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  1. sierraazuel

    Mini surface irons

    Sea Strike also made a mini jig when Joe Pfister owned them prior to Catchy Tackle. I'll have to rummage thru my boxes of jigs to find them.
  2. sierraazuel

    Loreto April 29th - may 3rd

    Spring time yellowtail fishing in Loreto on lures! Luhr Jensen Krocodiles!!
  3. sierraazuel

    Calico fishing near Ensenada. Panga/Guide?

    Vonny's guides know the area like the back of their hand and a few of them are second-generation guides.
  4. sierraazuel

    American Tackle Complimentary Samples!!!

    Thanks for the reel seat can't wait to use on my next build.
  5. sierraazuel

    ALPs footpedal

    Check this foot pedal at Amazon ~ Foredom Control, Variable Speed, Foot Pedal, Plastic, SR, L, 3 Prong - C-FCT-1 Brand: Foredom
  6. sierraazuel

    EX D8 🐟

    Bump for jiggyn...
  7. sierraazuel

    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Back in the early 90's...
  8. sierraazuel

    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Many great wahoo trips with Riddler on PS. Remember waiting out a couple of hurricanes at Guadalupe Island catching YFT & big YT then heading to the ridge and catching wahoo and on the return trip catching albacore, those were the Dazes!!
  9. sierraazuel

    Wahoo line choice...

    Has anyone tried using a short piece of 130/ 150# spectra tied directly to 2/0 for wahoo bait fishing?
  10. sierraazuel

    Intrepid food porn

    Food has been that way from day one on the Intrepid starting with Javier...
  11. sierraazuel

    Delete ~ Remove

    Reel sold Admin Please delete post...
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    Delete ~ Remove

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    Delete ~ Remove

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    Click on his name Blue Frontier then look for conversation and click on that it should be there.
  15. sierraazuel

    gudebrod thread Lots

    Pictures of extra spools... Thanx
  16. sierraazuel


    X2. John of Blue Pacific Tackle is on an 8 day that returns on Sunday morning, he may not reply to any emails till then.
  17. sierraazuel

    Wahoo wire live bait leaders

    Nice haywire twists...😉
  18. sierraazuel

    Delete ~ Remove

    : farmer ::nutkick:
  19. sierraazuel

    MAK 20 and 30

    Road Trip...
  20. sierraazuel

    Delete ~ Remove

    Thank you for that tip Gary! Milo
  21. sierraazuel

    Penn Fathom FTH25N gen1

    Looks like Meridian, Idaho...
  22. sierraazuel

    Delete ~ Remove

    Thank you for bump Bigfishhateme!!
  23. sierraazuel

    Vagabond Trip 34

    Have a great trip, Mike!
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    Delete ~ Remove

  25. sierraazuel

    Oct 10-18 RR3 trip:Need help!

    Start drinking :hali_olutta:
  26. sierraazuel


    He has had them for a long time!
  27. sierraazuel

    Delete ~ Remove

    Baker 12 SOLD
  28. sierraazuel

    Hoo ammo

    FYI ~ What you see is only a fraction of the wahoo gear he has but after two strokes he has trouble walking without assistance yet he continues to build some unbelievable custom rods...
  29. sierraazuel

    Hoo ammo

    Bump for fullfrzr...
  30. sierraazuel

    trinidad 20A and Okuma Makaira 8Sea

    You should dm your offer to Andre...
  31. sierraazuel

    BNIB Mak 50 SEA silver

    Someone who takes great care of their fishing gear! And at a great price to!
  32. sierraazuel

    Smartphone vs. Laptop Info

    I have a question for you all that use a smartphone to monitor BD. Do the replies and views show up on your screen? Yep.
  33. sierraazuel

    Personal Pillows

    What type of filler material do you use?
  34. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  35. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  36. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  37. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  38. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  39. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  40. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    Thank you for reply to my question.
  41. sierraazuel

    Pole for a 15XNLD2.

    What pole would be recommended for a 15XNLD2? Reel will have solid spectra 50 or 60. Topped with 40,50 mono. I have a 670H I was considering? TIA for answers
  42. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx Kimbo...
  43. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

  44. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Here it goes again...
  45. sierraazuel

    Penn Torque 40NLD2*

    Jim's a Great Seller...
  46. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Here we go again TtT...
  47. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx for bump...
  48. sierraazuel

    Okuma pch xxh

    TtT for Kimbo...
  49. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    6465xh still available. Great Yo ~Yo rod.
  50. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    El Bulto...
  51. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    El Chichon
  52. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    El Bache...
  53. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thank you Steve K for the bump...
  54. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx Hot Tuna!! Jorma Kaukonen (guitarist/vocals) and Jack Casady (bassist).
  55. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    10/4 keep me posted...
  56. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanks jiggyn...
  57. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx Kimbo...
  58. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanks man...
  59. sierraazuel


    Great seller buy with confidence...
  60. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    TtT still available...
  61. sierraazuel

    Okuma pch xxh

    Bump for kimbo...
  62. sierraazuel

    Best Wishes For Pappy

    Well said...
  63. sierraazuel

    Accurate 870’s and 270 for sale

    Roseville ~ Sacramento area...
  64. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx man...
  65. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

    Thanx Jimal!!
  66. sierraazuel

    She Gone!

  67. sierraazuel

    Factory Wrapped Super Seeker 2x4 SOLD

    Back at you Tony. Enjoy rod...
  68. sierraazuel


    Great price on a killer wahoo reel...
  69. sierraazuel

    Watch for our biggest sale ever to start tonight.

    Great company and owner. John also a great fisherman and person...
  70. sierraazuel

    ID these hooks please

    Mustad 3997...
  71. sierraazuel

    The smallest Jr.6X YOU WILL EVER SEE!!

  72. sierraazuel

    Jig walls

    Picture of my jig wall or as I refer to it My Wall Of Voodoo!
  73. sierraazuel

    Going to Ensenada this weekend 2/7 - 2/9

    X2 on Vonny's guides they know the area very well.
  74. sierraazuel

    DIY Jigbox

    Great idea, nice looking!
  75. sierraazuel

    Thank you Accurate

    Prayers for Ray to make his come back.
  76. sierraazuel

    Truline tnt for sale

    Won't last long!
  77. sierraazuel

    Penn International 16 vis upgrading drags

    Here you go, or
  78. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: TtT for Mr. Tuttle :jig:
  79. sierraazuel

    PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    Bump To Top for St. Jude and the Kids!! Let's keep this going.
  80. sierraazuel

    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    Just received 2.0 version of knot puller looks great can't wait to try out. Thanx Matt!!
  81. sierraazuel

    Suggestions for my 1st Wahoo Trip

    Patience lotsa of Patience.
  82. sierraazuel

    JRI Surface Iron's

    Great seller! :jig:
  83. sierraazuel

    TADY 9s

    Great seller, buy with confidence.
  84. sierraazuel


    Great seller! Fast shipping!!
  85. sierraazuel


    Check yer Pm
  86. sierraazuel


    Pm on lot 4
  87. sierraazuel

    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    Nice write up Gary. Great sharing rail with you and talking fishing tackle.
  88. sierraazuel

    Komoto SS rod clamp

    Check your PM.
  89. sierraazuel

    Komoto SS rod clamp

    Duran clamp easy to use! I have Duran Clamp on my Komodo 463 with Cortez handle on a GUSA Monster greatest setup for flying bait.
  90. sierraazuel

    Flying Gaff

    Statistico = Great Seller ~ Well Maintained Gear!
  91. sierraazuel

    1st gen Zebco

    Will you accept bitcoin as payment?
  92. sierraazuel

    2 speed "Level Wind"

    Ambassador use to make one, but it was more like a 6500 size.
  93. sierraazuel

    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    Durans clamp best and easiest to install. Have small clamp on my Komodo 463 mounted to a old GUSA Monster, school tuna and wahoo killer!
  94. sierraazuel

    1/2 day success with kids

    Nice job Jerry and Dad!
  95. sierraazuel


    :jig:Bump for Sigmund...:goldfish:
  96. sierraazuel

    SKB BOXES 7100 & 7200

    I’ll have too keep and eye out next time at hardware store?
  97. sierraazuel

    SKB BOXES 7100 & 7200

    Like the caps on 7100 rod holders to raise box, what are they and where did you get them? Thanx
  98. sierraazuel


    Ed Robison AKA Whopper Stopper. (951) 369-1531. Ed lives in Riverside
  99. sierraazuel

    Rod repair

    Ed Robison AKA Whopper Stopper. (951) 369-1531. Ed lives in Riverside
  100. sierraazuel

    OTI OceanXtreme 765S Popping Rod $175

    Move cursor to his name, then use start conversation.
  101. sierraazuel

    OTI OceanXtreme 765S Popping Rod $175

    Maybe get a response to your offer if you PM ARi
  102. sierraazuel

    Surface iron set

    Great price GLWS!
  103. sierraazuel


    Got some ~ Thanx BD!
  104. sierraazuel

    18' Cold Shrink Tubing

    Got some ~ Thanx BD!
  105. sierraazuel


    Thanx Hector I’ll check that out.
  106. sierraazuel

    18' Cold Shrink Tubing

    Gary ~ Thanx for heads up! Ordered...
  107. sierraazuel

    18' Cold Shrink Tubing

    Please Delete
  108. sierraazuel


    Please Delete.
  109. sierraazuel

    Nicropress Crimper

    Great deal for someone. Do you have any Nico sleeves?
  110. sierraazuel

    Fishdog Tady 45’s

    Nice set of jigs Gary!
  111. sierraazuel


    Great Baja Book!
  112. sierraazuel

    Rocket Launchers for SKB Box

    Try here ~
  113. sierraazuel

    Why wait for the funeral ?

    X2 on Wayne Martin! AkA Sunshine!
  114. sierraazuel

    3 wahoo megabaits

    Bump for a great seller.
  115. sierraazuel

    candybar 112 and a 200

    Bump for a great seller.
  116. sierraazuel

    saltwater krocs

    Bump for a great seller. Nice looking jigs El Rey. If I didn't all ready have too many Crocs I’d be all over these!
  117. sierraazuel

    Super Seeker 2x4 like new

    Duke, Thanx for rod great meeting up with you. Great seller, very nice SS.
  118. sierraazuel

    Rainshadow 84xxh

    Line rating of the blank, please.
  119. sierraazuel

    Makaira Gold 2 speeds- 10II & 15II

    Great seller! Equipment is well taken care of buy with confidence.
  120. sierraazuel

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    :puff:SOLD ~ WOO HOO:ele:
  121. sierraazuel

    Cortez Sportfishing

    Great Captain, crew, and boat. Jim goes the extra mile to put his customers on fish. Many a great tuna trips, Bluefin or yellowfin!
  122. sierraazuel

    Hooks for Slow Pitch Jigging

    Any 7/0, 8/0, 9/0 or 10/0?
  123. sierraazuel

    ATD 30 for sale

    Should move the post to Rod and Reels.
  124. sierraazuel

    Talica 20 II

    Nice meeting Ton. Great seller!
  125. sierraazuel


    Great jig heads. Great communication. Buy with confidence. Yes, Jose’ ships.
  126. sierraazuel

    Loretto fishing help

    Yep, I remember that place.
  127. sierraazuel

    Loretto fishing help

    Kub, we did the exact same thing! We would spend a whole month at the Oasis fishing and exploring. We then started spending more time at La Rivera. Like the way, Ismael used landmarks to find reefs. A lot of fond memories from those dazes.
  128. sierraazuel

    Loretto fishing help

    Haven't been to Loreto since 03'. He's one of the best guides I have ever had the pleasure to fish with.
  129. sierraazuel

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    Bump for a friend and a nice truck.
  130. sierraazuel

    Box Of Rapalas.

    Killer deal at $50.00. Great seller buy with confidence. I have way to many rapalas that I don't use or I’d be all over this.
  131. sierraazuel

    Tady and Salas Jigs.

    Great seller buy with confidence. Fair price for lures!
  132. sierraazuel

    S533-5.5- Gone

    Great price from a Great Seller. Won't last too long at that price!
  133. sierraazuel

    Technique Index

    I wonder!
  134. sierraazuel

    *Newells for Sale

    Bump for Jim :cheers:
  135. sierraazuel

    Marking spectra

    Now that's a simple but great idea!
  136. sierraazuel

    Tiagra, Avet 4/02, Pro Gears

    Has Baker 4 been update prior to John closing shop?
  137. sierraazuel

    If anyone is willing please give me some tips on slinging iron

    As it was explained to me by The Riddler many many years ago, "you can't miss the water"
  138. sierraazuel

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Western Angler great tackle store!!
  139. sierraazuel

    looking to buy several doz. Cloth rod covers

    Robert, Search for Custom Rod Socks and see if Kevin is still making them.
  140. sierraazuel

    Had to do it...

    Outstanding as always!
  141. sierraazuel

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Anyone of those will work!
  142. sierraazuel

    Calcutta 400d and Phenix Ultra swimbait rod $350 obo

    Matt, Thanx for rod and reel! Great seller who takes great pride in his fishing equipment!!
  143. sierraazuel


    I'm Happy!
  144. sierraazuel

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Nice video Gary! Have Croc's I would like for you to paint. Milo
  145. sierraazuel

    okuma rod for Komodo 471

    Thank You!
  146. sierraazuel

    Crimper Recommendation

    order from here ~ or call (818) 567-3000.
  147. sierraazuel

    Vintage Pics

    Very Nice Mike!
  148. sierraazuel


    Great seller with clean gear at a great price.
  149. sierraazuel

    Braid 10.5" & Strike Pro 12.5" Marauder Trio

    Great seller with clean gear at a great price.
  150. sierraazuel


    Great seller with clean gear at a great price.
  151. sierraazuel

    Please exercise caution my friends

    ;) QUOTE="wahoodad, post: 4686348, member: 216"]Some important things to consider when postings trip pictures/reports As you may or may not know, Long Range fishing as we know it is under intense scrutiny from the authorities south of the border. The areas that we are allowed to fish today are...
  152. sierraazuel

    Talica II 20, 25, PCH Rods, Fathoms

    Great seller. Items as described. Buy with confidence fellas.
  153. sierraazuel

    okuma rod for Komodo 471

    What size Komodo on 801XH?
  154. sierraazuel

    ABU Garcia Revo NaCl 50 Price Drop

    Great seller guys buy with confidence.
  155. sierraazuel


    Wondered who or what that was!
  156. sierraazuel

    Blue 2x4 and Makaira 30

    Great seller guys. But I think we all know that.
  157. sierraazuel

    Estate Sale continued...squid jigs and candy catchers

    Styx, You are doing a good deed for Lee's Widow.
  158. sierraazuel

    Phenix Ultra Swim Bait Classic 800H

    Thanx Eric for rod! Perfect condition.
  159. sierraazuel

    Okuma 364SS / PRICE DROP

    Great meeting you Eric reel is just as described.
  160. sierraazuel


    Deckhand or reel seat?
  161. sierraazuel

    Thinking about going to Vonnys in Punda Bunda. I was told there is a hotel there with a bar and ent

    Just returned from fishing with Vony's on Wednesday, no Hotels by Vony's, just camping. Call or email Ivan at Vony's he has a couple of motorhomes he lets his clients use. There is a Hotel Punta Bunda east of Vony's but I wouldn't recommend staying there, run down. Can camp at La Joya or...
  162. sierraazuel

    Penn112H 3/0 Newell Kit Like New

    Great reel! killed many wahoo and bluefin back in the 80’s! Still have both of mine in my reel safe one with a Newell kit, just like Jeff’s and the other with a full Accurate kit.
  163. sierraazuel

    still had one left, the utinsel Baja YT jig.

    Very nice! Lures built from kitchen utensils, tools, rebar are wonderful. My favorite one is The Church Key lure.
  164. sierraazuel

    Surface/Heavy iron in OC

    X2 on what he said! o_O
  165. sierraazuel


  166. sierraazuel

    Vonnys fleet price?/ campo 7

    X2 on Beto, I fished with him last Wednesday and the Wednesday before most incredible Calico Bite I have ever had both dazes all on swimbaits! First Wed. all big Calico nothing smaller than 4# caught and released a couple of Calicos close to 8#. Caught Halibut, Red Rock Cod and Corvina and bone...
  167. sierraazuel

    Saving The World From Skynet one day @ a time.

    Saving The World From Skynet one day @ a time.
  168. sierraazuel

    Grommet and rings

    Are you selling hooks pictured and if so at what price? Thx
  169. sierraazuel

    xxx delete

    Sheldon, Thank you for the update on that crazy little guy.
  170. sierraazuel

    xxx delete

    Great seller. Picture of Dusty AKA Pyscho Dog may help with the selling of rods. And how is that crazy dog? :evilimu:
  171. sierraazuel

    SKB 7000 sold

    Sold = Woo-Hoo!!
  172. sierraazuel

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Jose, Ditch the glow beads and sleeving loops.
  173. sierraazuel

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    It’s all about personal preference, some only use pink or purple others it's some type of combo of red and orange and others it's all chrome
  174. sierraazuel

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Jose may also want to make 4 oz heads to when the wahoo want something smaller.
  175. sierraazuel

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Green = Dorado
  176. sierraazuel

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Those bomb heads look great! Any in green? Thnx
  177. sierraazuel

    Old Irons

    Bump for a great seller. :jig:
  178. sierraazuel


    Bump for Mr. EL Rey :jig:
  179. sierraazuel

    Group of VETERANS who want to FISH..

    Thank you and all fellow servicemen for their service to our country. Thanx, Milo
  180. sierraazuel

    Heavy Krocodile Spoons - 5oz - 7oz

    You are welcome EL Rey thanx for the Krocs. Always great visiting with you.:jig:
  181. sierraazuel

    Avet EXW 4/0 2 LEFTY price drop

    Bump for equipment that is well-taken care of.
  182. sierraazuel

    Salty Dog Rail Rods

    Great gear from a fisherman who takes care of his gear. Buy wit confidence ...
  183. sierraazuel

    Fishing Swap Meet Feb 10th

    Frank, Keep an eye on that black dog he sometimes has a crazy mean streak. He attack a garbage truck wheel one time.
  184. sierraazuel

    San Diego Vintage Fighting Belt

    Was there earlier this year Norm and his mom are still there but shop no longer exist. Not like the old dazes when you picked up belt and harness and Norm had you hooked up to fork lift to get belt and harness dialed in. Still have my harness and a couple of belts.
  185. sierraazuel

    Candybar Starman 150's

    Theres Mr. Jig.
  186. sierraazuel

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I asked same question here is the response; "It would be the power handle for the the Tranx 400HG. Just don’t forget about the screw also because the Komodo screw will not fit the Tranx handle".
  187. sierraazuel

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Buy before they are gone!
  188. sierraazuel

    Peugeot Bicyle

    Steel or aluminum tubing and height of frame? Manufacture of front and rear derailleurs? Brakes center pull or side pull? Have more pictures? Thanx
  189. sierraazuel

    Looking to buy custom rods Anyone out there?

    Ed @ Whopper Stopper ~ 951-318-6523.
  190. sierraazuel

    Flat Fall Rig

    X2 ;)
  191. sierraazuel

    Knots for heavy leader

    Spangler Knot.
  192. sierraazuel

    Swimbait rods and reels.

    Great Seller to work with, good deal on Komodo. Fast shipping!! Thanx Nick for reel.
  193. sierraazuel

    tuna feathers-SOLD

    Sunday Bump :720icon:
  194. sierraazuel

    tuna feathers-SOLD

    Great gear from a great seller.
  195. sierraazuel

    FS Truline D8 reduced SOLD

    Back to Top for Tunaguy 664.
  196. sierraazuel

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    What he said.
  197. sierraazuel

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Search for post in Long Range Forum posted by Mark Mayo on wahoo crimps.
  198. sierraazuel

    Wtb: trolling wahoo lures

    I'll take either Pink and Black!
  199. sierraazuel

    Rod swap?

    Check your PM...
  200. sierraazuel

    SKB 7100 F/S

    That didn't take too long!
  201. sierraazuel

    WTB Truline RD8

    Saturday morning bump :Zombie_Ro
  202. sierraazuel

    3 Phenix Rods , 1 Shikari Rod, 2 Komodo SS 463P's

    John, Nice meeting you thanx for 463, great seller with some very nice gear.
  203. sierraazuel

    Shimano Great response from Shimano!

    Now that's a Holy Shit moment!
  204. sierraazuel

    Shimano Great response from Shimano!

    Now that's a Holy Shit moment!
  205. sierraazuel

    Shimano Great response from Shimano!

    Try Tiburon reel clamps that slide over frame or if you can find them Shimano reel clamps. I have Tib reel clamps on mine 40n's they work great on my TNT's DH rods for wahoo.
  206. sierraazuel

    Shimano Great response from Shimano!

    "for one of my Trinidad 40 Narrows"?
  207. sierraazuel


    Great Buyer...
  208. sierraazuel


    Thanx Mike, now put her to good use.
  209. sierraazuel


  210. sierraazuel


    Check your PM...
  211. sierraazuel


    :Smoke_Emoticon: Drop...
  212. sierraazuel


  213. sierraazuel


  214. sierraazuel


  215. sierraazuel


    Looks like Dusty got trim. BUMP.
  216. sierraazuel


  217. sierraazuel


  218. sierraazuel


  219. sierraazuel


  220. sierraazuel


    Check your PM...
  221. sierraazuel


  222. sierraazuel


  223. sierraazuel


  224. sierraazuel


  225. sierraazuel


    UP ~ :profile:
  226. sierraazuel


    Price dropped...
  227. sierraazuel

    Spectra hollow to hollow connections

    What he said...
  228. sierraazuel


    Thanx Jeff...
  229. sierraazuel


  230. sierraazuel

    FS Calstar GG90J

    good price from someone who takes great care of their equipment.
  231. sierraazuel

    Custom Wrapped Calstar GF775XXXH Wopper Stopper 80 lb-Unlimited

    Another nice rod by Ed of Whopper Stopper . ..
  232. sierraazuel


    Thanx Pepe`!!
  233. sierraazuel


    Thanx Matt !
  234. sierraazuel


    ThanX Joe .
  235. sierraazuel


    ~SOLD~ Please Delete Post
  236. sierraazuel

    Gusa 85 Mega Mag Blank

    Line rating of blank?
  237. sierraazuel

    Got some older irons from a friend

    Thanx for information on Killer's EL Rey. When it comes to jigs EL Rey is The Man!!
  238. sierraazuel

    Recipes for long range Species

    Thank You Scott!
  239. sierraazuel

    ? Canning smoked tuna

    Thanx for information Gene!
  240. sierraazuel

    ? Canning smoked tuna

    Yes, post your results I too have been interested in canning smoked fish.
  241. sierraazuel

    FS jigs....Tady, ll sharp, salas, etc

    Great price on jigs should go fast. Also great seller.
  242. sierraazuel


    ELReyTut is the man when it comes to lures.
  243. sierraazuel

    Knot Recommendation for 80# - 100# Fluoro

    What he said, :720icon:
  244. sierraazuel

    Huge 269-pound bluefin tuna on PENN 50VSW at the 43

    Great catch by a great fisherman. Way to go Ken!
  245. sierraazuel

    Question re United Comp. CX vs CP

    What he said.
  246. sierraazuel

    WTB: Rosco butt rings

    Call Savon Tackle in Santa Fe Springs @ (562) 864-2911. They sell small amounts and have a wide selection of rings
  247. sierraazuel

    WTB Full length chocolate Sabre 530 and 540

    Bump it up for my friend Mike. And does he have Trulines that he can trade!
  248. sierraazuel

    old iron

    See you at LB...
  249. sierraazuel


    I have a few great yellowtail lure.
  250. sierraazuel


    Bump for my buddy Anthony!
  251. sierraazuel

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    The crew is your friend..,
  252. sierraazuel

    GUSA 70XH rod

    What he said.
  253. sierraazuel

    PRICE DROP: Trulines,Roddy, Lami, Shimano Terimar

    Nice meeting you today Mike, Thank You for Truline. FYI guys great selection of poles for sale here, had a chance to pull on them very nice glass. And your quiver of Trulines truly amazing! Best of luck on your upcoming charter. Once again Thank You.
  254. sierraazuel

    FS Newell S338-3.6 and S338-5

    Great seller with nice gear for sale.
  255. sierraazuel

    F/S Shimano Trini 16 gold DC upgrades

    A great reel to start with those upgrades nice from a great seller ;)
  256. sierraazuel

    Christmas in June

    FishDog does some great paint work as always!
  257. sierraazuel

    WTB: poppers, suface irons

    EL Rey = Jigs - for all yer fishing needs!
  258. sierraazuel

    PENN 50 SW

    Bump for great seller.
  259. sierraazuel


    Kool Beans Bob...
  260. sierraazuel

    Excel got a super...

    X2 on that :goldfish:
  261. sierraazuel

    Excel got a super...

    Way to go Roland! He's on a hot streak... :appl:
  262. sierraazuel

    FS Newell P322

    Great Price!
  263. sierraazuel


    Great gear from a great seller!
  264. sierraazuel


    Great deal on Newell by a great seller!
  265. sierraazuel

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    i****e or r****e?
  266. sierraazuel

    Truline D7

    Nice rod, thanx for info on rods.
  267. sierraazuel

    sato crimps or not

  268. sierraazuel


    Bump for my Buddy Sheldon.
  269. sierraazuel


    I should have bought these when we visited with Sheldon!
  270. sierraazuel


    Clean reel from a great seller that takes care of his equipment.
  271. sierraazuel


    Mug shot of Dusty :eek2:
  272. sierraazuel


    Sheldon, We liked our visit with you as always. Give our regards to Dusty, Chase and the Gang. And thank you for tackle box. FYI~ Sheldon has a variety of terminal tackle and lures for sale that he hasn't even posted yet.
  273. sierraazuel


    Thanx Jesse! Great meeting a fellow fisherman enjoy the rod...
  274. sierraazuel

    Ballyhood wahoo trollers

    X2 on that.
  275. sierraazuel

    Ballyhood wahoo trollers

    Cow Bells work great. Killed it last fall on the wahoo with them. Out fished other lures and I have quite and assortment of wahoo trolling lures.
  276. sierraazuel


    Rod pending.
  277. sierraazuel


    Don't know much about Phenix rods.
  278. sierraazuel

    HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

    What he said.
  279. sierraazuel


    Quality gear for sale here. Great seller!
  280. sierraazuel

    Combined hobbies

  281. sierraazuel

    Need fishing reel covers?

    Great price! What type of material do you use for reel covers? Thanx
  282. sierraazuel

    Looking 4 Shimano Reels

    That didn't take tooo long, now did it...
  283. sierraazuel

    Wtb p series newells

    Yeah and he also doesn't seem to sleep that much either!
  284. sierraazuel

    Wtb p series newells

    Jerry's The Man!!
  285. sierraazuel

    Penn 430SS

    Built a Truline 4X for wife to use with her 440.
  286. sierraazuel

    Straight tie fluoro

    One technique may work today but the next week it doesn't Learn adjust and overcome That's what fishing is all about.
  287. sierraazuel

    Straight tie fluoro

    One technique may work today but the next week it doesn't Learn adjust and overcome That's what it's all about. :cool:
  288. sierraazuel

    Straight tie fluoro

    And this 2...
  289. sierraazuel

    Straight tie fluoro

    What he said,
  290. sierraazuel

    Straight tie fluoro

    Wahoo lure fishing?
  291. sierraazuel


    800H is rated 30-60. I wouldn't be using 800H for 200er's, you should check out United Composite blanks or Rods.
  292. sierraazuel


    Thanx Jeff!
  293. sierraazuel


    Thank you for bump Matt!
  294. sierraazuel

    WTS Customized Penn Torque 15 - $315

    Another great and fair deal from a great seller.
  295. sierraazuel


    I've already started!
  296. sierraazuel


    That's for sure!! The rest of us will just have to wait for resurrection.
  297. sierraazuel


    Should go higher as Friday approaches!
  298. sierraazuel

    truline help

    Like yer Avitar!!
  299. sierraazuel


    Very nice Jerry can't wait for release, it's been long awaited by many.
  300. sierraazuel


    We all are waiting.
  301. sierraazuel


    Hmm, I wonder?
  302. sierraazuel


  303. sierraazuel

    Tiburon Reels SST30, SST20, SST12

    Great prices for three great reels.
  304. sierraazuel


    Jason thanx for bump.
  305. sierraazuel


    Jigs or bait...
  306. sierraazuel

    Lobster for sale

    What he said.
  307. sierraazuel


  308. sierraazuel

    Wtb baker or tib frame for international 30

    Give Ken Corwin of Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside a call (760) 967-7335.
  309. sierraazuel

    Wtb baker or tib frame for international 30

    Have you checked with Cal or you can try John himself at his shop in Calimesa...
  310. sierraazuel

    Wtb baker or international 6 or 12

    Great little reels with lotsa drag.
  311. sierraazuel

    WTB Makaria 20ll sea

    What he said...
  312. sierraazuel


    :profile: :profile:
  313. sierraazuel


  314. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  315. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:
  316. sierraazuel

    Penn international 6

    Very nice little reel.
  317. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  318. sierraazuel


    New Price Drop :profile: $150.00.
  319. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  320. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  321. sierraazuel

    SOLD: Newell P332-F For Sale or Trade

    ReelMan is your friend. Send him a PM.
  322. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'N
  323. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'N
  324. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'N
  325. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'N
  326. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  327. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  328. sierraazuel

    WTB Makaira 16 SEa

    Matt, check out for 16SEa.
  329. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  330. sierraazuel


    Thanx Matt! Yes rod is very sweet. It was pleasure meeting you.
  331. sierraazuel


    :goldfish: :goldfish:
  332. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Rod has been sold. Thanx Matt... :goldfish:'n
  333. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    :goldfish: :goldfish:'n
  334. sierraazuel


  335. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    No Sir. Riverside...
  336. sierraazuel


    Another great wrapping job by Ed of Whopper Stopper.
  337. sierraazuel

    SOLD Custom Calstar GF 700XH

    :goldfish:'n Rod Has Been Sold Thanx Mark!
  338. sierraazuel


  339. sierraazuel

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

  340. sierraazuel


    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  341. sierraazuel


    Price Drop
  342. sierraazuel


    ^ ^ ^ ^
  343. sierraazuel

    SOLD Custom Calstar GF 700XH

    Rod Has Been Sold... Up for sale is a good condition custom Calstar GF 700XH for sale, full length purchased from a fellow BD'er. Have used rod only one time since purchase. Has Fuji reel seat, hypalon front and rear, cold shrink tubing over front hypalon, no shipping send PM. Prefer FTF...
  344. sierraazuel


    ^ ^ ^
  345. sierraazuel

    wtb tady 4/0 lights

    Jigs R Us is EL ReyTut. You won't be disappointed.
  346. sierraazuel

    wtb tady 4/0 lights

    EL ReyTut is The Man for jigs!!
  347. sierraazuel


    Price Drop...:smoking33:
  348. sierraazuel


  349. sierraazuel

    All American pressure canning set up.

    How much for burner and hose for burner?
  350. sierraazuel


    ^ ^ ^ ^
  351. sierraazuel


  352. sierraazuel


  353. sierraazuel

    WTB: Jigs and Rings

    Don't know about 544's but rings yes that's where I go.
  354. sierraazuel

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    Great Dad for taking your daughter fishing!
  355. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

  356. sierraazuel

    TRQ 30 w/ 4.8 and 6.1 gears - $325

    Does reel come with rod clamp?
  357. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Price drop > $95.00
  358. sierraazuel

    Rods are SOLD <*> F/S Two Calstar Grafighters 800M & 800H

    SOLD Both rods were cut by previous owner 1. GF 800M > Cut to 7'9" > Has reel seat, Hypalon front and rear with X-Flock Shrink Tubing covering front hypalon. Rated 20-40. NEXT 2. GF 800H CT > Cut to 7'7' > Deckhand with...
  359. sierraazuel


    Rod is Sold. Thanx Kevin!!
  360. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

  361. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

  362. sierraazuel


  363. sierraazuel


  364. sierraazuel


    Yo's was the place for custom rods back in the day.
  365. sierraazuel


    Yes Sir.
  366. sierraazuel


    Tip never broke, boat I was on was hit by wave that took green water over wheelhouse knocking all rods out of holders. Some went overboard some were broken I was lucky only lost ring to tip top.
  367. sierraazuel

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Rod has been SOLD...Factory Graftech GOF70H 7' rated 40-50lb. Rod has reel seat, gimbal and hypalon grips front and rear. Price drop $80.00 Send PM. Maybe willing to travel to meet up depending on distance.
  368. sierraazuel


    Seeker Black Steel for sale Model G6470H-7'C in good condition. Rated 40-60 with black guides except tip top which is chrome and Fuji reel seat. Cold shrink covering front hypalon. $160.00. Send PM. Price Drop...
  369. sierraazuel


    1) Juvenile Correction Officer 2) Largemouth bass fishing 3) 10.5 4)YES.
  370. sierraazuel

    To all my BD brothers & sisters

    Yes big thanks To First Responders!
  371. sierraazuel

    To all my BD brothers & sisters

    Thank You. Pray for victims and their families.
  372. sierraazuel

    Jigs By FishdoggGary

    FishDog is The Man when it comes to restoring jigs!! From prep, to painting to rings and hooks.
  373. sierraazuel


    Should go quick...
  374. sierraazuel

    Hooker Intruder Homage

  375. sierraazuel

    30 or 50 for trolling

  376. sierraazuel

    Accurate ATD50

    That went fast!
  377. sierraazuel

    WTS Custom Penn Torque 25n

    Very nice look to reel Hoss. Where did you have work done and by who?
  378. sierraazuel

    Newell question

    There you are!!
  379. sierraazuel

    Newell question

    contact Reelman aka Jerry on here.
  380. sierraazuel

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

  381. sierraazuel

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    Vary nice Basil! Are they for purchase at your website or personal use?
  382. sierraazuel

    customizing bonita style lures?

    Send maradures to Fishdoggary does excellent work. Will be sending my Intruders to Fishdog going all in with eggplant!!
  383. sierraazuel

    PRO GEAR 545

    Check your PM...
  384. sierraazuel


    Nice rod great price
  385. sierraazuel

    PRO GEAR 545

    Should of PM'd your offer to OP... Just sayin'
  386. sierraazuel


    Great Blank, have GUSA version great pulling power for such a light weight stick! Nice wrap.
  387. sierraazuel

    Granting A Kids Last Wish To Catch A Marlin

    Great Job Dan!!
  388. sierraazuel

    LINE 40lb

    Great Price!!