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    Shimano Ocea Jigger 'Limited' 3000 HG (Rare/GOLD)

    Reel Stamas submitted a new listing: Shimano Ocea Jigger 'Limited' 3000 HG (Rare/GOLD) - Shimano Ocea Jigger 'Limited' 3000 HG (Rare/GOLD) Learn more about this listing...
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    Reel Stamas submitted a new listing: WTB- OJ 2K NRHG - WTB- OJ 2K NRHG Learn more about this listing...
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    WTT Trinidad 30A for 16NA/16A/20A

    Reel Stamas submitted a new listing: WTT Trinidad 30A for 16NA/16A/20A - WTT Trinidad 30A for 16NA/16A/20A Learn more about this listing...
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    FS/FT- Accurate Boss Fury FX-500-GS

    Reel Stamas submitted a new listing: FS/FT- Accurate Boss Fury FX-500-GS - FS/FT- Accurate Boss Fury FX-500-GS Learn more about this listing...
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    G. Loomis Popping Fishing Rod PR842S GL3 for Conv. SP Rod Used but not abused G.Loomis GL3 7' UL Spinner Pics available... see link for specs... Looking for a ~150g Conventional SP Rod of ~equal/greater value Might add cash for the right rod Asking $200+Shipping for straight sale
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    Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG

    Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG (My Favorite Slow Pitch Reel) ~8+/10 (Just Serviced). I have 3 of these & have decided to sell the 1 I've used the most (~1-2X/mo. for ~2-3 seasons). Has minor rash which is exaggerated in 1 of the 'close-up' pics, so it will look better (not worse) in person. I just...
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    Shimano Torsa 16N (Nice)

    1) Shimano Torsa 16N w/ No Box / No Clamp / Clean ~8+/10 / Mechanically Perfect... $900-Shipped/PP/FF (or F2F in PCB,FL) PM # for more pics if seriously interested at this price, but these pics tell it all... Not Overly 'Motivated' to Sell, so Price is Firm/No Offers/No Trades/No BS/F2F OK if...
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    2) Shimano TORSA 40s LD (No Boxes)

    2) TORSA 40s (USED) ~8+/10 Cosmetics & ~9/10 Mechanics... Spooled full of Braid & Ready to fish... $800/ea... (The initial reel I listed that needed work is SOLD) Can Text Pics if interested (as many as you want) Also have a ~9/10 C&M TS-16N (No Box/Clamp) for $600
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    DAIWA CATALINA LD-20SH 'Slow Pitch' Reel (New in Box)

    'New in Box' DAIWA CATALINA LD-20SH 'Slow Pitch' Reel = $350-Shipped Lever Drag 116 cm/rotation - Gear ratio: 7.3 Weight: 435 g / Max Drag Force: 10 kg PE thread winding amount (No.-m): 1.5-700 / 2-560 / 3- 350 / 4-280 Spool system: 51 mm / Bearings (ball / roller): 6/1 High strength aluminum...
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    (SOLD on THT)
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    DAIWA LEXA WN 400HS-P Like New w/Box w/40lb Braid

    1) DAIWA LEXA WN 400HS-P Like New w/Box 9+/10 w/40lb Suffix Braid With the power and performance anglers expect from the Lexa series, the Daiwa Lexa WN 400 Casting Reels offer even more comfort and control w/ the addition of custom Winn Grip handles. Built to handle almost anything, the Daiwa...
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    Accurate Tern 300X/400X/500X Reel

    Just missed a nice 300X here for $200 :( If anyone has ~9/10 Accurate Tern '...X' for ~$200 lemme know... (Shipping to PCB,FL.32408 on me) (PayPal or Trades if I happen to have something you need)
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    Daiwa Catalina LD-20SH / Okuma Metaloid 5Ns

    1) 9+/10 Daiwa Catalina LD-20SH Full of Braid (Complete) - $365 (Never Fished) 1) 9+/10 Okuma Andros 5NII No Line (Complete) - SOLD 1) 9/10 Okuma Metaloid 5Ns (Full of Braid/Complete) - $170 (1 Boatride) ConUS Shipping Included- $/PP-Gift as Payment... Buy 2 Reels & take $10 Off total... PICS...
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    or Trade- Shimano Trinidad TN-20 (Gold w/Clamp) Last Reduction $215

    Cosmetics aren't great (scratched/dinged up as seen in pics) but pretty smooth & ready to fish w/new 30# mono. Would Consider Trade for a nice (G1/Old Style) Star Drag Saltiga 30-50, etc... Asking $275-Shipped/PP-Gift but $$$/Trade Offers considered... Reduced $260... $250... $240
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    Pics R Up-Shimano TLD 50-II LRSA w/Braid 9.9/10 FS/T

    Shimano TLD 50-II LRSA w/Braid 9.9/10 FS/T Looking to Sell or Trade a 9.9/10 TLD-50-II LRSA Full of >worth of $100 Braid (No Box/Never fished fr ~9.9/10 Cosmetics & Mechanics) $350-Shipped or Trade for Silver Avet EXW 30-2 or 50-2 or High End Jigging Reel (Conventional/Spinner-prefer Shimano)...
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    Shimano TLD-20-II

    1) Shimano TLD-20-II in good used condition (see pics)- $175-Shipped/PP-FF Works great... Looks like it's caught a lot of fish, but no mechanical issues...
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    USED Shimano Calcutta 400 w/Braid

    Not the prettiest reel (see pics), but smooth & mechanically ~9/10... $150-Shipped/PP-FF
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    Boomer Jr.?

    ~10yrs ago I picked up a ~5' ~100lb class 'Tuna' Rod w/Ring Guides & the only ID says 'Boomer Jr.' I'd really like to get another 1 if it's not too pricey... I have a Torsa 40 on it & I think I could catch damn near anything on it... I have another Torsa 40 that needs a similar rod... Any ideas ???
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    2) Accurate TwinSpin SR-20 Spinning Reels (9/10)

    2) Accurate TwinSpin SR-20 Spinning Reels just back from Accurate's Service Dept. (see receipt) & are Mechanically Perfect & Cosmetically ~9/10... These Reels were very lightly fished Cobia Reels that probably saw less than <10 fish & <20 trips in a rod holder...Fresh 20# Mono & ready to fish...
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    Reduced- 1) Penn International Torque Series TRQ-300 Lever Drag Reel 9/10 Condition = REDUCED*

    2) Penn International Torque Series TRQ-300 Lever Drag Reels 8+/10 Cosmetics $400/1 or $800/BOTH-Shipped/PP-FF (MSRP>$600ea.) Perfect/No Mechanical Issues- (No Boxes/Clamps) Consider Trading for Torsas/Stella SWs in same condition The performance of the award-winning Torque series with a...
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    Value of Newell 546-3.2 ?

    Just picked up ~8+/10 (barely used) Black Newell 546-3.2 w/original Box & some extra washers & a parts reciept from Carl dated '92. I assume '92 (or pre-'92) is a 'No Letter' Series, but honestly I don't even know what that means ??? Trying to assess an average Value from you guys that know...
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    BNiB VS VM-150 & ~9/10 Alutecnos Gorilla 8V

    PRICES ARE FIRM !!! VS Reel is New in Box... Van Staal VM 150 (Full of New ~30-40# Braid, but never mounted on Rod) - $390-Shipped/PP-FF/ConUS-Only Can Email or Text Pics for those not sure what a 'NiB' Reel looks like Alutecnos Gorilla 8V Lever Drag Reel (Spooled w/50lb DBB 6.2/1 ratio ~9/10...
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    AVET PRO EXW 30/2- Silver (SOLD)

    AVET PRO EXW 30/2- Silver in Lightly Used ~8/10 Condition- see pics (no corrosion/normal light scratches from use/some of that is dust & water spots on handle/looks better in person so I took some better pics) No Mechanical Issues (~9/10 Mechanics) full of ~60-80?lb mono (unsure if any backing)...
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    WTB- Accurate 197 or 270 or similar

    Looking for a used (inexpensive) ~high quality small jigging reel, so thought maybe an older 197 or 270 might fit the bill ? I really like my OJ-2K, but not wanting to spend another ~$300-$400 for a back-up Combo... Might end up w/a Maxel Hybrid, etc. if I can't find anything...
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    Duel '12 SPEEDY' Gold High Speed Conventional Reel (Scammer Alert)

    I have an older model gold Duel '12 Speedy' high speed 6:1 reel full of new 50lb Fins 'Shock Absorbing' Braid $250-Shipped-ConUS/PP-Gift/OBO Trades Considered for 'Quality' Sm/Med. Conventional Jigging Reel (+/- Cash)
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    Penn 15KG Two Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reel

    Fin-Nor Marquesa MA30II & Penn 15KG 2-Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reels 2) Used 2-Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reels Fin-Nor Marquesa MA30II ~8+/10 Cosmetics & ~9/10 Mechanics (No Box) Penn Formula 15KG ~7+/10 Cosmetics (as usual w/these) & ~9/10 Mechanics (+/-?Box) Fin-Nor MA30II = SOLD Penn...
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    'BNiB' Shimano Torsa 40

    SOLD-Shipped/PP-(FF/Gift) USPS Insurance extra if requested... >50lbs Drag @ Full !!!
  29. Reel Stamas

    WTT/WTS 'NiB' Penn 555-GS (USA) w/Alan Tani 'Kolekar' Handle Upgrade

    As above... I have 1) 'NiB' Penn 555-GS (USA-Made) w/Alan Tani 'Kolekar' T-Bar Handle Upgrade = $160-Shipped/PayPal Gift... Has been mounted on a few rods in my garage, but never fished/never even on the boat... ?Trade for a ~$150-$200 bottom-fishing reel like a 'used' Cedros 10/12 Star or LD...
  30. Reel Stamas

    'NiB' Penn Fathom FTH15LD for Trade

    Bought 'online on impulse' w/o realizing the size & woud prefer a larger reel. Trade for a larger 'NiB' Penn Fathom (LD or Star, but no LWs / will consider 'LNiB' Full of Braid if ~9+/10) Trade Value ~$150-$175, so what you got ???
  31. Reel Stamas

    WTS/WTT Shimano Trinidad 50

    ~7.5/10 Cosmetics & ~9/10 Mechanics (i.e.- no issues & very smooth) Would prefer to Trade for a nice Torsa (16 & up), Talica II (12 & up), Gorilla (12 & up), Trinidad 40N, Ocea Jigger (3000 & up) or Stella SW 5000... or $425-Shipped-ConUS/PP-Gift
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    Daiwa Saltist 30 TH

    Daiwa Saltist 30TH (High Speed) Freshly Serviced w/New Carbon-Tex/Smoooth Drags & Cal's Grease Smoooooth as New... I haven't used this reel since it was serviced & I have so many reels I can't recall if there's braid under the mono or not ???
  33. Reel Stamas

    'NEW' DAIWA SEALINE 910 (9/0) 'RockCod Special'

    DAIWA SEALINE 910 (9/0) 'RockCod Special' - in Rare 'NEW in BOX' Condition !!! $160-Shipped-ConUS/PP-Gift Box is worn/tattered/taped but Reel is a Perfect 10/10 Trade Value ~$175 if anyone wants to offer anything...
  34. Reel Stamas

    Shimano Talica 20II w/Box/Clamp/etc

    Shimano Talica 20II in Good Used ~8/10 Cosmetic & ~9+/10 Mechanical Condition. Some Typical Nicks & Scratches, etc. from ~a Season of Fishing, but Works perfectly. Box/Papers/etc. included (Spooled w/60lb mono that I plan to remove unless buyer wants it) >$465-Shipped-ConUS/PP-Gift< or Trade...
  35. Reel Stamas

    Penn Torque 25B ~1/2 Price

    A buddy that works at a local Tackle Store called to say they had 3 or 4 New (MSRP~$500) Penn Torque 25B 'Salesmen Sample' Reels on Close-Out for $250 + Tax. If anyone wants 1 for $300-Shipped/PP-Gift let me know & if you send me the $$ I'll get you one (or 2 or ?) I have bought/sold a lot of...
  36. Reel Stamas

    New in Box'- Quantum Aruba PT Trolling Reel Model#ALD20PTs

    1) 'New in Box'- Quantum Aruba PT Trolling Reel Model#ALD20PTs = $315/OBRO-Shipped-ConUS/PP-Gift (Ins.extra if requested) ($310 if East of Miss. R.) ~50lbs Drag @ Strike & ~60lbs Max Drag !!! Tuna Killer (C&P'd from Quantum's Website) Original MSRP ~$450 Aruba PT reels employ the finest...
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    NiB SHIMANO TYR30II Tyrnos 2-Speed Fishing Reel

  38. Reel Stamas

    NEW in BOX- Abu Garcia Revo Toro Fishing Reel 60-HS

    NEW in BOX- Abu Garcia Revo Toro Fishing Reel 60-HS I took it out of the box to fill it up w/ new 40lb Sufix Braid & put it on a Rod in the Rod Rack & can return it to the Box if Sold... Prices on eBay/TD/Amazon ~$275 (w/o the new 40lb Braid) eBay link for TD's specs/price =...
  39. Reel Stamas

    OLD Penn Senator 1/0 'GAME FISH REEL'

    I have an OLD Penn Senator 1/0 'GAME FISH REEL' that works as it should... Drag & Clicker are fine & reel is 'fish-able' (or ready to restore as apparently these 1/0s are relatively rare & have 'Collector' value from what I hear/read ?) $75-Shipped/ConUS/PP-Gift or TRADE for something...
  40. Reel Stamas

    2) Stella 6000FA (HG) Reels w/extra SW6000 Spools INCLUDED in Price

    Stella 6000FA (HG) Reel w/extra SW6000 Spool INCLUDED in Price Planned to keep these through the Spring Cobia Run (Perfect Cobia Reels), but considering raising some funds for something else... Here's my PAIR of Shimano Stella 6000FA Reels (full of 40lb Braid) w/a PAIR of Extra SW6000 Spools...
  41. Reel Stamas

    2-pc Travel/Jigging Rod
  42. Reel Stamas

    OTI 8'6" 40-60lb Tuna Sniper

    OTI 8'6" 40-60lb Tuna Sniper (Spinning) in ~8+/10 Condition... Pics available if SERIOUSLY interested... $300 +ConUS Shipping-PayPal-Gift (or +$10 PP-fee & $5 USPS-Ins. if requested) (Open to Trades for used Torsa/Talica or Trini 40N)
  43. Reel Stamas


    Like the Title (& Label on Rod) says- Graphite-USA (Made in USA) GUSA PREDATOR 7'0" X MEGA-HVY 50-80 LB 4-8 OZ (IMO more like ~200-350g) No flaws/scratches/etc. on the GUSA blank, chrome 3-leg HD Turbo Guides or EVA Foam Normal scratches on the silver all metal Pac Bay reel seat from a reel &...
  44. Reel Stamas

    Torsas 2) 20s & 1) 30

    Finally got a TS40, so I may unload a couple of my smaller Torsas this winter... All Spooled w/80lb Braid & w/Recent 'Platinum' Service - ~10'/10 'Mechanically' & Ready to Fish !!! 1) Torsa 20 (~8/10 Cosmetics) = $425-Shipped/ConUS/PP-Gift No Box & No Clamp Assembly 2) Torsa 20 (~9/10...
  45. Reel Stamas

    AVET T-RX 50W QUAD w/HD 'Unlimited' Clamp Upgrade (~115 lbs of DRAG)

    See C.L. ad for pics if interested... Bought it 'cause it was a deal, but realized I don't really need it... I did buy the 4 Bolt 'Unlimited' 80W HD AVET Clamp Set for ~$50 extra, since the reel didn't have the clamp set & their 50W Clamp Set will not fit a #6 (Unlimited/130lb class) Butt...
  46. Reel Stamas

    Shimano Tiagra 80W- Mechanically 10/10 = JUST SERVICED

    Fresh back from Shimano's Premium Service in Irvine... Shimano Tiagra 80W- New Spool, Bearings, etc. & is now Mechanically ~10/10 (old Spool full of 80 Hi-Vis mono will be included if you want it). Cosmetically an easy ~8/10 (see pics)... $680-Shipped/ConUS/PP-Gift (or +$20 PP fee) Interesting...
  47. Reel Stamas

    No Shipping ??? Really ???

    Are all of you that refuse to ship aware of USPS 'Click-N-Ship' ??? You fill out the form on line, pay on line, print the label & arrange Pick-Up... Saves ~10% off USPS Rates & you never have to leave your house... Stupid easy & increases your potential Buyers by ~1000%
  48. Reel Stamas

    FS- Silver Avet 50/2-SDS 2-Speed w/130 JB HC (w/pics)

    SOLD... Silver (Topless) Avet 50/2-SDS w/130 lb JB HC (>$100 in line, ~8+/10 Cosmetics & ~9+/10 Mechanics) needs a new home... As always- Will trade for a Torsa 40
  49. Reel Stamas

    AVET PRO EXW 4/02 (30W) Silver 2-Speed Conventional Trolling Reel

    Hard to find 'Lightly Used' (no line) AVET PRO EXW 4/02 (30W) Silver 2-Speed Conventional Trolling Reel... ***SOLD*** PM me your email for pics... Reel is ~8/10 Cosmetics & 9+/10 Mechanics (No issues, No corrosion, No deep scratches & No Big Fish have ever tested the drag) Would consider...
  50. Reel Stamas

    3) older AVETs- LX 4.1, JX, & MXL-6 (non-MC)

    AVET- JX (gold) ~8/10 (non-MC)... works perfectly... no line- *REDUCED* $175-Shipped/PP-Gift JX-6 other reels sold...
  51. Reel Stamas

    FS/FT Saltiga 50

    Daiwa Saltiga 50 Star Drag Conventional (~8-/10 Cosmetics & ~9+/10 Mechanics)... $315/Shipped-PP-Gift (or+3%)Nice Reel... Ready To Fish...Will Trade for a used Torsa / Talica / Trini-40N. (+Cash for the right reel)
  52. Reel Stamas

    or FT- AVET Pro EX 4/02 (Silver 2-Spd 30)

    AVET Pro EX 4/02 (Silver 2-Spd 30) Trolling/Chunking Reel (~7+-8/10 Cosmetics & ~9+/10 Mechanics- just serviced) Avet EX = Reg.Width = Avet 30 (the EXW = 30W) (Most will fill w/Braid & as you know the Reg. width reels don't wobble as much & the line lays better on retrieve)...
  53. Reel Stamas

    Pair of nice Lefty Penn 320-GTI Reels

    2) Penn 320-GTI reels... Nothing Special, but they're LEFTYs & in good shape ~8/10 & work as they should. Will sell the pair for $125-Shipped/PP-Gift... Pics available if seriously interested... Will consider trading for a nice Torium or Saltist or Avet or ???
  54. Reel Stamas


    Looking for a DEAL on a TORSA (or 2) almost any size, but prefer 20/30/40 (& not really interested in a 16N unless crazy cheap). PM me your Best Deal... I will consider any condition, as long as condition is reflected in price... Main issue is PRICE (as I will probably send it to Shimano...
  55. Reel Stamas

    STELLA 10kFA Reel & 7) Extra Spools

    UPDATED- Stella 10kFA Reel = SOLD SPOOLS...................................... 3) Stella 10kFA Spools (line removed) = (Reduced- $80/ea. or $225 for all 3 10kFA Spools- no line) 1) Stella 20kFA Spool (Skirt v.slightly bent as in pic, but doesn't rub & mechanically perfect & LIP is perfect)...
  56. Reel Stamas

    Torsa 16-N

    SOLD.... scratches on the side plate (see pics), but mechanically perfect (just back from Shimano Platinum Service) $380-Shipped-ConUS-Priority w/Tracking#/PP-Gift(or +3%)
  57. Reel Stamas

    Penn 113HN 'Baja Special'

    SOLD... ~8/10 Condition (Recently Serviced) Penn 113HN 'Baja Special' for $175-Shipped/PP-Gift (New ~50lb Mono- fished ~1-2x) Comes w/Clamp (No Box)
  58. Reel Stamas

    NEW- Daiwa Saltiga 20 (>$100 OFF)

    SOLD... Saltiga Star Drag 20 (Model-SA20) Retrieve-5.4:1 / 35in. Wt.-15.7 oz. BRAID-yds/lb 330/40 240/50 Retail- $459.95 (per TD website) FS- $350-Shipped/PP-Gift (or +$10 PP fee) BRAND NEW (w/Daiwa Pouch, No Box/Papers) Pics are up... Added a Saltiga Star...
  59. Reel Stamas

    AVET Pro EX 30/2 (Gold w/New Blue Handle/Clamp)

    ~9/10 (Mechanically ~10/10- never fished since serviced) 'Custom' AVET Pro EX 30/2 (Gold w/New Style ~$50 Blue Handle Upgrade/Clamp) spooled full of 40/50 lb. Momoi mono (may have braid backing, but not sure) $350-Shipped/PP-Gift = FIRM Side-plate scratch is superficial & may can be buffed out ?
  60. Reel Stamas

    NiB Talica 16I (w/braid)

    SOLD... Talica 16 ('NiB'- single speed) full of new 65lb Hi-Vis PP braid... Cost ~$500 w/line... $390-Shipped/PP-Gift (pics available, if interested @ this price)
  61. Reel Stamas

    2) Torsa 30s (LNIB)

    I have 2) ~9+/10 Torsa 30s (LNiB)... SOLD...
  62. Reel Stamas

    Alutecnos Gorilla 12 for a Torsa 40

    SOLD...I have ~9/10 Alutecnos Gorilla 12 (full of metered braid) that I'd like to trade for a ~9/10 Torsa 40 (if anyone has a 40 & wants to downsize to one of the best Conventional reels on the market) Pics available if interested... TRADE for Torsa 40 only at this time...
  63. Reel Stamas

    Roddy Rootbeer Trolling Rod Value ???

    Mods- Please Remove... So you guys seem to be pretty knowledgeable re-values of older/collectible rods. Apparently I have ~25yr old American Tackle Corp. ~30-50lb 7' All Aftco- Roller/2pc butt Trolling Rod...
  64. Reel Stamas

    ID help (Truline brown ?) Considering Sale Figured I'd get more eyeballs here vs. Chit-Chat ?
  65. Reel Stamas

    Rod ID ? Old Truline Brown ???

    Got this Trolling Rod from my dad ~20yrs ago. It's ~25+yrs old. Very little writing left, but says Elite... (& I think it says Cocoa Bch, Florida ?) Anyway it's 7' ~30/50lb All Aftco Rollers w/silver 2-pc Aftco Straight Butt. An old Charter Capt.-friend saw it & said it was valuable/collectible...
  66. Reel Stamas

    or Trade- Penn Torque TRQ-300

    SOLD !!! I have a 'like new' ~9/10 Penn Torque TRQ-300 (star drag) for sale or trade. (I don't think it's ever been fished?) No box, but w/clamp. Original Retail- $429.99, but I've seen them on 'Close-out' as cheap as $299.99 +Tax/Shipping... I'll take $265 Shipped/PP'Gift' or add $10 PP fee...
  67. Reel Stamas

    Trini 40 (gold) for Torsa ?

    SOLD... I know it may be a long shot, but I also know there are people looking for gold Trini 40 reels (& prefer Star drags to LDs) so... If anyone has a nice used Torsa (any size) & would like to trade it for a nice used gold Trini 40 (full of braid) let me know... (Sorry, it's NOT a 40N)
  68. Reel Stamas

    Avet SX (blue or gold)

    I have a 'blue' Avet SX w/older/hard handle (~8-/10 due to small 'rash' on top) & a 'gold' Avet SX w/newer/softer handle (~8+ to 9-/10). I'd like to trade 1 of these reels (even) for a larger Avet (any color) in VG (~8-9/10) condition... I'm in FL. Panhandle so shipping required. I recently...
  69. Reel Stamas

    or FT- (used) Trinidad 40 (gold)

    SOLD...-Shipped/PP-Gift (or+3%)... Used (Gold) Trinidad 40 ~7-8/10 Cosmetics & 9/10 Mechanics- (recently serviced by Shimano Irvine) & full of 65lb (or 80lb?) green PP... (NOT a 40N, i.e.- Standard - NOT a Narrow, not an 'N'...) OK, hope that clears that up- LOL:rofl: Trade for a Torsa (any...
  70. Reel Stamas

    AVET Pro EXW 4/02 (Gold w/braid)

    I have a very nice, lightly used (Gold) AVET Pro EXW 4/02 reel (~2/3 full of ~80-100lb PP? & short mono top-shot). Very light scratches/rubs on the left side plate (do not appear to be thru to the metal) & 1 very small area of oxidation on top (inside the left harness lug that might clean off?)...
  71. Reel Stamas

    Penn Int II 80T (80S frame) w/pics

    Very nice (mechanically ~9/10, see pics for cosmetics) Penn Int. II 80T (Single Speed) w/an 80S 1pc frame (see pics) $350 (+$25-Sh/PP) or possible trade for Avet EX50W (other Avet EX reels considered) or Torsa, Talica, Stella, etc... (Missing Rod Clamp/Nuts, but studs are in great shape &...
  72. Reel Stamas

    WTT a Penn 80S for an Avet EXW30/02 or 50

    Got a nice (~8+/10 Cosmetics & ~9+/10 Mechanics) Penn International II 80S Reel for sale/trade (Single Speed- i.e. Internally an 80T- (2nd or 3rd? Gen.)- w/solid 1pc frame, not the older silver cross bars). It's just too heavy for me & I have a spread of Avet 30Ws & 50Ws & would like to trade my...
  73. Reel Stamas

    or trade for an nice used Avet 50/50W

    Looking for 1 (nice/used) Avet 50/02 or 50W/02 (2-Spd) reel (w/braid is a bonus). I'm not looking for a 'new reel' or a 'new reel price'. Would like to pay ~$300 - ~$350 (Shipped/PayPal) depending on condition/line/etc... Prefer SILVER (or GOLD), but I will consider ANY color. Please PM me...
  74. Reel Stamas

    or For Trade- Saltiga Surf 30 Conventional

    I have a 'used' Saltiga 'Surf' 30 Conventional Reel that I just don't need ~8/10 Cosmetics (some scratches on side plate) & >9.5/10 Mechanics (works flawlessly). Comes w/box. Original retail $489.99 price tag on box. On eBay for >$400 (NiB)... Asking = $300 (+Shipping/PayPal +$15 if you want...
  75. Reel Stamas

    'New' Avet 50/2 EX/SDS (Never Spooled)

    'NiB' (Blue) Avet PRO 50/02 EX/SDS= $450 ConUS-Shipped/Priority (+$15'PP Fee' unless sent 'Personal'=No Fee) Will consider trade for a 'NiB' 50/02 EXW or 50/2 EX/SDS in Silver or Gold to match my other reels or ~8-9/10 condition Avet 50/02 EX/EXW + braid &/or cash depending on condition
  76. Reel Stamas

    NiB Torsa 16N & 30 >$200 Below Retail

    'NiB' Torsa 16N = $500 Shipped/ConUS/Priority w/Del.Conf.# 'NiB' Torsa 30 = $525 Shipped/ConUS/Priority w/Del.Conf.# (+$15 PayPal fee. + Ins. at cost if requested) Consider trade for NiB/LNiB Torsa 40 or Talica 20II/25II
  77. Reel Stamas

    NiB Shimano Stradic 1000FI

    I bought a 'NiB' Shimano Stradic 1000FI 'sight unseen' for bay fishing, but I didn't realize it was so much smaller than a 2500FI. If anyone w/a good trading history has a NiB Stradic FI of ANY SIZE (& you want a 1000FI) I'll trade w/you...
  78. Reel Stamas


    Here are a couple of quality 'proven' conventional bottom/jigging reels. Some scrapes & scratches from use (not abuse) & no mechanical issues. Just trying to have matching set-ups & I picked up some nice 'Baja Specials' that will be the boat 'loaners' (replacing these) so I don't have to...
  79. Reel Stamas

    NiB Trini 40 for NiB 40N (or like new w/braid)

    I have a NiB Trini 40 that I'd like to trade for a NiB Trini 40N (or a 'like new' 40N full of braid). Let me know what you got.
  80. Reel Stamas

    or FT Calcutta 700BSV VG Condition

    Still available... $175 + Shipping/PP... OR trade for a larger 'quality' Conventional or Spinner for the GoM... This reel has not been fished since it's last service & the Momoi BD 30lb mono has never been fished... Straight trade for something like a new or like new Baja Special, Saragosa, etc...
  81. Reel Stamas

    Trade NiB Tyrnos 10II & nice C700BSV for 30EXW

    I have a NiB Tyrnos 10II & a very lightly used Calcutta 700BSV (pics on another thread) that I'd like to trade for a new (or very lightly used) Avet 30EXW (might consider 40/02W?). PM me w/offers...
  82. Reel Stamas

    Seeker SL 660HX-6' AR 50-80lb Rod

    Seeker 'All Aftco Roller' Stand-Up Rod (All Black w/some gold thread work). EVA butt & foregrip (not slick-butt) & metal gimbal... Model- SL 660HX-6' AR 50-80 lb. Condition is Good/Used. Mechanically seems fine & rollers seem ok. Cosmetics- a few minor scratches/scrapes from storage/use, but...
  83. Reel Stamas

    Calcutta 700BSV

    Shimano Calcutta 700BSV... Never fished since back from routine (yearly) service w/brand new blue 30lb Momoi Mono... ~9.5/10 Mechanical & ~8/10 Cosmetic (minor scratches, no corrosion)... Reduced= $200 Shipped/PayPal... Pics posted... Thanks...
  84. Reel Stamas

    Torsa 16 w/wo OTI 300gm rod

    Torsa 16 w/80lb PP- lightly used w/normal scratches on the side-plate- (as is pretty common w/these reels)... Great Jigging/Bottom-fishing reel... I have a TS20 & 30 (& they're awesome), but I plan to use my Stella for Jigging, so the TS16 can go... No extra Cams, original LRS Cam only...
  85. Reel Stamas

    or FT 2) Cabo Bait Teaser Spinners 60 & 80

    Cabo CST80PTs Bait Teaser... New in Box $185 + $15 ConUS-Shipping/PP fee Cabo CST60PTs Bait Teaser... Used 2x w/extra spool $185 + $15 ConUS-Shipping/PP fee I just got these, but I've decided to try to sell some spinning reels & buy a Stella. I think these were 'display' models, as the boxes...
  86. Reel Stamas

    5) Penn Formula 15 KG 2-Speed Reels

    Mechanically 9+/10 & cosmetically 7+/10. (If you're familiar w/these reels, you know the slick/shiny finish of these graphite reels scratched VERY easily, which is why the GLD series has a dull finish). Nice 30lb class trolling reels w/the same internals as the Penn Internationals... Original...
  87. Reel Stamas

    Calcutta 700 TE

    SOLD...Shimano Calcutta 700 TE (The Good One that retails for ~$400). Lightly used (~10x) on Snapper, etc... Never stressed on anything >10lbs... $265 Shipped ConUS Priority w/Tr# (+$10 PayPal unless 'gift' or 'buyer' pays fee). Price is FIRM so no 'offers' @ this time... PM me your email & I...
  88. Reel Stamas

    JDM Shimano Ocea Jigger EV 3000 HG

    sold... Shimano Ocea Jigger EV 3000 HG (Used) 7+/10 Cosm.(some paint nicks/boat rash) & 9+/10 Mech. (no issues)= $200 + Shipping/PayPal (or might consider trade for Penn Torque/30SW or partial trade for Shimano Torsa/Talica/Tiagra)...
  89. Reel Stamas

    or FT= NEW Daiwa SL-T 20 GOLD Reel (w/PICS)

    Surely somebody wants a Daiwa SL-T 20lb (GOLD) Trolling Reel & wants to save ~$150 on a ~$500 reel... This reel is BNiB & retails for ~$500 spooled/tax/shipping/etc... I will take $300 (+$25 Shipping/PayPal fee) so that's = $325 Total for a BRAND NEW in BOX ~$500 reel spooled w/50lb silver...
  90. Reel Stamas

    Gulf Coaster selling BNIB Talica 16 II

    OK guys... I recently bought a Shimano Talica 16 II that's never been out of the box... I just want to get my money back... Paid $500+tax... I'll take $500 (same price they're listed for on Ebay) & I'll pay Priority Flat Rate Shipping & I'll eat the PayPal fee... I'll even throw in a new reel...
  91. Reel Stamas

    or FT Accurate B-665 HXC w/ Braid VGC

    Accurate B-665 HXC w/ ~65lb braid in VGC... 1st $275 Shipped/PayPal...
  92. Reel Stamas

    4) Solid F/G Vintage All Roller Rods- OBO...

    $200-OBO- I bought these used Trolling Rods ~5yrs ago, but I don't use them so OBO... 4) 6'6" (Vintage) Solid F'glass ~20(40)60lb? all Aftco rollers w/wooden butts... It appears they were apparently refinished w/a red elastomeric paint/coating. No spec info on rods, but I'd say they're ~40lb...
  93. Reel Stamas

    or FT/ Daiwa SLT Gold 20 2-Spd (NEW)

    Beautiful (New in Box) Daiwa Sealine Tournament 20 2-Spd (Gold) Spooled w/ New Blue 50lb Mono retails ~$475 + line, 1st $350 (including Priority Shipping/PayPal fees) or TRADE for nice Talica II / Stella 8000+ (FA or newer)/ Torsa, Avet 30EXW (30 or 50SDS?), Tiagra 30/30W ?
  94. Reel Stamas

    Have LLS 12 or CFS Cam... Need BFS 50 Cam

    I need a BFS 50 Cam for TS 16/20/30 & I have either a LLS 12 or a CFS Cam to trade for a BFS 50. If you have BFS 50 & want to sell at a nice discount I will buy it- if you don't want to trade...
  95. Reel Stamas

    RayMarine L760/770 Pathfinder+ (HSB2)

    Looking for reasonably priced & good working RayMarine Pathfinder+ L760 (or L770) HSB2 compatible b/c mine has a dead port? & my new DSM-300 won't work...
  96. Reel Stamas

    AVET HX 5/2 Blue 400yds JB Solid- 4 Talica II

    BRAND NEW in Box- Retail ~$475(+tax/shipping) w/JB per Charkbait...($450 Shipped/PayPal) Reduced- $425...
  97. Reel Stamas

    Daiwa Sealine SLD-20II (2-spd) Used

    1) Daiwa Sealine SLD-20II in good used condition... Mechanically seems ~perfect 9+/10 (no mechanical issues that I can find)... 2-speed shifting is smooth- as is drag. Loaded w/new 50lb Ande Clear... Some paint loss/minor corrosion as seen in pics, but overall a nice 20lb class 2-speed reel- See...
  98. Reel Stamas

    2) Penn Jigmasters

    1) Black Jigmaster 500 w/ non-metal spool...SOLD... 1) Red Jigmaster 500S w/ chromed spool... ...includes Shipping/PayPal to lower 48... Trades Offers Considered ???
  99. Reel Stamas

    2) Quantum Iron IR 425 CX Conventionals

    2) Quantum Iron IR 425 CX Conventionals 'BRAND NEW IN BOX' $150 SHIPPED/PAYPAL FOR THE PAIR OBO... Sweet little 'SaltWater Grade' Non-LW Conventional Reels at a great price... Boxes are 'shop-worn', but reels have never been spooled, mounted, or fished...
  100. Reel Stamas

    NEW STAR HandCrafted B50/100 WOHC ROD

    New 2pc 5'10" Stand-Up Trolling/Sword Rod #B50/100 WOHC Stuart Butt/ All Wind-On (Oversized) Aftco Rollers 50-100lb.line... Retails for $399.95+tax. 1st $275 Shipped/Paypal...Can Email pics to anyone seriously interested in this beautiful rod... Consider trade for a NEW TN40N, AVET HOO-X RAPTOR...
  101. Reel Stamas

    2)Penn Formula 50-100lb 4960 HIST Rods

    These 2) Penn Formula 4960 HIST 50-100lb Trolling RODs have been in my garage for a few years, so they might have a small scratch or 2, but they've NEVER been fished (or even been on a boat)... Retail=$169.99... Replaced in the Penn line by the International that retails for $199.99 & up... I'll...
  102. Reel Stamas

    4) Saltists New & Used 50H/T & 40T

    ALL SOLD... BLACK (NEW-w/'wrong' Box) Saltist 50SHS= $175 Shipped This reel is brand new but it did not have a box. It did not come w/a clamp. I have a Daiwa ST50H Box that I will ship it in & I had a used Daiwa rod clamp that I put on the reel. The reel was mounted on a rod, but has never been...
  103. Reel Stamas

    or FT Trinidad TN 30 'used/not abused'

    SOLD...$250 Shipped/PP... or trade for nice TN 40N or any Torsa & ??pay some $$?? depending on condition...
  104. Reel Stamas

    SALTIST STT 50 (50T) NEW-in-BOX $160

    New-in-Box... SALTIST 50 (STT50) (T=torque) $160 Shipped/PP to lower 48 in a Priority Flat Rate Box & includes the PayPal fees... Consider trade for a nice ~600g Conventional Jigging Rod for a Torsa or a 7.5' - 8' Popper for a Talica or Stella... I'm in PCB,FL. so shipping will be likely since...
  105. Reel Stamas

    or FT Penn 50 SW (Cheap & New Pics)

    $240 Shipped/PayPal... Clicker works but may need minor repair... Threads where rod clamp should attach are corroded away & could be re-tapped for larger screws, but this is the only area of significant corrosion. Otherwise min/mod corrosion & minor corrosion on the chromed parts. Shifter, gears...
  106. Reel Stamas

    2) Penn 4/0 MTL w/ 80lb Daiwa Boat Braid (Perfect)

    These Penn Senator 113H 4/0 METAL (113MTL) reels cannot have been used more than 1-2x (maybe never as I haven't fished them). These reels retail for ~$240-250 ea. & the braid cost ~$50/reel... I'm asking $500 OBO for the pair (includes Shipping/Insurance/PayPal fees). These reels are in the...
  107. Reel Stamas

    Shimano BFS 50 Drag Cam for T20-T30

    WTB a Shimano Torsa (TS20/TS30) BFS 50 DRAG CAM!!! They're ~$50 everywhere & I was wondering if someone has 1 sitting around collecting dust... Let me know if you have 1 to sell at a decent discount (Torsa 40 / TS40 Cam will NOT work in my TS20/TS30).
  108. Reel Stamas

    2) Penn Formula 10 KG (2-speed) Trolling Reels

    I have a nice 'used w/boxes' pair of Penn Formula 10KG (2-speed lever-drag) Trolling Reels for sale or 'high-end' trade. They are just back from clean/grease/service & work great... I prefer to sell both for $300 including Shipping/Paypal (for the pair)... I might consider a Torsa 16 or 20...
  109. Reel Stamas

    Shimano, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Penn, etc...

    I have 3) New-in-Box reel left for sale & a couple of Conventional reels (new & used)... Buyer pays Cash F2F in Panama City Beach, FL. or $15-20 Shipping/Pp fees from P.C.B., FL to lower 48... 1) Shimano 6500 B SOLD 1) Shimano 12000FA SOLD 1) Fin-Nor Ahab 16 SOLD 1) Fin-Nor 8500 OS...