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  1. mahi

    I need one of these. Where can I get it?

    I like her. Just keeping an open mind.
  2. mahi

    Cluster of boats - Parking Lot on AIS

    When you hear, "Do Not Follow the Fleet", that really means private boats should not follow the sport boats. The sport fleet always share numbers.
  3. mahi

    Ah!. I understand now. My bag was put in the bed of a pickup truck.

    Ah!. I understand now. My bag was put in the bed of a pickup truck.
  4. mahi

    Waterproof kill bag?

    What exactly is the problem if a game bag leaks a little water through the seams? My deck was wet alot from hosing down fish blood. I little from the game bag was not an issue.
  5. mahi

    Largest Parker Sport Cabin for a 30' slip in Dana Point?

    They will measure with the engines up, which is how owners store the boats. That adds to overall length
  6. mahi

    What size mooring for Avalon?

    My guess, since you have out board engines is you will get a 40 foot mooring. It is based on overall length, including bow pulpit and and over hang at the stern. A 32 model can be 37 LOA.
  7. mahi

    Stigmas such as changing a boat name?

    I changed the name on 2 boats and did not follow any type of Ghosting Rules. Just remove the old name and put on a new decal.
  8. mahi

    They missed by 30 feet!

    Blue Herons strike again. Bummer.
  9. mahi

    Dana Point Inshore Fishing Spots

    If you want to keep the kids interested, Buy a small bucket of chum and sit off the salt creek kelp area in 60 feet. Cut a few small holes in the lid of chum bucket and tie off to a rope and hang over the side. You will soon have all the Mackeral the kids want. Bass will be attracted to the chum...
  10. mahi

    Wanted: Uniflite Salty Dog in So. California / West Coast

    There is a 28 on cragislist in HB. Single 504 diesel. Setup as a tow boat/rescue boat. There are a few on east coast that are better priced. These would be good for a re-power. No trailer. Need to ship. About 8 to 9K.
  11. mahi

    WTB spreader bar and daisy chain

    I have 4- Sterling tackle spreader bars for sale. @ in pink and 2 in lime green. Each has a storage bag. I only used them a few times before selling my boat. I used the 36" Archer bars but they finally wore out. PM me if interested.
  12. mahi

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    Try dropping off a competent friend to go get your truck and trailer. You pull away from dock area and wait. Friend then backs trailer in between the ramps and you drive onto the trailer. It takes skill but it avoids endless waiting. No need to walk a boat onto a trailer next to the dock.
  13. mahi

    Sport Fishing Charter. Kauai end of April

    Capt. Devo. Thanks for the recommendations. My kid has fished a lot off So Cal on our boats. We don't have trade winds, but afternoon westerlies are 15 to 20 knots. I agree that being prepared is the way to go. Only cure for sea sickness is dry land and would hate to ruin a good day on the...
  14. mahi

    Sport Fishing Charter. Kauai end of April

    Hi Guys. Looking for Charter recommendations for Kauai. Last week of April. I usually fish out of Kona and my kid is going to Kauai. Not sure which harbor the boats leave from and if they fish the trade winds.
  15. mahi

    Front mount hitch?

    I had a bow hitch welded to the right side frame on a 1992 Dodge 3/4 ton diesel. I towed a 20 ft Shamrock and the storage yard I was in had narrow isles. Plus, the old style Dodge and a long turning radius. I used an extra long hitch receiver so the trailer would not bind on the front bumper...
  16. mahi

    Zeus Pods

    Stick with shaft design. It is proven and reliable. Buy a $25 membership at boat diesel and read about issues that the Volvo guys have. The pros of maneuverability seem real, but if you take a hit, good buy to the drive.
  17. mahi

    Bait Tank Issue

    Is that a bungee cord holding it in place? After you buy a new tank, make sure it is securely mounted. BTW. Bait takes a lot of abuse when the tank is mounted so far aft. Swim steps may look like a great place for a bait tank, but not really. Move it to the deck if you can.
  18. mahi

    Inboard prop shaft repair in LA/Orange County

    Good luck. We tried to straighten a blower shaft and it wanted to go back to the new bent shape. I new shaft and flange maybe a quicker permanent repair.
  19. mahi

    Air conditioning tripping shore power breaker (2002 pursuit 3800)

    Any electrical device can fail. Use a multi meter to test continuity and resistence on each terminal. High resistence indicates a bad connector. Failed continuity indicates a broken lead.
  20. mahi

    Air conditioning tripping shore power breaker (2002 pursuit 3800)

    You need 50 amps. Doubling the 30 amp service will not make 50 or 60 amps. The Y adaptor will combine the 110 volt to 220 volt, but the work load is amperage and you need more than 30 amps. Marina is correct, you need a slip with 50 amp service or run on your generator.
  21. mahi

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    I always ran mine on split screen, in manual and adjusted them individually for the best read.
  22. mahi

    Portable bait tank/ tutorial help

    The most important aspect is mount the tank very securely. Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. A 40 gallon tank weighs in at 333 lbs. You do not want that thing coming loose. Bungee straps will not do the job. Kodiak tanks work fine. Size the pump for a fill time of 8-10 minutes. Use a ball...
  23. mahi

    Alternatives to bottom paint?

    San Diego has tougher standards than Dana Point or Newport Beach. It is a regulation by the SWRCB. No copper allowed. The paint wears much quicker too. I put a Shamrock in the water for 2 weeks, years ago. The green moss grew with in a few days and barnacles in about a week. If you plan to put...
  24. mahi

    Skippy 25 steering

    You might try
  25. mahi

    "Need" new trolling gear, and advice

    30 pound mono works fine on TLD30II speeds. That is my trolling setup for local marlin. Just turn boat to the side that got the bite while you reel in the other lines. I used to run short trolling rods when I owned a 20 ft Shamrock. Rocked fine with a clean transom. I went with 7 ft rods when I...
  26. mahi

    1984 36' Hatteras Express for sale in April "El Gato Dos"

    Looking at bitchen boats is like porn. I sold off my Henriques because it got too expensive. Your nice ride would double my cost. Good luck with the sale.
  27. mahi

    Sheared bolt on my starter... what gives?

    Good job. Throw the broken piece on your work bench as a reminder.
  28. mahi

    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    Fees can be raised any time. To raise taxes, needs to get voted and passed. Much harder to raise taxes and that is why politicians like to enact fees.
  29. mahi

    LOOKIN FOR 25-35ft boat

    Ease of maintenance is 1st. I like to troll for Marlin and straight shafts diesel inboards make a clean wake and raise fish is 2nd. Having a clean transom to fight fish from is 3rd. weight centered low in bilge makes boat more stable is 4th. A boat approaching 35 feet will live in a marina and...
  30. mahi

    43 Donelle

  31. mahi

    LOOKIN FOR 25-35ft boat

    If you want out board CC, look on east coast. Many fine boats and a lot less costly. As an inboard Diesel owner for over 25 years, I agree with the two previous posts.
  32. mahi

    Canvas cover vs. custom pilothouse build vs. deal with the wind - 1984 22' Boston Whaler Revenge

    Post a pic of the boat. An aluminum hard top with isinglass would work. It would support your surfboard, provide wind protection, a place for electronics and radio antennas, etc. Looks cool too.
  33. mahi

    Sheared bolt on my starter... what gives?

    I googled your part number and it looks like there are 2 long machine screws to attach the starter. Try using a lot of PB Blaster to loosen the corrosion before putting vice grips on the remaining mounting screw. Work it back and forth a little at a time. Another penetrable solution is 50-50...
  34. mahi

    New sportboats coming soon?

    Perfect name is "Stop the Steal" Ha ha
  35. mahi

    Boat Fire in DP ?

    Which Dock?
  36. mahi

    Radar mount?

    Tony, at FBU can make one easy peasy.
  37. mahi

    Pedro yacht fires

    That was a mechanic issue.
  38. mahi

    Gyro holders

    On my 28 Henriques, I bought a small cooler at Costco and used that to store the FV gyros. It had an adjustable strap and I wrapped it around the forward tower leg. I ended up storing other things like my phone and a camera too. Worked good and was cheap and was not permanent.
  39. mahi

    Bilge Vents

    Make sure the collector box has a drain hole routed outside the hull.
  40. mahi

    A must see… Mako 236, Turnkey, highly versatile, and one of the nicest boats on the market

    Add a pair of out riggers and you have a nice Marlin catching CC. Nice rigging.
  41. mahi

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    Very nice. They look to be well built and solid.
  42. mahi

    Tower Re-Install

    Towers are heavy and will require a crane. Just ask the yard to be aware of the tower legs, that are really pull tubes for cables, wires etc. They need to be sealed but not to use so much 5200 that they block off and encapsulate everything inside. Ask me how the yard in Dana Point did that to my...
  43. mahi

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    I found a 28 Salty Dog in Connecticut for sale. It has twin gassers. I was looking to put a pair of Yanmar 4 cylinders in it.
  44. mahi

    Can’t live without boat appliances ?

    I had 2- group 31 lead acid batteries
  45. mahi

    100 fathom curve

    Many areas in So Cal have steep sided banks. Dana Point and the Mission Bat ro SD are prime examples. Try zooming your chart in to get better detail. Most new charts show the 100 fathom curve.
  46. mahi

    Diesel Paddy Stop

    I had a Blackman 26 with a Yanmar diesel and a Henriques with twin Yanmar diesels. I shut them down frequently on a drift. I had good battery banks and never worried if the engines would re-start.
  47. mahi

    Furuno Transdoosher transom mount

    Reach out to Semperfifishing. He really knows his stuff on electronics and transducers. I believe he is in the northern part of the country and will know which direction to go. Send him a PM with boat details. I used the 526 TID-HDD on a TXT2 system. I had excellent read at 20 knots. There are...
  48. mahi

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Yep. Correct answer.
  49. mahi

    Can’t live without boat appliances ?

    I had the 120v/12v refer and I always had it turned on at the dock on shore power. Ice Cold Beer!!!! I had a large house bank and kept it on when I was out Marlin trolling. No battery issues. The boat had a microwave and I used it to heat food. I used a 2000 watt Honda Genny to power the...
  50. mahi

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    Oops, I forgot the year. It is a 1973. I will try to find the Uniflite site. Thanks,
  51. mahi

    Dry storage vs Wet slip

    I have slipped in Dana Point and Newport Back bay. I never checked to see if Dana West allowed a slip renter to store an empty trailer inn the guest parking, but I never saw one. I was at Newport back bay and they have a large dirt lot next to the marina. Not sure of the cost, but that may work...
  52. mahi

    Battery isolater

    I second the Blue Seas ACR.
  53. mahi

    Bow Nav Light Options

    Look to mount the nav lights on outside tower frame. It will give a better profile.
  54. mahi

    Dry storage vs Wet slip

    Just know that keeping a boat in a slip does not mean it will be wrecked in 6 months. You do need to maintain the boat by keeping it washed, bright work polished, batteries charged, keep fuel tank full. You should use it more often, like harbor cruises, lobster hooping, Christmas boat parade...
  55. mahi

    Have you ever seen this? Hardened Gas?

    See if Acetone will soften or loosen it up. Looks like you have a lot of exposed glass fibers too.
  56. mahi

    28 Uniflite Salty Dog

    Looking for info on the 28 Uniflite hull. Was it a blister hull?
  57. mahi

    Small outboard Wisdom needed

    I have a 1999-Honda BF5. Still runs great. I choose it because it had a reverse gear. Many small out board engines needed to be turned backward for reverse.
  58. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Looking good. You have the older model.
  59. mahi

    Hooks for medium sized lures?

    Corrosion control after sharpening the hook.
  60. mahi

    Go9 vs Furuno 1871f

    You should always get better results with a higher wattage transducer. Proper installation is critical too. You did not mention the boat brand, length and power source. These all matter.
  61. mahi

    Is this okay for my simrad radar?

    Put the boat in the water and measure the down angle. "If installed on power boats that have a steep planing angle, it is recommended to tilt the scanner angle down at the front". I pasted this from Simrad instructions on Halo 20 Radar.
  62. mahi

    VHF w/ GPS vs. AIS??

    Simrad makes good products, but have you priced Icom? Icom makes great VHF radios. The internal GPS antenna is all you need. Here is a link to the M506. I just looked at the Simrad...
  63. mahi

    Boat scientists... radar mount angle and ideal kicker angle?

    Check with the radar manufacturer on tilt. There is a sweet spot for running fast and running slow. It depends on cone angle, I believe. All the radars that I used, had a slight down ward tilt at bow end.
  64. mahi

    Advice on fuel bladders

    1- If you do a on water fuel transfer, use a grounded 12V pump. Do not pour or siphon. This method creates static electricity, which can ignite fumes. 2- Another method is portable fuel containers. I went this route on a 20 ft Shamrock. I plumbed each fuel tank with an male outboard quick...
  65. mahi

    Help identifying gunnel rod storage on alumaweld

    Never seen those, but have you tried calling the factory?
  66. mahi

    Steering cable stuck at outboard end

    Acetone and Automatic transmission fluid is a great solution to break free corroded parts. 50% of each.
  67. mahi

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    Well Diesel does burn so does Fiberglass. The main difference between diesel and gasoline is fuel vapors in the bilge. That is the cause of a majority of boat fires. A run away engine is a catastropic event most often caused by water in fuel, burning the injector tips and too much fuel. Only way...
  68. mahi

    1982 20' Shamrock Pilot House

    My brother and I owned a 1987 20 pilot house. Tony at FBU built a tower basket for it. No problem with 1 person up there. The guy we sold to added steering and controls.
  69. mahi

    Corwin enterprise

    Will provide a bumpy ride on the ocean and cost a ton of money to make sea worthy.
  70. mahi

    Need help finding a fish finder

    You really have your panties in a bunch over Garmin. Garmin, Simrad and Raymarine cycle through their product line so fast that a 2020 MFD is obsolete in 3 to 5 years. They stop support and the user/customer's only option is to upgrade to the new product. Furuno does not operate their business...
  71. mahi

    2nd 400lber of the season

    Wow!. Those guys are killing it.
  72. mahi

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    Fishing Boats Unlimited made the last one for me. Did a great job.
  73. mahi

    Why does a vhf radio stop working ?

    Many new VHF brands have the radio that is mounted out of the way and you only have a mic on the dash. Would this work for you. You would still need a second antenna.
  74. mahi

    VHF Issue - Help Diagnosing?

    Start with a new antenna connector, properly soldered. Testing with SWR meter is next step. I had an older Simrad 604 that was doing the same as you describe. I replaced the connector and then the Antenna and it ended up the radio was bad.
  75. mahi

    Right price for custom tower???

    I have had three boats with polished anodized towers and I agree, polishing and waxing is a PITA, but I like the big tubes for secure hand holds. I never priced the difference between SS and AL. My Henriques had a factory tower that was well built and designed. That was not coming off the boat...
  76. mahi

    Need help finding a fish finder

    Spoken from 25 years of experience. Furuno is far and away the best product line. Have you ever seen a commercial vessel of any type, using Garmin products? You, it seems are drinking the Garmin cool aid, Mr Fanbois.
  77. mahi

    28' Downeast built by AJ Johnson

    Engine pics, what gear with ratio, shaft size, prop size, packing gland type? Does it have a muffler? Fuel capacity? Edit. Where is the boat slipped? Do you have a trailer? Cool boat.
  78. mahi

    Need help finding a fish finder

    Furuno changed the chart inter face. It is very easy to use. 1- Furuno sonar options are by far the best. 2- Furuno Radar is by far the best. The NXT is awesome. Trails and bird radar are a big game changer. 3- The charts have a lot of options. I color coded all my way points. Blue off shore...
  79. mahi

    Trailer Lights Question Again

    Remember to disconnect the trailer wire from the plug when you launch and retrieve. You could have bad connections anywhere in the system. Green or pink corrosion on any of the wires indicate bad wires. CRC corrosion cleaner and follow up with dielectric grease on the plugs.
  80. mahi

    Need help finding a fish finder

    Go to the thehulltruth website. Semperfifishing has a page under the electronics section. He has good prices and good advice. At a minimum, 50/200 KHZ, 1000 watt transducer, the largest screen that will fit. Radar comes in handy in many situations. You can also integrate a new VHF radio to the...
  81. mahi

    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    Store in your yard, if possible. Large dog recommended.
  82. mahi

    Furuno Package for 2021 Parker 2320 TzTouch3, Radar, DFF3D, autopilot

    Great system. Forget Simrad and Garmin. Those brands will stop support in about 4 or 5 years.
  83. mahi

    Transducer Wrench?

    Try a big pair of channel lock pliers or a pipe wrench.
  84. mahi

    24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop sold

    Is the slip transferable? How much per month? How long have you owned it? Do you have maintenance records? Is this the 246 walk around, with no keel?
  85. mahi

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    Mix with sand and finely chopped fish parts. Drop a ball down and wait.
  86. mahi

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    I had TZT 2, 12" on my Henriques. Great NXT radar, many different sounder options. I had Nav Net 1 and replaced with the TZT 2. Night and day differences, Fast chart. Look at the videos posted on home page.
  87. mahi

    Ohio State Cheerleader Does Xmas

  88. mahi

    Poppers for Dorado?

    I have caught a bunch of mahi trolling Archer Super Bars.
  89. mahi

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    You buy Furuno only once every 10 years. Factor that into your cost equations.
  90. mahi

    Outboard Cables In The Way

    Build a step to place over the cables.
  91. mahi

    Insurance went up 27%

    Geico/Boat US was doing the same on my Henriques. One of the decisions to sell.
  92. mahi

    Check out our new 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight" and Build Plans

    You will really like Furuno Electronics. Good choice.
  93. mahi

    Jimmy Buffett Boat Design - I guess I'll take it...

    If I was a Florida guy, that is my ticket.
  94. mahi

    Who handles uphill the best?

    Good up swell usually is bad down swell. I had a 26 Blackman and down swell quartering could be an e ticket ride. It is all about weight balance, trim tab use and speed. Many boats will ride good up swell when you pull back on the throttle. My 28 Henriques could run 15 knots in 5 to 7 foot sea...
  95. mahi

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    Yes, That is my suggestion.
  96. mahi

    How to clean up this prop?

    Why does it need to be polished or cleaned. it is under water when in use.
  97. mahi

    Advice for Bait Tank Stand Pipe

    How about making a thin Y shaped yoke, in which the inside shape is slightly bigger than the tube. Put a 45 degree angle on it. Slip it under the cap, give a little pressure and pop the tube out. Wish I could draw something up for you. Use starboard so it does not scratch the PVC.
  98. mahi

    Yummie flyer for marlin

    1984 was an awesome year for the big Albacore. Many people used 12 and 16 pound line. The fish were line shy. Albacore have not entered the channel since. I wish I had a boat in that year.
  99. mahi

    Yummie flyer for marlin

    In the old days, before trolling lures were invented, the preferred method at Catalina Island was to skip a rigged flying fish on the outrigger. The wings were not out, but tied back on the body. Using a clothes pin and a lot of extra drop back line. You wanted the bait to release when it was...
  100. mahi

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Impossible to find a 28 Henriques for sale. Current owners are not selling.
  101. mahi

    Boat transport question

    I used Sterling Transport to bring my 28 Henriques from NJ to DP. He is a good guy and called me twice a day with progress reports.
  102. mahi

    Offshore 7/18 Striped Marlin and more

    Great pic of the Marlin. Ever better to release it. It looked like a nice size, with shoulders. Perfect bycatch.
  103. mahi

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    Piss out the stern of the boat or into a quart bottle that had the top opened up. Slow boat down to idle speed and turn down swell. For kids, have them piss into a empty bucket, while dad holds on to their PFD.
  104. mahi

    Which FF and GPS are you using?

    Stick with Furuno. 585 and Family are good sounders. Which transducer are you using? Show a pic of the display. There are a variety of adjustments. I hope you run in Manual mode and not in Auto.
  105. mahi

    1994 Marlin 350SF

    Please add pictures of cuddy cabin, inside deck hatches and the helm station.
  106. mahi

    Interference or something else

    I doubt you have interference from wires running side by side. At my work, we had interference with 480 volt- 3 phase and VFD control wires in an 3000 foot run. This was legit. When I installed digital tachometers at the tower on my boat, the Icom VHF had static issues. I chased that by running...
  107. mahi

    Farallon 25’ deck questions

    Do you have to cut the deck open or is there a removable hatch?
  108. mahi

    What do the numbers mean?

    Most nautical charts show depth in Fathoms, not need to calculate.
  109. mahi

    Anyone know what make/model this boat is?

    Nice looking lines. Is that a starboard pulpit?
  110. mahi

    What to buy? Gas vs. Diesel

    Diesel I/O is not a great setup. The engine sits in the stern, where bilge water collects and splashes on the engine. D-3 Volvo did not have a great rep. They did not use gold plated connectors on the engine management system and if a sensor went, the engine was limited to idle speed. Diesel...
  111. mahi

    Pontoon Boat

    Here is your inspiration.
  112. mahi

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel Here is a link to your engine and the cooling system. Coolant can escape out the exhaust and you will not know it. Is there any seepage on the cooling water pump at front of engine? It is common for 41...
  113. mahi

    |How to install a radar arch?

    You already have an arch. Why not mount it on the existing arch?
  114. mahi

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery... This link will explain how to size the wire based on distance and amp draw, based on ABYC code.
  115. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    No, not original, but my brother and I posted on allcoast a lot.
  116. mahi

    2 Meter Radio Recommendations

    I had the ICOM 2300 on my Henriques. I had the head set in the lower helm and ran a 40 foot mic extension and a speaker wire to the tower. When I was in the tower, which was 95% of the day, I plugged the mic extension and speaker in and had the use in the tower. You want to expand the channels.
  117. mahi

    Is the 175 h w too big

    Don't worry about the 4" hole. The ducer works great. I had one on my Blackman. Tuna were little arches at 18 knots. Placement is critical, as others noted.
  118. mahi

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    That guy was in Mississippi. He had a trailer built and took off the factory tower and made a home built folding tower. Ruined the boat. I sold my 28 Henriques last September. They are bad ass.
  119. mahi

    CA Boater Card - BoatUS

    Get the package with the highest mileage. If you tow, buy their tow endorsement too. If you do not have the towing package and they come to get you, I believe you have to pay up front and Port to Port.
  120. mahi

    ZF Transmission Upgrade For 21' Crystaliner With Diesel Volvo 41P 200HP

    Are you sure you can mate a volvo 41 series to a ZF gear? Volvo made the HS1 to be a hydraulic gear equivalent.
  121. mahi

    Blackman 26 Outerbanks windless

    I owned a 26 express with single straight shaft for 12 years. Loved it and caught a lot of fish. Running a single inboard made a man out of you, in tight spaces. Down swell was an adventure in big seas. Keep weight to the back and do not push bow down with trim tabs. Good luck on the windlass.
  122. mahi

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    I have had both and I loved the dock life of a slipped boat. One benefit of a trailer boat is you can tow to the closest port to where the bite is.
  123. mahi


    Do you know which version, A,B,D or P?
  124. mahi


    If you already made the purchase, join The best $25 ever spent. Try to get an engine manual and parts guide too. Volvo 41 series has a lot of weird little quirks that are important to know.
  125. mahi

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    If you want to get high, get high. Hoping it cures sea sickness is a stretch. Time on the water cures sea sickness.
  126. mahi

    another 23/26 Blackman build

    Good luck. I had an 1987 26 Express with a shaft drive. It came with the standard Volvo 41A. It was a 16 knot boat. I repowered with a Yanmar 4LHA-STP. It became a 19.5 know boat. I kept the same 1.1/4" shaft, so I had to use a 1.5:1 gear ratio. Used a 18X18 wheel. If you get a 1.3/8" shaft and...
  127. mahi

    I found my dream boat!

    Cutwaters are insanely expensive.
  128. mahi


  129. mahi


    How small? I sold my boat and do not need the freezer. It's outside dimensions are 28" x 20" x 33". About 4 years old.
  130. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    Thanks for the inquiry. I took it to the land fill. I only had one guy interested and his wife nixed the deal.
  131. mahi

    Troubleshooting a Benmar Compu-course 220 AP?

    Try cleaning the contacts with contact cleaning spray. That worked for me when I had one.
  132. mahi

    Furuno FCV 582L

    Yeah, I know the deal. I had those units on my Blackman. Work great. I had NavNet 1 on my Henriques and switched to TZT2. Awesome MFD. My friend bought the Radar.
  133. mahi

    Furuno FCV 582L

    That is a good unit. Pair with 50/200 kw ducer and its a fish finding magnet.
  134. mahi

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    I agree with this post. Much better price than WM.
  135. mahi

    Canvas bow splash guard.

    any canvas shop can make one
  136. mahi

    Sonar Mark - What do you think it was?

    Its a current, coming to the surface.
  137. mahi

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    AED self monitor. They will not shock if the patient does not need it.
  138. mahi

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    RIP. God Bless his Family. It is important to have CPR training like the crew had. Another life saver is an AED. They are less expensive now.
  139. mahi

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Getting the wires straightened out is a POS job. Good luck.
  140. mahi

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Wardens do not use cheap, light weight aluminum gauges. They use heavy brass ones. They put the gauge on and flip the bug. If it stays on, legal. If it falls off, ticket is issued. Always toss the barely legal.
  141. mahi

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Looks good Steve. I have 10 feet of #1, red battery cable and 3/8 and 5/16 lugs for your battery work. I have 3 feet of black #1 too.
  142. mahi

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Try to get a moisture meter and check for water intrusion. You may find a surveyor that will take a look without a complete survey. Once you determine if the transom is good, follow the instructions posted to open the crack and gelcote them closed. A good gelcote guy can work the area so it is...
  143. mahi

    Recommended stand alone fish finder?

    Go Furuno 588 and the best transducer you can afford. It will last 10 or more years.
  144. mahi

    Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    The deal is solid. But I will keep a list of contacts in the order they responded. Thanks for your interest. Bob
  145. mahi

    Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    Chris, another member of BD contacted me 20 minutes before your email. I have sold the lures to him.
  146. mahi

    Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    While I appreciate everyone that support our Military members, I cannot ship these lures to South Korea. I'm a big supporter of Wounded Warriors and the VFW. Thank you for your interest.
  147. mahi

    38 Mediterranean Information

    The hull had issues with thin glass work.
  148. mahi

    Pelican Micro Cases. $10 - $15

    Pelican Cases. 1060. $15. 8" x 4" 1040. $12. 6" x 3.5" 1020. $10. 5" x 3.5" $30 for all. You pick up in South Orange County. No Pay Pal. Cash only. Contact. [email protected] I do not check Bloodydecks every day. PM will be checked when I check back in.
  149. mahi

    Marlin Lures. Seven Strand- Zukers. $10 - $15 each

    Lures, left to right. 1- Seven Strand. MJG. $10 2- Seven Strand. Goat fish. $10 3- Rainbow Lures. Orange/Yellow. $10. 4- Marlin Man. Panama City. Black/Green. $10 5- KIS Lures. From Hawaii. Purple/Pink. $15. 6- Zuker 3.5 Black/Green MJG. $15 each. 7- Zuker. 3.5 Petrolero. $15 8- Zuker Grass...
  150. mahi

    Marlin Lures, Bart Miller

    Bart lures. Left to right. 1- Rum Cay Candy. Stays down up to 15 knots. $20 2- Eluthra Plunger. Black/Orange/Green. $20 3- Costa Rica Plunger. Purple/Black. $20 4- Costa Rica Plunger. Purple/Black. $20 5- Peligic Breakfast. Purple/Black. $20 6- El Squid SR. Blue/Gold/Silver. $20 7- Super Pro...
  151. mahi

    Marine Electrical Parts, Wire and Tools

    1- AWG #1 wire, Red. 10'3" feet. no ends 2- AWG #1 Wire, Black, 36". no ends 3- AWG 1/0 Wire, Black, 32 1/2", 1- 3/8" lug. 4- AWG 1/0 Wire. Black. 11". no ends 5- AWG 1/0 Wire. Red. 13". No ends. 6- AWG 2/0 Wire. Red. 37". 3/8" lugs on both ends. 7- AWG. #1X 3/8" battery Lugs. quantity- 7. 8-...
  152. mahi

    Sorry to say, but another member contacted me already. Thank you for your interest. Bob

    Sorry to say, but another member contacted me already. Thank you for your interest. Bob
  153. mahi

    Furuno Electronics

    The 582 is a great sonar. Pair it with a B260, Here fishy.
  154. mahi

    Seven Strand EAL Lures

    3 EAL lures for sale. 2 are the smaller standard Marlin size and 1 is the EAL 3 or larger size. They do work and I have 1 battery for each. The #3 is still in box. $35 each or $100 for all 3. Pick up in Dana Point. For those in San Diego- I will drive to San Clemente. No Pay Pal or shipping.
  155. mahi

    Penn 80 2 Speed

    Yes. It was a steal. I need to sell my stuff. No need to keep it any longer.
  156. mahi

    Electronics Wanted.

    Do you need Furuno cables? I have some new ones. I will provide the types if you are interested.
  157. mahi

    Dumb battery wiring question

    If the color code is in compliance, those should be ground wires. Trace back to source before connecting.
  158. mahi

    New Fishfinder/Depth Sounder/Chartplotter

    I really liked my Furuno TZT2, if you can afford it. It will last 10 years or more. Unlike other brands.
  159. mahi

    Fred Archer Books

    Which books are you looking for> I have 4 copies. 2 paper back and 2 signed collector editions
  160. mahi

    In need of bait scoop

    I have an Aftco Bait net for sale. $25. In Dana Point. I will not drive to deliver or ship. Cash only
  161. mahi

    Honda 3000 Generator Price Drop.

    Good deal
  162. mahi

    You have got to see this.

  163. mahi

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    This set is actually two Marlin fakes, put together as a Swordy.
  164. mahi

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    Based on the prevailing wind and currents, I guess they end in in La Jolla or on a Mexican beach. A Marlin version landed on a baby beach a few years ago. It was spotted and misidentified as a SHARK. It made the newspapers and boy did everyone freak out.
  165. mahi

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    We watched your buddy throw on the fake you deployed and yes, they did pick it up. Watched that too. We ran by it, but saw in the gyros long way off. All in good fun. We also found a single Marlin type. We left it in the water for others to enjoy. :)
  166. mahi

    BRAND NEW Daiwa Sealine X20 SHA $110

    Great light tackle reel.
  167. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Thanks Matt. Maybe when this guy sells it, your wife will be ready.
  168. mahi

    Penn 80 2 Speed

    Sale Pending
  169. mahi

    Penn 80 2 Speed

    I have a Penn 80 that had a two speed added by cal sheets. Reel has backing+ 100 lb spectra, rigged for kite fishing. Rod is Kunan, graphite, 5'6'' XHW 50-130 rating. (HR59130FR) I used it for Thresher fishing and then Cow Tuna. It is a rod holder rod. It can be converted to a bent butt very...
  170. mahi

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Kerry. I agree with you 100%. Passing a USCG inspection, while required, seems to be deficient in its scope. In my job, as the boss, we had to report to a CUPA. A government watch dog in regards to hazardous work conditions and how we documented training, record keeping and many other tasks. We...
  171. mahi

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    My company had annual fire extinguisher training, using B/C and Halon fire extinguishers. We practiced on a fire, lit with gasoline on water. We followed PASS. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep methods. My uniformed opinion of putting out a large fire, such as what happened on the Conception, is futile...
  172. mahi

    80lb .48mm dia - PE 8 , max topshot size and needle size

    Melton Tackle has rigging needles. Here is a link.
  173. mahi

    Casting lures for Marlin?

    Try frozen ballyhoo.
  174. mahi

    Strongest <1mm monofilament - new rules

    That sucks. I hate it when Governments limits a persons fishing tackle. I checked my leaders and most 100 pound have diameter of 0.9906 or greater. I have a pack of Jinkai 130 that is 1.04 mm. What are the Gov idiots bring a set of calipers down to measure? The line you found is the thinnest I...
  175. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    It will provide you will many years of enjoyment for your kids. Pitching is easy in a cage. Start them out hitting off a tee. Then soft toss. This is how my son learned to hit. My son went all the way to High School, First team all league three years, Second team all county and all D-1 his...
  176. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Well, you got a lot of free info on fishing the Masters Tournament.
  177. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Swordfish catches has always been counted in the Master's Tournament. Until this year, catching a Swordfish was a truly rare catch. Guys would hook a surface fish on 30 pound and the others knew they were out of the tournament as they spend an entire day chasing it. One year, a boat hooked one...
  178. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Thank you. That was a fun little fish.
  179. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    I'm the pitching machine. Ha Ha. Sorry, but no machine. We used a tee and then I pitched.
  180. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    The poles have a 1/4-20 sized bolt that secures each section. I still have the assembly instructions. The bats are all BBCOR, drop 3. 32" length. High school bats.
  181. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Two ways to fish for Swordfish. 1- Deep drop. Search internet for techniques. A few guys are doing it. Takes a lot of expensive tackle. 2- Find a Swordfish finning on the surface and throwing or slow trolling a bait to the fish. 99% of the time- no bite. 3- They seem to like green warm water on...
  182. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    If anyone is so lucky as to hook and land a Swordfish, that fish is always landed. It is a high quality fish to eat. In So Cal, it is common to release Marlin. This tournament is a release only for Marlin, except the rules has a provision in case a Marlin dies on the line, the angler is not...
  183. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Here is a copy of the 2011 rules. 2019 maybe slightly different. If you do not have a bait tank for live bait, I suggest using a rigged ballyhoo as your drop back bait. It works very well. Go to JD's Big Game Tackle for the bait. Try to buy ahead and have him hold it for you. Get it rigged with...
  184. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    1-IGFA changed the rules so that an angler can use spectra backing with at least 16.5 feet of mono main line. I would use more mono as it gives you some stretchy give. 2- Rules are handed out at Captain meeting. Try a google search. 3- With your small boat, you can pull hookless lures on...
  185. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    This is what you are hoping for. Morning sleeper on 16 pound.
  186. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    1- Visit Click 2019 Masters Tournament link. This link has the rules as well as the entry form. 2- The format is 4 boats per team. As a solo, you have no chance to win the team awards. You can win individual awards. I'm pretty sure that 3 team members are required for a...
  187. mahi

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Are you a member in a fishing club? You will be competing against clubs fishing on 12 lb tackle. You will have fun. No money prizes, only tackle. It is a great event. I have been lucky to catch at least one in 4 of the tournaments. As soon as you hear the grid for the first fish hooked, high...
  188. mahi

    Batting Cage $350

    I have a 35 foot Fortress Trapezoid Batting Cage. L-38 feet. W-16 feet. H-9.5 feet. It has a medium heavy net material with UV protection. The poles are 1 1/4". It comes with a heavy duty L screen, 2 turf mats for the L screen, bought at Costco for $200 each. Batting turf mat. Mat to protect...
  189. mahi

    Shamrock trailer info?

    Inboards need, what called an Inboard cutout. Any trailer maker knows this and can make it. I had a 20 Ft Shamrock Pilot House.
  190. mahi

    If you could only troll 1

    Ok. I highly suggest buying at least one, moldcraft squid chain in pink. Run it off one corner, using 1/4" cord. You want it ending on the second or third wake. Place your single lure 1 wake behind it so it has the illusion that lure is chasing the squid. Place lure on face of wave. A marlin...
  191. mahi

    If you could only troll 1

    For those that do not know, Mean Joe Green is black over green. 1- Do not put your center lure too far back If you have an out board engine, position lure at end of bubble trail. 2-No reason you cannot fish 3 Marlin lures either, one off each corner. We always pull Marlin lures and search for...
  192. mahi

    Drew, Please give me a call or send an email. Bob Waters

    Drew, Please give me a call or send an email. Bob Waters
  193. mahi

    Benmar 21 course setter

    Yes. The contacts get dirty too. Clean those up with CRC contact cleaner.
  194. mahi

    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    I agree with you on the runoff pollution issues. I worked in the industry. Cities are now required to have a storm water plan and put preventative measures into place. The local water districts are also on the front line to define and limit point source pollution. Local water quality is...
  195. mahi

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    I made the switch to private boat fishing after I had Bluefin stolen by dead heads on the Grande. It happened twice. After it happened a 2nd time, that was it. Scott offered a free trip to make good, but I did not use it.
  196. mahi

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Highly doubt it was a Blue Marlin and not the more common Striped Marlin. Need pics to verify.
  197. mahi

    SoCal Marlin Spread

    My drop backs are rigged this way. I fish 16 and 30 pound high viz line. I start with a 15 feet of 130 Momoi Diamond Hard leader that is connected with a 12 turn Albright knot. I connect a cheap non-bearing swivel to this leader. The other end of the swivel gets a 3 foot piece of 80 pound leader...
  198. mahi

    Can anyone identify this boat?

    Not sure what the asking price is, but it looks to be well taken care of. 3208 is a bullet proof engine. Proper maintenance, with records is key. I would not be too worried that it was built in Taiwan. Check every where you can see for any potential flaws. I guess you will invest in new...
  199. mahi

    Reliable Cummins Diesel VT 555 Mechanic

    Have you checked Tony Athens at Seaboard Marine. He can fabricate anything and is an authorized Cummins Dealer.
  200. mahi

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    Having access to maintenance records is the key to determine whether a boat engine has been maintained.
  201. mahi

    Beautiful Catalina report 8/2 and 8/3

    Great color on that YT
  202. mahi

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Looks like those deck boxes, in the bow, drain into the bilge. Any thought to improve that?
  203. mahi

    What Lures do you run?

    That works when you hire a charter boat. I followed this advice when fishing in Kona. Captain ask, What do you want to fish for? I answer back, it your waters, put out the best spread you have. They are happy to hear that. Most of these guys on this thread own boats and are looking for...
  204. mahi

    Your Knot Lucky

    I tie single SD on light lines and double for heavy lines. Double SD won the Fred Hall knot tying contest year after year.
  205. mahi

    What Lures do you run?

    Hi Marshall. I saw pics of your boat. Very nice. For us, we always fish Marlin first and look for meat fish second. Meaning, pulling a Marlin spread and looking for off shore kelp holding fish. The kelps up my way are barren so that does not work out too good. The big Bluefin does not interest...
  206. mahi

    Hooks for medium sized lures?

    This is right on. The 7691 is a good hook. You do not need the SS model. Use magic marker on point after you sharpen.
  207. mahi

    Coast Guard Rescue 2 in Netarts Surf

    Good job MLB crews.
  208. mahi

    What Lures do you run?

    The squids chains are a teaser only, with a Moldcraft soft chase bait. I run a variety of pushers short and cupped slants on the riggers. My friends pulled naked ballyhoo last season and did very well. I have not switched to hoo yet. For those that are not in So Cal, I run smaller lures and...
  209. mahi

    Boat Market getting soft

    I get what you are saying. I had a guy tranaferred to my place. He set the bar low and worked down from there. Never set a high standard or else he had to keep it up.
  210. mahi

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    You are right. I stand corrected. Thank you
  211. mahi

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Steve, Good recap. The secondary market, derivatives, greed, stupidity, lack of $$ in the deal, and as you note about the promise to pay the loan back were all significant factors. I know a few that walked away form their houses and loans just because everyone was doing it. Most had the ability...
  212. mahi


    I would help donate to that. Ha Ha.
  213. mahi

    Skipjack 262 in rough seas?

    Try to remember that wave height is not the issue off shore. Its the wind, combined with wave height that can be an issue to the tender kind. Make sure the boat is mechanically prepared, you have proper safety gear, a good working VHF and of course a offshore member ship to Boat US towing.
  214. mahi

    Local Super Cow

    a 238 was weighed at dana point on friday. It stank because the fish was not iced down. such a waste.
  215. mahi

    Good Luck Rituals

    I pour the first bit of beer to the fish gods. always worked for me.
  216. mahi

    Boat Market getting soft

    Steve, I see investors are buying large stakes in bonds right now. What is your opinion on why the switch to safety? Bob. PM is okay too.
  217. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Asking price has been reduced to $100,000 Lets make a deal on a great boat. I need college tuition money for the grom.
  218. mahi

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Nice work. You will have to re-discover Wax:):)
  219. mahi

    SideVü-SideScan-HyperVision SideVision-SideScan- Any advantage in S.Cal fishing offshore waters?

    I did not spend the cash for it, but chirp seems to be the best at target discrimination. More power is better.
  220. mahi

    Electronics Brands

    For long term support and reliability, Furuno is the best. I have TZT2. Very good system.
  221. mahi

    What Lures do you run?

    Pull squid chains on the corners, run on cord. That 5.5 is a big lure- use 50 pound.
  222. mahi

    looking for 29-35' sportfishing

    I'm selling my 2003 Henriques 28 Express. Listing at Stan Miller Yachts. It is a big 28 with tower, new Furuno Electronics.
  223. mahi


    Common on Albemarle boats in the 25 to 28 foot models. Tony Anthens at Seaboard Marine in Ventura builds jackshafts. Try him if Cogswell strikes out.
  224. mahi

    Blackman Sport Fisher

    I had a 1987 Express, with a tower. Yanmar 240 and straight shaft. Fished 12 years on that boat. Very good rig.
  225. mahi

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    They bend out very easy on bigger fish. We used to rig Marlin lures with them, until bending got too frequent.
  226. mahi

    Hand held vhf and hand held gps

    I have an Icom IC-M73 that I have on my boat for sale. Retail is $199 at West Marine. I bought it on 5-28-2016. It works perfectly. Will sell for $75. I'm selling the boat and do not need the VHF any longer. I have box, charger, and manual. Dana Point area. Bob
  227. mahi

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    I hope the scum bags get a well deserved ass whipping.
  228. mahi

    4 Blade Propeller Puller. $125. OBO

    Pro Pull Propeller Puller. Model HP-1.This a professional model used by dive service to remove inboard propellers. Only used a few times. Designed for up to 1.5" shafts. Cost was $379. Dana Point area. I will travel a reasonable distance depends on price. Contact me at [email protected] I...
  229. mahi

    5/16 anchor chain HT or BBB 100-300ft

    I have a 10 foot piece. Free.
  230. mahi

    Prop Puller- Inboard- 4 Blade. 1.5"

    Inboard Propeller Puller for 4 blade, up to 1.5" shaft. Good condition. The all thread has been protected with water proof grease. Retail is up to $379. Price $150 OBO. Dana Point. Contact me by email. [email protected] Bob I do not check into BD everyday.
  231. mahi

    Parker Boats Sold

    1- Bikinis are optional? 2- Bait tanks double as ice chest.
  232. mahi

    diesel swap

    Run away from this engine. You will not find replacement parts for the cooling system and this engine had a weird cooling system to begin with. if you are serious about a gas to diesel conversion go talk to Grant and Sea and Ski marine. It will be cheaper in the long run to buy a Skipjack that...
  233. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    Sold. Thanks Sean. It was great meeting you and talking Baseball. Bob
  234. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    To the respondents. The Mic is available and is in perfect condition. I can prove it works by connecting it to your VHF radio. I have posted my cell number to make contact easy. Bob
  235. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    Yes. It is still available. Contact me at 949-422-9523. Please send text first.
  236. mahi

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    There is a Hen 42 for sale in Dana Point right now. It is a beautiful boat. All rigged for so cal. Mucho Dinero.
  237. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    PM sent. Still available
  238. mahi

    Marine Electrician Contact

    . I have done all the electrical upgrades so far. I'm running out of time.
  239. mahi

    Marine Electrician Contact

    thanks for the information.
  240. mahi

    Marine Electrician Contact

    Need contact info for a qualified marine electrician. Job: Install inverter to microwave. boat in Dana Point harbor
  241. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    Yes, It is still available. 949- 422-9523
  242. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Nice try. :):) Anyone that has an USC degree can afford this boat.
  243. mahi

    Blackman Billfisher (reduced)$49,500

    GLWS. I loved my Blackman. 12 years of hard core fishing.
  244. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Thank you for the offer. I need to pay college expenses for my son next year. Singer dropped the ball and he missed out at USC. Just kidding about Singer.
  245. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    No Worries. I want to see pics and info on the Oahu Hen too. There is one in Washington state too.
  246. mahi

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Sweet. Why trailer it home. You can go through the canal and be in SD in 10 days.
  247. mahi

    Blackman 20 pilothouse

    Very nice work on the Blackman 20. My first boat was an 87 Shamrock Pilothouse. I had Tony at FBU build a tower for kelp spotting. Good luck with sale.
  248. mahi

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    2003 Henriques Express, full tower. 28.2 length X 10.2 beam. EDIT. 1715 hours on engines Yanmar 4HLA-DTE, 200 Hp, twin Diesel. ZF/Hurth 450 A hydraulic gears, 2.03:1 ratio. Propped for 20 know cruise, fully loaded. WOT is 26 knots. 1.8 MPG at cruise. I have gotten 3 MPG fishing the Masters for...
  249. mahi

    Noise filters for electronics

    I have a couple of Newmar I can sell you cheap. I had an issue with noise on VHF after I installed LED tachometers. I installed on the VHF power circuit and for the tachometers. It turns out, my old VHF went bad. Replaced VHF and no more noise. I removed the noise filters. Retail was $80 each. I...
  250. mahi

    Boat Purchase Advice

    Check with the Coast Guard. Some boats cannot be imported from a foreign country.
  251. mahi

    East coast boat shipping question...

    I bought a Henriques 28 in Bayport, NJ. Manny, from Henriques was the sales person and arranged everything, sea trial, survey, haul out. My offer was accepted and I paid Manny to remove tower top, mark wires, weld out rigger plates, and shrink wrap. I used Sterling Shipping, a licensed bonded...
  252. mahi

    Remember the "Q-105"

    I fished her a lot when new. I think we were on it the first year of operation. She was fast in those days of $.25 diesel. We fished until 3 pm and passed everyone on the way in. She had 3 engines.
  253. mahi

    Shimano TLD 30 with tiburon or will fish

    I have a pair of TLD 30 II speeds for sale. with Melton IGFA 30 Rods. The rods are more like IGFA 50 class. Reels have 80 lb spectra and 50 lb high viz top shot. They have all the high speed bearings, center frame, side plates, reel handle and Phenix reel covers
  254. mahi

    Tiburon TLD 30 II speed on Melton IGFA 30 Rods. $550 each or 2 for $1,000

    The Melton IGFA rods have Aftco Unibuts. Aftco heavy duty roller guides on Eglass blanks. The Rods are listed as IGFA 30, but pull like 50 pound rods, very stiff. A buyer could put bent butts on and have a perfect setup for the big Bluefin The Tiburon TLD II speeds are in great condition. They...
  255. mahi

    ISO Fish Bag

    I'm near Dana Point. 140 if you drive here.
  256. mahi

    ISO Fish Bag

    I have a reliable bag, 2 years old. 30" X 60". It has some minor rust stains on exterior. If interested, I will wash it and take pics.
  257. mahi

    Show me your blackman boat

    I do not want to hyjack the thread, but I have an offer. I owned a Blackman and posted pics on this thread. I have a piece of Blackman flormica counter top material left over. Free for anyone that wants it. I had to but a full sheet. The stuff is crazy expensive and hard to find. I drove to San...
  258. mahi

    Outrigger rod holders, SS. $90 for the pair

    These are SS outrigger rod holders. Great to use when Biscuit fishing. A few little shallow scratches, but in very good condition. Meet in Dana Point
  259. mahi

    Sufix or Big Game?

    Sufix IGFA breaks at the label rating and is limp in the water. It does not make tight coils. I love the stuff. I use high vis on my trollers. This alone has stopped me from running over the line when fighting Marlin. Ha Ha.
  260. mahi

    Bench-top Rod Holder

    Nice shop. I like the air compressor. Most home shops to not have compressed air.
  261. mahi

    Egg and Torpedo Sinker packs. $25 each or $40 for both

    Ok. We can meet this weekend. Cell. 949-422-9523
  262. mahi

    Egg and Torpedo Sinker packs. $25 each or $40 for both

    Keolani, When do you want to meet up? The PM got lost somehow. Bob
  263. mahi

    Egg and Torpedo Sinker packs. $25 each or $40 for both

    Selling lead sinkers. Local pickup near Dana Point.
  264. mahi

    Aftco Gaffs, Aftco Flying Gaff and Aftco Bait net

    Gaff 3. 6'X4" Sold. Gaff 2. 6'X3" and bait net are sold pending.
  265. mahi

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    Great idea. Home built- even better
  266. mahi

    Aftco Gaffs, Aftco Flying Gaff and Aftco Bait net

    1- Aftco. Gold- 6 ft X 6" flying gaff w rope. $ 175 2- Aftco. Gold 6 ft X 3" stick gaff. $ 50 3- Aftco. Black 6 ft X 4" stick gaff $ 60. Used 1 season. Retail $110. 4- Aftco Gold 4 ft X 2" stick gaff $ 30. 5- Aftco Gold 2 ft X 3" stick gaff $ 25 6- Aftco Gold 18" X 10" Bait Net. $ 25. Used 1...
  267. mahi


    Spray with Pledge.
  268. mahi

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    It depends if you are on Trailer and are bouncing along the freeway at 70 MPH.
  269. mahi

    Furuno gp7000nt

    I had a gp7000f on my blackman and the flush mount 1kW worked awesome. Tuna were arches. It had a big hole, but that is what 5200 is for. This was on a straight shaft inboard application.
  270. mahi

    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    Try to recover the screw and any other metal, if it falls through. Since it rusted, I'm assumings its not SS. If it is iron, use a magnet. The hole can be fixed with marine tex or epoxy.
  271. mahi

    Shimano Tranx 500 HG. Phenix Axis HAX 780 MH. $550

    Selling Boat. Tackle has to go. Tranx 500 HG. used a few times. Not lucky enough to hook a BFT with it. Reel has a small blem, but is 90% condition. 80 Lb braid. Rod is Phenix AXIX. HAX 780 MH. 7"8' and is prefect condition. Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  272. mahi

    Shimano Saragosa 20000, Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S 760 H. $400

    Selling my boat, so fishing gear has to go. I used this outfit a few times and did not get lucky to hook a BFT. 2 small blems on reel, otherwise it is 90%. It has 80 Lb Braid. Rod is Phenix Black Diamond PSW-S 760 H. The rod is in prefect condition. Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  273. mahi

    NIB Shimano Tiagra 12. $400. Reduced to $375 OBO

    Perfect reel for super braids. Never used, line never installed. Location Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  274. mahi

    ICOM HM-157B Command Mic II. $85

    Command Mic II. Complete. Compatible with the following ICOM Fixed Mount VHF: M422, M502, M504, M602 and M604 Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  275. mahi

    Icom Hand Held VHF. $ 140

    ICOM IC-M73. Includes charger. In perfect condition Bought at WM on 5/28/2016 Location. Dana Point. Shipping is extra.
  276. mahi

    Diesel or gas.....

    If I read the new contract right, the DP Marina Company can raise the slip fee anytime with 30 day notice. The County had slip fees on an annual 3% or the inflation rates. When the Dentist managed the property, i did not see an increase in the first 5 years and he threw a no host party every...
  277. mahi

    Diesel or gas.....

    Diesel inboard is the way to go, unless you have a fat wallet and a need for speed. If so, get a boat with as many outboards as can fit. Dana Point is being taken over by Dana Point Marina Company. I just reviewed the new contract. What a POS. I will be selling my Henriques soon.
  278. mahi

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    The Q105 was fast in the 70's. I believe it had 3 engines. Diesel was .25 per gallon. We fished albacore on it and capt stayed out late. Passed everyone on way in, except an Aircraft Carrier.
  279. mahi

    The Burial

    Good one Steve
  280. mahi

    Judge Boats

    Ask on the hulltruth.
  281. mahi

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Keep mono line out of the props and the seal will not fail. Seal failure allows water to displace the oil with sea water.
  282. mahi

    Offshore Yellowtail, turtle, and navy ordinance on fire!! On the N 226

    Mullah Mullah. Thats good. Muslim fish off Cali. Classic.
  283. mahi

    Anyone using owner siwash hood for tuna

    Siwash are weak hooks, thus easy to bend the hook eye. If you want to replace hooks get the tool to open the ring.
  284. mahi

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Barney Frank, democrat of NY, authored the legislation for the sub prime loans. It was called the Dodd-Frank bill.
  285. mahi

    Boat Transporter Referral for 30' Boat HELP PLEASE!

    I used Sterling transport to bring my 28 Henriques from Bayport to Dana Point. He called every night to say where he was at. Had all insurance and docs too
  286. mahi

    +-36 Ft Twin diesel Sportfish, Convert or Express in the $50k range

    Get on Yachtworld and do a search. Lots of boats on the east coast up to jersey.
  287. mahi

    Volvo AQD 40- ceased. head removed. what next?

    The 40 series is very obsolete. Spare parts are hard to get. Used maybe, but new- not so much. The 41 series, B,D, or P are very good engines. Stay away from the A unless you like white smoke out the exhaust on every cold start. I do not think any of your 40 series parts are interchangeable with...
  288. mahi

    2003 Henriques 28 twin 200hp yanmar diesels

    There are 2 in Dana Point now. I can vouch for build quality and ride.
  289. mahi

    Double vs Single Knots

    I use the San Diego as much as possible. I use uni to uni when joining main line to fluro. No double wraps around hook eye for me. The Palomar is tied that way. If the two lines are crossed, then failure is probable.
  290. mahi

    Marine electronics referral

    Call Gary Scheck at Alcom marine. 949-254-1524. The store is on East 17th in Costa Mesa
  291. mahi

    Pacific Inshore Slam: Dorado Included??

    Including Dorado to the Pacific Inshore Slam makes no sense to me. Changing to Bonito would be a better choice. To answer your question, Dorado is an off shore fish, but can be caught as close as 3 miles off shore when water conditions are right in the summer. I agree with your hubby, but it is...
  292. mahi

    Retarded Tady?

    Look for one that the ring hole is offset.
  293. mahi

    What makes a good radio

    If you have to cut the antenna connector to route the cable, make sure you solder the connector or use a high quality crimp connector. I prefer to solder them.
  294. mahi

    Belly hoop / small tower on 25 footer

    Here is pic of the tower I had Don Blackman install on a 26 express. It added about 400 pounds, but helps fishing so much and looks cool.
  295. mahi

    Shamrock Pilot House CC, what do you think?

    I owned an 1987 for 5 years. It had 302 ford with 4 barrel carb. Fuel was 60 gallons. It was not efficient trolling at all. I could run out to the 209 and back with some trolling for like 4 hours. It was good down swell, but rough in a head sea. I added 4 portable fuel tanks, strapped at the bow...
  296. mahi

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Looks very good. Hope to see a performance report and on the water pictures soon.
  297. mahi

    Best Chart software for TZT2?

    I'm using Cmap on mine. I have the fishing chart and the raster chart unlocked. The raster map has MLPA boundaries, but the fishing chart does not. I will use the fishing chart when off shore and the raster chart when near an MLPA.
  298. mahi

    Sabiki Mackeral Removal

    Pinch down the barb if you have already bought sabikis that have them.
  299. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    Thanks for the link. That will help a lot of guys. I have the boundaries, jsut not in the format that is best suited to fishing. I can switch between charts when I'm close to or far away form the MPA area. Thank you
  300. mahi

    Now We Need This For The Long Travel Days

    Where is the bait tank?
  301. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    Yes, That is right. I have TZT2. I choose layers and can choose the map source. The CMAP fishing chart does not have the boundaries, but the vector does. I turned on a function to show hazards to get it to show on vector. BTW. Both charts are from CMAP. Makes no sense.
  302. mahi

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    Did you get a picture of the B54?
  303. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    I have another tidbit to add. I have MLPA boundaries on the vector chart from CMAP. This is the default chart when in Plotter mode. If I switch to a mode with plotter and sounder, the CMAP chart not used. The chart switches to a NOAA chart without MLPA boundaries. I have to go to the boat and...
  304. mahi

    I need the works and have no idea what to get

    Depends on budget and which AP you have. Most modern AP have NMEA 0183. You can use that to link up with NMEA 2000. I prefer Furuno. The down side is they are expensive. The benefit is support will go on for many years. The Sounder and Radar are awesome. I just installed a TZT2 system. The...
  305. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    Yes, the caution areas has to be checked. I also found that the C-MAP fishing chart does not have the boundaries, but the vector chart does have them, high lighted in Green. It makes no sense that a fishing chart lacks the boundaries. Thank you for the response.
  306. mahi

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    I just got the system fired up and the C-MAP card I bought and had unlocked does not have the MLPA boundaries. I know C-Map can do it. I had a card made for Nav Net 1 and the boundaries were on it. The chart I bought is: Z14R8Y7Q. It is a 2012 chart with no revisions. BTW. This is a Fish Map.
  307. mahi

    FURUNO Radar Cable Rw-9079 48'

    Did you call Furuno? I had to cut a 2002 Radar cable for my 4KW, 36 mile and they still had the cable for $275.
  308. mahi

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Keep up the thread as you progress. There are a lot of Blackman fans on this board because the boats were built in San Diego. The Blackman family are great people and provided very good after purchase support. I really liked my 1987, 26 Express with straight shaft Inboard. It was a great ride...
  309. mahi

    The search is over parker 2520

    I'm not familiar with Parker model numbers, but there is a 23 parker for sale in Dana Point. It is on B dock, west basin. Has a single out board. I think Marniers has the listing.
  310. mahi

    The search is over parker 2520

    Awesome. Enjoy your new sled.
  311. mahi

    The search is over parker 2520

    Mini Tower with controls, MFD, AP Control, VHF, 2 Meter radio, Out riggers, Seat with storage underneath, and anything else you use down stairs can be up top. This will give you a big advantage in spotting on that big ecean.
  312. mahi

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    I had a1987 Blackman Express that was a straight shaft. I took out the 41A and put in a Yanmar 4LHA-STP at 240 HP. It got 2.7 to 3.2 MPG at 18 to 19 knots. The deck where your fuel tank is can be removed. My fuel tank was 160 gallons and was in the stern. You will need to add a stern tube for...
  313. mahi

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    Biggest T is converting a Conch 27 to twin out boards. He has a 20 foot Blackman with a 131 Volvo I/O Diesel.
  314. mahi

    Furuno DFF3D - Has Anybody Pulled The Trigger?

    I was looking at it too. I have a new TZT2 system almost ready. The DFF 3D maybe next. I trust Furuno's sonar abilities. Post results if you pull the trigger.
  315. mahi

    When starting boat Chartplotter shuts down

    Check ground connections on power supply to chart plotter.
  316. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    The card is not SD. It is an older type of card. it is called an FP card. Please see the list I attached.
  317. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    The RDP 139 has sold. Thank you Hunter. I have the chart card still for sale. Cost was $200. Price is 125. It is a current C-Map NT that has MLPA boundaries outlined.
  318. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    I tried to send you a PM. I'm asking #400 for the RDP 139. Make offer cash talks.
  319. mahi

    New Furuno electronics

    I'm using the TID 526 HDD, i think that is the number. It is recommended from the list that do not use the DFF 1 uhd or DFF 3. I'm almost finished with my install. Waiting for dash template to be finished. Does anyone have information on networking to a Simrad AP22? The Nav Net 1 had a special...
  320. mahi

    Transporting a boat from East Coast

    Good luck with your purchase
  321. mahi

    WTB... 28'-30' Express layout (Luhrs, Pursuit, Shamrock, Cabo, Topaz, Phoenix, Blackfin, etc...)

    I watched the Henriques for 5 years before I bought mine. The owners have them winterized and stored for the winter. They usually sell them in fall or spring. My dock neighbor found one in Maine of New Hampshire and is bringing it out in the next month or so. Check Craigslist, Yachtworld and...
  322. mahi

    Transporting a boat from East Coast

    I bought a 2003, 28 Henriques Express in Oct, 2015 in Bayville, NJ. 1- The tower top and seat were designed to be removed. The Henriques yard was about 5 miles from the ocean and all boats were trucked to their marina for final assemble. 2- Since the boat was at the Henriques marina, I had them...
  323. mahi

    WTB... 28'-30' Express layout (Luhrs, Pursuit, Shamrock, Cabo, Topaz, Phoenix, Blackfin, etc...)

    Check out a 28 Henriques Express. The 2000 and newer have Yanmar 200 or 240. Before 2000, they had Volvo 41P. I have a 2003 and I get over 2 MPG. The only problem is you need to bring one back from the NE. They are solid boats and do well in our waters I brought one out 2 years ago.
  324. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Hi Chris, Yes I still have everything. Please make an offer.
  325. mahi

    Tackle Storage Question

    Where are they stored? In a boat? Wrap up in a 1 gallon plastic bag. Make plastic hooks or use 2 plastic coat hangers and stretch them out. Lots of ways, be creative.
  326. mahi

    Guidance with new boat electronics...

    If all units are NMEA 2000, then they will communicate.
  327. mahi

    New Furuno electronics

    I'm installing 2- TZTF-2, 12" displays in my boat. I'm using the NXT radar. I have a 28 footer so it is a good fit. You are correct about support form Furuno. Did you apply for the rebate?
  328. mahi

    Accurate and Newell are Best

    You cannot go wrong with a TIB reel upgrade.
  329. mahi

    Wtf is my engine doing?

    Fuel tanks have check valves. Could be partially stuck. It will be on the fuel tank with fuel line attached.
  330. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Yes they do. I need to also cover up the hole for one of the 2- 7" displays. I have some fabrication to do on the lower helm. Thank you for the idea.
  331. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Fishing on Saturday and removing everything next week New TZT2 on the way.
  332. mahi

    Price Drop!!! Furuno Nav Net 1, 36 mile- 4Kw Radar, 1-10.4 display, 2- 7" display

    Price 1,500. Big Price Drop. Must Sell. If you need a part, send PM. Cash Talks. The boat is in Dana Point. See them before I remove. 1- RDP 139 10.4 " Color radar display with cover. The RDP 139 is sold.- Thanks 1- RDP 131 7" Color radar display with cover. Price for RDP 131 + Radar Dome. $300...
  333. mahi

    Dana Point slip LOA

  334. mahi

    Dana Point slip LOA

    A 28 foot slip will take 31 over length. I'm on B dock and I love it there. I had to wait for 15 months to get a 28 foot slip. I signed a year lease at Newport Dunes and waited it out
  335. mahi

    OC:You can fish for only 1 fish on 1 boat in 1 particular month

    Depends if the person wants a game fish off shore or an inshore specie. Is an open party boat in the possibilities? Fishing a kelp line should produce a variety of specie.
  336. mahi

    Hoop net rope management

    what type of rope are you using? Nylon? The guys on Deadliest Catch use a coiling machine. That would be tough for a private boater here. I'm not much help. I fish shallower.
  337. mahi

    Cat 3116 Motor w/Trans $500

    Hey Sonny, I hope your season went well. Good luck with the sale of the Cat. Bob W. The other Henriques 28
  338. mahi

    Offshore Three weeks worth of local marlin fishing reports and photos

    Nice report and pictures. We ground it out at the 125 for 2 on 16. We were fortunate both were small.
  339. mahi

    "New" Diawa Star Drag Saltists

    I have the BG 40H and I use them with 16 IGFA line for throwing macks to Marlin. They work great, we had 2 fish in the master's. No issues with the reels. Just beware of the star drag index cover. It is easy to break when putting back on, ask me how I know.
  340. mahi

    Icom Black Box VHF Radio. Experience?

    You cannot go wrong with ICOM. They are the best VHF, by far. It look slik ea good idea to save valuable console space.
  341. mahi

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    Be aware that the Cummins 4bt and 6bt are much taller than the volvo 40 or 41 series. They are much heavier too. The Cummins is a great engine, if you have room to fit it in the engine room. Reman engines are available. If going to Cummins, your MS gears would not be used. Re-powering with a...
  342. mahi

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    You may have an MS5, if the gear has been changed out. The 41 A is a good engine, the compression is lower and most guys converted them to 41B. I think it was a different head and injection pump, but do not quote me on that. The 41 B is a great engine- purrs like a kitten at 3200 rpm.
  343. mahi

    Mobile Volvo Diesel Mechanic TAMD40B Referral Dana Point Area

    You may have a hard time sourcing parts for that engine. My brother had a pair and switched to the 41 series. That maybe a better idea. The 41 is a much better design. What gear do you have?
  344. mahi

    Avalon Shoreboats

    what was the cost per trip?
  345. mahi

    Boat Transport Help

    I used Sterling transport to ship my 28 Henriques from NJ to DP. They were reasonable and did a great job. He called me each day to tell where he was at.
  346. mahi

    Fraser Volpe MK-X Repair?

    Last season, right before the Master's Tournament, my Mariners stopped spooling up too. I thought it was dead batteries. I contacted Helen and sent them in for repair. I did not get them back for the tournament, but we saw a lot of eye ball fish. It turns out that the battery cover battery...
  347. mahi

    Blackman vs. Crystaliner

    The two boats are very different. You posted the pic of my old Blackman. It came with a bimini. My brother and I had Don build the tower for the boat. The Crystaliners is 29 feet and twin power. The hull is designed to lower the bow as it goes faster. I have not seen the bottom profile, but I'm...
  348. mahi

    Rough Day for These Guys (Alamitos Bay 4/8)

    Wine glass started to tip over, reached over the tiller to catch the wine glass. Boat went hard over into the break wall. Wait for help to arrive with another bottle of wine.
  349. mahi

    Furuno NAVnet RDP-131 Chart Plotter and Radar Display with Card

    This unit can be sent to Furuno and change the firmware to use C MAP NT. It will have much better chart detail.
  350. mahi

    Show me your blackman boat

    1987 Express inboard. Yanmar Diesel. Owned it for 12 years. Sold it 3 years ago.
  351. mahi

    Fishing spikes from Japan

  352. mahi

    Two bank battery system...which ACR and charger should I get?

    "That's it", is the electrical wire size chart you posted.
  353. mahi

    Suggestions on tower for my Boston Whaler

    My brother and I put a tower on a 26 Blackman express and I learned a few things. My Henriques has a tower too and I learned a few things from that one too. 1- Make sure the tower legs are open inside to run wires, cables, etc. You want steering and shifting up top. 2- put as many devices up top...
  354. mahi

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Course up. I want to see what is in front of me.
  355. mahi

    Bimini: Your top 5 trolling lures....

    Are you jumping on a charter? If so, they should have tackle. Try posting on
  356. mahi

    Two bank battery system...which ACR and charger should I get?

    Input and output wire size and type are chosen by the purchaser. I would always follow ABYC guidelines and of course use marine grade, tinned wire.
  357. mahi

    Precision 28 rebuild

    I think the recommended rpm of those engines are 3,000 to 3,200. Should hit WOT of 3,900. You did a great job on the rebuild. A true piece of art.
  358. mahi

    Two bank battery system...which ACR and charger should I get?

    I have a Charles 20 amp for my 3 banks. It is switchable for the AGM batteries. Very well built.
  359. mahi

    Evan's1st Lobster Trip

    Awesome.He will remember his 1st lobster for a long time.
  360. mahi

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    I'm using Tony at FBU. Price was acceptable. My boat is only 28 feet, so my price would be different from yours, 42 Chrissy. I'm also using aluminum.
  361. mahi

    Fucking finally

    Good decision. Reliablity and economy.
  362. mahi

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    I like the Talica. Thanks for the info. Badco posted a video of their fish, just insane.
  363. mahi

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    Okay. I will check the local fishing stores. I have thrown on a half dozen, or so. Most saw the bait in the air and turned the other way. I want to use a good star drag reel because usually throw better. No IGFA here, specta and top shot with a lot of drag Thanks for the replies
  364. mahi

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    I will let you know. I'm still in the investigation stages now. If it is too expensive, I will leave the rail as is.
  365. mahi

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    I have always kept a swordy casting rod on the boat. I have not seen a swordy on the surface for the last 6 years. I have a Tiagra 20 on the rod now and I want to replace that with a start drag reel and use the Tiagra for a trolling reel. I will have Spectra and Mono topshot. Whats should I use?
  366. mahi

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the bow rail on my 28 Henriques. It has east coast style, which are low. Looking for contacts. The boat is in the water, so it must be fabricated and installed in the slip or a boat yard. I plan to call FBU. Any other contacts would be appreciated. Bob
  367. mahi

    Map chips that contain MLPS closures?

    I just had a C MAP NT+ made for my Furuno Nav Net and it has the MLPA in red lines. Very helpful.
  368. mahi

    Planning on taking the Parker 2120 to Cat Island Next weekend 11/12

    I was near the Cat on Saturday. The fog was rolling in. Be careful out there.
  369. mahi

    cleaning the aftercooler and heat exchanger

    Still, Take them out. You will waste time eating up the zincs. You want to clean the coolers not eat zincs.
  370. mahi

    cleaning the aftercooler and heat exchanger

    Rydlyme works well. Pull all the zincs out and plug the holes. Recirculate with a bilge pump in a bucket and back to the bucket. I did mine for 5 hours. Lots of grime comes out. Put a fresh water flush on and keep them clean.
  371. mahi

    Plastic bags

    McMaster Carr has a lot of different bag sizes
  372. mahi

    Sonar Screenshots - Paddy

    Are you running depth scale in Meters? Most use fathom or feet.
  373. mahi

    Best VHF radio?

    I used to own Standard VHF and had issues all the time. I heard a guy on the water say, "You only buy an Icom once". I bought one for the Blackman and it worked perfectly for the 12 years I owned the boat. My new boat also has Icom 602. Works flawlessly. My 2c.
  374. mahi

    Offshore SBI to SCI. Two weeks of local marlin fishing 9/7-9/17

    Yes it did, but there were fish to catch. My gyros got dropped and were out of action. We were fishing blind. We were hoping for the jig bites. We got one, but broke off at the boat on 20. Shit Happens.
  375. mahi

    Offshore SBI to SCI. Two weeks of local marlin fishing 9/7-9/17

    Erik, Nice report. We fished next to you most of day 1 in the MABT. We hooked our first fish on 16 right next to you guys at 0730. Seemed like we were working the same area effectively, before the fleet moved in. We were on the small Henriques Express. Hope we see you guys out there again. Bob
  376. mahi

    Anyone happen to have one of these? (Bennett trim tab joystick)

    Switch it out with the rocker switches.
  377. mahi

    mackerel bank

    I went through there on Saturday afternoon in the chop and I did not see any life.
  378. mahi

    Offshore Nothing grande on the GRANDE but definitely an awesome trip

    I saw you guys out there and I was surprised at the room at the rail. In the gyros, I counted 10 guys up the rail. Lots of elbow room.
  379. mahi

    Catalina Family Trip Hotel

    Check Vacation Rental By Owners, VRBO. Many of the rentals are full this time of year. No bonfires on beach. Make reservations on Catalina Express soon, they book up quickly on weekends. The flat section of town is noisy at night, but get drunk and pass out- no problem. Most hotels are crap, old...
  380. mahi

    Catching Macks at Avalon

    we do not catch in the scuba zone. We catch just inside the break wall of the harbor
  381. mahi

    Catching Macks at Avalon

    I'm staying in Avalon for 4 days and running the bait pump on the mooring is not an option. In the past I have caught macks off casino break wall. Has anyone caught them here recently? Any other spots would be appreciated. Bob on Tunacious Too
  382. mahi

    Popper Rigging

    Okay. I can go to 130. I have crimps for that size. Thanks
  383. mahi

    Popper Rigging

    I'm ready for my first try to catch a Bluefin on the popper. 1- How are the poppers rigged. I have heard to remove the treble and use assist hooks. 2- If using assist hooks, rear only or front and rear? 3- How to connect the popper to main line? I have 80 spectra to 80 pound mono. Straight tie...
  384. mahi

    Boat shipping from the east

    I shipped a 28 Henriques Express from NJ to Dana point last November. I used Sterling Transport. They did a great job. I had the tower removed and shrink wrapped. There is a lot of toll roads in the East. It will not be cheap, but inventory is much better.
  385. mahi

    Any local furuno repair shop?

    Alcom Marine in Costa Mesa is an authorized dealer. You may have to send it to the factory. I think it is Washington State.
  386. mahi

    Bait tank Rod Holders

    Papa J, I bought the Pacific Edge rod holders for my new tank and they really look professionally made. On my previous PE 48, I found a 3 rod holder in SS and mounted them on a piece of teak to the tank. Look nice, but not as good as the product Mark sells.
  387. mahi

    Has anyone used Teakguard..or should I varnish?

    I used Cetol on my Blackman for 15 years.1987 Blackman has a lot of teak! For prep, clean and sand. Wipe with a dust cloth. Tape off areas that do not get protected. Push hard on the edges so it does not get under the tape. Use a good quality brush made for varnishes. Brush on and tip once. Let...
  388. mahi

    Bait Pump question

    Hey papa J. I have not put bait in it yet. The boat is in NB and the bait dock is out of the water. To be truthful, I'm still working on boat improvements. It should hold 4 scoops very easy. I had the PE 48 on my Blackman and it held 2 scoops very good.
  389. mahi

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Thanks Dcarlisle. That makes sense. I want to test it with multi-meter. Test for contact closure and resistance.
  390. mahi

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    I have Friday off and will take it off the mount to find a part number. It is wired in an unusual manner. The 120V charger has 3 out puts, one for each back. My goal is to increase the house capacity. Thanks
  391. mahi

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Hi Bman, I have attached a pic of the charge relay. Searching the guest site did not produce any info. The far left post is connected to the charger output and is jumpered to the center post. The center post, top. comes form the Alternator. The right post is from the starting battery switch, On...
  392. mahi

    Bait Pump question

    Mark installed the new 90 in my Henriques 28 and used the Cyclone pump. It is quiet and below water line. My boat is slipped, so no worries about priming. There is a trick to clear an air lock. After the boat is in the water, loosen the discharge hose and start the pump. Air should clear and...
  393. mahi

    Anchor Choice

    Thank you for all the ideas. Good luck on the water
  394. mahi

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    I'm not sure the type of relay. Only says Guest. No markings. it is a 2003 part. Alternators are Yanmar 55 amp, i think. The charger is 2003, 20 amp, Brand is Charles. Not switchable- Lead acid only. I will post a picture of relay after dinner. Thank you
  395. mahi

    C-MAP NT Charts

    Okay. That is good news. My system uses Navionics. Another member suggested that that card system can be changed to C MAP. I need to get this done before buying the card. Thank you.
  396. mahi

    Used boats w/ electronics

    I have heard about that. The Local Furuno shop is not aware of that. I think I will contact Furuno directly. I want a card that has the MLPA boundaries. Thank you for the tip.
  397. mahi

    Autopilot 2nd station?

    Read the manual that came with the AP or down load off the Simrad site. I have not heard of using NMEA 2000. Seems to be a communication protocol. If it is a viable option and you can come up with a device for controls and is cheaper, go that route.
  398. mahi

    C-MAP NT Charts

    Do the new cards show the MLPA boundries and how accurate are they. I have a WAAS antenna.
  399. mahi

    Used boats w/ electronics

    I faced the same issue. I bought a 2003 boat with 1st generation Nav Net. All are in good shape. The only thing I missed was the chart card. Navioncs is no good. C-Map NT is much better. Check the electronics carefully to see if the boat has what you need. Price that in on your offer. New gear...
  400. mahi

    Anchor Choice

    Which Manson do you have and the weight of anchor and boat size? Thanks
  401. mahi

    Anchor Choice

    What is the weight of the anchor and size of your boat. Thanks
  402. mahi

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    Bman. You seem to have a good knowledge on batteries and chargers. Here is a question for you. I have 3 lead acid batteries and a Charles 20 amp charger. The charger is 12 years old, the batteries were new in Oct, 2015. Installed by previous owner. I have 2 group 31 for port and starboard start...
  403. mahi

    Anchor Choice

    I need to replace the chain and rode on my 28 diesel boat. Boat is 12,000 lbs.The current set up is 10 feet of chain and 150 feet of 1/2 inch rode. The rode is worn badly. The anchor is a 14 Lb Danforth. I want to replace the anchor and use the old as a backup. My plan is to get 30 feet of 5/16...
  404. mahi

    Outrigger questions???

    This is will be one of your best purchases. Out outriggers open up your trolling spread. As another poster said, most of your bites will be off the rigger line. There are many T Top options. I bought Precision riggers and Maximizers for my new boat. Buy stiff riggers.
  405. mahi

    Shipping from East Coast - Any preferred transport companies?

    I used Sterling Transport to ship a Henriques 28 from Bayville, NJ to Dana Point in Oct, 2015. He had the trailer and truck. Did a great job. It was not cheap as the NE owners were shipping boats to Florida and it was a one way load. He called me every day to report on location and road/weather...
  406. mahi

    Autopilot 2nd station?

    I have the AP 22 and i just installed the J3000 on my tower. It has 4 wires that run to the control box. It is simple to hook up and takes up very little room, 4" X 3". The down side is that it turns the AP to auto or off and has port/starboard adjustment buttons. A friend has to complete...
  407. mahi

    Do you have one of these on your boat?

    I had the exact one on the bait tank in my former boat. I mounted on bait tank with fender washers and a pan head screw on the inside. The SS sis not hold up real well. The edges will start to rust and it is hard to clean.
  408. mahi

    Good express sportfish for California?

    I just bought a Henriques 28 Express with Yanmar diesels. Not cheap but a very good boat. Cruise 22 and WOT at 27 knots. It is a semi custom build that has many innovative features. It trolls goods and gets bit.I think it is a very good small boat for So Cal. I'm biased since I did a lot of...
  409. mahi

    New Exhaust Design in Carolina Classic 28...........

    Tony does nice work. You did the right thing calling the expert.
  410. mahi

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Install

    Mike, Manny was talking to me about your boat and the trip you made to get her to the pacific northwest. The Henriques family are amazing. I did a lot of research before buying my boat and now that I have poked my head into every possible space, pulling wires I can see first hand that they are...
  411. mahi

    Pacific Edge Bait Tank Install

    Hi guys, I bought a Henriques 28 in NJ in October and have been putting the boat back together and making her ready to fish So Cal. I contracted with Pacific Edge to fabricate and install a bait tank. It is a new model that mark cut down to about 75 gallons. It has a blue interior, rod holders...
  412. mahi


    It is almost impossible to parts for a TMD 40 Volvo Diesel. There are some wierd parts on the coolers for that engine.
  413. mahi

    Nav Net 1 to Simrad AP22

    Kerry. Okay. I have those turned on. Thank you for the help.
  414. mahi

    Nav Net 1 to Simrad AP22

    Does anyone know which sentences need to be turned on in the NavNet1 to send Lat/Lon info to a Simrad AP22? The connection is made, I turned them off troubleshooting a GPS sensor issue and did not write them down accurately enough. Thanks
  415. mahi

    NAV-CF/644P+ Platinum Southern California, Baja California, and Hawaii

    What system will it work with? I'm looking for a chart card for Nav Net 1. My system uses navionics or Furuno cards, not CMAP NT.
  416. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    I just read that in a post on a Albin web page. I will look into that. The card I bought works, but I would rather have a card that shows the MLPA boundary. Thanks for the infor.
  417. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    I got a used 1999 card from Alcom.
  418. mahi

    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Unfortunately, the picture is bad, due to glare and a host of other issues. It did not have a typical side bars of a Stripy.
  419. mahi

    Offshore Blue Marlin Reports Here

    I caught this fish on the maiden voyage of my Henriques 28 Express. I initially called it a stripy, but looking at the dorsal. I think it is a Blue. Picture is not great. What do you guys think, Blue or Stripy?
  420. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    Thank you
  421. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    Nav Net 1
  422. mahi

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    I need to buy a So Cal chart card for Nav Net, DDF1. It is a Navionics version. Thanks. Bob
  423. mahi

    Repower a Blackman 26 Billfisher

    Check out the weight of that engine. It is very heavy when compared to a Volvo 41 series.
  424. mahi

    Offshore Thursday Solo Wahoo

    Michael. Very nice Wahoo. I like the screen shots. Looks like you added some rod holders. Cool. Bob
  425. mahi

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Good job Steve. You have reached the pinnacle of So Cal success. Now get a Swordy. Bob
  426. mahi

    Visual help with final connection AQAD 41

    Try Boatdiesel.
  427. mahi

    On/Off On/Off

    Also check ground connections. Ohms law and 12V systems leaves no room for error. I had a loose ground screw to the buss bar on my GPS that did the same thing. Drove me crazy for some time.
  428. mahi

    Have Any Of You Smelled The Gas Offshore?

    I smelled it a few weeks a go. Hydrocarbons and methane gas.
  429. mahi

    Recommendations for Rocket Launcher Bench Seat Builder?

    Steve, FBU built a tower for my Shamrock years ago and did a great job, powdered coated and all. Tom is a reliable business owner.
  430. mahi

    Thank you Everingham Brothers Bait!!!!!

    EB in Dana Point is an awesome operation. I always made sure to tip the guys passing bait.
  431. mahi


    Looks like 2 hours under the knife. Nice catch.
  432. mahi

    Where are the tree-huggers?

    Thank you. Spoken like a true expert and not an ass wipe.
  433. mahi

    Luhrs 29' tournament w/ twin diesels

    What is the cruise speed and fuel capacity?
  434. mahi

    Dana Point Boat Fire

    Yes, it makes sense. Safety first. Too bad about your friend. Hope he regained lung capacity.
  435. mahi

    Dana Point Boat Fire

    I did not know they decked out in full SCBA to fight a boat fire.
  436. mahi

    IGFA Rules

    You need a reason to follow IGFA rules such as belonging to a club that requires it or in a money tournament for the same reason. Otherwise, use spectra and catch fish.
  437. mahi

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    Why is this a big deal to you? I gave a method to come up with rough estimate. The Op said he was 100 yards, that is plenty of room. In reality he was closer or in their chum line if they freaked so bad. Go fish with a golf laser range finder next time if you need exact measurements.
  438. mahi

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    60 foot commercial boat = 5 boat lenghts. Simple math.
  439. mahi

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    If you were a true 100 yards, you are good. 100 yards is 4 to 5 boat lengths. Could you smell the galley and read the logos on POS shirts? Then may be too close.
  440. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Very good.
  441. mahi

    Offshore Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    Looks like YFT to me, but I'm no expert.
  442. mahi

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    The 587 is a much better unit.
  443. mahi

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    I had a GP 7000 F with the 1Kw flush mount ducer. I had special requirements on size. Look at the boats for sale pics of a 26 express with a tower and you can see the unit and how I used it at both steering stations. The 582, 585, 587 series from Furuno are great stand alone FF. Combo units like...
  444. mahi

    Buying east coast

    All Righty Then. Can I swing by and take a look on Tuesday after 4:30? Depending how it goes, I may be flying to NJ to look at a 2003 model. I'm calling Manny about the boat.
  445. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Hey Michael, Have you talked to the guys at the ship yard yet about unloading it?
  446. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Well that is too bad. I feel bad for you and I'm eager to see a 28 Henriques in person.
  447. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Michael, did your Henriques arrive at Dana Point today?
  448. mahi

    Blackman 26 Billfisher or Skipjack 262

    For both rigs, the most common power will be a Volvo 41 diesel with a duo prop drive. The blackman can also have a straight shaft inboard, which is preferable you keep it in the water. Some of the later model Volvo diesels had an iron pan and can rust out. The Volvo A and B engines had a SS pan...
  449. mahi

    Bait Tank Question

    I had a Pacific Edge PE 48 on my 26 Blackman and it held bait good, the drain never,clogged or had scales build up in the tank. Only issue was the gelcote did not shine good after 15 years. The 1987 Blackman gelcote had a mirror finish. The tank got waxed 4 times a year same as the hull. Easier...
  450. mahi

    Seatow radio check?

    Did you try a radio check on another channel? There are a lot of guys monitoring 72, but a radio check on that one can lead to some unsavory responses. I used to ask for a radio check from a boat near an off shore bank. Most radio check responses come from boat near you in a harbor which is...
  451. mahi

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    I had a 1KW flush mount ducer on my Blackman and tuna were nice inverted arches all the way to cruise speed of 18 kts. I vote Furuno and Simrad 2nd.
  452. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Try the west basin for a 28 foot slip. That can take 31 overall length. A 26 will take 29 feet.
  453. mahi

    On-water Diesel Price

    I always kept the fuel tank full by filling after a trip. Guest split the fuel cost. If the price changes, everyone benefits and gets hurt the same.
  454. mahi

    Volvo aqd140

    You may have a hard time finding parts for that engine.
  455. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Very Cool. I'm close to Dana Point. Is it going to Dana Point Shipyard? Will you slip it in Dana Point Harbor? This will save me a trip back east to look at one.
  456. mahi

    Buying east coast

    Ogburn, Did you buy the Henriques with the single Cat? I was looking at that boat from afar. If you do not mind, would it be possible to look at the boat when you get it in Cali?
  457. mahi

    WTB- Phoenix 29 flybridge diesel power

    On the bullitin board outside the building. It may be old.
  458. mahi

    Buying east coast

    I'm looking east as well. Got to narrow the search with cost of airfare, hotel, car rental and then a survey, aet up shipping. But, it can be a good deal.
  459. mahi

    WTB- Phoenix 29 flybridge diesel power

    I think Dick Simon has one listed in DP for sale with volvo diesels
  460. mahi

    volvo or yanmar

    I had a short 2 foot muffler and it was very quiet. Diesel inboards need a muffler or they will be loud, and that includes the 41 volo that,was in the boat prior to the yanmar.
  461. mahi


    Depth of what, the water or the fish? The ocean is might deep.
  462. mahi

    volvo or yanmar

    Bman. Your buddies Blackman had a bad installation from the builder and that is not Yanmars fault. Your buddies boat also had a BMW engine marninzed by Yanmar and it was a POS, the BY 260. I heard the boat sank again at the slip in Dana Point. I re-powered my 26 Blackman express with a Yanmar...
  463. mahi

    Looking for a Catalina Classic escort

    Good luck
  464. mahi

    Bait Pump

    4200 on hoses? Never heard of that before.
  465. mahi

    Furuno 585 FF - Stop Sunlight Glare & Washout

    Get some shade on it or swivel it up or down to change sun angle.
  466. mahi

    No power, Garmin chart/sonar

    Small diameter spice sleeves can be a source of trouble. Need more info on the other issue.
  467. mahi

    Furuno 1834cNT and Autopilot just purchased

    I'm not an expert, but I had a Simrad AP16 and Furuno GP7000F hooked up together. You need know the wire codes to link together. I used a small buss bar to link. Should work fine.
  468. mahi

    New Boat Help

    I have seen Stringari for sale on BD and they look well built. I guess it was a few guys that worked for Blackman that went out on their own. Not a lot out there. Not sure if they built straight shafts boats.
  469. mahi

    New Boat Help

    I had a 20 shamrock pilothouse for 5 years. I put a spotter bucket on top. No steering. I then a blackman express straight shaft for 14 years. Sown aide of shammy,is 60 gal fuel tank and flat transom will beat you up in a head sea
  470. mahi

    Spear Gun lost 3 miles off Dana Point

    Your friend is SOL
  471. mahi

    What radio channels have the fishing traffic

    All the idiots are on 72, sit back and enjoy the crap.
  472. mahi

    Strong knot for heavy leader please?

    Use a crimp on 100 lb and up. Just make sure you use the same brand of pliers and crimp.
  473. mahi

    Rapala's...Leaders & Snap Swivels

    Yes, use the Rapala knot. A swivel will hurt the swimming action.
  474. mahi

    on board tv question

    Do it right and wire the device with the correct wire size for the load with the correct fuse.
  475. mahi

    Tower wiring holes??

    For that light, drill the hole underneath the tube, so water will not pour into the tube. I sealed holes with marine caulk.
  476. mahi

    **SOLD**2006 Parker 2520 SLD Sport Cabin dropping to $ 55,000.00

    I like your boat, but I have a question. Why not add steering and controls on the tower? I have seen many Parkers like yours with only a basket on top. Thanks, Bob
  477. mahi

    Thru Hull Transducer

    If the transducer needs a fairing block, like a B260, have the yard cut it for you on their band saw. If you are using a flush mount transducer, use the one that will get you close. I put one on a 26 Blackman hull and it worked perfect at all speeds. Given that the Blackman cruised at 18 knots.
  478. mahi

    What do you think my boat is worth

    It is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Try doing a search on Boat Trader or yacht world using your year, power package, electronics and model to see what other sellers are asking. West Coast prices and a little higher than East coast and Florida.
  479. mahi

    Hydraulic Penta 290dp steering problems.

    Rust is never good in an engine room. Do your best to keep it warm and dry
  480. mahi

    unknown boat problems......

    This is a perfect example of why a deal needs to be in writing and a pre purchse survey completed. Be a man of your word and complete the transaction. How would you feel if the boat had zero issues and some one offered you 20k for the boat and you sold for a quick 10k profit?
  481. mahi

    The 31 Bertram Build

    You are doing an amazing job on the build. Will it have a tuna tower and controls?
  482. mahi

    need a new vhf, what would you buy?

    I had trouble with VHF radios on my Shamrock and some said, You only buy Icom once". I put an Icom on the Blackman and it is still going after 15 years. You know my opinion.
  483. mahi

    Searchlight sonar wont work now what?

    Try a flush mount transducer. It will not look away from the boat, but does a good job at all speeds looking down. Use the birds for looking away from the boat on the surface.
  484. mahi

    Downrigger Trolling For Yellowtail?

    I caught a YT on a downrigger pulling a rigged mack for thresher shark. I steered by a kelp paddy and got the bite. It was off the point. I used rigged baits because my idle speed was 4 knots.
  485. mahi

    1987 Blackman 26 Express

    The YT bite is still going on south of the harbor.
  486. mahi

    Need some help with ID on this bait tank

    Looks a lot like the Pacific Edge tank I had on my Blackman, 48 gallon.
  487. mahi

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    When I had my boat slipped in Dana Point Harbor, rescued sea lions would gather on the docks. The blow bote crowd thought they were so cute. One day, a parent wanted a picture of their kid with the cute little creature. As you can guess, the kid got bit. They were no longer cute. Another problem...
  488. mahi

    White bottom paint?

    PCH. Yeah, 2 years. I was not happy with Steve B over that one.
  489. mahi

    1987 Blackman 26 Express

    Here is a pic from year 2000 the way the original owner set it up.
  490. mahi

    White bottom paint?

    Paint the same color or Black. Black is the best when fishing off shore. I think Petit Trinidad is the best paint. San Diego has paint restrictions and when I bought my Blackman, I had Steve paint the bottom. He used Pro Line and it was gone in 2 years. Check with your local marina to see if...
  491. mahi

    Small Marlin / Bigger YFT-Mahi Lure?

    That lure is a short rigger lure. Should attract Marlin, Dorado, Mako, maybe a bigger grade of tuna.
  492. mahi

    1987 Blackman 26 Express

    Bump by former owner
  493. mahi

    Small Marlin / Bigger YFT-Mahi Lure?

    That Bart lure is a great lure in the dark colors. I have a few. Pull real nice.
  494. mahi

    Is this not the AWESOMEST boat ever!

    The new D series Volvos are crap, expensive to work on and even more for parts. At some point, all fluids will leak from somewhere. And out drives are junk. Yanmar are killer engines. The early 315 LP engine had valve keeper issues that have been fixed. The best Yanmar are the 315 LY version. If...
  495. mahi

    1987 Blackman 26 Express

    Did you catch too many fish this season? Good luck with the sale. BTW, it raises Marlin very good on short rigger. Bob
  496. mahi

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    Get a 3/4 ton, preferable a diesel. Go long bed also with the correct hitch and ball for the trailer. Make sure tires and brakes are in good working condition. Trailer tires wear from sun damage to the side wall, not the tread.
  497. mahi

    Precision 28 rebuild

    I like the Cetol. My 1987 Blackman had a lot of teak. With cetol, you do it every 4 years unless there is gouge or damage, in which you cover it up. The bilge looks good. Try a coat of clear and it will keep stains down.
  498. mahi

    New Boat Arrives!

    Nice boat. I have been looking at this model and year. Can you PM what you paid? I have been looking in NJ and North East, but it seems that all the boats suffered in hurricane Sandy.
  499. mahi

    Precision 28 rebuild

    I looked at these boats when they were for sale in the early 90's. Early models had the 4 cylinder volvo at 125 HP. Later 1996, models had 170 Yanmar. I think they were built in the mid west where labor is cheaper. Is your gear a MS3 or MS4? Take care of the cone clutch. Stuck turbo will have no...
  500. mahi

    Which boat?

    BHM makes a 28 single diesel. It is a Downeast keel boat. They have a 10 or 11 foot beam. Check
  501. mahi

    Direct drive steering and manuvering advice needed!

    That is a cool contest, but those down east boats are different than most single inboard boats. They have long keels and giant rudders.
  502. mahi

    Direct drive steering and manuvering advice needed!

    I had a Shamrock and a 26 Blackman with DD. Find out which way the stern goes in reverse. The Blackman went to port. That means it made a very good forward turn to Star board with the rudder hard over to star board. Allow the momentum of the boat to guide you toward the slip and go into reverse...
  503. mahi

    Offshore 10/4 They are still here

    Josh. Nice job, but a slow day for your crew. How was the bait? Bob
  504. mahi

    Simrad NSS7 Issues

    My old GP7000F would just shut down intermittently. I checked voltage many times and always had 13.5 V. Someone suggested that I check the ground. My ground was screwed to a grounding bar, so I did not think that was the issue, but I checked anyway. I found the screw was a little loose and I...
  505. mahi

    Custom anchor pulpit & commercial mooring bit

    Nice. It will look even bette with a claw hanging under it.
  506. mahi

    Custom anchor pulpit & commercial mooring bit

    Nice. It will look even bette with a claw hanging under it.
  507. mahi

    Boat got stripped

    Bummer. Seems like an inside job. Who ever did this felt very safe stripping all that gear and the time it took to do so. Is there a security camera where you store the boat? Did you file a report with the local police? Call your insurance company? Keep an eye on craigslist. They will try and...
  508. mahi

    Off Shore Fishing Glasses?

    I was using the cleaning cloth.
  509. mahi

    How does this year compare to other year

    Best year since 1998 El Nino. After 14 years, I sold my Blackman in April. Bad move. I need to see a shrink or get drunk daily for the next 14 years. DOH
  510. mahi

    What is the best knot for 60lb mono to a snap?

    SD Jam all the way. Us the double version on 60 to a swivel.
  511. mahi

    Off Shore Fishing Glasses?

    Thanks. I will check into a pair of Costas and contact MJ to see what they offer. Tight Lines
  512. mahi

    Bilge and bait tank plumbing

    No low spots in the discharge from the pump. You do not want an air lock.
  513. mahi


    Fish the flat if you like to release the bugs without a measurement. They make a nice trail kicking out of the net when the plankton are heavy. Seriously, only fish the conical.
  514. mahi

    Off Shore Fishing Glasses?

    I broke the frames on my Maui Jim sunglasses. My first reaction is to but another pair as I really like the MJ. I'm looking for other recommendations. I like glass lenses for off shore. The plastic just scratch up too easy.
  515. mahi

    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    Check MLPA maps as well. Farnsworth has a closure area.
  516. mahi

    downriggers for offshore pelagics???

    The problem with using a down rigger is that you need to go slow. I think a better option is a high speed planer. I had one and it works very well getting a troll bait down to the fish and you can still troll at normal speed.
  517. mahi

    advice on local marlin needed

    Go to a reputable local tackle shop and talk to them. You have Melton and Longfin near you. Most guys troll 30 lb gear. You need enough line capacity as they will put on a good show. Zuker lures are popular. Talk to the shop and have them rigged in single hook stiff rigged, with point riding...
  518. mahi

    Lytle Creek

    Spize. No. I not been back in more than 25 years ago. I was not aware that there is a range in the canyon. That should help.
  519. mahi

    Furuno CH250, FCV-1100L and too much other stuff

    The gear should already be setup by previous owner. Read the directions before pushing buttons and also make a cheat sheet of current settings so you can go back to those if you mess up.
  520. mahi

    What VHF radio to buy?

    What happened to the Icom? I had one for 12 years on my Blackman and the only issue I had was the coating on the mic cable deteriorated. I would buy another ICOM.
  521. mahi

    Lytle Creek

    I have not fished the creek, but I have gone there to target practice. I would be very careful of the gang bangers that go there for target practice. I used to go to Lytle and shoot, but when the gangs showed up I stayed away. It was almost like a "who has the most guns deal". We drove as far in...
  522. mahi

    Charter Tipping

    Well, we did not raise a fish, but we had a great time and I picked Steve's brain and how they fish the Big Island in Grander Alley. It was a slow day for the fleet. We saw a few bites in front or behind us. Most jumped off the hook and one was "cracked off". This is usually a hot part of the...
  523. mahi

    Leaving the mainland.

    I want to retire on big island too. I have 32 years in and have a few more to go. I'm on the island on vacay. Fishing tomorrow on a charter. Most of the small boats i have seen on the road are all hanging 80 or 130 gear on bent butt rods. Most are Shimano and Penn Internationals and a few 80...
  524. mahi

    Charter Tipping

    We fish tomorrow on Huntress. We were on Oahu and missed the tropical depression. Got to big island and storm went north to Oahu. I will go 50/50 on tip. Wish us luck. Mahalo.
  525. mahi

    Charter Tipping

    Thanks guys.
  526. mahi

    Charter Tipping

  527. mahi

    Charter Tipping

    Aloha, What is the best way to tip a charter crew? Do I give money to the Capt and let him pay the Mate or do I give tip to each separately. If I give each a share, how is it spilt, 50-50 or 60-40, 70-30? I'm fishing out on Kona on the 23rd.
  528. mahi

    Someone got photobombed!

    That is good Chive pic.
  529. mahi

    Anyone doing Aerial photos/video of boats in SoCal?

    Boatpix took a pic of my Blackman underway.I was a great pic. I bought it and have it on the wall. It helped me to sell the boat a few months ago. They use a Helo.
  530. mahi

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Sick. Looks like a Blackman Outerbanks in a 31 version. Will there be a tower and controls up top? Nice job.
  531. mahi

    F150 front tow hitch

    I did exactly what you propose. I had an old Dodge Diesel long bed and the turning radius was horrible. I could not get the boat trailer into a 45 degree angle slot at the storage yard. I had a 2" hitch welded on the starboard frame, under the bumper. It worked like a charm with the turning...
  532. mahi

    Kona Charter in July?

    Aloha, That is a great video on Kila KIla. We have Huntress booked on an exclusive one day trip right between the tournaments. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  533. mahi

    Kona Charter in July?

    What boat does Capt Bill run? I will look into Kila Kila as well.
  534. mahi

    Catalina Island Marlin Spots

    Try and find a stable temp break that goes over an off shore high spot. Fish on the tide. Look for Terns, current breaks, etc. last season they were on the 289 to 43 to SCI for a long time.
  535. mahi

    Kona Charter in July?

    Aloha, I will be in Kona on July 22 and 23. Looking for a Charter for my family. I looked at tournament schedule and this is a busy time. The last time I was in Kona, 2007, I used the charter desk for the reservation. It does not look like that is the same. I could be mistaken. I sent a...
  536. mahi

    Oahu Fishing Charter

    Hi Pat, Thank you for the information. It looks like we are also going to Big Island. I will fish out of Kona. Bob
  537. mahi

    Loop to Loop; Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop?

    Just like the offshore connection. I made about 4 passes through loop. Slide a 3" piece of dacron on the main line loop when you tie your double and position it between the two lines and it will give some chafe protection. I like the Aussie Braid knot for the double.
  538. mahi

    Oahu Fishing Charter

    Aloha, I'm taking the family to the Islands in july. We want to visit the Arizona Memorial. I'm not sure if we will go to another island or not. Is there a good charter fleet in Oahu and how about a recommendation. We went to Kone twice and I was lucky both times to get short billed spearfish...
  539. mahi

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    30 years ago, I was on a rock cod boat out of Long Beach and the Capt. said he would make one pass on a deep spot for Black Cod. The requirement was a 9/0 reel with Dacron, filled to the top and the crew handed out 9 pound weights made of old re-bar. Back then we could use 20 hooks. There were...
  540. mahi

    What combo FF/GPS/Radar?

    I think you really want to have a seperate radar unit. It is okay to have a combo FF/GPS/Plotter. Get the biggest display you have room for and only color display. If you buy on price alone, you may compromise quality. Good luck. BOE marine on the east coast seems to have the best prices and...
  541. mahi


    Go out and look for the birds on the deep water drop off. Watch the current breaks. Meter for bait. Slow troll on the tidal change or slack tide. Stay with the bait balls. There are anchovies this year, threshers love them. If you see masses of scales of the surface, you are in the right area...
  542. mahi

    Need help with diesel power 26 Blackman.

    If it is a I/O, then go with Volvo. If it is a straight shaft inboard, Volvo or Yanmar. The poster that says no to Yanmar has not seen a 4LHA-STP or he just loves the oil and coolant leaks from Volvo engines.
  543. mahi

    Shorline Delta Pacific Trailer?????

    I have not heard of that brand, but are you looking for repair parts? Used to be a place in LA, called Garges. They had a lot of parts. Pacific trailers also is in So Cal. A lot of those parts are generic to a certain degree, brakes, hubs, bearings, etc. Sorry I do not have more info. My boat...
  544. mahi

    Best washdown recommendation?

    Is this for salt or fresh water? I have always used salt water wash down with a rule 800 gph. I would leave it running and hang hose over transom. Easy to wash blood. For pressure, use thumb.
  545. mahi

    What's the best isinglass cleaner

    Do not use Windex, probable pulling your chain. Plexus is good on new isinglass. I used Plexus with baby diaper. Water works with a chamois. Mequire's has a polish and can restore to some degree
  546. mahi

    Blackman thoughts

    I'm selling my 26 express with Mark at Mariners. It is an inboard with a 240 Yanmar Diesel. Send me a PM or check Yachtworld.
  547. mahi

    Blackman Hull

    Did not mean any disrespect, just offering a boat that met his needs.
  548. mahi

    Leaking fuel tank turned into a big project.

    Diesel fuel systems are under pressure. If there is an air leak between the fuel tank and the filters, the lift pump and injection pump will get air locked and the engine will not run. To fix, the system must be bleed of all air from tank to fuel filters, lift pump, injection pump and the...
  549. mahi

    Blackman Hull

    I have a 26 Blackman Express for sale on yacht world. It has a 240 yanmar straight shaft. It would be a great boat for your trolling. It raises a lot of Marlin and Tuna.
  550. mahi

    Boat mpg + Balls + IQ = How Far?

    If you plan to carry a lot of gasoline and transfer fuel at sea, you may have a dangerous situation on hand. Pouring fuel can lead to a fire or explosion. A better way is to either pump the fuel with a fuel pump or plumb a fuel line up stream of the bulk fuel filters and add a quick connect...
  551. mahi

    PV Charter

    Thanks guys. He is stuck at a time share and cannot change locaations.
  552. mahi

    2SKB-7500 Rod Transport System

    Brand new. $ 125.00
  553. mahi

    PV Charter

    Hi. My friend is going to Puerto Vallarta in October. Looking for a charter recommendation. Thanks.
  554. mahi


    it s charter trying to drum up business. Not a bad idea.
  555. mahi


    One can wish!
  556. mahi

    Please Recommend a Newport Beach Mechanic to Work on Boat with Yanmar Diesel Engines

    Boatswain Locker in Costs Mesa. They are the local Yanmar rep. I have used them for 10 years on my Blackman.
  557. mahi

    Kona fishing Charter experience

    You picked a good boat. I had a similar trip on Northern Lights in 2007. I had a 724 and a 112 Ahi. Congrats. You had an awesome day. Bob
  558. mahi

    Where do I get in line?

    Sad, but true. We should forward to our state senators
  559. mahi

    Shipping a boat

    Post this question on the You will get a better response.
  560. mahi

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Looks like scrap
  561. mahi

    disco cupped

    i was hoping you would say that!
  562. mahi

    disco cupped

    Let me know when they are ready. Short corner colors? Bob
  563. mahi

    Transition from Troll Bite to Bait Bite

    Drop back a worm king in channel island chovie about 75 feet and put in a rod holder as you clear the troll lines. This will get a light tackle bite a lot. and of course, throw chum.
  564. mahi


    Bill, Uh, I just did! Bob
  565. mahi

    25' Rock Harbor sit down tower with port side ladder

    That is nice. I hope it gets steering, gear and throttle shifts, radio, FF, GPS, and auto pilot. I have full control tower on my Blackman express and I live on the tower when off shore.
  566. mahi

    WTB Blackman 26 ft. in Good Condition

    Bill, I sent an email with details and a picture. I also responded to your PM. Bob
  567. mahi


    My Dad had a 23 Fiberform, we named it the "No a Go Go" because it always broke down. I was shark fishing near 267 off DP in the fog. We kept hearing a deep fog horn in the distance. I'm fighting a mako and something in my head said, "Turn around"! I turned to look and all I could see was the...
  568. mahi

    WTB Blackman 26 ft. in Good Condition

    What about an express with full tower?
  569. mahi

    Offshore Crushed

    Did you buy that 28 precision that was for sale in SD, with the Volvo diesels? I was looking at that boat. It looked like it was set up good for local fishing.
  570. mahi

    What kind lights Do you use to mark your Hoop nets???????

    I use jugs, with a green light stick and wrap reflective tape on fat end. Fat end is up when deployed. The jugs make a lantern and are visable far away
  571. mahi

    First Post to BD

    My last fuel bill from DP to 43, around and back was $300. Bait was $ 35 and ice $25. Food was $20. The trip was my son and I. He got a nice 25 lb Mahi. 30 -80 is a start but many guys have much higher expenses than I do on my Blackman. Maintenance is $1,000 year + cleaning and other...
  572. mahi

    Diver gets punked on film

    That is too funny. Smart grouper!
  573. mahi

    Offshore Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    Hey Wildbunch Bill, How is it hanging? Long time no see. Glad to see you are still fishing hard. Zach loves fishing and baseball. Baseball has been getting in the way of fishing, with travel tournaments and all, but it is a lot of fun. I think we will get him his first Marlin this year; he is...
  574. mahi

    Offshore Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    It was a Black/Green Archer 36" Superbar with Pink chase bait. A 20 year old bar that still slays the fish. Thanks Josh
  575. mahi

    Offshore Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    My wife had surgery on Tuesday and I was the nurse maid all week. She was feeling so good by Friday night, she said, "Take the kid fishing"! That was all I needed to hear. Packed some gear and made a late start from Dana Point. The bait was awesome. I headed south west to 289. It gave me the...
  576. DSCN1733


  577. DSCN1731


  578. DSCN1732


  579. Zach's Mahi

    Zach's Mahi

  580. mahi

    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    I thought my trip to Cortz bank in a 26 Blackman was a long run, but not after reading these stories. Nice going.
  581. mahi

    Crew lost my fish - what is fair?

    That happened to me on the Grande with big Bluefin. The next time I was prepared. I used my side cutters to snipe off a piece of the anal fin. I found my missing Blue fin in the bag of a dead head. Last time I fished that boat.
  582. mahi

    gaff a dodo

    Keep it in the water and moving, swing the gaff at the head and in one motion pull into the boat or into an ice chest. Do not lift its head out of the water.
  583. mahi

    Offshore throwing artificials at Mahi

    Pull a spreader bar, Dorado can not stay off them, the 36" bar is awesome.
  584. mahi

    WTB: Looking for Blackman Outerbanks

    Brian, I have the 1 ton Fish hold and an extra large dry storage area. As you mention, the fish hold is in the center line of the boat. It is large enought that I climb into it. I do not recall this boat in PCS since it is a 1987 vintage that pre dates that magazine. Good luck on your search for...
  585. mahi

    WTB: Looking for Blackman Outerbanks

    Brian, Every Blackman can be different. I'm the second owner of this boat and it was built for a doctor and he ordered the deck different so his wife could use her wheel chair on the boat. Moving from the stern to the bow, I have the fuel tank, engine and fish box. The fish box is below the...
  586. mahi

    WTB: Looking for Blackman Outerbanks

    I have an express model with direct drive and the fish hold. 2 station steering and Yanmar 240. Bob
  587. mahi


    other than a Swordy, Opah is second on the all time list. Congrats.
  588. mahi

    Zane Stoskbery killed

    Greg and Dara, Our prayers are with you and your family. The Waters'
  589. mahi

    Ca. Billfish Series

    Hi Mike. Everything is great. it's All Star season. zach had a HR the other night. His team is still in winners bracket. I'm looking foward to the season. let me know when I can se the new products. Bob
  590. mahi

    Ca. Billfish Series

    Mike, Very nice, as usual. Will any be ready by August 1? Bob
  591. mahi


    Buy ICOM. You will never have a problem. 20 years ago someone gave me that advice, which I followed, and it has been true. I previously had 3 different Standard Horizons, all had issues. The VHF is your primary communication device when at sea, buy the best.
  592. mahi

    Volvo Penta D6 Inboards

    That is a very heavy engine. Very large for the HP
  593. mahi


    I used a flush mount on my Blackman. I used a 12 degree. It depends on location, but the Blackman is 15 degrees at transom. Try the 200 Khz with the wide angle. It has a beam angle like a 50 Khz, but resolution of a 200.
  594. mahi

    Do I need a different size prop?

    Are you seeing any black smoke as the engine rpm and turbo spools up? Does the engine make the proper wide open rpm of 3950 under load? Does it hit 4200 rpm unloaded? It could be dirty fuel filters ot a bad lift pump causing the problem. Check the turbo and clean the air side. Check to make sure...
  595. mahi

    FURUNO GP7000F

    I down loaded a manual from Furuno. The worst part is entering waypoints. I had about 150: it took forever. I made a long wire extension and sat in the cabin and went to town. Which transducer did you use. I have the SS 264, I think. It is a 1kW or 600 watt output, flush mount. Bob
  596. mahi

    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    The Coastkeeer organization is planning the same kind of monitoring program. It is on thier web site.
  597. mahi

    First post, looking for Hawaii charter recommendations

    I don know of any on Maui, but if you want to hop over to the Big Island, try Northern Lights. The Charter Desk in Kona has many top boats to choose from. Look at the Hawaii page on BD, there is one operation you want to stay away from in Maui. The 2 fish in my bio, were caught on Nortern Lights...
  598. mahi

    Dana Point - 1/29/12 Fishing with Dave H.

    Bill and Dave, Thanks for inviting Zach and I along. We had a great time learning from the master, Dave that is. The starboard side of the boat was lined up along the reef and Dave and Zach had a bite or fish on every cast for a straight hour or more. It started with Sand Bass and that got...
  599. mahi


    Go Simrad. The Ray marine stuff has issues that crop up. Check thehulltruth.
  600. mahi

    First Harpoon Swordfish on New Years Day!

    Bud, Nice job on the 2 finner. That is the one I have always hoped to battle. My sightings are up to 11, so maybe I can get a hook to one before too many more years pass. Get another.
  601. mahi

    Anybody suggest a Boycott of DFG?

    If you want to have an economic affect on one of the groups that wholeheartedly supported the closures between DP and NB, then boycott all businesses in Laguna Beach. Some one printed a list of businesses that supported the MLPA, but I did not see one business that I spend my money at.
  602. mahi

    Anyone Ever Fished Lagunal Nigel Lake

    Drove by this morning (WED) and the line was massive. I think they plant on Tuesday. I have walked the shore recently and most guys have nice stringers of solid 2 pounders and a few to 5 pounds. It is a small lake if you are used to fishing at Irvine. Try the west side, near the consession stand...
  603. mahi

    Long Gun Cartridges

    okay, That is great information. I do not have reloading equipment. Is there a market for these? The .243 cartridges are all american made, still in the original boxes. I will look inside for the two fire holes. The military rounds look like American and are in green shoulder bags. Thank...
  604. mahi

    Long Gun Cartridges

    Hi Guys, I inherited a Remington 701 in 30-06. I also got a bunch of old shell casings for 30-06 and .243. There are also a bunch of military rounds in 6 shell clips. The rounds are all solid bullet. Are these rounds still safe to fire? Are the shell casings suitable for re-load and do they...
  605. mahi

    instead of impellors

    Engine driven impeller pumps are positve displacement pumps and will pump againsts the head pressure of all the coolers, pipes, elbows and other assorted parts in the cooling system and provide a reliable volumn of flow. Most electric, wether 12V or 120V, are centrifical and can spin, but not...
  606. mahi

    Lobster:Filling out the report card?

    Thank you for all the help. I left the report cards on the boat. Yes, the young-in gets a pass on the license, but needs a report card. I hope to make them pay and get an extra limit. He wants to pull the nets; we will see how that goes. The gear differences can pose a problem. My nets are...
  607. mahi

    Lobster:Filling out the report card?

    Ted, Thank you for the regs. What about recording or splitting the take? I do not want to count multiply bugs on 3 separate cards. Bob
  608. mahi

    Lobster:Filling out the report card?

    The first trip is planned. This is my question. I have two adults with salt water license and a 10 year old, that does not require a license. Everyone, including the non-licensed minor, has a report card. Does each card have to be filled out at start of fishing with location code, gear code...
  609. mahi

    Teach a Woman To Clean Fish

    Halloween is the end of the month.
  610. mahi

    Best Gas Mileage Boat/Motor combo - 25-30 ft?

    I have a 26 Blackman with a Yanmar 4LHA-STP diesel, straight shaft. Ay cruise rpm of 3,000 I rum 18.5 Knots and it burns 9 gph. At 1,400 rpm, speed is 7.2 knots and is less than 1 gph. The fuel curve starts at 1 gph @ 1,600 rpm. The fule tank is 160 gallons. On a trip that I cruise
  611. mahi

    Sabiki leader knot

    I re-tie my sabiki rigs to fit in a shortened sabiki rod. It is easy to tie a surgeon loop and make the loop large enough to clip one part of the loop close to the knot. Then tie the hook back on with the tag end. I use two hooks, it is easier to control the mackerel to drop into the tank.
  612. mahi

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    I had a Shamrock for 6 years and I currently have a 26 Blackman 26 for 10 years, that has an inboard. The trick on the single inboard is to know where it goes in reverse. Mine goes to Port. I never put the boat in a place where i have to make a sharp left turn. It makes right turns very easy...
  613. mahi

    Fishfinder Upgrade

    Check out the SS164 or B164. These are tilted element transducers. They take a large hole, but they mount flush to the hull and the beak is tilted inside to look down. I used the SS164, 1Kw, 50/200 Kh. It can run at 600W or 1Kw, depending on the output of your sounder. I have it matched to a...
  614. mahi

    Chartplotter/FF combo

    I put a GP7000F on my Blackman with a 1kw flush mount transducer. Works awesome. It can be switched form 600W or 1KW with the transducer I have. The only thing I do not like is it is cumbersome to input waypoints. Other than that, go Furuno!! Bob
  615. mahi

    Diesel engine trouble shooting

    Is this a brand new boat? Does it have fiberglass fuel tanks? There maybe some left over junk in the tanks after production. What engine do you have? What color is the smoke? Does it run up to cruising RPM and WOT rpm? A good way to check for air leaks in the fuel system is to install a clear...
  616. mahi

    Wind on Leaders

    I don't live in the Islands, but I use wind on leaders on my heavy tackle I use for thresher sharks. I use a swivel 5-6 feet from the lure, just enough room to grab when the fish is boat side. This way- no twisting of main line.
  617. mahi

    Banks/ Archer Bar 4/22

    I use the 12" and 36" bars in So Cal when the Ahi and Mahi show up. They work great, especially after the local kelp paddies are hammered by too many boats. We put a couple out on the out riggers and stay away from the fleet. The strikes that the bar brings are awesome. The mahi get fired up...
  618. mahi

    Selling a Coast Guard Documented Boat?

    Thanks for the contacts and advice. Any ideas on weeding out the looky loos that just want a boat ride? One other thing I forgot. The boat is an asset of a Trust. I will contact the trust attorney.
  619. mahi

    Selling a Coast Guard Documented Boat?

    I'm ready to sell my Blackman. The boat is documented with the Coast Guard. The boat was purchased with the guidance of a broker. Any ideas on the procedure to transfer title, collect money in a secure way, handle sea trial, deposit, survey and any other relevant piece to this process...
  620. mahi

    3.75" hole saw, for B-164 install.

    I put the SS264 Tilted element on my Blackman, mated to a GP7000F. It works great. Do not worry about the hole. Install correctly- No problem.
  621. mahi

    Ali and Jason Can I Borrow $140K: Glasstech 36 Walkaround

    That boat is pure sickness.
  622. mahi

    wanted to buy diesel boat to 28'

    Hey Guys, The reason you can buy a US boat and ship to AUS and still save money is the weak US dollar. Ten years ago, it was the opposite.
  623. mahi

    History of Okuma reels?

    I think Steve Bledsoe of Tiburon helped them with their drags and other aspects of the design. The new reels, with Steve's input, are excellent in quality and craftsmanship.
  624. mahi

    Furuno 7000F reviews

    I bought one and installed it on a Blackman 26. I choose the SS260, 1Kw thru hull transducer. This one does not use a fairing block, but sits flat on the hull and the elements are rotated down. You have to know the angle of the hull at its mounting location. It is bad AsX. The only issue I have...
  625. mahi

    What type of line do you pull your lures with?

    I use Suffix High Vis lime green. All tournament grade classes, 12 to 30
  626. mahi

    Share your boats fuel economy

    Yes, I GPH. Fuel curve starts at 1600 rpm. I troll at 1400 rpm. The 4LHA-STP Yanmars are the best small diesel. There are no issues with them. Just normal maintenance. Life would be really good if we had pelagics within 45 miles, but we have to run a long way to get them. This year was worse...
  627. mahi

    Share your boats fuel economy

    26 Blackman Express, Tunacious. 240 Yanmar Diesel, 1.5:1 gear, 18X18 medium cup. Straight shaft rig. 9 gph @ 19 kt cruise. 1 GPH @ 7.2 kt trolling. Cruise 19, Max 22.5. This is fully loaded and 160 gallons of fuel. More trolling, less fuel used. It averages 2.5 to 3 miles per gallon. Bob
  628. mahi

    One fine afternoon.

    Nice work. Bob
  629. mahi

    Large Smelt OK for Marlin live bait?

    If I remember correctly, Greg S. got a sword to bite one. Hi son caught in it Pyramid. That was all they had to throw.
  630. mahi

    Which stabi-binoculars? fujinon 10x40, 12x40 or 14 x40?

    What size boat do you fish on? The Stabi is camera technology, not too good on the ocean. Look at e-bay for used Fraser Volpes. They are 800 to 1200. There is a search and rescue guy out of Florida that sells them. Once you try a true Gryo, you will see the difference. Eye cups are manditory.
  631. mahi


    That is the best I have read yet
  632. mahi

    What is this Volvo 41B diesel knocking sound?

    The engine has solid lifters. Get a manual and adjust the valves. Measure and record the clearance before adjusting each valve on each cylinder. Record the clearance after each valve. The valves will loosen over time. Keep a good log of work that you do or get done by others. I like to record...
  633. mahi


    Keith. Awesome story. Must have been a rush to see that purple monster sniffing around. Is this when you got the afflication? Nice read. Good luck on your hunting. Bob
  634. mahi


    He threw what he had available at the time. Ironically, he has a custom Swordie rod on order and he picked up the reel a few days ago. Throwing 30 lb gear is a guarantee of a bite. Throw 50 and no bite. I have not seen one since I got the right gear on the boat. Bob
  635. mahi


    The boat is Hattaboy. As of 8:30 still on the fish.
  636. mahi

    Cut fish like this!

    Sharp knives do the trick
  637. mahi

    Offshore Swordfishing local banks

    Keith. Sorry no boat name. It was a local guy.
  638. mahi

    Offshore Swordfishing local banks

    I was in Cat all week. A stick boat guy brought one in on Saturday. It dressed at 220. For what it is worth, he said he got it out front. Good luck on the next trip. Bob
  639. mahi

    Rapalas off the outriggers

    That is how they stiffen glass riggers down below in AU. I saw it posted by P.Pakula
  640. mahi

    Why is everybody so brainwashed on flouro?

    When they are chewing the paint off the transom, 40lb izor gets bit. I like the fluro when its a pick. As far as an extra connection? If you can't tie good knots, you will lose fish at the hook anyway.
  641. mahi

    diesel engine

    Try posing this question on I know Yanmar had a package with the 4 and 6 cylinder engines mated to a Bravo drive. I don't know anything about Bravo drives, but Diesels have a lot more torque and you want to have the correct drive or it will go boom quickly.
  642. mahi

    Has a marlin ever kicked your butt?

    Yeah on a 724 Blue out of Kona. I saw the bite on the shotgun lure. I saw pointy stuff. Jumped to the chair and the crew was a little slow getting the other 4 rods aboard. I told the crew to get after it. They replied, its a Tuna. I said I saw the bite, its a Marlin. We are into the backing on a...
  643. mahi

    Ordered the $1100 Tiburon 50 yet?

    Put some grease on the dog
  644. mahi

    Furuno 1650F

    I do not have the unit advertised on Hull Truth. It is 10 years old. Always stored in the cuddy cabin when not in use. I left it at the boat in DP. If you are really interested I will go back and take pics. It looks like brand new. There are no issues. I replaced it with a GP7000F and a 1Kw...
  645. mahi

    Furuno 1650F

    For Sale. Furuno 1650F, 600 watt FF/Chart Plotter, includes Navionics card for Southern California. Includes power cord, GPS sensor. No transducer. I have left waypoints in for south coast to catalina and off shore. All original manuals included. $400. It takes any 10 pin Airmar transducer...
  646. mahi

    Looking for a Simrad AP16 system

    I have one on my boat, sorry not interested in selling it. It is a very good AP. I checked the Simrad site to get sentence data for connecting to GPS. They say it is not available. Try " The Hull Truth". There is alot of sellers on that over there.
  647. mahi

    Bananas or No Banana's ? ?

    We had a guy try to sneak one on board. The rigger lure popped out of the clip, but did not load up. Reeled in to check for salad, found the banana peel instead. We made him toss the rest. Ended up with a good day.
  648. mahi

    2 good 2 be true blackfin...

    Beware the Volvo 40A. Part are not easy to get. My bro had a pair in a 28 Topaz. He re-powered with 41B. BTW, If any one needs spares for TAMD 40A, my bro still has one complete engine. Nice deal on this boat. Looks like it would handle the trades good.
  649. mahi

    New "Pacific Edge" hits the water

    Nice rig. The 44 Pacifica has always been a dream boat of mine. Did you consider 4 blade wheels?. What is the HP on the Cummins? 20 Kts is a nice speed. Bob
  650. mahi

    2010 Ladies of spearfishing BIKINI calendar is here!!!

    Let us know if Hoagan's in DP gets them. I will join the group. Bob
  651. mahi

    Target Small Thresher Sharks?

    Paul. I can not remember where I read that they were in LB. It was an internet report, maybe on JD's. Try to PM Steve Mras. I think he is biggest T. He has put April have on several World record, live release threshers in LB. Like Jack and Fred will say, find the bait. You already know that. I...
  652. mahi

    Target Small Thresher Sharks?

    Paul. Try slow trolling sardines in LB harbor on light tackle. They are in there right now. You can chase them down in the shallow water. If you want to target the off shore fish, pull hook less super bars and drop back a filet on the proper size tackle. I know, I know, you said No to bait and...
  653. mahi

    Registration requirement for Offshore Fishing

    This is going on in the East coast too. Some states are exempt, such as California - state. We have manditory licensing for all recreational anglers. That may be the reason we are exempt. Do you have to carry a recreational license? Good luck with this issue. Bob
  654. mahi

    How do Shamrocks ride?

    I had a 20 Pilot house for 5 years and put 1,100 hours on the 302 V8. I used it in So cal. It had only 60 gallons of fuel. I could run 30 miles at 25 kts and troll for 4 hours and had to go home. I rigged up three 6 gallon gas cans and stored them in the bow. I added a outboard style quick...