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  1. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    Who's In? The Ruby Coho will be heading for Port Townsend Thursday morning, Hopefully in time to get moorage.
  2. reelchrome

    Business opportunity

    I am looking for a Fishermen Tech guy! Must be a fishermen on any level, developer, engineer, ui/ux designer, professional or hobie level ok, I am Looking for someone in the seattle area to meet with, bounce ideas, get opinions, for an up and coming fishing related technology company...
  3. reelchrome

    Split a Cabo charter boat ?

    I am looking to fish in Cabo wednesday or thursday (10/19 or 10/20) need 2 to 5 more people to fill a charter boat and split the cost. Pm me if your interested
  4. reelchrome

    "News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon" Locked ?

    What does it mean when a thread is locked? I wanted to through in my 2 cents on the "News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon" Shouldn't they have made that announcement before 4/1 when everyone bought licences ? how bout those folks that only fish...
  5. reelchrome

    Seaswirl Striper WA 2100 (1998)

    1998 Seaswirl Striper 21' walk around cuddy, powered by a 98 200 hp Johnson *tower with 4 rocket launchers, *(new) full enclosed canvas with clear side curtains *2 scotty downriggers *lowrance HDS 7 * Lowrance vhf * Led Deck lights *shorelander trailer Title in Hand ASKING 17,500 will...
  6. reelchrome

    Saltwater Area 6 Halibut

    Got out there at daylight both Friday and Saturday, fished till about three on Friday and ended up with 2 small ones, (low 20's probably) Saturday went out and got sick of the heavy chop around 10;30 and headed in with 0....both days a little rough, hopefully better at La Push this weekend .
  7. reelchrome

    Saltwater Buts and Bugs

    Decided to not do the Derby so we launched out of Sequim on Saturday to avoid the crowds, Had a Good friend from San Diego, up to Visit, his Girlfriend and my Wife and had to show them what we're all about up here, dropped some pots first thing and after fighting some current for a couple hours...
  8. reelchrome

    Saltwater BC Halibut 3/23

    Finally made it across the border for halibut for the first time, weather was awesome left Port Angels around 6:45 am on Saturday Fished Constance bank and picked up one on the drift after anchoring in the morning with no success, it was my buddy's first halibut, so congrats Lon!
  9. reelchrome

    BC Halibut, Who's goin?

    I am heading out For the BC opener, for the first time, (22-23rd) any Tips will be appreciated, Has anybody herd about long liners in the eastern straits?
  10. reelchrome

    Saltwater MA-6 Sat-Sun

    Fished out of P/A on Saturday and Sunday, left the dock on Saturday at 4:25 had gear in the water at 4:45 and had the first on on before 5, it was a wild so it went back, 10 minutes later rod goes off again, it was a hatchery so it got whacked, The Bite continued for a good 3-4 hours by 9 we...
  11. reelchrome

    Saltwater La Push 5/19 (first post)

    Went out to La push Saturday with what seemed like every other boat in the state for the lake like conditions. started at the rock pile since the boat has never been to the sw corner and didn't know if we had the range, banged out 6 mice lings by 10 and still registered a full tank we decide to...
  12. reelchrome

    Looking for a local Tower fabricator?

    can anyone recommend a good hardtop/tower/arch fabricator in the Puget sound area? Thanks
  13. reelchrome

    Open seat?

    I am coming down from Seattle to visit some family next door to the Oxnard Marina If any one has an open seat or possibly 2 I'd be happy to buy Gas, Looking to fish Tuesday 6-7 Thanks!