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    Long range question

    Have always thought about a long range trip but the problem i have with makeing a decision on weather to do this before i die is what the hell would i do with hundreds of pounds of fish i couldnt sell or couldnt eat before it got freezer burn ? How do you guys deal with all the fish you bring...
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    17’ whaler cabin

    Well just bought a 17’ whaler for my son , going to put a small cabin on it for dry storage and also so he can lock it up to keep his stuff his ... lol Will post some pics when we get started
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    Deer hunt

    Two of the biggest bucks ive ever shot this week one with a rifle and one with a bow so im now tagged out !!
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    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    They canceled all public gatherings of over 200 people , does this mean the FredHall show is also canceled in san diego ?
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    X zone opener

    well just spent the last four days hikeing the high sierras for an X zone archery opener and didnt see one buck ! Covered the 8000-11000 foot range for nothing except a very sore body ! Well this just fuels my determanation now , i dont give up. There up there somewhere and after a few days to...
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    Old skiff

    looking for an old 15-17 foot skiff hull , ive got a 50 hp motor , 10 gals of vinalester resin , a bunch of fiberglass matt , roveing and cloth , gps , vhf radios and sounders and bunches of other misc boat stuff , looking for a hull to build for my son just a little fishing skiff , give me a...
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    Done huntin

    well shot a nice little forkie on the opener of D-13 now maybe i can get some chores done been huntin solid for the past two months
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    Scored in A-17 hunt

    Hunted X9B archery (A-17) for the first time this year , real nice country except for the cactice and all the bolders you have to hike over , who would think there would be cactice at 10,000 feet elevation ! In 7 days of hunting we saw 5 legal bucks and on the last hour of the last day i shot...
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    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    The wife bought me a trip for me and my son on the Freedom for fathers day , Nice day on the ocean , blue skys , calm seas , only 20 people on the whole boat ! Went over to Santa Barbra island and everyone on board caught like 200 fish ! Well except me i caught like O . My son caught like 4or5...
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    Xmas venison

    used my A-31 tag to harvest a nice fat doe today easy 30 yard shot angeling back through both lungs , didnt go more than 80 yards
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    Taxidermy coffee table

    Real nice glass taxidermy quail coffee table the measurments are 47" wide x 19" high x 23" deep asking $125 or best offer located in frazier park ca
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    Dead deer

    i dont know how to share a link but if you go on google and type in " bishop pass deer kill " you will see whats happened to one of our deer heards in the last three days ! Almost 90 deer killed falling down ice covered hillsides !
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    Fukushima Radiation

    just heard that the west coast is being absalutely fried with Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima ! That 15 out of 15 bluefin tuna tested are unfit for human consnmtion and its getting worse ! We will be feeling tha elevated effects from this for the next 200 years ! Its killing off the salmon runs...
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    Shark fishing

    went out 25 miles from marina del rey in 72 degree blue water and caught two makos , lot of life out there and tons of 6" macks and a huge area of crashing fish about a half mile from us wasent sure what it was but it wasent dolphins was hopeing they would make it over to where we were drifting...
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    Terrafin is crap !

    Does anyone know of a better service than Terrafin for seawater temp ! I have not got a good pic of the seawater temp All season ! Compleat waste of money ! Have tryed calling them and sending them an e mail but no response , the only time i could talk to them is when they wanted my credit card...
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    Hunting out of season

    whats the deal with all these guys hunting out of season this year ? Since last week we have found 7 guys deer hunting with rifles in the D-13 zone ! I really dont think these guys have the right to shoot our deer out of season just because they dont speak english ! The season does not open till...
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    Wanna buy my son a ticket

    never been on a long range boat and i never will but my son seems to like the idea of fishing on a boat with 30 other people and i like fresh fish so i thought about buying him a ticket on like a three day long range boat . Anyone have any suggestions on which boat and trip date that would be...
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    Shark fishing

    well left MDR about 6:00 am sunday got two scoops of deans then headed out on a coarse of 210* for about 20 miles , got about 12 miles then spun a prop, fished there all day for one mako then called vessel adrift and they came out and towed us back in ,and thats it
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    Anyone know of a good gunsmith from Bakersfield to san fernando valley I have a Kimber rifle that needs some trigger work. Thanks
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    Success in D 13

    got a nice little meat buck in D13 today ! Im tagged out !
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    Success in A16

    got a nice 3x3 up in x9a on the A 16 archery hunt , easy 40yard shot.
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    Yankee jigs

    any one know where i could find some old 1.5 oz yankee jigs ? The old blue/white or green/yellow bonita feathers
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    Pilot housece

    Well a while back i picked up a used boat its a 22' privateer center consel , put a better motor on it , new radio etc. I would like to put a dog house pilot house where the center consel is but i barley have time to go fishing with the schudual i have , besides working almost full time I'm also...
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    LA boat show

    went to the boat show yesterday , mostly ski boats and jet skis
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    Weather App

    Does any one know of a good marine weather app for an I phone? looking for from concepyion to mex border
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    For sale Johnson ocean runner 150 hp

    Here's a 2001 Johnson 150 hp two stroke ocean runner counter rotation outboard with a stainless four blade prop , it has a new lowerend installed by Ryan boats and the computer printout says there are under 500 hours on the power head , it comes with the oil tank and all the controls and wiring...
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    Rifle stock

    I'm trying to find an aftermarket rifle stock for a interarms mark x Mauser in 270cal anyone here know who might make one ?
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    1970 boston whaler 17' montuck project for sale $950.00

    I Have a 17' Whaler project for sale. Its just the bare hull with an over sized center console. I've done most of the grinding on the bottom of the hull and started the patching and re-glassing. This is an old navy boat and they used it for everything short of target practice. But it is...
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    Archery bear hunt

    Well it's been a good week last weekend went out and slated a bunch of yellowfin tuna , and yesterday I got a nice 400lb black bear for the archery opener .
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    which GPS unit

    Im looking to buy a gps unit this year for hunting the kind that will have the property boundrys on it so i don't get a ticket for trespass hunting . One that is very simple to use with not a lot of featuries on it . the more things they put on these electronic gizmoes the more complicated they...
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    Looking for skiff

    My son has a late 90s 48 hp Johnson out board and the boat we bought it for had a rotten transom so we trashed the boat and now we are looking for another skiff something like 15 to 18 foot with a good transom with or without a trailer , any body have one sitting out back they might want to sell?
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    Offshore fishing report

    went fishing on the indian out of redondo yesterday , went out to the farnsworth bank ,the crossing was nice but i did have to dodge some of the younger generation as they puked over the kid decides the best place to puke is all over the galley floor. i trolled a tuna feather for the...
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    Fish for sale?

    After spending hundreds on sport boats and a lot more on buying two boats that need a lot of work before they are ready to fish , working full time and I'm also in the process of building a house I think I would rather just buy some fresh fish . Does anyone have a commercial license that would...
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    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    Went on the freedom Sunday to SCI what a waste of $350 total spent for my son and I , caught one calico before the sun came up then with all the rude people and the deck hands that kept crowding me out of a place to fish I cut off my hook and put the pole in the rack and gave up. Why is it that...
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    Bonita jigs

    Looking for some old 1.5 oz. Yankee jigs / Bonita feathers. Anyone have any they would like to sell ?
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    Bow hunting Malibu

    Just got my tags an AO and a D-13 , Years ago i used to hunt early season A zone in malibu in july,its a good place to hunt early season out of the heat. Does anyone still hunt there? Is it still legal to hunt in Malibu? They now have the malibu mountain conservencey , Does that make it illegle...