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  1. Gabriel John

    Where are the squid?!?

    Anyone know if Nachos lb bait barge has squid? thanks
  2. Gabriel John

    Re-Painting help!! a 25ft boat

    need advice on painting my boat. I need a few fiberglass repairs and was looking at painting. Advice would be greatly appreciated. whether to sand down everything than get it professionally done or complete my own. or get pay to have it done. its a 1985 Wellcraft 248 sportsman. putting in new...
  3. Gabriel John

    Torium 16HGL & 30HGL Tranx 401

    Looking to trade for right handed reels or the same reels but right handed. now up for sale. Torium 16 is in great shape. didn't use it for a while oiled her up and took it out a few times. had it on a ss sb/ulua . 65lb power pro backing and 100+ yards of 40lb . $180 Torium 30 has been used...
  4. Gabriel John

    going to cat on Friday

    does anyone know if the carnage is at Avalon? and how much for a scoop? much appreciate the help as I'm heading out Friday. taking the father in law out as he rewired my boat. trying to put him on fish. thanks boys.
  5. Gabriel John

    85 wellcraft 248 sportsman 07 250 Evinrude

    07 Evinrude with 1000 + hrs. serviced by advance marine. running XD-100 had the motor put on this year. runs great sips both fuel and oil. taken this boat to the 209 to farmsworth than back to dana point to hit the 267. launched from dana point. wasted about half tank. could have conserved more...
  6. Gabriel John

    14' Canoe $100

    Was using it for the bay. Super fun, not going to lie it wasn't that stable. had plans of putting some sort of stabilizers on. Now that the holidays are here i would like to get my new-born a few things. I have a extended bed hitch attachment for those of you who have trucks. It comes with the...
  7. Gabriel John

    Offshore Dont know where this belongs....

    My little bro went out on the Old Glory, the deckhand/cook dropped my littles bros rig with a fish on it. He ripped it out of his hands to get it untangled, like they usually do. can he go after the boat to get a new setup or did that deckhand/cook bend him over? the rig lost was a kommodo ss...
  8. Gabriel John

    HB Harbor and New Clamps

    Went out to HB harbor to get some much need spotted bass tugs, end up with nothing. Stopped in to Charkbait to re stock on some swim baits. sold out. M 4" sunrise color kills it and they are out, something about the guy stopped making them hope that's not true. Looked around and found this...
  9. Gabriel John

    Fishing the Coronados 2019

    Hello I was wondering if any of you fellas know of any new regulation for fishing the Coronado Islands and also how to get your FMM or whatever it may be to get permitted to fish in Mexican waters. I know if you are 12 miles from land all you need is a passport and mexican fishing license and...
  10. Gabriel John

    looking for tuna tower

    I have an 85 wellcraft 248 sportsman w/a, want to put a tuna tower/half tower with crows nest, something to spot patties mainly. I was hoping i could get pointed to the right person and options available. sick as thanks