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  1. aeon

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    I only hunt the lcra, you can't join you can only be invited. The big addition this year was hot breakfast delivered to the blinds
  2. aeon

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    good for you bro! just in time for summer :)
  3. aeon

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    The dark season is on us, here is some pr0n from this last season.... is it oct yet?
  4. aeon

    proof that the end is near

    i do not hunt in oxnard. the one teal got its band in that area. if you look at the banding cert it says both where the duck was banded and where it was harvested. I photoshopped the location after i got the cert but its in the general area, kinda. its my backyard of my hunting house so i a...
  5. aeon

    It’s almost over

    the river is to much work for most folks... Sluester forever!
  6. aeon

    proof that the end is near

    two tags in two weeks both cinnamon teal. One was from nv and one from ca. I have not shot a band in like 15 years not including Brant where you can cherry pick banded birds. Now i get two in two weeks.
  7. aeon

    36hp prodrive powered duck boat

    Nope, my other boat makes this one look quiet so I need to keep them
  8. aeon

    36hp prodrive powered duck boat

    7k , under 100hrs on motor. recently serviced, avery popup blind with camo and windblock.
  9. aeon

    Happy birthday Sluester....

    Happy Birthday Dude! anyone ever wonder what mike would say about covid? :) f-bombs a dropping!!!!!
  10. aeon

    Reloading Question

    Reloading for presision is a deep dive in a vast ocean. Do you need it? I duno. Does it make you more accurate, yup. I reload for 1k yard fclass matches. The level of stupid is crazy trying hit a 5" circle at that distance Few tricks for you. First is the length of the loaded cartridge is not...
  11. aeon

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    you also make coyote jerky so ummm yeah. the a400 recoils less than any of the benelli guns. to say different is crap. The reason i suggested the upland or light is they are just 3" guns and your bolt does not have to move 6 miles to cycle. The a400 action is also the fastest cycling gun...
  12. aeon

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    if you want a auto loader go with a beretta a400 upland or a400 light if a basic black gun is more your style. just get the 26" tube. a long barrel does not help you at all.
  13. aeon

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    Fine firearms,
  14. aeon

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    Gary is in AZ now i have a rtm chassis in 7 saum from him and a 6mm dasher urms on the way.
  15. aeon

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    Damn nate I think you need to do a few tactical rolls and rethink your attitude. PRS presision rifle series is actually kinda fun and excellent training for hunting. It's all bolt guns shooting off random things at close and far. It's a game that's fun to play! And for real you are going to...
  16. aeon

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Yesterday was a dark day. My 10 year old lab Tia passed on. God speed baby ill miss you so much. Say hi to sluester for me and save me a spot Tia started out life as a reject. The guy that left a deposit backed out on her. A trials/hunting breeder in Temecula Steve Nicholson made me a great...
  17. aeon

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    You will like the 6.5prc, been shooting its big twin 6.5rsaum for a couple years now and it's pretty amazing.
  18. aeon


    No guns in mexico??!!!!!! Don't tell my dog
  19. aeon

    6.5 AK questions

    Prc needs a mag bolt face so it won't work
  20. aeon

    Duck decoys

    How much, how many, what brand.....
  21. aeon

    Progressive or non progressive press

    All depends on your level of crazy you require in your reloads. For pistol and the casual rifle plinker the progressive press is fine and will turn out quality ammo that matches factory ammo. For match winning rifle shooting the amount of crazy never ends, chasing a 5" x ring at 1000k yards is...
  22. aeon

    San Diego Private land?

    Is your wife or gf hot, I might be able to work something out.
  23. aeon

    Shotgun Advice

    Wtf 3.5" for ducks? Good lord @Rubberhook2. 3.5" is nice for geese and turkey but not required for that at All. Zero reason to use it on ducks or any other birds. If you are going to hunt lots of geese get the 3.5 if not the 3 is fine. Better question is why the a5?
  24. aeon

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    yeah.. im sad
  25. aeon

    PICS and REPORT: 4th Annual Kill-n-Grill Party, March 13, 2010

    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just talked to him tuesday. nina has pups ready to drop next week
  26. aeon

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    375h&h one workd one gun or some crap like that. 5.56 is pretty good too. Might want to uograde to a 5.57 or even the 5.58. No such thing as what's the best cartridge. If you are going to do all kinds of hunting your gun will not be the most expensive thing. Get a few guns and use them Oh...
  27. aeon

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    for you guys that like the custom chassis rifles. Eliseo now builds complete rifles that are world class competition level rifles.
  28. aeon

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

  29. aeon

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Fine firearms is your place..
  30. aeon

    6.5 grendel, anyone shoot this?

    You can definitely do mid range 300-800 yard target work.,with the right bullet you can even keep it supersonic out to 1k but its crawling at that range. You won't have the energy to make good kills out past 400 on deer size game but 200-300 are good to go. Folliw the 1k ftlb of energy rule.
  31. aeon

    12/15 Wister average

    motorized vehicle would be the best guess :)
  32. aeon

    need to dump this boat

    Sold!!!!!! Top speed wirh the ls was over 50mph so shelter Island to 43 would be easy. Yeah it's the wrong market here but then again it would give you access to ducks that most of you can't get at. Enjoy the line at wister :) This is the new boat
  33. aeon

    need to dump this boat

    i had this up a while ago but no love so its back up. i lost the storage space so i need to move it. 16' hurricane Airboat, NO MOTOR!!!! so yes you have to put one in it. you get the Hull, Cage, Stand, Reduction unit, 3 blade carbon prop, trailer in good condition ready to tow. The boat is in...
  34. aeon

    Coyote Roundup

    Procoyote hunter returns to the interweb! Curtis how ya been and can I get some jerky?
  35. aeon

    Boat suggestion for duck hunting

    Google hybrid NL They are light, stable and work very well
  36. aeon

    Hunting Optic Recommendation

    And so I don't get shot at by the black rifle guys... Yes the REPR is a very accurate battle rifle but it's still a battle rifle with a hammer forged barrel. It
  37. aeon

    Hunting Optic Recommendation

    I'll decode that for you nate. The REPR is a ar10 not a precise rifle but so so accurate. The x95 is a bull pup style .223 pretty poor accuracy Neither gun is a long range cleaner. The x95 is not a good choice for a pig gun at all. Anyways here goes, for the x25 i would get the 1-6 power...
  38. aeon


    A lot of us are in California we are not allowed to have assault knives. Especially the high capacity ones with sharp edges
  39. aeon

    Brass questions

    You are fine, it's the dent from the deflector. Reload, shoot, dent fixed and a new one made. Make sure you full length resize and good to go
  40. aeon

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    I jinxed my self, dropped a valve on the boat and now I'm down for this weekend and maybe next :( lucky the motor didn't blow up. anyone got a good club to hunt!!!!!!!!!
  41. aeon

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    You are hunting the wrong club LCRA forever! Easy limits again, but I did break my boat today :(
  42. aeon

    RIP Molly

    Godspeed Molly
  43. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    few more from the plaster city WMA this weekend LCRA
  44. aeon

    Old Doggie

    Bs with out pics.... You can't come in here and claim you shot something with out photos
  45. aeon


    Plaster city...
  46. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    yeah its game time for sure. looks like it will finally get cold next weekend too with temps near freezing.....
  47. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    @Sluester another limit of quality boot lips
  48. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Jack away.... It's always the habitat and the habitat at the sea is not drawing birds it's pushing them away. The birds are down and in big numbers, they are just not at w.
  49. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    We mother ship layout boats built by @Sluester and hunt out of them. They disappear in the brush and you can hunt in the water and stay dry LCRA is super exclusive hunting club.
  50. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Got the new sled finished and put a few trips on her. Not that the old boat was boring or anything but OMFG this thing is a beast. strange migration again. pins are down in force and that is a bit early. the spoons finally showed up last weekend and the teal have vanished
  51. aeon

    Traveling with Shotgun over the Holidays

    I have flown a number of times with a ghost gun and reloads in plastic boxes. No problem with the gun and it's lack of sn or ammo in reloading boxes.
  52. aeon

    Tribute to Duke

    Crazy how much they mean to us. Sorry Brent, godspeed Duke
  53. aeon

    2017 Mexican Hunting Regs

    There is hunting in Mexico?
  54. aeon

    Picking up a Silver Lab next month.

    Everyone knows black is the only true color. Yellows are mixed with goldens, brown with poodles and silver are mixed with chows. Best put the dog down now unless it's a lap dog. A lab thread with no ducks is worthless
  55. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    new uhmw poly going on
  56. aeon

    New to SOCAL, looking for pheasant

    if you want a epic hunt contact arturo will take care of you. all wild birds and a great experience. nothing to fear in mexico, prolly safer than going to some cities in the central valley or the IV
  57. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    Damn photobucket broke all the image links.......
  58. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    stainless recessed hooks bolted in got it handled :)
  59. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    The layouts you built for me will stack flat on the deck. its got 8.5' from the front of the seat stand to the bow light. i took the motor out of the old boat :)
  60. aeon

    loreto report from 6-19 to 6-23

    fishing was pretty slow. Few yellows being caught in 300 to 400' deep water but but defiantly not on fire. Monday i caught a 70lb BSB and a few snappers. Thurs had one 35lb yellow and more snappers. Pretty windy most of the week made for crappy conditions outside
  61. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    few build pics from the new sled being built in Alabama... Now ya see why i am selling the old boat! Anyone have a hookup on hydroturf? i need a grip load to cover the deck area.
  62. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    ok boat has a trailer now, completed a new double axle trailer today.... motor is out of it and its ready to go
  63. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    just for duck hunting :) @baboltin i am building a much bigger one lol so in a few weeks ill have two lol. for 1k additional ill let the trailer go with it.
  64. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    It's too expensive to haul it back there. its a odd ball but would be killer on the salton sea or river.
  65. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    no shit huh... @One Track only had one guy so far come look at her. i need it gone the new boat is being built now 5k... lets go people!!!!!
  66. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    price is very negotiable
  67. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    Any sb or bb will work with just a few changes. Airboat motors are a bit like marine motors. If you want to go big, turnkey in Vista builds a lot of ls airboat motors. A mild 383 would rock with this boat.
  68. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    Ok so this is not your every day for sale in California I am looking to sell my airboat! 16' x 7.5' hull. 2-1 ch3 reduction unit, 3 blade carbon fiber 78" prop. The reduction unit was just rebuilt last year and has brand new bearings and belt so its basically new. it will mate to a small or big...
  69. aeon

    tax on a out of state boat hull purchase

    yeah its looking like i will have to the pay the difference between what AL charges and what California does. damn....
  70. aeon

    tax on a out of state boat hull purchase

    so i am buying a new boat hull from Alabama and shipping it out to California. The builder in AL is going to charge me 5% sales tax on the hull. What am i getting soaked for in California when i register here? Do i get soaked again for sales tax in calif when i register it here? thanks if you...
  71. aeon

    28' skipjack

    She is gone.....
  72. aeon

    28' skipjack

    after about 30 min you can see everything better @Jason and its like free birth control. two no shows today gurrrrrrrrr just installed two new shift cables so the controls are smooth.....
  73. aeon

    28' skipjack

    Yup :) got a guy in Utah maybe building me a airboat hull. I'm stupid sometimes lol
  74. aeon

    28' skipjack

    28 foot Skipjack, twin 350 GL-A volvos with SX Outdrives, 340hrs on both. Raymarine C80 Display with Raydome radar, DSM300 fish finder, Remote from the helm windlass, Marine radio, dual flow scans, 8 person emergency life raft, outriggers and down riggers with gear. Lots of spare parts and misc...
  75. aeon

    Looking for Lab Puppies

    Brown and yellow labs are good if you are not going to hunt. They make good house pets. It's the golden retriever and poodle DNA they mix in to make the off colors.
  76. aeon

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    Don't be mad at me @Sluester because you have a crap job selling bait at the barge. You always give me short scoops. I'm only a member of the southern LCRWA aka the club. dues are 5 to 6k a year plus initial buy in of 20k. Not sure what the north club is charging now. If you pm sluster he...
  77. aeon

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    Oh my bad i could have swore you posted a couple years ago about just starting to duck hunt.
  78. aeon

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    @LoneStalker i am pretty sure you are new to duck hunting. Chesapeakes are not great choices for guides that will have lots of strange people hunting close to the dog often. Not saying you cant do it but its not worth the temperament quirks they have. A lot of new guys often want to get them...
  79. aeon

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    Oh dear God no, dfg code says if someone sets up inside 300 yards you can shoot them. Not to kill, just hurt real bad
  80. aeon

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    How come you don't use a dog? I can't even imagine hunting ducks with out one. Paging @sluster paging Dr sluster The lcra has a rule if you leave decoys unattended you can smush them into the mud with your airboat
  81. aeon

    300 WSM - Contemplating getting one

    Why not build a custom gun the way you want? The guys on sch just built a bad ass 30nosler that would work for you. More hp than a 300wsm.
  82. aeon

    The Closer for Mexicali Pheasants

    lies all lies... they are planted birds from prado, and its the same bunch of frozen gambles every time :2gunsfiring_v1:
  83. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    if you arrange with a taxidermist that can take international game you can bring them back whole. You get to bag them in a bio hazard back and there is some paperwork but it can be done half way easy. I am pretty sure Darius knows how.
  84. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    guess there have been some changes my contact had zip for info besides what you know. Remember you can not bring back uncooked game from Mexico just a FYI good news is the ducks showed up and i know how you like ducks
  85. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    -35 Well maybe not that bad. Makes amazing jerky. They pretty much just eat eel grass and they taste like it
  86. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    super old video i made ( think HI 8 ) this was before the UMA system started. you could just make a phone call and go hunt.... sigh.
  87. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    I'm duck hunting Thursday in mex. Let me ask my guys if they have a more low class hunt. I know I can get tags but you need shotguns provided and I don't know of anyone besides Arturo that does it... Stand by
  88. aeon

    San Quentin brant

    Nate send a Arturo a email He will take very good care of you. take your time and cherry pick the bands out of the groups. Southbaykiller the duck hunting in the bay is not very easy. i used to hunt it quite a bit and on the right tide some of the backwaters...
  89. aeon

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    besides coyotes i pretty much only bow hunt for big game. all hunting does not need to have be some connected to mother earth event. hunting is hunting period! Its all good as long as the game is managed correctly. Anyone who can make 1k yard kill shots on game has put way way more effort into...
  90. aeon

    6th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    Thanks Ali!!!!!! shit is getting real... got gear stacked up all over.. sika jackts, basspro , hevishot , F.D.W.C calls , Frogg Toggs, and others
  91. aeon

    6th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    Still have a spot open!!!!!!! its almost time to go hunt
  92. aeon

    6th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    Hey guys its getting close to that time again. Dec 10th is the hunt date and its being held again at a private duck club by the Salton Sea. We have a EPIC list of sponsors this year including HEVI SHOT, SITKA GEAR, DRAKE and a bunch of others. I have a SPOT open for one Combat wounded HERO! If...
  93. aeon

    Advise Needed For New Gun Purchase

    I have quite a bit of time behind the EDM windrunner and its a great Gun! The fire forming process is not that hard for the 510DTC. Cut to size, FL resize , load and fire will have to buy some pretty expensive presses and dies to make all this happen but its just money. Get a bolt...
  94. aeon

    AR 15 build if you are after a precision rifle then this place will perform
  95. aeon

    Hunt Report from the 5th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    I am a bit late getting this up but the Christmas break had things crazy over here and i had some trouble with one of my cameras. So here GOES! On Dec 12 We had this years hunt at and what a amazing difference a year has made. The Club that is near the salton sea is...
  96. aeon

    Ok I'm finally ready to start hunting ducks

    Jason are you hunting near my club now?
  97. aeon

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    3 spots open!!!!!! do not be shy guys its a fun event, zero pressure, No cameras, No press. just a day at a duck club.... oh and did i mention drake waterfowl gear!!!!!!!!!!
  98. aeon

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    we still have some spots open for this years hunt. If you are or know a wounded vet or active duty get in touch. its going to be a great Hunt.
  99. aeon

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    Drake waterfowl just committed to helping with gear!!!!!! Sweet
  100. aeon

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    5th Annual SCH Oscar Canon Memorial Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores Duck Club ok guys its time again for our not so little Wounded Warrior hunt down by the Salton Sea. We are going to do it on Dec 12Th this year and here is what we need. If you know of a Marine or Soldier who is...
  101. aeon

    Going to Loreto in Late July looking to go fishing

    thanks for the info guys :)
  102. aeon

    Going to Loreto in Late July looking to go fishing

    Hey guys i am going to Loreto in Late July and i could use a suggestion for who to go out fishing with for a couple of days. I am not taking my Gear down with me so a operation where i can just show up and fish would be perfect! Thanks for the help
  103. aeon

    San Quintin Goose and fish

    don't think i have ever had anyone try brant and say yummmy. They taste ok as jerky lol. Did you guys get a brant tag when you went out?
  104. aeon

    San Quintin Goose and fish you can book a brant hunt with arturo malo. You can for sure bring your own guns to mexico. simple process to get papers for them :) the reason you can not bring back the birds is because of a outbreak of bird flu in mexico city a few years back. Even though the bird flu problem...
  105. aeon

    Anyone doing a youth hunt?

    Forget this kid hunt stuff. I'm going hunting, let's see them try to stop me :)
  106. aeon

    The ducks finally show up

    good eye! that does look like the unicorn of ducks.....
  107. aeon

    Choc Lab huntin dog/puppy Where do ya get one ?

    i was attacked as a kid by a rabid poodle..... why did you assume i had a problem with poodles? was just pointing out how they made brown labs. Don't over react now :)
  108. aeon

    Choc Lab huntin dog/puppy Where do ya get one ?

    are you sure you want a brown lab? you know they mixed poodles with black labs to make them brown. my 2000th post :)
  109. aeon

    The SCH Oscar Canon Hunt Report

    just wish the damn weather would have played ball. Some wind would have made it epic. There was some serious tonnage of birds sitting out friday afternoon. :(
  110. aeon

    The SCH Oscar Canon Hunt Report

    The 4th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt Took place last weekend and what a great event it was. Driving out on Friday afternoon i was blown away with how many ducks were feeding in every pond. I had a feeling this was going to be a great hunt come Saturday morning. We have the...
  111. aeon

    Wister Sweatline 1-14-15

    You know what it's like, I send you pics every year from the club in Feb. :)
  112. aeon

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    Yeah it was a tough one. I have gotten a few Bulls in the rut with my bow. Just wanted to try something new. I still think It could work but I'm not super excited to try again.
  113. aeon

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    ate both my calif tags and not for any good reason. I had deer in close and passed on a few. The big Tank was my late season archery elk tag in az. In 9 days of hard hunting i had one shot at a small 5x5 raghorn and i blew that one. The area just shut down movement wise. All my cameras that...
  114. aeon

    Happy Holiday's Ya Filthy Animals!

    ummm cough cough.. you could come and duck hunt with me, fabulous luxury resort right on the river. day time temps are around 70 most days. Sluester is almost 60miles away so you cant smell his farts. Best hunting in north America for quackers.
  115. aeon

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    Shot my first duck at age 8 pacific coast of baja about 15miles north of SQ in 1978 Started bow hunting in 1990 took my first bull elk unguided in 1998. I didn't always suck, just sucked this year. fuck i am getting old. whats my experience level have to do with licking duck ass? freelance...
  116. aeon

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    after doing my late season archery elk hunt in AZ i admit i have ZERO skill.... that hunt was fucking rough and i do not want to do it again. I am going to kill extra ducks this season to ease my pain.
  117. aeon

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    with the exception of sluester i kill more ducks that anyone on here.... even i say they taste like ass. fuck respect, if i had respect Nate i would feel bad about all the whores, drugs and my illegitimate kids in Mexico i ignore. that said i did eat a few this weekend. looks like i know how...
  118. aeon

    12/3 mediocre waterfowl hunting

    why are there photos of a girl duck/goose hunting? i do not get it, does she clean the birds in the blind? or make hot breakfast burritos while you guys hunt?
  119. aeon

    11/28-11/30 ducks

    The south side of the club shot almost as good as Sluester's north end did. Was Teal city all morning. Ahhhhh club life....
  120. aeon

    Doing my part to help upland game populations

    The Dan Carey AR strikes again!
  121. aeon

    If it flys it dies weekend......who's going?

    you bird dorks kill me, its Big game season!
  122. aeon

    Bad Mexicali cops

    lmfao @ cleaning your own birds..... i have people for that
  123. aeon

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Free as in beer?
  124. aeon

    Bad Mexicali cops

    yeah but can you get a 40$ hooker and shoot doves in Canada?
  125. aeon

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Boycott Mexico!!!!!!!!!!! The hunting is bad anyways
  126. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    83... we still have it and it still needs a new home :)
  127. aeon

    Sd county CCW

    You can't have one in sd with the cause of "self defence". Your sheriff is sitting on the apps still. Even if you had good cause like you transport lots of cash you should just wait. If you got it now it would have restrictions for work only. You could move up to oc the process was...
  128. aeon

    The Picture Becomes Clearer...

    Here is what i would do contact Arturo Malo at, They can point you in the right direction on how to import both ammo and guns as a Mexican national . If he can not help you i am sure he knows who you should be talking to. I think there are some funny rules about belonging to a...
  129. aeon

    Where the hell are the archery reports?

    tanked a shot yesterday on a nice 3x2 :( have to wait till season opens up again to get it done. would have been my first deer kill wearing shorts so it kinda bummed me out my friend got this 10 min into the season. LA county public land!!!!!
  130. aeon

    back from AK alive, barely

    thats way cool....hope some of the pictures come out
  131. aeon

    Compact Carry .40

    its not a 40 but my Springfield xds 45 is pretty damn nice. I am not going to say its a all day range gun but its accurate as hell and tiny for ccw. Just have to hurry with the SSE ending soon it might be a bit before you can get one if you wait.
  132. aeon

    Colorado archery elk

    nice :)
  133. aeon

    Ported Choke Tubes

    Ali i thought you guys only shot straight up
  134. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    still here :)
  135. aeon

    R.I.P. Winda

    Thanks guys for all your words it does help :) funny thing is my 4 year old is dealing with better than we are. she said yesterday " mommy we shouldn't be sad because Winda is happy in heaven, she is getting lots of birds and dropping them in gods hands No clue where she came up with that
  136. aeon

    R.I.P. Winda

    Winda is my friend, my hunting partner and most of all she is my duck dog. A odd female she was built like a male, her prime weight was around 84lbs. By 7 Months she was fully grown and looked like a 3 year old. For the first 9 years of her life she was a machine, few dogs will get to retrieve...
  137. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    1 to 1.5 depends on how much weight and fuel you have and how hard to push it......
  138. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    120Gal. it hauls ass with both motors spun up. 45+ i think. its been so long since i had flat water that i could open it up like that.
  139. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    hum not even a peep from anyone!!!!!!
  140. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    price drop to 29k obo
  141. aeon

    Gotta love our Ben Hueso

    The State Controls BD now, Nate you should see a black car in front of your house in just a few min.
  142. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    thanks drippy.... forgot to add it has two brand new water pumps as well......
  143. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    28 foot Skipjack Sportsman, twin 350 GL-A volvos with SX Outdrives, 340hrs on both. Raymarine C80 Display with Raydome radar, DSM300 fish finder, Remote from the helm windlass, Marine radio, dual flow scans, Setup with abliity to run to saddle tanks off the swim step for when you have to go...
  144. aeon

    time to panic...

    My boys are in Mexico slaughtering the dove right now.... The season opens today. Zero reason to get excited, its just dove. im not even going to go down till the 5th
  145. aeon

    time to panic...

    Traditions are a grand thing :)
  146. aeon

    time to panic...

    look at all the pretty colors, red is good for dove right? [/URL]
  147. aeon

    Confessing My Limitations...
  148. aeon

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    what you are not going archery?
  149. aeon

    California pigs just became WMDs

    sounds to me like the irrigation district came up with a good story. Yeah blame the pigs no one likes them. I bet Bush wishes he had thought of blaming the pigs for katrina damage. better guess is that they had neglected the dyke for years.....
  150. aeon

    California Waterfowl Association Dinner

    I will be there :)
  151. aeon

    killing kings up north

    Went up to Alaska to do some King Salmon fishing this last weekend. Weather was nice till the last day then it blew us off the water. Waterfall resort was the place and our guide was super cool So cal native named Craig! anyways here are some pics, we were two golden eye short of our full trip...
  152. aeon

    Gun Work in OC

    they should be able to take care of anything you need
  153. aeon

    San Diego County Rabbit Hunting

    this comes up every year and all i can think about is..... BOT FLIES
  154. aeon

    Shotgun Slug advice?

    Nate you mean limitations like a shooting traditional archery gear? get a slug barrel with some type of low power optic on it. Try an bunch of slugs to find the one that shoots good ( just like a rifle ) Go have a good time. Thousands of whitetail deer are killed with slugs every year. Maybe go...
  155. aeon

    New duck rig....

    oh and the IV dove report for you guys craving some dove dope..... BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of white wing. I hear something about storms soon though.....
  156. aeon

    New duck rig....

    Fine looking bitches.....
  157. aeon

    what is this?

    ....its a unregistered assault weapon
  158. aeon

    Any personal experiences with local dog trainers?

    Your dog is def Mike, yelling wont do you any good :)
  159. aeon

    Varmit Calibers

    bored at lunch... playing with my calculators since i do not own a 223 that can shoot 77gr bullets. ok at 300 yards 32gr vmax vs 77gr SMK with a full value 15mph wind the 204 gets beat by 1" of wind drift at 300 yards vs the 77SMK but the 204 beats the 223 on drop with 4" less drop at 400...
  160. aeon

    Varmit Calibers

    The 204 beats the 223 on wind drift out to 300 and then some. It sounds odd but it does.
  161. aeon

    Looking for a tank

    i was going to say vermonster but he has not been tanking as much of late.....
  162. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    I will hit that place up! I'm sure it will be dry and hot in Nov. I'm pretty lucky I have a buddy who has hunted this unit a lot and He is going out with me a few times to scout it.
  163. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    Nope not a lot burnt.
  164. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    It's the late season 11/14 so no rut. I have another elk opportunity for next year so I put in for a higher odd draw this year in az. The sucess rate blows but no fear! I have seen some of OT'S posts about his hunt there. I'll hit him up.
  165. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    7west is in Arizona north east of williams
  166. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    holy bull elk i got drawn!!!!!! anyone now that unit?
  167. aeon

    What is the legalaties of owning an 80% lower gun?

    Why does anyone need to read that link?
  168. aeon

    What is the legalaties of owning an 80% lower gun?

    This is what I heard on the interweb. I'm sure it's not true. Yes the 80% lowers are sent to you direct. They are not guns. They are not even 80% guns. That term is misleading. Think block of can give a un machined block of aluminum to a 3 year old girl..... Once machined by you...
  169. aeon

    Impact in the IV

    I will guess you are talking about the lifting of the ban on euro beef? The cattle guys I know in calf are bailing out to go to a state where they are welcome. Just the waste water requirements are a enough to drive them out.
  170. aeon

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    crap i guess i should stop checking to see if my card got hit now :(
  171. aeon

    How Many Deer?

    Dang looks like you guys have some epic deer hunting! Was just reading how you guys have 55 deer+ per square mile. In the peoples republic of California you can get two deer tags. Most success rates are in the single digits. Here most guys are lucky if they whack one deer a year for sure! Many...
  172. aeon

    Anybody else hunting in New England area?

    Post up some pics. Most of us are west coast, it's cool to see other places.
  173. aeon

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Where was Carl?????
  174. aeon

    Passport card or SENTRI

    just know that if you have any arrests in your past, Things like a DUI from 1982 or any crossing violations they will deny you.
  175. aeon

    King Bootlip

    props to the BD duck club. It takes a fine club of dedicated sportsmen to harvest poop scooper's on that level
  176. aeon

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Small group but the best food ever!!!!!! The bloody ducks club won the coveted King Bootlip award and the bull coot trophy.
  177. aeon

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    i cant wait.... dogs, mud and 40mph wind
  178. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Ok now I'm done.
  179. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Just wanted to say "I'm going duck hunting tomorrow"
  180. aeon

    Alaskan Grizzly Hunt-first movie by a fellow North Idaho girl.

    Damn dude playing tag with a grizzly and no working gun!
  181. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    this was actually near Walters Camp
  182. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    did this too :)
  183. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    My new video. The passion of the quack
  184. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Tried some raw and omg it's good
  185. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    I am hunting this weekend what are you guys doing?
  186. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    That's the magic of hevi-metal !!!!! Two and sometimes three to one are common
  187. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Was experimenting with a new camera mount. Got a cool clip of my dog breaking and me shooting to soon but it worked. .
  188. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Someone lost their dogs too. pm me and ill give them back
  189. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Was a tough weekend. Could not find one coot to shoot at! Maybe they migrated north already? I did find some other birds to shoot at but they were not as fun as water swatting coots
  190. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    i am leaving to go hunt duck hunt.....
  191. aeon

    Idaho Year End AND the Truth

    Suzie killer!!!!! burn in hell
  192. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Cooked some up tonight. A lil garlic and olive oil. I'll bring them to the kill n grill mike
  193. aeon

    Aeon crushed it to finish season!

    Hey don't hate! #3 hevi-metal rips them black beauties up.... btw my season runs another 4 weeks bitches. So think of me while you are out mowing the lawn and picking up dog shit, ill be in the blind :)
  194. aeon

    Idaho Duck Hunt

    that area is pretty amazing :) speak softly about what town you were in. The interweb is a tiny place and to some extent that place is still semi secret.
  195. aeon

    teal time!

    This was on the southern end of the lcra. I duno if they are heading north already?
  196. aeon

    teal time!

    Naw they are loaded boxs, just pimping the ammo I love ;)
  197. aeon

    teal time!

    Hunted Sluester's club with my dad for easy limits again. Lots of teal this time.
  198. aeon

    Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Hunt Report

    I can't believe its been 3 years, 3 years since our friend Oscar left us. For you guys that do not know SSgt Oscar Canon was the man that helped make our first Wounded Warrior Hunt happen. He broke rules and bucked the system that at times tried to stop us from having our 1st hunt. In the end...
  199. aeon

    Trackers what do you think?

    can not see enough skin to make a good call. Do you have some pics from a photoshoot or maybe a bathroom selfie?
  200. aeon

    Wister January 11th

    nice job! You guys might have heard a few rounds going off down by hazard on sat :) WWH was sat- report to come!!!!
  201. aeon

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    good thing you are waiting till march! my duck season runs till the feb 23.... i am IN! ill bring some coyote jerky
  202. aeon

    Club hunting...

    i think its going to be a epic late season! jan and feb are going to be off the hook good :)
  203. aeon

    Stacking Wolf Like Cord Wood

    OMG i fell for that like one of my brown lab posts :)
  204. aeon

    Lab vs. Golden

    get this to help you do your basic OB. Follow it to the letter and do not skip lessons. Good luck with your puppy
  205. aeon

    Stacking Wolf Like Cord Wood

    sigh... where to start with this. First if you are going to bring god into it, genesis 1:26 your god says i can manage them to my hearts content. Next, the wolf that they introduced is not the same wolf that lived here way back when. So what you have now is a wolf that is not native introduced...
  206. aeon

    hunting dog

    what if we did a jagadore???? just saying could be the new super race of hunting dogs
  207. aeon

    hunting dog

    As a brown lab owner you do have your work cut out for you. This would be a great resource for you to get basic ob down
  208. aeon

    Bloody Ducks 12/29

    that bull spoon looks like a contender for king boot-lip trophy! nice job guys
  209. aeon

    Wister 21 December - First Timer

    i think sat was just a flat day all over the place. My club shot like like poo as well
  210. aeon

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    Tim you know the rules, bullshit with out pics. You cant go around the Interweb saying you shot limits and then not post pics. I shot a limit last week and here is my photo proof :)
  211. aeon

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    How come you don't post pics any more rubberhook??????????
  212. aeon

    Sick Day

    yeah what part of the world was this in? Nice to see some cotton tops, I wish they would come back to our area like they used to be
  213. aeon

    Suki's first so cal hunt @ Bloody Ducks in Niland

    did you get a started dog from NC? I can hear the phone call now... Yes we hunt in mild weather and only need to retrieve five or six birds a day max in no cover with 2" of water.
  214. aeon

    Suki's first so cal hunt @ Bloody Ducks in Niland

    Wow good job on getting the yellow dog to retrieve the birds. Did you have to work him with black dogs to get him used to it?
  215. aeon

    Triple limits on the pond

    You guys look mad or something....
  216. aeon

    dead deer

  217. aeon

    Looking for a varmint ar upper, need input!

    No It had the mount put on by dan carey when he built it. Drill And tap it, its not to hard to do
  218. aeon

    3rd Annual SSGT Oscar Canon Memorial Wounded Warrior Duck hunt

    Not sure how many will make it out from the ww regiment at camp P. we should end up with 10+ guys. Right now we have 3 :)
  219. aeon

    Looking for a varmint ar upper, need input! This guy builds world class uppers. Custom made to your specs. I have had him build new two so far. The .75" fluted is a good compromise between a bull and thin.
  220. aeon

    3rd Annual SSGT Oscar Canon Memorial Wounded Warrior Duck hunt

    Ok guys here is the deal! Every year with the Falling Feathers Ranch duck club at the salton sea we do a day of duck hunting. We have some spots open for this years hunt on JAN 11. There is NO cost to the hunter and we really do make it a great day for the guys. So If you know someone who is...
  221. aeon

    Hunting Waders ? This will get it done.
  222. aeon

    whackin quack

    You can be the #1 draw every weekend!!!!!! The LCRA with its 6.8 bird average last year has to be the top club south of the merganser line. With everything from Big water to pot holes its a unique place. For a limited time we are taking a couple new members on. just drop me a line and we can...
  223. aeon

    Call lanyards

  224. aeon

    Henry Mountains Utah Buck

  225. aeon

    dead deer

    I don't think ill even go out till thanks giving. My freaking job has me on lock down. I can't even go pheasant hunt
  226. aeon

    dead deer

    stopped on the way home from work to check and see if any deer were around. didn't even have a change of clothing just the bow :) The weather was such a huge shift from sat, Saw zero deer there on sat. cross your fingers for me that i get the big one that lives there. It makes mine look like a...
  227. aeon

    dead deer

    No epic story lol. Dude was rutting hard then decided to lay down in a sweet spot to sneak up on. Had a lil trail to slip right up on him. 20" spread on him
  228. aeon

    dead deer

    Monday night deer!
  229. aeon

    It starts 10/18

    Once again mike the LCRA is the top club. I can not remember the last time you did not limit.
  230. aeon

    Pheasant in the LCRA

    Hunted the LCRA this weekend with my friend dave. As normal the birds were thick. Lots of cotton so my dog is ripped up but she had fun. Got my mx cell phone so now I can post while down here :) this was friday am This is from sat am. Both the dog and I are just a tad beat up. Going out to...
  231. aeon

    Ducks, quail or chukar what's in your future this weekend?

    I hear u14 is going to be the hot blind at wister
  232. aeon

    Call lanyards

    I think Sluester is running a sweat shop. I placed my order and got a text message 15min later with my completed Lanyards.
  233. aeon

    Ducks, quail or chukar what's in your future this weekend?

    Pheasant, quail and dove down in the southern LCRA. No reason to duck hunt till nov :) Good news is the salad shooter is ready to fly finally....
  234. aeon

    SB374 shot down!

    Ali you must be kidding, there is no hope for this state. They will come for target lead and then fishing.
  235. aeon

    Call lanyards

    i will take two as well :)
  236. aeon

    Long Time no post....

    besides the occasional tornado you guys are living the dream!!!
  237. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    It is gone and with the new owner :)
  238. aeon

    Selling estate guns

    sorry about your brother bro..... post up some photos of the guns and you might just sell a few here.... varmint guns are hot right now
  239. aeon

    Need Advice

    hevi does not make the goose loads in 2 3/4" but they do make the duck loads, see above links
  240. aeon

    Need Advice

    here would be my choice shooting BB loads in a 2 3/4 will very much limit you distance wise. Just not...
  241. aeon

    First Public Land A Zone Buck.

    Rad dude!
  242. aeon

    Geissele AR15 High Speed NM Match review and field test

    i sold my primary lower so i had to complete the build on my backup. This was my first from scratch build on a lower so i followed the inerweb video how to and the Geissele how to videos. It was so easy anyone could do it. The parts kit was DPMS normal ho hum stuff but the trigger was the...
  243. aeon

    My new toy - 6.8 X 43 SPC

    Nice gun! If you don't reload save your brass :) its hard to find ssa brass to make my 6x6.8 rounds
  244. aeon

    ? for duck dorks

    Only thing that blows is the inseam. Every one at cabelas must be 5' tall. I love them other than that. they are even easy to patch with the gore patch kits.
  245. aeon

    VV N133

    That is a Great powder! Did you check the VV site? they list a few that work with that powder. That stuff is my #1 powder for my 6mmWOA
  246. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    ok folks do not be scared of the 204 ruger this gun is chambered in. It shoots factory ammo great and 204 is super easy to find. If you do reload it is a very very easy round to load for.
  247. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    price dump! i need to buy something and this has to go! 2k firm
  248. aeon

    Thank you duck hunter! CWA is opposing AB 711

    Thank god Nate likes us. Did the cbh come out with a strong opposed on this? You guys that are not part of CWA and are bitching better make sure your groups post a letter. CBH, RMEF, blah blah list goes on. Remeber to say nothing is as bad as support........
  249. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    Yeah I just read that book. he owns a vineyard in paso Robles now. Looks like blythe is getting whacked
  250. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    even worse if i catch some decoys out on the water i just smash them into the mud with the red neck shuttle
  251. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    I'm a member of the LCRA its one of them elitist fuck tard clubs that you need a trust fund to join, you could try DrFowl on here If you have a trust fund or other money...
  252. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    its shapping up to be nast down in the valley! going to push all the doves south just like Stefan's missing snow geese :)
  253. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    just like my alarm clock that goes off at 5am every morning so do the T storms in the iv right before dove season.
  254. aeon

    aw 2 hunt

    how will we see you with that rig?
  255. aeon

    Dove opener

    there is no fan on earth that can tame that box!
  256. aeon

    Dove opener

    I am on a waiting list to get dove ammo from Rogers, i might have to clean out the garage and find all my stray rounds. I got all my duck ammo a couple weeks ago so i will not have to deal with that! God bless Hevishot aka Environ for having stock in the stores.
  257. aeon

    That darn chick, now she thinks she knows about dogs :)

    Little known fact that brown labs were first created by breeding a poodle with a black lab. This is why a lot of brown labs are only good for house pets. wikipedia has the info about half way down the page. Labrador Retriever - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  258. aeon

    That darn chick, now she thinks she knows about dogs :)

    ok this is a forum and forums are for talking about what other people says soooooooo Who is this Nate guy? some of his ideas are crazy talk. Picking a narcoleptic puppy is not the way to go. Yes picking a puppy is crap shoot in some ways but still. Pick the puppy that is active and...
  259. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    ok price drop to 2400..... :(
  260. aeon

    Hey you guys let chicks in this forum?

    Ok so in the spirit of bloody decks how about a bet. You count your ducks and ill count mine. Photo proof required. High number wins! I will even give you 1.5 bird credit for any birds shot on public land with out a guide. If I win I want a recent toppless photo. No shenanigans, must show...
  261. aeon

    Hey you guys let chicks in this forum?

    You guys suck, You scared her off :(
  262. aeon

    real hunting? an interesting article!

    That is quite possibly the single lamest read I have ever wasted 5 min on. To argue the counter points to his dribble would give it to much respect.
  263. aeon

    Hey you guys let chicks in this forum?

    Hey Mark if you are hard up i bet you could get a handy from some of the guys here if you take them to where you are killing all the local swine.....
  264. aeon

    New Stalker strikes!

    wtf dude 1974 called and they want their shorts back......... Nice kill Nate
  265. aeon

    Dove opener

    fuck Mexico it is to scary to hunt down there. Stay in the usa where you have rights and ........oh never mind yeah go to Mexico its the same now
  266. aeon

    Interesting article on the AR rifle bubble

    Buy my 204 DC ar15! The next panic is almost here. Calif will ban ar15's this year
  267. aeon

    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    ass grass or cash no one rides for free.....
  268. aeon

    1648 duck hunting boat with 36hp prodrive mud motor

    It's a turn key duck killing machine. Avery popup blind, halogen lights, front mounted battery and gas tank. It is amazing where you can go with this rig. 10k
  269. aeon

    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    i use a couple layout boats i got from dude in Lakeside off Craigslist......
  270. aeon

    1648 Lowe tricked out inside and a 36hp prodrive mud motor

    come on kids this thing needs to go! If you have ever wanted to hunt the river this is the way to do it.
  271. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    :) still have it It seems a lot of you are scared of the 204 ruger chamber. Don't be, its a common factory round. The Hornady 32gr vmax rounds are as close to my match reloads as you can get and they are blistering quick.
  272. aeon

    50 cal bmg shooters

    Edm makes some amazing stuff. Here we are shooting at 1k
  273. aeon

    1648 Lowe tricked out inside and a 36hp prodrive mud motor

    I will even Give up some of Sluester's secret spots on the river to who ever buys it.....
  274. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    For Sale A Custom Built ar15 built by Dan Carey 22" shilen super match ss barrel Rifle Gear Lower with SSA trigger. A2 stock, No Bipod Swarovski 3-10 z3 scope I have maybe 300 rounds out this gun..... This is a epic bad ass gun, The only reason i am selling it is to build a new bolt gun. Carey...
  275. aeon

    1648 Lowe tricked out inside and a 36hp prodrive mud motor

    Hate like hell to sell it but the airboat needs a new motor.....
  276. aeon

    1648 Lowe tricked out inside and a 36hp prodrive mud motor

    It's a turn key duck killing machine. Avery popup blind, halogen lights, front mounted battery and gas tank. It is amazing where you can go with this rig. 10k
  277. aeon

    The Big buck Controversy

  278. aeon

    River trip

    Was a fun weekend......
  279. aeon

    Best way to store Ammo.

    No reason to store in your safe unless you are worried someone is going to take it's just not dangerous. smokeless powder needs pressure to become energetic. Watch this video and sleep better tonight
  280. aeon

    "Gabby is Angry Today".....Mark Kelly

    Don't kick the dog!!! As near as I can tell that was civil disobedience in protest of the mlpa!!!!!! Between the three of them I say the dog is only one worth a shit
  281. aeon

    Need 30-30 Non lead Bullets|/pc/104792580/c/104691780/sc/104532480/Ted-Nugent-Rifle-Ammunition/1394455.uts?destination=/catalog/browse/shooting-ammunition-rifle-ammunition/_/N-1100190/Ns-CATEGORY_SEQ_104532480?recordsPerPage=99999&avad=74383_d41f562d&WT.mc_...
  282. aeon

    Tin foil hatters; we are not trying to take your guns.

    In 10 years the people in Tx and Az will look back and think damnit we should have done more. Their newly elected liberal super majority power will crush the last holdouts. Do ya think amnesty is for the people? It's just another tool in a war we are getting our ass kicked in.
  283. aeon

    just cause you're paranoid

    Your name has been recorded by the Peoples republic of California. A State common sense officer will be over shortly to help you care for your self.
  284. aeon

    12 gauge reloading supplies

    fowlers in orange has as good a inventory as anyone around in oc. Phillips Wholesale a bit farther north in covina You either have to wait for what you want to come in or search the net to track it down. Then jump on it when its in stock
  285. aeon

    Where am I going?

    :2gunsfiring_v1:This is taking all day like the reports from your duck club:2gunsfiring_v1:
  286. aeon

    Savage 243 barrel

    try this link
  287. aeon

    Blem Lowers $100 Hurry! OOS

    things are starting to catch up a bit... riflegear has lowers this morning in stock as well. calm before the storm here in calif?
  288. aeon

    80% lower build

    I will post photos of the before and after as soon as i get the milling done!!!
  289. aeon

    How can they print this bs?

    with somewhere around 400 logged dives in laguna i can say with pure certainty that the lil orange fish were always plentiful and wide spread. I would even hedge that with the lobster population exploding the poor Garibaldi eggs might be getting gobbled up even more now!!!!!
  290. aeon

    80% lower build

    i am a duck hunter i do a lot of things that make no sense..... To be honest i am doing it for no good reason other than i can. Its interesting and kind of fun doing it. Not that they are better but i have not seen any billet lowers in stock. Most of the ones you see popping up like at PSA or i...
  291. aeon

    80% lower build

    So I found a new guy that is getting into the 80% game. 7075 t7 billet lowers. I'll post up as I go through the process of turning this into a working lower. I go in on the 6th to machine it :)
  292. aeon

    THe stupidity of media never ceases to amaze me!

    Assault bear with hi capacity claws!!!!!
  293. aeon

    That time

    wtf now what do i do with 50lbs of coyote jerky?
  294. aeon

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach

    is this is where we turn in poachers and other law breakers for wild life violations?
  295. aeon

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach

    so the owner of that dog violated the federal law protecting fur bags, Violated the MLPA state law on no take in a preserve, Violated the city ordnance about no dogs on the beach and no charges? wtf?
  296. aeon

    That time

    Sweet! I got tonnage of coyote jerky to get rid of
  297. aeon

    More piggy whacking

    I can't believe I'm the first to say this. You are a bad bad person for shooting a big game animal with a .223
  298. aeon

    Looking for .22 bricks
  299. aeon

    FYI for all you guys buying stripped lowers

    Ok what's the name of the store and the person who said locking case? Gun stores sometimes like to make up laws. What part of the code says locked case for long guns? Oh and it does not need a bullet button because in it's stripped form it's featureless :)
  300. aeon

    FYI for all you guys buying stripped lowers for better info and the law change that just took affect see The part that deals with ar15's in rifle configuration. They need only be in a case but i am not a lawyer and you should seek legal counsel before...
  301. aeon

    US Senate proposed ban DOA

    Matters little here in the peoples republic of Kalifornia. With the super majority expect all sorts of crap to flow out of our fearless leaders in Sacramento. So party today on the federal level. GIVE MONEY TO CAL GUNS FOUNDATION :)
  302. aeon

    Coot Decoys

    Lots of tricks work, none work all the time. Best plan is to not have one plan. You could get some coot decoys, it's not going to hurt.
  303. aeon

    Open Box by Webyshops: SLIDE-FIRE Conversion Kit

    Just a FyI you can not use the slidefire in kalifornia.
  304. aeon

    Hevi Metal Shell That I Cut Open

    Hevimetal is great stuff! Don't over think it. Shoot it at paper to verify choke and go use it. Everyone I know that runs the stuff has less cripples. On a side note Environ aka hevi-shot is a great company. A couple years ago when I was doing the first wounded warrior duck hunt I called...
  305. aeon

    More piggy whacking

    yeah shooting a gun that can do 1/8" groups at a poor blind pig on that high fence ranch.......
  306. aeon

    Black Gun Fun - Big Boss Hog

    Another sign of the Apocalypse. Brent and Nate roaming the woods with high performance ar15's. Only a matter of time now till we get how-to posts on tuning your rifle for better groups.
  307. aeon

    Black Gun Fun - Big Boss Hog

    oink oink
  308. aeon

    Little help figuring value of a colt 1911

    Going to sell this pistol and I though one of you guys could help me get the value close Marked colt with a sn in the low 500k's that places it about 1918 I think. It's in used condition but not beat up
  309. aeon

    hat trick on the puppies :)

    6mm White Oak Built by Dan Carey is a coyote killing machine! Two at 150ish and one at a laser shot 425yards. Dog porn
  310. aeon

    Beasts of the Snow

    Nice job dude.....
  311. aeon

    Off Season Reading Material

    how many and what kind and how much for the decoys? :)
  312. aeon

    Off Season Reading Material

    Stefan you retiring from duck hunting?
  313. aeon

    Range report- new 6mm woa upper

    The build is now complete. Scope got here and I got a sweet mount from John at fine firearms. The 6woa is so easy to load. Just run the 6.8 brass through the full length resizer and done. No fire forming or anything. My new SSA brass gets here on thurs, I'll do load testing then. I will post...
  314. aeon

    Guessing it's a typo for 6.5 Grendel?

    Typo 123 gr out of a Grendel is more like 2550 fps
  315. aeon

    Best revolver for wifey (home defense) ?

    I think we are going to need to see pics of your wife. No way to give good advice with out lots of pics....
  316. aeon

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    fu·til·i·ty (fy-tl-t) n. pl. fu·til·i·ties 1. The quality of having no useful result; uselessness. 2. Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness. 3. A futile act. 4. Sending mail to DiFi.
  317. aeon

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    fu·til·i·ty (fy-tl-t) n. pl. fu·til·i·ties 1. The quality of having no useful result; uselessness. 2. Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness. 3. A futile act. 4. Sending mail to DiFi.
  318. aeon

    Let's talk uppers

    6.8 is a good choice. Take a look at what a factory 110gr vmax can do. 300 yards and still holding 900 foot lb of energy. The bc of the 6.8 rounds is way better than the 30 cal 300BO while a good cqc round is lost as a hunting round. My 204ruger has the same foot pounds at 300 yards. Shooting it...
  319. aeon

    The Big buck Controversy

    Sweet I sent them a email. I know it's high fence but wolf hunting this close to home!!!
  320. aeon

    Let's talk uppers

    6mm realy is the sweet spot in the ar15 size. You can only make the bolt face so big in a ar15. When you get into the bigger cases like a 308 size bolt face you have to cut the pressure way back. That leaves you with the 6.8spc or grendel size bolts. In that size you can only pack so much powder...
  321. aeon

    Let's talk uppers

    this is where the 6mm variants of the 6.8spc are so fun. simple to reload and the bullets are super efficient. my new toy is the 6mm White Oak.
  322. aeon

    Weekend off

    ,223 1-8 my 204 is 1-10 and it spits the 40gr slugs just fine. It LOVES 35gr buger hp's and shoots the factory 32gr vmax way under 1" at 100 yards. Call up Dan and see what time frame he is looking at to build a upper. He is a no bull shit guy 520-251-1455
  323. aeon

    Weekend off

    Yup that works! .223 wylde is what you want if you get a AR in stock trim. That way you can shoot both .223 and 5.56 ammo. The old saying I'll get a 5.56 because there will always be ammo is not so true anymore. Go try and find some. For a pure hunting gun 204 ruger is damn fun and a coyote...
  324. aeon

    Weekend off

    Well it depends on what you want to do with it. If you need super accuracy and performance then a 22" barrel is going to give you better speed and accuracy. 22' is what i run on both my 204 and 6woa. There is something to be said for a 18" or 16" gun with less weight and the ability to get in...
  325. aeon

    Weekend off

    No ducks this weekend so I figured I best go get a coyote. Animals were on the move today, deer all over. 2 coyotes took naps. Back to ducks next week :) First kill with the new 6woa. 65gr vmax doing 3450 fps out of a ar15 :) My friend ripped this one with the 223 a hour before...
  326. aeon


    I did a ppt here a year ago. Simple and fast
  327. aeon

    There's more to the ammo shortage

    supply and demand... there is no conspiracy going on. SSA makes brass and this week they put up 6.8 brass for the first time. It was like wild dogs feeding on dead cow. People are sucking up everything the second it comes in. It will relax soon and i think you are already seeing that in some...
  328. aeon

    Looknig for a archery elk outfitter

    don't get me started about the damn knee. he can just suffer another year. The upside is if he has to elk hunt he will work out and get in shape before he gets cut up....
  329. aeon

    Looknig for a archery elk outfitter

    Thanks but he does want fair chase. He has killed elk unguided ( if you do not count me ) so its not that new to him :)
  330. aeon

    Looknig for a archery elk outfitter

    My old man wants to go archery elk hunting this year. Anyone have a line on decent outfitter where guaranteed tags are available. Open to anyplace As long as its not backpack 300miles in, He is kinda old :)
  331. aeon

    to all you ...

    no kidding... its insane. You can not find a small rifle primer any place. SSA yesterday released some 6.8 brass and it was like wild dogs feeding to suck up all they had.
  332. aeon

    Youth hunt 2013

    So freaking cool!!!!!!
  333. aeon

    Duck Dog?

    The color thing does have some basis in fact. Brown labs were Created in 1905 by mixing chow DNA. It's why they are blind sometimes. Yellows were mixed from black lab and coyote DNA Btw here is what my black lab did today. Was it a kids hunt today? Sure seemed like a lit of them were out and...
  334. aeon

    Duck Dog?

    I could use your dog where i hunt. Handy for ducks and fighting the drug cartels when they try and cut our heads off. Lots of people use off brand dogs for hunting. If it works it works. This is for sure its got to be better than running a brown or yellow Labrador.
  335. aeon

    san diego police chief says:

    Wow you SD peeps need to get your cops under control, man that is a big pile of crap.
  336. aeon

    6woa range report :)

    WOA = white oak armament. John Holliger names his rounds after his company. He came up with this one and its called 6WOA Carey builds guns but you have to get the dies from White Oak...
  337. aeon

    6woa range report :)

    Got my new upper from Dan Carey on Friday. It's a 22" shilen barrel in 6mm woa. That's a 6.8spc case necked down to 6mm. It can shoot up to 90gr bullets at mag length and 107's single feed. Scopes a lil late getting here so I stole the glass off my...
  338. aeon

    benelli super sport 12ga

    Like new condition Benelli super sport. carbon stock and fore grip. $1700 Hit me up if you are interested.
  339. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    Shows sold out now :( thanks for try.
  340. aeon

    It's over....

    thank god mx runs for another month... going to post lots of pics :)
  341. aeon

    Range report- new 6mm woa upper

    1-10, be a bit slow for the heavy stuff. I expect to shoot a lot of 65gr vmax's.
  342. aeon

    Range report- new 6mm woa upper

    Got my new upper from Dan Carey on Friday. It's a 22" shilen barrel in 6mm woa. That's a 6.8spc case necked down to 6mm. It can shoot up to 90gr bullets at mag length and 107's single feed. Scopes a lil late getting here so I stole the glass...
  343. aeon

    Steel Rain

    And here I thought only the duck commander guys wore face paint...... Nice job guys and not at a refuge so ya get props for that.
  344. aeon

    The list has arrived

    damnit i am not on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do not feel validated as a EBR owner now.
  345. aeon

    Benelli and Beretta stocks

    Don't get a recoil system. The sbe can be had in wood. The a400 can be had with out ko too.
  346. aeon

    The room is completed...

    ummm where are the ducks?
  347. aeon

    Good ducks 1/19, better dog...

    cool :) nice job
  348. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    if only they had any for sale...... they are out of stock and staying that way it looks like. to much money to be made selling loaded ammo at the moment. I have been on their notify list for a month :) but thanks for the effort. all the easy to find brass is gone. I am happy to get once fired :)
  349. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    I'm petitioning the dfg for a centerfire coot season. The west coast version of p dogs :) I still can't find any brass :(
  350. aeon

    19th & 20th

    purdy birds....
  351. aeon

    e gads

    To much like work hunting in your club Mike. I would much rather hunt my heated drive in blinds and breakfast service at 9am. Granted the pen raised birds are not as fun to shoot as your birds but do you get to sip brandy while you hunt?
  352. aeon

    Need gun dork help

    Sick gun Nate :) DC builds um right. The stainless barrel is a work of art. Coyotes are in deep shit
  353. aeon

    Wister area 1/19

    Strange day all over. I had a #1 draw but had to work at it. Even the spoonerator had a rough day. Broke a long way from the ramp and walking out could have turned into a episode of I shouldn't be alive. in the end limits again of sprig, mallards, spoons and two king gans.
  354. aeon

    San Jacinto-January 19th

    Nice job! Where is the duck porn
  355. aeon


    You got a number 1 mike? wow i got a number1 for sat!!!!!!!!! woooo hooooo :) we must be lucky
  356. aeon

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    Stupid city trying to stop the gun show. To late now but I saw this on calguns
  357. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    you guys could have come by for some lunch time grub!
  358. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Here is a photo of Sgt Terry taken by Aaron out on the sea!
  359. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Aaron that was rad taking him out to the sea for a yak hunt. I know next year they will be fighting over who gets to go with you!!!! a hard on getting to see that much hevi-metal in one spot but OMG hearing all that ammo going off at the same time as they wrecked every spoony that came with...
  360. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    where to start!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE props to Eviron hevi-shot. They donated 1k rounds of HEVI-METAL ammo to the cause! Not only do they make the best ammo but they are a great company. Huge thanks to Bass ProShops for taking care of our gear needs! They kept the boys warm all morning Thanks to...
  361. aeon

    Mixed bag 1/12,13 for 2 guys.

    Nice job dude!
  362. aeon

    ATTN: Aeon&Sluester

    Fuck you had to point it out huh. A line up of teal sprig and mallards and you call me out..... What does any self loathing bootlip killer do to add color to the strap? Bull merganseraka cat food
  363. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    This is what I'm making. 6mm woa :) It's a 6.8spc necked to 6mm, empty 223 next to it for scale
  364. aeon


    Cool did you get the Brant in mx or in the states?
  365. aeon

    new video from our celeb friends asking for gun control

    they do not have to in the video. many of the same turds in that video are also PETA supporters. people like Jennifer Garner think You are not worth the dirt you walk on. Ellen DeGeneres is the PETA woman of the year, blah blah blah
  366. aeon

    new video from our celeb friends asking for gun control

    IF they had their way YES they would take away all guns. NOW that THEY have the state of calif by the balls with their super majority geeee i wonder what they will do. "Kinda lame trying to bash on actors voicing an opinion whether you agree with it or not." The same actors think i am immoral...
  367. aeon

    new video from our celeb friends asking for gun control

    but this time someone took that video and edited in clips of the same stars glamorizing guns. now while i am not one to think that watching movies makes people do mass killings but eh their ART WORK does seem odd given they want you to give up your guns :) This is proof of why actors should...
  368. aeon

    Triple play!!!!!!!

    Ate them last night, wrapped in bacon :)
  369. aeon

    Triple play!!!!!!!

    Hunted Ramer lake on sat for easy limits. Had something happen that was kinda cool :) got all three teal in one morning.
  370. aeon

    Come on lurkers!!!

    cough cough MJB.....
  371. aeon

    ATTN: Aeon&Sluester

    ill be at the boat unit of wister tomorrow hunting while all you clowns work :) spoons beware!!!!!!!!
  372. aeon

    Just another day in MX

    Some nice pen raised birds there mark!!!!! are you hunting with us again this weekend at bighorn canyon?
  373. aeon

    Come on lurkers!!!

    Nice Chris and welcome to the site :) You guys know its ok to lie about where you hunt when you post pics!!!!! Ill be hunting the boat unit again this weekend at Wister. I WILL HAVE photos :)
  374. aeon

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    if its going to happen for you IV guys its going to happen in the next week. hard freeze pretty much all over the basin. I am not bitching at all its been on fire on my club :)
  375. aeon

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    Just a couple more weeks and the ducks will be down.........
  376. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    Any of you guys have any once fired 6.8 spc brass you want to donate or sell. It's almost impossible to find any at the moment. SSA is best , hornady is ok , remmington I'll take. :) Thanks
  377. aeon

    Ar magazines?

    Rifle gear has stag 10round 6.8 spc mags in stock as of this morning. Just got two for my 6mm woa build
  378. aeon

    bolt carrier for an ar call them and ask. They had some stock today rgruns might too but they seem scary i duno.... expensive!!!!! went up 50 bucks just today no clue about their stuff.... i spent the last two...
  379. aeon

    What did you get for Xmas?

    Don't you guys have a hard enough time killing ducks with out handicapping yourself with a double gun?
  380. aeon

    Wister area 12/26

    looks like another pretty blue bird day in the IV......... beats the shit out of working....
  381. aeon

    What did you get for Xmas?

    aww dont be a hater Mike. You know you want to trade me some ring necks for to love the LCRA!
  382. aeon

    First bow kill

    Cool dude! Just wait till you get to tejon and do it fair chase:) epic times ahead for sure. General contractor and biz is good? Must be nice!
  383. aeon

    What did you get for Xmas? can not beat Rogers with price or free shipping!!!!! Environ aka hevishot is a kick ass company on top of making a great duck round they for the second year are sponsoring our lil wounded warrior hunt at Bryant's...
  384. aeon

    Anyone have a Leupold Mark AR?

    just bring the damn thing up here when its done and you can shoot it at my range.
  385. aeon

    Anyone have a Leupold Mark AR?

    Yardage on top and moa on the bottom. The dial should be at 5.6moa at 300 yards +\- . Since that scope only does yardage for a 55 gr slug the two are linked together. If you run let's say a 40gr vmax hornady you only need 2.2moa at 300yd and the yardage on the turret is no longer accurate. I...
  386. aeon

    What did you get for Xmas?

    It's always nice when your loved ones feed your habit!!!!!!!!!!
  387. aeon

    Screw you people that say ar15's are not hunting weapons.

    And just who are you worried about me being insensitive too?
  388. aeon

    Neena's first solo trip

    Nice job mike :) once again the LCRA was the top club.
  389. aeon

    Ar15 bolt carriers :(

    Ummm I'll call them next week but they will be out of stock too.
  390. aeon

    Wister area 12/22

    My club shot good. Limits of sprig gadwal and spoonage by 830
  391. aeon

    Screw you people that say ar15's are not hunting weapons.

    35 gr Berger at 275 yards DRT. I sure like how my reloads fly :)
  392. aeon

    Ar15 bolt carriers :(

    All I need to finish a cool 6mm woa ar15 build is a damn bolt carrier. Not the bolt just the damn carrier :( this blows ass monkeys
  393. aeon

    Ar magazines?

    Just borrow a mag for now. It's not like you are going to hurt it and in a lil bit things will return to normal. One mag will be fine, it's not like you are going to be dumping mags down range as fast as you can. I like the 10/20 size mags. Not to long and a good size to grab.
  394. aeon

    Wister area 12/22

    Where is the pic of the dead racoon?
  395. aeon

    Wister Area Weds 12/19 - They're here... Finally!

    On my way to the southern tract of the lcra. Bootlips fear me!!!!
  396. aeon

    Wister Area Weds 12/19 - They're here... Finally!

    about time you guys shot something. good job and looking at the weather up north i think its ON! :) finally
  397. aeon


  398. aeon

    Holiday get together??

    thats all the more reason not to. deny him his victory lap!!!
  399. aeon

    Holiday get together??

    god i hate it when Saluki loses a bet. Why should we have to pay for his bad judgment?
  400. aeon

    Duck pr0n

    Hunted the boat unit at wister and got easy limits this weekend. Yes i will be entering a few of the Bull Bootlips in the big lip contest. Tia hit on all cylinders today. Started out with a few no big deal retrieves. As the morning wore on she completed all things you want from a lab...
  401. aeon

    Holiday get together??

    :( im sorry but that drive from oc was not looking fun yesterday. I was tired from killing a grip of bootlips on sat.
  402. aeon

    Sign this pro gun petition

    The petition is stupid because if anyone here thinks that Obama gives a rats ass about gun rights i have some land in Mexico i want to sell you. The left will use this to push their agenda of gun control. It's not to early to start fighting back because they are already fighting to take our...
  403. aeon


    You guys going to Wister better take pics of your rigs in the ditches. It's pouring out here :) I'm headed to the LCRA :) hope the ducks show up
  404. aeon

    Banded Black Brant

    Brant numbers have been pretty stable for some time now. I think the goal is 150k so they are below the goal but stable at 120 to 130k birds.
  405. aeon

    Looking for place to Hunt Hogs and willing to trade Awesome fishing rods to do it

    dude its not going to work so give up on the rods for pigs idea...... going rate is 500$ a pig
  406. aeon

    Quit holding out on us!

    dear god the end is near....BD'ers repent the first sign of the Apocalypse has happened
  407. aeon

    AR trigger questions

    Nate it was strange for me too at first. With the light triggers on other guns and my release on my bow i was not super stoked on the two stage trigger at first. It's growing on me day by day. The geissele has a 2.5lb first stage and a 2lb second stage. With no creep and a good break on the...
  408. aeon

    Labrador Training

    Fowl dogs 1 DVD. It's not magic. Follow each step one by one and have fun.
  409. aeon

    Duck Report 12/5/12

    nice to see some dead birds :) i have some intell that new birds are down its time go hunting!!!!
  410. aeon

    if BOB had his way Christopher would be a free man :)

    lighten up Frances just a lil hyperbole to make a point and get a laugh
  411. aeon

    if BOB had his way Christopher would be a free man :)
  412. aeon

    Fuck poachers!!!

    Leo clearly you need a barn on your property.
  413. aeon

    Holiday get together??

    Maybe ..... Might be hunting
  414. aeon

    Late Nevada Bull Report

    Wow... Glad you are ok bro
  415. aeon

    Baja last Saturday

    nice job dude... i am going down this weekend so well see if any pato's show up or not
  416. aeon

    Where do I take my dog to swim?

    the black ones are but the yellow and brown dogs need a lot of work and even then sometimes they are just house dogs. I strongly advise not taking your pup to dog beach and training it. dog beach is for play and having fun not work and the dogs need to know that retrieving is work not play...
  417. aeon

    Where do I take my dog to swim?

    get DVD 1 now and get to it asap. training starts day one :) 8 weeks I can not help with where to swim your pup in SD since i am in OC
  418. aeon

    First Deer

    that is so bad ass! congrats J and welcome to the 6% club. Getting a deer with a bow from a tree stand on public land is so epic
  419. aeon

    disposal of predators

  420. aeon

    disposal of predators

    Did someone say coyote problem!
  421. aeon

    11/23 the salt 11/24 wister

    This was last year...had a bunch of crustaceans in the water and the Buick Bombers were trying to kill us :)
  422. aeon

    question for the guys out there...

    ummm women are supposed to clean and prep small game at the house when we return. You were just doing your job....btw bs with out pics
  423. aeon

    11/23 the salt 11/24 wister

    Here are the boats sluester built for me :)
  424. aeon

    11/23 the salt 11/24 wister

    just busting your ass a Skybusted aka Dbar'ed a honker with duck loads and had no dog or boat to recover the bird on big water....... bad bad bad boy :spank:
  425. aeon

    11/23 the salt 11/24 wister

    so you went out 300 yards with your boat and got him?
  426. aeon

    No new birds

    My club is fracked no birds no water no reason to go down :( I think I'll shoot another coyote
  427. aeon

    Need gun dork help

    Fuck the AR's I got to shoot this over the weekend
  428. aeon

    Need gun dork help

    Rifle gear is local to me and they make a quality complete lower with a geissele trigger at a price break. being my first AR I wanted a local shop that I had got parts from to help me if it went sideways. You also would need to do a out of state transfer if you buy the lower from dan. That's a...
  429. aeon

    Need gun dork help

    you can not beat the uppers that Dan builds for the $. I do think it is funny that Mr knock tuner wants someones used gun. Or even a gun from Walmart. In some ways i was the same way about rifles. I only wanted to bow hunt and I just didn't care much. If i needed one i borrowed it. Then i...
  430. aeon

    Anyone knows were to pig hunt in california public land or cheap land ?

    You should send a pm to sluester on this site. He knows all the good places.
  431. aeon

    What kind of forearm/foregrip do you like?

    Lame...... Don't watch it. He is just spamming for hits
  432. aeon

    Hey, hey, boo-boo!

    i see booze, lethal weapons and a barn! Repent Nate, it's your only chance.
  433. aeon

    ***warning graphic bull ****viewer discretion advised

    where do you put the tag on a squirrel that went yard sale?
  434. aeon

    Need gun dork help

    Do up to OC and get a lower from Rifle Gear. Next call up Dan Carey and order the upper. next get this to mount the scope...
  435. aeon

    ***warning graphic bull ****viewer discretion advised

    Oh I see how it is. Just because Nate has you all thinking high fence is not hunting. Let's see you pussy bitches get in the cage with a man eater with only a high capacity semiautomatic rifle and clip full of ammo.
  436. aeon

    ***warning graphic bull ****viewer discretion advised

    Well water and birds are missing from my duck club so fuck it i had to go hunt something. Got a call from a friend that he had a problem with some bulls that were tearing up his ranch. It was a chilly am with a cold wind blowing in and sprinkles. Heard some bulls in the distance but the cool...
  437. aeon

    My son's 1st deer

  438. aeon

    Which do you shoot?

    my rule on pigs is always shoot the polka dot or multi color pigs first :) with the 12 year rule in effect you should be at 20k posts by the time you get a pig so i would not worry about it for this trip~!
  439. aeon

    12 years..........

    congrats but now you have 12 long years to the next :)
  440. aeon

    Need SCI qualified scorer

    ummmm how about some pics of this critter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  441. aeon

    Good karma

    north of the 8 i am a OC boy :)
  442. aeon

    Good karma

    i got pretty pics on my big camera for the wall....the interweb can live with my iphone pics :)
  443. aeon

    Good karma

  444. aeon

    SJ report SKYBUSTERS all over

    on my club when guys sky bust i run over their decoys with my airboat and smash them into the mud :) maybe i just do not get it but rather then bitch about it here why not call the refuge manager and rat the ass clowns out?
  445. aeon

    Good karma

    All that predator control must have given me some good karma :)
  446. aeon

    Sportin wood! 11-3 n 4th

    Knowing mike he has been tossing it at the pond to Work his pup. Nice job mike!
  447. aeon

    Dog Training

    Sounds like you have a brown lab. They are known to be difficult. Raney ranch does good work, even on troublesome browns.
  448. aeon

    Pheasant Hunting

    Mexico is a scary place!!!!!!! Do not risk your life:)
  449. aeon

    11/10 things that fly will die in the IV

    Pheasant season is over It's time to kill ducks
  450. aeon

    Mexicali Tree-hugger piss off

    nice to see a biz stand up and say publicly that they hunt! props to Palomar water!!!!!
  451. aeon

    Sat 10/27 - Wister Area ducks

    just might on sunday....dragging the sled down south this weekend :) its time to duck hunt
  452. aeon

    Sat 10/27 - Wister Area ducks

    Let's see some pics of the club!
  453. aeon

    10-27 & 28 ducks

    "Totally different personality than Gunner or Recon. Very emotional." Ughhhh hello yellow!!!!!! Strong work mike and on a weekend no less :)
  454. aeon

    Ditch chickens!

    Snakes are always there but not a problem. As far as dogs go I have only been asked a few times for papers. I keep her dog lic and vaccination cert from vet handy. It's just not a big deal.
  455. aeon

    The anti duck hunt

    Don't touch the card.... you can still get the pics off unless you have over written them with new data. Just erasing them does nothing. pm me for help if you need to....
  456. aeon

    We should see a good push of birds all week

    The temps here are why they come south Trevor :) been saying it for weeks now, early migration! the ducks know it's a early winter.
  457. aeon

    Ditch chickens!

    I am already over duck hunting so this last weekend we shot some ditch chickens and dove :) Conditions sucked with temps on Friday near 100. My poor pup was not super happy to be running around after them and it tosses 6 months of duck training out the door. As always birds were thick and and...
  458. aeon

    Lil light

  459. aeon

    Rabies is always a concern. What precautions do you take?

    If i wear a condom will that keep me safe?
  460. aeon

    killed the ducks

    TO read post after post about no ducks again :2gunsfiring_v1: Early migration this year, Pheasants this weekend then its game on :)
  461. aeon

    Where do you guys eat around wister?

    Since I got banned from falling feathers, I'll have to come eat at your camp Carl :) By the way this weekend while dove hunting I kicked up about 400 cotton tops out of a wheat field! Migratory birds are down early for a change :)
  462. aeon


  463. aeon

    Pheasant opener

    I did the Pixley hunt one year. Was a mad house of people and dogs running around. Some poor guys springer ran away and found me so we hunted together for a couple hours. I like hunting alfalfa, its easy walking and seems like the birds flush up more then out and low.
  464. aeon

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    Pretty sure gunner could fuck a goat and it would still be a good duck dog...... errr doggoat Hey what ever happened to the son of gunner recon? Does he hunt anymore or is he retired? His owner must play golf or something
  465. aeon

    Sluester, I think Gunner has more Brown than you thought.

    People charge for brown labs? What's the world coming to :(
  466. aeon

    Looking for possible mate (Labrador)

    Be sure you don't mix any off color dogs with her. Would be a shame to have to kill puppies just because they are brown or yellow.
  467. aeon

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    I'll be dragging the mud sled up a couple times this year :)
  468. aeon

    Tejon to re open!!!!

    this is why,_Habitat_Conservation_Fund_%281990%29
  469. aeon

    info on waterfowl hunting in socal

    Trob why do you black out the blind numbers anyone can clearly see that its blind U14 gezzz mr secret spot keeper
  470. aeon

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    dude proyotehunter is gone man. poor puppies you kill :(
  471. aeon

    Still in the hunt

    Way to go Andy!!!!! that is super cool and a inspiration to all of us.
  472. aeon

    Nice archery elk!

    wow that is a pig!
  473. aeon

    AR question.

    maybe try this place... and here and here they have a flow chart looks like NY is fucked, Note to self if leaving calif do not go to NY
  474. aeon

    More dead dogs. **** warning only kinda graphic ***** sorry

    Broke my bow last week so as I wait for parts to show up from mathews I figured it was a good time to spank some dogs. Did the daily double one up close the other far away.
  475. aeon

    Fantasy Bucks in Idaho

    Wow nice critters.... Speaking of nice deer, trob where is your deer?
  476. aeon

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    good job dude! got to love the kids with the deer pics, i can not wait to do that :)
  477. aeon

    Time to build another one

    Mike builds a bad ass boat. The two he built for me are the best money I have spent on hunting gear in ages. Even if you hunt with a big boat you can mother ship them. Once setup the ducks do not stand a chance, they never see you till it's to late.
  478. aeon

    9-2-12 Lazy mans doves P.m in IV

    A week ago a field right at 7/98 had two billon flying rats in it. Saw them on my way to mx.
  479. aeon

    Wtf? Where're the a22 reports?

    not A22 but still local next to the CNF and saw nothing it was like a ghost town. Not worried its a long season :)
  480. aeon

    Opening Day Success

    nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  481. aeon

    On my way

    i am going to use my trusty eotech this season so i can be just like the dude from the flyway highway
  482. aeon

    Right on time for dove season Storms Rock Yuma

    Big thunder storms this am in the Yuma area.
  483. aeon

    Trail Cam in Rail?

    i am not a big moultree fan but the cam should be fine. I have had cams up in rain and snow and never had trouble. just make sure the gasket is clean and tight. I have been running the micro 6 wildgame cam and they have been working very well. they are not to bad at 100$ each.
  484. aeon

    A-22 sold out

    pay me 1 million dollars or i will post in the calguns forum that Mt Laguna has pigs and the county has free 556 ammo to all AR users..... I even have a map i can post!!!!
  485. aeon

    Tejon to re open!!!!

    I can't find the link to the kitty hunts? Do they not offer them anymore?
  486. aeon

    dog training question

    Yellow, brown what ever :) it's all the same Chuck is not all dogs just labs. The versatile breeds can be any color. In labs it's a known fact that black dogs hunt better. Just look at the last 10 years of usrh hunt trials national winners .... All black
  487. aeon

    dog training question

    I would just like to say I'm sorry for my posts in this thread, I shall try to make amends now. You buy a yellow dog and expect black performance? I would say this dog is typical for a yellow lab.
  488. aeon

    dog training question

    owning a dog is a big chore and your first dog is always a big eye opener. Try again when you can dedicate your self to putting in the time from day one when you get the pup. make sure you get him fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  489. aeon

    dog training question

    ok this might be hard to take but Yes give the dog up for a house pet. This sounds like its not a problem that just came up. dealing with a hard to train dog is a HUGE undertaking and i am guessing that you have not been putting the time in with this dog.
  490. aeon

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

    ugh its the depression knowing that the ducks will not be here for another 4 months or more. NO cash to go to Canada so wait it will be. Good thing deer seasons starts soon :)
  491. aeon

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

    what private club???? Falling Feathers kicked me out. ( i made the other club members look bad with constant limits ) Mex is hardly private club, More like wild west with us getting shot at and risking death all the damn time.......
  492. aeon

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

    Not everyone can belong to a exclusive club like the LCRA. Damn elitist of you sluester
  493. aeon

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!
  494. aeon

    Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

    With all the ducks it's a shame About the closure at Wister. SJ will be getting a lot more hunters this year.
  495. aeon

    Cottontail Question

    Bunnies = coyotes = fun I Wana go!!!
  496. aeon

    Lost my best friend

    The bond between duck dogs and their owner is like no other. Not sure why, maybe the cold mornings sitting alone in the dark. Maybe it's the one on one nature of duck hunting that brings us so close. Hang in there bro
  497. aeon

    Spot and Stalk Archery Pig

    good job..... sean if you are going to Paso Robles swing by my friend say hi to my friend Curt. I used to bow hunt the shit out of his ranch /winery.
  498. aeon

    ca is up

    A31 and ao nothing crazy here
  499. aeon

    7mm / .270 Debate

    because the thread on tuning your nocks was so much better?
  500. aeon

    I see dead things

    Now that Sluester has a yellow dog he only likes to watch the critters not kill-um. Nice job on the squeaks! I want to shoot some!!!
  501. aeon

    New weapon of mass duckstruction...

    Did you need a house dog mike? It's not like you can hunt a yellow.
  502. aeon

    New state record boar weighing 733.51 pounds shot in coast range

    Bull shit 733 my ass. You don't need to sit behind a 733lb pig to make it look big
  503. aeon

    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    Yeah it's all I have. My old ez howler has been working good. The distress calls are not working as good. Might have educated a few to many.
  504. aeon

    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    How do you dbar a coyote??? I mean getting a live coyote 60 yards up in the air might be tricky. Maybe a rocket launcher? Do I use a shotgun or my ar?
  505. aeon

    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    Since no one in here can kill anything ill keep the blood flowing. Found another sleeping dog to pose next to my EBR ( evil black rifle ) 150 yards. dead on with the lil 204 ruger. instant dead. :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Dan Carey makes a bad ass weapon! On a good rest you...
  506. aeon

    Predator control *****graphic content *****

    It's not a keyhole. Was making my own targets out of this corrugated plastic. It's brittle and comes apart. I have about 100 rounds through paper and they all have been nice lil holes. So far I only have 32gr and 40gr vmax rounds. I'll experiment once I get a chance to reload some. I have seen...
  507. aeon

    Predator control *****graphic content *****

    If you have to ask why, you have not tasted the best stuff on earth
  508. aeon

    Predator control *****graphic content *****

    Well Gene I'll bite Predator population management. Its private property that was over run with coyotes. The idea being that if we knock the dogs back the deer, quail and other critters will repopulate. The root cause of the imbalance was fire. Oh and it's just fun!
  509. aeon

    Predator control *****graphic content *****

    First up thanks to all the brave men and women that have sacraficed so much for us. To my friend SSGT Canon this dogs for you, I miss you bro. I'm posting this sitting in a hide high on a hill Have not had to much time to shoot the AR but I switched from the fiocchi to the hornady 32gr...
  510. aeon

    Cottontail Rabbits???

    You guys are soft..... Aged botfly is tender and yummy. I sometimes take one on trips to snack on.
  511. aeon

    Rotations Dog Food Review
  512. aeon

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    Damn so your saying I need to plan for the zombie invasion myself!!! Shit... What other group stockpiles food, I don't want to get shot. How about the jahovas or maybe the scientology peeps?
  513. aeon

    What Happened to TOF?

    Their forum server prob got ow3ned by some evil hackers. Forums are big targets and if the exploit is not known it can take time to get back up. No point in just cleaning up the damage if you will just get broke again. In the meantime try and for masturbation material.
  514. aeon

    extended choke for 10 ga. BPS

    i was just thinking if only Cary could shoot another 10 yards up them white birds would die!!!!! oh and if he got up in time for the fly off :)
  515. aeon

    Question re:Shotgun Gauges

    fuck the big bore stuff i all in with my 204 ruger........
  516. aeon

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    SHTF is the acronym for the break down in central gov that could happen. Think LA riots on a national level. Where you must defend your family and property from evil folks. the evil black gun people talk about having a SHTF gun, one that shoots anything and goes bang when you pull the trigger...
  517. aeon

    Licensing help in CA!!

    Good luck and post up some pics :) welcome to the forum
  518. aeon

    Question re:Shotgun Gauges

    use the tool that works...... this is almost as bad as the 270/30-06 thread. smaller guns are fine but its best to use what works and kills. Case in point if i take you pheasant hunting down in mexico and bring a 20gauge or Smaller fine but you better kill them lil shits. If i have to wait...
  519. aeon

    Advice before buying a gun on line.

    PM........ what you can't share with the class what you want to buy? Is it the pink camo AR15 with the hello kitty stickers? we will not laugh at your desires honest :) i will not make any brown dog comments on this post by the way!
  520. aeon

    Coyotes fight back

    Coyote 2 hunter 0 Spent the afternoon sitting 300 yards away watching the same spot with a rotting chicken to draw him out. No love not even any distant howling. So at last light I shot the chicken.... 32gr vmax is still going 3000fps @ 300 yards with only 3" of drop at a 200 yard zero. Miss...
  521. aeon

    Coyotes fight back

    Stuck a cam on a lil temp water hole that the recent rain made. Active lil hole and the coyotes did something odd. I had the cam Just tucked in some rocks close by. One of the dogs saw the IR flash or the little red light grabbed the cam and pissed on it ( it smells bad ) This would be...
  522. aeon

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    The gunshow was wall to wall zombie crap. I think it all ties into the end of the world 2012 bs. That has me thinking.... Was Jesus a zombie? He was dead then not, that's what zombies do. He was hard to kill after he was not dead, just like a zombie. Brb I need to stock up By the way where did...
  523. aeon


    Ha lol come on some cheap beer and some cheap 9mm! That's a party right there. Thank god the people's republic have outlawed such devices in the great state of California.
  524. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    I started out looking at the tactical scopes and one with a BDC redicle. What makes the 204 such a amazing round is how flat it shoots. If you set zero at 270 yards you hold one inch low at 100 and only seven inches high at 400. Not much reason to mess with turets and BDC Scopes Yes that group...
  525. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    Byron, what optics are you going to run? By the way cheaper than dirt has 50 round boxes of fiocchi 204 for 29$ It shoots pretty well
  526. aeon

    questions about my lab

    X2 what bob said....... Hummm your dog eats sticks and gets bloated just saying. It's not like it's a black lab so no great loss if he pops like that dude in alien. Go buy the fowldogs DVD and follow it step by step no skipping or making up your own rules. It's never a good idea to hunt a off...
  527. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    Yeah the trend with the big ar15 makers is the heavy bull barrels on the varmint guns. I am very happy with my gun at sporter weight. With bipod scope and mount it's not light but it's not a pig either.
  528. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    I'm careful alright, I open the door and shoot through the screen. That way the wabbits never know who is pulling the trigger and ya don't put holes in the door.
  529. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    Yes you can for sure keep your eye in the scope as you shoot. On my bow scale it comes in just under 10lbs so its not super light. You could still take some weight off the barrel if you wanted it lighter. the 204 is a hot round so its got some bark but cool how little the gun jumps. At 100 yards...
  530. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    Thanks Bobby.... Thanks for the help at your shop. If I had not found a scope off craigslist I would have got one from you guys. Anyone looking for AR stuff or other firearms should swing by glenns rod and gun in Costa Mesa.
  531. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    This is my first AR build!! Started with a rifle gear complete lower with a geissele trigger. While not a great bench trigger it's what I was after for a hunting rig. Searching for a custom upper was interesting. With most builders quoting super long lead times for the 204 ruger upper that I...
  532. aeon

    Ladies Shooting and Gun Handling Seminar

    Women with guns????
  533. aeon

    1542 valco duck boat

    1542 valco duck boat with 8hp yamaha. 1800 obo Clean title on boat trailer and motor. Its a duck boat so it's got scratches and dings but overall it's in good shape. Has a box in the back for a battery.
  534. aeon

    Lab pups

    Here is a little video of recon( a pup from the last littler ) the old fat one and and smaller bitch are mine. Amazing drive just like his dad and I'm sure just like the pups from this litter.
  535. aeon


    Ok so you understand how ar15's work. The gun has two groups a upper group that consists of barrel, bolt, Receiver and other misc parts. This " upper " detaches from the "lower" and once detached is not a gun or firearm and requires nothing to buy or sell The lower is the part that has the...
  536. aeon

    Arizona Draw Results

    Fail Kinda like the lotto
  537. aeon

    Mt new 686+

    Don't mind TRob he is from Idaho now and does not understand the need for a boat gun is Pirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  538. aeon

    new mental discipline

    I'm watching doomsday preppers right now. I will not be coming to your house to take your food when the shtf
  539. aeon

    Scope on my ar15 204 ruger

    Ok so I have my lower a riflegear with geissele trigger. My upper is on the way from Dan Carey in 204 ruger. Sold my thompson contender to pay for glass. My budget is 500+/- what do the bloody decks hoard recomend?
  540. aeon

    More from the Antis

    Wait senator Ted Liew from redding ca? No no senator Ted from big bear. Oh fuck my bad senator Ted W Lieu from mother fing Torance. Yeah Torrance the place with zero bears and zero bob cats. You were elected to Rep the people of torrance. No one in Torrance gives a rats ass about bears. How...
  541. aeon

    Looking to buy a bow.

    Oh no its not!
  542. aeon

    Name these tracks game

    no it looks like a pr0C0yotehunt3r walking away never to be heard from again :)
  543. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30 12" ported bull w/scope

    I am going to use the cash to help pay for optics on my 204 ruger ar15 so no thanks.
  544. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30 12" ported bull w/scope

    50$ off for any current or retired military.....
  545. aeon

    The secret to crow hunting...

    You red neck butcher.... Ummm I like McD trash for my crow stands
  546. aeon


    first post asking for the sweet spot.......maybe introduce yourself and say hi first :)
  547. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30

    i stuck my hardly used contender in the classified section :) selling to get some glass for my next gun
  548. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30 12" ported bull w/scope

    It's not as bad as you would think. Next to a 44 it's got a lot more energy but it's not a nasty recoil
  549. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30 12" ported bull w/scope

    *******sale pending, backup offers taken********** Thompson Contender Hunter with 12" 30-30 ported bull barrel. 4x illuminated Thompson scope. In great condition, very accurate. 500$ obo
  550. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    Carey custom rifle
  551. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    Ok here she is.... 204 , 22" shilen sporter weight barrel, 4 weeks it should be here
  552. aeon

    new to the forum

    if only chocolate labs were good for hunting. They sure look good in photos after the hunt i will say :)
  553. aeon

    new to the forum

    welcome to the forum :)
  554. aeon

    I booked me a Birthday present

    Thought you booked a couple of whores to de flower your ass.
  555. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    i am going to handle a few before i decide. :) Mike if i decide to go with a 24 ill pm ya and see what kind and how much your friend wants for his.
  556. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    Thanks guys. The 204 is interesting, I think you are right mike that 24" gun is a lot of metal.
  557. aeon

    Great finish to the extended Goose season!

    Nice.... Water Fowl season never ends so who is doing spring goose up north?
  558. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    save the just get a bolt action comments i have a few already and i know this is not totally rational. Ok i want to build a AR for fucking up yotes. here is what i am thinking so far. this upper this lower...i know ill have...
  559. aeon

    Bird Hunting

    It's ok Nate i am sure if you draw another 1 in a 1000 tag for the 3rd or is it 4th time she will let you out for a weekend or two.
  560. aeon

    Bird Hunting

    a clear sign of the apocalypse. Repent and bug-in or out kids, the shits about to hit the fan. Good advice on going to the local trap and skeet range. Take a couple classes meet some people. The first bird season is in sept so you have some time.
  561. aeon

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    I am sure more will be posted later but Oscar has passed. I don't have words right now
  562. aeon

    Wounded Warriors BHCR trip

    Curtis just wondering where the guys that are going to do the hunt are from. Are you pulling from guys you served with or one of the wounded warrior regiments, Just wondering that's all
  563. aeon

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    No you can not have a side arm while bow hunting for deer, Yes you can have a gun on you while on your property as long as you are not bow hunting deer.
  564. aeon

    The "Nate loves ducks" late season duck report

    Anyone doing spring snow goose? If I get drawn for az or ut elk you won't hear a peep about ducks till oct.
  565. aeon

    The "Nate loves ducks" late season duck report

    I know not having a real duck report for a couple weeks has to be Killing Nate so here goes. Last trip of the year this last weekend even though the season runs a couple more weeks. Made the run in the redneck space shuttle to the grounds and got the decoys out. For some reason we got setup...
  566. aeon

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    After talking to him for the couple months before and since the ww hunt I have got to know oscar as more than just a good dude. He cares as much about the other marines in the ww program as he does him self. Dude pull out of this, the world needs great guys like you
  567. aeon

    Lab pups

    you should borrow Recon if you can get him away from the beach :) This should be a great litter and if the last one was any indication it should be full of great hunting dogs....
  568. aeon

    Lab pups

    Wow the way recon plays at the beach you would think he was a yellow or brow dog not a hunting lab.
  569. aeon

    Lab pups

    video of Recon last summer. The old fat dog and the lil one are mine, recon is the other.
  570. aeon

    Crying Wolf

    No reason to be sorry....Welcome to the forum
  571. aeon

    Falling Feathers Update Jr. Hunt

    Nice job.... I can't understand why why more dads didn't jump on shooting the club this weekend. Do it for the kids!!!!!! And yeah I was duck hunting this morning on the LCRA.
  572. aeon

    Little slow slip and slide

    post up some pics and video of your boat Jack........
  573. aeon

    Little slow slip and slide

    Just a lil video showing what the red neck space shuttle can do. Water is about 4" to 0" :)
  574. aeon

    holy crap trap shooting is expensive

    Yeah you keep living that dream that golf cost less.
  575. aeon


    That's the last weekend of duck season. No can do :) When is the kill n grill this year
  576. aeon

    Sneak Boat

    Weight is adjustable by how strong you want them. 70lbs I bet is close and you can shoot standing up no problem. I think sluester built one under 60lbs
  577. aeon

    Sneak Boat

    Yup..... Well I had Sluester boat werks build me two hybrid NL boats. I fucking love them you disappear in them. Use the mother ship to transport to the hunt area and go
  578. aeon

    Cameron Hanes

    That's the plan to kill more with my bow. I'm done rebuilding boats for a couple years. I have a place to go whack some pigs up north as soon as duck season ends in march. :)
  579. aeon

    Cameron Hanes

    That dude is why I duck hunt more....dude Makes me feel like a pussy
  580. aeon

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Would have been fun to depose the dfg officers. I know it was your life you were gambling with if you went to court. Jail time and even probation is no joke. So anyone know if you can do something like a freedom of information request to get the dfg reports? Maybe proyotehunter could call his...
  581. aeon

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Damn Just the fact that you hit a lion with a bow in a combat situation is bad ass.
  582. aeon

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Till you have a date and have paid the bhcr there is no event.......
  583. aeon

    couple quackers

    Holy hell dude!!!!!
  584. aeon

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    I'm scared to ask but how's that lab doing you got.....If you say lab jerky I might be mad
  585. aeon

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    Yeah sluester learn to read
  586. aeon

    IV Sky Carp Adventure and a banded Ross

    fuck i better shoot some ducks this weekend....i cant have Bryant killing more birds then me in a week.....
  587. aeon

    IV Sky Carp Adventure and a banded Ross

    Karma brother! Way to go dude
  588. aeon

    Pond Hunt

    gunner is one bad mother fucker.....if you are a duck in a bush that is
  589. aeon

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    For the record dfg can with out a Search Warrant check you in the field, even on pvt prop. or your car/truck on the way to and from. They can not search your home with out a warrant. Hijack over
  590. aeon

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    WTH........epic just epic
  591. aeon

    They do exist!!!

    That right there is a nightmare. Dear god if she found out what i spend fuck that. somethings are better left they the way they always have been....women stay home its rough out here and you could get hurt.
  592. aeon

    Wounded Warriors BHCR trip

    so is BHCR sponsoring this hunt you are setting up or are you paying?
  593. aeon

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Its good for a laugh every 6 months or so
  594. aeon

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    wow that is brutal for you guys that love that place. Good chance you could be right Nate, To the Tree fucks flying around in a helicopter and killing pigs is much much better than having hunters do it. While not the same the end result could be much the same as Catalina. I could see the ranch...
  595. aeon

    AZ elk and lopes coming up

    God I can't believe it's time to send away again.
  596. aeon

    looking for a lab

    As you can see in the photo brown labs are good for fishing, dog beach and bones. Blacks can do all that as well but they can hint too. Show dogs are cool. I watch that Westminster thing every year. The fluffy yellers and browns look mighty fine.
  597. aeon

    once again.....

    Good job Jim. Did you notice a few less coots?
  598. aeon

    looking for a lab

    No such critter as a white lab. Just white yellow labs. You do know that only blacks are good for hunting right? Pm sent with some local pups
  599. aeon

    Swamp Limit Back to Back Ringer Edition

    good job jack.... nice duck pr0n
  600. aeon


    I'm calling bullshit with out pics. This thread is locked till jack shows us pics of his limit of ducks
  601. aeon


    I woulda gone tombstone on him Wyatt Earp: You skin that smoke wagon and we'll see what happens!
  602. aeon

    Nice shot...

    Wow that bird had a few laps on him
  603. aeon

    sheep report

    Sweet! Hunting with family is the best
  604. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    :) I'll send them the link.... Just saying
  605. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    props to my mom for making the best barbeque baked beans on earth!
  606. aeon

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Where to start with all this....... Bryant thank you bro! Falling Feathers is a kick ass club with kick ass members. Top to bottom the support and effort that everyone put out makes me proud to know all of you. To all of the guys that came out it was a honor to meet and share a hunt with you...
  607. aeon

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    Teaser pic.......... Full report to come!
  608. aeon

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    Lots of drama but the hunt is on!!!!!!
  609. aeon

    Hunting near San Diego

    I put a gps tracker in Sluester's ass. You can follow him at this web site. Want to know that secret deer stand or the hot spots at the LCRA just log on
  610. aeon

    Hunting near San Diego

    Welcome to the site! Where did you move from? Post up some bird pr0n from where you used to hunt
  611. aeon

    How waterfowl hunting should be!!!

    my dog has the same ear muffs :) so no report to go along with the duck pr0n? ill put out a guess and say Laguna Madre in Texas?
  612. aeon

    For all the traditional bow hunters ........

    It's not a headache at all. A few hoops to jump through but no big deal.
  613. aeon

    For all the traditional bow hunters ........

    God bless Texas!!!!!! Wana trade a bird hunt for some pigs:)
  614. aeon

    Hunting dogs

    Shit I can't even remember where the first bird fell when I shoot a double.
  615. aeon

    New to Forum From Florida, Pic Heavy

    Nice airboat :)
  616. aeon

    New Duck Recipe

    Fuck i knew i missed something this weekend......who put xmas right in the heart of duck season anyways?
  617. aeon

    Another duck report.....

    Hey! Have you killed any ducks with the decoys you got from me?
  618. aeon

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    Pro training is great so don't take this as a slight on them it's not. You can do this your self. Get a program and stick to it. I'm a fan of fowl dogs. Get the fowldogs dvd and start at step one. They are just dogs, don't over think it :) Just something I do that might work for you, I never...
  619. aeon

    Anyone here own a beretta a400????

    Ok I'm thinking about getting a new shotgun. I have been shooting a h&k era super 90 for the last 20+ years. It's time and I think I want a a400. Any of you guys own one? Love it hate it? Can I shoot it ? :)
  620. aeon

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    15 min a's great to get pro training done but you know that once it's done you still have to work your dog. Even mid seasson you still have to work your pup.
  621. aeon

    Another duck report.....

    Did the rare Friday shoot at falling feathers duck club and day spa. With wister acting like one huge closed zone and most if the clubs with light pressure it was a tad slow. The upside was that for a change you could let birds work and pull them in with out as much risk of shots blowing them...
  622. aeon

    Quik limit

    Nice job dude!
  623. aeon

    New Duck Recipe

    Nate shouldn't you be on a mountain someplace chasing sheep?
  624. aeon

    sweatlining at Wister

    No wonder you wister guys are grumpy all the damn time. You don't get any sleep
  625. aeon

    Ducks in the I.V.

    Eclipse redhead......... More or less it's a redhead that does a color shift when molting. Sometimes they do not shift back to their normal color. A bit of a rare bird
  626. aeon

    Free lab to good home

    Pup is placed
  627. aeon

    Free lab to good home

    Pup is placed
  628. aeon

    PFD's are a good thing.....

    Bs with out pics....... Ya know I was thinking the same thing as we backed the boat down the ramp into the snake river. The waves were breaking over the back of the boat. Wind was blowing 35+ mph and air temps were in the low 20s Left the pfd's in the bow compartment. Figured if we put them on...
  629. aeon

    Ducks in the I.V.

    Forgot to add that I dbar'ed it at 60 yards. Sorry jack :(
  630. aeon

    Ducks in the I.V.

    Another productive day duck hunting. Shot the club for a slow but steady pick at a limit. Epic sunrise Bag was mixed with a gadwall, few teal Including a pretty cinnamon, a couple bootlips and this duck That's right folks my first Eurasian Redhead. Most hunters go a lifetime with out...
  631. aeon

    if one more person skybusts a god damn duck I am gonna loose it

    I Dbar'ed a few spoons this last weekend just to do it...150+ yards with dead coyote.....i did think of poor jack and his troubles
  632. aeon

    My new toy.....

    Ha! No chance in hell I'm shooting for dollars with your ass. I already know you are dialed in and lethal. Between my fucked up job a 1.3 year old and that stupid boat I am not exactly on top of things. I think after duck season I'm going to break down and go pig hunting. That will motivate me...
  633. aeon

    My new toy.....

    Ok that's a bit of a reach. Yeah they are nice and work great but folks been killing shit for a long time before lasers got here. Ya still gota get out and stump shoot and learn range finding with your eyes. Yes I own one and I had a tr75 before that. That fucker was always messed up
  634. aeon

    Mendota sat/sun

    Get the photo bucket app it's free. Upload your pics and it will give you the code to cut and paste into your posts.
  635. aeon

    Duck boat build....again

    Only used twice and just pushed into the tules. Birds never knew we were there.
  636. aeon

    Duck boat build....again

    Here it is in action :) they kick ass and work amazing.
  637. aeon

    couple quackers

    NDII ????? No ducks in indio?
  638. aeon

    couple quackers

    It's damn fun hunting up there. I'll be making the trip again next year with my mud boat :) I'll think about you Tommy while I'm sitting in my new hybrid with temps in the high 60s. Might have to wear a long sleeve t tomorrow.
  639. aeon

    Duck boat build....again

  640. aeon

    Niland CWA Dinner

    Ok ok now I feel bad. They are Idaho ducks Shot on public land!!!! for the record and I made up the blind location. Besides I thought the t's and u's shot better? Honestly doubt there are many secret spots at wister. Before the Internet the good blinds always went first and it's no different...
  641. aeon

    Collared dove . . .

    In the people's republic of California you can only take euros during the morning dove season. As we clearly can not tell euros from morning doves :) people in az must have better eyes.
  642. aeon

    Niland CWA Dinner

    I shot 115c4 and got easy limits too. That's the hot spot I tell ya. Good food for the birds
  643. aeon


    X4 that guy is hard to watch. His product placements are right out of a mike myers movie. That dude and the guy that hosts the du show should start a new one called kook hunters !
  644. aeon

    single digits to 40s

    Very cool
  645. aeon

    Mites on Ducks?

    Mallophaga They don't like you or your dog. Common and ya don't have to worry
  646. aeon

    Drove longer

    Nice brother!
  647. aeon

    Daughters BF scores blacktail

    Wow I so want to do a trip up there. Cool post but I did expect pics of the daughter so I'm a bit let down
  648. aeon

    5.5 more days!

    Nate is hunting the wister big horn unit. Most folks don't know about the hunt and how big the animals are on the Salton Sea. Http:// For more info
  649. aeon

    Airboat rebuild the final chapter.....

    Not going to hunt out of it. transport to the site and mother ship to the hybrids. The pup has ear muffs. They make them for dogs that fly in small aircraft.
  650. aeon

    Duck boat build....again

    Hey no time for chit chat get busy building.... Going to mount them side saddle on the airboat! Victory is mine! The ducks don't stand a chance
  651. aeon

    Airboat rebuild the final chapter.....

    After a very long rebuild the airboat is done! What started out as this Has become this After the last update I went ahead and replaced all the gauges. 100% of the wiring redone with tinned marine wire. All breakers and solenoids in a water tight box. Blah blah blah I never want to build...
  652. aeon

    Looking for Hides in SD

    So where and what school has a class where you get to do this?????? Sounds cool
  653. aeon

    Dog training

    Step one force fetch>use a command for it like drop or leave it.
  654. aeon

    ok no more upland stuff its time to kill ducks

    Yeah down south... Season has been open on ditch chickens since oct21.
  655. aeon

    ok no more upland stuff its time to kill ducks

    Did the last upland trip of the year this last weekend. Tried to shoot some video but the guide/bird boy was a little short on video skills but he did get a few shots for me. The LONG retrieve in the disk field was bad ass. The video does not do that field justice, was was deep disk-ed and rough...
  656. aeon

    Solo, Public Land, DIY back home

    Nice report!!!!!
  657. aeon

    Beretta vs Benelli Shotgun

    Ummmm use the parts that came with your guns to change the cast and drop so they fit the same. The m2 is easy to adjust but not sure about the vinci. Put your normal hunting clothes on and with out thinking about it shoulder the gun. Make note of where you are. In your case I'll bet it's...
  658. aeon

    Wed, Thurs and Friday

    Nice job dude! Way to screw it up for the weekend guys..... I'm already on the way home from mx....killing roosters is boring, I'm done with it. it's duck season for real now
  659. aeon

    it's official I have a new place to hunt whitetail next year

    Internet pics do not count big boy! You know the rules bull shit with out pics. Till then it's all talk. Ps spend a nickel and cover your pickle. Ohhhh and if you tap a fugly chick post pics of that too, we won't laugh :)
  660. aeon

    What's your favorite duck

    Not one BL this season so far :)
  661. aeon

    What's your favorite duck

    My fav duck is one with it's feet down
  662. aeon


    Ok so what's the out the door cost for Just the deer?
  663. aeon

    2011 Texas Hunt

    Nice!! That looks like fun
  664. aeon

    From a Dogs Perspective

    Looks like a cool video Steve.
  665. aeon

    Need area to hog hunt northern California.

    How much cash you got? 500$ is the going rate at most pig places. Hell for $250 I know a few guys on here that will squeal for ya.
  666. aeon

    south dakota pheasant

    Was talking to a friend up that way and they said the winter kill has hurt the birds in some areas and in others not at up some pheasant porn
  667. aeon


    Shot at the river unit on wister for easy limits of spoons and divers
  668. aeon

    1st hunt for Ducks

    Nice job brother :) gota kill them ducks. Did my own mid week hunting on the river today too.
  669. aeon

    Animal rights group has infiltrated California DFG

    Thank god I hunt in Mexico where we have rights as hunters and they actively promote hunting. Maybe they could go down and learn from them. Little truth in every joke, just saying.
  670. aeon

    couple quackers

    I'll be up your way next weekend :) keep posting the pron dude
  671. aeon

    great pheasant hunting in South Dakota

    How many Wild birds are you allowed to shoot in sd a day?
  672. aeon

    great pheasant hunting in South Dakota

    You mean I can fly far away and freeze my ass off to hunt Ditch chickens!!! I will say the not getting my head cut off and mounted on a stick is a upside :)
  673. aeon

    who would want to contribute

    Dude get a camera from the last decade. Camera phone pics from your motorola razor look lame. And stfu sluester forums are so not a blog gezzz
  674. aeon

    Pheasant quail and dove oh my

    Hearing it's back to the way it was in the early 80's have fun!
  675. aeon

    Pheasant quail and dove oh my

    Dogs are no problem but I have been asked once by cbp for vaccination papers. It's funny but a while back you had to get a caza con pero stamp to use a dog.
  676. aeon

    No dink...D16!

  677. aeon


    tin foil hat on for a second.... Remember that DFG can search you in the field and your car with out probable cause. They CAN NOT enter your home with out a search warrant. This action is proof that just because you were open and honest does not mean they will not try to hammer you as hard as...
  678. aeon

    Mexicali Pheasants with Best of Everything and Carl

    I miss the old BD where a Mexico post would turn into a fuck Mexico I got ass corked by banditos wearing masks....... They are running on a tight margin at 250$ a head. The tags are 60 a piece so for dove and pheasant that's $120 right off the top.
  679. aeon

    Mexicali Pheasants with Best of Everything and Carl

    So who's uma were you guys on?