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  1. GaffnLaff

    Big Bear 6/23/19

    A great trout day at Big Bear lake with a 17", [email protected]" and a 13", then when I packed-up, I pulled in a monster Crayfish! Tasty soup
  2. GaffnLaff

    Fiesty Big Bear Trout

    Fishing turned into catching today :-) I got 4 nice holdover trout with 2 successfully released in a 2 hr session. North shore by the dam, 4# test chartreuse garlic powerbait carolina rig. While trying to de-hook the 4.5# fish,i(my biggest in 20 years or so) i was shaking with excitement, he...
  3. GaffnLaff

    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    This just hit the Finbomb Instagram page. Said it is 500# caught on a two day. The pecs look kinda rigid....discuss LOL
  4. GaffnLaff

    5 year old Swordfish video, but still cool

    Wish they woulda put the fish down before boating it but one lucky rent rodder
  5. GaffnLaff

    Fish ID?

    Unknown fish caught pre-dawn on saturday with glow in the dark jig on 2-day aboard the Pacific Quest.
  6. GaffnLaff

    050214 MB Zebra

    Mission Beach....clear weedless water, no wind? .....get out the Lucky Craft ! First ever Zebra for me and a couple of nice perch Great day to be fishing
  7. GaffnLaff

    MB 031713 St Flatty Day

    Quick LC session while wifey walked. I thought I had zero chance. Arrived at ebb low, windy, cold, big shorepound, uphill current, eelgrass. Connected once, thought he was a piggy BSP cause he hit soooo close to shore, about 5" short :)
  8. GaffnLaff

    080212 MB Shortfins

    I had a short pre-work sesh No SC's with tide out, low surf, no weeds First cast zing-pow on the c-rig, bail pretended to open Put on the DB Minnow-good thing Hookup on 10th cast, good fighter Thought I had a WSB till I slid him onto the sand! Orange mouth/fangs 24 ish shortfin...
  9. GaffnLaff

    TP Nice Corbina 070511

    Arrived around 6:30 to low tide, medium surf, low kelp No action on the SC's after a while so I switched to gulp new penny shrimp Got a few YFC, and one at 14"+ that took drag, good fighter Then I hooked a bigger fish and immediately fouled in a big kelp Worked it for a bit, the kelp freed...
  10. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 425 One Bush...with Best Kinda Seal 9-5

    One bush, one fish. We ran over 425 @ grey, it was fucking rough out there, wet and cold ride, our bait rolled bad...set out trollers, found no takers below, outside, or above, no birds/bush/marks, a few mammals here and there, lots of bait around, but not much life, worked some temp breaks...
  11. GaffnLaff

    Nutsack with BSB @ Flat Rock

    I fished torrey pines yesterday am, wonderful conditions, didnt catch anything worthy of a report. I found myself passing flatrock when I notice the 4 people fishing the longrod up on the rock have something swimming in the tidal pool on top the rock. Being curious I look closer and spy a black...
  12. GaffnLaff

    MB 070910 Drug Bust

    Went to MB at 5:30 this am for a little pre-work sesh. Low tide so no crabs available, cold, windy, plenty o seaweed, smallish surf. I caught 3 palm size Walleye and 4 BSP on crack in 40 mins. Saw one flyflinger down the beach. Came back to my car and I was in the middle of a DEA bust. Unmarked...
  13. GaffnLaff

    Rockpile 6-8

    We left the slip at 6:30 expecting wind but headed to the rockpile anyways and found ourselves alone in decent conditions on saturday at the Rockpile??? We started with some nice sculpin on the first few drifts and kept them. Later drifts we started finding small lings, and one 24 model and a...
  14. GaffnLaff

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    Woke up to an empty driveway a few minutes ago White 97 F-150 5P83108 with blue Malibu Mini X yak in back Bloodydecks sticker in rear window does not belong to the douchebag driving it:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv please look
  15. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pac Voyager 9-27 & 28

    Left late wed night with some excellent bait and only 19 anglers-Seaforth parking lot was empty? Ran 85 mi to 317 area started trolling after 8 in the morning in good weather. Spotty bait fishing ensued all day for the nicer grade alberts 30#. Plenty of spots of fish on whales and birds, but...
  16. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 8-23&24

    We left wednseday night a little late. Capt. Greg waited for the bait boat to arrive and did a kind of direct transfer as he said the bay water was so warm it was killing the deans in the receiver. Bait was an issue this trip. We headed to the mushroom area and awoke with the fleet at about 90...
  17. GaffnLaff

    Midriff trip on the Erik 5-5 to 5-10

    Chris's 55# grouper and gratuitous avet shot My 30# grouper which came 5 minutes before Chris's Ryan's 45# grouper Well, it took me a while to get caught up at work and do a post on this great trip. We 3 scored a complimentary trip from the fine folks at El Camino Rental. We had to go...
  18. GaffnLaff

    High side of Oside

    Headed out at 7:00 on Leslie Marie. Decent bait, sunny cool mornning and offshore winds. In no rush. First drop got me a hookup in 5 minutes, barely legal, back in no harm. Wind went flat so no drift. Worked the area for no more and moved around for a while, the wind shifted. Finally pushed up a...
  19. GaffnLaff

    6-29 MB corb

    Happy sandman with his new personal best beaner @ 21" I decided to let myself leave work early at 2:30, and hit the beach knowing I only had till 5:00. :_shopping Tossed the gulp shrimp for a while looking for some butt, but ran into Mr. corb. in the skinny so I switched the bait. I lost...
  20. GaffnLaff

    TP 6-23 YFC

    12" YFC I took the family and motorhome to TP tonight. After hanging on the beach for a while I wet a line. I decided not to try the crabs, and pinned on the morf grub, and soon found the YFC hole. I got 5 nice hookups in a row, all good size with some shoulders. Then a furbag came in close and...
  21. GaffnLaff

    26" Birthday Butt

    I get my birthday off paid so I slept in this morning. After coffee my wife suggests I go surf fishing. I hadn't really thought about it as I just did a tuna trip yesterday, but who was I to second guess her. Now she thinks (translate-knows) she controls my luck. I slid down to my new secret...
  22. GaffnLaff

    Offshore Love on the 43 6-11

    Ians first jello-I think he's happy.:appl: I think this pose is much more than a fad.:finger: Joe's first Bluefin, and first BF on the boat. I think Joe is happy. My early B-day present.:finger: We started with firecrackers full speed on our second patty. The kids really loved...
  23. GaffnLaff

    Del Mar 6-7

    I fished the evening high tide move after work. The weather wasn't nice, the surf was crossed-up, and not many nugs. I found crabs easy, but a good hole in the shorebreak took a while. The hole had plenty of perch, and several real slabs. Then the corb hit in the skinny, and took line on several...
  24. GaffnLaff

    Del Mar 6-2

    I got up early and fished for about an hour this morning. Nice crabs, mid low tide, 2' surf and clear water with a couple of holes. Threw the croc for a while for nada, put on the crabs then grub for a slabber and couple of dinks. Then with 20 mins left till I had to race to work, I saw the...
  25. GaffnLaff

    SB, DM,TP 5-24

    Tried solana and del mar after work. I bought some new minnows at Bluewater I wanted to try out. Huge surf/shorebreak and salad kept me from being successful, and rather than bust out the bait rig, I took the stripe. Got a beer and stopped at torrey on the way south and drank it while I watched...
  26. GaffnLaff

    Torrey Pines 5-17 w/pics

    13" corgina 13" perch Decided to hit up the beach on the way home when I saw the southbound traffic. Didn't think it was gonna go well when I saw the surf hitting a ledge all the way down the beach, but I walked and walked and found the crabs, and a hole just inside of some boiler rocks...
  27. GaffnLaff

    Butt on the beach 4-30

    Got my first legal hali in the surf today-26". Went to Moonlight and got a late start. Worked south, surf contest going on. Waves were small but nice. Started throwing KM, and working down the beach. Got hung up on a reef, and just barely worked it loose. Started to move down the beach, when I...
  28. GaffnLaff

    DM/TP 4-28

    Worked the DM beach south to north and back with Gulp, swimbait & KM this evening for nada. Plenty of shorebreak, no weeds, crabs, or nugs. Moved it down to TP to find less surf, plenty of weeds, no crabs, and no nugs. Made a couple casts and beached salad. Went home for instant hookup with...
  29. GaffnLaff

    4-19 MB Kast

    Hit the MB honey hole again for good fishing. Took a while to find the fish, but the first one was a personal best. C&R plenty of decent size on the camo. Finally tried the Kastmaster and caught 4 nice ones for six casts-works well. Plenty of candy walking the beach tonight. I'm just...
  30. GaffnLaff

    Mission Beach

    Had a great time at MB this evening. My son decided to join me and it was on. Upcoming tide, decent surf, nice warm sunset. Made my crappy day go away. We had a nice grade of 10" + constant biters as soon as we found a good hole. Didnt have to move, C&R all you want, and took two home. Alot of...
  31. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 8-7 Saved by the peanut

    We heard all the skunk reports from 8-6, but thought that meant good things to come. We started on the 390 at grey light. Trolled and stopped on meter marks till we were below the 60 staying near most of the sporty fleet. Hooked one on bait on a mark and handed it to my 11 yo son who got chewed...
  32. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 7-16 Alberts

    We put in the trollers at the 1010 at grey light, trolled to the 220 and back, got one jig fish at 10:30 north of 1010. Trolled forever, then heard 55/25 and headed that way and at 1:00 got one troll fish, and 8 nice bait fish on a steady pick. Got my son his first albie :High_Five. He got the...
  33. GaffnLaff

    Rancho Buena Vista 6/24-27

    I got invited on a free trip with my electrician and 25 other electrical manufacturers and salespeople. Fun bunch of guys. Great resort and staff. Really great not paying the bill. I fished two days and it was slow. The locals said the water is still too cool, and nothing was on the chew. The...
  34. GaffnLaff

    Oil changer on Mission Bay

    Does anybody know of a slipside oil changer on Mission Bay
  35. GaffnLaff

    Not Mine

    My lurker friend Jim just hooked-up a new ride for me to Ho on this summer. :jo: He's gonna get a whole lotta Ho outta me.
  36. GaffnLaff

    Offshore 9-12 dorado at 390

    Got a bloody crappy-ass soon to roll scoop from Mission Bay E-Boys (glad I tipped) and headed to 390 at 2:30 after fixing the steering cable. Trolled through the snot at grey light, and looked for lettuce till 8:30 somewhere NE of 390 when we were waved onto a nice paddy by a hooked-up unknown...
  37. GaffnLaff

    Offshore BlowMe6-6

    Went down the 117 line on "Charlie Parker" with David, his mother Elaine, Aaron, and John. We were about to get an upper finger but proceeded anyways. Lots of wind at 3:00am as we cleared the point with some sad dinos. Motored south and made 18kt through big swells and light chop. Found the...
  38. GaffnLaff

    Good crew available 6-6

    I bring money, food, beer, permit, equipt.,elbow grease, and good attitude.
  39. GaffnLaff

    Flat Bastard...

    I fucking wish. That's fishing. Went out with Fishwiz, around to Zuniga and points inward for a great buzz, and one nice shortfin croaker/corvina?? I caught sand sharks, Charles gets points for slime stix, and Glenn gets the releaseable flat bastards. It was nice out if you were a legal halibut...
  40. GaffnLaff

    Beer makes you grow a pussy

    According to a lame new study...we are turning ourselves into girls
  41. GaffnLaff

    Interesting Boat

    The Wallypower 118' Watched discovery channel "Extreme Boats" last night Powered by 2 diesels, and 2 turbines, gets 15 gallons per mile at 60kt. Carbon fiber hull.
  42. GaffnLaff

    Cunning Gator

    An old farmer in Georgia had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, basketball court, etc. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go...
  43. GaffnLaff


    The squid boats are gone today. They have been on the hook off Scripps since 3-1, and when I came back form lunch today, I noticed they are all gone. I hope the squid aren't gone. :jo: :cussing:
  44. GaffnLaff


    I guess everyone's gutters get cleaned out in a good rain, and it all ends up in the ocean. I dunno, but my gutters never look like this. This is what I saw on the water this weekend. barf
  45. GaffnLaff

    Canning Partership

    I'm interested in getting a canner, but they're pretty expensive for something you don't use that much. Best price I've seen is $230. It does 19 pint/14 quart jars at a time. I am interested in splitting the cost (say 4 ways?)-with people living/working in the San Diego area so we can trade it...
  46. GaffnLaff

    Catch and Release

    gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz
  47. GaffnLaff

    Ahnold's Plan

    Kahleeforneeea will be fine with this leadership. 850mb-but worth it. Arnies Plan
  48. GaffnLaff

    Fishin Santa

    I was driving through my neighborhood last night, and saw this fisherman's awesome display. I want to meet the fuck that did this.fish2 gunz :D