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    Wire Bait Cages

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    Rod Shipping Tube Cardboard 8’x3”

    Thought somebody might want this. I’ll keep it around for a week. PM me if interested.
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    Kite Rod (for flying Kite)

    Looking for a quality kite rod to pair with an electric reel for flying the kite. Prefer something under 36” Please pm me with what you have or know of. Thank you!
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    Seeker BCSW-708T

    Looking for a Seeker BCSW 708T inshore casting rod in good condition. Pm me if you have one. Thanks
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    Found hoop net SD Bay 3/12/18

    Found a clearly abandoned conical hoop net near the channel. Marked with a go ID and a depth. Blue rope. PM me your GO ID. If it matches, we can arrange to get it back to you.
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    Offshore Coronados Bluefin/Bonito/Seals 9/11 & 9/13

    I fished the Coronados a couple of times this week. Really nice conditions and a lot of life down there. 73 deg clear water. Hooked a few Bluefin and landed two all on X Raps 20’s. Fish are down near the south tip of South Island. I have no idea where the yellows have gone. Only got one small...
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    2 stroke Machine Shop In SD?

    Does anyone know of a machine shop in SD that works on 2 stroke blocks? My understanding is that Floyds is no longer in business. Thanks!
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    SD Inshore 5/27

    Fished solo from the Whistler buoy to PB today. Weather was better than expected and seas were fine early in the Bayrunner. Wind came up pretty good around 1 but it was still fishable. Water inside has definitely rolled over the last few days. Green and 58 deg around the Whistler. Started to...
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    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Can anyone please recommend a good, reasonably priced place to get custom battery cables in SD? I need one each red/black #2 cables at 23' each with lugs and heat shrink. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Offshore BFT US Side of 9 Sun 8/2

    Me & buddy were gonna fish Hali off PL on the incoming tide this morning, but couldn't get a decent drift going. It was glassy so we decide to point the Lil Hooker west and see what we could see. Didn't even have the trollers on board so we just ran out and looked for birds, paddies and...
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    Offshore 7/26 9 Mile & South

    Late start today 6:30 am. Picked up generous scoop of small weak dines with lots of micro macs mixed in. Only about 30 quality baits in the tank. Took the 20' Bayrunner slowly out toward the S 9. Lots of kelps with nobody home. We chummed lives and lots of chunks too. Terns were working on fish...
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    Coronados/Rockpile Thursday 4/16

    Made the islands tour today. Pukey, Middle grounds, S. Kelp, Rockpile, and back up to the flats. No life at RP, tons of seals and micro yellows at islands. Best fishing was the flats a couple miles leeward of South Island. Run and gun surface iron for four 10 lb yellows, but had them boiling...
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    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Anybody heard of this? I'm not too excited about it. More of our coast off limits. Opinions?
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    Tagged Sandbass Info? SD 10/10

    Fished halibut at the outer channel yesterday and caught an 18" sandie with a growth encrusted tag. Looked like a female loaded w eggs and I release all bass anyway so back it went. Anyone know anything about tagged sandbass? Caught many solid sized bass, one 24" hali released, broke off what...
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    Offshore 8/5 Tues Excellent YFT Fishing

    Cleared the point around 5 with a tank of quality dines. Headed out to the 302 in kinda sloppy seas. Put the jigs in at 7 just east of the bank. Small Blue and white feather gets hit pretty quick. Don brings it to the boat quick. We brail some bait and were on. Proceed to land a bunch for an...
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    Killer deal on Honda 2000i gen on CL $500 not mine, just know guys are looking for these.
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    Offshore One and Done Paddy Fishing Short of 302 8/20/13

    Have a newbie buddy who wanted to get out this week. From the looks of the marine forecast it was going to have to be today. Cleared the point at 5:30 and ran about 17 out toward the 302, put the trollers in and started looking for paddies. Slight breeze when we started out but built steadily...
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    Offshore 371, 425, Upper Hidden 8/15

    greasy seas, lots of life, beautiful day,tons of paddies with bait and no takers. rat yellows kinda biting, we got 9 (ya gotta eat), dodos on a few paddies w/serious lockjaw (wouldnt even eat chunk chum), Fished one scum lines with a few paddies lined up and still no love. so many paddies we...
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    Offshore 8/5 Tough Day Offshore

    short version: weather and fishing sucked. 120+ mi for 1 dodo and 1 ling little bit longer version: there aren't many days I've spent on the water that I'd rather have back, but today was one of them. Promised a couple buds a week ago that we'd get out today. Reports weren't looking great...
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    Offshore Got Some @ The Pens Thurs 9/15

    Bluefin are still biting pretty good at 48 mi. Get there by gray light cuz they definitely bit best between then and 8:30. Seas were pretty nice. "Only" about 15 privates and 15 sporties there. I'd fish 20 when they're biting and 15 when they shut down. Small hooks worked better even tho the...
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    Offshore Good News/Bad News Pac Star 2.5 8/29-30

    Extra short version: good news: Bluefin have been biting at the Hidden. bad news: they didn't bite for us monday morning so we went long and mostly missed em there too. 26 anglers for 16 BFT, 3 YFT and two smaller grade YT. Anybody's guess what the fish are gonna do over the next few days...
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    Large Locking Electronics Box $50

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Took this off my boat years ago cuz I'm too tall to have one. Dimensions: 42 1/2 L x 17 W x 8 H Off White in Color (Kinda like a Parker) comes w/ keys $50.00 PM or Call Mark 619 302 3629
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    Tough Day at Pukey Thurs. 8/19

    Arrived @ NI round 7am. 65 deg water. pukey tryin to earn its name. 3 or 4 boats soaking & slowtrolling. I slow troll the windward side of the whole island just kinda scouting. Water actually dropped to 63 toward the s end. troll pretty tight to the point on the way back around and im bit on...
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    Need 2 for Nados Trip Thurs 8/19

    I'm heading to the Coronados in the am to try and pick up some yellows. Looking for two to join the hunt. Split all costs (approx $50 per) evenly. Nice 23' platform. You: have mex and cal permits your own tackle (max 3 combos) are experienced SW angler drink no more than a 6er on a day trip...
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    The water has turned over

    Check out the SST's. You will have to go looong to get the fish now. Maybe still a shot at the albies. Still pondering a trip in the next few days.
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    Offshore 60 MB/Mushroom 10/24 BFT/YFT/Dodo

    WTF, nobody posts here anymore??? Here's mine. Real short version. Great water, great weather, fog no big deal. 230 - SSk-E fly- 60-Mushroom. mid 67 water all day past ssk. Troll fish/bait fish. 5 yft 12-20, 1 bft 20#, smaller dodos /yt. 5 skippies for 2. Steady pick best between 60 and...
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    Offshore 10/10 No Mo Tuna 4 Me

    Been killin lotsa yft sw of 230 for almost a month. Last friday was epic. No More!! made it out there @ gray light. bumpy ride. tight mixed swell w/10 kts. wind. not nasty, but not like it's been. Drove over 66 water and into 64 where we've been fishing. worked the warm side of the break, but no...
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    Offshore Not hard to find 10/2

    Fished the canyon between the 230 and ssk for limits +++ of 10-18 yft. Got em on nice dines and chunk. Limits by 9 then c & r til 1. Whole area very fishy. Weather was awesome until about 1:30. Wind started coming up and rain. Still a smoothride home. 69.5 purple blue water. Hope the weather...
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    Loading dock or fork lift needed in SD!

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has a place of business where I could get a barrell of 2 stroke oil delivered. It's coming out of Florida, and the freight company's terminal is in Fontana. They will deliver to SD if I have a forklift or loading dock. Everything will be prepaid. Your help is...
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    Offshore 9/20 (& 9/19) Between 230 & San Salv. Knoll

    Sorry, that's 9/19 and 9/18. we were there yesterday and today and just whacked em. we were basically alone yesterday (maybe 7 or 8 boats in the area, probably 30 today). would've posted but got in late yesterday and went back out early today. Also, didn't want to fish with a hundred boats in...
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    2 Day to Marina Coral & Back Fri/Sat 9/18

    Leaving PL Fri @ 4am. Gonna run out toward the break starting around the 230 and working down to 390 then 1010. Overnight @ the Coral and either back outside or inside up the warm water running outside the finger up to the 302. Depends on how we do Fri. Be on 72. Mark on Tuna Sniffer.
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    Offshore 9/5 425 to Hidden Bank

    Kiled 'um tuesday so i though we'd get em today. Tough day. Little late start. Boat in the water @ 5. 40 min wait @ ebros. Gave us time to replace the bait pump that sucked up some seagrass. Sure glad to have a spare on board. Pretty decent scoop of dines. Ran outside about 15 then south. Found...
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    Offshore Slayed em between 425 & Hidden 9/1

    Cleared the Point at 5 30 and made about 24 knots down south.Some swell, but long intervals. Put the jigs in on porps about 5 south of the 425. Cedar plug gets picked up, but the nice sized fish is lost after about a minute. Stop on a couple dry paddies, then hit the right one at 08/28. Niko...
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    Sun 8/23 PM @ Coronados

    Made the longer test run on my motor repair Sunday afternoon. Talked to a guy at the ramp on Sat pm about boiling yellows there late Sat. Cleared the point @ 4pm. Made Middle Grounds in 45 min 69 deg water, tons of birds, bait, macs, and larger dolphin (rizzo??) but no go on the right kind...
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    Offshore Fri 8/21 on the Producer

    We started fishing 75 miles south of the point. Had a few knockdowns early on YFT and skippies. Then silence. Many hours of trolling and kelps with virtually no fish. Other than skippies (maybe 10), we only had 10 of the right kind. 2 smaller yellows off paddies, 2 dodos, and about 6 YFT. My...
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    6/25 Nados/S Kelp/Rockpile

    Tough fishing out there. Seas were ok. Light wind in the am, some wind chop in the pm. smallish mixed swell. Water was green everywhere on the inside. Temps between 59 and 66, mostly around 65. Metered tons of bait at all three spots,with birds working too, but the fish just weren't biting...
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    Coronados YT 6/18

    Flew to the islands this morning (35 min from EB to M Grounds). Arrived about 6:15. Slow trolled dines around and under lots of birds. There were acres and acres of boiling macs north of pukey. No Yellers. Headed down to n. tip of s. isl. and hung a few barries and a 10 lb yellow (flylined)...