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  1. biggens

    Holy crap

    Holy crap
  2. biggens


    Boycott Laguna Beach, I support areas I can fish!
  3. biggens

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Zero success zero public involvement zero public vote this was shoved down our throat’s there’s no documentation the science is flawed the whole program Is a fraud
  4. biggens

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Recall Newsom, demand a forensic recount
  5. biggens

    MLPA - Huge Success

    This was a state funded power grab by the radical liberal left, Nothing more this is how it starts they take a huge chunk of outdoor resource and then give back just a little bit and then the next time they take another huge chunk and then give back just a little bit, Then they keep saying, see...
  6. biggens

    Covid IS serious.

    Original estimates were 2 million deaths if we didn’t shut the country down Biden called Trump a racist and a xenophobe for shutting down Travel from China and the country, If Biden gets elected you may die of starvation
  7. biggens

    So...he has it.

    I hear he’s already feeling better!! It’s going to be huge
  8. biggens

    So...he has it.

    OK that’s funny
  9. biggens

    Time to sell California to Mexico

    Mexico has done much better With Baja than the California governor has done with California.
  10. biggens

    Late LJ 9/10 YT Spear report

    Windansea beach?
  11. biggens

    Local Long Beach

    Nice fish
  12. biggens

    Offshore Parking at Dana Point Harbor launch ramp

    Last time I launiched there they blocked my truck in with six other trucks and trailers took me over an hour to get my truck out of my spot, unlawful detention, Filing complaint
  13. biggens

    Halibut saves the day!

    Wow ! nice one
  14. biggens

    Goodbye & Thank You

    45% of the nations welfare is in California highest taxes in the nation California highest gas tax in the nation California highest business and payroll tax in the nation California some of the highest crime rate cities in the nation, California has unbelievable state deficit yet gives benefits...
  15. biggens

    Cat 8-2 - YT on the Spinner

    Boss ass mossback!
  16. biggens

    Offshore Check out this guy!

    Relax it’s called natural attrition
  17. biggens

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Recall gov Gavin Newsom
  18. biggens

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    Vote trump or lose the country!
  19. biggens

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    There’s lots of launch ramps that are still open go use your boat all you want
  20. biggens

    Offshore Dana Point 9/1/19

    Launched out of Dana Point at about 5:20 a.m. lot wasn't even half full don't nothing but brown Water 3/4 of the way to the 209 came back and fish kelp and more Brown water water temps 74.7 no fish anywhere didn't see anybody catching anything, did I mention Dana Wharf parking lot is a cluster...
  21. biggens

    Offshore Dana Point 9/1/19

    Launched out of Dana Point at about 5:20 a.m. lot wasn't even half full don't nothing but brown Water 3/4 of the way to the 209 came back and fish kelp and more Brown water water temps 74.7 no fish anywhere didn't see anybody catching anything, did I mention Dana Wharf parking lot is a cluster...
  22. biggens

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Great idea spare bilge pump attached to battery clips!!!! And its own hose
  23. biggens

    Strange catch

    Where is there a green Marsh on San Clemente Island this is total b*******
  24. biggens

    Local YT

    That is outstanding
  25. biggens

    Offshore Freedom overnight 9-6 BFT

    Nice job I'm guessing 65 lb and 160
  26. biggens

    Offshore Jaws III on the Toronado September 4-5

    Good eatz right there, hopefully they divided it up so everybody got some it's delicious
  27. biggens

    Coronado Islands 8/31

    Looks like a good day hey how is that Suzuki outboard treating you, ??? I’m repowering I’m thinking Suzuki 250 or Evinrude 250
  28. biggens

    Offshore Fished Friday Starting At The Slide

    You could always carry extra fluid
  29. biggens

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I thought Mexico want open boarders???? No ???
  30. biggens

    I am an idiot PV 10/23

    I have scuba gear
  31. biggens

    9/24 LJ Shark

    Release him before the liberals freak out !!!
  32. biggens

    Bluefin at the Coronados

    Great job!!!!!
  33. biggens

    Offshore 9/24 DP to 279, 209,181

    Poss mako shark bit an jumped
  34. biggens

    Offshore 8/10-11/17 Overnight on Grande

    Great job on the hatchlings
  35. biggens

    Offshore Jumbo BFT 75 West

    Beautiful !!!!!
  36. biggens

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    Waterman = food
  37. biggens

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    Boycott Laguna Beach! I spend where I can fish!!!! Stand your ground, spend nothing
  38. biggens

    Meet the new Marine Protection Officer...

    Boycott Laguna Beach, I spend where I fish! Spend nothing in Laguna
  39. biggens


    Its a hoax, global warming is a hoax
  40. biggens

    Offshore 14 Mile to 267

    Elvis is big boy !
  41. biggens

    Offshore Marlin

    Your first Marlin!!! the meat is good prior to freezing.
  42. biggens

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    I'm getting one
  43. biggens

    Offshore Shake down and eviction notice...

    That's? When you break out the skeet shooting gear!!!!
  44. biggens

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Did you hear what she said? We passed legislation, that means_ contributions / pay to play contributions
  45. biggens

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    your vote is your voice!!!!!
  46. biggens

    Offshore Big mistake 8/20

    I hate Bluefin
  47. biggens

    Offshore I hate Bluefin

    Fished Fri 8/19 - 267 nothing going on, 209 some birds not much, hit some fish dope numbers 5 miles west of 181 cooler water - big names out there, saw some tuna, very very boat shy - no go wind came up at 1:00 rt on time 5 and O - I hate Bluefin
  48. biggens

    Comment by 'biggens' in media '100 0260'

    I have the same boat, working well for many years! Tom
  49. biggens

    Offshore Wide open Yahoos 7.29.16!

    Dive a paddy if its your paddy, don't show up and dive a paddy that's being fished by others before you got there. You found the boats not the paddy. Go find one
  50. biggens

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    May I suggest a skeet shooting session
  51. biggens

    Offshore Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    Great story! Great job!!! What dreams are made of. I will keep at it
  52. biggens

    Catalina 6/3/16

    really? Common sense? Remember Jerry Brown is in office? How does that make any sense?
  53. biggens

    Offshore Dana Mako

    Your the G Dork!
  54. biggens

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Memorial day mooring? Your kidding right?
  55. biggens

    LB Sundiver Leaves Another Diver Behind

    Simple explanation, complacency and ego's, cap lists big resume but common sense not listed
  56. biggens

    kayaker bit by shark off Pt. Mugu

    Note to self, keep feet out of water
  57. biggens

    Offshore THE ISLANDER - This ain't your grandpa's tuna boat!

    Wow, that's outstanding !!! I'm fishin with them for sure, That sets the new level !! You know with a team like that, you know your trip will be dialed !
  58. biggens

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Take a sell phone video, file report with the GG ASAP ! They will love to pull his Lic!
  59. biggens

    leaving fish to look farther for fish

    Fact! Hind site is always 20/20
  60. biggens

    Offshore ONO you Didn't!

    Wow! I had some great days this year but not like that !
  61. biggens


    What pink? what stink? just kidding, funny report
  62. biggens

    Offshore Dana Point 9.24.14 Roll with the Changes

    It will be on like donkey kong for awhile !
  63. biggens

    Offshore Limit on little YT

    Big Yellowtail are warriors !
  64. biggens

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    16 to 17 with your thumb on the scale.
  65. biggens

    Quick trip to test the boat out of Mission bay Yellows and bones!

    1/2 lb fish fillet (cut into pieces and marinate with 1/2 tablespoon corn starch) 2 tablespoon Lee Kam Kee black bean sauce 1 small onion (quartered) 6 dried chilies (deseeded) 1 small green bell pepper (cut into small pieces) 2 stalk scallions (cut into 1.5 inch length) 5 slices fresh ginger...
  66. biggens

    Offshore not bad!

    and the third little pigs says................the cks in the mail
  67. biggens

    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    They give you NOTHING if they want your paddy !!!!! Kookboats!
  68. biggens

    8/22 Catalina Personal Best!!!!!

    Best fish I've seen all season!
  69. biggens

    Offshore Dorado 267 8/24

    Third stop in route to 267 nice paddys, bingo ! 3 dodos hooked caught 2 Good size too
  70. biggens

    Offshore While you were local...

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....................nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. biggens

    Offshore BFT - 7-25-14

    loaded speargun in the boat?
  72. biggens

    Nice avi

    Nice avi
  73. biggens

    Zip Zilch Nada!!!

    Thanks, good report, i think were about a week away for hot local stuff. just got back from a 2 day, yellowfin are coming - water getting warm ck out temp
  74. biggens

    Offshore from Dana Point this Saturday

    yes, this is biggens - we will be out there
  75. biggens

    Throw away your GPS spots!

    vote them out ! starting with the top!
  76. biggens

    How local elections can affect the MLPA

    I like him, i recieve his regular update news e-mail, he is on it! bugets, pensions mismanaged city funds, hes got my vote
  77. biggens

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes...

    Nice report, looks great there (looks hot) rooms have good a/c ?girls look like troopers
  78. biggens

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Dan is the man !!! We must stop the MLPA and there liberal agenda starting at the top. oh cant wait am i too politcal? sorry, but screw it, everyone look around, whats happening!!! (what the fuck!!!!)
  79. biggens

    Dana Point Marine Reserve

    we can ride our noisey jet skis all we want in there ! even at night!!!!!!
  80. biggens

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    Hey, what are you guys talking about we can still fish in Laguna, read the regs, it incl all the fish were after anyway,
  81. biggens

    Coronados and Kelp

    Schematic map of maritime zones. Territorial waters, or a territorial sea, as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,<SUP id=cite_ref-0 class=reference>[1]</SUP> is a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) from the baseline...
  82. biggens

    La Jolla Thursday - slow....

    Was the squid boat out here?
  83. biggens


    WoW!!! La Jolla???
  84. biggens

    theft at campland

    The place is mad max,
  85. biggens

    Huntington Flats 6/11/11-- Lots of Slime! In the water and driving the sporties too!

    Its not a real job, there not pros, there just bus drivers. (drunks )
  86. biggens

    Fishing in Mexican waters this summer

    Screw mexico, dont go until they appreciate us again! lots of Cruise ships stopped going.
  87. biggens

    email from dfg

    Proof positive the DFG has sold us out !!!! Jerry Brown has sold us out !!!!
  88. biggens

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    should know better than to go to mexico, fish the US (Keys are awsome)
  89. biggens

    10 Day Boat Suggestions !!!!!!

    bring a hot girl !
  90. biggens

    protect your fishing interests

    Protect your fishing interests,Vote no Meg Nitwit :shithappens:(eviormental extremist) Poizner is the Man
  91. biggens

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    Death penalty !
  92. biggens

    Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna CITES Petition

    Who says we cant use military to eforce fishing territory laws ?
  93. biggens

    How Texans fight closures

    Listen up people, elections coming this year ! vote them out of office ! send the dems down the road !!!!! starting with Boxer (shes out)
  94. biggens

    $$$ THE COST OF THE MLPA $$$

    Lets keep it going ! show the Government there fired ! starting with Barbra Boxer ! elections coming this year ! Dems are heading for the hills !!!!!!!!!! take your country back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. biggens

    La Paz

    Hey guys! fished with you a few years back, your set up is theeeee best! we killed it !
  96. biggens

    New Here...wanted to show what MA has to offer!

    We got nothin for that over here !
  97. biggens

    East Cape - Palmas De Cortez 11/19,11/20,11/22

    That place sucks balls! been there and they suck, the rooms are filthy boats are crap, the food will make you so sick youll want to die ! our wonderful guides cut all of our jigs off our set ups as soon as we boarded and hid them (stole them) we figured they were just changing our set ups but...
  98. biggens

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    If fraud or any other violations found within the MLPA assiociation, we all can class action sue the state, the DFG and the MLPA panel personally and individually !!!! TAKE NAMES EVERYONE !
  99. biggens

    IPA maps here

    Let me get this straight, the DFG is going to make the final dicision and they expect us to STILL BUY FISHING LIC/????????????? Guess again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU SAY CLASS ACTION, EVERYONE !!! CLASS ACTION !!!!
  100. biggens

    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    seymor, why you watchin weens?
  101. biggens

    Offshore Fishing with the inlaws

    what! one leg, i thought you only love dave hanson
  102. biggens

    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    If dave hansen come fishing on my boat, he buys the gas and washes the boat! Hey Dave this yellow weighs 300lbs ! Kooks would hire that guy !:imdumb:
  103. biggens

    A Two-Island road trip 11-10/11

    What! you mean you didnt limit out on 75lb white sea bass in 10 min? and all the lobsters wernt 25lbs?..... thats odd!!!! better call the Green liar (w.o.n.) with a full report!
  104. biggens

    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    :Kick_emoticon:Kelly girl can fish with us anytime!!!! (we actually catch fish you would want to keep.)
  105. biggens

    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    You guys dont really believe that crap do you? give that halibut a good stretch so it might appear legal from a distance ! (10 lbs)??? who had there foot on the scale??? besides anyone who keeps 12 inch calicos is a geek!
  106. biggens

    Catalina Hoopin and Hooking report for 11-1/11-2

    Hey,really nice ling, they are the best eating !!!!
  107. biggens

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    Get the duramax 16500 lb tow capacity!!! whats your problem ! No Harbor bomber trucks !
  108. biggens

    LAST CALL @ BARRETT - 9/30/09

    wheres that at ? the big b ???
  109. biggens

    Diver passes away from accident @ Pt. Loma

    Im a diver this makes no sense, how do you loose your gear ? even if he ran out of air you dont take your gear off, (you dont have time for that) and gear nowdays just doesnt fail ! this is fishy !!!!!
  110. biggens

    Offshore Anybody seen this?

    how did you weigh it ?
  111. biggens

    Offshore fished 209 / 181 sat 9/19

    Headed to the 209 sat am and stopped short on a large paddy 4 miles inside, sat and fished it until porpose showed up with breaking tuna, (jumpers) we slow trolled bait thru hooked up big time ! and my farmer friend James (Farmer) Lee broke fish off close to gaff, looked very big! water temp at...
  112. biggens

    Offshore fished 181 on sat! great bite !

    did i mention getting the shit kicked out of us on the way back ! what was that about thirty knot wind??? kicked up instantly !!!
  113. biggens

    Offshore fished 181 on sat! great bite !

    we fished a big giant paddy just up swell a few miles from the frieghter, boats kept showing up and leaving ? we just kept putting them on the boat! 4 dodos, five tails !
  114. biggens

    Offshore 8-13-09 San Clemente Canyon/43

    What the hell is the wetsuit for ? hood too ? water is 74' DORK!
  115. biggens

    Offshore Wide open Bonita amongst rough seas

    hey tuna man, did you get an infraction too regarding your comments regarding the great lyer ?
  116. biggens

    where's the "los Doyers record post Manny's return thread?!"

    baseball is mearly a sport to entertain the general population and to support the stadiums between supercross races !
  117. biggens

    Cape cod 6/30 - The FISH

    unbelieveable !!!!!!!
  118. biggens

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    cool deal ! sounds like we need to fish a little further from the paddy ?
  119. biggens

    Is leopard shark good to eat?

    they suck you dumbass, what are you gonna do eat everthing ! go eat a burger
  120. biggens

    Offshore SEASONS 'YT * ALBIE * DODO' REPORT 7/18 - 7/20

    you bastards, im working and your killin it !
  121. biggens

    Offshore Fishing Only in Mexico...Need CA License?

    you need a lic, unless your a mexican ! then you dont need one anywhere for anything.
  122. biggens

    Offshore Alot of boiling YFT South of 371

    Nice fish ! store bought ?
  123. biggens

    Offshore Dana to the 209 and 181 Monday!

    really great ! looks like things are starting to happen !
  124. biggens

    Offshore Casper 425 > Islands July 18

    Yeh I agree, let the big calicos go, they grow so very slow and are territorial if you release them, they will always be there in the same spot !
  125. biggens

    Offshore Yellowtail & Dorado

    thats too cool, its happaning early !!!!
  126. biggens

    40 lb reel

    sounds great, need to get out
  127. biggens


    nice job, i need to connect with one !!!
  128. biggens

    Offshore Something Special!!!

    we saw you guys out there on the 181, we were in that group of boats chasing the mammals, no fish, caught a great big buzzz
  129. F5A0983


  130. biggens

    Offshore sun 8/24 182 / the ridge

    hey how do you put picture with your name???
  131. biggens

    Offshore sun 8/24 182 / the ridge

    sometimes were just fishen
  132. biggens

    Offshore 8/14/08

    that just great
  133. biggens

    Offshore 8/12 Went fishing caught some

    nice frigken going !!!! saurday!!!
  134. my pictures

    my pictures