to some that will hopfully work each time I go out. Good luck this weekend! I will be working on the boat. If I here of anything I will give you a call. I think I have an open seat again. R u interested?
  258. Team Tom

    Anacortes Derby tickets

    Selling for a buddy who cannot make it because his pussy hurts. Two tickets $60.00 each...............
  259. Team Tom

    Lapush WDFW rockfish tagging?

    How do you sign up?
  260. Team Tom

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Unit is sold! I reply back to each interested party by order of contact. Tom
  261. Team Tom

    Copper jigs in port Angeles for butts?

    I used cooper pipe jigs around that area this past weekend and came up empty handed?
  262. Team Tom

    transducer help

    what lance said..........
  263. Team Tom

    transducer help

    Kevin, I just updated my electronics. Had some older Garmin gear and it could not be upgraded. I wanted to go with Furuno, but it was just not feasible for me. I ended up purchasing two 10" HDS gen II with an 80/200 260 transducer. I went with this transducer to keep it simple. I will have great...
  264. Team Tom

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    This unit only controls a kicker motor up to 25 hp. R u looking for something to control you main?
  265. Team Tom

    Anybody here make hydraulic lines?

    I'm in the same boat, well not literally. I'm adding a second station and would love to find away to just tap into my existing lines or find a place to have some lines made and save a few benjamins. Great thread wdlfbio!
  266. Team Tom

    Two 10” Garmin 2010c’s and the whole ball of wax

    Two 10” Garmin 2010c’s, Sun Covers, Airmar P 66 transducer, GSD 20 sonar, Garmin GPS Antenna, Bluechart card Cost g2, and Power/information sharing data cables. Removed from my boat this week and both units and components work perfectly. The outdoor unit shows some wear and some fading on the...
  267. Team Tom

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Goetz trol-eze kicker Hydraulic steering system Just pulled from my boat. Great system, but I just could not get the hang of using a remote. 20' cord allows you to steer from anywhere in the boat. 400 PSI of positive power. Stainless cylinder and tie-rod. I believe this is worth around $175.00?
  268. Team Tom


    I LOVE THE STUFF................... No scrubbing at all when you use acid then apply the sealer.
  269. Team Tom

    transducer help

    Kevin, you will have better performance keeping your Furuno and upgrading to a 1k transducer. Furuno is just better! Over the weekend I purchased two Lowrance 10” gen II. I would have loved to have gone with Furno, but I did not have the coin. The performace of the Garmin that came with my boat...
  270. Team Tom

    Wanted Lowrance NMEA 2000 network parts

    Thanks for the replys guys. Badfish Pat, Love your offer, but I will have to give you some type of payment if you have a extra.
  271. Team Tom

    Wanted Lowrance NMEA 2000 network parts

    Do you have extra starter kit, any extension cables, or T’s lying around that you want to sell? If so send me a PM. While you’re looking for the above could you also check for either an TM260 or TM270 transducer and a Lowrance Point 1 antenna. Tom
  272. Team Tom

    The Big Kahuna build

    ya baby...........
  273. Team Tom

    Larger boat kicker motor options

    I have a 2006 Yamaha 9.9 EX with remote steering. It is the larger one for bigger boats and it pushes my 26' north River just fine. Yes they are heavy, but it is what I can afford. On a side note: This system will be up for sale soon. I’m going with a rear helm. Don’t laugh, but my brain just...
  274. Team Tom

    Sportsman Show

    Well I did not spend any money at the show, but I got a electronics pakage in the works. I went with a fellow BDer and he sepnt pletty of doe for the both of us. He always buys a ton of gear at at show ever year. You can always tell who has a hard time catching fish buy the amout of gear they...
  275. Team Tom

    DR Snubbers

    I do the same, but I use tuna cord.
  276. Team Tom

    Sportsman Show

    Im going to the show on Sunday to hopfully dig up a deal on some new electronics. Looking at going simple. Two lowrance HDS-12 GEN II touch, Sonar Hub, Engine / NMEA 2000, new transducers, and 4G radar.
  277. Team Tom

    converting kicker to tiller

    Going through the same thing with my 26'. I have a hand held hydraulic EZ-steer system that has spoiled more than one fishing trip. When making sharp turns, the combination of the extra long shaft and large boat puts too much stress on the ram and bends it just enough to hinder how it flows back...
  278. Team Tom

    pressure canning tuna better just give me your tuna.
  279. Team Tom

    halibut 2014

    The over lap = less fish in the box.
  280. Team Tom

    halibut 2014

    Calling Big Salmon and Hobuck to make my reservations for this Halibut season and I was told the dates will be different this year. According to the Neah Bay community is first opener is scheduled for May 15th/17th and the second opener May 22nd/24th. Anyone else heard of this?
  281. Team Tom

    Show us Your Favorite Halibut Rig Setup

    What the heck do you know Gary? Your part of the photo shop group...........
  282. Team Tom

    Xmas present wish list?

    Got to love that................................
  283. Team Tom

    Jug Heads

    These are a great idea. I purchased JUD HEAD’s when they where first available and towed them around for hours with little to no luck. I do not know, maybe it is me?
  284. Team Tom

    Computer Help

    Thanks for all the help guys! You gave me direction on what to do.........
  285. Team Tom

    The Journey

    Nice job goat!
  286. Team Tom

    Computer Help

    My five year old Dell gave up the other day. Dam porn! Took it into the shop and what do you know it was the porn. Turns out it is toast and my data is not retrievable. I need to replace the tower. Nothing fancy, for the family usees it for the internet, school work, and for MS money books? Any...
  287. Team Tom

    Building some live bait rods this winter

    Just put the final layer of flex coat on my last two RCLM79er's. I built five acid wraps! I have used both rods you speak of. I went with the 79er's because of price and rod diameter, and weight. I have small hands and the diameter was important to me. And yes, my dick reaches over the gunnel. I...
  288. Team Tom

    Clamp on fishing pole holders

    I had the same probelm until I installed two small set srews at the the botom (out of sight).
  289. Team Tom

    Saltwater PSA Sno-King Members' & Guests Derby RESULTS

    See what Im talking about! Ted is so go at photo shopping that he made the fish look like cash in this photo.
  290. Team Tom

    Boeing Jobs

    PM sent
  291. Team Tom


    Look close you can see the the cuts around the fish! Here is one you guys where trying to post of me before I caught you guys.
  292. Team Tom


    I'm not! They always posted photo shopped pictures of themselves to make their fish look bigger...................
  293. Team Tom

    Help cleaning the boat after a tuna trip etiquette ?

    Set the expectations and charge accordingly.
  294. Team Tom

    Laundering Tuna Smell out of Jeans

    Love it...................
  295. Team Tom

    Plastic welder

    Thanks for the replies guys. I will be in touch. Basically Im converting my transom mount Kodiak bait tank into a center dance floor mount. To do this I plan to enclose the exposed fill and drain tubes that run out the side of the tank and build a platform to raise the tank up so the tubes can...
  296. Team Tom

    Plastic welder

    I'm looking to make some modifications to my plastic bait tank........... Does anyone in the brotherhood have any experience with a welding plastic? Do you own a plastic welder? Do you know someone who does this type of work? For those of you in the know..........Taking some baby steps to get...
  297. Team Tom

    Tiedown 10" free backing Galvx L/H

    Brand new......$35.00 (360)652-9585
  298. Team Tom

    Craigs list ad Fresh caught coho salmon $4.00 lb give me a call 425-312-9989

    Found this ad on Craigs list................ Coho salmon - $4 (Marysville )
  299. Team Tom

    Do you want to see Neah Bay and Lapush halibut go to one day a week?

    It is a no for me. It would not be worth all the effort and money it takes.
  300. Team Tom

    "Why people hunt deer with a rifle"

    Fun read........
  301. Team Tom

    Loading a bunk trailer discussion

    Im that jackass............... Trailer will not go deeper and you can not manually crank it in.
  302. Team Tom

    Pacific addiction crew got some moves

    That is some good stuff right there...........
  303. Team Tom

    gregs customs rods

    Gave them a call last week and told them that I had componentsto assemble five bait rods and I needed to learn how to build them in a hurry.They said &#8220;come on in and we will teach you what to do.&#8221; The next day I showedup after work and went to town. Great team those two are!
  304. Team Tom

    What's this????

    You found the mother ship.........
  305. Team Tom

    Question for North River Seahawk Offshore Owners

    Tony, send us some photos of your ass end. If you like, I can take some measurements of mine and see how it lays out against yours. I have no issue with mine tilted all the way up.
  306. Team Tom

    Don't leave your shrimp pots outside....

    Ya, I store mine with the lids open.
  307. Team Tom

    Ucluelet 7/2 to 7/7 anyone else heading to BC that week?

    Heading to Ukee 7/22~7/25 and 8/22~8/25...........
  308. Team Tom

    Open seats for the Westport opener?

    Eli, can you put up with me again?
  309. Team Tom


    Ya, Ted is a master at photo shop!
  310. Team Tom

    Saltwater First blood on the new (old) boat

    WTF no beer in the photo?
  311. Team Tom

    Pic's of Miss Eliza

    Sleeping beauty in the ferry line..........
  312. Team Tom

    neah roll call/sidepot

    Josh, add Team Tom for the first opener!
  313. Team Tom

    sweet and simple

    U rookie, the eyes don't line up!
  314. Team Tom

    Open Seats "second week" Neah Bay

    Im full................
  315. Team Tom


    Vance, I know of a couple guys that are coming. I have a pop up tent and 1,000 pounds of lead.
  316. Team Tom

    Cleaning House

    i will take the rod!
  317. Team Tom

    Open Seats "second week" Neah Bay

    That is some funny shit..................
  318. Team Tom

    Open Seats "second week" Neah Bay

    So, looks like I'm going to have a couple of open spots on my boat May 16th~18th. Itinerary&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;. Stay at the Hobuck cabins May 15th~17thWednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Fish Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Drive home Saturday after fishing...
  319. Team Tom

    Annual LEAD POUR

    Anyday works for me. Last year there where a few guys who purchased lead on line for a good price. Anyone have any contact information?
  320. Team Tom

    San Jaun Pre-Fishing Derby Party

    I have open spots available for eight to ten boats. If your boat is larger than 30' we will have to use my moorage bouy in front of the marina.
  321. Team Tom

    San Jaun Pre-Fishing Derby Party

    Ok I’m going to throw this out there. As some of you know I have access to a cabin located in the San Juan Islands. The cabin is located on Center Island. I ‘am sending an open invitation to use the cabin as base camp the weekend before the Big Anacortes Derby. I will be arriving Friday, before...
  322. Team Tom

    Xrap30 $14.99 @ Cabelas

    Ben I will take................. Size 30 1 Purple Mackerel 1 Bonitio 1 Sliver Blue Mackerel Size 20 3 Purple Mackerel 1 Dorado 3 Bonitio 4 Sliver Blue Mackerel Please PM me with the details...........
  323. Team Tom

    The Best Downrigger salmon rod??

    Another vote for Shimano Convergence 10 '6
  324. Team Tom

    Shimano Which rod to purchase?

    I love my 10’ 6” Convergence rods for fishing NW salmon so why not follow suit for Washington tuna! I’m in the market for five live bait/swim bait rods for the boat. The rods need to be dual purpose for now. I will be pairing the rods with Avet MXL’s loaded with 65lb braid and a 20 ~ 30lb top...
  325. Team Tom

    The fleet is being replaced.

    Good for you! How about some more photos of the boat? I still owe you some ribs................
  326. Team Tom

    Fidalgo/San Juan Islands Chapter Meeting

    Im inn! Anyone want to carpool? Im in Marysville..................
  327. Team Tom

    electric reels on craigslist

    Good because I do not think I could take you! Now get back to work................
  328. Team Tom

    electric reels on craigslist

    I called and they are sold,,,,,, Thanks for the heads up!
  329. Team Tom

    Rear Steer Station

  330. Team Tom

    Rear Steer Station

    The people you take fishing must be pretty lame! [/COLOR]
  331. Team Tom

    Here Tuna Tuna

    That is some funny stuff Ted. I let my wife read your post and she laughed. If she only knew it was the truth.................
  332. Team Tom

    Here Tuna Tuna

    Yes, paypal...............
  333. Team Tom

    Here Tuna Tuna

    My bait reels and bait tank have finally arrived! Found a deal on a used once 32 gallon Kodiak tank on Craigslist (California) and a great price under $140.00 plus free shipping and no sales tax for the reels out of Florida. I plan on mounting the tank it in the middle of my dance floor. If any...
  334. Team Tom

    Bamfield Tuna Shootout

    GP, let's take your boat up. Im in!
  335. Team Tom

    Can you spot a 20 pound fish?

    :rofl:Standing just over 5' all fish look larger than 20lbs next to me!
  336. Team Tom

    Garmin or Raymarine

    One of the nice things about Garmin is their backward compatible; Raymarine is probably the worst at this. Even with older Garmin 4000 series you can upgrade to compressed high-intensity radar pulse (CHIRP) sonar. CHIRP is the newest sonar technology. While the technology has been around for...
  337. Team Tom

    Man, we have forgotten our past.

    you r very lucky my friend to have this,,,,, Merry christmas to your family.
  338. Team Tom

    plumbing bait tanks

    Great idea shuting off all the seacocks when at the dock.
  339. Team Tom

    The Blackmouther Boat

    I love it..........................
  340. Team Tom

    Lamiglass and Fenwick

    I still have the Finwick IM7 Graphic $65.00 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  341. Team Tom

    new, and want to get set up for tuna

    Kerry, you bring up a good point on the rod lenght and outboards.......Anyone know of any loss cost 8' boat rods/
  342. Team Tom

    Dry storage box

    SOLD New Box is copolymer that has squared inner walls. The lid has a water resistant foam rubber gasket that keeps the gear dry and damage free. A reinforced steel hinge and a plastic latch bar secures the lid to the base. Comes with a two dividers making three compartment...
  343. Team Tom

    Brads super baits and Apex

    NEW! Give me a fair offer..............
  344. Team Tom

    Riding Your Cycle At The Marina

    Matt, when r u going to change your avatar?
  345. Team Tom

    Melton's Movember Mustache Contest - Ends Movember 30th, 2012

    Shit, I did not read the final posting instructions.......... Oh well.
  346. Team Tom

    JudyAnn gettin a makeover.. A NOVEL

  347. Team Tom

    Fidalgo-San Juan Islands Chapter Meeting

    Count me in Jay............. Anyone want to carpool?
  348. Team Tom

    change boat name

    When ever i think about Old Spice (my father still wears it) it reminds of Brut pit stick.
  349. Team Tom

    Granite Person

    Finished installing the cabinets in the cabin and now I’m ready for the counter top. Anyone out there a granite person? Perhaps you know someone who is. It is a small job with only one corner seem! I would love to do business over a salmon, halibut, tuna trip or a San Juan Island weekend...
  350. Team Tom

    Saltwater A9 Blackies

    Dam good action!
  351. Team Tom

    Lamiglass and Fenwick

    Let's met up at your secret blackmouth spot?
  352. Team Tom

    Lamiglass and Fenwick

    I'm heading up to the cabin this weekend. Launching from washington park Saturday morning and coming home Sunday afternoon. Another idea is to wait a few weeks until fishing opens and meet up on the water?
  353. Team Tom

    Lamiglass and Fenwick

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... All rods r perfect! Maybe used three to five times. The GT 1310 was used once five years ago. The first time I used it one of the rod guides ceramic rings broke. I just got around to fixxing it. Lamiglas Classic Glass...
  354. Team Tom

    Abu Garcia 6600 C4

  355. Team Tom

    Here's why I'm selling my Trophy

    Nice upgrade Matt. Kind-of like upgrading to Fin Nor! LOL You will love everything about this boat. I looked hard for almost a year for this same exact boat. I found a couple inboards with the same interior, but I wanted outboards. I would still be in the market if my current Northriver did not...
  356. Team Tom

    Abu Garcia 6600 C4

    Let me think about it. Ebay low ballers r around $65.00
  357. Team Tom

    Fender Clips

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Make offer or trade for a cold one?
  358. Team Tom

    Abu Garcia 6600 C4

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Used maybe five of six times. Loaded with 20lb ultra green. The color of the reel is Blue! $85.00 is a good starting point..............
  359. Team Tom

    24 oz lead jig heads

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Both sold as is with no waranty. Make offer?
  360. Team Tom

    Halibut Harboon and Brass Tip

    I PMed u back? Well I think I did.................. We can meet up in the San Jauns or at the pour party?
  361. Team Tom

    PETA --the silent scream

    Love it.......................
  362. Team Tom

    Stainless Downrigger Cable and Terminal Supplies

    <font size="3">Selling some items to finance my tuna addiction…………..ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com150 lb. X 400 ‘ Scotty stops, crimps and thimbles. $ 20.00<o:p></o:p>
  363. Team Tom

    Fish On Rod and Net Holder

    Selling some items to finance my Tuna addiction! Two rod holders and gaff/net holder. You will need to purchaseone backing plate. Stainless nuts, washers, and bolts included. $20.00<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  364. Team Tom

    Power Handle

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Stainless steel large power handle fits Penn & Daiwa reels. $10.00
  365. Team Tom

    Halibut Harboon and Brass Tip

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Spear/Handle is wood. Wrapped with tape, shrink wrap andrope. Harpoon Tip is Brass $35.00.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  366. Team Tom

    Melton's Movember Mustache Contest - Ends Movember 30th, 2012

    Forgot to include my mug shot!
  367. Team Tom

    Melton's Movember Mustache Contest - Ends Movember 30th, 2012

    I&#8217;m inn! <font size="3">Melton thanks for doing this!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comI&#8217;m supporting the cause through a local radio station herein Seattle. The teams name is &#8220;KISW Mens Room&#8221; Last year the team Ranked #35out of 8813 teams in the...
  368. Team Tom

    BD Annual Southend gathering

    Nice job Mike!
  369. Team Tom

    You Grady guys...I don't know, I don't know

    That dude is a nut case!
  370. Team Tom

    Offshore VHF

    Can someone tell me how the cost guard can communicate with us 50 miles offshore? What is the avarage range of an standard 5 watt VHF radio?
  371. Team Tom

    Meth Heads Stole My Kicker In Snohomish

    Seems law enforcement is more about protecting the thieves than protecting the hard working people whose taxes fund thier paycheck. I agree............ last week a crack head lady pulled some road rage on my daughter and followed her home. The lady would not let my eighteen old daughter pass...
  372. Team Tom

    New "Black Dragon FLasher"

    Chicken Dinner
  373. Team Tom

    Saltwater Year In Review

    Got to love the your son's excitement!
  374. Team Tom

    Resurrection Derby Tickets

    Jay, I'm working on putting together a team too.
  375. Team Tom

    Tuna this Sunday

    I will be there too! Leaving soon.....................
  376. Team Tom

    New Addition to the Fam!!!!

    Looks like a keeper!
  377. Team Tom


    Ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  378. Team Tom

    Downriggers and flashers

    Kim, thanks for the ribs! IOU Tom
  379. Team Tom

    who bought the 25 ft BAMF "Miss B Haven"

    I saw it fishing the ship wreck a week ago!
  380. Team Tom

    BAMF saga continues

    They should be able to fix that........... I hope they are still standing behind their product!
  381. Team Tom

    Derelict Gillnet: 6 Coho, 30 Crab, 200 Dogfish, Seabird

    I'm working on freeing up a few hours of time on sunday if u still need help!
  382. Team Tom

    Looking for new boat

  383. Team Tom

    Saltwater The great flood of 2012

    Kerry, thanks for the chance to fish tuna this past weekend. I had a blast breaking my cherry! You are a great caption! I loved it when you saw a few birds in the distance and said "I know there is tuna over there, REEL THEM UP.&#8221; We motored over to the sport threw over the anchovies and...
  384. Team Tom

    Tuna CHarter Openings

    How much?
  385. Team Tom

    Saltwater Westside Vancouver Island

    Heading there tonight!
  386. Team Tom

    Plastic Fish Bags

  387. Team Tom

    North River O/S

    PM sent..................
  388. Team Tom

    Roll Call for July Area 7 Opener

    More people than I thought! I will be on 68 and will be happy to pass on reports on the fishing.
  389. Team Tom

    Roll Call for July Area 7 Opener

    I will be fishing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Anyone else fishing? :hali_olutta:
  390. Team Tom

    Saltwater Fishing was good today in MA7

    out standing! were u on anchor?
  391. Team Tom

    Saltwater scallops

    Sea Scallops!
  392. Team Tom

    Looking for Open Seat Neah Bay or La Push Hali Opener

    I may have a open seat for the 16th ~19th. I will know in a few days.
  393. Team Tom

    Bait above pipe jigs?

    Aaron, I do not get your set up? Do you use the pipe jig as the weight?
  394. Team Tom

    Neah Bay Hali Opener

    Im inn, but I got to get the buy inn from the new crew! I will let u know.
  395. Team Tom

    Rain gear

    Made me laugh!!!!! Good one!!!!!
  396. Team Tom

    Rain gear

    Has anyone tried Frog Toggs rain gear? Looks interesting...................
  397. Team Tom

    Deck boots

    I own two pair of the Tack Classic 12" Equine Boot Mid-Cut Muck Boot. We have horses. The soles are small and do not feel like a large boot. I have a pair for the boat and cabin and a pair for the ranch. Both pairs are over ten year old and still work well. If I were to purchase a new pair today...
  398. Team Tom

    Lead Pour Pictures

    I too would like to say thanks to Vance, wife Kelli, the cooks andeveryone that brought your molds and cooker. I had a great time............. Nookie, I owe u a couple of 15lbs downrigger balls. U emptied your pot and the end of the night and poured me a couple and never got to do any horse...
  399. Team Tom

    Prayers for a BD Family Member

    Tommy, may your mother rest in peace. Payers and wishes to you, your dad, your brother and the rest of your family. Team Tom
  400. Team Tom

    2012 lead melt at dragonballs "here are the GUIDELINES

    Im bringing 60lbs of lead to the party. Some of my lead is assorted banana and ball weights, a 10lb rigger ball and clip line weights. Maybe some could use these items before I melt them down. Im also bringing a bag of eyelets, cut to size ¾ copper pipe, propane tank, and safety equipment.
  401. Team Tom

    Fidalgo-San Juan Islands Chapter PSA Meeting

    Team Tom will be there! I posted last week looking for car poolers, but no takers..........
  402. Team Tom

    Car pool to San Juan Islands PSA meeting

    I live in Marysville anyone heading to this meeting to listen to Derek "Derby Demon" Floyd? The meeting is next Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 6:30PM
  403. Team Tom

    looking for boat info

    MJD, what the hell do you do for a living that places you in Tofino British Columbia? Hawaii to Tofino is one tough move. Some of the best North West fishing you will ever find........... The west coast boys are a good group. Here is the link for their fishing form...
  404. Team Tom

    Saltwater ma7 3/11

    Patrick, what the hell is goosing out of holes in the plastic trash can?
  405. Team Tom

    WTB Leftie levelwind reels all kinds

    I just purchased a Mitchell Riptide 4.0 GL LH off Ebay for a halibut reel for my son. Not a bad reel for the price. It came from the UK.
  406. Team Tom

    Rod storage / holder

    Thanks for the input guys!
  407. Team Tom

    One Ping Only

  408. Team Tom

    Rod storage / holder

    Im thinking of adding vertical rod/net storage to the side of my Pilothouse side walls. Something like in this photo.I have been advised not to do so, do to the fact that vertical rod holders (not angled) introduces a very high probability of my rods going into the drink in lumpy water...
  409. Team Tom

    Compass question

    I own a 26’ North River and my helm is full of nifty electronics (chart plotter, sonar, radar, etc), but Im missing a very important piece of equipment, a standard compass! Walking through the boat show I noticed the majority of the fishing boats for sale also lacked this basic piece of...
  410. Team Tom


    Bruce, just asking, what steps do we/you/me take to reduce the risk of this happening? Do start cutting items into pieces to make sure there is no captured water? Glad you were prepared with your PPE and thank God you were not in the area when this happened.
  411. Team Tom

    Ketchinany 2011 video

    You are very lucky to have shared your skill with your parents... Good for you!
  412. Team Tom

    BD Roche representation?

    Blake, how about some photos of the new boat?
  413. Team Tom

    Electric Reels

    I hope I did not mess up! I sold because I needed dual purpose reels (halibut and trolling for tuna).
  414. Team Tom

    Electric Reels

    I just sold my electrics on Ebay. Pushing a button took the fun out of fighting the fish. Im going to purchase Fin Mor Marguesa 30s...............
  415. Team Tom

    Duckworth Offshore series

    What do you mean by the floor hatch opened and made the cabin door unopenable?
  416. Team Tom

    Saltwater MA 7 1/12/12 (damn one eye furbag)

    I always give one eye my extra bait, but not anymore..............
  417. Team Tom

    Sloppy Seconds - Fidalgo PSA Does Nelly Next

    I'll be there! Anyone want to car pool from the Everett Marysville area?
  418. Team Tom

    Neah Bay Accommodations

    Must be nice!
  419. Team Tom

    Neah Bay Accommodations

    I know Im a little early to ask this question, but I like to plan ahead. It has been almost ten years since I fished out of Neah Bay. I swore I would never go back due to some bastard vandalizing my truck and steeling my trailer hitch leaving me with no way of getting my boat home. Talk about a...
  420. Team Tom

    Poll: What do you use for downriggin - Balls or Pancake?

    Just had the wife check my balls and she said “they are round and the one on the left was larger.”
  421. Team Tom

    The new ride

    Love it............. The kids are sure happy with the purchase.
  422. Team Tom

    aluminum self bailing deck

    Looking good John..........................
  423. Team Tom

    Saltwater Resurrection Derby

    Ted where are the riggers?
  424. Team Tom

    Blackmouth M7

    You guys are lucky, I can not go until next weekend.
  425. Team Tom

    best prop guard for kicker

    I feel Mac’s do not do the job. First they only have a single bracket bolting on to the skag. I went through two Mac units, once busting/twisting the single bracket completely off and cracking the second. Secondly they are not wide enough. They do not cover the larger high thrust props...
  426. Team Tom

    Teak Plywood anyone?

    I sprayed my new drawers last night. Next step is to refinish and build new drawer fronts. I went ahead and up-sized my existing drawers, for they were only utilizing half the cabinet space. I can not believe how much more storage this is creating.
  427. Team Tom

    Teak Plywood anyone?

    Along with raising my floor I’m also changing my cabinet configuration. I have unused floor space that I will be adding drawer storage. In addition I will be switching all my cabinets to drawers. For me, drawers make for easy access. I only need two 14”x24” pieces plus trim off the same size. If...
  428. Team Tom

    aluminum self bailing deck

    Looks like its all there to me............
  429. Team Tom

    Which is better?

    My wife and I put names in a hat and while filling out the birth cert we pulled a name out of the hat............. Took us three trys before we picked one, but it was alot of fun.
  430. Team Tom

    aluminum self bailing deck

    Good for you! This is killer........ This is funny because Im doing the same type of modification, but instead of raising the cockpit height Im raising the height of the floor in my pilot house. Im rasing the floor because of my small stature. As of now I use a step to crawl into the helm...
  431. Team Tom

    aluminum self bailing deck

    Good for you! This is killer........
  432. Team Tom

    yamaha T-8 kicker motor problems.

    Question? So I&#8217;m not following, NR 101 for me. If you back troll with your main doesn&#8217;t your kicker still take water over the top? Ted is your kicker mounted on a bracket the lifts the motor out of the water? I just had my starter rebuilt and relay replace on my 8hp on my Olympic...
  433. Team Tom

    Question on Downrigger Braided Line

    Rates are at an all time low. Refi the house and pay for the new line over time............
  434. Team Tom

    Downrigger weights?

    I use gold nugget's around 15lbs..........
  435. Team Tom

    She is 98% ready !

    Very Very nice!:urno1:
  436. Team Tom

    New boat for me and a few questions for you!

    Thanks for all the inputs so far...... Got to love it.
  437. Team Tom

    New boat for me and a few questions for you!

    :boobies:This past month I picked up a (new to me) 26 north river. Found this baby sitting on a lake in Montana with a total of 103 hours of use. This replaces a 1990 23’ Olympic hardtop that is listed in the classified section. My new boat came set up well however I'm looking for some real...
  438. Team Tom

    1990 23' Olympic

    For sale The interior of the cabin is in pristine shape. It has a sink, alcohol stove, port potty, Lowrance 10” color chart/sonar, Raymarine radar, an Alaska bulkhead, and Red Dot heater to keep you warm plus room in the V-berth to sleep two. The table also drops down to make a bench seat or a...
  439. Team Tom

    what vacuum packer?

    I drop my fish off at the local meat locker, .25 a bag! The finish product is sealed and flash frozen. No more long hours sealing fish...........
  440. Team Tom

    Washington Park - Parking

    Go early morning and you should not have a problem. Given a choice I would go to Cornet Bay.
  441. Team Tom

    trolling tomic plugs

    I run as fast as my kicker will push me!
  442. Team Tom

    Saltwater Rocks and Crocs!

    That is some funny shit...............
  443. Team Tom

    Need some help from the Neah Bay regulars... ref a boat

    Here is the link to the designer of the boat. I hired Jarek to design boat a few years back.
  444. Team Tom

    Stir it up! Halibut, Ling size & weight

    I can’t stop laughing!:rofl: Thanks guys, I needed a good one today. I only stand 5' tall and this barely legal lingcod towers over me.
  445. Team Tom

    120ft rule for bottomfish

    I interpreted their message differently if yoiu were fishing for both on the same day; I thought they said fish for Halibut first then fish for lings! It is not ok to have Lings in the box if you are fishing over 120’, but it is ok to have halibut in the box while fishing for lings under...
  446. Team Tom

    24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

    Thanks for the information.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Exciting times for you! <o:p></o:p>
  447. Team Tom

    24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Chad</st1:place></st1:country-region>, did you ever sell your boat and purchase a new one? If so, what did you pick up? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  448. Team Tom

    Saltwater Resurrection Derby Derby

    Side bet money.................... Great job!
  449. Team Tom

    Saltwater Anyone hit A7 today?

    Talked to a friend yesterday that was out. He boated two and saw several other fish caught.
  450. Team Tom

    Saltwater I got ants!

    Leaving for Ukee in the next few hours. I will post a report when I get back. Here's the big ones from yesterday trip 44, 40, and a 32!
  451. Team Tom

    Tomic Plugs

    I buy my direct from Tomic! Don&#8217;t hold them to this, but they will often send some type of free bee. Such as a newly created color, one of their spoons, etc&#8230; Also tell them where you are fishing and they are likely to know which colors work best for that area.
  452. Team Tom

    Saltwater Midchannel Opener

    How did you rig up such a small herring? Where you using a helmet?
  453. Team Tom

    Saltwater IF ONLY WORDS COULD DESCRIBE.... WESTPORT: 06/26/10-06/27/10

    Great report. That sardine in the photo is more than likely a pilchard, a mature sardine. When you find those the bellies it is time to break out the big spoons and plugs! Most years pilchards are abundant on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and over the years I have taken a black sharpie...
  454. Team Tom

    Saltwater another westport hog!

    Kevin, check your private messages.
  455. Team Tom

    Saltwater Sekiu Halibut Report or "Max & Dom's Excellent Adventure"

    Quote: Originally Posted by T-Ripper Lastly, on life jackets, yes we wore them but when we traveled just not in perfect weather when we were free drifting and doing work. So please give it a rest on the jacket bashing, and I'll do the parenting of these 2 fish killers. Late- I only pointed...
  456. Team Tom

    Saltwater Sekiu Halibut Report or "Max & Dom's Excellent Adventure"

    You got to love it when the kids catch fish, but I have a question for Dad. Why is Dom not wearing a life jacket? Washington state law requires that all kids 12 years old and under wear a life jacket while on board a boat that is under 19 feet in length
  457. Team Tom

    Saltwater beginners luck halibut fishing area 6

    That is what it is all about! Nice job
  458. Team Tom

    Saltwater MA 7 for 5/6

    Very nice job!
  459. Team Tom

    Saltwater Great day of Halibut fishing

    Ya, but Im only 5' 3" tall.
  460. Team Tom

    Saltwater Great day of Halibut fishing

    Spent the night moored in the Everett marina, so we could get an extra early start in the morning. Good eats Drinks and at Anthony’s. My plan was to reach Mutiny Bay by sunrise, but that was a not the case. It took us an hour just to reach Possession Bar. The water was horrible! I almost...